Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches – Part 1

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Britney Spears. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story.

Starring: Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears

Codes: Anal, Ff, Interracial, Language, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys

Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 1
by MTL (

Beyonce Knowles sighs heavily. She has tried her best but it is no use, she just can’t drift off to sleep and she knows why.

It’s ironic really, the day has been long
and tomorrow is promising to be even longer so she made the mature decision to go to bed alone so she could catch up on her sleep, and yet here she is lying awake unable to stop thinking about how horny she is.

Beyonce has a huge sexual appetite, one which is normally satisfied by her husband who she loves dearly, but he’s on tour right now and even if he was here he wouldn’t be able to truly satisfy her, not in the mood she’s in.

Yet again Beyonce considers truly satisfying her craving, but she couldn’t, she didn’t have the time. Of course she didn’t have the time to lay awake thinking about it either, leaving her with only one alternative.

So with this in mind she gets up, turns to her bedside table, bends down and opens the bottom of the three draws, also known as her dildo draw. Reaching inside the draw Beyonce picks out a nice medium-size toy, before closing the draw and opening the draw above it. This draw is full of books, none of which look particularly interesting or unique… save for that one black book Beyonce kept well hidden towards the bottom of the draw. Pulling the book out Beyonce shuts the draw, gets herself comfortable and then opens the book to its first page, smiling as she reads the title she gave this book so many, many years ago…

Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches

Perhaps not the most inventive of titles but appropriate given its contents of names, numbers and pictures belonging to all the women Beyonce has bedded for the better part of 10 years, the majority of which were white because while Beyonce loves women of all colours white women had always been her favourite.

Of course her husband knows nothing about this book. Part of her secretly hopes if he was to ever find it or if she finally told him about her little fetish like she had imagined doing so many times he would be hopefully understanding and willing to allow her to continue indulging her twisted lesbian cravings. Sadly she isn’t 100% sure if he would be willing to accept this part of her, which is why she will probably never tell him the truth, and if he does find her little book, well, she knows all his secrets, including several which he doesn’t think she knows about and could destroy him if they ever came out so if such a thing was to happen Beyonce is confident that if it ever came to it she could blackmail her husband into silence, even if it did destroy their marriage in the process. Considering that was one of many terrible scenarios it seemed foolish for Beyonce to keep this book and continue to add names, numbers and pictures to it but the truth is as much as Beyonce loves her husband, career and lifestyle she simply doesn’t love them as much as she loves white women.

Turning the page Beyonce comes to a self made contents page and smiles as her eyes drift over the names of all of her conquests, the names alone sparking so many wonderful memories until her eyes focus on the first name on the list, causing her to smile again.

Britney Spears, oh how she had used to lust after that girl before she got her hands on her… and when she did, oh what fun she had, what fun she continued having to this day.

Sighing heavily Beyonce wished her loyal little white bitch was here now so she could take her pleasure from her like she had done so many times before, but tonight Beyonce would have to settle for her memories, although at least it was one of her favourites.

Britney had been the very first female celebrity Beyonce had dared to go after, and after successfully turning the pop princess into her white bitch Beyonce never looked back, more or less only going after female celebrities after that, the conquest somehow seeming sweeter when she was not only taking and dominating another woman but another woman who so many people looked up to, adored and lusted after.

If it wasn’t for her success the first time out Beyonce doesn’t know where she would be, but she knows she wouldn’t be half as happy, so Britney has always been one of her favourites. The girl was also super submissive and, after she was properly broken in, adored all of Beyonce’s little kinks, making her a perfect little white bitch for Beyonce.

Slowly Beyonce turns the page and is greeted with a series of pictures. Next to each picture is a date which is in reference to when the picture next to it was taken. The first picture at the top of the page is of Britney’s perfectly shaped, toned, tight white virgin ass which is pointing at the camera, showing off her pussy and ass hole.

Despite all the times she had seen and abused it Beyonce still found herself licking her lips at the sight of Britney’s ass on display before her. She absolutely adores seeing a woman in such a vulnerable and submissive position… on all fours like a bitch… ass just waiting to be abused.

So many people made a fuss over her bootylicious black ass, and while Beyonce publicly claimed she didn’t love all the attention the truth is she did. When she was up on stage shaking her money-maker it wasn’t ‘Sasha Fierce’ up there as she liked to claim, it was the real Beyonce, the proud and confident woman she truly was. However despite all the attention, fantasies from her fans, and nearly constant begging from her husband Beyonce would never let anyone fuck that bootylicious ass she is secretly so proud of. That was a bitch thing to do, and Beyonce was nobody’s bitch.

It was funny really, for someone who sang how bootylicious she was Beyonce has always been more into pounding booty while never even entertaining the idea of getting her own bootylicious booty pounded.

Of course ultimately it all came down to the idea of dominance, the idea that when it came to sex she is always in control, it is always about her. With her husband Beyonce enjoyed normal, heterosexual sex. No kinks, no nothing but her way or he could get the fuck out of her bed. With women Beyonce loved kinks, especially the type which made her feel dominant and in control while preferably degrading the other woman, and in all her experience there was no act that made Beyonce feel more dominant and in control while degrading another woman than fucking another woman up the ass.

There was just something so primal about it, forcing a large cock, even one that’s fake, deep into another woman’s shit hole, a hole not meant to be entered, fucking them in that hole for her pleasure, listening to their whimpers of pain slowly turning into moans of pleasure as their no entry hole is slowly turned into a fuck hole, their cries for more as she begins slamming their forbidden entrances, their orgasmic cries as she sodomises them through multiple climaxes and their submissive attitudes towards her afterwards, all of it was so wonderfully empowering, giving Beyonce an addictive rush like no other.

The book Beyonce is currently holding in her hands is filled with so much ass it could easily be called Beyonce’s Book Of White Bitch Ass, but there was just enough non-ass pictures for the book to keep its original title, and it’s not like Beyonce didn’t adore sucking on a nice pair of titties, or tasting and sometimes even fucking a nice piece of pussy so she’s quite happy with the book the way it is.

However for some of her bitches she only has pictures of their asses, either because from the beginning that was the only part of them she was even remotely interested in or by the time she was through breaking that bitch in all they were to her was a piece of ass on legs, and Britney Spears definitely ended up just being a piece of ass on legs.

As Beyonce goes down the page looking at each picture one at a time, each picture is of Britney’s ass pointing at the camera with her pussy and particularly her ass hole looking tight but not as tight as they had in the first picture, Britney’s anal cherry seemingly a distant thing of the past as those holes were clearly well used as the weeks, months and years went by.

Beyonce looks down both pages looking at the pictures and then the dates next to them. She can’t help but wish she had pictures of the owners face despite knowing who the ass belongs to due to the contents page. In a weird way it is exacterly because of who this woman that she is now looking at that the contents page was created as well as the reason why she only has pictures of her ass and not any other part of her body like her face that could identify her if this book was to fall into the wrong hands.

Once she reaches the bottom of the second page Beyonce turns the page and continues to look at the pictures on the next two pages. These pages are a little different, one of the first pictures showing Britney spreading her butt cheeks for the camera while others show Britney’s ass having something inside of it, that being Beyonce’s big black strap on dildo. In one of the pictures there is only the head inside of Britney’s butt, in another one the strap on is halfway inside of her ass, and in the third one the strap on is all the way inside of her backside. After these three pictures the pictures change, no longer showing a perfectly toned, tight white ass but a still perfectly toned, white ass however now her ass hole looks anything but tight, that poor little butt hole stretched far beyond its natural boundaries.

In all of the pictures that follow Britney’s butt hole is gaping, the once tight ring of flesh now a wide opening allowing the camera to look deep into the pop princess’s bowels. Continuing down the page Britney’s back hole only looks more brutalised, Beyonce being treated to an increasingly better look inside Britney’s ass at every following picture of the poor gaping hole. In a few of the pictures Britney is spreading her butt cheeks again, although it makes little difference. The last picture on the page shows Britney’s butt hole super gaping after a 5 hour long ass pounding session, that hole not fully recovering until a few days later at which point Britney claim sitting down was finally no longer painful for her.

After having reached the end of the ‘chapter’ of the book on her first celebrity white bitch Beyonce instead of moving on to the next chapter goes back to the first page devoted to Britney and looks at the first picture of that perfectly shaped, well toned, tight white virgin ass.

Part of Beyonce never ceases to be amazed that even after what she did to that ass and after what she lovingly continued to do to that ass Britney is one of her bitches that actually dared to call her and how when she called Beyonce would have her beg and she would quite willingly beg her to be allowed to come and see her because her ass needs her.

As Beyonce continues to reminisce she remembers how after the first couple of sessions with Britney she only occasionally touched her pussy due to Britney always cumming harder when she played or fucked her ass. Eventually she went from only occasionally touching her first celebrity bitch’s pussy to never touching it and instead ‘trained’ Britney to only come when she was with her from her ass play to the point where Britney confessed after the first time she gave her a 5 hour non-stop anal assault that it feels like her ass hole not only craves her black mistress’s black cock but her ass hole needs her black mistress’s black cock.

Slowly Beyonce turns her attention from the picture to the date next to it and as she does so she starts to remember the very first time she took her first celebrity white bitch.


Beyonce walks into the hotel’s bar, her eyes searching the place for the pop princess cameoing in Austin Powers 3, the movie in which she is done for the day shooting for, leaving her available to finally search out her prey which she spots sitting up at the actual bar.

Britney isn’t hard to spot, particularly because she is still wearing exacterly what she wore in her cameo which is a black top, if you can even call it that, the thing is so small it looks more like a bra, however it’s supposed to be a top, a pair of tight dark pants with a silver belt and black high heels.

Beyonce smiles as she looks the woman at the bar up and down before making her way over to the bar.

“What can I get you?” The bartender asks her as she reaches the bar standing next to the woman she is after.

“I’ll have whatever she’s having.” Beyonce says.

The bartender nods and turns to fetch Beyonce’s drink as Britney turns in her seat to look at her.

“Beyonce… erm, hey, what are you doing here?” Britney asks, before looking embarrassed, “Not that you can’t be here or anything, it’s just…”

“Relax, I’m just here for a drink.” Beyonce says, sitting down next to the babbling blonde.

“Oh, well I’m only drinking Coke so if you want something else…” Britney begins.

Both girls were about a year away from being 21 and legal to drink but even without their superstar status it would have been hard to find a bar in the country that would have carded two such stunning beauties if they chose to drink in its establishment.

“Coke’s fine.” Beyonce says, taking the drink offered by the bartender, “Alcohol was never my vice anyway.”

The last part is said almost as a whisper, and although Britney heard it would be a while yet before she would understand it.

“Nice outfit.” Beyonce says, looking Britney up and down.

Her eyes were tempted to linger on the outfit but Beyonce would never be that sloppy, instead easily giving the impression to anyone watching that she was just admiring the outfit and not Britney herself, which is exactly how Britney took it.

“Thanks.” Britney says with a smile, “I was maybe going to change into something less revealing but it’s kind of hot and I kind of like the attention, you know? Besides I’m trying to change my image. Less cute and innocent teen, more strong, confident woman.”

Beyonce smirks and skilfully avoids laughing.

“Well you’re off to a good start.” Beyonce says.

She’d heard that Britney was going to be changing her image however all of the attempts Britney has made so far including that outfit seems to come across that Britney is somebody cute and innocent trying to be sexy and confident rather than someone who actually is.

Britney came off as a bit of a wannabe in Beyonce’s opinion, at least when it came to being sexy and confident, and her opinion didn’t change as the girl, who was supposedly only a few months younger than herself, started to run her mouth how she wanted to be taken seriously, both as a strong, confident woman and as a singer before switching into total teenage girl mode when talking about clothes, shopping and then of course her latest boyfriend drama. Of course none of these subjects were exclusive to teenage girls but the way in which Britney acted came across as anything but the strong, confident woman she had just claimed she wanted to be. The girl was still cute and innocent, maybe too much for her own good. Not that she would be still innocent once Beyonce has finished having her fun with her cute white ass.

Although she masks it well Beyonce goes into a little daydream of exactly how she’s going to corrupt this girl as she skilfully zones in and out of the conversation Britney is practically having with herself.

Beyonce joins in when she feels appropriate, even enjoying it at some points but at the same time doesn’t tell her life story or go into details about her personal life. Britney, not so much.

In fact when they’re interrupted by the paparazzi it almost seems a blessing in disguise.

“Great.” Britney sighs after half a dozen photos had been taken in a matter of seconds, “I guess this means tomorrow everyone will be talking about the secret friendship of Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles… not that would be bad or anything… I just…”

“Relax I know what you mean.” Beyonce says, the wheels in her head as she realises away to use this situation to her advantage, “Listen, why don’t we go up to my room to get away from these guys?”

Britney is a little taken back by this. She feels tempted to say yes, and yet for some reason she feels as though she should say no.

“I don’t know.” Britney says, voicing her uncertainty.

“Oh come on, we can talk some more, maybe get to know each other a little better. After all, it can never hurt to have connections in this business, and I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to a night of drinking alone anyway.” Beyonce says, before adding after Britney still fails to look convinced, “I have a mini-bar.”

Britney thinks about it for a minute, and then smiles.

“Ok.” She says and with that the two women turn and head out of the bar and over to the lifts with Beyonce pressing the call button.

Once they are both in Beyonce presses her hotel room floor button and the two simply stand next to each other waiting to reach their destination.

While they are moving in the lift Beyonce can’t help but smile at her reflection on the mirror inside of the lift doors due to her lusted after the woman who is now standing to her right for the past 2 years and having made up her mind earlier in the day when she saw Britney doing her thing in her cameo role that she was going to make Britney her bitch. And not just her bitch but her first celebrity bitch.

Over the past couple of years Beyonce had turned a few women who weren’t famous into her bitches, mostly as one night stands with a few who she kept for a while here and there. She had been tempted to try and make one or more of her fellow Destiny’s Child members her bitch however she knew better than to ‘shit where she eats’. Despite having made no celebrity women her bitches yet being around a lot of hot female celebrities she had been dying to make a move on one of them and now after two years of lusting she was going to finally do it. She was going to make the pop princess Britney Spears what she hoped would be the first, and hopefully not the last, of her white celebrity bitches.

Britney looks over at Beyonce who is standing next to her and notices the smile on her face which makes her a tad nervous due to her not sure why she would be so happy. Another thing she didn’t understand was why she had had that bad gut feeling down in the bar when Beyonce had suggested that they go to her room and why was that bad gut feeling getting stronger the closer they came to arriving at her hotel room.

Finally the doors to the lift open on Beyonce’s floor. Beyonce is the first to get out with Britney following along behind her. Once they arrive at her hotel room Beyonce unlocks and opens the door allowing Britney to go first which she does with Beyonce following close behind.

As soon as they are both inside of her hotel room Beyonce shuts the door and quickly locks it to make sure Britney can’t escape when she makes her move.

Hearing the door to the hotel room close and lock causes Britney to frown in confusion, “What are you doing?”

Beyonce hearing Britney’s question turns her head to look at her and see’s Britney staring at her in shock and disbelief which makes the black singer smile, “Just making sure you can’t escape.”

For the first time tonight Britney seems speechless, a fact which causes Beyonce to smile. Her smile quickly fades though as she turns around completely and begins to approach Britney like a predator would slowly stalk its prey.

“You know, I was maybe going to let you do a little more drinking and talking, but I think I’ve waited long enough…” Beyonce says, trailing off menacingly as she watches every movement Britney makes.

“W… what what do you mean? What are you going to do to me?” Britney asks softly after a pause, afraid she already knows the answer

Beyonce just stares at her, and then smiles.

“Well, first I’m going to spank you, just so you know who’s in charge. If you agree to be a good little white bitch for me your spanking will be firm but gentle. If you choose to make this unnecessarily difficult by fighting the inevitable I will be forced to beat your white ass into submission. And trust me, you don’t want that because I will happily destroy your cute little butt to get what I want even if it means you can’t sit right for a week.” Beyonce pauses for a few seconds to let what she has just said sink in, “After your spanking I’m gonna feed you my tits and my pussy and, unless you want another spanking, you’re going to worship each one of those parts of my body like an eager little white ho. You’re gonna suck on my titties so good and then you’re going to go to town on licking my pussy, swallowing all the cream I feed you, turning you into a little black pussy loving white girl. If you’re really lucky after I’m done cumming in your mouth I might reward you by shoving my tongue into your little white pussy, getting me some sweet white girl pussy cream, maybe with a little white girl cum for desert. And then… I’m going to strap on a nice big black cock and make that cute little white ass of yours all mine. I’m going to make you get on your hands and knees, spread your ass cheeks and once I have gotten that ass hole of yours nice and lubricated I’m going to fuck it. My big black strap on cock is going to violate your tight little ass hole, every single inch slowly going up that white ass until it’s nice and full of black cock. Then, I’m going to fuck that ass, slowly at first, stretching you out real good, then I’m going to pound fuck that white ass. I’m going to destroy your little ass hole, tear it apart, leave it a total gaping mess. And you’re going to love it. You’re going to be begging me to make you my little white bitch, and when I’m done with your ass you’re going to be kissing mine to prove you really want it. You’re pretty white face is going to get buried in my big black ass as you cover it with kisses, thanking me, your black mistress, for fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before and making you my white bitch.”

As she speaks Beyonce can’t help smirking as she see’s her words are starting to have a very subtle affect on Britney. Although she looks scared, bordering on horrified, Beyonce can see her nipples are as hard as two lead pencil tips and while Britney’s face may give off the impression of fear and horror her eyes give off desire and want. When Beyonce finishes her description of what she is going to do to her Britney swallows hard which immediately makes Beyonce wonder something however she decides to wait until she get’s to that part before she finds out if her suspicion is correct.

“That’s the detailed version. To put it bluntly I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.” Beyonce says, looking Britney dead in the eye so that she can see how serious she is about everything she has just said, “The only question is… are you going to let me… or are you going to try to resist? Cause it makes little difference to me, either way I’m going to have my fun with you and make you my white bitch, but seeing as those hard little nipples of yours are telling me you like the idea of being my white bitch why don’t you just make it easier on yourself and submit.”

Once Beyonce has finished talking the hotel room falls silent neither Beyonce nor Britney make a move or say anything they simply stand where they are staring at one and other.

Beyonce stands in front of the locked door to the hotel room watching every move Britney makes even though the only thing moving is her eyelashes when she blinks.

Inwardly Britney is screaming at herself to move but her body won’t budge and she doesn’t understand why. The idea of staying and letting Beyonce do all those things to her is terrifying, horrifying even, but she’s frozen to the spot and it’s not just out of fear, which is perhaps the most horrifying thing of all.

“Pull your pants down.” Beyonce says finally in an authoritive tone of voice, breaking the silence.

Britney doesn’t do anything.

“Pull your pants down now!” Beyonce snaps.

There is another few microseconds of deafening silence and then, to Britney’s horror, she does as she is told. She doesn’t understand why, she doesn’t want to understand why, but she slowly, timidly pulls her pants down until they are down around her ankles and then straightens herself up, Britney feeling like a prisoner within her own body, helpless to stop herself from doing anything but obeying.

Meanwhile Beyonce can’t stop herself from smirking as while what Britney has just done may not seem like a big thing it is because it’s the first sign of Britney’s submission to her.

“Now pull down your thong.” Beyonce tells her once again in a calm but firm tone of voice.

Britney does as she is told, again not sure why she is doing it and yet doing it nonetheless.

Beyonce smirks again before she walks over to the nearest side of the bed and sits down on it.

“Now come over here.” Beyonce commands, keeping her eyes locked with Britney’s.

Britney slowly makes her way over to where Beyonce is with her pants and thong still down around her ankles.

Once she reaches her Beyonce looks up at Britney who looks down at her with the same expression still on her face.

“Now lay down across my lap face down with your ass in the air.” Beyonce tells her.

Britney slowly turns her attention from Beyonce’s face to her lap where she wants her to lay face down, knowing what will happen if she does and for the first time since Beyonce gave her an order feeling herself resist obeying the black woman’s command. This whole thing is insane, there is no way she’s going to let Beyonce spank her, or do any of those other things to her. She needs to pull up her pants and run… and yet Britney can’t look away from Beyonce, her eyes captured by the other woman’s as if she was a helpless mouse under the spell of a python. And that voice… that suddenly commanding tone… it made Britney want to do every little thing it said… but she couldn’t… she shouldn’t… she should…

“Do as I say.” Beyonce commands calmly.

No. She couldn’t. She…

“Lay down across my lap, face down with your ass in the air, now.” Beyonce orders again.
Britney swallows hard and to her horror she slowly does as she’s told. As she does Britney tells herself that she is doing it because she’s afraid of what Beyonce might do to her if she doesn’t do as she’s told, that she didn’t want to do it, she had to do it, that her body wasn’t going crazy with desire over the idea of being dominated and fucked by another woman, she’s just doing this so she could avoid a fight, something she was never good at doing. Maybe… maybe if she did what Beyonce said at first there would be a chance for escape later or at least a chance she could talk the black woman out of doing anything to her ass hole.

Unfortunately for Britney there was nothing she could have said or done at this point to save her ass hole as that poor little hole’s fate was sealed the second she stepped into Beyonce’s hotel room, but at least for now ignorance would be bliss for her.

Beyonce on the other hand knew exactly what was happening, was going to happen and why, and she loved it, the black singer licking her lips as she gets her first look at Britney Spears’s bare ass, those beautiful white tight ass cheeks calling to her like a siren.

“You know Britney, I don’t know what it is about you white girls I love so much…” Beyonce says smiling an ear to ear smile as she places her right hand down on Britney’s nearest ass cheek and slowly and gently starts to caress it before moving over to the opposite cheek and then starts going back and forth between the two, “Maybe it’s something to do with seeing the difference in our skin tones as my body is pressed up against yours. Maybe part of it’s because some would consider it a taboo. But honestly, the main reason I think I love you white girls is because you just seem to be naturally submissive. I mean I’ve been with just about every type of girl I can find and 9 times out of 10 you white girls just couldn’t wait to submit to me and do every little thing I say. I’m beginning to think it’s in your nature, that all you white girls are just naturally submissive when confronted with a strong black woman like myself. And I got to say, you’re not changing my mind, in fact you seem like a grade A piece of submissive white meat just waiting to be served up to someone like me and devoured.”

Beyonce pauses in her little speech, confident that what she has just said will shock Britney which is partly her intention but also the truth, at least in Beyonce’s experience, although as she continues to caress and stare at the blonde’s behind deciding to move the focus of conversation from white girls in general to Britney herself.

“I’ve actually wanted to get my hands on you for a while now. Two years in fact. And now after two long years of just lusting after you your finally going to be mine. I’ve dreamed and fantasized about doing all types of nasty little things to you, especially your tight little ass. And none of my dreams or fantasies of what your behind would look or feel like compare to the sweet reality.” Beyonce says, loving the feel of Britney’s ass cheeks underneath her hand as she takes a few moments to lustfully grope her prize before getting down to business, “Now, I really should give you a hard spanking because you didn’t do what I told you when I told you to do it on two occasions. However seeing as this is your initiation I think one hard smack on each cheek will be a good enough punishment. But if you disobey me in the future you will get a hard spanking. Do you understand?”

Beyonce asks waiting for Britney to answer which she doesn’t.

“I said do you understand!” Beyonce snaps letting Britney know she wants her to answer her.

“Yes.” Britney says quickly.

“Yes what!?” Beyonce snaps again.

“Yes Beyonce.” Britney says after a brief pause wondering what response the woman she is laying across the lap of wants.

“Good but not the response I am looking for.” Beyonce says, “From now on you will refer to me as your Black Mistress because as of right now I own your white ass is that understood bitch?”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney says meekly, blushing in shame.

“Good.” Beyonce says, “And I will refer to you however I want understood?”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney says almost automatically.

Beyonce smiles as she removes her hand from Britney’s ass, reaches as far back as she can, intent on making both strikes good ones before she gives her new bitch the gentle spanking she promised.



Britney cries out in pain after Beyonce has hit her left ass cheek due to how hard she hit it as well as how hard she hit the right one combined.

“You understand don’t you Britney? That I had to do that because you didn’t do what your Black Mistress wanted?” Beyonce asks her.

“Yes my Black Mistress, I understand.” Britney whimpers, feeling as though everything she is doing and saying is beyond her control trying to make herself believe that her body has gone on to auto-pilot and she has no control over what she’s doing or saying.

“Good girl.” Beyonce says as Britney feels her start to rub and massage her ass cheeks again, “Now, let’s see about giving you that gentle spanking.”

Britney whimpers as she feels Beyonce removing her hand from her ass again.

Instinctively Britney mentally and physically prepares herself for a hard spanking despite what Beyonce has just said however she is surprised and relieved when the first hit isn’t hard at all, it’s exacterly what Beyonce promised it would be, firm but gentle, as is the second one, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth. With each strike that Beyonce lays down on her ass Britney can’t help but slowly start to relax, greatly relieved that it isn’t as bad as she imagined it would be. It isn’t pleasant, each blow causing her ass to sting something fierce, but it’s a bearable pain, as is the humiliation that Britney feels from being put over another woman’s knee and spanked.

Beyonce watches as Britney slowly relax as the spanking continues, the black singer smiling at yet another small little submission from the white singer. She knew Britney was going to be an easy conquest but she had still been expecting her to put up more of a fight an this. At the rate Britney is submitting to her Beyonce wouldn’t be surprised if the white girl submitted to her completely before they were even through with the spanking, not that would be a bad thing. Beyonce loved freshly broken white girl, and there isn’t a single doubt in her mind that’s exactly what Britney will be very soon. It also seems from the way Britney is gasping and whimpering she’s not totally hating her spanking either, making Beyonce start to truly believe she is doing this girl a favour. After all, the girl seems naturally submissive, more so than any girl of any colour Beyonce had met before, and seemed to just be begging for someone to make her their bitch, and Beyonce is happy to oblige, especially if Britney is going to be as well behaved as this.

“You see what you get if you’re a good girl Britney?” Beyonce asks as she continues to spank her new bitch, loving the feel of Britney’s ass as her hand comes into contact with it, “A nice gentle spanking for your pretty white ass. Mmmmm, and it is such a pretty little white ass… it would be a real shame if I had to destroy such a thing of beauty by beating it until it was all red and swollen, wouldn’t it? That’s why you’re going to be a good little white girl for me and do everything I say so I don’t have to teach you your place with a hard spanking, isn’t that right my little white slut?”

Britney doesn’t reply to any of her questions and Beyonce considers punishing her for it, but ultimately she decides to be lenient. After all the questions sounded rhetorical and it isn’t like she needed an answer to any of them or anything. Besides, she had what she wanted, and she could always really go to town on spanking this pretty little white ass when Britney was properly broken in.

This thought caused Beyonce to think of exactly how she was going to break Britney in, which led her to the decision to find something out that she has been curious about since she told her soon to be new bitch what she intended to do to her.

However as she goes to ask the question she stops because of something she feels on her thighs. Something wet.

Stopping the spanking altogether Beyonce moves her right hand until she can slide a finger into Britney’s pussy, and smiling widely at just how wet her prey is.

“Feels to me like somebody is enjoying this.” Beyonce says happily as she moves her finger a little further in to find something else out and is a little disappointed when she get’s her answer, “Mm, so much for you being a virgin. Pity. I prefer fucking white ass over white pussy, but there is something to be said for being a girl’s first. The idea of popping a girl’s little cherry and making her mine forever is certainly appealing, and I have dreamed and fantasized about doing that to you.”

Beyonce’s disappointment is clear in her voice as the black singer curses whoever got to Britney first however she is cheered up as another thought occurs to her.

Removing her finger from Britney’s pussy Beyonce moves it back around to her ass and then uses both hands spreads her ass cheeks and looks at her actual ass hole.

“Mmmmmm, that little ass hole looks nice and cherry tight though.” Beyonce says as she licks her lips and stares lustfully at her ultimate goal, Britney Spears’s little back door.

Britney just whimpers in shame and lays across Beyonce’s lap of the other woman examines her most intimate of the areas for a few long moments.

“Well, is it?” Beyonce asks, before adding when there is no answer, “Is your ass hole nice and cherry tight? Have you ever had anything up there? Have you ever let anyone fuck you up your pretty little white ass? A boyfriend maybe? Or did you give your ass up to help your little career?”

“I would never do anything like that… my Black Mistress.” Britney says, sounding bold for just a moment before losing her nerve just in time to address Beyonce properly, no one has ever asked to do anything that disgusting to me before… and even if they had I wouldn’t have let them because… because it’s gross.”

“Oh Britney.” Beyonce says smiling as she lets go of Britney’s ass cheeks and starts to once again rub her right hand against them, “Not only am I going to take your anal cherry but your going to learn to love taking my black cock up your white ass like a good little white bitch.”

With that she starts to once again spank Britney’s backside, not loosing neither the firmness or the gentleness of her strikes. As she does so Beyonce doesn’t say anything she simply focuses on giving Britney the firm but gentle spanking she promised. As the spanking continues she feels the desire to hit Britney’s backside a little bit harder however manages to restrain herself because of what she had said about how good girls get rewarded and bad girls get punished and wanting that to be the way Britney see’s her life as her bitch. If she is good she will get rewarded, and if she is bad she will get punished.

Britney meanwhile is doing her best not to respond in anyway shape or form to Beyonce’s firm but gentle spanking which as time goes on is starting to get harder and harder due to her actually starting to enjoy the spanking and actually wanting the black woman to spank her harder due to this gentle but firm spanking feeling almost like torture due to it being nice and pleasurable and yet she wants to feel more and the only way she will do that is if Beyonce hits her harder. Britney doesn’t understand why she feels this way however despite not understanding it she does her best not to dwell on it and simply focus on taking the spanking, partly hoping it ends soon, and at the same time hoping it goes on and on for as long as Beyonce can continue to spank her or wants to spank her.

Beyonce watches as Britney’s ass slowly starts to go from it’s beautiful white colour to a very light shade of pink which causes her to stop due to that being a sign that it is time for them to move on to the second phase of making Britney her bitch.

“Get off of my lap and down onto the floor.” Beyonce says not to miss a beat.

Slowly Britney gets off of Beyonce’s lap and down onto the floor on her knees before Beyonce.

“Move back a little bit.” Beyonce says.

Britney does as she’s told, staying on her knees as she does so, watching as Beyonce stands up and then slowly removes her dress, revealing her breasts and erect nipples which Britney can’t help but seem to notice.

Beyonce is now in nothing but a thong and a pair of high-heels and Britney can’t help but stare at the vision before her and feel herself swallow hard because of how stunningly beautiful Beyonce is. As she continues to stare Britney can’t help but remember how she felt and what she was thinking earlier after Beyonce had told her what she intended on doing to her. She had felt like telling the woman in front of her how she had never been with another woman but thought better of it due to the fact that she didn’t seem to care weather she had to force herself on her or not Britney doubted the fact that she is a ‘lesbian’ virgin would have mattered much.

Although she has never been with another woman she can’t deny she has always been curious as to what it would be like being with another woman and while she never imagined ever actually acting on her curiosity she can’t deny having a very strong desire to find out what it would be like with this woman. After all Beyonce is very attractive both with and without clothes… particularly without… and Britney is sure there are a lot of men and lesbian women, and maybe even a few straight or curious women, who would love the chance to be with her. If Britney is honest who can blame them from what she can see there is defiantly a lot to like about the woman in front of her, beautiful long brownish blonde hair, beautiful coloured skin, nice figure beautiful medium size breasts long legs.

Beyonce smiles able to see from the look in Britney’s eyes and on her face that she approves as she slowly walks up to her and once she is standing in front of her she looks down at Britney who looks up at her. After smiling down at her prey for a few moments Beyonce slowly leans down until she is face to face with Britney, cupping the girls face with one of her hands while using the other to tenderly brush her hair.

“You know what happens now don’t you?” Beyonce asks softly.

Britney just nods her head in reply as Beyonce slowly lowers her lips are touching as she feel Britney’s, the kiss gentle at first allowed the kneeling pop sensation to get used to the idea of kissing another girl.

It is pretty easy to tell Britney is nervous however it isn’t long before she slowly starts to get into the kiss, Beyonce smiling into the kiss as her prey surrenders to her.

A first kiss has always been something special to Beyonce and when it comes to her bitches she likes it when that important first kiss takes place while they’re on their knees before her, another little touch of submission which helps establish who’s in charge right from the beginning.

After a few minutes of kissing with their mouths closed Beyonce decides to take the initiative and gently laps her tongue against Britney’s lips letting her know without words what she wants and Britney much to her delight give her what she wants as she opens her mouth and let’s her slide her tongue in. As soon as their tongue touch Beyonce immediately increases the intensity of the kiss wanting to over power Britney mentally and emotionally as well as physically confident that none of her previous boyfriends will have kissed her with this much passion.

Eventually Britney breaks the kiss, gasping for oxygen, which makes Beyonce smile figuring now is as good a time as any to make Britney move on. So once Britney has gotten her breath back Beyonce leans in again only this time gently grabs the back of Britney’s head and pushes the other girl’s lips against her neck. Much to Beyonce’s pleasure Britney immediately takes the hint and starts to focus her attention on her neck, gently covering it in kisses. After working her neck over with kisses Britney starts to suck on the sensitive flesh, somehow finding Beyonce’s sensitive spots without even trying, making the black woman squirm with pleasure.

As much as she enjoys this it isn’t long before Beyonce is lifting herself up while keeping Britney’s head in place, Beyonce smiling as Britney continues to kiss at her flesh without needing to be asked until the eager to please white girl’s face is pressed against her full, round and firm breasts.

Britney hesitates for a moment as those soft round pieces of female flesh are pressed into her beautiful face, but a tightening on the back of her head quickly has her leaning down so she can slide her tongue from the top of the breast to the top, going straight past the nipple on her way from one end to the other. She then does the same thing again only going back the other way and then she goes back up only this time stopping when she reaches the nipple and takes it into her mouth.

In all of her previous experience Beyonce has never felt what she is feeling from what Britney is doing to her which just tells her she made the right choice as far as making the pop princess her first white celebrity bitch as she feels Britney slowly and gently lick her nipple before moving to the other and repeating the same treatment worshipping both breasts with her lips and tongue just the way a black mistress should have her breasts and nipples worshiped by her white bitch.

To show her new bitch how much she approves of what she is doing Beyonce pushes Britney’s head deeper into her breast, feeding her the nipple, the encouragement causing Britney to suckle harder on the nipple being pressed into her mouth, at the same time the pop princess beginning to use her hand to massage the opposite breast.

After an eternity on one breast Britney moves over to the opposite breast swapping hands as she does so so that she can massage the breast that was just in her hand while she gives the opposite breast the same treatment with her mouth as the breast she is now playing with.

“Mmmmm, good little white girl, you suck those big black titties. Get those big black titties deep in your mouth and suck them good. Show me how much you love those big black titties of mine you little white whore. Mmmmm, good girl, good big black tittie sucking white girl.” Beyonce praises Britney happily.

Beyonce loves the feeling of Britney’s mouth on her big black titties so much she allows her new bitch the privilege of worshipping her this way for quite some time until finally she slips her soaking wet thong down to her ankles, kick them off, and then straightens up, pulling her breasts away from Britney’s eager mouth, causing the white girl to whimper in disappointment before suddenly she found her face being pressed into a black pussy, eager to feel the tongue of a submissive white bitch inside it.

Britney’s mouth falls open slightly as she suddenly finds herself eye level with Beyonce’s neatly shaved pussy, Britney feeling more and more nervous about what she is about to do, about what she has to do, because if she doesn’t Beyonce will force her to do it, either that or spank her until she does it.

Up until now everything she has done to Beyonce has been easy. Weird but easy. For example kissing her that was relatively easy due to her having her eyes closed and being able to imagine that she wasn’t kissing Beyonce or even another woman for that matter but that she was kissing her boyfriend. However after a while she couldn’t keep the image of it being her boyfriend that she was kissing in her head due to him never having kissed her the way Beyonce had.

Then when she kissed, sucked and nibbled on Beyonce’s neck she again had started off by imagining that she was doing it to her boyfriend but again just like with the kissing the image of it being her boyfriend or rather his neck that she was kissing, sucking and nibbling on faded due to her boyfriend’s skin never having felt so soft and nice to touch with her lips or tongue.

When Britney found her face pressed against Beyonce’s breasts what she did instead of imagining that she was doing what she did to Beyonce to her boyfriend which she knew she couldn’t do she simply decided instead to do to Beyonce what her boyfriend did to her due to it always making her happy before finally finding herself where she is now, in between Beyonce’s legs looking at her first real woman’s pussy. The fact that she is this close to another woman’s pussy scares and excites Britney equally and although she has never really looked at another woman’s pussy before Britney can’t help but look or rather stare at Beyonce’s due to it filling her vision and as she looks at it Britney can’t help but be in awe of it’s beauty.

It’s beautiful… that is the only word Britney can think of to describe it. Beyonce as a whole is beautiful like a goddess… a brown skin coloured goddess.

Slowly Britney comes out of her stupor and is able to feel a pair of eyes boring into her from above which causes her to look up and lock eyes with Beyonce.

The moment she locks eyes with her prey Beyonce can’t help but smile due to her being able to see nervousness and fear in her eyes but also desire and want.

“I’m sorry my Black Mistress… it’s just… I just…” Britney mumbles, unsure of what to say.

“It’s ok, I get it, it’s your first time being so close to a black pussy and you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s natural.” Beyonce says, tenderly stroking Britney’s hair, “I mean, this is a very special point in a white girls life, the moment she tastes a black pussy for the first time. You’ll be thinking about this moment for the rest of your days, the moment you’re craving for black pussy started, the moment you mouth’s main purpose in life became pleasing a black woman… much like your entire body very soon. But for now Britney I want you to concentrate on this moment, this wonderful moment, and enjoy it. Savour the moment you become a black cunt craving slut. Come on white bitch, close your eyes, stick out your tongue, and taste your first black pussy.”

Britney swallows hard, feeling more nervous than she has ever felt in her life, unsure if she can even go through with this but the smell and sight of Beyonce’s pussy draws Britney in like a moth to a flame.

After a few long seconds Britney slowly opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, the final thoughts running through her head as she prepared to taste her first pussy not that she couldn’t or shouldn’t do this but that she hopes she does a good job as she has never licked another woman’s pussy before and did not want to disappoint her black mistress.

The moment Britney gives Beyonce’s pussy a long loving lick all the fear, hesitation, doubt etc seems to disappear and is replaced with more want and desire, the wanting to taste more of Beyonce due to her having never tasted anything like what she just tasted before, and the desire to please her black mistress as she begins to gently lovingly lap at her delicious pussy.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it, good little white bitch, lick your Black Mistress’s pussy, mmmmmm.” Beyonce moans as she strokes Britney’s hair affectionately, “Oh you look so good on your knees, your pretty white face pressed up against my black pussy, your little tongue lapping at it softly, mmmmm, that’s it, more, work that tongue, slide it up and down my pussy lips. Don’t be afraid to stick it inside me when you’re ready. Mmmmmm, and wrap those pretty lips around my pussy too, make sure you really worship your Black Mistress’s pussy, worship it like the black pussy loving white slut you clearly are!”

Somewhere deep inside herself Britney knows she should be offended by what Beyonce is saying but instead it turns her on and encourages her to work harder on pleasing her black mistress, just as she has been told to do.

Britney starts to run her tongue up and down the lips of Beyonce’s cunt loving the soft moans she can hear coming from her mouth causing her to push her tongue into her black mistress’s pussy and tasting her sweet nectar from the source. Britney closes her eyes and loses herself to the cream from her black mistress as it starts to ooze out of her over Britney’s tongue and down her throat. As soon as it does Britney closes her mouth around Beyonce’s hole, trying to prevent any of the divine liquid from escaping her mouth, tongue and lips. As she gently drinks from her she slides her tongue up, down and inside her, exploring every part of Beyonce’s pussy she can reach.

As she continues to lick black pussy Britney starts to think about what Beyonce said at the start of this whole initiation how she was going to make her her white bitch and as she thinks about this she realises something and wonders about something. She wonders how many other women Beyonce has done this too and if they are still her white bitches or not as well as if she has done this to any other female celebrities secretly hoping that she is the first and maybe if she does a good job will be the only female celebrity she will do this too. This leads to Britney realising that not only is she going to become Beyonce’s white bitch weather she wants to be or not and while at the start she may not have wanted to be now there is nothing she wants more than to be her black mistress Beyonce’s white bitch. With this thought in mind Britney doubles her efforts in getting her black mistress to cum for her.

“That’s right bitch eat me! That’s it my little white bitch eat my pussy… eat your Black Mistress’s pussy… make me cum all over your face.” Beyonce moans, driving Britney on with lust and desire to forfill her black mistress’s want and desire wanting to feel her black mistress’s pussy juice all over her face as she starts to thrust her tongue in and out of her black mistress’s pussy, throwing all of her energy into it.

Beyonce loves being in this position, standing before a kneeling white girl who she is making worship her pussy with her tongue. There were few other positions which made her feel so powerful and dominant, but it was never a position she could hold for long. Just feeling the first few timid licks from her latest conquest made Beyonce’s knees go weak, and as the other girl’s tongue became more sure of itself it became more and more of a struggle to remain standing until finally Beyonce had to find a place to sit or lie down otherwise she risked falling over as a result of the leg numbing pleasure she was receiving.

This time is no different, in fact it seems like a miracle Beyonce has been able to remain standing for as long as she has. Of coarse it wasn’t exactly a miracle, more accurately Beyonce simply used all the willpower she had so she could enjoy standing over the kneeling form of Britney Spears for as long as possible. However no matter how much willpower she had Beyonce knew from the first time Britney slid her tongue inside her she would need to sit down soon, and as that sweet little tongue began jack-hammering in and out of her Beyonce knew she could stand no more.

Using what little strength she has left in her legs Beyonce slowly walks backwards towards the bed, her firm grip on the back of Britney’s head ensuring that the soft little mouth and tongue giving Beyonce so much pleasure would follow her to the bed, the black singer smirking as the white singer crawled awkwardly along with her without any fuss.

Once she reaches the bed Beyonce slowly lowers herself down so she is sitting on it, making sure her little white bitch continues worshipping her black pussy the entire time, and when she is seated Beyonce lies back and moans encouragement to the eager little rug muncher in between her thighs, happy with Britney’s progress. The girl lacked skill, but she is clearly eager and loves the taste of pussy, making Beyonce confident she could turn Britney into a wonderful little carpet cleaner with a little training. After all, the girl seemed to take directions so very well…

“Harder. Fuck me harder with your tongue you worthless white bitch!” Beyonce yells lustfully, shoving Britney’s face deeper into her cunt, “Slammed that tongue inside me. Fuck me hard with that tongue while you suck my pussy. You better suck harder on my pussy bitch or I’ll put you over my knee again for another spanking. I want to hear you swallowing my honey while your fucking it out of me. I’m being nice enough to feed you my delicious honey, the least you can do is swallow it. Mmmmmm, that’s it, that’s what I want to hear, you loudly sucking and slurping on my black pussy like the black pussy loving white slut you are! Ooooohhhhhh that’s good, that’s so good. Don’t forget to keep fucking me with that tongue. That’s it, keep fucking me… keep sucking me… oh… oh… ooooohhhhh!”

All of a sudden Beyonce let’s out a loud scream as her eyes roll in the back of her head and her body shudders as one of the most powerful orgasms she’s had in a long time washes over. Whenever she cums in a white bitch’s mouth for the first time it’s always nice and hard but the added spice of it being Britney Spears’s mouth she is cumming in makes the climax that much sweeter.

Britney scrunches her eyes up tight as she get’s her first taste of Beyonce’s cum, feeling as though she is going to climax herself simply from the taste of her black mistress’s cum as it is the sweetest, most delicious thing she has ever tasted in her life. As soon as the first load is gone she immediately starts to greedily slurp away at Beyonce’s pussy completely unaware that Beyonce is thrusting her hips into her mouth almost violently. As more cum shoots into Britney’s mouth she can’t believe how good it tastes. This heavenly cream tasted even better than her black mistress’s regular pussy juice and try as she might to catch it there’s just too much of it and it overflows oozing from her mouth and starts covering her face and flows into her hair.

Eventually Beyonce calms down and the liquid ceases to flow out of her and into Britney’s mouth much to her disappointment however Britney does her best to console herself as she starts to clean her black mistress’s pussy of any and all yummy leftovers.

As she get’s her breath back Beyonce smiles, enjoying the feel of Britney’s tongue inside of her pussy although she has just cum she knows what Britney is trying to do and that is why she is smiling.

After a few minutes of letting her white bitch clean her up Beyonce pulls Britney’s face forcibly away from her pussy.

“Get up.” Beyonce commands in a no-nonsense tone as she pulls Britney up and into her arms for a long kiss, Beyonce loving the taste of herself on her new little rug muncher’s lips.

As the kiss is deepened with the two girls exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues Britney whimpers into Beyonce’s mouth as her black mistress greedily gropes her ass but offers up no form of resistance.

“That was… adequate.” Beyonce says once she has broken the kiss, “You have a lot to learn but you show promise. You’ll probably end up being a damn fine little rug muncher with a little practice.”

Britney blushes which makes Beyonce smile.

“I’m guessing from how eagerly you went to town on my pussy that you’ll be getting plenty of practice one way or another, and while it would be fun to spend the night with your pretty face in between my thighs I’m more interested in your tight little ass than your sweet little mouth, and normally this is the part where I strap on my cock and give you a nice long butt pounding but seeing as it’s your first time and you were such an eager little pussy licker for me I’m going to give you a special little treat.” Beyonce says, kissing Britney one more time before telling her, “Strip off your clothes and go lie down on the bed and spread your legs. It’s time for your Black Mistress to get a taste of that sweet little white pussy of yours.”

Throughout Beyonce’s speech Britney found herself blushing and whimpering in reaction, even more from that last comment, but she didn’t hesitate to nervously strip off her clothes, crawl up onto the bed, lay down and spread her legs just as she had been ordered to do.

Beyonce smiles at Britney’s obedience before crawling up the bed and over the blonde’s body like some kind of wild jungle cat, smiling again, this time down at her prey, before dropping her head down and capturing Britney’s lips with her own. Yet again Beyonce smiles as she continues the kiss able to feel Britney respond by pressing her lips against her’s, eagerly returning the kiss.

Soon Beyonce deepens the kiss, tapping her tongue against Britney’s lips in a way that let’s her know she isn’t asking for entrance, she’s demanding entrance into her mouth. Britney quickly gives in and Beyonce immediately invades the blonde’s mouth with her tongue, sliding it into her mouth and seeking out Britney’s tongue. Beyonce soon finds what she’s looking for and the intensity of the kiss becomes dramatically increased to the point where Britney struggles to keep up having never experienced a kiss this intense before.

After a while Beyonce breaks the kiss, allowing Britney the chance to get her breath back, and as she does the two simply stares at one and other. Then without warning again Beyonce swoops down and capture Britney’s lips again this time kissing her a lot harder than before determined to show her who is in charge without a shadow of a doubt. This time instead of just trying to return the kiss with just as much intensity and passion the white girl moves her hands up and down Beyonce’s back, causing Beyonce to moan softly, partly to let Britney know that she approves of what she is doing, and partly because she simply loves the feel of Britney’s touch and returns the move by running her hands up and down the blonde’s sides, before moving to Britney’s tits which the white singer to moan into the black singer’s mouth. The moaning continues as Beyonce expertly tweaks and rubs Britney’s nipples and massages her breasts, torturing her bitch with pleasure.

Finally Beyonce breaks the kiss, moves herself down and attaches her lips to Britney’s neck, first kissing, then sucking and then nibbling on the soft, sensitive flesh she found there, causing Britney to gasp and moan in pleasure. Her moans became louder as Beyonce began mixing up all three techniques together.

After spending time on her neck Beyonce moves further down Britney’s body until she reaches her breasts and slides her tongue from the bottom of the blonde’s breast to her nipple, and then taking the nipple into her mouth and gently licks the nipple in her mouth before moving on to the other one, giving it the same treatment. While working on the second nipple Beyonce starts to massage the first breast and nipple she worked on with her hand. She continues licking and sucking each nipple going from one to the other and back again, whichever nipple is in her mouth her hand is working over the other one.

Eventually when Beyonce has had enough of Britney’s titties she lets go of the nipple in her mouth and releases the nipple she has been massaging with her hand before moving down to Britney’s bald pussy.

As beautiful as Britney’s pussy is, and it is a very beautiful pussy, Beyonce doesn’t allow herself to get mesmerised by it too focused on giving her new white bitch or soon to be new white bitch what she wants and sticks out her tongue and gives Britney’s pussy a long soft lick. As she does Beyonce closes her eyes intent on not only making Britney enjoy this but also intent on enjoying it herself.

After the first lick Britney immediately responds with a moan which causes Beyonce to smile due to her having a feeling that it isn’t going to take much to make the pop princess cum as she does the same thing again only this time going back the other way which causes Britney to moan even louder. As Beyonce continues to run her tongue from one end of Britney’s cunt to the other after having licked her outer lips she moves her tongue in and begins to work on her inner lips and as she does she get’s her first taste of Britney’s cream from the source.

Beyonce moans as she slides her tongue deep inside the white singer, loving the taste of Britney’s cream and wanting more, fresher cream as she begins to lap at Britney’s inner lips. All the while Britney continues to moan and groan softly and high pitched moans and groans mixed together. After a while Beyonce decides to change her tactic confident, that what she is about to do will make Britney cum as she starts to tongue fuck the blonde’s pussy slowly at first however with each thrust she picks up speed.

Soon Beyonce was pounding her tongue in and out of Britney’s pussy, only pausing every so often to swallow a mouthful of sweet white girl juices before continuing her goal to make the pop princess cum, although that was not the only reason Beyonce is in such a hurry. After all she is moments away from fulfilling one of her biggest fantasies over the past few years, and of course doing what she loved most, butt fucking a white girl.

When it came right down to it Beyonce loved eating pussy, but it didn’t give her the same thrill of dominance as sodomising a white girl did. Hell, making another girl eat her pussy is more of a thrill for her. That didn’t mean she isn’t enjoying what she’s doing, far from it, but in her current state of lust Beyonce is already looking past what she is currently doing and looking forward to what she’s about to do.

Meanwhile Britney is trying to do anything but think about what is about to happen to her next as she is terrified and grossed out by the idea of having something shoved inside her tiny little ass hole, however whenever her mind wanders to it the worst thing about it is that Britney knows she will not deny her black mistress what she wants.

Britney doesn’t understand it but she just can’t stop herself from doing whatever Beyonce wants, and obeying the black singer makes Britney feel so good, so hot, so… turned on. At this point if Beyonce told her to jump off a building Britney would probably do it, and that terrified the white singer but the tongue inside her pussy made it hard for her to care.

In her whole entire life Britney has never felt anything so wonderful as Beyonce’s tongue inside her pussy, every single movement of the tongue sending shockwaves of pleasure inside her which she could have never imagined before. All her other, limited, sexual activity didn’t even compare to this feeling of ecstasy, although as heavenly as it is Britney couldn’t help but cry softly, knowing she is truly screwed, because now there is nothing she wouldn’t do to feel this type of pleasure again. If Beyonce asks for it Britney will happily give the other woman her ass hole to do with as she pleases… if Beyonce asks for anything from Britney she will give it to her… Britney will do anything to please her black mistress so she can feel pleasure like this again.

Britney’s sorrow at her seemingly inevitable fate never truly faded but as the pleasure became overwhelming soon she could concentrate on nothing but it, Beyonce’s tongue skilfully sending her over the edge in record time.

Of course as a result of being forced to go down on another woman, being spanked and the constant domination Britney had thought she was practically ready to cum before the first lick, and after it she had been struggling not to cum so she could enjoy the pleasure she was receiving, but ultimately she went crashing over the edge, her eyes rolling and her body shaking as she screams out her black mistress’s name.

As she hears her name being called Beyonce immediately considers punishing Britney for not calling her by the title of her black mistress, but as Britney’s cum runs out of her cunt and into her mouth Beyonce immediately forgets all about punishing the white girl as she closes her mouth around Britney’s pussy and greedily gulps down every last drop of her white bitch’s honey until Britney has finished cumming and when she does Beyonce cleans Britney’s pussy of any and all traces of cum until there is not a drop left.

Having had her fill of white girl cum Beyonce climbs off of the bed, goes over to the bedside chest of draws, kneels down, opens the bottom draw and smiles at what she see’s inside of it.

“That… that was the best orgasm I have ever had.” Britney says dreamily, causing Beyonce to turn and look at her.

Beyonce can see in Britney’s eyes that she isn’t lying which causes her to smile even more due to the fact that the orgasm she just had is nothing compared to the orgasms she is about to make her have with the help of her friend in the draw. As she turns her attention back to the draw and pulls her faithful friend out of it, closing the door once she has got it out and standing up while at the same time turning around to face Britney.

As she turns to look at her bitch Beyonce can’t help but smile even more due to Britney’s eyes being transfixed on her friend and the thing that she will use to complete Britney’s breaking in.

“What… what’s… what’s that?” Britney starts to say but then stops and swallows hard.

Beyonce turns her attention from Britney to the item in her hand that she is referring too.

“This, is my 12 inch black strap on.” Beyonce says proudly, “It’s my favourite little toy, because it has never failed to conquer a white girl and turn her into a white bitch for me.”

Britney physically shakes although it isn’t just out of fear of what the monster in Beyonce’s hands is going to do to her, in fact the thing that most scares Britney at this point is that she wants it to happen.

Up until she felt Beyonce’s tongue on and inside of her pussy Britney felt like her body was on autopilot but after feeling Beyonce’s tongue Britney actually finds herself wanting to be turned into a white bitch and not just any white bitch but Beyonce’s white bitch.

Beyonce simply stares at Britney watching her shake and thinking that it is out of fear but that thought disappears when she see’s the look in Britney’s eyes and can see the want in them which causes her to smile as she straps her black dildo on herself, planning on having Britney do it in future but wanting her to see her do it this time around.

“Now, show your Black Mistress that pretty little white ass of yours.” Beyonce says once her strap on is in place, “Come on, I want you to see you up on all fours with your ass facing me. Don’t make me have to spank you again.”

Britney hesitates, biting her lip nervously as the two women stare at each other, but then Britney slowly does as she is told, getting up onto all fours and turns so that her ass is facing Beyonce.

For a moment Beyonce just stares at the beautiful sight before her, savouring what has just happened. Again it’s such a small thing but by getting into this position Britney is presenting her ass to her, offering up her virgin ass hole as a sacrifice to her new mistress, a symbol there is nothing Britney wouldn’t do for her black mistress.

It’s so wonderful Beyonce immediately wishes she could somehow save this moment forever… and then she suddenly realises she can.

Moving quickly so Britney doesn’t have the chance to move Beyonce retrieves a camera from her belongings and takes a snapshot at this beautiful sight of her new white bitch’s submission to her.

Just as she’s taking the photo Beyonce realises how risky this is, that even though Britney’s face isn’t invisible the pop princess could easily freak out at the idea of being pictured naked, ruining the mood and having Britney running for the door. There is a good chance Beyonce could stop that from happening but suddenly taking this photo seemed like an unnecessary risk, although it is one Beyonce would never regret.

To Beyonce’s surprise Britney didn’t freak out. The girl didn’t even make a peep. She just stayed in position silently, waiting for what is to come.

Beyonce smiles.

She had expected Britney to be easy, but not this easy.

Placing the camera down next to Britney’s ass Beyonce grabs a little KY jelly and slowly covers her strap on in the stuff, making sure to get every inch of it before getting onto the bed and rubbing some into Britney’s back door. The moment her finger touched that puckered little rosebud Britney tenses, but then relaxes and lets Beyonce do what she wants, the processed repeating when Beyonce pushes her finger into Britney’s ass hole.

“MMMMMM, now that, is a 100% pure virgin ass hole, just waiting to be used and abused.” Beyonce moans huskily as she pushes her finger slowly all the way into Britney’s back passage, causing the pop princess to whimper, “Fuck you’re tight. One time I ass fucked this choir girl who hadn’t even kissed a boy yet and her little ass hole wasn’t as tight as yours is. Mmmmmm, I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun stretching this little hole out.”

Britney whimpers again, partly at Beyonce’s words, partly at the weird sensation of having Beyonce’s fingers sliding in and out of her butt hole. The sensations grew even weirder as a second finger was added, before a crippling fear spread through her body at Beyonce’s next words.

“I think that should be good enough.” Beyonce says, removing her fingers from Britney’s ass hole, “Your little ass hole is nice and lubed up, and ready to be broken in by my big black cock. In fact, your little ass hole is practically begging for my big black cock, begging for me to slide my big black cock deep inside that little shit pipe, break it in real good, and completely turn you into my little white bitch.”

Again in response Britney just whimpers and buries her face in the covers as Beyonce gently presses her strap on against Britney’s ass hole.

“Got any last words bitch, before I take that little anal cherry?” Beyonce asks after lovingly rubbing her dick over Britney’s exposed and vulnerable back door.

For a few moments there is nothing but whimpers, and then just as Beyonce is about to move forward Britney says in a voice barely above a whisper, “Pl… ple… please…be gentle.”

“Oh don’t worry Britney, I will be… at least at first.” Beyonce says as she slowly starts to apply pressure to Britney’s back door.

Beyonce’s eyes are glued to Britney’s ass hole as it slowly starts to stretch open, little by little, the head of her cock slowly passes through the incredibly tight little hole making it official, she has just taken Britney Spears’s anal virginity.

Beyonce grins like a Cheshire cat despite the fact that Britney can’t see the grin she is too busy trying to handle the beast of a dildo as it invades her ass hole for the first time causing her to gasp and tense up for a minute however she quickly realises that being tense only makes the invasion worse and quickly relaxes and accepts the robbing of her anal cherry.

Again Beyonce just has to admire the beautiful sight before her, although this is even better, because as much as Britney presenting her ass to her had made Beyonce feel powerful, this sight, the sight of the head of her big strap on dildo buried complete in what used to be Britney Spears’s virgin ass hole but is now Britney Spears’s de-flowered ass hole is almost overwhelming.

More than anything in her life up until that point Beyonce needed a photo of that moment, which she did so carefully, making sure to get the perfect angle of the wonderful sight before her.

Even after the picture is taken Beyonce spends a few moments staring at that little white hole stretching around the head of her black cock, that white ass still nice and presented to her, just waiting for the rest of the enormous object between Beyonce’s legs to fill it.

Finally having enough of savouring the moment Beyonce decides to move forward quite literally as she takes a firm hold of Britney’s waist and starts to slowly push her way inside her white bitch’s rectum, inch after inch slowly disappearing inside of the blonde’s tight butt, causing Britney to whimper and moan.

On every other pause Beyonce picks up her camera and snaps another photo, unable to get enough of taking photos of her black dick filling up Britney’s ass, Britney’s only response continuous whimpering and moaning.

Britney continues to whimper and moan as she feels more and more of the 12 inch monster enter her from behind and as she does so she can’t help but think about what she is feeling and how it is unlike anything she has ever experienced before.

It hurt to begin with more than when she lost her pussy virginity however slowly the pain was starting to go away even as more and more of the thing was being pushed into her.

Every time Beyonce pushes in another inch Britney moans in pain, but to Britney’s relief it’s a bearable pain. It isn’t pleasant, and it feels so weird having her back hole being stretched like this, but it isn’t as agonising as she had feared and much to Britney’s amazement and Beyonce’s delight it didn’t take long for Beyonce’s hips to come to a rest against Britney’s ass cheeks meaning that Britney now had all 12 inches of black cock inside of her once virgin but still rather tight ass.

“Oh my god my little white bitch.” Beyonce says with pride, “Look at that. Just look at that. Just look at how beautiful my black thighs look pressed up against your white ass and in between my thighs and your ass cheeks is my black cock stuffing your ass hole. How does it feel bitch? Does it feel good inside your ass? Do you like the way my black cock feels inside your ass hole? Answer me you fucking whore! Answer me!”

“It feels… it feels… kind of… weird.” Britney says.

“I bet it does.” Beyonce says, “I bet it feels really big too doesn’t it? Yeah, I bet my big black cock feels real big stuffed inside your tiny little white ass, doesn’t it white bitch?”

Britney nods her head.

“Well relax sugar, because real soon it’s gonna start feeling real good, and then you’ll be begging me to take your white ass.” Beyonce tells her and with that she tightens her grip on Britney’s waist and starts to slowly slide her strap on from within her white bitch, pulling out almost all the way until only the tip is still inside and then slowly pushing it all the way back into Britney’s shit hole.

Beyonce continues the super slow ass fucking, wanting to go faster and yet wanting Britney to beg for it to show that her big black strap on has done another successful job of turning a woman into her bitch only this time it isn’t just any woman and it’s not just Britney Spears it has done it too but it has done it to a female celebrity

After a while Beyonce changes her movements so that she still slowly pulls out of Britney’s backside but when only the head of her strap on is inside she slams forwards with all her might shoving all 12 inches of the huge dick back into Britney’s butt all in one go.

The first time Beyonce does this it causes Britney to cry out loudly in pain as her ass hole is suddenly forced open again however Britney quickly manages to adjust to her black mistress’s new technique and from that point on only gasps when Beyonce roughly refills her ass with her big black cock.

As the ass fucking continues Beyonce starts to notice Britney’s cries of pain having disappeared and having been replaced by moans of pleasure, moans the pop princess isn’t even trying to hide when she thrusts into her hard.

Smiling at this discovery Beyonce decides to once again change her tactic and starts to go back to the slow thrusts in and out of Britney’s ass and then quickly starts to randomly give her white bitch a hard thrust in or out of her shitter. Britney’s response to this is moaning louder than before which causes Beyonce to increase the number of hard thrusts, Beyonce smiling at Britney’s response knowing it wouldn’t be long before Britney submits herself to her as her first celebrity white bitch.

The first time Britney had found out about anal sex she had thought there couldn’t possibly be anything more gross, disgusting and painful, at least when it came to sex. It doesn’t feel that way now though. It didn’t even feel that way when Beyonce had first violated her ass. Well, it hadn’t been painful, or at least not as painful as the mind numbing hell Britney had imagined. The stretching and the unusual feeling of fullness back there was weird, and the act still seemed really gross and disgusting, but this surprising lack of truly agonising pain had left Britney feeling more relieved than anything else. That relief turned to shock and horror as the uncomfortable fullness of having her pooper penetrated, filled and then fucked slowly faded away and is replaced by pleasure.

It’s very mild at first, Britney barely noticing it, and then when the white singer did she pretended she didn’t, until she couldn’t pretend any more.

Before she could fully comprehend it Britney’s bowels slowly started heating up until they were a roaring fire of pleasure, sensitive glands in her rectum slowly being stimulated for the first time in her life until being sodomised by a dominating black woman determined to turn Britney into her white bitch suddenly becomes one of the most pleasurable experiences of Britney’s life.

This fact has Britney on the verge of tears in shame and humiliation. What type of total whore must she be if she gets off on something so perverted as sodomy?

At the same time tears of joy were threatening to fall down Britney’s cheeks as even at this slow stage this ass fucking is better than any pussy fucking she has ever received.

As much as Britney is enjoying this she knows deep down Beyonce has a lot more to give her and is partly wondering what she is waiting for and why she doesn’t just take her. At the same time she knows or has an idea why Beyonce is waiting to take her and while there is a part of her that would not only love to give Beyonce what she wants but wants to give Beyonce what she wants there is still apart of her that can’t let go, however the longer the ass fucking goes on the stronger her want to give in to Beyonce grows until it will be the only feeling Britney has.

“Oh my little white bitch.” Beyonce says deciding to help Britney give in with a little verbal coaching, “Your ass hole is so tight around my big black cock. I just love watching as your tight little white ass squeezes down on my big black cock as I slide it in to your clearly made to take black girl dick back door. Mmmmm your ass is so tight. Nice and tight, just like I knew it would be. Only thing that would make it better is if I did this.”

With that Beyonce spreads open Britney’s ass cheeks while continuing the fucking.

Britney could feel Beyonce spreading her ass cheeks apart and some how this just added to the pleasure she was receiving.

“Oh my little white bitch.” Beyonce says, practically salivating over what she is seeing, “How I wish you could see what I can see. You have no idea how sexy you look right now. Your little ass hole completely stretched out by my black cock, your tiny little shit hole gaping around my big black dick, my thick black shaft sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of that tight little ass of yours. Mmmmm, you just look so damn sexy. You’re really being a very good little bitch you know that. First allowing me to spank you and then pleasuring my body and allowing me to pleasure yours and now letting me take your anal virginity like a good little white bitch. And I know you’re going to continue being a good little white bitch for me because if you don’t I’m going to have to spank you again, but not gentle like before, I would have to spank you very, very hard, until your pretty little ass is red. You wouldn’t want that would you my little white bitch.”

“N… No.” Britney says not sure how much longer she can resist giving in what with that huge dildo filling her ass hole and the way Beyonce is talking, “No, please don’t spank me like that my Black Mistress. I really don’t want a hard spanking.”

“So long as you keep doing as I say and keep making me happy like you are right now I won’t have too.” Beyonce tells her, “And do you know what would make me really happy?”

“W… What?” Britney asks back feeling herself on the verge of surrendering completely and yet that small part of her was still fighting.

“If you held your ass cheeks apart for me so that I can focus on fucking you.” Beyonce tells her and with that Britney feels Beyonce let go of her ass cheeks.

This causes Britney to snap and give up the fight as she goes down onto her breasts and reaches back with her hands and arms and pulls her ass cheeks as far apart as she can.

Beyonce smiles an ear to ear smile having let go of Britney’s ass cheeks to see if she would react the way she hoped and she did which proves that Britney is now her’s.

“Wow, very good.” Beyonce says, “Now let’s see if my little white bitch can remember to keep spreading her ass for me while I fuck it.”

With that Beyonce starts to pick up the pace of her ass fucking.

The feelings of pleasure Britney is now receiving are overwhelming to her so much so she becomes lost in them and forgets about everything except one thing to keep her ass cheeks spread. Other than that the only thing she is thinking about is her black mistress’s big black cock that is ruthlessly plundering her ass hole and being lost in this world causes Britney to moan uncontrollably.

“Oh my Black Mistress.” Britney moans, grabbing Beyonce’s attention, turning her focus from her white bitch’s ass to her face and seeing Britney’s eyes closed looking as though she is almost asleep in a weird way and having a very pleasant dream, “Please fuck my ass. I love the way you fuck my ass. Please give it to me. Please slam my ass hole! Please slam my ass hole with your big beautiful black dick. Please my Black Mistress, I need it.”

“You need it? You need my big black dick in your ass?” Beyonce asks with an ear to ear smile.

“Yes. I need it. I need it in my ass. I need your big black dick in my stupid white bitch ass. Please my Black Mistress fuck my ass. Fuck my ass and make me your little white bitch.” Britney begs.

With this display of submission Beyonce really goes hell for leather, trying to fuck Britney’s ass as fast and as hard and go as deep inside the pop princess… former pop princess, now white bitch’s ass.

“Are you going to be a good little white bitch for me?” Beyonce asks deciding to see just how broken her white bitch is.

“Yes, I swear, I’ll be a good little white bitch for you. I’ll be the best little white bitch you’ve ever had!” Britney cries.

“Is that right?” Beyonce asks, “How exacterly are you going to be the best white bitch I’ve ever had?”

“By doing anything you want me to do. By being whatever you want me to be.” Britney moans in response.

“Really.” Beyonce says loving this new white bitch attitude Britney has gotten so quickly, “Anything I want you to be?”

“Yes my Black Mistress anything.” Britney cries and moans at the same time.

“What if I want you like this every single day?” Beyonce asks deciding to test how serious Britney is about what she is saying, “What if I want to use you as my white anal whore? Would you be that? Would you be my white anal whore and let me fuck your white ass every day?”


Despite the savage power of her black mistress’s thrusts the only thing Britney is feeling is pleasure. Overwhelming, undeniable pleasure.

She can imagine herself in this position every day with her black mistress ass fucking her just as ruthlessly as she is now. Not only can she imagine it but Britney now wants it to happen.

“See Britney I told you I was going to take your anal cherry and that you would learn to love taking my black cock up your white ass like a good little white bitch.” Beyonce tells her, “I was right wasn’t I?”

“Yes my Black Mistress, you were right, and I’m a stupid white bitch for not believing you. You should punish me. Give me a hard spanking.” Britney says.

This makes Beyonce almost laugh due to Britney not 25 minutes ago asking her not to give her a hard spanking and now here she is telling her to give her a hard spanking.

“You love my black cock up your ass don’t you my little white bitch.” Beyonce asks doing her best to stop herself from laughing.

“I do my black mistress I do love it up the ass, I just wish you’d fuck my ass harder.” Britney says in response.

“You want your ass fucked harder do you white bitch?” Beyonce asks.


“Ok white bitch, let’s see how much harder you can take it.” Beyonce says.

With that Beyonce pushes Britney’s hands which are still spreading her ass cheeks out of the way so she could enjoy the feeling of her dark hips smacking against her white bitch’s soft white butt cheeks and tightens her grip on Britney’s hips even more, quickly begins picking up speed, increasing the pace of her pooper pounding, until she is savagely slamming her black strap on into Britney’s shit pipe with every ounce of her strength.

If anybody caught them right now and saw the brutal bowel wrecking thrusts Beyonce is using they might think those brutal bowel wrecking thrusts were tearing Britney’s ass apart. If you where to look at Beyonce and the way she is driving the monster dildo in and out of that white butt then maybe you’d think that maybe those brutal bowel wrecking thrusts are destroying Britney’s ass, but you wouldn’t know that from the look on Britney’s face as from her facial expressions you might think she had gone straight to heaven.

Desperate for more of this heaven Britney lifts herself up on her hands so she’s in the traditional doggy style position rather than being face down as she has been during the majority of the butt fucking, using this new leverage to frantically slam her ass back against Beyonce’s back door breaking thrusts. Despite how hard Beyonce slams her hips forwards Britney somehow matches the speed and force with well timed thrusts backward causing the black strap on to be driven harder and deeper into Britney’s butt hole than it should be possible for anyone to take.

Soon the only sound that can be heard in the room are very loud slapping noises which are being caused by Beyonce’s hips hitting Britney’s butt cheeks.

If Beyonce cared enough she could easily say that the plan had worked due to the way Britney looked and was and had been acting but the fact that the plan had worked is the furthest thing from Beyonce’s mind. In fact just like Britney the only thing on Beyonce’s mind right now is fucking her new celebrity white bitch and her first female celebrity white bitch as fast and as hard and as deep as she can.

Despite seeing Britney turn the way she has having made Beyonce’s mind up that Britney will not be the last female celebrity she tries to break Beyonce has promised herself one thing and that is that this will not be the last time she fucks Britney Spears. Hell Britney is making her feel so good right now that if she could she would probably take her white little bitch up on her offer and fuck her up the ass every single day from now on.

After a while everything else faded away for both Beyonce and Britney. Both of their worlds had become one and that one world revolved around only one thing and that was the huge strap on dildo that joined them together physically.

Hell the world could have ended and neither Beyonce nor Britney would have cared. They are too lost in their joint anal lust to even notice the sweat that is pouring off of the both of them even if they had noticed something significant they would just ignore it and continue the ass fucking.

Finally reality hit the pair of them as Britney gave a deafening scream as she came again.
This is Britney’s first anal induced orgasm of her life and to compare any she has had before it the best way she could describe this one would be to say it was like she had never had an orgasm before it and she is determined to have more at the hands of her black mistress no matter what she has to do to get them, no matter what it takes, she will do it. Despite the physical shaking, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, and everything else Britney wouldn’t trade it for anything… except another one.

Beyonce meanwhile simply watches with an ear to ear smile of triumph as she continues to fuck her white little bitch through her first of what will be many anal induced orgasms not just of her life but tonight after Beyonce has tested Britney’s true desire to be her white little bitch.

Of course while Beyonce loves the fact she bought Britney to orgasm just from fucking her in her white ass she is far more concerned with somebody else’s pleasure, that being her own.

After all, part of this is indeed about breaking Britney and turning her into her white bitch, but mostly this is about Beyonce’s pleasure. She isn’t taming Britney’s ass so she can make the other girl cum over and over again, she’s taming Britney’s ass so she can use it for her pleasure whenever she wants. As of this moment as far as Beyonce is concerned she owns Britney’s white ass and will be using it for her pleasure whenever she wants, perhaps every day as Britney promised she could, just like she is using it now.

Although the clit stimulator inside the strap on more than does its job of making her cum it’s the thought she now owns Britney’s white ass and can now use it for her pleasure whenever she wants that sends Beyonce over the edge.

Throwing her head Beyonce lets out an Amazon like cry as she cums pounding into a white bitch’s ass, which is by far Beyonce’s favourite way to cum. She loves it so much she does it several times, the dominating black woman powering through her climaxes so she can get the maximum amount of pleasure possible from butt fucking this white bitch.

Beneath her the white bitch cums and cums and cums, Beyonce pounding her ass to multiple orgasms, not that Beyonce cares. All Beyonce cares about at that moment is her own pleasure. In fact the only thing that matters to her in the entire world at that moment is the nice, tight piece of white ass which she is destroying for her pleasure.

Although she is able to butt fuck Britney at an impressively hard pace for an impressively long amount of time, resulting in many orgasms for them both, Beyonce eventually runs out of energy and is forced to start slowing down, much to both her own and Britney’s displeasure, until finally she comes to a stop, her strap on still completely embedded inside Britney’s ass.

Beyonce leaves the dildo where it is for a few moments, giving her the pretty sight of her skin contrasting with Britney’s as she slowly regains a respectful amount of strength, at which point, again to both her own and Britney’s displeasure, Beyonce slowly starts pulling her strap on out of Britney’s back passage, watching intently as inch after inch is pulled from the deepest depths of the white bitch’s bowels until the head came out with a tiny pop.

There is a moment’s pause, and then Beyonce smiles widely at the sight of Britney Spears remaining where she is, clearly waiting for instructions from her black mistress while her ass hole remains widely open, the once virgin hole now gaping like a crater as testament to how well Beyonce had tapped that white ass.

Wanting to capture this testament to her ass fucking skills on film Beyonce picks up the previously discarded camera and quickly takes a shot of Britney’s gaping ass hole, in her mind already thinking of a place she could keep the photo which along with the ones before were now gold dust in Beyonce’s eyes.

Not satisfied with one Beyonce starts zooming in on the destroyed hole which used to be Britney’s cherry back door, snapping off photo after photo until she is zoomed in so close she is looking directly into Britney’s bowels through her gaping hole.

“Spread your ass cheeks for me bitch.” Beyonce orders.

To Beyonce’s delight Britney’s hands immediately fly to her buttocks, the broken blonde spreading them as wide as she can, giving Beyonce an even more intimate look into her backside.

After taking a couple of shots of Britney willingly spreading her just fucked ass Beyonce puts the camera down and slowly walks round to the opposite side of the bed so she is kneeling before her bitch.

“Let go of your ass and look at me.” Beyonce commands, watching as Britney immediately does as she’s told before continuing, “You know what you said to me while I was butt fucking you?”

“Yes… my Black Mistress.” Britney says back.

“Did you mean it?” Beyonce asks her.

“Every word my Black Mistress.” Britney says rather surprised by Beyonce’s question.

“Well you know how I asked if you would like for me to use you every day and be my anal whore?” Beyonce asks her.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney says smiling an ear to ear smile hoping that she is about to say that she meant every word of it.

“How would you like to be my little white bitch… forever?” Beyonce asks looking right into Britney’s eyes.

“I would love that my Black Mistress.” Britney says almost breathlessly.

“Well in order for that to happen your going to have to prove to me it’s really what you want.” Beyonce tells her white bitch.

“How?” Britney asks willing to do anything to prove that she really means what she says.

“Well bitch, you see this cock?” Beyonce asks, pointing to the toy still firmly strapped around her waist, “You see this cock which has been deep inside your ass? The tip of it buried inside the deepest part of your ass? All the way up there in that little hole you shit from? Well I want you to suck it. I want you to taste the deepest part of your ass for me to prove how badly you want to be my little white bitch. You want to be my little white bitch? Well I want you to be my little ATM white bitch. Come on slut, taste your ass. Take this fresh from your ass dick into your mouth and suck it like a good little ass to mouth white bitch!”

Somewhere, deep down inside her part of Britney is disgusted by this perverted act which might be just more gross than anything she had ever heard before, even more gross than anal sex, but the second that thought quietly passes through her head it is gone, just leaving the submissive little white bitch the butt fucking has turned Britney into.

Unable to seriously consider disobeying her black mistress for long Britney leans forward, opens her mouth wide and swallows the head of the dildo which only moments ago had been buried within the deepest depths of her rectum.

Not missing a beat Britney begins noisily sucking and slurping on the head before lowering her lips down a little way and then bringing them up again to repeat the process, the pop princess quickly establishing a rhythm as she began to enthusiastically blow Beyonce’s fake cock.

“That’s it you little white bitch, suck that cock. Suck that straight out of your ass cock.” Beyonce says, stroking Britney’s hair in approval, “You taste your ass on that cock? Does it taste good? Do you like it? Answer me.”

“Yes my Black Mistress! I can taste my ass on your cock and I love it. I love tasting my ass on your cock.” Britney says quickly before going right back to sucking ass flavoured cock.

“Good. I’m glad you liked the taste of your ass on my cock Britney, cause if I decide to keep you as my white bitch you’re going to be cleaning your nasty ass juices off my cock a lot. Pretty much every time I ass fuck you, unless I give some other slut the privilege.” Beyonce says.

Immediately Britney is a little jealous at the thought of someone else sucking Beyonce’s cock or doing anything like that with her black mistress, but she pushes those thoughts of jealousy aside and concentrates on giving the best blow job possible.

It’s not something Britney has a lot of experience with, but what she lacked in skill she mostly made up for in enthusiasm, sucking furiously at the toy as she took more and more of it into her mouth and down her throat, choking and gagging violently after only taking about half of the strap on down her gullet. Pushing past her choking and gagging Britney forces herself down a couple more inches but is unable to take any more. Left with no alternative Britney takes the cock out of her mouth and slides her lips and tongue down the shaft to the bottom, licking and sucking at the last few inches she couldn’t get into her throat until every speck of her ass juice is gone, her eyes silently looking up at her black mistress, begging forgiveness for her failure.

Beyonce smiles widely as she sees the look of total submission in Britney’s eyes that she had seen before in the eyes of all the women she had bedded after her strap on was done destroying their asses, making it clear her favourite toy has done it again, another bitch ass fucked into submission, that bitch now her little fuck toy to use and abuse as she saw fit.

With this happy revelation Beyonce decides to let the fact that Britney couldn’t take all of her cock down her throat slide, the dominating black singer watching as her new pet lovingly sucks her cock.

Beyonce probably could have watched this show all night, but the cock is nice and clean now and there is somewhere else she once to see those lips.

“Mm, I’ve had better BJs but that will do. I have something else I want you to do now.” Beyonce says.

“What is it my Black Mistress?” Britney asks after removing her lips from the dick, “I’ll do anything you say.”

Beyonce smiles as she pulls down her strap on before she turns around and bends as far over as she can, sticking her ass in Britney’s face.

“Well what I want you to do is real simple bitch… I want you to kiss my ass.” Beyonce says, “I want you to show your loyalty to your new mistress by kissing her big black bootylicious ass.”

Britney gives Beyonce’s ass a look and almost immediately starts kissing it which causes Beyonce to smile as she feels Britney’s soft lips on her butt cheeks.

Britney closes her eyes loosing herself in what she is doing, loving what she is doing due to it hopefully pleasing her black mistress.

“That’s it my white bitch kiss your Black Mistress’s black ass I want to feel your lips covering my ass.” Beyonce says knowing she doesn’t have to encourage Britney due to her already doing what she has just told her kissing practically every square inch of her ample backside.

Britney doesn’t say anything she just continues what she is doing rather surprised that physically kissing her black mistress’s black ass isn’t bad although a little sweaty obviously from their earlier activities but the taste isn’t at all that unpleasant.

“Do you like kissing your Black Mistress’s big black ass?” Beyonce asks curiously.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney responds as she lays peck after peck all over her Black Mistress’s magnificent ass, “I love kissing your big black ass.”

“Good, because I love the way your lips feel on my ass.” Beyonce tells her.

“I’m glad I am able to please you my Black Mistress.” Britney says.

“Well.” Beyonce says smiling, “You’ve doing ok so far.”

After doing some serious ass kissing Britney decides to do the other thing her black mistress told her to do and starts to lick the flesh of her black mistress’s backside.

“That’s it! Lick my ass! Lick my ass you white bitch wannabe.” Beyonce says wanting to make Britney think that she isn’t her white black bitch yet, “Your nothing but a fucking ass licking slut are you?”

“That’s right my Black Mistress I’m your ass licking slut.” Britney agrees.

“That’s right make sure you get every square inch of my ass with your tongue.” Beyonce tells her.

“I will my Black Mistress.” Britney says back.

After a while of simply enjoying the feel of Britney‘s tongue covering her ass in licks.

“Now I want you to both lick and kiss my ass going back and forth between the two.” Beyonce tells Britney.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney says willing to do anything she is told as she starts to deviate between licking and kissing her black mistress’s ass.

“What do you think of my ass?” Beyonce asks.

“I love it my Black Mistress.” Britney tells her.

“You love it huh?” Beyonce asks.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney says.

“How much do you love it.” Beyonce asks loving what Britney is saying due to it just showing that she has been completely broken and really is Beyonce‘s little white bitch.

“Beyond words my Black Mistress there are no words I could use to describe how much I love your big black ass.” Britney tells her.

Beyonce decides to get a little bit personal just to see how badly Britney wants to be her white bitch.

“You know Britney you’re really popular but I think deep down you know your not as good a singer as me.” Beyonce says curious to see how Britney responds to this.

“Your right my Black Mistress, you’re a much better singer than me.” Britney says without even thinking about arguing.

“How much better than you am I?” Beyonce asks.

“There is no comparison my Black Mistress.” Britney tells her.

“Am I the best singer in Destiny’s child?” Beyonce asks her.

“Without question my Black Mistress.” Britney tells her.

Beyonce smiles.

“If the other two singers members where here watching us would you still be doing what your doing?” Beyonce asks.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Britney tells her.

“What about if that boy you were talking about before was here… Justin something… and he came in and caught you in this position would you stop and try and explain it to him?” Beyonce asks.

“No my Black Mistress.” Britney tells her having totally forgotten about Justin in point of fact she has forgotten about everything except what she is doing and listening to what her my black mistress asks or says to her.

“Why not?” Beyonce asks her curious to find out the answer.

“Because all I care about is proving to you how badly I want to be your white bitch forever my Black Mistress.” Britney tells her.

Beyonce decides to stop with the questions and test Britney’s desire to prove herself in another way.

“Well you know what they say Britney. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. So if you really want to prove that you’ll do anything to be my white bitch forever why don’t you stick that tongue of yours up my big black ass.” Beyonce says in a challenging tone of voice.

Without thinking or questioning or even arguing Britney immediately does as she is told forcing her tongue in between her black mistress’s two ass cheeks.

“Oh!” Beyonce moans at Britney’s action, “That’s it you white bitch wannabe clean out my butt hole with your tongue.”

Britney does as she is told spreading Beyonce’s ass cheeks with her hands just like she spread her own ass cheeks for Beyonce’s black cock earlier, doing her best to get her face as deep into Beyonce’s big ass as she can, loving the sound of her black mistress moaning in pleasure suddenly Britney feels and watches as Beyonce starts to move her ass back and forth in order to help her get her tongue further up her ass.

Hearing the moans of her black mistress is music to Britney’s ears and makes her want to stick her tongue in further just to hear Beyonce moan more.

Enjoying every second of this ass cleaning she is getting from Britney Beyonce grinds her ass on Britney’s tongue.

“Ooooohhhhh Britney you are an eager little ass licking slut aren’t you?” Beyonce says loving the feeling of the pop princess’s tongue in her ass, “But don’t forget about the rest of my big butt just because you love sticking your tongue up my ass hole. Go between the two, lick and kiss my ass and stick your tongue in my ass.”

As commanded Britney pulls her tongue out of Beyonce’s ass and goes back to licking and kissing her big behind.

“That’s it kiss my ass. Run your lips all over it you no good ass kissing slut!” Beyonce says knowing that degrading Britney turns her on just as much as praising her, “That’s good that’s real good. Your lips feel great on my ass Britney now go back to sticking your tongue into my ass hole. You really are an eager little bitch aren’t you Britney. Just couldn’t wait to get your tongue back in my ass hole could you? Ohhhhh, that’s it right there now swirl your tongue around inside it. Get it nice and clean. Don’t be afraid to suck my ass hole, really clean that shit pipe of mine. Oh come on you can suck better than that suck it harder! Suck my ass hole you bitch! Ooooohhhhh fuck yeah, that’s it, just like that, suck my shit hole you ass licking, butt sucking bitch! Harder! Louder! I want the room to be filled with the sound of your sucking.”

Obeying Beyonce’s orders Britney devotes herself to the brown skinned goddess, swirling her tongue around inside her big butt as she noisily sucks and slurps at her shit hole the sounds starting to echo throughout the room much to Britney’s pleasure due to her having done what her black mistress’s told her to do.

“Oh yeah Britney you’re really worshipping my ass now! Your certainly proving to be worthy of being my white bitch forever. If nothing else your certainly the best qualified to kiss my ass!” Beyonce moans.

At this point Beyonce moves her right hand down to her pussy and smiles an ear to ear smile due to her feeling that she is just as wet as Britney was earlier. She immediately slips the first finger on her right hand into her dripping wet pussy.


Beyonce moans aloud, loving the feel of having her finger inside of her as well as Britney’s tongue stuck up her ass. She adds a second finger as she starts to finger fuck herself with both fingers feeling herself start to get closer and closer to cumming due to all the dirty talk she and Britney have been having as well as what Britney has been doing to her ass.

Soon Beyonce cries out softly as her pussy clamps down hard on her thrusting fingers. She swallows hard closing her eyes and letting the feelings her fingers and Britney’s tongue are causing her to feel to overwhelm her as she adds a third finger as she does so she is able to feel herself on the edge of a climax.

Beyonce screams as her walls finally clamp down so hard on her fingers as she cums she thinks they’ll break It is so overwhelmingly erotic. Despite the death grip her own pussy has on her fingers somehow Beyonce manages to continue finger fucking herself through the orgasm, whimpering as she does so causing herself to have a second orgasm and come even harder than when she had the first orgasm, Britney’s tongue up her ass the entire time, her rear hole clenching around that soft tongue lovingly as it cleans out her big butt.


Beyonce breaths heavily as she slowly starts to cum down from her orgasm looking at the picture of Britney’s virgin ass and underneath it her broken in ass. Once she has gotten over her orgasm she slowly reaches over and closes the book putting it back in the bottom draw of her bedside table. She then lays down in her bed and looks up at the celing smiling to herself as she remembers what happened after she came from finger fucking herself and having Britney clean her ass.

Britney had asked her if she did a good enough job for her to be her white bitch forever and she told her that she had. Britney then asked, actually asked her, if she could fuck her ass again which Beyonce spent the rest of the night and part of the next morning doing in between having Britney either orally service her pussy or ass. By the time she finally let Britney leave her new and fully broken in white bitch’s ass hole was completely destroyed and gaping widely. Her little white bitch told her later it was hours before her ass hole finally closed up again, and days before Britney could sit down properly without any pain, and shortly after that Beyonce got her second of many, many more cracks at Britney’s ass, destroying it again and again for her pleasure.

With these memories playing in her head Beyonce slowly falls fast asleep.

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