Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches – Part 3

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Scarlett Johansson. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story.

Starring: Beyonce Knowles, Scarlett Johansson

Codes: Anal, Ff, Interracial, Language, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys

Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches – Part 3
by MTL (

Beyonce Knowles sighed impatiently as she finally heard a knock at her hotel room door. Opening it she scowled and said, “You’re late.”

“I’m sorry my Black Mistress.” Scarlett Johansson quickly replied, preparing to list off her reasons before she was cut off.

“You will be.” Beyonce said bluntly, standing aside to allow the actress to enter.

Hesitating only briefly Scarlett stepped inside, her eyes downcast as she once again prepared to make her excuses. Once again she was cut off before she got the chance, this time by Beyonce pressing her back against the door and leaning in. Scarlett instinctively closed her eyes and puckered her lips, but instead of another pair of soft lips pressing against hers she felt a finger tracing her lips.

“Tell me slut, why were you so late? Were you sucking your husband off? Were you wrapping these sexy, cock sucker lips of yours around his dick so you could blow him and make him cum in your mouth when you should have been rushing over here to pleasure me?” Beyonce whispered huskily, her tone sounding mostly teasing but Scarlett could never be sure.

“No my Black Mistress. I haven’t sucked his dick in months!” Scarlett swore truthfully.

“Then why are you such a late little ho?” Beyonce asked.

Scarlett opened her mouth for a third time to explain herself, but this time she couldn’t think of any of the half decent excuses she had come up with on her way over. Ultimately she had no choice but to admit the truth, “Because I couldn’t decide what to wear my Black Mistress.”

“You couldn’t decide what to wear.” Beyonce repeated, sounding like she had less than no sympathy for the other woman.

“I… I just wanted to look good for you my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said weakly.

“Oh… so you think dressing like a cheap whore is what I want to see from you?” Beyonce questioned menacingly, letting her bitch stew for a moment before smiling, “Well… it does suit you. Why do you think that is my sexy little white bitch?”

“Because I’m a cheap whore my Black Mistress. Your cheap whore.” Scarlett replied obediently.

“Good answer.” Beyonce grinned, crashing her lips down onto Scarlett’s and devouring the white woman’s mouth with her own. Beyonce smirked as her submissive little slut melted into her arms, allowing her tongue into her mouth and bullying her tongue around for a little while before Beyonce pulled back and grinned, “Well, you don’t taste like cock… but just because you weren’t using your mouth doesn’t mean you weren’t fucking him… with these maybe?”

Scarlett gasped as her tight fitting red dress and push up bra were forced downwards ever so slightly, allowing her massive cleavage to be revealed.

“Did you let him fuck these big white titties? Huh?” Beyonce growled menacingly, roughly groping Scarlett’s tits as she talked, tweaking the nipples roughly to emphasise each question, “Did you let him stick his dick in between them and fuck them? Squeeze them together like this? Press that soft flesh against his dick? Feel these massive movie role getters rubbing his dick till he blew his load and covered them in cum? Did you let him do that you skanky little ho?”

“No, no, no, no my Black Mistress I swear I never even let him touch them any more. He hasn’t touched them since the day you made me yours. I would never let him touch your property my Black Mistress.” Scarlett swore.

There was a pause for a few long moments, and then Beyonce smirked, “That’s what I like to hear.”

With that Beyonce buried her face in Scarlett’s cleavage, quickly pushing one of her nipples into her mouth for a long hard suck before she roughly bit down on it. Beyonce had Scarlett moaning, crying and whimpering for her in seconds, the dominant singer having her way with the actress’s tits like she had done so many times before.

Beyonce Knowles had a type, white women with great asses. Sure, she had fucked women, and even more than a few men, of all different colours, and despite her little hobby was happily married, but she could never resist bedding a white woman with a fuck-able little booty. However the moment she had seen Scarlett Johansson’s big fat titties Beyonce knew she had to have them. It had taken a little time but when she finally got the actress alone Beyonce had easily conquered Scarlett and claimed her body as hers to do with as she pleased.

Enjoying the fruits of her conquest Beyonce roughly used those big white boobs for her pleasure, sliding her mouth and tongue all over the soft flesh as she made her way back and forth between those rock hard nipples, making sure she spent plenty of time on licking, sucking and biting each of Scarlett’s juicy teats as she became completely lost in her white bitch’s best attribute.

The pleasure Scarlett was receiving from her black mistress’s skilled touch was enough to make the movie star feel like she could cum without her pussy even being touched. Sadly experience told Scarlett she wouldn’t be so lucky. If Beyonce would just keep up the intensity then maybe, but as if she sensed the moment Scarlett felt like she was on the edge Beyonce would ease off just long enough for Scarlett to come down from her high before going back full force. It was infuriating, but Scarlett happily let her mistress do whatever she wanted to her. After all, there was nothing in Scarlett’s life more important than pleasing her black mistress.

Scarlett had been telling the truth earlier. She had spent hours in front of her mirror, tried on every sexy outfit she had over and over again, trying to find the exact combination that she hoped would drive Beyonce wild. Choosing sexy lingerie alone had taken several hours, but sadly it seemed her efforts were ignored. Beyonce barely seemed to even notice the lacey little push-up bra Scarlett had worn before tearing it off her body after pushing down her dress and the dark skinned dom hadn’t even reacted to the tight little red dress she was wearing which barely covered her butt and had barely concealed her nipples, although now they certainly didn’t.

This lack of reaction made Scarlett feel like she had failed her mistress which was a feeling she couldn’t stand. Hoping she could make up for this failure, and her lateness, Scarlett concentrated all her efforts into keeping her hands behind her back and her chest sticking out. It was a position Scarlett had become very familiar with as Beyonce seemed to have an obsession with her tits, often tying or handcuffing Scarlett’s hands behind her back seemingly to emphasis just exactly who was in charge. Beyonce certainly didn’t need to do that then and she didn’t need to do that now as throughout the tittie licking, sucking and biting Scarlett’s biggest hope wasn’t that she would get off on it, but that her mistress would enjoy it.

Beyonce always enjoyed sucking on a pair of titties, especially when they were so big, round and full like Scarlett’s were, and she happily spent the best part of the next 30 minutes having her way with those big tits. It wasn’t uncommon for her to spend much longer, but this time round pleasuring wasn’t the only one thing she planned on doing to this perfect rack.

“Look at this shit. Here I am pleasuring these big fucking titties of yours when you’ve been an ungrateful little late bitch.” Beyonce lifted her head up and growled softly in Scarlett’s ear while roughly tweaking her slut’s now rock hard nipples, “I should be beating the shit out of you, not giving you pleasure.”

To emphasise her point Beyonce briefly let go of Scarlett’s tits to deliver a vicious slap to both of them at the same time, causing the white girl to cry out in a mixture of shock and pain.

“What do you think bitch? Should I be pleasuring you, or smacking your ass around so maybe you remember who’s boss around here.” Beyonce snapped.

“I… I know your the boss around here my Black Mistress and I think you should do what every you want to me. If you think you should beat the shit out of me please do it. Please smack me around and remind my stupid white ass who’s boss.” Scarlett said submissively, crying out again as her tits were smacked.

“That right?” Beyonce questioned menacingly.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett nodded her head.

“Well you’re in luck ho, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you. Pacifically, these big white titties. When I’m done beating on these titties you’re going to wish you had never been born with them… if you really were born with them as you claim.” Beyonce growled, delivering another double smack to those oh so inviting targets, “You know what to do slut!”

“Yes my Black Mistress… owww… one, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… two, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… three, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… four, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… five, thank you my Black Mistress…”

Beyonce was no stranger to spanking her sluts and although she almost exclusively spanked their asses she did enjoy mixing things up from time to time. It was just as enjoyable as spanking a booty when she had a big pair of white titties like these that would jiggle and redden under her assault, just like they were doing now.

This inspired Beyonce to slap those tits even harder for a few long moments, and then just to play with her prey decreasing the force and then increasing again, quickly repeating the process and mixing it up further so she wasn’t hitting both titties with the same force or speed or even pace.

Through all this Beyonce was able to look at the pained expression on Scarlett’s face, even look into her eyes as she tortured her. This was the one thing tittie spanking had over ass spanking. Sure she could still hear her bitches cries and both see and feel them wriggling around, but there was definitely something to be said for looking into a slut’s face as she was beaten. Seeing Scarlett willingly submit to this pain was definitely something Beyonce loved, but all things considered it wasn’t quite enough pain. Scarlett deserve to receive more, and she was going too.

“Owww… ninety six, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety seven, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety eight, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety nine, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred, thank you my Black Mistress.”

“Enjoying yourself slut?” Beyonce asked, already knowing the answer as she twisted Scarlett’s rock hard nipples.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett moaned.

“And why is that?” Beyonce asked, a half smile crossing her face.

“Because I’m a dirty little white slut who gets off on her Black Mistress showing her who’s boss.” Scarlett answered truthfully.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Beyonce said, her half smile turning into a full-blown grin as she delivered one extra hard double smack to Scarlett’s tits, “But as this is supposed to be a punishment we’re going to have too somehow find a way to make sure you don’t enjoy it, isn’t that right whore?”

“Yes my Black Mistress, please make sure I’m properly punished.” Scarlett said.

“In which case… you wait right here and don’t move a muscle. I’ll be right back.” Beyonce said, quickly moving over to the nearest table to collect a little box. She had left it there before for easy reach so it didn’t take long for her to return, scowling when she did before barking out, “Stick that chest out bitch! Present those big fat white titties to your Black Mistress.”

Scarlett obeyed immediately before she watched with a mixture of dread and anticipation as her black mistress held the box in front of her face with a wicked grin and then opening it and the retrieving a long chain with a clamp on one end and a little ball on the other.

Beyonce continued grinning right up until she lowered her head down to take one of Scarlett’s nipples into her mouth, the dominant black woman gently licking and sucking on that hard little piece of flesh, feelings of pleasure now combining with the dread and anticipation as Scarlett couldn’t help enjoy this brief moment of softness.

As she had done in the past Beyonce dragged out the softness for quite a while, even going back and forth between Scarlett’s nipples to make the submissive white woman wonder whether it would be her right or her left which was to get it first. Ultimately it proved to be the right, which Beyonce had started working on the first place, the singer suddenly removing her mouth from it and clamping it.

Even though she had been expecting it Scarlett couldn’t help gasping out in surprise at the suddenness of the clamping, but she also experienced the familiar sensations of pain and pleasure as that clamp dug into the soft flesh of her nipple, the weight of the chain and ball attached to it ensuring there was already a constant pull on her tender flesh.

The gasp that followed was one of much more surprise and perhaps even more pain as Beyonce immediately pulled the second clamp out of the box and attached it to Scarlett’s left nipple, this clamp also having a ball and chain attached to it so provided the same amount of painful pulling as the other.

The last few times Beyonce had done this there had been a period of time before the first and second clamping, but it seemed the singer wasn’t in a patient mood, a fact that seemed to be reinforced when Beyonce began clipping little additional weights of the chain, creating a ever increasing pull on Scarlett’s nipples until it felt like they were going to be torn off.

Scarlett endured as much as she could, but when it became too much cried out, “Mercy my Black Mistress, please mercy.”

Sometimes Beyonce would ignore her bitches’s cries for mercy, but despite her acting she wasn’t that mad at Scarlett so instead of telling her to shut the hell up the chocolate skinned beauty smiled and said, “Five on each. Mmmmmm, my white bitch has made her Black Mistress very proud.”

“Thank you my Black Mistress.” Scarlett whimpered.

“Now, I’ve got a little something special to add, but if it’s too much I’ll take a few of the weights off. Does that sound fair to you Scarlett?” Beyonce asked, using her bitch’s actual name to emphasise that she was showing her mercy.

“Yes my Black Mistress, thank you my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said softly.

Beyonce grinned, slowly reached into the box and showed Scarlett the little something special she intended to add. A bell. It was a small bell, about the same size as the weights. Scarlett frowned as she wasn’t quite sure what her mistress was up too, but it soon became apparent as Beyonce attached first that bell and then a few other bells to the chain, those bells jingling musically as the chain’s gently swayed back and forth.

“How’s that?” Beyonce asked, giving Scarlett’s titties a little double slap to show her slut what she’d be in for.

“That’s… that’s fine my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said nervously, the bells already jangling loudly.

“Good. Now, just like before.” Beyonce said, raising her hand up and delivering a more powerful double slap.

“Yes owww… one, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… two, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… three, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… four, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… five, thank you my Black Mistress…”

Scarlett was no stranger to the agonising yet exquisite feeling of her big tits getting slapped while they were being clamped and weighted down. It was in fact a regular occurrence, one Scarlett had gotten used too, and even grown to enjoy. Sure, the first time she had thought her nipples were going to be torn from her body, but the pain had only added to her arousal. That pain had become as addictive as the pleasure Scarlett received whenever she was with Beyonce, her black mistress providing all the pain and pleasure that her submissive heart desired.

The bells were new and at first Scarlett wasn’t sure what to make of them. Then she started to notice how much Beyonce delighted in each little jingle, Scarlett blushing as she realised that her mistress had turned her boobs into a musical instrument that she was playing for her own amusement. The thought of it embarrassed Scarlett. Humiliated her. But that only added to her own enjoyment, each agonising smack of Beyonce’s hands on her tits causing her both mental and physical pain and pleasure which the submissive actress welcomed.

In between slaps Beyonce would greedily grope her tits, switching between painfully squeezing and pinching and gently caressing them. She even lent for to give those clamped nipples a little sucking or two on her tongue all over them, making Scarlett moan loudly. Beyonce was quick to counter that by flicking the chain with the weights on it, that chain already wobbling around enough as it was, so any added flicking made the pulling and the tugging on Scarlett’s nipples even more agonising. And through it all Beyonce couldn’t have seemed happier, which was really what was important here. Beyonce’s happiness.

“Owww… ninety six, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety seven, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety eight, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety nine, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred, thank you my Black Mistress.”

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that’s what I like to see.” Beyonce growled lustfully as she continued groping Scarlett’s big boobs, “Your big, fat white titties covered in little patches of pink and red, your clamped nipples all swollen up, mmmmm, now that’s a pair of well punished tits.”

Scarlett cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she received yet another double slap to her titties.

“Course, you liked it didn’t you? You like getting punished don’t you, you disgusting gutter whore?” Beyonce accused her bitch while giving her boobs another double slap.

“Owww, yes, yes my Black Mistress. I’m a disgusting gutter whore who gets off on being punished.” Scarlett whimpered.

“And the only thing I can do to really punish you is toss your stinky ho ass out of here, isn’t that right bitch?” Beyonce continued with an evil grin, twisting Scarlett’s clamped nipples at the end.

“Owwwwwww, yes my Black Mistress, but please don’t.” Scarlett pleaded, “That’s how you could really punish me, but please use me first. At least let me eat your pussy or ass first. Let your slut satisfy your needs before you throw her out on the streets like the garbage she is.”

“Huh, I should… but there’s no way I’m letting you out of here without spending several hours fucking that juicy white booty of yours, and since we both know how much bitches like you love that shit you might as well stick around and cater to all my needs.” Beyonce said.

“Oh thank you my Black Mistress, thank you so much.” Scarlett gushed, “I swear I’ll make it up to you, do whatever nasty little thing you want…”

“Damn right you will!” Beyonce snapped, giving Scarlett’s boobs by far the hardest double slap of the night, the bells jingling like crazy as they and the weights bounced up and down, making Scarlett cry out as her mistress followed up with, “Because you’re my white bitch. I own your stupid white ass.”

“Yes my Black Mistress, I’m your white bitch. You own my stupid white ass.” Scarlett quickly parroted.

“Mmmmm, and speaking of your stupid white ass, I think it’s time I got a good look at what I own, don’t you think ho?” Beyonce asked rhetorically.

Scarlett answered anyway, “Yes my Black Mistress, whatever you say.”

“Then shut the fuck up and bend over bitch!” Beyonce said, letting go of Scarlett’s big boobs and smacking her rounded rear.

Without hesitation Scarlett turned around so she was facing the wall, bent over and stuck out her butt for her mistress, grabbing onto the wall so she could better present her ass.

“Mmmmm, you really like dressing up like a whore don’t you Scarlett?” Beyonce queried as she grabbed two handfuls of skirt covered butt cheeks and greedily began to grope those round globes of flesh.

“Yes, I like dressing up like your whore my Black Mistress.” Scarlett replied.

“Huh, that doesn’t explain how you used to dress before I made you my whore.” Beyonce said, reaching up to pull Scarlett’s little red dress down around her ankles, the singer momentarily distracted by the actress having to move her arms to properly unhook it before her eyes fell on the tiny black thong which was practically being eaten by Scarlett’s meaty ass cheeks, “Mmmmmm, hooker wear really suits your skanky ass though. A real natural fit. Like this big round white ass of yours, it was clearly made to be shown off and this cute little thong just shows how fuck-able it is. Mmmmmm, and how spank-able!”

Scarlett cried out as Beyonce smacked her ass hard enough to make the cheeks ripple.

“Oh yeah, mmmmmm, that’s a white ass just begging to be abused, which is exactly what it’s going to get.” Beyonce murmured dreamily before turning her full attention back to her bitch, “And your dumb whore ass better remember what you’re supposed to be doing, otherwise this spanking is going to get a whole lot worse for you.”

“Yes my Black Mistress, I OWWW… one, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… two, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… three, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… four, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… five, thank you my Black Mistress…”

Beyonce was way too turned on to be dealing out any weak ass slaps, but at the same time she didn’t go all out. Still, even at what Beyonce considered to be a pretty medium pace spanking Scarlett’s meaty butt cheeks jiggled under the force of the impact of each hit and a extremely satisfied sound echoed around the room, both of this things causing Beyonce to grin lustfully.

It wasn’t long before Beyonce started dishing out harder spanks just to see that rounded rear jiggle harder for her, the black singer more than getting her wish as the soft pale flesh of Scarlett’s ass turned first pink and then red under the assault.

Despite picking things up a bit Beyonce still didn’t considered this anything close to a hard spanking, partly because she was greedily groping the big round cheeks in between just about every smack, partly because she was not even close to using her full speed or strength, and partly because Scarlett was squealing in pain.

There was a big part of Beyonce that wanted to give Scarlett a hard spanking. Her ass was practically begging for it. But there was something missing…

“Owww… ninety six, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety seven, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety eight, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety nine, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred, thank you my Black Mistress.”

“Mmmmmm, your big white ass looks real good right now, and it’s going to look even better when I’m done with it, but this is supposed to be a punishment. You’re not supposed to be enjoying this shit…” Beyonce pauses for a moment to lean down to quickly push Scarlett’s thong out of the way, the tiny fabric falling down past the actress’s ankles leaving her totally naked which allowed the singer to spread her ass cheeks and exposing her holes, “Just look at that pussy. It’s fucking dripping. Don’t you have any self-respect?”

“No my Black Mistress.” Scarlett quickly replied, “I’m just a slutty white whore. Your slutty white whore.”

“Damn right you are.” Beyonce said, slapping Scarlett’s ass as she straightened herself up, “And since you’re a housebroken and fully trained white whore, you know I have ways of making my bitches not love their spanking so much.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said with lust in her voice as she watched her mistress remove the widest butt plug she’d ever seen from a box that was still on the dresser. The tip of the plug was pretty small but towards the bottom it curved into what had to be around three inches in width, Scarlett’s ass tinkling in anticipation of taking such an object.

“Of course it’s impossible to make the really submissive bitches hate getting punished because they just love it too much, but with your ass hole squeezing around this plug while I’m beating on that fat white ass might just do the trick. What do you think?” Beyonce asked her willing sub.

“I think it’s worth a try my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic in case it made the dominant woman change her mind.

“Well then open that mouth up and suck on it.” Beyonce said as she pressed the toy to Scarlett’s lips, those lips quickly parting and then closing around the butt plug, “Ooooooh, that’s it, suck that little ass stretcher. Get it nice and wet because it’s going up your slutty little bubble butt. Mmmmmm, good girl. That’s my good little white bitch.”

Scarlett beamed at the praise and sucked harder on the toy, taking all but the last few inches into her mouth and suckling on it while looking into Beyonce’s eyes dreamily.

“What’s the matter, can’t fit that mouth of yours all the way around? Mmmmmm, seems we’ve got some more training left for you after all. But that can wait. For now just lick around the last few inches. That’s it, get every little part real wet.” Beyonce said, letting Scarlett work on the plug for a few more moments before pulling it out of her mouth and kneeling down behind her, “Ok… press your face against the wall, reach back and spread those big round ass cheeks.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said as she did what she was told without hesitation, making sure to pull her cheeks apart slowly so Beyonce could really saver the view. Beyonce appreciated this as her eyes travelled across the exposed and extremely fuck-able holes in front of her before she eventually pressed the butt plug to it’s target.

“Relax.” Beyonce murmured more out of habit than anything else as while she wanted Scarlett to do just that this particular bitch was well-trained and didn’t need reminding of what she needed to be doing.

As if to prove her mistress’s point Scarlett only made a very soft half cry, half gasp, as the tip pushed its way through her puckered ring and entered her back passage. A second or two later Scarlett only bit her lip as her ass hole was stretched wider than ever before as it allowed the entire plug entry into her bowels, her butt hole then enclosing around the handle which Beyonce lazily pulled on a little to make sure the toy was secure before twisting it.

Feeling that wide object moving around inside her rectum caused Scarlett a surprisingly strong amount of pleasure and pain, so much so that she eventually couldn’t help but whimper and cry out under the odd treatment.

Those whimpers and cries Scarlett let out for a little while were nothing compared to the one she let out after a extremely loud gasp that was caused by a very familiar and welcomed sensation. This particular sensation could only be a feeling of a tongue slowly lapping at Scarlett’s pussy lips. Her mistress’s tongue.

Scarlett had no idea why she was suddenly being given such a treat but she didn’t dare question it, wisely choosing instead to let Beyonce do whatever she wanted to her, any comfortableness or awkwardness she might have been feeling from her current position completely overwhelmed by the pleasure rushing through her as that skilled tongue went to work.

At first that skilled tongue just lapped gently at Scarlett’s pussy, giving Scarlett a good amount of pleasure but it was only a warm-up. Things picked up quickly, Beyonce sliding her tongue up, down, clockwise, anticlockwise and in all sorts of other directions before inevitably plunging into Scarlett’s welcoming love tunnel and beginning to thrust in and out in a fucking motion.

Part of Scarlett wished her black mistress had spent longer teasing her. She had done it before, Beyonce spending what seemed like hours in between her legs, slowly licking her pussy until Scarlett was begging for mercy, but if the singer was in a particularly vindictive mood Scarlett would find herself begging to finally cum. However most times it was like this, quick and rough, and yet so good.

Beyonce could make Scarlett cum harder with a quick pussy eating than any guy had ever done with an entire fucking session, which was exactly why Scarlett craved her mistress’s touch. She loved the pain more than she should but it was this pleasure which made Scarlett Johansson a willing and eager white bitch for her black mistress Beyonce Knowles.

Well, this and being allowed the privilege of satisfying her mistress’s needs.

After all, every single moment Beyonce gave her pleasure Scarlett found herself not only increasingly craving her dark skinned mistress’s touch but aching to do anything within her power to please her black mistress. At this particular moment that meant continuing to spread her ass cheeks and moan like a whore, the latter of which was extremely easy given how hard the tongue fucking was becoming.

Beyonce hadn’t intended to do this yet. She meant to just shove the plug up Scarlett’s ass and spank the shit out of her, but Beyonce just hadn’t been able to resist playing with that butt hole a little. The chocolate skinned singer was only going to stretch it out a little, maybe make things a little easier later on for her bitch. Instead of her eyes drifted from Scarlett’s ass hole to her pussy, that pink little fuck hole just begging and pleading to be licked. Just one lick didn’t seem like too much. Neither did a second or a third or a fourth, but before she knew it Beyonce was lapping away at Scarlett’s cunt like she was the submissive slut.

That thought had Beyonce seriously considering pulling away, but it was too late for that as she was now really into eating this delicious white pussy.

So she was supposed to be punishing Scarlett’s ass? So what? There would be plenty of time for that after she had swallowed some girl cum, and plenty of pussy juice.

There was certainly plenty of pussy juice, so much so it wasn’t long before Beyonce had gone from licking Scarlett to tongue fucking her, the singer’s mouth around sucking greedily at the actress’s downstairs lips in between long tongue thrusting sessions, Beyonce swallowing down as much juice as possible without missing a step on the fucking action.

Considering how loudly this made Scarlett moan for her and that the bitch had her face pressed against the wall while she was spreading her ass cheeks it was odd that Beyonce would feel at all submissive. However there were a few little things which didn’t sit right with the proudly dominant woman. The fact that she was on her knees was one thing, and another was that she felt she was being too eager. It was hard not to be as Beyonce loved the taste of pussy and Scarlett’s pussy was particularly tasty, but still. The biggest problem was however that Beyonce had meant to be punishing her bitch when she was in fact doing anything but.

Suddenly an idea came to Beyonce’s mind and, without really thinking it through, she reached up and grabbed onto the butt plug, intending to move it in and out of Scarlett’s ass just enough to make her butt hole stretch painfully.

Too late Beyonce realised this would have the opposite effect intended, Scarlett screaming in orgasm seconds after the double stimulation began.

Scarlett found herself letting out scream after scream as her mistress continued stretching her ass hole while tongue fucking her pussy, Beyonce stopping only to suck the cum from Scarlett’s cunt as the blonde actress shuddered from one powerful climax to the next.

Again while Beyonce hadn’t intended to make Scarlett cum, and had been planning to only give her one or two orgasms when she finally did, the pop singer couldn’t help take advantage of the situation that was presented to her, her cum hungry mouth swallowing down extra yummy juices as she forced them from Scarlett’s fuck hole.

Eventually Beyonce relented as her bitch seemed about ready to collapse, gently lowering her down and into her arms before kissing her softly. However moments later Beyonce was anything but gentle in yanking back on Scarlett’s hair, the black woman grabbing onto the face of her prey so the white woman stayed balanced on her lap.

“Look at this shit… your fat white ass should be beaten red by now, but instead I’m eating your slutty little pussy. If anything you should have your face buried in my cunt, showing me what a great little muff muncher you are.” Beyonce taunted, letting go of Scarlett’s face so she could smack her a few times.

“You’re so right my Black Mistress. Please, allow me the privilege of burying my stupid white face in between your beautiful black thighs so I can show you what a total muff muncher I am.” Scarlett pleaded.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Beyonce taunted Scarlett as she gave her another slap, “You wanna eat my black pussy?”

“Oh yes, oh please my Black Mistress let me eat your sweet black pussy. I wanna eat that sweet black pussy so bad.”

“Well, first you got to finish taking your punishment bitch.” Beyonce growled as she stood up and headed towards the bedroom, “Follow your Black Mistress on your hands and knees.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, obediently crawling along the floor like some kind of pet, following closely behind Beyonce, her eyes travelling over the other woman’s still clothed body as she went, hoping her mistress would soon relieve herself of her clothing.

No sooner had Scarlett thought this Beyonce stopped in the middle of the room, turned to the crawling white woman and said, “Stripped me bitch. I’m going to bend you over my knee soon and I don’t want to get your sweat and cunt juices all over my clothes when I do it.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, eagerly doing as she was told.

Beyonce lifted her arms to allow Scarlett to remove her top, doing virtually the same thing with the bra and then lifting her legs when Scarlett removed her pants, panties and shoes in pretty much one movement, the submissive bitch stripping her mistress as fast as she could.

If Beyonce was looking for a reason to punish Scarlett she could have pointed out how her slut didn’t savour the removal of each item of clothing, and she threw her clothing away carelessly, and she stared upon her with shameless lust. None of these things really bothered Beyonce, but they would have made plausible excuses. As it was she already had an excuse.

So once she was naked Beyonce ordered, go to the top drawer of the dresser and pick out what I’m going to beat your ass with. Pick carefully, because if I don’t like your answer I’m going to use every single one of those things on you.”

Scarlett whimpered softly at the thought before slowly making her way over to the dresser, opening it up and then taking a look at all the toys inside it. After careful deliberation Scarlett picked out a paddle and then presented it to her mistress who was now sitting on the bed.

“Hm, not bad.” Beyonce said thoughtfully as took the paddle, “Of course, I may just decide to use every one of my toys on you just for fun. You wouldn’t mind that, would you slut?”

“No my Black Mistress. I’m yours. You can do whatever you want with me.” Scarlett said submissively.

“Damn right. Now get your skanky white ass over here.” Beyonce ordered, “I want you over my knee so I can give that big white bubble butt of yours the spanking it deserves.”

Eager to please bitch that she was Scarlett quickly bent over Beyonce’s knee so that her rounded rear was on perfect display, and extremely vulnerable to the promised spanking.

To briefly savour the moment and build up anticipation for both herself and her slut Beyonce place the paddle on Scarlett’s butt cheeks and gently started sliding it across them, the spanking device softly touching the flesh it was about to ruthlessly beat on.

“I’m real mad at you right now, so I’m going to take my frustrations out on your stupid white ass, and you better not fucking complain. If you do you’ll get it 10 times worse. Understand me white bitch?” Beyonce growled after teasing Scarlett’s ass for what felt like an eternity.

“Yes my Black Mistress. Your white bitch understands.” Scarlett confirmed.

“Good, now start counting and thanking me you dumb ho.” Beyonce snapped as she raised the paddle high in the air and then brought it crashing down on Scarlett’s fleshy butt cheeks.

“Yes owww… one, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… two, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… three, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… four, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… five, thank you my Black Mistress…”

Beyonce had been lying before. She was mad at Scarlett. The actress had been the perfect white bitch since she arrived, the punctuality was no big deal and it was Beyonce’s fault that she couldn’t stop herself from burying her face in Scarlett’s juicy wet pussy. But Scarlett was a total pain slut who really got off on her black mistress treating her like shit, and Beyonce loved beating on submissive white bitches that liked to get spanked good and hard.

A good, hard spanking is exactly what Beyonce gave her plaything, the dominant singer bringing the paddle down with increasing viciousness on the submissive actress’s ass until the smacking sound which echo throughout the room with every impact became sickening. Or at least it would have been sickening to most people. Beyonce on the other hand was really getting off on it, that sound only making her spank Scarlett harder until she was using every ounce of strength she had to beat on her bitch’s butt.

Of course while she was using her full strength Beyonce didn’t forget about using her skills, the experienced dom spreading the blows all over Scarlett’s ass so every inch of that round flesh got well and truly abused, the previously lily pale skin turning from a light pink to an angry red under the constant abuse of the paddle.

With every blow Scarlett’s big round butt jiggled like a bowl of jelly, the rippling effect of those large meaty cheeks only making Beyonce hotter as she spanked Scarlett’s fat ass.

Beyonce wasn’t the only one enjoying herself. In addition to her squeal of pain and pleasure Scarlett’s pussy was running like a river, the ever-increasing wetness on the black woman’s thigh more than enough evidence that her pet was getting off on this too.

“Owww… ninety eight, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… ninety nine, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred and one, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred and two, thank you my Black Mistress…”

Part of Scarlett was ashamed of herself for getting off on being treated like this. Or at least part of Scarlett felt she should be, but the truth was she was just feeling guilty for loving it so much.

Scarlett just couldn’t help herself. Her mistress had turned her into a pain loving slut who eagerly anticipated every strike of the paddle, the time spent anticipating becoming shorter and shorter as the spanking became more violent by the second until Beyonce was using the paddle to violently smack Scarlett’s big ass with what had to be every ounce of her strength.

The feeling of the paddle connecting with every little bit of her well rounded ass was bad enough, but every time Beyonce connected with another vicious strike Scarlett’s sphincter clamped down on the butt plug which was still deeply embedded in her bowels, causing those only recently relaxed rectum muscles to practically cry out in pain as they were squeezed down on that hard object, Beyonce skilfully hurting the inside of Scarlett’s ass as well as the outside.

The pain wasn’t just in her ass. Every time Beyonce spanked her the force of the blow would make the weighted clamps swing backwards and forwards, roughly pulling at Scarlett’s nipples. This distracted Scarlett from the agony of the now brutal butt beating, however at the same time the additional pain added to the experience, increasing everything Scarlett loved and hated about her punishment.

All the agony caused by the spanking soon became overwhelming and Scarlett felt tears flooding down her cheeks, those tears flowing faster and faster until the actress was sobbing uncontrollably as her mistress savagely brutalised her bubble butt.

However despite how violent the spanking became Scarlett stayed where she was without uttering a word of protest, still continuing to count and thank her black mistress for the beating she was giving her ass, partly because Scarlett was feeling almost just as much perverted pleasure as agonising pain, and partly because she knew it was pleasing Beyonce. After all, above all else, even her own pleasure and pain, the one thing Scarlett wanted to do more than anything was please her black mistress.

“Owww… one hundred and ninety six, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred and ninety seven, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred and ninety eight, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… one hundred and ninety nine, thank you my Black Mistress… owww… two hundred, thank you my Black Mistress.”

“SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!” Beyonce screamed as she brutalised Scarlett’s big bubble butt with every ounce of her strength, continuing to do so for a few extra minutes just for fun before she shoved her bitch off of her and to the floor. Scarlett lay sobbing in a heap for a few seconds, until Beyonce stood up, delivered one brutal spank to her sore ass and screamed, “GET YOUR DUMB BIMBO ASS UP!”

Scarlett whimpered and then slowly tried to get up on to her feet. Once she was up she struggled to look the dominant woman in the eye but eventually Scarlett was able to get over her embarrassment and look into the eyes of the woman who had totally broken her and trained her to be the perfect white lesbian submissive slut.

“On your knees before your Mistress.” Beyonce spat, waiting only a second before Scarlett was kneeling in front of her at which point the singer grabbed the actress’s hair and pulled her face forwards so it was about an inch from a wet patch on her thigh, “You see this? Do you see this slut? It’s your fucking cunt cream, and it’s covering my thigh because you’re a nasty little ho who gets off on being punished. Isn’t that right my little white whore?”

“I’m sorry my Black Mistress.” Scarlett sobbed softly.

“I didn’t ask if you were sorry or not, I asked if the reason you’re nasty cunt cream was covering my thigh was because you get off on being spanked.” Beyonce practically smiled as she almost pulled Scarlett’s hair out by the roots, “Now answer the question bitch!”

“YES, yes my Black Mistress, my nasty cunt cream is covering your thigh because I’m a disgusting little submissive whore who loves being spanked.” Scarlett quickly replied.

“And what do you think you’re going to do about it whore?” Beyonce asked.

“What ever you want me to do my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said submissively.

“Ha, about time you answered something correctly without help.” Beyonce said, pushing Scarlett’s face against her thigh, “And as for what I want you to do, I want you to clean up your mess. That means you stick out that whore tongue of yours and clean my fucking thigh of your nasty cunt cream. That’s it, lick that cream. Lick all of that fucking cunt cream off my thigh. Mmmmm, lick your own pussy juice, oooohhhhh, good girl.”

Scarlett was eager to comply, the blonde actress sliding her tongue up and down her mistress’s beautiful thigh, the submissive slut loving the taste of her own juices as she quickly licked them all up. Those juices didn’t taste as good as the ambrosia Scarlett was inches away from, every lick up Beyonce’s thigh bringing her nose closer to that sweet smelling honey pot. Scarlett wanted to bury her face in that honey pot so bad she could practically taste her mistress’s flavour, but Scarlett knew her place and it was not up to her to decide when she would get the privilege of eating Beyonce’s pussy.

For a moment Scarlett thought she was in luck as with a sudden tug on her hair Beyonce pulled her face upwards so that it was right in front of the dark skinned singer’s beautiful black pussy. Her mouth watering at the sight Scarlett tried to move ever so slightly forwards so she could start licking, but Beyonce’s vise-like grip on her hair kept her in place.

“Now, we both know that a cunt craving little muff diver like you loves the taste of your own pussy, but what you really want is a juicy black pussy. That’s what keeps a submissive white slut like you up at night, the thought of being in between a dominant black woman’s thighs, doing everything you can to please her with your mouth and tongue, and most of all swallowing as much black cum and pussy cream as you can get on your eager throat. Isn’t that right slut?” Beyonce inquired, tilting Scarlett’s head back so she was looking into her eyes.

“Yes my Black Mistress, you’re right. You’re always right.” Scarlett said, the scent of her mistress thick in the air she breathed, “I can’t stop thinking about black pussy. I can’t stop thinking about your black pussy. I just love being in between your thighs so much. I crave pleasing you with my mouth and tongue, and I’m addicted to the sweet taste of your black cum and pussy juice. Please my Black Mistress, let your unworthy white slut please you. Your white bitch wants to eat your black pussy so bad.”

“You want to eat my black pussy huh?” Beyonce taunted Scarlett, bringing the actress’s face slightly closer to her cunt so that her nose was pressed against her pubic hair

“Yeeeesssss! Please my Black Mistress, let me eat your black pussy!” Scarlett pleaded, “I want to eat your black pussy! I need to eat your black pussy!”

“Well… you’re go to have to earn it!” Beyonce said, cruelly pushing Scarlett away before lying down on the bed, her back resting against the pillows in a way which slightly lifted her upper body up. She then curled her finger in a come-hither motion and said, “First, a little foreplay.”

Still aching to taste pussy Scarlett quickly crawled onto the bed and allowed herself to be pulled into her mistress’s strong arms, Beyonce kissing her with surprising softness.

For the briefest of moments the two women could have been mistaken for gentle lovers, ignoring the fact that Scarlett’s big tits and rounded ass were still red and well beaten. And also that the actress’s nipples were still clamped. And she still had a plug in her butt. Despite all there was to ignore Scarlett gently did so for every second as Beyonce’s lips and tongue gently caressed her own. Then Beyonce cupped one of her big tits, attacking the clamp nipple to bring Scarlett pain and restore order.

From there things became much more rough, Beyonce dominating Scarlett’s mouth and tongue with her own as her hands slid over all over her pet’s body, paying extra close attention to her beaten boobs and butt. Each of these touches, especially the ones to her well spanked flesh, had Scarlett moaning, crying and whimpering in a mixture of pain and pleasure into Beyonce’s mouth, which of course only made the dark skinned beauty more handsy.

Not having permission to use her hands meant Scarlett just used hers to support her body weight, allowing there to be enough distance between her mistress’s body and her own that Beyonce could have all the access she wanted to her. Beyonce took full advantage of this for several minutes, driving both women crazy with desire before she pushed Scarlett downwards, the submissive actress eagerly kissing Beyonce’s neck before sliding her lips down her body to her tits.

Unsurprisingly Beyonce kept Scarlett pressed to her chest for quite a while, her moans of pleasure gradually increasing as Scarlett greedily licked and sucked her tits, going back and forth between them as Beyonce cooed and stroked her pet’s hair.

It took a while for Scarlett to realise she hadn’t been given permission to suck on her mistress’s tits. After initially panicking slightly when she did Scarlett quickly comforted herself with the thought that if Beyonce was really mad she would have said something by now. Besides, the worst thing that would happen would probably be another spanking, and that would probably come later. That would be no problem. In fact Scarlett looked forward to it.

Of course Scarlett didn’t let herself forget about the task at hand, the pale skinned actress suckling at Beyonce’s teats with a constantly different pace for what seemed like an eternity, only stopping to slide her tongue all over the hard nipple in her mouth and switching between those two hard peaks.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s real good.” Beyonce eventually said, “You like those big titties? They’re not quite as big as yours, but they’re still pretty good aren’t they?”

“Yes my Black Mistress. Your titties are great. I love them. They’re big and beautiful, and I love sucking on them for you. I love sucking on my Black Mistress’s big titties for her.” Scarlett said submissively before returning to sucking on her mistress’s tits.

“That’s what I thought. But that’s not were you really want your mouth, is it slut?” Beyonce said more as a statement than a question. When she saw the hesitant look in her bitch’s eye Beyonce grinned and said, “You don’t need to be embarrassed about it. We already re-established what a little cunt craver you are, so it’s ok for your want for my tits to be overruled by your need for my pussy. And since I’m such a kind and caring Mistress I’m going to let you try to finish earning the privilege of eating my cunt… by kissing your way down my body.”

Those words, and a gentle push on her head, were all the encouragement Scarlett needed, the submissive blonde eagerly pressing her lips all over Beyonce’s flat stomach as she begged in between kisses, “Please my Black Mistress… please… let me… eat your pussy… let me eat… your beautiful black pussy… your white bitch is desperate… desperate for the taste of your cunt… I need it… I need it so bad… please my Black Mistress… let me, your worthless slut… worship your beautiful pussy… I wanna get my tongue inside you so bad… please my Black Mistress… I’ll do anything… please… just one lick… just one little lick of your sweet pussy… please…”

“Ok, just one lick.” Beyonce said, interrupting her slut.

At this point Scarlett was kissing Beyonce’s thighs, particularly concentrating on the area nearest to were she most wanted to be, so when she finally got the order she was waiting for it was barely a second before Scarlett’s tongue was pressing against the bottom of Beyonce’s pussy. It was however several seconds before it reached the top, Scarlett licking Beyonce’s pussy as slowly as possible, savouring every single moment of her tongue touching the twat.

“Another.” Beyonce ordered, again enjoying the long, soft lick, “Another… another… another… another… another…”

Scarlett obediently gave a slow, drawn out lick to Beyonce’s pussy every time her mistress told her too which was both wonderful and horrible for her.

It was wonderful because she was really getting to enjoy every moment of giving her dark skinned mistress a soft pussy licking. To stay there, her tongue pressed against delicious tasting juice covered flesh, her taste buds on fire because of it, it… it was so good. And not only was she getting to savour the sweet taste of Beyonce’s pussy and the cunt lapping itself but she was pleasing her mistress. Scarlett loved pleasing her black mistress, and she knew she was doing just that not just because it was what Beyonce had told her to do but because Beyonce was now softly moaning. And sure, Beyonce had been moaning before but now Scarlett was going so slowly she could really appreciate it.

However despite all the positives there was one very big negative and that was the fact that Scarlett couldn’t slam her tongue into Beyonce’s pussy like she desperately wanted too.

Scarlett didn’t just want to tongue fuck Beyonce because she wanted more of her pussy juices. She needed it. She wanted her pretty face covered in girl cream, but she needed to swallow it. She needed to press her face deep into Beyonce’s thighs and suck out every drop of juice she possibly could get out of her in between slamming her tongue in and out of her to make sure that sweet cunt juice would flow nice and quickly into her mouth and down her throat.

Of course satisfying her own need for girl juice would in turn please her mistress, something Scarlett felt she needed just as much as the girl cream, if not more.

However Beyonce insisted on teasing her and herself with a gentle pussy licking for what felt like hours until the dominant woman finally showed her mercy, “Harder… quicker… lick that pussy. Show me what you can do. Oooooohhhhhh yeeeessssss, that’s it slut. Eat my pussy. Use your mouth too. Mmmmmmm, do what ever you have too so you can please me.”

Beyonce grinned and moaned to herself as Scarlett seemingly went pussy crazy, pressing her face deep in between her legs and lapping away at her cunt like a woman possessed by a dozen pussy hungry lesbians.

This behaviour wasn’t surprising. After all what else was to be expected when a black pussy licking slut like Scarlett Johansson was given permission to do whatever she had too to get her mistress off? Still, it could have been Beyonce’s imagination but Scarlett seemed even more eager than usual.

Maybe it was the build-up or maybe Scarlett was just hornyer than usual, Beyonce honestly didn’t care because her bitch was really going for it for full force, especially when she shoved her tongue inside her and really started showing off her skills.

Scarlett had spent enough time between Beyonce’s legs to know all the right places to lick, exactly where to touch inside her, and just how to twirl her tongue to get exactly the right spot.

It wasn’t long before Beyonce could no longer control her moans, groans and even whimpers from sounding deafening, the dominant woman digging her fingers into Scarlett’s scalp while the thrusting her cunt into her bitch’s face, only stopping to grind her sex against that cover model face, making sure it was drenched in her pussy cream, all in an attempt to make sure Scarlett didn’t forget who’s boss. Of course, that wasn’t all she did…

“Come on, eat me you fucking cunt! Mmmmmm, make me cum or I’m gonna really beat the shit out that fat ass of yours. Those big titties too. Oooooohhhhhh fuuuuucccckkkk yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!” Beyonce cried out as she smothered Scarlett’s face in her pussy, “Oh yeah, that’s right, mmmmmmm, give me that mouth. Give me that fucking mouth! I wanna feel that mouth sucking my pussy, oooooooh, sucking the cream right out of my cunt. MMMMMMM, fuck yes! Is this how you please your hubby? You this eager to suck his cock? You on your knees spend all your time on your knees, blowing his cock, making him shoot his load down your fucking throat so you don’t have to let him touch your pussy or your ass which belonged to me? MMMMMMmmmmm, I bet you think about this pussy when you’re doing it don’t you? Oooooohhhhh, I, oh, I bet every time you’re on your knees sucking his cock you wish you were in between my thighs licking my pussy. Fucking rug munching slut. Ohhhhhhh yeah, you’re getting what you really want now aren’t you? A juicy black pussy for your slutty mouth too munch on. Mmmmmmm, use that tongue too. Oooooooh, that tongue is making me feel sooooooooo goooooodddddd! Fuck yeah, make me cum! You better make your Mistress cum bitch and, oh, you better, oooohhhhhh, you better swallow every drop. Mmmmmm yeah white bitch, you better swallow every drop of my black cum. Mmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhh, oh fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk!”

When Scarlett finally made her mistress cum in her mouth she did her best to swallow every drop of it, doing her best to concentrate on nothing else. While gulping down all the precious liquid remained her top priority Scarlett couldn’t help marvelling at just how delicious the cum she was swallowing tasted, and how wonderful it felt to be so deep between Beyonce’s thighs, and how she felt so proud to bring this goddess of a woman so much pleasure.

Beyonce continued swearing and insulting her bitch throughout her climax, although her words were a lot less coherent than before as it was hard for her to concentrate on anything but the pleasure flowing through her body. It wasn’t the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had, nor were the ones that followed it, but they were certainly more than satisfactory, Beyonce allowing her slut to use her mouth and tongue to get her off several times before she roughly pulled her upwards and into her arms, Scarlett unsurprisingly allowing her own lips to be devoured by those belonging to the dominant Alpha female.

After she broke the brief kiss Beyonce grinned and said, “I bet I know what my white bitch wants now… my nice, big black cock up her slutty white ass, isn’t that right slut?”

“Yes my Black Mistress, I want your big black cock up my slutty white ass.” Scarlett said obediently, “Please stick your big black cock up my slutty white ass.”

“Well you’re going to have to earn it… you’re going to have to earn taking my big black cock up your slutty white ass, by kissing my big black ass!” Beyonce informed her slut as she pulled away from Scarlett and got up on her hands and knees.

Almost immediately Scarlett was kneeling behind her mistress, “May I please have the privilege of kissing your big beautiful black booty my Black Mistress?”

“You sure can my white pet, as long as you tell me why kissing my ass is such a privilege while you’re doing it.” Beyonce said with a smirk.

“Because… my Black Mistress… thousands of white sluts… just like me… would kill to be in this position… kissing the big beautiful ass of the dominant black woman… pleasing her in any way possible…” Scarlett said, giving her mistress’s big round cheeks one long kiss with every pause, making sure to spread them out so she was covering Beyonce’s ass with kisses, “You’ve got a whole book of bitches who are all probably thinking of you right now… of kissing your big beautiful black butt… of worshipping your perfect black body with their mouths and tongues… of taking your big black cock up their asses… I want your cock up my ass so bad, and I’m so happy you’re giving me the chance to earn it…”

“Well here’s your chance, spread those big ass cheeks of mine and lick my shit hole! Ooooohhhhhh!” Beyonce moaned as Scarlett quickly did as she was told, both her hands spreading Beyonce’s cheeks as wide as they would go before beginning to greedily lick at the other woman’s back door, “Fuuucccckkk yeah, lick that shit! Lick that hole I shit from you disgusting slut! Do you have no self respect for yourself?”

“No my Black Mistress. I don’t have any self-respect, I’m just a ass licking whore!” Scarlett exclaimed after removing her tongue from Beyonce’s butt hole.

“Get your tongue back on my ass hole you dumb ho!” Beyonce spat, Scarlett quickly returning to her job of licking Beyonce’s ass hole, “If I want you to answer a question I’ll tell you to take your tongue out of my ass. Until then you keep that tongue licking the hole I shit from, otherwise I’ll shove my dick up your ass dry! Do you understand me? Well… take your tongue out of my ass and answer me bitch.”

Recognising the trap Scarlett waited until she had permission to remove her tongue from her mistress’s back door before she replied, “I understand my Black Mistress. I’m sorry for being such a dumb ho, it won’t happen again.”

“It better not, I don’t wanna have to stop ass fucking you because you’re dumb ass needs another spanking.” Beyonce said before glaring back at her bitch, “This is the part you start licking my ass again whore. Mmmmmm, that’s better. Work that tongue up and down my crack. Oooooohhhhh yes, that’s it, lick my ass!”

For the next few minutes Scarlet worshipped Beyonce’s bootylicious butt, the dominant woman guiding her lips and tongue from her big round cheeks to the puckered rosebud which lay between them and back again repeatedly. Ironically it was Scarlett who got to choose exactly what angle she used to lick Beyonce’s butt hole, whether she would swirl her tongue over that puckered flesh or simply give it a flat stroke of her tongue. Scarlett also got to decide exactly how much force and speed she would use, as she did when she covered Beyonce’s ass cheeks with kisses, also being able to decide exactly were on that big, beautiful butt she kissed.

Of course Scarlett only got to decide such things because Beyonce let her. Both women knew that and it sent a thrill through both of them, in Scarlett’s case a submissive thrill as she knew she was still her mistress’s puppet and in Beyonce’s case a dominant thrill as she knew she was still in control of her big titted white bitch.

Beyonce increased the thrill that was sliding through her body by shoving two fingers into her pussy and beginning to fuck herself while she rubbed her clit with her thumb. Just having Scarlett rimming and kissing her ass might have made Beyonce cum so once she started fingering her own cunt the dark skinned singer knew it was only a matter of time. She intended to really enjoy herself first though.

“Ok bitch, I want you to start switching between kissing my big chocolate booty and licking the hole I shit from. Mmmmmmmm, that’s right, kiss those big black ass cheeks. Kiss that ass, bitch! Oooooohhhhhh, fuck yeah, get that tongue back on fucking my shit hole, you nasty brown nosing slut! Kiss it too. Kiss my ass, and kiss my ass hole! Mmmmmmm yeah, kiss it white girl, kiss my black ass!” Beyonce moaned as Scarlett shamelessly worshipped her ass, “Mmmmmmm, earn your ass fucking by kissing mine. Kiss every little bit of my black ass like you just can’t get enough. Oooooohhhhhh, you just can’t get enough of that big black ass can you? You like my black butt, white girl? You like worshipping your Black Mistress’s chocolate booty? Answer me!”

“Yes my Black Mistress, I love worshipping your chocolate booty.” Scarlett said, “I…

“Lips back on my butt, slut!” Beyonce snapped, “All I was looking for was yes my Black Mistress. Now isn’t the time for you to be metaphorically kiss my ass, it’s time for you to literally kiss my ass! Mmmmmm, better. Don’t forget that ass hole, mmmmmmm, fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Ooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuccccccckkkkkk yeeeaaaahhhhh!”

Beyonce continued verbally abusing Scarlett a little longer as she felt her orgasm approaching, but eventually her words becoming a lot less coherent, especially when she went over the edge. It was good. A satisfying climax which had the singer screaming on key, but Beyonce knew she could do better.

Knowing just how to get ‘better’ Beyonce pushed her slut away and yelled, “Go get my strap on. I’m about to tear your white ass open, make you gaped so wide you won’t be shiting right for a week!”

Scarlett eagerly obeyed, her mistress’s harness waiting for her on the night stand and her mistress waiting for her when she returned, lifting first one leg and then the other before slipping it up Beyonce’s thighs, securing it in place without needing to be told.

“Suck it bitch!” Beyonce said, pressing the strap on to Scarlett’s lips, “Get it nice and wet for your white ass!”

Beyonce’s command was unnecessary as the black dom knew her bitch would have sucked her cock anyway. Her well-trained white sluts always did, if nothing else out of self-preservation as no one wanted to get a completely dry strap on shoved up their ass.

Scarlett clearly liked the idea of taking a wet strap on up her ass, the submissive white girl eagerly opening her mouth and swallowing the head of the dildo. Inch after inch quickly disappeared into Scarlett’s mouth, Beyonce grinning wickedly when Scarlett began choking and gagging as the singer’s big dildo began sliding down her white sub’s throat.

In many ways Scarlett Johansson was the perfect submissive white bitch. The one area of submission she struggled with was blow jobs.

It wasn’t that Scarlett lacked enthusiasm, she just lacked cock sucking experience. Apparently it wasn’t something she used to do that often which was the main reason Beyonce had ordered Scarlett to only suck her husband’s cock. It had meant to be a temporary arrangement, but as time went on it was clear to Beyonce that deep down Scarlett was a pure lesbian submissive who adored being forbidden to use her holes for anything but pleasing her black mistress. As such the temporary arrangement had become permanent, Beyonce no longer having any intention of letting Mr Reynolds or any other man touch Scarlett’s pussy or ass hole.

Beyonce was actually doing them all a favour. Ryan got regular blow job and Scarlett got better at sucking her mistress’s strap on, the latter of which being something Beyonce very much enjoyed watching.

Even though Scarlett had become a much more skilful cock sucker she still struggled deep throating. Luckily her dark skinned mistress was willing to lend a helping hand.

Grabbing on firmly to Scarlett’s hair Beyonce began gently moving her hips, pumping her cock in and out of Scarlett’s mouth as she taunted her bitch, “Come on slut, suck that cock! Every inch of it is going in your ass, so I suggest you take every inch down your throat so the whole thing is properly lubed. And when I say suggest, I of course mean you are. You are going to take every inch of my cock down your throat and then I’m going to use your mouth the same way I’m about to use your ass hole! Yeah, your pretty mouth makes almost as good a fuck hole has your fucking back door!”

Scarlett could barely breathe, tears were running down her cheeks, her beautiful face was being bashed against Beyonce’s pelvis and her throat felt like it was being stretched to unnatural proportions but she welcomed every second of it. Why? Because this was what her mistress wanted. If her mistress wanted to use her mouth as a cunt, or an ass hole, Scarlett would gladly relax her throat best she could to make it easier for Beyonce to slam her dildo down her gullet.

She was so broken Scarlett would probably let Beyonce throat fuck her until she passed out, but luckily it didn’t come to that. Instead Beyonce pulled out completely, giving Scarlett a few moments to catch her breath before putting the dildo back inside her mouth, letting Scarlett suck it at her own pace. At lease for a while.

“Is this the best you can do slut? Is this all your husband gets?” Beyonce mocked and she began fucking Scarlett’s mouth again, “Poor Ryan. No man should have to end up with such a lousy cock sucker. Fuck, I should just take you off his hands completely, let him find himself a real woman, not some snivelling submissive slut who clearly loves cunt way more than she likes cocks. Mmmmmm, that’s it, isn’t it? You’re just such a little dyke you can’t get into cock sucking. Ha, should have known from the way you eat my pussy. Mmmmmm yeah, you’re way too much of a eager cunt lapper to ever really please a man.”

Scarlett whimpered softly at the verbal abuse, but even if her mouth wasn’t being fucked she couldn’t disagree. She made a much better pussy licker than a cock sucker. Ryan would be better off without her. And if she was honest, she would prefer to be without him. She would prefer to be the exclusive property of her black mistress Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce was able to take Scarlett’s mind off anything but her cock sucking duties as time went on, Scarlett remaining on her knees in front of the chocolate skinned dom, no longer allowed to suck the dildo to the best of her abilities, the dick simply being relentlessly shoved down her throat. However no matter how much of a struggle it became just to breathe Scarlett happily let Beyonce use her mouth as an orifice for her pleasure, Scarlett desperately hoping she could be a good face pussy for her mistress.

For much longer than necessary Beyonce repeated this action, fucking Scarlett’s pretty face like it was a loose whore’s cunt, barely giving her bitch time to breathe in between long throat fucking sessions until every inch of the dildo was soaking wet. Only then did Beyonce pull her dick out of Scarlett’s mouth, stand back and order, “Ok slut, that’s wet enough. Get your ass on the bed, lie back and lift those legs up.”

Quickly obeying Scarlett jumped up onto the bed and got into a position she was very familiar with, lifting her legs up and holding on them under the knees so she pushed them up to her chest before parting them so they wouldn’t block Beyonce’s view of her tits. Scarlett then watched with bated breath as her mistress slowly got on the bed, eyeing her like some kind of wild animal ready to pounce on its prey.

“You want to get your ass fucked by me you slut?” Beyonce growled as she stroked her saliva covered dildo as if it was a real cock.

Knowing what was expected of her Scarlett began to beg, “Oh yes, please fuck me my Black Mistress, fuck me in the ass. I want to get ass fucked by you so bad my Black Mistress, please fuck my ass. Fuck my white ass. Fuck my big fat white ass. Fuck it good. Fuck it with your big black dick. Oh please my Black Mistress, fuck my white ass with your big black dick. But don’t do it for me. Do it for you. We both know how much you love fucking the asses of white sluts like me. You love taking white asses and using them for your pleasure. Please my Black Mistress, take mine. I want you to use me for your pleasure so bad. I want you to use my ass hole to get you off. Mmmmmm, your plug stretched my butt so it’s nice and ready for your big black cock, now please use it. Use my ass hole. Take it. Take me. Fuck me. Fuck me up the butt. Fuck me up my slutty white butt. Please my Black Mistress, fuck my slutty white butt and use it for your pleasure…”

Scarlett’s begging was interrupted by a loud cry as Beyonce unceremoniously pulled the large butt plug from her ass, leaving Scarlett’s back door ever so slightly open for a few seconds before the actress found herself crying out again as her mistress thrust her strap on deep inside the inviting shit tunnel that was just crying out to be filled by cock, Beyonce happily granting that wish as she invaded her white bitch’s bowels.

The first few inches slid inside no problem thanks to the wide plug that had stretched out Scarlett’s rectum walls. However once the dildo began going further than the plug had things slowed down, partly because there was much more resistance to the intruder but mostly because Beyonce slowed the speed of her thrust, even stopping it and giving a series of slow thrusts as she gave her slut plenty of time to relax in between each additional inch.

Of course this was an ass which was no stranger to being violated so in what felt like no time at all to both women the full length of Beyonce’s cock was completely buried within Scarlett’s shitty depths.

The two female celebrities stared deeply into each other’s eyes for a few moments before Beyonce began gently butt fucking her white bitch, slowly pulling inch after inch out of Scarlett’s rectum until the dildo was almost halfway out before just as slowly pushing her way into the submissive whore who was lovingly taking her cock up her butt.

“Lift those legs up higher.” Beyonce ordered.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, pulling her legs up and back further to the point where it was painful, holding that position despite the pain, and of course making sure her mistress could still see her tits.

This caused Scarlett’s ass to be lifted higher off the bed in a way which made it easy for Beyonce to slide her strap on as deep into the actress’s butt hole as it could possibly go and gave the singer the best possible view of her fake dick pumping in and out of Scarlett’s back door.

Beyonce’s eyes locked on to that stretched little shit hole, her mouth watering. Scarlett Johansson was one of the most beautiful women in the world but in Beyonce’s opinion not even the actress’s magnificent rack could compare to the sight of Scarlett’s white ass taking Beyonce’s cock inside it.

Of course in their current position Beyonce was spoilt for choice when it came to beautiful sights.

Right above that dildo stuffed ass hole was a pretty pink pussy which was literally dripping with juice. Not surprising considering that since the last time she had been tongue fucked to orgasm Scarlett had spent all her time using her mouth and tongue to please her black mistress. The tits sucking, cunt lapping, ass kissing, hell even the strap on ‘lubing’ had all probably made Scarlett wet, again not surprising as all of Beyonce’s bitches loved worshipping their black mistress’s bootylicious body, but the fresh juice sliding from that horny honey hole made it crystal clear Scarlett was loving getting her ass fucked, another thing that was mandatory for all of Beyonce’s bitches.

Travelling her eyes upwards Beyonce locked on to Scarlett’s perfect tits which were gently bouncing up and down in time with the thrust of Beyonce’s hips, those little bells which were still attached to Scarlett’s nipples via clamps jingling softly as the dominant black woman butt fucked her white bitch.

Beyonce became hypnotised by those titties. Part of her wanted to look up at Scarlett’s pretty face or look down at her little pussy and stretched open for fucking ass hole, but those big bouncing titties were just too tempting.

Reaching forwards Beyonce grabbed two big handfuls of tit flesh and began having her way with those big boobs, loving the feel of them as she squeezed, pinched and groped them with shameless lust.

Scarlett’s moans, groans and whimpers increased in number and volume as she welcomed the additional stimulation. There was a little pain as her big tits were still aching from their earlier beating and the weighted clamps on her nipples made sure she would be in constant pain in that sensitive area but as Beyonce was an expert at reducing Scarlett to a whimpering wreck just by playing with her titties it wasn’t unsurprising that the pleasure outweighed the pain. The strap on steadily sliding in and out of Scarlett’s shit hole also helped the actress forget about her soreness.

She was quickly reminded of it when without warning Beyonce slapped her directly on her clamped nipples, causing Scarlett to cry out in pain.

“How these big titties holding up?” Beyonce asked her slut.

“Fine my Black Mistress.” Scarlett whimpered, crying out in pure agony as Beyonce delivered a couple of slaps to her nipples which were much harder than the ones that came before.

“Are you lying to your Black Mistress?” Beyonce growled menacingly.

“I… I…” Scarlett stammered, unsure what to say. Another slap to both of her nipples helped uncloud her mind, “I can take whatever you want to give me my Black Mistress. I will take whatever you want to give me. I’m your bitch. Me and my big titties will take whatever you want to give.”

“That’s sweet, and true, but…” Beyonce paused to slap Scarlett’s nipples as hard as she could five times before continuing, “You haven’t answered my question. Do these big fat titties ache? Do you want your Black Mistress to take off these clamps? Give these big movie role getters a break?”

“Only if it pleases you to do so my Black Mistress.” Scarlett whimpered.

Beyonce stared at the conquered white slut for a few moments, and smiled, “Good girl. That’s the correct answer. And your Black Mistress will reward you… but first, let go of your legs and wrap them around me.”

Scarlett was eager to do as she was told. She always was when it came to obeying Beyonce, but on this occasion the command came as a relief as Scarlett had been bending her legs in a uncomfortable position for what felt like an eternity. The actress even let out a happy sigh as she let go of her legs and happily wrapped around her mistress’s still gently pumping waist, her hands relaxing by her sides as she was able to concentrate on the feeling of the dildo moving in and out of her ass and Beyonce’s hands massaging her tits.

As Scarlett moved Beyonce noticed the butt plug she had used to loosen her bitch’s ass hole laying beside them. Grinning wickedly Beyonce picked up and then pressed it to Scarlett’s lips, “Suck on this until I tell you to stop.”

Beyonce grinned again as her slut willingly took the butt plug into her mouth and sucked greedily at the taste of her own butt juices.

A love, or at least a willingness, for ass to mouth was another mandatory requirement of Beyonce’s bitches. Luckily the black dom had become an expert at training other women to adore the taste of their own asses, not to mention the taste of Beyonce’s big bubble butt and the taste of the other bitches in her collection.

Although Scarlett was yet to know the joy of tasting another submissive slut’s ass she had come to love the taste of her own ass almost as much as she loved the sweet flavour of her black mistress’s big round chocolate booty. She had proven that many times in the past and Scarlett was eagerly doing so again, looking up lovingly at her mistress as she stuffed the toy into her mouth so she could suck every inch of it and completely clean that butt plug of her ass juices.

Loving the sight Beyonce continued gently fucking Scarlett’s ass for about a minute while playing with her tits, and then she asked, “Are you sure you want these pretty clamps off your big fat titties?”

As she asked the question Beyonce gently grabbed hold of the clamps and pulled them this way and that, causing Scarlett to moan and whimper extra loudly. It almost made Scarlett slip up, but the white girl remembered her place, removing the butt plug from her mouth just long enough to groan, “Only if it pleases you my Black Mistress.”

“Correct again slut.” Beyonce said, quickly pushing down on the clamps so they released Scarlett’s nipples before tossing them aside.

Scarlett barely had enough time to cry out as the blood rushed back to her nipples before her mistress delivered a cruel double slap to them which had the actress almost literally weeping. The next second Beyonce’s hands were again massaging her tits, one gently playing with her left nipple while her right nipple was engulfed by soft wet flesh, Scarlett whimpering and arching her back as Beyonce gently sucked one of her nipples.

Quick as a cat Beyonce moved from one supersensitive nipple to the other, even the lightest of sucks giving Scarlett and intense amount of pain and pleasure. Not that Beyonce was always sucking lightly. Exactly the opposite. However it wasn’t long before the pain subsided completely leaving Scarlett with only pleasure.

The same had been true for the dildo stretching her butt a short while ago, the forcing a part of her rectum walls causing Scarlett pain at first but after a lot of gentle ass taming thrusts from the skilled butt fucker meant that now the sodomy was giving Scarlett nothing but tremendous pleasure. In fact every little movement of that fake dick caused Scarlett pleasure, along with every little touch Beyonce gave her tits.

Part of Scarlett desperately wanted more. Pacifically more ass fucking. A more concentrated titties sucking would have been nice, and Scarlett didn’t doubt that if Beyonce wanted to she could make her cum like that, especially while pumping a dildo into her ass. But Scarlett had been trained to crave getting her ass fucked. And not just fucked, but fucked hard.

Scarlett wanted that so badly, but her wants and needs were insignificant. What mattered was the wants and needs of her black mistress Beyonce Knowles. That was all that mattered.

Beyonce could sense her slut was ready for a hard butt fucking. She could tell by the way the bitch was breathing, and how hard her nipples were as she sucked and played with them, and how wet she could feel her pussy was against her stomach as she laid on top of her, and of course the way Scarlett was one of moaning, grinning and whimpering as Beyonce had her way with her. But really, all Beyonce needed to do was look up into Scarlett’s eyes to tell her that her white bitch wanted her to ass fuck her hard.

Part of Beyonce wanted to do that right now, but more of her was in the mood to play with her pet. That was why she spent so long going from breast to breast, licking and sucking on each nipple with varying degrees of roughness, even biting down on them from time to time as she constantly used her hands to play with them. At the same time she became more playful with the butt fucking, switching her steady pace for a more unpredictable one.

The unpredictable ass fucking started with Beyonce stopping the thrusting altogether at random intervals, making Scarlett moan in frustration. Beyonce then began delivering short sharp thrusts deep into Scarlett’s bowels after each pause which had Scarlett moaning joyfully, those joyful mains becoming even more frequent as Beyonce began giving this hard thrusts not just after each time she stopped, but whenever she damn well felt like it.

The random hard thrusts made Beyonce want to fuck Scarlett’s ass hard all the more, but she controlled that desire like the experience dom she was, playing with her sub’s tits and ass for what seemed like hours for both women until finally Beyonce kissed her way up from Scarlett’s breasts to her neck and after a few minutes of fun kissing, sucking and nibbling on that she finally moved to the other woman’s lips.

Scarlett eagerly accepted the surprisingly soft kiss which seemed to be over too quickly for her liking, although from the look on Beyonce’s face maybe she was about to get the hard butt pounding she really wanted. She wasn’t.

“Mmmmmm, I love watching these big tits bounce for me as I fuck your ass.” Beyonce said, briefly looking down to Scarlett’s titties as they jiggled from the force of the gentle thrusts, “And I think I know a way I can really get them bouncing for me.”

With that Beyonce grabbed a firm hold of Scarlett’s hips and rolled them over so that she was now lying on her back and the actress was sitting on top of her in the cowgirl position, Beyonce’s dildo staying fully embedded in Scarlett’s ass the whole time.

Relaxing back so that her hands were behind her head Beyonce said, “Take that toy out of your mouth, put it down and start riding my dick. I wanna see those big fat white titties bounce.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said after she removed her lips from the butt plug, carefully putting it down before she began sliding her own ass up and down on Beyonce’s black strap on dick.

From the look in her mistress’s eyes Scarlett knew she wasn’t going to be allowed to cum, at least not yet. Beyonce clearly wasn’t done having her fun with her yet, which was fine. After all as much as Scarlett wanted to get her ass fucked hard and soon after received the orgasm that was slowly building up inside her the one thing Scarlett wanted more than that or anything else was to please her black mistress.

Despite knowing in her heart she wasn’t going to get the orgasm she wanted any time soon Scarlett still held out hope that Beyonce would allow her to violate her own ass on that big dick at a nice hard pace.

She didn’t try going for it right away of course. Scarlett knew her mistress while enough to know that she’d probably stop her on principle if she tried anything so bold. Instead Scarlett was more subtle in her approach, beginning to fuck her own ass on that big black cock slowly at first, but ever so slowly building up speed.

The whole time Scarlett studied her dark skinned mistress’s face very carefully, looking for the slightest sign of displeasure and yet seeing none. In fact Beyonce seemed to become happier as the butt fucking continued, although her eyes were locked on to Scarlett’s bouncing chest.

Eventually the slowly increasing speed of Scarlett’s movements paid off and she got one of the things she desperately wanted. The hard ass fucking.

That she was the one doing all the work was irrelevant at that moment. How could she possibly care when her ass hole was slamming up and down on a wonderfully big black dildo, Scarlett’s hungry rectum welcoming the invading toy every time it entered her insides and those ass walls practically vibrating with pleasure under the anal assault.

A little while after Scarlett expected Beyonce to force her to slow her movements down something happened which took the actress completely by surprise.

Her mistress grabbed hold of her hips and began helping to push her ass up and down on the fake dick. On the first downwards stroke Beyonce thrust upwards, making the dildo slam so hard and so deep inside the actress’s ample ass Scarlett thought she would cum on the spot. She thought the same for the following thrusts, Beyonce roughly fucking her ass at the same speed Scarlett began frantically impaling her own butt hole on her mistress’s strap on.

Scarlett could feel it. Her orgasm. Her body rocketing towards it until it felt inevitable, in that moment Scarlett truly believing she was going to be allowed to cum.

Then Beyonce pulled her hips down and held them there in a vice like grip.

It took every ounce of Scarlett’s willpower not try and continue the ass fucking, the poor blonde literally weeping as she sat on top of her mistress, a large dildo buried to the fake balls in her butt, breathing heavily as she came down from her high, her orgasm alluding her.

When she was sure Scarlett had calmed down Beyonce laid back again and smiled, “Again, but this time go slow. I want to savour those titties bouncing for me.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett croaked softly, slowly lifting her ass up and down for her mistress’s pleasure.

A rush of pride filled the Grammy-winning singer. Even some of her other fully housebroken and trained bitches would have been unable to resist the temptation to try and keep the hard butt fucking going or whine and complain at being denied an orgasm. Not Scarlett Johansson. She just slowly bounced her ass up and down on Beyonce’s strap on so her mistress could enjoy the sight of her tits jiggling around.

True Scarlett was no freshly broken in bitch, but Beyonce loved the fact that her training had been such a long-term success with this beautiful Hollywood starlet.

In time Beyonce would reward her pet, but for now she intended to have a little more fun.

“Play with your big white titties.” Beyonce commanded, seemingly out of nowhere.

Nevertheless Scarlett said, “Yes my Black Mistress.”

Scarlett then began doing as she was told, her hands immediately cupping her full chest and massaging them softly. She just concentrated on the round soft flesh at first, but it didn’t take long for her fingers to start tracing her nipples. From there she began really going to town on her own tits, Scarlett playing with her boobs like seemingly only herself and her mistress could.

“Now smack them.” Beyonce said, angrily adding when Scarlett hesitated, “Smack those big fat titties of yours or I will.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett whimpered, crying out loudly as she delivered the first slap to her tits.

Beyonce smiled as her slut began beating on her own breasts, smacking them cautiously at first but after a few mildly threatening looks from the black dom Scarlett really began slapping those big mountains of flesh, slapping them so hard the sound echo throughout the room each time.

Those breasts soon turned back to an angry looking shade of pink under the abuse, Beyonce loving every moment as Scarlett once again proved her submission to her black mistress.

“Your ass too. Smack that big round white girl booty while you’re beating on your big fat white titties.” Beyonce ordered.

This time Scarlett did as she was told without hesitation, Beyonce guessing that the slut was grateful to be able to switch some of the abuse who her ass rather than have it concentrated on her tits.

It was a slightly ridiculous sight, a white girl slapping her own tits and ass while bouncing up and down on the singer’s black dick. But it was a symbol of Scarlett’s submission, that she was willing to do anything to please her mistress. Perhaps more importantly though it was something which catered to Beyonce’s love of inflicting pain upon her submissive bitches, and also perhaps it had a little to do with how much Scarlett seemed to love being forced to do such a humiliating and painful thing.

Intending to inflict a little more pain on her slut Beyonce reached over and picked up the nipple clamps and held them up towards Scarlett, “Here, put these back on. I want to hear those bells jangling again while you ride my cock.”

There was a moments hesitation, the butt fucking coming to a complete stop as Scarlett just stared apprehensively at the clamps which had already caused her so much pain.

Beyonce decided not to punish her for the hesitation as she could almost feel the other woman’s pain just from looking at those nipples. However if she failed to obey her Beyonce would make sure she regretted it.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett eventually said, taking the nipple clamps and after a little whimper Scarlett attached the first clamp to her left nipple.

Stopping only briefly to cry out in pain Scarlett attached the other clamp to her right nipple, another cry escaping her lips before she began bouncing her ass up and down on Beyonce’s dick again.

As the ass fucking restarted Scarlett whimpered at the not missed feeling of the weights pulling on her nipples, that pull far stronger in her current position as she rode that big black dildo.

“Good girl, now start spanking that fat ass of yours again.” Beyonce said, adding before Scarlett replied, “Your big titties too. Make sure you get those nipples for me.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

Unsurprisingly Scarlett’s first strikes were to her ass but all Beyonce had to do was give her pet an expectant look and the white bitch again willingly slapping her own titties, crying out as some particularly hard blows landed directly on her clamped nipples.

Again Beyonce felt a rush of pride as her completely broken bitch humiliated and hurt herself for the twisted enjoyment of her mistress. It was quite the show, but it didn’t go on for that long. Beyonce had something else in mind for humiliating her submissive slut.

“Ok bitch, stop smacking your tits and ass and listen up.” Beyonce said, waiting until Scarlett had stopped so that she had her full attention before continuing, “I know you want to get your slutty white ass fucked nice and hard so you can cum. I can see it in your eyes. What I want to know is why should I give you what you want?”

“You shouldn’t my Black Mistress.” Scarlett moaned before explaining herself, “You shouldn’t fuck my slutty white ass hard because I want you too, but because you want it.”

“Oh, I want it huh?” Beyonce said in a tone which made it sound like it wasn’t totally true, even though it was.

“Un-huh. I mean, yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett nodded, feeling confident in where she was going, “You love ass fucking white girls. It’s your favourite thing in the world. Oooohhhhh, you love getting your pussy eaten by a slutty dyke whore almost as much, and, mmmmmmmm, you love getting your tits and ass worshipped, and spanking a bitch like me, and so many other things, but for you, mmmmmmmm, nothing beats ass fucking a white girl.”

“And how do you know that slut?” Beyonce asked as her hands slid upwards to cup Scarlett’s juicy rear as it continued bouncing up and down on her cock.

“Because, oh, because my Black Mistress, it was what you told me right before you took my anal cherry.” Scarlett answered dreamily.

“You remember that huh?” Beyonce grinned, squeezing Scarlett’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, I’ll never forget it my Black Mistress.” Scarlett moaned, “I’ll never forget you sliding into my ass for the first time, mmmmmmm, giving me my very first butt fucking, ooooohhhhhh, you making my ass yours forever.”

“What else do you remember about that night?” Beyonce asked, loving the trip down memory lane as she continued to play with Scarlett’s bouncing butt.

“Everything my Black Mistress.” Scarlett quickly answered, “I remember every little detail because I’ve fucked myself so many times thinking about it. Mmmmmmm, I remember the way you took me in your arms and kissed me like no man had ever done. Has never done. I felt, ohhhhh, I felt so… overpowered. Like I knew just from that kiss that I was in the presents of a superior woman. An alpha female determined to make me her submissive mate.”

Scarlett seemed to drift off into her own little world for a few moments, becoming lost in her memory Beyonce guest.

Waking her up was easy enough. All Beyonce had to do was give her a nice hard slap on the ass and command her, “Continue.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, blushing at her disobedient mind losing track of what she was supposed to be doing, “I remember how I protested when you pulled down my top. But, aaaaahhhhh, but I didn’t mean a word of it. You, oooooh, you have to believe that my Black Mistress. I didn’t want you to stop. I didn’t ever want you to stop. I was just confused. Just a straight girl waiting to be turned into the submissive lesbian I was always meant to be. That’s why, mmmmmmm, that’s why I never even tried to push your hands away as they made me feel hotter than any man just by playing with my tits, and why I became putty in your hands the moment I felt your mouth on my nipples. Mmmmmm, and when your tongue slipped inside my pussy I was yours. Before you even started tongue fucking me to an orgasm more powerful than any I’ve ever had I was your property. I would have done anything for you after that. I always will. Mmmmmm, I’m your little white fuck pet. I’ll always do whatever you ask.”

“You were certainly an eager little cunt lapper, for a first timer.” Beyonce pointed out.

“Oh yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett moaned dreamily as she thought back to her first taste of pussy, “It was heaven. Mmmmmm, I knew right away I found my true purpose in life, pleasing a dominant black woman. Well, the moment I tasted your delicious black pussy I thought my purpose was to be in between a dominant black woman’s thighs. Mmmmmm, then I thought it was worshipping a dominant black woman’s entire body after you made me bury my face in your big beautiful black ass and beg to be your white bitch. Then, oh, I learnt the truth. Ooooohhhhh, I learnt that my purpose in life was to do whatever you wanted.”

“And how did you learn that bitch?” Beyonce smirked.

“When you fucked me up the ass my Black Mistress. Mmmmmm, I learned my true purpose in life when you fucked me up the ass.” Scarlett moaned, “Do you remember my Black Mistress? Do you remember how you strapped on your big black dick and told me I was going to take every inch of it up my ass. Ooooohhhh, men, ooooohhhh, mmmmmm, men had been asking for so long, but you told me to bend over. No debate, I was your bitch and I was going to give you my virgin ass. Ooooooh, I’d never been so turned on. I would have never have done it for a man, but with you I barely hesitated. Mmmmmmm, and it was sooooooo goooddddd! I was so happy you turned me into your personal anal whore. Now I can’t get enough, but then I was so nervous as I bent over for you and spread my ass cheeks. Do you remember my Black Mistress? Do you remember how nervous I was?”

“Yeah, most of my bitches have been nervous at first. Especially the ones with virgin asses like yours.” Beyonce said, unable to stop from adding, “But they all loved it by the end. You certainly did.”

“I’ve never cum harder my Black Mistress.” Scarlett agreed happily, “Mmmmmm, no one has ever made me cum like my Black Mistress. It’s why I’m so completely yours. I bet that’s why all the other sluts in your collection belong to you too. Mmmmmm, it makes me so hot thinking how I’m just one of the many pieces of ass you use for your pleasure my Black Mistress. It’s only right that a goddess like you should have so many bitches dedicated to pleasing her, all living to please their Black Mistress. I bet they all dream of you every second they’re not in your presents. I bet that this very instant dozens of women wish they were in my position right now, your big black dick deep in their asses, bouncing up and down for your pleasure. Ooooooh, they’d be so jealous of me if they could see us right now, all wishing your dick was in their asses instead of mine. Mmmmmm, I bet they all wish your dick was in their asses right now. But it’s not. It’s in mine. Your dick is in my ass, I’m using the hole I shit from to please you and that makes me happy. I could do this forever, because no matter how badly I want to cum nothing is more important to me than pleasing my Black Mistress. But that’s why I want you to butt fuck me hard.”

“Because that’s what I want?” Beyonce interrupted.

“Yes my Black Mistress. It’s what you really want. Because you love ass fucking white girls in every position, but your favourite, the one that really makes you cum harder than anything else, is to ass fuck a white bitch doggy style.” Scarlett moaned, “You, ohhhhhhh, you’ve told me, mmmmmmm, that nothing puts a white bitch in her place better than ass fucking her in that position. They’re left on their hands and knees, and with a firm, powerful grip like yours their going nowhere. All they’re going to do is stay where they belong and take whatever is given to them like the white bitch they are. And if they drop their upper half downwards it’s all the better because it leaves their asses up in the air, still totally available for using. Sure, you might get a bitch to spread her ass cheeks for a little more submission, but it’s basically the same thing. Meanwhile you’re in total control. You can stop a white bitch from humping back at you or control how much she does, mmmmmm, fuck her at your own pace, and, oooooohhhhhh, when the time comes really give her everything you’ve got. You can smack some ass, feel butt cheeks against your thighs, and most of all enjoy the sight of a bitch bending over for you so you can enjoy her ass hole. For all these reasons I beg you my Black Mistress, please make me bend over for you so you can use my ass hole for your pleasure in your favourite way.”

Beyonce just stared lustfully at her bitch for a few moments as Scarlett quietly continued bouncing her ass hole up and down on the dildo. Then Beyonce huskily said, “Get off my dildo and on your hands and knees.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said happily, knowing she was about to get a brutally rough rectum wrecking.

The moment Scarlett was off of her Beyonce got up and into position behind the kneeling whore, her eyes darting lustfully down to the actress’s open ass hole. Beyonce had caused bigger gapes, and she had no doubt by the time she was finished Scarlett’s shit hole would be stretched at least twice as wide, but it still made her horny to look at the damage she had already done to her bitch’s butt.

After staring long enough for the back door to start closing up Beyonce slapped Scarlett roughly on the ass and said, “Turn so you’re facing that mirror.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, quickly turning as instructed, her mistress following.

“Face down. Ass up.” Beyonce barked after a brief pause, another passing before she added, “Spread your ass cheeks.”

Guessing what her mistress was in the mood for Scarlett slowly reached back and pulled apart her ass cheeks as widely as she could, exposing her holes to the black dom behind her. She whimpered softly as she felt Beyonce’s strap on pressing against her ass hole, the dominant woman cruelly teasing her submissive as she slid the head of the dildo along Scarlett’s still slightly stretched ring, almost pushing inside before repeating the process.

Just when Scarlett thought she was going to do crazy she heard, “Who does this ass belong too?”

“You my Black Mistress. My ass belongs to you. The cheeks I sit on and the hole I shit from belong to you.” Scarlett said quickly.

“And no one else has ever been in this ass?” Beyonce questioned.

“Never! No one else has ever been inside my ass except you my Black Mistress. No one ever will unless you wish it.” Scarlett said firmly.

“This ass, like every other part of you, belongs exclusively to your Black Mistress?” Beyonce asked.

“Yes my Black Mistress. My ass and every other part of me belongs exclusively to my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said.

Scarlet then cried out as Beyonce slammed her strap on back through her shit hole and deep into her rectum, the entire dildo ramming through loosened flesh until it was fully embedded within the very deepest depths of Scarlett’s bowels once again.

“LIAR!” Beyonce snarled, delighting in catching her slut out, “I have granted you permission to use your mouth to please your husband… until now. I have decided that pretty little mouth of yours is far too good to be wasted on him, or any other man. From now on the only cocks you will be sucking on are my dildos, unless I decide to whore you out of course, which is my right. But for now consider every one of your holes off-limits to anyone but me. You are my exclusive property Scarlett Johansson. Mine to use however I wish.”

“Oh thank you my Black Mistress.” Scarlett gushed, “Thank you for claiming my entire body as yours.”

“It has been for quite a while, I’m just not sharing anymore.” Beyonce reminded her slut.

“And you shouldn’t have too my Black Mistress. A submissive white bitch like me should be for your use only.” Scarlett said.

“Which now you are.” Beyonce said, “Now shut the fuck up and take your hands off your ass cheeks so your Black Mistress can concentrate on using your slutty ass for her pleasure.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, her words earning her a sharp slap to her ass once she took her hands off it.

Before she had time to wonder whether the slap was a punishment for opening her mouth or a reward for remembering to respond properly Scarlett felt Beyonce’s hands grip onto her waist like a vice followed by the overwhelmingly wonderful sensation of that big thick dildo once again sliding in and out of her ass.

The strap on moved slowly through Scarlett’s rectum for a few brief seconds and then Beyonce began quickly picking up the pace, pumping the juicy white booty with ever-increasing speed until Scarlett could feel her meaty ass cheeks jiggling obscenely, the sound of flesh hitting flesh almost as loud as her own squeals of pleasure as her butt hole was brutally stretched and fucked by her mistress’s big black cock.

Technically squealing in pleasure wasn’t keeping her mouth shut but it was impossible not to when she was being ass fucked so skilfully. Her wonderful black mistress understood that which was why Scarlett had no fear as she squealed, screamed, cried and moaned throughout the now brutally hard butt fucking, every single little movement of that dildo in her ass causing the most wonderful sensations to flood Scarlett’s body.

As she was roughly sodomised Scarlett thought about what had just happened and her heart fluttered. Her black mistress had lay claim to her so she was now what she had yearned to be since the moment she had been turned from a straight girl into a submissive lesbian slut. She, Scarlett Johansson, was now the exclusive property of Beyonce Knowles. Her black mistress owned all her holes. Her holes were for the use of her black mistress only. Her entire body belonged to her black mistress.

This meant her marriage was over. It might take some time, Ryan had been very patient with her already, but sooner or later his patients would run out. Scarlett should probably just end it now. It would be kinder. She still cared for Ryan, but she had not wanted to be with him or any other man since becoming Beyonce’s bitch. Scarlett had only stayed with him as long as she had to helped keep the truth a secret, and her mistress had ordered her to do so of course. But now…

Thought of her husband quickly vanished from Scarlett’s mind as she felt that orgasm which had been building since the ass fucking began approaching while her mistress showed no signs of slowing down.

If anything Beyonce fucked her ass even harder until Scarlett was screaming, “Please my Black Mistress can I cum? Can your white bitch please cum for you as you fuck her up the ass?”

“Yes. Cum for me my white bitch!” Beyonce yelled, clearly no longer in the mood for teasing.

“Thank you my Black Mistress, thank you!” Scarlett whimpered just before she went over the edge of a monster orgasm.

The climax was so strong Scarlett could barely stand it, as were the climaxes which quickly followed it, massive explosions of pleasure rocketing through her body and destroying her mind to the point where Scarlett could barely comprehend what was going on. If it wasn’t for the fact that only her black mistress could give her this type of ecstasy Scarlett would have been a lot more overwhelmed. As it was she just smiled happily and relaxed as Beyonce butt fucked her to heaven.

Beyonce grinned in amusement as she watched Scarlett in the mirror.

As the rough sodomising pushed the actress through orgasm after orgasm exhaustion clearly set in. Soon Scarlett’s head slowly lowered as the rectum ramming continued until she was almost getting hit in the face by the bells and weights which were still hanging off Scarlett’s nipples which were violently swaying back and forth as the force of the butt fucking made Scarlett’s big tits jiggle. However it wasn’t the prospect of Scarlett getting hit in the face by things that were hanging from her own nipples which amused Beyonce. What really amused her was the fact that Scarlett seemed too happy to care.

It was also possible that Scarlett was receiving so much pleasure that she was unaware how close she was to getting hit. Maybe she didn’t even feel the weights anymore, or maybe the pain was so faint she barely recognised it over the ecstasy she was clearly receiving, Scarlett’s entire body violently shaking as yet another powerful orgasm crashed through her as proof of this. As this happened her tits jiggled even more, the weights of course moving with the bells which were jingling like crazy.

That jingling sound, along with the even louder sounds of Scarlett’s cries of pleasure and the sound of her thighs smacking off her bitch’s butt cheeks, were the sweetest music to Beyonce’s ears.

Beyonce was enjoying all these things so much she was actually disappointed when it finally became all too much for her slut and Scarlett slowly lowered her face downwards, her upper half pressing down on the bed and all but silencing the bells as they more or less remained in place. Beyonce could still see the pretty little look of submission on Scarlett’s face, but she missed watching those titties bounce so much she almost risked losing her ass pounding rhythm by letting go of Scarlett’s hips so she could pull her up by her hair.

Instead of trying to get back into their previous position Beyonce decided to enjoy their current one. After all with Scarlett’s tits no longer available to her eyes for the moment she was free to focus on the juicy bubble butt she was currently fucking.

Sometimes it was easy for Beyonce to forget just how fuck-able Scarlett’s ass was. She was currently getting a very nice reminder as she looked down at those big beautiful ass cheeks jiggling from the impact of her thrusts, the contrast between her own chocolate coloured thighs slamming into Scarlett’s oh so pale white ass an incredible turn on for the black dom. And Beyonce even licked her lips as her eyes zoned in on Scarlett’s ass hole, that anal ring wrapped tightly around her big black cock as it slammed its way through that meant to be exit only hole and deep into the white girl’s bowels.

Soon the rest of Beyonce’s world faded away and she became totally focused on the butt hole she was fucking. Scarlett Johansson became nothing but an orifice to Beyonce, the other woman nothing but an butt hole which existed only for her to use for her pleasure.

She no longer gave a fuck if Scarlett ever came again, or if the movie star’s shit hole would ever recover from the savage slamming Beyonce was giving it. Beyonce didn’t care if Scarlett could ever sit down again. Beyonce didn’t care if Scarlett could ever take a shit again. All that mattered to Beyonce was her own pleasure which she delighted in taking from Scarlett’s ass, drilling as deep and as hard as she could into the deepest depth of Scarlett’s shitter.

Beyonce brutally fucked Scarlett’s ass until she experienced a nice hard climax of her own which reminded her exactly why she should get lost in destroying Scarlett’s shit pipe, something the dominant black woman was more than happy to do, pushing herself through orgasm after orgasm as Scarlett received more than twice as many.

The two women became completely lost in the anal sex for what felt like hours, Beyonce ruthlessly fucking Scarlett’s ass until her body was drenched in sweat and seemingly every ounce of her body ached with exhaustion.

Scarlett was just as exhausted as her mistress, her body was equally as sweaty, the sound of wet flesh smacking off flesh having replaced the dried variety countless orgasms ago.

The difference was every part of Scarlett’s rectum wall ached from the relentless battering it had taken, the pain almost nothing compared to the ecstasy she was feeling from the incredible sodomising she was receiving, and yet the fact that she could feel it now meant Scarlett was going to be aching back there for hours once Beyonce was done using her ass. And from how stretched out her ass felt Scarlett knew her ass hole would be gaping open for a long time, and there was no telling how many hours or even days it would be before she could sit down or even walk without any pain. But Scarlett looked forward to every moment of it, because it would be a constant reminder of how well her black mistress had fucked her and how her ass belonged to a rectum wrecking Alpha female.

Beyonce certainly felt like a powerful Alpha female as she butt fucked a submissive female. She always did when fucking a submissive female’s ass. But she was not limitless, and eventually she was given the choice of using a lot of strength to continue pounding Scarlett’s big round white booty a little longer and eventually collapse from exhaustion or save her strength and better maintain her control over the situation.

There was nothing Beyonce could have done to really lose control over the situation considering she was with a completely broken bitch and not with a fresh break in, but it certainly felt a lot more dignified for her to avoid collapsing on Scarlett which was the choice she ultimately went with.

She did it quickly, pulling completely out of Scarlett’s ass without warning and moving back.

A huge smile immediately crossed Beyonce’s face. Even after the anal wrecking Beyonce had given her slut Scarlet didn’t collapse down onto the bed. Instead Scarlett once again proved herself as an obedient white bitch, not only remaining face down and ass up but reaching back to spread her meaty cheeks as much as she could so she could better present her ruined butt hole to her black mistress.

And it was ruined. Maybe not forever, but Scarlett’s ass hole was gaping incredibly wide, allowing Beyonce to see deep into the depths of her bitch’s bowels. Scarlett’s ass cheeks weren’t much better, that once beautiful pale flesh now bruised and battered from all the spanking and fucking.

Beyonce waited for a few moments, but nothing changed which made her smile wickedly again.

It would probably take hours for Scarlett’s ass to fully recover, more than enough time for what Beyonce intended.

Strolling casually to her drawers Beyonce took out her digital camera and snapped a few shots of her bitch’s ruined rear hole before going on the computer she had requested to be provided with in her hotel room. Considering some of her requests it must have seemed like nothing, but it allowed her to immediately print some freshly taken pretty pictures for her book. And something else.

Leaving the computer to print Beyonce left to get herself a drink of water and return to casually sip at it as she admired her handiwork again, Scarlett obediently remaining in place with her gaping open ass in the air the whole time.

Once Beyonce had finished her drink she returned the cup to the mini kitchen, turned off the computer and finally ordered, “Come clean your mess bitch!”

This time Beyonce forced herself not to smile, choosing not to reward her pet with a sign of her happiness as Scarlett immediately obeyed the order without needing any clarification.

Beyonce didn’t need to worry about unnecessarily rewarding her slut as Scarlett was focused on only one thing, her mistress’s big black cock.

The whole time she had been presenting her gaping ass hole to her dark skinned mistress, and even for quite some time during the butt fucking, Scarlett had thought about sucking the taste of her own ass off that big beautiful dick which had fucked her ass so wonderfully, cleaning the tool her mistress had used to fuck her ass like a good ATM whore should.

Scarlett hadn’t minded waiting. She would have stayed in that position all night if it pleased her black mistress. But when she got the command she was waiting for Scarlett couldn’t move fast enough.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett panted, ignoring how tired and aching her body was as she practically dived off the bed and got down on her knees in front of her black mistress… were she belonged.

For the briefest of moments Scarlett paused after she closed her lips around the first few inches of the strap on, her eyelids fluttering and a long moan escaping her mouth as she tasted the deepest part of her ass on the fake dick. Then Scarlett began sucking hungrily, quickly devouring every speck of ass juice from the first few inches of the dildo before lowering her mouth downwards.

She didn’t pause for a second when it hit the back of her mouth, Scarlett ignoring her gag reflects and forcing inch after inch of strap on cock down her throat. Her eyes filled with tears as she struggled to breathe through her nose, but Scarlett forced every inch of that big black dick down her throat before she began sucking on the entire length in a way which would have put a porn star to shame.

After sucking on the whole thing for as long as she could take Scarlett removed her mouth in a choking gasp, quickly taking air into her lungs for a few seconds before returning to the blow job.

Pretty much all of her yummy butt juices were gone by now, Scarlett barely having a chance to savour the wonderful flavour as she had greedily sucked it off. But after such a skilful ass fucking Scarlett was eager to thank the goddess she was lucky enough to call her black mistress, looking up lovingly into the dominant woman’s eyes as she worshipped the strap on dick which had just been as deep as it could go into her ass with her mouth.

Beyonce grinning widely. She couldn’t help it. The sight before filled her with too much happiness, power and pride not too.

She had the big-time movie star Scarlett Johansson kneeling before her, sucking on a strap on dildo which had just been embedded in her bowels with obscene eagerness, the actress now looking up at Beyonce with total devotion in her eyes. It was a look Beyonce was used to seeing in Scarlett’s eyes, but it was never more clear than it was now. It also had never been more clear what Scarlett needed… what was now about to happen.

“Stand before me my white bitch.” Beyonce ordered after several minutes of watching Scarlett giving her strap on a surprisingly good BJ, even if the submissive slut still had to stop every so often to gasp for breath after deep throating.

When Scarlett received the order the dildo was buried in her throat so she first had to remove it and gasp a little before she could reply, “Yes my Black Mistress.”

Without the desire to taste her own ass or to suck her mistress’s cock Scarlett suddenly felt her exhaustion like never before, struggling to get up onto her feet, her entire body feeling like jelly after the fucking she had endured.

Once she was finally on her feet Scarlett wasn’t sure what to do with herself. She didn’t feel worthy to even look into the eyes of the dark skinned goddess who had just dominated her so skilfully, but at the same time she couldn’t resist.

Instead of giving her an order Beyonce just stared at her for a few moments and then reached down to grab onto the nipple clamps that had been painfully tugging on Scarlett’s nipples for what felt like an eternity.

With a slight grin Beyonce released the left clamp, bending her head downwards to swallow the nipple and roughly start sucking on it as Scarlett cried out in pain. Her cry of pain turn to pleasure as her mistress’s skilled lips and tongue worked over her left nipple before Beyonce repeated the process with the right.

With the clamps removed and left forgotten on the floor Beyonce went back and forth between her submissive pet’s nipples for several minutes, the whole time using her hands to squeeze those big boobs before she finally pulled her mouth away from them and said, “Look at me Scarlett.”

This shocked and worried Scarlett. Her mistress almost never called her by her name when they were in private together. It must be serious.

To reinforce the idea this was serious Beyonce brought her hands down to Scarlett’s sides when she had her full attention and said, “Are you happy with your husband?”

“No my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, not even needing to think about it, “I never was. I didn’t even know what true happiness was until I became your white bitch.”

“Do you think you ever could? If I let him use all your holes maybe?” Beyonce offered.

“No my Black Mistress, please don’t.” Scarlett whimpered, “My holes are yours. Every little part of me is yours. You shouldn’t have to share me with him, and I don’t want you too. I… I know what I want doesn’t matter, but please my Black Mistress, please don’t share me. Let me be exclusively yours. I want to be the exclusive property of my Black Mistress Beyonce Knowles.”

Beyonce smiled because she could see in Scarlett’s eyes that her bitch was telling the truth, and because it was what she was waiting to hear.

“In that case, here’s what you must do. Return to your hotel room and tell your husband your marriage is over. Tell him that you are sorry for pretending to be a straight girl but the truth is you have always been a submissive lesbian, just waiting for a dominant woman to set you free. You waited for a long time but now it’s finally happened. You have become the exclusive property of a dominant black woman who has turned you into her white bitch. She is your Black Mistress and your purpose in life is to satisfy her sexual needs. You have become addicted to the sweet taste of your Black Mistress’s pussy and ass, and the feeling of getting your own big tits and ass spanked. But most of all your addicted to your Black Mistress’s big black cock, the strap on dildo your Black Mistress uses to fuck all your holes better than you ever dreamed. Especially your ass hole. At that point my pet I want you to turn around, bent over and expose your ass to him. Make sure to spread your ass cheeks so he has a good look at your gaping shit hole. Then tell him about everything we’ve done today and how you have learned to love taking your Black Mistress’s big black cock up your fat white ass. You will then offer him your mouth one final time and anything he wants in the divorce. But make it clear to him if he lays a finger on your pretty little blonde head, or dares to touch your other holes, your Black Mistress will ruin him.” Beyonce said, making it very clear she wasn’t joking, “Regardless whether he accepts or not I expect you back in my hotel room in half an hour to start your new life as my exclusive property. If you’re even a second late there will be severe consequences. Do you understand me my white bitch?”

“Yes, yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, her eyes filling with tears of joy. It was hard for her not to hug the other woman she was so happy. Instead after thinking about it for a moment Scarlett fell to her knees and began covering Beyonce’s feet in kisses, “Thank you, thank you so much my Black Mistress. You won’t regret this. My life is yours. I devote myself completely to you my Black Mistress. I’ll do anything to please you whenever you want.”

“That was true a few minutes ago.” Beyonce pointed out, although she did enjoy the feeling of Scarlett’s lips against her feet, waiting a little while before ordering her, “Now get your slutty dress back on and get going.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, quickly collecting her clothes and putting them on.

“Don’t bother with the panties. They’ll only get in the way. Oh, and give your soon to be ex-husband this.” Beyonce said, grabbing one of the pictures she had printed out, “It’ll be something he can remember you by.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Scarlett said, grateful her face wasn’t visible in the picture Beyonce selected.

“And you better not be late this time.” Beyonce told her bitch as she headed out the door.

Scarlett wasn’t.

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