Best Laid Plans – Part 5

Deviant Obsession

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Alison Brie, Anna Kendrick

Codes: MMFF, Anal, Finger, Oral

Summary: The story continues as Alison Brie may have caught another break, seeing a familiar face in her club. But this time she’ll need help, help that only her friend Anna Kendrick can provide.

Every morning since Alison started her second job as a stripper at Top Shelf was tough. Her alarm sounded at 7a.m., only 4 hours after she’d gotten to sleep after performing all night and into the early hours. Her shower and coffee helped wake her in enough for the commute into work, but she essentially needed a caffeine drip to stay awake and get her through her caseloads.

“Don’t take this the wrong way boss, but you look like shit,” Anna Kendrick commented. “Probably a good sign though, means they like you enough to keep marching you back out on stage.”

“Firstly, thank you. Secondly, I’m not your boss,” Alison corrected.

Alison took the necessary step in telling her associate what she was doing at night. It wasn’t only because Anna worked closely with her, helping her out a lot in the process, but the two were close and Alison knew she could trust her. Going undercover into a potentially dangerous situation was nerve wrecking, so having someone like the red-haired lawyer was a real asset.

“Off to the prison again,” Anna asked as the brunette began packing up her stuff.

“Yes of course,” she replied. “Just finish reading that case then take off. Oh and good work.”

When Alison had arrived at the correctional facility she was the last one to get there. She took her seat between the two men who were only chatting about non-related topics. However, the brunette could sense that there was a heaviness in the air.

“So with the case starting in a week we are preparing by staking out a strip club,” Steve began to rant. “What the hell are you think Alison! Who’s crazy ass idea was this?”

“Take that gaze off me buddy, I tried to talk her out of it,” Logan answered.

“Thanks for the support France,” Alison said to Logan sarcastically. “No one told me to do this Steve. It is the only way to get what we need to free you. It’s clear you are going to jail as things stand so sorry if I’m doing whatever it takes to keep your neck off the chopping block.”

“It’s dangerous and insane Alison,” Steve said in a much calmer tone.

“It’s only been 3 days and I have some progress to report,” she said, changing topics of sorts.

“Really? What,” Logan asked, very intrigued.

“Well the bartender and his stripper girlfriend have been treating themselves to some new bling. Expensive bling at that. Not to mention his new sports car and her new convertible as well. So I had my private eye do some digging and that adds up to more than he makes in 6 months,” she shared.

“That is interesting,” Steve replied.

“Oh and he also found that the bartender and the motel worker have both made several large deposits of money lately. Those dates were after your wife’s death and after their visit with the detectives,” the brunette added.

“Now that is something,” Logan agreed.

“Its a big start but if you’re going to continue with this Alison you have to keep us updated, especially Logan. This is very dangerous so promise to keep Logan involved,” Steve told her.

“I promise,” Alison agreed. “And now we figure out who paid them off.”

*          *          *

“Pick up…pick up. Come on Logan, pick up your fucking phone,” Alison swore into her cell phone.

A lot had happened since their meeting in the jail. Alison had showed up for her next shift at the strip club and things had gone well. She had danced two sets and was brought in for private dances on a number of occasions. She had also seen the motel desk clerk in the bar but didn’t have a free moment to make contact. However, it wasn’t until the end of her shift when her good fortune kicked in.

She was late leaving the club, in fact she was the only one left from the larger of the dressing rooms. As she went to leave through the employees door, she heard people talking in urgent tones from the smaller room. Walking closer she deduced that it was Scott the bartender and his stripper girlfriend Emily Osmont. They were two of the prime suspects in her undercover scheme so she tip-toed closer so that she could hear their conversation. And what she heard left her in disbelief and made her quietly rush outside and drive down the block to avoid being seen by the couple.

“Alison. What’s up? Anything wrong,” Logan’s voice asked.

“Wrong? No I have great news. Listen to this! I overheard the bartender and his girlfriend talking about how their lies are going to get a man the death penalty. Emily wants to tip the cops off about the mystery woman, at least then they can find her and clear Steve. Scott is worried since they committed perjury, not to mention conspiracy, but she seems to have the stronger resolve. I’ll be going back in tonight and I’ll help steer her into the right direction,” Alison excitedly updated the fellow lawyer.

“Wow Alison, I don’t know what else to say,” Logan said, shocked at the recent development.

“Just wanted to keep you in the loop. I don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep tonight now! Maybe I’ll start drafting up some paperwork for Steve’s case,” she began to ponder.

The brunette was so focused on the exchange between the bartender and his girlfriend that she forgot to include the detail about seeing the motel clerk in the club. However, their phone conversation didn’t last much longer. It was early in the morning so Logan wanted to head back to bed while Alison was way too excited. She eventually got a few hours of sleep before having to head into her office. She may have looked exhausted, but her mood couldn’t be any better.

However the feeling of euphoria didn’t last that long. Towards the end of her work day she had gotten on a call on the cell phone that she used exclusively while undercover. She locked her office door so not to be disturbed then accepted the call from one of the fellow girls at the club named Nina. Besides Emily Osmont, Alison was close to this girl though she hadn’t fucked her brains out in the back club.

“Annie…it’s Nina,” the girl practically sobbed into the phone.

“Nina, what the hell is going on,” Alison asked the olive-skinned stripper.

Though she couldn’t see Nina, Alison could tell that she had been crying and was trying mightily to not erupt into another fountain of tears.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this Annie but Emily…Emily…she dead. So did Scott,” Nina finally managed to choke out.

Alison was shocked by the news and instantly her stomach plummeted and she felt as though she could throw up. She recovered quickly from the surprise but Nina proved helpless when it came to answering any of her follow-up questions as the stripper was simply too emotional at this time. They hung up shortly thereafter and Alison called one of the policemen that owed her a favor. She was able to extract that the pair were killed sometime in the late morning, apparently it was a home invasion gone wrong.

“Logan, it’s Alison. Can we talk soon,” she said into her phone’s receiver.

“Yeah sure, come on by the office,” Logan said before she hung up.

15 minutes later Alison had pulled into the rival lawyer’s parking lot and made her way up to the 5th floor to meet him. Having been in their enough times she placed her bag down, went to the cabinet and pulled out two glasses and the bottle of whiskey. She poured them each a tall drink then practically downed her immediately before refilling the glass.

“Easy killer. I take it there is some bad news,” Logan said.

“I guess you could say that, sure. Scott and Emily are dead and with them goes Steve’s chance at freedom,” she said, distraught and angry. “I fucking had it Logan, it was right in the palm of my hand.”

“Do you suspect foul play,” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “Not like it matters now anyway that their both dead.”

“You won’t like hearing it but you can’t wallow in this, that’s the worst thing that could happen,” Logan explained, but it didn’t appear to help at all so he tried a different tactic. “You know what I was thinking about the other day? You and Steve and how you got together. You two were vicious to each other in the courtroom, I figured you hate each other.”

Alison smiled and almost laughed. In Logan’s experience, sometimes words of encouragement didn’t help when someone was down and out. Instead, they needed to be reminded why they were fighting in the first place so that their own mind could pick themselves back up.

“We were…competitive and very passionate,” she replied.

“The funny thing was that I always felt like I had the better shot with you,” the lawyer continued with a serious face. “It’s not like that’s a surprise, I kept asking you out for a date but someone kept rebuffing my offers. I have to admit, it never happened to me before.”

Alison didn’t know where that little speech came from. What he was saying was true, she had turned his requests for dinner down on multiple occasions but only because she had a thing for his best friend Steve. She could understand why he wasn’t use to rejection though. He was a successful lawyer, handsome, muscular, smart and had a Australian accent that made panties drop.

“Not to be mean but I thought you were a lesbian,” Logan added, drawing a laugh this time from the woman. “But honestly I respected you. You are smart, strong and motivated.”

“Thank you,” she said a little sheepishly.

“So what’s the plan now,” he asked.

“The desk clerk is the only option now,” Alison stated as Logan looked deep in thought. “I’m not sure how yet though. Holy crap! I’ve got to get going. I work again tonight.”

*          *          *

Alison was an hour into her shift when she went up to dance for the half-full crowd. As she swayed her ass across the stage, performing for the all-male crowd she couldn’t help but look around. The dancer never had considered herself a lucky person in the past as she’d argue that she deserved everything she had achieved thus far. However when she spied the motel desk clerk sitting a two rows back from the stage she was willing to correct that previous thought.

Unable to just hop off the stage and go right for him she had to continue to dance. Alison kept twirling around the pole and removing her clothing, which was themed as a superhero with cape, utility belt and boots but she kept a close eye on the man. He was seated at a table with another male who was clearly a friend as they laughed, talked and drank heavily together. Money seemed no object to the clerk, who was paying for both of them to drink.

“And let’s give it up for Annie,” the announcer said over the microphone, indicating the end of her dance.

Alison quickly gather up her clothing and tips and hurried off stage as the next stripper replaced her. Once behind the curtain she raced to the change room and quickly got changed into her lingerie that she was suppose to wear while wandering around the lounge, trying to lure men into the back rooms for a private dance. As she body raced to get into the scantily-clad garment, her mind was also racing about how to get the information from the clerk.

The undercover woman was dressed in a black bra that highlighted how mouth-watering her tits were, the high black thong drew attention to her highly spankable ass and showcased the perfect curves of her hips and low back. Though not a cocky person, even she had to admit that she turned herself on a little bit seeing herself in the mirror.

“Would you care for a dancer sailor,” Alison asked as she took a seat in the clerk’s lap.

Though his buddy may have been smiling and excited, the clerk appeared distant and hard as rock, and not in a good way. He had given her body a once-over with his eyes on her approach to the table, but now he wasn’t even looking in her direction, let alone drooling over her mountainous cleavage.

“Uhmm…I think I’ll wait a little bit,” he said nonchalantly.

“Oh come on, I’ll make it worth your while,” she practically begged.

“Well…I don’t know,” he replied then downed the rest of his beer, plus the shot next to it.

“How about I don’t even charge you for it,” Alison breathed into his ear as her ass grinded on his lap.

“Free,” he asked, now growing excited. “ Hell yeah let’s go. Be back in awhile Bruce.”

“No problem Hank,” his friend replied as he was led away by the eager dancer.

Hank couldn’t believe the luck in that situation. He was only playing hard to get with the amazing looking stripper and she completely took the bait. He had the money to pay for a private dance, in fact he had the money for a lot of things right now, and was only trying to make her work for it a little harder. The tactic worked perfectly and now he was about to enjoy a dance by the girl he had his eye on for the past few nights.

Alison led him past the bouncer guarding the entrance to the back area then selected the first room that had an open door. She closed the locked door behind them then walked them over to the couch where they had a seat together. Her plan wasn’t exactly formulated yet as it was still a work in progress.

“So what’s your name,” she asked as she grinded her ass into his lap again.

“Hank, Hank Gray,” he answered, enjoying himself already.

“Well it looks like you’re a big spender in this place Hank,” she said to him, now turning to look at him while straddling his waist.

“I do a few things to make some extra cash. The past few weeks have been particularly kind. Actually today was another huge score for me so I’m celebrating with my boy tonight,” he answered.

Now Alison’s mind was working in overdrive. To stop him from seeing the thoughtful expression on her face she sat up taller on her knees so that she could bury his face in her cleavage. Remembering her bra was still on she reached around her back to undo it, allowing the clerk to now motorboat her impressive naked tits.

He’s mad extra cash the last few weeks, which is consistent with what we found about his bank accounts. He got paid again today, the same day his alleged accomplishes get murdered. Plus I can see what looks like a droplet of blood on his boots,” Alison pondered silently. “Could he have been contracted to kill the other two? Would the gun be in his car or apartment then?

“So this is free right,” he asked when Alison finally took his face away from her heavenly pillows.

“Oh yes baby,” she answered, now back to standing and wiggling in front of him.

“And may I ask why,” Hank continued.

Alison needed to play this right, though she doubted it would be that hard anymore. She sat back on his lap and took both his wrists into her clutches. Bringing them upwards she allowed both his hands to grab her perky and large tits, which he gladly did and began squeezing immediately.

“Because I knew the moment I saw you I was gonna go home with you,” she answered. He tried to lean into her and kiss her but she pushed him away and looked towards the camera in the room for the answer why. “What we’ll do is enjoy this little dance, then go to the bar for some drinks then back to your place. How’s that sound?”

“It sounds great…but one small problem. That’s my boy out there, and it wouldn’t be right to bail on him. You need to get one of your stripper friends for him too,” Hank said. “Is that gonna be a problem?”

Alison thought it through for a moment but she told him it wouldn’t be an issue at all. As she continued her dancing she pondered long and hard about who she could convince to come back to some guys apartment with her. The dancer she was closest to was Nina, but she took the night off out of distress. She hadn’t really learnt many of the girls names in the club yet, but then an idea popped into her head. It was a longshot but it was really her only thought.

After their intimate dance, Alison got dressed and walked the clerk back to his seat. She pulled up and chair and the pair bought her drinks, as well as hydrated themselves. After her first round she excused herself for a few minutes in order to carry out her plan. First was going to the temporary boss and explaining how she needed to leave early tonight. He understood and allowed her to leave, which wasn’t a big deal since she was done performing for the night. But the main reason she needed the time was to make a call to the only person she could think that would help her out. She explain some of the situation and the woman agreed to meet her out front of the club in an hour.

For the next hour Alison sat with the pair and drank…a lot. She was the one who kept pushing the alcohol, getting the men very drunk in the process. Alison didn’t have as much as them, enough to have a buzz but still had her wits about her. With each drink the men became sloppier with their speech and actions, so by the time the hour mark was reached they were stumbling out of the front door.

As they exited the club and stepped out into the evening, the small figure of a woman was in front of the trio. She was short and overall petite, likely close to 5 feet taller and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. But she possessed a beautiful face that wasn’t your conventional form of pretty, but had interesting features that made her unique and long-lasting in the memory. Even with a large jacket on done up tightly on her, you could tell that the small woman was in possession of some good-sized breasts.

“Anna! Guys this is my friend Anna I was telling you about,” Alison shouted as she ran at her law associate and hugged her tightly. With her mouth beside the smaller girl’s ear she said quietly to her, “Thank you so much for coming.”

“This is your dancer friend,” Bruce asked Alison before addressing Anna herself. “You’re a stripper? You don’t exactly look like a stripper.”

“Who me? Yeah totally. I dance…and take off my clothes at the same time. Well sometimes I dance then strip but I totally do that,” the pretty lawyer lied while rambling.

“Don’t really strike me as the dancer type,” the drunken man said. “But you definitely have the tits for it so who am I to argue.”

“Oh thank you,” she said sarcastically before turning to Alison and dropping her voice to a whisper. “You so owe me.”

“Don’t worry. I have a plan. I’ve been feeding them drinks so they probably are more likely to throw up on us then kiss us,” Alison explained to her.

“So what’s the end goal to this,” Anna whispered as the men talked to a taxi driver.

“We go back to Hank’s house, get them blackout drunk, which shouldn’t take too long then look for clues,” Alison replied in the same hushed tone.

“One problem brainiac, what if they don’t blackout and expect us follow through,” her associate asked.

“It won’t get to that point. If it does you get the hell out and I’ll take care of it. My problem so my issue to clean up,” the brunette replied before the car door was opened and they were told to get in.

Alison offered to take the middle seat in the back seat and insisted Anna take the front seat, which she was more than happy to accept. Bruce offered to put the petite redhead on her lap but the driver came to her rescue this time by telling them that he couldn’t offer the penalty.

Once they were seated the driver peeled out of the parking lot and headed for the clerk’s apartment, which wasn’t far. Alison hadn’t even done up her belt when her head was wrenched to the side and Hank’s tongue was crammed in her mouth. She returned the kiss to the drunken man and felt his paws start groping over her body.

Of course Alison wasn’t the only one who was in the thick of the action. Bruce had managed to get his arms around the chair and wrapped them around Anna’s body. He had no trouble undoing her tied jacket then moved inside to knead her large tits through her clothes.

“Yup…those are my boobs you found,” Anna said while looking over her shoulder to stare daggers at Alison.

The fellow lawyer must have felt them, or more likely heard Anna’s comments about getting felt up. Taking action, Alison broke the messy kiss with her man and could feel his saliva on her lips and the skin around her mouth. Allowing him to keep groping her tits and now kissing her neck, the lawyer wrapped an arm around Bruce’s had and pulled him towards her for a kiss. His arms instinctively fell away from her friend, but landed on her, one arm holding her face while the other squirmed into her pants.

“Wet already slut,” Bruce said to her as he dipped two fingers into her snatch.

“Oh yeah,” she cooed before kissing him again.

“You’re all types of kinky ain’t you,” Hank slurred before turning to Anna. “You freaky like your friend too?”

“Super kinky,” Anna replied in her typical sarcastic tone. “So how do you two know each other?”

“We go way back. We mostly are workout buddies now,” he answered, which helped explained both of their large physiques. “Make a left up here then it’s the second building on the right.”

The taxi driver took the directions and navigated the streets with ease given how dead they were. Within seconds he was pulling up into the driveway of the apartment complex where Hank lived. It was an old high-rise that looked in desperate need of a renovation. The brickwork was beaten up, chipped or missing completely in sections, while several windows were broken.

“Have fun tonight guys,” the cabbie said with a grin.

Anna was the first one to reach the door, whereas the other three in the party reached it at the same time. Hank had paid the taxi but had quickly caught up to Alison, proceeding to cram his tongue back into her mouth. Of course she wasn’t able to move that quickly since Bruce’s hand was still shoved in her pants, fingering her pussy.

“Elevator’s broken. It’s only a few floors up,” Hank said, pushing open the door to the stairway.

“Or we can just fuck here,” the other suggested, attempting to remove Alison’s pants.

“No let’s wait for upstairs. I think we could all use some drinks first,” the brunette insisted.

The party headed up the stairs, Anna leading followed by Alison who had both men hot on her heels. With each passing flight they reached out to squeeze her ass or pull at her pants, the waistband coming down enough to see her black lace thong snugly secure between her cheeks. Finally they got to the right floor after 4 sets of steps and entered his apartment.

“I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’ll do for now,” the drunk slurred.

He was correct when he said it didn’t look like much. The entire residence was around 400 square feet in a open concept, except for the bathroom in the back of the place. The kitchen was tiny, the living room and bedroom were beside each other, which consisted of a TV, couch and an unmade bed. Overall the space was cluttered and dirty, and both ladies wished they didn’t have to be in this space for a second longer than needed.

“How about some more drinks,” Anna said after looking around.

“Yes…great idea,” Bruce complimented before he took her hand and took a seat on the couch, her coming along for the ride. “I like you because you’re smart.”

“Almost like I’m a lawyer or something,” she jested.

“Anyway…I thought your apartment would be…different with all the money you were bragging about,” Alison said, staring sharply at Anna. “Where do you get all that money anyway.”

“I’ve got my secrets baby,” Hank said, handing out full shot glasses. “Maybe I’ll tell you them later.”

“Enough talk for now,” Bruce demanded as he cozied up next to the redhaired lawyer. “Time for fun.”

“Hold up cowboy,” Anna said, practically jumping off the couch and pulling Alison close. “Need a little chat with my girlfriend here first.”

“You can freshen up in the bathroom,” Hank told them. “We’ll just have another drink.”

“Great idea,” Alison replied before going into the small room with her associate.

“What the fuck Ali, they aren’t passing out,” Anna whispered.

“Yeah no shit,” she answered. “Okay new plan. We make out with them for a few minutes. If they are still conscious then you leave and I’ll stay behind.”

“Did you see it too then,” the redhead asked.

“The unlocked gun safe? Yeah. I need to get my hands on that gun to see if it matches the bullet found in Steve’s wife,” Ali answered.

“Okay. I’m into kissing but I’m not down to fuck, not with them,” Anna concluded.


The two girls emerged from the bathroom to find the men still awake and sitting on the couch. A look at the coffee table in front of them showed an empty bottle of liquor so it was doubtful that the men would be passing out tonight, at least before they got some action. Alison afforded herself a quick glance over at the gun safe, which still stood open so she knew that she was staying until she got her hands on it, no matter what.

“You two didn’t start without us did you,” Bruce slurred.

“We totally wouldn’t dream of it,” the spunky redhead replied.

“Well actually that’s not a bad idea. Why don’t you ladies put on a show for us,” the homeowner barked.

Alison smiled then turned to face her friend, who looked nervous. The brunette was clearly the one in charge so she stepped right in front of the thin girl and brought her into her arms. Neither girl was tall, both shorter than 5’3 so they lined up rather well, which made Alison had to stoop her head in order to lean in and kiss Anna’s neck. The second her mouth touched the redhead’s skin she felt her melt  just enough to know that she enjoyed it.

“Are you okay with this,” Alison whispered in her ear between light kisses. “Remember you can get the hell out of here at any time.”

The lips against her neck and the reassuring words from her boss seemed to have a soothing effect on the rattled redhead. Rather than voice her affirmative response Anna nodded her head ever so slightly, which Alison felt right away since she had a hand on the side of her face. Moving her mouth up her neck, she kissed over her jaw and cheek before she reared back enough for their noses to clear one another then slowly pressed her lips against the fellow lawyer.

Of course Alison had no problem with lesbianism as she had experimented during college, and more recently had a fling with one of the strippers at work. She found both men and women to be beautiful and sexy and though men had hard cock capable of great things, women knew their way around a pussy much better. She didn’t know how the little redhead would be with kissing another girl but she had always gotten the sense from Anna that she had found herself with her tongue in a twat every now and then.

Anna was apprehensive but the warm and sensual embrace by her colleague helped dispel a lot of the tension especially since her lips were so soft and she was such a great kisser. However all the brunette was doing was pushing her puckered lips against her, when the redhead wanted more. Finally Anna had enough of Alison babying her. She could understand where the busty girl was coming from in not wanting to send her running out of the room if things progressed too quickly. However at the pace she was going Anna was considering leaving from being teased to death. Reaching up the normally reserved lawyer clutched the sides of her Ali’s face, held her tightly and pushed her tongue into the friend’s mouth.

“Mmm,” Alison moaned into the other girl’s mouth.

It took no time at all for them to transition from lip pressing to tongues sliding on and against each other as they battle for supremacy. Both girls were clearly into each other as they hungrily ate one another’s face with little regard for how sloppy their kissing was getting. All that mattered to them was how badly they wanted to show the other how horny they were and sexy they found one another.

“You two lesbians or something? Looks like you guys are really into each other,” Bruce observed.

Alison disengaged the kiss to respond to the large man, much to Anna’s dissatisfaction. As she swallowed down the saliva in her mouth she turned her gaze to her employer for the night and was caught off-guard. While she and the the redhead were lost in one another during their passionate make-out session, both men were now sporting large tenting in the front of their pants.

“Nope…just really curious,” Anna replied, giving her friend another kiss.

“Well we’re curious what you two broads look like nake,” Hank came back with.

Naturally Anna was more apprehensive than Alison and didn’t start to disrobe until she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Anna peeled off the long jacket she had been wearing and after seeing no coat hook to hang it one she threw it onto the floor in what looked the cleanest spot. Underneath she was wearing a red sweater that was much brighter than her hair, which was more of a mix between red and brown. Tonight she wore it so it flowed down over her shoulder and reached her mid back. Her top  was low cut and she wore a push-up bra underneath in order to maximize the cleavage her large breast produced. She also wore a grey skirt that descended halfway down her thigh, which was useful to show off her long, lean legs and her small but plump ass.

Meanwhile in the time it took the redhead to just get down to her clothes, Alison had made far more headway. Playing catch-up, Anna moved at a much faster pace in order to lose her clothes. Alison was done undressing first, but the redhead wasn’t too far behind her so that they were both stark naked standing in front of the two men on the sofa. Anna look at the two men gawking at them then she looked over at Alison who was looking back at her, then they both took a moment to admire the other’s body.

Alison’s body was just as the smaller woman imagined when she pictured her superior naked. The highlight of the undercover stripper’s impeccable body had to be her tits that seemed to be a meaty C cup. But it wasn’t just the size that made Anna actively have to stop herself from drooling, instead it was how perky they were and each capped with a perfectly placed bright pink nipple.

Anna’s body was also equally mesmerizing for Alison to stare at and appreciate. Her dark red hair was perfect contrast to the milky-white appearance of her skin, which was smooth and inspired her to plant her lips all over. For such a small woman, Anna’s tits were impossibly large, making her look like a boy’s wet dream from a comic book. They were perfect globes that hung perfectly in front of her chest, bouncing every time she took a deep breath. She also took took care of herself in the hygiene department with a pussy that was void of any hair, just like her own approach.

“Both of you are absolutely gorgeous,” Bruce said to them, drawing a nod from his friend.

“Now why don’t you naked lesbians crawl your asses over here and start sucking us off,” Hank ordered, already undoing his pants.

“Okay get out of here Anna,” Alison said in a low voice. “You’ve done enough, too much even. I got it from here.”

Anna gave her a sympathetic look that portrayed how sorry she was that she was gonna bail on her. Alison quickly made up some excuse to the guys as to why her friend had to leave, but promised to indulge them in any and all sexual fantasies they wanted to live out. Anna took the time to quickly rather up her clothes and put on them.

Alison knew the deal when she made it with Anna, but she didn’t think it would get to this point. She had gotten the men good and drunk, sloppy drunk even, but they didn’t pass out. Now it was time for them to collect on her going home with them, which was her pact with them but not with the redhead. She would have appreciated the help but Anna had already been a big help and her end of the deal was upheld.

Anna had come this far, being roused from bed, going to a seedy strip club and then allowing them to take her back to their place. Hell, she even made out and had a genuine lesbian experience with her friend and colleague, but she didn’t want to go further with these two gross human beings. Turning to leave once fully dressed, she opened the door then stood in the archway, affording one last look at Alison who had already been seized by both of them, kneeling in front of them.

“Ugh…I’m totally gonna regret this but I can’t leave her.”

Anna didn’t like this situation one bit but then again she didn’t like the prospect of leaving her best friend alone with two drunk, aggressive men, one of whom they suspected of covering up a murder and possibly even being a killer himself. The redhead and Alison had really become close over their three-year work relationship, which wasn’t something that came natural to Anna. She always had a hard time making friends as she was rather unpopular in high school, college and law school. She supposed it was due to her being rather shy and introverted, although her guarded, sarcastic attitude when someone did get close didn’t help matters. But right from the beginning at Deschanel’s Law Firm she and Ali hit it off and now she’d do anything for the striking brunette, even sleep with some random man apparently.

The redhead spun on her heels as she tossed her head back in resignation, closing the door in the process. Neither man had noticed that she stuck around yet so she stripped her clothes back off and threw them into a pile. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves before she headed straight into the thick of the action. She thought throwing herself in head first would be the best way of handling her anxiety and stop her from chickening out.

“So who’s my date,” Anna asked, kneeling beside her best friend.

“That would be me,” Bruce claimed.

The muscular blonde haired man stopped his groping of Alison’s tits as she sucked on his friend and got into a reclined position on the sofa. Anna crawled over to position herself right in front of him, her head now hovering above his erect cock. She wished he was lacking in the pants department, but the gym rat was packing a good sized cock. Only 7 inches long it was as thick around as her wrist, which would suit her just fine when it came time to fuck him.

Man this thing is a beauty,” Anna commented internally.

Anna’s right hand crept forward towards the object that had caught her eye and imagination. Wrapping her fingers around the midpoint of his shaft she gave him a long pull along its entire length going down then back up again. She had to remind herself to swallow the saliva in her mouth for fear of drooling all over his impressive manhood.

Anna was so mesmerized by his cock that she was only stroking it lightly and staring at it. Bruce had more intimate plans in store so to snap her out of her dream state he placed his large hand on the top of her head and laced his fingers within her dark red hair. That action seemed to have brought the younger lawyer back to reality and reminded her she had a job to do here. Not wasting any more time, she ran her tongue up the entire length of his erect member until arriving at his bulbous tip. After a few swirls with her wet tongue she popped him into her receptive mouth for some sucking.

Meanwhile as Anna started to blow her date, Alison was well underway orally pleasing her man. Though she didn’t have the talent to deep throat like her friend, the brunette didn’t let that stop her from giving him a thorough blowjob. She had worked up to a good pace as she was throwing her head up and down his length, the downward force causing her to slam Hank’s tip against the back of her mouth. The technique would have been enough for anyone to gag except for an experience cocksucker like Alison. She absorbed the blow and dragged her lips quickly back up to his tip to apply greater suction then repeat the action again.

Now that Anna had focused in one the task at hand instead of dwelling on the circumstances that led her to be in her current position, the two girls were mirroring each other nicely. If synchronized oral sex was ever in the Olympics then Alison and Anna would have been given serious consideration for representing the US, as they were both bobbing on their respective cocks with similar intensity and speed. The one main difference was that Anna was allowing Bruce’s thick cock to slide all the way into her mouth and into her throat, stopping only when her nose and forehead pressed into his pubes and muscular gut.

“Go eat out your friend,” Bruce instructed the deep-throating red-haired girl. “I want your tongue deep inside her when I get my dick deep inside you.”

“There is a certain symmetry to that,” Anna replied.

Breaking contact between her hand and his tool, the slim girl stayed down on her knees and turned around. She could feel both sets of eyes on her ass as she crawled back behind her friend and got in position just as Bruce had told her do. She used her little hands to pull apart Alison’s meaty cheeks and give her better access to the brunette’s bald pussy. It was quite a sight for Anna as her folds were so pink and already moist, the redhead even found herself subconsciously licking her lips before dipping her head forward and running her tongue through her slit.

“Umm God that’s good,” Alison groaned as the third different person in less than a week tasted her pussy.

Anna took a mount to admire the noises that were radiating from Alison’s direction. Having given a number of good blowjobs in the past, the sexy redhead could appreciate the considerable skill that her best friend had, as her throaty gurgling noises were making Anna wetter by the second. So turned on at this point, Anna couldn’t be stopped in dipping her tongue into Alison’s pussy and tasting her sweet nectar again. In the deepest recesses of her sexual mind, she’d been dying to have a lesbian experience with her superior at the law firm and the chance was at hand.

Using her small hands to pry Alison’s legs further apart, the skinny redhead craned her neck so that her tongue had access to her folds. Without hesitation Anna did one long lick from clitoris to the entrance of her hole then paused to lap around the slightly depressed area. Once she had collected all of Alison’s juices from the exterior, the bi-curious girl dived inside with her pussy and began getting acquainted with the warm, wet environment.

“Yeah that’s right, taste your friend’s sweet pussy,” Hank encouraged.

Anna needed no further encouragement from the muscular drunkard as the taste of her friend was more than enough to keep her motivated. Cramming her tongue deep inside her hole, the horny redhead lapped at each of Alison’s inner walls and dragged as much of her sweet nectar back into her mouth that she could savor it before gulping it down.

Though Bruce was thoroughly enjoying himself while Anna was blowing him, after all she had amazing technique, he couldn’t wait to get his dick wet inside the sexy redhead. He also got the added bonus of seeing Anna going to town on the curvy brunette’s pussy, which made him even hotter. Given the way that she was munching in her twat, the skinny redhead sure looked like she was into chicks judging by the way she was eating Alison’s hairless pussy. He got into position behind the horny lawyer and rubbed his hands over Annas ass, which was perched up in the air at waist level to him. He started by lightly patting the well rounded object and gained an appreciation for its size and shape.

“You got a mighty fine booty back here. I was worried when I saw how skinny you were but now I know all your weight is in your massive tits and in this cute little butt,” Bruce told her.

“Thanks…I guess,” the redhead replied with Alison’s juices slathered all over her face.

Anna went right back to work on licking her best friend’s pussy but changed up her technique. Instead of just burying herself in Alison’s gushing hole, Anna focused on her clit then would lick down the entire length and back again. All while the horny girl was doing that and while Alison continued to slobber all over Hank’s lengthy cock, Bruce kept groping her firm little ass from behind. After a couple of playful slaps that were just hard enough to get the meat to jiggle, he stopped teasing, lined up his forearm-sized dick and slipped it right into Anna’s pussy. Something that size needed to be slowly worked into her tight hole but the redhead was so wet from going down on Alison that she was rapidly adapting to his girth.

“Whew,” Anna screamed, having been caught off-guard.

Other than the surprise of being penetrated, it felt great to have her little pussy expanded by the horny man. However, it came as a consequence because as her head lifted to scream her tongue was still out and being dragging up Alison’s slit. It traveled over her pussy, dipping inside only slightly, then continued up until Anna actually licked her best friend’s butt hole. It wasn’t the first time she had tasted ass before as she had savored her own taste after losing her anal virginity last month, but never had she done that to someone else.

“Mmmpp,” Alison moaned with Hank’s dick deep in her mouth, the vibrations causing a great sensation to the thick man.

“Oh fuck yeah that was good. Whatever you did to her Red, keep it up,” he told the slim girl.

“She licked her friend’s asshole. Man these strippers are kinky,” Bruce informed, still stroking his tool into Anna.

“Well keep getting it lubed up because I’ll be fucking her cute little bum soon enough,” Hank instructed.

“Lucky me,” Alison thought grimly. “Unless I finish him before that.”

Of course Anna didn’t know of her friend’s new strategy as she took the strong man’s words at face value. The thought of tossing one’s salad wasn’t the most appealing thought to the slender woman, but her first lick didn’t taste bad, plus her previous experience of sucking a dick straight from her own ass wasn’t gross either. In fact she liked her own flavor and was now growing curious how Alison tasted. The added bonus would be that her fellow lawyer would have a slick passage for when the man decided it was time to sodomize her.

With her mind and resolve now set, Anna knew what she was to do. She flashed the man behind her a quick glance, seeing a look of pure elation on his face as his thick cock pushed into her moistened twat repeatedly then focused on the matter at hand, or more like the one right in front of her pretty face. She let out a few moans of pleasure since Bruce was doing a truly good job at fucking her, though it was a lot rougher then she normally cared for.

Anna took a deep breath to steady herself before the busty redhead extended her tongue as she dipped her head back towards her friend’s backside. She landed in the tract between Alison’s rounded cheeks and followed it back until her wet tongue glided over the sealed crinkled entrance to her back door. The idea of licking someone’s asshole was still unusual to Anna but she wasn’t going to stop now. In fact if the men wanted a performance than she was sure as hell going to give them one and Anna was going be the one to benefit.

Propping herself up more, Anna was able to pull apart Alison’s cheeks as far as they could go. This gave her better access to her anal passage and she took full advantage of that fact by lapping around her sensitive hole in concentric circles. Already her desired effect was working, as it was clear to hear Alison’s muffled moans being emitted from around Hank’s cock wrapped around her lips. However what happened next would be a surprise for Anna, as once she started jabbing the tip of her tongue against the center of her chute, the brunette beauty relaxed. The result was that less tone was exhibited in the muscular ring around her hole just like before a man stuff his cock in her ass, Alison allowed herself to gape and Anna’s tongue went inadvertently shooting into her rectum.

“Oh yeah, lick her dumper clean you dirty girl,” Hank cheered.

Anna was prepared to be completely disgusted once she became aware of what had happened. But instead, she liked the change. Rather than being wet and juicy like her pussy, the redhead noted that the tight passage was warm and a little moist. The taste was different too as it was more bold and salty, but not altogether unpleasant. She had her tongue up her best friend’s asshole yet was enjoying it and she had a good feeling that so too was Alison. Anna didn’t know how to describe it but there so something so viscerally pleasing about having her tongue licking her friend’s asshole clean while her sphincter gently squeezed her.

Anna’s skill with her tongue made Alison think that her friend must have been having lesbian trysts on the side as she was remarkable between her soft thighs. What was even more remarkable was the fact that the redhead was accomplishing such a good rim job all while her pussy was being repeatedly battered by the hulking man behind her. Over and over the slim girl lapped inside her tight hole with gentleness that conveyed passion, which made the brunette girl continue to moan without thought of ever stopping. Though Anna would have preferred to be feasting on Alison’s velvety glistening hole, this was a solid consolation prize.

“Either you’re in serious pain or you’re about to blow,” Bruce laughed as he gave Anna’s cute ass a firm spank.

“Gonna cum,” Hank groaned.

Alison barely had time to process his late warning before she felt the first streak of cum splatter against the back of her palate. It caught her off-guard but the brunette adapted and recovered well as she proceeded to collect his entire salty and foul load in her mouth. She was happy when his dick stopped pulsing between her lips, letting her know that his balls had drained his entire essence onto her tongue.

“Share with your friend,” the tired man told her.

Rather than spit out the gross jizz onto the floor or swallow it down, the busty woman spun around to face her friend. She was sad having the redhead’s tongue no longer munching her folds but she was extremely happy to have made Hank cum so quickly. With any luck he had just exhausted himself and would be passed out within minutes.

Now right in front of Anna. the brunette tried to telepathically offer her regret and apologizes for what she was about to do. Going into a tall kneel, Alison used her freed hands to steady the other girl’s face before leaning in and kissing her again. Alison tasted her own sweet pussy juices on Anna’s lips as she spat the repugnant goo into her friend’s mouth. The redhead was ready for the transfer but not for the awful taste. Having sucked and swallowed her fair amount of semen, Anna was surprised by how greasy and gross Hank tasted. Wanting to be rid of it as quickly as she could she gulped it down without wasting another moment.

“Whole crap, you’re still hard,” Alison gasped as she turned back to Hank.

“Tends to be the result of that little blue pill we popped while you freshened up,” he informed her. “You didn’t think I would pop in your mouth and miss out on fucking your other holes. Plus now that the first one’s out of the way I’ll be able to go a lot longer and harder.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Alison said, controlling her surprise. “Can’t wait to be fucked silly.”

“Then how about we relax and you bitches go for a ride,” Bruce said as he pulled out of the redhead.

Bruce got up from his knees behind Anna and positioned himself seated on the couch on the opposite end from his friend. Anna crawled backward slightly but before she allowed her friend to move she held her done and went back to the space between her legs. Not sure if she’d get another chance for awhile, the red-haired girl indulged in her friend’s creamy passion, seeking out as much of her sweet taste with hungry lips and probing tongue. Anna would have preferred to spend more time licking her way to her creamy center but knew that she had a new task to complete.

“Fuck you’re really good at that,” Alison told her before they both got to their feet.

Now back to standing both girls took survey of the couch and moved to their respective men. Alison headed right while Anna went to the left before they both climbed on the sofa, straddling their laps. Alison was sopping wet so all she needed to do was line up his long cock with her hole and let gravity do the rest of the work. Her pussy hadn’t been stretched out by a dick in a few weeks but she got halfway down his pole before she needed to stop and adjust to his girth. Raising up until only his tip remained inside her pink folds, she descended again and took more of his 11-inch cock into her pussy. It took her two more attempts until she had every inch inside her and her plump ass rested flat against his powerful thighs.

“Fuck that feels good,” the sex-deprived woman groaned.

Meanwhile beside her Anna was in a slightly different predicament. She had also aligned her pussy with Bruce’s bulbous tool and sank down on him, taking him balls deep in her sweet twat the first time. However his hands immediately went to her slender hips and he hoisted her completely off his pecker on her ascension. Holding her thin body with one hand, he put a finger from his free hand into Anna’s mouth, who out of habit began sucking it like it was a small penis. Once he was satisfied with her sucking he brought it back towards her hip but went further around so that he could smear the freshly supplied onto Anna’s tight asshole.


But before Anna could complete her sentence, Bruce cut her off saying, “Already sampled the pussy. I liked it but wanna compare it to this hole too.”

The whole night was too surreal for Anna to get a grasp of so she didn’t put up a fight about being sodomized. With Bruce in full of control of her petite body, the muscular man pivoted her hips so that her crinkled starfish had shifted and was now rubbing up against his head, which was well lubricated in her own juices. He returned his hand back to her hip to have one on either side of her body then began to pull the much smaller girl downward. Anna closed her eyes, bit her lip in anticipation of slight pain and did her best to relax as her sphincter slowly started to expand until it allowed his thick cock inside her rectum.

“Sweet mother of baby Jesus,” Anna swore. “Go super slow for a minute.”

Anna was no stranger to anal, especially after having her asshole passed around between a set of twins before they double penetrated her only 2 weeks prior. However after each time she took it anally her butt always sealed up just as tight as before so initially she felt the painful sting when her bowels first split open to take his hard dick inside. But the more times she took it in the ass loosened her up over time so as she lightly rocked on his tip she felt the burning decipate so sank down further. She got another few inches inside then slowed it right back down. Working half of his member in her bowels was now going much easier, in fact by the time she lifted herself up so that only the tip remained in her tightness, the pain was gone and replaced by mild pleasure. Even though taking it up the butt wasn’t as pleasurable as in the pussy, Anna Kendrick was highly adaptable and able to find the good in all situations.

“Man that’s one tight ass,” Bruce said, snapping Anna back into her own reality. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

For a fly on the wall it would look like the quartet were engaging in synchronized sex, except for the fact that Alison Brie was riding a near footlong cock in her pussy rather than the ass. Alison was also increasing her tempo so that she was throwing herself up to the top of Hank’s pole before crashing down, taking him as deep as physically possible. His hands were alternating between gripping her hips to help force her down harder and moving north to grope her tits roughly, which actually felt really good to the undercover lawyer.

“Yeah you like a big dick fucking your tight pussy you slut,” Hank cussed at her. “I bet you do. You look like a slut.”

“Yeah…fuck me good,” Alison unconsciously moaned in response.

The lawyer hadn’t been fucked hard like this, or at all, since her boyfriend Steve Barnes was arrested 2 weeks ago. She had engaged in a lesbian tryst with a stripper from the gentlemen’s club she was moonlighting at, but that hadn’t hit the right spot. She was still very sexually hungry and no amount of masturbating with her vibrator or dildo could replace the satisfaction that a real, pulsing dick could bring.

Even though they’d only been going at it for maybe 5 minutes, albeit at a frantic pace, Alison was nearing her orgasm. For the reasons mentioned above were a large factor, but she had to admit that though being a drunk asshole and responsible for her man being in prison currently, Hank really knew his way around a pussy. Knowing that rubbing her clit would push her over the edge she removed one of her hands from the sweaty man’s ripped chest and snaked it down between their bodies. Within seconds she felt her body start to tingle and she knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“FUUCCKK…YES…OH MY GOD,” Alison screamed as she reached a long awaited orgasm.

“Real screamer we got here,” Hank laughed while still bucking his hips upwards into the tired girl.

“Bud you should get up in her asshole right now. This slut’s dumper feels like better than anything I’ve ever had and I bet your girl will feel the same,” Bruce encouraged.

“Thank you,” Anna said in between moans as she rode her butthole up and down his rod.

The idea was a good one so Hank took swift action to make it happen. Alison was essentially dead weight on him after cumming seconds previous, her full tits pressed against his hairy chest. Though he loved the feeling of the perky globes on him, he had much better ways of using her amazing body for his extreme pleasure.

Alison was a small woman and Hank was a big strong man so it took little effort for him to left her near unconscious body from his lap and deposit her back on the sofa. This time she was stationed on her knees with her chest resting on the top of the couch, her head barely being held level by her tired muscles. Taking up residence behind the exhausted lawyer, Hank got ready to plunge into her back door.

His tip was still sensitive from cumming not so long ago, but nothing was going to stop Hank from getting his meat wedged into her buns. Riding out the intense sensation as his dickhead pushed hard against her sphincter, she eventually wielded and allowed his shaft to push past her relaxed hole and gain entry to her bowels.

“Fuck that’s one way to wake up,” Alison grunted, hands gripping the top of the sofa.

He was able to work half his tool into her bottom before she felt her sphincter bite down hard around his veiny shaft. He stopped his forward progress and simply rested in her asshole, allowing her to grow accustomed to his toll in her rump before he withdrew partially. This time when he pushed into her he got more inside until he felt the soft skin of her meaty ass against his lap.

Then an idea hit Hank’s brilliant but dirty mind. Though his cock was amply lubricated from Alison cumming all over his shaft like a river with a busted dam, seeing Anna moaning atop of his friend’s lap got him thinking. Alison felt her strong lover leave her asshole without warning, right as she was getting use to him being in her tightest of holes. Hank moved quickly as to hardly let any time pass as he moved to beside the other couple on the sofa, gripped Anna’s red hair and pulled her down towards his cock.

Anna had no idea what was going on and went with the flow as she sank her ass right down onto Bruce’s thick tool as the man pulling her hair transferred his moist cock right onto her waiting tongue and pushed it further inside until hitting the back of her throat. This caused her spit up and cough a bit but she regained her composure in order to apply suction and suck off any traces of Alison’s rectum from his stiffy.

He only bobbed his cock into her mouth a few times before he withdrew it and placed it back in Alison’s backdoor. Her hole was in the process of closing so it being forced back open caused her to moan louder, but the extra saliva from Anna’s mouth helped with the friction. He slammed inside her for a few passes then went straight back to the redhead’s mouth to give her more taste testing. He did this a few times until he sensed Bruce growing frustrated with splitting the attentions of his date so he stopped and focused back on solely sodomizing the curvy brunette.

“I think you got the right idea,” Bruce said, seeing the way Hank was able to viciously pound into his date’s arse.

Anna was only vaguely aware of what he was saying so it came as a surprise to her when she was lifted up into the air. It resulted in Bruce’s cock leaving her ass for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, and Anna was surprised to find that she missed him inside her, stretching out her tiny hole to its maximum capacity.

The redhead was guided back down towards the couch, twisting as she was placed onto her knees with her large chest pressed firmly against the dirty sofa. She was in the exact same position as her boss from the law firm, in fact the latest shuffling of positions left Anna kneeling right beside Alison as she was being taken from behind in her rump. She was left to wait for him a little longer as Bruce walked around the couch and present his tool right in front of the brunette lawyer. Alison was more aware now and realized that the muscular man wanted her to do what Anna had done to her date minutes before. Though never having done ass to mouth before, Alison pushed the gross thoughts aside, opened her mouth and proceeded to suck Anna’s bowels off of the thick cock in her mouth.

After a minute Anna soon felt the couch shake behind her as Bruce took up his familiar place between her legs, this time dipping his cock into the redhead’s bald pussy and pumping it inside her wetness for a few minutes. Now that it was good and lubricated he withdrew it from her folds, aimed an inch higher and slid back into the willing girl’s rectum.

“Well you might as well kiss since you’re beside each other like that,” Hank suggested, drawing a laugh from his buddy.

At seemingly the same time, each girl brought a hand to caress the other’s face as they kissed each other with clear lust. As their tongues mingled between their pressed lips, the men were busy working up a big sweat as they relentlessly hammered into their asses.

Hank bucked his powerful pelvis forward, sending his lengthy tool deep inside  his much smaller date, her asshole clinging tightly to his vein member for the entire ride. When he felt her muscular ring clamped around his sensitive head he anchored her to that position with his arms then dragged his veiny shaft backwards so that half of his thickness was buried in her warm hole while the other half waited just beyond the verge.

“Gimmie that cock in my ass,” Alison was practically begging now while looking at him over her shoulder.

As Hank gladly gave the brunette beauty exactly what she craved, Bruce was doing likewise to his date, albeit in a slightly different technique. The muscular man was donning a big, shit-eating grin as he wildly thrust his hips forward while wanking Anna’s slender hips back towards him at the same time. The result was his cock feeling like it was going to poke out Anna’s throat as the large man used the fiery redhead as a fuck doll. Over and over he used his arms and hips in combination to drag the pint-sized beauty up and down his cock as he probed every inch of her bowels.

Hands clutching tightly onto her hips the two men mercilessly hammered away inside their respective date’s assholes. For both Anna’s and Alison’s parts they were taking the abuse with a smile on their faces as they groaned and grunted with eyes rolling back into their skulls. Normally they were never treated with such a lack of respect or degradation, however both lawyers were getting extremely turned on by the rough treatment, in fact both women were rapidly approaching another orgasm.

“So close baby,” Anna hissed.

“Yeah me too again,” Alison added before kissing the redhead.

Both Hank and Bruce were surprised that any girl could cum while taking a dick in the ass, much less orgasm while taking this relentless pounding to their backdoor. Yet the redhead and the busty brunette were on the verge of doing just that. Now with a heavy layer of sweat covering their rock-hard bodies, the two men continued heaving their cocks into the petite girls as they brutally ass fucked Alison Brie and Anna Kendrick.

“Such a whore,” Hank mused while panting from exhaustion.

“Uggghhhh…YYEESSSSS,” Anna screamed as she came with Bruce’s dick plundering her arse.

“Yes…just like that,” Alison screamed as she rubbed her clit. “I’m cumming! Yes!”

Bruce continued to thrust his pole deep into Anna’s asshole as she cum, but it became a real challenge. Hank knew the plight that his friend was struggling with as it was afflicting him as well. When the ladies had hit their climax their backdoors became vices, hugging their cocks like nothing they’d ever experienced. Momentum, pride and the feeling of invincibility due to the erection pills made the two men keep sawing into their dates with care of consequence.

“Fuck I won’t be able to last much longer,” Hank eventually groaned from behind Alison.

“I know. These strippers were a lot tighter than I thought,”  Bruce admitted as he continued to rail into Anna’s constricting asshole.

The foursome continued on like this for only a short while longer, though none of the group was paying attention to time whatsoever. They were all lost in the passion and pleasure that was being generated in the middle of the small, dirty apartment in the rough part of town.

“Oh shit I need to cum right now,” Hank eventually shouted.

“Me…ahhhh…too,” Bruce agreed, barely a second after his friend’s declaration.

Though it pained him, Bruce knew it was time to pull out of the petite girl’s asshole. He still didn’t understand how a girl that thin could have a backside that bubbly but he had more pressing matters to attend to at the current moment. He withdrew altogether from Anna’s sweet backside, looking at the small hole stay gaping open and stepped back far enough so that the spunk redhead could slink off the couch and kneel on the ground facing him.

Meanwhile as Hank was getting up to his feet from the couch after pulling out of Alison’s rectum, the undercover lawyer had slid into position on the floor so she too was kneeling right beside her best friend. The close girls gave each other one last kiss and exchanged a playful smile before pressing their cheeks together in preparation of what was to come.

Somehow in the hurry to get on the floor in front of them the girls had traded spaces. Anna was now right beside Hank, but he didn’t care which of the attractive women it was, he needed to cum and he wanted to do it in one of their mouths. Since Anna was now the closest girl to him, Han leaned over and placed the tip of his cock into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his tip had he begun to shot his load onto her tongue.

With Anna being the toilet for Hank’s spunk, Alison swiftly turned her full attention to Bruce but she didn’t have time to take him into her mouth. Rather, the hulking figure who had been backdoor fucking her friend all evening exploded all over Alison’s face with streams of cum now coating her pale skin. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, Bruce collapsed backwards down onto the couch, absolutely exhausted.

“You still have all that cum in your mouth,” Alison asked her friend.

Anna could only nod in response as she had yet to swallow the extremely large load of cum that Hank had literally just blasted into her mouth. Despite it being the second time the man had creamed that night, Anna was surprised he had generated so much of his salty pudding.

Anna soon realized why Alison had asked that question when she saw the girl crawl the short distance to her and pulled the sexy redhead in for an open mouth kiss. Anna reflexively opened her mouth to receive Alison’s tongue, snowballing all the cum from her mouth into her mouth.

“GULP. I figured you had to chug the vile load last time so it was only fair,” Alison whispered to her friend, cum still coating her pretty face.

However, when Alison finally afforded herself a look over at their rough dates, she found that they had both passed out on the sofa, still completely naked. Slowly creeping up to her feet, the brunette got close to their face and noticed that they were so exhausted they were snoring already.

“Anna, you get our clothes and I’ll check the safe,” Alison said in a hushed yet frenzied tone.

Though Anna was tired beyond belief she listened to her boss and reacted quickly. Her clothes had been folded in a neat pile on the kitchen table, what looked like the cleanest part of the house. Alison’s were more spread out but she quickly located everything except for her panties, an acceptable loss in Anna’s books.

“Did you…”

“Loads of money, some drugs but no gun. I did find bullets, which should help. Maybe enough for a warrant to search the rest of the place,” Alison said with mixed emotions.

The girls quietly but swiftly put their clothes back on then tip-toed out the door and out of the apartment. The men were still passed out and as they walked down the stairs Alison realized she still had cum on her face. Though she didn’t find the smoking gun, she was happy enough to have found ammunition and with any luck it matched the slug pulled from Steve’s wife.

Alison and Anna were both lost in their own thoughts that they failed to recognize the non-descript car waiting out front of the building. From inside the cab a man watched on as the ladies happily strolled away from the apartment complex. Once they were in loaded inside their cab, the man got out of the vehicle and headed towards the place Alison Brie had just exited.

*          *          *

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