Bex’s Crush

Bex’s Crush
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, rom, drugs, con
Celebs: Bex Taylor-Klaus, Saoirse Ronan
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Bex was hanging out in her apartment, when she heard a knock on her door.  Getting up to answer it, she was greeted by, “Hi, I’m Saoirse, I just moved in next door to you, and thought I’d say hello.”

“Um, hi.  Yeah, I know who you are.  Uh, I’m Bex.” Bex offered her hand, and Saoirse shook it.

“Yeah, I know you, too.” Saoirse giggled.  While Bex managed to keep her cool on the outside, inside, she was squeeing her ass off.  She’d had a bit of a crush on this girl since The Lovely Bones, and movies like Hanna and Grand Budapest Hotel had only reinforced it.  As Saoirse’s hand touched hers, Bex’s heart started pounding, so loud in fact, she barely heard a word Saoirse said. “Well, I’ve got to get unpacking, but I’d love to get to know you better.”

“Um, yeah sure.” Saoirse left, and Bex closed the door, then stood with her back to it, and then held her fist to her racing heart, took a deep breath, and started laughing.

The next day, as Saoirse was finishing unpacking, there was a knock on her door.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Bex was holding a box from a local bakery. “Thought you might wanna take a break, so…”

“Ooh, what’d you bring?”

“Well, you’re in L.A., so…”

“Uh, I have no idea.”

Bex popped open the box. “Churros.”

“Oh, brilliant, thank you!  Em, I have coffee around here somewhere…”

“Got you covered there, too,” she said, producing a bag of gourmet coffee, “Just gotta grind it.”

“Oh, God, thank you so much!  Yeah, I do have the grinder and the percolator out.  Those were the first things I unpacked.” They both chuckled at this.

“Oh, I know what you mean.  I’ve actually considered putting them next to my bed, but I decided the smell would probably keep me awake.”

“Oh, and, for when we do get that brewed…” Saoirse reached into one box, and pulled out a bottle of Irish whiskey.

For an hour or so, the two sat and talked over the Irished up coffee and churros.

“So,” Bex said, sitting with one leg up on the chair, “I was thinking, when you get done unpacking, I could show you around, you know, where the laundromat is, and where to buy groceries.”

“Oh, thanks, I would love that.  I hate moving to a place, and not having any fucking clue where anything is.” Bex started laughing at this, and Saoirse laughed with her.

As the weeks went by, the two became best friends, spending time together every chance they got.  As close as they got, though, there was still that part of Bex that would get lost in Saoirse’s eyes, feel warm inside from her smile, and swoon every time she said “Em”.

One night, a couple of months down the line, the two were sitting in Bex’s apartment, watching random shows on Netflix, and passing the bottle of whiskey between them.  Around midnight, as an episode of Orange is the New Black was ending, the two were sitting close, Bex’s arm over Saoirse’s shoulder.

“Yeh, that was good.  I’d been meaning to check it out.”

“Well, maybe we can do a binge sometime, you know, when we’re not both half in the bag.”

“You’re half in the bag, I’m like a quarter, maybe a third.” Bex chuckled at this.  There was a momentary silence, then Bex leaned in, and gave Saoirse a kiss.  Upon stopping, she immediately panicked.

“I…uh…I’m sorry, that was wrong, I shouldn’t have…”

“What?  No, it’s okay.  That…was nice.”

“I…” Bex pulled her arm back, and held it close to herself. “Look, the only reason I’ve been ingratiating myself to you is, well…I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, and…”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Saoirse put her fingers under Bex’s chin, and turned her head towards her. “Look, if you’re afraid I don’t feel what you feel, let me banish that fear from you.” Saoirse then kissed Bex, and it quickly grew from a little lip contact to full-on tongue wrestling, as they rubbed their hands over each other’s necks and shoulders.

They made out for several minutes, then Bex pulled away, and whispered, “Sersh?”


“Do you want to go to my room and have sex?”

Saoirse smiled. “Do you really need to ask?” Saoirse stood up, and took Bex’s hand, and they both stumbled towards Bex’s bedroom.

Inside, the two started removing articles of clothing, then, once naked, crawled onto the bed. “Hm,” Bex whispered, “C’mere.” The pair kneeled face to face on the bed, bodies pressed together, lips locked and tongues entwined.  As they snogged, Saoirse ran her fingers through Bex’s short hair.  Bex then broke the kiss, and proceeded to suck and nibble on Saoirse’s earlobe.

“Oh, Bex…” Saoirse whispered, “How could you possibly think I wouldn’t want you?” Saoirse started kissing Bex’s shoulder, and then moved down to her chest.  Bex leaned back, and Saoirse squeezed her breasts, and sucked on her nipples.

Bex leaned back all the way, and Saoirse kissed down her stomach, until she arrived at her hairy bush. “Uhm…” Bex bit her lip, and furrowed her brow, as Saoirse started to eat her pussy. “I love you, Sersh…” she whispered almost inaudibly.  Bex wrapped her hand around her arm, and started squeezing it, as she felt the orgasm get closer.  Finally, digging her nails in, and almost biting through her lip, Bex came.

Saoirse came back up, and they again kissed.  As they kissed, Bex placed her hands on Saoirse’s shoulders, then flipped both of them over, so she was now on top.  Bex now sucked on Saoirse’s hard, pink nipples, then slowly kissed down her stomach.  When she felt Bex’s tongue on her ginger snatch, Saoirse gasped, and moaned, “Hmmmmmm…” As Bex ate Saoirse’s pussy, she also rubbed her hands on the crease between her thighs and her twat, which caused Saoirse to grind her hips.  Before long, hyper-ventilating, Saoirse climaxed, her whole body jerking.

Later, embracing, Bex resting her head on Saoirse’s chest, Saoirse asked, “So, was it everything you hoped it would be?”

“Yeah,” Bex sighed, smiling.

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