Beyonce Knowles Meets The Legman

Story Title: Beyonce Knowles Meets The Legman, with special guest star Tyra Banks

Author: sharkboy

Celebrites in story: Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks

Codes: MC, MF, FF, oral, mast

This story is a work of fiction and is not true at all. It never has happened. Anyone who believes this story is true or if The Legman exists has problems. Anyone under eightteen years of age or easily offended need to stop reading now. If you have a suggestion for who The Legman should take next send them to Anyone who wants to know how Beyonce came across The Legman
read The Scene.

With special guest star Tyra Banks

By sharkboy

Beyonce Knowles sits in the passengers seat of the car she currently rides inside of and she looks at the handsomen man driving the car. His hand currently moves over her thighs, and she moans so hard. She looks at the hand with her beautiful brown eyes, and she sighs so hard.

"Where are you taking me?" She looks out at the street and everything seems real familar to her, but her head is in such a fog.

"To Heaven, Beyonce." The Legman smiles at the beautiful Beyonce Knowles, as he drives his car. His hand continues to move over her legs.

"Why?" Beyonce feels so stoned, as his hands move over her sexy legs. She looks at him, when she tries to focus hard.

"Because I want to make love to you." He smiles when he stops at the car a stop light, and he looks past her. "Want to screw over there once again?"

Beyonce turns around and she barely remembers the parking lot from last night and her eyes widen in horror. "No! I never want to go inside of that parking lot again!" She looks to her Master in intest fear. "I’ll do anything as long as you do not screw me inside of that lot!" Beyonce looks at him while she shakes so hard in fear. Last night something really bad happened to her when she got caught screw inside of that parking lot by some cops.

"I have a better place to go then anyways." He smiles when his eyes go up her beautiful body. His hand continues to move up her leg. Her skin is so soft and she responds so well to his hands that he is a little concerned with him getting addicted to her body.

He then pulls up behind a building and she looks at him with lust in her beautiful brown eyes. His hands move higher up her legs, and she leans in and she kisses him with such powerful passion.

He kisses her, as his hands move over her sexy legs. Beyonce moans so hard, as it happens. She continues to kiss him inbetween moans, and she deepens the kiss. Her tongue moves inside of her Master’s mouth, and she runs it over his teeth. He sucks on her tongue, as his hands move up to her upper upper thighs.

Beyonce stops kissing him, and she moves the straps of her sundress over her shoulders. She then stands and it falls to the seat. She then looks out, and she sees a young man of maybe sixteen years of age with a camera. "Hello," She smiles at the kid. All she has on are her panties.

"Can I?" He holds up the camera and her, and Beyonce smiles while her Master’s hands move over her legs. The kid takes a picture of the nearly naked Beyonce Knowles. "Wow! Thank you very much… can I put it on my web si…" Before little Billy Chase can complete his question Beyonce gives him a look. "Okay, no web site for this picture, but I will put it to good use."

The kid walks away from the car, and Beyonce sits down and her Master’s eyes move over her amazing body. "How nice, you let some little snot you don’t know take a picture of you nearly naked."

"Like there are not a lot of pictures of my dress malfunctions." Beyonce smiles at her handsome Master. His hands continue to move over her legs. She closes her eyes, as she so enjoys his hands.

She then lies on her back, and she smiles up at him. He removes her panties. He looks at her beautiful body, and then he begins to kiss her chest. Beyonce shakes, as he kisses her chest. His hands move over her beautiful legs.

"I want you so much Master!" Beyonce shouts at The Legman. He smiles as he looks at her good sized boobs. He then pockets her panties, and she blinks at him. "Are you stealing my panties, Master?"

The Legman smiles at his beautiful sex slave, and he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. "Care to walk home naked?"

"No, can I get some new panties because…" She then shudders hard, as her Master begins to eat her out so hard.Her beautiful body bucks so hard, as he eats her out so hard. Sweat breaks over her body, as The Legman eats her out with such lust.

"Oh God! I am going to orgasm so hard!" Beyonce yells, as she cums so powerful. She closes her eyes, as she enjoys the powerful orgasm. She cums into his face so hard, and her legs shake with such powerful force.

"Can you crack a water mellon between those thighs?" His hands move over her thighs, and Beyonce shudders so hard.

"Never tried that. Can we do that later?" The Legman then looks up, and he smiles at the shop they are behind.

"Lets go and buy you some panties, Beyonce." He then helps her dress, and then he helps her out of the car.

Beyonce’s eyes then widen, as she sees the sign over head, and then she looks at her Master. "We can’t go inside of there!"

"Why not? Have you already screwed everyone inside of this shop?" His hands move over her upper thighs, and Beyonce shudders so hard. He slowly walks her inside of a Victoria’s Secret.

Toby works behind the counter, and he smiles at some young and pretty women as they come into the store. "Can I help you ladies with anything?"

The beautiful blonde looks to Toby, and she smiles at him. "We can find our own things. Thank you very much." She makes a comment to her friend about this chain of Victoria’s Secret hiring men to help women. How rude that they do that.

As Toby turns around an incredible pair of legs catches his eyes. He looks up the beautiful body, and he comes face to face with Beyonce Knowles. "Holy shit!"

"No, this is Beyonce Knowles. I can understand her making you suddenly pray, but can you help her?"

Toby looks into her beautiful brown eyes, and Beyonce smiles at the handsome man. "How may I serve you?"

"He wants to serve me? Why?" She closes her eyes, as The Legman continues to massage her upper thighs.

"I have a huge crush on you. I own all of the Austin Powers series and I so love Goldmember. What can I get for you?" His eyes travel up her beautiful body once more.

Beyonce holds up her dress, and she shows him her naked vagina. "I need some panties, bad." Beyonce smiles at the look of shock on Toby’s face. She then looks to The Legman. "Virgin?"

"He might be a virgin, but even I am taken back by your perfection. Give the kid a break. Can you get her some panties like these?" The Legman takes her panties out of his pocket. He then shows them to Toby.

Toby walks to them, and he holds out his hands and he asks him. "If you wish for me to get her some panties I need to see them, or I can measure her?" He takes out his measuring spool, and he looks at her body.

"Master, I am going to go and get measured, look around and have fun." Beyonce walks away from her Master, and she looks at the handsome Toby. "So, do you watch my videos to other music?" Her finger moves over his Megadeath tattoo.

"Is that a bad thing?" He looks at her tits, as he asks the question Beyonce laughs some.

"No, my videos are made to please all the senses and if you dislike my music that is fine. Do vote for me when any vidoes awards come?" She smiles at the handsome Toby.

"I’d vote for you for anything you wish me too." He takes her into a small room, When he closes the door, her dress hits the floor. "What do you wish…" His eyes widen, as Beyonce walks to him.

She takes his head, and she presses it against her chest. His hands move to her awesome ass. His hands do not compare to her Master’s godly hands, but they excite her nonetheless.

Toby then begins to kiss her chest, and Beyonce shudders hard. She closes her eyes, as his lips cover her chest. "Oh Shawn…" She moans softly, as she whispers her boyfriends real name.

He stops kissing her, and she looks down to Toby. "Would you rather have me stop?" He looks into her beautiful eyes.

Beyonce shakes her head no, and she smiles down at Toby. "Jay-Z’s real name is Shawn Cater. No offense, it was all reflex?" Beyonce smiles down to the handsome white boy looking up at her. "Take me?"

She then walks to a sofa, and she lies down on it. She smiles at the handsome Toby, as she parts her legs for him. Toby then walks to her, and he undresses some. His eyes go over her body. "I have screwed someone before."

"Who have you screwed?" Beyonce looks up at the handsome Toby, and she smiles so wide.

"Tyra Banks came in here once and we…" Toby stops talking, as Beyonce gives him the look. "Okay, I never screwed Tyra Banks. I did do it with the night manager. A kinda heavy woman, but very good in bed."

Beyonce smiles as he removes his underwear, and her eyes go over his penis. "So, she was good, huh?"

"Yeah, I would do her again, and she is really cool." He walks between her legs, and he kisses her on the lips. Beyonce kisses him back with such passion, and his hands move over her tits.

Her eyes roll back, as Toby plays with her tits so hard. He understands that they will not break, and she so loves what he does to them. He then kisses her belly, and Beyonce moans so loud.

His hands then move down to the best pair of legs he or any other man may ever see. His mouth still works on her tummy so ethused, and Beyonce moans so hard. "Fuck me now, please?" Beyonce begs of Toby.

Toby takes out his handon, and he shows it to Beyonce. She nods at him, as he works himself inside of her. She closes her eyes, as she takes her size into her. Toby is not huge, but he has some size on him. Right now Beyonce is so freakin’ horny from getting her body molested by The Legman, that anyone can turn her on.

"Oh God Toby!" Beyonce moans, as Toby rides her so hard. His cock rides inside of her with such power. He has not cum yet which thrills Beyonce so much. His hands move over her sexy body, as he explores her. Beyonce then cums like a jack rabbit.

The Legman looks over the store at so many beautiful woman who come inside of Victoria’s Secret. His eyes go over a beautiful blonde, and she looks up and she smiles at him.

Before The Legman can make his move someone comes behind him. "Sir, are you here to buy something or are you here in hopes to get lucky?" The Legman turns around and he looks right into the eyes of Tyra Banks.

"Hello beautiful! I come to all of these stores in hopes of meeting you. My name is Flash Gordon." He extends his hand to Tyra, and she takes it.

"So, you were named after a nineteen twenties comic strip character? You must have gotten beaten up A LOT in school?" Tyra smiles at the handsome man who shakes her hand.

"I had a few fights. Considering both my brothers kicked my ass on a regular basis it was not a shock. I am here with a close and personal friend. Right now Toby has her in back measuring her for panties."

The look on her face tells The Legman that this is not welcomed news to Tyra. "He is doing what? We do not litterally do that here and when we do a professional does it."

"Did I just get Toby in trouble?" The Legman looks at the beautiful Tyra Banks, and she wears a short skirt. YES!

"No, Toby just got Toby fired." She looks into the back hoping the kid comes out very soon. "Why is it so hard to find good help?"

"Because you are a very beautiful woman who owns a Victoria’s Secret store. Most men go stupid at the sight of you." He smiles at Tyra, and she shakes her head in deniel.

Then she gasps some, as Toby and Beyonce Knowles comes out of the backroom. She smiles at The Legman and Tyra Banks. "Hello Tyra!"

"Okay, you are friends with Beyonce Knowles?" She then looks to Beyonce then Toby. "Did Toby do anything to you to make you uncomfortable, Beyonce?" Tyra looks right at Toby.

"God no. He was such a huge help and now I do have underwear on." She smiles at Toby, and she winks.

"But Beyonce, we don’t sell any… TOBY!" Tyra looks at Toby so pissed off. She has figured out how Beyonce got her underwear.

"Tyra can you calm down some?" Beyonce leans in to whisper to her. "The kid is great in the sack."

Tyra puts her hand on her head, and she shakes it hard. "Beyonce, how long have you been on crack?"

"Did I do something wrong Tyra? Both me and the kid were so horny that we were both close to exploding." Beyonce smiles at the beautiful Tyra.

"We have rules that state that employees and guests cannot do such things." She then walks to a table and she takes out a rule book, and she hands it to Toby. "Baddd Toby."

"Considering you just handed Toby the rule book and he had no time to read it or sign the paper inside you cannot fire him for this." The Legman looks to a very surprised Tyra.

"So, you are a lawyer too?" Tyra rolls her eyes, and she looks at a very sad Beyonce. "Can the three of us go into the back and talk about this? Can you take off Toby’s underwear too, because that is just gross.

Beyonce lifts up her skirt, and she pulls down the men’s underwear and she hands them to Toby, and Tyra rolls her eyes. "Okay, next time I’ll tell you to do that in private. Follow me?"

Tyra leads them down a long hallway and she tries to think how to put this fire out. As she walks The Legman looks at the back of her legs. Tyra Banks is perfection.

"Master, I never had a threesome with anyone before." Beyonce says, as she looks at the back of her legs too. Oh my god they make her a little bit wet! Tyra does look back at them, as she opens the door to her office, and they walk inside.

"Before you two start the porno music can we talk?" She looks at The Legman and Beyonce, as she sits down. She motions for them both to sit down too. The Legman takes a seat very close to Tyra. "I need an excuse to fire Toby, because he makes the women who come here so uncomfortable. He was someone I got when I bought the place and I did not hire him."

"Send the kid to the backroom to work. I worked in the warehouse of Victoria’s Secret when I was fifteen. I got fired for nailing Victoria."

Tyra looks at the Legman and she narrows her eyes at him. "There was no Victoria, who started Victoria’s Secret, Mister Gordon. The store was named after Queen Victoria. How many times do you plan to lie to me today?"

"As many as I can get away with." He smiles at Tyra and she turns to Beyonce.

"So, can you say that…" Tyra stops talking, as his hand goes to her thigh. Tyra moans, and she closes her beautiful brown eyes. His hand moves over her stocking covered leg, and Tyra pretty much falls apart in his hands.

Tyra leans into her handsome Master, as his hands move over her sexy thighs. She begins to unbutton her shirt, as she looks at his chest. "You are so beautiful Tyra," The Legman comments to her, as his hands move farther up her legs.

"Thank you… Master…" She closes her eyes, as she becomes so disgusted with herself. How can she call any man master? She is Tyra Banks!

Beyonce stands beside of her Master, and Tyra not to be forgotten. "Tyra, do you have any extra stockings in this room?" One hand moves up Beyonce’s leg and one moves up Tyra’s.

"Some black stockings are inside of my desk…" She sobers up a little bit, as Beyonce walks to her desk. She takes out the stockings and she slides them up her legs. "Sure, Beyonce can ruin them if she wishes to do so. Big legged bitch."

Tyra then looks at her Master, and she opens up her shirt for him. He then removes her bra. Her tits pop out of her bra and Tyra looks at her Master, and she smiles wide.

His hands move over her ample breasts, and Tyra closes her eyes. She sighs hard, as his hands move over her chest. She then moves closer to her Master then she wraps her legs around him.

He kisses Tyra with great passion, as his hands move all over her legs. The Legman kisses down her neck to her awesome chest, and Tyra moans so hard. His lips move over her tits with such passion that it makes her beautiful body shake so hard.

The Legman’s hands then go up her long and sexy legs. He removes Tyra’s underwear, and she shudders hard. The moment he takes out his huge penis Beyonce clears her throat behind him. She then looks down at it in shock.

"Beyonce, do you want to screw Tyra?" He smiles at her and then at Tyra Banks.

"I have never screwed a woman before." Beyonce looks to Tyra, and she blinks.

"Go to my desk and check in the bottom left hand drawer. You’ll find something that can do the job on both of us." Tyra smiles at the beautiful Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce then drops her dress, as she walks to her desk. She opens the drawer and she takes something out of it. She looks at the huge double dildo she takes out of her desk. "Oh my God! You use this?"

Tyra smiles at Beyonce, as she slides it inside of her. Beyonce shudders so hard, when it slides inside of her. "Naomi Campbell gave it to me for being such a bitch to me when she and I worked together. She even showed me how to use it."

Beyonce walks to Tyra with the huge dildo inside of her, and then she looks at her Master. She then looks to the dildo. "I think we both know who this was made after?" She then looks at a laughing Tyra.

Tyra opens her legs, and Beyonce walks to her. She wraps her arms around Tyra, and she slides it inside of her. Tyra closes her eyes, as it slides inside of her. "Oh God yes!"

Both Beyonce and Tyra need a moment before she begins to screw Tyra so hard. Her legs are as far apart as possible, when Beyonce screws her so hard. "Oh God, yes! Beyonce!" Tyra tries to keep up with the larger and very beautiful Beyonce Knowles.

As he watches Beyonce Knowles screw Tyra Banks, The Legman grabs his penis and he begins to masturbate. They both screw like wildcats. Both of their tits bounce up and down so hard, as they screw each other so hard and with such great passion.

Tyra then begins to shake so hard, as a huge orgasm hits her. Her body rocks as she cums so hard, and she closes her beautiful brown eyes. Tyra’s chest heaves, as she has the huge orgasm. "Oh my God! Beyonce!"

"Beyonce, Tyra has had enough." The Legman walks to her, and he pulls the dildo that Jennifer Aniston must have marketed out of Beyonce, and he looks at it. He then pulls it out of Tyra and she cums once again.

She then turns away from Tyra and Beyonce looks at her Master. She then looks down at his huge hardon, "Who did that for you, me or Tyra?" She smiles, as she looks into his eyes.

"A third you, a third her, and a third Naomi Campbell." He kisses Beyonce with passion, and she kisses him back. She wraps her legs around him, and his hands go over them.

He sits Beyonce on Tyra’s desk, and she parts her legs for him. He takes himself into her and he slides it in slowly. Beyonce closes her eyes, as he works himself inside of her. He then picks her up, and he begins to screw Beyonce Knowles softly.

Beyonce uses her legs to pull him inside of her so deep, and she screws him harder than what The Legman ever figured she would do. "Oh God yes, Master!" Beyonce screws him so much harder, as she rubs her tits against him. OH GOD, YES!" She orgasms, and she orgasms hard all over his hardon. Her beautiful body shakes, as he holds her in his arms.

The Legman then sits Beyonce down on the desk, and he looks at her beautiful body. Tyra then clears her throat, as she sits up. She parts her legs for The Legman too.

He looks into Beyonce’s eyes and she smiles, and she nods at him. He slides himself out of her, and Beyonce looks down on the desk. She can see a Naomi Campbell card on her desk, and she smiles at Tyra. "Someone has a crush on the bitch." Beyonce sings, as she watches her and their Master about to make love.

His hands then move over her legs, and Tyra closes her beautiful brown eyes. His hands feel so wonderful against her flesh, and Tyra shudders hard. Her stockings only make his hands even more effective against her flesh.

He slides his dick against her leg, and Tyra shudders so hard in responce. His hands then move over her sexy black ass, and she parts her legs for him. His penis looks her right in the eyes, and Tyra smiles at him.

"You are so huge." She looks at it, as he slides it inside of the beautiful and very curvy Tyra Banks. She moans and shudders some when he slides himself inside of her. She closes her beautiful brown eyes, as he begins to move inside of her so hard. "Oh god yes!" Tyra shouts, as he slams into her g-spot over and over.

Tyra’s legs shake, as The Legman slams himself inside of her. Her chest heaves, as he screws her so hard. Her kisses her large chest when he screws her so hard. "Oh God yes Master! OH GOD!" Her beautiful body then begins to shake, and she orgasms all over his dick. Her body then goes limp, as Tyra has the mother of all orgasms.

"Tyra are you alright?" The Legman lightly slaps her face very concerned for the beautiful super model and TV personality.

After a few minutes of facing slapping and talking Tyra opens her eyes, and she smiles at her Master. "I am alive?"

The Legman smiles at the beautiful Tyra Bank and she smiles up at him. "I have not came yet." Tyra then leans up, and she looks at his hardon in fear. She then looks into his eyes. "Don’t worry, I do not intend on fucking you to death."

"So what do you intend on doooo…" Tyra cums once more, as his hard sits inside of her. She looks up to him in agony.

"Beyonce can you come here and lie on the floor besides us so we can end it now?" Beyonce Knowles gets up, and she walks to them and she lies beside Tyra butt naked.

"So Tyra, how many men would love to be where our Master is right now?" Beyonce looks at a smiling Tyra Bank, and she grins at the beautiful singer/actress.

"90% of the men on earth would love to be doing both of us at once." She orgasms once again, and pain shoots thru her beautiful body. "Aggghhhh!"

The Legman then pulls out of Tyra Banks and he cums onto the legs of both she and Beyonce Knowles. Both women sigh and they orgasm hard and this time pleasure returns to Tyra’s orgasm.

"OH GOD YES MASTER!" Both women yell at the top of their lungs, and they cum together. Tyra falls off of the couch on top of Beyonce and they kiss some. Seaman covers both of their legs, as The Legman shakes himself out onto them.

"Beyonce, can you move at all?" Tyra asks her, as her boobs sit in Beyonce’s beautiful face.

"I’m pretty freakin’ whooped." She smiles up at the beautiful Tyra Banks. "It don’t bother me if you can’t get off of me."

"I do really need to shower." Tyra smiles down to Beyonce even though she cannot get up too. "How many teens have had this fantasy?"

Beyonce laughs some, as she looks up at the beautiful Tyra Banks. "I have been asked before if you and I have ever made out."

"What did you tell that person?" Tyra asks, as she looks into her beautiful brown eyes.

"I usually say that you and I hardly know each other." She smiles up at the beautiful Tyra Banks. "So, now I will have to lie." Beyonce then smiles as Tyra is taken off of her body. The Legman then sets her on the couch beside her Beyonce.

Tyra looks down at Beyonce and she frowns some, as The Legman picks her up. "You like her better than me!"

"Yeah, I can like someone better than Tyra Banks." The Legman smiles at the beautiful Tyra. "My car is parked outside in a space that says… okay now if I remember right it is your space."

"You can park in my space all that you want. If you must leave take a shower before you two leave." She then smiles at The Legman. "Come back next week and Naomi Campbell will be here." Tyra smiles at her Master.

"Master, I can deliver all four members of Destiny’s Child before you naked in nylons and chains." Beyonce smiles at her Master, as he holds her.

The Legman smiles at both Tyra and Beyonce, and he says. "It is a deal ladies." He then looks to Tyra, what did happen to the fourth member?" He smiles at her, because a member did leave the group for some unknown reason, and Beyonce shrugs some.

Tyra smiles at The Legman as he carries Beyonce Knowles out of the room. She sighs some, as something comes to her mind. "How am I going to shower now?"

The Legman then takes the beautiful and very sexy Beyonce Knowles down the hall, and he steps into the showers with her naked body. He grabs a chair used by the handicapped, and he sets her down on it. She looks at him with a sexy look, as she grabs the soap. She begins to lather up his huge dick. She takes off her stockings and she tosses them into the corner before the water comes on.

"Master, something has just occured to me. What if Tyra was sick? Do they even make condoms your size?" Her hands moves over his manhood, and he arches his back.

"Tyra is not sick, besides I don’t think I can get any sexual diease." He smiles at the beautiful Beyonce, as she washes his penis.

"How do you know these things Master?" Beyonce continues to wash his hardon.

"I have touched the legs of people with sexual dieases before and it repulsed me. Number two I have a really powerful feeling…. oh God! Beyonce!" He cums hard right into her beautiful face, and she looks up at him in shock.

"You came in my face?" She uses the water from the shower to wash her face. And then she uses soap to lather up her face, and her body. She washes all of the seamen off of her beautiful body, and she looks up to her Master and she smiles. "So how long does it take to get you…" Her eyes widen, as she looks at his new extended cock. "What planet are you from?" She smiles at her Master, as he readies himself to go down on her once again.

Outside of the rooms where The Legman and the very sexy Beyonce Knowles went inside of Toby looks over some things with a very beautiful red head. "So, would my boyfriend like me better in this one or this one?" She holds both outfits before her body, and she smiles at Toby.

"Trust me if he does not like you in any outfit you can dump him and come back and date me." He smiles at the beautiful red head, and then she hits him and she grins like a fool.

"Actually, I would choose the black because it offsets the whiteness of your skin and it makes your teeth shine." The redhead and Toby look at The Legman and Beyonce Knowles.

"Aren’t you? Oh my God!" The woman shouts, as she looks at Beyonce.

"Hello, if you want my advise buy the black and let this guy you are talking to put it on you. Trust me you’ll like what he does." Beyonce smiles at the very stunned red hair woman, and then she looks to Toby. "Toby, once you are done with her Tyra needs you in the backroom."

"Can’t I let the guy you are with help me with my shopping?" She smiles at The Legman. Her eyes do go up his body.

"Mine!" Beyonce shouts, as she walks between The Legman and the red head.

"Are you with Jay Z?" She asks her, as she looks at Beyonce.

"I am with many men, and why do you care? By the way Toby can bring it, so believe what he says." She smiles at the handsome Toby, as Beyonce and The Legman leave Victoria’s Secret.

When they get to the parking lot Beyonce looks at her Master, and she smiles wide. "So who do you like best me or Tyra?" His eyes go over her body, as he gives her his answer, and she smiles. "So I am better in bed than Tyra Banks?"

"No, if I fuck her again I’ll likely split her in half. Lets just say that Jennifer has little eye for detail."

"So, Jay-Z does have a large hardon?" Beyonce smiles, as he walks behind her. "So, I am the Master now?" His hands then move over the back of her legs to remind her that she is not shit. She falls into his arms.

She then wakes up inside of a bar in south Hollywood, and her eyes widen. She happens to be chained against a bench facing a room full of guys. Some women are inside of the room too, and she is gagged with a ball gag. She looks at her Master, as he holds up her sun dress.

Beyonce looks down at her naked body, and she screams in horror. She struggles hard against the chains but they were made to hold men two or three times her size. She has no chance to escape.

The Legman walks between her and the crowd filled with both men and woman inside of skin tight leather. "For sale tonight and tonight only a night with Beyonce Knowles. You can do anything you want to her for… one dollar."

Beyonce screams both aghast and insulted, as she struggles so hard against her chains. A DOLLAR! My God she is the ultra fine Beyonce Knowles! How dare anyone make this offer to anyone. She does not just screw anyone! She then does the only thing that she can do she begins to cry hard.

The Legman looks at the beautiful and extremely afraid Beyonce Knowles and he walks to her. His hands go on her upper thighs, and Beyonce shakes as he does. "You don’t want to fuck a room full of men dressed in S&M gear?"

He removes the ball gag, and then Beyonce begins to beg and she begs hard. "Please don’t sell me to anyone! YOU are my master and you will be until you and I are dead. Then I will be your sex slave inside of Heaven. A friend of mine was on this stage once and she never walked the same again!" Beyonce cries so hard, because if she were injured Jay-Z would dump her and her career would go down the tubes.

The Legman turns and he blinks at the nice orderly line behind him, he does smile some. "Ladies and gentlemen, I must withdrawl my offer to everyone, Beyonce has learned her place." Everyone murmurs some as most of the people leave the room. The Legman turns back to Beyonce, and she looks past him in horror.

"Not you!" Beyonce looks at the beautiful Veronica Andrews, as she stands on stage in black leather. Most of her legs are exsposed and they are not bad looking legs.

"I offer to buy her from you for 43 million dollars." She smiles, as she looks at the beautiful and very afraid Beyonce.

"So you want to buy the lamest fuck I have ever had ride my huge penis?" He smiles, as he walks to Veronica. He touches his remote control and Beyonce becomes free. She does not move or pretend she has been freed at all. "You would be better servered if you went outside and you fucked some skanky alley cat."

"You seem to like her besides I double my offer." She smiles at The Legman as he gets so close to her. "You DO have to go though me to leave you know?"

"Yes I do." His hands go over her legs and Veronica shudders hard, as she falls into his arms. Beyonce then moves from where she was held and The Legman places her where she was at. The bonds then come down trapping her, and she looks at The Legman wide eyed. "That won’t be a huge problem." He smiles wide at her, and then to Beyonce. "This the bitch who put the boot on your car?"

"Yes, I am sure that she is behind it." She looks to Veronica so pissed off. "Don’t hurt her though Master, even she does not deserve that."

"Beyonce, cell phone?" Beyonce picks her cell phone off of the table and she hands it to her Master. His hands then go over her legs, as he looks Veronica in the eyes. "I’ll dial the number for you and you tell them to remove her boot." Veronica does as told.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED to Tyra Banks? Tyra works to sit up, and her body is totally exhausted from the power bang her Master gave her. Her clothes happen to be on the other side of the room. "How am I going to get those?"

She then hears a knock at the door, and she smiles wide. "Come in please Toby?" Toby opens the door, and he walks shaking into the office of someone who might fire him.

When he walks into the room his mouth pops open and it drops at the naked Tyra Banks. "Oh my God!" He yells, as his eyes go over the sexy television personality.

"Cum on inside of here Toby, and lock the door. Now discover Tyra’s Secret." Tyra smiles wide, as Toby does as he is told to do. She might have a place for him yet.

THE END. Anyone with any suggestions for who The Legman takes next send them to

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