Best First Day Ever!

Title: The Best First Day Ever!

By: Toxic

Celebs: Lea Michele, Dianna Agron

Codes: |MFF|cons|oral|

Disclaimer: This story is obviously 100% fake and never nor will it ever happen in real life, if you can’t tell the difference then your a dumb dumb so don’t bother reading, oh and don’t read if your under 18 either! you have been warned!

No actual celebs were hurt in the making of this story either! got it? good!

If you have any feedback or requests then feel free to drop me a line at my email adress below, i will consider all requests, no matter how
wierd, sick or normal they are, but i cannot guarrentue that i will do every or any request!

“So, Mr. Staton, you understand what this job entails and your happy to start right away?”

My eyes dart from the contract infront of me to the rather large man behind the big desk infront of me, nodding softly as my eyes reach his, his straight face turning into a smile as I do,

“Fantastic, If you can just sign on the dotted line then you’ll be able to get started right away” The big man says rather happily, handing me a rather fancy pen as he does, This seemed a little bit to much considering I was only applying for a job as an Asssitant on the set of Glee, which basically meant that I was a glorified slave for all of the stars, If they wanted something, I got it for them, simple as.

Removing the lid from the fountain pen i place the tip on the paper and squiggle my signature, the large man then took the contract and placed it into his draw,

“I’ll get this processed right away, congratulations on your new job” he says as he stands up from his desk and extends his hand, I stand up with him and shake his hand rather briskly, “Good, now, if you can report to a….” the large man trails off as he looks down at a paper infront of him, obviously looking for a name, “Ah yes, a Miss Rogers, She’ll be your boss from now on, so what ever she says goes” He says with that large smile returning to his features once, again,

“Thanks for everything sir” i say as i grab my jacket from the back of the chair i was sitting on and walk away from the desk, and to my suprise I see the large man following me,

“Just one more thing, I just want to apologize for all the formality, its just that, we take this very seriously because of the amount of leaks we have about the show we have to be very vigorous about who receives the jobs we offer” He says, finally explaining all the seriousness about the ‘Interview’,

I nod my head and smile at him, “Its not a problem, I fully understand, I just want a job, I’m not to bothered about leaking spoilers” I say laughing as I walk out of the office, taking a big lung full of air as i do, now all I had to was find Miss Rogers, great, who doesn’t want to look for a woman in a place they have no idea about.

“AH! So you do exist then!” I say, walking through the door to the office of a Miss Rogers, having finally found the unfindable woman after a good 20 minutes of looking,

The woman looks up from behind her desk, a soft friendly smile on her face, “You must be Mr. Staton?” she says, completely ignoring my sarcastic comments, standing up as she does and walking around to the other side of her desk, she was also quite the larger lady, it must have been something in the water here,

I nod and smile back, “Please, call me Tony” I say as I extend my hand to meet hers, “Its a pleasure to meet you” I say as we shake hands,

“Likewise” she says pulling her hand away rather quickly, before walking back behind her desk and grabbing a folder, “Ok, so this is the filming times for the rest of the week, I need you here 2 hours before the first shoot ok?”,

I grab the folder and flip it open, scanning over the time table for Monday, today, nodding my head at her demands, “Of course” Is all I say to her as i continue to scan the sheets of paper, noticing that most of the shoots go well into the night and start quite early in the morning, who needs sleep anyways?.

“Ok good, no complaints?” she says asking a rhetorical question as she goes right back to telling me my dutys, “Once your here you’re pretty much at the disposal of the 4 cast members assigned to you ok?” she says, quickly looking up at me but not giving me a second to answer, “If they want you to fly to china just to get some good takeout, then you’re going to do it, got it?” she says looking right at me once again.

I just stand there and nod, having already heard all this from the large man in the office, who i assumed was this lovely lady’s boss, earlier, “Of course, what ever they want i go get it, got it” I say nodding as I do so.

She just nods in approval and looks down at the sheet of paper on the desk, “Ok then, the cast members that you’ve gotta do alot of running for are as follows” she takes a little breath and proceeds to say the list of names on the sheet of paper infront of her, “Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and…..” she stops after the first two names and flips the sheet over, checking the other side for more before turning it back over, “Hmmm, strange, seems like there the only two you’ve got” she says, checking the paper one last time before looking up at me, “But, don’t think your getting it easy, Dianna can be a right pain in the ass, Lea not so, but they will still work you to the ground, got it?” she says, seemingly not asking me a rhetorical question this time.

I once again nod my head, “Got it” I say, looking her straight in the eyes, waiting for her next rant.

She checks her papers one more time before standing back up and walking to the front of her desk, “Welcome aboard then” she says, shaking hands again with me, “If you go out of this door, turn right, and follow the corridor until you hit the dressing rooms, you’ll find Lea and Dianna there, and if you have any problems what so ever, come to me first ok? don’t bother the cast or head office” she says rather bluntly, obviously the last poor bastard in this job bothered head office and got his and Miss Rogers’ ass kicked.

“Of course” I say as i turn my back on her and walk out of the office, taking in as much air once again as i step into the corridor, I turn right and head towards the dressing rooms, checking my watch as I do, there was roughly 45 minutes before filming started so i needed to pick the pace up a bit, and at least try to reach the dressing rooms before they started filming.

The 5 minute jog had been much better than my probable 10 minute snails pace walk and no sooner than i had started was i at the dressing room door of Dianna Agron, I hadn’t really seen to much of the show but I knew the people that were in it, and how could anyone not notice just how hot Dianna was, she was a real stunner and looked even better when she was wearing that cheerleader outfit of hers, but for some reason the writers hate all men and decided to have her get pregnant right at the beginning of the show so now she was constantly wearing a baby bump, it didn’t take away from her hotness, but those cheerleader outfits were gone.

Wrapping my knuckles around her door I wait patiently for a response, “Come in” I hear a soft voice call through the door, I pull the handle down and enter the room, smelling the sweet smell of perfume right away and seeing Dianna Agron sitting in her make up chair, and as i had guessed, she was wearing a long yellow summer dress with a bump sticking out from it, she had already been through make up and wardrobe and was literally ready to start filming right away.

“Oh hey, you must be the new runner right?” she says, turning her head to face me, she was even more hotter in real life then she was on screen, her bright green eyes were staring right at me, her full lips looking even fuller with the red lipstick that was plastered on them and i just managed to form some words before the silence became creepy.

“Yes, yes I am, I just thought I would pop in and say hello before you started shooting and to say that if you need anything here I am and heres my number” Splurting it all out in one long sentence probably didn’t make me look like a smooth operator but hey, It was Dianna Agron, I had every right to be a bit taken a back.

“Wow, trying to give me your number already?” she says, a sexy smirk on her lips as she takes the piece of card in between my fingers, It wasn’t actually my phone number, it was the number of the phone that head office had given me so the cast could keep in touch with me.

“Not quite” I say, stumbling a little from her words, “Its just the number incase you need me when I’m not around or doing anything else really” I say, trying my best to explain why I had just walked into her dressing room and handed her a piece of card with my number on.

“Right, I’ll keep that in mind” she says, still smirking as she slides the card into her handbag, “Right, I need to prepare for my scene so could you give me a minute please?” she says, bringing me back into the room as I suddenly notice that I have been practically staring at her the whole time I had been here, which was much longer than i should have been considering I needed to introduce my self to Lea Michele aswell.

“Absolutely, sorry I just lost track of time a bit” i say as I turn around and open the dressing room door once again, “Just call if you need me” I say before closing the door, ‘Wow’ Is the only words that come out of my mouth in a low whisper as i compose myself and walk down the hall, looking for the next dressing room.

I take in a big deep breath of air before I knock on the door of Lea Michele, probably the star of the show, and in my mind anyways, the hottest woman in the entire show, I blow the air out of my mouth and knock softly on the door.

“Its open” Is all I hear as I again pull down another dressing room door handle and walk inside as a fresh new perfume fills my nostrils, i close the door and look up, seeing the stunning Lea Michele sitting on her couch reading a magazine, she, like Dianna, was already dressed and ready to start shooting, wearing the typical ‘Rachel Berry’ type clothes, knee length socks, a short plaid skirt a jumper with some god awful design on the front, yet, even in these clothes she was looking stunning.

“Hi, I’m Tony, your new ‘runner'” I say as I walk further into the room, and thats when Lea decided to look up at me, stopping me in my tracks with her stunningly beautiful big brown eyes, focusing right on me, a wide smile spread across her face as she looks into my eyes.

“Oh really? I didn’t think you was starting until tomorrow, but anyways, Hi there, its a pleasure to meet you” she says sincerely as she waits for my response………………..and waits…………………..and waits, It must have been the longest time that i had not spoken, ever, I just could not find the words with her stunning beauty looking right at me, of course, eventually, some form of the english language stuttered out of my mouth.

“You to Miss Michele” What? Miss Michele? what was wrong with me? it was clearly not a formal conversation yet here I was calling her Miss Michele, wow, what a total idiot I must have looked, but it seemed ok as Lea took no notice of my idiotic rambling and calling her Miss Michele, instead she just laughed it off, she must have been used to guys just stopping dead in there tracks from her outstanding beauty.

“Please, call me Lea” she says as she places the magazine on the coffee table infront of her leather couch, standing up as she does, finally regathering my thoughts i remembered that i was still standing in the middle of her dressing room, not saying a word with my mouth slightly open, regaining a little of my composure I again manage to speak a few words.

“Ummm, heres my work number, so If you need me and I’m not within shouting distance, just give this a ring and I’ll come running” I say, actually managing to crack a smile as i hand her the small piece of card with my number on it.

“Got it, If your not around I’ll give this a ring, easy” she says as she to places the number in her bag before looking back over to me, “I hate to ask this because you’ve literally just got here, but do you think you can do me a massive favour?” she asks sweetly, her perfect eyes locked on me.

I just about manage to put a smile on my face “Thats what I’m here for” I say, my smile widening as I begin to feel more comfortable around Lea.

She just flashes me another one of her smiles as she grabs a piece of paper and scribbles something down on it before folding it over and passing it to me, “Could you quickly hand this to Dianna?”.

I look down at the paper in her hands before taking it from her and pushing it down into my jeans pocket, “Of course, Is that all?” .

Nodding softly Lea answers me, “It is, for now anyways, and one more thing……” she says trailing off just as I go to walk out of her dressing room , “What ever you do, DON’T look at that piece of paper, its very private” I just nod at her request as i walk out of her room and practically run back down the corridor, trying my best to catch Dianna before she leaves for the set.

Rushing down the corridor I literally just manage to catch Dianna Agron walking out of her dressing room door, hearing me coming she looks up at me and smiles, her red lips spreading over her perfect teeth, “Hey” i manage to say, slightly out of breath as i fish the piece of paper from my pocket and hand it to her, “Lea wanted me to give you this” I say, placing it into the palm of her hand.

Unfolding it she quickly glances over the paper and that wicked smirk creeps back onto her gorgeous face as i notice her eyes quickly darting over my body before returning to my eyes, “Tell Lea that I think its a great idea” she says as she turns and walks down the corridor, presumbaly heading for the set, turning back around my self I notice Lea herself walking towards me, I head up the corridor to meet her halfway.

“Umm, hi, again, Dianna said to tell me to tell you, that she thought it was a great idea?” I say, questioning the last bit as I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

“Really? thats awesome, ok we’ve gotta go shoot our scenes so I think you should just make yourself busy as we pretty much have a bunch of runners on set, so just chill for a few hours or something”.

“Umm sure, just give me a ring when you need” I say as Lea brushes past me rather slowly, softly brushing her body up against mine as she do so, her intoxicating perfume filling my nose once again as she follows the rest of the crew onto set, leaving me with a few hours to kill.

The hours seemed to past like minutes and before I knew it, it was getting dark out and I had been sitting in the ‘reception’ area of the film set for the last couple of hours and it was getting pretty boring, I had read every magazine at least 3 times and was still waiting for filming to finish and for my phone call, so when my work phone finally rang I nearly had an orgasm from the pure excitement of something new to do.

Not even looking at the number on the front of the phone I just flip it open and answer it, “Hello?” I say in a slightly husky voice, I guess thats what you get for not talking for hours.

“Hey, This is Tony right?” I recognized the voice right away, It was Dianna, they had obviously finished filming and needed me for something.

“Yup, thats me, what can I get ya?” I ask, sounding way more like a delivery service than a runner for the cast of a hit t.v show.

A hear a soft laugh down the phone before Dianna answers, “Well I was just wondering if you could bring me a cup of coffee? I really need it” she says in an almost longing voice, there was no way i would even think of saying no so as I heard her utter the request I was pretty much at the coffee machine and making her one.

“Yea not a problem, I’ll be right there” I say as i flip the phone down and shove it back into my pocket, grabbing the hot cup of coffee as I do, I didn’t even ask how she liked it, but i didn’t care one bit, I was just happy to finally be doing something instead of sitting on my ass bored shitless, even if that meant running back and getting a different coffee.

I was finally at Dianna’s dressing room door and I hadn’t spilt a single drop of the coffee despite me running for the most part of the journey, wrapping my knuckles on the door I just stand and wait patiently for an answer, not getting one i knock again, “Dianna, its Tony with your coffee” I say, loud enough so she can hear me, still no answer, “Ok I’m coming in!” I shout one more time before I pull the handle down and walk inside Dianna’s dressing room, almost dropping the coffee right there and then at the sight that presented itself to me.

My jaw was literally hitting the ground as I walked in to find Dianna Agron and Lea Michele making out like it was nothing on the couch in Dianna’s dressing room, my eyes were literally glued to there tongues wrapping around each others, I was completely frozen at the glorious sight and if it wasn’t for them breaking the kiss to notice, I think I would have been there for quite a long time.

Dianna was the first one to speak to the frozen man in her dressing room, “What took you so long? we had to start without you” she says in a deep husky voice, visibly turned on by the make out session I had interrupted, Lea was quick to follow her friends words though.

“I think he’s in shock Di” are the only words that part from her hot full lips, noticing them both stand up my eyes quickly dart over there hot body’s, they had changed since earlier and Dianna was now wearing a short denim skirt with a white tight blouse that clung to her body perfectly and Lea was wearing some tight jeans that hugged her every curve and showed of her cracking legs, and, I imagine they complemented her ass perfectly aswell, I barely even noticed her small strappy top that was just about covering her bra.

As they got closer I finally managed to form some words in my dry mouth, “Sh…..shall I….I come b…..back later?” Is all i manage to stutter out and as soon as I do both Lea and Dianna shake there heads almost in perfect synch.

“And ruin all the fun? nuh uh” Lea says as she moves to the side of me and takes the coffee from my hand and places it on the dressing table, returning almost instantly as she begins to rub her hands over my shirt and body.

I look down at Lea, a bit shocked at what she’s doing, “Whoa, whats going on here, I could get in serious trouble” I say, suddenly snapping out of my daze and realizing my job is on the line.

Dianna and Lea just look at eachother and laugh as Dianna meets me at the side of my body and begins to trace her fingers along my chest as she looks up at me with her stunning green eyes and a sexy pout on her still ruby red lips, “But why would you get in trouble for doing your job Tony?” she asks, confusing me right away.

“Wait, what? I’m a runner, I’m supposed to play fetch for you guys, not fuck you” I say, suprising myself with the colorful language that falls from my lips.

“Ohhh, naughty boy” Lea says sarcastically as she looks over to Dianna and smirks, “I think you should tell him the truth Di”.

“Ugh, fine” she says, playfully acting defeated as they both pull away from me and stand directly infront of me, “Haven’t you noticed just how many runners there are here? do you really think we need yet another one?” she asks me, I was sure it was rhetorical so I just stood there and listened, waiting for an explanation.

“Look, we basically asked our bosses if they could send us something to play with once and a while, and as soon as they saw you, they thought, perfect, so they covered your little ‘job’ up as a runner, but in truth, your her for us to play with” Dianna says, winking at me at the end of her sentence, sending a little shiver down me as she reveals the real reason I was here.

I wasn’t going to complain one bit, if this was true and not some new boy joke then I was pretty much in a dream job, but I decided to play along anyways, I mean if it was true who in there right mind would turn this down? being the play thing of 2 of the hottest stars on t.v at the moment, so as I stood there mulling it over all I could think about was seeing Lea and Dianna making out on the couch and that thought wouldn’t leave my mind, or my trousers as ‘little’ Tony started to come alive.

“Look, either you want this job or you don’t, your choice” Lea says turning to me and then back to Dianna, I was pretty much certain at this point that I wanted the job, the main sign for me wanting it was the growing tent in my jeans and the strain was getting to much and it was visibly showing to both of the ladys, and as soon as there eyes darted over my body again they noticed it.

Dianna’s eyes quickly dart from my bulge to my eyes, flicking me a sexy smirk one more time before slowly moving back towards me, “Looks like someone chose for you” she says as she reaches me and leans up, kissing me with her full red lips right on mine, sending her tongue straight into my mouth as our tongues dart around eachothers and I can’t help but moan into the full on kiss as I feel Dianna’s hand on my crotch, rubbing all over the place, focusing on my shaft as she does so.

Pulling away from the kiss Dianna looks me right in the eyes and winks as she walks away from me and behind me, shutting her dressing room door and loudly sliding the bolt on it along, I look for Lea and find her pretty much at my side again, her eyes fixated on my bulge, I smile down at her as I begin to unzip my jeans, the strain of my cock against them almost becoming unbearable.

Dianna was quickly back at my side as she took over from my hands and pulled my jeans down for me, just leaving me in my boxers, my hard on pretty much as visible as anything through them now as it made a very large tent, “Why not relax” Dianna says to me as she beckons me to the couch, I pretty much follow her demand and plomp my self down on it, seeing the both of them, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, walking slowly towards me just turned me on more, mainly because I knew that I’d probably be fucking at least one of them by the end of this.

“Wait, wont anyone hear us?” I ask, remembering that this is a film studio and theres probably still plenty of poeple in the building.

Lea just shakes her head, “No ones here, its pretty late, just the janitor, but I don’t think he’ll be coming in here” she says smirking at me as she gets down on her knees with Dianna in front of my bulge.

I quickly check my watch and notice that the time is rather late, I try to recount where it had all gone and what I was doing but couldn’t, I must have fell asleep after getting real bored of waiting for these 2, but now, all that boredom was probably about to be worth it.

I suddenly snap out of my recap as I feel the warm hands of Lea Michele reach inside my boxers and start to play with my erect cock, sliding her fingers up and down the shaft as Dianna begins to pull the boxers down and eventually pulls them halfway down my legs, finally revealing my 8 Inch erect cock to the both of them, Lea’s eyes just widen at the sight of it as Dianna just smiles and nods.

“I knew you’d be a good choice” Dianna says smugly as she too wraps one of her hands around the base of my cock and begins to slowly move it up and down making me grunt right away as her skillful hands get to work while Lea loosens her grip on the tip of my cock and moves forward a slight bit so she can look down at it, presumably getting into position to suck it as she slowly sticks her tongue out and begins to tease just the head of my already throbbing dick.

I can’t help but let out even more groans as Lea teases my cock more and more, doing everything she can but to suck it as her tongue rolls all over the tip and all over the piss slit, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body as she does so, added to that the skillfull hands of Dianna and I was pretty much ready to explode right there, but, somehow i managed to hold on, and good job i did as Lea was starting to take more and more of my cock in her perfect mouth.

I feel Dianna’s hand move away from my shaft as Lea begins to properly take my cock into her mouth, wrapping her full plump lips right around it and sucking like a pro as wave after glorious wave of pleasure sends shivers all over my body from the pure pleasure of her amazing tongue skills, “Ah shit!” Is all i say as she manages to take at least half of it in her mouth, still sucking away like a pro as she does, and as she is doing that I suddenly see Dianna behind her pulling her skirt and what looks like pink thongs down her perfect legs, she notices me watching her and flashes a wink.

“Wanna put that mouth to good use?” she says as she walks back over to the couch, stepping up onto to it she puts one leg either side of my face, letting me have a fantastic view of her shaven pussy,but getting an even better view as she slowly lowers herself down so she’s nearly straddling my face, but leaving me enough room to breath, I look up at her glorious pussy and smile as I lean up and let my tongue have a quick lick right away, the sweet taste of her wet pussy filling my mouth.

“Damn that feels amazing Lea” I say as even more waves shoot through my body from Lea’s stunning blowjob, But I had other things to think about aswell, like this beautiful pussy infront of me, and how i was going to make the owner of it scream, moving my hands up to Dianna’s pussy I slowly spread her lips, loving the sight of her pink little cunt, I lean up and take another lick, just teasing the young actress as I do, wanting her to soak up every last wave of pleasure like I was with Lea.

After licking and teasing Dianna’s pussy for a while I finally slide just one finger inside of her, feeling her tightness right away as I do, I look up at her face and see the pleasure spread across it, her legs quivering right away from just my first finger as I slide it in and out softly and slowly while leaning my head up further to begin my assault on her clit, letting my tongue lash at it right away but loving her reaction even more.

“Oh my god you fucking tease just fucking eat me out already!!” She says in deep frustration as I keep my one finger sliding in and out slowly and keep my tongue lashing away at her clit, changing speeds as I do so, going from real fast one minute to painstakingly slow the next, just wanting to tease her to the point of real frustration, and it looked like it was working as I could see Dianna just wanting me to go mad on her pussy and make her orgasm come as quickly as possible, but first I wanted to tease just a little bit more.

My teasing of Dianna is briefly interrupted though as Lea decides to pick up her pace and begins to suck my cock alot faster and alot deeper, basically taking my entire length down as she does, sending more shockwaves of pleasure through out my body, I just manage to focus enough to lean back up to Dianna’s pussy and continue my assault, probing her clit faster then before and adding yet another finger into her pussy, also sending her a little bit more crazy as I stop teasing and go in for the kill.

Adding yet another finger into Dianna’s already tight pussy I continue my assault, loving the way her body is squirming around up above me and loving the animalistic grunts even more as her legs begin to quiver that little bit more, sensing that her orgasm is near i start to probe her clit just that bit faster and thrust my fingers in deeper and faster, feeling her pussy contract around my fingers I smile with triumph as me and Dianna both feel her orgasm hit.

Dianna Agron almost screams the entire building down as her entire body is rocked by her intense orgasm, her legs collapse under her and she falls down on my face, straddling me as her entire body shakes and quivers from pure ecstasy and pleasure, I look over her collapsed body and down at Lea, smiling as I realize that she has stopped, obviously curious about her friends state after her pleasurable collapse, but after a few more seconds of hard quivers Dianna comes crashing back down to earth and manages to flip herself over on the couch, un straddling me and plomping herself down next to me, panting slightly as she does.

“Fucking hell, that was amazing” Dianna says as she smiles down at Lea who looks up at me in turn with a wide smile, stroking my cock as she does so.

“How about we put this thing to even better use?” Lea says as she stands up from her kneeling position and begins to unzip her own jeans, sliding them down right away as soon as she does, revealing her black thongs to both me and Dianna, “I wanna fuck this beast” Is all she says after she pulls her thongs down and slowly straddles me, putting her knees either side of me as she lowers her self down on me and my cock, teasing us both right away as she enters just the first inch or two before pulling away, and then sliding back down before pulling away yet again until eventually my entire length was deep inside of Lea Micheles hot and pretty damn tight pussy, all the both of us could do was moan in pure pleasure as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer inside of her.

Lea continues to straddle me and slide up and down on my completely hard and throbbing cock as Dianna recovers from her intense orgasm, Lea’s pace is teasingly slow as she slides up and down, “Mind if I take over?” I say as i look her dead in the eyes, she just shakes her head at my question and before she knows it I’m picking her up and flipping her over so her face is buried into the back of the couch and I’m standing behind her, her perfectly shaped ass looking right up at me, while my cock is still buried deep inside of her as I begin to pump in and out a little faster with every thrust.

“Ah yeah, fuck me!” Lea says, looking back at me as i fuck her as deep as I can, loving every inch of her perfect cunt as i move my hand around under her body and to her clit, rubbing it softly with just my forefinger, adding more pleasure to her fuck as I try and repay her for the amazing blowjob she gave me earlier.

“Oh my god, that feels so fucking good, fuck me harder!!” she says, demanding me to fuck her tight cunt that little bit harder, and as ordered, i begin to thrust into her with all my might, rocking the leather couch as I do, and as I continue to rock Lea’s pussy as hard as I can i notice that Dianna is back on the planet earth and making out with Lea between her hard screams, again, just seeing the pair of them make out was enough to nearly send me over the edge and shoot my seed right inside of Lea’s cunt, but i held off as I felt it tightening around my cock, I knew that she was real close, and that meant that I was to.

I continue to rub her clit as hard as my finger will allow me to as my thrusts become to much for Lea and she suddenly explodes with pure pleasure, just like Dianna had before, she also screams as loud as her lungs will allow her, and man, that was alot as her pussy tightens as hard as it could around my big stiff cock that was still deep inside of her, how i managed not to cum is beyond me but I held in for just a little bit longer as Lea’s hard orgasm shook her entire body, not as bad as Dianna’s but she was visibly enjoying the shockwaves of pleasure flowing through her body.

Lea’s tight pussy finally releases my cock as I pull it out of her slowly, making sure she gets every last inch of pleasure she can, I look down at my cock and see it glistening from Lea’s hot pussy juices, looking over at Dianna I wink at her as she slides down on her knee’s infront of me and flashes that damn sexy smirk again as she takes my cock straight into her talented mouth, sucking at the head right away and wasting no time what so ever of cleaning it completely off Lea’s pussy juice as I feel my self about to explode in pleasure from the 2 girls infront of me.

“Ah fuck I’m gonna cum!!!” I shout at the pair of them as Lea quickly slides of the couch and kneels infront of me aswell, I feel my orgasm hit as I aim right into Dianna’s mouth as my cock just explodes with pleasure, almost knocking me off my feet as my hot sticky seed splashes all inside of Dianna’s mouth as she milks me for every last drop, massaging my balls as she does so, getting every last drop out of my completely throbbing cock

“God damn that was amazing” Is all i say, panting as I do, looking down at the 2 stunning girls below me as Dianna opens her mouth and shows me my cum.

“Don’t be greedy” Lea says as she opens her mouth and gets under Dianna’s chin as she tilts her head down, sending my warm load into Lea’s mouth aswell as a mouth full Dianna’s spit, Lea closes her mouth and swashes it around, gurgling on it aswell before sending it back to Dianna, and as soon as its in her sexy little mouth she swallows every last drop down.

“Mmmm tasty” she says giving me a wink as her and Lea begin making out infront of me.

They both stop kissing for just a few minutes and look up at me, “Well, how was your first day at work then?” Lea asks.

I just look down at both of them and smile, “Bloody brilliant, best first day ever!”.

The End

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