Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 7

Title: Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 7

Author: MTL

Celebs: Beyonce Knowles, Emma Watson

Codes: anal, FF, interracial, oral, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Emma Watson or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Emma Watson moaned softly and snuggled into the pillow she was resting on when she first started to stir. Then she became aware of two things, firstly that her head wasn’t resting on a pillow, it was another woman, and more specifically clearly a boob, and secondly her arse hurt. Particularly the former startled her, and she sat up and opened her eyes, only to be shocked even more as she found maybe the biggest superstar in the world, Beyonce sleeping peacefully beneath her. And completely naked. Which completely freaked Emma out, but before she could cry out or anything like that she was flooded with memories of the previous night.


She remembered how she was approached by the iconic singer, and despite Emma making a total arse of herself Beyonce had simply laughed it off and continued talking to her, for what turned out to be a surprisingly long time. All night in fact, and then before she knew it Emma was in Beyonce’s hotel room and eating pussy for the first time in her life. Beyonce’s pussy. Which had been delicious, just the memory making Emma’s mouth water and her eyes studied the beautiful body lying on the bed beneath her. Then she remembered how she’d been buggered. Oh God, Beyonce had bent Emma over and taken Emma’s anal cherry like it was nothing. And oh God, the words she had said while doing it. Oh God, oh God, oh God!


Those memories should have caused Emma to freak out even more and yell at the other woman for seducing her. Or at least sneak out of bed, collect her clothes and get out of here as quickly and as quietly as she could. Instead she lowered her mouth down to Beyonce’s right breast and began to gently suck on her nipple. She couldn’t help it. Those big boobs were calling to her, and she had to get another taste of the heaven that had been Beyonce’s pussy. But she didn’t want to go that far without the other woman being awake, and really she should wake her up a more direct way, but again, Emma just couldn’t resist those boobs.


So to her shame Emma allowed herself to become completely lost in Beyonce’s big boobs for several long minutes, slowly kissing down one and up the other she made her way back and forth between the nipples. At first she did this as gently as possible, and used only a little suction, as she didn’t want to startle the icon awake. But Beyonce seemed completely out of it, forcing Emma to up her game, not only gradually increasing the force of the sucking but beginning to slide her tongue around each nipple in turn, and flicking it. That finally got more than a soft moan out of the superstar, Beyonce chuckling softly before reaching down and stroking her hair affectionately before finally opening her eyes and grinning down at her.


“Mmmmmm, there’s nothing like waking up to the feeling of a pretty little white girl pleasuring me.” Beyonce moaned shortly after she opened her eyes, “Ooooooh yesssss, and you are a good little white girl, aren’t you Emma? Yeahhhhhhh you are. Suck them titties white girl! Ohhhhhh yeah, suck them good.”


Beyonce wanted to say more, but for now she was restricting herself. After all, the morning after was a fragile time in the training of a new bitch. No matter how well broken in before they were now in the light of day when they were no longer consumed by lust they could easily freak out and back slide, meaning that it would take time and effort to put them back in their place. That’s why it was important to ease them into the level of submission that they had so enjoyed last night. It was also why Beyonce had pretended to be asleep at first. Yes, she let Emma make the first move, and Beyonce couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Although it was hardly surprising, given just how submissive Emma had proven to be last night.


Of course as much as she loved getting her titties sucked there was something Beyonce wanted even more, “Lower. Ooooooh, lower! Come on girl, you know what I want. Mmmmm, and I know what you want. So just do it. Ohhhhhh yesssss, go lower! Yeahhhhhh, go lower and eat that black pussy!”


Again unsurprisingly because last night all it took was a little push and Emma quickly headed downwards, barely pausing to kiss Beyonce’s stomach before reaching her target. She then briefly paused to bite her lip, which was more cute than worrying, before closing her eyes and leaning forward to slide her tongue over Beyonce’s pussy. Beyonce rewarded her for this with another moan and stroke of her hair, which was all the encouragement that Emma needed to give another lick, quickly followed by another, and another, and another with the same results, the white girl settling into a slow but steady rhythm, much to the black women’s delight.


Yet again, this was to be expected, as Emma Watson practically had ‘submissive bitch’ tattooed on her forehead, easy to seduce and naturally gifted when it came to the art of eating pussy. In fact she seemed gifted in all aspects of lesbian sex, so Beyonce might not even really need to train her, just gently coax out her true nature, and reap the benefits of it. Which was something Beyonce had wanted to do ever since the little English girl had first caught her eye, the last few years waiting for her to ripen to 18 years of age was sometimes torturous, but all that mattered now was that the wait was over and Beyonce had the barely legal girl in her bed where she belonged, eager and willing to please her.


Ever confident in her skills as a seductress, and in this case also confident that her target would be a pushover, Beyonce had cleared her schedule, meaning that she had a nice long weekend to play with her new toy. So as much as part of her was eager to cum already, and move on to slamming that cute little English bottom, she instead chose to enjoy her lazy morning of getting her cunt licked by a freshly broken in bitch. Besides, it was always good when a new bitch got the chance to savour the taste of her pussy, and Emma seem to be really grateful for the chance, not only putting her all into the cunt lapping, but already looking up at Beyonce with such love and devotion it warmed Beyonce’s heart.


Emma couldn’t believe just how good Beyonce’s pussy tasted. She vaguely remembered it tasted amazing, which was a major factor which pushed her to automatically start to worship Beyonce’s body when she woke up, instead of freaking out and running, but even having any memory just couldn’t do justice to how truly wonderful this was. If Emma hadn’t been addicted before she certainly was now, and with every lick she was just craving more of the heavenly liquid. And more to the point, Beyonce’s cum. God, if Beyonce’s regular pussy juice was this good, and better than she remembered, which she remembered being pretty spectacular, what would Beyonce’s cum taste like?


While part of Emma wanted to make Beyonce cum as soon as possible so she could find out it was overwhelmed by the desperate need to please this goddess with her tongue, and every other part of her body. As Emma was pretty sure that meant a long slow pussy licking she managed to fight the urge to speed up her licks for quite a while, and instead took things slowly in the name of worshipping the chocolate goddess like she deserved to be worshipped. Beyonce rewarded her for that by continuing to gently stroke her hair and grinned down at her, and occasionally give her some words of encouragement. Words which became increasingly graphic. Words which should have been off-putting, but weren’t. Words which honestly Emma loved too much.


“Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, lick me, mmmmm, lick that black pussy you pretty little white bitch!” Beyonce moaned with delight as she slowly allowed herself to become more graphic over time, “Lick my pussy with your tongue you little dyke. Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, lick it like the lesbo slut you are! Oh fuck, I always knew you were born to eat cunt. Mmmmm fuck, and now you get the honour of being my little rug muncher. Oh yes, look at you go! Mmmmm, just can’t get enough of that cunt, can you? That’s okay, it’s natural for white bitches like you to crave black pussy. Oh yeah, this is where you belong Emma! In between the legs of a black woman and licking her cunt like the submissive little dyke whore you secretly are. Oooooooh yes, and don’t worry sweetie, you’re mine now, ooooooh, and I’m going to make sure you get all the black pussy you need.”


It should have been absurd, but it seemed so right. Everything about this seemed so right. Even the words, which were obscene, just felt so right. Emma felt like she was truly born for this. Born to eat pussy, and yet while it felt like her calling in life it didn’t quite come naturally. Emma was so nervous, and terrified that she wasn’t pleasing this goddess nearly enough, the promise of plenty of practice eating pussy sounding like heaven now. But she couldn’t get lost in thinking about the future right now, or even how delicious Beyonce’s pussy was. She couldn’t even get lost in the words, even though they were very distracting. No, Emma had to at least try to please the older woman with her tongue.


“Not yet! Mmmmmm, I admire your enthusiasm sweetie, but don’t make me cum yet.” Beyonce chuckled when Emma started briefly picking up her pace, and then when she obediently slowed down Beyonce push things even further, “No, mmmmmm, your Black Mistress isn’t ready to cum in your sweet little mouth yet. But don’t worry, mmmmmm, you’ll be tasting your Black Mistress’s cum again soon, I promise. You remember, don’t you Emma? Remember how good my cum tastes? That you beg me for more? How I made you mine? My little white bitch? Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I made you mine, and now I’m your Black Mistress, and you’re my white bitch, which means you get all the yummy black pussy you want. Ooooooh, remember?”


Her Black Mistress? Yes, Beyonce was her Black Mistress. She remembered it so clearly now. Emma had remembered it before, but those words, and their meaning, had been so overwhelming that she hadn’t really appreciated them until this moment. Which made her even more eager to please. Because that was her purpose now. She was this goddess’s fuck toy. Her little white bitch. And Emma desperately wanted to do her duty, and please her Black Mistress. Even if that meant decreasing the speed and force of her licks. Which wasn’t so bad, as it just meant she would spend longer between the legs of her Black Mistress and sexually pleasing her. Which again, was Emma’s purpose in life.


Beyonce had broken in and trained a lot of women to be her submissive little fuck toys over the years, and was considered by those in the know as the best of the best when it came to turning out young straight women and turning them into pussy loving sluts. That meant she had become very good at telling when she had cemented her control over her conquests, and while arguably Emma had reached the point of no return last night there was an argument for right now, as she relaxed upon hearing the words Black Mistress, those words hammering into the white bitch’s brain and awakening her true submissive self. It was truly beautiful. And something which almost sent her over the edge of orgasm by itself. But no, Beyonce was determined to savour this moment.


Of course just seeing it in Emma’s body language wasn’t nearly enough. Beyonce wanted to hear it. She wanted Emma Watson, Hermione Granger herself, to call Beyonce her Black Mistress. To confess loudly and proudly that she was a submissive white bitch who needed a strong black woman to put her in her place, and now finally she had found that in Beyonce, her Black Mistress, and from now on would do anything she said, no matter how twisted it was. And Beyonce would get it. There was no question of that. However Beyonce waited a few long minutes so she could savour this precious moment, before finally pushing Emma to take another step in her training by reaffirming the words she had so eagerly spoken last night.


“You remember Emma? Huh?” Beyonce finally pushed, yanking on Emma’s hair hard enough to pull her face out of her cunt so she was looking in her eyes when she demanded, “Answer me bitch!”


“Yes! Yes, I remember.” Emma gasped, and then when her Black Mistress gave her an expectant look she continued, “I remember everything, my Black Mistress. I remember how easily you seduced me, and how delicious your black pussy tasted. And your cum, oh your cum was divine. But your pussy tastes even better than I remember, which makes me really, really want to taste your cum. Please my Black Mistress, let me taste your cum! Mmmmm, let me tongue fuck you until you cum in my mouth and all over my face. Please my Black Mistress, I swear, I remember my place. I remember this is where I’m supposed to be. That I’m yours. That I’m your bitch. Mmmmm, your little white bitch! Ohhhhhh Mistress, my Black Mistress! Allow me the honour of making you cum. I want your cum! Please give your white bitch your cum!”


“Good girl.” Beyonce smiled, “Now you may make me cum.”


“Yes my Black Mistress, thank you my Black Mistress.” Emma whimpered softly, burying her face back where it belonged.


As soon as she did Emma wrapped her mouth around Beyonce’s entrance and sucked at it for a few glorious minutes, allowing the older woman’s juices to flow pretty much directly down the younger one’s throat. Then Emma spent a few long seconds teasing that entrance with her tongue before finally pushing that tongue inside of Beyonce, forcing the singer to let out a high-pitched cry of joy. It was soon accompanied by a lot more cries as Emma began gently tongue fucking her, slowly but gradually picking up the pace until Beyonce just couldn’t hold back any more and she gave little Hermione Granger what she wanted. Namely her cum. Oh yes, Beyonce came in the sweet little mouth of Hermione Granger, the cute little Witch greedily swallowing almost every drop she was given.


Without needing to be asked Emma started working on making her cum again, once again proving she would make a perfect addition to Beyonce’s collection of submissive white girls, and that she would barely need any training. Hell, she was almost perfect the day after she had been broken in, so perhaps she’d even become one of Beyonce’s most submissive pets. She was up against a lot of competition at this point, but Emma was very impressive in the way that she not only made Beyonce cum over and over again, the actress making the singer so lost in ecstasy she considered just doing this all morning ignoring her craving for bitch ass. Of course it was only so long Beyonce would be able to wait before brutalising Emma’s poor little ass hole again.


Emma was blissfully unaware how close she was to another bumming, as she was consumed by the heaven that was her Black Mistress’s cum, which as predicted was even better than she remembered. She just couldn’t get enough of it. Literally, as she tried to swallow every drop, but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t. There was just too much of it. Although on the bright side there would be more of the heavenly flavour for her to get later, and in a way this was her Black Mistress marking her territory. Better yet, maybe her Black Mistress would fuck her again, and Emma would have a face full of girl cum while doing it. Her Black Mistress. Oh yes, her Black Mistress’s cum would be covering her face no matter what happened next, and Emma intended to wear it with pride.


Not that it stopped her from trying to swallow as much as she could, Emma slowly growing to hate inserting her tongue into her Black Mistress’s cunt as she always missed a few drops of precious girl cum thanks to this. However she had to remember it was her Black Mistress’s pleasure which was the priority here, not her own. As it should be for a good little sub like Emma intended to be. So, in the name of prioritising her Black Mistress’s pleasure, when her tongue got tired Emma started moving her mouth up to the other woman’s clit and beginning to frantically licking and sucking it until she made her Black Mistress cum again.


She wanted to try slipping a finger or two into that wet pussy, but before she got the chance her Black Mistress tightened her grip on the back of her hair, shoved Emma’s face as deep as it could go into her cunt and then began to grind herself against her. Oh yes, Emma was allowed the privilege of feeling her Black Mistress’s grinding against her face until her whole world became consumed by the goddess known as simply Beyonce, the megastar using her face as a fuck pad. Which was another kind of heaven, although Emma was briefly worried that she would suffocate she reassured herself that her Black Mistress clearly knew what she was doing. And if the worst was to happen at least she would please this goddess.


Luckily Emma was allowed enough air over the next few minutes to stay conscious, her Black Mistress using her face to masturbate to an impressive amount of orgasms before finally allowing Emma a break. Or at least Emma thought it was a break, when in fact it was her Black Mistress pulling her upwards, the female lead in Harry Potter barely getting a few seconds rest before she was enveloped in strong arms and kiss passionately. But that was okay, because her heart flutter being kissed by the dominant woman. Especially as this was her Black Mistress tasting herself in her mouth, and on her tongue and lips. Then her Black Mistress pulled back to give her the kind of smile which made Emma’s heart flutter again. Not to mention make her blush. Although the next words made her arse hole quiver with fear.


“Very good, now go get my cock.” Beyonce ordered, slapping Emma’s ass for emphasis, “I want some more of that hot little white booty.”


“Owww… I, please my Black Mistress, my arse is too sore.” Emma whimpered, before trying to bargain, “Can’t you fuck my pussy instead?”


Looking very unimpressed Beyonce asked, “Emma, who owns your little arse hole?”


Emma gulped softly and confessed, “You do.”


“Say it.” Beyonce pushed.


“You own my little arse hole, my Black Mistress.” Emma said softly.


“And?” Beyonce pushed again, then when Emma didn’t continue further pushed, “If I wanna use your ass hole, I’ll use your ass hole. This is what we agreed last night. Remember? Or do you not want me to fuck you?”


“No, please fuck me!” Emma pleaded, “I’m sorry for forgetting my place my Black Mistress. Please use my bum hole for your pleasure.”


“Oh I will.” Beyonce grinned wickedly, and then when Emma still didn’t move Beyonce sighed, “Stop thinking so much and do as you’re told. Mmmmm yeah, that’s better. Good girl. Ya gotta learn Emma, a Dom thinks, a sub just obeys.”


“Yes my Black Mistress.” Emma replied softly while doing as she was told, “Sorry my Black Mistress.”


“It’s okay. You’re young and still learning.” Beyonce reassured, before firmly adding, “But I will expect more from you in the future. Understand?”


“Yes my Black Mistress.” Emma repeated.


Beyonce sighed again. Emma had done such a wonderful job waking her up and licking her pussy it was easy to forget she was still only freshly broken in. Although that was also a good thing. After all, as much as Beyonce loved breaking in little fuck holes there was definitely something to be said for taking a freshly broken in white girl, especially one who hadn’t known the joys of lesbianism before, and training her to be the perfect little anal loving dyke bitch. Or more accurately for the situation, the perfect little cock sucker. Yes, that’s exactly what Beyonce needed now, and as Emma returned and then strapped the big dildo around the black woman’s waist it meant her mouth was in perfect position to go to work right away.


“Good, now strap it to me.” Beyonce ordered when Emma had returned, lifting her hips as necessary then grabbing a handful of her hair and giving her bitch another command, “Suck it! Suck my cock you little white bitch! Ooooooh, get that big black dick nice and ready for your slutty little butt hole, because it’s the only lube you’re getting.”


That was all it took to have Emma Watson sucking cock. Well, Beyonce also gently pushed down on Emma’s head, although the bitch didn’t have to go far for her lips to reach the dick, and from there the little sub just did what came naturally and wrapped her mouth around Beyonce’s bitch-tamer and began sucking on it. Letting her know that her saliva was going to be her only form of lube was obviously also a good motivator, along with Beyonce’s constant commentary on the whole wonderful act. Although a lot of it was just natural, Emma doing things before Beyonce even had the chance to give her such an order, proving herself again to be a great addition to Beyonce’s bitches.


“Yeahhhhhhh, that’s it, slobber on that dick! Mmmmm, fucking slobber. Let your saliva slide down that ass rammer. Oh fuck yeah, suck it good you little bitch!” Beyonce moaned with delight, pushing down on that pretty little head, “Now take it deep. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, deeper! Deeper. Come on you cock sucking slut, take my big black cock deep down your little white throat. Lube up that cock! Make it nice and wet for that pretty little white ass of yours. Yessssss, Make it good and ready for a butt fucking you slutty little anal whore! Mmmmmm, suck that strap-on. Suck it you little cock sucker! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, every inch. That’s every inch of that big fucking black dick in your fucking little white throat you fucking cock sleeve! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yesssssss! Oooooohhhhhhhh, good girl!”


Ironically Emma hadn’t been that good a cock sucker when Beyonce had first got her hands on her, but after only a night of training the tiny white actress was bobbing her head up and down that dick like a professional whore, and with some encouragement was even able to deep throat the entire monstrous length. Sure, she choked and gagged a lot doing it, but that only made it more enjoyable for Beyonce, which of course was what really mattered. After that Emma continued bobbing her lips up and down the shaft while staring up at her Black Mistress with total devotion in her eyes, the sight so captivating that Beyonce chose to just enjoy it for a few long minutes. Of course inevitably that desire was overwhelmed by her need to violate some hot white butt.


Normally this was the part when Beyonce ordered her bitch to bend over and spread her cheeks, but the infamous singer decided to do something different. Namely pull Emma up into her arms, passionately kiss her and then plant her gaping ass hole on her dick. After all, the Harry Potter actress would be still stretched open and ready for it, like all bitches the night after Beyonce had used them, the singer confirming this was true by sliding her hands round to Emma’s ass and giving it a good groping. Then, because she was a merciful Dom, Beyonce fingered her sub’s butt hole a little, gently stretching it out even further and making Emma whimper so becomingly into the kiss. This caused Beyonce to grin, just as she had when discovering the gape, although not as much as when she violated that little white ass again.


Emma was perfectly content sucking cock, then the next thing she knew she was in her Black Mistress’s strong arms and being passionately kissed. That was wonderful, and what made it even better was her Black Mistress sliding a couple of fingers into her arse hole. Thankfully they’d been brushed over her pussy first, giving them the lubrication they needed to enter that still incredibly sore hole. It was also still incredibly stretched, meaning that her Black Mistress really didn’t have to work hard to stretch it out. Which was just as well, because she only spent a few minutes of gentle anal fingering before moving on to what she truly wanted. Well, what they both wanted if Emma was being honest, but she was surprised how quickly she got it.


One moment they were still preparing, the next minute there was a dick in her butt, her Black Mistress grabbing a firm hold of her hips and expertly pushing her down and impaling her most private hole on the head of that thick dildo. It was a far cry from the long drawn-out anal penetration when her Black Mistress had robbed Emma of her arse cherry. Then again a reaction to being violated in this way was also different. When she lost her anal virginity Emma had cried out in pure pain and then whimper pathetically. This time she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and then whimpered in mostly anticipation as her bum hole remembered it was now her Black Mistress’s fuck hole disturbingly quickly.


She also didn’t break the kiss, when it felt like she would have during the first time, if she had been in this position instead of face down, ass up and spreading her cheeks, which was apparently her Black Mistress’s favourite way to take a bitch. In fact Emma would have been quite content with kissing this goddess all night long, but her Black Mistress had other plans. Namely to pull back slightly so she could watch the look in Emma’s eyes as she began slowly pushing her further down the cock, her Black Mistress determined to get what she wanted as she looked amused throughout stuffing Emma’s arse. Which was what was important here, pleasing the goddess known as Beyonce, Emma’s submissive heart fluttering at the thought.


It was certainly a comforting thought as her sore anal walls were rubbed and even a little stretched by the big dildo slowly making it’s way through Emma’s bowels, again causing Emma both pain and pleasure, although it was definitely more the latter than the former. Which was good, because her Black Mistress didn’t stop pushing downwards until Emma was sitting on her lap, the full length of the big black cock buried deep within the tiny white girl’s back passage. Oh God, Emma couldn’t believe she had taken such a beast into her rectum the first time around, let alone again after she’d woken up with such a sore bottom. The only real comfort was that her Black Mistress then paused, giving Emma a chance to recover, although even that seemed to be more about her Black Mistress’s pleasure than showing her mercy.


Beyonce loved watching another woman’s face as she stuffed her ass full of dick. Or better yet fucked it. Or made the bitch cum. If she wasn’t so addicted to watching butt holes being stretched open, filled and fucked she’d probably exclusively sodomise submissive women like this. As it was she tried as much variety as possible, while leaving bending them over for popping cherries of course, which was why Beyonce treasured nights like last night so much. They gave her memories that she would treasure forever, especially thanks to all the photos which ended up in her book. She had several of Emma from last night, but might just have to take a few more this morning.


One thing which almost had her reaching for her phone was the expression on Emma’s pretty little face as Beyonce stuffed her cute little butt. The way her mouth fell open a little bit, and eyes went wide, and the look in those eyes, oh it was just perfection. But she didn’t want to risk looking away and causing the look to go away, so she chose to just enjoy it in the moment. Besides, at that point she was solely focused on stuffing her dick up Emma’s tight little white ass. Likewise then Beyonce just enjoyed the feeling of her little cock puppet resting on her lap for a few long seconds before even getting the sodomy started for real.


Beyonce then briefly bounced Emma up and down like a puppet, before growling, “Come on, bounce for me bitch! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, bounce that cute little white ass of yours up and down my dick! Oh yes, that’s a good girl. Good little anal whore!”


Just like that Emma was bouncing up and down like a good little anal whore, Beyonce happily continuing to praise her latest conquest as she continued giving her what she wanted. Oh yes, Beyonce loved sodomising submissive little butt sluts, but there was always something extra special when the ass whore would help you fuck them. Or better yet fuck themselves, in this case Emma shamelessly impaling her most private hole upon Beyonce’s big dick for their mutual pleasure while Beyonce simply relaxed and enjoy the show, and perhaps most importantly saved her energy for the brutal rectum wrecking to inevitably come.


She especially enjoyed watching white girls bounce up and down, as she could really enjoy the contrast of their skin against each other every time there cute little bottoms came to rest against her lap. Okay, at this stage she might prefer reverse cowgirl, as it meant that she could watch those pretty little ass cheeks jiggle for her, but there was something to be said for seeing those tiny titties bounce, and again the look on that beautiful face. Yes, that was truly something Beyonce felt like she could watch for hours, and it kind of felt like she did as Emma bounced up and down her dick for an impressive amount of time. And of course through it all Beyonce provided commentary.


“Yeahhhhhhh, that’s it, bounce that booty. Bounce it! Good girl, mmmmm yessssss! Good little anal whore.” Beyonce practically purred with delight while staring into the eyes of her white bitch, “You’re a good little anal whore, aren’t you Emma? Yeahhhhhh, you’re a good little anal loving whore. Mmmmm, you’re a butt slut! My little butt slut. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, Emma Watson is my obedient little butt slut who can’t get enough of my big black dick in her little white bottom. And you love my pussy too, don’t you? Mmmmm, yeah you do. You just munched my cunt like it was the only thing keeping you alive you fucking dyke whore. And I remember just how much you loved my big black booty. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, you couldn’t get your face deep enough into that fat butt of mine last night. Fuckkkkkkk yessssss, you’re my little black pussy addicted whore, my black butt kissing sex slave, my anal craving ass slut. My little white bitch. Oh yeah Emma, you’re nothing but my little white bitch now, and whatever else I want you to be. Oh yes, oh fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeessssss, bounce that fucking booty!”


Emma blushed furiously at those words, but she didn’t complain. Because they were true. Those words were wonderfully true. She was Beyonce’s bitch. Her Black Mistress! Emma was her Black Mistress’s white bitch, her black pussy addicted whore, her black butt kissing sex slave, her anal craving ass slut, and whatever else her Black Mistress wanted her to be. She just wanted to be hers. Regardless of what unspeakable things she would have to do to keep that privilege. Although Emma wasn’t sure how much more of this ecstasy she could take without being allowed to cum, that desperate need becoming so great that Emma felt like she had no choice but to interrupt her Black Mistress.


“Please let me cum! I need to cum!” Emma whimpered loudly, fully intending to say more, although her Black Mistress beat her to it.


“I’ll think about it.” Beyonce snorted unconvincingly, “For now, turnaround. I want to see that pretty little white booty of yours jiggle for me while I fuck it. And don’t you dare allow that dick to leave your whore ass!”


“Yes my Black Mistress, thank you my Black Mistress.” Emma whimpered, before quickly doing as she was told.


It wasn’t easy, and there was a long moment where it looked like the cock was about to slip out of her ass hole. But Emma was lucky, and she was just about able to stuff the dick back up her butt before too much of the dildo slipped out. In fact Emma was able to keep the majority of the strap-on entrenched inside her rectum while switching positions as she started off by just sitting down fully on her Black Mistress’s lap and then turning herself around as slowly as possible. Then she began anally riding the cock again, this time having to look over her shoulder to see the reactions of her Black Mistress, which was thankfully very positive, the dominant woman not only grinning but even thrusting up into Emma’s ass on a few random occasions.


Which of course only made Emma more desperate to cum, to the point where she was literally in tears from her overwhelming need to cum like a slut with a dick in her ass. In the end it was almost painful, especially as she was filled with memories of last night, where she remembered being kept on the edge frequently long, but inevitably receiving the kind of ecstasy that made it all worth it. The kind which made her want to be nothing but her Black Mistress’s white bitch, and please her in every way possible, even if that meant keeping her mouth shut and just allowing this dark skinned goddess to have her way with her most intimate hole.


Finally her Black Mistress purred, “So, tell me just how badly you want to cum.”


Racking her brain for what her Black Mistress wanted to hear, and of course meaning every word of it, Emma started desperately begging, “Please, please my Black Mistress let me cum! Oh fuck! I need to cum! I need to cum so badly! Please? Oh please! Please let your little white bitch cum! Oh God, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk meeeeee, shit! Please my Black Mistress, let me cum like the little anal whore I am! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, make me cum! Fuck my arse and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, please my Black Mistress, please allow me the privilege of cumming like a bitch with your dick up my arse! I need to be arse fucked my Black Mistress, mmmmmm, please fuck me in the arse! Bum me! Oh fuck, wreck my bum! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, bum fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhh, fuck my bum! Fuck me hard and make me cum!”


“Make Hermione Granger cum?” Beyonce pushed gleefully.


Emma desperately wanted to be more than one role, but for that moment she was so desperate to cum, and please her Black Mistress, she happily referred to herself as that, and debased the franchise which made her famous and meant so much to her, “YES! Make Hermione Granger cum! Make Hermione Granger cum with a big black dick up her bum! Arse fuck Hermione Granger! Fuck her hard and make her cum! Please? Hermione Granger wants to cum. Oh fuck, Hermione Granger needs to cum! Oh my Black Mistress, you made Hermione Granger your little white bitch, now she needs you to destroy her pale little bottom so she can cum! Please, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, make Hermione Granger cum like a bitch!”


“I suppose that will do.” Beyonce said dryly, smacking the cute little white butt hard enough to leave a handprint, “Bounce that little white booty. Bounce it! Come on girly, mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I wanna see Hermione Granger cumming like a little bitch with a dick in her ass.”


Without a moment’s hesitation Emma started hammering herself up and down with every ounce of her strength, instantly triggering a powerful climax the likes of which she had only ever known with her Black Mistress balls deep within her bowels. And it was happening again. The goddess known to so many as simply Beyonce was allowing Emma the privilege of cumming on her strap-on dick. But more than that, this was a symbol that this amazing woman was allowing her the honour of being her anal loving bitch, Emma’s now very submissive heart fluttering with that overwhelming knowledge as she came over and over again until her mind melted and all she became was an orifice for her own pleasure, and more importantly the pleasure of her Black Mistress.


Beyonce had loved watching that little white booty bounce up and down for her while Emma slowly rode her, but she liked it even more now. Sure, Emma fell back a little, meaning that Beyonce didn’t get such a good view of it, but it was more than worth it as it made those cute little cheeks jiggle even more with every thrust. Beyonce helped with that by thrusting ever more consistently, until she was hammering that white booty with every ounce of her strength, making her latest conquest’s cum squirt out of her cunt and across the bed while poor little ‘Hermione Granger’ became completely incoherent and the sounds of their bodies crashing together were almost as loud as Emma’s screams.


It would have been easy enough to make Beyonce cum, but she wasn’t ready for that. More importantly, this just wasn’t good enough for that, so although it was practically painful Beyonce resisted the urge and just enjoyed the heavenly moment. Because God, Beyonce lived for blissful moments like this. Moments where she was fucking a beautiful little white girl in the ass. Brutally sodomising another woman and making her cum. Making her nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. Her bitch. Oh yes, Beyonce had again conquered another woman and made her hers. And a beautiful, rich and famous white girl was being added to her collection of them, this poor girl just another piece of ass for her to use whenever she wanted. Hermione Granger! Oh yes, Hermione Granger was her little anal whore.


With those thoughts echoing through her head Beyonce let out an animal-like growl and pushed Emma forward so that she landed on her hands and knees, Beyonce moving with her to make sure the dildo didn’t leave her butt. The butt fucking didn’t even really stop as they got into Beyonce’s favourite position, doggy style, so she could truly take Hermione Granger like a bitch. At first the poor girl tried to hammer back at her, but she soon collapsed in exhaustion and truly became what she was always meant to be, nothing but an orifice for Beyonce’s pleasure, the world-famous singer using every ounce of her strength to literally ruin the rectum of the world-famous actress.


Shortly after this Beyonce received the kind of incredibly satisfying climax she could only receive when fucking another woman in the butt. She tried to stop herself, but it was no use, the mental stimulation combined with the stimulator which had been hammering her clit for what felt like hours pushed her over the edge, and even though she pushed herself through that the floodgates were open and she found herself cumming almost as hard and as frequently as her latest victim. Inevitably she had to stop, just about able to remain on her feet with the promise of seeing Hermione Granger gape, which was exactly what she got, Beyonce yanking out her dick in one swift movement to make sure the effect was maximised for her pleasure.


After a few long seconds of just enjoying staring at those slightly bruised but cheeks and the perfectly visible gape in between them Beyonce smacked that pale booty and ordered, “Spread your cheeks for me girl! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, show me that cute little gape!”


“Yes my Black Mistress.” Emma whimpered submissively, rushing to do was she was told, pulling her cheeks as wide as part as she could.


Emma just stayed there for a few long seconds, then she whimpered as her Black Mistress reached over to the bedside table and grabbed her phone. Last night she had protested her Black Mistress taking photos of her during sex, because that kind of thing just couldn’t end well, but the dominant woman had insisted and now there were dozens of obscene pics on that phone, so what was one more? But more importantly, this was pleasing her Black Mistress, so after that whimper Emma stayed silent as the beautiful singer gleefully took proof of the fact that she just sodomised Emma so hard and deep that her back hole was left gaping open. She even tried to spread her cheeks wider and push up her bum higher into the air so her Black Mistress could get some better shots.


Then the dark skinned goddess collapsed down onto the bed and simply stated, “You know what I want now?”


“Yes my Black Mistress.” Emma whimpered after lifting her head out of the pillows and cautiously taking her hand off her cheeks.


“Then do it.” Beyonce pushed softly.


“Yes my Black Mistress.” Emma said again, moving into position.


It was so embarrassing, but how could Emma ever forget what her Black Mistress liked after a nice hard bum fucking? Then again how could she possibly deny her Black Mistress what she truly wanted? Ever? So Emma crawled in between the legs of her Black Mistress and after only a brief hesitation closed her eyes, leaned her head down and wrapped her lips around the head of the dick which had just pummelled the deepest part of her arse. And just like last night, to her great shame, Emma moaned with delight, instantly loving the taste of her own arse. Which of course led to a wicked chuckle and then praise from her Black Mistress, first in the form of words and then and stroking her hair.


“Yessssss, that’s it you little ass to mouth whore, suck that cock!” Beyonce gleefully encouraged, “Suck that big black cock clean of your yummy little butt juices. Oh fuck yeah, that’s a good whore! Mmmmm, a good little ATM whore. Yesssssss, that’s what you are now Emma. Nothing but a little anal whore who loves the taste of your own ass. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, make sure you get every drop bitch. Make sure you get every drop of your own butt cream! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, get it by deep throating that dick you little cock sucking slut. Oh yeah! Yeahhhhhhh, suck it good, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss, suck it!”


Those words made Emma whimper with joy, almost as much as the gentle strokes to her head, and most of all the taste of her own bum did. To show her gratitude Emma stared up lovingly at her Black Mistress and did as she was told, bobbing her head up and down the first half of the black dildo greedily and making sure she got every drop of her arse cream from it. Then came the really tricky part, namely deep throating her Black Mistress’s cock. Emma hadn’t suck that much cock previously, especially not one this size, so it was difficult enough just to wrap her lips around the girth and shove the first half of it into her mouth.


Last night Emma had thought it was impossible to get the entire length into her throat, but after a lot of practice she had strained herself far beyond what she thought was possible and had actually done it. She had done it earlier too, so she certainly wasn’t going to let her Black Mistress down now. Not when that big black cock was covered in such yummy juices. So Emma forced herself to ignore her gag reflex and with tears streaming down her face and bile threatening to come out of her mouth she pushed herself lower and lower until her nose was finally resting against her Black Mistress’s groin, announcing she had managed to stuff every inch into her throat. Then of course after a moment’s rest she began bobbing her head up and down again like a good little white bitch.


“Yeahhhhhhh, clean it good, because it’s about to go right back up your arse.” Beyonce revealed gleefully, and then when she saw the joy in her new pet’s eyes she told her, “That’s right Emma, I don’t know about you, but my day’s free, and I’m only just getting started with you.”


Emma trembled with delight, sucked the cock even more passionately, and did her best to mumble around it, “Thank you, my Black Mistress.”

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