Best Payment Ever

Title: Best Payment Ever

Author: Tom E.

Codes: MF, reluc, oral

Subject: Celine Dion

Disclaimer: This story is just a fiction and is in no way connected with the subject or any existing persons. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work aren’t real. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. I’m not making any money on this story. Please, do not copy it.

I always had a thing for singing divas. Too bad they’re also less willing to show their bodies in the videos or magazines. So, stories are the only and best way to make them naughtier.

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Best payment ever

Celine was relaxing in the hotel bed. She was naked. Last night was exhausting and she was tired as hell. It’s not easy to live from day to day, but she slowly got used to it. She smiled to herself. Being world known diva was funny, right, but she needed break. That’s why she left everything and decided to spent whole month in the road, sleeping in the cheap hotels, occasionally singing in small clubs where none could ever recognize her. It was surprisingly refreshing. Sometimes she lacks money. Funny, she had millions on her accounts, but she wanted to see if she can live on her own again.

She spent last night with a guy she met yesterday in the club. He was good, she had to agree. They enjoyed that long, passionate night and Celine was fulfilled like never before. Sadly he left her at morning, without even leaving a phone number or address. She sighed and stretched on the bed. It was late. She had to take a shower and leave this place.

Loud knocking to the doors broke her thoughts. “I’m coming” she said, climbing out of the bad and quickly dressing her nightgown. Walking barefoot, she reached the door.

“I have guests waiting for free rooms! You were supposed to leave this one three hours ago!” she heard hotel’s manager yelling at her. He was short, fat and hairy. Celine looked at him and wanted to say something nasty, but then she reminded herself of her current position.

“Ok, gimme an hour and I’ll be out” she said with resignation.

“And don’t forget to pay!”

“What? But that guy I was with… he said he’ll pay…”

“Well, I don’t know what he said to you, but today he told me that you’ll pay for room”

Celine was puzzled. Damn, that guy tricked her. No matter how good he was in bed, he was also damn liar. She quickly turned to her bag and checked. Her worst assumptions were true. Her bag was empty. No money, no documents, nothing…

“I was robbed!” she cried with panic “I have no money!”

“Yeah, I know this fairy tale very well…” manager grinned “I want my money, miss. Or I’m calling for police…”

She froze. He couldn’t do it. Police would force her to reveal her real self. And what scandal it would cause?! She had to do something to get out of here before that guy will put her into real troubles. Her ID was faked; she hadn’t much money in the stolen purse. But if the police will arrive…

“Well, I think we can always do another deal. You just have to do something for me…” manager grinned with a naught smile appearing on his fat face. He eyes were already crawling all over her body, hid only under thin fabric of the nightgown.

“I’m not gonna… have sex with you!” she said, taking defensive stance, ready to defend herself against the rape.

“So how about a blowjob?” he asked. Celine was looking at him with deepest contempt. But he had her. He could call the police anytime. And she had to do something to prevent it.

“Ok…” Celine said “But gimme a time to wash and dress up.”

“All right babe… be at my office when you’ll be ready. And don’t think ‘bout escaping. You don’t wanna have a police after you, right?”

He left her room, leaving her shocked and confused. Celine undressed and walked into the shower, to refresh herself a bit after exhausting night and shocking morning. When she walked out, she took a look at the window. She was on the third floor. Escaping that way was impossible. Gathering her belongings, she dressed herself up and put a make-up. She had jeans shorts, white blouse and jeans jacket. Packing rest to her backpack, Celine once again looked at the window. No, she had to go through it and pay for her own stupidity. She closed the door of the room and went down the stairs.

Manager was waiting there. He sat behind his desk. Doors of the hotel were closed, probably locked. She had high heels so running wasn’t best idea. Hall was definitely too long to escape and if doors were locked, she’d stand no chance in hand to hand combat against that guy. And if he’d call the police, she’d end in jail.

When he heard clicking of her heels, he turned back to see her coming down. Heels and shorts were only revealing her long, slim legs. He licked his fat lips, moving up with his eyes, undressing her in his imagination. He already wanted her to jump on the table and do long, slowly strip tease for him. Too bad he asked for blowjob only. That hot babe was really something. Her face was kinda familiar, he would swear that she looked like someone famous, but he couldn’t tell who.

He held porn magazine and studied it quickly before. His trousers were already down and his hand caressed erection while looking at beauty that approached him. Celine couldn’t hide her disgust. Not that he cared about it.

“Come on, babe” he said “Show me the magic of those pretty, red lips of yours. I wanna feel them around my cock. I bet you dream about it.”

Celine examined whole place once again, desperately thinking about any possible escape route. But there wasn’t any. With resignation, she approached hotel’s manager and knelt in front of him. Her bare knees hit the floor as his big, fat cock was pointed right into her face like a microphone.

“Suck my dick, slut!” he said, grabbing her long hair and forcing her to open her mouth and accept his cock inside. Celine had no other choice but to accept his order. Her full, red lips closed on her erection.

She managed to put her hands on his thighs. Soon he was all inside her. Her head bobbed while her tongue licked his shaft. She hated the taste and tried not to think when he washed it for the last time. Fighting with growing urge to bite it, Celine slurped, hoping to make it quick.

Man was in heaven. Her mouth was really something, he had to admit. She wasn’t ordinary slut. Reaching down, he put his hands on her full breasts, caressing them through the white material of her blouse. His dick was all inside her, from the base to the tip now. Celine was doing her best, trying to ignore his touch on her perky, round boobies. In her head, she was repeating “Do it quickly and forget!”

“Damn, you know this job” he grunted, fucking her mouth with power “Is it your daily work? You’re one of those chicks that suck for everything? It seems that it’s natural for you to have cock in your mouth” he teased her. Celine couldn’t answer his insults, but her urge to make him feel her teeth on his cock grew. His fingers closes on her nipples, squeezing, twisting and turning them painfully.

Saliva run down her chin from the corners of her mouth as he was pushing his cock furiously deeper into Celine’s tight throat. Having no choice but to accept that harsh treatment, Celine was sucking his dick down the throat, feeling the tip tickling her. She never gave such intensive head in her life. Well, sucking wasn’t her favorite kind of sex, after all. While she was doing her job, his fingers were still playing with her boobs.

Finally, he raised his hands to grab her head from both sides and push his cock deeper and harder into her salivating mouth. She had problems with accepting it, but he offered her no way to resist not escape. Big, veiny cock was pumping between her red lips, shining brightly thanks to her drool. Celine’s boobies were jumping and her long hair waved. Wet sounds and moans filled the hall. She could feel that he was close to his climax.

And then he finally came. Celine closed her eyes, when suddenly she found her mouth filled with salty cum. It was like a flood. She coughed, trying to swallow it all and gulping the thick liquid. He held her head in hands, forcing her to take it all inside her mouth and down her throat to her belly.

“Swallow it… slut!” he groaned, as second wave came. Despite her efforts, some of his cum escaped from her mouth and run down her chin, dripping on her blouse and leaving wet stains on her breasts. Then he finally let her go. Celine moved back quickly, panting and gasping. She never had to accept such a big load inside. She barely managed to swallow everything and could feel that heavy load in her belly. Salty, foul taste was filling her mouth. Her jaw ached after the intensive head work.

“That was cool. Surly, best blowjob I ever had” grinned manager “If you want, you can stay for longer here. I wouldn’t mind accepting it as a payment next time” he added, looking at her. Celine rose from the floor and wiped her mouth with palm. Drops of cum were still on her chin and some stains were very visible on her white blouse. She noticed them.

“No, thanks” she said “I’ll be going. Have anything to wear for me, by chance? You ruined my blouse”

“It’s because you were such eager to suck me…” he smiled “But wait babe, people sometimes leave some trash in their rooms, I have some of such stuff here…”.

Manager left his office and returned after few minutes. He tossed her pink blouse with deep décolletage. Celine examined it. It was probably one size too small and ended right above her belly. But it wasn’t cum stained, after all. Celine turned back and took her jacket off, then her white blouse. Manager smiled, looking at her round ass and bare back. He’d love to see her dancing on the pole and shaking that ass for him. She wore blouse he offered her. Right, it was definitely too small, her breast were perfectly visible now, just like her belly button. Manager whistled.

“You won’t have any problems with hitchhiking, babe” he said, when she was leaving his hotel “And after all, you know how to pay” he said, but she was already outside.

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