Best Friend’s Service

Disclaimer: Please don’t take offense, this is only fiction. I do not claim to know these sports stars or what they are like on or off the court. Hope you enjoy the read.

Right after the Australian Open final, Maria and Ana are walking to their locker room. Maria is holding her first place trophy while Ana has her second place trophy.

Finally they came to locker room door. Maria is holding her trophy in both hands and as she tries to open the door she almost dropped her trophy, so Ana opens it for her. Maria smiled and says

“Thank you Ana.”

They both walk in. Locker room is one big mess since girls left their clothes on the floor after their match. They always collected it afterwards but now the floor is covered with dresses, underwear, socks, shoes and everything. Most of them pretty smelly since they were soaked in sweat but the smell is bad only few inches off the ground. They both placed their trophies on the table in the locker room. As Ana is putting her trophy on the table Maria comes to her and gives her a hug and kiss on cheek.

“Thanks for the great match Ana. Now we can go shopping.”

She smiles and sees worried Ana.

“What’s wrong Ana?”

She asks, looking at her. Ana looks at Maria right into her eyes,

“Maria I have big debts and lots of bills to pay so I don’t think I will be able to go shopping with you. I will give all my money to pay them.”

She bites her lip a bit and went to sit on the bench while Maria is still standing near the table and looking at Ana. As Ana is walking towards the bench she is looking at her ass smiling licking her lips as she gets an evil idea but she decides to wait and see what Ana wants to do.

“Oh I´m sure you still have some from previous tournaments and from sponsors too.”

Maria says as she goes to sit beside Ana and puts her arm on Ana´s shoulder. Ana looks at Maria and sighs.

“I don’t. I spent so much on my clothes that now I will have to wait a few weeks for money from my sponsors and for other tournaments. I´m sorry Maria I guess you will have to find someone else to go shopping with.”

She then looks down. Ana loves shopping probably more than anything else. She always spends all the money she has at the moment. But now she is out of money and knows that she won´t be able to go shopping with her friend, Maria. Maria looked at Ana she is sad too. Ana is one of her best friends, she loves shopping with her. They have so much fun doing it. They always try clothes on while being in one cubicle. She never told Ana, but she loved looking at her while she was in underwear. She didn´t know that Ana loved that too. Ana looks at Maria, bit her lip a bit and asks,

“But you seem like you don’t have to pay anything. Maybe you can lend me some money?”

She is looking into Maria´s eyes the whole time. Maria hearing what Ana just said smiles and stands up.

“Well I will think about it. But how sure can I be that you will return them to me? Like, who knows, maybe you will have a miserable season and I know you will use all sponsor money to go shopping again. So I need something that would make me sure that it is a good idea to lend you money.”

Maria smiles looking at Ana who seems happy but shocked

“Maria, you don’t trust me that I would return them to you?”

Then Ana thinks for a moment. She probably wouldn´t trust herself if she was Maria too.

“Well I don´t know how to guarantee it. But believe me, I will do anything to return them to you”

Ana smiling and hoping that will make Maria sure what to do. Maria just smiles and licks her lips

“Well you can earn them and then maybe you don’t have to return them to me. What do you say to that Anci?”

Ana looks at her as she is little mad. She hated when people called her Anci and she knew Maria did it on purpose.

“So what should I do?”

Ana asks looking at Maria who still has a smile on her face.

“Well I feel little sore after our match. So if you give me a massage then, I’ll give you some money for our shopping.”

Ana looks at Maria then thought about it and stood up.

“All right I´ll give you massage. Best one you ever had.”

Ana didn´t know what Maria wants to do to her and how much Maria will enjoy it. Maria smiling walks to the end of the locker room where a massage table is located. She lies down and looks at Ana.

“Just slide my dress down to my butt so you can massage my back.”

Ana does as she is told, then she places her hands on Maria´s back and starts to massage her. Maria smiles as she is feeling better. Ana doesn´t feel bad giving pleasure like this to Maria. She massaged more female tennis players in her career and she always liked it. They always said to her she has a talent to do it. Maria smiles breathing heavily in joy.

“Hm Anci if you want to earn then even more. Massage my legs too please. But for now focus just on back.”

Ana smiles hearing what Maria wants she looks at her.

“Of course I´ll massage them.”

She keeps on massaging Maria´s back for few more minutes then Maria says.

“I think my back is good enough. You can start my legs now.”

Ana does as she is told. She lifts Maria´s dress a bit so she can get higher on her thighs and starts to massage them, which gives Maria even more pleasure than Ana massaging her back. She is now softly moaning and as she felt Ana´s hands so high on her thighs she knows she is getting a little wet and hopes Ana will not notice that. However, Ana is fully focused on Maria´s legs she doesn´t have time to notice the wet spot on Maria´s dress. Even Ana likes massaging Maria´s legs more than her back. She is massaging and rubbing her legs properly to earn as much as she can when suddenly Maria stopped her.

“Wait I´ll turn around so you massage them from front too”

Maria turns around on the massaging table and doesn´t even care that she is in just her bra. She knows Ana saw her like that hundred times. They even saw each other naked in showers, so it isn´t big deal for Maria. Ana starts to massage the front of her legs but now she is really enjoying it. Seeing Maria in her bra is one of best sights. She can feel that she is getting wet. Maria keeps on moaning softly and feels she is again getting wet but she knows she will soon enjoy broken Ana. As Ana keeps on massaging Maria´s legs for a few more minutes Maria smiles evilly and said.

“Ana take off my shoes and massage my feet for a bit.”

Ana looked little disgusted and looked at Maria.

“Maria I don´t think I can do it”

Maria looks at Ana as she is starting to become angry.

“You will do it or you will not see cent from me. Understand? Now take them off and massage!”

Ana can´t believe that this is her friend but she still wants and needs money so bad. She moves to Maria´s feet and slips her shoes off. Her feet smell since she played a whole match in the shoes. Maria looks at Ana who is about to start massaging her feet.

“What are you doing? Slide down socks as well, stupid”

Ana looks shocked at Maria.

“Maria, what are you saying? I thought you are my good friend.”

Maria smiles looks at Ana and replies.

“I am. Do You remember you´re doing this so I can give you money for free? And don´t think I will give you a small amount. You will have enough to buy all the new clothes you want.”

When she heard that, Ana smiles a bit and slides Maria´s socks down. Now the smell is even worse but Ana starts to massage Maria´s feet. This is most pleasurable for Maria. She loves when someone massaged her feet. And now that it is her good friend Ana, she even enjoys it more. Ana keeps on massaging her feet for ten minutes as Maria smiled and says.


Ana is about to leave happy she earned money when she hears.

“And now you will suck my toes, bitch.”

As Ana turns around seeing Maria sitting on massage table

“No no no Maria. You said you want massage not this strange thing.”

Maria laughs a bit.

“Oh God are you really that dumb? I will just use you to my pleasure. I will give you only something small, bitch.”

Ana looks shocked at her friend.

“Maria, what are you saying? I thought you are my friend. How can you do this to me?”

Maria just smiles and stands up.

“Well you´re beautiful, so I decided to use you. And with the problems you have, my money came quite handy.”

Ana looks shocked at Maria who comes to her.

“So will you suck them, bitch?”

Ana just replies in disgust.

“No way you stupid Russian peroxide blonde.”

That made Maria angry. She grabs Ana by her ponytail and tosses her to ground.

“Who do you think you´re speaking to, bitch? I’m your new owner, now suck them.”

Maria says in a commanding voice, forcing her feet to Ana´s mouth who tries to fight them off but all her effort is worthless. She knows what she has to do and maybe she´ll change Maria´s mind after it. So she slowly starts to lick Maria´s feet as she immediately starts to moan in pleasure and smiles at Ana.

“Hmm good bitch. I like what you´re doing. Keep doing it and I might pay you a very big amount.”

Ana looks at Maria with tears in her eyes. Maria looks down at Ana and sees tears in her eyes.

“Oh God don´t cry you stupid bitch.”

Ana just looks down and keeps on licking Maria´s feet. After a while she takes her biggest toe into her mouth and starts sucking on it. Maria moans in pleasure as she gets an idea.

“Wait here.”

Maria walks to the bench and takes her phone out of her bag and returns to Ana.

“Now continue.”

Ana doesn´t even look at Maria and starts licking her stinky, sweaty feet again. Maria texts some of the other players to come over because she has some surprise for them.

“Ana I invited some other girls to have fun too. I hope you don’t mind it.”

Ana shakes her head and starts sucking on Maria´s toes which makes Maria moan loud as she leans against table.

“Oh God Ana you do such a good job. Have you done this before?”

Ana looks at Maria.

“No, I haven´t you are the first.”

Maria smiles take her feet out of Ana´s mouth and puts her other one in front of her. Now you can suck on other one.

Suddenly they both hear someone knocking on the door. Maria goes and opens it a bit. As she smiles, she opens the door completely and Daniela Hantuchova, Justine Henine and Jelena Jankovic walk in, all smiling when Jelena asks.

“So where´s that bitch you promised, Maria?”

“Come here you bitch!”

Maria shouts at Ana who stands up and walks to the girls.

“Wow it´s Ana.”

Surprised Hantuchova says looking at Ana.

“Ana, get on your knees in front of me.”

Ana looks at Justine who said it and gets in front of her and drops to her knees.

“Get my shoes off!”

Commands Justine, looking at Ana as she unties her shoes and slides them off.

“Sock too.”

Ana takes Justine’s smelly socks and pulls them down and immediately starts licking Justine´s feet.

“Oh she´s so good at this Maria. How much should we pay you?”

“No you don´t have to pay she´s doing it for free. Are you doing it for free Ana?”

Ana looks at Maria.

“Maria you said you will give me money for clothes.”

Maria laughs and looks at Ana.

“Well I´ll pay you, not them.”

Ana starts licking Justine´s feet again. Licking her whole foot with one lick. After a few minutes of licking her feet, she moves and starts sucking on her thumbs.

“Oh god this is so good.”

Justine says looking down at Ana. She feels she´s getting wetter with Ana sucking her thumbs. Ana was surprised that she is getting wet too and really wants to rub her pussy but knows she can´t do it when Maria doesn´t say it.

“Now my second foot Ana.”

Ana hears Justine and moves to her other foot and starts licking off the sweat. She starts licking faster having taste of Justine´s feet in her mouth. Justine feels she´s really wet and slides her pants down a bit and lets her hand slide into her panties.

“Oh Justine you like it so much?”

Asks Maria who is getting wet from watching Ana too.

“I want her now.”

Says Jelena as she´s already barefoot. Ana looks at Maria.

“You heard her! Go!”

Ana crawls to Jelena and looks at her feet. They aren´t so stinky but they aren´t as nice as Justine´s. She starts licking thoem. Jelena smiles at her as Justine keeps rubbing her pussy watching Ana.

“Oh this is really good Anci.”

Ana keeps licking Jelena´s feet, licking her whole foot and sucks on her toes and licks again as she keeps repeating it over and over again.

“Oh yeah Anci.”

Jelena moans looking at Ana. Ana now just focused on sucking her toes taking a few toes at once in her mouth sucking them wildly. To her surprise she is starting to enjoy it.

“My one foot had enough now move to the other.”

As Ana is moving to the other foot she sees Maria putting money in her clothes on ground but doesn´t give it any attention and starts licking Jelena’s other foot as Justine is slowly coming to orgasm. Ana looks at Justine and then at Jelena who had a wet spot in her pants too but resists the urge to start masturbating. Ana licking other Jelena foot and sucking her toes she has almost soaked her panties from being wet but no one notices it as they´re busy watching her licking and sucking feet. Ana licks Jelena´s feet for a few moments when she suddenly hears Justine screaming. She looks at her and sees her cumming wildly all over floor.

“Oh God that was great. Ana lick my cum off the ground.”

Ana crawls to the puddle of cum and starts licking it off. She licks all cum off the floor and moves to Jelena.

“I´ve had enough, Daniela wants some pleasure too.”

Ana crawls to Daniela who sits on the bench as she had clean nice feet she looks at them smiles and starts licking them. They are surely best from all the girls she licked today.

“Too bad I washed them today she could lick some sweaty ones.”

Ana starts to lick Daniela´s feet wildly and fast sucking her toes looking at smiling Daniela.

“Maria are you done?”

Asks Jelena looking at Maria who finished hiding the money in Ana’s sweaty clothes.

“Yes but let Ana lick Daniela. But I think she should do it naked.”

Ana heard Maria what she said as she pulled her dress down being in underwear but then Maria who has her dress pulled down on her waist and on top has bra stepped behind her.

“Suck her toes, I´ll undress you.”

Ana starts to lick Daniela feet again sucking on as much as she can while Maria unclipped her bra and as she touches Ana´s panties she can feel them being totally wet.

“Oh god this bitch is really enjoying it. This is wettest panties I ever saw.”

Ana smiles and looks at Maria who slides her panties down and tosses them somewhere in the pile of dirty clothes. Ana starts sucking Daniela´s feet again as she does it for a few moments. Daniela smiles at her and says.

“Now move to the other one.”

Ana smiles and moves to Daniela’s other foot and starts sucking on it. Daniela softly starts to moan as Ana keeps sucking and licking her feet for a few more minutes. Maria gives Ana a slight spank.

“All right Ana. We had enough, now you can earn your money.”

Ana looks happy at Maria.

“How can I do it?”

Maria smiles evilly and looks at Ana.

“I hid money in the dirty clothes. Now start looking for it.”

“What? How should I do it?”

Confused Ana asks looking at Maria who laughs.

“Well it´s only coins, so it should be easy for you to pick up with your mouth. You will crawl through these dirty clothes and find all the coins.”

Ana looking shocked at Maria shakes her head a bit and looks down.

“What, don´t you need money anymore?”

Laughing Maria asks.

“I want it.”

Replies Ana

“So start looking and you can only be on all fours so you enjoy that smell. To help you I hid them in underwear.”

Disgusted, Ana looks at all the sweaty clothes and starts crawling through them. When she sees the first coin in some panties, she comes close as they soaked with some girl body fluids. She opens her mouth, takes the coin into her teeth and pulls it out.

“Good, now 4 more coins left.”

Says Maria as she enjoys looking at Ana crawling around. Ana crawls through clothes when suddenly she feels something land on her head. All the girls laugh she looks and sees that Jelena had thrown dirty socks on her head. She shakes them off and sees another coin in a bra. She comes close to it as the bra isn´t so stinky. She takes the coin in her mouth and hands it to Maria.

“Well, still 3 left, Anci.”

Ana looks around she can´t see any other coins so she moves a bit when suddenly she sees one deep inside a sock. She tries to take the sock in her hand, but then she hears Maria.

“Only use your mouth, stupid bitch.”

Ana takes the sock in her mouth at the end and picks it up. As the coin falls out, she takes it into her mouth and puts it into Maria´s waiting hand.


Maria smiles and caresses Ana´s head, which makes Ana look at Maria with a little smile. She starts crawling through the clothes again. After a while she sees another coin in big panties. She comes to them and she immediately realizes they belong to one of the William´s sisters. She buries her head into it and takes out the coin and hands it to Maria.

“Now only one coin left.”

As Ana looks at the girls who have smiles on their faces and all have hands in their panties masturbating. She looks closer and she can see Justine’s hairy pussy, but all other girls still have pants on. She smiles seeing that and finally she sees the last coin. She goes to it and sees that it’s in really smelly panties. She tries not to breathe for a moment as she opens her mouth to get it. A little bit of the smell gets into her mouth, but she closes her eyes, quickly takes it into mouth and smiles and hands it to Maria.

“Well all coins collected, good Ana.”

Maria smiles as she looks at the girls.

“Well, we´re about to leave.”

Says Justine quickly. After that all girls exit the locker room.

“So, do I get my money now Maria?”

Maria laughs a bit.

“No. Now you go with me to shower.”

Maria comes to Ana grabs her by her ponytail and drags her to shower. As they enter the shower Maria undresses. Ana looks at her and bites her lip.

“You like my body, don´t you?”

Ana nods her head with a smile as she now accepted her role as Maria´s slut. Ana knows now it´s time she will have true fun. She can´t wait to fuck and be fucked by Maria.

“Good thing for you.”

Smiling Maria says and looks at Ana.

“Well first, you should take care of my boobs.”

Ana smiles and comes close to Maria, gives her little kiss and looks at Maria’s small, perky boobs. She uses her free hand to rub them and pinches her nipples, which were really hard from everything Maria have seen. Ana gives one more kiss to Maria and moves to her boobs and starts licking her boobs, licking them from one to other making Maria moan. She stops on one boob and starts licking around her nipple, slowly sucking on it while using her other hand to squeeze and rub the other one. Maria can feel she´s becoming even wetter then she was. Ana starts sucking on her nipple wildly, gently biting it and then licking it.

“Ana you´re doing great job sucking them. I love it.”

“I love it too Maria. I love the taste and look of your boobs.”

AAna smiles and moves to Maria´s other boob looks at it. She kisses her nipple and starts licking around it. Maria softly moans looking at her best friend sucking her small boobs. Ana used one hand to rus Maria´s boob and with the other she starts rubbing her own boobs.

“Hey don´t touch yourself until I say you can.”

Maria moves Ana´s hand away from her boob. Ana, a little sad she can´t rub her boob, bites Maria´s nipple but then quickly licks it and sucks on it doing a great job as Maria´s moans are getting even louder. She starts sucking as much as she can letting Maria’s nipple slide out of her mouth licking around it wildly.

Maria moans a bit and looks at her.

“Now my pussy is really wet so what about you take care of it.”

Ana smiles and licks her lips.

“It will be my pleasure.”

Ana gets on all fours looking at Maria’s shaved pussy and kisses it. She then looks at Maria and makes a few long licks of Maria´s cunt. She starts speeding up her licks, licking Maria´s whole pussy and hearing Maria softly moan. She buries her tongue inside Maria and gets a taste of Maria´s pussy. It´s the best tasting pussy she ever had. She slowly starts licking in and out of Maria´s pussy using her hands to rub Maria´s ass. Ana smiles and keeps licking Maria´s pussy, sliding her tongue out and in even gives Maria light spank.

“Oh Ana don´t do that.”

Ana smiles and moves her hands onto Maria´s pussy using them to spread her pussy. She starts licking inside, licking Maria’s pussy lips. Maria enjoying what Ana does starts moaning more. She leans against the shower wall, running her hands through Ana´s hair. Ana smiles feeling Maria´s hands and enjoying the taste of the pussy she is licking. She starts licking even faster, spreading Maria’s pussy as wide as she can. Ana keeps licking, but stops spreading Maria´s pussy as she uses her hands to rub Maria´s pussy and lick it at the same time. Maria moaning even more, feeling her first orgasm almost building. She feels Ana slide her finger inside her. As she looks down, she sees Ana fingering her and licking her pussy her moans are louder. Ana smiles hearing Maria’s moans getting louder. She starts fingering faster and licking tip of Maria´s pussy. She slides a second finger inside, licking faster and hearing Maria moaning louder than ever. She suddenly hears Maria screaming louder than on the court. She smiles knowing she just gave Maria the first orgasm and is about to give more.

Maria smiles looks down at Ana.

“Oh you are really good. Now what about you do same thing with my ass?”

Maria turns around and sticks her ass out. Ana rubs it then comes closer. As it´s little smelly after match and everything she still loves the view of it. Ana comes right behind Maria and starts licking around Maria´s asshole. This is a new feeling to Maria. No one had ever licked her ass before and she loves it now. Ana keeps licking around Maria´s asshole getting the smell of it into her mouth but she loves it. She uses her free hand to give Maria´s ass cheek light spank. Maria feeling it, turns her head and looks at Ana.

“What did I tell you about spanking? You are the bitch who will get spanked Anci.”

Ana smiling keeps licking Maria´s ass now using her free hands to rub Maria´s ass. She kisses both of her cheeks and gets to lick around her asshole again teasing Maria who is moaning loud, enjoying it. Maria sticks her ass out more. Ana smiles seeing Maria stick her ass more Ana rubs her cheeks.

“Oh God I love those cheeks. They are so yummy and juicy.”

Maria smiles and gives herself a spank. Ana rubs the place where Maria spanked herself and gives it a long kiss, then returns to licking around Maria´s asshole. She is licking it as fast as she can, enjoying licking the asshole of her best friend.

Ana stops it after while, rubs Maria’s asshole and slides her tongue inside licking fast trying to get her tongue as much as she can. Maria´s moans get even louder and she turns her head looking at Ana, biting her lip.

“Oh You´re licking my ass even better than you were licking my pussy.”

Ana smiles and bites her lip. Maria moaned only by Ana doing that. She loves when Ana bites her lip. Ana stops biting her lip and slides her tongue inside Maria´s stinky asshole again. Ana starts licking inside Maria´s ass, wildly sliding her tongue as deep as she can, getting the taste of Maria´s ass into her mouth. Using her free hand she rubs Maria´s ass and with the other she rubs Maria´s boob. Maria moans loudly rubbing her other boob, squeezing it and giving herself more pleasure. Ana can´t see what Maria is doing but she keeps on licking inside Maria´s ass sliding her tongue all over the inside of Maria´s asshole. Maria´s moans get even louder and she starts moaning Ana´s name. Ana, hearing Maria moaning her name, smiles softly and let’s tongue slide out of Maria´s ass.

“Am I giving you that much pleasure?”

Ana smiling asks looking at Maria.

“Don´t stop, bitch. Lick I don´t have pleasure like this.”

Ana looks at Maria licks her lips and let´s her tongue slide inside Maria´s asshole again sliding it in and out and rubbing both of Maria´s ass cheeks. Maria starts moaning again, feeling Ana´s tongue. Ana stops sliding her tongue sliding in and out and uses her hands to spread Maria´s asshole and starts licking it spread like this. Ana tries to spread Maria´s asshole as much as she can, but it´s really tight so she can spread it only a bit but she keeps licking and sliding her tongue even deeper than before. Maria´s moans get even louder, feeling what Ana is doing with her asshole. Ana keeps on licking inside Maria´s asshole, but she gets an idea, stops spreading Maria´s ass, licks her finger and lets it slide inside Maria´s tight asshole. Maria screams in pleasure. She never had anything in her ass and this is a surprise for her. Ana starts fingering Maria´s ass and licking around her asshole while thrusting her finger slowly licking around her asshole as much as she can. Using other hand to squeeze Maria´s boob.

“You´re ass is so tight Maria.”

“Of course I am. I´m not a bitch who will let anyone fuck me. Especially my beautiful ass. No one was there. Your finger is first thing in there.”

Ana smiles as she bites one of Maria´s ass cheek and licks one more of her fingers and pushes it into Maria´s ass too. Maria feeling another finger in her ass moans even more. She starts squeezing her boob as much as she can. Ana still licking around Maria´s asshole starts fingering her ass even faster using her other hand to rub Maria´s ass cheek.

“Hmm you think I can fit another one there, Maria?”

Ana asks with cute smile Maria turns her head and sees her.

“With smile like that you can do anything.”

She sends kiss to Ana who starts licking her third finger and lets it slide inside, thrusting them even faster and kissing Maria´s ass cheek using her other hand to start rubbing Maria´s boob again giving as much pleasure as she can to Maria. Maria, moaning and screaming Ana´s name, feels she is close to another orgasm. Ana starts fingering as fast as she can, licking side on Maria´s asshole. As Ana starts licking Maria´s asshole, it sends Maria over the edge she starts screaming and cums heavily on the shower floor. Maria smiles and turns around looks at smiling Ana.

“Lick my cum off floor bitch. Oh God I can´t believe You´re first one who ever made me cum.”

Ana looks at Maria with huge smile licking her lips.

“Maria I loved it more than anything else in world.”

Maria hearing that runs her hand through Ana´s hair, smiling.

“Now lick that cum off you heard me bitch!”

Maria orders Ana who smiles and thinks what will be next. Ana leans over the puddle of cum on shower floor, smells it and slowly starts licking it off. This makes Maria horny again as she slowly rubs her own pussy seeing that Ana’s pussy is soaking wet. She goes to the locker room.

“Wait for me you slut.”

Ana smiles looking at Maria as she finishes licking Maria’s cum off the shower floor. Maria returns after a while. Ana looks at her and sees a huge 12 inch strap-on.


That is only thing Ana is able to say looking at Maria’s huge black strap-on.

“Yeah this must be biggest dick you have ever seen. And I bet you already sucked and fucked many.”

Ana licks her lips and crawls to where Maria is standing ready to start sucking her huge fake cock.

“No not yet. Since you were so good I´m going to lick you first.”

Maria grabs Ana, lifts her and kisses her softly. Surprised by it, Ana just keeps in kiss wrapping her arms around Maria’s head. They keep kissing for few more moments as Maria breaks the kiss and rubs Ana’s boobs.

“Will you please lick them Maria?”

Ana asks with a cute smile looking at Marias hands.

“Oh you horny little girl.”

Maria says with smile as she leans and slowly starts sucking and licking Ana’s boobs, taking her whole nipple into her mouth sucking on it wildly. Ana moans softly, resting against shower wall as she is pleasured by beautiful Maria. Maria softly bites Ana’s nipple, holding it in her teeth for a few moments. After that she licks it and kisses her boob while she moves to the other one as Ana already starts rubbing her pussy Maria notices it and moves her hand away.

“Only I can do it to you so wait you horny bitch.”

Ana smiles and keeps moaning as Maria repeats what she did on her first boob on other one. Ana smiles as she feels Maria plastic cock hit her leg, she spreads them a little more feeling her pussy is soaking wet, hoping Maria will move to it quickly.

“Hmm I think your titties had enough don’t you think Ana?”

Ana just nods her head smiling at Maria. Maria gets on all fours, facing Ana’s trimmed, shaved pussy. She rubs it for few moments then leans and kisses it and smelling it.

“This smells like a hole that has been fucked many times.”

Maria laughs a bit and slowly starts licking Ana’s cunt. She can feel how wet it is and it tastes great. Maria’s slow licks make Ana moan even louder as she finally gets what she wanted for long time. Maria uses her free hands to spread Ana’s pussy a little more, licking it wildly even from inside.

“Oh god you´re great pussy licker Maria.”

Maria just softly smiles and slides one finger into Anas pussy, fingering it hard and licking it at once. Ana’s moans get even louder as Maria now fingers her with two fingers. Ana grabs Maria by hair pushing her deeper into her pussy. Maria just smiles, licking faster knowing she will get Ana to come soon. Ana starts begging Maria.

“Please slide one more finger into me, Maria, please.”

Maria smiles hearing what Ana is begging her for.

“Yes? What about saying it nicer?”

Maria smiles evilly and slides two fingers out of Anas pussy licks them and stops licking Ana’s pussy. Ana looks at Maria biting her lip.

“Please, please, your bitch begs you for it.”

Maria smiles.

“That´s better.”

Maria licks three of her fingers and slides them into Ana with one thrust. Ana moans hard as Maria does this, moving herself on Maria’s fingers which makes Maria smile and she starts licking the tip of Ana’s pussy, thrusting her fingers inside Ana.

“Ooh ahh god this is great.”

Ana moaning hard feeling her orgasm building as she looks down at Maria and sees her licking her pussy. That sends her over the edge as she cums heavily all over Marias pretty face and fingers. Maria licks cum off her fingers and stands up.

“You look even better with your face covered in my cum Maria.”

Ana says with laugh.

“I think you should lick it off Anci.”

Ana looks at Marias face and slowly starts licking it off until Maria’s face is free of cum.

“Still your cum is better than mine.”

Ana says biting her lip.

“Now turn around and stick your ass out so I can fuck it properly with my huge fake cock.”

Ana smiles, nods her head and turns around sticking her ass out for Maria. Maria smiles, stands behind Ana and rubs her smooth ass and slowly guides the cock into her and slowly starts thrusting it, but slides it out after awhile.

“Don´t you want to suck it first?”

Ana licks her lips and gets on her knees in front of Maria.

“I was waiting when will you ask that. I love sucking fake cocks.”

“I´m sure not just fake ones.”

Both girls laugh a bit and Ana leans closer and slowly starts stroking Marias 12 inch strap-on.

After few strokes, she opens her mouth and lets a few inches slide into her mouth and slowly starts bobbing her head on it. Slowly taking 5 inches into her mouth and licking around it. Even this gives Maria enough pleasure. Watching her best friend sucking on her huge plastic dick. Ana slowly takes another inch into her mouth, knowing she will not be able to suck it whole.

“Oh fuck this looks great from here. My best friend and beautiful bitch, Ana Ivanovic sucking my cock.”

Maria smiles looking at Ana who managed to get another inch into her mouth, now sucking 7 inches of it increasing the pace of bobbing her head on it.

“Ana bad thing your boobs are so small I can´t fuck them with my strap-on.”

Ana just smiles and pushes her boobs together but they are still too small to be fucked, so she keeps on sucking getting two more inches sucking whole 9 inches and bobbing her head fast, looking up at Maria who softly moans looking down at Ana. As Maria feels she is getting wet, she grabs Ana by her hair and starts controlling the pace of sucking. Maria pushing 10 inches into Ana’s mouth deep-throating at process but still she is not satisfied tries little harder.

“Oh God why can´t I push it all into you?”

Ana looks a little scared at Maria and hopes Maria will not do it, but Maria pushes harder getting the whole strap-on into Ana’s mouth, deep-throating her. Ana starts choking on it and Maria gets even more pleasure from seeing Ana choking on her dick. Ana gags on it for a few minutes and that is too much for Maria to handle. She cums heavily and slides the cock out of Ana’s mouth and smiles.

“Oh God it was great. Now I´m going to fuck your pretty tight pussy hard with this.”

Ana smiles and sits down looking at Maria.

“Hey I said I want your pussy what are you doing?”

Ana smiles and rubs her boobs biting lip looking at Maria.

“What do you want? Your tits are too small to fuck. I can only rub them with this.”

Ana smiles nods her head and Maria comes closer and slowly starts rubbing Ana’s boob with her cock. As Ana pushes them together Maria slides her cock between them and slowly starts thrusting. The cock barely touches them but Maria keeps thrusting looking at happy Ana. She keeps doing it for a few minutes and suddenly stops.

“I have a little idea Anci.”

Maria smiles, grabs her strap and starts slapping Anas boobs with it which makes Ana happy and she laughs with her cute laugh.

“This is funny Maria.”

Maria laughs too, does it few more times lines up cock with her face and gives it few slaps with her strap and laughs at Anas shocked face.

“Well can I fuck your pussy now Ms.Ivanovic?

Ana laughs a bit at how Maria called her nods her head and bites her lip.

“Of course Lady Sharapova.”

Ana gets on all fours, sticking her ass out, waiting for Maria to slide the cock into her. Maria smiles, getting behind Ana and aiming her strap-on with her pussy and slowly pushes in first 5 inches thrusting it slowly into her. Ana moaning slowly feeling huge fake dick in her tight Serbian pussy. Maria’s thrusts pick up pace, thrusting inch after inch into the little Serb. With every thrust soon having 10 inches in, Ana feels her pussy lips wrapping around fake dick.

“Oh such a tight whore.”

Maria smiles grabs Ana by her hips and forces remaining two inches into her best friend. Ana moans softly feeling whole cock in her. She starts screaming Marias name.

“Oh fuck Maria this is best thing ever, I love you.”

Maria smiles hearing Ana. She starts thrusting even harder and starts moaning also, but her moans are lost in the sound of Anas scream. Maria slides cock out lays down as Ana sees it she sits on Marias strap-on and starts bouncing. Maria enjoying the view she gets seeing Anas face and small boobs bouncing by speed she is getting fucked by Maria. Ana grabs her own boob squeezing them looking at Maria who is having big pleasure from watching Ana she even reaches and squeezes other Anas boob and using other hand to squeeze her own boob biting her lip. Ana grabs Marias hand which was squeezing her own boob and sucks on it with smiles.

“Hmm you know what to do Ana for sure.”

Maria smiles as she rolls so Ana is laying on the ground and starts fucking her like that and at same time sucking on Anas nipple, twirling her tongue around it wildly, while fucking her with her whole strap-on. Ana moaning harder than ever screaming right into Marias ear.

“Maria, harder, harder.”

Maria smiles what Ana is begging for. She stars fucking her as fast as she can, licking Ana’s boob which makes Ana’s pleasure even bigger. She screams loudly and suddenly cums all over Maria’s fake cock who keeps it in for few more moments. After a while, she slides it out and asks Ana.

“You wanna suck your cum of it?”

Ana just nods and licks it few times and stands up.

“I think that´s all, isn´t it Maria?”

Maria nods her head and smiles.

“It is. But wasn´t this the best way to earn money, Anci?”

Ana looks at Maria as they walk towards the locker room.

“Yes, it was. Thanks, it was amazing.”

Maria gets to her bag takes out her chequebook and writes her a cheque for hundred, thousand dollars and hands it to Ana with smiles and kisses her.

“Oh, thanks Maria. So much. I can´t believe it.”

Ana walks to her bag opens it bends over a bit so she can put the cheque into her purse when suddenly she feels a little pain in her asshole and something sliding in. She turns her head around, seeing Maria standing behind her with huge smile.

“Oh Maria what is this?”

Surprised Ana says with little laugh.

“You thought I won´t fuck your ass?”

Maria smiles and slowly starts thrusting strap into Anas ass as she already pushed 6 inches inside Ana picking up pace spanking Anas ass while fucking it. Ana is happy that it’s still covered with her saliva so it doesn´t hurt so much. She even moves herself against strap-on squeezing her boobs. Maria was becoming more and more satisfied with each thrust as she managed to push 8 inches into her best friend tight back door.

“Oh this is even better than my pussy isn´t it Maria?”

Maria doesn´t reply just pushes another two inches fucking Ana hard spanking her. Anas moans get even bigger as he feels she probably doesn´t have any cum left but Maria keeps fucking her hard now fucking her with whole strap-on as Ana is bend over bench on her bag with thing grabbing bag by sides squeezing it hard in pleasure. Ana knows that Maria just took her anal virginity but she enjoys it more than any fucking she ever hand even Marias spanks get harder Maria squeezing Anas ass after every spank thrusting as fast as she can hearing Ana moan she can feel she is close to orgasm.

“Fuck Ana.”

Maria screams as she cums hard while fucking Anas ass she looks at Ana and sees she is close too she stops spanking and uses all force to fuck her when suddenly Ana scream in orgasm and cums more than before. Maria pulls strap out after awhile and with smile kisses Ana takes strap-on off and puts it into her bag.

“Ana we have to do this more often from now.”

Ana just bites her lip as she is resting against bench.

Both girls dressed after awhile and left with their pussies and Ana with her ass gaping.

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