Best Butt In Wrestling Part 1: Trish Stratus

The women of wrestling, past and present, all work very hard to be in the
best possible condition. While many of them are friends, they’re all very
competitive for the male audience’s attention. The most heated issue among
the women is who has the best butt. Good breasts can be bought but a great
ass can’t. That’s where me, Matt, comes into the equation. I am the premiere
(straight) swimsuit/fashion/nude photographer in the world right now and I’m
also a long time wrestling fan. Of course I jumped at the chance to judge
some ass but it would be on my terms. Each woman will fly me to their house
for ONE DAY to sell me
on why they have the best butt in wrestling. I sent
out invitations to many women in the wrestling world and ten agreed to the
competition. Those ten are; Dawn Marie, Ivory, Joanie Laurer, Kimberly Page,
Lita, Stacy Keibler, Teri Byrne, Terri, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus.

Best Butt In Wrestling Part 1: Trish Stratus

by Josh Damon


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

I put the ten names in a hat and pulled one out at random. I opened the
piece of folded paper up to read – “TRISH STRATUS”. I phoned Trish and she
gave me the directions to her house once I got to Toronto. She said she’d
leave a key under the door incase she wasn’t home when I got there. So it
was off to Toronto, Canada to ‘judge’ the butt of Trish Stratus. I pulled
up to her rather large house, just outside of Toronto. I rang the doorbell
several times but there was no answer. I looked under the potted plant to
my right and sure enough there was the key. I let myself into the house and
what a great looking house it was. I saw Trish’s shoes and purse by the
door and car keys on a near by table. “Looks like she’s home,” I thought
to myself. She must not have been able to hear the doorbell. I walked into
the kitchen and she wasn’t there. I thought I heard a noise coming from
downstairs so I headed down to check it out.

When I walked downstairs, I stopped in awe as I saw Trish doing lunges in
a pair of white spandex shorts and little t-shirt. She was working so hard
doing the lunges and her shapely butt looked so good.

“So that’s how you keep that ass in shape?” I commented.

“Oh! You’re here!” A startled Trish said.

“Don’t stop, I’ll just sit back here and admire the view,” I said.

“I’m almost done, just some more squats,” Trish responded.

Trish began doing squats with her ass facing in my direction. I could see
her toned buns stretching out the spandex in impressive fashion. The working
out and the right small amount of fat back there gave Trish’s ass a real
round look. I started to sweat a little as I watched Trish do squat after
squat after squat. After about ten minutes, Trish grabbed a towel and a
bottle of water. We headed up stairs and into the kitchen where she had a
protein drink after her workout.

“As soon as I heard about this contest, I knew I had to be in it and I’m
gonna win,” Trish said.

“You think so? There’s a lot of fine asses involved,” I said.

“I know, I know, but I’m a girl of few quirks but my major quirk is that
I’m obsessed with my ass. I have got to have the best butt and I work it
constantly. All the outfits I pick out for the ring, for home, for anywhere,
they all have to do with how my butt looks in them. Heck, I even find myself
watching my matches and critiquing how my ass looked,” she explained.

“Well, it certainly has paid off but how are you going to use this chance
to convince me, the judge, that you have the best butt?”

“You’re going to come upstairs and help me pick out clothes for the road.
A pair of jeans, a pair of ring pants, and a bikini. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great, let’s get going.”

We headed upstairs to Trish’s bedroom where I took a seat on the edge of
her big bed. Trish went into her large walk-in closet and emerged wearing a
pair of tight dark blue jeans and carrying a pair of light blue jeans in her
hand. Trish set down the one pair of jeans then walked in front of me. Trish
turned around, showing me her fantastic butt packed into the dark blue

“How’s it look? Does it look good?” Trish asked.

“Looks real good, nice and tight. Makes me want to spank it,” I replied.

“Go right ahead, do what you need to do.”

Trish bent forward a little and I SPANKED her butt. I tried to grab a
handful of flesh but her jeans were so tight that I couldn’t get a good grip
on her butt.

“Real good, now let’s see those other jeans,” I said.

Trish slowly pulled down her dark blue jeans in front of me, giving me a
great view of her butt in nothing but a little black thong. She smiled then
put on the light blue jeans. Trish walked back in front of me and turned
around, modeling this pair.

“Fuck Trish, those look real good,” I commented.

“Does it make you wanna spank it?”

“No, it makes me wanna feel it.”

“Well go right ahead.”

I rubbed Trish’s thighs, the light blue denim tight against her skin. I
rubbed her butt, feeling her great ass in my hands. I got Trish to bend
forward and touch her toes. Her jeans were almost ripping at the seams
her round ass. I stood up and my erection was very noticeable. I couldn’t
contain myself so I pulled it out and began rubbing it against Trish’s jean
covered ass.

“Oh fuck this feels good, I pick these ones,” I said. I left a small
on her jeans from a drop of precum that had found its way to the tip of my
cock. Trish let me just rub up against her butt for a little bit then
back and grabbed my dick in her hand. She turned around and knelt down,
taking my cock into her mouth.

“Ohhh baby, ohhh Trish,” I moaned as she sucked on my rod.

Trish stroked the shaft of my cock while sucking away on the head with
soft juicy lips. I ran my hands through her blond hair as she began taking
more and more into her mouth. Trish would tease me with her tongue, going
real slow at first. But then she would pick up the speed, rapidly sucking on
my cock and taking it deep into her mouth. She used her free hand to rub my
balls at the same time.

“Oh fuck Trish, I’m gonna cum!” I warned her but Trish didn’t respond to
the warning. She just kept on sucking. I jolted forward sending a load of
into the back of her throat. Trish barely flinched and kept on sucking. My
knees were shaking as I let out a second squirt of jizz into her mouth. I
stumbled back and leaned against the side of the bed, my knees weak. About
another minute past until Trish removed my member from her mouth, clean of
cum and not a trace of cum in her mouth. Trish lifted up my pants and licked
her lips.

“Light blue jeans. Check! Next you’re gonna help me choose a pair a pair
of ring pants,” Trish said as she walked back into her closet.

“Ohh okay!” I stammered, still a little shaky from the incredible

Trish emerged a few minutes later in a pair of her tight shiny gold ring

“Those look real good but do some running and bending over, you know
situations like in the ring,” I suggested.

Trish bent all the way forward, sticking her round butt out. The shiny
gold pants drew your attention right to it but didn’t really show its curves
that well. Trish got down on her knees and crawled away from me on the
She then walked backwards towards me.

“So?” She asked.

“Ehhh, they’re alright, I need to see the other ones first,” I said.

Trish changed out of her gold ring pants into a pair of black of tight
plastic like ring pants. She got back to her position in front of me and
began doing the same things. Crawling and lieing down on the ground in all
different positions. She turned around and asked for my opinion.

“Better then the gold ones but they make your butt look smaller. It still
looks great but do you have any more?” I asked.

“Yes one more option, a silver pair,” Trish said.

She went and changed into the silver pair of ring pants. These ones
weren’t as shiny as the gold ones. They were somewhat dark grey and really
ugged her ass nicely. When Trish got down on all fours, my choice had been
made. I stopped Trish and got down behind her. I began rubbing her pussy
through the thin pants.

“Oooooohhhh ooooh keep doing that Matt, oooohh that feels … OHH YEAH
like that,” Trish moaned softly.

Trish began rocking back and forth, starting to moan louder as I rubbed
her clit through the pants. I had hit the right spot and I kept going at it.
Trish started running her hands through her blond hair, messing it up as she
moaned louder.

“Ahhhhh fuuck! Oooohh yeeah! OHH FUCK ME RIGHT NO! Fuck my pussy! Come on
right now!” Trish demanded.

I brought both my hands down onto Trish’s ass and they SMACKED loudly
against the plastic pants. I peeled down her pants and thong at the same
time, down to her knees. Trish’s pussy was just dripping wet and looking so
good. I took a couple good long licks of Trish’s pussy, tasting her sweet
nectar. I then picked her up and laid her on her back on the bed. I pulled
her silver pants all the way off. Trish reached forward and grabbed my cock.

“Stick it now! Come on!” Trish demanded.

She spread her legs apart and I moved in real close. My cock slid right
into her slippery wet pussy. I leaned forward, resting my hands on the bed
for leverage as I began pumping into Trish. I stared down at her large
breasts, watching them bounce each time I slammed into her.

“Oh god! OHH YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! Ohhhhh fuuuck that’s the way I
need it! Unnnnhhhuhh unnnnnhhhhhhh yessss!” Trish moaned.

“Oh yeah Trish, oh you feel so good, you’re so beautiful,” I moaned.

“Mmmmmhhhooohhh just fuck me! Just fuck me real fucking hard! Yeeaah let
me feel those balls slap against my ass! Ohhhh fuuuck that’s it!” Trish

I held Trish’s legs as I started pumping into her faster and faster. My
balls almost hurt as they slammed so hard against Trish’s asshole. When I
heard Trish moan the loudest, I stopped. I pulled out and just rubbed the
tip of my cock against her wet pussy. Trish scowled, wanting more. I smiled
then pushed my cock back in and start slamming into her again.

“YEEEAH MATT! Ohhh fuuuck yeeah! Give it to me baby! Fuck that pussy!
fuuuck yeeah!” Trish moaned, going through multiple orgasms.

“Ohhh shiit Trish, ohhh I’m gonna cum again!” I moaned.

“Don’t stop fucking me, don’t stop.”

“But I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Shoot in me, it’s ok, shoot your cum inside of me!”


“Hell yeah! I don’t wanna ruin this body or my ass!”

I held my cock deep inside of Trish and exploded with cum deep inside of
Trish. Oh it was an incredible feeling. Trish just smiled, enjoying the
feeling. I pulled out and my cock rapidly shrunk down to a flacid state.

“So silver it is?” Trish asked.

“Silver it is! What’s next?” I asked.

“I figure I need a bikini just in case. I’ll be right back, don’t go

“I’ll be right here waiting,” I said.

Trish went deep into her closet for several minutes while I cooled down
the bed. Trish emerged with a few bikini’s in her hand. She set them down on
the bed then walked around in front of me. Trish was in an amazing bikini.
The bottom of a plain black thong while the top was black and white stripes.
She turned around and bent forward, sticking out her butt.

“This is the first one,” Trish said.

“Fuck the rest, this is the one! THIS IS THE ONE! Fuck Trish, I need to
get in that ass, I need to have that ass,” I said.

“Oh yeah?”

“You do want to win don’t you?”

“Oh I have no objections, I’ve just been wondering what’s taken you so
long. Dive in.”

I grabbed two handfuls of Trish’s ample tanned buns. She clenched her
glutes at first, showing me how toned her butt was. I jiggled some of the
flesh between my fingers then covered her buns with deep kisses. I pressed
tongue between her ass cheeks, touching her black thong with the tip of my
tongue. I then pressed Trish’s buns together against my tongue. They felt
tasted so good, just the right amount of flesh. I slowly began to peel down
Trish’s black thong, leaving her magnificant ass bare. I noticed her thong
was wet from her pussy. I licked the thong, tasting Trish’s juices. I spred
Trish’s cheeks apart and began licking her neat little asshole.

“Oooooohh baby lick it, oooohh yeeah, lick my asshole, oh god, oh god,
ohhhhhh god!” Trish moaned, starting to squirm a bit. I picked up Trish and
took her onto the bed. I laid down on my back and Trish straddled my face,
squishing her soft butt down against my face. I buried my tongue back into
her asshole. Trish began grinding her ass back and forth against my face as
I licked her asshole.

“Fuuuck that feels good, ohhh fucking lick it baby, mmmmmhhh yeeah I love
that feeling,” Trish moaned.

She leaned forward and began stroking my cock which was nearly hard
Once it was hard, as much as I loved having my face buried in Trish’s ass, I
needed to feel my cock inside of it. I gave her butt a light smack and Trish
got down on all fours on the bed. I approached her from behind, rubbing her
asshole, keeping it ready. I pushed the head of my cock into Trish’s ass. It
was tight but not too tight. Trish was relaxed and ready for it. I pushed my
cock deep into her ass and pulled it out. I did that a few more times slowly
before I started pumping into her luscious backside.

“Unnnhhhhuuuhhhh …. unnhhuhhhh fuuck my ass … come on Matt do it to
right … OHHH YEEAH! I can take it harder baby!” Trish moaned.

“Harder? You say just the right things,” I moaned as I started pumping
faster into Trish. My balls slapped against her warm wet pussy with each

“Faster …. ahhhh fuuuck faster baby …. YEEEEAHHHH!!” Trish moaned.


I laid a solid smack onto Trish’s left bun and held a handful of flesh in
my hand.


I did the same to the right bun. I held both buns as I drilled Trish
style in the ass.

“Mmmmhhh fuuuck you like my ass right? It feels good? Does it look good?
Ohhh fuuck me ohh god ohhh fuuuck does it look good?” Trish asked through
moans of ecstacy.


“It looks fucking incredible and it feels even better, FUCK!”

“Let me get on top, baby, let me ride that cock.”

I laid down on my back and Trish climbed on top of me. Trish brushed her
blond hair out of her face. I held my cock in place as Trish lowered her
asshole down onto it. She sat down all the way, her buns squishing against
my thighs. Trish grinded back and forth, making sure my rod was firmly up
her ass.

“Grab it,” Trish said, taking my hands and placing them on her ass. I did
as she said, grabbing the flesh of her butt. Trish started riding me,
bouncing up and down.

“Ahhhhh yeeeah unnnhuuhhhh that feels great! OH GOD! MY ASS OH FUUUCK IT!
FUUUUCK YES! FUCK THAT’S GOOD!” Trish moaned loudly.

“Come on, Trish, ride that cock,” I said as I laid a good SMACK on her

“Ohhhhhh fuuck I’ll ride it hard! Unnnnhuuhh I’ll ride it fast! Yeeeeah
I’m gonna fucking win this contest ooohhhh fuck I am!

“Holy fuck I need to see that ass before I cum!” I exclaimed.

I picked up Trish and bent her over the side of the bed. Trish rested her
elbows on the bed as I slammed hard into her ass. I knew I was about to cum
so I just grabbed onto her slim hips and slammed away.

Trish moaned loudly, her pussy dripping.

“Oh fuck Trish, ohhhh you’re ass is so good,”

“Keep fucking! Unnnhhh god fuck that ass!”

“Shiiiiiitt I’m gonna blow!”

“On my ass, baby,”

I pulled out and unloaded several thick streams of cum onto Trish’s ass.
tried to give some to both buns but it was a damn near uncontrollable
SLAP! SLAP! I slapped my cock against her cum covered ass! I pushed my cock
back into her ass one last time before it went limp. Trish sucked the cum
it then rubbed my load all around her ass.

“So how does my ass look now?” Trish asked.

“Now its perfect,” I replied.

“Good but I have one last surprise outfit for you that is going to
GURANTEE victory,” Trish said as she walked into her closet.

“I don’t know how you can top that bikini,” I said with my eyes fixating
on her cum covered butt swaying side to side as she went deep into her

Several minutes passed until Trish walked out with a long black coat on
and a black cowboy hat. I was confused to say the least. Trish placed the
cowboy hat on my head then walked away from me. She undid the jacket then
turned around, dropping the jacket to the floor. Trish stood before me in
little black outfit from the Divas Undressed special. Trish smiled as my jaw
dropped, she was looking out of this world. She walked towards me and
sticking out her thong filled butt. Her skin was slick, like she had oiled
it up. Trish grabbed my face and pressed it into her cleavage.

“I’m sure that’s good but it’s all about the butt today,” Trish said. She
laid down on the bed on her stomach.

“I want you to fuck my ass cheeks. Stick that cock between my buns and
just fuck,” Trish explained.

I already cum three times so far but my cock was right back up at
attention at the sight of Trish’s buns. I straddled her ass and wedged my
cock between her buns. I then pressed her buns together against my cock and
began pumping in and out.

“How’s that feel? I bet it looks good,” Trish said.

“Mmmphh ohhh fuuck can’t take it, sooo good,” I moaned.

“Keep going, yeeah fuck my buns … yeeah I bet that cock feels so good
between my ass cheeks,” Trish talked dirty adding to the experience.

“So amazing … ohhh fuuuck!”

“Yeeah fuck those cheeks until you cum.”

“I’m about to, these buns are so hot.”

I pumped a few more times between Trish’s buns until I just couldn’t take
anymore. I kept pumping as cum just dripped out of my cock into Trish’s
filled ass crack.

“Fuuuck!” I moaned loudly as the last bit of cum dripped out of my cock.
rolled over and laid down on the bed in exhaustion.

“There’s just nothing else I can do but you go fuck those other nine
and if you can honestly say someone else has a better ass and can use it
better, I can live with it because I think I have it won,” Trish said.

“I think you do but I’ve gotta be fair,” I said.

“And you’ve gotta leave, I’ve got a plane to catch!” Trish said.

Trish walked away into her closet to get changed, giving her ass a little
extra sway. I grabbed my clothes, got dressed and stumbled out of her house.
One down, and if the other nine are anywhere close to this … Wow!

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