Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 6

Title: Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 6

Author: MTL (

Celebs: Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: anal, FF, interracial, language, oral, rim, spank, toys

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Jennifer Lawrence or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Jennifer Lawrence was ready for her Black Mistress. Well, as ready as she would ever be. Her large collection of sex toys was laid out on the table she had drag next to the bed, she was wearing some of her tightest fitting clothing and she had one of her favourite butt-plugs firmly entrenched within her ass. Of course her eyes were constantly wondering to her collection of butt-plugs, and pulling down her pants to examine and rethink her choice. If she was home alone tonight she would have easily moved up to a bigger size by now, but her Black Mistress loved stretching her ass, and the asses of all the other dyke sluts in her collection, so even though it was almost painful Jennifer resisted the urge to do something else. Besides, even though this was one of the smallest plugs it was keeping her ass hole stretched, and that was the important thing.

As she spread her cheeks so she could admire how cute the plug looked in her butt Jennifer thought how funny it was that only a few years ago she still hadn’t been introduced to the joys of anal sex, and now she was so addicted she couldn’t stand the feeling of a completely closed ass hole. It had been something she thought she might try one day, with the right guy. But one day she got drunk she had told a friend that and they had brought her about 10 different butt-plug as a joke. She then tried one as a joke, only she found nothing funny about it and soon every single plug had spent some time up her ass and she was craving something bigger up her butt.

Before she had the chance to find a guy, any guy, to fuck her ass she had bumped into Beyonce Knowles and the next thing she knew her butt was stuffed with black strap-on dick and she was begging for the privilege of being Beyonce’s white bitch. Only as it turned out that was no accident, that her friend was already one of Beyonce’s lezzie sluts and under Beyonce’s orders she had been sent those butt-plugs to prepare her to be enslaved, the plan working to perfection as apparently Jennifer had been one of Beyonce’s easiest conquests. Which was saying a lot considering how girls practically threw themselves at Beyonce. Especially white girls.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Jennifer ran to it, barely remembering to pulled up her pants before she opened the door to find the most beautiful woman on earth standing on the other side of it. That black goddess gave her a soft smile before confidently walking forward, Jennifer quickly standing aside to let her in and then shutting and locking the door behind them. She then stood there awkwardly like a nerd girl in front of a high school jock as her Mistress first inspected how she had set up the room before turning her attention to her, Jennifer having to grind her teeth to prevent herself from blurting out something stupid and displeasing her Black Mistress, like she had done so many times after she first became Beyonce’s bitch.

“Turn around and show me your fat ass bitch.” Beyonce ordered, “Let’s see what you have stuffed up in there.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer quickly replied, immediately turning around and slowly pulling down her pants to reveal her plug stuffed butt.

Beyonce couldn’t resist licking her lips as that juicy white ass was slowly revealed to her, Jennifer then spreading her cheeks like a good little white bitch to make sure she was giving her Black Mistress the best possible view of that stretched slut hole. Truly, there was nothing better than a white girl who knew her place, and Beyonce had quite a fondness for stretched ass holes, even if this one wasn’t that stretched by her standards, but it still inspired her to enjoy the view for a couple of long minutes, especially as it was a sign of her dominance. Then while barely taking her eyes off her pet Beyonce retrieved a bigger butt-plug and then moved to stand beside Jennifer.

“This…” Beyonce said, grabbing onto the plug which was currently in Jennifer’s ass, “Is way too small for an anal slut like you.”

With that Beyonce yanked out the butt-plug and then stuffed it directly into Jennifer’s mouth. Whether Jennifer had been opening her mouth to agree, or just because she knew what her Mistress was planning, Beyonce didn’t know or care. All that mattered was that Jennifer immediately wrapped her lips around that plug and started sucking on it like a good little ass to mouth whore. She also moaned, first at tasting her own ass, and then from Beyonce shoving the bigger butt-plug up the slut’s ass, stretching her much deeper than before, much to their mutual delight. Beyonce then stepped back to admire her handiwork for almost a full minute, before stripping off her own clothes and making her way to the bed.

Once she was laying down on it Beyonce called out, “Take off the rest of your clothes and get over here slut.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer said, quickly doing as she was told.

When Jennifer was nervously hovering over her Beyonce pulled her down into a deep kiss, one hand cupping her face and the other squeezing that plug filled ass, which went on for some time before she broke it and announced, “I’m in a generous mood.”

Then Beyonce pushed Jennifer’s head downwards. Not to where she’d like her most, but to her big tits. Knowing that this was a privilege not all her conquered sluts got Jennifer quickly went to town on those big boobs, at first motor-boating them just in case she would only get a few seconds with them before latching her mouth onto one of Beyonce’s nipples like a good girl. This made Beyonce chuckle with delight and gently stroke her pet’s long brunette locks as Jennifer went back and forth the next few minutes, licking and sucking her tits with surprising softness at first giving obviously eager she was before inevitably picking up the pace.

Usually Beyonce only visited Jennifer when she was in the mood for nothing but anal sex. She had a handful of girls like that, who’s asses were easily their best feature and they were so completely addicted to anal they both would be very satisfied with a little ass stretching followed by a deep, hard rectum wrecking. The only difference with Jennifer was because of her addition to butt-plugs Beyonce would find herself spending hours shoving different toys up Katniss’s fat ass before spending many more completely brutalising that slutty little butt hole. So Beyonce was delighted to see that Jennifer was doing a good job at worshipping her boobs. It also made her wonder whether Jennifer would do a good job at other things Beyonce rarely let her do.

“Look at me.” Beyonce ordered after a few minutes of enjoying Jennifer’s work, then when she was sure she had the other woman’s attention told her, “You know something Jennifer, I’m just in such a good mood, I might even let you eat my delicious black pussy. But only if you can convince me you really want it.”

There was a brief pause in which Jennifer’s eyes went wide, then she lifted her mouth from Beyonce’s big tits and whimpered, “Please my Black Mistress, let me eat your delicious black pussy. Please, please, please let me eat your heavenly black cunt. I want to eat it soooooooooo bad. Please? It’s been so long since you gave me the privilege of burying my face in your yummy black pussy, and I’ve been aching for it. I swear, every day I think about your mouth watering black cunt. Mmmmmmm yeah, every single day I shove a big toy up my ass and dream of eating that perfect black pussy of yours, ohhhhhhhhhh, or that time you let Mistress Rihanna pound my slutty little ass hole while I munched your amazing black cunt. Or the first time I got introduced to the heaven that was eating your incredible black pussy. Please my Black Mistress, please introduce me to that heaven again and let me bury my pale little face into your chocolate honeypot and worship you like the Black Goddess you are until you cum all over my slutty little white face.”

Jennifer then waited with bated breath to see if that would be good enough to earn her the privilege she hadn’t received for months now. Not since, what, the last time her Black Mistress and the other dominant black women in her little club gang banged Jennifer’s slutty little butt hole, and even though that was only a few months ago it felt like a lifetime. Of course thinking about all those dark skinned women taking it in turns to pound her pale ass while her face was buried in her Black Mistress’s delicious pussy had Jennifer’s eyes briefly glazing over and mouth watering at the memory. So much so she almost missed the permission she was waiting for. Almost.

“I suppose that will do.” Beyonce announced, “Go ahead cunt muncher, get you some of that yummy black pussy. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, come get what all you little white girls crave. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, that’s it white girl, eat my black pussy! Oooooooh yeah, and you better do a good job, because I’ve got hundreds of pussy addicted sluts just waiting to take your place.”

That was a fact Jennifer knew all too well, because even though she had now been at the centre of many wonderful gang bangs were dominant women were literally fighting each other for a piece of Katniss Everdeen, she had also been involved in the other type of gang bang. The kind where she was one of many white sluts waiting her turn for her Black Mistress to abuse her butt. Those were less fun, although it often started with Jennifer and the other white bitches putting on a show for their Black Mistress, and if they were lucky they were left to fool around with each other while waiting for their Black Mistress to fuck them. Then there were those chaotic orgies where the number of dominant and submissive girls were about equal and it was hard for Jennifer could keep track of who she was fucking.

Of course Jennifer couldn’t dwell on that now she had an extra-special privilege to indulge in, namely burying her face in between the legs of her Black Mistress and eagerly starting licking. What she did dwell on was whether her Black Mistress wanted a slow, gentle pussy licking or a fast, hard tongue fucking. It was always hard to tell, partly because she just wasn’t as experience with eating pussy as most women just fucked her slutty ass, but also because her Black Mistress was unpredictable. Take now for instance, at first her Black Mistress acted positively from her cautious rapid lapping, then all of a sudden Jennifer found herself being scolded.

“Not so fast honey.” Beyonce purred, gently telling off her slut as she played with her hair, “I know you must be eager to get your slutty little white ass fucked, but I want you to really enjoy this special treat first. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, that’s it baby, slow down those licks and let me savour that little tongue of yours. Oooooooh, that’s it, you’ve been practising, haven’t you?”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer quickly replied before returning her tongue to were both women wanted it.

It was true though. Thanks to her Black Mistress she now knew a lot of women who like to indulge in a little girl on girl fun, some of which she ended up doing movies with. Like Amy Adams, who’s pussy Jennifer’s face had constantly been buried in during the filming of American Hustle. Then there were women like Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson, who sadly she didn’t really worked with but still found time to fuck without any supervision from their Black Mistress or any of their Black Mistress’s friends. Still, those sluts were easy to please. Her Black Mistress deserved better, and Jennifer was worried she wasn’t capable of it.

Beyonce was actually more than satisfied with what she was receiving, which she tried to make known without laying it on too thick. After all, she didn’t want to inflate the egos of any of her bitches, especially not the really famous ones like Jennifer Lawrence, especially as while she was doing a pretty good job she couldn’t compare with some of her other sluts. But if Beyonce had wanted a first-class pussy eating she would have gone to one of her more mature muff divers like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Or at least one of her long tongue sluts like Miley Cyrus. No, Beyonce was here for the same reason she always was, Jennifer’s fat ass, and she was only doing this because she was feeling generous.

It wasn’t like this was some great hardship, and Jennifer really had improved, especially from the little lesbian virgin she had seduced years ago. Obviously being introduced to Beyonce’s other bitches, and her friends, had done wonders for her pussy eating skills. It also helped that she was frequently in movies with other cunt craving bitches, like Elizabeth Banks and Jenna Malone. With the former it had been very easy for Jennifer to seduce Elizabeth and lure her into Beyonce’s bed where her anal cherry was quickly pop. It was very different with the latter, as Jenna was the one to seduce Jennifer and used her as her own personal lesbian slut throughout the filming of the second Hunger Games. Beyonce hadn’t even been able to take Jenna’s butt cherry as someone beat her to it, and while she did eventually get a piece of that ass Jenna actually remained one of the few white girls to remain dominant. Although on the bright side Beyonce had a lot of fun DP’ing Jennifer with her.

The memories of the fund she’d had with the cast of the Hunger Games prompted Beyonce to call out, “Mmmmmm, now a little more. Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss, lick me harder! Faster! More! Ooooooooh yes, lick my clit. No, keep going. Linger on that shit! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, good girl, you really have gotten better at this.”

There was no reply from Jennifer this time, which was just fine with Beyonce. Most of the time she liked being address by her chosen title, when in private of course, but a definite exception to that rule was when one of her bitches was pleasing her with her mouth. Especially when eating her pussy. She didn’t mind it when the slut was kissing up or down her body, and she preferred it when they were grovelling at her feet or worshipping her big black ass, but for the pussy Beyonce wanted her bitches’ tongue and/or mouth firmly on her cunt. Besides, under those circumstances she was more than happy to do the talking.

“Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, lick me, lick me good you bitch!” Beyonce moaned happily, then as her mind was dwelling on it she added, “Lick me like you lick your precious Jenna. Oh yeah, we both know how much you love that little cunt of hers, but The Hunger Games are done now bitch, and if you need another reminder about who your true Mistress is I’ll be more than happy to give you one. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, that’s it, oh that’s it, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, yes, lick my clit! Mmmmmmmm, lick it like you licked Jenna’s. And Elizabeth’s, and Natalie’s, and Sophie’s. Yeahhhhhhhhh, bet you’ve been enjoying that tasty treat a lot lately, huh? Yesssssssss, I know you have. Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”

She was of course referring to Sophie Turner, who had a part in the latest X-men movie Jennifer was working on, which of course resulted in the two fucking on a daily basis. Although it wasn’t the first time Jennifer, or Beyonce, had got into the tall redhead’s panties. No, thanks to Natalie Dormer being cast in the last two movies in the Hunger Game franchise Jennifer, and then Beyonce, had been granted easy access to all the women of Game of Thrones, although some had proven more elusive than others, as with all her seduction skills Beyonce had still yet to take Lena Headey’s anal virginity, which made her want to conquer the dominating white bitch even more.

What frustrated Beyonce almost just as much was that she had missed out on Sophie’s ass cherry, as the young redhead had already given it up to her cast mate and secret girlfriend Natalie, and no matter how hard Beyonce tried to punish her Natalie remained unrepentant and even now continued to dominate Sophie, most of the cast of Game of Thrones and of course Jennifer. Oh yes, the girl currently in between her legs just couldn’t get enough of Natalie’s pussy while filming the last two Hunger Games movies, although not as much as Natalie had become addicted to shoving her strap-on up Jennifer’s butt. In fact Natalie had spent the entire time practically living in Jennifer’s fat ass.

Normally thinking about that made Beyonce mad, but it also made her horny and with Jennifer giving her the best head she’d ever given her, at least without trying to make her cum, Beyonce found herself aching to cum in record time. Well, record time for Jennifer eating her cunt, but still it was impressive. But Beyonce was an experienced girl fucker, and she wouldn’t allow stories, and memories, to make her cum too soon. She certainly wouldn’t allowed Jennifer’s tongue to push her to do something rash, even if it was such a good job lingering on her clit while not ignoring the rest of her pussy. Still, no one had unlimited stamina, and after a nice long pussy licking Beyonce inevitably wanted to cum in that pretty little movie star mouth.

“Mmmmmm, that’s real good sugar, but not good enough…” Beyonce said, hesitating before continuing, “Fuck me, ooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck me, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, make me cum bitch! Mmmmmmm make me cum in that pretty little mouth of yours, ohhhhhhhhhh and all over your movie star face.”

Even though Beyonce said a bit more it wasn’t necessary as Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t one of her few sluts questioning her place or sexuality. She was a happy and well-trained bottom who loved making dominant women like Beyonce cum, something that the little rug muncher proved as she pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Beyonce’s cunt and started fucking her with it as soon as she had permission. It occurred longer for her to make Beyonce cum, but that was just because Jennifer knew her Mistress liked a little build up even when it came to this stage, and since Beyonce didn’t tell her otherwise that’s exactly what she gave her.

Not that it took that long to make her cum. In fact it felt like less then a minute after Beyonce became too incoherent to say anything other than the occasional swear word in between gasps, cries and screams of pure pleasure. But it felt just about the right time, which again was impressive, allowing Beyonce to thoroughly enjoy her climax. Another thing which added to her enjoyment was the way Jennifer didn’t pause for a second when it came to pleasing, which wasn’t that surprising as that’s how Beyonce trained all her dyke pets, but it allowed Jennifer to continue to impress with things like swallowing more cum than ever before which was oh so intoxicating.

Jennifer had loved girl cum the second it at first hit her taste-buds. She had been addicted to it ever since and always made sure to press her face as deep as it would go into a cunt and wrapped her mouth as tightly as possible around the entrance of it so she could swallow as much of that precious liquid as possible. Which was a lot more than the first time she had tasted this wonderful girl cum. Her first girl cum. Oh yes, her Black Mistress was the first woman she had tasted, and the first she had made cum in her mouth and all over her face, and ever since she had got every ounce of girl cum that she possibly could. Well, ignoring the time she’d been given the choice between getting her ass fucked and eating pussy, which was rare as most women who fucked her wanted both, and normally other things too.

Jennifer couldn’t, or more accurately wouldn’t, focus on that right now because as soon as she had swallowed every drop of her Black Mistress’s first climax she barely gave herself time to pat herself on the back and smile before she shoved her tongue back into the heavenly treat in front of her and started tongue fucking the dominant black woman with her submissive little white girl tongue. The second time was always easier, at least when it came to making the top cum. Swallowing more that cum wasn’t as easy, but Jennifer tried her best, and to her credit for the next two orgasms she once again succeeded in swallowing every drop.

It was a winning streak she would have loved to continue, but not only did there seemed to be more cum on the following climaxes but her Black Mistress tightened her grip on her head and started grinding her cunt against her face, quickly turning the Oscar winner into just a fuck pad Beyonce Knowles was rubbing against to get herself off. Of course it wasn’t so bad, because even as she felt she was being drowned in girl cum Jennifer smiled goofily because the rest of the night her face was going to be covered in the girl cum of her Black Mistress in a pure sign that she was owned by the most dominant woman she had ever met.

Which was something Jennifer didn’t mind admitting when it was just the two of them, but at one of the frequent orgies or gang bangs she was involved in those words would be forced out of her, as she feared her Hunger Games co-star and secret girlfriend Jenna Malone would hear, or someone would repeat it to her. Even though they both knew it was true, Jennifer didn’t want to hurt her feelings. On the other hand she happily admitted her Black Mistress had only the second tastiest girl cum and pussy cream, with Jenna’s just beating it, as that normally earned her a nice hard butt fucking. However this time her Black Mistress didn’t ask. She just rode her face for a few more blissful minutes, and then pulled her up into a passionate kiss.

Beyonce moaned as she tasted herself on Jennifer’s tongue and lips, and in her mouth, which was why she kept the kiss going for quite a while before breaking it and grinning, “Let’s stretch out your ass a little more shall we?”

Her eyes lighting up Jennifer exclaimed, “Oh yes my Black Mistress, please fuck my ass! Mmmmmm, fuck my slutty little ass hole.”

“I said stretch, not fuck. That means another butt-plug.” Beyonce informed her bitch, slipping off the bed and pulling Jennifer off with her by her hair, “But don’t worry, I’ll be stuffing your fat ass soon enough. I just want to have a little more fun with you.”

“Yes my Black Mistress, whatever you want.” Jennifer replied submissively.

“Damn right, now bend over and show me that white booty!” Beyonce ordered, slapping Jennifer’s ass roughly as she pushed her forward once they reached the table covered in sex toys.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer quickly replied, grabbing firmly onto the table in front of her and arching her back so she could present her white booty to the black woman who owned it.

Beyonce licked her lips as her property was wonderfully displayed for her. Fuck, it looked so cute stretched by that plug. But not stretched enough, which was why eventually she forced her eyes away from Jennifer’s stretched bitch hole and to the large variety of dildos on display. Honestly there were so many to choose from Beyonce could have been there all night, so ultimately she made something of a snap decision based on what was nearest to her and the fact that she wanted to stretch Jennifer out but at the same time she didn’t want to leave her too loose. Then with the decision made she grabbed hold of the handle to the butt-plug currently stretching her white bitch’s ass hole and abruptly pulled it out, causing Jennifer to let out the cutest little gasp.

Before Jennifer completely closed her mouth Beyonce pressed that butt-plug against her ATM slut’s lips and ordered, “Suck on this while I stuff your ass!”

Without a moments hesitation Jennifer wrapped her lips around that butt-plug and moaned as she tasted her own ass. For a second Beyonce considered punishing her sub for not giving her a proper reply, but she was way too eager to abuse that big white booty some more. Besides, she could always punish her later. For now Beyonce concentrated on pressing the tip of the dildo up against Jennifer’s ass hole and pushing it inside. The first inch or so then easily slid through Jennifer’s loosened back hole, the shameless anal whore moaning happily as her butt was once again stuffed with a sex toy, this one much bigger than the last.

“Yeahhhhh, take it bitch!” Beyonce growled, “Take it all!”

Which of course she did, mostly because she was a shameless ass whore who Beyonce anally pounded relentlessly. Also because the big butt-plug started out small and then slowly got bigger the further down it went. It was also covered in plastic balls which gradually got bigger, which made the sensation of it sliding in and out extra intense. Or so Beyonce had been told. She wasn’t the kind of slut who took it up the ass, but her bitches all said they loved it, including Jennifer, and Beyonce certainly enjoyed watching the last couple of plastic balls stretch the other woman’s ass hole extra wide to let them through. In fact she enjoyed it so much she pulled those big balls out a few inches just so she could push them back in again, Beyonce repeating the process a few times for her own amusement.

Then Beyonce pushed the plug as deep as it would go into Jennifer’s butt, slapped that ass as hard as she could and ordered, “Okay bitch, it’s ass licking time. Mmmmmm yeah, stick that pretty pale face in between my chocolate cheeks and eat my fucking fat butt! Oooooooh yeah, and don’t you dare let that plug fall out of your bitch hole, or I’ll beat your ass!”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer replied submissively.

As she spoke Beyonce straightened up, walked over to the foot of the bed and stuck out her ass. After she replied Jennifer scurried over to Beyonce, got down on her knees and pressed her lips to her big ass in a gentle kiss. She then gently kissed Beyonce’s fat booty again and again and again, covering that black ass in kisses for a few minutes. Then she buried her face in between them and motor-boated that fat ass before spreading those meaty cheeks with both hands so she could started eagerly lapping away at Beyonce’s back hole. All of which was nice, but her poor dumb bitch was forgetting something. Luckily, loving Mistress that she was, Beyonce was willing to point that out.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Beyonce said with a raised eyebrow, and then when there wasn’t an immediate response other than Jennifer freezing with her tongue touching Beyonce’s ass hole the Dom helpfully added, “Like begging to be butt fucked?”

“Oh right, I’m sorry my Black Mistress.” Jennifer whimpered, “Please don’t be mad at me. I was just so lost in your big beautiful black ass I forgot what I was supposed to be doing. Other than licking your yummy black ass hole, of course. Please forgive me? We both know I’m nothing but a stupid white whore who needs a dominant Black Mistress to tell her what to do at all times.”

“Yes, yes, I know, and we’ll discuss your punishment later. For now just get to begging.” Beyonce ordered, “Mmmmmm, and don’t you dare forget about kissing my ass. Or licking my butt hole! Ohhhhhhh yeah, that’s it you little slut, rim me! Ooooooh fuck yeah, just like that, oh yes, now let’s hear you beg. Beg slut!”

“Please my Black Mistress, please fuck me in the ass!” Jennifer pleaded in between kisses and the occasional lick, “Please fuck my slutty little white ass hole! Please? I need it so bad. I need you to fuck me my Black Mistress. I need you to fuck me in the ass. I need it so much it hurts. You stretched out my whore ass so good, and now my butt hole is aching so bad for you to fuck it I swear I’m going crazy. Please my Black Mistress, you know I’m a shameless anal whore who needs to take it hard in the ass from dominant women. It’s like a drug for me. So please give me my fix. If not for me then for yourself, because we both know my fat ass exists to pleasure you. Oh yes, my fat white girl booty is made to take your big black dick, so please let me fulfil my purpose in life and be your little anal slut. Allow me the privilege of taking that big black cock deep into my fat white butt so you can pounded hard and deep and make us both cum.”

“Mmmmm, not bad.” Beyonce said almost conversationally as she slowly reached back, grabbed a firm hold of Jennifer’s hair and shoved her as deep into her fat ass as possible, “But if you really want my dick up your bitch ass you gotta do a better job of worshipping that big black booty of mine. Mmmmm, that’s it girl, eat my ass! Eat my big black ass you perverted little white bitch. Ohhhhhh yeah, that feels good.”

Jennifer tried her best to obey this latest instruction, but at first her Black Mistress shoved her face so far and deep up her ass she couldn’t even breathe. Thankfully just as it looked like she was going to pass out her Black Mistress pulled her back slightly, allowing Jennifer to get a breath before the older woman went right back to smothering her with her big booty. This was repeated a few times before her Black Mistress finally relaxed her grip and allowed Jennifer to give that big black butt the attention it deserved, the Oscar winner timidly spreading apart the singer’s cheeks so she could frantically start lapping away at her Black Mistress’s butt hole.

Given her obsession with her own butt hole getting abused Jennifer was normally quite greedy when it came to ass play. Even if she was in a threesome or whatever she would selfishly insist that her ass was fucked first, last and the most, normally leading to the likes of Jenna and Natalie making fun of her. Although for the most part they let her top from the bottom. Her Black Mistress however didn’t put up with any of that shit. No, if her Black Mistress wanted her big beautiful black ass licked Jennifer, or any other bitch in her collection, would lick it, and honestly Jennifer was honoured that she now got the chance. It was just that she didn’t love eating ass as much as getting her own fucked.

Luckily it wasn’t that long before her Black Mistress announced, “Okay, I guess that’s good enough. Grabbed my strap-on dick Jen. It’s time to wreck some white booty.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer replied, practically breaking something as she rushed to obey this command.

“And don’t bother with lube.” Beyonce called after her slut, grinning at her eagerness, “I’ve already stretched your shit hole enough. Mmmmmm yeah, all it needs is a little spit shine and it’ll be ready for your whore ass.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer replied submissively as she returned to her Dom, kneeled before her and strapped the dildo around her waist.

There was then a brief pause followed by Beyonce frowning, “Well, what are you waiting for you dumb ho? Suck it!”

“Sorry my Black Mistress.” Jennifer apologised, quickly wrapping her lips around the fake cock.

When she had first started her bitch training Jennifer wouldn’t have hesitated to point out that she was waiting for permission, or for her Black Mistress to at least start talking dirty again, but now she knew better, and the last thing she wanted to do was risk postponing her ass fucking. That was unlikely at this point, but Jennifer needed her butt hole pounded so desperately no amount of risk was worth it. So she wisely put her mouth to better use, namely by bobbing her head up and down her Black Mistress’s cock and sucking on it noisily. The entire time she stared up lovingly at her Black Mistress, who only needed to give her a look to tell her that she wanted some deep throat action, and well-trained sub that she was Jennifer was only too happy to give it to her.

Sadly Jennifer’s throat wasn’t quite as slutty as her ass and although she was able to eventually push her lips to the base she choked and gagged so fiercely in the process her eyes filled with tears. Thankfully her loving Black Mistress was willing to help out by grabbing her head firmly with both hands and begin to thrust her hips back and forth, training Jennifer’s mouth to be a good little fuck hole. Which made her choke and gag even more, but it was worth it to please her Black Mistress. Even if towards the end she brutally fucked her throat like it was Jennifer’s whore ass, only pulling out and allowing Jennifer to gasp for breath when she literally thought she was going to pass out.

“Is that really the best you can do? Pathetic.” Beyonce snorted as she pushed Jennifer away for what was maybe the third time, “Remind me to send some of my friends or security guards to rape that pretty mouth of yours so you can learn how to properly suck cock you fucking dyke. For now just bend over and spread your cheeks. Oooooooh yeah, show me that pretty little bitch hole I’m about to fucking wreck!Mmmmmm fuck yeah, it’s time for me to completely wreck Jennifer Lawrence’s big fat white ass!”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer choked while struggling to get into the centre of the bed on all fours and then pull apart her meaty cheeks.

Beyonce grinned sadistically as she kneeled down behind Jennifer and took a few more long moments to admire her prize before she grabbed hold of the ball covered dildo and pulled out the largest ball. She then forced it back in again, repeating the process a few times before all of a sudden yanking it out entirely, causing Jennifer to let out a loud cry. Part of Beyonce wanted to play around with that giant butt-plug for at least another hour, but a bigger part of her wanted to wreck some white girl ass, so she pulled out that sex toy and then stuffed it in Jennifer’s mouth. Unsurprisingly the greedy ass to mouth whore eagerly parted her lips, Beyonce allowing her a few seconds to savour the top half before shoving it down her throat so Jennifer could clean the bottom half.

That’s how she left it, Jennifer choking away and eventually having to push part of the toy out with her mouth as the white bitch knew better than to take her hands off her cheeks, especially when her Black Mistress was enjoying the view. But again, Beyonce was eager to pound some white booty, so she didn’t spend that long admiring the modest gape that ‘Katniss Everdeen’ was presenting her with before she pressed her strap-on cock against Jennifer’s well stretched back hole and then with one hard thrust burying the first few inches of that big dildo in that Oscar-winner’s butt. Which again made Jennifer cry out, but like before it was mostly from pleasure.

If Beyonce wanted to she could have probably slammed every inch of her black cock up that slutty little white ass and Jennifer would have mostly cried out in pure pleasure. And part of her wanted too. Oh part of her wanted too. Even Jennifer wanted her too. But Beyonce would never rush stuffing a piece of ass unless she absolutely had too, because she loved watching her cock slowly disappearing into another woman’s ass hole. Especially a white woman’s ass hole. And a famous, rich and successful white woman? There was no way Beyonce could rush anally stuffing someone like that. So of course she didn’t. In fact she dragged this out as much as possible by beginning to butt fuck her white bitch as slowly and gently as possible, only adding an inch on every other thrust.

This was the perfect type of ass fucking for an anal virgin, and Beyonce had used this technique many times to break in a bitch. However she used it even more frequently to torture the total anal whores in her collection like this shameless butt slut, Jennifer openly whimpering and even weeping with disappointment and frustration as Beyonce sodomised her as slowly and gently as possible. But she never complained. No, Jennifer knew better than that. In the past she had to be taught a lesson with a hard spanking, and Beyonce might give her one later just for the fun of it and to see that booty bounce and jiggle for her. At least in another way. But Beyonce was confident that Jennifer had learned her lesson, and more importantly her place, and thus wouldn’t dare complain.

Jennifer knew she shouldn’t complain, but there was a limit to how much torture she could take. This was just too slow for her slutty little ass, and her Black Mistress still only had just over half of her big black cock in Jennifer’s needy white butt, and it just wasn’t enough. Jennifer needed that cock up her ass. She seriously needed it. Other white bitches in her Black Mistress’s collection claimed they liked being butt fucked, but for Jennifer it was an addiction, and after stretching her ass out so wonderfully before this a gentle butt pumping was like something out of a nightmare for the Oscar winner. One which she sadly had before, the memory of the last time she complained keeping her mouth shut. Pain just wasn’t her thing, and it was tough enough for her to enjoy the gentle spankings that her Black Mistress constantly gave her.

The only good thing about this type of sodomy was it allowed Jennifer to daydream about all the other women who constantly fucked her up the ass, none of whom had ever been this cruel to her. In fact most of them would be brutally pounding her slutty butt right now, or at least making her beg for it. Like her dear sweet Jenna. Oh yes, Jenna Malone would be making Jennifer tell her how much she loved getting her fat butt fucked, what a big anal whore she was, and as long as they were alone that her bitch ass belonged to her, not Beyonce Knowles, which was the most forbidden thing for two girls in Beyonce’s collection to do, which was why it was so hot. And why Jennifer loved it when Jenna told her she was her bitch, and often how Katniss was her bitch. Or even, if they were in a role-play mood, how Katniss Everdeen was Johanna Mason’s bitch.

All those wonderful memories of particularly her secret girlfriend allowed Jennifer to cope with the gentle sodomy, and even almost missed the wonderful moment her Black Mistress’s thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of that big dick was buried in her dyke butt. Luckily her Black Mistress made it hard to miss, given that she made sure the last thrust was extra hard and then waited a few seconds to savour the moment, which even Jennifer enjoyed as there was nearly nothing better to her than a full to bursting rectum. Then her Black Mistress restarted the slow butt pumping, leaving Jennifer to whimper pathetically again.

In a way this was worse than before, because at least during the anal penetration Jennifer could look forward to an additional inch being added into her butt every so often. Now every thrust was the same, and while that gentle technique made sure that she felt nothing but pure pleasure even from the get go the trade-off just wasn’t worth it. Jennifer wasn’t some blushing virgin back there, like those kids channel stars that her Black Mistress snatched up as soon as they became 18, or close to it, and she certainly wasn’t like that Sophie Turner girl she had recently worked with who had only just recently lost her anal cherry. No, Jennifer had been taking brutal butt fuckings for almost 5 years now, and she hated being treated like a delicate flower.

If it was anybody else Jennifer wouldn’t have put up with it. Natalie Dormer had tried the same shit with her once while filming the last Hunger Games and Jennifer had given her the silent treatment for the rest of the day. After that Natalie had been pounding her slutty ass almost as hard as Jenna did, with the next butt fucking after the attempt of the slow sodomy being technically the highlight of filming that movie, and honestly the entire franchise, which she had only been too happy to tell her secret girlfriend as she knew it would get her an extra hard rectum wrecking, like the type that she so desperately wanted now.

Luckily for Jennifer, and her incredibly slutty ass, while her Black Mistress wouldn’t tolerate any complaining during an anal penetration or the beginning of a butt fucking, at least not from a shameless anal whore like Jennifer, she loved it when the Oscar winner begged her for an ass wrecking in what she considered to be the middle of the sodomy. The trick was for Jennifer to hold on for as long as she could, and pray that it would at least be close enough to what her Black Mistress considered the middle of the butt fuck to give Jennifer what she wanted. A good indicator of which was when ever her Black Mistress pushed her hands away from her meaty cheeks so she could feel her thighs smacking against that juicy flesh.

So when her Black Mistress did that Jennifer was quick to start pleading, “Please my Black Mistress, pound me hard! Pound my big juicy white ass with your big black cock! Mmmmmm yesssssssss, slam my little white butt hole and make me cum for you. Ooooooooh fuck yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck that ass! Fuck that white ass of mine and remind me that it’s yours! Yesssssssss, remind me that my fucking ass hole belongs to you! Not Jenna, or Natalie, or all the other women who use my fucking butt hole for their pleasure, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, YOU! You fucking own my big white booty! It’s your property. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhh, remind me of that by fucking me hard and making me cum. Oh God, make me cum for you my Black Mistress. Please? Make me cum by fucking wrecking my rectum, and making those juicy cheeks of mine jiggle for you. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, that’s it, remind me I’m nothing but your white bitch, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, your walking fuck hole, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!”

She tried to keep going, Jennifer really did, but inevitably she was just too overwhelmed to speak coherently. At that point all she could do was scream hysterically as her Black Mistress rapidly increase the pace of the butt pounding until the sound of those dark thighs crashing against her pale flesh almost as loud as her screams, the force of the blows made her feel like she was being spanked, and perhaps most importantly of all her juicy cheeks were jiggling like a bowl of jelly in an earthquake. All those things were no doubt making her Black Mistress ass fuck her harder, perhaps even more than her words. Or at least most of them.

As she had used particular names of her other lovers Jennifer knew she would be punished for that, as bringing them up annoyed her Black Mistress. But at the moment she didn’t really care, because it was making the Black Goddess who owned her give her the kind of brutal rectum wrecking that Jennifer had only ever received from a black woman. In no time at all that wonderful treatment gave her the kind of intense anally induced orgasms which had turned Jennifer into shameless ass whore in the first place, and as it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another her mind melted away and all that was left was a bitch in heat, frantically slamming back against the source of her pleasure.

Beyonce had known she was being manipulated, but secretly she didn’t mind too much. She liked the mention of other women during sex, partly because her natural possessiveness gave her the adrenaline to really give her bitches the type of ass wreckings they deserved. But mostly because it made her picture the other women mentioned involved, in this case Natalie Dormer and Jenna Malone bent over either side of Jennifer and wiggling their asses to tempt Beyonce to fuck them. Maybe their back holes would already be slightly gaping from Beyonce going back and forth between those three pieces of white ass, and it was up to Beyonce to decide which anal slut would cum first for a brutal butt fucking.

Of course Beyonce could cum almost just from these kind of fantasies without a little push from her white bitches, and she loved finding any little excuse to punish them and remind them of their place. It would be the same for this, especially as Jennifer had an ass made for spanking. It was just so juicy and white, that pretty ass becoming discoloured so easily and jiggling obscenely from every blow. Much like it was doing now, Beyonce inevitably forgetting about her fantasy as she concentrated on the big jiggly white butt in front of her that she was brutally pounding, secretly grateful that night she could concentrate on just one white ass so she could use every ounce of her strength to brutalise it.

That’s exactly what she did, along the way making Jennifer’s cum squirt out of her cunt and the poor girl become a bucking bronco. But that was okay, Beyonce loved it when her butt sluts gave her a wild ride. And oh, was this one a wild ride, Beyonce feeling like a cowboy, or more accurately cowgirl, riding a wild horse, slowly but surely breaking it in and taming it. Or in this case reminding it that it had already been tamed, branded and used. Which she emphasised by brutally slapping those meaty cheeks to make them jiggle even more, which kind of backfired on her as it trigger her own orgasm which she had been holding off so she could enjoy Jennifer’s ass for longer.

Once the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising the Oscar winning actress caught up with her Beyonce gave up on holding back and just let multiple climaxes wash over her as she continued the brutal butt fucking. For a few moments the ass pounding became even harder as Beyonce allowed the ecstasy flowing through her veins to motivate her. Then sadly she was forced to stop to avoid passing out, although not before giving one last hard thrust to bury every inch of her dick inside her bitch’s ass. Then, after a few minutes to allow them both to get their breath back, Beyonce spread Jennifer’s cheeks wide and then quickly removed her cock from the brutalised hole before grinning at the damage she had done.

Beyonce loved gaping her bitches, and Jennifer always gaped beautifully, this time was definitely no exception as the black Dom was able to see deep into her white bitch’s bowels via the crater which used to be tiny and tight, Beyonce loving it so much she decided to take a picture. So she roughly double smacked Jennifer’s ass and ordered, “Spread your cheeks for me bitch!”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer whimpered, rushing to reach back and pull her cheeks as wide apart as possible.

For a few long seconds Beyonce just enjoyed the view, then she retrieved her camera and took a couple shots of her handiwork. She then got down onto the bed and ordered, “Now it’s cock cleaning time bitch! Mmmmmm yeah, get every drop of your whore ass off my big black dick!”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Jennifer softly replied as she again rushed to obey.

Seconds later Jennifer was wrapping her mouth around that big black dick and moaning happily. She loved the taste of ass, especially her own ass. Okay, she wasn’t maybe quite as addicted to it as much as some of her Black Mistress’s other bitches, but that was just because her personal addiction was getting her ass fucked, and sucking it off a cock normally meant that the bum fun was over, at least for a little while. Or some other lucky bitch like Natalie or Sophie were getting their asses pounded by their Black Mistress and poor Jennifer was just left to spread their cheeks and clean her top’s cock whenever her Black Mistress wanted it.

Luckily this wasn’t one of the nights where she would have to share her Black Mistress’s cock. No, she had it all to herself, which meant Jennifer could take her time giving the big black cock that had just wrecked her ass a nice long and drawn-out blow job, particularly savouring the head of the dildo that her wonderful Black Mistress had used to pummel the deepest depths of her tailpipe. Then when she got every drop from the head Jennifer started slowly bobbing her head up and down the shaft, again savouring the taste of her own ass before she started trying to take the monster dick down her throat. Again she could only get so far, which didn’t go unnoticed by her Black Mistress.

“Come on, take it bitch!” Beyonce ordered, hand firmly on the back of Jennifer’s head pushing her down lower, “Take it all! Fuck, why have I even kept you around so long if you can’t suck cock? Oh yeah, it’s because that fat ass of yours is a dream. Mmmmmm yeah, watching those big globes bouncing for me left me fucking dumbstruck. God, your ass really is made for fucking Jennifer. Almost makes up for you being a lousy cock sucker. But don’t worry, that will change. Next time I have a party I’ll have my friends gang bang that little throat of yours. Maybe let some of my security guards get in on the action. Would you like that bitch? Half a dozen big black men and sexy black women pounding your mouth like it was that whore’s cunt you call your ass hole? Mmmmm yeah, I bet you’ll be a much better cock sucker after every man in my security team has dumped a big load down your throat. Until then, just stick to licking the bottom. I don’t have the patience for this shit. Not when I want some more of your fat ass.”

Her eyes lighting up Jennifer pulled her mouth away from the cock and said, “Thank you my Black Mistress.”

“Shut the fuck up and clean my cock bitch!” Beyonce practically growled as she shoved Jennifer back down, “I want every drop of that whore ass of yours off my cock. Then and only then can you sit that slutty little white butt down on my dick and ride it like the anal slut you are.”

Jennifer was so grateful for this mercy, and for the promise of more ass fucking, that she took the strap-on back into her mouth and took it deeper than ever before. She then looked up at her Black Mistress like a hopeful puppy, but the other woman wasn’t impressed. Clearly she wouldn’t be satisfied until Jennifer could deep throat the entire length, and Jennifer was definitely going to make it her life mission to be able to do that, even if she needed to start sucking off her own security guards to do it. For now she just stuck to licking the bottom of the cock as instructed while gently thinking of getting this big black dildo back up her slutty little white ass.

As Jennifer thought about her addiction her Black Mistress started taking pictures of her on her camera again, prompting Jennifer to put on even more of a show and look up lovingly at her owner more regularly. She wondered if any of these pictures would make it into her Black Mistress’s book of bitches. As one of her Black Mistress’s favourite bitches she knew she had a lot of pics in there already, but Jennifer couldn’t help being greedy and wanting an entire book just devoted to how much of an anal whore she was for this black goddess. Which of course was something she tried to prove throughout the rest of the night of brutal butt sex with her wonderful Black Mistress.

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