Best Laid Plans – Part 6

Deviant Obsession

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Alison Brie

Codes: MF, Oral

Summary: The conclusion to the 6-part story centered around Alison Brie, who goes undercover to prove the innocence of a fellow lawyer, and her lover.

Alison Brie was on cloud 9 as she woke up the next morning. For one it was Saturday, which meant that she didn’t have to go into her office and work on the pile of cases that were stacking up on her desk. This was an added bonus since she was out until the early hours of the morning fucking some random guy who was the key in freeing the man she loved from murder, which he was set-up. But the main reason for her excitement and optimism this morning was that she had enough evidence to get a judge to sign a warrant to search Hank Gray’s premise.

Hank was the motel clerk who lied about seeing her boyfriend Steve Barnes the night that Steve was charged with murdering his wife. With the extra cash proving motive for the lie and a second deposit of money plus bullets that would hopefully match the ones taken from Steve’s wife, and they had Hank for killing.

Alison got out of bed and got dressed quickly. She looked back in her bed and saw the peaceful sleeping form of her best friend Anna Kendrick. Anna was rightly exhausted after staying up with her last night, allowing some low life thug to fuck her senseless until they passed out so she and Alison could search their place. The brunette didn’t need her friend to come to the cop station with her so she left her sleeping and headed out.

Alison called Logan along the way way and asked her to meet her at the station. Logan was also representing Steve as his lawyer along with Alison and he was the only other person along with Anna who knew of Alison’s undercover work in the strip club. Logan agreed without complaint and in twenty minutes they met up outside the station and walked into Detective Spector’s office together.

“Detective thank you for meeting with us,” Alison said as she and Logan took a seat upset the somber looking cop.

Over the next short while, Alison explained the complete situation to the detective and even Logan learned some new things that she’d done. The detective’s face never lightened, in fact she had to remind him to hold off any questions and comments until she was done. She explained how she went undercover at the strip club, overheard conversations between the bartender and his stripper girlfriend about how they’d come forward about lying before they were killed before getting a chance to do so. Then she continued to explain the developments of last night, how she had found bullets that she would bet matched the ones pulled out of both Steve’s wife and the slain couple.

Detective Spector sat back in his chair and waited for the eager brunette to finish telling her tail. The whole thing seemed ridiculous, like a story thought up for a direct-to-cable movie. It was insane and dangerous, not to mention illegal in how she obtained evidence but her bit his tongue. Instead he reached to the top of the stack of files on the corner of his desk and slid over a full-sized envelope to the couple across from him.

“What’s this,” Logan James asked.

“Open it,” Jamie advised.

“Oh my God,” Alison gasped as she viewed the picture.

“Is that…”

“That was how we found Hank Gray early this morning. Neighbor called it in. I guess he fell on the TV remote and pushed the volume up to maximum so when she came over to tell him to turn it down she found his dead body instead,” the detective explained.

“But he…”

“Time of death is 3am, which collaborates with your story of roughly half an hour after you left his apartment. Now I don’t believe you killed him since you would have zero motive, which is the only reason I’m not throwing your ass in jail,” Jamie added.

“Then you must have found the extra ammunition I left behind in the wall safe. As well as the cash and there was even a picture of Steve’s wife in there,” Alison asked eagerly.

“No signs of any of that when we showed up,” the detective answered, stone cold gaze holding her eyes.

“Then this is clearly related. Whoever framed Steve killed this man, he’s covering his tracks. Clearly you see this,” the brunette urged.

“It’s a really rough part of town and by all accounts Hank Grey was a real asshole. Not to mention as you explained he was flaunting his money around the bar and probably throughout town, which expands the list of subjects a hundredfold,” he further explained.

“Fuck man, why don’t you believe her Spector,” Logan jumped in, furious.

“Well she has some really strong motivations for lying, her fucking adulterous boyfriend is on death row, or will be shortly,” Jamie shouted back, getting angrier.

“You’re saying I’m lying,” Alison said as she jumped up from her seat, white hot in anger. “You hack! I’m practically doing your entire job for you and you still are too dumb or lazy to finish it off!”

“And see, I thought you were just fucking random low lifes in order to get your boy toy out of prison,” he responded in an equally loud tone, also raising from his seat.

“Everyone calm down,” Logan said as he also got to his feet, trying to play referee. “What about fingerprints from the shooter in the apartment? Or hairs?”

“Only prints were his, his dead buddy and the neighbor. The killer likely wore gloves,” Jamie answered. “It’ll take longer for the forensics team to sort through all the hairs in the apartment but I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

“But surely this raises doubts about Mr. Barnes’ case. The three suspects that we thought lied to cover up his alibi are all dead now,” Logan reasoned.

“It doesn’t mean a damn thing right now,” Detective Spector argued. “Right now we treat them all as separate cases until there is some concrete evidence linking them together.”

The conversation was effectively concluded at that point though Alison continued to try and press that they were all related. Detective Spector essentially shut down and wouldn’t have any of it, though it did seem suspicious but his hands were tied. Knowing she wasn’t getting anywhere, Alison soon stormed out of the office followed by Logan who apologized to the cop in a quiet enough voice so the angry brunette wouldn’t hear.

“Well that went fucking terrible,” Alison swore outside the station.

“Listen let me drive you home. You’re way too emotional to drive right now and I think it’s a bad idea for you to be alone right now,” Logan offered as he started ushering her back to her car. “I’ll just cab back afterwards and get mine.”

Alison flashed a sympathetic smile and allowed him the lead her towards her car. She handed the keys and they shifted to talking about lighter topics as they drove back to her home, which wasn’t that far of a drive. The brunette walked in such a defeated away as she unlocked her door and asked Logan to come inside.

“Oh hey boss,” Anna Kendrick said in a perky voice. “And Mr. James.”

“Just Logan, we’re here as friends not as opposing counsel,” the lawyer explained to the awkward sounding girl. “Drinks? Wine maybe?”

“Scotch. Neat. Three fingers,” Alison said as sat on the couch opposite the chair Anna was resting on.

“So I’m guessing it went piss poor then,” Anna asked her friend. “I’ll have the same.”

“Three glasses coming up.”

As Logan went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks Alison caught her best friend and law associate up. Anna had assumed it didn’t go as well as they hoped but she didn’t know that it went that poorly. She couldn’t help but feel horrible, especially since she had put her body and values on the line when she slept with that man last night, all for nothing apparently.

A few minutes later Logan returned carrying the clear glasses filled with a smooth brown liquid. They all took one and sipped, except for Alison who gulped down half her glass in one go.

“Listen ladies, you did the best you could. It was a miracle you found out as much as you did,” he tried to spin the positives.

“Well my best wasn’t good enough,” Alison replied. “Not like it matters now. Everyone on that fucking list has been removed from the equation. We got nothing.”

“Ali don’t beat yourself up. No one could have done a better job,” he encouraged.

The trio continued to talk, well mostly the two girls went into a downward spiral while Logan did his best to build them back up. One drink turned into two, which turned into four before Logan stood to refill their glasses once again.

“No more for me counsellor. I’m gonna head out,” the drunk redhead said as she stood to her feet, wobbling in the process.

“You’re not driving I assume,” Logan asked.

“No I don’t have my car here luckily. I’ll cab it home,” Anna replied.

“Take this,” Alison said, handing her friend a 50 dollar bill. “Get home safe babe.”

“So where were we,” Logan asked after Anna left.

“You were about to share some more stories of Steve in your law school days,” the brunette answered.

Over the last half hour the mood in the room had changed drastically, likely due to their level of drunkenness. Alison had cheered up and Logan wanted to continue that so he told them stories of Steve throughout his friendship with him.

“Did I tell you the one about how I crawled into bed naked with Steve,” he asked, nearly causing scotch to come flying out of Alison’s nose. “Okay, guess not. I had broken up with my college girlfriend so I decided to win her back by surprising her in her bed, completely naked. But, someone was already there. I guess she moved on quicker than I did and with my best friend no less.”

“Oh my God that’s horrible,” Alison laughed. “But the thought of both you two in bed waiting for a girl makes me tingle all over. That was an overshare wasn’t it?”

“Maybe, but I’ll allow it,” he laughed. “But that was always the case with us two. We were always attracted to the same woman.”


“Now I’ve been dying to ask you a question but never had the guts. The scotch has taken care of that for now so may I ask?”

“Go ahead,” she answered, very interested in what was to come.

“Well, have you ever thought about…you know…me and you…about you and me ever getting together,” Logan asked.

“Well I mean if I’m being 1000% honest then yeah, kinda. I mean you are an attractive man, successful, kind. Everything a woman looks for,” Alison replied honestly. “So yes, with the right time and the right place then why not?”

Logan moved closer to the brunette so that his strong chest was pressed against her shoulder. “And would this right time be when we’re drunk?”

“I suppose so,” she said, cozying into him.

“And at one of our houses?”

“Most definitely. And I’d be alone and we’d be talking and laughing,” she described as her voice got lower and their got closer.

“Then I would kiss you,” he said, lightly pressing his lips to hers.

“Wait. What about Steve? I don’t think we should do this,” she suggested though she hardly tried to stop his advances.

“Didn’t Steve cheat on both his wife and you when he fucked that random girl on the night this all started,” Logan reasoned. “So forget about Steve for now.”

Logan now closed the gap between them, approaching her and letting his desire for the younger lawyer overtake him. His raw passion had finally peaked and now that he had his chance to be with Alison after years of pining after her, he was certainly going to take it. He initially felt a touch of guilt of being so eager to plow into her while she was clearly under the influence, but he banished the thought from his mind almost instantly. At the end of the day he was only human and couldn’t hold back his desire any longer for the curvaceous woman.

The horny lawyer grabbed Alison on both sides of her face and brought her towards him. The second his lips touched her own sent almost a surge of electricity throughout his whole body. Not knowing he could become any hornier, Logan felt his already erect cock become even harder. He parted his lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth in a rough and demanding nature that was perfectly fine with the girl. After all, he wasn’t the only one who was experiencing lust as she wanted to sample the older man for awhile, only her relationship with his best friend Steve holding her back in the past. Alison accepted him gladly into her and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth before she battled back and crammed hers past his lips in return.

With her hands now holding his face in position as the pair kissed with unbridled passion, Logan slid his down her extremely toned body. Running them over her handful-sized tits he made sure to give them a firm squeeze that produced the younger woman to moan with delight into his mouth. He would have liked to loiter on her chest for longer but there was more of her she wanted to roam now that he finally had her. Continuing downward, the experienced lawyer admired her amazingly flat stomach before coming to rest on her hips, which curved out from the rest of her thin body in order to accommodate her meaty ass. Leaving his right hand to rest on her hip to help steady her, Logan moved his left hand to the front of her jeans, undoing the belt and buckle with his fingers.

The pair continued to kiss one another as they undressed. Alison actually claimed the first piece of removed clothing when she undid the top two buttons of his dress shirt before sliding the expensive shirt up over his head. Not to be outdone Logan had undone her pants and with some help from the wiggling brunette, he succeeded in pulling the tight denim over her plump backside and down her toned legs. Next to go was her light sweater, which left the beautiful lawyer in only her matching red bra and thong.

“Oh Logan,” she moaned when his hand stroked her inner thigh, leading towards her sex.

When Alison’s hands began working at his own dress pants Logan stood up to allow for easier access. The girl knew her way around undressing men so she had them undone in seconds, at which point he stepped in by pulling them down along with his boxers. He was now standing in front of the vulnerable brunette stark naked as he hunched over to continue to kiss her. The brunette took full advantage of the situation by reaching out her arm and wrapping her fingers around his hard cock.

“Hello councillor,” Alison said with surprise after feeling both his length and girth.

While her ‘date’ last night was rather lengthy, he was also very slender when it came to diameter of his dick. Logan was a perfect mixture of being a solid 8 inches in length, but also rocked a pretty thick pole as well, which was Alison’s favorite combination. Being ever the multitasker, the pretty lawyer reached behind her with her free hand un unsnapped her frilly bra while Logan hooked fingers into the waistband of her thong and pulled them down her tanned legs.

“Mmhmm yes,” Alison moaned loudly, this time as his fingers searched through her pink folds.

“You’re already so wet,” he said while kissing the horny girl.

“Very much so,” she said as they used their hands on the other’s privates.

Logan increased his rubbing of her clit with his talented fingers so that now it was harder and faster. Alison was more than fine with the quicker pace as she was bucking her hips forward, begging for more all while pumping her fist faster along his length as a result. The eager male grinned through their kissing but then stopped his hand from pleasuring her and instead placed it behind her knees. She was upset that he stopped giving her a steady stream of pleasure but his motives became clear when his other arm wrapped around her back. Alison wasn’t very heavy so Logan had no problems hoisting her off the couch, carrying the attractive woman in his strong arms.

“Bedroom,” he asked.

“That way,” she pointed before planting her lips back on his.

Logan was glad that it was only a short walk to the bedroom, not because she was hard to carry but because he wanted to desperately be inside the sexy lawyer. The room was the first door on the right, the door already swung open which allowed him to step over the threshold into her bedroom. The walls were a warm orange color, a few dressers were along the walls and a large king-sized bed was in the back center.

He placed her down lately and crawled down on top of her, their lip lock never breaking as she pushed back further onto the bed until her head was in the pillows. Logan moved with her in tandem, making out with her all the while. Her lips felt so moist and wet on his, but he had other ideas than simply kissing the beautiful woman.

Logan brought his hands up and began massaging the fellow lawyer’s massive cannons. They were larger than a handful, firm but still squeezable and he could feel the hard nipple poking against both of his palms. He looked down and admired the best set of tits he’d ever seen as they were firm, perky and capped off with a small pink nipple. Unable to resist the urge, the older man broke their kissing and began moving down her body in order to take one of her nipples into his mouth while his hand went to tugging lightly on the other.

“Mmm…oh Logan,” Alison moaned lightly.

While Logan used his tongue and suction on her sensitive nipples, he used one free hand to steady himself above the witch while his other travelled down her tight body. His fingers lingered over each breast, making sure that each nipple was rock hard before going slowly over her taut stomach. Finally he reached the pink slit, which he was happy to find was still soaking wet as though a flood had started and she wasn’t able to turn it off.

“Ummm,” Alison moaned as his fingers rummaged through her pussy once again.

After another pass, the man dipped a finger inside of her gushing pussy up to the knuckle. He was surprised to find that she felt as tight as a teenager despite her recent undercover activities at the seedy strip club. After a few strokes inside her, Logan was able to slip in a second finger into her vice-like hole, which was slowly yielding to his girth.

Alison was so lost in her own world of pleasure that she didn’t notice that Logan was kissing his way down her body, leaving her breasts for the first time in minutes. When she realized he was no longer sucking her fine tits Logan was considerably lower, as she felt his hot breath contact the inside of her thighs. Looking down between her widespread legs, she saw the older man smirk before burying his face in her pink hole. She felt elated as his long tongue searched deep in her pussy as far as it would go while his hands were rubbing and pulling gently on her erect nipples.

“Mmmmm…ooohhh,” Alison screamed in delight as his tongue continued to pierce her pussy deeply.

Logan knew his way around a woman’s snatch, having been between many of thighs in his day. Each woman was different so he learned quickly what moves got the biggest rise out of his horny lover then focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn’t surprise him when after only a few minutes Alison was thrashing on the mattress, digging her hands through his black hair and pushing his face deeper into her pussy.

He had learnt a long time ago that woman loved giving partners so Logan had refined his oral techniques until they were near perfect. Adapting to Alison, he had realized that though she took much pleasure from his tongue lapping inside her moist hole, the way to truly make her scream was using his fingers inside her. She was loosening up the longer their tryst went on but he used two fingers to probe inside her, allowing him both speed and precision to repeatedly tap and stroke her G-spot.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing brunette but she wasn’t ready to cum just yet. Knowing he could accomplish that whenever he wanted, he decided to bring her to her orgasm sooner rather than later in order to save her energy for later. While still pumping the two fingers into her twat, Logan latched his lips around the top of her clit and repeatedly flicked her clit with speed but with a gentle touch.

“Oohhhh….yesssss….ugghhhhhh,” Alison screamed at the top of her lungs as she had her second orgasm by as many men within half a day of each other.

Logan lapped up every ounce of her cum that he could with his tongue as it was one of the tasty lady cum he’d ever drank in his entire life. Once he was sure that he had every drop he could find, he crawled up the bed until his body was hovering over her and his cock was pressed against her wet pink hole.

“Ready,” he asked, holding his tip right at the cusp of entry.

“Get that big dick in me and fuck me,” she begged.

Alison accentuated her point by wrapping her tanned legs around his strong waist, placing her heels onto his butt cheeks. Helping to motivate him to plow into her dripping wet snatch, the horny lawyer squeezed her legs, driving her heels into his back to spur him to push into her. Logan took the hint and thrust his hips until she engulfed the first half of his thick member with ease before he stopped, allowing his hard tool to soak in her warmth. She felt perfect around his cock and now all he wanted to do was absolutely fuck the hell out of her. He reared his hips backwards until he was almost out of her twat, then when he pushed back inside her wet heat Alison took his entire length into her and proceeded to grind her hips while beneath him.

“Damn this is better than I’ve ever imagined,” he muttered.

Sex with Logan was completely different than the type she had last night with Hank the motel clerk. Where that animal was frenzied and out of control, Logan was passionate and caring, taking his time to thoroughly enjoy the moment and paying attention to her needs as well so she got the most out of their time together as well. Last night the only kissing happened between Alison and Anna, but right now her and Logan appeared glued together. Neither one was willing to pull their lips away from the other so they made out as his cock drove down into Alison’s wet snatch.

Logan was use to getting sucked off first before entering his partner, but Alison was soaking wet from just cumming so lubrication wasn’t a problem. Plus, if the brunette was a thoughtful lover like he imagined her to be then she’d want to repay the favor at some point in the future. This would be particularly appreciated by the lawyer since he really got off on watching a woman blowing him while she tasted her own juices.

Lowering his thrashing body down, Logan’s chest was now pressed against her large, soft tits. Flexing his head forward, the black-haired male kissed her neck before their lips found each other’s again. The pounding into the tight woman at a great speed for the past 10 minutes was starting to lower his stamina, especially as his balls were smacking against her impeccable ass cheeks, such was the ferocity of his thrusts.

“I love how good it feels when you go so deep,” Alison groaned. “But how about I take a turn on top?”

“Perfect,” he replied.

Logan felt like a change in position was just the thing needed to delay his rapidly approaching orgasm so her insistence couldn’t have come at a better time. Normally he wouldn’t want to prolong cumming, especially once his date had reached orgasm, but when each minute he held out meant another minute of having sex with Alison Brie, then he hoped he wouldn’t orgasm for a long time.

With her legs still wrapped around his waist, the lawyer grabbed her hips then rolled over. Alison’s large bed was just big enough for the movement that saw the brunette still engorged on his cock but only this time, she was the one looking down on him. It took her a second to compose herself after the roll but now she had placed her hands on Logan’s surprisingly strong chest and started to slowly lift herself off of his cock. By the time she felt just the tip of his member inside of her, she sank back down on him until her ass was pressed against his thighs.

“Ohh that gets me even deeper,” Alison moaned. “But I had something else in mind.”

Moving to the top of his pecker, Alison continued to raise higher until his tool came flopping out of her snatch. Moving back down the bed while staying between his thighs, the brunette lawyer picked his slick cock up from his stomach and immediately wrapped her lips around him. His dick was slathered in her pussy juices, but Alison was more than happy to taste test the delicious flavor, noting how it tasted different than Anna’s had last night.

“God that feels amazing,” Logan grunted with Alison’s lips around his cock.

“You haven’t felt anything yet sailor,” she told him.

With her lips now free of his member for the first time in minutes, Alison changed technique. The brunette grabbed a hold of his lengthy 8-inch cock in her fist and gave it a long lick up it’s main vein on the underside all the way up to the tip. She used her tongue to give his small slit a few quick licks before popping his bulbous head back into her mouth.

Alison stuck to just bobbing her head on his wide tip for awhile to get them both warmed up before exhibiting more of her talents. Opening her jaw wider and using her lips to cover her teeth she ran them down his cock until he hit the back of her head, at which point she dragged back along his length to his tip again. The sexy lawyer worked this maneuver over and over again, gaining more side and making more slurping noise each time until she was a brunette-colored blur between his olive-skinned legs.

“Fuck yeah Ali suck my cock,” Logan grunted.

Still having another card up her metaphorical sleeve, Alison bobbed a few more times before pulling free of his saliva-coated cock. She slurped out some glubs of spit from the tip of his cock, removing the strands of spit that were connecting his head with her lips then lifted his tool towards his stomach to find the objects of her affection. Back when she was giving head a lot to guys in head school, the lawyer discovered that all boys loved when a girl would suck on their nuts.

Tucking the loose strands of her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ears, Ali sank down lower onto her knees. While stroking his spit-covered dick with her fist, she angled his manhood upwards to give her better access to his sack. Each roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, it was clear to her that Logan hadn’t gotten any action lately given the sheer size of his balls.

He’s gonna cum like a typhoon later,” Alison mentally noted to herself, growing more excited.

Opening her mouth wide again she popped the first testicle into her mouth and worked it around inside with her tongue. She tasted the slightly salty taste of her sweat on his wrinkled skin but that wasn’t enough to deter her from finishing thoroughly polishing the nut before swapping it out with his next one.

Alison seemed to have thought her effort sucking his nuts was complete so after finishing applying a touch more suction she freed her mouth from his sack. Of course she wasn’t going to just rest on her laurels and instead parted her lips again to take his tip back inside her wet oral cavity.

Logan stopped focusing on how close the talented cocksucker was pushing him to his climax and just tried to enjoy the situation. After all he had such a beautiful girl, the one he had been chasing for all these years, choking his dick down her throat. Reaching down, he bundled up her loose hair and held it on top of her head as she continuously bobbed into his lap. Deciding to give her hand, the older man pushed down on her to force her down onto his dick with greater speed and depth. After producing some gurgling noises the first time the eager boy forced her down, Ali regained composure and adapted to his encouragement.

“I need to fuck you right now,” he told her.

“Thought you’d never ask,” she smiled.

Logan kept his head buried in the soft pillows as the brunette sat up from her kneeling position between his legs. Alison pounced on him like a hungry tiger onto a wounded gazelle as she straddled his waist with her ass facing the black-haired man. Reaching down between her spread legs she aimed his very wet cock at her pink hole and descended upon it, taking him completely into her love hole in one shot.

Logan simply laid back on the comfortable bed and simply watched as the horny 20-something woman bounced on his cock with energy he could now only dream about. His coal-black eyes were fixed of course on her masterfully curvy ass as she dragged the thick caboose up and down in what seemed like several times a second! Letting his temptation get the better of him, Logan extended his arms so that both hands could cup her glorious backside and knead it powerfully.

“Mmhm yes! You feel you good in me,” Alison moaned her excitement.

“Seems like your ass took a beating last night,” noting the red ring of skin surrounding her backdoor.

“It’s nothing,” she moaned, never breaking concentration.

Logan banished the thought from his head and went back to enjoying the masterful ride that Alison was taking him on. She repeatedly rose up and down his member time after time, somehow picking up more speed every time she crashed down. Her technique was flawless as she snapped her back into the descent to take him further into her wet cave each time, hitting different spots along her inner walls each time. She continued to gain more pace until finally she was crashing herself down on his lap with great force, causing her large, firm tits and meaty ass to jiggle in the process. Logan did his best to delay his orgasm by thinking of the unsexiest thoughts, but baseball and reciting the entire roster of the Stanley Cup winning 1995 New York Ranger team was only working so much.

“I’m getting close Ali,” Logan grunted from below her.

“Just…mmmmm…a little….oohhhh yes….longer,” Alison pleaded, working herself up to another sexual frenzy.

Biting down on his lip, Logan focused his efforts into making the curvy brunette was quickly as possible, knowing he’d be able to release his seed shortly. Thinking of what would help her second orgasm of their love session, Logan reached out and firmly grasped the bucking girl’s hips. Holding her down so that his entire length was buried in her tight pussy, Harry began rocking his body back and forth on the bed while grinding her hips the other way.

Of course that was only step one of his master plan. Now that his cock head was constantly rubbing against her G-spot he reached one arm around her womanly hips and found her sensitive nub once again, this time rubbing it firmly with his fingers rather than his skilled tongue. Step three was the riskiest of the moves, but with great risk came great reward.

Alison was surprised to find two fingers of Logan’s brought towards her lips. Thinking nothing of it she wrapped her plump lips around the digits, bringing them into her mouth as she coated them in saliva as she continued to moan around them. Withdrawing them after less than a minute, Logan brought the fingers back behind the brunette goddess, running his tips down her spine. He continued his descent over the small of her back and between her voluptuous cheeks until they came to rest on her well-used asshole.

Logan knew that it was likely sore from being pummeled last night by the dead clerk. She had only explained when downtown in the cop station that she had gone home with the motel worker and his friend, but the evidence suggested the clerk was into anal sex and that Alison was a willingly recipient. Knowing he had to be gentle, the lawyer applied pressure with his spit-soaked digit until he popped inside her rectum.

“Oh God I’m cumming,” Alison shouted.

The multiple zones of stimulation targeting her snatch, G spot, clit and backdoor proved too great for the brunette woman to withstand. She felt every muscle in her entire body tighten as she came for the second time in the past hour, this time on Logan’s cock rather than coating his tongue.

If her screams and warnings weren’t enough to tell Logan she had just orgasmed again then the feeling of her velvety folds clamping down even harder on his shaft was another tell. Now with the knowledge that Alison had cum again and was on the verge of being completely exhausted, Logan felt his only orgasm eminent.

“Ok…need to cum…right now,” he warned for a second and final time.

“Cum in me! Fill me up. Give me your cum,” she said, her voice getting louder as she begged for it.

Now that he had the go ahead to cream inside her, his preferred destination at that, he pushed his hips harder up into her stationary twat sitting on his lap. He knew he wouldn’t last any longer than a few more second, especially with the knowledge that his spunk would soon be sprayed inside her hot, tight little wet hole.

“I want it! Fuck me…fuck me…cum in me,” she begged again.

Logan couldn’t hold out any longer. He withdrew his hands from her slit and asshole and took a firm hold on her curvy hips, gripping tightly. He forcibly bounced her on his lap a few last times, spiking his tool into her a few last times before he felt the euphoric feeling of his long awaited orgasm wash over him. Now with both of them having cum within seconds for each other, their rigid bodies went flaccid quickly as they collapsed into the bed. Logan didn’t even remember pulling out of her jizz-coated pussy before they both fell asleep.

*          *          *

“Well good morning Mr. James,” Alison cooed from under her sheets.

“Not morning but mid-afternoon Ms. Brie,” he replied. “We only napped about for an hour after…well…after what we just did.”

“Not sneaking out were you,” she asked to the man as he was getting dressed.

“You had a long night last night plus drank quite a bit earlier and looked so peaceful so I just thought you could use the rest while I needed to be at the courthouse for a case in an hour,” Logan explained.

“Mhmmm…good idea,” Alison replied as she stretched in bed. “Just know I don’t blame earlier on the scotch.”

“That’s great to hear,” he smiled.

Logan finished gathering his clothes from the nearby living room then came and sat right beside the naked girl, covered only by her thin satin sheets. He gave her a kiss on the lips, lingering just slightly before pulling away and looking at her. Her face seemed to glow more than ever after her multiple orgasms and a good bit of rest, plus her beautiful smile could light a dark cave.

“So I have to ask, and be honest. Do you think this can become more of a regular thing,” Logan brought up. “I mean I really like you Alison, have for a long, long time.”

“Listen Logan, you’re great and you were amazing but my heart still belongs to Steve. This can’t be any more than a one night stand,” Alison said compassionately.

“Hey, just like I said earlier, Steve was the one with all the luck when it came to dames,” he smiled, still in high spirits. “Okay I gotta run but we still have the briefing with Steve tomorrow. Noon, right?”

“Right. I’ll see you then Logan,” she said, and at that he was gone.

*          *          *

The lovely brunette went back to sleep for another hour after Logan left, but this time when she woke the sun was shining in her face and she knew it would be impossible to fall asleep again. This time she got out of bed and made way for the shower, washing her body after she had worked up a sweat riding Logan for as long as she did.

Feeling refreshed, Alison threw on some comfy clothes and curled up on her couch going over more notes from the case when her phone began to ring, though it wasn’t her phone’s typical ringtone. Pulling it off the table she looked it over and noted that it looked exactly like hers. Flipping it over she glanced at the home screen and saw that it was a picture of her smiling on the screen. Sliding her finger across the screen she answered the call.


“Alison, it’s me Logan. We got our phone’s mixed up,” she heard his voice saw.

“Oh crap, sorry about that,” she apologized.

“Nah it was me when I left, must have grabbed yours by mistake. Anyway why don’t you come over to my place tonight to exchange,” he offered.

“Oh I don’t know,” Alison replied, reading between the lines of it being a possible date.

“No funny business or alternative motives. After we slept together the least I could do is make you dinner,” he explained. “We eat, switch phones then I show you the door, not even with a kiss a cheek.”

“Well…it would be nice to get out of this apartment,” she reasoned.

“Great. I’m in the south end of town so give me two hours to get home, cleaned up and dinner made. See you at 9?”

“Deal. Text me your address and I’ll see you then,” Alison agreed.

Alison found herself smiling as she hung up the call. She thought to herself why that was, was she developing feelings for Logan? More likely it was loneliness kicking in and her need for human contact. After all, isn’t that why she ended up sleeping with Emily Osmont, Logan and Hank Grey, and actually enjoying all three of the trysts?

Shrugging her shoulders she finished reading the brief that she was currently on. Once completed she got to her feet and washed the few dishes she had accumulated throughout the day and went to shower. The hot water on her body felt great, the second time that day she had been inside the hot jets of water, the first time being after getting home with Anna.

“Shit…hang on,” Alison swore.

She was just getting out of the shower and drying off her curvy body when the unfamiliar ringtone started up again. She ran for it and arrived on the second ring, but she wasn’t going to answer, only see who was calling so she could text Logan and tell him to respond to them. However what she saw shocked her to her core.

Throughout their many meetings, Steve had described the woman he had the one night stand on during the night he was alleged to have killed his wife

Need to meet. Come to 519 Trafford Road. Alone

Alison could only hope and pray that her quick thinking would work. Her reply came the next minute in the form of another call. Alison did the same thing and cancelled the call, replying in the form of a text that she couldn’t answer and asked if she could make it to the specified address. This time was successful and she got a reply via text message, asking when they were to meet.

9:05 sharp. Don’t be late. Don’t be early. Exactly 9:05


The one word reply was all that Alison wanted to see. When she had thought up the idea it was risky but she had to play it just right. The brunette hadn’t gave the other woman her home address, but that of Logan’s. She was worried that by getting her to come to her house so they could talk would maybe spook the girl and she’d run, losing her chance to clear Steve’s name. Instead she would put the three of them in one room, well there would be a fourth but that again would require some special handling as well.

*          *          *

Logan James was on cloud nine at the moment. Sure, things didn’t go exactly as he planned with Cobie Smulders, the wife of his best friend. She died tragically but she had it coming. And sure, his best friend was probably headed to the electric chair or a date with a needle containing lethal injection cocktail, but he could always make new friends. More importantly, he had finally managed to seduce the beautiful Alison Brie and though she rejected his initial offer of having a more serious relationship, she was coming over to dinner tonight.

Logan finished up his work for the day and headed home. He needed to stop off at the grocery store and gather the ingredients for his world famous at home sushi, well maybe not world famous but definitely delicious none the less. Even traffic was in his favor today, as he made it home in plenty of time to tidy his already clean house, wash up and prepare his meal.


Logan heard the rap of knuckles on his wooden door. Looking over at the time Alison had arrived exactly when she should, a trait he admired. He quickly washed his hands and dried them, walking towards the main lobby while he rang out his hands with the towel.

“Hi Ali,” he said, leaning in and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Come on in.”

“I didn’t know what you were making for dinner but I figured a nice red wine would hopefully go with it,” the brunette said as she offered him the bottle she came with.

“Nice year,” Logan assessed, leading her back towards the kitchen. “I’m just about done with the salad then the rack of lamb ribs should be 5 minutes behind that.”

“Yum,” Alison smiled.

As they made their way into his expansive kitchen with all the high-end appliances the lawyer took a seat on a high chair in front of the kitchen island. The location was ideal as it let her look out the window at the front doorway while also allowing her watch Logan. Now that she knew he was a murderer and worse, there was no chance in hell she’d take her eyes off him if she could help it.

“I gotta admit I was surprised when you accepted my dinner offer,” he said, looking over his shoulder to look at her.

“I may have rushed things before when I said we had to be a one night thing,” Alison said.

She wanted the killer to have a sense of ease tonight, that way when she crushed his world he didn’t see it coming.


“Why don’t I get that for you,” Alison offered, already off her seat.

“Yeah sure, thank you,” Logan replied as he continued making the appetizer.

From her vantage point in the kitchen, she knew it was Chloe Bennet who had just arrived. She looked unease, holding her arms crossed in front of her chest tightly, and it wasn’t because she was chilly in the heated Vegas air. The dark-haired girl with Chinese heritage on her father’s side was expecting to find Logan on the other side of the door so Alison had to use her silver-tongue to great effect.

“Hi Chloe,” Alison said in a soft, low voice, hoping the startled girl would reciprocate.

“Um hi. Is Logan here,”she asked after a moment’s hesitation.

“He is. He’s in the kitchen, won’t you come in,” Alison offered, opening the door wider.

“So is this a couple’s thing, spicing up your love life,” Chloe asked as she stepped past the brunette lawyer. “Because you know I charge extra for that.”

Oh that makes more sense. She’s a prostitute. No wonder she didn’t want to come forward when she undoubtedly saw Steve’s case all over the news. Not to mention it kept her alive so I could use her to ambush Logan and get him confessing on the wire in my blouse,” Alison thought as she led her to the kitchen.

“So who was it,” Logan asked hearing her footsteps without turning around.

“Chloe Bennet. The hooker I presume you used to set up Steve, your best friend,” Alison said in a calm even tone.

“What,” he said, turning around.

When the handsome man turned around the words Alison just spoke comprehended in his brain. The bitch had found him out, but how? His plan was flawless, or at least that’s what he thought. It couldn’t have been or else the Asian-American whore wouldn’t be standing in front of him with the girl dating the man he had framed.

“How did you find out,” he asked her.

“What the hell is going on,” Chloe asked, rocking uneasily.

“She called your phone. I saw her face come up and recognized her from Steve’s descriptions,” Alison responded.

“Fuck. I think it’s some form of O.C.D. you know. I just find it compulsory to have a photo of the person to go with their name and number,” Logan shared. “Came back to bit me in the ass.”

“Seriously. Someone fucking tell me what’s happening,” Chloe demanded.

“Oh Chloe. You were so hot and great in bed. I hate that I have to lose my favorite slut over this but can’t have loose ends, especially now,” Logan said with an icy voice.



“No,” Alison screamed, jumping away from the impact of the bullet.

Logan wasn’t a marksman by any stretch of the imagination but he was able to hit his target from 10 feet away, especially when they weren’t moving. Chloe may not have been the biggest person but from that range he had no problem making contact with the girl’s torso, dropping her with ease.

Alison had come with the intention of getting him to confess then when he came to attack her she would use the taser she had brought. Of course she didn’t expect him to be walking around with a gun on him, especially in his own house while they had a date.

“You’re turn,” he told the beautiful brunette.

“Why did you do it,” Alison asked, trying to distract him. “Fucking cop. Why is he late?”

“I loved her, that’s why. Cobie and I had been sneaking around behind Steve’s back for a year longer than you two. Once I found out about you two I was the one who tipped her off about it,” Logan explained, gun still in hand.


“I figured if she knew then she’d leave him,” he continued. “She called me that night, hysterical. I went over and told her that we would move away together. And you know what she did. She did the exact same thing you did today. She blew me off, said she would explain the whole situation to Steve and work things out with her husband.”

“You’ve been hearing that all your life then the one girl you loved said it and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Alison pieced together.

“If by straw you mean realization and by camel’s back you mean my fragile psychosis then yes, you are right. I killed the slut and let Steve take the fall. Cops are lazy and look for the most likely scenario. Plus it gave me another shot with you, with him out of the way I just had to wait and I knew I could get you to spread your legs. Hell, another month and you would have been giving me blowjobs under my desk while I interviewed clients,” Logan insulted.


“How did I get Steve into my web so easily. The man is predictable. When he called telling me he was at his favorite bar I knew where to find him. I knew his taste in women so I called up one of the escorts I have on call and the rest was history,” he added. “The motel was across the driveway and Chloe reported back to me who Steve interacted with therefore who I had to pay off.”

“Then when I told you what I overheard between Emily Osmont and her boyfriend, you paid Hank to kill them,” Alison concluded.

“Bingo. Then I followed you more closely and it paid off the next night. I knew you were a clever cunt so when I saw you and Anna leaving his place I knew you were piecing things together. So I had to kill him, right after you left,” Logan went on.

“He was your best friend you asshole,” Alison screamed.

“He’s my best friend and I loved him like a brother. But when it comes down to choosing my life or his, then it was a pretty fucking easy decision,” he chuckled.

KNOCK KNOCK. “It’s Detective Spector,” a voice boomed from the entrance.

Logan sprang like a panther, landing on the surprised brunette before she could make a sound. He held the gun with one hand, wrapping that arm around her small body while his free hand pressed tightly against her mouth, blocking her ability to scream. His stronger body was too heavy for her to thrash and make any noises, so Logan knew he just had to hold her until the detective left.

“He’s gonna leave in a minute then I’m gonna kill you. Maybe I’ll have some fun with you first,” he whispered in her ear, making her more frantic but unable to do anything. “Maybe I’ll fuck you again, this time in that ass you like getting plowed in so much.”

Alison struggled but it was no use. He was bigger and stronger and had her arms pinned. She tried to thrash her feet and make noise but again, he was in control of them too. She was fucked and she knew it. But then the unexpected happened. Sure that the detective must have been about to leave, the taser Alison had dropped when Logan pounced on her went sailing through the window by the door. It surprised both Alison and Logan, as Chloe used all the strength she could muster to fling the heavy black object through the glass pane.

“What the fuck,” the detective thought to himself.

Reacting on instinct and adrenaline, the detective stepped back from the door then kicked at the lock with as much force as his strong body could generate. The wooden frame splintered as the door flew backwards into the house still hung to its hinges. His gun was already in his hands and as his eyes swept the scene he saw the two lawyers from the case he was working on laying on the floor. His mind instantly processed the gun in the male’s hand, especially as it went from pressed against Alison’s head to swiveling to aim at him.

“Drop it!”

Logan didn’t heed his advice and continued to take aim at the cop. Having no choice Jamie had to fire, hoping his bullet would find his intended target and not that of the pretty female.


*          *          *

Alison Brie thought she was dead. But she wasn’t. Chloe Bennet had saved her life by getting the attention of the policeman. Then Detective Jamie Spector saved her life again. Alison had never seen anyone die before, not until the bullet drilled into Logan James’ heart while he laid on top of her.

The brunette sat outside of the mansion that all the action had just taken place in. The yard was swarming with police cruisers, paramedic transports and reporters were now even starting to filter in. She had already been checked over but the blood coating her shirt wasn’t her own, and other than being in shock she was fine.

Detective Spector never had to kill a man before. Hell he was still young to the shield so he had never even shot anyone yet either. Only on a handful of occasions had he actually had to pull his revolver from its holster. But tonight he had to use deadly force, sending a man to the morgue but at the cost of saving two lives, plus his own. He had just finished giving his statement to one of the other detectives then started to leave when he saw the clearly shaken Alison Brie sitting alone.

“Do you mind,” he asked, indicating to the part of the bench she wasn’t sitting on. She nodded so he sat.

“Why did you come tonight,” Alison asked the detective.

“To be honest, I wasn’t going to. You rubbed me the wrong way earlier and as much as I thought your judgment was clouded, I still believed you had a morality about you. I’ve seen you in the courtroom. You’re not a typical shark, you take cases where your client is innocent, or at least had a good reason of doing what they did. I just had a gut feeling that you weren’t blinded by lies,” Jamie explained.

“Thank you. You saved my life, and Steve’s life,” she said, nearly in tears.

“And Chloe’s. The paramedics are optimistic,” he corrected.

“Really? Great. I felt horrible about using her like that. I didn’t think he’d have a gun on his person,” the brunette justified.

“It’s late and normally I would tell you to go home and we’ll deal with this in the morning but I have a feeling that you won’t allow that. Give your statement to my partner and once I’m done here I’ll call in a favor I have with a judge and get your man released,” Detective Spector told her.

*          *          *

County Prison

“Steve Barnes. Out of bed,” the prison guard bellowed.

“What? What’s going on,” the lawyer asked tiredly.

Lights out in the prison had been an hours ago and he had been asleep for at least half the night. A quick glance outside told him it was still pitch dark so there was no reason for the guard to be rousing him out of bed.

“Stand up and assume the position on the back wall Mr. Barnes,” the guard told him.

Steve may not have been in prison for more than a few weeks but he knew that you don’t argue with the men who controlled your rights. Rolling out of bed, he walked to the back wall, planted both palms against the cool brick and waited for the guard to come in. He instantly heard the cell door open then the familiar feeling of metal cuffs clasp his wrists. Still confused, he let the guard walk him out of the cell, threw several doors then into the central processing part of the jail, where there was another guard and two other people.

“The city of Las Vegas would like to extend its apology to you Mr. Barnes. But as of this second, you are a free man,” Detective Spector announced.


“Alison,” he screamed as the pair embraced in the tightest hug.

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