Best Laid Plans – Part 4

Deviant Obsession

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Alison Brie, Emily Osment

Codes: FF, Finger, Oral, Squirt

Summary: Part 4 in a story about Alison Brie as a lawyer, going undercover to free the man she loves who was framed for murder.

Steve Barnes woke the next morning in a start. For a minute he thought that he had dreamed the whole encounter with the beautiful Chloe Bennet, but when he looked around he realized he wasn’t in his bed, or even his girlfriend’s Alison Brie. No he was in the seedy motel room that shared the same parking lot as the strip club he frequented last night. The room smelt of sex, which wasn’t a surprise given their intense tryst last night.

Shit,” Steve swore when he saw the clock.

He was late so he really needed to hustle. He wouldn’t have time for a shower but appearance was a big part of his job so he knew he had to swing by his house to get a new suit. It would mean an awkward meeting with his wife but he’d have to risk it. Steve tracked down his suit he wore to the club last night and put it back on before jogging out to his car. Knowing it would be horrible to just show up without warning, Steve dialed his house number and called ahead, however no one picked up. Thinking it would be odd for Cobie to still be sleeping he tried her cell phone but got the same result, however this time he left a message.

“Listen Cobie, I know you probably don’t want to speak to me so are screening my calls. I can’t say I blame you but I wanted to tell you I’m coming by the house to pack up a few of my things then I’ll leave. Okay, bye,” he said to her voicemail.

It wasn’t a long drive in the hot Vegas morning until Steve was turning onto his street, but what he saw was extremely surprising. In front of his house was two police cruisers, as well as a few other unmarked vehicles that he knew didn’t belong to any of his neighbors. He found some curb space close to his house and pulled up to it, but as he got out of his car a policeman was in front of him.

“Sir you have to move, this is a crime scene,” he told Steve.

“Crime scene? I…I live here. What the hell is going on.”

The policeman wanted to see his driver’s license to prove he was in fact a resident of the house and when it checked out, Steve was told to follow the cop. He was lead up his driveway past the other cruiser and into the house where more shocks were in store.

“Detective Specter, someone here to see you,” he said before leaving the building.

“I assume you’re Steven Barnes,” the detective asked as he walked up to the shorter man.

“Yes…where’s my wife Cobie? Cobie Smulders. Is she okay?”

“I’m Detective Jamie Specter and I have a few questions for you first. Would you mind telling me where you were last night,” he asked in an authoritative tone.

“At some bar. Why? Can you please tell me what the hell is happening,” he demanded, confused.

“What time did you leave the bar,” the detective pressed on.

“Look Specter, I’m not answering any of your damn questions until I know what is going on! Now where’s my wife,” he shouted.

The tall detective sighed heavily then donned a more sympathetic face. “I’m really sorry to be the one to tell you, but your wife was found dead.”

It felt as though someone had just punched Steve right in the gut…with a sledgehammer…42 times. He felt weak and disgusted, more confused and sad. A wealth of emotions that he really didn’t know how to process.

“Oh my God,” he finally said. “How?”

“She was attacked late last night. Your maid found her this morning but the medical examiner pinpointed the murder happened between 6-8 hours ago. Mr. Barnes, are you listening to me,” Jamie asked.

“But I talked to her last night,” he stammered in shock.

“I understand. Now listen Mr. Barnes. I was hoping you would come downtown with me. We need someone to identify the body and we’d like to take your statement, as well as ask you some questions.”

Even in his shocked state Steve was understanding every word the detective said. He also was able to read through the lines and piece together that he was a suspect. It made sense though, the husband is always a suspect when a wife is murdered, especially inside her own home. But he had an alibi so there was nothing to be concerned about. He was an adulterer, not a murderer.

“Yeah…yes of course,” Steve replied.

The next several hours went by in a blur for the lawyer. He remembered feeling unbelievable sadness when he had to go to the morgue and identify the body of his wife. It was indeed Cobie, which shattered for him the hope that Las Vegas finests got it wrong. But there was no doubt now, Cobie was dead and he was now a widower.

He was brought to the police station next and lead into an interrogation room for questioning. He thought nothing of it at first since he was rather at home inside these small rooms, but never on this side of the questions. He was use to telling his clients not to answer the cops. He knew that he shouldn’t be talking to the cops as much as he was, but he was cocky with legal knowledge, without thinking that he was emotionally compromised.

“Listen guys, we’ve been at this for hours. I’ve told you everything I know,” Steve blurted out, tired and exhausted after a mentally draining day.

“Okay but let’s go over this one last time. Your neighbors say they say you and your wife fighting last night,” Detective Specter began.

“It was an argument, not a fight,” Steve corrected.

“Which is when you got the cut on your neck,” the detective continued.

“I can’t remember if that happened then or when we were…fooling around,” he added.

“Now what were you two fighting about,” Jamie asked. When Steve tried to offer up an excuse, the detective withdrew the photos that had sparked the wife between Steve and his wife and slide them on the desk towards the lawyer. “Is this what the fight was about?”

“The argument was about this, yes,” Steve agreed. There was a pause in the room and the lawyer could sense what was happening. “I didn’t kill my wife detectives.”

“And we believe you,” Jamie replied, pointing to both himself and his silent partner. “But we have to follow the evidence. Now here is the time for you to give your alibi and prove your innocence beyond a doubt. You said you went to a bar, what was it called again?”

“Top Shelf,” he answered.

“That’s a strip club, is it not,” the other detective clarified.

“Yes. Does it really matter?”

“Then what happened,” Jamie asked, keeping the talks on topic.

“I’ve told you gentlemen this already. I met a girl. We went to a motel. We paid for a room and were there until this morning. I came straight to my house and have been with you two all day,” Steve answered, filling in the gaps.

“And what did you do…or should I just take a wild guess,” the detective asked, which was met by a defeated nod from the lawyer. “Now when did you arrive and leave the bar?”

He knew they were asking repeat questions to catch him in a lie. He had nothing to hide so he didn’t fear their questions.

“Left my house around 9:30, got to the bar by 10 and left for the motel sometime between 1 and 2am,” he answered.

“Coroner has announced time of death to be between that time as well so we get the girl in here, she vouches for you and we apologize for wasting your time. What’s her name?”

“Chloe. I’ve already said I don’t know anything else. I can only give you a vague description but most won’t help unless she was naked.

“Okay you are a lawyer Mr. Barnes so let’s recap. We have a witness saying you were fighting with your wife the night she died. That same night she confronted you with pictures of your infidelity. We have your skin under her nails, a defensive maneuver. And your alibi has one name and we have no way of finding her. How does that look,” Jamie asked.

“Pretty bad,” Steve huffed.

“Give me something else.”

“I’ve told you. There was the bartender, waitress, a stripper with blonde hair and massive breasts and the motel front desk worker.”

*          *          *

Steve Barnes was released since they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him any longer. As Steve went to clean up then head into the office, the police went about their work, but it wasn’t going well for Steve.

First stop was to the strip club but that proved a bust. The bartender couldn’t give a positive I.D. for Steve, saying that all the faces start looking the same after awhile. Similar results with the waitress, as she only remembers the one that slap her ass or tip big. They asked enough questions to find that the stripper’s name was Emily Osmont, but she proved just as helpful.

Next was the short walk to the motel in the same parking lot. The detectives got lucky since the man who worked the late shift was still working, finishing up in the next hour. They showed him the picture of Steve Barnes and the rather poor drawing of the Chloe girl, but the motel doorman also couldn’t vouch for them.

Meanwhile, Steve explained his situation to his best buddy and fellow lawyer at his firm Logan James. They weren’t alone, as Steve had also called Alison who had cleared her schedule to come help. They talked through the case, including the revelations that he had no alibi and knew that he was screwed unless they could find someone who saw him.

“You can’t just give up because he doesn’t have an alibi! We need to find this Chloe, she’s the key! She didn’t just disappear. We’ll find her and all will be fine,” the fiery brunette declared.

But all was not fine. Over the next 2 weeks Steve was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Logan’s private eyes returned no results in the hunt for the mysterious woman that Steve had spent the night with. Things were looking bleak and the 3 lawyers knew it.

“The girl is now a needle in a haystack. Hell, we don’t even know if she’s a Vegas native or not,” Logan said to the group as they gathered in the prison’s meeting room.

“Okay so we move on from her and focus on the bartender, stripper and motel doorman. We know that all three saw you with the girl so we know they’re lying. We just have to get them to admit it,” Alison brainstormed.

“I’ve told you Alison, the private detectives looked into them in detail and found no reason for them to lie,” Logan scolded.

“I’m not surprised your men couldn’t find anything,” she said under her breath but loud enough for him to hear her.

“I’m not gonna take that shit from you Alison! I’m doing everything I can to help my friend!”

“Both of you stop it,” Steve said, playing referee. “Logan, I appreciate everything you’re doing, but can I speak to Alison alone for a minute?”

“Yeah sure, I need to head out anyway. I’ll be back tomorrow buddy,” he said before taking his leave.

“Sorry I lost it I’m just pissed. These three lied and we need to find out why,” Alison told him once alone.

“How though? I’m not trying to sound defeated but right now it’s my word against theirs and those aren’t good odds,” Steve replied.

“I may have a lead and before you protest it’s not dangerous,” she told him. “It will hopefully bear fruit shortly.”

“Despite what you say babe, please be careful. You have a nasty habit of taking cases too personal and putting yourself too far out on the line,” he warned as he kissed her.

In fact, Alison had to leave shortly thereafter to chase down that lead she mentioned. The idea stroke her when she was laying in bed last night and was reading the newspaper to help her fall asleep. She doesn’t know why she started thumbing through the classified, but she was glad that she did since she saw an ad for none other than the Top Shelf. It was for a waitress position which was even better, so she saved the paper and would go to the club first thing after her meeting with Steve.

The nerves didn’t hit her until she pulled her car into the driveway of the seedy-looking strip club. She’d never heard of the place before and for good reason, it didn’t look remotely special and she was sure there was a better chance than not of getting Hep C by just entering the building.

Why this place Steve,” Alison swore as she walked through the heavy front door.

She walked in and quickly took inventory. The main room was decent sized with a large area for tables in front of a large stage that took up most of the back wall. It was elevated a good 4 foot into the air allowing visibility from any seat in the house. The bar was tucked in the front right corner while dressing rooms for the girls was opposite in the back corner.

“Hey…can I help you,” a man’s voice announced behind her.

Alison Brie turned around and saw a man standing behind the bar, looking over at her after finishing stacking a bunch of mugs. He was handsome in a rugged way with medium-length brown hair and had a tall and rather muscular body. He was staring at her hard, as though through sheer force of will her outfit would tear apart and leave her naked.

“Yes, I hope so. I’m here for the waitress position,” Alison answered, trying to steel her nerves. “Who should I see about that?”

“Oh sorry but that position was filled earlier actually,” he said. He could see a look of pure disappointment now covering the brunette’s pretty face. “But…you would probably be perfect for another position that’s open.”

“Really,” her large eyes now flashing with excitement. “Great! What’s the job?”

Next thing Alison knew she was standing on center stage. The bartender, who was in fact the bartender from the night Steve was in, told her the position was for a stripper. Alison was shocked but held it together enough to think through everything. This club was the ticket to Steve’s freedom so it really wasn’t a choice. She gave the man her preference for song she’d like to dance to and know here she was, up on stage.

“So you wanna be a dancer,” he said from pervert’s row.

“Yeah…definitely,” she replied, trying to sound convincing. “I’ve never done this before though.”

“Well here’s the deal. You are clearly hot, which works in your favor but if you can’t dance or suck then you’re out. If you can dance then boom…job,” at which point the music started. “So are you ready yet?”

The beautiful lawyer wouldn’t ever consider herself a dancer, not in the slightest. But with her boyfriend’s life on stake she knew she had to shake everything she had. Her 80s rock anthem started to build during the intro and the brunette started to rock her hips to the beat. She was wearing a simple outfit of a yellow sweater vest and black tights, something that said classy but not too fancy. She figured when she took it off later it would be at the end of the day when she was ready for a soak in the tub, not in a dirty strip club.

As Alison swayed her hips the next idea to strike her was using her hands. Bringing them up to her hair she undid her elastic and shock out her long shiny hair before running her fingers through. With her knees now bending in beat with the song she started running her hands down over her impressive body, squeezing her tits together for a moment before continuing on.

“Nice start, keep going,” the bartender encouraged.

Alison was already into this and was too late to turn around now. Using the pole beside her, the lawyer used it to spin around so that her backside was now facing the audience. Continuing to explore her own body, Alison rubbed hands over her plump ass, even feeling her fingers rub over her pussy and asshole in the process. Her dancing was now in sync with the music and she was resembling a pro, swaying and bouncing while teasingly lifting her shirt to just below her tits while lowering her tights enough to see her matching black thong.

She had been to a few strip clubs in her day and knew that the girls had three dances to finally lose all their clothes before finishing. However in a job interview to be a dancer she imagined she only had the five minutes to accomplish this, and she’d almost used up two minutes with losing anything. Knowing she had to move quicker, Alison hooked her fingers into the hem of her sweater and lifted it seductively over her head and off her body completely.

“Very nice, bra next,” he demanded.

The sexy brunette was now in the groove, so instead of listening to him she went with her gut. She did a few twirls around the pole, then as she dipped backwards she worked the clasp with her free hand so when she righted herself her bra was pulled from her body and her lovely tits were now on show. They were perfect globes, the best natural set of breasts that the bartender had ever seen in his establishment.

With her perfect tits now free, they jiggle directly in front of her as she continued to swing and twirl, sway and groove. Her hands seemed to be attracted to them, constantly squeezing and rubbing them when she could. All this pleased the bartender greatly as he continued watching from the front row.

From there Alison seemed to go onto cruise control. She didn’t know where she learnt to do half the things she was doing, but it was working. Maybe it was from watching TV or from the few times she’d actually seen a stripper do her thing. However by the end of the song Alison only was left in her black thong while a very happy man was standing beside the stage, clapping for her.

“Congrats, the job is yours,” the bartender told her. “By the way, my name is Scott McCoy.”

“A…Annie. Annie Hanson. When do I start,” she asked while gathering her clothes.

“Tonight. Be here by 8 o’clock.”

*          *          *

Alison was pleased that her first shift went as well as it did. The club was just less than half full when she started the first of her three dances. By the end of her set it was 11pm and the joint was fuller, not quite at capacity but still a good turnout. She was nervous and could tell that everyone in the place knew that, but she danced and stripped her heart out and actually made a good bit of money.

“So what did you think,” Scott the bartender asked her.

Alison guessed that he got someone to cover for him as he ducked into the back to check on her. It was a bit surprising to find him in the changing room with naked women walking about, but she imagined it was normal behavior for the part-owner in his own establishment.

“It was…exciting and fun. Scary and nerve-racking but it felt so good. They even cheered for me by the end,” she answered honestly.

“And you made a nice slice of cash in the process. Now I wanted to see how you did before offering you this, but since you done good I’d like you to dance again starting an hour. I don’t want you doing private dances until you’ve practiced and since everyone loved you, the stage is the best thing for you Annie,” he told her.

“Um…yeah. Sure I’ll go back out,” Alison replied, happy for the vote of confidence.

And that’s exactly what she did. Just like her previous performance she did a three-set dance and by the end of it she was tired, but had made a ton of money. All cash received by the strippers went into the pot, which was then broken into parts at the end of the night. She didn’t care about getting a cut since she had a well-paying job already, but she was pleased beyond belief when she learnt that she’d made the most amount of money by stripping. Of course, her amount paled in comparison to the ladies that took part in lap dances, as their cut was in the thousands.

“You have a ride home tonight Annie,” Scott asked her after giving her share of the money.

“Yeah I drove,” Alison replied, already changed into regular clothes. “Thanks though.”

Alison headed straight home and took a long hot shower as her kettle boiled. She was on such an adrenaline high from her performance that she had to do all she could to tire herself out. After laying in bed for an hour she finally fell asleep, but her alarm went off only several hours later. She had another meeting with Steve and Logan at the jail, and as much as she would have liked more sleep she knew she had to get moving.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Ali but you look rough,” Logan told the pretty brunette as they waited in the room for their mutual friend. “I mean you still look great…just tired.”

“That almost sounded like a compliment Mr. James,” Alison smiled. After a pause she spoke again. “Can I tell you something? And you have to promise not to mention it to Steve.”

“Wait…you got a job doing what again,” Logan shouted, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head after hearing her out.

“They wouldn’t have told me anything, so I needed to get close and gain their trust. So now Annie can get close to them…”

“Yeah by shaking your ass and showing your breasts,” he continued to shout. “Steve would be pissed and it’s a fucking crazy ass plan.”

“Well I haven’t heard you think up anything better. Time is running short and we need results. I can’t just sit around and hope…we both know he’ll get the death penalty,” Alison said on the verge of tears.

“Shit,” Logan said as he moved beside the girl and embraced her warmly. “I just worry. If these fuckers do know something then you are putting yourself at risk, there is no doubt about that.”

“I know that and I’m willing to take that to save him. As his friend Logan you would do the same. I’ll be careful,” she concluded.

“I just worry about you. We may fight a lot but you have a special place in my heart. And know that if you run into trouble I’ll be there in a heartbeat,” he said, rubbing her back. “Just don’t expect me to be the one to tell Steve.”

*          *          *

The meeting was brief since there wasn’t a whole lot progress to report. Afterwards Alison stayed and talked to her man before she had to return to her office. Her boss was being very understanding, allowing her to work on the case as long as she kept up her own work with the firm. It forced her to really lean on her associate Anna Kendrick, but it turned out to be perfect as Anna was ready for more responsibility and would soon be on the fast track.

Alison finished her work at the firm and noticed it was now 8 o’clock. Though her shift tonight didn’t start until 11, the boss wanted her there early for more job training. She didn’t really know what Scott the bartender had in store for her, but she too appeared to be on the fast track, only at her second job.

“Hi Scott, what’s up,” Alison said as she approached the bar.

“Hey Annie. Head to the back and throw on the outfit in your locker. Had one of the girls pick out something your size,” he explained, stealing glimpses at her ample cleavage as he talked.

Alison, or Annie as she was known around the club went to the change room and found the outfit that Scott had picked out for her for her first performance. Even though it looked small and was something that she wouldn’t have worn for over 10 years, Alison merely shrugged her shoulders and began undressing. It took her a few minutes to put on the outfit, at which point she was joined in the small room by one of the fellow strippers.

“Damn you look smoking hot,” a very curvy blonde shouted upon seeing the new girl.

As Alison turned around to greet the fellow dancer, she caught a look of herself in the full-length mirror. The schoolgirl outfit chosen for her was meant for someone who was a few sizes smaller, but the undercover lawyer assumed that was the point. The white blouse and cardigan sweater clung snugly to her upper body and were buttoned low, maximizing the amount of cleavage coming from her ample tits. Her schoolgirl’s skirt was extremely tiny, only covering 8 inches of her curvy body. It barely descended further than her pussy in the front, and she was willing to guarantee that over half her ass must have been exposed on the backside. The small kilt, which sat well below her hips, coupled with the blouse being tied up really showed off how long and lean her torso was. The outfit was rounded off with Alison in a pair of sexy knee-high socks that would leave every man in the club wishing they would be wrapped around their torso as they drove into her twat. However, the cherry on top of his delicious sundae was having her wear her shiny brown hair in two identical pig tails coming out the side of her head that made her look like perfect jailbait.

“Thanks,” Alison replied, trying not to cover herself up in the skimpy outfit.

“You’re the new girl right? I’m Emily, Emily Osmont,” the bubbly blonde introduced.

“Nice to meet you,” Alison replied. “I’m Annie.”

Though they only met for the first time at this very moment, Alison had seen Emily before. In fact though it may have only been in one photo, she had committed the image into her brain. The universe had given her a bit of good fortune, as the girl who had seen Steve the night all this shit began was now standing in front of her this very instant. Now that she was looking at her in the flesh for the first time, the brunette lawyer drank in the image.

Alison couldn’t help but examine the younger girl and compare herself to her. The pair were similar but Emily was just a bigger version than her in almost every category. The hair color was different but while Ali’s brunette hair was smooth and to her collarbone, Emily’s blonde locks were longer with more body. Speaking of body, Alison’s tits were a healthy C-cup, but Emily’s globes made them look modest. The 22 year-old’s rack was massive, easily a D cup plus with her age they hung perfectly in front of her chest. Lastly to compare were the asses, in which Alison rocked a great dumper that was neither big nor small, just a great shape that looked perfect for her body. Meanwhile Emily’s ass was perfect for someone who loved a big ass on a little white girl as it stretched the seems on her tight-fitting skirt and stuck out a considerable distance from her back. Simply put it was an ass man’s wet dream.

“You have a truly remarkable body,” Alison couldn’t help but gush.

“Awhh…thank you,” the Southern belle replied. “I hit puberty kinda late but once it hit, it hit hard. Plus the wait was worth it for delivering me with this big booty. Lots of men love some junk in the trunk so I really put it to work.”

“So how long have you been working here,” Alison asked.

“Almost a year. Had a few offers from the places on the Strip but my boyfriend Scott is the owner so keeps me around,” she answered.

“What’s it like working with him at a place like this,” the lawyer asked.

“It’s honestly fine…minus the private dances. Yeah he gets a little jealous about those,” Emily admitted. “Actually that’s why I’m here now. Scott mentioned you were a newbie to this and would need a little tutorial when it came to a lap dance.”

Alison didn’t know how to respond so she only nodded. “Yeah…haven’t done those before.”

“Well it’s where the good money is at. Nightly I make close to a grand off those dances alone.”

“Well shit,” Alison exclaimed, shocked. “So how are you…”

“The best way to teach you is to show you,” Emily told her. “So have a seat.”

Alison was overwhelmed by what the busty blonde had just said but as she processed her request she kept outward calm. Looking around the room, the undercover lawyer found a metal folding chair by a booth so she pulled it out and placed it in the center of the room. She turned it so that it was facing the other woman then took a seat.

“Firstly, relax okay,” Emily said, approaching the nervous brunette before placing her hands on her shoulders from directly in front of her. “A lot of girls will come in and ask for the same thing.”

“Really? Okay,” Alison replied, lessening the tension in her entire body.

On her approach to the seated girl, Emily had started up the radio onto a familiar song but the main thing was the slow, sexy beat. Emily still rested her hands on the other girls shoulders, which allowed her balance so she could lean in close so her words were breathed right into Alison’s ear.

“Open their legs. For the next 5 minutes you live within this triangular space,” Emily explained in a sultry tone.

As if on command, the sexy brunette opened her legs wide so her panties were available for anyone to see. The blonde smiled then dipped lower by arching her back, which made her massive rack appear right in front of Alison’s face, catching her by surprise. However, if the lawyer was being honest it was a welcomed surprised and she began feeling her panties getting damp.

“Now you inch forward so the girls,” at which point Emily squeezed her bikini-clad tits together, rubbing Alison’s cheeks. “Get right close to their face. You can take him into your cleavage at this point or make him wait by rubbing them against his chest. Remember that while this is happening your swaying your hips and rubbing your chest and body like your lathering yourself up.”

“Got it,” Alison said as she felt their boobs rubbing against each other. Once again the damp spot on her thong was now becoming a swamp.

Emily further explained the next couple moves, giving her different options so she didn’t seem like a pre-programmed robot. She would squat all the way down with her tits sliding down her body as she did so, taking her time to really grind in her large chest into the lap. On the way back up she showed Alison different variations using her ass, which she would sway side-to-side in a figure-8 pattern right on their lap. The close contact as the blonde with the big booty grinded against her was really turning her on.

“To really make them sport some wood, look back at him while you grind on his package,” Emily explained, then caught Alison by surprise when she dipped her hand under the other girl’s school skirt and felt her pussy. “Or make them very wet by doing that.”


“Relax, it’s a compliment. I’d would have been insulted if my best moves didn’t get you all hot,” the blonde replied.

Emily continued like nothing had happened. She still sat in Alison’s lap grinding on her, but had reached to place the brunette’s hands on her hips as they moved back and forth. Alison noted how impossibly smooth the other girl’s skin was and how amazing her shape was. Emily began leaning back against Alison’s large perky chest then wrapped an arm around the lawyer’s neck to give her a perfect view of her massive breasts, all while pulsing her ass on her lap.

“What about touching,” Alison asked in a entranced tone, watching as Emily turned to face her.

“Customers are allowed to touch the hips,” she answered, placing Alison’s hands there while her tits rubbed against her face. “But if you think they’re okay then let them rub your booty,” she added.

As if her hands weren’t in her control the lawyer began doing as she was told. Emily’s ass felt even better than it looked, which was really saying something because it could stop traffic. The red G-string the blonde wore allowed Alison to roam the entire surface, which she gladly did. She was so focused she barely registered as Emily freed her cannons from her bra, flopping the perfect set on either side of the brunette’s pretty face. But just as she felt them Emily turned around again, grinding her ass back into her lap.

“And what about the boobs,” Alison asked, but before waiting for an answer she was already squeezing the large mounds.

“As long as you’re cool with it,” Emily breathed huskily. “Tweak my nipples…I really like that.”

Alison was completely under the girl’s spell of seduction so went from gentle squeezing, to firm kneading then finally onto rolling her pink nipples in between her fingers. The small stripper change room was now reverberating in the moans of the blonde girl as her sensitive nipples were played with by the brunette.

And it was at this point that Alison realized she was about to participate in a lesbian experience. The brunette had experimented during college a few times and enjoyed it, but she always preferred a hard cock at the end of the day. She didn’t know why she was so easily pushed into it, likely due to the fact that she was sexually frustrated. After all, she’d been use to getting fucked almost daily, and now she hadn’t been touched in nearly 3 weeks.

“And your twat,” Alison breathed into her ear.

Even as her hands were leaving her mouth Alison was lowering her right hand down between the blonde’s leg all while her left hand was still pleasuring her chest. Not caring for a response Alison brushed away her panties and rubbed the younger girl’s slit, feeling how wet she was. Emily was like a swimming pool as the other girl’s fingers combed through her pink folds, making the girl moan even louder.

“Fuck me,” Emily begged.

Doing exactly what her new lesbian lover asked, Alison pressed her middle and ring finger together and targeted her pussy. Finding the entrance with ease, the lawyer dipped her digits into the other woman, having no problems as they slide into her wanting twat with ease.

“Like this,” Alison asked in a knowing tone, fingers blasting into the other girl’s mound.

Emily responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts from on top her fellow stripper. Alison started nervous but realized that from this position it was no different than when she pleasured herself. Using that knowledge of her own body, the lawyer drove upwards to find the blonde’s G-spot, knowing she hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated she plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling the girl’s sensitive nipples with her free hand.

“Feels…mhmmm…so good…awwhh,” Emily grunted in satisfaction.

“Want me to make you cum,” Alison said after another few minute of finger banging the girl’s twat.

“So badly,” she practically begged. “Make me squirt and I’ll eat you out better than anything you could have dreamed up.”

The lawyer was going to bring the woman to orgasm no matter what but now she was definitely gonna make this bitch scream. Taking her left hand from the girl’s massive tit, Alison placed it between Emily’s legs but as her right hand plundered three fingers into her hole, her left hand went straight for her clit.

While Alison pleasured the blonde’s pussy with both of her hands, she didn’t forget about Emily’s other lady bits. The stripper’s hand was still wrapped around the brunette’s neck, so all Alison had to do was crane her neck into an awkward position in order to be close to her bouncing boobs. With impressive coordination she timed her motion perfectly so that was Emily’s tit came bouncing downward, Alison scooped it into her waiting mouth, applying suction to the hypersensitive zone.

“Squirt baby….fucking squirt for me,” Alison demanded, surprising herself with her dirty talk before returning to licking her tit.

“Oh Goodddd…..I’m cumming,” Emily screamed.

Alison had never witnessed someone squirting before, though one of her ex-boyfriends claimed that she had done so from time to time. The brunette watched as Emily stopped grinding on her lap and felt her fingers become locked in a vice-like grip by her pussy. Right below where Alison’s fingers continued to friction her clit, Emily let loose a stream of clear liquid that traveled a good 5 feet then pooled on the floor.

“Holy crap,” Alison exclaimed.

“Your turn now,” Emily said, not taking a moment to recover from the intense orgasm.

Before Alison could do or say anything, Emily was in motion. The blonde had recovered from her orgasm quickly and had dropped to the floor in the next instant, spinning around so she was kneeling between the brunette’s legs, facing her pretty lover. She wasted no time in hooking her fingers into the waistband of Alison’s panties and began pulling them down. The lawyer helped her by lifting her substantial ass from the metal chair then watched as they were peeled down over her knee-high white socks.

“Ugghh,” Alison grunted in pain as her hair was pulled.

Emily didn’t duck her head under Alison’s skirt and start licking her sex right away. Instead she ran her hands up Alison’s compact body and undid the knot her blouse made before rolling it back off her shoulders. With her tits now bare, the blonde gave them a hearty squeeze before continuing upwards. With her right hand she grabbed a clump of smooth hair and gave a sharp downward wank, drawing the grunt from Alison, then swooped quickly to cup her back of her head and planted a hard kiss on the pretty woman’s lips.

Alison was initially surprised by the forcefulness of her kiss, but she got over the shock and returned the affection. Just as their tongues started to mingle in the space between their lips, Emily ended their kissing. She planted lips down Alison’s neck, making the older woman shiver in excitement, which magnified 10-fold when Emily’s kisses reached her lovely breasts. Her pink nipples were already erect and Alison found herself groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure when the blonde lightly bit down on the sensitive nipples.

“Fuck you’re kinky,” the undercover lawyer told her lesbian lover.

“You haven’t seen nothing yet,” the blonde said while flashing a wicked smile.

Emily did another few nibbles on her erect nipples, each one getting harder which made Alison’s moans that much louder. The blonde didn’t retreat further south right away, instead she put her face in the girl’s mountainous cleavage and proceeded to motorboat her. Doing this to a woman whose tits rivaled her gave her an appreciation as to why men that she performed for always wanted to do it to her.

The blonde wouldn’t have left her cleavage if it wasn’t for her drive to try how the woman tasted. Emily pulled her face away from Alison’s tits though her hands never hands never left the perky globes, licked her way down her flat stomach then ducked her head under the schoolgirl kilt.

“I mhmm…mmm…mmmhm. I love a bald pussy to eat,” Emily said, licking her lips.

Lifting each of Alison’s perfect legs onto her shoulders, the blonde kissed along the inner thigh of the right legs until reaching the pink mound between her legs. She planted a long open mouth kiss right on the lawyer’s wet folds, being sure to use lots of her skilled tongue before pulling away. She repeated the action on the left leg this time, but really taking her time travelling along her thigh until reaching her target.

“You tease,” the topless woman told her, playing with her own tits in the process.

“Don’t worry. I’m worth the wait,” Emily told her.

Already on her knees on the unswept floor, she scooted her large ass backwards to lower down even more. From his position Emily moved her head firmly between Alison’s muscular thighs so her face was buried in her pussy. Alison tossed her head back over the headrest of the folding chair and enjoyed the attention that her fellow stripper was providing her.

Emily classified herself as bi-sexual as she would gladly take cock just as readily as she would eat pussy, but since beginning her relationship with the club owner she hadn’t hooked up with many girls. However now that she had been servicing her new friend for the last couple of minutes she had really found her stride now. Already having wiggled her tongue up and down her entire pink slit many times, making sure to focus on the exposed clit, the bi-sexual blonde changed tactics. It meant pulling her hands from the brunette’s perfect tits, but she needed them to pull apart Alison’s pink lips, which allowed her to plunge her tongue deep into the other girl’s hole.

“Yes,” Alison screamed again, this time loudest since they began.

Based on looking at her face, Emily had a suspicion that the woman with a look you could describe as both cute and sexy would taste really good. To her satisfaction, the blonde was correct in her assessment as she repeated used her tongue to collect Alison’s juices. She tasted sweet, with almost a taste of honey, the horny girl couldn’t stop herself from burrowing her tongue as deep into the girl as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Alison’s thrashing her naked body around on top of the old metal folding chair above her, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on her new lover.

“Holy crap you are really good at that,” the brunette complimented as she thrashed in pleasure.

Emily was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her hands both reaching up and rubbing each of her friend’s sensitive nipples, the busty blonde sank her tongue as deep into Alison’s pussy as she could and started to whip it around inside. Emily realized that her nose was squashed against the talented lawyer’s pink folds and an idea came to her. Shaking her head in short, quick movements, she was able to use her face to rub against the brunette’s clit.

“You like that,” Emily asked rhetorically.

“So fucking great,” she breathed heavily. “Gonna cum soon.”

“Give me your sweet girl juices,” Emily begged.

“OH!! I’M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH,” she screamed while her sweet cum gushed out onto Emily’s willing tongue.

The blonde happily gobbled up all of what Alison had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn’t missed a drop, the curvy stripper pushed the brunette’s legs off her shoulders and emerged from her ground.

“And you only do that when you really want to get paid,” the blonde said, using the back of her hand to whip away the cum from her mouth. “You should be good for tonight now!”

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