Best Laid Plans – Part 2: Deviant Obsession

Deviant Obsession

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Anna Kendrick

Codes: MMF, Anal, DP, Oral

Summary: Part 2 in a story about a lawyer falsely accused of murder, and the lengths his lover will go to in order to save him.

Anna Kendrick had flipped back and forth on whether or not she should message the Stark twins about getting together for the night. Being a lawyer meant going threw school until she was 27 years old, only to graduate, get a job and begin working crazy long hours. She needed to blow off steam or else she’d burn out by the time she reached her mid-30s and the club that the twins were offering to bring her to was the hottest on the scene. Not to mention that she won her 4th consecutive case that she was apart of and wanted to go out, get drunk and celebrate. Hell, she might even meet a sexy guy and bring him home to really take the edge off.

With the positives very much outweighing the negatives, which was that she figured the brothers were entitled perverts, she picked up her phone and told them that she was in. At the end of their exchange Anna had rejected their offer to pick her up, deciding it was easier just to meet them there, but she found out that she was not only put on the list to avoid the line but also was getting into the VIP area too.

Knowing she needed to bring her A-game tonight, the petite woman stripped off her business skirt suit and headed straight for the shower. After being smothered by warm water for the next half hour then spending the same length of time drying and brushing her hair, Anna was halfway ready for the evening. The 5’2 lawyer now had sexy smooth legs and her long, thick red hair was flowing down her back.

What to wear, what to wear,” she hummed in her head.

She hated that she had such classic girl tendencies of taking forever to get ready. It was such a cliché and she felt it set the feminist movement back decades but Anna always struggled to pick out an outfit other than when it came to business clothing. However going to the hottest club in Las Vegas wasn’t anything like dressing for an arbitration case. The heavy-chested redhead tried on several different outfits over the next 45 minutes until she found the right one.

“Holy boobs,” Anna said out loud as she checked herself out in the full-sized mirror.

Though she was one of only a few female lawyers who could don a power suit and still seem sexy, the little black dress that Anna was wearing could only be described as being a showstopper. The straps came over her shoulders and plunged downwards to show off her massive amounts of cleavage that was surprising to find in a woman her size. After all the 28 year-old was a very petite build but was still able to possess an absolutely amazing rack that not only rivaled her boss, but may have actually surpassed Alison Brie’s equally impressive pair.

A quick glance at the watch told Anna that she needed to hurry the hell up. There was nothing wrong with being fashionably late but right now she was already 30 minutes past due and still had to get a taxi. She threw on some black high heels and grabbed a clutch that had her I.D., money and a condom just in case the night took a turn for the wild side. By the time she got down to the sidewalk outside her condo she had no trouble hailing a cab with the way she was dressed and was headed to the club.

*          *          *

“You made it,” one of the twins shouted in her ear over the music.

“Yeah I’m sorry I’m so late,” she apologized. “Time kind of got away from me there.”

“When a chick looks as hot as you do there is nothing to apologize for,” the other brother side in her opposite ear.

“Thank you,” she replied, flashing her famous smile with a hint of modesty and bashfulness.

The pair offered her a seat in their booth and the attractive lawyer gladly accepted. As she bent down to scoop up her short dress so her panties weren’t flashed as she sat, she saw out of the corner of her eye both twins take long glances at her cleavage. Rather than being disgusted by them, she decided to take it as a compliment and got comfortable.

“What are you drinking sexy,” Miles asked as he hollered for the waitress.

“Um…vodka cranberry,” Anna answered.

Not long after the same waitress came racing back with her drink and what looked like a round for the entire table of 6 people. She’d also returned with a fresh bottle of premium tequila and a stack of glass shot glasses. Anna always had enjoyed the taste of tequila, however it got her drunk pretty quickly. She’d also noticed over the years that the orange-tinted liquor made her so horny when she drank it, whereas scotch had the opposite effect.

The twins introduced Anna to the rest of their party, which included another dude and 2 more girls and they all drank and chatted. Anna was asked out onto the dance floor a handful of times by the 3 men and accepted each time, having fun as they grinded up against her much smaller, but curve-packed body.

The last time they got back to the booth in the private VIP area it was only Miles, Peter and herself there. She think she vaguely remembered one of the men telling their other party friends something before leaving to the dance floor but she couldn’t be sure. The booth was also different now too. The small table surrounding the benches was still present with the alcohol still there, but the blinds had been drawn giving them privacy to the booths beside them, as well as to passersby.

“Okay I gotta ask. I get why I want to celebrate, me and Brie won after all. What I’m struggling to figure out is why you two want to go out,” Anna thought aloud.

After asking the men her question she became aware that they were sitting beside her, one on her right and the other on her left. Over the course of the night she was able to learn little tricks of telling them apart so she knew it was Miles with the faint yellow ring in his eyes to her right and Peter who had only one dimple instead of two on her left.

“You girls get the high-profile victory to further your careers, which makes sense. Me and my twin brother here don’t have to worry about that shit. Our law firms name is Stark, Rogers and Associates,” one of the well dressed brothers explained.

“And I’m guessing your dad is the Stark in that name,” the gorgeous lawyer pieced together.

Bingo,” Peter said as he playfully slapped her exposed thigh.

Anna laughed at the comment and the playful move but became aware when his smooth palm stayed on her leg rather than pulling it back. When she looked up at him with her large hazel eyes she watched as he ducked his head down towards her. Whether it was the endorphin high from a night full of dancing, the multiple tequila shots or actual feelings for him, Anna tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes and accepted the kiss from the man.

The pair softly pressed their lips together and began to kiss. Anna wasn’t sure which of them made the first move but in short order they were opening their mouths and slipping their tongues against each other. His mouth felt warm and tasted vaguely of salty lemons, likely due to the tequila. As they continued to make out in the private booth, Anna felt hands begin to roam her tight body. Starting at her flat stomach, she felt them run up the silky material of the little black dress and over her insanely large tits and gave them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the redhead so they were given another hearty squeeze before moving them up to hold her face.

“Come over here,” a voice behind her said.

And it was at this point that Anna realized that it wasn’t Peter who had been feeling her up and kneading her boobs, but his twin Miles. Upon hearing his brother, Peter broke off the kiss with Anna and leaned back to his resting position, his hand still rubbing her upper thigh. Miles took over at this point and pulled the surprised lawyer around so that he could bring her in for a passionate kiss.

Anna was in a mixture of shock and light-headedness from the alcohol so she allowed the man to move her as he wished. As she began to make out with the other twin she now became aware of the 2 sets of hands on her body. Peter had worked his one hand up her skirt and was dancing his fingers along her inner thigh while his other hand was scooping under her in order to squeeze her small but plump ass. Meanwhile the third and fourth hands on her body were being used to hold her face as Miles made out with the attractive woman and to massage her tits with the occasional nipple tweak through the dress.

“Awwhh…ohhh,” Anna cried into Miles mouth as Peter found her pussy.

With his hands in the perfect position it took Peter no effort to hook his fingers into the waistband of Anna’s panties from under her short dress and pull them off her. The redhead gave her help by raising her ass off the seat so that he had no trouble pulling the satin thong down her smooth legs.

Miles wasn’t going to let his twin have all the fun in unwrapping their present. While still kissing the gorgeous female lawyer, he slid both hands down her lovely body, being sure to give her impressive rack another feel on the way. Gripping the bottom of her black dress he lifted his arms and pulled the material up her body. They broke the kiss and Anna seductively raised her arms into the air to allow him to fully remove the clothing.

“Are you sure no one is coming in,” the now naked Anna asked the twins.

She was now completely exposed for another inside the private booth to see. They men were able to gawk at her amazing body from beside her, noting her completely shaven pussy, tight slender waist, and pokey pink nipples at the peak of each of her perfectly rounded and sagless tits. Luckily for her the blinds separating the booth were between panes of glass so not even a stiff wind could move them. The thick drapes covering the small entrance to the booth were drawn and roped off so that no one walking by could peer inside.

“One hundred percent certain,” Peter told her before pulling her closer to re-engage kissing her.

As the pair began their long and juicy kissing Miles was busy behind them. Standing up he unbuckled his belts and pants and threw them down his legs, quickly followed by his silk boxers. He didn’t bother removing his shirt, instead leaving it on and sitting back down beside the redhead.

Peter opened an eye to see what his brother was up to and saw that his 9-inch dick was standing straight up in front of his naked lap. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth and broke off the kiss and let Miles take control of the horny guest. Anna was surprised to see that rather than being pulled to make out with Miles, he was pulling her head down towards his crotch. Apparently he’d been busy while she made out with his twin.

Reflexes kicked in for Anna and she stretched out her arm and corralled his fleshy member in her small hand. While still on her assisted descent down towards his lap, Anna pumped her loose fist along his entire shaft. She did this a few times until she was nearly bent over sideways, at which point she leaned in closer to the large man and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Miles grunted upon feeling her warm, wet mouth seal around the first third of his erect member.

Miles was already completely hard before her mouth even touched his tool and Anna was pleased to see it was rather thick and stood an impressive 9 inches in length, which instantly made her get wet, well get wetter. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the sexy lawyer sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

Without disturbing her too much, Anna felt hands from behind her clutch her slender hips. Allowing Peter to move her as she continued to blow his brother, the attractive redhead was positioned so that she was kneeling on the bench with one hand holding up her petite frame and the other stroking the portion of Miles that she wasn’t cramming into her wide mouth. This also meant that her small but adorable ass was popped up nice and invitingly for the horny man behind her.

“Oh sweet mother of God,” the normally shy and reserved screamed.

The moan was the direct result of Peter, who had bent down and buried his tongue into her sopping wet pussy. His tongue had no problem sliding through her folds and being buried in her completely shaven twat and he was delighted to find that it tasted faintly of strawberries. His oral assault on her very willing sex had disrupted her focus from sucking on the thick pecker in front of her, but a not-so-subtle jab of the hips by Miles up into her mouth got her priorities back around.

Anna wanted to make up for her lack of concentration so the beautiful red-haired girl removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip.

Behind her, Peter was doing one hell of a job licking her pussy. He had a variety of moves and he didn’t mind showing each one off. Anna enjoyed feeling his powerful tongue run the length of her slit, taking time at both ends. At times he would clamp his lips tightly around her sensitive nub to give it a two-pronged attack of suction and a darting tongue. That made Anna moan against Miles cock, which the twin appreciated. Other times he would lick all the way down and cram his entire tongue as far inside her pussy as possible and lap up her inner walls.

It took Anna a few minutes to get her head around the fact she was participating in her first three-way, with twins no less, but right now it was no different than a 69. Safe in that knowledge so accepted the tremendous oral skills on exhibit by Peter to her pussy and reciprocated them onto Miles. She opened her mouth wide and easily inhaled half his member, slowly bobbing her head back off of him so he felt her full lips drag over his dick.

“Damn you suck good cock,” Miles said as he held her bundled up hair above her head.

“If you liked that,” she said with a glint in her eyes. “Then you should really enjoy this.”

Anna took her hands from holding up her slim upper body to placing them on his hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. With her body weight and gravity now working in her favorite she used them to pull her head down, taking more and more flesh into her mouth until she felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick while his shaft was hugged tightly by her constricting throat was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

Shit bro, she deep-throats,” Miles practically screamed in shock and delight.

“I gotta see for myself,” Peter responded.

Anna was surprised when the man behind her not only stopped licking her twat but also picked her up and flipped her around on the bench. He wasn’t a very big man, maybe 6’1 with an athletic build, but her tiny figure meant that either twin could easily move her around at any time as they wished. Not really concerned with the change in position, Anna took up the same action by opening her mouth wide and pushing down on the other twin’s cock until her face was pressed into his lap.

“Told you so,” Miles said as he shifted into position behind the redhead’s rump.

Anna felt Peter’s hands go to the sides of her head and realized that the horny attorney was interested in face fucking her. She knew the signs when men wanted to do this, which was most of them upon realizing she was one of the few with the gift to deep throat. Knowing the drill at this point she kept her mouth formed in a perfect O and her throat loose as her head was pulled up and down his cock at Peter’s will.

As Anna was busy being face fucked by his twin, Miles wasn’t simply doing nothing. While his brother had opted in licking her twat, the other brother had his sights set a little differently. Reaching out to take an ass cheek in either hand, he pushed them apart to open up the crinkled starfish resting an inch up from her wet pussy. Knowing it was a risky move so soon into their venture he was already moving nearer then before he could stop he had his tongue pressing firmly against her asshole. Since the red-haired girl was clearly into their sexual tryst, Miles felt somewhat safe in testing her resolve by exploring her puckered hole.

“Mmm…awwhhh,” she replied while gurgling on Peter’s dick.

Miles was happily surprised by Anna’s extremely positive reaction to him rimming her back door. Most girls protected their butthole during sex but he was learning quickly that there was much more to the slender redhead than first meets the eyes. With the knowledge that she liked a rim job, he continued to press his luck by moving on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her kester. Her sphincter gave some resistance but with his hands pulling her cheeks apart it also loosened her hole. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as he caused enough of a gap in her backdoor to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

Anna had stopped Peter from face fucking her and was now back in control of sloppy blowjob. There were strands of spit covering both her face around her mouth as well as all over his dick, balls and upper thighs. It was perfect lubrication for her to glide her hand up and down his lower portion of his shaft while her mouth worked at a high speed over the top half.

This was all taking place while Miles licked her inner anal walls while pistoning two fingers into her twat. The idea wasn’t original as he was reminded of the same move from earlier in the day when his client was fucking Dianna Agron, but it was going over well. Her pussy continued to drench his digits while her moaning was being heard over the loud music out in the club. Her rocking back against his tongue and finger was also a good sign that she was enjoying herself.

Miles was always looking to progress matters and during sex that rang particularly true. Especially now since Anna was clearly horny, but also distracted luckily due to this being her assumed first threesome. Praying on that fact the twin slipped his tongue out of her well-lubricated anal entrance, but the hole wasn’t vacant for very long. Acting quickly, Miles spat some spit onto his middle finger, placed it against her rosebud and found that it slid inside relatively easy.

“Oh God! That feels so good in my ass,” Anna moaned as the next pounding song started up.

Buoyed by how good things were going behind her, Anna redoubled her efforts on Peter’s cock. She’d moved her hands out of the way and went back to deep-throating his pecker, much to the twin’s delight. Peter was looking down and making eye contact with her as he enjoyed the show of his dick completely disappearing within her oral cavity. Clutching the back of her head, Peter pushed her down hard while he shoved his hips forward causing his pole to reach all new depths within her throat in the fastest amount of time possible.

“Gggllluuckkkk,” Anna choked around the spit and cock in her mouth and throat.

Peter kept up the absolutely brutal fucking of her throat for a good long while, but to Anna’s credit she never tried to slow him down or stop him whatsoever. He had felt her hands dig into his leg on occasion but when he looked down at her, she portrayed a glance that told him to keep going with the frantic pace. Whatever his brother was doing behind her must have really been doing a good job since her face was also contorted with pleasure. Finally after a few minutes he caused to allow them both to catch their breath.

“Fuck that’s good,” the horny redhead groaned with a hoarse voice.

Anna wasn’t sure which of the new sensations she was happier about. Miles had replaced his skinny middle finger with his fatter thumb in her ass, while he also had kneeled behind her and slid his lengthy tool into her wanting pussy. The twin pleasures of having her asshole gently played with while taking his entire cock into her wet twat was true bliss for the lawyer.

As Miles cock flew into her, he couldn’t help but note how tight her pussy was. Anna was beautiful so his best guess was that the 28 year-old had been getting fucked regularly for the past 10 years at least, yet her pussy still hung tightly to his pumping tool.

“She looks like a good fuck,” Peter noted from the other end.

To his credit Peter allowed his brother to get a good rhythm established before joining back in on the threesome. They loved sharing the same woman and had done it enough to know when the other needed some time alone. But now that Miles had been fucking Anna for a few minutes it was time to re-join. He did so by grabbing the back of her head with one hand and offering his meat pole to her with the other. The horny woman needed no further instruction and gladly opened her mouth to take him inside her, now getting both ends of her fantastic body used to take cocks balls deep. It was hard for her to focus on giving one of the twins’ head while she was getting so thoroughly fucked from behind like a dog by his genetic match, but she still was able to wrap her lips around his head and suck on him like a lollipop.

“Trade,” Peter suggested to his brother after another 10 minutes of pig roasting the fellow lawyer.

Miles agreed with his brother since he knew he was probably desperate to get his dick wet inside the lovely redhead. Begrudgingly he pulled his dick and thumb from her holes, leaving her empty for the first time in nearly quarter of an hour. Anna wasn’t over pleased about that either, but before she knew it she found herself flipped around once again only this time she was flat on her back. Peter had gotten to his feet and hoisted one of Anna’s legs up onto his shoulder to give himself maximum accessibility to her sex, which he took advantage of.

“You both feel equally good in me,” Anna moaned as the second man of the evening plugged her pussy.

Her mouth was soon too occupied to speak again as Miles immediately offered the girl his cock and she hungrily accepted. She seemed to not be phased by sucking her own pussy juices from his dick, in fact she seemed to be enjoying the taste given her moaning. While she sucked one twin at one end, the other was plowing her hard. Her pussy was still oozing wetness, which allowed Peter to easily slam his entire length into her with easy.

Each and every time Peter crashed his pelvis against hers as he buried himself to the hilt caused Anna’s large D-cup tits to bounce because of the force. This only encouraged the man to ram into her hard and see them bounce more that was until his brother got the idea to reach down and roughly knead them as the pretty lawyer inhaled his cock.

After 5 more minutes of relentlessly banging Anna Peter pulled out and the twins combined to effortlessly spin the naked girl 180 degrees on the bench so her pussy was now back pointing at Miles. The brother wasted no time re-inserting himself back into the beautiful redhead while Peter nearly sat on her face so that he could titty fuck her impressive globes. Both he and she used their hands to press on the outsides of her massive cannons to make a soft, tight canyon for Peter to thrust his cock between.

For the better part of 20 minutes the twins were passing her curvy body around the bench like a bong was during a college fraternity party. They’d fucked her multiple times in doggy-style and missionary, but the sexy lawyer was yet to go for a ride, and none of the three had enjoyed their first orgasm. But those things would quickly change.

Anna had gotten use to the men simply lifting and moving her where they wanted. This time she was scooped up onto one of the twins, she had no idea which one, and found herself on her knees straddling his lap only that her back was facing him. Getting into a more favorable position, the redhead leaned her naked back against his chest and placed the soles of her high heels she was still wearing against the seat cushion. The redhead used her hand to push him back inside her awaiting twat and plummeted halfway down his shaft in the first go. After raising to the top she crashed back down and this time took his entire meat pole inside her.

Miles waited for the girl to build up a head of steam before he communicated with his brother wordlessly. Peter knew exactly what he was thinking so he went into a kneeling position between the two sets of contrasting legs. Being sure to avoid his brother’s parts, Peter stuck out his tongue and began licking Anna’s exposed clit. While he did that, his genetic match used his hands to roll Anna’s sensitive nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The result took under a minute, which was Anna cumming loudly, gushing her fluids all over Miles pistoning cock.

“Oh God…I’m cumming….I’m cumming,” she screamed.

Even though she’d just cum, Miles had no intention of letting her relax and lay down so they could fuck her. Moving his hand to her hips he encouraged the blissful redhead to continue grind up and down on his cock, which she did. However Miles acted quickly while she was still in her post-orgasm haze. Just when she slowly hovered to the top of his rod he lifted her up an extra inch, pushed her hips forward slightly then slowly lowered her once again. The real surprise for her came when his bulbous cock didn’t slip right back to her pussy, but rested butted up against her saliva-covered asshole.

“Since you sodomized us in the courtroom we figured it was only right that you let us sodomize you with our cocks,” Miles almost purred in her ear.

“Oh…well I guess you have a point….ughhhh,” Anna agreed than was cut short when his tip slid past her sphincter.

Anna was no stranger when it came to taking a stiff cock in the dumper. It had been awhile but it would be like riding a bike she was sure. Knowing the secret was being relaxed, she was still riding her post-orgasm calmness then went to her happy place to allow more cock into her rectum.

With her asshole already loosened considerably Miles helped her along further by moving his hand onto her mound and rubbing it feverishly. It worked like he had expected and now the horny lawyer was riding half his length in her bowels and was moaning while she did so. When Peter reappeared and used his mouth to suck on her massive tits, paying close attention to her erect nipples, Anna began descending further on his lap until after only a few minutes she was guiding her body up and down over his entire 9-inches of meaty cock.

“Mmmm…yeah,” Anna moaned in delight. Although it always hurt when a cock first lodged into her ass, rubbing herself made it go away practically immediately.

Peter was still sucking on her tits and stroking his cock to stay hard but he had grown rather jealous of his twin. As though Miles could sense his emotions he waited for the busty redhead to ride to the top of his dick then pulled out. Settling her down quickly so she rested on his thighs with his cock pressed between her back and his stomach, Peter knew exactly what to do.

“Damn that’s a great ass,” he told her as he quickly took up the opening in her asshole.

“God…fuck my tight ass,” she begged, tossing her head back in bliss.

Peter loved fucking a girl in the ass and Anna’s was no exception. Her ring was very tight but still had enough give to it that allowed his condom-less dick to pass into it without much trouble. Her pussy juice and saliva from earlier was proving to be all the lubrication he needed as he now how almost his entire 9 inches pumping into her rump while he kept increasing the speed as much as he could. All this was occurring as his twin continued to play with Anna’s sagless chest from beneath her.

Peter frantically fuck her backdoor for several minutes then graciously withdrew to allow his twin the honor of going back inside her booty. The twin didn’t hesitate and soon Anna was allowing her asshole to get fucked by Miles as she bounced on his length.

Peter watched as the big-breasted girl rode his brother with his hard, slick cock held in his hand. Without thinking Peter climbed back onto the seat and twisted his body so that his lengthy pecker was right in the line of vision of the riding anal girl. She had her eyes closed but must have become aware of a free cock around her. She too was in auto-pilot mode and reached out to stroke the pecker before opening her mouth and taking him into her mouth, forgetting that 30 seconds ago it had come straight from her warm asshole.

“Well shit bro, I wonder if all the girls at her law firm take dicks straight from their ass to their mouth,” Peter mused.

The comment was successful in drawing a laugh from his brother and shrug from Anna. Anna would have normally never have done that but she was so wrapped up in the occasion, trying to please two cocks simultaneously that she didn’t care if she was sucking her own anal juices. Rather than focus on the warm and somewhat sour, though not unpleasant taste in her mouth, she used her thoughts to bounce up and down, trying to ride Miles to a mind blowing orgasm.

After a few minutes of a rather distracted blowjob between Anna’s lips when he was struck by a completely different idea. He pulled free of her mouth and backed off the seat before Peter stepped between the four legs directly in front of them. They were unaware of his presence until Anna felt the tip of his cock rub against her wet velvety folds.

“Ready for the two-for-one twin special,” he asked, waiting at her pink entrance.

Anna had a plethora of emotion strike her at that very moment. Miles hands from underneath her pressed his palms against her large tits in order to settle down her riding, right at the point at all 9 inches of his fleshy tool were buried in her butt. Her cute little ass was pressed firmly against Miles thighs and her pussy was now an easy target to penetrate, once the redhead gave the all clear. Anna felt nervous since taking two cocks in her holes at once would very much be a new experience for the lithe lawyer.

“Double team me with those big cocks,” Anna surprised them both, as well as herself, by saying with authority.

The twins always preferred sex to be when the woman accepted that they were a packaged deal. Given their fortunes, good looks and charisma it wasn’t that hard to find a slut willing to have threeways with them, but most either had too much dignity or were too scared to try double penetration. They understood that to a degree, but it didn’t stop the twins from having the double fuck be their favorite sex act.

However Anna was willing and able for any challenge the pair were throwing at her this evening and they were ecstatic that they got the chance to double fuck one of the hottest women in the city. With her pussy already loosened and still dripping wet, Peter found his thick cock slid in with too much difficulty. It felt fuller since there was another cock in her with only a thin barrier separating the twins, but it was manageable. They thought she might need a minute to adapt but Anna immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“Ohhh….mhmmm….ohhh,” she moaned loudly.

With Miles sitting on the bench fucking up into her tight asshole and Peter standing in front of her slamming his entire length into her slick pussy, Anna was somehow in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”

“We really found a sex freak this time,” Miles stated while wildly thrusting upwards into her bowels.

They continued on like this for another 5 minutes but that was when Anna creamed all over Peter’s cock. The gentlemen were more than happy to slow things down and not pump as hard into her slender body as they realized their own orgasms wouldn’t be too far behind. Normally they would have embraced that, but Anna Kendrick was all kinds of hot and filthy and they planned on taking advantage for as long as they could.

“Bro, let me have a chance to really pound that nice round mound of ass,” Peter asked of his twin. “Pussy is good but I want that dry warmth now.”

“Yeah okay, I really need to stand for a bit anyway,” Miles replied.

“Okay then I have an idea,” Peter told him.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking little bro,” Miles said.

“Firstly, you are only 2 minutes older. Secondly, yes I certainly am,” Peter replied before they shouted out at the same time. “London Bridge!”

After their shout they moved quickly. Peter immediately pulled free of her wet pussy while Miles helped the tiring girl to the top of his cock then off altogether. She stood up on her feet for the first time in close to an hour and noticed how stiff and sore she was. She didn’t stay upright for too long as she felt a hand between her shoulder blades encouraging her to bend forward. As soon as she began flexing at the waist she felt strong hands around her narrow hips then the familiar feeling of dick pushing open her asshole to take residence in her bowels.

“Fuck that’s good,” Anna moaned as Peter entered her anal passage again.

The sexy lawyer somehow maintained her balance while she got fucked deep in her ass from the lanky man for a few minutes then she heard a voice of one of the twins tell her to stand up. It was tough to do so but the high heels helped make up the height gap, allowing Peter to stay inside her ass, though not able to stroke into her with as much energy.

“Whoa…hey…stop that train sailor,” Anna halted. “Where do you think you’re going with that cock that’s still hot from my dumper.”

“It’s kinda obvious, isn’t it,” Miles responded, standing right in front of her with his cock lined up to her pussy.

“Quick medical lesson here. Taking something directly from an asshole and directly inserting said object into a vagina is a UTI waiting to happen. Like, guaranteed to happen,” the feisty quick-talking lawyer explained.

“We are going to resume double penetrating you because we love it and so do you. So we suggest you come up with a plan pronto,” Miles told the beautiful redhead.

Anna was a brilliant and resourceful woman but after a quick scan of the private booth she found nothing that would do the trick. She was not interested in going all the way out to the nearest bathroom to get a cloth to wipe down the rival lawyer’s cock, mainly out of laziness but also due to a need for more hard fucking and a desire to cum once again.

Left with no other choice, the talented lawyer surprised both men by pushing Miles backwards a few steps which gave her the room to bend in half at the waist again. Anna reached out to slowly drag a lightly closed hand down the twin’s entire cock while the other resumed his hard anal fucking. Despite doing it earlier she was still not a fan of taking a dick from her ass to her mouth but she resigned herself to the fate so she leaned her head into his groin and took the tip of his penis into her mouth.

“Holy shit bro,” Miles exclaimed as he watched Anna suck on his cock which seconds before was deep within her bowels.

Both twins merely tossed their collective heads skyward and enjoyed the moment. Miles hands instinctively went down to her head to roam through her long, silky locks while Peter kneaded her ass while pumping her rump. Bunching it up and holding it out of the way of her mouth, he allowed the sexy lawyer to bob on his ass-plowing cock, tasting the moist warmth of her own rectum as she did so.

At first Anna simply ignored the taste of her own ass, but as she took more of his pecker into her mouth and onto her taste-sensitive tongue, she became more aware of it. It wasn’t gross like she expected, in fact it was like the bitter partner of her sweet-tasting pussy. Not exactly gross just strong, intense but very flavorful. In fact, the sexy girl got so wrapped up in tasting herself that she found herself licking Miles entire cock looking for more.

“Is it clean enough to your liking, anal whore,” Peter said from behind her.

Anna didn’t respond to him instead she stopped sucking on Miles cock and straightened herself back up. At that point she was surprised when she was hoisted up into the air as the two men worked in tandem to lift Anna off her feet with her meat of their twin sandwich. It took her a moment to get her bearings but now she realized that her long legs were wrapped around Miles muscular waist with his arms wrapped under her thighs and hands gripping her plump cheeks. Peter was still behind her thrusting into her ass but now his hands were gripped tightly onto her womanly hips using them to both hold her suspended in the air and aid to drive inside her.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I’m gonna cum,” Anna screamed as she gushed all over Miles dick despite cumming less than 10 minutes ago.

It was her most powerful orgasm of the night for the redhead and after she screamed loud enough to puncture both men’s eardrums her lithe body went limp. The result was that both her pussy and backdoor loosened significantly, allowing the horny men to pound into her even harder. The change in position also allowed both men to thrust inside her at the same time as they merely drop her down a foot so she took both cocks balls-deep at the same moment.

For the next ten minutes the two twins used Anna Kendrick like their own personal sex doll. She proved able to handle their intense thrusting so they kept pounding as deep into her holes as their dicks allowed. The sexy 28 year-old eventually snapped out of her orgasm-induced stupor and began to take more immense pleasure from the double penetration.

Of course, Anna wasn’t the only one deriving great pleasure from the double fucking. Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between the redhead’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the busty girl’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past while as they fucked her at the same time. In fact both men hadn’t come since they started their tryst an hour ago and they were both well due.

“Need to fucking cum,” Peter panted from behind the sexy woman.

“You and me both bro,” Miles added.

They each did a few last bounces of the skinny girl’s body down onto their poles before they hoisted her skyward until both cocks flopped free of her holes. Miles freed her legs and Anna promptly got them underneath her, at which point they lowered her to the ground.

Nearly the second her shoes contacted the grounds the red-haired lawyer had dropped down to her knees between the two standing men. Hearing one twin moaning louder than the other Anna faced that one just in time to see Peter stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist Peter took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward Anna caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully. For the third time that night she took his ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

Unbeknown to her, Miles was also ready to bust a nut so he moved around to her side quickly, just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her supermodel-like face. He watched as Anna swallowed down his brother’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, the Miles couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Smile,” Peter said.

Turning back towards the linebacker, Anna was partly blinded by the flash of a camera. Closing her eyes then forcing herself to blink, she regained her sight and saw that the boys had taken her photo on a camera phone of her on her knees, bare tits and bald pussy showing and her face completely covered in cum. She looked like such an utter and complete slut that she could barely comprehend.

“And that should win us first prize at the company Christmas party,” the brothers joked.

Anna heard their words but she was really to exhausted and peaceful to care. They had made her cum too many times to count – 3? 4? – and introduced her to a whole new side of sex. Though she wasn’t sure she’d climb back into bed with the vile twins any time soon despite their excellent love making, she would definitely try to hunt down another set of men to indulge her new sexual fetish.

Knowing she had to start moving so she wasn’t found naked in the club, the spunky redhead got to her feet and began the hunt for her clothing. One of the twins had already claimed her panties as a trophy, which she was okay with since they weren’t completely necessary. With the rest of her clothes gathered and put back on, Anna went to the washroom to clean her face then left the club to go back and pass out into a well deserved slumber.

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