Better Living Through Chemistry [Chapter 1-3]

Better Living Through Chemistry

Chapter 1

By JayDee (

I had gotten my first chemistry set at age 10, and it changed my life.
From that moment on I devoted almost all my time to the subject. I spent
countless hours mixing this and mixing that. If the warning labels said not to
mix them, then I did. I had always been curious to see what would happen.

In school I was miles ahead of the rest of my peers. I possessed a
vastly superior intellect and the faculty immediately recognized it. They
began to graduate me through grade after grade
and by age 12 I was in high
school. Two years later I had graduated. While everything came easy to me and I
aced every subject, the only one I truly enjoyed was chemistry. I was fascinated
with it. The power to transform three or four ordinary household chemicals into
a lethal potion, or powerful narcotic, intrigued me. I had gone through
at least 15 chemistry sets and caused countless dollars of damage when, much to
there glee, my parents sent me to college. That’s where the real fun began.

I was no longer restrained by the amateurish chemicals that came neatly
packaged with my chemistry set. At Stephen F. Austin’s School of
Chemical Sciences, I had access to countless volatile substances. My mind was
finally free to experiment and learn even that much quicker. I breezed through
eight years of college in just under four. And by my 23rd birthday I had a
PhD in Biochemistry. I also possessed so much knowledge on the subject that I
was already creating new and previously undiscovered formulas. I was
quickly scooped up by Dow Industries, the leading developer of new and
innovative substances. They paid me top dollar to develop a new and cheaper form
of Lycra. The wonder fabric as they called it. I did so in just under 6
months. They were blown away and I was rich. I had made so much money on my
first endeavor as a professional chemist that I know longer needed to work.
And that’s were my story truly begins. There I was at age 23, set for life.
I bought a house in Malibu and built myself a state of the art private
lab. Over the next year I developed many new products that revolutionized
everything from automobiles to microprocessors. I even made the cover of Popular
Science and had an article in Time. They dubbed me as the Edison for the 21st
century. I had accomplished so much so fast that when I finally decided to take
a break from chemistry, I had no idea what to do with my time. That’s when it

I remember being extremely bored that Sunday afternoon. I headed out to
the lab to mess around a bit. I had been working on a new chemical for use
during surgery that would render the patient unconscious yet still aware and
responsive. Meaning a total neuron shutdown yet, still able to perform
and respond as normal. I had labeled it the "Zombie Project". After a few
preliminary isolations test I decided to feed a few drops to some lab
rats. Much to my glee they responded as expected. I knew that definitive
results would require human subjects though. So I ran an add in the local paper
offering 5,000 dollars to any brave, or desperate souls willing to sign
a release and become a guinea pig. I received about 5 responses and
decided to go ahead with the experiment. I chose one name randomly from the list
and called her up.

Stephanie, that was her name, was happy to participate. She told me
some story about needing the money to pay off some debts, or something. I didn’t
really pay attention. She arrived at my villa two days later.

The doorbell rang and I answered it. To be honest I had expected to be
greeted by an oafish looking creature or maybe even a burnout heroine addict.
Instead I was surprised to find a quite attractive sultry brunette. She was
striking to say the least. Her long brown hair framed her beautiful green eyes
and appealing face perfectly. She was about 5’7 if I had to guess and she
was built. She had perky breast, a small waist, thick ass and beautiful
tanned legs. I was so taken back by her that I almost lost my train of

"Hi, I’m Stephanie, I called about the job?"

My trance was broken by her angelic voice.

"Oh, right, right, I’m sorry. Please come in."

She entered and commented me on my house. I led her back to my lab and
had her fill out the release form and change into a hospital gown. The whole
while I was almost subconsciously staring at her, letting my mind drift away to
thought of what it would be like to have her in bed. She was a sweet
girl and after reading her release form I found out she was only 19. I told her
about the substance and what the effects of it would be and I told her about
my background and how I was a world-renowned chemist. I showed her an
article about me from Time magazine and that seemed to ease her a little. After
30 minutes or so of mindless chatter she was totally comfortable with me.

"Okay Stephanie. This is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna have you take a
small dose of this substance and it will most likely put you to sleep. You
will rest on the table there and I give you a series of commands to see how you

I showed her the list of test questions I had prepared and she read
them over.

"Okay, sounds good Doc"

I led her over to the table and had her ingest the liquid. She then
laid back and I noted how long it took her to fall asleep. 2 minutes and 8
seconds. I gave her time to delve into a deep sleep then I began my experiment. I
moved over to the storage closet and removed my video camera. I used it in
all my experiments so I could review them later. Once I had it set up and
focused on the table, I moved back over to her.

"Stephanie, I want you to open your eyes and sit up."

To my joy she responded diligently. If I didn’t know better I would of
assumed she was awake and under no influences.

"Okay Stephanie. I need you to raise your right hand and then bring it

She responded perfectly and I started getting even more excited. I had
done it.

"Okay Stephanie. Now I want to ask you a few questions. First off what
is your name?"

"Stephanie." She responded promptly. Her voice didn’t sound sedated or
Zombie like at all, it sounded just as she had when she was awake. Her eyes
were open and she had a look of total awareness as she looked over at me and
waited for the next command.

"How old are you Stephanie?"

"19 Doctor"

That’s when the thought first crossed my mind. I guess the moment would
of come later but that’s really were it all began. That moment I realized
I had a beautiful 19-year-old vixen at my beck and call. And it excited me
beyond all imagination. I’m not sure where I found the courage or guts to do what
came next but for some reason it seemed totally natural. As if all my
training and studies had been just a build up to this.

"Stephanie, I want you to do me a favor."

"Anything you wish doctor."

"I want you to remove your gown and stand in front of me."

Without a hint of hesitations she complied. Her gown disappeared from
site and in seconds there she was. Totally naked and standing inches from me.

"Jesus Christ…" I mumbled to myself.

I paced around her, eyeing her gorgeous body. It was even better than I
had imagined. Her perky breast stood fully erect and her sexy full ass was
firm and tight. I reached out my hand and felt it. Excitement shot through
me like a bolt of lightning. I had never really been too much of a ladies man.
In fact I had only had sex twice. Both times in college with less than average
girls. Nothing like Stephanie.

"Stephanie, I want you to know I’m very attracted to you. Does it
please you to know that?"

"Yes doctor."

I was blown away, not only had the formula worked it had somehow
rendered the subject’s mind under some sort of mental lock. I would have to get with
a neurological colleague of mine for clarification but that didn’t matter
at the moment.

"Stephanie do you want to please me?"

"Yes Doctor." A smile flashed across her face.

"Stephanie, I want you to kneel in front of me."

She obeyed and dropped to her knees. Then looked up at me with her deep
green eyes, which made me quiver and my cock stiffen. I set down my clipboard
and threw off my lab coat. I then ran my fingers through her silky brown
hair. It felt great.

"Have you ever sucked a cock before Stephanie?"

"Yes doctor."

"Do you want to suck mine?"

"Of course doctor"

I shuddered from excitement again. I was in heaven.

"Unzip my pants sweety and let my cock out."

She reached for the zipper on my khaki slacks and let my cock spring

"Now I want you to suck me like you’ve never sucked before."

She flashed a quick smile then her look turned to shear determinations
as she gripped my shaft and rammed it into her mouth. I could only let out a
loud long satisfied moan as I felt her hot mouth wrap around my cock. I
looked down and watched joyfully as she took every inch of me into her, then
rhythmically bobbed her head up and down on it. My hands were still buried in her
hair and I gripped it even tighter, pulling her down in unison. She let a few
muffled gags, which only proved she was giving it her all.

"Oh god Stephanie, your incredible." I moaned in sweet ecstasy. Then
suddenly she pulled back off my cock and slid her tongue down to my balls, which
licked and sucked eagerly. My body quivered, and a huge smile ran across my
face as I felt her young talented mouth all over my sack. I could feel her suck
them inside just to release them again. She then flicked her tongue around
them almost juggling my balls with her talented tongue. Almost too soon
though she licked her way back up my shaft and reinserted my cock into her mouth.
She resumed her strokes and continued to deep throat me, over and over. I
could feel her hands explore down to my thighs and then her nails gently
scratch my legs, up and down. It was an amazing feeling. I wasn’t sure how much
more I could take.

"Oh my god you sexy bitch," I yelled out loud, my words echoing around
the huge empty laboratory. Her hands moved back up to my shaft and she
stroked my cock while she pulled away to catch her breath. I knew right then I
wanted to fuck the ever loving shit out of her.

"Sweety," I groaned out of breath, "Would you like me to fuck you now?"

"Ohhh, yes doctor…" She replied back, genuinely excited. I giggled to
myself. I couldn’t believe that after all these years the thought
hadn’t crossed my mind before. I had been messing with chemicals for over 14
years and had never felt so alive as I did at that moment. I knew right then
that it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

"Why don’t you bend over the table sweety and let me fuck you from

She zealously hopped up from her knees and bent over the cold
laboratory table. Without me even asking she arched her back and stuck her
beautiful thick as up in the air for me to inspect. And of course I did. Her ass
was truly a piece of art. One of those asses you wish you could frame and
put above the fireplace for posterity. I grabbed a handful of her meaty ass
flesh and squeezed it. It was tight yet feminine. I gently massaged her
cheeks with both hands. My cock twitched, and for a moment I thought about fucking
her sexy ass. But I knew eventually I was going to have to wake her up from
her trance and she would defiantly notice that. So instead I lined my cock
up with her dripping slit and pushed my cock inside. It felt amazing. Her hot
wet cunt engulfed my cock and gripped it tightly. She moaned in pleasure as I
entered her, letting me know she was enjoying it too. I grabbed her shoulders
and began pumping my cock inside. I loved the way my thighs felt pushing
against the back of hers. I could hear her ass cheeks slapping against each
other as I pounded my cock down her cunt. All of a sudden she turned around and
looked me in the eyes, almost surprised that I was fucking her so good. I stared
into those deep green eyes and almost blew my load right then.

"Does that feel good baby? Is that how you like it, hard and deep…"

"Oh yeah doctor, give it to me" She responded. Her voice drove me
crazy; her sweet innocent voice asking me to fuck her was unbelievable erotic. I
reached underneath her body and grabbed a handful of her swaying breast. I
playfully pinched her nipples and massaged her milky tits, they felt great. She
then started moving back into me almost fucking me more than I was fucking
her. My cock was burying itself inside her. I watched it disappear into her
sweet pussy and reappear all the way back out. I was fucking her long hard
and deep. Doing things I didn’t even know I was capable of.

Her moans got louder and so did mine; I could feel my orgasm boiling.
It was just then that she shrieked and had an orgasm of her own. I felt her
cum shoot all over my cock.

"Are you ready to taste my cum sweety," I groaned loudly.

"Oh yes, please," She replied. I pulled out of her and she
instinctively turned around and dropped down to her knees. I stuck my cock in her
mouth and let her taste her own juices, then I facefucked her for a short while,
until I knew I was going to explode. I pulled my cock back out and let my jizz
fly. Strands of gooey white sperm flew from my convulsing cock and covered
her face. Most of it pooled around her mouth and nose, but some flew up to
her hair and forehead. It was truly sexy. I reinserted my cock into her
mouth and let her suck it dry. It started to go limp and plopped out. She then
began collecting my cum and scooping it into her mouth. The whole time
looking up at me seductively with those sexy eyes.

After she had gathered up most of my mess with her mouth I handed her a
towel and let her clean up. I too washed up and got dressed. Then I
instructed her to put her gown back on and lie on the table. I commanded her to go to
sleep and she did. I took a minute to catch my breath. My heart was still

The usual effects of my formula lasted around 12 hours, but I had also
developed an "antidote" if you will that would bring the subject back
within minutes. I injected it into her arm and watched tentatively as she came
back to reality.


"uhm…, yeah," She replied shaken.

"How do you feel?" I asked, truly curious.

"Extremely rested," She responded, almost surprised. "How did the
experiment go?"

"Better than I could of ever imagined."

"Really? Cool." She was genuinely excited, if only she had known.

Stephanie got dressed and I talked with her a little longer. I was
almost in love. I had never felt so free and alive as I had that day. I went over
some follow up forms with her and told her to call me if she felt any side
effects. She told me if I needed her again to just call. That made me laugh
inside. I was sure I would be seeing this sexy thing again, sooner than later. I
wrote her a check for 5,000 dollars and led her back to the front door. I
watched her walk away, her beautifully shaped ass swaying back and forth.

I didn’t really sleep that night; my heart and mind were racing. I was
like a kid with a new toy. I had so many ideas on how to use my new formula.
There were endless possibilities. I watched the tape of Stephanie and me at
least 10 times that night and masturbated to it over and over. I felt so alive
and I didn’t really know what would come next, I just knew that I never
wanted to go back to my old life. I wanted to feel the way I felt at the moment for
the rest of my life.

Better Living Through Chemistry, Chapter 2: Jewel

In case you missed Chapter 1, I am a world renown (and rather wealthy)
chemist who has taken a very dark turn. After discovering a formula that
will, once ingested, render a subject under my control and leave them
totally devoid of any memories. After using it successfully on a random
19-year-old student, I decided to move on to bigger and better things.
Namely, drugging and fucking beautiful female celebrities. This is an
account of my first encounter…

I was sitting around a bored Tuesday afternoon flipping between the
Discovery Channel and TLC. As I mashed the worn out buttons on my
controller past the countless channels full of mindless crap I was
suddenly faced with an angelic vision. I quickly realized I had landed on
MTV, the epitome of mindless crap. I stared in curiosity at the vision on
my TV set. I watched on until the familiar text appeared in the corner of
the screen. Her name was Jewel. No last name, just Jewel.

The next day I searched the Internet and found a tour schedule for my
beloved Jewel. Her next nearest concert was less than 2 hours from my
home in San Diego, so I told James* to crank up the Bentley and we
headed out.

We reached the hotel around noon and I immediately got on the phone and
called around until I found tickets to the nights show. Being a world-renowned
chemist has its rewards. I sat around the hotel all afternoon thinking of
nothing but her. I wanted to feel her so bad I could barely control myself.
I had gone over the night’s plans a hundred times until I had it perfect.
Then I went over it some more.

Before I knew it nightfall arrived and I suited up and headed over to the
concert venue. I took my seat on the front row and waited past the
opening act. (Some rather disgusting creature named Paula Cole.)
Her music was crappy and her underarm hair was appalling. I made
myself sit past her pathetic display until she finally left the stage
and Jewel emerged. She was even more striking in person. Her
dirty blonde hair and sexy body seemed all that more attractive
in real life.

The concert flew by and I don’t remember ever taking my eyes off her.
She played through her portfolio of songs and a few cover tunes, until
2 hours later the concert ended. She said goodnight and left the stage.
I wondered back to the Bently and instructed James to take me across
town to the hotel she was staying in. We arrived 20 minutes later and
I hopped out, telling James I would be a while. He nodded, obedient
as ever. I stepped into the lobby and, approached the reception desk.

"Hi, I’m looking for a friend of mine, names Jewel. Would you happen
to know what rooms she staying in?"

The girl behind the counter laughed.

"Sir, I can’t give information like that out…" She replied.

"Well, actually me and my friends were looking for her. You might
recognize them." I held up a huge wad of hundred dollar bills. 5,000
dollars to be exact. She took it in her hand and flipped through it.
She quickly stuck it in her pocket and blurted out.

"2264" I smiled. It was amazing what a few meaningless pieces of
paper could produce.

I walked away and got on the elevator.

"22nd floor please," I instructed the operator.

I stepped out of the elevator and begin investigating the hallway for a
hiding spot. I found one in a janitorial closet. I stepped inside and
cracked the door. Thankfully it gave me a perfect view of the elevator.
All I had to do was wait.

Almost an hour went by until I finally heard the elevator sound and
the familiar figure of my prey step out. She was alone. Perfect. I
watched her walk down the hall, my eyes focused on her thick tight
ass. She entered her room and closed the door behind her. This was
were my planned relied on fate. One of either two things could happen.
She would order room service, which I would then drug. Or she would
go straight to bed and I would go home and jerk off to my videotapes
of Stephanie. My heart was racing in anticipation. I paced around the
small utility closet for almost 30 minutes. I glanced at my watch one
last time and was about to give up and head back downstairs. Then
I heard the elevator bell ring and the sound of a cart slide out. It was
room service. My heart skipped a beat. I was so close. I stepped
out the closet silently and, approached the server from behind.

"Hey you, that food going to 2264."

The young boy turned to me.

"Yeah, what’s it to ya?"

I pulled out another wad of bills and handed it to him. It was 10,000. That
probably sounds a bit excessive but I wanted to be certain it would work.
He looked at the wad.

"Give me your cart and your apron and it’s yours."

"Shit, that’s more than I make a year," He removed his apron and handed it to
me, I in turn handed him the huge wad of cash. He left his tray behind and
headed down the stairs.

"Thank god for small miracles," I voiced as I pulled the vile from my pocket
and poured it into the Evian bottle that was resting on the tray. I pushed
the cart down the hall and knocked on Jewels door.

"Room Service." I yelled.

I heard the deadbolt unlock and the door swung open.

"Thank god, I’m starving." The angelic voice responded as I was face to
face with the striking image of my fantasy girl. She barely even glanced
in my direction, just handed me a twenty and rolled the cart inside,
slamming the door behind her.

My heart was going a mile a minute. It was one thing to fantasize about
this, but actually doing it made me feel excitement beyond belief. All I
had to do now was wait for the formula to take effect and then let the
fun begin.

Ten minutes later…

"Jewel, I want you to sit up and open your eyes," I yelled through the hotel
room door.

"Now rise and come over and open the door." A few seconds passed and
I heard the deadbolt slide open and the knob turn. I thought I was going
to cream in my pants as the door opened and the realization of having
one of the hottest singers in all of pop music standing a few feet from
me, waiting for my next command. I felt more alive than ever as I entered
the hotel room, pushing Jewel back away from the door. I locked it and
lead her back to the bed. It was quite a lavish hotel room. Complete with
king size bed, living room, kitchen, the works.

I stared at my new slave for an eternity. She was so strikingly beautiful I
could barely keep from ripping her clothes off and bending her over right
then. I snapped myself out of my trance and reached into my duffel bag.
I removed my video camera and set it up in the corner, then I returned to

"Jewel, from now on you will refer to me as master, do you understand?"

"Yes master," she responded immediately. I flashed a wide smile and pulled
her to me. I planted my mouth on hers and began to probe her mouth with
my tongue. She responded in kind and we flickered tongues for a while.
She tasted better than I had imagined. She was wearing a pair of silk
pajamas, so I reached for her buttons and began to undo them. To my glee
she was wearing no bra. I took a long hard look at her huge breast. They
hung so perfectly from her that I could barely contain myself. I leaned in
and took one of her light brown nipples into my mouth and sucked it hard.
She grabbed my head and pulled me closer. I lost myself between her
milky tits, licking and sucking them all over. I then pulled back and massaged
them with my hands, savoring the amazing feeling of having Jewels tits
between my fingers. She smiled at me coyly as if to say, "You like?" I
removed my clothes in a matter of seconds and returned to my subject.

I instructed her to remove her bottoms and she did. She had her cunt
neatly trimmed, but I wasted no time on it, instead I turned her around
and took in an eyeful of her perfect ass. I grabbed it with both hands
and massaged the awesome globes gently. I then dropped to my knees
and began to lick and suck her flesh with reckless abandoned. She
moaned in pleasure while I slipped my tongue down her ass slit. I licked
her puckered asshole for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t get enough
of it. Eventually though I pulled away and rose to my feet. She turned
around to face me.

"Get on your knees baby," I ordered.

"Yes master," she whispered back. Unexpectedly instead of dropping
straight to her knees she ran her tongue down my chest and sucked
my nipples for a moment before licking her way down to my crotch.

"Do you want me to suck it master?" She asked seductively.

"You know it sweety," I responded. She stroked my cock until it was
more than rock hard, and then licked it all over before swallowing it
down her throat. My whole body quivered at the feel of that mouth
wrap around my shaft. Her full lips ran up and down my cock, while
her cheeks caved in from sucking so hard. I ran my hands through
her dirty blonde hair and took a hold of it. I facefucked her hard and
deep, making her take every inch of my cock. She gagged and choked
softly, but none the less took it like a pro.

"Oh yeah slut, take my cock," I moaned. Her mouth emitted sucking
and slurping noises as I continued my assault on her million-dollar mouth.
That beautiful mouth that had produced so many catchy tunes and
number one songs was now engulfing the entire length of my shaft. I
released her from my grip, and she continued to bob her head up and
down on me.

"Jerk your pussy off Jewel, get it nice and wet for your master." She
immediately ran her finger down to her crotch and began rubbing circles
around her clit, all the while continuing to service my cock with her mouth.
I gave her a few minutes to get wet, and enjoyed the amazing blowjob I
was receiving. Then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up
to her feet. We kissed again, Jewel sucked my tongue as well as she
sucked my cock. I took a moment to massage her massive breast then
pushed her onto the bed. She laid back and spread her thick thighs for
me. Inviting me to fuck her. Without hesitating I leapt on the bed and
positioned myself between those milky thighs.

"Put it in," I ordered. She reached down, gripping my cock and pulling
it into her. I gasped in pleasure. Her hot cunt was almost enough to make
me blow my load right then. I regained my composure however and
began to fuck her, long and deep. She felt every inch of my cock, I made
sure of that. I filled her cunt up all way, then pulled back till I almost fell
out. Repeating the motion over and over. She moaned her approval. I
leaned in and once again sucked on her huge mamaries, all the while
keeping up my assault on her cunt. Her tits bounced up and down on my
face, my hard strokes making them jiggle and dance around my tongue.
I almost lost myself again in those perfect tits.

"Let me see you suck your own tits Jewel," I commanded. She smiled
at me devilishly and took her hands from my shoulder and gripped her
breast. I slowed my strokes slightly, watching her pull those luscious
breasts up to her face and suck on her own nipples. It was a
mind-blowing scene. Here I was fucking the shit out of one of the most
popular singers in music while watching her lick and nibble on her own
massive tits. I leaned in and kissed her again, sharing a nipple with her
tongue. She was beginning to sweat and so was I. Her soft body
glistened beautifully under the light. All my years of training had paid
off bigtime…

I decided to switch positions and fuck Jewel doggystyle. So I pulled out
of her dripping cunt and ordered her to flip over.

"Turn around sweety and get on your hands and knees."

"Mmmm, yes master."

She rolled over and got on all fours.

"Arch your back sweety, let me see how high you can get that perfect
ass in the air." Jewel pushed her shoulders into the bed and arched
her sweet back until her ass was seemingly floating in front of me.

I whispered my approval. "Good girl."

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, watching her lip convulse under
my touch.

"Tell me how bad you want this cock baby," I asked. She looked over
her shoulder at me and smiled.

"Oh master, I want it so bad. I want you ram that cock in me as hard
as you can." I laughed, then gripped her hips and shoved my cock up
her cunt, all the way to its base. She shrieked half in pleasure and
half in pain. I resumed my long hard strokes and watched her ass
jiggle from my fucking. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. By now
Jewel was well worked up and had begun to squeal and moan every
time I entered her. While I continued to bang her doggystyle, I reached
underneath her body and grabbed those swaying tits once again. I
couldn’t get enough of them. I knew I had to titfuck her before I left.
But first, I needed to do the one thing I wanted the most. Fuck her
up the ass.

I pulled out of her cunt, much to her dismay. She looked over her
shoulder at me, wondering why I had quit. I grabbed her wonderful
asscheeks and spread them apart. I then probed a finger inside
asshole. It was tight.

"Have you ever had a cock up your ass sweety?" I asked the
bewildered Jewel.

"No master."

"Do you want me to ass fuck you?"

"If it will please you master." She replied. I giggled again at the unbelievable
effects my formula had. Damn I was a genius. Here I was with one of the
hottest asses in all of showbiz just waiting for me to fuck it.

Without wasting anytime, I went back to my duffel bag and pulled out a
tube of lubricant. I spread it over my rock hard cock and rubbed it inside
Jewel’s asshole. Once she was well lubed, I pressed my cockhead
against he puckered anus and pushed until it gave way and slipped inside.
She shrieked, most likely in pain. It was the first time I had ever done a
woman up the ass. It had just been a fantasy until now.

"Just relax you ass baby, it won’t hurt for long." Jewels face was twisted
into a grimacing look of pain as I pushed my cock further down her anal
cavity. It got halfway and I pulled back out. The feeling of her perfect
ass gripping my cock was unforgettable. I almost lost my load again.
None the less though I began a slow gently fucking of her ass. Pushing
my cock only halfway in until she started loosening up.

Five minutes later I was all out fucking her. She was screaming in pain
with each thrust. I ordered her to finger herself and she did. That took
her mind off the pain, and eventually she got so loose that the pain
transformed into pleasure. For her and me. I felt like I had a pack of
butterflies in my stomach. The feel of my cock ramming her ass was
amazing. The site of it was even better. Her thick ass cheeks jiggled
and shook while I fucked away. I knew I didn’t have much left in me.
No man would. After fucking Jewel for the past thirty minutes, I was
ready to blow. There was one more thing I had to do. I pulled out of
her ass, much to her shagrin.

"Turn over on you back bitch," I ordered.

"Yes master," she moaned quickly as she flipped over. I straddled her
chest and rested my rock hard cock between her huge breast.

"Press your tits around my cock baby." She obeyed and pressed her
tits together hard until they engulfed my cock. I slid my still lubed cock
between them, loving the feel of her milky flesh around my dick. I
grabbed her hair and pulled her head up until she was inches from my
cock each time I pushed it through. She caught my drift and opened her
mouth. Each time my cock appeared from her tits she would lick and
suck at it. I held her head in place and I felt my orgasm boil. I cocked
my head back and let my jizz fly. My seed shot out of her tits and into
her mouth. She gagged softly as my sperm flew to the back of her throat.
More strands landed on her face and hair. I let go of her head and
collapsed back onto my ass.

I looked over at my lovely slave. She had my cum hanging from her
nose and chin.

"Lick all that up sweety," I ordered. She scooped my jizz into her mouth
and pulled what she could out of her hair, swallowing it too. I then made
her clean my cock up with her tongue. I was wasted. I wanted so bad to
fall asleep in her bed and wake up with her the next morning. But I knew
I had to go. Small price to pay.

I had Jewel take a shower and put her pajamas back on. I decided to
just let the formula wear off naturally instead of using the antidote. I
ordered her to go to sleep and she did, while I gathered my camera
and clothing and slipped out the door.

I got back to the hotel room and phoned James to pick me up. We headed
back to Maui that night, I watched the video of me and Jewel all the way home.


Better Living Through Chemistry

Chapter 3

By JayDee (

Around two weeks after my fuckfest with Jewel, I decided it was
time to begin another endeavor. I had already decided who it would be. Gillian
Anderson. After watching the X-Files for the first time, I had become
instantly obsessed with her. Even though I despised the television, I
watched diligently. Every episode just made me want her more and more. My plans
almost began by themselves. I cooked up a few ideas and scenarios. My mind
raced. Having the ability to do almost anything with anyone was quite a

After a few hours of surfing on the Internet I discovered that
for the most part the X-Files was filmed in Quebec. I told James to fire up the
private jet. It was time for a little trip.

Canada was cold, and I despised it. After spending the last 10
years in sunny California. I had grown accustomed and I guess spoiled by it.
James drove me to the hotel and I checked in. I talked to a few of the locals
and asked about the X-Files set. They were all more than helpful.

For the next two days I staked out the set. They seemed to be
pretty regimented about the shooting schedule. They were on the set by 8 am
and off by 5. I got in contact with a few stagehands and gaffers. After a
little coaxing with the almighty dollar, they gave me Gillian’s home number,
address and just about everything else I could think to ask. I went back to the
hotel and went over my plan one last time. Once I was confident I could go
through with it. I plopped down on the bed and picked up the phone.

"Hello," My heart skipped a beat at the sound of her voice.

"Yes Ms. Anderson. This is Kent Brockman with the Time Magazine.
We were interested in doing a small piece about the show and possible talk with
you a little about the upcoming movie." It was possible the most nervous I
had ever been in all my life. I was just praying she didn’t detect it in my

"Uhm, why are you calling me at home. I have an agent who handles
this stuff."

"Yes I realize that, but I was hoping to interview tomorrow. I’m
in town for a couple of days, and frankly I don’t have time to go through all
the proper channels. If I could just have 10 or 15 minutes of your time…"

"Time magazine?"

"Correct ma’am…" There was a drawn out pause. Obviously she was
considering it.

"Well, I guess I might have time for a short interview. Can you
come by the set tomorrow around 5?"

"Surely, I’ll be there…"

"Alright, bye." She hung up the phone and I did too. My hands
were shaking. I had never done something so bold before. I couldn’t believe
how composed I had been. I was gleaming that night. I might have slept, I
really don’t remember…

The next day…

I had James rent a less conspicuous vehicle. A Ford Explorer. I
used my laptop and a rather expensive laser printer to forge some phony press
passes and I.D’s. The day seemed to creep by in anticipation. But four o’clock
eventually came, and I hopped in the car and headed across town.

I drove onto the set and slipped passed security with my fake
I.D’s and intelligent sounding talk. I carried a clipboard, cassette recorder, my
trusty duffel bad, and assortment of papers to further sell my appearance as a
TIME magazine writer. The set manager introduced herself to me and led me
away to a small media room. The room was basically empty except for a long table
surrounded by chairs and a beat up couch. I waited for around 15
minutes until I heard the door open and there she was. The women I had come for, the
women who had occupied my thoughts for the past weeks. She was absolutely
stunning. Her piercing blue eyes and striking red hair seemed to jump out at me.
She was wearing some faded jeans and a blue blouse. I thought my heart was
going to jump through my chest as I reached out and shook her hand. I quickly
regained my composure and took a seat across from her at the table.

"Can we make this kinda quick, it’s been a long day and I just
want to go home and sleep."

"Sure, sure, just need a few quick sound bites to throw in a
article." I reached in my pocket and removed a pack of gum. I took a piece out,
unwrapped it and stuck it in my mouth. Then I pushed up a tagged piece. (Which
was laced with my formula.) in her direction.

"Gum?" I asked.

"Yeah why not…" I flashed a small smile and then it was gone.
She grabbed the stick from my outreached hand and unwrapped it. I was
almost hypnotically focused on the thin piece of gum as it entered her mouth.
My plan had worked….

I pretended to shuffle around with some papers for then next
couple of minutes. Then I saw her eyes grow heavy and her head begin to slump.
She slowly laid her head on the table and passed out…

"Gillian, open your eyes and sit up." On command she did what I
had voiced. I stood up and walked around the table until I was right next
to her. I shrieked out loud. I couldn’t believe I had the one and only Gillian
Anderson at my command. I ran over to my duffel bag and pulled out my
camera. I set it up in record time and returned to Gillian.

"Stand up" She pushed her chair back and stood up, facing me.
"From now one you will refer to me as master. Is that understood?"

"Yes master." She replied.

"Good girl." I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards
me. She embraced me and we immediately locked lips. I sucked her tongue and
probed her mouth. She tasted great. I enjoyed her taste for a moment more before I
pulled back. She opened her eyes looked at me. I was blown away. She was
driving me wild…

I unbuckled her belt, slid it out from her waist and flung it on
the table. I then unbuttoned her blouse. She had on a white cotton bra,
which I made her remove. Her milky white tits sprung into view. They were
amazing. Not as big as Jewels but defiantly perkier. I took them in my hands and
gently massaged them. She moaned softly. Leaning in I took one of her nipples
in my mouth and nibbled gently before sucking it. Her nipples were already
erect and the feel of them in my mouth immediately made my already stiff cock
twitch. She ran her hands through my hair while I sucked away at her huge
breast. I stuck my head between them and pressed them around my face. I felt like
losing myself in her chest and never coming out. Instead though I slid my
tongue down her stomach and knelt in front of her. I unzipped her jeans and let her
slide out of them. She had on matching panties, which I gripped with my teeth
and pulled away. Her red haired cunt was well trimmed and sexy as hell. I
licked between her pussy lips and nibbled on her clit of a minute. Then I
grabbed her waist and spun her around. I was then face to face with her wonderful
ass. If you haven’t learned from my past stories. Asses are very important to
me. I love them with a dying passion. Gillian had one of those asses you
would kill to lick. And lick it I did. Up, down, and all over. I ran my tongue
around every inch of that sexy flesh. I even dove my tongue down her asshole
and tasted her. She moaned louder when I did that. And telling from the
heat coming from her cunt, she was getting aroused.

I stood up and turned her back around. We kissed again, letting
her taste herself. I ripped my shirt off and undid my pants, freeing my
eager cock. Once I was fully naked, I then put two hands on her shoulders and
pushed her down.

"Suck it Gillian," I moaned as she reached her knees and was face
to face with my convulsing cock. Without even touching it, she took it
into her mouth and sucked me down. Her head bobbed up and down on my shaft,
those sweet lips sucking like a vacuum. It was quite sexy watching her take my cock
with no hands. She was a real pro. But I decided to find out for sure. I
grabbed hold of her precious red hair and thrust my hips forward, impaling my
cock down her throat. She groaned and pushed against my thighs as I began to
facefuck her. Pushing my cock in and out of her mouth as far as I
could. It felt amazing. Her eyes were closed as she tried her best to withstand
the assault I was giving her. My cock disappeared inside her precious face
a countless number of times until I thought I was going to blow a load
right then and there. Not wanting to waste my opportunity to fuck her though,
I pulled off.

I led her over to the couch and laid on my back. She was standing
next to me, her beautiful body glistening from sweat.

"Come have a seat," I said playfully. She smiled and straddled
me, then lowered her body down onto my shaft. I moaned as my cock entered her
hot cunt. She rested for a second, letting her walls contract around me. Then she
lifted herself back up all the way and began to fuck my eager cock. She
bounced up and down on me, gaining momentum with each stroke. I grabbed her by the
waist and helped guide her up and down. We gained speed and pretty soon I was
watching those huge tits bounce up and down wildly. I grabbed one of
them and squeezed it, using it to pull her towards me. I wrapped my lips around
those light brown nipples once again while she continued to bob up and down
on me. Her hair fell into her eyes and she brushed it back. I smiled up
at her, god was she sexy. With both hands on her ass, we fucked in that position
for a little longer. Then I decided it was my turn to drive.

I pulled her off of me and slid out from underneath her. I then
bent her over the edge of the couch and positioned myself behind. I slid my cock
up and down her wet slit for a moment before pushing my way in. For the second
time in less than a month there I was, fucking a celebrity doggystyle. Her
perfect ass was a vision to me as I pounded away at her cunt. I wanted to
assfuck her so bad, but I knew it was too risky. I reached underneath her and
grabbed those sexy tits as they swayed back and forth. She turned to look over
her shoulder at me, her eyes took my breath away once more. It made me want
to grab her by the waist and fuck her for all she’s worth, and that’s
exactly what I did. I rammed my cock in her so hard her asscheeks began to
clap, filling the air with a melodic rhythm. The feel of her cunt gripping my
cock was too much to stand, I knew it was time to end my masquerade with the
stunning Agent Scully.

Feeling my balls begin boil, I stopped my strokes and pulled my
cock out. My whole body shuddered as I let my jizz fly, landing all over her
back, and some even making it into her hair. She remained motionless while I
sprayed strand after strand of thick white sperm over her back and hair, until
I was spent and my body went limp. I collapsed back onto the couch.

"You’d better clean all that up," I commanded. She tried her best
to collect the jizz off her back and eat it. It was quite a sight.
Watching Gillian Anderson scoop my cum off her back and swallow it made me want
to do fuck her again. But I knew time was of the essence so commanded her to
clean up my cock, which she eagerly did. I then grabbed a towel from my
duffel bag and handed it to her. Letting her clean up. Once that was accomplished,
I had her get dressed and sit back down in her original chair. I then pulled
a small vile from my bag and ordered her to swallow it. Before she came back to
reality I made her lay her head back down on the table and close her

"Gillian? Ms. Anderson, Ms. Anderson are you okay?" I asked,
sitting across from her. She opened her eyes and sprung to life. She darted her
head back and forth, inspecting the room, trying to regain her composure.

"What the hell happened?" She asked.

"Well, we were doing the interview and you just kinda drifted

"Boy, I must have been more tired than I had thought."

"Hmmm, well I guess I’ve got enough. Why don’t you go home." She
looked at me puzzled. Still a little disoriented.

"Yeah, okay well…" She stood up and grabbed her purse, heading
out of the room, a look of total confusion on her face. I let out a long
relived sigh as she disappeared from site. My plan had gone perfect.

I retrieved my camera from the corner and slipped out of the room
and off the set as quietly as possible. Once back at the hotel and threw on
the video and relaxed with a drink.

"What a women," I muffled, staring at the image of Gillian
sucking my cock. I drifted off to sleep, visions of Agent Scully dancing in my


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