Best Christmas Ever

Story title: Best Christmas ever

Story by: Money

celebs in story: Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Taylor Swift

story codes: MFFF, FF, MF, lesbian, oral, anal,

celeb ages Miley Cyrus 18, Emily Osment 18, Taylor Swift 20, Money 22

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please I would like to thank DarklordZ for his help on this project and a special thank you goes out to Tricky and Natsfan
for help with the costumes and proofreading.

It had been a few months since I’d seen Miley and Emily. Since our last encounter, my family and Miley’s parents had decided to rekindle the tradition that we did years ago. I tried to make it to the one last year but couldn’t because of a freak snowstorm that swept in dumping 4 feet of snow and ice on my doorstep where I couldn’t get out for a week. I told them that I would make it next year come hell or high water since I had to work Christmas Eve and couldn’t get to an airport to fly in and the roads were closed till after the holidays.

I had finally made it to the Cyrus’s house. Mr. Cyrus had given me the spare bedroom downstairs next to the garage it was pretty big I just had to put up with the thuds of home activity doors shutting, bodies moving from room to room, and such until I heard some familiar voices right above me.

As I crept up to the door to the room above where I was staying I could hear three female voices. Two I recognized but the other I wasn’t so sure so I knocked on the door as an unfamiliar blonde answered it.

“Who the hell are you?” She asked

“Hey that’s my line and you are?” I said.

“Heh cute…I’m Taylor Swift and you are?” Taylor shot back.

“Money.” I told her

I no sooner said my name that I was hit by a blonde blur at my legs and a brunette one at my chest both giving me a hug knocking me to the floor.

“Hi Money…. long time no fuck.” Miley said while Emily didn’t say a word.

“Hi Miley, Emily.” I said

As I got up Emily was running her hand up my leg to my cock.

“Hey Miley, he’s already hard.” she said

“Great… let’s get him in my room quick.” Miley said

“Are you two insane?” Taylor questioned.

“No just really horny.” Emily and Miley laughed.

“When was the last time you two got laid?” Tayor asked

“A few months back.” They said while they dragged me by my hands.

I was practically dragged into Miley’s room by the two horny teens. Once we got into the room, Miley sat me down on the bed while Emily stood next to her. Now that they weren’t moving faster than my eyes, I saw that they were dressed as a pair of elves, decked out in green with the skirts barely long enough to cover their asses with an opening down the center of the suits showing a lot of clevage that made it clear neither of them was wearing a bra. Taylor was also dressed in green but her outfit was just low cut in the front with a slightly longer skirt.

“Why didn’t you all dress the same?” I asked

“I went for the traditional look. Emily and Miley, however, went for a more elf slut look.” Taylor said.

“We like it.” The two said at the same time

“Since your still my Daddy Santa, we can be your horny little helpers.” Miley said.

“Sounds good.” I chuckled.

“Ok, time to get naked.” Miley said aloud.

As I took in the scene in front of me, I watched as Taylor took her top off to show off some nice pert breasts. I knew Emily’s were slightly bigger since I had seen her naked a few months before this and was proven right when her top came off showing those great curves she had on her chest.

Miley removed her shirt and was the biggest surprise and I do mean big she had hit an obvious growth spurt sometime since I had last saw her since her chest had grown to what looked like 36C unlike the perky nipples that winked at me before. Her chest was bigger than Emily’s by far. I got out of my clothes while we checked each other’s naked bodies.

“Holy shit your big.” Taylor said staring at my 12 inch member.

“Told you.” The two told her again at the same time.

“Won’t we get caught if we try this now?” I asked

“No, our moms are shopping for some last minute items for the dinner and our dads had to finish some tracks for a new album and your dad went with him plus your siblings won’t be here till tomorrow so we have you all to ourselves.” Miley said as she crawled across her bed.

Taylor laid me down on my back as Miley and Emily kissed me while I felt their little cunts making them moan. Taylor bent her upper half of her body to suck on my cock before she mounted onto my dick sliding down it’s girth taking about six inches of it’s twelve inch length. She started to move slowly up and down to adjust to her pussy being stretched before she groaned. I bottomed out in her pussy pushing the last two inches into her cunt. While I was thrusting hard into Taylor’s shaved cunt, Emily and Miley moved their heads down and started to suck on her tits, I kept fingering their tight barely legal cunts, having three fingers inside the both of them.

“Oh yeah, this is heaven.” she said

“Oh fuck, your tight Taylor.” I moaned

“Save some for us.” Miley told Taylor.

As I pounded into Taylor, Miley and Emily were taking turns sucking on Taylor’s tits. I then moved my head up to suck on their tits as well. I started with Emily as I sucked on her erect nipples while Miley was busy sucking on Taylor’s tit. Just then, we heard a loud shreak and I felt pressure on my dick that nearly hurt my shaft.


“Whoa that’s one hell of an orgasm.” Miley said

“D….D….Double!” Taylor stuttered and collapsed onto the floor

While Taylor was recovering from her ordeal Miley and Emily had come down onto the floor from the bed with Miley licking Taylor’s pussy getting some of her girl cream out while Emily mounted me for a go. I got up and got down onto the floor to start sucking on Taylor’s pert breasts giving them some more attention. Emily saw my member was free, so she opened her mouth and took my dick inch by inch into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide once she had 6 inches inside her mouth and she didn’t show any signs of stopping there .

“Ahhhh yeah…suck that tool.” I groaned.

“Yeah Miley….that’s the stuff.” Taylor moaned as Miley kept eating her out.

I had my attention turned back to Emily as she kept slamming herself down on my dick I had put my hands on her tits to give her some more pleasure and slow her thrusts down since my hips were starting to hurt from the sheer impact when she grabbed my hand and started sucking each finger with such force I thought she might pull them out of joint when her eyes rolled back into her head

My crotch was flooded with Emily’s pussy cream as Emily orgasmed hard and nearly passed out. I was starting to get worried since I had amazing sex with two women and hadn’t orgasmed yet myself.

“Mmmm…saving me for last good call.” Miley purred.

As we played musical fuckbuddy’s again I was paired with Miley while the blonde vixens 69ed themselves out with Taylor on top and Emily on the bottom. While she was on the bottom, Emily went wild and started to eat out Taylor with force. Unlike the others Miley started sucking Taylor and Emily’s juices off my shaft and giving me a blowjob while I watched the two blondes going at it in the corner fingering each other.

“Eyes on me big man.” Miley said snapping her fingers in front of me . As I put my hands on Miley’s ample chest she moaned the curves of the petite brunette being more defined than I remembered previously.

“Come on Money give it to me like you did them make me scream and thrash around like a cat in heat, stretch my pussy out, fuck me raw….. suck my tits!” Miley begged.

I lay Miley on her back and shoved my footlong tool into her as she adjusted to my girth again. I continued plowing her insides with no mercy and groping her tits making her shudder.

“Right THERE, RAM it home, make me your barely LEGAL BITCH!!” Miley groaned.

I was so turned on by her words. I just pounded into Miley with everything I had until I blew my blew my load it felt like I emptied a two liter bottle into Miley as I sucked on her tits when she spasmed out of control. Once I pulled my cock out from her cum filled pussy, I got back up onto my feet as Miley sat up to spread her pussy lips apart. The cum started to ooze out from inside her barely legal twatand onto the floor. Miley took my cock into her mouth to taste herself.

“That….was…intense.” Miley panted as she stopped.

We all got ready for bed before laying down on the floor but Miley was up on her bed. If her dad came in at least it wouldn’t be really obvious anything went on Taylor must have taken a liking to me since she wrapped her arms around my neck before falling asleep and Emily just curled up next to me with my right hand between her breasts before I fell asleep myself.

As I started waking up the next morning I heard voices that sounded too adult to be the girls and one in particular didn’t sound female at all.

“Money wake up.” He said

As I sat up I hadn’t noticed where my head was laying before until my progress was stopped by the bed rail giving me a bad headache.


“Money you ok?” Taylor asked

As my vision started to clear I saw Mr. Cyrus standing in the doorway looking right at me when I saw what he did with Emily on my left in a pink nightgown, Taylor on my right in a gold nightgown, and Miley above and behind me on her bed in a green lacey looking teddy and a large comforter on the floor for me.

“We told him to stay up here with us where it was warm. Why did you have Money stay in that cold spare bedroom downstairs it’s still winter outside he could have froze to death.” Miley said

Mr. Cyrus got an “ok fine.” look on his face.

“Well as long as he stayed warm that’s the most important thing.” Mr. Cyrus said.I pulled the comforter over my head and smiled if Miley’s dad knew what happened in this room I could never come within a hundred miles of Miley.

Evening rolled around as both our families gathered around the christmas tree to pass gifts out with Mr. Cyrus playing Santa as he did years ago when Miley was a little girl. Miley and Emily had split the cost of a high-end digital camera to replace mine that died a few weeks prior.

“Come on, snap off a few to make sure it works.” Miley said.

I couldn’t say no to that so I started snapping a few shots in all I just did twelve photos to get used to handling the new equipment that they had gotten me I took shots of Miley, Emily, and Taylor a few solo, others they had group photos taken with each other.

“Hey guys it’s just about dinnertime. Everybody put your presents away and get washed up.” Mr. Cyrus said

I put my camera away with my luggage in the spare bedroom downstairs when I came back upstairs I started helping set the table when Emily came from Miley’s room in a killer red dress that was low cut in the front showing off some impressive cleavage she started helping me set the table when she whispered in my ear.

“I want to suck you off right now.” she purred.

“Are you crazy? We’re about to start eating.” I whispered back

“Not a problem I’ll switch places with Miley since we’re going to be sitting together.” she said

Once she had switched the place markers, we both sat down at the table waiting for everyone else. I figured I was out of the woods until Emily went under the table and felt my fly opening. Emily pulled my cock out when Miley and Taylor sat down next to me on either side. Miley was wearing a silver dress with a low cut front showing a small amount of clevage but just enough to raise a few eyebrows Taylor was wearing a green dress that covered everything up to her neck and wasn’t nearly as revealing as Miley’s outfit.

“Where’s Emily?” Taylor asked

I pulled up the tablecloth to show Taylor that Emily was giving me a blowjob as Emily waved at her before I dropped it back down covering her.

“Busy.” I said trying not to groan in pleasure

Miley had a slightly shocked look on her face.”I wanted to do that.” she purred in my ear. Emily heard her since she was getting aggressive down there.While the plates were being passed around Mr. Cyrus noticed Emily wasn’t at the table.

“She decided to take a load off before dinner I’ll fix her a plate to go.” Miley said

As Miley went around the table she bent over far enough that I saw right down the top of her dress while she fixed the plate for Emily.

I started to take a bite of my slice of cherry pie as Miley was getting Emily’s to-go meal ready.”Let’s see… a breast, sausage, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and cherry pie.” she said before I leaned up next to the table, trying not to reveal Emily sucking my cock under the table. The cause of all that was me blowing my load as Emily took it all down her throat.

“You ok?” Mr. Cyrus asked.

“Yes…just…tasting…the….best….cherry pie….ever!” I groaned in pleasure.

After a few minutes of sitting down and relaxing, everyone started to leave the table. I told Mr. Cyrus that I was stuffed tremendously, so I told him that I’d leave once I had the energy t do so. Once everyone left, Miley and Taylor came back in, as Emily crawled on her hands and knees scurrying from underneath the table. We all heard Mr. Cyrus’s voice around the dining room, as Emily went around the corner before Mr. Cyrus seeing her. I zipped up before standing up myself.

“I’ll get the door Miley.” I said.

Once dinner was finished, I returned to my cold spare room to go over the instructions on how to use the camera when suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was the girls of course. They had changed into the clothes I remembered from Emily’s shopping trip the last time we were together. Miley was in a red tubetop with matching micromini skirt and 4 inch heels Emily was in a white color version of the same outfit and Taylor was in a silver sleeveless top mini skirt combo with mid-calf boots.

“Did everybody enjoy dinner?” I asked.

“I sure did.” Emily said.

Miley rolled her eyes at Emily’s perky response.

“Have you figured out how to work that camera yet?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah it’s pretty simple I just had to go over the manual a few times.” I said

“Great I have an idea follow me Emily.” Miley said

As they ran upstairs Taylor looked at me I didn’t know what those two were up to when they returned with a pair of wigs one blonde the other blue.

“Since you shattered Miley and Emily’s cherries….how about you do the same for Hannah and Lola while Taylor takes our pictures on my dad’s car in the garage?” Miley asked

I peeked into the garage I saw a tarp covering a car shaped object Miley took it off to reveal her dad’s ride a restored 1957 Chevy. I couldn’t believe Mr. Cyrus had one of these the candy apple red color and buffed out chrome bumpers were pristine. I nearly drooled on the paintjob.

“Hey hotrod, how would you like your own Hannah Montana/Lola adult themed photoshoot?” Miley asked.

“What about me?” Taylor asked.

“Fine….Taylor you can be in it too.” Emily said

“Just tell us what poses you want us in and we’ll do them.” Miley said

I’m pretty sure every man that cared about this scene would kill to be in my shoes. After I started snapping pictures of the two, Miley and Emily pulled me in with them. Those total slut outfits Miley and Emily wore drove me crazy as they undressed me while Taylor just stood by taking pictures with a big smile.

“Take my skirt off.” Emily purred in my ear.

I must have switched to full auto as I ripped Emily’s skirt right off, threw it to the ground, then laid her on the car hood lining up before taking my thick footlong shaft out. I stared at Emily’s asshole and then realized after all the teasing all afternoon, I had her right where I wanted her.

I drove my hips forward, I nearly filled up her ass with my girth from the start, as her eyes got really wide from the thick intruder.

“Uhhh yeah.” I said

“Fuck yeah, Oh Hannah…this dick feels so good.” Emily moaned.

“Holy shit she’s delirious.” Taylor laughed.

It sounded so hot being able to fuck Hannah Montana and her gal pal that I started pounding Emily as hard as I could while she fingered herself.”Take your top off.” I moaned. Emily just ripped her top off practically shredding it as she cupped her boobs while riding my cock.

“These shots look so hot.” Taylor said.

“You two are gonna strip the paintjob right off the hood.” Miley told us..

Emily, or in this case, Lola just moaned as her ass was reamed even harder by my dick plowing into her while I grabbed her perky tits kissing the left side of her face as she had a huge orgasm.


“My turn.” Miley said climbing onto the hood, and spreading her legs on either side of her friend.

“Oh no…I’m not done with Lola yet. Hannah you just hold real still.” I said.

As Taylor kept snapping pictures, I ripped Miley’s red top open letting her big C cup tits fall out while she got her skirt off. For a moment I wondered if her boobs would be DD’s before she was 25. I dove right in sucking away on her nipples making her groan while Emily started licking Miley’s pussy.

“UNH….you guys are too much.” Miley moaned.

“Speaking of which.” Emily said sliding off me.

“I’m on it.” I said

I picked Miley up and put her arms around my neck while my footlong dick rubbed against her ass.

“Oh no…you don’t.” Miley said

“Oh yes I do.” I said

“That thing seems too thick. I’m not sure if I can take it.” she said

“Lola took it with ease afterwards so let’s find out.” I said

I shoved my dick in as far as I could without hurting her. Miley wasn’t used to her anal ring getting stretched so far out as I continued going at a faster rate the more moans became screams but yet somehow, Emily was used to it seeing how it wasn’t hard for me to insert into her ass.


I wanted to laugh, both Miley and Emily had switched over to their tv show personas. I think it was more of a fantasy for them doing something so adult that would shock the young fans of the show. I just rammed Hannah as hard as I could. I started sucking Lola’s ample tits again while she lay on the hood of Mr. Cyrus’s classic ride spread eagled.

“Hannah you look so hot getting your ass fucked like a slut.” Emily said.


I couldn’t hold out anymore and exploded into Miley’s ass it felt like a river flowing from my nuts as I collapsed on top of her. The three of us laughed before Taylor took my cock into her mouth, giving the camera to Miley. She looked at the photo and saw that Taylor shot a picture of me shooting my load into her asshole with the cum oozing out from the side. Miley laughed before giving the camera to Emily. She looked around and saw the same thing but this time, it was her asshole being fucked.

I had enough pics for a calender to last me until Miley was old enough to date 30 according to her dad. As the holidays drew to a close I said goodbye to Miley, Emily, and Taylor but not before one last go around in her room for kicks. Miley and Emily played jailbait schoolgirls, and I was the teacher with Taylor as my assistant but that’s another tale for another time

The end?

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