Best Butt In Wrestling Part 8

Best Butt In Wrestling Part 8

by Josh Damon


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

The women of wrestling, past and present, all work very hard to be in the

best possible condition. While many of them are friends, they’re all very

competitive for the male audience’s attention. The most heated
issue among

the women is who has the best butt. Good breasts can be bought but a great

ass can’t. That’s where me, Matt, comes into the equation. I am the premier

(straight) swimsuit/fashion/nude photographer in the world right now and I’m

also a long time wrestling fan. Of course I jumped at the chance to judge

some ass but it would be on my terms. Each woman will fly me to their house

for ONE DAY to sell me on why they have the best butt in wrestling. I sent

out invitations to many women in the wrestling world and ten agreed to the

competition. Those ten are; Dawn Marie, Ivory, Kimberly Page, Lita, Stacy

Keibler, Teri Byrne, Terri, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, and Victoria.

I was now down to the final three women in the amazing competition. I

reached into my hat of names and pulled out a piece of paper. The third to

last girl would be another dark-haired beauty in … Dawn Marie! Mental

images began stirring in my head of all those catfights that Dawn Marie had

in ECW where her thong filled ass would be exposed. I got in touch with

Dawn for directions then I headed off to upstate New York, where the lovely

Dawn Marie was located.

I arrived at a modest sized house and knocked on the door. Dawn Marie

answered her door wrapped in a silk robe but she looked very glamorous with

her hair and make-up all done up.

“Come on in, Matt, I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” Dawn said.

“Really?” I asked, stepping inside.

“I’ve had so long to think about how I wanted this day to go but I think

I’ve come up with something really hot,” Dawn explained.

“I sure hope so, the competition has been real tight so far,” I said.

Dawn Marie brought me down a hall where an entrance to a room was covered

by a black satin sheet. Dawn pulled the sheet aside and led me into the

room. It was dimly lit. There was a large bed with dark red wine colored

sheets. A low couch and a silver pole infront of it.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“Why don’t you sit down and find out?” Dawn said.

I sat down in the low couch as Dawn went over to the corner of the room

and turned on some sexy music. Dawn walked towards the pole and dropped her

robe revealing her outfit. She was wearing a shiny pink bra and thong with

matching chaps.

Dawn began dancing with the pole, rubbing her body against it in an erotic

manner. She wrapped her trim legs around, simulating intercourse and

moaning softly as she shook her goods. Dawn spun around the pole then bent

all the way forward, sticking out her heart shaped ass. Dawn began rubbing

her butt up and down against the pole as my pole got stiffer and stiffer.

She grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and began spreading them apart

slowly. Her hands then moved up her back and Dawn undid her pink bra,

letting it fall to the floor. She turned around and leaned forward,

pressing her tits together near my face.

Dawn crawled towards me on all fours and undid the fly of my pants. She

rubbed her hard right nipple against the shaft of my hard-on, through my

boxer shorts. Dawn then pulled my boxers tight, creating an outline of my

unit. She began sucking on my balls, tickling them with her tongue and

lightly biting them.

“Don’t tease me, Dawn,” I said.

Dawn pulled my cock through my flying and began sucking on the head. She

focused on the head, getting it wet with saliva and sucking it tight. I

leaned forward and rubbed her ass a little, it felt nice and jiggly in my

hands. I moved back to my normal position and brushed Dawn’s brunette locks

from her face as she continued sucking me off.

“Mmmmhhhh mmmmhhhh,” Dawn moaned. Her eyes were closed as she focused on

giving me a great blowjob.

“Ohh oh god Dawn, ohhh I can’t wait to fuck your fine ass,” I moaned and

Dawn’s eyes opened. Her lips smacked as she pulled my cock from her mouth

and looked up at me.

“I’d like that,” Dawn said, wiping the pre-cum from the corner of her


Dawn Marie stood up and I rubbed my hands over her tight midsection then

began sucking on her hard, perky nipples. My hands wandered back down

around her midsection then found their way to her plump, heart shaped ass.

I blew on Dawn’s nipples, making her shiver and moan at the same time. I

then turned Dawn around so her ass faced me.

“This is what I’m here for,” I said. I pulled hard on her pink thong,

wedging it deep between the crack of her ass. I gave Dawn’s tanned buns a

few kisses then SMACKED it a couple times, making it jiggle.

“That’s what you’re here to FUCK,” Dawn responded.

I peeled down Dawn’s pink thong and spread her apart her buns. I licked

my lips then dove in, tonguing and licking Dawn Marie’s asshole. Dawn

easily took a few fingers into her ass, and was really ready to be fucked.

I caressed her fleshy buns between my fingers a little more before laying

Dawn down on her back. Dawn held her legs up in the air, making her asshole

look very inviting.

“Come on, baby, stick that dick in my ass,” Dawn encouraged.

I rubbed the tip of my cock against Dawn’s brown trimmed patch of pubic

hair, down across her moist pussy and then pushed it into her asshole.

“More! More! Push that big cock deep into my butt,” Dawn demanded.

“You want my fucking cock deep in your ass?” I asked.

“Ooohhh yeeah stick that bad boy way in there,” Dawn moaned.

I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into Dawn Marie’s asshole until it

couldn’t go any further. I slowly pulled it out then pushed it all the way

back in, penetrating her ass.

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes,” I moaned as I began pumping faster and harder

into Dawn’s ass while staring down at her devine body.

“Unnnhhhh! UNHHHHHH! YEESSSS! Ohhh yeeeah baby fuck that ass! Yeeeeah!

Oh god fuck it! Fuck it! MMMMHHHHMMMMM!” Dawn moaned loudly, enjoying her

ass fucking.

I moved my hands underneath her butt, holding her ass up and spreading it

apart so I could pound it harder. My cock slipped out of her ass and I

slapped it against her dripping wet pussy. I went to put it back in her ass

but Dawn stopped me, and sat up. She rubbed her fingers deep in her pussy

then removed them. She held her dripping wet fingers near my face and I

sucked her pussy juice off of them while Dawn sucked her juices off my cock.

“Lay down on your back, let me get on top,” Dawn said.

I did as she said and laid down on my back. Dawn straddled me, lowering

her asshole down onto my cock. She grinded around, getting my rod firmly

lodged in her butt. She leaned back, laying on top of me. I grabbed onto

her thighs and began pumping up into her asshole.

“Ahhhhhh! Ahhhh fuuuck yes! Ohhhh fuck I love that!” Dawn moaned.

“Ohhh Dawn! Ohhh fuck that ass feels so nice! OH FUCK! FUCK!” I grunted

as I used all my energy to pound hard up into Dawn Marie’s asshole.


Dawn screamed. I felt her body shake as she orgasmed from this intense ass


Dawn sat up and got her balance on top of me. She began bouncing up and

down, riding my cock. With her pink chaps still on she looked like a

cowgirl as she rode my big cock with her little ass.



“Uuhhhhh! Uhhnnnhhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahhhh my ass loves your

fucking cock! Yeeeah baby yeeeah!” Dawn moaned.

“Ohhhh and my cock loves your hot fucking ass! Ohhh god!” I moaned.

“Ahhh baby bend me over, yeeeah bend me over so you can really fuck my ass

good,” Dawn said.

Dawn got up off of my cock and bent down on all fours sticking out her

beautiful gaping asshole. She looked back at me with her big brown eyes,

almost begging to be fucked some more. She didn’t have to beg me or even

ask. I worked my cock deep into Dawn’s asshole and began pumping fast, in

and out of her ass.

“Uuunnhhh yeeeah that’s the spot! Ohhh fuck yeah, hold it deep in my ass,

just hold it in there,” Dawn said. I held my cock deep in Dawn’s ass and

she began swiveling her hips, shaking her ass with my cock deep in it.

“Ahhhh yesss! Oh fuck Dawn! Oh my god!” I shouted at the incredible

feeling she was giving me.


I couldn’t resist it, I just had to spank that juicy ass.


“Ohhh yeeah Dawn keep doing that, ohhh fuck!” I moaned.

“Mmmhhhhh mmmhhhh yeess! Ahhhh ohhhh ohhh fuck I love that dick in my

ass, ohhh fuck pound me more, baby!” Dawn demanded.

I grabbed onto her hips and began slamming into her asshole with long,

deep thrusts.


“OW! Owwww! Ohh fuck yeeeah! Spank my ass! Ow baby! Fuuuuck yeeeah!

Spank it! Fuck it! Ohhh yeeah do it all to my ass!” Dawn moaned.


Dawn’s ass was now beat red from all the hard spanks I had given it. I

dug my fingers deep into the flesh of her butt and just slamming hard into

her asshole. My balls smacked against wet pussy and my thighs smacked

against hers loudly with each thrust.

“Unnnhuuuhhh! FUCK MY ASS! Ohhh yeeah so hard so good! Ohhh fuck my ass!”

Dawn moaned.

“Ohh god Dawn! Ohh I can’t anymore … ohhh I’m gonna blow!” I exclaimed.

I quickly pulled out of Dawn’s asshole and sprayed a big load of hot cum

all over her heart shaped ass. The cum dripped down Dawn’s ass cheeks. I

pushed my highly sensitive cock back into her asshole a couple times before

it went limp.

“You’re great … You look dissapointed,” I commented, looking at Dawn.

“The fucking as great, oh it was amazing but I having my face cummed on

instead of my ass,” Dawn said.

“Oh I’m sorry,” I said.

“I’m going to have to punish you,” Dawn said.

“What? How so?” I asked.

“With so much pleasure that it’ll hurt, you’re going to cum on my face but

you just might have a heart attack doing it,” Dawn explained.

“What’d you mean?”

“You keep those hands off your cock. No touching, not at all, you let

Dawn handle everything. It’s gonna be real tough to resist but you have to

if you wanna make it up to me.”

“Ok, ok, whatever you say.”

At first, Dawn just began sucking on my rod. She’d lick the shaft and

suck on the head then take it deep into the back of her throat. It wasn’t

long before I was fully hard again. I wasn’t seeing what was so painful

about this until Dawn pulled her lips from my cock. She got down between my

legs and began tickling my nuts with tongue. It was making me want to

stroke my cock but I couldn’t. I then felt Dawn’s finger rub against my

asshole. Out of instinct I grabbed my cock and started stroking. Dawn

quickly stood up and SLAPPED me across the face.

“I said NO TOUCHING!” Dawn yelled.

“I’m sorry, it just felt so good,” I said.

Dawn grabbed some rope and tied my hands together behind my back. She

went back to work, tonguing my nuts and using her finger to stimulate my



struggled with the ropes but my hands were stuck.

Dawn switched and started running her tongue around my asshole while

rubbing my balls with her fingers.

“Come on Dawn, just stroke it, please, ohhhh fuuuck, I can’t take it!” I


“Almost,” Dawn said softly.

“Almost what? I’m almost gonna pass out!” I said.

My heart was racing as Dawn was playing with my nuts and anus but not

touching my cock at all. Some precum began oozing out of my cock and all of

a sudden Dawn stopped and untied my hands.

“Here’s the ultimate torture, get out,” Dawn Marie said.

“I thought…”

“You would’ve asked me before cumming to find out, now leave,” Dawn said.

Dawn hurried me out of her house and shut the door. I walked down towards

my car, confused. I sat in my car, turned on the ignition but then stopped.

I couldn’t leave it like this. I walked around the back of Dawn’s house

and saw a window that was open. I climbed up and pulled myself in the

window. I heard a noise upstairs and made my way up. I wasn’t sure what I

was going to do, but I had to do something. I walked into Dawn’s bedroom

and then saw her in her bathroom. Dawn was stepping out of her pink chaps.

She slipped on a white thong and wedged it between her buns.

I walked up behind Dawn and bent her forward against the counter. I

grabbed her hips and pulled her thong to the side with my teeth.

“What’re you doing?” Dawn asked, looking over her shoulder.

“Making things right,” I said.

I whipped out my cock and slapped it against Dawn’s ass getting it hard

really quickly. I pushed it into Dawn’s asshole and gave it a few thrusts.

That’s all it took. I pulled Dawn around and she got down in front of me.

I gave my cock a few strokes and unloaded a huge load of cum onto Dawn’s

face. All over her eyes, cheeks and chin, her face was just covered with

cum. Dawn wiped the cum away from her eyes so she could open them. She

looked up at me, her face covered in white goo, and smiled.

“Thank you, that’s what I wanted,” Dawn said as she smeared the cum all

over her pretty face.

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