Best Laid Plans – Part 3

Deviant Obsession

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Cobie Smulders, Chloe Bennet

Codes: MF, Anal, Finger, Oral

Summary: Part 3 in a story about a lawyer falsely accused of murder, and the lengths his lover will go to in order to save him.

“I’m just pulling into the driveway now babe,” Steve Barnes spoke into his car’s Bluetooth device.

“Okay well have a nice dinner with your wife,” Alison Brie told him sarcastically.

“Listen I’ll try to call you when I get a chance. What are you doing the rest of the night anyway,” he asked, breezing over her comment.

“My sister asked if I could babysit her kid tonight. He’s 10 and really into books, comics and cartoons so he’s like the best kid ever. Figured I should help out since I’m rarely able to, plus it’s not like my boyfriend wants to hang out with me,” the lawyer replied, twisting another knife into him.

“Yeah well enjoy babysitting and hopefully they are paying you a fare wage,” he joked.

“Ha ha…so funny.”

“Listen it’s suspicious if I stay out in the car the whole time so I’m gonna head in,” he told her. “I…I love you Alison.”

Pause was heard as the man said the three words for the first time to his mistress. “I love you too.”

With a big, wide grin Steve ended the call. He was nervous of telling his girlfriend how he actually felt, worried that she wouldn’t feel the same way. But now that it was out in the open and he knew where she stood too, Steve felt like a million dollars. He got out of his sports car, grabbed his suit jacket and briefcase, then headed into his million-dollar house.

“Hi honey, I’m home,” Steve shouted into the large house in his best Fred Flintstone impersonation.

“I’m in here,” her voice rang out from the sitting room.

Steve had been married to Cobie Smulders for the past 15 years and had a good union for most of that time. However over the past 3 years their marriage began showing large cracks in the foundation. The leggy black-haired woman was a successful news anchor until her career was derailed with a cheating scandal between her and her co-anchor. Steve had stuck by and supported his wife despite her infidelity, though he wasn’t sure they ever recovered. They fought a lot more and had sex much less.

But when Steve walked into the living room he found a completely different scene than he was used to. Rather than finding his wife in sweats or sitting with food in front of her, the gorgeous 35 year-old was standing in a brand new silk nightie that left little to the imagination. The room would have been plunged into darkness if it wasn’t for the dozens of lit candles decorating the space.

Cobie wasn’t blessed with huge breasts like Steve’s mistress, but her chest was easily a handful if not a little more. With the way the support in the bedroom gown was it pressed the globes up and together to show off an impressive amount of cleavage for the tall woman. Cobie’s boobs may not have been marvelous but the rest of her was faultless. Her face was model-esque, her body was well maintained to a lean but womanly strong build and her legs were out of this world; long, athletic and silky smooth.

Stunned, Steve quickly recovered though he knew his face betrayed his true emotion. He walked towards his leggy wife, who was situated behind the coffee table and in front of their plush sofa. She was standing and waiting for him, a glass of red wine in either hand. The lawyer rounded the small table to arrive beside his wife and gladly accepted the glass.

“Welcome home Stevie,” she said in a sultry voice.

“What’s the occasion,” he asked as he sipped his wine.

“Got some news today and was feeling in the mood afterwards,” Cobie answered.

“Oh really, what did you hear,” he asked interested.

“All in good time my pet,” she whispered. Now come, sit down.”

Taking both their wine glasses back, Cobie placed them with a chink back down onto the glass surface. She touched his arm and helped usher him down onto their expensive couch before she joined him sitting very close to her husband. She ran her hand down his chest, stroking his tie as she got comfortable before leaning into her husband.

It must have been some hell of a good news that his wife received to make her this sultry. He puckered his lips in time as his wife came in for a kiss, reaching out with her tongue first to lick over his lips before kissing him back. Cobie was horny and playful, two things she hadn’t been since being fired then rejected from every job since that she applied for.

“How’s that,” Cobie asked as she moved to his side to plant kisses down his neck.

“Really nice,” he replied with a shit-eating grin.

In truth Steve felt very guilty. He had the same feeling every time he was romantic with his wife since he and Alison started their secret affair. In truth he could count on one hand how many times that Cobie and he had engaged in sex over the past year. It was a combination of his intentional attempts to avoid cheating on mistress, while also Cobie didn’t push matters very often, unlike tonight.

“This should keep you busy,” Cobie told him.

Steve was confused by his wife’s comment until her fingers gently wrapped around the wrist of his outside arm. Seizing control, the gorgeous dark-haired woman moved him closer to her lap as she widened her legs. She shuddered when his hand rubbed against her inner thighs then moaned loudly when his fingers grazed her pantie-less sex.

“Mhmm…yes,” she moaned into his ear.

Steve knew exactly what his wife wanted of him and he set about doing just that. Cramming two fingers together the lawyer pressed against her pussy’s entrance and was easily allowed inside. Not surprising that her twat was dripping wet, which allowed Steve to easily work the entire length of his digits into his wife.

Kissing him warmly, the former news anchor curled her arm around his body and ran her hand threw his short brown hair. Rubbing him there she moved downward off the back of his head and onto his neck. Feeling frisky, Cobie dug her nails into his tanned skin and lightly scratched him to his surprise. It didn’t hurt per se, just caught him by complete shock.

“Ughh,” he grunted, her nails breaking the skin.

“Aww…did I hurt you lover,” she asked. “Just don’t stop.”

Despite the surprising scratch Steve stuck to his husbandly duties with dedication. His fingers continued to plow in and out of her sopping wet pussy, much to his leggy wife’s satisfaction. She was moaning beside him, tossing her long dark hair back while rubbing his dress shirt-clad chest.

The lawyer was using all his forearm strength to continuous probe her cunt while adding a third finger into her sex. She was very tight but five minutes of fingering her had loosened his wife up considerably. While still penetrating her deeply, Steve added his thumb into the mix but not into her pussy. Rather he aimed the opposable digit higher up to contact her exposed bean and rub over it.

“Oh God yes,” Cobie screamed. “Just like that.”

If I make her cum now maybe that will satisfy her for the night,” the man thought.

Now that he had a game plan, he went back to fingering his wife with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. It was an odd thing to have to do to your wife Steve couldn’t help but think since most of the time you’d either go down on her with your mouth and stick your dick in her. Thinking back, the last time he could remember getting a girl off with his hand alone was probably back in high school, then he brought his then-girlfriend Erica Durance to orgasm during a movie at the theatre.

Thinking back to those days Steve remembered his technique that proved successful and hoped it would work close to 30 years later. With his thumb furiously working over her clit, his fingers continued to pound in and out of her twat, burying them deeply before withdrawing. Varying his moves, the lawyer went deep but this time curled his three fingers to rub along her inner walls and over her G-spot, which drew even louder moans from his wife.

“Ohhh…fffuuuucckk…yeeessss,” Cobie screamed as her boyfriend hit all the right places, making her cum in the process.

Cobie stayed in her position with her head tossed back over the edge of the sofa, recuperating from her intense orgasm. Steve took this time to pull his hand from her crotch, looking down at his fingers to see them glistening in her cum in the candlelight. His wife recovered faster than he was hoping and suddenly brought her hands down over his chest to rub at his dick through the pants.

“Hey, hey, hey. What up Cobie,” Steve said, stopping her advances. “I had a really long day and really don’t feel in the mood.”

“Oh…okay,” Cobie said understandingly. She reached out and grabbed a large envelope from the table that Steve hadn’t seen previously and handed it to him. “Maybe this will get you in the mood.”

“What is it,” he asked.

“Oh you’ll have to see for yourself.”

Steve accepted the folder and proceeded to open the fold at the top to pull out the contents. It was sheets of paper that he clutched, but they had a glossed finish on them, indicating that they were pictures. Thinking that maybe his wife took some sexy photos of herself, Steve had no warning when he looked at them and saw himself and Alison Brie naked on the bed together from earlier today. He thumbed threw a few more of the images which were more of the same, catching them in different positions as they fucked.

“Surprise you dirty bag,” Cobie said, pushing back away from him. “Was this your revenge fuck from all those years ago?”

“No it’s not like that Cobie,” Steve tried to explain. “Our marriage is failing, surely you’re aware of that too. I wasn’t cheating because there is nothing to cheat on. If anything I betrayed her with you tonight.”

“Well it doesn’t matter what you think, only what a judge will think and I have a feeling these pictures will help my case nicely,” Cobie gloated.

Steve got to his feet and threw the images back down onto the table. He was pissed and needed to get the hell away from his conniving wife post haste. Jumping off the couch he stormed back towards the door, grabbing his briefcase and jacket along the way. Just as he got to the exit he looked back onto the sofa and addressed his soon-to-be ex-wife.

“What the fuck was all this for,” he asked, stunned. “Why try to seduce me?”

“Because you’re a good fuck and I wanted one last ride. Plus that way you knew exactly what you’d be missing,” Cobie screamed at him. As he flung open the door and stormed out she hustled to the main lobby. “Now go back to your whore!”

The beaten lawyer didn’t bother looking back or replying to his scantily-clad wife in the doorway, instead he kept moving towards his car in the driveway. He looked up and saw his neighbors walking their medium-sized door right in front of his house. Steve’s face flushed in embarrassment that other people had to see them fighting, but he quickly got in the car, fired it to life and drove away.

He automatically started driving to Alison’s house, then remembered that she wasn’t there tonight. It may have been for the best anyway, he was hot under the collar and he didn’t want her to have to help calm him down. He drove straight threw the next several lights then turned right at the following street, heading to the downtown core of the city. Right before hitting the busy strip he took a service road that took him to the top of the boulevard without anywhere near the traffic. There was only one building up ahead and that was the desired location, an underrated, if not slightly shady strip club.

Along the way he had called up his friend Logan James, a fellow attorney at the law firm. They had started at the same time together some 15 years ago and had immediately struck up a friendship. They liked each other from the beginning and continued that forward, even to this day when they were both gunning for the next major promotion to partner at the firm.

Unfortunately Logan wasn’t answering his phone so Steve left a message him a message that he’d be at his favorite bar and proceeded into the gentlemen’s club. Inside he had to pay the cover then passed into the inner portion of the club. There was a girl up on the stage, a busty blonde with a great rack albeit fake, but there were lots of tables available. It was a Wednesday night, not peak tourist season and off the Strip all things that combined to equal a slow night, not that he minded.

Steve watched the center stage as he wandered in and picked a small table to the right of the center, a row back from the vaulted dance strip. The girl dancing had rhythm and he was surprised to see that the girl wasn’t just top heavy, but actually had a thick ass to work with as well. He hadn’t been seated for more than a minute when a good-looking waitress came to him for a drink order. She returned a few moments later with a whiskey neat and received a tip the amount of the drink order for her efforts.

The lawyer looked around the club and noted that over half the tables were full, not surprising all with eager looking men. The young looking blonde on stage, maybe 22 years-old by his guess, continued to shake what the good Lord gave her, showcasing her impressive tits, rounded body and neatly trimmed strip of hair above her sex. Her hips swayed with the music as she used the pole to spin and deliver high kicks, showing the bright pink lips of her pussy in the process. She strutted around to all edges of the stages, allowing the horny men to tuck dollar bills into her tight strap she wore around her upper right thigh. Others simply crumpled the money up and threw it at her, more disrespectful but it was money all the same.

“New girl,” Steve asked as the waitress came by after he signaled her.

“Yeah…name’s something like Emma or Emmy…no it’s Emily. Yeah Emily Osmont,” she corrected herself. “Can I get you another?”

“Better make it a double,” he replied before she left.

He finished his first drink and the second appeared in no time. The busty young blonde finished up her dance, which apparently was the last of her set and vacated the stage as the clean up crew came to pick up her clothes and tips. Steve continued to drink and watch as the next dancer came out, starting to dance to the tunes she selected as she teasingly played with her clothes.

“Hey handsome, wanna dance,” a woman’s voice asked.

Steve looked over his shoulder and found the blonde stripper from earlier peering down at him. She had gotten herself dressed again, wearing a schoolgirl outfit including black knee-high socks, a tiny pleated skirt and a white blouse that was tied above her midriff. The results were her strong athletic legs were showcased, as were her womanly curves and her massive D-cup tits, nearly bursting out of the top.

“I’ll probably regret this but not right now,” Steve told the pretty young blonde. “I think he’s gotten me into enough trouble today,” he told her, flashing his eyes down to his crotch.

“Well how about I come back a little later,” her Southern tones coming through with her drawl. “You may be more amendable then.”

“Amendable, drunker, whichever,” he laughed, drawing one from the stripper too.

The blonde left but no more than a few minutes later another stripper came walking by asking for a dance. This one was a tall, leggy brunette with wavy hair. She had gorgeous olive-colored skin and a beautiful face, his guess that she was of Eastern European descent. She had a very fit body that was neither too skinny nor too thick, and while her tits were similar in size to his wife, she rocked a surprisingly nice booty. It wasn’t quite like the Dianna Agron, the girl from the video earlier in the day, but it was meaty.

“Sorry but he already has a date so…”

This was something that caught the buzzed attorney by surprised. He looked over at the attractive woman who was claiming to be with him and he could say that he’d never seen that girl before in his life. She was dressed in a nice looking cocktail dress and was probably the only woman in the club who didn’t work there.

The woman had long dark hair that hung down past her ample, perky breasts and were the same color as her large dark eyes. Her eyes were very memorable but Steve couldn’t explain why, though it was largely do to her whole American-Asian biracial heritage that she had working for her. She was a perfect of sexy and cute, with a beautiful smile and gorgeous skin that was close to olive colored, though not as dark. Her short dress and high heels also did a great job showing off her hot legs, likely due to her background as a high school cheerleader.

“Ok no problem…didn’t know he was with anyone,” Nina said before sulking away to the next table.

The sexy cute girl sat down at the small table opposite the lawyer and got comfortable. Steve was still wearing an expression of disbelief and absolute confusion. Who was this mysterious new girl who was claiming to be his date? And why did she target him? He wish he wasn’t so deep into the drinking so that his gifted mind could actually work through the problem.

“Well are you going to buy me a drink,” the girl asked. As if right on cue the waitress circled back to their table. “Apple martini please.”

“It’s the least I can do…for my date,” Steve responded.

“You look like you could use company…without having to pay the ridiculous fees for it,” she described.

“That obvious,” he said, sipping his drink.

“Pretty much a big ol’ sign on your back saying so,” the dark-haired girl giggled.

“Pity is a wonderful thing I suppose…got me a date with a beautiful woman after all,” the lawyer jested. “I’m Steve by the way.”

“Chloe,” she replied, not giving her last name. “But I don’t want to know more about you, let’s just keep it here.”

“And why is that,” Steve asked, taking aback by her strange request.

“Listen I’ve had a horrible night and it seems like you have as well. My idea is we use each other to help the other over their break up,” Chloe Bennet said to the clearly drunk man across the table from her. “Listen I’ve been drinking away my loneliness at the bar and when I looked over here I saw someone who looked exactly like me…in need of companionship…for the night.”

Steve went to say something but Chloe didn’t give him the chance. The sexy cute girl started back up again just as he opened his mouth to speak.

“No strings attached,” she continued in her hypnotic sultry voice. “Now I think you liked what you’ve heard.”

Steve wasn’t exactly sure what made him do it but he gave in to the girl’s suggestions. It was a real blur, mostly due to the massive quantity of alcohol he consumed beforehand, but he was in a vulnerable place and was easy prey. When he paid the tab and left the club to go to the motel next door, Steve wasn’t thinking about Alison, but only about his recent failed marriage. It was sure to end in a very nasty divorce and that had him sad beyond belief, yet here was this sexy young woman offering him an escape from the pain.

Most of the events before getting to the room whizzed right buy. He was a gentleman and offered to pay but the woman threw a couple bills down in exchange for the key. He only remembered that small detail because it was so odd for the woman to pay for the motel room, yet it was her idea after all. The room could have been up several flights of stairs or only around the corner, the lawyer had no idea. But once the door shut behind them leaving them in the privacy of the seedy motel then he was hyper-aware of what was happening.

Once the door was sealed securely behind the new couple, Chloe grabbed Steve by the hand and spun him around to face her. Before he could speak or ask another of his endless questions the American-Asian biracial girl pulled his head towards her and brought him in for a kiss. It started with just lips pressing together but quickly morphed into tongues battling for supremacy as they kiss passionately.

With the hard liquor having a strong effect on his reality, Steve had no idea how long they stood in the doorway making out with each other. However, when he opened his eyes again he was now on the bed, pants completely removed and lips no longer pressing against his. Her lips were still on him, just in a much more sensitive region.

“Oh God that feels so good,” he moaned at of instincts.

The 22 year-old girl was resting on her knees and elbows between his out-stretched legs while he laid on his back with his head in the pillows. Her hand worked the bottom section of his cock while her mouth expertly bobbed on better than two-thirds of his fleshy tool. What made the blowjob that much better was that her big, brown eyes never broke eye contact, despite how much of his veiny cock she shoved into her throat.

Steve had another smaller black out, or at least he think he did because the next instant Chloe’s lips were no longer wrapped around his pole. Instead, the lawyer nearly blew his load right away when he realized that she was playing with his balls with her tongue. Of course the biracial girl didn’t forget about his dick, as she continued to stroke him with the build-up of her spit from her apparent messy blowjob being excellent lubricant. Her talented tongue felt great as she took turns taking one of his large testicles in her mouth at a time.

“Holy fuck,” Steve exclaimed once she moved up and took the tip in her mouth, gladly slurping up the clear pre-cum that she milked from him.

“Trust me, you haven’t felt anything yet,” Chloe proclaimed with a smile as she immediately shoved half his length back into her mouth.

Using her mouth and hand in unison, the mysterious woman started giving the man she met barely 30 minutes prior a sloppy blowjob, making sure she kept eye contact and made loud sucking noises. Steve was like every other guy she’d gone down on, as he loved looking into her puppy-dog eyes, but couldn’t help but tilt his head back every now and then and moan a swear word.

“You’ve got some great stamina stud,” Chloe told him before licking up the underbelly of his cock all the way to the belly. “Most men can’t last 5 minutes with my mouth, let alone 30.”

Steve couldn’t believe that the sexy biracial girl had been blowing him for that length of time. He must have been passing in and out of conscious more often than he had thought. Being conscious the entire time was a real catch-22; he wanted to enjoy every second of the talented blower, but if he did he likely would have creamed down her throat a long time ago.

Now whether it was another mini-blackout or he was so focused on his inner thoughts but Chloe was no longer sucking him off. He couldn’t recall if he had first returned the favor or not, and he couldn’t remember her easing herself down onto his cock at the beginning either. All that he was of aware right now was that the beautiful woman was completely naked on his lap as she rapidly ascend then descended on his fully erect member.

“Fuck…your dick feels so good filling me out,” Chloe moaned.

Opening his eyes as wide as he could, Steve imprinted that moment into his brain forever. Her naked skin seemed to glow in the scant light that dimly filled the room. Chloe’s perky tits were bouncing in front of her with each bounce downward, well until his large hands went and coraled each. They filled his paw perfectly, considerably smaller than Alison’s incredible set but wonderful in their own way. Her long legs were propelling her intense riding, while the view in the mirror behind her afforded Steve the luxury of watching her meaty ass clap down onto his lap.

They were both fueled by lust and passion so taking it slow or easy never factored into their tryst. It was clear to each other that they were simply using the other for sure sexual gratification in order to forget about their relationship issues. Over and over Chloe used her seemingly endless energy to ride to the top of his pole only to collapse back down as soon as she got there. Now more awake, Steve helped feed more of his dick into her greedy pussy by thrusting up just as she got to the end of his pecker, driving deeper into the horny girl.

“God you feel so good,” Steve groaned while biting his lip.

Chloe ran a hand through her long dark hair as she continued to ride his full length. Though he was passing in and out of wakefulness, the lawyer was a stud in the sack and was hitting all the right spots. It was because of this that she didn’t mind doing all the work, especially since she was being pounded towards her long awaited orgasm.

His large hands felt so good squeezing her small but perky tits, the sole of his hand feeling great as it rubbed her small erect nipples. To help push herself over the edge and cum for him, Chloe took on her hands that were being used to help propel herself up and down his rod and moved it between her legs. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed but it was her clit that she was after. When she began rubbing her sensitive nub her riding slowed from the frantic, frenzied pace it once was, but the slower style suited them both. Steve’s dick had more time to properly probe her twat, plus it insured he wouldn’t cum before her.

“Keep fucking my tight pussy with your big cock,” she said dirtily to the lawyer. Steve bucked his hips wildly into her from beneath in response to her words. “Mmmm…yes…keep giving me that dick!”

Though Steve had known the girl for less than an hour he had a lifetime of sex with beautiful woman so he had a good sense when one was on the verge of cumming. He may have been very drunk but the lawyer still had enough wits about him to know that the woman riding his cock and frantically rubbing her clit was close.

With rough, jerky motions from the lack of motor skills due to the alcohol, Steve drove his meat pole into her tight twat repeatedly. His hands moved from her tits in order to tweak both her nipples, a move that always seemed to help Alison to cream all over his dick. The maneuver seemed to work for Chloe as it drew more moans and screams from the much younger girl. Finally after a few more minutes of the intense fucking, Chloe earned her just rewards.

“Oh yes…I’m cumming…ughhh…awwhhhh…yes,” Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs as she came.

The biracial girl rode to the bottom of his cock and stayed there as she rode out the amazing orgasm. Clearly exhausted from the massive energy drain, Chloe tipped forward until her perky boobs were pressed against Steve’s naked chest. Her flexibility allowed for her to stay so fully flexed while the man’s cock remained buried in her dripping pussy.

“Tell me Steve…did your wife ever let you fuck her in the ass,” Chloe said seductively as she pressed back to a seated position.

“Umm…well…only on my birthday…or on vacation,” he stammered, caught off-guard by her once again.

“Well then consider it your birthday cowboy,” she said, flashing him her wicked smile.

Up to the moment Steve was feeling another bout of unconsciousness heading his way but the slut words from the mysterious girl snapped him out of that. It was shocking that a girl he’d just met wanted to voluntarily take a cock in the butt, yet here she was the one suggesting it. And that alone was shocking, but the fact that she was only 5’4 and maybe 115 pounds yet liked receiving anal was also mind blowing.

“Now let’s stop talking about plugging my asshole and let’s actually do something about it,” she grinned.

“I don’t have an lube though,” Steve said, wishing he didn’t.

“Please…I drooled all over you earlier plus I just came like a rainstorm a minute ago so I think I’m good for awhile,” Chloe replied.

Steve was way too drunk to risk getting to his knees and plow her from behind in his preferred position for sodomy. He also didn’t feel like he had the coordination to be on top of her, holding himself up with his arms and thrusting his hips forward. So that left one alternative that he could see. Grabbing her womanly hips, Steve rolled her to the side so that she tipped over onto her side facing him. A quick spin using her shoulder made her face the other direction with her back pressed against his sweaty chest, her plump ass nestled in his lap.

Before Steve could reach down to his throbbing member, Chloe beat him to it. She’d wormed her arm down behind her until her fingertips were clutched gently yet securely around his thick tool. She stroked him once and seemed satisfied with the slippery coating on his length and proceeded to place his tip against her crinkled starfish. Steve now reached his topside arm around her thin body and placed it on her curvy hip inorder to hold her still.

“Ready,” he asked.

“Get that dick in my me,” she practically begged.

Her words seemed to make the already horny man into a new plane of lust. Clutching her hip tightly, the lawyer pulled her athletic body backwards as he slowly pushed his own lap forward. He didn’t want to be too forceful since he had no previous experience with Chloe, but she barely made a murmur in recognition that something had been inserted into her as his lengthy cock burrowed halfway into her bowels. A little shift in her body weight propped her ass up more and allow his thick cock to be completed impaled within the gorgeous woman.

“Oh shit…you’re huge,” Chloe moaned in response. “You feel so good in my tiny ass.”

She’s definitely done this a few times,” Steve thought in disbelief as he rested with his entire 9-inch cock impaled in the 22 year-old’s rectum.

Steve allowed himself the selfish pleasure of just resting a few moments while balls-deep within her sensational ass. Once he came to terms with the sensation of having his cock deep inside Chloe’s bowels he proceeded onwards. He placed one hand on her firm boob to grope while the other went to grab tightly onto her hip that was facing up. Now ready to fuck the younger woman, Steve retracted his hips until only his tip was left inside. As soon as he felt her muscular ring clamp down on his sensitive patch of skin at the crown of his tool, the lawyer drove forward while simultaneously dragging her back into him. His entire cock slid into her anus in a flash. The feeling was beyond words for the drunken man as he continued to slowly push and pull his lengthy tool into the willing female.

“Fuck this feels good,” Steve grunted while now continuously pumping into the sexy girl.

“Oh yeah! Go all the way! Deeper, deeper, deeper,” she screamed encouragement.

Chloe wasn’t only encouraging him with her words, but with her actions as well. The man was turning out to be a great anal lover as he was taking things moderately slow, but still being firm and enjoyable. To hep spur him along, the sexy biracial girl wiggled her hips and pushed back against him as he thrust forward, causing her shapely ass to jiggle as he plowed deeper into her butthole.

The pair were now really finding their stride as they continued to fuck each other hard. Steve was driving into her faster by the passing minute but Chloe seemed not only up to the task but was thriving. She was screaming in delight and had even done something that surprised Steve for the countless time in their brief encounter. The horny girl had taken his hand from around her hips and isolated two fingers before she brought them down to the entrance to her pussy. Under no disillusion of what the younger woman wanted, Steve pressed into her wet snatch in order to give her what she wanted; dual penetration.

The hot girl was allowing him to drill her asshole after only buying her a few drinks so the least he could do was follow her instructions. The action of having both her sexual holes filled was clearly something that Chloe Bennet loved as her screams of pleasure seemed to get louder and more consistent. It forced him to fuck her at a slower tempo in her asshole, but with his fingers occupying her pussy it made her feel even tighter.

“Fuck you’re so tight,” he groaned, his orgasm pushing closer with each thrust into her bowels.

“Me too…keep fucking me with that big dick,” she begged.

With his pending orgasm close, Steve seemed to lose control of his passion as he was fueled by excitement. While still pile driving his cock into her asshole with as much force as he could muster, the adulterous male was pulling straight out of her rectum before slamming her sphincter back open as he went balls deep back inside her. He didn’t think about how each time he did so it caused her hole to begin to close so when he sawed back in it could have caused her great pain, which it luckily didn’t. The copious amounts of her own pussy juices still lining her hole was helping with his forceful re-entry.

“Oh God…keep giving me that cock…just like that,” the horny girl cried.

“Almost there,” Steve grunted through gritted teeth, amazed with himself that he held out this long.

“Me too. Cum with me,” Chloe instructed.

Steve wanted to ensure she came with him so while he pumped two fingers into her twat he flattened out his hand so that his palm was resting against her clit. Burying the digits deep into her pussy he started rubbing her soaked slit so that her sensitive bean was being constantly flicked. His latest move meant that four zones of her body were being stimulated simultaneously, which proved way too much for the younger girl.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! I’m cummingggg,” Chloe Bennet screamed as she came for the second time in less than an hour.

“Oh Fuck. Need to cum,” Steve said, orgasm seconds away.

“Ugh…yes…cum in my ass,” Chloe answered as their sweat covered bodies continued to slam into each other.

All Steve could do was tightly clench the younger woman’s hips and quickly stroke his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the cheating lawyer buried himself in the younger girl for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his love gun had emptied completely. Exhausted he rolled over onto his back and panted.

And that was the last thing that Steve remembered…

*          *          *

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