Beyonce In Bondage

Story Title – “Beyonce In Bondage”

Author Name – Dark Cloud

Contents Code – FF, cons, oral, anal, fDom, BDSM, tort, spank

Celebs – Beyonce Knowles, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, Christina Milian, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Lopez, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Ciara

Chapter One

Beyonce Knowles finished her final encore and thanked the audience in the arena and left the stage blowing air kisses at her fans as they yelled their approval and thanks. Sweat dripped from her long athletic body, soaking the tiny white, lacy bra top and miniskirt
she had sang her final two numbers in. She smiled as her entourage and other backstage congratulated and praised her performance but was finally relieved to reach the sanctuary of her dressing room. It was a awash with bouquets and flowers as this was the end of her tour and she could look forward to a well deserved rest and holiday.

The bunch of flowers that obscured her mirror was huge and gave off a funny smell. It was sickly sweet and seemed to lodge in Beyonce’s nose and sent a flush of excitement throughout her body. She looked at the card but it was just signed ‘M. xxx.’

Beyonce smiled as she smelled the flowers, intoxicated by them and wondered who had sent them. She managed to pull herself away from them and the messages of good luck and congratulations to go and shower and change. She emerged tired but refreshed in a short black dress, her long legs looking typically stunning and headed back to her hotel. The night before she had held her end of tour party so that tonight she could head back to her posh hotel and get a good night’s sleep before heading out on a two week break in the Bahamas.

The plush hotel was five stars and then some; her massive suite took up the entire top level of the hotel and had every luxury you could imagine. She left her bodyguard behind and gratefully opened the door to her suite and slipped inside. She kicked off her shoes and slipped her little dress off her shoulders revealing her amazing figure clad in nothing more than a tiny black thong.

She headed straight to the bathroom where she intended to have a long, relaxing session in the large Jacuzzi that dominated the centre of the huge , tiled room. She came up short however, when upon entering the bathroom she saw the head and shoulders of someone already in the Jacuzzi. Beyonce nearly turned to call for security before she recognised that it was a woman in her tub and coughed to announce her presence. The woman turned around and to Beyonce’s surprise she saw that it was none other than fellow diva, Mariah Carey. They had met at a couple of previous concerts and award shows and always got on alright. Mariah seeming not to consider her younger, prettier and more talented rival a threat to her.

“Um Mariah? What are you doing here?” asked a perplexed Beyonce.

Mariah spoke in a low , sexy voice as she rose from the gently bubbling pool, “Hey Beyonce, sorry to shock you but I was in town for your gig and thought I’d some on over here and catch up with you” at that point Mariah stood up straight and revealed her curvaceous body in a bright, stars and stripes string bikini. The water cascaded over her ample breasts and her tanned body looked sumptuous in the subdued light.

Seeing Mariah standing there like that reminded Beyonce that she herself was topless and she self-consciously used her arm to cover her nipples, before reaching for a white dressing gown that hung on the back of the door. She didn’t quite understand what Mariah was doing here, Ok they weren’t enemies like so many of the female singing community but they were hardly drinking buddies either. Mariah stepped up and out of the hot water and came over to Beyonce, who struggled to keep her eyes off Mariah’s incredible curvy body. As Mariah drew nearer Beyonce could smell how wonderful the older woman smelled, and how it was the same aroma that had enraptured her from the flowers earlier and she seemed unable to resist slipping into a joyful, blissful haze as Mariah moved in close to her and, wordlessly, pressed her large, soft lips onto Beyonce’s and began to sensuously kiss them. Then Mariah’s tongue began to invade Beyonce’s mouth and she offered no resistance, indeed seconds later her own tongue probed back into Mariah’s mouth and the two superstars seemed lost in each others warm embrace and lip lock.

They kissed for a long time and it was Mariah that broke the moment and keeping her eyes locked on the younger woman’s she led her by the hand back into the main suite and towards the huge king-sized bed at its far end. Mariah was definitely in control and she wasted little time removing the dressing gown and tugging its belt from the loops. Beyonce stood there and Mariah sunk to her knees before her and gave a small moan of anticipation as Mariah’s teeth slid gently over her lower belly before hooking into the top of her thong at the front and began to gently pull it down to reveal a thin strip of pubic hair above a her small pussy.

Mariah completed the move and as Beyonce stepped out of the underwear she stood up with the damp panties hanging from her mouth like a bone in a dog’s eager mouth. Mariah took them from her mouth and gave them a lingering sniff as she stared straight into Beyonce’s dark eyes, smiling. She gave a little noise of appreciation and pushed Beyonce onto her ass on the edge of the bed. Mariah again dipped down and this time put her head between Beyonce’s legs, her long hair tickling Beyonce’s inner thighs , and slowly ran her tongue along the length of Beyonce’s clitoris.

Beyonce gave an involuntary shiver at the pleasure this gave her and felt genuinely disappointed when Mariah did not continue but rather stood up again and slowly peeled off her dripping bikini until she stood totally naked between the long thighs of Beyonce. Beyonce reached up to feel Mariah’s soft breasts but found her wrist grabbed and was pushed back onto the bed before she could reach her target. Grabbing her other wrist Mariah managed to pull Beyonce’s unresisting body over the bed until her hands met the wooden bar that ran the length of the foot of the bed.

Here Beyonce made to speak but was hushed up by Mariah who was very efficiently using the belt and her bikini to tie Beyonce’s arms as far apart as possible, while attached to the wooden bar. Beyonce was taken up in the whole moment and closed her eyes in pleasure as Mariah began to softly finger her love hole with a couple of fingers while with her other hand she reached down for Beyonce’s discarded thong, brought it up , forced Beyonce to smell the sweet aroma off it then gently fed it into her waiting mouth as a makeshift gag.

“Don’t go anywhere lover, I’ll be back in a second” announced Mariah as she moved into the walk in cupboard to the right of the bathroom.

Somewhere in Beyonce’s mind the thought flashed that someone else was in the cupboard and that here she was tied up like this at the mercy of whoever would appear. The thought excited her and scared her in equal measures at that point. So it was with a strange mixture of relief and disappointment that she saw Mariah reappear holding just a black holdall.

Mariah dipped her hand into the holdall and came out with an orange ball gag which she, after removing her panties, and an imperceptible nod of ascent from Beyonce, she fitted into the younger woman’s waiting mouth. She pulled the straps tight around Beyonce’s head and fastened them at the back in their buckle. Next out of the bag came two fierce looking ring-style nipple clamps. Beyonce’s eyes widened when Mariah opened and closed them before her but could only look on as they were snapped onto her large nipples. Her face immediately contorted with the sudden stab of pain to her breasts but soon she had other distractions as Mariah hopped onto the bed between Beyonce’s spread long legs and dipped her head low and began to lap with her tongue at Beyonce’s exposed clit.

Beyonce writhed in pleasure at the work Mariah’s tongue was doing. Each time it brushed one of her short shaven pussy hairs it sent a shiver through her body and when it lapped at her protruding clit she could barely contain herself. Which made it all the more of a surprise to her when, in one quick movement Mariah clipped another of the powerful clamps onto her clit. Mariah rocked back onto her knees to observe Beyonce’s facial reaction to this sudden sharp pincer pain in her pussy. Her eyes bulged and she screamed into the gag at first until her body accepted the pain and she eventually stared defiantly back into Mariah’s semi-mocking face.

“Good girl Bee! You want this don’t you? You want me to punish you don’t you? You’ve been such a naughty girl” Mariah whispered all this to Beyonce as she played with her captive’s long brown hair and flicked her tongue seductively along her ear. Mariah took up a small bottle of her scent and sprayed it playfully over both women, filling the room with a powerful aroma of sex.

Beyonce stared hard back at Mariah, making her eyes plead to be taken by the older woman. Getting so turned on at being tied up in this fashion and being Mariah’s submissive plaything. Mariah lifted up Beyonce’s ankles and in a swift movement flipped them up and over Beyonce’s head , the belt and bikini that restrained her wrists to the wooden bar had enough slack to turn round also and Beyonce found herself standing over the foot of the bed facing forward while leaning over slightly and her fabulous ass sticking invitingly up. Mariah wasted little time pulling a spreader bar from her holdall and attaching it to Beyonce’s ankles, spreading her legs apart by a couple of feet.

Mariah stood up behind Beyonce when she had tightened the spreader bar and gave the singer a hard spank on her upturned ass.

“You like that don’t you Bitch? You want it harder, don’t you?” Beyonce nodded her head eagerly so Mariah proceeded with a flurry of solid slaps that rang throughout the room, leaving slight marks on Beyonce’s perfect ass. Mariah then fitted a blindfold over Beyonce’s eyes and took a seat by the window to help build the anticipation. Actually, that wasn’t all she did , because she removed a state of the art video camera from her bag and positioned it to capture the scene clearly, she wanted to be able to watch this in the future and who knows who else would like to see it. To protect her own anonymity in the film she pulled on tight, black latex Catwoman style face mask, which rather matched the large bullwhip Mariah next pulled from the bag.

Mariah cracked the whip explosively feet away from Beyonce and smiled as the young singer gave a jump at the sudden noise, her blindness making her hearing that bit more sensitive. However, Mariah just played the handle of the whip over Beyonce’s back, ass and thighs at this point, eager to further build her anticipation.

Mariah then took three weights from her bag and carefully connected them to the nipple clamps that Beyonce wore and one to the clamp on her clit. The weights were heavy enough to uncomfortably pull her breasts toward the floor and pull at her pussy, but not pull the clamps off. She watched her captive’s body react to this new pain for a moment then, without warning, picked up the whip and mercilessly lashed it six times onto Beyonce’s exposed behind. Each time eliciting a louder cry from behind the firmly lodged ball gag.

Each blow left a cruel looking strip-mark across Beyonce’s backside and Mariah after the sixth halted and hooking her hands into Beyonce’s long mane of hair pulled her head back and whispered into her ear “Are you enjoying this Bee? Does it turn you on?” To which Beyonce nodded her restrained head in agreement. Mariah cupped her hand, pushed past the weight attached to her clit and felt the sopping wet pussy of her slave as evidence of this and replied “I knew you would, I’ve known it since I first set eyes on you, I can tell you see what makes a pain loving slut!” and with that she delivered a further hard spank with her hand to Beyonce’s sore bum.

Mariah left Beyonce standing there and again rummaged in the holdall, pulling out a strap on dildo with a difference. She stepped into the contraption and pulled it up and tightened it around her lower waist, clearly displaying the two dicks that stuck out from her crotch now. The top one was long and thin the bottom one much thicker and a little longer. Without indicating to the tied woman before her what she intended to do Mariah thrust both dildos in (one in her asshole and one in her wet pussy) gaining a satisfying groan from Beyonce as the invaded her.

Mariah quickly reached a hard and fast pace as she pumped her young slut and used Beyonce’s flowing hair as a form of reigns to pull back on her head to penetrate deeper and deeper. As she thrust in she released both Beyonce’s blindfold and gag allowing the camera to capture exactly who had suffered his treatment and how much she was enjoying it by her wild yelps of encouragement to her new Mistress.

Mariah fucked her for nearly half an hour with no respite or let up, by the time they both climaxed the sweat was dripping from their toned bodies and Mariah’s big tits had bounced more than ever. Beyonce screamed her orgasm as the camera silently recorded the scene and as they both recovered from the effort Mariah slumped over Beyonce’s body and Beyonce slumped on the bottom of the bed, the weights still cruelly pulling her skin towards the floor.

After a minute to compose herself Mariah spoke to Beyonce again “That was well done bitch, I can’t tell you how long I’ve looked forward to doing that to you. But don’t think that is all. I have so many things to do to and with you. Are you excited by that?”

“Yes Mistress” replied the subservient Beyonce.

“Good. I’m going to release you now and pack up and leave. You will tell no-one of what happened tonight and I will leave an address on your pillow which I will expect you to come to next weekend. If you don’t come I will assume you have changed your mind , but I hope you won’t .I want you to surrender yourself to me of your own accord”

With that Mariah pulled all her toys and instruments into the holdall and pulled on a long black trench coat and stepped outside with nothing else on and left Beyonce recovering on her bed , flushed with excitement. Mariah thought how pleased her Mistress would be with her as she exited the hotel.

Chapter Two

The taxi came to a halt before the huge mansion and Beyonce rather tentatively exited from the back seat. She was alone and in something of a disguise (sunglasses and a dowdy jumper and jeans to hide her stunning looks and figure) and was both extremely excited at the possibilities of this weekend may bring and extremely worried as well. Since her night with Mistress Mariah she could think of little else than what the older diva had done to her and how she had reacted to it and enjoyed it. Actually, enjoyed was the wrong word, she had adored being treated like that, she had adored being taken by Mariah and tied up and used as she wanted. Fact is, Beyonce had thought since that night that she could easily become addicted to being treated like that. But still that was tempered with concern for what she was doing, she was a superstar, what if the press discovered this side to her? She had such a carefully cultivated public image and if this was revealed in public it would ruin it.

The driver handed Beyonce her case, accepted his payment and a hefty tip and sped off down the driveway leaving her standing looking up at the large wooden doors at the top of a high set of stone steps. She ascended them and rang the bell, trying to control her fast beating heart and wet her drying lips. She pressed the large button and waited, taking the time to scan the outside of the huge country mansion, noting the CCTV cameras that were dotted around the building suggesting a high security presence somewhere. One of the camera’s seemed to focus on her and again she had doubts about this, the prospect of being caught on camera not a pleasant one to her (little knowing Mariah had a tape of her in action from their first encounter in Beyonce’s hotel suite). At least one minute passed and no-one came and she was starting to feel compelled to act either to ring again or to leave, putting it all down to a foolish misjudgement when suddenly the large double doors opened inwards and she was admitted by a tall, balding butler.

As he closed the doors behind him Beyonce took in the hallway, it was poorly lit but oozed elegance and riches, reminding her of all the mansions she had seen Hollywood movies. Without speaking the butler managed to thrust a card into he hand. Confused, she opened it and read.

“Well done Bee, I knew you would come. I know how much you enjoyed our last meeting and can promise even greater things if you give yourself to me completely. I will be with you presently, however, in the meantime I want you to give your case to Jenks (the butler) then I want you to strip naked and give your clothes to him. Once you have done that he will give you further instructions. Mistress M.x.”

The butler stood stock still in front of her awaiting her next movement. Beyonce swallowed and made up her mind to go through with it, she had come this far and besides last time had been so exciting and enlightening for her. She handed over her suitcase and watched aghast as he took it and threw it carelessly into a side cupboard and stood impatiently waiting her next move. Feeling pressured and flustered under his cold, hard stare Beyonce nonetheless stripped off her thick jumper and jeans and shoes, leaving her standing before him in just a tiny black bra and panties. Holding her discarded clothes he tapped his foot impatiently waiting for her to finish her undressing. So she reached behind her back and unlatched her bra clasp and let it slide down her arms and shyly handed it over to the butler. He took it impassively and awaited the final garment. Giving a little sniff, and feeling embarrassed to be nude before this man she had never met before she hooked her hands into the sides of the panties and slid them down her legs and stepped out of them before handing them over. Jenks flung the pile of clothes into the cupboard and came back over with a small box. He dropped it on the ground in front of the naked figure of the diva and spoke harshly to her.

“In the box you will find a pair of wrist chains, a pair of ankle chains, a collar and leash, a ball gag and a blindfold. You are expected to put all of these items on then wait here, on hands and knees for your Mistress to collect you. If you fail to put any of the items on or are not in the position when she arrives for you, you will assumed as not wanting to serve and as such will be asked to leave here. Do you understand?”

Beyonce nodded, but by that time the butler already had his back to her and was disappearing up a side passage, leaving her alone and confused in the hall. She crouched, conscious of her nakedness and started taking the items from the box and laying them out on the floor in front of her. Mentally, she convinced herself that she was doing this come what may and began the process by affixing the collar around her neck. She hurried it on and soon had everything in place, her hands secured in front of her body so that she was able to pull the blindfold down over her eyes and assume the position on hands and knees on the floor. She knelt there feeling helpless for sometime, there was hardly a noise, bar a slight breeze that came through the side of the door whistling behind her. She felt a mixture of emotions rushing through her, fear, excitement, even a little turned on at her exposure and treatment at the hands of the rude butler (her nipples visibly hardening as she knelt there waiting).

Kneeling there blindfolded and restrained her sense of hearing seemed to be magnified and she nearly jumped up when she heard a loud clicking of heels approach her to the left. They strode towards her and stopped right next to her. She held her breath in anticipation and gave an involuntary shudder as a soft, feminine hand ran through her long hair and softly patted her head.

“Good girl B. I knew you’d do as you were instructed” Mariah almost whispered to her tethered slave girl.

Beyonce then felt the slack of her leash being taken up and she was tugged along by her Mistress like a dog. Fortunately, there was plenty of give in her wrist and ankle cuffs so she wasn’t too shackled to crawl with discomfort. As she crawled along at Mariah’s heel Beyonce thought about how Mariah had spoken to her. She had been much softer spoken and subdued than in the hotel room and Beyonce wondered what had changed. She didn’t have too longer to ponder as they came to a stop and Mariah led her down a set of cold, stone steps. They journeyed down the steps for some time, the atmosphere getting colder as they went until finally the steps stopped and the walked forward again until Mariah halted.

They waited some moments and Beyonce could hear other walking, scuffling noises to her right and felt Mariah’s hands slowly pull off her blindfold.

The sight that confronted her was a large dark room, seemingly lit only by a series of torches along the wall. She was kneeling on concrete and standing before her was her Mistress, Mariah Carey. Mariah was clad in black heels only, the rest of her curvaceous body naked as the day she was born. When she looked down to view the restrained Beyonce, Beyonce was surprised to see a thick leather studded collar tightly around Mariah’s neck. Then a small gasp to her left caused Beyonce to glance in that direction. Again, she was taken aback to see two figures in the red fire-cast shadows there. They seemed to represent almost a mirror image of Beyonce and her Mistress. One woman standing over a bound second woman. But closer examination showed this was no reflection. Indeed, as Beyonce’s eyes adjusted better to the gloom the other two figures stared back at her to reveal them as Halle Berry standing as Mariah stood and Christina Milian trussed up as Beyonce was. Before anything further was said or done a fifth figure appeared before all four of them and simultaneously Halle and Mariah lowered their eyes and sunk to their knees in honour of this newcomer. Beyonce tried to do the same but failed and couldn’t deny herself a glimpse, and couldn’t hide her surprise to be looking up at the cat suited figure of Whitney Houston.

Exactly four weeks previously…

Whooosh! Crack!!!

The riding crop exploded with noise as it connected firmly with Mariah Carey’s soft buttocks, which may have sounded to some like pain but was in fact exquisite pleasure. She squeezed her eyes shut and counted aloud “Nine” and awaited the tenth blow.

It came seconds later, her Mistress Whitney Houston adding a little extra snap to it knowing it would be the final one and smiling as Mariah gave a little squeal and spoke ” Ten. Thank you Mistress” in her little girl lost voice.

Whitney stood back to admire the angry red lines she had created across Mariah’s beautiful backside. They almost symmetrically criss crossed her ass as she hung there, chained to the tall red cross in Whitney’s dungeon.

“Now it’s your turn slut” spoke Whitney as she moved over to an identical cross which had Halle Berry’s sumptuous body chained to it in identical fashion as Mariah’s.

“Ready?” she asked and Halle nodded and answered “Yes Mistress” and the crop swung down cut the air.

Whooosh! Crack!


As she listened to her fellow slave’s punishment, Mariah envied her and thought back to how this situation had come about where she was forced to share her Mistress with the actress. Mariah had first been taken on as a submissive by Whitney when they had performed a duet a few years earlier, the older woman seducing her rival and soon introducing her to the idea of being subservient to her. Mariah loved it, she loved giving up control to her fellow diva and they shared many sexy, kinky sessions over the years. Whitney could be, and often was, a cruel and sadistic Mistress, taking a strong sexual pleasure from punishing and humiliating her slaves. The fact was, however, that Mariah loved that, she got off on that treatment, and it was a mutually pleasurable relationship for some time.

Then one time when Mariah had arrived at Whitney’s ‘special’ mansion in the country she was introduced to Halle and the situation changed. Whitney it seemed had recruited a new famous submissive and had designs to create a harem. This annoyed Mariah, particularly as Halle got the lion’s share of attention to begin with and this led to a resentment between both slaves, one which Whitney seemed to encourage, wanting no empathy between her superstar slaves.

“Ten. Thank you!” exclaimed Halle as the final stroke lashed across her soft, brown buttocks. Whitney stood back as her two beautiful slaves hung from their crosses before her.

“I know you both resent each other’s presence as my slaves. Well that is tough! I will have as many submissive sluts serve me as I want. However, I do intend for a little change of roles around here when we get together. Basically I am going to add some younger, fresher blood to my harem and you two will help with the recruiting. I have two candidates in mind and after studying them feel sure they will be susceptible to the subservient roles I give them. But you two will convince them to come here and will each support them in their early days. Once you have trained them I will test them and whoever’s little slave girl pleases me most will win a special prize for their sponsor. That being that that slave will be able to dominate the others when I say so. So, Mariah if you want to be the one punishing Halle then this will be your chance and Halle if you want this diva to obey you then here is your chance. But first you must convince my two prospective new subs of their new roles.”

Back to the present and a heavy scented, fire lit dungeon where five beautiful famous women are placed in an erotic tableau.

The silence is broken as Whitney Houston steps forward towards her four bowed slaves. Whitney has a statuesque figure and despite being the oldest of the assembled quintet more than holds her own in the sexiness stakes. Indeed the confident way she moves gives her an air that none of her younger servants can match. She is wearing a full body black, skin tight, cat suit. On her feet are incredibly long, thin high heeled shoes but her movements remain graceful and catlike. Beyonce cannot help but stare at the black, army officer type cap that Whitney has balanced on her head giving her yet more authority over the four. A glance from Beyonce at Mariah reveals a completely different Mariah than the one who so confidently and dominatingly taken her in a hotel room only a week earlier. This Mariah, her neck encircled by thick collar, her long hair straight and hanging over her shoulders, knelt head bowed next to Beyonce never once looking up.

Whitney came before Beyonce and Mariah and at once picked up Beyonce’s leash and jerked it as hard as possible. Pulling at Beyonce’s neck painfully.

“Listen carefully slut” Whitney hissed at Beyonce,” For the punishment for failing to listen will be severe. When you are in the presence of your Mistress you will never meet her eyes as you have just done. Understand?”

Beyonce nodded her head feebly and whispered a “Yes Mistress” which failed to change Whitney’s hard glance at her serf. Seemingly producing a thin bamboo cane from inside her outfit, she slapped it hard against her own palm and stood before Mariah.

“Your slave has not impressed me so far. Do you think she would respond better if I gave her a taste of my cane?”

Mariah spoke in a soft, young voice saying that would be in order.

“I disagree slut” barked Whitney at Mariah,” You are responsible for her so I feel you should take her punishment, go and assume the position on the whipping cross.”

Mariah slowly rose to her feet and walked to the side of the room and stood, leaning slightly forward, her arms spread to the side and her shapely bottom beautifully presented to her watchers.

“Slave Halle, come here” demanded Whitney.

Whitney then presented the cane to Halle and told her to discipline her fellow slave with fifteen swipes of the cane.

“You will thank Halle for each stroke and maybe take the opportunity to consider that if your slave Beyonce continues to disappoint that Halle whipping you may become rather more permanent.”

Beyonce watched from her low position as a small smile crossed Halle’s lips as she swung the cane back and brought it crashing down on Mariah’s backside.

Chapter Three

Mariah Carey sat on the edge of her bed in Whitney Houston’s mansion and absent-mindedly played with the full, long, luxurious hair of Beyonce Knowles, who knelt at her feet with her head resting against Mariah’s soft, naked thighs. They both stared at the wall clock, watching the minute hand tick inexorably towards one’ o’clock. At that time Beyonce would enter Whitney’s dungeon alone for a domination session with her new Mistress that would have major ramifications for both Beyonce and Mariah.

As they waited they knew Christina Milian had been in there with Mistress Whitney for the past two hours and that if Whitney was happier with Christina than Beyonce then Halle Berry would assume a new position within this Harem of slaves. The thought was abhorrent to Mariah, she did not want to submit to anyone other than Whitney far less someone she openly disliked such as Halle.

“Bee, remember last week in your hotel room?”

How could she forget! A nod.

“You liked it didn’t you? Well so did I.I loved dominating you. I love how I felt doing all those kinky things to you and have you willingly submit to me. But for me I love it even more when I submit to Mistress Whitney. She knows how to treat me. Ever since I first met her I have only wanted to please her. If YOU don’t please her today, if you don’t do better than Christina then I’ll lose a part of that. I don’t want to lose that. You won’t let me down will you Bee?”

A soft “No Mistress Mariah.”

In an instant Mariah changed, her face hardened and darkened and her soft stroking of Beyonce’s hair changed suddenly to a hard pull on it and in a low, threatening voice she spoke.

“You’d better fucking not, slave!” and she held Beyonce’s shocked gaze.

The intense moment was broken when Whitney’s butler, Jenks, came to snootily inform them to come to the anti-chamber. This room outside one of Whitney’s dungeons was cold and damp, dark and oppressive. Both Beyonce and Mariah knelt in silence once Jenks left, both pondering Mariah’s earlier threat. Beyonce had winced as Halle had viciously caned Mariah the night before due to Beyonce’s failings. She did not want to let her down again.

Minutes passed before Jenks returned with Halle Berry, naked, she smiled nastily at Mariah before kneeling beside her and within the seconds the large wooden door all three waited on, swung open.

Whitney Houston exited first looking stunning in a bright scarlet, figure hugging cat-suit. She was wearing an impossible set of spike heeled boots in matching red and in her right hand held a curled up bull whip and in her left a leash. She comes further out and we see that attached to the leash is a silver collar fitted tightly around the sexy little neck of Christina Milian.

Christina looked amazing, her hair damp with sweat at it’s ends, her eyes a mixture of elation and subjugation, her body lithe, naked, curvy and obviously marked by Whitney’s treatment of her. She crawled on hands and knees, like a well trained dog, behind her Mistress. Her body showed visible signs of fatigue and her progress was slow enough that leash went tight once and she had to put a small spurt on to gain some slack. Whitney stopped before Halle Berry and told her, ” My new slave has pleased me greatly, she accepted all the punishment I felt necessary and never once gave me cause to complain, well done slave Halle. You make take this bitch back and play with her.”

Before Halle turned, Whitney grabbed her by the shoulder, “But make sure you do not be too hard on her, I do not want her too much more exerted this day.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Halle stood and led her charge from the room. Whitney’s dominant gaze moved now to the remaining subs. She let her eyes take in both Beyonce and Mariah’s magnificent figures, Beyonce’s hard and athletic, Mariah’s soft and voluptuous. Whitney slowly walked behind both and ran her hands over their shoulders.

“Slave Mariah, kiss your charge good luck then leave us. You may return at four for her – if she lasts!”

Mariah knew what kind of kiss Whitney demanded and she turned towards Beyonce and locked her big red lips onto the younger slaves and let her tongue explore her mouth, searching out Beyonce’s tongue and massaging it roughly with her’s. The snog lasted a whole minute and as Mariah disengaged her lips a trail of saliva spilled from Beyonce’s mouth and lay, glistening on her pert breasts. Without further comment Mariah arose and left the room, leaving just Beyonce and the menacing figure of Whitney Houston.

Whitney reached down and took a big handful of Beyonce’s hair, tightened her grip then led her newest slave through the open door and into the dark opening to her dungeon. It was a dark room that, because of the dim red lighting that surrounded it in shadows, appeared much larger than it actually was. Various implements and features were scattered throughout the room and Beyonce had every reason to expect they would be put to good use on her body that afternoon. Whitney released her grip on Beyonce in the centre of the room and turned to close the door. Beyonce felt strong, powerful hands encircle her neck and stiff fingers roughly massage her.

“If you want to serve me, to be my slave, to be my bitch, Beyonce, you will wear my collar. Understand?”

A small nod followed by “Yes Mistress.”

The next thing she felt was a stiff, thick, leather collar being slipped around her neck and being pulled tightly, for a moment too tightly, together. A snap followed a lock and she was collared, a large silver ring the only accoutrement to the collar, hanging from the front over her neck.

“So you think you can serve me, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Slave Mariah tells me you like pleasure and pain, that you loved being her little pain-slut. Is this correct?”

“Yes Mistress” Beyonce’s voice a low gasp of anticipation.

“Then tell me what you are Beyonce, Tell Me!”

” I am your pain slut Mistress, your bitch, your slave, I want to serve you and please you Mistress.”

“Then you can please me by getting your slutty body over to that St. Andrews cross on the far wall, crawl to it like the pathetic skank you are, when you get there stand and lean on it, I will tie you to it, we will see how much you want to please me when I am thrashing you!”

Beyonce began to crawl across the stone floor, her head down in subservience and her immaculate hair falling by her. Whitney took a moment to fully watch the athletic and supple body slink across the room like a jungle cat, oh she was going to enjoy this afternoon.

Having crawled to the imposing structure of the red and black painted heavy wooden cross Beyonce stretched up to her feet and sensuously stretched her frame across it, her long arms and legs following the contours of the shape perfectly. More than anything Beyonce wanted to slip her fingers into her sopping wet pussy and frig herself, she was getting so turned on by this but she knew it would likely enrage her new Mistress. Beyonce took time to reflect as Whitney moved behind her and used ropes on the cross to restrain her wrists and ankles, that this feeling had been what was missing from her life. This feeling of belonging to someone wholly, entirely and of being dominated and abused. Beyonce had never felt as excited and turned on as she had in this last week and knew she could never return to her previous self, she would have to belong to someone else, someone who took as much pleasure dishing out the punishment as Beyonce took in receiving it. Someone like Whitney Houston??.


Whitney’s open palm exploded on Beyonce’s perfect bottom loudly, the crack echoing through the dungeon.

“Just a small taste Bitch” threatened Whitney.

A hot flush spread over Beyonce’s skin and she longed for her Mistress to repeat the blow but dared not voice the plea. Instead she could only catch her breath as Whitney deliberately ran her hand up from Beyonce’s spanked bum cheek and trace a sensual path from there up the singer’s side and to her in facing breast and taking a firm hold of her right nipple. Whitney’s thumb and forefinger gently played around Beyonce’s nipple before suddenly tightening themselves into a painful nip that sent shivers of ecstasy through Beyonce’s bound body. With a sharp tug and twist Whitney released her grip and walked over to the opposite wall, Beyonce tried to make out the noises of things being thrown and dropped behind her.

“I have a little game of chance for you Bitch. Behind you I have spread out five object to beat you with, they are, in no particular order, a whip, a horse-crop, a paddle, a cane and a belt. I have numbered them one to five – no don’t try to see round – you can pick a number between one and five and I will use which ever implement you chose to demonstrate to you what the penalty for failure to properly serve your Mistress will be. So Bitch, choose your number.”

Beyonce hesitated, disconcerted by this turn of events, then hurriedly blurted out “Three.”

“Ah Good, You know I did this same exercise with that young cunt Christina this morning I will be interested to see the comparison between the two of you. Bee you have chosen this.”

With a whirling of air the tip of a bamboo cane came to rest on Beyonce’s shoulder and it prodded at her face.

“Now slave, you can beg me to stop whenever you want and I will, but just remember that I will consider this a part of my decision over Halle and Mariah, so lets see how devoted you are to your Mistress” , mocked Whitney.

Without further comment Whitney swung the cane and it sliced through the air and cracked down onto Beyonce’s soft ass flesh. She winced and grimaced from the blow as she felt it’s sharp warmth move in a line over her bottom but also relished it.

“Like that slut? Want another? Well tell me then, beg for it, or beg me to stop.”

“P-Please Mistress, please cane me again I can take it, please punish me.”

No more invitation was required and Whitney slashed the cane twice more onto Beyonce’s famous arse, each time harder than before and Whitney gleefully watch Beyonce’s face contort in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“More Bitch?” , the demand was met with a pathetic nod of her head, followed by three more rapid fire strikes of the cane, each time Whitney tried to match the red welt that she had laid down in Beyonce’s perfect skin with the previous blow.

They stung like hell but Beyonce gritted her teeth and absorbed them, welcoming the intense feelings to her senses and trying to help out Mariah but she knew she would not be able to absorb much more – these were fully fledged swipes of the cane Whitney was dishing out and she was a powerful woman. In fact she took a further seven blows before begging Whitney to stop and true to her promise Whitney halted immediately but she did not tell her slave whether she lasted longer than Christina or not.

Whitney spoke softly into Beyonce’s ear as she hung panting from the cross.

“Good slave, I’m impressed with that it shows you can take a beating from your Mistress and enjoy it but you should know maybe next time I won’t stop when you ask me” and with that Beyonce felt Whitney’s hand explore her exposed crotch and her long middle finger sneak between the flaps of her pussy and snake up and inside her. She couldn’t help but moan in excitement. The finger went deeper and deeper and roughly probed the sides of her vagina on the way as Beyonce tossed her head back in pleasure.

“You like that Bitch?”

Dreamily, “Yes Mistress.”

And with that the finger shot out from Beyonce’s sopping wet pussy and as she licked it clean Whitney stated plainly “Well tough, you’re here to please me not the other way about.”

“Now I want to test your limits further slave, I will release you from the cross and I want you to crawl over to my rack over there for my next trial of your submission.”

Beyonce did as told to the letter and once more Whitney was able to admire the young diva crawling across her dungeon floor although this time her cute arse was criss-cross with red welts that the cane had left. Whitney felt there would be many times to come she could punish that soft arse of Beyonce, many times.

Whitney instructed Beyonce to lie on the metal rack table she had and to stretch out that beautiful body once more. Again Whitney took pleasure tying her wrists and ankles tightly at farthest extremes of the rack on the axles of the design. Whitney then pulled down several chains that hung from the frame over the rack and as she sorted them out Beyonce’s body trembled with excitement. It was well founded as first Whitney attached two nipple clamps on the end of two of the chains to Beyonce’s jutting out nipples then she used two more similarly ended ones onto her labia lips before finally attaching a bigger on to Beyonce’s sticking out clit. Each attachment sent a thrill though Beyonce’s spread out body.

Whitney then began to turn a handle next to the rack and slowly the chains began to tighten and rise up away from the skin they were so connected to. Beyonce’s body lifted with them but only so far until the skin began to stretch slightly and Whitney stopped winding the handle, locking it in place. She then began to turn a second handle and slowly but surely Beyonce felt her arms and legs being stretched in different directions, added to the clamps on her sensitive areas this made an unbelievable sensation on Beyonce and she longed to writhe and enjoy it but she was too restrained. Whitney halted the handle at the perfect spot to leave Beyonce’s incredible body stretched and arched to it’s peak and then lit a cigarette and observed her slaves position.

As she blew smoke over the notoriously health conscious Beyonce, Whitney sneered down at her, “maybe I should keep you like that and use you as my ashtray.”

“Whatever would please you Mistress.”

“Whatever would please me? Well” she spoke as she clasped the cigarette between her lips and unclipped a large flap that stretched the length of the crotch of her cat suit ,

“It would please me if I sat on your face right now and you licked me as well as you can. Let’s see if your any better than that little slut this morning.”

A large bush of pubic hair extended from the flap and Whitney took another drag on her cigarette before clambering onto the table, splaying her thighs either side of Beyonce’s face and positioning her wet pussy right over the younger woman’s mouth. This action moved Beyonce’s body on a few occasions and with each slight movement a new shot of stabbing sensation spread through either her breasts of her pussy.

“Now get licking Bitch!” demanded Whitney.

Beyonce Knowles put her long, strong tongue to good effect and stretched it up and right into the warm, hairy moistness above her and began to rigorously lick it. Whitney felt so sexy perched atop the face of such a famous slut and as she dragged at her cigarette she peered down to see the obvious joy of her slave. In a flash Whitney reached down and captured Beyonce’s nostrils between her thumb and fore-finger and as her mouth was engulfed with Whitney’s cunt Beyonce was effectively cut off from air. The slave’s eyes flew wide open in a panic only to look straight into the leering, mocking eyes above her and all at once Beyonce got it, she had to trust her Mistress, this was a test just as before. She closed her eyes slowly and submissively and immediately felt the fingers leave her nose and clear air pass through it again.

“Good slut Beyonce, I am impressed, now get me off!” and with that began to ride her slave’s face even harder causing her body to jump with every bounce and the chains to tighten and slacken relentlessly on Beyonce’s nipples and clit and labia. Whitney created a relentless pace that Beyonce strived to match and very quickly they were both on the point of cumming. Whitney climaxed first, the excellent work of Beyonce’s tongue doing it’s work perfectly and she came wetly and messily over Beyonce’s panting mouth and face, glazing her cover girl features in her sweet fluid.

Whitney slid off the slippery face and contemptuously flicked her cigarette butt to the stone floor and seemed to take inordinate pleasure in grinding it into the floor under her heel. She looked again at Beyonce, Beyonce who desperately wanted to cum but with no additional touch to herself and without the permission of her Mistress was unable to climax.

“Would you like to cum slave?”

“Yes Mistress. Please may I cum?”

“Yes bitch but not there and not like that, I have greater plans for that slut’s body of yours. You’ll like it I swear.”

Whitney took her time releasing the various clamps from Beyonce, waiting a second for each to let the blood rush back into them before clamping them tight for another second or so, so that her slave writhed in ecstasy before finally freeing her from all the chains that held her. Whitney then had Beyonce kneel once more at her feet and she produced a sensory deprivation rubber head mask which she peeled over Beyonce’s head, covering her eyes, ears, and mouth with just two special straws going into her nostrils to allow her to breath easily.

Beyonce felt more turned on than ever before in her life, she could hear nothing, see nothing and was effectively mute all she felt was rough tugging at her collar which she had to go with and her Mistress dragged her to the far end of the dungeon.

If she had been able to see then she would have watched in amazement as two stunningly beautiful naked women entered the dungeon (they had been watching proceedings on a monitor until Whitney had summoned them). They were Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Beyonce’s band mates from Destiny’s Child. They were also new recruits to Whitney’s Harem and they were both sporting long and thick strap on dildos and smiling from ear to ear. Wordlessly and under strict orders from Mistress Whitney, Michelle lay flat on the floor and Kelly guided Beyonce’s soaking pussy onto the upturned plastic phallus, immediately Beyonce began bucking upon it. Kelly could hardly contain her enthusiasm to join the fray and quickly slipped her lubed up plastic dick into Beyonce’s arsehole and the two of them double penetrated Beyonce and fucked her as hard as they could.

Whitney could only stand back and marvel at the orgy of gorgeous female flesh before her eyes, her power was indeed incredible. As she had guessed the vaginal and anal pounding she took was too much for Beyonce to withstand and very quickly she was tossing her body from side to side (as much as she could while pinned down by those lengthy plastic pricks) and obviously at last fully climaxing. Her friends and band mates however, did not let up their fucking of her magnificent body and continued to pummel her for a further ten minutes before Whitney signalled for them to leave and she stood over Beyonce’s worn out body.

Whitney peeled off the mask and stared deep into Beyonce’s eyes and saw nothing other than thankfulness and submission .

“Well slave I can see how much you enjoyed that, I’ll allow you to show your thankfulness by licking my boots clean.” There was not a moments hesitation as Beyonce lowered her head and obediently began to lap her tongue against the dusty red boots adorning Whitney’s shapely legs.

Thus ended Beyonce’s first session under her new Mistress, Whitney Houston. Whitney allowed Beyonce to finish cleaning her boots, attached a leash to Beyonce’s collar and as with Christina Milian before, she walked her out of the dungeon like a dog – and her dog was more than willing. Mariah Carey was waiting for them and Whitney gave no indication of how Beyonce had fared but told Mariah to go and pamper her slave that evening.

The next morning at nine on the dot Halle,Mariah,Christina and Beyonce were led by Jenks to Whitney’s front lawn and as they knelt there, naked on the dewy grass, Whitney spoke to them.

“Slaves, I have tested our two new bitches this weekend and am pleased to announce that the winner of my contest is??Halle Berry!”

Four sets of eyes found out the others, they were a mixture of elation, pleasure, hatred, dread and shock.

“I have to leave now for an engagement so from now on I expect you to submit to Halle. She will have dominance over you other three and can discipline you however she likes, that is my decision.” With that Whitney hurried away to her appointment with her CCTV cameras to observe what would happen.

Halle rose to her feet once her Mistress had left and strode to Mariah, held her hair roughly and slapped her, “You’ll serve me now you cunt and learn to love it?.as will you Bitch” ,this last comment aimed at a worried Beyonce.

Chapter Four

The dark, stretch limousine cruised silently through the cold, deserted streets of Los Angeles, snaking through the streets inexorably towards its destination. It was late at night, just past midnight and in this business area of town on a Saturday night you rarely saw anyone around. The long car wound around one last corner and gently slowed to a stop in front of a non-descript grey stone building, whose windows were tinted out ? not that that was uncommon around here. Almost as it came to a halt the drivers door swung soundlessly open and out stepped an immaculately attired chauffer, his dark suit and tie contrasting with his bright white shirt. He took off his cap and unconsciously brushed at his hair with his hand as he clicked the back door open.

From the darkness inside emerged a long stiletto heel, then another and finally all of Whitney Houston came into the open. Clad in an ankle length, black coat that covered her totally except her head she stood up straight, took a deliberate glance at her diamond encrusted watch and fixed her driver with a withering, cold stare. They were three minutes late, Whitney hated being late and her look told him exactly what she thought of him. He couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get the others out! I don’t want to waste any more time, we’re late enough as it is.”

Three minutes! But that was Mistress Whitney. Nothing but perfection satisfied her, and everyone knew it. The driver hurried to the further down doors and busied himself while two burly doormen watched the scene with detached amusement. She was one tough Bitch and they had felt the force of her tongue before so it was nice seeing someone else catch it. Of course their eyes were not on him when the four occupants of the lower door to the car emerged.

First came Halle Berry, then Christina Milian, then Beyonce Knowles and lastly Mariah Carey. All four were clothed identically, in long black, shiny capes that prevented any inch of their bodies being seen except their heads and necks. And all four of those beautiful necks were encircled by a black, leather, studded collar.

Striding purposefully towards the door guarded by the doormen, Whitney clicked her fingers and four of her sexy ass bitches obediently got into line behind her to follow her into the club. Whitney waltzed in, of course no-one would stop or question her. Once inside and the heavy doors once again relocked, Whitney whipped off her coat to reveal an amazing, figure hugging red PVC cat suit that displayed every curve of her magnificent body. She took her favourite riding crop from the inside of the jacket and as a submissive attendant girl collect the Mistresses coat, she turned to her celebrity slaves and ordered them to disrobe. And what a sight to behold.

Halle wore only black fetish tape , wound twice around her torso so as to cover her nipples and a kinky, black loin cloth that, when it swung, revealed her shaven pussy (and it swung with every move her legs made!).

Christina was topless, her pert little tits standing up proudly , while a washable tattoo on her stomach declared as “Mistress Whitney’s Bitch”, she had a silver chain-mail style belt/skirt around her waist.

Beyonce’s breasts were also exposed but they also had a chain hanging from each nipple and a crocodile jaw style clamp digging into each nipple. She wore a heavy plastic belt around her waist which had a strip that disappeared between her legs. What an onlooker would not know was that the strip had two large inward facing dildos attached to it and one was buried in Beyonce’s pussy while the other was jammed in her asshole. Of course when you saw Beyonce walk you guessed something was up.

Mariah, finally, was stark naked except from her collar. Whitney produced a red ball gag and fitted it into her mouth and strapped it around Mariah’s head, pushed her forward and swished the crop six times on Mariah’s ass.

None of the slaves wore footwear, their bare feet another sign of their submission to Whitney. Whitney took four leashes from the coat check attendant and affixed them to each of her bitches collars and they immediately sunk to their hands and knees and as an inner doorman pushed open the next door and the music and voices and wails and sounds of leather on skin came bursting out Whitney lead her four superstar slave sluts into the clubs main play area for another Saturday night of fun and games.

The ‘D’ Club. More exclusive than any other establishment in the world. No press know about it, they never will. Any new Mistress or Master will only be admitted if they are a true A list star with everything to lose if they talked and if they sign a contract that would mean the end for them if tell anyone about it.

As Whitney and her bitches entered the massive ballroom that all the celeb BDSM action takes place in nearly every eye turned to watch their entrance. Whitney was a founder member and is hugely respected by the other master’s and Mistress’s, respected but not liked.

One pair of eyes were especially interested in their entrance. Sat upon a huge gold throne with two well known soap actors naked and cowering at her feet was Jennifer Lopez. Clad in one piece mesh and leather teddy outfit with thigh high boots and leather gauntlets she seductively removed the cigarette (held in a diamond encrusted holder) and, locked her hypnotic eyes on the new arrivals and barked out a command.

“Ashtray! Now!”

The young actor shuffled forward and obediently opened his mouth so J-Lo could dump her ashes on his tongue and then turned around and braced himself as his Mistress stubbed it out on his upturned butt. The Sexy Latino Dominatrix followed the progress of Whitney’s group intently, she hadn’t seen her since she added Christina and Beyonce to her Harem. And it was the leggy Destiny ‘s Child singer that especially took Jennifer’s attention. Jenny had lost count of the number of times she had fantasised about dominating her younger rival, but she had always believed the normally clean cut Beyonce wound not be into the lifestyle and had contented herself with fantasy. And now here she was, in the club, on her knees, crawling like a little subbie bitch behind Mistress Whitney.

At last Whitney arrived at her own hand carved throne of marble she had commissioned all those years ago. She sat and looked down her nose at the four gorgeous forms of womanhood who parked up at her feet and looked up at her like puppy dogs desperate to please their Mistress. With sharp staccato orders she soon gave them their immediate duties as she settled back to see who was in the club tonight. She had Halle and Christina position themselves in a 69 to her right side so that they could each lick the others wet pussy while she looked on. She had Mariah kneel before her so she could use the small of her back as a footstool and she had Beyonce kneel and give her a sensuous foot massage.

Whitney scanned the room, seeing rivals and colleagues in various forms of erotic expression. Spankings, floggings and humiliations throughout the cavernous arena all with a low, incessant musical beat behind it. Then she spied Jennifer Lopez strutting across the floor with a purpose. Whitney had met her a few times and while they had not argued she was of the impression that Jennifer was just a little too cocky, too sure of herself and besides she was a rival. Whitney tried to keep the sneer from her face as Lopez came nearer, thinking to herself that she walked like a true slut, all in the hip movement.

“I wonder what this whore wants?”, she spoke softly to herself as it became clear that she was headed to her.

Jennifer came right up behind where the oblivious Beyonce massaged her Mistresses feet and placed her hands on her hips and stared at Whitney for the longest time, neither willing to break the silence. Eventually Jennifer had to.

“Whitney, looking so good as always (Whitney just nodded that she agreed with this unmeant compliment). I must say it has been a while since I have seen you down here and I had no idea you had recruited such impressive new talent (at this comment Jennifer ran her fingers gently through Beyonce’s beautiful long hair).”

“Hands off my property Jennifer. Don’t touch what you can’t afford”, the insult was delivered with a smile that infuriated La Lopez, especially as she just had to laugh it off, she had decided that she must have Beyonce, whatever it took.

“Ah well, no offence intended Whitney but I wondered, I’ve long wanted to get my hands on this little one and I thought, well I wondered, if, maybe I could borrow her for a day or so. You know Mistress to Mistress I’d really appreciate it.”

Really the cheek of her! thought Whitney. Her immediate reaction was to tell her to fuck off, but she kept her calm composure and fixed an icy stare at Jennifer and merely said she’d think about it. Really just thinking that she’d string her along for the night then tell her.

“Thanks, and please remember I’d gladly pay whatever price you want for this beauty” was Jennifer’s parting shot, hopeful she could reach an amicable agreement.

But as the night passed Whitney became more and more intrigued by the idea and various thoughts flew through her warped and twisted mind and when Jennifer was enjoying a cigarette and a drink later that night after flogging one of her young stars it was Whitney that stood before her, her four bitches keeping themselves entertained back at her throne.

“Jennifer, I’ve thought about what you said and I am willing to allow you one day with my slave Beyonce.”

“Excellent, thank you Whitney when can I….”

She stopped as Whitney held up a finger and continued.

“However, the only price I will accept for this is that beforehand you will agree to submit to me for one day. Total subservience to me, do that and Beyonce will be yours, so what do you say?”

Jennifer was astounded and unusually for her, lost for words. This was a ridiculous clause, she was a Domme herself, she didn’t submit to anyone, far less a fellow Mistress. No, it was too ridiculous, and yet why was she not saying no. her actions betrayed that she was really thinking it over and looking over Whitney’s shiny shoulder and seeing Beyonce on her knees and eagerly licking out Halle’s Berry’s pussy while Christina Milian lashed her with a strap was the straw that broke her.

“All right, but no one hears of it from here, no other mistress can know, it’s just between us, and only one day then I get Beyonce. Right” she spoke trying to convince herself of it’s merits.

“As you say. I’ll call you to arrange a suitable time, OK?” and Whitney Houston turned on her heel and walked away with the biggest smile across the width of her face.


One month later and on a dull, grey Saturday morning Jennifer Lopez drove up to Whitney’ country mansion in her sports car and slid on the gravel up to the main entrance. In a white business suit and with her hair pulled tightly back on her head, her heart was beating fast and she had the worst case of butterflies in her stomach that she could ever remember. Slamming the car door shut she ascended the stone steps and rang the doorbell.

She had the distinct feeling she was being observed as she stood there waiting and it seemed an eternity before the door opened, she swallowed and braced herself for the day to come. The door was opened by Mariah Carey, dressed in a tiny French Maids outfit that barely contained her mammoth breasts. She held out a silver platter to Jennifer and smiled knowingly as Jennifer picked up the note from the tray.

It read:

“Greeting slave, your day of service to me begins now. You will strip naked and give my ‘maid’ your clothes. Once you are naked you will fall to your knees and accept what happens. Do not step inside the house, you will do all this on the steps. Mistress Whitney”

Under Mariah’s openly mocking gaze Jennifer reluctantly did as the note said and got through it by thinking of what she would do with Beyonce when she had her. As she shed her black, lacy panties and finally stood stark naked on the chilly step and handed them to maid Mariah she sank to her knees before her., God how embarrassing, this dumb bimbo was just a submissive and she was kneeling before her and showing her her perfect body. And it was perfect, all that dancing had given her the perfect figure, a pert pair of tits, a slender, toned stomach and of course, her amazing booty.

“Here, the Mistress says you have to put this on” spoke Mariah, enjoying herself as she handed Jennifer an old, used, leather dog collar. Jennifer reconsidered for a moment. Was this worth it? She was being collared, this was so humiliating for her. But she still reached out, took the collar and hooked it around her own, tanned throat. It was a tight fit. Once on Mariah, produced a leash and attached it to the leash and spoke again.

“Now I have to walk you, like a dog, to the back, you must be on hands and knees all the way. Understand?”

Jennifer nodded, and to her amazement she found herself walked like this, stark naked around Whitney’s long mansion to the back, where Mariah led her to a wooden dog kennel.

“Back that ass into there” Jennifer did and Mariah tied the leash to a hook and proceeded to place small padlock on the collar and hook to mean there was no way for Jennifer to escape. She produced a rubber bone and pried it into Jennifer’s teeth and told her.

“You have to have that bone in tour mouth when the Mistress comes otherwise you’re gonna be in so much trouble” and with that Mariah left and Jennifer knelt inside the kennel alone, the bone held tightly between her teeth.

She was left alone for thirty minutes, during which the chill morning air gradually gave way to a slightly warmer draft but she still knelt there shivering and cursing pretty much everyone and everything in existence and wondering why the hell she was doing this. Her bone became more and more of an annoyance and hindrance and several times she considered dropping it but she never. Eventually she took the time to study the back of the mansion. It was a real old style house, three floors high, covered in climbing Ivy and seemed to stretch as far into the distance as Jennifer could see. Looking to her right she could see grass fields and trees off into the horizon and an old style stable block down a rutted track from the back of the mansion. In the distance a door slammed and she listened intently as footsteps came from the front of the mansion to the back and got louder and louder.

She jumped with surprise when seconds after the footsteps had disappeared the wooden roof of her kennel exploded in noise as something was banged off it repeatedly. What a fright she got! Then, peering round the edge of the kennel appeared Whitney smiling face. She was dressed in a very typical rural English lady outfit for riding horses, a tight tweed jacket and jodhpurs, with leather riding boots.

“Well, well look what we have in here. Are you my little submissive doggie today? Are you? Come on drop that bone and bark for me if you want to please me.”

Jennifer had hoped this would merely be a test of her mentally and that Whitney would be reasonable in her demands on her, after all she was a fellow Domme. But she was realising this would be extremely humiliating. Oh what she was going to do with Beyonce for all of this indignity! But even as she did this she was barking pathetically like a dog and somewhere was tingling at the abject humiliation of it.

Whitney’s smile became even larger and picking up the bone she threw it away. Then she unlocked the two locks on Jennifer’s leash.

“Go and fetch it bitch, on your hands and knees and bring it back to me in your mouth, now go!” finishing off by spanking J-Lo’s delectable ass with her hand.

What a sight as the world famous mega star bounded across the lawn after the bone and brought it back to her Mistresses feet.

Whitney dropped a large metal dog dish in front of Jennifer and filled it with water from a jug.

“Lap it up little doggie, you might not get a drink for a while.”

Jennifer extended her tongue and lapped from the bowl of water constantly reminding herself, this is just a one day role, I am not her inferior, I am not her little dog. But she sure was acting like it. Amused by this she may have been but Whitney had greater plans for her sub for the day. Picking up the leash she led the sexy Latino across the lawn and down the rutted path towards and into the stables. All the way Whitney admired the way that Jennifer’s firm body moved with each movement. She may have been a cocky bitch at the club but she sure was sexy as hell.

The stables were well maintained by a couple of eager stable hands (they had been given holidays for that day by Whitney). The two of them moved through the stables and Whitney seemed to find it funny how Jen wrinkled her nose up at the overpowering smell of horse in here, she obviously was a city girl rather than country.

“Come on keep up, I’ve had the place tidied up especially for you.”

As Jenny trotted along behind her Mistress for the day she took the chance to take in her surroundings, the stone floor was covered with scattered straw and hay and as they moved along the long building a series of horses in individual boxes came up and Jenny had an uneasy, sinking feeling about this. She really didn’t like animals and being this close to so many was a real blow to her defences she was mentally building up for this day. But the animals paid them no heed as they passed by their stalls, busying themselves with eating and resting. The walls were adorned with saddles and stirrups and all sorts of riding paraphernalia and the soon reached the far end of the stables where a space had very deliberately been cleared. Bales of straw were spread out, and anvil stood unused and the wooden rafters overhead were exposed.

“I want you to bend over that bale. That’s it stretch over it, there, perfect.”

As Jennifer curled her arms over the straw bale, Whitney attached cuffs to her outstretched wrists and linked hem to a chain which she ran under the bale and then wound around another chain which she slid around Lopez’s sexy abs. She then ran another chain from the one around her belly, under the bail and through the other side and linked it to the collar around her neck. In effect her million dollar body was tightly wrapped around the straw bale, her ass stuck up in the air and the straw itching and irritating her breasts. Whitney then took the leash, which was linked now right at the base of Jennifer’s neck to the collar and stretched it up and linked it into a hook that hung from the rafter, forcing Jennifer to keep her head upright. She was helpless and knew it but could help but admire the way Whitney had arranged this.

Whitney paraded around her bound charge, every inch the lady of the manor. As she went she slapped a riding crop onto her gloved hand.

“Well, well you must really want my pretty little slave Beyonce to allow me to do this with you. Eh? Bitch. Come on answer your Mistress!”

“Yes Mistress” the words sticking in Jennifer Lopez’s throat as she spoke them.


Whitney dragged a wooden stool over from a wall and placed it so that it’s edge was right at Jennifer’s proud chin. She then deliberately placed her riding boot on the top of the stool and at Jennifer’s mouth.

“Show me your obedience. Show me what you’re willing to do to get Beyonce. Lick them!”

Whitney Houston was an older, more experienced Dominatrix and had experienced all sorts of situations in her time and she was using all her smarts to grind Jennifer’s defences down and forget (for a while anyway) that she too was a dominant woman. And it was working, without thinking Jennifer extended her tongue from her mouth and licked the tip of Whitney’s boot. Due to the position of her neck Jennifer had little give so Whitney helped her by rotating her boot around so she could get it all and indeed Jen showed no hesitation when she lifted the boot to show her sub her boots sole.

Both boots took a while to do but by the end Jennifer had mentally accepted her role for the rest of the day. That done Whitney took down a specially designed bridal from the walls and placed it tightly around Jennifer’s head and slid a bit into Jennifer’s mouth.

“You see what I do with animals (and you are an animal – a little bitch) that seem to think they’re better than they really are is to dominate them, to show them how weak they are in comparison to me. And today, Jennifer, that is what you had consented to. I think this famous ass of yours should be first, don’t you?”

Off came Whitney’s gloves and there followed twenty sharp spanks to Jennifer’s amazing ass than reddened and warmed them perfectly. Whitney was such an expert that Jennifer even found herself enjoying the warm tingling on her ass. Thus warmed up, Whitney then used some other items, a leather paddle, a strap and finally the riding crop itself. By the end of this session Jennifer’s ass was bright pink as Jennifer squirmed with the intense sensations coursing through her body- it was loving this- god her subs were so fortunate!

As Whitney rested behind Jennifer, Mariah tottered into the stables with a large silver tray covered by a silver bowl. She bent and placed it below Jennifer’s head and with a quick slap to her ass from her Mistress Whitney, she exited. Whitney raised the salver to reveal two things. A glass of white wine, which Whitney raised to her lips and drank from and a rubber belt with a huge strap-on dildo attached. Jennifer could not take her eyes of the toy and thought about that thing inside her. It was quite the prospect.

Whitney began stripping off her restricting outfit and addressed her trussed up slut.

“I want you to know Jennifer that I knew from the first time I met you that you were not a true dominant. Not like me. A true dominant would never allow this to happen. Never. And you have. That makes you below me and you should always remember that. However, you’re young and have much to learn, you should recall this day, remember what I am, what I do to you and begin to understand what a true dominant woman should be. In attitude and in actions. I want you to know Beyonce does not know of our agreement and when you get your chance with her I will be anxious to know what you can do with her, what debauchery you can conjure with her. If you learn and apply you could yet reach your potential.”

With this said she was naked and stooped to meet Jennifer’s compliant eyes.

“Of course you’ll never be quite as good as me though”, and laughed as she spanked her ass one more time.

By this time Whitney had stripped herself stark naked and strutted around the stable like the most impressive specimen of older womanhood. She took up the strap on dildo and made sure she was in J-Lo’s eye line as she stepped into the brace/belt combo and slid it up her shapely, smooth legs until it jammed tightly into her crotch. She ran her hand over the long, veiny plastic mock cock that jutted out from her and licked her lips as she wobbled it playfully at her new slaves face.

“You want this slave?”

Her question was met by a resigned nod from Jennifer, she had wanted to withstand Whitney but failed and she wanted to be sexually satisfied more than ever before and she felt sure Mistress Whitney could provide that for her now.

Whitney used a clear lube to get the dildo nice and slimy and walked behind Jennifer and parted her legs as far as her bonds would allow. It was enough. Whitney then got to her knees and gently eased her plastic cock inside toe sopping wet pussy of Jennifer Lopez. Both women seemed to sigh sexually together at the act of penetration. From there Whitney set to fucking her slave as hard and as forcefully as she could take it. Jennifer’s body had little give due to the way she was tied up but even if she was free, right now she would be moving her hips back to increase the pace she was fucked at. Time stood still as their bodies joined like this and both women just concentrated on the hot sex that was happening here.

Finally, as Jennifer seemed on the very verge of orgasm after the hardest, most satisfying fuck of her life, Whitney pulled the phallus from Jennifer’s grasping pussy walls with an audible ‘pop’. This was excruciating for Jennifer, she had been on the verge of this amazing orgasm and the stimulus had been removed. Through the hard horse’s bit in her mouth she tried to plead with Whitney to finish it off, to bring her all the way off. This only brought a wicked cackle form Whitney.

“Oh you’re mine now baby. You want me to finish you off? Well I will. But I want you to learn from this. So if you want me to finish you off then you have to wear my mark.”

Whitney picked up a long, poker shaped pole that at the end had a W shape.

“It’s permanent ink and I am going to stamp your ass with it slave. But if you agree and beg me to stamp you with my mark then I will also finish you off with this big, hard cock.”

No hesitation as Jennifer nodded her head desperate to finish what had been started. Whitney pulled out the bit from Jen’s mouth and she let loose.

“Yes! Yes! Do it! Whatever you want just fuck me, fuck me please!”

And so Whitney stamped her Mistresses mark on Jennifer’s most famous of asses, loving the knowledge that that mark would be there for a long, long time to remind the younger woman of this day. True to her word she returned the dildo to Jennifer’s sweet pussy and fucked her as hard and as fast as before, bringing her to a screaming, yelling orgasm the likes of which she had not had before. From there Whitney wasted no time in presenting the fluid covered head of the dildo and Jennifer began licking and sucking it with gay abandon, as if addicted to the tastes on it.

Whitney allowed her slave to clean the dildo then took it off and slowly, teasingly untied Jennifer and had her kneel behind her and first kiss her smooth backside before ordering the Latino’s slave tongue to probe deeper and get to eating her ass. Jennifer needed no further instruction and as the day grew longer and colder the two naked superstars were joined at ass and mouth in an intimate tableau.

Finally, Whitney walked Jennifer back to her kennel and let her rest a while before sending her back to her sports car with nothing but her shoes, she would have to drive home stark naked. As Jennifer drove away stunned by what had happened that day and how she had reacted to it she didn’t see Whitney raise her mobile phone to her ear and call her favourite neighbourhood cops to give them a real thrill. As she walked back to the office she wondered what that fiery would-be Domme would do to her little Beyonce.

“Oh Bee, I think she’ll want to get her pound of flesh from you.”

Chapter Five

Beyonce Knowles sat in the comfort of the leather back seat of the limo and stared forward at the back of the chauffeur’s head. She was headed for her day long session with Jennifer Lopez, prepared to be her slave for the day, set up as a deal between Jennifer and Mistress Whitney. She had heard rumour that Jenny had been forced to submit to Mistress Whitney to get this chance. This thought worried Beyonce quite a bit., she wondered exactly how much Jennifer must want to dominate her. But worried or not she shivered with anticipation and excitement as well. This new lifestyle she was enjoying had opened her eyes completely and she felt a different person than the one she was prior to her submission. The chance to serve to a new Mistress was something that she looked forward to and relished, but again, it was new and a little frightening.

It was early morning (J-Lo had Beyonce as her bitch for the day and wanted to make the most of it) and there was little traffic to slow the car as it glided through the city streets on it’s way to Jennifer’s expensive city flat. The driver looked in their mirror at the passenger, taking in her terrific form. She was in profile as she sat looking out the tinted windows

The car slowed as it approached the huge building where Jenny lived, it cruised round the side then neatly ducked into the large stone archway, halted at the automatic gate which elevated immediately (their arrival being monitored from above) and headed down a concrete ramp that led down to a cold, stone underground garage. The driver brought the long car to a stop next to the elevator door that would take Beyonce up to her Mistress for the day. Before either occupant of the vehicle could move the elevator doors slid open and out stepped Jennifer Lopez. She looked simply stunning, but also extremely pissed off. She was dressed in an outfit that would have melted your eyes it was so hot. From the bottom up: she wore a tight pair of shiny black calf length leather, stiletto heeled, boots. Above them up to her crotch was a beautiful expanse of tanned Latino skin. She had on the tightest, black, leather fetish corset imaginable. It had been tightened viciously by a series of laces up her back to give her a tiny waist and the smooth fabric disappeared between her silken thighs mysteriously. Meanwhile, the tight corset had expanded her bosoms to nearly overflowing and gave her a cleavage to die for. Her arms were enveloped in long, black, leather gauntlets and the left one held in it a riding crop.

Her hair was pulled back sharply on her face giving her a fierce, stern look and her dark eyes gazed with menace at the car and it’s occupants. She strutted across to the car and tapped the crop against the driver’s window.

“Get out!” she snapped.

Beyonce stayed exactly as she was, the command was obviously directed at the driver. The chauffeur stepped out of the front door and stood before the raging mad Latino lady. They removed their cap and a bundle of luxurious, mousy brown hair fell away from under it and to reveal that it was another of Mistress Whitney’s subs, Mariah Carey. Jennifer had known that Whitney had ordered her to drive Beyonce over and told her that if she was late then Jennifer could punish her as she saw fit. So had she driven slowly on purpose? Well she had certainly had plenty of time to get her.

The leather clad Dominatrix strutted forward and got right up in Mariah’s face and snarled at her.

“Your Mistress told me if you fucked up I could punish you, you know that?”

A nodded response.

“And yet you still delivered my special package late you stupid, fucking slut!”

Another nod.

“Well get undressed Bitch, I’ll show you how a real Mistress treats disobedient fools!”

By this stage in her life Mariah was well used to totally obeying the words of a dominant woman and she offered no excuse or argument and began to take off her form fitting chauffeurs outfit, casting the jacket and trousers away, swiftly followed by her white, lacy bra and panties until she stood naked before the menacing Miss Lopez. Beyonce watched events unfold from the back seat. She was anxious to see what Jennifer would do to her, perhaps it would give her an indication of what she would do to Beyonce later.

“Turn around. Bend over the hood of the car. I’m going to give you six shots with the crop, thank me after each one or it will be twelve.”

Jennifer’s every order was completely complied with. The crop whistled through the cold air in the underground car park and as the riding crop connected solidly with Mariah’s soft bum cheeks, she flinched visibly but she managed to press her face to the warm metal of the car and hide her beaming grin from the woman behind her.

When Jennifer had taken her pound of flesh she gave a thin, warmth-free smile and instructed Mariah to get on her knees submissively in front of her.

“Lick my boots slave, you’ll worship me in further thanks for my correction.”

Mariah had no problem with this and lowered her head and began lapping at Jennifer’s impressive boots. Jennifer put her hand to her mouth and let forth with an ear piercing whistle that echoed through he garage and right on cue two people headed down from a door in the side wall of the garage. It took a second for Beyonce to recognise the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena moving across the tarmac towards the car. The athletic tennis stars were clad in thin, metal studded leather strap outfits that left little to the imagination. But as stunning as that was that wasn’t what caught and held Beyonce’s gaze. No, that would be the enormous protruding, plastic dildos that jutted from their crotches. They had been Jennifer’s faithful slaves for two years now and had become her trusted lieutenants, while still serving her she used their strength and power to physically dominate men and woman (male tennis players were so easy to bring to their knees!).

“Venus. Serena. This dumb Bitch is Mariah. Now that the introductions are over I want you to wear her out with those two fake cocks. Stretch every hole to it’s fullest. Give her double penetration, double anal, double vaginal, the lot, make her scream. Alright!. I have other fish to fry, or sluts to whip as the case may be.”

So, as the two sisters grabbed Mariah by her long honey coloured hair and dragged her over to a previously unnoticed thin mattress in a dark corner of the garage to personally acquaint her with their well used strap -on sex toys, Jennifer strode to the car door and swung it open and indicated for Beyonce to exit. Beyonce stepped from the back seat and for the first time Jennifer gazed at her slave for the day. She was clad in the fur coat that Jennifer had sent over (a mental mind-fuck, as Jen loved fur and knew that Beyonce was an opponent of wearing real furs). The black choker collar was the only other thing showing as she stepped, bare foot from the car. Jennifer circled Beyonce, a wolf viewing it’s prey, admiring her fine form in the expensive coat. She eventually slipped the coat from Beyonce’s shoulders and let it drop to the floor just as the first moans of pleasure came from the mattress across from them. Beyonce’s figure was breathtakingly beautiful, this was what Jennifer had fantasised about for so long, what she had surrendered to that nasty old bitch Whitney for, and now here it was, the moment had come.

“On your knees!” , Beyonce obeyed while Jennifer admired her body some more.

Once she was on her knees before her, Jennifer produced a diamond encrusted leash and snapped it onto the collar. As she started to move and the leash tightened as the slack was taken up Jennifer walked her new slave towards the elevator.

The lift was an expensive affair, opulent with a red velvet surface trimmed with gold painted edges. Jenny’s long finger pressed the single button on it’s wall and it slowly drew itself upwards. All the time Beyonce kept her eyes to the polished floor, nervously excited about what may happen next. The journey up did not take long and the doors slid open easily and the Mistress marched out pulling her new slave behind her. This residence was Jennifer Lopez’s hidden city home, that few people knew even existed, she always arrived and left in a car with blacked out windows and always got out hidden in the depths of the garage. This was where she punished her superstar slaves.

They moved along a sparsely furnished hallway, past several unmarked doors, Beyonce’s imagination running wild as to what could be going on behind them. It wasn’t long before Jennifer came to a halt and pushed open a door to her left and led Beyonce inside. It was a harshly lit and brightly clean room with nearly no furniture or features visible except a high wooden chair set smack band in the centre of the room. At least it resembled a rocking chair, but as they got closer Bee could clearly see it had a few major differences from a normal chair. For a start the seat was more of a saddle and sticking up out of the centre were two fierce looking plastic dildos, one extremely long and one stubbier but much wider. Wooden armrests ran parallel to the seat with leather straps attached. Similar straps were on the wooden legs while a series of rope pulleys hung above it. Beyonce stared at the equipment in a mix of awe and anticipation.

Jenny ran her hands through Beyonce’s hair and spoke softly (a marked contrast to her previous demeanour) as she undid the leash.

“On your knees slave, I have a special treat for you.”

With that she fiddled at the crotch of her costume and a leather flap fell loose and she pulled it up out of the way, revealing her shaven pussy, it’s folds glistening and wet. Without a word she walked forward, her powerful thighs engulfing Beyonce’s motionless head. Instinctively Beyonce extended her tongue and began to lick and eat her new Mistresses inviting vagina. Despite her dominant nature Jennifer could not help momentarily thrilling to the soft touch of Beyonce’s eager tongue

Jennifer drew Beyonce’s face deeper and deeper in, revelling in the fact that one of the worlds sexiest women was serving her in this fashion. She felt so dominant and powerful, almost to the point where her enforced slavery to Whitney Houston had been worth the humiliation she had endured. She had admired Beyonce from afar for so long, knowing that the media drew comparisons between the two sexy divas. But she had never dreamed that someone as straight laced as Beyonce would be into this lifestyle and she remembered the mania that had overtaken her when she had first seen her crawling submissively in the club. With that thought came further exquisite sensations from her sopping crotch and she reached down with her leather gauntlets to hook Beyonce’s long hair and tug her to her feet, away from the golden nectar of her pussy juices.

“Let’s not forget why you’re here slave. To be taught the true meaning of dominance and submission by me. After today you will never again be satisfied by that fraud Mistress, Whitney Houston. Now get up on the chair, use the juices from my own pussy to lubricate your holes if they are not already wet enough. Make sure your holes are deeply imbedded on the dildos, I want you to feel the maximum effect.”

Keeping her eyes obediently lowered to the floor Beyonce backed her fine ass up and after some initial rubbing of her wet pussy and spreading it to her asshole she awkwardly sat astride the two dildos and sighed with pleasure as the slid up inside her and filled her holes. Jennifer admired this sight as she tugged away the flap from her crotch and discarded it. She stepped forward and strapped Beyonce’s ankles and wrists to the arms and legs of the wooden contraption before using a further strap to hold the young singers head facing forwards. After that it was simplicity itself to affix a ball gag tightly in her compliant mouth.

Jennifer then used a thin, test tube like device to pump Beyonce’s nipples and stretch them uncomfortably, uncomfortable it may have been but when Jennifer released them the attached silver crocodile clips on chain to them, Beyonce was in a state of glorious elation. The Mistress then pulled a chain from the floor and threaded it up Beyonce’s trembling body and hooked it to the chain taut across her chest. The vertical chain was also pulled taut and it meant that if Beyonce moved upwards her nipples were pulled in the opposite direction. She waited for the next step of domination but to her surprise Jenny disappeared behind her and fired up a large projector screen directly in front of her slave. With another button press the vibrators deep inside Beyonce sparked into life and began to dance and buzz pleasurably inside her, and the chair seat began to slowly rock up and down, gently to begin with but gradually becoming more forcefully. The effect was ecstasy for Beyonce as the dildos burrowed erotically into her and the clips on her nipples sent shots of life through her chest.

Mistress Lopez then started a movie screen before Beyonce and it was a close up of Jennifer’s, harsh looking face, repeating over and over the words.

“I am your Mistress. Your only Mistress, although you will perhaps, initially return to Mistress Whitney you will be hiding your true emotions. You belong to me. You are mine and you love it. You will serve me without question and obey my every command.”

The continuous loop of word assailed the orgasming Beyonce, associating her ultimate pleasure with the words being repeated to her. She could not fight it though at first she frowned at Jennifer but as the dildo in her pussy found her G-spot she gave herself over to the ecstasy. Before long she would believe the sentiments being spouted on the screen. Jenny would take no chances with this enterprise. She knew that before long the Williams sisters would be treating Mariah Carey to similar treatment and was sure that before the day was out she would be that much closer to having that old bitch Whitney Houston on her knees begging for her mercy.

Jenny left the room and her slave endured that treatment for the next hour. The voices and sensations became hypnotic and addictive and it was not long before the weak mind of Beyonce was submitting to this new Mistress and her instructions. Checking at her security room Jenny saw that Mariah Carey and the Williams sisters were still entangled in the garage. Mariah hair splayed out wide as she was penetrated in both her asshole and pussy simultaneously. Certainly, from the way she thrashed her body she was enjoying herself.

She watched the action for a while, knowing that Mariah would be a tougher nut to crack and convince than Beyonce but she was sure her lieutenants would be entirely successful. She made a couple of calls and moved back to the chamber that Beyonce was bound in. Entering to the echoing of her own voice she could easily see by the look on Beyonce’s face that she was won over and convinced as to who her new Mistress was. Good, now Jennifer could really enjoy herself. She turned off the assault of vision and noise and attracted the dazed eyes of her slave and made sure she watched as she pulled up a leather harness and stepped inside it. She then slowly pulled it up making sure that Beyonce’s wide eyes settled on the thick, long, black, veined, plastic dildo that was rising up with the harness. It was bigger than any that Beyonce had taken previously in Mistress Whitney’s service and she was sure there was no way that either of her holes could take it’s length or girth. But still if that was what her new Mistress demanded then she was more than willing to take it.

It genuinely was a massive appendage, almost resembling a baseball bat as it stood out proudly, pointing, accusingly at Beyonce. Jennifer took her sweet time in releasing Beyonce from her straps, relishing the look on her submissive face as she finally sprang the crocodile clips off of her nipples and the blood rushed back to them.

“Did you enjoy that slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Once I have that bitch Whitney Houston under my control I will be able to dominate you completely, I will devote my energies to taking you to places you have never dreamt of. I will make you so obedient to me that you will barely be able to breathe without my permission. But you know what, you will still be above your former Mistress. I will reduce her to lower than dirt, even her former slaves will be able to take her.”

“But before that I am going to stretch that fine pussy of yours Beyonce, let’s see how much you can handle.”

She hooked her fingers into her slaves collar ring and pulled her towards her and clipped it to a metal ring that lay in the centre of the cold, hard floor. This forced Beyonce’s head right down, her beautiful chin scraping on the ground and her curvy ass pointing right up in the air. By this point the Latino Mistress had discarded her leather gloves and she smoothed her hands over that peachy ass before her and slowly parted her ass cheeks, glimpsing her puckered asshole. There was a large temptation to take Beyonce’s ass, she was a good slave and would try to take it but her strap on was surely too big. No, that glistening, hairless pussy was too tempting. Oh she wanted to show this bitch what she could give to her and do to her. Her fingers parted Beyonce’s pussy lip and lifted her hips up farther and she eased the massive, plastic cock into the moist hole.

Beyonce felt the huge member slide up inside her, immediately stretching the walls of her cunt. She groan in pleasure and further arched her back to further accept it and show her compliance to this exciting Mistress. Younger and more ambitious and nasty than the one she had left this morning. Jennifer reached forward and hooked her fingers into Beyonce’s hair and pulled herself deeper into her slave, relishing the frightened gasp that escaped Beyonce as the plastic delved even deeper. What Beyonce didn’t know as she writhed under this punishment / pleasure was that Jenny intended to fuck her hard like this for the next hour with no break. What better way to show her new slave how harsh she could be.

Meantime, further along the corridor Mariah Carey was strung up in an stretched ‘X’ shape, her ankles tied to the floor and her wrists in straps and pulled high in the air in opposing directions. She had undergone the domination process much as Beyonce and was ready to serve her new Mistress in whatever manner she demanded. Right then she demanded that the Williams sisters use the variety of whipping objects to bring the masochistic Mariah off in one of her dungeons. With Venus primed to the left of Mariah’s exposed buttocks ready to bring a cane down in unison with the paddle that sister Serena held to the right. They had double penetrated Mariah roughly with their twin plastic cocks out in the parking lot until she had orgasmed multiple times and was reduced to a quivering piece of flesh, unable to speak so taken was she with the sexual treatment she was forced to endure. She was carried up to listen and watch the wall of Jennifer’s orders in that state before the Williams sisters had strung her up in preparation of this beating.

Mariah wore a dazed smile as the two items cracked against her ass, she loved the sensations as they shot through her body, this was what she lived for, being treated as a total submissive to be abused by those more dominant than her. As she counted aloud the first blows, she arched her back with pleasure and waited for the next ones in anticipation.

Leaving Mariah hanging there for the moment (she’s going nowhere for the foreseeable future anyway!) , we can return to Mistress Jennifer fucking her young superstar slave with her oversized dildo. Jennifer’s thrusts now pushed almost the full length of the instrument deep inside Beyonce and Beyonce shuddered with each one, still amazed that she had managed to accept the beast of a thing. With each stroke more and more of Beyonce’s juices oozed out and down the hilt, lubricating it as they mixed with her sweat. With each stroke Beyonce gritted her teeth and tried to suppress the groans she needed to make and Jennifer hammered on to get the noises she wanted from her new toy.

Fast forwarding half an hour or so and Beyonce has never gone through such pressure like this before and her beautiful face was flat on the floor now and she had mentally given up and was allowing Jennifer to do as she liked with her, and then the door opened….

Somehow Beyonce managed to lift her tired head and through heavy eyelids watched as her erstwhile boyfriend in the ‘real world’ , the rapper, Jay-Z crawled into the room. This powerful man was on his knees and naked except for a heavy leather collar around his neck. He kept his eyes to the floor as he came into the room led in by another of Jennifer’s lieutenants, Ciara.

Ciara was dressed in little more than a series of thin leather straps that just about covered her nipples and pussy. She looked truly stunning and even more so for the dismissive sneer that marked her features. In truth she thought of Beyonce as a talent less bitch who had traded on her looks to get where she was in the world. And here she was laid out on the floor being pounded by Jennifer Lopez with an obscene strap on cock while Ciara dominated her would be boyfriend. Oh, this was lovely! Beyonce hadn’t realised that Jay was in fact a submissive man, despite his hard man image. It had taken an assault on his senses by Jennifer and Ciara simultaneously to seduce him into submitting to them. He shuffled along the floor on hands and knees and met his Mistress Jennifer’s eyes, his huge penis stiff at seeing his beloved Bee fucked like this (as she had never allowed him ingress to her pussy).

Jennifer withdrew the plastic cock from Beyonce with a pop and stood up, her limbs stiff with the prolonged fuck session. She stepped around the collapsed Beyonce and took the leash from Ciara’s hand with a passing smile.

“Ciara, this is Beyonce Knowles, I’m sure you recognise her, she’s just become my new slave.”

“Oh I recognise the cunt! Doesn’t look so fucking hot now does the Bitch?”

“Hmm, I guess not, but try not to be too hard on her, she will be an important part in my plans to subvert that Bitch Whitney Houston. We mustn’t destroy her, tempting though it is. Still I think we should demonstrate to her how completely I own her now. Get her head up and make her watch while I put her boyfriends cock to good use.”

Ciara smiled as she bent to grab Beyonce’s sweaty hair and jerk her head upright, she slapped her hard across the face to ensure she knew who was the boss but the reality was that deep down she was loving being treated like a piece of shit whore. Beyonce was looking on with dazed eyes but Ciara enjoyed giving her another hard slap, she really was a sadistic Domme.

Meanwhile Jennifer had pushed an unchallenging Jay onto his back so that his hard, eight inches of man-meat was sticking vertically upwards. Normally Mistress Jennifer would never dream of allowing one of her celebrity slaves to penetrate her but the situation was just too perfect. Beyonce had never tasted his cock and to have her look on as her Mistress did so was too appealing. She spread her own dripping pussy lips and allowed herself to become impaled upon his cock. She turned to stare into Beyonce’s eyes, enjoying the confused look on the young singers face. As she began to slide up and down the hard cock she spoke in gasps to her new slave.

“I own you Beyonce. Body and soul I own you. Always remember that. Whitney Houston is now nothing to you, it’s me you serve, me.”

Beyonce nodded dumbly while Ciara gleefully twisted her nipples like a radio dial. J-Lo allowed herself to fuck her male slave for some time but as it became obvious that he was ready to cum Jennifer dismounted him. No mere slave would ever ejaculate in The Mistress! Instead she reached her hand down to finish him off by masturbating him while the tip of his cock faced right up his chest. She kept going until a stream of white cum flew out and splattered against his face, covering his features.

“Lick it up Ciara and give it to her.”

Ciara smiled and dragged Beyonce over by her hair and stooped to lick Jay-Z’s cum from his unflinching face, pooling it in her hungry mouth. Then she turned to spit it hard and dismissively into Beyonce’s face. As it oozed and dripped down Beyonce’s forehead and nose she dropped her eyes to the floor in defeat.

With time racing on it wasn’t long before Beyonce and Mariah were loaded back into the limo and a jubilant Ciara drove them back to Whitney’s mansion completely nude and dropped them off back to their Mistress. As they went Jennifer spoke to another of her lieutenants on her mobile phone.

“Halle? It’s on! Everything went as I expected, now for the Queen Bitch, I want her grovelling at my feet within the month!”

“No problems Mistress Jennifer, I am now completely trusted by her and ready to do was we planned from the off!”

To Be Continued…

(If you’ve taken the time to read this far thank you very much and I would appreciate your feedback on the story so far.)

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