Beyonce’ And Britney Spears Story

Beyonce’ & Britney Spears Story

By: Unknown

The following story is a work of fiction and is by no means a
suggestion of Britney Spears or Beyonce Knowles sexuality.

This is my first piece of fiction so I would greatly appreciate
comments, constructive criticism, suggestions or praise:

The MTV awards had just finished and a variety of celebrities were
in attendance at a glitzy after-show party. Beyonce Knowles was
sipping a drink at the bar with band mate Michelle. Beyonce had drunk
a lot that evening -Destiny’s child had performed on stage that

night with special guest Britney Spears to an amazing ovation, they
performed Destiny’s Child’s raunchy new single – the highlight of
which was seeing Britney and Beyonce cavort on stage wearing hot,
lingerie-like outfits.

As Beyonce scanned the room, she spotted Britney on her own
enjoying a moment away from the press on a comfy sofa. Beyonce
strutted up to her newfriend and fell beside her, ‘may i join you?’
britney replied warmly, ‘sure, i was lookin’ for you, B’, the two
stunning singers began a conversation recounting the
night’s events and continued to drink more and more alcohol.

Britney had changed from her stage outfit to a more comfortable
tight-top which was flattering to her already voluptuous breasts –
Beyonce couldn’t help but let her eyes wander to Britney’s impressive
cleavage and she liked what she saw, as did Britney who was secretly
checking out the gorgeous woman that sat in front of her, she took in
Beyonce’s beautiful figure hugged wonderfully by a stunning red
cocktail dress.The girls complimented each other’s appearances, not
knowing the other girl was having erotic thoughts about them.

However,they themselves knew this all too well – Britney’s nipples
became erect, forming obvious dimples on her top and Beyonce felt
herself become moist as she took in her friend’s stunning form.’You
look hot girl, if i was a guy, i’d fancy the ass off you!’

Britney was surprised by Beyonce’s compliment but took it as it was intended
and replied’ mmm thanks B, your not lookin to bad yourself – may I
get you anotherdrink?’

Beyonce passed her glass to her friend and
smiled ‘I do believe you’re trying to get me drunk miss Spears’. As
the teen sensation disappeared to get some drinks, Beyonce noticed two
things 1) how late it was and how empty the bar had became and 2)
Britney’s hot ass – clad in tight rubberpants, Beyonce couldn’t deny
her attraction to the girl and how much she wanted to squeeze that
butt. She smiled to herself, she’d had these urges before, towards
her two bandmates but had never acted on them apart from a quick
drunken kiss good night to Michelle who had gone a long time ago.

As Britney brought the drinks back to their sofa, she noticed that
Beyonce’s breasts were pushed up due to the position that she was
relaxing and her long smooth legs seemed to go on forever. Britney
dismissed their flirting as harmless fun but she soon realized that
her body was reacting to Beyonce’s comments and looks.

Britney placed the drinks on the table ‘ I think we should move on after these, this
place is dead’ Beyonce suggested they head back to her hotel room and
‘chill out’ Britney, although a little taken back, agreed and she
soon found herself perched on a chair in the luxury suite of the
‘Regency Hotel’. Beyonce was now very much intoxicated by alcohol and
Britney’s hot body and decided to try and take things a
littlefurther ‘ I’m just going to slip into something more
comfortable’ she said as she disappeared to the bedroom shooting a
seductive glance at Britney’.

As she left Britney gawped at Knowles ‘bootylicious’ rear, Beyonce noticed
and deliberately dropped her empty glass on the soft carpet ‘oops! god i’m suchan oaf’ she said
as she slowly bent over to pick up the crystal glass knowing that Britney
would be taking in the beautiful sight of her tight round ass.

As Beyonce went to the bedroom, Britney let out a deep breath and
realized how horny she was feeling, her nipples had become even more
erect and she started to perspire slightly as well as feeling a
growing moistness in her rubber pants, she had chosen to not wear
panties as they would be visible through her tight rubber pants. She
anxiously awaited Beyonce’s return.

As Beyonce re-applied her make-up in her mirror, a million thoughts
ran through her head, she couldn’t believe she was about to try and
seduce Britney Spears! She slipped off her sizzling cocktail dress and
slipped intoa silk negligee which left nothing to the imagination and exposed her firm, large
breasts and smooth long legs, she admired her reflection.

No wondershe was one of the world’s most fancied females, with
film-star looks and a body to die for – she was irresistable. Britney
sat on the foot of the bed anxiously tapping her feet – she
could sense the chemistry between the pair and was nervous as to what
may happen. Any doubts she had about the experience were crushed as
Beyonce sauntered into the room wearing a silk piece of lingerie and
a seductive look to match.

The attraction in the room was tangable, both woman wanting the other. Beyonce remained silent and strutted
over to Britney who duly got up from her seat. The two were now
inches apart from each other looking sexy as hell, Britney who seemed
quite flushed, wiped her forehead and arched her back almost offering
her breasts to Beyonce who would gladly accept them.

Beyonce gave a devlish look and asked ‘u like?’ gesturing to her angelic appearance,
Britney replied nervously ‘yes’ Beyonce came closer ‘do you want to
kiss me Britney?’ Britney timidly nodded, Beyonce slowly held
Britney’s arms and moved closer to Briney’s face, their cheeks were now
merely millimetres apart and they could feel their hot breath on
each other, Beyonce asked ‘I want this to be soft’ She arched toward
Britney who parted her lips and the two tenderly kissed each others
mouths, Beyonce rubbed Britney’s arms gently as she massaged Britney’s
lips with her tongue before Britney’s tongue came into her mouth.

Britney pulled away slowly ‘thas has got to go’ said Britney pointing
towards Beyonce’s attire, she slipped out of the lingerie letting it
crumple to the floor and Britney began to lay traces of kisses on
Beyonce’s perfect bosom, Beyonce was now only wearing a pair of
black knickers and was almost in a state of orgasm as Britney licked,
kissed and touched her. Beyonce gently pulled Britney’s head up to
eye-level again and the two began tongueing each other passionately,
Beyonce then started to kiss Britney’sneck and nibble on her ears,
both stars then went straight for Britney’s top- pulling it off
instantaniously and Beyonce got on her knees to undo Britney’s tight,
rubber pants.

The black pants were soon down and Beyonce approached
Britney’s pussy hungrily, she kissed it softly before her
tongue began to explore Britney’s shaved cunt, the movements of
Beyonce’s tongue became quicker and stronger, she couldn’t believe how
much she was enjoying this! Britney was thinking the exact same thing,
she had never been stimulated like this before and she could tell,
her state of arousal increased as she moaned and groaned ‘lick me!
taste me! fuck! yes!’ she shouted, she couldn’t control it anymore,
an explosive orgasm followed and a jet of moisture was shot into
Beyonce’s mouth.

Beyonce savoured Britney’s juices in her mouth and
instead of swallowing it, stood up and began to tongue Britney again
who was now flustered and sweaty – in a state of ecstacy Britney
offered no resistance to Beyonce as they tumbled onto the kingsize
bed. Beyonce’s black, cotton panties were now shed as the two
entwined their sweaty, moist bodies, feverishly sucking each other’s
breasts – Britney’s tongue playfully flicked Beyonce’s nipples and her
smooth thigh was rubbing between Beyonce’s legs. ‘I want you to taste
my pussy Brit’ said Beyonce firmly, Britney needed no further
instructions as she kissed Beyonce from her nose to stomach and then
plunged her flexible tongue into Beyonce’s cunt. Beyonce couldn’t
help but holler with sheer orgasmic pleasure as Britney’s tongue
massaged her throbbing clitoris, she grasped the damp sheets and
thrust her body up as she came like she never had before.

After hours of the most explosive sex the two had ever experienced, they lay in
bed naked holding each other’s beautiful bare bodies, every so often
they would kiss each other delicately and stare lovingly into
each other’s eyes ‘Britney?’ ‘yes, Beyonce’ Beyonce sat up, ‘I think
this is the beginning of something special between us’, Britney sat up
and got out of the bed, Beyonce looked concerned, ‘ where are you
goin, babe?’ Britney walked over to the window, admiring the sunset
over the city, she turned to Beyonce with a look that was now
familiar to her new lover ‘we need a shower.’

to be continued?

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