Beware Of Kittie Part 2: Pink Lemonade

This is a fictional story. That means it’s not real.

Another Dr. B/BRD story.

Beware Of Kittie Part 2: Pink Lemonade

(FF, FFF, fist, oral, anal, ws, beast, humil, nc-cons)

by Big Red Dope (

outline by Dr. Blasphemy (

Avril’s whole body jumped and she quickly curled up into a fetal position

when she was awakened by Morgan’s voice screaming at her. It wasn’t Morgan

at all, but one of Kittie’s albums being played over a stereo system. Avril

couldn’t hide from the sudden bright light that was flooding the basement as

well and was forced to stay awake, though her aching battered and bruised

body begged for more sleep.

As the rampant light and sound pelted her senses and a massive headache

quickly began to build within Avril she could feel her bowels start to turn

inside her looking for release. Though her pussy and especially her ass were

very raw and abused from the treatment they took from the girls Avril still

decided to try and relieve herself and bring just that tiny bit of relief to

her body. Just minutes after it had started the lights and music blaring in

the basement suddenly died down. All that was left for Avril as she crawled

towards the toilet were a handful of very dim lights that barely provided

her with just enough light to see a few feet in front of her.

One thing Avril did notice almost immediately once she had semi-regained her

senses was the much heavier weight that hung from her chest. She stopped

momentarily sitting on her knees pushing her breasts up with her


hands. Her tits were much bigger now, near the size of grapefruits she

guessed as she let go off them. As her breasts hit her body and bounced back

up a bit Avril panicked as she felt something slosh around inside them. She

could only guess as to what was going on with her body as the image of


injecting her nipples with something was all too fresh for her to forget.

When she reached the toilet Avril looked it up and down having only seen

these types of toilets in Japan and other places in the East she had visited

on tour. There had always been a standing commode for her to use. Now as she

tried to figure out how to use the recessed toilet Avril remember Morgan

saying something about squatting and buttons being on the wall. As she


in Avril remembered times as a young teen that she had to go while out in


woods and did as she had then.

Her pussy was tender and burned a bit as she urinated, but it wasn’t too

bad and the relief was gratifying. Taking a shit turned out to be a whole

different story. Just as the excrement was barely pushing out and her


was expanding to accommodate it a sudden surge of intense pain shot deep


Avril’s body nearly causing her to keel over from it. Avril quickly decided

to try and hold it in until her ass healed a bit more.

Avril took a few steps from the toilet before falling to the floor as she

tried to fight down the pain in her backside. As it started to subside the

bright lights turned on and Kittie’s music started to blare in the basement

again. The music was so loud this time that Avril could feel her body start

to vibrate which didn’t help her hold back her bowel movement any. She

continued to lay on the floor closing her eyes tightly and covering her ears

with her hands as best she could. Avril’s body was still aching terribly

from Kittie’s abuse and the loud music and bright lights didn’t help any.

Avril lay prone for what she could only guess was twenty minutes before

the music and lights died down again. Concrete floor aside the big thing

contributing to her discomfort was how her tits sat as she laid on the

ground. Avril just couldn’t get into a comfortable position with them as she

laid on the floor. They would soon become even more awkward for her to bear

when she ate or drank as they literally got into her way when she would try

to feed herself. It got to the point that Avril had to push the dishes

against the wall so she could hold them in place with one hand and could

press her tits against her body with the other hand so she could get some

kind of nourishment into her system.

Water was water and Avril could taste nothing wrong with it whenever she

drank some of it from the bowl. The food on the other hand was a different

story. The first time she ate Avril was miserable and feeling like shit from

a lack of sleep as the lights and music came on at such random intervals

that she could never get any kind of sleep for fear of being wakened as soon

as her eyes shut. She was only momentarily confused then when she found what

seemed to be large round pellets. It certainly looked as if she was left dog

food to eat and though she refused to eat at first because she was scared of

the pain going number two would bring her Avril gave in once her stomach

started growling and hunger pains hit after the first day. The pellets

smelled like beef and were hard as a rock it seemed to Avril the first time

she bit into one. She nearly broke a tooth when she finally bit through the

first one so from then on she swallowed each pellet whole.

While she ate very little in hopes of holding off from taking a shit as long

as she could, Avril drank a lot of the water every time she dropped her head

into the bowl and after the first day it was gone. Nobody from the band had

returned yet to check on her, and though she had know way of knowing it, it

would be Saturday when Avril’s damaged throat would dry out and she began to

crave water. So given no other choice she began to push the button on the

wall and drink from the bidet.

Then later on that day as the bright lights blinded her and the loud music

deafened her Avril stared up at the ceiling of the basement her mind numb

from any real thought not having slept for any significant amount of time in

two and a half days. Slowly she felt the stomach cramps start to creep in.

They were bearable at first, but hours later after having time to develop

and go untreated Avril was feeling the pain and the pressure start to really

push on her body. Finally she gave in and crawled towards the toilet knowing

an even greater pain was soon coming.

The pain was too much and Avril screamed crying as her tender ass opened

wide and her excrement forced it’s way out. The pain even lasted longer than

she was expecting because her backed up systems had a lot to clean out.

Anybody who looked at her would have been able to see that Avril was visibly

shaken up. She could barely stay on her feet long enough to wash her backend

with the bidet and flush. Avril crawled as far from the toilet as the collar

and chain around her neck would allow to escape the temporary stench that

hung in the basement.

Just as she curled up to try and get some sleep the lights and music blared

on and Avril screamed to no one her damaged throat hurting immensely as she

did so. She tucked herself into a fetal position bawling incessantly as the

physical pain in her body, the severe lack of sleep, the loud music, bright

lights, and the overall gravity of the situation hit her at once.

Hours later after what seemed an eternity to Avril the lights and music shut

off. Even the dim lights that had been on before were off. Avril was curled

up on the basement floor in complete darkness. She was crying again as her

body begged for sleep, but in her mind she just knew that as soon as she was

asleep the music and lights would come back on. But the longer that Avril

laid there waiting the longer they stayed off. After some time with no


and no music Avril caved in and fell asleep.

* * *

As Avril slept the four members of Kittie were walking in the front door.

It was now Sunday and they had left her on a Thursday. With no windows, no

clock, and no way to tell time was passing Avril had no way of knowing how

many days had passed since Morgan had last talked to her. She just knew it

had been awhile. Just like Morgan had said the four of them did go to

rehearsal on Thursday. Instead of returning home because the gig they had on

Thursday was in town and the one on Friday was just a few hours away, they

went to a friend’s house and partied all night long after Thursday’s show.

They only briefly returned home to sober up and get some things before they

left on Friday. With the light and music disorienting her Avril never knew

they had come home at all. What little continual sleep she was getting now,

Avril was about to be rudely wakened.

Avril’s eyes shot open and her body momentarily shook as a continuous stream

of cold water shot her in the face. When she was awake and sitting up the

water stopped.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Morgan smiled cynically as Mercedes wound the

basement’s hose and put it back. Off to Morgan’s left Jennifer sat on the

table and Lisa was leaning against the wall not far from Jennifer. “First

off good job with the toilet. The area around it is dry though I’m not sure

how clean it is, but that’s not my problem. Second I noticed you didn’t eat

a whole lot of the food. Can’t say that I don’t blame you, however I did

notice your water bowl was empty. Our plans didn’t exactly work as I planned

so nobody was home to fill it. I’m wondering though if at any point you

drank out of the toilet?”

Avril thought for a moment about how she should answer that, but as she

looked at the faces of each of the girls it seemed they already knew the

answer and Avril dared not risk being caught lying to Morgan and making

things any worse so she nodded yes. She could hear faint laughs and giggles

coming from the girls and bowed her head in shame. Eating out of dog bowls,

sleeping on the floor, and drinking out of a toilet; Avril now felt like

she was literally Kittie’s bitch now just like her the tattoo on her ass


“Before we continue our time together I need to check you out and make sure

you’re still fit to be our plaything,” Morgan said as Mercedes helped Avril

up. “Now bend over.”

Jennifer and Lisa watched from a distance as Mercedes began petting Avril’s

head while Morgan inspected the popstar’s backside.

“Your pussy’s healed quite nicely,” Morgan said as she ran her finger around

Avril’s pussy before briefly poking it in. Avril only slightly budged at the

sudden penetration and Morgan was delighted. “Very nice Avril, you’ve

learned quickly to not jump so much at our touch. Now to see how you’re

other hole has faired these past few days.”

This time as she checked out Avril’s anus Morgan got on her knees behind her

and began licking around the singer’s hole then spread Avril’s ass cheeks

apart and dug her tongue in deep into her ass. Avril’s body flinched, not a

whole lot but more than she did when Morgan stuck her finger into her

vagina. It wasn’t so much that Avril was reacting to Morgan’s licking, but

it was more due to the fact that her asshole was still tender and raw and

hurt a bit.

“I see your ass is still a bit tender and it certainly looks it, but in time

it’ll heal and you’ll get used to rough ass play. Now stand up and turn

around.” Morgan smiled widely as she got her first full shot at Avril’s new

tits. “My my Jennifer. That shit you gave me really worked. I’ll have to

thank you later.”

“My pleasure.”

Morgan began feeling up Avril’s enlarged breasts and when she gave them a

slight squeeze milk squirted out of the nipples. Morgan licked up the tiny

bit of milk that was now dribbling from Avril’s tits and smiled.

“I must say Avril, you’ve been a pleasant surprise. So far you and your body

have responded as we had hoped. Now back to your hands and knees. Jennifer,

Lisa run upstairs and get the new toys we bought for Avril. Mercedes bring

me the manacles and the new dildo.” As the three girls ran to do as they

were told Morgan’s tone got more serious as she laid the ground rules for


“Okay Avril while you’re our plaything we’ve have three basic rules for you

to follow. Follow these and things will be fine. One, from this point on you

are our dog and will go by the name ‘Bitch’. Two, unless otherwise told you

will only move around on your hands and knees. And three, you will only

speak when spoken to. You will bark once for yes and twice for no. Do you


Avril barked once for yes and concern suddenly struck her. Instead of it

being more of a high pitched bark it was husky sounding.

“Your voice doesn’t sound too good,” Morgan said sarcastically as she took

Avril by her nose ring and led her towards the center of the basement. “Now

come here. Today’s mostly going to be something of a prep, you’re real

training will begin tomorrow.” When there was almost no slack in the chain

that bound Avril to the wall Morgan stopped. “Now Avril I want you to get on

your knees and sit on the dildo my lovely sister is currently holding.

Mercedes hold it on the floor in place until it’s inside her.”

Mercedes sat on her hands and knees holding the three and half-inch thick

and sixteen-inch long dildo in place as Avril slowly began to squat down in

front of her. When the large fake cock started pushing itself into the

popstar’s pussy Mercedes stood up, placed her hands on Avril’s shoulders,

and started to push down.

As Avril’s pussy was split apart again by a new monstrosity, Jennifer and

Lisa both returned with a small trunk each and placed them on the table.

Though in better shape than it was days ago, Avril’s cunt was still sore and

there was a small bit of pain as her opening took in the dildo as she got

closer and closer to the floor. She bit her lip and did her best to hide any

hint of discomfort. Now she knew that anything any of the members of Kittie

put into her body wasn’t going to be small or regularly proportioned.

Perhaps if she got used to such things and could take them in with little

outward indication of discomfort perhaps they would give her some kind of

relief or reprieve from something in the future. Or perhaps now this was all

wishful thinking on Avril’s part.

When she got as much of the dildo into her body as she could in a squatting

position Avril carefully lowered herself to her knees and took the rest of

the fake cock into her pussy. Although she wasn’t in the excruciating pain

she was days ago Avril could still definitely feel the large object filling

her body and she couldn’t help but flinch momentarily when she heard the

clanking of chains. Rather it was a single chain connecting four manacles.

Avril suddenly felt someone yank both arms behind her and she suddenly found

herself in an uncomfortable position as her ankles and wrists were shackled


Avril’s expressionless face suddenly turned into a frown as Jennifer and

Lisa appeared in front of her. Jennifer was holding a large wooden vice and

Lisa had two old-fashioned glass milk bottles that both held about a pint of

liquid each. Jennifer first placed the vice around Avril’s right tit and

tightened it increasing the pressure on the popstar’s breast. She then took

one of the bottles from Lisa and pressed it as close to Avril’s nipple as

she could and still have room to get her fingers in to milk Avril. At this

point Avril knew that she shouldn’t be embarrassed by anything the girls did

to her, but she couldn’t help it. Her face turned red and everyone chuckled

as Jennifer squatted and started to milk her like a cow. Avril’s breast milk

started to squirt out pretty readily as Jennifer pulled and squeezed on

Avril’s nipple.

Several minutes later as Avril’s first tit dried up just about filling the

first milk bottle all the way, Morgan sent Mercedes and Lisa upstairs to

fetch a few items. Jennifer licked up the tiny bit of milk that was leaking

from Avril’s breast after she removed the vice then placed her left tit in

it. As Jennifer began milking the singer’s right breast Mercedes and Lisa

returned carrying bottles of vodka and kahlua and four glasses. As Avril’s

left tit dried up Jennifer stood up with both bottles of milk in hand.

“Hmm… Nice production. About a pint a tit,” Jennifer said satisfied.

“Excellent. Lisa make us some White Russians why don’t you?” Morgan asked as

she made her way in front of Avril and took the vice off her tit. “Ok girls

this weekend isn’t so much about using Avril to get off. We’re just going to

do some training, though today we each get five minutes with her.” She then

tossed the tool onto the table not far away and started to unbutton and pull

down her pants and panties. “I know you’re still new and we’ve been away for

a bit, but let’s see if you’ve learned to be a good little bitch for us.”

Morgan turned around and spread her ass cheeks apart for Avril. “Now lick my


Fearing Morgan’s wrath and quickly deciding that it was for the best if she

did as she was told without question or protest Avril began to slowly run

her tongue up Morgan’s butt crack. As Avril ate out her ass pushing her

tongue into her anus Morgan soaked in the power they now had over Avril. Her

submission had been very quick and easy to get, perhaps she thought as Avril

continued to dig her tongue deep into her ass they could get another

plaything sometime in the future.

Just as Morgan was starting to turn around for Avril, Lisa brought her a

White Russian which she quickly downed in a few swallows. Morgan then

grabbed Avril’s head and mounted her face. “Eat out my pussy Bitch. Make me


Mercedes, Jennifer, and Lisa started making White Russians and drinking them

as Avril ate out Morgan’s pussy. Lisa would be the one to bring Morgan her

drinks as the lead Kittie waited to get off as Avril’s tongue delved deeper

and deeper into her slit. Many many drinks later as the girls started to get

rather tipsy Morgan momentarily lost her footing and took a step back

shifting her body around. As she did so Avril’s tongue still deep in her

pussy unintentionally struck her PC muscle. As her body started to orgasm

Morgan held Avril’s head tightly in place as she came forcing the Bitch to

swallow her cum.

When her orgasm subsided Morgan started to pull away from Avril’s face then

got an idea. She tilted Avril’s head back so that her nostrils were pointing

upwards and she spread her ass cheeks apart burying Avril’s nose in her

butt crack. Mercedes, Jennifer, and Lisa laughed as Avril gagged jerking her

head away from Morgan’s ass and falling over as Morgan ripped a loud raunchy


With her hands and feet bound together by the manacles Avril couldn’t get up

by herself. Mercedes walked over to Avril and grabbing a handful of her hair

she helped the popstar back into an upright position. As Mercedes gazed upon

Avril trying to figure out what she wanted to do in her five minutes and idea

suddenly hit her. It was something she had done for Morgan many times before

and now she had someone to do it to.

“Hey Morgan can you give me a few minutes to run upstairs and get


Mercedes asked.

“Depends. What is it?”

“The mask I wear for you.”

Morgan thought for a moment, then a smile crossed her face. “Sure thing

hurry up.”

The few minutes Mercedes was gone, Avril spent the time trying to compose

herself and get ready for whatever was coming up. It was a bit hard though

as Avril’s body started to ache and fall asleep as she continued to sit in

the same prone position.

Mercedes returned minutes later with a black leather mask. It was rather

simplistic in that it resembled more of a half mask that covered just the

nose and mouth. There were two small holes for where the nose fit in and

where the mouth should have been instead was a ten-inch dildo attached to

the mask. More so it wouldn’t damage the mask Morgan had Mercedes remove the

labrets from Avril’s lips and the piercings from Avril’s nose. The mask was

then strapped into place with two straps going around Avril’s neck and one

going between her eyes and over the top of her head. One of the side straps

had a small clasp on it that allowed all three straps to connect together

and be tightened.

“You look cute Avril,” Mercedes smiled as she removed her pants and


She tilted Avril’s head back and the wild-eyed popstar looked back at

Mercedes as she slipped the tip of the dildo into her pussy. Closer and

closer Mercedes slit came to her face as Mercedes grabbed the back of

Avril’s head and began pulling it towards her. Not that she used toys

this big all the time, but Mercedes did it often enough that her cunt

was able to take the dildo in all the way down to the hilt. Her opening

was literally inches from Avril’s nose and she could smell Mercedes’

sex. Avril could also start to see Mercedes’ wetness on the dildo as

she start to pull away.

As the Lander sister started to thrust Avril’s face into her pussy and ride

the mask, the others continued making White Russians with Avril’s breast


and drinking them. The girls were starting to get thoroughly drunk and as


breast milk started to run low Morgan went upstairs to get some of their

store bought milk.

When she returned a few minutes later, Mercedes was moaning and her body

shivering as she orgasmed. When Mercedes pulled herself off the dildo it was

soaked with her cum and that caused Jennifer to grin widely. Morgan stopped

her sister when she began to redress her bottom half.

“Not yet Mercedes. Once everyone is done we have one more thing to do.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll see, but for now come here.”

Morgan hopped off the table where she had been sitting on it leaning against

the wall. In her place she had Mercedes sit instead. Spreading her sister’s

legs apart Morgan began tonguing Mercedes’ cunt. Mercedes had always been a

bit of a gusher and her pussy was always dripping after she came. Though she

never said it, this was something Morgan always appreciated about her


As Morgan continued to clean up Mercedes’ wet pussy, Jennifer had dropped

her pants had started to take her turn with Avril. Mercedes’ drenching

orgasm made Jennifer smile because there was one less thing she had to worry

about now. It wouldn’t have been a big deal for her to suck on the fake cock

and lather it up with her saliva, but now Jennifer could go straight to her

own pleasure and slid the dildo into her ass as she backed up towards

Avril’s face.

Seeing the smile on Jennifer’s face as the toy pushed into her ass put a

smile on Lisa’s face and she made herself another drink. Lisa quickly

chugged the drink and walked over to where her girlfriend anally rode

Avril’s face. She walked up behind both of them and straddled Avril’s back

and shoulders while at the same time reaching for Jennifer’s tits. Jennifer

was momentarily startled when Lisa grabbed her hips, but smiled widely happy

to see it was her.

Morgan and Mercedes made themselves another drink leaning on and watching

from the table as Lisa helped Jennifer get a good ass pounding from the mask

on Avril’s face. Morgan reached into one of the trunks that had been brought

down into the basement that was now sitting on the floor and pulled out a

plain red eight and half inch long dildo and gave it to Mercedes.

“Get those pants off Lisa and use this on her,” Morgan said handing her

sister the cock.

Always happy to work anyone over Mercedes walked up behind Lisa and

whispered a few words into her ear. Lisa stopped momentarily and an even

bigger smile grew on her face now as she too dropped the bottom half of her

clothing. As she returned to helping Jennifer thrust her ass onto the dildo

mask, Lisa’s own body flinched temporarily as Mercedes’ hands spread Lisa’s

butt cheeks apart and her tongue started working it’s way up and down her


“Nice Mercedes…” Lisa moaned as Mercedes’ tongue continued to slide up and

down her crack pushing into her anus ever so often.

Just as Jennifer was feeling her orgasm start it to hit her body, it quickly

died when she heard Lisa moan somebody else’s name. First it was the van

trip the night they picked up Avril and now it was this. In a fit of

jealously partly induced by the alcohol Jennifer pushed Lisa’s hands away

and slid herself off the dildo mask. She turned around glaring at Lisa and

Mercedes, but didn’t say nor do a thing.

“What?” Lisa asked with a questioning look on her face. Mercedes stopped to

look at Jennifer as well, but her lips and tongue were still buried deep in

Lisa’s ass.

“Nothing,” Jennifer replied rolling her eyes before picking up her clothes.

“Wait a minute now,” Morgan called out pushing herself up from the table and

making her way to the three girls and the bitch. “What’s going on Jennifer?”

“Maybe I need to start spending more time with Avril. Your sister seems to

have two girlfriends now!” Jennifer snapped.

“What’re you talking about?” Lisa asked almost incredulously stepping over

Avril and walking towards Jennifer.

“Just forget it,” Jennifer muttered walking towards the basement door with

her pants still in hand.

“Hold on, just a sec,” Morgan said grabbing Jennifer by the arm. “Look,

Lisa’s not anybody else’s girlfriend except yours. Mercedes wouldn’t do

anything like that to any of us because she knows better.”

“Yeah,” Mercedes chimed in agreement.

“Shut up Mercedes,” Morgan replied.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with what happened in the van Thursday

morning would it?” Lisa asked wrapping her arms around Jennifer’s waist from


“Look, forget I said anything,” Jennifer muttered realizing how her

unnecessary snap reaction must have made her look to the others. “It was the

alcohol or something else in me talking.”

“Uh huh,” Morgan said teasing her. “And who can’t hold their alcohol again?”

“Yeah I suppose I deserve that,” Jennifer said grinning slightly.

“You’re going to need to cut back on drinking, if you’re going to start

getting jealous like this,” Lisa said turning Jennifer around before kissing


“I wasn’t jealous,” Jennifer weakly argued.

“It doesn’t matter,” Morgan said. “Today’s a free day for us and tomorrow we

start training our pet here. I’ve got a few things I need to do today once I

sober up, but Jennifer why don’t you and Lisa go back upstairs to your room

and just spend some time together? If you want or need her for anything use


“God I feel like an ass,” Jennifer groaned.

“And you certainly acted like one,” Lisa grinned teasing her, “but I forgive

you okay? Besides I’ve got to take some of the blame too that we haven’t

spent much time together lately.”

“And just this once I’ll admit that I was at fault too. It was my idea for

Mercedes to start pleasuring Lisa,” Morgan conceded. “I think we should call

it a day down here though and head back up.”

“I think so too,” Lisa replied as she kissed Jennifer and they firmly

squeezed each other’s ass.

“Before we do though, Avril’s progressed along nicely for us, but we need to

take a cue from all bitches and dogs and mark our property,” Morgan stated.

Stuck in a prone position fear briefly filled Avril’s head as she had

watched the mini-melodrama play out before her, and she waited for someone

to take out their jealousy or frustration on her. Instead Morgan removed the

mask throwing it on the table and pushed her ass in Avril’s face again as

she left another fart pass. As Avril gagged and coughed Morgan turned around

to face her.

“You want to be a good little bitch don’t you?” Morgan asked. Avril shook

her head yes, but Morgan wasn’t satisfied with the answer. “What was that? I

couldn’t quite hear you.” Avril barked once for yes. “That’s a good girl,”

Morgan smiled petting Avril on the head. “Now drink my piss.”

Avril heard the girls laughing as she watch the yellow stream leap from

Morgan’s peehole and strike her in the eye area. She tilted her head up

trying to line up her mouth with Morgan’s urine stream and did so after a

few tries. Easily able to hold her own when it came to drinking Morgan

still had to deal with her bladder and tonight was no exception. With all

that she drank during tonight’s prep of Avril Morgan’s bladder felt like

it was close to bursting and it took several minutes before she was done

pissing into Avril’s mouth. Though she had been able to swallow most of

Morgan’s urine there was still quite a bit that dribbled from her mouth

onto her chin and the initial strike to her eyes leaving Avril’s face

quite wet and reeking of piss.

“Ok so what’s farting have to do with dogs or whoever marking their

territory?” Lisa asked as she blasted a fart in Avril’s face before walking

around to piss on her back. Much like Morgan, Lisa’s bladder was very

much full and she spent several minutes as well peeing on Avril’s back.

Avril could feel the urine as it splashed all over her back dripping down

her body and even into her ass crack.

“I don’t know,” Morgan replied, “but why not?”

“Well when you’re finished Jennifer, I’ll be upstairs waiting.”

Avril’s eyes began to water and she coughed several times as the smell of

methane began to fill her nose. She had little time to gather her thoughts

or react as Jennifer and Mercedes took angles that allowed them to both

stick their ass in Avril’s face and rip farts simultaneously. Avril gagged

violently her eyes watering at the point blank shots of methane to her face.

“I’ve got something I want to do to Avril. You care if I take the manacles

off her?” Jennifer asked.

“Not at all,” Morgan replied.

“Mercedes hand me the dildo you were using on Lisa earlier,” Jennifer

said as she freed Avril from the manacles. “Now stand up bitch and bend

over placing your hands on the floor!” Jennifer ordered Avril.

When Avril had done what she had asked Jennifer took the dildo from

Mercedes and punched it into Avril’s anus. Avril bit her lip at the sudden

and harsh insertion of the dildo, but she was starting to get used to it.

Jennifer then slid the toy in and out of Avril’s butt hole for several

minutes before pulling it out and exposing Avril’s gapping hole.

“Mercedes I need you to slip your fingers in Avril’s ass and keep it spread

open.” Mercedes looked at Morgan who just nodded yes.

Jennifer then pressed her piss hole as close to Avril’s asshole as possible

and started pissing into it. Avril’s body twitched slightly as the White

Russian induced stream of urine spent several minutes going from Jennifer’s

body into her bowels.

“Now hold it in your ass until Mercedes is done pissing on you,” Jennifer

ordered as she stepped away from the popstar.

“That won’t be necessary,” Mercedes said. “But I do want you to do

something for me Bitch. Fart Jennifer’s piss out.”

Avril wasn’t sure how she was going to do that. She tried for several

minutes to fart, but she was concerned about shitting herself at the same

time and really pissing everyone. Avril quickly found out she was already

doing that.

“God damn it Bitch! I said fart!” Mercedes screamed at her. “Listen to me,

I’m the closest thing you’ve got to a friend here so don’t piss me off.”

Whether she shit herself at the same time she farted or she didn’t fart at


Avril knew that this was one of those situations where she wouldn’t

please anyone in anyway so she just let one rip hoping for the best.

Morgan, Mercedes, and Jennifer started laughing hysterically as the urine

erupted from Avril’s ass shooting into the air. Some of it hit Avril’s back

side and the rest she could hear hitting the floor.

“Good work Bitch,” Mercedes said petting Avril on the head. “Now lay down on

your back.”

Avril laid down on the floor with her hands at her side and looked straight

up at the ceiling as Mercedes stood over her and started to piss on her

stomach. Several minutes went by as Mercedes emptied out her alcohol induced

buildup. She even began to walk back and forth a bit while she stood over

Avril so that her urine also hit the popstar in the chest and leg area. When

she was about done Mercedes stood over Avril’s face so that the last few

shots of her urine hit her square in the face.

“Oh god Mercedes you got piss on my feet,” Jennifer said as Mercedes started

towards the hose for her own cleaning.

“You shouldn’t have been standing so close,” Mercedes replied as she started

hosing off her feet.

“If I had known you were so into water sports then Lisa and I would have

obliged you last night then.”

“Both of you shut up. Mercedes clean your feet of with the hose, but lick

Jennifer’s feet clean. When you’re done with that put Avril’s piercings back

in,” Morgan replied dressing herself.

“Your feet will be easier to clean if you sit on the table,” Mercedes said

as she finished hosing off her legs and feet.

Jennifer double checked to make sure that Lisa and Morgan were gone and the

basement door was shut, before speaking. “Don’t worry about it. I was just

messing with you.”

“I know. So was I.”

“Just hose my feet off and dry them. You don’t have to lick them.”

“But Morgan will be pissed if she finds out I cleaned your feet with the


“Don’t worry about Morgan. You belong to me and Lisa tonight,” She said.

“Besides I won’t tell her if you don’t.”

“Thanks,” Mercedes said as she started to hose down Jennifer’s feet. She


guilty about blatantly disobeying her sister’s wishes, but it was nice to

have a break every once in a while. Mercedes then freed Avril’s hands and

feet and reinserted the piercings before leaving the basement.

As Mercedes dressed and left the basement Avril lay on the ground and


to cry, but she didn’t. Her embarrassment, her humiliation had no bearing no

effect on any of the four girls and meant nothing to anyone but herself.

There was no point trying to attach any type of feeling or emotion that


anything to her to anything that happened to her. The only people whose

feelings mattered now were of those of the people who lived upstairs. As she

lay on the ground in the dark Avril didn’t care that she reeked of urine,

because right now nobody in Kittie did either.

* * *

Lisa laid nude on her stomach on the bed in the bedroom she shared with

Jennifer. Her legs were up in the air and she unconsciously kicked them back

and forth very slowly as she watched tv. She turned her head and looked over

her shoulder when she heard the bedroom door swing open.

“Hey baby what took you so long?” She asked turning off the tv and tossing

the remote onto a nightstand.

“Nothing, me and Mercedes talked a bit in the basement before we came up.”

Jennifer replied.

“What about?”

“Just small talk mostly while we cleaned up,” Jennifer answered sitting down

on the bed next to Lisa. She had been standing in front of Mercedes who had

been standing a bit behind her in the doorway, and it wasn’t until Jennifer

sat down that Lisa noticed her.

“What’s she doing here?” Lisa asked in a near whisper so Mercedes couldn’t

hear her.

“What do you mean?” Jennifer replied in the same tone.

“I know we’re all a little drunk and you apologized for it, but I thought

she and I were what caused your little outburst earlier.”

“I can hear you two talking about me. Look I’ll leave so you two can finish

talking and work out whatever it is you two need to,” Mercedes interrupted

before turning to leave.

“Mercedes wait,” Jennifer said standing up. “Come back.”

“Yes?” Mercedes asked with a certain reluctance feeling guilty about

Jennifer’s outburst in the basement and what might happen between the two as

a result.

“I’ll say something to Morgan later, but the thing is I saw how you two felt

and reacted towards each other in the van, and I’m sure it was or would have

been the same thing in the basement if I hadn’t done what I did. I certainly

know how I felt making out with Morgan in the van. She asked me then if I

was jealous of you two, because the switch was spontaneous and not planned

like we had done before. Of course I lied to her, I didn’t want any of you

to know I was jealous, because it’s such a stupid emotion. But I was.”

“You should have said something Jennifer or else Morgan wouldn’t have asked

me to play with Lisa’s ass and I certainly wouldn’t have,” Mercedes frowned,

the guilt building up even more. “None of us wants to fuck up anyone else’s


“Hold on let me finish,” Jennifer laughed half-heartedly. “Maybe it’s the

alcohol talking, maybe I’ll be a bitch again tomorrow, but I love you Lisa

and I want our relationship to work. If that means keeping you happy by

letting you sleep with someone new or bringing in a third party when you

want then I’m all for it.”

“You’re not a bitch Jennifer,” Lisa assured her friend as she stood up and

grabbed her by the hand pulling her back to the bed. “And I love you too and

I want you happy. If that means keeping our relationship a monogamous one

then so be it.”

“It’s up to you hon,” Jennifer smiled as she started to strip off her

clothing. “Mercedes is ours all day long though.”

Lisa thought for a moment and as the last of Jennifer’s clothing hit the

floor she decided what she wanted to do. “Jennifer baby get on all fours

with your beautiful ass facing us and Mercedes come here and take off your

clothes.” Lisa always kept a blue nine inch dildo in one of the night stands

and took it out and handed it to Mercedes before going into her closet for

several minutes and returning with a case she set on the floor. “Do to

Jennifer what you were going to do to me,” Lisa instructed Mercedes.

“That’s nice baby,” Jennifer grinned as a tongue slowly started to slither

it’s way up and down her butt crack.

“Glad you like it, but that’s not me,” Lisa smiled walking around the bed to

get to Jennifer’s front side.

“I know, you’ve never licked my asshole this nicely,” Jennifer teased as she

felt Mercedes tongue start to push inside her anus.

“I was never into ass play before I met you, and you’ve yet to teach me the

ins and outs of it.”

“Come here then so I can finish what we started last week,” Jennifer


Mercedes momentarily stopped eating Jennifer’s ass as the three of them

turned around long ways on the bed just to make sure they had enough room

for everyone. When everyone was situated her tongue was back buried deep in

Jennifer’s butt hole, but now she had the dildo Lisa had given her pushing

into Jennifer’s pussy.

Lisa smiled when Jennifer moaned and that along with Jennifer’s tongue that

was now sliding up and down her butt crack made her pussy tingle and moisten

just a bit. Mercedes meanwhile was relieved to see the two of them back in

good spirits. After several good minutes of eating out Jennifer’s ass and

getting it nice and wet, Mercedes pulled out the dildo she had been


into Jennifer’s pussy and found that it was wet as well.

Jennifer paused for a moment; her tongue still buried inside Lisa’s butt, as

Mercedes began to work the slickened dildo into her ass.

“So that’s how you want to play this game Lisa?” Jennifer asked grinning.

“Fine, let’s play.”

“Do your worst,” Lisa dared.

“If I did that you wouldn’t get up tomorrow morning for Avril’s training.”

“Let’s see what you’ve got then.”

“You asked for it,” Jennifer replied happy to put Lisa in her place. “Just

raised your ass a bit so you can get the full effect.”

Lisa did as she was asked and Jennifer turned to Mercedes asking her to

retrieve the dildo from the nightstand Lisa had set the tv remote on. The

toy Mercedes handed Jennifer was the same size as the one now being pistoned

into her ass except that it was black. Jennifer slid the dildo in and out of

Lisa’s pussy a few times in order to get it wet. When she was satisfied it

was slick enough she pressed the tip of it into Lisa’s anus.

“Jennifer…” Lisa panted as she felt her rectum slowly try to accommodate

the item.

“You asked for it hon,” Jennifer smiled as she slowly slid the dildo as far

into Lisa’s anal cavity as it would go comfortably. Lisa was still something

of an anal virgin, but seemed to be eager to learn. One day she might be at

the same point of comfort that Jennifer was, but until then Jennifer wanted

to be careful.

There was one thing that Lisa was comfortable with, that the members of

Kittie were comfortable with. When Jennifer got to sliding the dildo in and

out of Lisa’s backside at a speed and rhythm they were both comfortable with

she turned her attention to Lisa’s wet cunt. This being the first time

Jennifer had any real chance of working over her girlfriend’s butt she was

glad to see Lisa really able to get off on it.

Lisa moaned when Jennifer dipped her tongue into her and began to suck the

cream that was starting to cover Lisa’s inner folds. Minutes later and with

a smack of her lips Jennifer brought her head back and slid two fingers into

Lisa’s pussy and Lisa knew what was coming. The excitement that now tore

through Lisa’s body and the knowledge of what was coming next turned her on

big time and her pussy just kept getting wetter and wetter easily enabling

Jennifer to slide a third and fourth finger into Lisa’s cunt.

As her fingers inside Lisa slowly turned into a fist, Jennifer now also

found that Lisa’s rectum had become a bit more accommodating allowing her to

slide the dildo deeper and harder inside. Jennifer had become so fixed on

getting Lisa to come that she barely noticed that the dildo was no longer in

her ass and Mercedes was gone.

Lisa’s moans were getting louder and her body was shaking more and more.

Jennifer’s right fist that was being thrust into Lisa’s pussy had somehow

managed to pick up the same pace as the dildo that was working her ass over

and both were plunging their way deep into Lisa’s body at the same time.

With her legs apart Jennifer could feel as her girl cum began trickling it’s

way down her legs. Her pussy itched to be played with, but her hands were

already busy.

Unbeknownst to either Jennifer or Lisa Mercedes had returned minutes before

Lisa had her orgasm creaming all over Jennifer’s hand. As both dildo and

hand left her body Lisa fell over on the bed shaken from her orgasm. Her

pussy was still wet and sticky as was Jennifer’s hand and as Lisa reached

for the hand she was stopped by Mercedes.

“Where’d you go?” Jennifer asked.

“I was getting bored just using the dildo on Jennifer’s ass so I went to go

look for the double-sided one me and Morgan use and I was going to use that

on you.”

“Sorry you missed out just now, but if you want there’s something me and

Jennifer were going to do with you that I think you are going to enjoy. I’m

good for another go round and Jennifer hasn’t come yet if you’re willing.”

“Great, now that you two are best friends again, you’re going to gang up on

me,” Mercedes smirked.

“Oh come on Mercedes be a big girl. I’m sure whatever Lisa has planned won’t

hurt a bit,” Jennifer grinned.

“Hey I’m yours tonight so what do you want me to do?”

“First clean Jennifer’s hand.” Lisa replied.

Mercedes took Jennifer’s right hand and slowly sucked on the index finger

eating up Lisa’s cum. Slowly she worked through each of Jennifer’s fingers

and thumb before moving to her palm and the back of her hand. As Mercedes

was licking Jennifer’s hand clean Lisa had opened up the case she sat on

the floor earlier and took out two eight inch strap on dildos. She set them

on a dresser and returned to the bed. As Mercedes licked the last of the

cream from Jennifer’s hand Lisa reached up from behind her Mercedes and

grabbed her tits.

“These are real nice,” Lisa complimented Mercedes as her hands squeezed and

fondled the breasts. “But I’d like it if you got into a sixty-nine with


Jennifer laid down on the bed first with her head near the foot of the bed.

Mercedes then did as she was asked and climbed on top. Eagerly she buried

her face in Jennifer’s pussy and began licking at the damp area. Jennifer

returned the favor and began sliding her tongue in and out of Mercedes’

slit. As the two girls ate each other out Lisa spread Mercedes’ ass apart

and began poking her tongue at the puckered asshole.

Mercedes moaned as the wet appendage slid around her butt, pushing in from

time to time. After several minutes of tonguing Mercedes’ pussy, Jennifer

decided to give her the same treatment she gave Lisa. The Lander girl moaned

with delight as she felt one finger then two slide into her cunt. They

didn’t feel real thick to her, but having them push against her walls as

they went in and out turned her on. She groaned even louder as Lisa popped a

finger into her anus.

“You like that don’t you Mercedes? You like having my finger poking around

in your ass,” Lisa grinned really working her finger in and out.


“How about two then?” Lisa asked before slipping a second finger into

Mercedes sphincter.

“God! Oh!” Mercedes’ body began to burn, tingle with excitement as Jennifer

slipped a third finger into her cunt at the same time Lisa had put in a

second one into her butt.

Mercedes did her best to keep eating out Jennifer’s pussy, but found the

pleasures of her body start to be too much of a distraction. Both Jennifer

and Lisa knew Mercedes orgasm wasn’t too far off, which is why they both

pulled out of her at the same time.

“Hey guys keep going. It feels great!” Mercedes panted.

“We’ve got something else in mind. Slide off Jennifer for a sec so she can

slide off the bed,” Lisa replied.

Mercedes sat up on her knees once Jennifer was gone and waited. Meanwhile

Lisa already had her strap-on on when Jennifer made her way over to the

dresser and put hers on. Cocks at the ready the both returned to the bed.

“What position do you want to be in?” Jennifer asked.

“What do you mean?” Mercedes asked turning around. A smile crossed her face

and there was a faint twinkle in her eye. “Doesn’t matter to me.”

“Ok, we keep this simple then. Now just get on top,” Jennifer said as she

laid back on the holding the strap-on in her hand.

With a big smile Mercedes was more than happy to oblige. She climbed on top

of Jennifer facing towards her and moaned as her pussy took in the

eight-inch dildo all the way to the hilt. Mercedes leaned forward letting

her tits dangle in front of Jennifer’s face. Jennifer reached up taking hold

of a breast in each hand and began sliding her tongue across Mercedes’ right

nipple. She and Mercedes kissed as her hands began to slide across Mercedes’

breasts and her thumbs flicked across the nipples.

Lisa meanwhile began eating out Mercedes asshole again lubing it up with her

saliva. Every time she would dip her tongue into the drummer’s anus she

would moan without fail. Several minutes later when she was satisfied

Mercedes butt was nice and wet Lisa spread her cheeks apart one last time

spitting into her asshole. She then climbed onto the bed on her knees and

pressed the head of the strap-on to Mercedes’ anus. The drummer flinched

momentarily as the dildo slowly pushed it’s way into her backside, but once

it was inside nice and tight she felt extremely hot and horny.

Slowly Jennifer and Lisa started to increase their pace pushing the cocks

into Mercedes harder and deeper with a bit more force each time. The long

smooth strokes they used on her, the feel of thick hard cocks sliding in and

out of her pussy and ass simultaneously really pushed Mercedes towards

orgasm. As each minute passed the pleasure became more and more intense for


After what seemed an eternity to her and an infinite amount of teasing from

her body Mercedes orgasmed. Neither Jennifer nor Lisa knew until the Lander

sister’s girl cum started dripping down Jennifer’s strap-on. When Mercedes

was finally able to stand up her pussy was soaked and the wetness was

dripping down her leg. Jennifer and Lisa looked at each other for a moment

then both took one of Mercedes’ legs and began licking her clean. When they

reached her pussy Jennifer was the one to suck Mercedes’ pussy clean, but

when she was done she and Lisa kissed with Lisa swallowing after Jennifer

made a deposit in her mouth.

“Now that we feel all better, Mercedes clean up our toys and the rest of the

day is yours,” Jennifer said as she and Lisa handed Mercedes their


“And what are we going to do about you? I know you still haven’t come,” Lisa


“I’m just not as easily excited and out of control as you,” Jennifer


“Uh huh, maybe you’re just frigid.”

“Are you two having another fight?” Mercedes asked as she picked up the last

of the toys off the floor.

“Nah, we’re good,” Jennifer replied slapping Lisa on the ass. “Lisa’s just

jealous I can hold out longer than she can.”

“You lying bitch!” Lisa groaned rolling her eyes. “Let’s go get cleaned up.”

“I’m your superior so you’re washing me first,” Jennifer grinned as she and

Lisa headed for the bedroom door. “Oh and the Bitch lives in the basement.”

“It’s a good thing I love you so much.”

* * *

Avril’s grumbling stomach woke her as hunger pains struck her hard. She

nearly broke a tooth the first time she ate, but Avril’s hunger made her

willing to eat the hard pellet like food she had been given days ago. She

pushed herself up and crawled to her food dish where to her dismay she found

it was empty. Avril was positive she hadn’t eaten it all and could only

figure that at some point the night before someone had emptied out her dog

bowl. She looked over at her empty water bowl and noticed it was empty as

well. That she knew she had finished off, but wasn’t too worried about going

thirsty because if nothing else she had the bidet in the toilet she could

start drinking out of again.

She started to curl up on the floor to go back to sleep when she heard the

basement door open and close. Avril looked up and saw Mercedes when the

lights were turned on walking in with a number of items she set down on the


“God it smells like piss in here, oh that’s right it’s you. Look Bitch my

visit in here will be a short one today. It’s mostly to clean you up and

prep you for your training today.”

Mercedes pulled quite a bit of hose out and turning it on the highest setting

aimed it at Avril and pulled the trigger. Avril was knocked backwards as she

was surprised by the blast of water hitting her in the face and not


else on her body. Once Avril was thoroughly soaked Mercedes took to hosing

down the floor for a minute and waited as the drain carried the water away.

“Now get on all fours Bitch,” Mercedes demanded and as Avril did as she was

instructed Mercedes retrieved the soap on a rope she brought with her and

was sitting on the table.

She then squatted down next to Avril and began to roughly lather her body up

harshly slamming the soap into Avril’s back and dragging her nails across

the popstar’s arms, chest, legs, buttocks, and every area that was covered

in soap. As she finished lathering up Avril’s ass Mercedes thought of one

other area to clean out. Avril squealed and bit her lip as she felt one of

the rounded corners of the rectangular soap start to penetrate her ass. Her

asshole was still tender and sore and though it hadn’t returned to it’s

original size something of this shape still hurt going in.

Gleefully sensing Avril’s discomfort, with a smile Mercedes asked, “Does

this hurt Bitch? Is this uncomfortable?” Avril barked once as the last bit

of soap disappeared inside her anus. “Oh that’s good girl, you remembered

your commands. Morgan will be so proud of you. Now keep that inside of you

while I finish cleaning you.”

Mercedes took the hose and proceeded to spray Avril down cleaning off the

soap. She then placed the tip of hose nozzle into Avril’s anus and pressed

down on the trigger. Avril squirmed and groaned biting her lip again as

water started to fill up her ass. When it started to squirt out and make a

mess Mercedes stopped the hose and pulled it out.

“Ok Bitch now hold the soapy water in your ass until I say so or else.

Understood?” Avril barked once for yes. “Good I’ll be right back then.”

As Mercedes disappeared from the basement the water in her rectum began to

bother Avril. It wasn’t painful so to speak, but she was starting to feel

like she did in the rare occasion where she had to use the bathroom, but

had nowhere to go. Several minutes later Avril’s heart dropped when Mercedes

returned with a leather crop. Avril could guess what Mercedes was going to

do with it and feared what would happen if she was hit with the crop. The

last thing she wanted to do was relieve herself all over the floor.

The first swat across the ass scared Avril the most as she felt her ass

almost open up, but she managed to keep it closed. Mercedes continued the

onslaught spanking Avril in the ass with the leather crop for almost five

minutes. With each hit the bar of soap shifted and seemed to slowly crawl

it’s way out. By the time Mercedes finished swatting her Avril was feeling

like she was about to burst. The soap was pushing hard poking out of her

asshole. As Mercedes grabbed the rope and yanked the soap from her butt,

Avril wasn’t sure, but she thought she felt herself have a mini-orgasm as

her body shuddered quickly. This time she knew she wasn’t able to hold all

of the soapy water in as some of it started to trickle down her leg and

Mercedes noticed this.

“Hmm… Not bad, not bad at all,” Mercedes said a bit surprised at Avril’s

apparent quickness in learning her role within the group and to be able to

know and do what is expected of her. “Of course my opinion doesn’t matter.

Now go sit on the toilet before you make another mess I have to clean up.”

Avril quickly crawled towards the toilet squatting above it for just a few

seconds before the now darkened soapy water came rushing out while the

accompanying sounds rang throughout the basement. When her ass was finally

empty she started to reach back towards the wall for the button that

controlled the bidet, but stopped and looked at Mercedes.

“If you want to use the bidet go ahead,” Mercedes said. “I think it’s a good

idea for what’s coming next.”

Avril wasn’t sure what that meant, but she didn’t care too much anymore.

Everyone in Kittie was going to do what they wanted to do. When Avril was

done with the bidet Mercedes had her get back on her hands and knees. She

picked up the bowl of peeled hard-boiled eggs that she brought down and set

it on Avril’s back. Even as her dignity had started to severely wither away

and she found herself becoming more and more the willing toy for everyone,

Avril had to admit she was caught a bit off guard when Mercedes pushed the

first of the eggs into her ass. Avril waited quietly for the others to come

and slowly, one by one the remaining eleven eggs were stuffed into her ass.

As the last one went in Avril still sat there on her hands and knees

motionless and silent.

“Wow Avril, I have to admit I’m impressed. Eat what you can and rest up.

You’re going to have a busy day today. You’re training will begin in a few

hours. I’ll fill your water bowl before I go.”

Mercedes grabbed the hose again and used it to replenish Avril’s non-toilet

water supply. When the Lander sister turned off the lights and left, Avril

crawled to her empty food bowl and pulled it a few feet away from her water.

She then squatted over it going through the motions of taking a shit until

the first egg popped out and landed in the dog bowl. Avril pushed and pushed

until the second one fell out and landed in the dog bowl with the other egg.

Slowly but surely Avril “laid” all twelve eggs. Still being struck by hunger

pains Avril gave a brief thought to where the eggs had just been, but the

grumbling of her stomach made it a moot issue as she stuck her face into the

bowl and started wolfing down the eggs.

* * *

Avril was left alone for several hours after Mercedes left and she laid on

the floor waiting patiently for whoever her next visitor was. She barely

turned her head as the basement door opened and closed and saw Lisa walking

towards her. Avril looked long enough at her to see she was carrying a dildo

in each hand then turned her head back. Lisa turned on the lights before

setting both dildos on the table.

She walked to where Avril lay and roughly grabbing her by the hair Lisa

yanked her to her knees. Avril let out a whimper as she felt several strands

of her hair being pulled from her head by the roots, but she tried her best

to keep a straight face so Lisa would stay “happy” and not punish her.

“Was that a whimper I heard Bitch? Did that hurt?” Lisa asked looking Avril

in her eyes with a sneer on her face. Avril barked twice. “Good. Keep this

attitude and this won’t hurt a bit… or at least not as much as it would

otherwise. Now open your mouth.”

As soon as Avril opened her mouth Lisa shoved her index and middle finger

deep inside trying to push them as far down Avril’s throat as she could.

Avril began to gag and her eyes watered as Lisa held her head in place and

her fingers played havoc with Avril’s throat for several minutes. Several

times Avril felt herself go through the motion of trying to swallow and

nearly throwing up. When Lisa finally removed her fingers Avril doubled over

temporarily coughing with drool coming out of her mouth. Lisa used Avril’s

hair to dry her fingers before walking over to the table and picking up one

the toys she brought down; an eight inch long honeycomb dildo.

“As you may have figured out by now I’m here today to test your gag reflex,”

Lisa said pulling Avril up again by the hair. “Open your mouth again.”

Avril did as she was told and tried not to gag as the enlarged tip of the

dildo entered her mouth and pushed against the back of her throat. Lisa took

several minutes pushing the dildo into Avril’s mouth lubing it with her

saliva. Lisa began pushing only half the dildo in and out of Avril’s mouth.

The tip barely pushed against the back of Avril’s throat, but when it did

the expression on Avril’s face made Lisa smile as the popstar gagged and


coughed as the dildo was pulled out. Again tiny amounts of saliva dripped

from Avril’s mouth as Lisa began working the dildo deeper and deeper down

Avril’s throat. The four inches slowly turned into six after several minutes

which turned into eight several minutes after that.

Avril’s eyes watered and she coughed and drooled as Lisa slammed the dildo

into her throat. Lisa also started to hold Avril’s head in place for several

seconds as the toy sat lodged in her throat. Each time her head was released

it was more coughing and gasping for air for Avril. More and more saliva was

starting to gather around her mouth. Lisa plunged the dildo far into Avril’s

throat and held it there one more time and as Avril coughed violently and

strings of spit now hung between dildo and Bitch, Lisa decided it was time

to move on.

Lisa took the cock back to the table and exchanged it for the other item she

brought down, a twelve-inch strap-on dildo. Knowing this was potentially

going to get messy Lisa stripped down to her bra and panties before removing

her panties and sliding on the strap-on. She walked back over to Avril who

looked up at her with drool covering her chin and mouth.

“Deep throat my cock Bitch,” Lisa commanded.

Avril quietly obliged taking the tip of the cock into her mouth and grabbing

a hold of it at the end. Slowly she pushed her face and dildo together

inching it into her mouth. When she knew it was past eight inches, Lisa

grabbed the back of Avril’s head and held it in place. Avril’s eyes watered

and she began to violently gag. She coughed and drooled on herself when Lisa

let go.

Lisa gave her a few seconds before slipping the strap-on back into her mouth.

She pushed and pushed and Avril gagged more and more finding herself trying

to swallow as the last few inches found their way down her throat. Again Lisa

held Avril’s head in place nearly choking her with the dildo and when she

pulled out Avril coughed violently with saliva flying from her mouth.

Then with a sudden feeling of ‘compassion’ and wanting to help Avril with


gag reflex Lisa slipped the strap-on back into her mouth and pushed it back

down Avril’s throat as quickly as she could. Lisa grabbed the back of Avril’s

head again and started thrusting her hips. Avril couldn’t help herself and

began moaning with tears leaving her eyes as she gagged on the dildo as only

a few inches left her mouth each time Lisa pulled out. Saliva was literally

dripping from Avril’s mouth as Lisa continued to pound her throat with deep

hard thrusts.

It wasn’t until Avril really started to violently cough and her body began

to shake that Lisa pulled the entire foot long dildo from Avril’s throat and

stopped. She grinned as Avril fell to the floor still coughing and shaking.

With Avril’s face now in a pool of her own drool Lisa left on the strap-on

and picked up her clothes with one hand and the honeycomb wand dildo with

the other.

“You did alright for a newcomer,” Lisa said before leaving the basement.

A few minutes later Jennifer came down with a small case in each hand and

set them on the table. She then walked over to wear Avril was laying and

nudged her with her foot.

“Get up,” Jennifer said, “you’re almost done for today.”

Avril was slow getting to her feet and when she was finally up Jennifer

removed a key from her pocket and unlocked the collar around Avril’s neck

and removed it. Jennifer then lead Avril to a gynecological chair that the

popstar had noticed sitting in a corner and had wondered when her time with

it was going to come. It was an ordinary chair that was tilted back and had

a stir-up on each side. The one thing that was different were the thick

leather straps attached to the stirrups, armrests, and towards the top of

the chair where someone’s head would be resting.

“Get on and let me explain what’s going on here,” Jennifer said ordering

Avril onto the gyno chair. “Since you like to piss so much then you might as

well do it right. When I’m finished with you, you’re going to be squirting

like a pro,” Jennifer continued as she strapped Avril’s ankles and wrists

down. “I’m only going to strap down your wrists and ankles, but know I will

strap you down by your neck too if you cause too many problems. Understand?”

Avril barked once for yes. “Good.”

Jennifer then slipped her right hand between Avril’s outstretched legs and

inserted two fingers into her pussy. There was still plenty of room as

Jennifer started pumping her fingers in and out of Avril’s cunt so she stuck

a third finger in. Jennifer smiled as it wasn’t but a minute or two later

before the first moan came out of Avril’s mouth. As much as she wanted to

hate the situation she was in, as much as she wanted to hate her masters,

any time she was one of the four members of Kittie Avril now found herself

wanting more and more to do their bidding, to be their toy. Now as Jennifer

was riding three fingers in and out of snatch Avril felt herself getting

excited. She felt her pussy starting to get wet and when she looked at

Jennifer’s face she felt relieved to see a smile on Jennifer’s face. After

just a few minutes of stimulating the popstar’s PC muscle Jennifer felt

Avril’s pussy clamp down on her fingers. Avril moaned as she orgasmed, her

cum sliming Jennifer’s fingers.

“Pitiful,” Jennifer remarked removing her fingers from Avril’s pussy and

slipping them into Avril’s mouth to clean. “I’ve got something to help you

with that.”

Jennifer removed her fingers from Avril’s mouth using her hair to dry them

off before walking over to the table and opening one of the cases. She

pulled out a ten inch long two and a half-inch thick hollow glass cylinder

with an electrode inside. Avril’s eyes widened slightly when she saw the

unusual device.

“Don’t worry,” Jennifer said in feigned concerned. “This’ll only hurt a


She started sliding the device into Avril’s pussy and stopped when nine

inches were inside. During the days she was alone Avril’s pussy had healed

some and shrank back down a bit, but now she was able to stretch herself and

fit something of this size inside her with some ease. She felt very full and

tight, but she was relatively pain free. That was until Jennifer turned the

device on. Avril couldn’t help but hoarsely scream at the top of her lungs

as her pussy was shocked with electricity and it was forced to clench down

on the cylinder. Electricity coursed through her body for a few seconds

before it stopped. Avril was grimacing from the pain trying to regain her


“It didn’t hurt that much,” Jennifer sighed shaking her head. “Are you


Avril again barked once for yes. “Good. This is the only way we’re going to

be able to get you to squirt. If you feel like screaming go ahead.”

Indeed Avril screamed again when the second pulse of electricity shocked her

pussy. With a smile Jennifer walked back to the table and opened the second

case and pulled out her tattooing needle. Though she was screaming her head

off each time she was shocked Avril was being a trooper and staying seated

which brought a smile to Jennifer’s face. In one of the brief moments of

peace Avril looked down upon hearing a familiar buzzing sound and feeling

the same stinging pricks from a few days ago.

“We decided to give you another tattoo,” Jennifer said looking up and seeing

Avril looking at her. “And this time I’m really going to enjoy this because

I get to hear you scream.”

Scream Avril did because as soon as Jennifer finished her sentence her pussy

was being shocked once again.

* * *

As Jennifer was finishing Avril’s new tattoo Morgan came down carrying a few

items of her own and set them on the table. She then walked over to Jennifer

and Avril to look at Avril’s new tattoo.

“Nice work,” Morgan replied looking at Avril’s chest. The word “Slut” was

tattooed across Avril’s chest right above her tits in black gothic gangster

letters with tribal flames coming out from the sides. Just as Morgan

complimented Jennifer on her work Avril screamed as the cylinder shocked her

pussy again. “I’ll take care of this Jennifer. I’m sure our pet here will be

able to squirt for us in the future and if not we can train her some more.

Give that thing to Mercedes and have her clean it. She’s not doing anything

right now.”

Jennifer turned off the electrode and removed the cylinder from Avril’s

pussy. She put her things away and left the basement. Morgan then walked

back over to the table and picked up one of the items she brought down with

her, an urethral sound.

“How’re you feeling Avril?” Morgan asked hearing her whimper. “Are you

okay?” Avril barked once. “Good, because I’m going to teach you to make use

of a fourth hole that most women don’t use.”

Moving between Avril’s legs Morgan worked her pussy, spreading her lips

until she found Avril’s pee hole. She then inserted the sound into it and

started sliding it in. Avril felt funny and wasn’t sure what she should make

of the thin metal rod being pushed up her urethra. She squirmed when she

felt it touch her bladder and Morgan began to work the sound back and forth

moving it around. It felt weird at first and took several minutes for Avril

to get used to something penetrating her peehole, but it didn’t hurt and

looking down she saw a smile on Morgan’s face which was all that mattered to


What Avril didn’t realize was during the time Morgan was working her urethra

over with the sound getting her used to the sensation, it was also enlarging

it. She felt it start to stretch when Morgan inserted her index finger into

it. Avril began to whimper in pain as Morgan pushed it further and further

in. It wasn’t a sharp pain, but it was definitely unpleasant.

“That’s a good girl, let it all out. Whimper all you want,” Morgan mocked

Avril as she started to move her finger back and forth penetrating Avril’s

pee hole. Avril wanted to be strong for Morgan, the opposite of how she was

for Jennifer. Only the softest of painful moans left her mouth as Morgan

continued to piston her finger into Avril’s urethra.

“Does this hurt Avril?” Morgan asked continuing her fingering. Avril barked

once. “Why don’t you whimper? Why don’t you cry from the pain then?” Avril

had a confused look on her face not knowing how to answer without speaking

and Morgan noticed this. “It’s alright Avril you can speak to me this one

time and only this time.”

“I want you happy. I don’t want you punishing me,” Avril answered in a very

hoarse voice.

“Excellent, that’s what I like to hear from my pet. You’re becoming very

obedient and I like that. I’ll be right back.”

Morgan removed her finger from Avril’s pee hole and went to the table and

retrieved a six inch long vibrator that was a slightly thicker than her

finger. She returned to Avril and inserted it into her pee hole sliding it

all the way in. Avril initially squirmed when the toy was turned on and bit

her lip really hard trying to hold her own as the vibrations racked her

sensitive area sending shots of pain through her body. Occasionally Avril

would give in letting her body squirm around and let out pitiful moans and

Morgan just stood there with a smile as the first day of training drew

nearer to a close.

* * *

After several weeks of some sort of training on a nearly daily basis Avril

had completely immersed herself into the role of Kittie’s bitch. Whenever

they said jump she asked how high, in so many barks anyway. She became their

loyal pet doing whatever they told her and Morgan decided to reward her.

“Wake up Avril,” Morgan whispered late one night petting her on the back of

the head waking her. “Since you’ve done so well with your training and your

such an obedient pet we’ve decided to reward you.” A smile crossed Avril’s

face and she quickly sat up on her knees. “Easy girl, easy,” Morgan said

petting Avril again and smiling. “You keep behaving like this we might stop

calling you Bitch all together. Would you like your reward now?” Avril

barked several times in rapid succession showing her excitement. “Mercedes

bring down Bob.”

The basement door which was cracked open already swung completely open and

with leash in hand Mercedes walked the largest Great Dane Avril had ever

seen down into the basement. The excitement never left her body. Fixated on

the dog Avril didn’t see as Lisa trailed behind with a camcorder in her

hands and Jennifer behind her.

“Avril meet Bob you’re new friend and mate. He’s damn near the size of a

pony and from what I hear has a cock the size I know you’ll enjoy.”

Avril’s heart pounded as she gazed at the Great Dane. Finally after much

sacrifice in trying to please the girls Avril was finally being rewarded and

she was being given the roommate that Morgan mentioned weeks ago. Avril had

heard stories and jokes about the sizes of dog cock and was eager to see

if it was true. That and she knew Morgan and Mercedes would be watching and

wanted to please them as well. Morgan walked to Avril’s side and unlocked

her collar letting her go free for the time being. As she did that Mercedes

removed the leash from Bob’s collar and they both moved behind Lisa and

Jennifer to watch what would happen next.

“Just out of curiosity if we had wanted could we have made Mercedes fuck

Bob that one night awhile back if we had him then?” Jennifer asked Morgan.

“There’s a lot of shit I’ll do for everyone if Morgan says it’s ok, but I’m

not fucking any animal!” Mercedes snarled.

“Hey both of you shut up or I’ll have to edit the tape later before we decide

to send out copies,” Lisa said before turning on the camcorder.

On her hands and knees like the dog she was for the girls Avril slowly

approached Bob as he approached her. As she got closer she could only guess

as to what Bob’s actual size was. He had a very long sheath and only the tip

of his pink prick was sticking out. When the two were nose to nose they

started nuzzling each other feeling each other out. Avril knew right away

that she wanted the Great Dane to mount her and the wetness forming between

her legs reaffirmed it.

She crawled underneath the huge beast and began by softly taking his balls

in her hand. Avril gently caressed Bob’s scrotum to get his cock to come

out. Slowly it did but Avril was anxious to have him mount her and began

tonguing Bob’s hairy balls. She could tell the dog was becoming very heated

as it’s shaft started to emerge. Still holding the Great Dane’s balls in her

hand Avril opened her mouth and took in as much of it’s large scrotum as she


“God fucking damn,” Morgan whispered. “We’ve turned Avril into just about

the dirtiest, nastiest slut possible.”

Avril began to hungrily suck on the left side of Bob’s furry balls for

several minutes before switching to the right side. Her lips were eagerly

wrapped around the canine’s testes sucking on them as her tongue slid all

over them. When she temporarily removed her lips Avril saw that nearly all

of Bob’s prick had emerged from it’s sheath. Avril crawled towards the front

of the dog getting in front of the monstrous dog’s near sixteen inch cock.

The prick was biggest thing Avril had ever been faced with, but it wasn’t

that much bigger than any of the strap-ons or toys that Morgan and company

had used on her through out her training. Avril took Bob’s cock by the base

and wrapped her lips around the tip. Slowly she began by bobbing her back

and forth taking only a few inches of Bob into her mouth. The Great Dane was

getting antsy trying to mount Avril’s face and thrust himself into her mouth,

but there was one thing she wanted to do before she let him mount her.

Morgan, Mercedes, Lisa, Jennifer’s mouth nearly dropped as Avril slowly took

the dog cock into her mouth and down her throat inch by inch. Eight inches

Avril easily took into her mouth and with her training twelve inches wasn’t

too much of a problem either. Lisa squated down on the floor to get a good

close-up of Avril’s face and zoomed in. Her part in the training of Avril was

paying off greatly. Avril was showing some obvious signs of discomfort, but

she had actually taken all sixteen inches of the dog into her mouth.

Avril then pulled herself off the dog and slid out from underneath him. She

got on all fours and sat in front of Bob. She turned around placing her

backside to Bob and Avril moaned when she felt the dog’s nose press against

her pussy and his tongue quickly flick against it. Avril bucked her hips

then spread her legs apart. Very content with the creature courting him Bob

pressed his forward paws on Avril’s back in an attempt to mount her. He

missed her pussy several times brushing his cock against her leg before

finding her opening. Avril gasped as the first few inches pushed inside her,

but her training with Kittie taught her to turn the discomfort and pain into


Morgan smiled widely as she marveled at the final product of her successful

training and reconditioning of Avril. With the moans and a grin on her face

to prove it Avril eagerly took in the Great Dane’s cock as it went past ten

inches and started towards the last six. Avril had made her masters happy

and they had rewarded her for it. Now as they watched her she was bound and

determined to make full use of her new mate and show them how much she

appreciated it.

Avril moaned excitedly as the dog’s thrusts became faster and pushed deeper

into her body. Her whole body shook and she groaned with pleasure as the

Great Dane pounded her pussy. Everyone watching the action smiled at the

great footage they were getting. Avril gasped as Bob’s knot suddenly

ballooned up stretching her pussy to a point past anything she had

experienced before, even past the levels that the members of Kittie had

taken her.

Avril could feel Bob’s hot seed entering her body and soon started coming

herself as the dog semen filled her womb. With dog and girl locked into place

and both coming, Bob’s knot completely filled Avril’s pussy and the flood of

mixed cum had nowhere to go but into Avril’s belly.

As Bob’s torrent of dog cum slowed to a dribble he tried to pull out of Avril

causing her to yelp as the Great Dane’s knot tugged on her pussy trying to

free itself. Bob tried a few more times to dismount Avril and even managed to

work himself around ending up with his butt pressed against Avril’s. The dog

then tried one last time to pull out of Avril as he walked around the

basement literally dragging her behind him. Avril’s training served her well

as only minimal moans left her lips as she was pulled around Bob’s knot.

Lisa continued taping even through the twenty minutes it took before the

Great Dane was able to dismount Avril. As it did so Avril’s pussy opened up

flooding the floor with the mixture of girl and dog goo. Her cunt pumped out

the creamy mess for almost a minute before her body was empty. Exhausted she

fell on the floor to regain herself. Very satisfied with what she had just

witnessed Morgan decided to give Avril a moment or two to relax before

barking her next order.

“Be a girl good and lick up Bob’s cum and we’ll let you sleep with your new

mate tonight,” Morgan commanded.

Avril did as she was told taking several minutes to hungrily eat up the cum.

Barely halfway through the enormous mess Avril felt herself already becoming

full, but she kept on desperately wanting to make everyone happy and to sleep

with her new mate. When she finally swallowed the last drop she looked up at

Morgan who only smiled at her and nodded. Avril turned and crawled to where

Bob was curled up on floor and laid down at his side.

“Excellent footage,” Lisa smiled as she shut off the camcorder. “With some

editing this’ll make a great video to send out.”

“Have you decided who we’re sending the tape to?” Mercedes asked.

“Not yet. I spent most of my time finding the right dog for her,” Morgan


“Well what kind of name is Bob? It’s not a cool name for a dog.”

“I don’t know, that’s what it responds to.”

“Well let’s let the two lovebirds sleep. We’ve got a list to make and a tape

to sell,” Jennifer smiled.

* * *

Lisa sat bored on the couch in the living room quickly channel surfing trying

to find something decent to watch. As she passed over MTV something caught

her eye and she stopped. It was a MTV newsbreak that had just started.

“Anybody who watched Saturday Night Live last night caught what is already

being described as one of the worst moments in the show’s history and a

complete disaster for Ashlee Simpson.” At the mere mention of disaster and

Ashlee Simpson Lisa quickly turned on the Tivo to record the segment just

in case. “During Ashlee’s second performance an apparent backing-track for

her hit ‘Pieces of You’ started playing as you can hear her voice while the

mic is being held at her side. Take a look.”

Lisa started laughing as Ashlee’s performance blunder was run. Mercedes

was just down the hall and hearing Lisa laugh came to see what was going on.

“What’s up?”

“This,” Lisa replied as the last thing being shown was Ashlee doing some


of jig.

“At the end of the show Ashlee claimed the band started playing the wrong

song though word from her camp now is that she has Acid Reflux and was using

a backing track because her voice was so weak. They are insisting she was

singing live and not lip-synching.”

“Go get the others. I think we may have a new plaything,” Lisa grinned.

“So do I,” Mercedes said before disappearing back down the hall. She returned

a few minutes later with Morgan and Jennifer.

“What’s this about Mercedes saying we have a new plaything?” Morgan asked.

“I really wasn’t planning to bring anyone else in besides Avril.”

“Watch this first,” Lisa said replaying the Tivo’ed segment.

“Hmm… Didn’t she say before that people who lip-synch basically sucked and

she would never do it?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes she did,” Morgan replied.

“And?” Mercedes asked.

“Looks like we’ll have to bring Bob upstairs to make room for Avril’s new


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