Beware Of Kittie Part 1: So Much For My Happy Ending [FINAL]

This is a fictional story. That means it’s not real. Also I’m using Kittie’s

current lineup, as of December 2004, composed of Mercedes and Morgan Lander,

Jennifer Arroyo, and Lisa Marx.

Idea and outline were provided by Dr. Blasphemy. I just wrote the story.

Beware Of Kittie Part 1: So Much For My Happy Ending

(FFF, FF+, ws, BDSM, rape, oral, anal, fist, pierce)

by Big Red Dope (

“Where’s Lisa at?” Morgan asked as she walked into Jennifer and Lisa’s hotel

room. Jennifer and Mercedes were lying back on the beds watching tv. “We need

to get
to the club to do a soundcheck.”

“She said something about going to some store down the road and getting some

new boots,” Jennifer replied.

“When did she leave? Did she say when she’d be back?”

“She left while you were napping. Speaking of which if you can’t hold your

liquor anymore you should really stop drinking on nights before we have a

show,” Mercedes smirked.

“I told you it was something I ate at the club last night. I can outdrink

both of you.”

“From what Mercedes has said you could out drink us a couple of years ago

maybe, but now I’m not so sure,” Jennifer grinned.

“Well a hearty fuck you to both of you,” Morgan said before cringing at the

voice of someone she was familiar with. She turned to face the tv and saw

Avril Lavigne performing Metallica’s ‘Fuel’. “Not that I’m a big fan of

Metallica, especially with the crap they’re putting out now, but what the

hell is she doing playing one of their songs?”

“This is some show called ‘Icons’ that MTV puts together everyone once in

awhile celebrating the “greatness” of somebody. They did one for Metallica

a year or so ago and for some reason Avril performed,” Mercedes replied

unimpressed with Avril’s performance.

“We ready to do the sound check at the club?” Lisa asked popping in the

hotel room.

“Yeah, in a minute,” Morgan replied in thought.

“What’s going on?”

“The two of them were just bitching about Avril and her music again,”

Jennifer answered.

“What set them off this time?”

“You ever see her performance at that MTV “Icons” show for Metallica?” Morgan


“Yeah I heard it. It wasn’t nearly as bad as her shit cover of ‘Chop Suey’.

It sucked big time,” Lisa replied.

“It was fucking awful,” Morgan said calmly.

“I don’t give a flying fuck one way or another about her, but we should have

another kickass show tonight with as pissed off as the rest of you are,”

Jennifer said turning off the tv as she and Mercedes got off the beds to


“Hey Lisa, that strap-on your friend got you that’s hanging on the wall at

your place, you think they can get three more of those?” Morgan asked.

“It’ll take a few weeks, but I’m sure she could. Why?”

“A few weeks is fine. As for why, Avril likes to touch music she shouldn’t

and play around like she’s hardcore and shit. I think it’s time she learns

that there’s a difference between her pop princess club and the shit we do.

If she wants to join our club then by all means let’s let her in. She likes

to drink and party and the CMA’s (Canadian Music Awards) are in a month, so

we’ll meet up with her at one of the after show parties.”

Jennifer, Lisa, and Mercedes grinned as they saw Morgan start to run things

over in her head.

“So what did you have in mind?” Mercedes asked.

“Nothing too specific yet, but the awards show is in Toronto this year

right?” Morgan asked.


“Good. Our house should be done and we should be moved in by then and I know

what we can use the basement for. Jennifer you still have that friend who’s

into bondage and all that?”

“I think I see where you’re going with this. You want me to call him and

have him set up the basement for us?”

“Exactly. How long do you think it’ll take him to set up everything?”

“Shit, he’s been doing this for awhile so a weekend at the most.”

“You need anything else from me besides the strap-ons?” Lisa asked.

“Not right now. These are just some very basic ideas. We’ll discuss this more

later and decide for sure how we want to initiate Avril into our club. Right

now we just need to get to the club and prepare for tonight.”

As Jennifer and Lisa left Mercedes reached up and under her sister’s shirt

and bra and squeezed Morgan’s breasts tweaking the nipples between her


“Not right now,” Morgan replied pulling Mercedes’ hands away. “But if the

show goes well tonight like I think it should then you’ll get a nice hard

spanking,” She said as she slapped Mercedes on the ass giving it a hard firm


“Hey kids let’s wait until after the show tonight, or at least until after

rehearsal,” Jennifer called from the doorway.

* * *

Kittie played the handful of shows they had scheduled during the three months

leading up to the CMA’s all the while finalizing their plans for Avril’s big

night out after the awards show. Leading up to the show Avril was looking to

be the big winner this year with her album Under My Skin receiving the most

nominations of any release. As the show went on she walked onto the stage to

make one acceptance speech after another. Among the awards Avril won were

Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year.

Kittie sat towards the back of the auditorium not caring to be caught in the

roving camera during the show, but mostly waiting until it was time for them

to head towards the back to get ready to perform. Though Avril was far down

in the front the girls could see Avril set something down everytime she got

up. She was already drinking and they could tell during Avril’s last

acceptance speech that she was drunk when she started to slur her words and


After the three-hour show ended the girls got up and made their way outside

toward the stretch Hummer they rented for the CMA’s. Morgan reached into her

wallet pulled out a hundred-dollar bill handing it to the driver telling him

he was done for the night. As the four of them began to walk the five blocks

to their van they stored earlier in the night Morgan spoke.

“We should head to the after party and scatter while we wait for Avril to


“Just out of curiosity,” Jennifer began, “What happens if Avril doesn’t drink

a lot tonight or she can hold her liquor?”

“I’ve got it taken care of,” Morgan answered taking an eye drop bottle filled

with a clear liquid out of her pocket.

“You’re going to use GHB on her?” Mercedes asked raising an eyebrow.

“Out of all the shit we’re going to do to her tonight, you want to question

me drugging her with GHB?” Morgan replied agitated. “Shut up!” She snarled

slapping Mercedes across the face.

“Fuck! I wasn’t questioning you! I guess I just found the choice of drug


“Can we cut down on the slapping for now? Mercedes won’t get into the party

with hand prints and red marks on her face,” Jennifer sighed.

“Let’s just get to the party and get everything going,” Lisa said. “Then we

can slap Avril around all we want.”

Morgan, Mercedes, Jennifer, and Lisa quickly made their way to the van and

headed towards the hotel where the big bash was being held. Once they were

inside they separated taking different parts of the ballroom mingling with a

few people they knew and some they had never talked to before. It was about

a half-hour later when Avril showed up. The four members of Kittie laid back

watching her for a bit as she picked up a drink from the bar and started

making her way through the crowd. They watched as hour after hour Avril drank

one drink after another. Apparently what they had heard about her not being

able to hold liquor was true.

Barely two in the morning she was sitting back at a table staring almost

glassy eyed at the crowd as she held another drink in her hand. She stumbled

getting up to go to bathroom and Morgan noticed this signaling for the

others. They all gathered together as Avril was busy in the bathroom.

“She’s drunker than hell and can barely get up without a struggle. You three

get out to the van and meet us behind the hotel. When she returns I’ll get

her to come out with me and we’ll take her then,” Morgan said.

The three split from Morgan while she went to the bar and ordered another

drink waiting for Avril. She sat there for almost thirty minutes before

getting frustrated with waiting and went to check on her. In the bathroom

Morgan found Avril sitting on a toilet in one of the stalls with her pants

and underwear down around her ankles. A glance into the toilet found the

water to still be free and clean.

Morgan reached over and shook Avril on the shoulder. She mumbled a bit, but

still didn’t stir. “Hey, you okay Avril?” Morgan asked shaking her again.

“I’m fine,” Avril mumbled her eyes fluttering open. “I just dozed off for a


“You’ve had way too much to drink. You fell asleep on the toilet,” Morgan

replied helping Avril to her feet and pulling up her underwear and pants.

“Let’s go out the back so nobody sees you this messed up.”

“Sure thing,” Avril said walking towards the bathroom door. “But who are


“My name’s Morgan. I’m in a band too. We played at the CMA’s tonight.”

“Morgan… Morgan…” Avril mumbled to herself trying to figure out who the

girl was. “Oh you’re in that group Kittie or something right?”

“Yeah my band’s called Kittie.”

“You guys were good tonight. A little loud and screamy for my taste, but you

were good.”

“Thanks, to be honest your music doesn’t do a whole for me either, but you’ve

put out some of the better pop music I’ve heard lately.”

“You know what, I’m fine I just haven’t had a lot of sleep lately. I’m a

little drunk, but I’m good to go for a few more hours,” Avril said slapping

herself awake.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine, but let’s go through the back. My bandmates tend to be

asses when I drink and I don’t want to deal with that right now.”

Avril suddenly let out a loud belch and a bit of liquid came out of her

mouth. She spit in a sink and ran the water rinsing her face before letting

out a big sigh and drying herself with some paper towels.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine I said. Now let’s go. The night’s still young.”

“Good to hear that. I know this other party going on. It’s smaller, but

they’ll have great shit to drink there and THE crop of people to hang around


“Great… Let’s go,” Avril said wobbling a bit as she and Morgan left the


They made their way down the hall towards the kitchen and eventually out to

the back. Morgan smiled seeing the van and the two of them made their way

towards it. As they got close the side door slid open.

“We’re going in this? This isn’t cool looking,” Avril complained.

“Shut up and get in!” Morgan hissed shoving her inside and climbing in behind


“Stop! I want to get out!” Avril shouted as the van took off.

“Quiet her will you?” Morgan asked agitated.

Avril suddenly felt someone sit on her stomach and hold her hands down. Then

a damp cloth was pressed and held over nose and mouth and she gagged as she

breathed in fumes. Within a few minutes Avril was passed out on the van’s

floor and Mercedes got off of her while Lisa threw the cloth into a plastic

bag and tied it up.

“We’re almost there,” Jennifer said from behind the steering wheel.

“Good,” Morgan smiled.

“Do you mind if I play with her a bit before we get there?” Mercedes asked

pushing her hand down Avril’s pants.

“No. Play with Lisa if you want.”

“Lisa’s mine,” Jennifer called out.

“Not while you’re driving,” Morgan replied.

“Don’t worry Jen. I’ll try not to get any pleasure from this,” Lisa said

pushing down her pants and underwear.

“You know I hate being called that!”

“Alright fine Jennifer,” Lisa smirked as her pussy lips were parted by

Mercedes’ fingers as her tongue pushed inside.

Not that she minded being on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole, in

fact Mercedes loved being at the beck and call of the others especially her

sister, but every once in a while Mercedes liked to have someone just a

little lower than her which didn’t happen very often.

Tonight and for a number of nights to come Avril would be that someone the

four of them could lay into and having Avril around for that reason turned

Mercedes on. That and there was one other reason she dare not reveal to the

other three especially Morgan; ever since the photos of Avril wearing a

bikini while vacationing in Australia appeared on the internet Mercedes

thought she had a hot body.

Mercedes had spread Lisa’s pussy lips as far apart as they would go and began

squirting her tongue in and out of the moist opening. Lisa grinned and let

out a muffled groan as Mercedes continue working her tongue in and out of her

pussy brushing it against her sensitive walls.

“You’re not even trying Lisa,” Jennifer said.

“That was an accident,” Lisa replied.

“We’ll see about that,” Mercedes remarked smiling removing her tongue and

slipping a finger into Lisa’s vagina.

Watching Mercedes and Lisa have fun playing their game Morgan went up front

and sat in the passenger seat.

“You ok?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah, why?” Jennifer answered.

“You’re not jealous of them messing around in back?”

“No, we’ve done this before, slept with each other’s partners.”

“Yeah, but that had been planned. This was spontaneous.”

“I said I’m fine.”

“Ok,” Morgan said getting to her knees between the two front seats and

unbuckling Jennifer’s belt.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry about it. Lift your butt for a sec though.”

Morgan unbuttoned Jennifer’s pants as she lifted herself momentarily, then

she pulled down Jennifer’s pants panties included.

“You’re going to make me crash,” Jennifer remarked as Morgan ran the tip of

her finger up and down her slit teasing, but not pushing in.

“Keep your eye on the road then and focus on driving. Now raise your right


As Jennifer removed her right hand from the steering wheel Morgan began to

lift up her shirt while finally pushing her finger inside Jennifer.

“Morgan we can’t do this here,” Jennifer weakly protested as she felt

Morgan’s finger wiggle around inside her briefly before being pulled out.

“Why not? My sister’s in back fucking your girlfriend and there’s nobody

else out here this late. Now lift up your left arm and let’s get this shirt

off of you.”

As Jennifer’s shirt fell to the floor Mercedes was in the back now fingering

Lisa who was trying to hold back as her clit was being pressed on and

stimulated by Mercedes thumb. Not to mention also that her pussy now engulfed

three of Mercedes’ fingers.

Knowing Lisa was holding back purposely trying not to come Mercedes began

licking the growing clit that was sitting in front of her as it emerged from

it’s hood. When it finished ballooning to it’s biggest size Mercedes pinched

it with her free hand rolling it between her fingers. Lisa’s body shook

momentarily and she couldn’t help but let out a full moan as her body tingled

with excitement. Mercedes took great pleasure in Lisa’s reaction and really

began digging her fingers in deep into Lisa’s cunt.

Up front Jennifer squirmed as she drove as Morgan worked the four fingers

on her right hand in and out of her pussy her thumb generously rubbing and

teasing Jennifer’s clit. Jennifer had a rather large clit that made Morgan’s

thumbing all the easier. Already covering in some of Jennifer’s cream

Morgan’s fingers were pushing in and out making a wet sloshing noise.

“Shit…!” Jennifer groaned twitching suddenly in her seat as Morgan began

twisting the barbell in Jennifer’s left nipple. After a few turns Morgan

held Jennifer’s nipple piercing in place and started to lick at the tip of

her nipple. Jennifer felt her body start to tremble and burn at the wet

touch of Morgan’s tongue on her body and the four fingers pushing in and

out of her sticky wet opening.

As her right hand told her Jennifer was getting closer and closer to the end

Morgan let go of Jennifer’s nipple letting it spin back into place and slid

her left hand down to the clasp on her pants. As it opened and the zipper

found it’s place at the bottom Morgan slipped her hand underneath her panties

and stuck two fingers into her own pussy.

“Fuck you Mercedes. You’re not getting me to come,” Lisa panted breathing

hard as Mercedes’ fingers thrust deep and hard into her cunt holding in

place momentarily so Lisa’s pussy lips could create a vacuum and suck on


“You like this don’t you?” Mercedes asked smiling as she pulled on Lisa’s

enlarged clit. Her question was answered with an emphatic yes as Lisa groaned

loudly and her pussy started to excrete her juice. “Then I think I can get

you to come.”

“Bullshit I will,” Lisa challenged as she fought back orgasm knowing this was

going to be a battle she would lose.

A few seconds later her body gave in and she squirmed wildly as Mercedes let

go of her clit then bit down on it. The sensual pain of Mercedes’ teeth

pressing down on her clitoris was too much for Lisa and she began gushing as

her orgasm struck. Mercedes quickly removed her fingers from Lisa’s body and

began sucking on her pussy as a torrent stream of girl cum surged from Lisa’s

pussy. Mercedes lapped up Lisa’s creamy mess as it came out and made sure to

try and swallow as much of it as she could.

“It doesn’t take much to get you to come does it?” Jennifer laughed hearing

Lisa’s groans of pleasure.

“Yeah well it’s been awhile since someone’s played with my clit like Mercedes

just did,” Lisa shot back as she straddled Avril’s body to use her shirt to

clean herself up a bit before putting her pants and underwear back on.

A sudden spark of exstacy shot through Jennifer’s body as Morgan’s lips

wrapped around her right nipple piercing again and began to pull on it. A

moan escaped from Jennifer’s lips as Morgan’s fingers were thrust harder

and more violently into her pussy. Her thumb began to rub wildly into

Jennifer’s clit as well causing her to swerve on the road for a few


“Jennifer pull over so you can come without getting us killed,” Lisa teased.

“Put it in park and get into the back,” Morgan said lifting her head as the

van rolled to a stop. “Hey Mercedes?”

“Hmm?” Mercedes answered.

“She’s got a mouthful at the moment,” Lisa said.

“Nice, my little slut is thinking of someone besides herself for a change,”

Morgan replied delighted. “Anyway one of you needs to move Avril’s body to

the side so Jennifer can lay down back there and we can finish her off.”

Mercedes rolled Avril’s body towards the back and let it lean against the

swinging doors. Jennifer meanwhile turned off the ignition and climbed into

the back lying down like Morgan wanted.

Morgan then got into a sixty-nine position with her and violently jammed her

fingers back into Jennifer’s pussy. The excitement in Jennifer’s body flared

up again as Morgan worked her fingers deep and hard down into her dark warm


Suddenly Mercedes’ upside down face appeared above Jennifer’s and Mercedes

took her face into her hands and pressed her lips to Jennifer. As their lips

parted and their tongues wrestled, Lisa’s cream slowly dripped from Mercedes’

mouth down into Jennifer’s. With a smack of the lips and a smile on both

faces their heads parted and Jennifer savored the taste of Lisa’s cum in her

mouth for several minutes before swallowing. As she was doing that Lisa had

crawled above her and began fingering Morgan’s cunt.

Now near oblivious to the other three who were now fingering each other,

Mercedes found herself near the doors with Avril’s still unconcious body. She

knew better than to try with Morgan so close by, but Mercedes just couldn’t

help herself.

She pushed up Avril’s shirt enough to expose her bra and chest. Then she

pushed down, but did not remove Avril’s bra so she could see the nice pert

breasts behind it. Mercedes felt up Avril’s tits squeezing and massaging

them in her hands. Even now Avril’s nipples were perked up and pointed and

Mercedes eagerly pressed her mouth to Avril’s right breast sucking on it,

licking all over her areola.

Meanwhile as Mercedes was busy occupying herself with Avril’s chest Lisa’s

two fingers had turned into three, then into four. Now as Morgan’s cunt

started to pump out her cream more freely Lisa was able to fit her entire

fist into Morgan’s pussy.

If there was one thing about Morgan it was she liked giving it rough to the

other three and when she was in the mood she like taking it that way too.

Lisa’s pumping fist was an excruciating turn on for her and it only helped

to get her to dig her fingers deeper into Jennifer’s pussy with longer


With Avril so close by and as hard as it was for her to wait to play with her

Mercedes fixed Avril’s bra and shirt and was now leaning against the side of

of the van with her pants around her ankles and her hand down her panties.

Just as Mercedes was starting to finger herself, the others were close to

finishing up. Lisa’s sticky fist now plunged in and out of Morgan’s vaginal

cavity with some ease. With each thrust it went deeper and it became harder

for Morgan to hold back.

Jennifer had come close to orgasm several times and each time had twisted the

barbells in her nipples waiting for release as she tried to help it along,

but her body only teased her neverletting her go over the edge. Finally as

Morgan’s fingers made another dive into her snatch Jennifer quickly jerked on

her piercings twisting them as fast as she could. She cried out as her body

jerked and finally let out her pent up excitement.

As Jennifer’s juice started bubbling out Morgan quickly gulped it up licking

up every last drop that she could. She stayed on her hands and knees and

Lisa’s fist continued to pound her insides. It would take a small pinch and

a tongue on her clit from Jennifer before Morgan’s body would quiver and

shake with orgasm.

Lisa felt a sudden wave of wetness splash against her hand and when she

removed her hand Morgan’s sticky sweetness dripped down onto Jennifer’s face

covering it.

Morgan climbed off Jennifer’s body and turned around gesturing for Lisa

to ‘come here’. Lisa scooted over to Morgan’s side and like Jennifer and

Mercedes they kissed letting their mouths open and their tongues to fight

each other as Jennifer’s cream pass from Morgan to Lisa. With a smile and

smack of lips Lisa smiled and swallowed, before moving between Jennifer’s

legs to clean her up.

Still by her lonesome Mercedes continued fingering her pussy excited by the

sounds of exhiliration and final orgasm by the others. Mercedes could feel

it. Closer and closer her body came to it’s final destination as images of

Avril, Morgan, Lisa, Jennifer, and herself flashed through her. All of them

naked harshly violating Avril’s body.

“Hey Mercedes pull your pants up and come here,” Morgan commanded.

“Just a sec…” Mercedes groaned. “I’m about to come.”

“I said now!” Morgan said again in a more firm and demanding voice.

Mercedes’ excitement suddenly shriveled away. The orgasm she was so near to

getting quickly disappeared. Morgan’s needs and her own fulfilment didn’t

currently mesh.

“Yes Morgan?” Mercedes asked pulling up her pants as a bit of stickiness

permeated from her pussy.

“You’re going to clean up Jennifer and myself as Lisa drives us home.”

As Mercedes began the process of licking Jennifer’s face clean, Lisa started

the van up and continued the ride home.

* * *

Avril woke in a drunken and drugged stupor. She coughed violently as the

mixture of alcohol and chloroform fumes mixed in her mouth and made her gag.

“Good to see you’re finally awake,” Morgan smiled at her sitting on the floor

a few feet away.

“What… What’s going on?”

“Not that I like them, but what the fuck were you doing at that MTV show for


“What are you talking about?” Avril asked groggily as she sat up and looked


“You performed ‘Fuel’ and again I ask what the fuck were you doing there?”

“They fucking asked me to be there!” Avril snapped feeling like shit and not

in a good mood.

“Don’t you fucking talk to me like that!” Morgan sneered punching Avril in

the chest knocking her back over.

“I don’t have time for this!” Avril growled stumbling to her feet. “Fuck you

and fuck your party!” She said seeing a door and walking towards it. “What

kind of party can you have in a low lit basement anyway?”

“You’re not going anywhere,” Mercedes said surprising Avril by appearing out

of nowhere.

“Get out of my way!”

Avril’s demand was responded to by a hard push to the floor. She started

screaming as two sets of hands held down her wrists and ankles as a knife

was used to cut the clothes from her body. Avril grimaced as a hard boot

landed on her stomach knocking the wind out of her. She saw Morgan standing

nearby smiling as her nude body was pulled from the floor and she was forced

to stand up. Cuffs were placed around each of her wrists and she could hear

the turning of a crank as her arms were pulled up above her head.

“Fuck you Morgan! What do you want from me??” Avril screamed once the air

was back in her body.

“Not much. You want to play our game, you’re going to have to play by the


“You’ll never get away with this! Stop it!” Avril shouted in a panic as she

felt cuffs being bound tightly around her ankles and her legs spread apart

as her body was pulled off the ground.

“Make sure it’s nice and tight. We don’t want Ms. Lavigne falling and hitting

her head or anything,” Morgan smirked.

“She’s tied nice and tight,” Lisa said as she and Mercedes appeared from

behind Avril.

“Good. You have that needle ready Jennifer?”

“Oh yeah. She’ll have nice big tits real soon,” Jennifer smirked appearing

from behind Morgan with a syringe in her hand.

“You sure this is going to work though?”

“The website I got this stuff from has a money back guarantee. There’s lots

of science behind this. Besides if it doesn’t work, oh well.”

“What’re are you doing? What is that?” Avril said cringing wiggling in the


“Don’t worry about it. It’s pretty safe,” Jennifer grinned grabbing Avril’s

right breast. She fondled the flesh in her hand, kneading the areola

in-between her fingers working it up.

“Oh god no! Please stop!” Avril cried out tears swelling in her eyes as

Jennifer punched the syringe into her nipple and emptied it out. Jennifer

walked off with the empty needle only to return with a full one a few

minutes later. Another scream lept from Avril’s lips as the needle

punctured her left tit and emptied it’s contents inside. She didn’t know

what the substance was, but Avril could feel a burning tingling sensation

inside her breasts.

“Stop it,” Avril grimaced as the sensation in her chest intensified.

“The fun’s only beginning,” Morgan mocked caressing Avril’s face with her

hand. “Gag her.”

“Open wide,” Mercedes laughed removing a dental retractor with a strap

attached to it from a nearby table.

Mercedes frowned as Avril immediately clamped her mouth shut refusing to open

it. Lisa walked toward Avril and pinched her nose shut. Avril held out for

as long as she could, but after just a minute she had to open her mouth to

breathe. That was when Lisa stuck her fingers into Avril’s mouth and held it

open as Mercedes pushed the dental contraption inside securing it in place

by working the strap around Avril’s head. Avril’s jaw began to ache and pain

swelled in her mouth as her mouth was forced wide open as Mercedes ratcheted

the retractor to it’s widest sitting. The strain and pain of the contraption

prying Avril’s mouth open quickly took it’s toll on her and she waited

fearfully for her jaw to dislocate, but it didn’t and her concerns were

quickly directed elsewhere.

“Now since you like to run your mouth, let’s see how big it really is,”

Morgan laughed. “At the widest setting that retractor now in your mouth is

about two and a half inches wide and that Python dildo Lisa is getting off

the table is about the same size. It’s going to be a tight fit wouldn’t you


Avril’s eyes bugged and she started screaming as best she could as Lisa

walked towards her with the Python dildo that was not only two and half

inches wide, but also twenty-eight inches long.

“Don’t worry,” Lisa smiled. “We had it hollowed out and a few holes poked in

it so you can breath. “You can always breath through your nose too.”

Avril gagged and her body shook as the near two and a half-foot long dildo

was slowly pushed down her gullet causing her throat to significantly bulge.

Not surprisingly Avril began to panic as the fear of choking to death began

to overtake her psyche. Tears began to well up in her eyes as her throat and

more specifically her esophagus were scratched and torn by the large phallic


With a shit-eating grin on her face Jennifer sauntered back towards Avril.

When she was in front of her she pulled off her wife beater shirt exposing

her pierced nipples to Avril.

“You ever think about getting your nipples pierced Avril?” Jennifer asked

playing with her own breasts tugging slightly on the barbells in them. She

then reached into her back pockets and pulled out two knitting needles.

Avril began to moan wildly begging inaudibly for Jennifer not to do what

she was about to. Tears began to gush from Avril’s eyes again and her face

turned red as Jennifer took her right nipple between her thumb and index

finger and pulled it out before jabbing one of the needles clean through.

Jennifer then pushed the other sharp metallic needle through Avril’s left

nipple and smiled as a small drop of blood oozed out from each breast.

“Now we can play with her Mercedes,” Morgan said gleefully.

Avril could see out of the corner of her eye as the two Lander sisters

stripped off their clothing as they walked toward her. Avril did all she

could to contain herself as the dildo continued to push into her stomach and

she felt Morgan and Mercedes’ hands began to feel her up. Her body convulsed

and she felt disgusted as a tongue began to lick at the opening between her


As they watched the others start to play with Avril, Jennifer and Lisa

removed their clothing as well with Lisa dropping to her knees in front of

Jennifer. Jennifer smiled feeling Lisa’s tongue work itself into her pussy,

Lisa’s fingers holding her open.

Meanwhile Avril was having a fit as Morgan teased her spending just a

fraction with tongue action. Now she was starting to finger Avril’s pussy

already sliding two fingers in and out. Mercedes was behind Avril tonguing

her anus as she fingered herself. Avril could begin to feel her cunt swell

up as Morgan worked a third finger inside. Avril began to whine and groan

as Mercedes turned her attention to her and began to slip fingers into her

tight pussy.

While this was going on Jennifer and Lisa had gotten into a sixty-nine

position with Lisa on top. They were tonguing each other’s privates while

fingering each other at the same time. As they worked their appendages

deeper and deeper into each other Jennifer decided to teach Lisa something

new. She pulled her fingers out from between Lisa’s legs and reached her

hand up over Lisa’s backside. Lisa froze for a second when she felt

something slightly penetrate her ass.

“Jennifer don’t,” she said.

“What? This?”

Lisa groaned loudly as Jennifer pushed a finger deep and hard into her anus.

Lisa had avoided all anal touching before now and she wanted to scream at

Jennifer, but the sensation rushing through her body told her not too.

Morgan glanced over briefly and smiled as Jennifer began fingering Lisa’s

backside, but quickly turned her attention back to Avril. With four of her

own fingers and three of Mercedes’ now pumping into Avril’s pussy Morgan

decided it was time to finish it. Avril screamed nearly choking on the dildo

lodged into her throat as Morgan forced her pinky and thumb into her ass.

Her pussy only began to feel worse when Mercedes tried to force her hand all

the way inside. Avril wasn’t a virgin by any means, but she had only had sex

with average guys and never had tried to get something as big as Morgan and

Mercedes’ hands into her cunt. As the second Lander sister began to work her

hand inside Avril could feel her vaginal muscles and walls began to painfully

stretch beyond their accustomed boundaries. She cried hysterically as she

felt pain shoot through her body as her pussy painfully gave way stretching

and tearing itself to accommodate the hands of both Morgan and Mercedes.

Even when the high threshold of initial pain went away there was still plenty

there to make Avril painfully miserable as the two sisters began to fist her

snatch hard and deep pushing their hands as far inside as possible and

holding it there for several seconds as they watched Avril squirm and moan.

She could feel pressure began to build on her bladder.

While this was going on Lisa had gotten on her knees and Jennifer got behind

her spreading her ass part and licking Lisa’s puckered asshole. When it had

become wet and sloppy Jennifer then pushed her finger back into Lisa’s

sphincter working it in and out.

“Jennifer don’t… I mean it…” Lisa squealed her body shuddering as

Jennifer pushed a second finger into her ass.

“Sure you do,” Jennifer smiled working her fingers in and out bottoming out

each time.

As Morgan and Mercedes continued to pound their fists into Avril’s snatch

they quickly pulled their hands out when they felt a warm liquid.

“I swear to god Avril if you piss on us I will beat your fucking head in,”

Morgan warned. Avril could only whine hysterically at the threat. “Lisa,

Jennifer your turn,” she shouted at the two. “You can finish up your ass

play later.”

Lisa groaned disappointed as Jennifer pulled the fingers from her butt, but

on the bright side she could play with Avril now. Lisa and Jennifer switched

places with the sisters, Lisa getting in front of Avril and Jennifer behind


“A loose little slut we have here,” Lisa grinned staring at the gaping hole

Avril’s pussy had become.

“You like your cocks big don’t you bitch?” Jennifer sneered.

Morgan sat back on the mattress with her sister as the other two began to

eagerly plunge their fingers and hands into Avril’s cunt. She then decided

to get up and walked to a table in the basement where they were keeping all

of the tools they would be using on Avril. Morgan picked up a thick foot

long two-inch wide double-sided dildo and returned to Mercedes’ side.

Mercedes had already began to slowly rub her finger over her slit moaning

ever so slightly as she watched Lisa and Jennifer double fist Avril’s tender

cunt while the poor girl screamed and cried. She let out a very audible moan

as she finally slipped a finger into her own pussy. Mercedes was momentarily

startled when Morgan grabbed her hand and pulled it away. She smiled as her

sister succulently licked the pussy juice from her fingers.

“You want something inside of you, then try this,” Morgan smiled pushing the

head of the dildo into Mercedes’ pussy.

“That’s too big,” Mercedes complained as Morgan began to pushing the fake

cock inside.

“You always say that,” Morgan sighed pulling out the dildo, “but we’ll get it

in like we always do.”

Morgan set the dildo off to the side momentarily as she got into a sixty-nine

position with Mercedes. Her fingers peeled her sister’s cuntal lips back

exposing her insides. Morgan quickly began working the wet spot over sliding

her tongue into Mercedes’ snatch. Mercedes began to finger her sister lapping

her tongue at the opening trying to get Morgan to wet herself as quickly as

possible so she could taste her cum.

As Morgan and Mercedes orally pleasured each other Jennifer and Lisa were

still busy fisting Avril’s torn bleeding pussy. Avril’s body had become near

lifeless showing little reaction to anything. With the searing pain coming

from her scratched up throat and the pain of coming from her beaten and torn

pussy Avril’s mind had started to race. Her tears had stopped but the grief

her body was enduring was driving her crazy.

As the sticky nectar began to ooze from the Lander sisters’ cunts, each

licked the other’s opening with Mercedes licking her fingers as well. Morgan

sat down on her bare ass and ordered Mercedes to do the same. She picked up

the dildo and slipped one end of it into Mercedes’ slickened opening then

inserted the other end into her own. Slowly Morgan and Mercedes inched

towards each other equally working the toy into their bodies. When they were

close enough they leaned back and wrapped their legs around each other.

Morgan started thrusting her hips into the fake cock first followed by


Avril’s restless body quickly shot to life as Lisa began to shove and squeeze

her other hand into Avril’s virgin ass. Avril’s pussy was already beaten and

torn hurting like hell as Jennifer and Lisa fisted it. Now Lisa’s other hand

was forcing it’s way into her backside. Though much tighter than her pussy

Avril’s anus was no match for Lisa’s forceful nature. One finger turned into

two. Two fingers turned into three and even as Avril’s newly deflowered

asshole still put up resistance to stretching and comfortably accomodating

the hand, Lisa only pushed harder and more forcibly to get it all the way


Hoarse voice and all Avril screamed like she was dying as the excruciating

torture continued. Agonizingly more and more pressure was being pushed onto

her bladder. Avril screamed onto the dildo as Lisa’s other hand finally tore

itself completely into her ass. The last thing she felt before blacking out

was Jennifer taking hold of the knitting needle in her left nipple slowly

twisting it sending shots of pain all throughout her body, each turn twice

as painful as the one before.

“Oh god, fuck me Morgan! Fuck me hard!” Mercedes moaned as the two sisters

fucked themselves with the dildo.

“Mmm… Yeah Mercedes you’re a big fucking slut like Avril aren’t you?”

Morgan sneered bucking her hips onto the toy several times before grabbing a

hold of it with her hand and climbing off of it.

“Ye-yes! I’m a slut just like Avril,” Mercedes panted clenching the fake cock

with her pussy.

Morgan began to thrust deep and hard into Mercedes as she pushed her hips

back on it. Mercedes’ tits bounced in the air as her body shook and Morgan

reached down and began fingering herself again.

“Oh. Fuck me Morgan! Fuck me!” Mercedes screamed grabbing the cock and

pounding the toy into her body.

Morgan crawled over her sister to squat above Mercedes’ face. Harder and

harder she pushed her fingers into her body violently masturbating as

Mercedes moaned and grunted jacking herself off. Morgan only let out a

soft groan as she started to cum. Her slippery fingers continued to slip

in and out of her pussy as her girl juice trickled out of her opening and

splattered across Mercedes’ face.

When her sister’s cum hit her lips Mercedes quickly licked it up, her body

releasing an orgasm as she swallowed Morgan’s nectar. She pulled the sticky

wet toy from her, which Morgan quickly took away. Morgan wrapped her lips

around it tasting the sticky sweetness. As she started to pull it from her

mouth Jennifer’s voice interrupted the moment.

“God damn it!”

“What?” Morgan asked irritated.

“She passed out,” Lisa responded.

“What did you do to her?”

“Nothing. We were just fisting her,” Jennifer said.

“Alright, Jennifer go get some of the smelling salt. She’s no good to us

out cold,” Morgan ordered. “Lisa get things ready for the piercings and

Mercedes clean this up and put it away,” Morgan said tossing her the dildo.

When everyone had done what Morgan told them to they were ready to move

to the next stage of their meeting. Morgan took a packet of the smelling

salts and broke it waving it in front of Avril’s face. She jerked back awake

as her nose inhaled the substance. Avril half coughed with the Python dildo

still lodged in her throat and struggled a few minutes to get fresh air into

her body. When her body seemed to have settled down Morgan spoke.

“Well Avril now it’s time for some body modification. You have piercings in

your ears and your tits, but everyone has those. Lisa if you would do the

honors and give Avril a few more piercings.”

“I would love too,” Lisa smiled squatting in front of Avril with a needle in

one hand and pair of tweezers in the other.

As Lisa grasped Avril’s left labia with the instrument a small stream of

yellow temporarily squirted out of Avril’s peehole. A second shot of yellow

came out and Lisa quickly stood up and stepped back as Avril began to piss.

Ashamedly Avril peed on herself the warm yellow liquid flowing down her legs

as the four members of Kittie laughed hysterically at her.

“I didn’t know the bitch was into the kinky shit!” Jennifer smirked.

“Me neither,” Morgan laughed as the piss rolled down Avril’s legs for several


“I’m not squatting in urine to pierce her,” Lisa said.

“You don’t have to,” Jennifer replied. “There’s a reason why there’s a small

drop in the floor with a drain.

“Mercedes go get the hose and clean up the floor,” Morgan commanded her.

“What hose?”

“The hose attached to the spigot on the wall you moron. Don’t you pay

attention to anything around you? Fuck,” Morgan groaned.

“Shut up. It’s not like you gave us the grand tour or anything.”

“Just do it.”

Grumbling Mercedes pulled out some of the wound up hose from it’s container

and turned on the faucet. She squeezed the trigger on the nozzle blasting

water onto the floor pushing Avril’s urine toward the drain. Once there was

nothing but a wet floor left Mercedes then turned the hose toward Avril, but

Morgan stopped her turning off the water.

“Aren’t we going to clean her off?” Mercedes asked.

“You are but not with the hose,” Morgan replied.

“How am I supposed to clean her then?”

“Same way you do me,” Morgan replied raising an eye-brow as if to say “Why

the fuck did you ask me that?”

“No! I’m not drinking Avril’s piss! She’s the slut, she’s the one who gets

treated like shit!”

“If I’m not mistaken you said and I quote ‘Ye-yes! I’m a slut just like

Avril’ while your pussy was grabbing onto that dildo with dear life. Am I


“But that’s different. I was–”

“Mercedes…” Morgan sternly warned.

“Yes, Morgan,” Mercedes concedded.

“Good you know your role, so do as I say. Lick the piss off of Avril’s legs.”

“Yes Morgan,” Mercedes said lowering her head before proceeding to lick the

urine from Avril’s legs.

“That’s a good girl,” Morgan said petting Mercedes on the head after watching

her drink Avril’s piss for several minutes. “Now get the towel off the shelf

and dry the floor so no one slips.”

Mercedes got up, retrieved the towel, and began wiping the floor and when it

was dry Lisa kneeled on it getting eye level with Avril’s pussy. Lisa started

by running her fingers over Avril’s slit dipping her tongue into the warm wet

abyss. Avril squirmed and moaned as Lisa orally pleasured her for several

minutes. Then she felt Lisa start to thumb her clit and Avril’s eyes widened

when she saw Lisa holding the needle with her right hand. Try as she might

Avril couldn’t fight back the sensations her privates were giving her as Lisa

pleasured them with her tongue. Lisa smirked with pleasure as she watched

Avril’s clitoris grow and grow.

“Seems Avril’s clit gets unusually large when it gets aroused,” Lisa smirked

picking up the tweezers with her left hand.

“Damn and I was hoping we would get to see her squirm from the pain,”

Jennifer sighed disappointed.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be in pain much later,” Morgan reassured her.

The pleasurable sensations in Avril’s clit were quickly replaced by pain

and spread through her body as Lisa took hold of the sensitive area with

the tweezers. Avril began thrashing violently nearly choking on the dildo

as Lisa pierced her clit pushing the needle all the way through.

“Sorry that hurt, but the initial pain is only temporary,” Lisa replied

sarcastically when Avril’s body finally calmed down a bit.

The initial pain was indeed only temporary, but that was only because it was

replaced by a ring with a three-pound weight hooked to it pulling down on her

clit. Happy with her work Lisa gave the ring a slight tug causing Avril to

squirm then walked over to the basement’s table and retrieved ten rings and

ten one-pound weights.

“I’m going to need someone to hold her open while I pierce her inner labias,”

Lisa announced.

“Help her,” Morgan ordered Mercedes who quietly obliged.

After Lisa and Mercedes squatted down in front of Avril with Mercedes holding

her open Lisa found a nice spot on Avril’s left labia and took hold of it

with the tweezers. With a quick thrust Lisa broke through the membrane with

the needle. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as Avril was thinking it would be,

but that was before a ring was slid into the hole and a one-pound weight was

attached to it.

“So what happened to the piercing clamps?” Morgan asked as Lisa punched a

second hole and ring into Avril’s labia.

“I don’t know. This isn’t my kit,” Lisa replied non-chalantly as she went

through the motions putting a third ring with a weight into Avril’s left


As she dangled in mid-air Avril had run into a relatively pain free phase of

her encounter with the girls. At the moment the only thing that bothered her

were the weights hanging down from her privates stretching it out. Though she

was quickly reminded of the Python dildo wedged in her throat when she tried

to move her head Avril’s neck and mouth had become somewhat acclimated to

the girth and become almost numb like to the pain. The piercings went on for

several more minutes and the four of them didn’t say much during the process,

but the increasing weight reminded Avril that Lisa was still at work. After

what seemed ages to Avril Lisa finally stood up and looked her in the eyes


“Wow, I have to admit I’m almost proud of you Avril. Five rings in each

labia with a one pound weight attached and a ring in your clit each with

a three-pound weight attached and you’re still conscious.”

“Hmm… Hey Lisa you have anymore barbells or rings?” Morgan asked.

“I still have a box of junk that none of us use.”

“Good go get it. If we’re going to pierce Avril’s lower half we should pierce

her upper half too.”

‘No, not my face!’ Avril thought struggling to break of her bonds as Lisa

left the basement.

“Don’t worry hon, nobody’s going to get to see or play with you except us,”

Morgan said in mock comfort as she waited for Lisa. “We’re going to stick you

with so much metal you wouldn’t be able to get through airport security.”

Lisa returned a few minutes later with a box of clanking metal. Avril cringed

desperately as Lisa picked up the tweezers and needle.

“What would you like me to do?” Lisa asked.

“Work her all over,” Morgan replied.

Lisa started with Avril’s right eyebrow pulling it out as she done to

Avril’s labia. A tiny prick of pain pulsed through Avril’s head as the

needle went through on one side of her eyebrow and was replaced by a

barbell with enlarged pointed ends. A second and third prick were made

into her right eyebrow; one on the other end and one in the middle.

Both were filled with the same type barbell as the first.

“Three barbells in one brow… Nice,” Jennifer remarked. “You don’t really

see that in too many people, but you’re going to make sure both sides of her

face look the same right?”

“Of course,” Lisa replied make the first piercing into Avril’s left eyebrow.

Avril’s body shook slightly as small amounts of blood began to trickle

from the now five new piercings as Lisa punched and filled a second hole

in Avril’s left brow. As Lisa finished up the six brow piercing, Jennifer

rummaged through the box until she found something interesting.

“Stick these in her,” Jennifer said handing three spiked labrets to Lisa.

“Sure thing,” Lisa said pulling down Avril’s lower lip.

Avril cried and shook violently as Lisa pushed the needle through her mouth.

She unscrewed the first of three labrets pushing the base through the lip on

the inside of Avril’s mouth. Lisa then screwed the point onto it and smiled

at how the spike jutted nicely from Avril’s lower lip. She then punched two

more holes into Avril’s lip filling them with labrets as well.

Lisa stood back a moment admiring her masterpiece in making, three labrets in

Avril’s lower lip and three barbells in each of her eyebrows. It was coming

along nicely indeed. Lisa then took the box from Jennifer and looked through

it for a bit until she found what she needed, an one inch round one

centimeter thick bullring.

With tears bleeding from her eyes Avril didn’t fight as she felt the fleshy

bottom part of her nose get pulled down and the needle fly through her

septum. She acted as tough as she could as the bullring was inserted into

her nose, but the humiliation was really eating at Avril now.

“I’m just piercing her as I go guys, so is there anything else you want me

to do or is she finished?” Lisa asked

“You’ve got to pierce her tongue,” Mercedes said. “Everyone in the world has

a tongue piercing.”

“If I pierce her tongue we’re going to have to take the dildo out now. Does

anyone care?” The other three answered no and Lisa smiled. “Good, I’ve got

just the thing too. I’ll be right back,” Lisa said leaving to go upstairs


“Your night’s not quite over yet Avril, but I’m going to take the dildo and

retractor out of your mouth,” Morgan smiled. “If I take them out do you

promise not to scream?” Avril shook her head yes as best she could. “Well

it’s not like you could scream loud anyway. Your throat and esophagus will

be damaged for awhile and you’ll be hoarse, so there won’t be much talking

or singing for you for awhile.”

Avril coughed and gagged spitting up a tiny bit of blood when Morgan removed

the objects from her body. Lisa returned a few minutes later with a piercing

dumbbell with two of the largest balls Avril had ever seen.

“You’re going to use that on her?” Morgan asked. “I thought that was like

a collector’s item for you.”

“Well if we’re going to use the spiked strap-on’s on her, I might as well

use this too. Now Avril,” Lisa said smiling as she pulled Avril’s tongue

from her mouth. “You did pretty good when I pierced your lip, but I’m going

to warn you that your tongue may or may not hurt a bit more. That’s not the

issue though. For your own well being I’d try not to overreact when I pierce

your tongue or you might risk biting it off. Understand?”

Avril slowly shook her head yes and clenched her eyes shut as Lisa impaled

her tongue with the needle. She could taste a bit of blood in her mouth but

that was only until a barbell with two balls the size of small gumballs was

slid into her tongue.

Avril’s eyes fluttered open and shut several times as she tried to adjust to

the newfound jewelry spotting her face. It was no rest for the wicked as they

say when Lisa punched five holes into Avril’s left ear inserting small rings

into each. She then did the same for Avril’s right ear. Morgan, Mercedes,

Jennifer and Lisa all stood and stared at Avril’s new metal work.

“Well guys I’ve more than had my share of time with her, but I really do like

how her face has turned out,” Lisa said giddy.

“Don’t worry about it, like you said she looks good,” Morgan assured Lisa.

“Mercedes it’s your turn now.”

“It’s about time,” Mercedes grinned going to the table and cutting off two

long pieces of fishing line from a spool.

“We had thought about rope and telephone lines, but decided to use fishing

line for sharks instead. It’s strong and still relatively thin,” Morgan said

firmly squeezing Avril’s enlarge breasts. “It makes me oh so happy to see

that drug actually worked and we got you up to a nice C-cup.”

Morgan walked away as Mercedes excitedly returned with the two pieces of

line. She placed one in the crevice between Avril’s left breast and her chest

and quickly ran the line around several times before tightly tying it into a

knot. After only several seconds Avril’s tit began to change colors as the

flow of blood to it was cut off. Within several minutes it changed to a very

dark red color.

“That’s a nice beet red orange you have there,” Mercedes snickered squeezing

the darkened breast. A few drops of milk squirted from it hitting her in the

eye. “God damn it! You didn’t say anything about the drug making her

lactate!” Mercedes shouted.

“Shut the fuck up and stop complaining,” Morgan scolded. “Bind her other tit


Mercedes was still rubbing her eye even after she tied up Avril’s right tit

and Morgan pushed her out of the way.

“Well Avril it looks like it’s our turn to become buddies,” Jennifer said

walking towards her with two large fishhooks.

“Just a second,” Morgan said stopping her.


“This,” Morgan replied as Avril’s body shook a few times before her mouth

opened up and she regurgitated all the liquor and small amounts of food she

had eaten earlier in the night. “I was expecting her to vomit when I had

taken the toys from her mouth. Ah well.” The bile landed near Avril’s feet

and without having to be told to Mercedes hosed the liquidy vomit into the


With a shit-eating grin on her face Jennifer pulled one of the needles out

of Avril’s nipple, the same needle she was twisting earlier that caused Avril

to pass out, and replaced it with a hook. Jennifer did the same for the other

needle and walked towards the table. Morgan began lowering the straps holding

Avril’s hands above her head and Lisa and Mercedes removed the cuffs from her

wrists holding onto Avril’s hands as they did so. Jennifer returned with two

clasps and removed the cuffs from the dangling cables and replacing them with

the clasps. She then attached them to the hooks that now sat in Avril’s tits

and removed the restraints from Avril’s feet.

Avril grimaced as the hooks began pulling her tits up into the air and she

began to bite her lip as her nipples were pulled further and further away

from her. Barely able to stand on her tip toes the pain in Avril’s chest was

so bad that she bit her lip hard enough to break the skin and start bleeding.

“Stop it! Please stop it!” Avril’s hoarse voice screamed as tears welled

in her eyes as she watched blood and milk drip from her nipples and felt

agonizing pain filter into the numbness that the loss of blood circulation

had given her chest.

“Shut up!” Morgan screamed.

Avril screamed with her body arching forward and the pain in her chest

ballooning as her tits pushed away from the hooks stretching her nipples.

Jennifer laughed as she brought her hands back and got ready to hit Avril

again with a thick bamboo cane. She swung the stick striking Avril in the

back again.

“Daaaaaaamn!” the girls muttered with delight as a loud crack of bamboo

meeting skin reverberated though out the basement leaving a distinct red

mark on Avril’s back.

Avril bit her lip again as Jennifer struck her in the back over and over

with the cane. Dark bruising welts appeared on Avril’s back criss-crossing

each other. She let out as loud a blood-curdling scream as her damaged

throat would allow as the skin of her back was broken when Jennifer struck

her so hard the end of the stick cracked and broke off digging into her

flesh. Avril could have sworn she felt something happen to her spine.

“God damn Jennifer let me have a go at her before you kill her,” Lisa joked.

“Hey Lisa be careful with her okay? Let’s try not to bludgeon her too much.

I know it’s the basement and all, but I don’t want blood all over the place

just yet,” Morgan said.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Lisa smiled caning Avril in the back of the legs.

Numb, beaten, and bloody Avril burst into an hysterical fit of tears when

the jagged cane struck her ass.

As she watched Lisa whip the bamboo cane into the back of Avril’s legs Morgan

walked up behind her sister and wrapped her hands around Mercedes’ waist.

“Tell me something Mercedes,” Morgan said in a low voice groping her breasts,

“Does all the attention and punishment we’re giving Avril make you jealous?”

“Not really,” she moaned as Morgan twisted her nipples between her fingers.

“Why not?”

“Because this is different. We’re punishing Avril. She doesn’t take pleasure

of out your mistreatment like I do.”

Morgan kissed Mercedes’ neck as they watched hit after hit slam into Avril’s

legs. They had become a fleshy canvas of welts and cuts, bruises and blood.

Avril’s head suddenly bowed down like she was out cold, but her cries and

sniffling confirmed she was still conscious.

“Let her down,” Morgan said and Jennifer obliged lowering Avril to the ground

so Lisa could remove the hooks from Avril’s tits and replace them with one

centimeter thick barbells. Avril fell to one knee weak and reeling from pain

and Mercedes took a large knife from the table and cut the line from Avril’s


“Please… can I… go now? I’m sorry… for… whatever I did… to piss…

you off,” Avril asked aching all over.

“Not quite yet…” Morgan grinned as Mercedes struck Avril in the back with

a telephone line cord.

“Aaaag! Stop it!” Avril screamed as the line cord struck her in the back over

and over again.

Her whole body was starting to shake pulsing with pain, before giving out

forcing her to her hands and knees. Mercedes reared back and lashed Avril

viciously with the cord, but instead of striking her back she hit the back

of Avril’s head. The cord wrapped around and snapped Avril in the eye.

Avril screamed hysterically rolling around on the basement clutching at her


“Ok that’s enough with the whipping. Everyone grab a strap-on and let’s get

to work,” Morgan said.

Slowly but surely the initial pain in Avril’s eye subsided, but it did sting

from time to time and vision in it was blurry. She could hear the girls

talking amongst themselves, but couldn’t make out anything. Slowly she pushed

herself up sitting on her ass before she took a foot to the chest knocking

her back down pinning her to the floor. Above her stood Morgan wearing the

largest and meanest looking strap-on she had ever seen.

“The party’s almost over Avril, but not quite. This little bad boy I have

on right now is about ten inches long and has rubber spikes going down the

length of it on both sides. It’s great to use to tear up someone’s insides,”

Morgan said with a smile. “Get her on her stomach,” she said lifting her


Avril only struggled slightly as Jennifer and Lisa turned her over onto her

stomach and pinned her to the ground.

“No! NOOOOOOOOOO!” Avril cried as Morgan pushed the tip of the strap-on into

her ass. “Stop it! Please!”

Morgan ignored Avril’s pleas impaling the dildo further into her rectum.

Avril balled like a baby as the ten-inch cock forced her ass to stretch and

tear to accommodate it. The spikes rubbed against the sensitive insides of

her anus tearing bits of flesh from it. Avril’s head bucked up and she

screamed when Morgan made a last hard thrust into her backside bottoming


Avril’s eyes widened in terror when Mercedes positioned herself in front of

her sporting the same strap-on Morgan did. Mercedes got to her knees and

Jennifer and Lisa lifted Avril far enough off the ground so that Mercedes

could slip the tip of the dildo into Avril’s mouth. Avril gagged nearly

choking as the spiked dildo started to slide down into her throat. This one

was even more painful than the Python as the spikes scrapped the insides of

her mouth and throat tearing away at it and damaging the area even more.

Jennifer and Lisa let go of Avril once Mercedes had her hands firmly grasping

the back of Avril’s head. The pop singer’s eyes bulged as Mercedes viciously

face fucked her. Even so she was still more than aware as Morgan anally raped

her. The pain coursing through body from both ends was excruciating. Avril

could hear as Morgan mocked her making fun of her now bleeding ass.

“Jennifer get a pair of the gloves off the table and put on your strap-on.

Lisa drag the mattress over here,” Morgan ordered.

“What about me?” Mercedes asked.

“Just keep her quiet for a bit.”

Morgan waited until everyone had done what they were told before pulling the

bloody strap-on out of Avril’s anus. She then told Mercedes to pull out off

Avril’s mouth. Avril collapsed to the floor when her support was gone.

“Mercedes lay on the mattress and Avril straddle her cock.”

Avril laid on the floor seemingly ignoring Morgan’s demand, but the Lander

girl was not about to start playing games with her. She ordered Jennifer and

Lisa to pick up Avril and lower her onto the spiked dildo as Mercedes held

it in place. As Avril’s limp tired body started to go down onto the cock

Morgan forcefully grabbed her shoulders pushing her all the way onto it.

Avril screamed as Mercedes’ strap-on tore the flesh from her insides.

Morgan pushed Avril forward onto Mercedes and took one of the latex gloves

Jennifer was holding and put it on her right hand. Jennifer took the matching

glove and put it on her left hand. Both girls nodded at each other smiling

and kneeled down behind Avril. Her bloody asshole was still a wide gaping

hole and Morgan was the first to slip two fingers into it. Avril’s anus

easily took them both in and Morgan slipped a third and a fourth in. The feel

was a bit tighter now, but there was still plenty of room to move around.

As Mercedes began fucking Avril’s pussy into a raw painful mess and Morgan

slowly worked her entire hand into Avril’s ass; Lisa took Avril’s red tear

soaked face into her hands and smiled.

“It’ll be alright,” Lisa smiled wiping away Avril’s tears with her thumbs.

“I can see you’re in a lot of pain and thirsty so I’m going to let you suck

on my pussy while I piss in your mouth. And if you let a single drop hit

Mercedes in the face I’m going to hurt you real bad.”

“Don’t worry about Mercedes. Just piss in Avril’s mouth,” Morgan called out

her hand now fully inside Avril’s rectum.

“I don’t want Lisa to piss on me!” Mercedes objected momentarily stopping.

“Shut up Mercedes! You’re my slut and you’ll do as I say!” Morgan growled.

“You’ve already drank Avril’s piss so you have no reason to not drink Lisa’s

piss as well if it hits your face!”

Unhappy at the idea of drinking someone else’s piss again besides Morgan’s,

Mercedes took hold of Avril’s hips and violently began to pump into her pussy

again. Avril cried out as Mercedes’ intensity got worse with each thrust.

Lisa removed her strap-on as Jennifer inserted her index and middle finger

into Avril’s crowded rectum. She pulled Avril’s head up pressing her pussy

to her mouth waiting until Avril’s lips was locked onto her opening.

It started out as a trickle, but quickly the golden stream turned into a

raging yellow river as Lisa let her urine flow freely into Avril’s mouth.

Avril gagged several times swallowing the urine as it dammed up in her

mouth. As she attempted to swallow her third mouthful of the foul liquid

she violently shook gagging and spitting out the urine.

Mercedes screamed as the golden liquid splashed her covering her face all

over. Morgan laughed as her sister tried to wipe the wetness from her face.

Lisa put her strap-on back on.

“God damn it! That wasn’t funny!” Mercedes shouted.

“Yes it was and don’t you dare ever take the tone with me again!” Morgan


“Sorry,” Mercedes murmured.

“Please stop!” Avril begged, but said no more as Lisa forced her dildo into

Avril’s mouth and like Mercedes held Avril’s head in place.

Avril stood on the verge of passing out several times as the conversation

between the girls ceased and their full attentions were turned to her. She

could feel the raw agony of Mercedes’ strap-on sliding in and out of her

pussy the spikes still tearing away at her insides, that like her ass Avril

now feared was bleeding. Thinking of her butt only reminded Avril of the

near torturous pain as Jennifer and Morgan double-fisted her asshole tearing

it open like they had her pussy.

Avril semi-blacked out though she remained aware and fully conscious of the

pain pulsing through her body; the two fists literally tearing her a new

asshole, stretching it to what felt like softball size. The spiked dildo

that now filled her gullet was finishing the work the Python started by

tearing and scratching her to hell. The fourth dildo tore up what was left

of Avril’s pussy.

Avril begged for mercy in her head and the violations went on for what seemed

like an eternity. Then suddenly it all stopped. Everybody pulled out and she

was left lying on the floor shaking and crying silently. Avril opened her

mouth to scream when she felt herself being picked up by two arms, but her

severely damaged throat kept anything from coming out.

Jennifer and Morgan took off their gloves and threw them away and just like

they had planned weeks earlier Mercedes got on her back and Avril was forced

into a reverse cowgirl position with her. Avril could feel the dildo pushing

up her gaping asshole and could feel the small throngs of pain the spikes

helped send through her body, but she let out no sound and could feel her

body was about ready to give out.

Avril’s body was forced back and she was made to hold herself up by placing

her hands on the mattress. Lisa was next to move in pressing her body to

Avril’s as she inserted the strap-on into Avril’s pussy. Avril’s eyes

literally rolled into the back of her head as she fought to stay conscious

though she hoped she would just pass out so she wouldn’t have to deal with

the pain. That was not to be though as Morgan held onto Lisa’s sides pulling

herself close so she could get her strap-on into Avril’s cunt as well.

Avril fell in and out of consciousness as the second spiked cock split her

vagina open. She opened her mouth to let out a cry, but was only meet with

Jennifer’s dildo as she stood over Avril’s face and forced the object into

her mouth and down her throat.

Avril’s body was drained of it’s last bit of energy as the four members of

Kittie began working themselves in and out of her orifices. The stretching

her pussy took from the double fisting earlier in the evening was nothing as

two large ten-inch long girths tore her wide open. Her outstretched asshole

was now retracting it’s size though it was still larger than it should have

been as Mercedes continued to pound her ass. The bitter taste of urine still

caked her mouth and burned her throat and if Avril’s predicament wasn’t as

severe as it was she might have been worrying if she would be able to speak

let alone ever sing again.

Morgan, Mercedes, Lisa, and Jennifer took too much pleasure in Avril’s

humiliation and defilation to care how badly beaten and bruised her body

was. Even the sight of blood leaving Avril’s ass and pussy was of no

concern to them and they hardly took notice.

They continued to pound her body, fucking her raw, not even noticing as

Avril’s arms gave way and her body went limp. Her eyes were still open and

she made the occasional noise indicating she was still conscious so they

didn’t care. Eventually though they got bored of her non-reactive state and

one by one they pulled their dildos from Avril’s body and climbed off her.

“What now? She’s about had it and she’s no fun now,” Lisa said.

“She looks like she won’t be misbehaving too much now so why don’t you three

clean up and get everything ready do go while I stamp her?” Jennifer asked.

“Someone just needs to bring me the digital camera so I can take pictures

before we dump her. I’ll shower afterwards when I finish.”

“You know, I think we might keep her awhile. Nobody saw me with her or us

leaving together, so we’ll be alright,” Morgan replied. “We still have that

bottle of Jack Daniels in the van?”

“Yeah,” Mercedes replied.

“Good let’s finish off that and bring the bottle down here.”

As she lay almost lifeless on the floor Avril could see them talking to each

other for several minutes, though she couldn’t make out what they said not

that she tried anyway. Then there was silence again.

“No–” Avril cried barely audible as a buzzing noise filled the room. She

expected the worse, but instead only felt stinging pricks to her left ass


An hour later the pricks had switched to her right cheek and the rest of the

girls had come bounding back down into the basement noisily. They stopped to

look at her ass.

“Nice work,” Mercedes smiled.

“Eh, I only had an hour to do it, so it would have been nicer looking and

more elaborate if I had had more time. It’s good enough for her though I

guess,” Jennifer commented.

“Yes it is. Just what I had in mind,” Morgan replied satisfied as the four

of them looked at a tattoo that said “Kittie’s” on Avril’s left cheek and

“Bitch” on her right cheek.

“Where’s the bottle?”

“Right here,” Lisa giggled waving around an empty bottle of Jack. “There

wasn’t too much left so I drank it all.”

“Yeah, if half a bottle isn’t much. You’re tipsy enough not to be the one to

do this,” Morgan said taking the empty bottle from Lisa and handing it to


“You don’t want to do this?” Mercedes asked a bit confused.

“No, I’m being nice tonight and am going to say you almost earned it. Now

shove the base end of the bottle into her ass,” Morgan replied.

“Thanks!” Mercedes said with a huge smile kneeling over Avril.

She placed one of the corners of the square base of the empty bottle into

Avril’s asshole and began pushing in as she twisted the bottle in a clockwise

manner, and while the bottle very slowly worked it’s way in the outstretched

hole was a bit small. Mercedes tried pushing the bottle in with more force,

but wasn’t having much luck. Avril squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her

fists tightly as Mercedes forcefully tried to shove the bottle into her anus.

“Wait a second, pull that out Mercedes. Lisa come here,” Morgan said.

After Mercedes moved the bottle away Lisa and Morgan took opposite sides of

Avril’s body. Avril screamed hysterically in silence when Lisa and Morgan

both took hold of her loosened anus and pulled it as wide open as they could.

The combination of that, Mercedes trying to shove the bottle into her ass,

and the brand new tattoo she just got sent a shock of pain and degradation

that she had never experienced before, even during the current night.

Avril began to scream and thrash so violently that Jennifer had to sit on

her back and hold her down. Avril bit her lip and slammed her fists down

onto the floor as the inhumane sensations of pain filled her body. After

much prodding, pulling, and rough handling Mercedes got the base end of the

bottle into Avril’s ass and began to push down. Slowly but surely Avril’s

rectum started to give way as Jennifer helped Mercedes push the bottle in

until only the neck of it was peeking out.

Feelings of orgasm shot through the four girls’ bodies when several minutes

later they looked at the neck of the bottle sticking of Avril’s butthole as

she desperately reached back trying to grab a hold of it to pull it out.

Avril quickly gave up when the fruitlessness of her efforts were evident.

Now she just prayed that some relief would come soon, which it did when the

excruciating pain became too much for her and she passed out.

“And they say you can’t put a square peg in a round hole!” Mercedes grinned.

“Oh god shut up Mercedes,” Lisa said as she, Morgan, and Jennifer groaned at

her comment.

“Yeah that was pretty lame. Let’s get her locked up,” Morgan said. “I think

we’ll keep her for awhile.”

* * *

Avril’s body flinched as she lay on the floor and was hit in the face with

cold water. She was quickly reminded of her nightmarish encounter with the

members of Kittie as her pussy, ass, and mouth felt sore as hell from the

evening’s early abuse. Her ass still filled her with excruciating pain and

Avril realized the empty Jack Daniels bottled Mercedes and Jennifer shoved

into her ass was still there. She felt a large wave of ice-cold water splash

her in the face and she shot up into a sitting position. She shook several

times as the coldness traveled through her body and tried to wipe the water

from her face only to realize that her hands were covered by rubber bondage

mitts. Her bound hands became of great concern to her and she realized she

was still in the basement she had been in all night long. The heavy weight

around her neck and the clanking noise she made when she moved her head

made her aware of the iron collar and chain connecting her to the basement


“It’s good to see you’re finally awake. I know you need to get acclimated

to your surroundings so I’ll make this brief,” Morgan said cheerfully as

she watched Avril tug at the collar. “Before I start though, let me help

you with that pesky bottle in your ass.”

Morgan started by simply grabbing hold of the bottle’s exposed neck and

pulling up. Avril bit her lip and clenched her fists as her body was jerked

around by the bottle and Morgan. The first try quickly failed as the bottle

was stuck tight in Avril’s ass and lifted her with it. Morgan then placed a

foot firmly on Avril’s buttcheek. Her anus had created a vacuum-like seal

around the bottle and even with Morgan’s foot holding her down the bottle

was slow to come out. Morgan then began to twist the bottle around rocking

it back and forth. Avril wailed hysterically slamming her fists onto the

concrete floors and tears were very quick to leak from her eyes as the

bottle Very slowly began to inch it’s way out stretching and tearing the

bruised and battered flesh again. When her anal cavity was finally free of

the bottle Avril lay crying on the floor. Morgan started to get impatient

with her.

“Look I don’t have all day so pay attention.”

Avril rolled onto her side and looked up at Morgan. She tapped the exposed

part of her throat with her right mitt when she tried to speak and nothing

came out. Her throat was too damaged at the moment to even let out a whisper.

A look of fear crossed her face when she realized she was a virtual mute. She

had been in too much pain when the bottle was being removed to notice then

that her cry had been a silent one.

“Don’t worry, you’ll probably get your voice back, and when you do just know

that screaming won’t help you as the basement is sound proof. And you’ll just

piss us off if you do scream. We filled your bowls this morning,” Morgan said

pointing towards two dog bowls, “So you’ll have plenty to eat and drink. We

don’t have a show until tomorrow so the four of us are going to leave for a

bit and have a quick rehearsal then we’ll do something afterwards I’m sure.

Oh, before I forget the next time you have to go to the bathroom there is a

toilet recessed in the floor in the corner for that. Yes, you’re going to

have to squat to use it, and I know it’ll be awkward to use at first, but

that’s no excuse to be messy so be sure you get it all in the toilet. There’s

a bidet built into it and the button for that and to flush are built into the

wall above the toilet. This was custom built and cost a bit of money and

considering we could have just left you a bowl to shit in, I think we were

pretty nice in giving it to you. So don’t brake or abuse it or do anything

to it to keep it from functioning properly or we’ll have problems. Oh, and

before I forget, there’s one more thing I have to do.”

Morgan disappeared from Avril’s line of sight for a few minutes and

reappeared with a vial filled with a clear substance and a syringe. A

wildness appeared in Avril’s eyes and a look begging for mercy crossed

her face as Morgan stuck the needle into the vial and filled it.

“Don’t worry, it’s basically the same stuff Jennifer injected you with

earlier only a bit stronger,” Morgan said in mock assurance as the needle

punctured Avril’s right nipple and emptied it’s contents. “I know I’m

forgetting a few things,” Morgan continued as she filled the needle again

and injected into Avril’s left nipple, “but what I’ve told you will be

good enough for now. We’ll probably get you a roommate soon and eventually

we’ll let you leave. Maybe. Until then behave and we’ll all see you later,”

Morgan said with a smile before leaving to go upstairs and locking the

basement door.

Avril was in complete shock at the situation she was in. All she knew at the

moment was that her throat hurt and she wanted some water. As she brought her

hands together to cup some of the water she remembered that they were covered

by the mitts. Avril placed a hand on each side of the water bowl to hold it

in place then lowered her head. Humiliated beyond anything she had ever felt

before tears started to pour from her eyes as she drank water from the bowl

like an animal.

When water provided her throat with as much as relief as it was going to

Avril curled up on the floor a few feet from the feed dishes. A faint

desperate moan escaped from her mouth as she felt the burning sensations

build up in her chest again and she started to ball uncontrollably slowly

crying herself to sleep.

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