Best Laid Plans – Part 1

Best Laid Plans

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Alison Brie, Dianna Agron

Codes: MF, Oral

Summary: Part 1 in a story about a lawyer falsely accused of murder, and the lengths his lover will go to in order to save him.

“So I brought us all here so that we could talk one last time about this case we’ve all been dealing with the last month or so,” Alison Brie started up. “I figured a hotel was a convenient meeting spot on neutral turf so no one would feel like the other party had home court advantage.”

“Please Ms. Brie could you get to the point,” the head attorney for the other side asked. “I’ve already told you my client has no interest in making a deal. He is adamant that he did not cheat on his wife, thus didn’t break the terms of their pre-nuptial agreements.”

Alison Brie was the hottest new lawyer in the city, if not the country. Currently she was holding the TV remote having finally stopped the sex tape that everyone in the room had been watching for the past 20 minutes. Her associate at the law firm Anna Kendrick, an equally busty young lady with red-colored hair joined the incredible looking woman on her side of the table. Across the table from them were the attorneys representing the man in the sex tape, which included the head councilor Steve Barnes, as well as his two young associates named Peter and Miles Stark, who had to be twins

“Right, happy you clarified that as my memory gets a little foggy every now and then,” the young lawyer jokingly replied. “I thought that was the stance you were taking but I just wanted to show you this little home video I was finally able to stumble across. Apparently my client was trying to watch an old Charlie Chaplin movie and inside the case she found this instead.”

The busty brunette grabbed the TV remote in front of her and powered on the screen, which she made sure was facing the opposition council. The LED screen came to life and she hit the play button. There was a few seconds of black-and-white static before the screen exploded with color and sound. The setting was clearly a bedroom as the large bed in the middle of the room was a dead giveaway. In the background was a closet door hung open and a dresser, but the main attraction was the naked woman standing on the opposite side of the bed.

“Just for some background context, the sexy blonde with the great ass is named Dianna Agron,” Alison informed the group. “Had my P.I. look her up.”

The blonde, now identified as Dianna Agron, was talking and laughing with someone who was currently off-screen. The way that the camera was somewhat shaking it seemed that the man she was communicating with was behind the scenes. There was no sound, whether that was due to the film not having any or Alison not bothering to have it turned on. That was not the point though as you didn’t need sound to appreciate the naked figure of the young woman.

“She’s hot. Really pretty face and her ass and legs are a 10 out of 10,” one twin said to the other.

“Will you two shut up,” Barnes scolded them in a low tone.

Steve had to reprimand his fellow associates for not being professional enough but the two fools had a point. The blonde was probably in her mid-20s though he was sure she could pull off being younger given the near ageless features of her flawless face. Her eyes were the color of liquid honey and her lips were full, making him want to go through the screen and see how they felt.

“That is one hot piece of ass,” Alison whispered to her own associate.

Apart from her gorgeous face Dianna had long silky hair that hung just beneath her collarbones. She was slim, but not too skinny as she still had plenty of healthy meat on her bones. Her tits weren’t large, but neither were they too small with Alison’s best guess being that they’d occupy a hearty handful. Each of her perky breasts were capped off with a small, bright pink nipple that were already hard with excitement.

The pair on the screen continued to silently converse and something in their conversation made the blonde turn to the side. This allowed the full extent of her curves to come into view for the 5 viewers gathered around the television.

“Holy shit,” Anna Kendrick gasped quietly to her boss. “Look at that ass!”

“Jesus Christ Almighty brother. That ass is just begging to get plowed,” one of the twins said.

“She’d easily be able to handle the Stark special…two dicks in dat ass at the same time,” the other replied.

“God…I could rest my beer on her ass…maybe even a whole tray,” Steve thought to himself.

All the lawyer’s attention was warranted when it came to Dianna Agron’s incredible backside. It was thick and meaty but still possessed enough bounce to make it shake and jiggle when she took a stride. It was milky white so even a light swat would make the cream-colored skin turn a sex shade of red.

It was clearly what the man behind the camera thought of her amazing tush too. Coming out from out of view, a man’s naked ass flashed across the screen. The three members of the opposing council covered their eyes as his ass and swaying semi-erect cock rounded the bed, all while Alison and Anna perked up and approved of his body.

“I hope you aren’t going to strip my client naked to compare his back to the man’s on the screen,” Steve said to the attractive lawyer across the table from him.

“Keep watching,” was all the brunette replied with.

The unidentifiable male was now standing behind the curvy blonde, using his hand to turn her head back over her shoulder in order to kiss her full lips. While he was kissing Dianna, his other hand that was closer to the camera snaked down between them and gave her booty a light spank. Even from 10 feet away the camcorder was able to pick up the rippling of her ass under the contact, as well as the faint red handprint forming.

Lucky bastard,” all 5 lawyers had running through their heads.

All of their eyes were glued to the television screen to see where the couple went to next. After a few more light swats to her jiggling ass the blonde finally turned around to face him. Putting a small hand onto his chest she playfully nudged him backwards until the older man fell onto the king-sized bed.

He was clearly aware that they were filming themselves so the unknown man turned his body so that he was still laying on top of the bed, but now was at a right angle to the camcorder. This would allow for the camera to pick up the sultry blowjob that was surely coming his way but the gorgeous girl. As if right on cue Dianna rounded the corner of the bed and looked down on his naked body with his 9-inch erection standing straight up. She leaned down and started moving her kisses down his body. She had to bend her knees to kiss along his strong chest then start flexing at the waist to get at his abs before finally dropping to her knees so she was eye level with his massive erection.

Though they couldn’t hear words that the man was making, even though you could only see a partial view of it, was no doubt moaning. Her kisses down his body had brought her to his inner thigh, but while her mouth was teasing her dainty hands were busy stroking the entirety of his shaft. Dianna didn’t stay with just giving him a handjob for long as she quickly took the first several inches of his monster dick into her mouth to suck on. She kept using her hand to rub the rest of his tool that couldn’t fit in her mouth while she bobbed on roughly half of his length.

However just as the blonde seemed to settle into a rhythm, the images on the screen started to move in hyper-speed. While not exactly that fast, but apparently at a speed x16 faster than regular speed as illustrated in the top right corner in small font.


“Hope you didn’t mind that I skipped right to the good stuff. Watching foreplay in porn is such a tease I’d rather just get straight to the point,” the cocky young attorney said.

The five attorneys could still make out the raw details of what was transpiring on the TV screen. Dianna was still on her knees blowing the man’s lengthy cock as he laid down on the plush bed with his legs dangling over the edge. Her head bobbed at a frantic pace while her efforts were well received by the unidentified man as he would rub his face and jerkily move in response to her oral talents.

The figures eventually got to their feet and embraced in a quick make out session until they both climbed on top of the bed and settled their heads on the pillow. The man in the video still hadn’t faced the camera either by luck or design and Mr. Barnes hoped that would continue.

Focusing back on the TV, Steve Barnes watched on as the man flipped the blonde woman over so that she was laying face down. He kissed her neck before he began kissing his way down the 25-year-old’s curvy body until he settled between her wide-open legs. He propped up her hips enough so that he could bury his face in the younger girl’s incredible ass and was practically swallowed by it. By the counter at the bottom of the image the unidentified man licked her twat and most likely her asshole as well for the better part of 15 straight minutes.

“Think he’s rimming her at all,” Miles asked his brother.

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when the pair got definitive proof that indeed the man was tossing Dianna’s salad. In the blink of an eye the mystery man brought his right arm up between the blonde’s legs then was being used to piston into her twat at blinding speeds. All while fingering her twat he moved his mouth up, well beyond the anatomy of a pussy and was still seen to be working his jaw.

“I think there’s our proof,” Peter responded. “Fuck…the way she’s getting off on it is so sexy too.”

Finally he pulled away from Dianna’s crotch and moved back up the bed to kiss the girl, sharing her own taste with her. This was also the point where Alison seized the remote control and settled the speed back down to regular.

“I’m assuming this pornographic video is relevant to the case Ms. Brie and that you aren’t simply wasting all of our time,” the rival lawyer replied. “Or are you simply trying to get me in trouble with my own wife by getting me to watch this smut?”

On the screen, the pair’s faces were obstructed as they kissed one another very passionately. The large, rather muscular man with sandy brown hair was on top of the smaller blonde and while he kissed her he guided his bulbous head into her pink folds. With his tip amply lubricated with loads of her spit after her sloppy blowjob, the first few inches of his dick slid into her with relative ease.

The pair laid on top of one another with sadly only Dianna’s face in view of the camcorder. The 5 lawyers watched on as the male raised and lowered his hips in a slow but forceful manner, each time he sank in going that much deeper into the attractive blonde-haired woman.

The pair stayed at this slow, steady pace for a few minutes until the blonde grew tired of the teasing strokes. To help steer him along to a speed she was more favorable to Dianna brought her meaty legs and hooked them around his powerful waist. This would allow the older man to have more leverage, which the eager man took advantage of as he started to pump into her tight opening with more speed. He did so while holding her hip with one hand to hold her steady while using his free hand to fondle her boobs as they bounced while he plowed into her.

“You can’t prove that’s my client from looking at the back of his head,” Steve said, though with a tone of defeat.

Alison gave him a little smirk before pointing back at the screen. Steve did as the opposing counsel instructed and went back to watching the TV. The good-looking pair had broken off their kissing so that the man on top could use more concentration to really plow into her pussy. Unfortunately for Alison’s legal team the man had his face on the opposite side of the girl’s face so they couldn’t get a clear picture.

The same held true for the next ten minutes, as the entire time that the couple stayed fucking with Dianna on her back the male’s face never once came into view. There were several times when nearly half of his face was caught on camera, but even then it would be hard to prove outright to a judge that it was indeed the cheating husband that Alison was claiming it to be.

However, Steve Barnes and his legal team began to sweat when the unknown male slowed his furious thrusting down and the couple exchanged words. He pushed himself up again then rolled off of the slim woman, of course away from the camera, as was Alison’s luck so far with the video. Steve looked over at the attractive brunette’s face and saw that she wasn’t the slightest bit worried, which made him worry.

Lost in his thought by the time he checked back in to watching the TV the couple had flipped around so that now Dianna was on top. Likely the man filming the sex tape had arranged their bodies so that Dianna’s amazing ass was facing the camera, no more than a few feet away from where it was set-up on the tripod. She was already fully impaling herself on the man’s lengthy cock as she went at a slow pace and took him all the way in then completely out of her pink folds, except for his head.

As the lawyers in the room watched the blonde energetically bounce on the man’s lap they could all allow themselves to zone out and simply watch Dianna’s backside jiggle and ripple. Their positioning in relation to the camcorder simply meant there was no chance that the male’s face would come into view, so all they could do was watch her ass and his pecker slicing into her pink mound.

While Dianna rode the older man, the closest they got to a visual of his face was when he sat up to suck at her tits. He would alternate which of her pink nipples he took into his mouth, but her arm or shoulder was always there to obstruct the sight line. That was the best chance they had in that 15 minutes until the intense riding proved too much for the horny blonde.

“This is my second favorite part of this video,” Alison commented as her large eyes stayed glued to the screen.

The others risked a quick glance at the excited lawyer then focused back on the sex tape. The blonde had a light layer of sweat glistening her body in the romantic lighting and the pack of lawyers quickly realized what Alison was talking about when the male’s hands wrapped around her thick booty and clutched her cheeks tightly. They didn’t stay there long as his left hand, with gold wedding band clearly present, moved closer to her crack.

“And in it goes,” Alison nearly cheered as Dianna’s asshole was penetrated by his long middle finger.

Apparently that was the stimulus Dianna needed in order to bring her orgasm about. The attorneys watched on through the screen of the camera as the blonde sat all the way down on her man’s rod. With her perfectly shaped ass sitting on his thighs, the horny woman grinded her hips on his as she snapped her head back with her face portraying a look of pure orgasmic bliss.

Dianna came heard by the looks of things and was completely spent afterwards as the group watched on as she went from energetically riding his tool to collapsing her petite body on his strong chest. Using barely any of his impressive strength, the male stood up with her still in his arms and rested her back on the bed with him between her legs. Her head was folded over the edge of the bed right in front of the camera but sadly his head was just out of frame, as he stayed up tall in a high kneeling position.

“That old man is about to cum,” Anna noted from all the body language he was giving off.

“Excellent observational skills Ms. Kendrick,” Alison congratulated.

As though Anna was the director of the sex tape, the man did a few last hard thrusts deep into the exhausted 25 year-old then pulled out of her twat and circled the bed. He stroked his cock a final time then aimed at her pretty face as the cum erupted from his tip. 6 streaks of jizz shot out of his tool and plastered across the near unconscious girl’s face, coating her forehead, nose and cheeks mostly, with small dribbles running on her chin and lips as well.

And just when Steve was beginning to have hope that there were no good images of his client on the tape, his house of cards came falling down. As they all watched Dianna gather the cum with her tongue and fingers to collect in her mouth and swallow it down, the male finally revealed himself to the audience by kneel right in front of the camera to shut it off. It meant that his face came into full focus for everyone to see.

“And from that position right there,” Alison said, pointing at the woman’s face right in front of the camera now projected on the large LED screen. “It’s pretty clear that the woman in the video is not Mrs. Danvers. The only thing unclear at this point is whether your client’s dick is in her twat or ass.”

“Fuck,” the lead councillor for opposition swore.

“Well I think it should be pretty routine at this point,” Alison grinned ear to ear.

After rubbing his eyes, hoping to remove the images he’d just watched, Steve Barnes finally spoke. “Well you showed us what you have now tell us what you want?”

“My client has prepared a list gentlemen,” the brunette replied as Anna withdrew papers from her briefcase and handed them to Steve.

“Jesus. The house, sports car, and boat,” the rival lawyer replied defeated. “That’s more than half. Now we agree a mistake was made by our client but isn’t that a bit too much.”

“My client would beg to disagree Mr. Barnes. She was a faithful wife and is due compensation for being married to a two-timing cheating man,” the brunette replied without missing a beat.

“Compensation yes, robbery no,” Barnes shot back with. “What makes you think a judge will reward that anyway?”

Alison didn’t have to use her words this time, she merely picked up the remote again and rewound the DVD a few moment. When she hit play it showed Dianna’s face getting blasted with cum then gobbling it up and Steve’s client came into focus. She flashed her bedroomy eyes over at the opposition who could only run a hand through his full head of hair.

“Why don’t you finish it up Anna. It’ll be great experience for you,” Alison stated.

“Oh wow thanks Ms. Brie, trusting me with such a high profile case,” the red-haired girl replied.

“Zooey back at that firm keeps going on about how brilliant you are so I’m confident in your ability,” the brunette answered.

“That’s so nice of her. I promise I won’t let either you nor Ms. Deschanel down,” Anna stammered down.

“I’ll actually follow you out Alison,” Steve told the young lawyer as she gathered her papers. “This will also be good for you two as well.”

“You just want us to do your paperwork and maybe have us take the fall,” one of the twins replied, surprising both women with the lack of respect for a senior team member.

“Just do the damn work,” the older man ordered.

As Anna and the twins brought their briefcases up onto the large oak desk to gather supplies, Alison and Steve Barnes were busy packing their papers up. The busty brunette was done first, but she wanted to leave Anna with a few last minute instructions, including reminding the woman to grab the DVD from the player afterwards, therefore the two high-powered attorneys got to the door of the conference room at the same time. Steve was nothing short of a gentleman, despite just getting destroyed on the case, so he opened the door for the younger lady.

“Well thank you,” she said in her upbeat tone. “And those are the little things that kept your client with even some of his possessions.”

The pair exited the room with their somewhat friendly banter continuing for another minute or two until the familiar chime of the elevator sounded and their voices were gone. Anna continued to draft up some papers, but one of the twins picked up the remote that Alison was working earlier and started to tap some of the buttons. Moments later the television started back up at a scene that they watched earlier in their deliberations. The screen was currently backed up near the beginning, where the blonde now known as Dianna Agron was on her knees blowing the male.

“Mmhmm…mhmm…mhmmm,” Miles Stark hummed in approval. “She may be a home wrecker but that girl certainly knows how to suck some dick.”

“I agree with you there brother,” his twin replied. “I’d let her have a smoke of my pole any day.”

“She’s alright, I guess,” Anna responded nonchalantly in a comment that certainly got both men’s attention. Knowing that they were both gaping at her she further explained. “Its true that she’s handling his cock with some ease and letting him face fuck like an obedient little bitch, but she can’t deep throat and has no true style.”

“Oh shit! Seems like we have a judgmental bitch in our midst,” Miles nearly screamed.

“Or a girl who has clearly choked down more sausage than obese kids at fat camp,” Peter joked.

“Well as fun as this all was I have to head back to the office now. Winning requires a lot of extra paperwork,” the large-breasted woman said.

“Listen we’re sorry if we offended you.”

“Yeah, let us make it up to you,” the other added.

“Our cousin owns the hottest club in town so we are VIP whenever we want. Let us take you out, help you celebrate the win,” Miles explained further.

“You don’t even need to stay with us once you get inside,” Peter said.

Anna thought about it for a minute as she finished gathering her things then took a piece of paper and quickly wrote something down on it. “This is my number, Send me the address later.”

The closest of the brothers quickly snatched up the phone number and right away put it into his cell phone before handing it to his twin to allow him the same luxury. The trio exchanged goodbyes then Anna took her leave with her destination being back to the office.

“We are totally gonna try to fuck her tonight right,” Peter said to his twin.

“She may be a tough cookie to crack,” Miles conceded. “She looks kinda nerdy and so dainty that I wonder if she’d be into anything kinky or hyper-sexual. Plus she acted so passively that it may be too hard to get her to open up.”

“I know but with our wealth and good looks sometimes things come way to easy,” Peter rationed. “That’s why I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting that hot little piece of ass to agree to fuck us both. I sense an inner wild child with her, just you wait.”

“Mmm…I’m always up for testing our skill.”

“Well then let’s not only try, but let’s fucking succeed,” Peter added with a devilish grin.

*          *          *

Meanwhile back out in the hall Alison and Steve waited for the elevator to arrive at their floor but as soon as the chime sounded to indicated its arrival they quickly moved away into the stairwell. The pair nearly raced up the stairs, or as quickly as they could move given the black high heels the lawyer was in, until they got to the next floor up. Steve opened the door for Alison again, who only poked her head out into the hallway.

“Coast is clear,” the single female announced. “I got us the first room to the left.”

Steve didn’t bother replying, instead he held the door as the much smaller woman stepped out onto the carpeted hallway and approached her hotel room. She quickly withdrew the small keycard from her blazer jacket’s inner pocket and used it to unlock the heavy hotel room door. Steve didn’t enter the hallway until Alison’s curvy body had stepped over the threshold, at which point he moved like a mongoose to join her inside the room.

The instant the older man with brown chestnut hair entered he was immediately pinned to the wall by the much smaller woman. Alison had reached up with one of her arms and was pulling his head down towards her so that she could press her full lips against his and embrace him with a warm and passionate kiss.

“All this sneaking around really turns a girl on,” she said in between kisses.

“Would explain why you’re so wet,” Steve told her as he snaked a hand under her black pencil skirt and touched her naked and very wet folds. “Nice touch with the lack of panties.”

“Well thank you,” she grinned before adding, “and my eyes are up here mister.”

The fellow lawyer made no effort to conceal the fact that his gaze never left her ample cleavage. For being such a short girl, the man with a beard of stubble was extremely impressed with her rack. No matter how many times he saw her, either in the courtroom or secret hotel rooms, he took note of how the perky twins bounced proudly out in front of her. Now that he was up close and personal with Alison, his eyes didn’t seem to want to leave the sight of her impressive globes regardless if it made him appear creepy.

“Turn around,” the 45 year-old told the younger woman.

When the sexy woman hesitated the attractive man clutched her arms and gently spun her around so that her back was against his sturdy chest. Now behind the large chested lawyer, Steve bent forward just enough so that he could lightly kiss the side of Alison’s neck while he dipped a finger into her drenched twat.

“Mmmm,” Alison moaned as shivers shot down her spine.

While still kissing her neck and fingering her sex with one hand, he slid his other large hand down over her large tits until his fingers sound the first of her buttons on the front of her blazer. He made short work of undoing the three buttons then pushed away from her just far enough to pull the suit jacket off her shoulders and down her arms.

Alison helped him shrug it off her by rolling her shoulders back and liked the feeling of the satin article descending down her bare arms. Steve returned the hand not currently plunging in and out of her pussy to her waistline and this time gripped her thin white shirt before dragging it upwards until it popped off over her head, causing her long brown locks to cascade down onto the bare flesh of her upper chest.

“You have the most impeccable set of tits I’ve ever seen,” he told the younger woman 15 years his junior. His fingertips danced lightly across her bra before he added, “and I think that every time I see her huge cannons.”

“Mmmm,” Alison moaned again as he graze over one of her sensitive nipples. “Thank you.”

With her back against him he needed two hands to work the clasp of her bra so he was resigned to pulling his two fingers from blasting into her twat. He heard her moan in unhappiness but he unhooked her bra immediately and Alison became distracted throwing it aside, leaving her topless inside the fancy hotel room. He caught her weighty globes with his strong hands as they came free of the clothing with his large hands being the perfect match for her incredible tits as he held them strongly in his palm while using his fingers to tweak and tease her perfectly sized pink nipples.

“Ugghh,” she nearly screamed out in pleasure as he played with her sensitive breasts.

Steve groped and kneaded the heavy and large C-cup sized tits for quite some time, but they were on a bit of a time crunch so had to move on. He wished he could have stayed fondling her perfect chest for the longest time but he had much more in store for the hard-bodied lawyer. Still leaving one hand to grope her big breasts, the older man moved the other down her flat stomach until he felt the smooth material of her skirt. Roaming the edge, he finally felt the zipper and wasted no time in sliding it down its track, which allowed the satin material to drop off her curvy hips, over her shapely ass and all the way down her meaty legs. This left the brunette completely naked except for her black high heels, which had somehow escaped her undressing.

Though Alison’s ass and legs weren’t quite the match for the girl in the video from earlier, Dianna Agron he believed her name was, Alison still had a near flawless body. She had the classic hourglass figure of great tits, a narrow waist then wide hips complete with a bubble butt as the kids called it these days.

Steve gave her ass a squeeze before spinning the gorgeous girl around to get a look at her amazing tits from end on. He never got bored of gazing upon their awesomeness but he didn’t linger too long. Instead he dipped his head even more so he could take a nipple into his mouth.

“Yes,” the naked girl moaned.

The older man was now in firm control of their tryst, something that didn’t always happen in the year they’d been hooking up in secret. Seizing control, Alison was led backwards from the hallway behind the closed door until they were standing in the sitting room of the hotel suite. With his lips never leaving her tits, Steve used one powerful arm to lift the perky brunette up and carry her the rest of the way into the room, eventually placing her on the sprawling bed.

“Lean back baby,” he instructed.

Alison was disappointed to have him no longer sending jolts of pleasure through her nipple with his mouth but she was trusting that the fellow lawyer had something equally as intense in mind. Lowering herself back slowly, she stopped when she felt the comfortable mattress against her naked skin. He didn’t have to tell her or give her any clues as to what he wanted her to do, instead the brunette automatically spread her legs and accepted his face to take up the gap.

The sexy lawyer could feel his methodical tongue trace a line down from beneath her navel to both sides of the thin track of hair she had right above her pussy. Steve continued to work his skilled mouth downward with his wet tip brushing the hypersensitive area right beside her slit.

Once Steve reached her puffy mound and traced its length, he moved his point and middle finger to rest against her dripping entrance. Knowing she was already sufficiently wet, he pushed against her hole until her twat gladly accepted the digits as they disappeared inside her up to his big knuckles.

“Oh my God,” she screamed in delight as he began working his digit in and out of her tiny opening.

Steve kept fingering the wailing brunette for another few minutes and wasn’t the least bit surprised to find she kept gushing more and more of her juices onto his fingers. It allowed him to easily add a third and finally a fourth without causing her any pain, in fact it just caused Alison to scream out even louder. He had been with the horny lawyer enough times to know that Alison always came really quickly during foreplay but he wanted to taste her before he brought her to orgasm.

The brunette’s face contorted into a hint of disappointment when she felt the stranger’s fingers leave the snug confines of her pussy. However, she was back to her expression of ecstasy when Ali felt his tongue press against her opening then slip inside. Steve started swirling along the younger woman’s inner walls, while he used his fingers to tweak on her sensitive nipples.

“That feels…so good,” Alison confessed as her large eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Her body began to tremble from the pending orgasm that the fellow lawyer knew would be coming in short order. Knowing she was getting really close, Steve removed one hand from her mountainous tit and used his left hand to pull apart Ali’s pink lips and give him better access to her tasty twat while his right hand went down to his hips and began undoing his belt and pants.

The suite was filled with the sounds of Alison’s panting and the sloppy, squishing sounds that Mr. Barnes made while licking her wet pussy. Knowing what moves got the biggest rise out of the horny lawyer, Steve focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn’t surprise him then when after brushing her clit with his finger Alison dug her nails into the freshly made sheets and squeezed his stubble-haired face between her milky-white thighs

“Oohhhh….yesssss….ugghhhhhh,” she screamed at the top of her lungs as she had another intense orgasm brought on by her regular fuck buddy.

Steve lapped up every tasty drop of her cum that he could with his tongue from deep within her pussy. Once he was sure that he had every drop he could find, he got back to his feet and looked down on the lying girl. Her huge tits were still possessing the hardest set of nipples from her first orgasm and her face was the picture of tranquility. He admired her body and face for a moment then stepped out of his pants as it was time to get his dick in her gushing mound.

“How do you want me handsome,” she asked. “Doggy Style so you can absolutely wreck my pussy?”

“Sounds peachy,” he replied, losing all of his clothing in record time.

As Steve torn off his suit Alison was flipping over onto her stomach then raising up onto her hands and knees. They had fucked in every possible position over the time they’d been together and giving it to her doggy-style was by far his favorite way. It also did the trick nicely for Alison as well, getting her off with great success plus when she was a little tired it was hugely beneficial to only have to be bent over instead of actively riding.

“Ugghh,” Alison gasped as she was instantly filled with cock.

Mr. Barnes knew that he didn’t have to bother with any formalities and simply lined his cock up with her wet opening and slammed inside of the large chested lawyer in one pass. No matter how often they fucked she always felt like a virgin to him given how tightly her inner walls clung to his condom-less member. He began to pull out of her warm pussy but stopped when he got halfway out. Clutching onto her womanly hips for support, the successful lawyer pushed himself back inside the innocent-looking brunette to his hilt, his balls slapping against her wet slit . Knowing that Alison was willing and able when it came to taking a hard plowing, Steve kept up the brutal pace and continued slamming his entire length into her tightness over and over again.

“Yeah you like it hard, don’t you baby,” he asked rhetorically.

“Keep fucking me just like that,” she retorted, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.

Content to do just that, Steve brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into the brunette’s hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy woman, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response to the hearty collision from his pelvis.

The male lawyer didn’t know how long they’d been but at it since he had closed his eyes in order to starve off his orgasm for as long as possible, but when he open them some things had changed. They must have been fucking for a while as Alison was now covered in a light sheen of sweat that made her look even more beautiful. The sexy brunette was still using her arms and strong legs to dig against the soft mattress so that his pelvis could stab into her inviting hole with more force.

Kicking himself for not doing it the entire time, Mr. Barnes reached down with both hands and began squeezing and kneading each of Ali’s heavenly globes. They felt so weighty and perfect in his grasp with her pokey pink nipples rubbing against the center of his palms. He was able to get additional screams from the young lawyer by gently taking each nipple between his thumb and pointer finger and rolling them around.

“Mmm…yess,” she moaned her thanks.

There fucking was getting faster and faster with their combined grunts seeming to blend together. Alison was moaning louder at this point though and her cries of pleasure were tipping Steve off that she was nearing another climax. This was excellent news for him to receive since the intense tryst had left him close to the verge of cumming as well.

Remembering back when he was munching her tasty pussy, the older man ran his hand down from her jiggling tits, with her nipples being oh so erect, and moved towards her clit. The nub instantly hardened under his touch and he began to furiously rub the little bean. This drew even more screams of delight from the horny attorney and all Steve had to do now was maintain fucking her hard and deep until she creamed for a second time all over his pecker while it was buried deep in her pussy.

“Gonna cum for me again councillor,” Steve asked the moaning woman.

“Soon…so soon,” she screamed in response.

Steve kept moving his hips forwards and backwards, watching as his meat pole pierced into the lawyer’s twat time after time. The bird’s-eye view alone was enough to make any man cum, but Steve had built up enough of a tolerance to last a little longer than that. Luckily for him, just when his wrist was being to ache from the wild rubbing motion to her clit, Alison’s voice went a few decibels higher.

“OHHH GOOODD YESSS,” Alison screamed as she came all over his dick.

The result of the brunette cumming was that her pussy clamped down tighter than imaginable. He was still able to cram inside her, but at a cost; her wet velvety folds making the sensation on his cock growing to awesome heights. As he felt his orgasm approaching the handsome man thought about where he wanted to blow. The sex tape from earlier had the image of Alison with cum dripping from her face, but the brunette was only a fan of facials in the shower where the cum was easily washed up.

“Getting close,” Steve announced through gritted teeth.

Since blowing on her face was no longer an option Steve moved on to the next idea. The next thought was pulling out at the last second and popping off in her mouth. Alison was always a fan of swallowing a hot load of jizz so it would be good for both of them, since he very much enjoyed the sight of the gorgeous brunette gobbling down his spunk. He could have easily talked himself into cumming within her pussy as well, since the way her twat was feeling as it slowly milked him towards his much needed orgasm made him not want to leave.

“Cum where you want,” Alison encouraged as she looked back over her shoulder.

Just when he was decided he would cream inside her, the practical portion of Steve’s brain kicked into gear. He remembered that Alison didn’t wear any panties this afternoon and she’d probably be pissed if she got a permanent stain on her favorite business skirt. That left the most obvious option left, which also happened to be his favorite spot to cum on her anyway. When a woman possessed an asset much like Alison’s tits then not spraying on them would feel like a wasted opportunity.

“Gonna cum on you,” he told the brunette as he pulled out.

With his dick now free of her velvety pussy, Alison quickly flipped over onto her back with the help of Steve who guided her movement. He quickly climbed on top of the sexy brunette then stroked his member until the first strand of white cum came bursting out. Alison had just enough time to use her freed up hands to squeeze her large globes together as the warm fluid aimed at her heavenly chest landed in large streaks with the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of the skin of her huge tits. With a good amount of surface area covered on her chest, Mr. Barnes directed the last few smaller spurts higher up at the brunette’s beautiful face, plastered the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek.

“You’re such a boob man,” Alison commented as Steve rolled off her and settled on the bed next to her naked form.

“Sorry about cumming on your face, get carried away,” he apologized.

“Meh…when a face looks as good as mine does when dripping with spunk then I really can’t blame you,” she replied, pushing the jizz into her mouth like Dianna did in the video earlier.


“Fuck,” Steve swore, the ring of his cell phone breaking the blissful moment.

The pair had literally just finished having sex no more than 5 seconds before but the ring made him have to roll out of bed and hunted down his cell phone. After looking through each pocket he finally found the large device, slid his finger across the screen and put it to his ear.

“Hi honey,” he said still panting. After a brief pause he spoke again. “No I just ran up a few stairs. You know me, just trying to get back into better shape by skipping the elevator. Oh you were just calling to remind me about dinner at 8 tonight. Well no need I remembered. Yes I did. Anyway I have to let you go, more lawyer stuff to do but I’ll see you tonight.”

“I thought we were celebrating tonight.”

Alison had already climbed out of bed and hunted down one of the room assigned robes to slip over her nude body. She had walked over to him and allowed him to take her into a warm embrace.

“There’s not too much I can do about it Alison, she’s my wife. I can’t exactly tell her I need to blow her off so I can go get blown by my mistress now can I,” Steve told her.

“It’s okay, I understand,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“It’s shitty I know but like I told you I just have to move some assets around quietly then I’ll serve her with divorce papers. I want to be with Alison I just don’t want to have to pay that crazy woman extra money she doesn’t deserve,” he explained once again.

“Well you better hurry and shower up. You still need to head to the office before you go home and make love to your wife,” Alison told him bitterly.

Steve knew that no amount of words would make things better so he stopped trying. He gave the pretty lawyer a kiss on the forehead and went to the washroom to run the water. Just as he stepped in to the how water he wondered if Alison would join him in there, when right on cue the glass door opened and her naked form stepped in.

“We don’t have much time but I think we can manage,” Steve smiled.

“As reward for being the best mistress ever, I want you to get me off twice,” the perky brunette demanded.

“I think I can manage that,” he grinned.

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