Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

by tevok

Celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence

Story Codes: MF, oral, cons

Note: English is not my first language, so forgive any minor problems. This is also my first time writing an erotic story, so of course I still have much to improve. Otherwise, go on and enjoy (in whatever way you want to). Comments are welcome.

Disclaimer: This story isn’t real; this is fiction, so this is not meant to represent how the celebrities act in real life and nothing of the sort. People of minor age should not read this, even though it is not meant to harm anyone (any harm done to reader’s hands are no responsibility of mine).

“Wow, the view here is so beautiful!” The blonde bombshell said, standing above the rock and looking at the horizon.

“Yeah, it certainly is.” Of course, he wasn’t talking about the same thing.

Just the day before, Chris was relaxing and making plans for the weekend. As a private instructor of canyoning, he cherished every time he could to just stay home and watch a good film or something. He was quite a fan of cinema, but he had been so busy that he was quite behind the new releases. He did not expect for his boss to call him and cancel his day-off because apparently they had an urgent appointment and had all other instructors already busy for the day.

‘Just what I needed. Probably a spoiled brat wanting to feel the ‘127 Hours’ experience.’ Chris thought.

Chris had finally managed to get the ‘The Hunger Games’ DVD and planned to watch it. He had heard well about the film itself, but his main motivation to watch it was its star.

Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer was almost a crush of his since he first saw her in a film. She was beautiful, charismatic, talented and all-around a positive aspect of all films he watched her in. ‘The Hunger Games’ was the film that consolidated her as an star, so he was itchy to see it.

So, imagine Chris surprise the next day when, while waiting for this ‘brat’ at the course, there comes a fucking hot blonde in a tight-fitting shirt and tight-shorts, the usual gym attire, with a cap and a big backpack as if going on a-

“Oh, shit.”

Understanding he was going to be this hottie’s guide, he went up to her to introduce himself. As he did, he couldn’t help but gawk as he noticed who she was.

Katniss Everdeen.


No need to say, what started as a sacrifice had just become a gift from God.

“C’mon! You can’t see anything from down there! Come up here!” Jennifer said.

“Well, I can see a lot, thank you.” While he couldn’t see the horizon as well as Jennifer, Chris had in his position a privileged view of her ass accentuated by her tight short. Nonetheless, he climbed the rock to stand at her side.

They had been trekking for a few hours now; Jennifer already had a pretty good understanding and conditioning for canyoning, and Chris served more as a guide to the mountainous area. For those hours they spend a lot of time conversing with each other and Chris was ‘delighted’ to discover that the ‘Hunger Games’ star was as extroverted and easygoing as the media made her out to be. And quite a flirt too, though he was unsure if that part was true or just his imagination.

“This place is great; you’re really luck to get to work here all the time!”

“Really?” Chris raised an eyebrow, looking at Jennifer. “You are the movie star that gets to go all around the world while being ogled by fans everywhere, and I’m the one lucky to work on a canyon?”

“Hey, you make it sounds like my life is a fairytale!” At this Jennifer turned to face Chris, her hands on her hips. “There are a lot of annoying and even creepy fans, having to go to those parties to ass-kiss important people, I barely get privacy anymore! And most of those acting stunts are quite dangerous, too. Hell, I knocked Josh Hutcherson out during filming!” By the last part she was almost chuckling.

Chris stifled a laugh at the last part. “Well, I’m not so great either. I have little free time, and this paisage starts getting a bit old after seeing it for the nth time. Then, I have to guide a bunch of annoying guys who think they know what they are doing just because they once went into ranges or seen ‘127 Hours’!”

“Gee, thanks.”

“I’m not meaning you. In fact, you are the best thing that happened today after losing my day-off.” At her confused face, he explained. “This was supposed to be my day-off, but my boss cancelled it since there was no other guide available for you.”

“Sorry.” At this she brought her hand up to rub the back of her head sheepishly.

“Well, my plans were to see you anyway in ‘The Hunger Games’, so in the end I would say it was an upgrade.”

“Oh, is that so? You were going to watch me?” At this, Jennifer gave a sultry, teasing smile that made Chris uncomfortable.

“N… Y… That’s not what I meant! I-I’ve not yet seen the film so I decided to do it, and you are in it, so I would end up watching you, an-”

“Hey, hey, calm down man! I’m just teasing you!” Jennifer was laughing loudly, and Chris felt himself go red in embarrassment. Here he was, with a famous and amicable film star, and he had to go and make a fool of himself! Yet…

‘God, even her laugh is sexy…’

Well, while ‘sexy’ wouldn’t really be a good way to describe Jennifer Lawrence’s laugh, it certainly had that effect on Chris. But while he was far too distracted to notice, Jennifer in the midst of her laughing could notice a bulge in his pants and slowly stopped laughing. Looking at it, she, too, started feeling uncomfortable and had to fight to keep some ‘thoughts’ away from her mind.

“Uhm, are we going to just stand here? It is starting to get hot…”

Quick to defuse the situation, Chris turned around (much to Jennifer’s chagrin) and went down the rock they were in. After a moment trying to recollect her thoughts, Jennifer smiled and went ahead to the edge of the rock to get down…

…and promptly slipped.


As luck would have it (or was it luck?) Chris was still in front of the rock and easily caught her in his arms while managing to keep standing. Helping her steady herself, he could hear her labored breath from the almost injuring situation; he barely noticed that he was still grabbing her in a tight hug, though his body certainly did.

“I don’t really think that was what they meant with the saying ‘between a rock and a hard place’, hmm?” Jennifer’s voice was almost a whisper, a very sultry whisper, as she said pretty much in Chris’ ear. As Chris still seemed oblivious, Jennifer enticingly moved her hips making him feel his boner rub against her pelvis and also letting a low groan.

At that sound something seemed to snap in Chris. The combination of the place, the flirting, the smokin’ hot celebrity feeling his cock with her hips, and now that very, VERY arousing sound coming from her…

Chris pushed forward, claiming her lips in a ferocious, animalistic kiss; at the same time, he pushed her hard against the rock and pushed his own body against her, making her moan in his mouth from his hard-on pressing on her. Jennifer moaned at the action, her surprise quickly melting as her tongue clashed with Chris’ and she crossed a leg over his waist to make him push even harder.

As their kiss seemed to only intensify, Chris hands started to roam Jennifer’s backside until one of them grabbed her ass and pulled it hard towards him. Jennifer gave a small squeal, breaking their kiss for a moment; both of them had their eyes half-closed, and shit-eating grins slowly crawled over their faces as their lust started to allow the realization of what they just did.

“Well, I did make you lose your day-off. How about letting me make up for you?” Jennifer said, a seductive smirk growing as her hand gripped the border of his pants.

“If you wish. I’m certainly not complaining.” Chris answered with his own smirk, before pulling off her (which she reacted with a disappointed moan) and taking his shirt off. While not very muscled, his job made sure to make his body lean but athletic enough. Nonetheless, Jennifer Lawrence whistled at him before letting her hands wander his chest.

“You know, I don’t really like over-muscled guys. I find it ugly, plus they always come with small dicks.” One of her hands snaked down his abdomen, before reaching and firmly gripping his boner. “I would rather have someone big down here, like you.”

As she said that, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his again. This time was softer, not as aggressive but still very passionate. Chris couldn’t help marvel at the softness of her lips as his tongue briefly stroked them before invading her mouth. He pressed hard against her again, one of his hands shooting to grab her ass and another this time around snaking in the front to her plump chest. He roughly grabbed her tits, kneading what he guessed were high Cs, which seemed to make Jennifer moan and dry-hump him.

Next his lips were leaving hers before trailing down her chin, soon closing again around the milky white skin of her neck. Jennifer moaned, tilting her head to give him better access as he kissed, sucked and nibbled her neck carefully enough to not leave marks but still enough to give her pleasure; he gave special attention to the intersection between her neck and shoulder, which seemed to get the best reaction out of her.

Meanwhile, even with her mind clouded with lust and pleasure from his ministrations, Jennifer was not one to be merely submissive. One of her hands grabbed his hair, pulling his face into her neck, and another snaked into his pants to try and pull it down.

“C’mon, let’s step up this game.” Jennifer’s voice was a husky whisper as she pulled Chris’ hair to make him stop. As they looked at each other, Jennifer quickly gave him a kiss before bringing her hands to the hem of her shirt; with a seductive smile, she brought her shirt up slowly, teasing Chris who had to control himself so as to not shoot forward and rip her cloths off. As she stood there in her sports bra, she proceeded to also lower her shorts; taking the cue, Chris too started to lower his pants, never taking his eyes off Jennifer’s body.

To anyone who watched the scene, it would seem like a exotic porno. There, in the canyons, a hot blonde bombshell (Jennifer fucking Lawrence, no less) in only her undergarments with a similarly quasi-nude man, both exuding their lust. Looking down Chris could see a small wet spot in her panties, while Jennifer licked her lips at his almost nude boner.

“Damn, Jen. You got a body to die for…” Jennifer shivered as the nickname escaped his lips, liking the sound of it. Making a signal for him to stay put, she slowly moved up to him swaying her hips enticingly as her hands went to her shoulders and teasingly pulled at her bra’s straps.

Chris was absolutely paralyzed as she pulled her bra down, revealing the top of her tits and slowly showing more. As she reached him, she gave a smug look at him (he had a feeling this was like a game to her, to see who got the other hotter) before gripping and pulling down his underwear to reveal his cock. It wasn’t an abomination, but it was quite big and he couldn’t help but give his own smug look at Jennifer’s impressed face.

Taking of the underwear completely, he pushed Jennifer back till she was pressed against the rock again and grabbed her by the back of her thighs and ass, lifting her. Understanding, Jennifer gave a small jump and grabbed his hips with her legs, his hard cock pressing under her panties enough to make her squeal in delight.

Tilting his head down, Chris leaned forward to smother himself on her breasts. Jennifer squealed and moaned as he kissed the valley of her breasts before trailing kisses up the mounds; he kissed and bit all over her right breast, purposefully avoiding the nipple which made Jennifer almost growl. With a smirk on his face, he briefly pulled away and raised his eyes to look at her face.

“What’s the matter, Jen? Want something?”

“You know very well what I want, Chris.”

“Don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?”

This time, Jennifer did growl. “Stop teasing and milk me already!” Though she tried to look intimidating, she had to keep a grin from forming in her face. Their playfulness was keeping things interesting…

Leaning down again, Chris decided to end her torture and grabbed her breast with his mouth, sucking away like a baby. Jennifer threw her head back (almost hitting the rock she was pressed against) and let a loud moan, never having had her mounds sucked like that. He alternated between circling the nipple with his tongue and sucking, while at the same time he brought up one of his hands to grab and knead the other breast. They were delicious, plump and soft yet firm enough. He could get off just licking those tits, but as his cock seemed to try and get harder by the moment, almost to the point of hurting, Chris knew he wanted more than just a tit-sucking.

As he changed breasts, he maneuvered the hands still holding her ass so as to move her panties and expose her opening. He managed to move a finger over it, seeing it wet enough; lifting her up a bit more, he swiftly moved his hips so his cock was lined with her pussy and promptly pushed forward, impaling her with a grunt.

Jennifer was in cloud nine. She had never had her tits sucked like this (she had her tits sucked before, though) and she felt as if she could come just from it. She barely noticed the touch on her nether regions until she felt herself lifted higher; as she was about to ask, she suddenly felt something invading her pussy and let out a scream, her face morphing into an O-face as she threw her head back again (this time she probably did hit the rock, though the feeling of his penetration made it irrelevant).

“FUCK!” Jennifer managed to let out as her scream faded, her face still scrunched up from the sudden intrusion. She had never had a dick so big inside her, nor had she much preparation time as it caught her by surprise.

“That’s what I’m gonna do, Jen.” Chris grunted, reveling in the tightness of her cunt. Damn! She wasn’t a virgin but still, goddamn! She was so tight, he almost came!

As she seemed to be adjusting, he pushed his head back to her neck where he kissed and suckled. As she seemed to be adjusted, she pulled his head up to give her a kiss before moving her hips to coax him into starting. And he did, thrust his hips upwards to bury even more of his cock inside her, before moving it back down while holding her ass so she wouldn’t come down with him. It was quite difficult, as he had never done it in this position.

Letting her fall a bit so her pussy would be straight ahead of his hips, he thrust forward this time around and found this position to be much better. Soon he was fucking Jennifer Lawrence normally, almost as if they were laying down; she moaned like a bitch in heat, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed, her mind overridden from the pounding she was receiving from Chris.

Soon enough, whether by pure instinct or her own doing, Jennifer’s hips started moving alongside Chris’, thrusting in rhythm and creating even more pleasure for them both. The sound of their skin slapping together, as well as the feeling of his balls hitting under her pussy once in a while, was making them run straight to their climax.

“Ohhh, ohhhh fuuuuuck!! Ohhhh, ohhhh my god!” Jennifer was babbling, the pleasure overwhelming her senses. “Ohhhhh, fuck!”

As he started losing speed, Chris compensated by burying his cock further and harder in her pussy. His hand shot to her breast, squeezing it as he leaned down to suck the nipple. This was the last straw for Jennifer as she moaned loudly and she spasmed slightly, her muscles contracting and squeezing the cock still inside the pussy. This not only made it impossible for Chris to pull out, but gave the extra stimuli for him to come.

“Oh, shit! Here it comes!”

As he pushed forward for the last time, he cummed hard inside her. He had his eyes closed, throwing his head back and basking in the pleasure of having his cock drained by the hot film star’s pussy. He felt his own legs start to grow weak; thankfully, Jennifer let go of his waist and this allowed him to get down to the ground, bringing her with him as he was still unwilling to let her go.

Laying down on the rocky ground, still gripping Jennifer’s body to himself, he moved his eyes to her. Her eyes seemed still glossed, still basking in the afterglow of their incredible outdoors sex. After a while, she started blinking and quickly got up, pulling him off her.

“Oh shit” Chris thought. Was she angry at him for having cummed inside her? Was she going to report him, say he raped her, after this incredible da-

His line of thinking got shut down and he let out a moan as the blonde, on all fours on the ground, stroke his limper but still semi-hard cock. She was smiling at him, her hair falling to one side giving her such a sexy look most pornstars would be envious of.

“C’mon, this ain’t over yet.”

“You surely are a nympho, ain’t you?”

“Oh, please, as if you weren’t thinking the same?” To emphasize her point, Jen let go of his dick to show it was almost at full-mast. “You can’t make me come so hard, you can’t please me like that and expect me not to want another go.”

“Can’t say I thought about that.” Truth was, he never expected her to give him another go. As a big celebrity, this would probably be just a one-time thing and expecting more would just leave him crushed.

“Well, you can be sure you got yourself a loyal client now.” She winked at him. “But right now, I’ve been wanting to have a taste of this since I first saw it…”

As Chris’ cock was acceptably hard, Jennifer leaned down and closed her lips around it. The guide almost came at the sight (and feeling) of having his cock sucked by the star, and while he did control himself it still made his cock fully hard on Jen’s mouth.

The ‘Hunger Games’ star, meanwhile, kept working. Her tongue rolled around the pole, licking and sucking back all of their juices that still covered it. She couldn’t distinguish her taste from his, but the combination was rather enjoyable. She pulled out, licking the underside of his cock and all-around cleaning it of juice. Once this was over, she once again engulfed it in her hot little cave and started bobbing her head up and down on it as her hand still stroked the base of his cock.

Chris groaned at the feeling, as if she was trying to suck the cum from inside him. His past girlfriends always refused to give him a blowjob, saying it was disgusting or degrading; that he was now receiving his first from Jennifer Lawrence herself, the dream of many men, was enough to get him going and he soon felt his juice start to flow. He sat up, doing his best not to stop her, and placed his hand on her head like he had seen many do in this situation (and it just felt right).

Jennifer kept bobbing her head for some while, his groans and his pulling/pushing of her head serving as incentive to keep going. Soon enough his groaning became more regular and a slightly salty taste started to appear, indicating he was about to come; she merely accelerated her efforts.

“Ohh shit, I’m gonna come Jen!”

Jennifer smiled at this and, when she felt he was already past the point of no return, pulled him out of her mouth; she continued stroking him, getting him off as she opened her mouth and aimed his cock at it. In a moment his white seed was coming out, shooting at her and hitting her mouth, chin and neck. He shot quite a lot, which seemed to please her.

As he came out of his high, Chris looked to see Jennifer using her tongue and finger to catch the cum that landed outside of her mouth. She looked almost innocently doing that, if not for the fact that she was naked and it was his cum in her mouth and fingers.

“So, what now?” She asked, sitting on his lap and putting her arms around his neck. A seductive smile was just right on her face.

“Uhmm, you will have to wait a while before I can go again.”

“Yeah, you came a lot. I was quite surprised you managed to come so much the second time around.” She gyrated her hips, making Chris’ groan. “Can’t you surprise me again, Chris?”

“I would love to, but I’m not a machine Jen. Besides, we really need to keep going or else they will start worrying something happened to you.”

“Like, I got raped by my canyoneering guide and he is right now carrying me all the way to Mexico?”

“Very funny.” Chris said sarcastically. “Besides, by the time we get back I will probably be able to go at it again. And you are in dire need of a shower, Jen.”

At this Jennifer mock-gasped. “Are you saying I’m dirty?”

Chris laughed a bit. “If you take it that way…”

Jen pouted, getting up from his lap and grabbing her clothes. “Okay, but you gotta shower too. You are even dirtier than me.”

Chris stood up too and grinned, snaking an arm around her waist and pulling her towards him. “That’s okay, but only if I can shower with you.”

Jennifer grinned back. “You’re right. Two dirty people on a shower are better than one, I guess.” She quickly leaned forward to kiss him and he soon kissed back, not really caring for his lingering taste still on her mouth.

Oh, this was so much better than watching ‘The Hunger Games’…

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