Best Served Cold

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This a version of an idea I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while. Michelle Branch takes shots at Liz Phair in Maxim and thinks something isn’t going to come of it? She’s got another thing coming, now doesn’t she? Right now would be a good time to unleash my evil cackle, but I’ll let the story speak for itself. If it doesn’t kill Jen, or at least make her pass out, then I haven’t done my job right in forcing Liz down her throat and shall retire from the game of porn in shame. Come on Jen, just pass out, even out of pity, so I can still hold my head high thinking I’ve got what it takes.

Celebs in this story are Liz Phair, Michelle Branch, and Katy Rose. The codes are (FF, nc>con, oral, anal, bondage, Fdom, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

“Bow down before the one you serve, you’re going to get what you deserve.” – Nine Inch Nails ‘Head Like A Hole’

Best Served Cold

by voodoojoe

Liz Phair nervously sat at the table with the phone beside her. She watched the clock, hand ready to reach out and pick up the phone the moment it should ring.

It had taken her months of planning and preparation for this day. She had to wait for everything to come together just right for her plans to work And now her day for revenge was finally upon her. There’s an old saying, “revenge is a dish best served cold,” and now was her chance to find out just how accurate that cliché truly was. The expected call should come any minute and as she waited she walked through how she thought her plan might be going so far in her mind.

+ * + * +

Michelle Branch sat on a stool in her dressing room. Her guitar sat in her lap as she strummed the strings. She had just finished up her set and was currently engaging her ritual of peacefully playing her guitar to wind down from the natural high that performing always gave her.

Her hair was still wet from her shower and she was working on some chord progressions for a new song that had been floating through her head for a couple days when she heard a knock on her door. The song wasn’t coming along quite as well she would’ve liked so she didn’t answer the door at first. When the knock came a second, more persistent, time, she finally put her instrument down and crossed to the door.

“Hey,” an attractive, young blond said when Michelle finally opened up. It was Katy Rose, one of the newcomers to the music scene and someone that everyone seemed to have pegged as just another Avril Lavigne.

“Hey Katy,” Michelle greeted her. They had just met before the show but they both knew each other by reputation since they were both in the music business.

“I just came by to tell you how great you were tonight,” Katy told her.

“Thanks, the audience was really responding,” Michelle said, shyly accepting the compliment. “You want to come in?”

“That’d be great,” Katy said, stepping through the open door. “It’s great meeting people like you that have already gone through what I’m going through now.”

“I remember the feeling,” Michelle said, remembering what it had been like for her when she’d released her first album. Of course she really hadn’t been pegged as a clone of someone else like Katy has.

“I see you’re drinking tea,” Katy said, spotting the almost empty cup on the table that Michelle’s guitar leaned against.

“Yeah, you want some?” Michelle offered.

“That’d be great, but I can get it myself,” Katy said, stopping Michelle from waiting on her hand and foot. “You’re probably a little tired from the show.”

“Not really, I always get a little keyed up during a performance and now I have a little too much energy,” Michelle replied, sitting back down on her stool.

Katy grabbed Michelle’s cup and one of her own. She put a fresh tea bag in each cup, but before pouring hot water into the cups she stopped. Pulling a small, clear plastic baggy from her pocket, she opened it up. Inside was a small amount of white powder that she quickly shook out into Michelle’s cup before filling both cups with hot water.

“Here you go,” Katy said, handing Michelle the special cup of tea.

“Thanks. I’m not a big fan of tea, but it’s good for the voice,” Michelle said, taking a long sip from the cup.

“It’s much better for you than cigs,” Katy said, pulling out a pack of smokes. As she lifted one to her lips she stopped. “You don’t mind do you?”

“Go ahead, it’s not like a couple of the guys in my band weren’t blowing smoke in face earlier,” Michelle shrugged. As Katy lit the cigarette her vision started to blur. “Shit, what’s going on?”

As Michelle started to topple off her stool, Katy rushed over and caught her. Cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth, she slowly Michelle to the ground before walking to the door. When she reached it, she knocked twice, paused a second or two, then knocked two more times. A few seconds after the knock was completed, a muscle bound white guy entered the room.

“Take her out to the van, I’ve got a call to make,” Katy instructed him.

+ * + * +

When the phone rang, Liz’s hand shot out and picked it up before the first ring could even finish. “Talk to me, now.”

“She’s being loaded up as we speak,” Katy told Liz as she watched Michelle’s drugged body loaded into the back of a black van.

“Excellent. You may have just earned yourself a reward,” Liz said. “Call me when you get here.”

“Yes, mistress,” Katy said, ending the call before hopping into the back of the van next to the slumped form of Michelle. As the van left the parking garage Katy thought about having a little fun but quickly decided against doing anything that would draw Liz’s wrath.

+ * + * +

After hanging up the phone Liz stood up. Things were progressing just as she wanted them to and a wicked smile crossed her lips as she thought of all the punishment she was about to start passing out. It was going to be fun to break Michelle and show her just what happens when you start running your mouth in magazines like Maxim.

“Avril clone my ass,” Liz muttered to herself, repeating what Michelle had said that had drawn her ire.

As she waited for Katy and her special guest to arrive she made her way to the room she had set up just for this occasion. She had turned a room in her house into a dungeon of sorts. It wasn’t a crudely constructed brick room or anything, but she had hung shackles from the walls for effect.

The main alterations she’d made were that she’d place two short metal benches in the middle of the room and she’d had two leather straps attached to each of them. One of the straps was near the head that would come over upper arms just below the shoulders and fasten on her upper chest. The second one was closer to the middle that would come up over the rib cage and fasten just below her breasts. The benches themselves were short enough that the head of the person who found themselves on it would reach one edge and their ass would be right at the other edge. That way their legs could be secured with the chains attached to the legs of the bench or, if need be, it made it much easier to flip the person over onto the stomach for anything else one might want to do with them.

Liz was really starting to get herself worked up when she glanced over at the assortment of toys she’d laid out for the evening’s events. She hadn’t yet decided which ones to use, but chances were pretty good that the white vibrator she’d nicknamed ‘Mick’ was going to come into play. It was what she liked to call ‘a foreplay vibrator’ because when it was on it’s lower settings it really wasn’t powerful enough to get her off by itself, but it had the ability to drive her right to the edge and hold her there for a deliciously long time until she decided to finish the job with her fingers or turn it up on high.

The phone rang again as she was lost in the mental image of Michelle fighting against her restraints while she was repeatedly pushed to the brink of orgasm only to be held back. It was such a great image that she almost didn’t pick up the phone. If it hadn’t been something she’d waited so long for, she might have just let the phone keep on ringing.

“The door’s open,” Liz said into the phone, not even bothering to verify if it was Katy on the other end.

She heard the door open and then footsteps coming down the hall to the room she occupied. Turning around she saw Willie, the muscular guy Katy had used for the heavy lifting, with Michelle slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“You know what to do,” Liz told him.

With a nod Willie went to work stripping Michelle of her clothing. When she was naked he set her down on one of the benches and secured her tightly. After he’d finished, Liz double checked everything to make sure it had been done right.

“Have yourself some fun,” Liz told Willie when she was satisfied with his work. She liked to make sure the people who did her bidding were satisfied and the best way to make sure he was happy and satisfied was to let him play with Michelle a little. “Just keep it above the waist. And don’t mark her or there’ll be hell to pay.”

“What about me?” Katy asked, wanting to get in on some of the action as well.

“Keep an eye on them. If Willie crosses line, I want to know. If she starts to wake up, I want to know,” Liz replied, walking out of the room. She would’ve loved to watch Willie take his liberties, but she had a couple more things to attend to before Michelle came out of her slumber.

+ * + * +

“She’s starting to come to,” Katy said from the doorway as Liz was putting the finishing touches on her outfit.

Liz had changed into a black bra and matching pair of panties for the occasion. Sure, rubber or leather was the customary dress for such a thing, but it was so hard to get out of at a moment’s notice when you felt like putting on a strap on when you suddenly felt the need.

“Showtime,” Liz said to herself, grinning as she left the room with Katy falling in step behind her, right where she belonged.

Liz and Katy had met when they toured together and it hadn’t taken long to discover that they both had an affinity for the female form. After that it had taken even less time for Liz to bend Katy to her will and vow to anything asked of her. Most people saw Katy as an aggressive person, probably because they inevitably took a look at her and lumped her into the same category as Avril and pushed Avril’s image onto her as well, but deep down she just wanted someone to pull her hair and call her bitch as they fucked her in the ass. That, of course, was something Liz was more than willing to do.

“Michelle, Michelle, Michelle,” Liz said, seeing her brunette friend’s eyes open and glance around the room.

“What the fuck?” Michelle demanded, struggling against the straps that held her down.

“It’s time to learn your lesson about letting your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash,” Liz said, and she stopped next to Michelle. “Or maybe your ass can cash them after all. I guess we’ll just have to find out, now won’t we?”

“Wha?” Michelle asked, completely shell shocked. She’d been in her dressing room one minute, and now she was tied down to a cold bench, completely naked, while a woman she’d accidentally dissed in a magazine interview stood over her. She hadn’t meant the comments the way they looked on paper and she’d tried to apologize to Liz ever since but hadn’t been able to find anyone willing to set up a face to face meeting.

“You’re not even good enough to carry her guitar,” Katy told Michelle from behind Liz.

“Thank you Katy, but I think I can manage it,” Liz said, turning her head to shoot Katy a withering look.

“What? She thinks she so high and mighty, but she ain’t,” Katy said, practically spitting at Michelle.

“I didn’t mean them,” Michelle said, trying to protest her innocence.

“That didn’t stop you from say them, now did it?” Liz asked.

Before Michelle could answer, Liz grabbed a black strap with a red ball in the middle off the table next to her. Stuffing the ball in Michelle’s mouth she fastened the ends of the leather strap to each other behind Michelle’s head.

“Katy,” Liz said, the blonde teen snapping to attention behind her. “Think you can get Michelle here ready for me?”

“I know I can,” Katy snarled, her eyes full of lustful menace as she locked eyes with Michelle.

What’s going on here, Michelle thought to herself. She couldn’t move but she still struggled as hard as she could against the straps holding her down. She was completely helpless and at the mercy of a pair of women who looks like they were more than ready to hurt her.

If Michelle had stopped to think rationally, she would’ve realized that if beating her up was all Liz wanted she would’ve just had someone do it in a dark alley or something. She wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths for a simple beating. If Michelle bothered to think, it might have dawned on her that Liz had something else entirely in mind, and the fact that she was completely naked would’ve been the biggest clue as to what that was.

As Katy stepped up to Michelle, she let her hands softly glide along the skin of her prey. The touches were far softer than Michelle had been expecting and it set her mind reeling in confusion. When the teen’s fingers pinched one of her nipples and gave it a light tug and low moan escaped around the gag in her mouth.

“You like that, don’t you bitch?” Katy hissed. When no answer came, she tugged on the nipple harder until a slight scream came from Michelle’s throat. “Answer me.”

Unable to speak, Michelle simply nodded. She had kind of liked it, until the demanding yank at least, so she wasn’t completely lying.

“Good,” Katy said in a much calmer voice.

As Katy’s hands continued to venture further south, it finally started to hit Michelle as to what was really happening. She wanted to be repulsed and get out of there, but the thought that two beautiful women were going to fuck her whether she wanted it or not turned her on more than she would’ve thought possible. The idea of being with a woman had never really crossed her mind, at least not seriously, and the bondage and rape seemed to hold an oddly perverse appeal to her that she couldn’t understand.

“Quit stalling and fuck her,” Liz snapped, irritated with how Katy seemed to be taking her time.

“Yes mistress,” Katy said, bowing her head and getting back to work.

When Katy’s fingers finally touched her pussy, lights exploded inside Michelle’s head. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling like this, but those fingers touched her with experience and played her like a fiddle.

Knowing that her mistress was watching, Katy let her fingers work their magic on Michelle. Driving two of them into Michelle’s pussy, she watched the restrained woman squirm and moan around the gag in her mouth.

Sitting on the other bench, Liz watched her work. She knew some of what Michelle must be feeling because she’d had Katy do it to her. She hadn’t been strapped down, and had been in complete control of the situation, but that didn’t mean she didn’t know what it felt like to have Katy’s fingers driving in and out of her pussy.

Sensing that Michelle was ready to move on, Katy withdrew her fingers. When the bound singer bemoaned their absence, Katy made a show of cleaning the juices off her fingers. Slow licks along the length of the fingers before stuffing them into her mouth. By the time she removed them, any trace of Michelle had been stripped clean.

“You taste good Michelle,” Katy commented, her hands on Michelle’s stomach as she leaned over her. “I wonder if tastes as good coming straight from your pussy as it does off my fingers. Want me to find out?”

All Michelle could do was nod. God, how she wanted her find out.

“Can I eat her pussy mistress?” Katy asked Liz.

Liz smiled to herself over how well she’d trained Katy. She asked permission to eat pussy, and Liz loved it as long as she was willing to back off she herself wanted to do it. “Do it.”

With her orders, Katy immediately dove in. She used her fingers to part the lips of Michelle’s pussy. After a moment of taking in the contrast between the dark skin outside and the pinkness inside, she took a long lick of Michelle’s pussy, sucking up as much pussy juice as she could.

Oh God, Michelle thought to herself as she felt Katy’s tongue drill it’s way into her snatch. Her whole body went weak except her legs, which reflexively jerked against the chains holding them in place. By the time Katy found her clit Michelle was already soaring high and rapidly approaching her climax.

Watching Katy lap away at Michelle’s clit, Liz noticed the way Michelle was reacting. She had to admit that the young blonde was doing good, almost too good. It looked like Michelle would be cumming very soon if Katy didn’t ease up.

“If she comes then you can kiss your ass goodbye,” Liz growled at Katy.

“She won’t mistress,” Katy promised. Going back to work on Michelle, she slowed her pace until she felt the brunette start to come back from the edge.

If there hadn’t been a plastic ball in her mouth, Michelle would’ve gritted her teeth together in frustration. She’d been so close and to be forcibly brought back was bad enough, but for Katy to continue stimulating her was downright maddening. She could feel the orgasm hovering just out of reach and no matter what she did she wasn’t getting any closer to it.

Savoring the flavors coating her tongue, Katy started to up her pace once more. When she felt Michelle start to push towards her peak once more, she pulled back again just as her mistress wanted. It would been nice to make her come and suck down her cream, but she also didn’t want to do anything that would risk her mistress’ wrath.

Getting up off the bench, Liz walked around until she was standing next to Michelle’s head. Kneeling next to her, she listened to the moans Michelle made as Katy drove her toward climax and then the groans of frustration when she pulled back just before reaching it. The sounds were music to her ears because it meant Michelle would soon be begging for her release.

“You want to come, don’t you Michelle?” Liz whispered into her ear. When the brunette grunted and nodded her head, eyes pleading, Liz grinned. “Well, it’s not going to happen.”

Michelle wanted to scream. She desperately needed to come and Liz was telling her that she was going to get to. Her insides felt like they were about to tear apart with the orgasm building inside her and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Move,” Liz told Katy, standing up.

When Katy reluctantly moved out from between Michelle’s thighs, Liz moved over to the table where her toys sat. It was time to take the next step, and Michelle wasn’t going to like it any more than she already did.

In her head Michelle was torn. She was disappointed that she had been left alone for the moment, but at the same time it gave her time to recover from the mini-marathon of teasing she’d just been put through. It allowed her stomach to start to unclench a little and return her breathing back to normal a little.

“Take her gag off. I want to hear her beg me,” Liz ordered Katy.

While Katy removed the gag Liz picked up ‘Mick’ and turned to face Michelle. Grinning, Liz turned ‘Mick’ on it’s lowest setting and ran it along Michelle’s sensitive folds. As a quiver went through Michelle Liz pushed the tip into her pussy.

“Uhh,” Michelle grunted, trying to push her pussy further onto the vibrator with little success.

“You’ll love it Michelle,” Liz told her. “This one can hold you on the verge of orgasm for as long as I want. I could probably even kill you if I strung it out too long, so you better start begging.”

“Please let me, uh, come,” Michelle pleaded, the vibrator in her pussy already starting to work it’s magic on her.

“That was pretty weak Michelle. You can do better than that,” Liz said, deftly turning the vibrator up to it’s highest setting for just a moment before bringing it back down.

“Oh fuck,” Michelle screamed, the jolt almost driving her out of her mind.

“Tell me how much you want to come,” Liz demanded, fucking Michelle’s pussy with the vibrator.

“Need to come sooo badly,” Michelle moaned. It was true too. She felt like she was tearing apart at the seams.

“I’m still not convinced,” Liz said. “Katy, why don’t you see if Michelle’s mouth needs something to do since it doesn’t seem to be any good at begging.”

“Ooh, yes mistress,” Katy said, loving the idea of riding Michelle’s face.

Katy got off the other bench, where she’d been sitting and enjoying the show. Stripping naked, she quickly bowed her legs so she could straddle Michelle’s head and lowered her pussy to Michelle’s mouth. She made sure to face Liz so she could watch all the action while getting her pussy eaten.

“Lick it bitch,” Katy demanded when Michelle didn’t immediately do it.

“That’s my line,” Liz said, turning up the speed of the vibrator until Michelle screamed and then turned it back down.

Between the vibrator and Katy’s pussy practically suffocating her Michelle had no choice but to comply. Tentatively she stuck her tongue out and ran it along Katy’s slit. The first taste seemed a little odd, exotic even, but it had a certain flair to it that made her want more.

“I tell you what Michelle, if Katy orgasms then you orgasm,” Liz said, pulling the vibrator out and pressing it against Michelle’s clit.

With the promise of finally getting to come on the table, Michelle went at Katy’s pussy with more gusto. Her experimental licks became more confident and soon had her tongue flying all over Katy’s cunt licking up any little drop of pussy juice it could find.

“Fuck yeah,” Katy groaned, grinding her pussy onto Michelle’s tongue.

“Katy likes having her little asshole licked, don’t you Katy,” Liz said.

“Yeah, lick my asshole,” Katy moaned, moving so Michelle’s tongue could toss her salad.

Michelle almost stopped at that request, but she needed to come so badly that she would’ve done just about anything. Certainly licking Katy’s anus fell within the boundaries of acceptable behavior when one is as desperate as Michelle was, so it was only a minor hesitation before she attacked the pink rosebud in front of her.

“God she’s good,” Katy grunted, rotating her hips so Michelle could get to both holes. “I think she’s done this before.”

Trying to explain that she hadn’t, just too in need of an orgasm to do anything but give it her all, wouldn’t have done any good because of the pussy currently on her tongue, so Michelle said nothing. Instead, she focused all the energy her tiring tongue had on accomplishing the goal of eating Katy to climax so she could get her own.

“Oh fuck,” Katy moaned, her eyes rolling back as her orgasm threatened to overtake her at any second.

“You’re almost there Michelle,” Liz said, wishing she hadn’t made the offer to let her off the hook so easily.

“come… coming,” Katy gasped, pressing her pussy down harder onto Michelle’s face as her juices gushed out and into Michelle’s mouth.

The only thing Michelle could do was swallow the cream as it came to her. There was so much of it that if she didn’t swallow it she wouldn’t be able to breathe since her nose was being pushed down by Katy’s ass.

“I guess you earned it,” Liz grudgingly told Michelle as Katy slid off onto the floor to recover. “But I still want to hear you beg.”

“You said…” Michelle started to say before she was shut up by Liz turning up the vibrator for another split second.

“I don’t give a fuck what I said. Now beg,” Liz snapped.

“Please let me come,” Michelle begged.

“Say ‘please let me come mistress’ and I’ll think about it,” Liz said.

“Please let me come mistress,” Michelle said, repeating what Liz wanted to hear.

“Good girl, now you get to find out how I treat my slaves,” Liz told her.

Before the words could even register with Michelle Liz had turned the vibrator up to full speed. Within seconds it was like she was on a bullet train headed for ecstasy at a couple hundred miles an hour. The vibrator pulsed inside her and Liz was fucking her with it as fast her hand could manage.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Michelle screamed, her entire body going taut. The lights went out somewhere in the middle of her orgasm.

“Did you kill her?” Katy asked, seeing Michelle go limp.

“No, she just blacked out,” Liz replied. “Unbuckle and then flip her over.”

“Gonna fuck her ass?” Katy asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous for Michelle since Liz was never all that gentle when it came to ass fucking.

“Question me again and you’ll be on that bench over there taking it up the ass as well,” Liz said, grabbing the hair on the back of Katy’s head to pull her so they were face to face.

“Sorry mistress,” Katy apologized, lowering her eyes from Liz’s.

“Let me know when she comes to, again,” Liz said, grabbing her toys on her way out of the room so Katy wouldn’t get the idea to use them to have some fun with Michelle without her.

+ * + * +

“She’s awake,” Katy announced as Liz stood in front of the mirror admiring the way the dildo hung from the straps in front of her.

“What?” Liz asked, snapping her fingers.

“Sorry. She’s awake, mistress,” Katy replied, adding extra emphasis to ‘mistress.’

“Much better,” Liz said, turning to face the still naked blonde. “Shall we go play with our new toy some more?”

Knowing that Liz wasn’t looking for an actual answer, Katy just nodded and waited for Liz to walk past her. When Liz did, she turned and followed her mistress back to the room where Michelle now laid stomach down on the bench.

“Did you get her ready?” Liz asked Katy.

“No, mistress,” Katy answered, casting her eyes to the floor. “I thought you’d want to be here for it.”

“Good girl,” Liz said, putting her finger under Katy’s chin to lift it up. “But I’m here now, so why aren’t you getting her ready?”

“Sorry mistress, right away mistress,” Katy said, dropping to her knees behind Michelle.

“You know what you’re going to get, don’t you Michelle?” Liz asked the still bound woman as she watched Katy set to work transferring juices from Michelle’s pussy to the tight ring of her anus.

“Uh huh,” Michelle said, nodding. Her stomach was once again churning with apprehension over what was happening to her. Sure she’d enjoyed the first round to a certain extent, but having her asshole violated wasn’t something she was looking forward to.

“When Katy’s done, I’m going to take this,” Liz said, stroking the dildo between her legs, “and stick it up your ass. You’ll probably try to fight it, but there’s nothing you can do about it. I will fuck your ass, and I kinda like it when they fight me. It just makes it more fun to see them come.”

Michelle started to answer but Katy happened to choose that moment to slip two fingers into her pussy and press one against her asshole. Instead of begging to be let go a moan escaped her lips and she found herself trying to push back against the probing digits.

“That’s good enough,” Liz said, pushing Katy out of the way.

“Want me to suck your cock like the slut I am?” Katy asked Liz.

“No, I think there’s enough lubrication already,” Liz replied, motioning for Katy to go watch from somewhere else.

As Liz lined the dildo up with her anus, Michelle bit her lip and waited for the pain of entry. When none came immediately she started to wonder whether Liz had been bluffing. Of course, the moment she let her guard Liz struck and the head pressed against her asshole.

“Relax Michelle or you’ll be in agony,” Liz snapped, slapping Michelle on the ass when she felt Michelle tense up.

It gets worse? Michelle thought to herself as she felt her ass being forced open. Her body was already started to flood with pain and it was all she could do to focus on letting her muscles relax.

Trying to think of anything but the object being shoved up her backside Michelle clenched her eyes shut. After a few agonizing moments she felt Liz’s pelvis press against her butt cheeks. Heaving a sigh of relief Michelle was surprised to feel a twinge of pleasure shoot up her spine as Liz started to withdraw.

Gripping the cheeks of Michelle’s ass in her hands Liz slammed the fake cock back into Michelle’s ass. The way the flesh rippled from the force of the thrust only spurred Liz on. Picking up speed she started to savagely pound Michelle’s ass.

“Ohhh,” Michelle moaned despite herself. Once she’d adjusted to the dildo she’d found that it wasn’t so bad and now she was completely getting off on the naughtiness of the act. It also didn’t hurt that Katy had positioned herself so she was sitting on the floor leaning back against the wall right in front of Michelle with her fingers going to town on her perfect little pussy.

“Katy!” Liz yelled to get her companion’s attention.

“Yes, mistress?” Katy asked, stopping her masturbation with her fingers half in her pussy up to the first knuckle.

“Go get Mick, I think Michelle’s ready for the double,” Liz said, reaching down to rub Michelle’s clit with her middle finger.

Now Michelle was really starting to think she was schizophrenic or something because she knew she should be worried but instead she felt all tingly with anticipation of having both holes filled. It didn’t matter that she’d never even entertained the thought before, her pussy was going into overdrive just thinking of it now.

“Thanks,” Liz told Katy, taking the white vibrator from her as she slipped the strap on out of Michelle’s ass. “Lets try something different.”

Liz undid the buckles on the straps holding Michelle down, but just to let Michelle know she was still in charge she grabbed her hair and used it pull her to her feet. With the bench now vacant Liz laid herself on it and motioned for Michelle to straddle her.

Throwing her leg over Liz Michelle lifted herself up until she felt the tip of the dildo nestle in the crack of her ass. Reaching down to grab it she lined it up with her still slightly distended anus and started to impale herself once more.

“Now lean back so Katy can fuck your pussy with ol’ Mick,” Liz told Michelle when she fully skewered by the dildo.

Doing as she was told she leaned back and little bolts of electricity shot through her from where Liz’s nipples press into her back. Lifting her head to look at Katy, she moaned as Liz’s hands cupped her tits. As Liz’s fingers manipulated her nipples Michelle spread her legs for Katy.

Watching Michelle so willingly let Liz do as she wished sent a jolt of jealousy through Katy. Liz was supposed to be her mistress and the bitch waltzes in and tries to steal her away. Well, it wasn’t going to happen and Katy decided to make sure to let Michelle know just who Liz’s favorite was.

As the head of the vibrator passed into her pussy Michelle’s eyes started to bulge out. It had felt nice and big when she’d felt it in her snatch the first time, but with dildo in her ass it felt absolutely enormous. By the time it was halfway inside her she started a low scream that built in intensity until she felt like she was going to pass out from the extreme fullness she felt in her nether regions.

“Give her a second,” Liz told Katy when she thought Michelle had taken all she could for the moment.

“Yes mistress,” Katy said, stopping with the vibrator just an inch or so from being fully inside Michelle. Even though she wanted to just fuck the bitch for all she was worth, she knew better than to disobey.

“Oh God,” Michelle moaned, giving a little push against the toys once she felt she’d adjusted to them.

By this point Liz felt she’d gotten her revenge on Michelle and was wondering maybe she might have a candidate for another willing slave on her hands. The way Michelle had taken everything that was thrown at her and wanted more certainly made her seem like a possibility. That was why Liz was starting to take it a little easier on Michelle to break her in and make sure she came back for more.

Planting her feet firmly on the floor, Liz used her hands on Michelle’s chest to hold her steady as she started to thrust the strap on up into her ass. She couldn’t see Katy, but she had enough faith in her protege to know she’d get into the rhythm and follow her lead if she decided to quicken or slow the pace.

“Fuck,” Michelle moaned, draping her legs over Katy’s shoulders as the blonde knelt in front of her. The two fake cocks were sliding in and out of her in alternating strokes, one pulling out as the other pushed back in. She could feel them rub against each other through the thin membrane separating her holes and electricity seemed to dance across her whole body.

After a few minutes of insistent thrusting, Michelle felt herself being hurled at her climax. It wasn’t a slow build, it was coming quick and all she could do was try to hold on because she knew it was going to be huge. Unfortunately, there was nothing for her to grab onto or anywhere for her hands to go. The only thing she could do with them was put them on her stomach and wait for her orgasm to tear her to shreds, which wasn’t exactly a bad thing.

“OHH GOOOOOOD,” Michelle wailed as the biggest orgasm of her life ripped through her body. She thrashed about on top of Liz and her pussy and ass clamped down on the toys. Liz and Katy didn’t stop what they were doing though and it prolonged her climax even further.

“Stop,” Liz told Katy when Michelle went limp on top of her.

Michelle was still conscious, barely. She vaguely felt the vibrator being pulled from her pussy and let out a low whine when the dildo was removed from her ass. After having them both inside her she felt empty, but was too tired to do much more than issue small squeaks of complaint.

“How you doing Michelle, you alright?” Liz asked her as she was laid back on the bench, this time with being strapped down. When Michelle nodded her head to indicate that she was, Liz grabbed Katy. “I think I need to be finished off.”

“Yes mistress,” Katy said, the fire returning to her eyes at the prospect of getting to be the one to make Liz come.

“Your clothes are over there Michelle,” Liz said, pointing at the pile in the corner. “Or if you want, you can join Katy and I for more.”

That set Katy off again. Just when she thought Michelle would be gone and she’d have her mistress all to herself again, she was being forced to share. It wasn’t fair, but at least she’d get to be the one to bring Liz to climax with her tongue and if the new bitch knew what was good for her she’d get dressed and leave. Then Katy wouldn’t have to take her jealousy out on anyone.

After Liz had led Katy out of the room, Michelle laid there on the bench going over the night in her head. It had started off so scarily but ended so nicely. Sitting up, she decided that maybe the night didn’t have to end just yet. Maybe she’d take Liz up on the offer of more.

As Michelle walked out of the room naked, she followed the moans into the next room where Katy had her face buried in Liz’s pussy. She didn’t know whether she should just jump in or not, so she stood in the doorway until Liz saw her and motioned her in.

“Yes mistress,” Michelle said, quickly moving to Liz’s side so she could suck on her tits.

Out of the corner of her eye Katy saw movement. Lifting her head from Liz’s pussy she glanced over just as Michelle was kneeling down to suck one of Liz’s nipples into her mouth. Gritting her teeth, she tried to suppress the rage she felt over Michelle horning in on her action again.

“Get back to work bitch or Michelle will finish it instead,” Liz snapped at Katy.

“Yes mistress,” Katy said, shooting Michelle one last withering glance before lapping away at Liz’s cunt once more.

Katy wasn’t about to let Michelle finish her mistress off. As far as she was concerned, Michelle wasn’t even worthy of gazing upon her naked body. With her head full of spite, Katy set about making Liz come so Michelle wouldn’t get a taste.

“Yeah bitch, that’s it,” Liz screeched when Katy attacked her clit.

With Katy’s juices still on her lips and tongue, Michelle wanted more. She wanted to be able to dive into Liz’s pussy and compare the flavors. The nipple in her mouth was nice, but it didn’t hold the liqueur she suddenly craved. She wanted to taste Liz so badly it set her pussy on fire just thinking about it.

Turning her head to look at Michelle, Liz saw her hand sneaking down her stomach to her own pussy. With a snarl she grabbed Michelle by her hair and pulled her head away. “I’m the only one that gets to come now. Keep your hands on me and nothing else, or get the fuck out.”

“Sorry mistress,” Michelle said, bowing her head and moving her hand away from her pussy.

“Fuck,” Liz gasped as Katy slipped two fingers into her fiery snatch.

When Liz’s grip on her hair abated, Michelle went back to what she had been doing before her scolding. Cupping Liz’s tits in her hands she bent down and licked the nipple on the closest one with her tongue. Leaning across Liz she repeated the action on the other nipple and then continued to move back and forth between them.

“Please come for me mistress,” Katy begged, flicking Liz’s clit with her tongue between each word. “I need your come.”

“Such a good little bitch,” Liz hissed, feeling her orgasm flying at her. “Make me fucking come.”

Knowing what Liz wanted, Katy slipped her fingers out of her mistress’ pussy. Slipping her wet index finger between the cheeks of Liz’s ass, she pressed it against her asshole. When it slipped in to the first knuckle it had the desired effect.

“Yeah, fuck my ass. I’m gonna come all over your slutty little face,” Liz announced, moving her hips, alternating between pressing against the finger pushing into her ass and the tongue and mouth assaulting her pussy. She clutched the back of Michelle’s head and held it to her chest.

Moving away from Liz’s clit, Katy used her free hand to spread her pussy open. Drilling her tongue into the open pussy she lapped up the rapidly increasing flow of juices flowing from it.

Michelle continued to suck on the nipple, her thighs clenching together as her pussy demanded attention that she couldn’t give. When she felt Liz stiffen under her, she tilted her head and watched her back arched and pressed her pussy harder against Katy’s face. It was such an erotic sight that she couldn’t help but let her hand wander down to her pussy.

“Come here,” Liz said, gasping for breath after her orgasm had subsided. Michelle let go and moved to kiss her only to be pushed away. “Not you. I told you to keep your hands on me, but you didn’t so get the fuck out of my sight.”

“But…” Michelle trailed off, watching Katy slide up onto the bed next to Liz to cuddle.

“You disobeyed me,” Liz told her flatly.

“Sorry mistress,” Michelle said, turning to slink out of the room.

“Get us some coffee Michelle,” Liz demanded. “Be a good little bitch and I might let you have some more fun later. But you do exactly what I say or I’ll make your life a living hell.”

“Yes mistress,” Michelle said, surprised by the elation she felt that she might still get a chance to show what she could do.

“The coffee isn’t going to make itself, slut,” Liz reminded her. When Michelle scurried off to do her bidding, she stretched out on the bed with Katy and congratulated herself on a job well done.

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