Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 5

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Taylor Swift. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story.

Starring: Beyonce Knowles, Taylor Swift

Codes: Anal, FF, Interracial, Oral, Rim, Toys

Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 5
by MTL (

Taylor Swift got nervous a lot. Before and during her musical performances, her interviews, award shows, even just being in a large crowd or talking to someone she didn’t know, just about everything made the shy little blonde nervous. However Taylor had never been more nervous than she was now, standing in front of the hotel room door belonging to one of the most successful singers of all time Beyonce Knowles.

Until a few hours ago they had only really met in passing, Beyonce barely giving the white country singer a second look, Taylor too star struck to even think about talking to the black pop singer. Then Kanye West had humiliated her in front of everyone at the MTV Music Video Awards, and all of a sudden Beyonce hadn’t seem to be able to leave her alone. That was probably because Beyonce had found her crying backstage, but still it meant a lot to Taylor, especially as later when Beyonce was accepting an award she called Taylor up onto the stage to finish her acceptance speech. They’d talked for like an hour after the show, and even though she wouldn’t have thought it was possible Taylor felt so much better, if nothing else because she felt so overwhelmed talking to Beyonce that she didn’t even think about what had happened to her.

Of course everyone wanted to talk to Taylor about what had happened, and they had both needed to mingle so they parted ways, but Beyonce had insisted that Taylor come to her hotel room afterwards so they could talk some more. At the time Taylor had been excited by the prospect, but despite how easy she had found talking to the black mega star she couldn’t help feeling nervous again now she was actually standing on what felt like sacred ground.

As soon as she finally worked up the courage to knock she heard the faint sound of footsteps and then the door opened to reveal the stunning beauty that was Beyonce Knowles.

The black woman smiled at her warmly, “Taylor, I’m so glad you came. Please, come in.”

“Hey… thanks…” Taylor murmured, wishing she had something more profound to say as she shuffled in.

Then she heard the gentle sound of the door being closed and then locked, something that seemed only natural given what a big star Beyonce was. Little did she know the older woman had locked the door as much to keep Taylor in as to keep people out.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Beyonce offered softly, “Water, juice-”

“No, I’m, I’m fine.” Taylor stammered softly.

“How about something a little stronger?” Beyonce further offered.

“No, I’m… I’m 19.” Taylor said softly, assuming Beyonce probably didn’t know how old she was. Why would she? Of course even if she’d known or suspected few would vilify the spectacular woman for offering her that kind of drink under the circumstances.

Beyonce smiled widely at the teen’s reaction, “Well, you really are a good girl, aren’t you? It’s… cute.”

Taylor, who had spent their entire conversation so far with her eyes downcast, lowered her head and blushed slightly.

Beyonce somewhat cursed herself for her cute comment, although she had to give herself credit for not literally drooling. She’d had easy conquest before, but this emotionally vulnerable little teen might just prove to be her easiest. Hell, this cute little white girl might as well have showed up at her door with a little bow around her and a card reading ‘To Beyonce, please enjoy’.

Of course while Beyonce was a sexual predator forever on hunt for soft girl flesh, with straight white girls being her favourite type of prey, she wasn’t heartless. As such when Taylor burst into tears in front of her the dark skinned singer immediately went from hunting mode to comforting mode, quickly wrapping her arms around the weeping country singer and holding her gently.

“I’m, I’m sorry.” Taylor wept.

“Shhhhh, you have nothing to be sorry for.” Beyonce comforted softly.

This was very reminiscent of how Beyonce had found Taylor backstage, although unlike last time when the young girl had become embarrassed and quickly composed herself this time she just kept softly crying her eyes out. Beyonce held her through it all, standing on the spot for several minutes before eventually guiding her over to the luxurious sofa that came as part of the pop singer’s expensive suite. Taylor didn’t interject, allowing Beyonce to gently reposition them as she continued to cry.

Eventually Taylor whimpered, “I… I, I can’t help thinking he was, was ri, right. You, you should have won.”

Beyonce agreed with that sentiment, although she didn’t tell Taylor that. Instead she opted for truthfully murmuring, “I’ve won plenty of awards. Tonight you had the chance to shine, and Kanye took that away from you and ruined your night, made you feel all bad inside… but you know what? I think I can make it up to you.”

It wasn’t Beyonce job to do that, but feeling kind of curious by that statement Taylor lifted her head up to look at the other woman and asked, “H, how? How can you do that?”

Beyonce smiled and then began gently sliding her hands over Taylor’s body. Of course she ignored all the places she most wanted to touch, but the gentle movements of her hands were clearly not 100% just friendly. Taylor seemed to pick up on that by the way she opened her mouth and let out a soft moan, the two singers staring at each other for several long minutes.

Then Beyonce smiled, lent forward, and softly whispered, “By making you feel good.”

With that Beyonce softly yet firmly pressed her lips to Taylor’s, simultaneously gripping a firm hold to the younger girl to make sure she couldn’t go anywhere. Taylor tensed in her arms and initially seemed like she was trying to flee, but as she didn’t Beyonce continued her aggressive seduction of her prey which quickly began to pay off.

Taylor did think about trying to pull away, but she was so overwhelmed by what was happening that she became lost in the gentle caress of Beyonce’s lips on her own, the younger singer slowly surrendering to her first girl on girl kiss. Of course Taylor only really realised that’s what it was after it was done, and even then it was hard for her to think given that Beyonce’s lips quickly travelled to her neck while the other woman’s hands seem to be everywhere.

“I… oh… we… oh… erm… oh… oh, oh, we, we shouldn’t do this.” Taylor finally whimpered softly.

“Why not?” Beyonce asked casually in between kissing the smaller girl’s neck.

“Because… oh, ohhhh… we… I… you, oh my gosh!” Taylor stammered before softly crying out as Beyonce’s tongue gently grazed her neck and then the country singer moaned, “You’re, mmmmm, oh, you’re married!”

After grinning against Taylor’s neck Beyonce moved her lips up against her prey’s ear and whispered, “Don’t worry sweetie, my hubby knows that, now and then, I need to fuck a white girl.”

The way Beyonce emphasise the word ‘fuck’ made Taylor tremble, the poor girl feeling lightheaded because of all the overwhelming feelings rocketing through her body, making it impossible for her to think clearly. Beyonce’s touch was only making it worse, Taylor feeling… well, she didn’t know what she was feeling. In that moment she felt like she didn’t know anything.

“See, I love all types of pussy.” Beyonce whispered, “But white pussy… mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm. Ain’t nothing sweeter. And a white girl’s mouth… damn, ain’t nothing that makes me cum harder than a white girl’s mouth.”

Taylor couldn’t believe this was happening. That another, older woman would be talking to her like this, using such obscene language, and that it would be Beyonce Knowles. The poor girl couldn’t even fathom it.

“Mmmm, just look at that mouth.” Beyonce practically growled as she brought her face inches away from Taylor’s again, immediately cupping the smaller girl’s face and gently rubbing her thumb against her lips, “So cute. So soft. So… made to please. But don’t worry Taylor, I’m going to take good care of you. Make you feel so good you forget all about mean old Kanye and become lost in pleasing your Black Mistress.”

After she finished speaking Beyonce waited patiently for Taylor to react. She was ready for the girl to scream, and/or run, and/or cry, but to her delight it seemed Taylor was determined to make this easy for her.

“I’m… I’m not…” Taylor finally whispered.

“Into women?” Beyonce finished for her, leaning into gently but firmly add, “Because your hard little nipples tell me otherwise.”

Beyonce could feel those nipples through both her own and Taylor’s clothes, which was still a testament to just how turned on Taylor was. From the look in her eyes Taylor knew it too, probably because in turn she could feel Beyonce’s nipples digging into her little titties. However Beyonce decided to emphasise her point by allowing her wandering hands to slide over those little titties, her thumbs lingering over those sadly covered nipples as a big grin of triumph crossed her face.

In response Taylor whimpered, blushed and lowered her head in submission.

Technically Beyonce had already won, not that she would be satisfied with ‘technically’ of course.

“See, these hard little nipples tell me you crave black pussy. That you want me to shove you down onto your knees and feed you my hot black cunt. Maybe let you eat my big black ass too. But first, you want me to see the little treat you’ve got for me. Yeah, you wanna give me that white pussy. Let me gobble it all up. That’s what you want, isn’t it white girl?” Beyonce taunted.

“I… I…” Taylor whimpered, a tear sliding down one of her cheeks.

“Look, I’m going to make this real simple.” Beyonce cut her off, not wanting to ruin the moment, “In a second I’m going to slide my fingers up that cute little dress of yours, and if you’re little white pussy is dry I’ll let you go and you can tell everyone about this if you want. Or not, as let’s face it, you wouldn’t want the scandal anymore than I would. But here’s the thing, if your little white pussy is wet… then that little white body of yours is all mine. Do you understand?”

For what felt like an eternity Beyonce stared into Taylor’s eyes, silently demanding her soon-to-be new white slut answer her. Eventually Taylor let out a tiny whimper and a little nod of her head, prompting Beyonce to grin wickedly and then slowly slide a hand up Taylor’s thigh. It took several seconds for the hand to reach it’s destination but it only felt like one, partly because the atmosphere was so intense and partly because given the way Taylor’s eyelashes flooded and the smell of pussy in the air Beyonce already knew what she was going to find.

Sure enough Taylor’s little panties were soaking, as much as any white slut Beyonce had ever seduced, her prey bucking her hips into the touch and in a cute little whimper let out, “Oh my God!”

“No sweetie, I’m not God. I’m your Black Mistress. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, thanks to your traitorous little white pussy I’m now your Black Mistress, and you sweet baby girl are my white bitch. Mmmmmmmm, and I’m going to make you feel so good.” Beyonce purred in delight before kissing Taylor again.

Taylor melted into the kiss and spread her legs, hoping that Beyonce would touch her some more. She did, although she only rubbed Taylor’s ruined panties for a few seconds before grabbing a firm hold of the blonde’s butt and then standing up, the curvaceous black woman picking the little white girl up like she was weightless. In her completely overwhelmed state Taylor could feel herself swoon. She loved it when a guy picked her up in his strong arms, and somehow this was even more intoxicating. And the best part was that Beyonce didn’t stop kissing her, Taylor happily surrendering her mouth to the soft invasion which was the other woman’s tongue.

Then all of a sudden Beyonce was gently lowering her down, encouraging Taylor to try and stand on her own but the truth was the younger singer wasn’t sure she could, not after the last kiss had turned her legs to jelly. Somehow she managed it just long enough for Beyonce to grab hold of her long red dress and pull it over her head, Taylor opening her mouth to give a half-hearted protest which was thankfully silenced by those wonderful lips again. Then Beyonce was picking her up again and again Taylor was melting into the sweet embrace, the blonde girl barely noticing when she was gently lowered on top of the bed and mounted by the dominant brunette.

For what felt like an eternity they remained like that, Taylor in her underwear with the fully clothed black woman on top of her, the white girl desperately trying to keep up with the incredibly talented mouth and tongue of Beyonce Knowles. Then all of a sudden Beyonce was moving down to her neck and then eventually to her breasts, spending what felt an eternity on each area but perhaps especially her boobs, the brunette removing Taylor’s bra in one swift motion before beginning to slide her lips and tongue all over that soft pale flesh, paying particular attention to the blonde’s nipples.

Even though it all felt heavenly Taylor couldn’t help feel like she should object. For some reason. It was just… she couldn’t think why, and even if she could remember why she should stop this Taylor wasn’t so sure she was capable of any coherent speech right now. Especially when Beyonce started moving even lower, slowly kissing her way down Taylor’s stomach until she reached the country/pop singer’s dripping love box. With each of those kisses Taylor whimpered more pathetically, until she had to shut her eyes tight and grip onto the bed sheets to keep herself from becoming anymore overwhelmed.

Beyonce couldn’t help grinning happily as Taylor spread her legs wide, allowing her plenty of room to settling between them. Just like every other supposed straight girl Beyonce had bedded. Oh yes, Taylor Swift was just like all the others, an easy conquest for the dominant Alpha female that was Beyonce Knowles, the powerful black woman licking her lips as she got an up close look at just how wet the white girl’s panties were. That caused another grin, as did the fact that when she removed them Taylor lifted her hips and legs up when appropriate to make it easier for Beyonce to get at her straight girl pussy.

Once she was back in position in between Taylor’s thighs Beyonce admired the sight and the smell of that wet straight girl pussy for a few seconds, then she purred, “Does my white bitch want me to eat her little cunt? Huh?”

Taylor whimpered softly, then when Beyonce didn’t say or do anything for a couple of seconds, which felt like a couple of hours, she practically wept, “Pl, please… please… please, please… just do it.”

“Do what?” Beyonce beamed.

Taking a deep calming breath Taylor whimpered, “Eat me. Eat my white girl pussy, please Beyonce, OOOOOOOH MY GOSH! OH DANG IT! OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

It seemed pretty clear that Beyonce was going to have to teach this white girl how to address her properly, and how to swear, but Beyonce was practically starving for pussy. The last few sluts she had been with had such fuck-able asses Beyonce had spent their entire time together sodomising them non-stop. Besides, they were already so submissive that going down on one of them had almost seem wrong. That’s why Beyonce had been itching for a fresh conquest, and it was high time she conquered this perky little white slut, and a pussy eating was always a great way to start breaking in a new bitch.

So the second innocent little Taylor Swift had practically choked out ‘eat my white girl pussy’ Beyonce had decided that was good enough, the black singer leaning forward and extending her tongue to slide it over the younger girl’s pussy lips over and over and over again, Beyonce making sure that with every lick she started from the bottom and went all the way to the top where she lingered on Taylor’s clit. Using that technique Beyonce had Taylor’s juices flowing even more than they were before, the dominant woman very quickly wrapping her lips around the submissive girl’s love hole to ensure the majority of the delicious cunt cream flowing like a river out of her prey.

Beyonce had always thought that Taylor Swift would taste sweet, but her fantasies really hadn’t done this girl justice. In fact she may be one of the sweetest tasting girls Beyonce had ever conquered, the older singer wondering whether she should tie Taylor spreadeagled on her dining table so she could make a snack out of this delicious white pussy whenever she wanted. Of course that would have meant she would have been denied access to Taylor’s other charms, which was unacceptable, but for right now Beyonce was very much enjoying her meal. Although while the main course of Taylor’s cunt cream was one of the yummiest things she’d ever tasted Beyonce was aching what her desert a.k.a. Taylor’s cum was like, and the more pussy juice she’s swallowed the less patient she became.

The last few minutes had been overwhelming enough for poor little Taylor, but when Beyonce slammed her tongue inside her she swore she came on the spot. Not that long after she learned she was wrong, but the sensation was far stronger than anything Taylor had felt with the boy. And Taylor had been with a few boys she thought were good at going down on her, but they were all a poor imitation of what Beyonce’s incredibly skilled tongue did to her. And that mouth. Oh Gosh, Taylor had never felt anything like it.

As Beyonce started gently thrusting her tongue in and out of Taylor’s love hole the poor blonde wondered what it all meant for her in the long run. Clearly she wasn’t as straight as she thought she was, but surely she couldn’t be a 100% lesbian. Taylor had no problem with lesbians, but surely she would have known if she was one, right? Was Beyonce turning her gay? Was that even possible? Taylor was pretty sure it wasn’t, at least not outside of porn, but if anyone could do it then it would be someone overwhelmingly sexy like Beyonce Knowles. After all, Beyonce just seemed to drip with sex appeal, and she was so skilled at this maybe it didn’t even mean anything that Taylor was enjoying it so much.

Then for the first time in her life Taylor experienced the kind of toe curling climax which made her cum literally squirt out of her love box and Taylor could no longer worry about such things as her sexuality. She could barely even remember her own name, she was far too busy screaming, crying and occasionally whimpering as she desperately tried to cling on to an ounce of sanity. However Beyonce was merciless, only removing her tongue briefly to swallow Taylor’s cum and even that included sucking incredibly hard on her sensitive little love hole. Then the tongue fucking resumed, harder than ever before.

Over and over again Taylor came until she swore she was going to end up in some kind of sex coma. Then, after Beyonce had swallowed what felt like a gallon of cum and even more ended up covering her beautiful face, the black woman replaced her tongue with two of her fingers. Taylor wasn’t even sure Beyonce prepared them in any way, just shoved inside her and started pounding her perhaps even harder than her tongue. And she used her thumb to rub her clit, which made Taylor try to beg for mercy, try to tell Beyonce that she couldn’t take any more of this, but all that came out was a series of incoherent noises as another amazing orgasm was forced upon her.

Licking her cum covered lips Beyonce lifted herself up so she was face to face with Taylor and purred, “You cum really, really easy. I like it.”

Taylor tried to say something again, but all she could do was whimper.

“Awww, what’s the matter, cat got your tongue? Or are you just lost for words because all your little boyfriends couldn’t make you cum like I can?” Beyonce grinned boastfully, and then when Taylor only whimpered in response removed her fingers momentarily so she could slide herself out of her tight fitting red dress before returning her fingers to where they belonged and adding, “That’s ok, you’re my slut now. Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm yeah, and your Black Mistress is going to take real good care of you from now on Taylor, but first you gotta show your appreciation. Mmmmmm yeah, C’mon and suck my big fat titties! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHH, mmmmmmmm, suck em! Suck Momma’s big titties like a good little white girl!”

While she was speaking Beyonce turned over onto her back, pulled Taylor onto her lap and then when the time was right pulled one of her bra cup aside and then pushed her latest conquest’s head down to where she wanted it. To her delight Taylor latched on to her nipple like a babe looking for sustenance, Beyonce allowing her new little white pet to suck away for a few minutes before she uncovered the other breast and then pushed Taylor’s head towards that with the same results.

Over and over Beyonce pulled Taylor’s head this way and that, gently fingering her the entire time, although it quickly became clear that this encouragement wasn’t necessary. Beyonce could feel it in the way Taylor was sucking her tits and bringing her hands up to play with those globes of flesh, the girl was hooked. Just like all the ‘straight’ girls who had fallen under the spell of Beyonce’s big boobs, Taylor eventually becoming so enthusiastic that Beyonce pretty much sat back and let her do all the work, only gently playing with that pretty blonde hair and eagerly pumping Taylor’s pussy with her fingers. And of course, offered up verbal encouragement.

“Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, you love those big black titties, don’t you white girl? Mmmmmmmm yeah, all white girls do. All you little white sluts just love a pair of big black titties, ooooooooh fuck, mmmmmmm, especially when their getting their little white pussies fingered at the same time. It’s natural.” Beyonce cooed softly, before going in for the kill, “You know what else all white girls loved Taylor? Black pussy. Some, like you, might be a little hesitant at first, mmmmmmm, but as soon as you get a taste of my sweet honey you’ll be hooked for life. So why don’t you be a good little white girl and fulfil your destiny by becoming a black pussy eating slut. Mmmmmmm, get that pretty little popstar face in my black cunt and start licking! Ooooooohhhhhhh shit, mmmmmmm, make me cum all over your pretty little white face and I’ll make you cum again.”

Taylor Swift was going to eat her pussy. It was now inevitable, but Beyonce had talked plenty of nervous girls in between her thighs and was fully prepared to do it now. And she thought she’d have too, because despite how relaxed Taylor was from sucking on her big titties her words made the innocent girl tense up for a few moments which felt like hours. Then with one final lingering suck to Beyonce’s right nipple Taylor started to slowly work her way down south, kissing every inch of the chocolate coloured stomach in front of her before finally settling in between Beyonce’s legs.

Unfortunately this forced Beyonce to remove her fingers from Taylor’s twat. With some strategic manoeuvring Beyonce could have kept her finger inside of Taylor, but after some debate the older singer decided it was better this way. After all, she had already worked Taylor up to nearly another orgasm, so this gave her the chance to cool down and make a choice while still being under the influence of Beyonce’s touch, her final words and the need to cum pushing Taylor to make the right decision. Besides, Beyonce had already done her part and gotten Taylor off, now she wanted to sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labour.

With trembling hands Taylor reached up and grabbed Beyonce’s tiny black panties, which looked as ruined as her own, and then looked up at the older woman for permission to remove them. Beyonce just gave her a look which clearly said hurry up, prompting Taylor to pull the fabric down, amazed to find out that they weren’t panties, but in fact a tiny thong. Once they were off completely Taylor stared at them in disbelief and tried to imagine Beyonce wearing them, the tiny piece of fabric digging into that big black ass of hers and making it look even bigger… then Taylor shook herself out of her thoughts, tossed the thong aside and looked down at her seductress.

Beyonce Knowles was a goddess. This woman was amazing, Taylor feeling like a little kid next to this curvaceous bombshell, every insecurity she ever had quickly rushing back to her and rendering her a mindless moron. Then, seeing that Beyonce was about to say something, Taylor tried to save herself from this goddess’s wrath by quickly crawling back in between her legs, closing her eyes, sticking out her tongue and taking her first cautious lick of another woman’s pussy. A black pussy, thus fulfilling her destiny according to her new black mistress.

The taste instantly set Taylor’s taste buds on fire, both women moaning as Taylor’s tongue travelled from the bottom of Beyonce’s pussy lips all the way up to the top. The only difference was that Beyonce’s moan totally drowned out Taylor’s, and the confident black woman probably wasn’t feeling nearly as overwhelmed as the timid white girl. Once that lick was completed Taylor whimpered, feeling totally out of her depth and so worried she wouldn’t be able to please this dark skinned goddess who had given her so much pleasure seconds ago. Oh well, like her Mom and so many others told her she could only try her best, Taylor taking a calming breath and then doing just that.

Desperately trying to remember what had been done to her Taylor bought herself some time by repeating what she had just done over and over again, namely licking Beyonce’s pussy lips from the bottom to the top as slowly as she possibly could, her eyelids fluttering as she became more and more used to the flavour of cunt. Her instant and growing love for that flavour seemed to confirm at least one thing, she wasn’t entirely straight. Which should have probably been obvious from the way her body reacted to Beyonce’s touch, and definitely while the other woman was eating her pussy, but this seemed to solidify she was at the very least bisexual, if not a total lesbo, if only for gorgeous black women.

As Taylor settled into a gentle cunt lapping rhythm while trying to decide upon her sexuality Beyonce simply moaned in pleasure and relaxed. Sure, she was aching for release, but there was something so endearing about watching a white girl lick her first black pussy that Beyonce didn’t want to rush it. Besides, trying to force Taylor to make her cum quickly would just push her away, and Beyonce wasn’t going to be satisfied with anything less than total submission from Taylor Swift, the black woman determined that the white girl wouldn’t leave this room until she had been thoroughly conquered.

With that in mind Beyonce forced herself to allow Taylor to go at her own pace, and while that was frustratingly slow and gentle when she was wet and ready to go, this gentle pussy licking was not without its charms. After all this wasn’t just any first timer Beyonce had picked up at a bar and manipulated into eating her cunt, this was Taylor Swift. Perhaps one of the most sweet and innocent girls in the business, with the snow white complexion which just looked so good in between her black thighs. Oh yes, Taylor would be quite the notch on her belt, Beyonce licking her lips as she imagined the pictures she would soon have of this girl in her book of bitches.

Of course thinking of those pictures was a double-edged sword, as while it momentarily distracted her from the slow and gentle action she was receiving it also made her incredibly horny and ache to shove Taylor’s face as deep as it would go into her cunt. Or worse, push her away so she could grab her strap on and then hold the younger girl with all her strength and the look of pixie down and rape her lily white ass, a sadistic part of Beyonce almost feeling ready to cum just from the idea of taking that ass by force, even if it ruined her career as a weeping Taylor revealed to the press how Beyonce Knowles had wrecked her ass hole.

Actually Taylor was so weak she probably wouldn’t say anything to anybody, especially as it would be beyond humiliating for her, but that didn’t mean it justified Beyonce thinking of doing something so awful. But the fact that even for a moment she considered it meant she had to cum soon or she would go crazy. So Beyonce finally reached out like she’d wanted to this entire time and began stroking Taylor’s pretty blonde hair like she was already the well-trained pet Beyonce planned on turning her into. When that caused Taylor to lick a little more forcefully, instead of putting her off like Beyonce had been afraid it would, the black pop singer began giving more traditional encouragement, which of course included detail instructions on how to please her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, oh baby, you’re doing such a good job at eating my pussy. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, it tastes good, don’t it honey? Ooooooooooh yeah, and you wanna get more, huh?” Beyonce grinned in between moans, “Mmmmmmmm well, don’t worry baby, I’ll tell you how to get me off, then there’ll be more for you then you can handle.”

Taylor had been so loving the feeling of Beyonce stroking her hair. It was so comforting, and totally made her feel like Beyonce’s pet. Which Taylor knew should horrify her, but it didn’t. It felt natural to submit to this obviously dominant woman. To… to this top. That’s what they were called right? When it was two women the dominant woman was called a top and the submissive one was the bottom, Taylor actually liking the word and feeling that it suited her. And as a bottom Taylor should try and please her top, and when Beyonce started giving her tips the white girl tried to focus as much as she could in her current state to every word the black woman was saying, then try and follow it.

“First, lick my pussy just a little harder. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, that’s it baby, mmmmmmmmmm, just like that, now my clit. Lick my ooooooooooh Taylor! That’s it Taylor, now suck it baby, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd, oh baby, you’re a natural!” Beyonce exclaimed, before chuckling to herself, “Mmmmmmmmmm, then again, white girls always are. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck baby, embrace your natural instincts and eat that black pussy! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, I told you that you crave black cunt, just like all the other white girls, mmmmmmmmmmm, and now I want you to embrace the fact that you’re like all the rest and eat that black pussy. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeah, come get some of what you crave girly girl and embrace the fact that you and every other white girl are just sluts for black pussy!”

Those words made Taylor blush, but she couldn’t even imagine arguing when that meant tearing herself away from this heavenly treat. Besides, she wasn’t exactly in a position to argue, even if she was sure not all white women were submissive pussy lickers, like she apparently was. Then again Taylor was sure that those words were designed to turn Beyonce on. Maybe Taylor too. If that was the case it worked, Taylor embarrassed about how much that idea appeal to her as she did all those things Beyonce said got her off, the little blonde rewarded almost instantly by more cunt cream that she could handle, her face becoming drenched with the yummy liquid as she fought to swallow as much as she could.

“Oh baby, that’s good, that’s sooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddddd!” Beyonce moaned, now simply offering words of encouragement, “Yes, you’re so good. Ohhhhhhhh you’re so good at eating my pussy! Mmmmmmmmm God, you’re worshipping that black pussy like a good white girl should, mmmmmmmmmm, becoming my good little white bitch, ooooooooohhhhhhhh!”

Taylor felt so proud of herself in that moment. She was making this goddess of a woman feel good. She, she was pleasing her top. Pleasing her top like a good bottom should, Taylor feeling like she was truly embracing her real self as she frantically licked and sucked Beyonce’s pussy, in between desperately gulping down as much cunt cream as she could. Then Beyonce tightened her grip on her hair, pulled Taylor’s face even deeper into her cunt and then gave her the order which would truly change her into a lesbian bottom forever.

“Stick your tongue inside me you little bitch!” Beyonce screamed, unable to take any more of this amazing pleasure without achieving her climax, “OH FUCK, mmmmmmmmm, push your tongue inside my pussy and fuck me with it like the little white dyke you are! Come on Taylor, ohhhhhhhhhhhh,  tongue fuck me sweetie. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me like the little queer girl you are and make me cum! Ah fuck, come on you lezzie slut, tongue fuck me and make me cum tongue fuck me and make me cum tongue fuck me and make me cum OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!”

With that Taylor finally did it. She finally pushed her tongue into another woman’s pussy, fulfilling her greatest fantasy she wasn’t completely aware that she had. Then just when she didn’t think it could get any better she started thrusting her tongue in and out of that extremely wet hole, making Beyonce screaming coherently which filled Taylor with pride. Then her mouth was filled with a flavour which seemed too good to be real, Taylor desperately starting to swallow it before she even realised it was Beyonce’s cum. She had made another woman, Beyonce Knowles no less, cum for her, a blissful smile crossing Taylor’s face as she continued trying to swallow as much of Beyonce’s cum as she could.

Beyonce was very impressed with Taylor. Not just how hard the inexperienced white girl made her cum, although make no mistake, it was a fantastic orgasm, one which rendered her mindless for a while. However it didn’t take much to make Beyonce cum when there was another woman in between her legs, especially when it was a cute little white girl, and Taylor Swift maybe just be one of the cutest little white girls Beyonce had ever had the pleasure of ever turning into her muff diving little bitch.

What was really impressive was how much cum Taylor was able to swallow, the inexperienced bottom not becoming at all overwhelmed by having her first woman cum into her face as she kept her mouth glued tightly to Beyonce’s entrance so the majority of the girl cum flow directly down her throat and into her stomach where it belonged. Sure, she couldn’t get all of it, and she had to frantically swallow so her mouth didn’t overflow with all the girl cum, but all things considered Taylor would be really well, and with every frantic gulp Beyonce could tell her latest conquest was accepting her role as a pussy pleaser.

Best of all once Beyonce was done cumming in Taylor’s mouth the little blonde didn’t pull back and nervously staring at the other singer. Oh no, Taylor returned her tongue to Beyonce’s honeypot, giving it a few licks just to capture some escaped girl cum before she pushed her tongue inside the older woman’s cunt and restarted the wonderful tongue fucking, not stopping until she made Beyonce cum again. That wonderful process was repeated over and over again, Beyonce more impressed with every powerful orgasm Taylor gave her.

It felt so wonderful that Beyonce was very, very tempted to just lie back and spend the rest of the night with Taylor Swift worshipping her cunt. That would probably have the desired effect and turnout this girl who Beyonce was now convinced should stick to other girls from now on, they wouldn’t give her what she really wanted, that being Taylor as her latest white bitch. And to properly add Taylor to her collection Beyonce felt she needed to pop the innocent girl’s anal cherry, and that was exactly what she was going to do. So after who knows how many orgasms Beyonce pulled Taylor away from her cunt and up into a passionate kiss, the black woman taking great pleasure and tasting herself on the lips and tongue of the innocent little white girl.

“Are you ready to truly become my white bitch?” Beyonce asked with a wicked grin when she broke the kiss.

“Yes!” Taylor gasped, desperately trying to think what Beyonce might want her to say, “I, I wanna be Yours. I, I want to be your white bitch. Please Beyonce… my Black Mistress, make me your bitch. I’ll do anything if you’ll let me be your pussy eating bitch.”

“Then bend over.” Beyonce grinned, “Mmmmmmm, get on all fours and show me that cute little white ass of yours.”

Taylor did as she was told without a moment’s hesitation. Then she wondered why Beyonce would want her in this position, given that she didn’t have a cock and all. Her question was quickly answered when Beyonce stood up, slapped her ass and then retrieved some kind of dildo with straps attached to it. Taylor quickly worked out exactly what it was as Beyonce stepped into it, pulled it up her thighs and tightened it around her waist, giving her a cock. The longest, thickest cock Taylor had ever seen, the poor girl trembling at the thought of taking the black monster inside her pussy.

Then Beyonce dropped the bombshell, “You said you’d do anything to be mine. Is that true Taylor? Are you willing to give me your tight little white ass in exchange for becoming my white bitch? Are you prepared to give up your anal cherry? Are you ready to truly accept your place by performing the ultimate act of surrender for your Black Mistress. If you do I promise you’ll love it. That you’ll become addicted to the feeling of my big black cock stretching your little white ass hole. Mmmmmmmm, all you have to do is give me that sweet little cherry, and your ass will literally be mine forever.”

Somehow Taylor felt that she went ghostly pale and blushed bright red at the same time. She definitely trembled and felt like she was going to throw up, because all her boyfriends had asked her for anal and she said no, but this time her answer would be different. It didn’t matter that Beyonce’s dildo was bigger than their cocks, nearly combined, she was going to take that monster up her ass, because what else could she do? Refuse? No, she needed to be this woman’s bitch, and she would do anything to get it.

So eventually Taylor squeaked so softly it was barely a whisper, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Beyonce pushed, “I need you to say it Taylor.”

Gulping softly Taylor replied, “You, you can have my butt.”

“Good girl.” Beyonce beamed, retrieving her tube of lubricant, “Now do your best to relax. I know it will be hard, but it will hurt if you don’t.”

Taylor was pretty sure it was going to hurt regardless, given that hole was so tiny and Beyonce’s dildo was so big. Now she had agreed to take it up her ass it looked even bigger, the other singer slowly rubbing some kind of liquid into it as if it was real. Then Beyonce walked around her, Taylor whimpering as the other woman disappeared from sight and then she felt a dip in the bed behind her, signifying that Beyonce was getting into position.

“Spread your cheeks.” Beyonce ordered softly but firmly, “Mmmmmmmmm, show me that sweet little ass hole I’m about to fuck.”

Again Taylor whimpered softly but pressed her face to the bed sheets, reach back and spread her ass cheeks, offering up her virgin ass hole as a sacrifice, the tiny blonde hoped that this would be it. That after this unspeakable humiliation she would be allowed to secretly call herself Beyonce’s bitch. And that if she really hated it like she expected she would Beyonce would just allow her to eat her pussy night and day as a sign of her submission. Heck, all Taylor had to do was lick her lips and she could get some remaining cum, which made her want to be Beyonce’s personal pussy licker, spend the rest of her life in between the thighs of her Black Mistress without ever needing the favour to be returned.

Beyonce licked her lips at beautiful sight in front of her, then lent forward and spat on Taylor’s back door, offering her latest victim just a little more help before she then pulled out her camera to snap a photo of the wonderful gift Taylor was giving her. She then took another photo when she pressed the head of her strap on against Taylor’s virgin ass hole, and then she paused to savour the moment. Over the past 10+ years of white girl taming Beyonce had taken a lot of white girl anal cherries, yet she cherished the memory of each one like the little treasure they were. This would be no different, Beyonce savouring every precious moment of taking Taylor’s anal virginity.

As was her preference Beyonce opened Taylor’s virgin butt hole slowly, applying the perfect amount of pressure so that little rosebud stretch as slowly as possible for the black woman’s big strap on dick, which looked gigantic compared to the tiny hole it was invading. Then came the moment of pure bliss that was a white girl’s previously untouched ass hole closing around the head of Beyonce’s dildo, officially meaning that Taylor Swift was one of the lucky white girls who’s anal cherries would forever belong to Beyonce Knowles.

Throughout this process Taylor had been softly whimpering, and when she lost her anal cherry the blonde lifted her head up and let out this loud little cry which had Beyonce stroking her back and softly cooing, “Shhhhh, relax white girl. Your little anal cherry is mine. Now it’s time for me to make this cute little white booty mine. That means you got to relax.”

Taylor kept whimpering but lowered her head and did as she was told just like a good little submissive white girl should. If she had begged for mercy Beyonce might have shown her some, but Taylor was getting her ass fucked tonight. That wasn’t up for debate. Beyonce was going to have her way with this cute little white girl and turn her into the perfect little white bitch that she could tell Taylor was meant to be. If that meant using a little more lube and words of encouragement Beyonce was prepared to do that, however to the black singer’s delight despite her constant whimpers Taylor offered up no form of protest as Beyonce slowly filled her pale little butt with big chocolate coloured dick. Taylor even kept spreading her ass cheeks, giving Beyonce a mouth watering view which she preserved forever thanks to her little camera, the dark skinned singer/actress taking half a dozen shots in between penetrating Taylor’s virgin ass and filling it completely with strap on dildo.

When her hips finally did come to rest against Taylor’s spread little cheeks Beyonce paused yet again, taking a few shots and then just staring at the beautiful sight before her. Then she loosened her grip on Taylor and slowly pulled back, inch after inch of dildo exiting the white girl’s stretched little butt hole. When about half of the dick had been removed Beyonce slowly pushed the fake dick back inside her new bitch’s bowels, waiting until it was fully enbedded in Taylor’s backside before repeating the process, gently beginning to butt fuck the white girl with slow, steady thrusts. As she began giving Taylor her first ever ass fucking Beyonce lazily took shots of her dildo pumping in and out of that tight little back hole, the black singer becoming so lost in just staring at that thoroughly stretched out little ass hole that her mind became blank, her whole world revolving around butt fucking her new white bitch.

Taylor was also finding it difficult to think coherently because of the ass fucking she was receiving. However while the black pop singer was in heaven the white country singer was in hell. The pain of losing her anal virginity was like nothing Taylor had ever experienced before. She literally felt like she was being torn apart and she would need humiliating surgery to undo the damage. The blonde still feared that fate as her back passage was filled with the enormous dildo, stretching places inside her in a unnatural, disgusting and very painful way. And yet as wrong as it felt… it also felt right.

That feeling filled Taylor with shame and humiliation. She was after all being sodomised, her butt hole being misused for the pleasure of someone else. Yet the idea she was giving Beyonce Knowles pleasure felt so good. And she wanted too. After the ecstasy Beyonce had made her feel Taylor wanted to make this woman happy. She yearned to do so. And it felt so natural to do whatever this Goddess of a woman wanted. That as a mere mortal it was Taylor’s duty and even privilege to give this Goddess whatever she wanted, even Taylor’s forbidden hole nothing but an acceptable sacrifice for the Black Goddess. The pain, the shame, and the humiliation she was feeling didn’t matter. All that mattered was continuing to please the Goddess known as Beyonce Knowles, Taylor feeling it was only right that she should be in this position, face down and ass up, spreading her butt cheeks so she could offer up her exit only hole as a sacrifice.

Somehow those submissive thoughts made Taylor feel better, the pain slowly but surely fading to a comfortable ache. Then Taylor suddenly felt something which caused her to blush with shame and humiliation. Pleasure! Not much, just a little spark, but somehow it originated deep within her bowels. And soon there was another spark, and another, and another, until finally a moan escaped her lips.

“Yeahhhhh, starting to feel good ain’t it white girl?” Beyonce beamed.

Taylor whimpered and moaned in response.

“Told you it would.” Beyonce boasted, ass fucking Taylor for a few more long seconds before adding, “You know why it feels so good?”

Again Taylor whimpered and moaned in response.

“It’s because this is where a white girl like you belongs.” Beyonce said, explaining her own personal philosophy, “See, in my experience there are two types of white girls, dominant and submissives. I used to think there were straight white girls too, but after 10 years of turning out every little white girl who claims she’s straight and making her a little black pussy addict… well, I ain’t so sure that there’s such a thing as a straight white girl no more. Ain’t sure there’s such a thing as a dominant white girl either, as while I just love watching white girls bossing each other around I find their much more at home being my little bitches. Of coarse, there ain’t no fight in you, is there sweetie? Cause you’re a natural bottom. That’s why this feels all natural to you. Because it is. Mmmmmm, yeah, you’re a naturally submissive little white slut, just waiting for a dominant Alpha female like me to make you her bitch. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m making you my bitch.”

Even though she knew she didn’t have much of a case considering she was allowing Beyonce to ass fuck her Taylor tried to argue with a soft whimper, “I’m… I’m… I’m not a… a, a slut.”

“Oh you are.” Beyonce insisted, tightening her grip on Taylor’s hips, “Here, let me show you.”

With that Taylor’s hands were roughly pushed off her own ass cheeks and then the pace of the ass fucking rapidly increased until the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoed throughout the room.

Taylor almost felt like she was being spanked or something from the force of Beyonce’s hips smacking into her butt cheeks. However the pain was almost unnoticeable compared to the pleasure she was feeling, Taylor unable to stop loud moans, groans and cries escaping her lips as pleasure points she didn’t know existed were stimulated for the first time.

“Ohhhhh yeah, fucking love it, don’t you white girl?” Beyonce laughed, briefly smacking Taylor’s ass as she continued fucking it, “You fucking love it up the ass! Yeahhhh, you love taking it up the ass like a good little submissive white slut!”

“Oh gosh.” Taylor wept, unable to deny the truth.

“Shhhhhh.” Beyonce cooed, slowing down ever so slightly as she lent forward, her big tits pressing into the small girl’s back as she reached around to play with her prey’s perky little titties, “It ain’t nothing to be ashamed of sweetie. I told you, it’s natural. Deep down all white girls love submitting, and there ain’t nothing more submissive than taking it up the ass. That’s why all the white girls I’ve met, including you, feel most at home when their bent over taking my big black strap on dick up their little white asses. They also feel real at home in between my thighs and kissing my big black booty, but you’ll learn about that soon enough. For now let’s concentrate on your education, shall we? Now, does this feel natural to you? Answer me!”

“Ye, yessssss!” Taylor moaned in between whimpers.

“Yeahhhhh, white girls love it up the ass!” Beyonce grinned, “Where do white girls love it?”

“In, ohhhhhhhh, in their butts.” Taylor blushed.

“Damn right, and I bet you want this sweet little white ass pounded hard so you can cum, ain’t that right white girl?” Beyonce questioned, and then when Taylor only whimpered in response the black singer lowered her right hand down to the white singer’s pussy and began gently stroking it, grinning as she added, “Cause this little wet cunt says that’s what you want. Mmmmmmm, you’re fucking dripping! Just how I like my white bitches, their pussies wet and their asses tight! Mmmmmm, fuck yeah, I knew you’d be a total bottom. And you know that’s what you are now, right Taylor?”

“Yeeeessssss.” Taylor whimpered.

“You’re what?” Beyonce growled in the younger girl’s ear, “Tell me!”

“I’m a bottom.” Taylor blushed.

“A white bitch!” Beyonce pushed, pinching Taylor’s left nipple, “Say it!”

“I’m, I’m a white bitch.” Taylor whimpered.

“My white bitch!” Beyonce grinned.

“Your white bitch.” Taylor said softly, lowering her head in submission.

“Yeahhhhh, that’s what you are now Taylor. My little white bitch.” Beyonce said gleefully, “My little fuck toy who I’m going to use and abuse whenever I want! And I, I am now your Black Mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Taylor replied softly before crying out as her nipple was twisted again.

“Yes what?” Beyonce pushed, then when it was clear Taylor didn’t understand corrected for her, “Yes my Black Mistress!”

“Yes my Black Mistress!” Taylor quickly repeated.

“Good, now beg me to fuck your lily white ass and make you cum!” Beyonce demanded.

“Plea, please fuck me.” Taylor whimpered, and then after she received a hard smack to her ass, “Fuck me! Please my Black Mistress, fuck my ass! Fuck my lily white ass hard and deep! Make me cum! Oh Gosh, ass fuck me Mistress! Fuck my white butt with your big black dick. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh, OH GOD, mmmmmmmmmmm fuck me, fuck me and make me cum, oh Mistress! My Black Mistress, it feels so good. I can’t believe how good it feels to have your big black dick up my lily white ass! Oh my Black Mistress, fuck me, fuck me in the ass, fuck me up the butt, mmmmmmmmm, make me your slut! Make me your lesbian slut! Your dyke whore! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddddd, make me your white lezzie bitch, please Mistress Beyonce, my Black Mistress fuck me in my lily white ass and make me cum like a dirty little white lezzie bitch!”

Taylor continued to beg as Beyonce straightened up, grabbed a tight grip on her hips and began increasing the pace of the butt fucking again, this time not stopping until she was using every ounce of her strength. Or at least Taylor hoped it was every ounce of her strength, the timid country singer pretty sure that if Beyonce fucked her ass any harder then she would need rectum reconstruction surgery. However while the very thought was unbearably embarrassing it only seemed to add to the perverted lust which was overwhelming the poor white girl’s body.

Somewhere deep down there was part of Taylor that was trying to tell herself she’d only been telling Beyonce what she’d wanted to hear, and she was sure that not all white girls were submissive, but she wasn’t sure, and… it all felt so wonderfully right. Taylor had never known pleasure like this before, and when she finally came the ecstasy she was feeling seemed quadrupled, Taylor becoming a mindless beast as she screamed and bucked back against her new mistress.

As her cum literally squirted from her body and her eyes rolled in the back of her head the only coherent thoughts echoing in Taylor’s mind was how Beyonce was right. That she was a born bottom. A natural submissive. A dyke. That her calling in life was to sexually please a dominant black woman, and Beyonce Knowles was just the type of dark skinned goddess that Taylor had unknowingly been looking for all her life.

In truth Beyonce wasn’t sure everything she just said was true or not. She used to think that somewhere in the world there must be a thing as a true straight girl, just as there had to be a truly dominant white girl. However Beyonce was yet to find a girl who matched either description, and as she had bedded straight girl after straight girl and broken supposedly dominant white girl after supposedly dominant white girl and turn them into her submissive little pussy licker the black singer found herself believing the stuff she used to tell her conquests to help trigger their submissive side.

Throughout her career Beyonce had found herself drawn to like-minded women and now she was part of a super club made up of exclusively black woman who all truly believed that white girls were all naturally submissive, that the purpose of their existence was to sexually pleasure black woman. Certainly someone like Taylor wouldn’t change their mind, and Beyonce found herself looking forward to parading her latest conquest in front of them, fucking and humiliating little Taylor in front of them for a couple of hours, letting her friends lick their chops in anticipation before she threw her new white bitch to the wolves and watch them have their turn with poor little Taylor.

Of course Beyonce fully intended to spend at least a week making sure Taylor was fully housebroken, even though the white girl’s training was going so well she would probably be housebroken before the end of the night. Hell, it seemed like Taylor was fully housebroken already, and Beyonce hadn’t even finished butt fucking her yet. Not that was going to stop Beyonce from taking Taylor home with her and using all her fuck holes, especially the one she was currently using, as orifices for her pleasure, even if it only reinforced the total submission she was pretty sure she already had from her latest white bitch

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Beyonce have completely broken a white girl with just a good ass fucking, and while sometimes Beyonce craved a challenge and took great enjoyment of watching a supposedly straight and/or dominant white girl slowly succumb to the bitch training the black singer would put them through there was definitely something to be said for this. A submissive white girl who was easily tamed, the white girl in question now frantically slamming herself back against Beyonce’s rectum wrecking thrusts, clearly not caring if she was ever able to sit down again as long as she kept cumming.

Using her 10+ years experience Beyonce made sure Taylor did indeed keep cumming, the pop singer brutally sodomising the country singer until the latest notch on Beyonce’s belt collapsed face down in an exhausted heap. Of course that was enough for Beyonce who just kept viciously slamming her victim’s butt hole, pushing herself through many climaxes of her own thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the perverted joy of so completely dominating the innocent little white girl. Unfortunately Beyonce did eventually run out of steam, but then she got to pull her big black cock out of Taylor’s lily white ass and then admire her handiwork.

Those lily white ass cheeks were now a cute pink colour, perhaps even light red, after the relentless hammering of the black singer’s thighs, and of course Taylor’s butt hole was gaping wide open, a surefire sign of a good butt fucking. It wasn’t the widest gape Beyonce had ever seen, but that was ok. The night was young and she planned to thoroughly destroy that ass hole before the end of the night, Beyonce promising herself that Taylor’s back hole would be gaping at least twice as wide when she was finally done with it.

First though, it was time to introduce Taylor to the joys of ATM, Beyonce softly but firmly ordering her, “Taylor sweetie, come here.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Taylor said softly as she slowly turned round to face her top before grabbing the bed sheet best she could and trying to rub it over the dildo.

“No Taylor, use your mouth.” Beyonce said firmly, and then when Taylor looked confused she clarified, “I want you to go ass to mouth for me. Yes Taylor, I want you to suck your ass cream off my cock!”

“Ewww!” Taylor scrunched up her nose in discussed.

Beyonce frowned, “Don’t you want to please your Black Mistress?”

Taylor apprehensively began, “Of course, but-”

“Then wrap those pretty lips of yours around my cock and start sucking.” Beyonce said firmly.

Taylor looked pleadingly at her Black Mistress for a few long seconds, her mouth opening and closing slightly as she tried to think of what to say. Then she looked down at the dildo which had just robbed her of her anal virginity and gulped. She could have never ever imagined doing something like this until now, but Taylor was just filled with an overwhelming ache to please the beautiful woman in front of her, even if it meant doing something this extreme, perverted and gross. Then again that was what she had thought about anal sex, and while Taylor was sure she wouldn’t love sucking her butt off a cock nearly as much as she had loved getting her butt fucked hopefully it wouldn’t be so bad.

So Taylor took a calming breath, moved forward, closed her eyes and then wrapped her lips around the head of the toy. Automatically she scrunched up her face as she approached, but once she actually closed her lips around the dildo she was relieved to find the taste wasn’t quite as disgusting as she thought it would be. Sure, it wasn’t exactly pleasant, but it felt bizarrely hot to do something so twisted when she was sure no one could imagine her doing it, and it only became better after Beyonce started stroking her hair after a few minutes of gently nursing on the part of the cock which pummelled the very deepest part of her butt.

“That’s it sweetie, suck my cock. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, suck your sweet little white ass off of my big black dick.” Beyonce gleefully encouraged, “Mmmmmmmmm, I always knew you’d look good with a black cock in your mouth. Ohhhhhhhhh yes honey, take more. Take more of that toy down your throat you little slut! Oh yeah, become your Black Mistress’s ass to mouth slut! Yessssssssss, I want Taylor Swift to be my little ATM whore, sucking my cock straight from her ass every time I ass fuck her like the good little cock receptacle she is. Mmmmmmmmm, you’re my walking fuck hole now Taylor. My walking, talking and singing fuck hole, mind to use however I please. That means if I want to see you deep throat an ass flavoured cock you better try and do your best to please your Black Mistress and take her black cock which has just been in your butt as deep into your throat as you can.”

She tried, Taylor really, really tried, and to her credit she managed to push the massive dildo so far into her mouth it entered her throat. But no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t control her gag reflex, tears filling her eyes and bile filling her throat until Taylor just had to pull back completely and violently choke. This process was repeated over and over again until Beyonce got fed up of waiting and grabbed Taylor’s head so she could literally force the ass flavoured dick down the younger girl’s throat. Even then Taylor almost threw up on the dildo, forcing Beyonce to give up.

“Fine, just lick the bottom. But we are going to have to work on your blow job skills young lady. I expect all my sluts to be expert cock suckers as well as amazing cunt munchers.” Beyonce scolded, then after Taylor had rushed to clean the base with her tongue she added, “Now, let’s see if you’re any better at kissing ass.”

With that Beyonce turned around and slowly peeled off her harness, revealing the biggest and most beautiful butt Taylor had ever seen in her life. It was literally mouth watering, Taylor feeling honoured that she was going to worship such a beautiful booty. Which was kind of insane, but fitting with the insanity which had been this night. Then again Taylor had thought Beyonce’s booty was sexy before all this, perhaps suggesting that Beyonce hadn’t so much ‘turned her out’ as some people would say but simply revealed her inner dyke slut, a roll Taylor was going to happily embrace from now on, if only in secret.

“What are you waiting for bitch?” Beyonce practically growled, “Kiss my ass!”

Beyonce then grinned widely as the innocent little white girl leaned forward and pressed her lips firmly to her big black booty. Taylor lingered on the cheek before moving to the other and then spreading kisses all over those meaty cheeks, Taylor Swift literally becoming her ass kisser, which amused Beyonce no end. It also allowed her strength return, or at least filled her with adrenaline, so Beyonce allow Taylor to just kiss her ass for a few long minutes. She could have spent longer, but she was eager to complete Taylor’s breaking in, and maybe to butt fuck her new white bitch a little more.

“Taylor, this is your last chance to back out.” Beyonce said loudly, “If you truly want to be mine, and experience the kind of pleasure you have tonight on a regular basis, I want you to beg for the privilege of being my white bitch while kissing my ass. But if you do I will own you. You will be my fuck toy, to do with as I please, and you’ll never be able to refuse me again. Do you understand?”

“Yes my Black Mistress. I understand.” Taylor replied, then began to beg in between kisses, “But, but… I wanna be yours. I want to be your little white bitch. I want to spend the rest of my life worshipping your beautiful body and allowing you to use mine however you want. I want to be your fuck toy, your whore, your slut, and whatever else you want to call me, and I swear, I will never, ever refuse you. Always come running when you call. I’ll do anything, anything you want, just please let me be your white lesbian bitch!”

As she enjoyed hearing bitches beg for her so much Beyonce allow Taylor to go on for the longer after that before finally telling her, “In which case pull my cheeks apart and bury your face in my ass. I want your little tongue as far as it will go up my shit hole! Come on white girl, mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, that’s it Taylor, lick my ass hole. Slide your tongue all over it like a good submissive bitch should. Oh honey, I just knew you’d be a great ass licker. Now let go of my cheeks. I want you to suffocate yourself in my big fat ass. Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, now I want you to try and literally push your tongue into my ass hole. Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, don’t worry girl, it doesn’t have to go in all the way, just get your tongue as deep as you can into my big black ass! Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, congratulations Taylor, you’re truly my white bitch now.”

Taylor followed all the instructions and let out a happy groan at the end from deep in between those meaty cheeks, all of which made Beyonce grin constantly. She continued grinning for the next half an hour or so as Taylor eagerly worshipped her ass, sliding her tongue all around the hole in between sessions of trying to get as deep inside it as she could, giving Beyonce a pretty good rim job considering it was her first time, before inevitably Beyonce pulled her harness back up and reinserted her black dick into Taylor’s poor little ass hole, that cock sliding in like a key into a well-oiled lock as Taylor softly whimpered.


Beyonce grinned as she looked at the fresh page in her book devoted to Taylor Swift, her favourite of which being the final one of Taylor’s gaping butt hole just before she had finally kicked her out. Which wasn’t cruel, they both had planes to catch, although Beyonce doubted that Taylor would be able to sit down for very long/properly considering they had spent most of the night having butt sex. Although to be fair towards the end of the night Taylor had been just as eager for the anal sex as Beyonce, the white girl gleefully riding her new Black Mistress’s dildo like the total anal whore Beyonce had turned her into, even spreading her cheeks while bouncing so the other woman could have the best looking at the other girl’s butt hole stretching around her strap on.

At the time Beyonce had thought Taylor would be a fun addition to her pets, although she had no idea how many other hot girls she would add to her collection because of Taylor, the sweet girl turning out to be catnip to other hot singers and even a few models, Taylor helping seduce most of them into Beyonce’s bed and shortly after that Beyonce’s book of bitches.

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