Beyonce Knowles Story

Beyonce Knowles, lead singer of Destiny’s Child and accused ego-maniac of the band, also a Daddy’s girl, well I mean there’s a lot of things you could call her to give her bad press, but today she was a little more frisky. There was a feeling about her and around her that just made her giddy. Maybe it was the flimsy yet sophisticated turtleneck sweater she was wearing in the brisk Texas December weather with the short jean skirt that any shorter would’ve shown panties. She liked that outfit, the colors made her light coffee skin glow almost. Beyonce was a hot African American, many white males used to say it couldn’t be done,
but with Beyonce they believed. Maybe she was giddy to the fact that she was fucked 3 ways to Sunday by Nelly 2 nights ago and was still feeling the 12 inches inside her. She just didn’t know, but she did know that a “Victoria’s Secret” store was in this Dallas mall she stop ped in this afternoon.

She was quite stunned that Victoria’s would have a store in this somewhat remote mall that was quite small, but she was only judging this by the fact that she was in her home state and no one had yet to ask her for an autograph. Beyonce decided to go in, as she was a big fan on blue underwear, preferably in a good bra. As she walked around she wondered over by the bra selection. As a nice navy blue struck her, she went to pick it up and she accidentally bumped her ass against someone. She immediately jumped up and turned to offer her apologies, only to be faced with an absolute stunning young blonde. Beyonce looked closely and realized that she knew that it was Jessica. Jessica turned and smiled and realized her assailant was an old friend. Jessica smiled and said, “Imagine bumping into you here” Beyonce giggled and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek and said, “Yes, what brings you here, I haven’t seen you since the TRL tour?” feeling a little embarrassed she put the bra behind her back. Jessica said she was finally home in her Dallas 2-story house she’s sharing with some family, and she was doing a dinner with a fan that won on a local radio station. She was at the radio station when he came to pick up the prize and he was a 19 year old stud and decided that she should check out Victoria’s because she wants to tease this kid like it’s not even possible with a short skirt that will accompany many upskirts, and for that she needs the right panties. Jessica leaned forward and soaked in Beyonce’s body with a whiff of her neck. Beyonce always wore short skirts and today was no different. Jessica’s eyes slowly went from her eyes to the nape of her sexy neck and down toward her big firm tits and finally to her curvy hips as she told Beyonce how good she looked. Beyonce was feeling slightly shy, she wasn’t used to girls looking at her so closely, only guys, but said thank you, you look great yourself as her eyes noticed Jessica’s low cut tank top showcasing the 36 C globes men wanted 5 minutes with, and black tights t hat outlined EVERYTHING. Beyonce could not believe she was looking so intently at the gap between Jessica’s legs but with the skintight fabric you could actually see the shape of her pussy lips. Beyonce didn’t quite know why but she was getting moist between her legs and all she could think of and sucking and licking Jessica’s cunt.

Jessica broke Beyonce’s trance by asking what she was hiding behind her back. Beyonce slowly moved her hands from behind her back to expose her see through navy blue bra. Jessica smiled “wow, I bet that would look great on your body, why don’t you try it on?” Beyonce noticed that Jessica and her were practically the only ones in the store beside the sales clerk stationed at the register. Beyonce looked and Jessica and said “ok, but you have to try on something for me also.” Jessica had already picked out a crotchless dark green one piece see through, so she grabbed Beyonce’s hand and led her back to the changing room.

They found an oversized changing room at the very back of the store, practically hidden by all the other clothes and undergarments. Both slipped in and started taking off their clothes each catching a glimpse of each other through the corner of their eyes. As they finished putting on their selections Jessica was the first to speak up “Beyonce you are one hot chick, I can see now why all the boys want to get in your pants.” Beyonce smiled and said thanks but unfortunately with my scheduled I don’t seem to have time for boys, but in her mind she fondly remembered Nelly. Jessica asked Beyonce to move around show her how she would seduce her lover. Beyonce feeling very turned on gave Jessica a sexy smile and slowly moved her hands under her tits and gently squeezed them together, her fingers lightly touching her hardening nipples. As Beyonce continued to pinch and pull her nipples she told Jessica that she would have to play along also, Jessica did not need any more encouraging, her pussy was getting wet watchin g Beyonce. Jessica looked at Beyonce and let her tongue slowly lick her lips as she moved her hand back behind her squeezing both cheeks of her ass.

Beyonce told Jessica to turn around she wanted to see her ass being squeezed. Jessica slowly turned and bent slightly pushing her ass toward Beyonce. Beyonce watched as Jessica’s hands snaked back to that sexy tight ass of hers; Jessica’s fingers went in toward her asshole and slowly spread her cheeks. Beyonce looked with lust in her eyes as the green fabric spread in front of her and she could just make out Jessica’s tight hole. Jessica moved one of her hands up between her legs as she propped her leg up on the stool, giving Beyonce a better view. Beyonce watched as Jessica slid her finger over her glistening pussy lips and moved her finger underneath the fabric to her tight asshole rubbing the juices all around. Jessica stood up and turned around and looked at Beyonce and said “you think that would get a cock nice and hard? Beyonce nodded with approval, Jessica said now it’s your turn I want to see that great ass of yours. Beyonce not want to slow down the sexual tension between the two turned around and p ut her incredibly sexy, toned legs tight together, she hooked her fingers into the waist band of her panties and erotically slid them down to her ankles swaying her ass back and forth. As Beyonce was bent over she looked at Jessica who had one hand on her nipple and one hand massaging her cunt; this made Beyonce’s pussy flow with juices. Beyonce stepped out of her panties and bent back over spreading her legs apart, she moved both her hands to her ass and spread her cheeks apart for Jessica.

Beyonce gyrated her ass to make it look like she was grinding in into a stiff cock, as she did this she moved one hand down to her hot wet pussy and let one finger stimulate her clit as another slide into her cunt. She let out a soft moan as her finger entered her pussy; it hadn’t been too long since she had cum, but she needed it bad and she needed it now from Jessica. She moved her wet fingers back around to her ass, she lubed her tight asshole up with her juices and then slid one of her fingers up her ass as Jessica began pumping her fingers up her cunt staring at Beyonce’s finger sliding in that tight hole of hers. Beyonce loved the feeling of something fucking her up the ass just as much as her pussy getting pounded, she was startled when she felt a hot tongue flick her cunt but she didn’t care her pussy needed to cum. She looked down to find that Jessica had slid between her legs and was staring up at her as she moved and swirled her tongue all over Beyonce’s sweet pussy. Beyonce let her tongue lick th e outside of her lips as she stared into the eyes of this beautiful blonde vixen between her thighs, a smile and the grinding of her pussy into Jessica’s mouth confirmed the mutual desire they had for each other. Jessica was intoxicated by the smell and the texture of Beyonce’s sweet pussy and ass, Jessica ran her tongue from the top of Beyonce’s cunt all the way back to her tight little asshole, which she forced her tongue into making Beyonce moan with pleasure. Beyonce felt Jessica’s tongue slide up her ass fucking her with her hot wet tongue, Beyonce couldn’t believe this was happening but was very happy it was. She let her hands slide back to grab her ass cheeks and spread them apart so that Jessica could get further up her ass, Jessica took the hint and buried her face in Beyonce’s ass as she slid two fingers up Beyonce’s cunt. Beyonce couldn’t take it anymore she felt her orgasm explode over Jessica’s fingers as she continued to pump them up Beyonce’s tight cunt riding the waves of her orgasm shoving h er tongue deep into Beyonce’s ass.

Beyonce tried to keep quite only letting low soft moans escape her but she grabbed the back of Jessica’s head and forced as deep as possible into her ass, when her orgasms eased all she could think of was tasting every inch of Jessica’s body. She stepped back helping Jessica up, their bodies fell together in a hot passionate kiss, Beyonce whispered in Jessica’s ear that she wanted to devour her body, but her plans must wait until they can see a much more romantic scenery, which would be Beyonce’s single house with only her living there. Jessica agreed to make it the next night at 8:30, but before that night came, Beyonce had to have a little something to keep her excited so she took 2 of her fingers gently leaving a trail on Jessica’s pussy making her shake and tremor. Beyonce stuck her tongue as far out as possible and did circles around Jessica’s breast getting closer and closer to her nipple.

Once she reached Jessica’s hardened nipple she engulfed it the best she could while going inside her pussy with two fingers. Jessica grabbed Beyonce’s hand and forcefully pushed it in and out of her pussy, Beyonce paying so much attention to Jessica’s supple breast, sucking it for all she was worth. Jessica echoed the room with her passionate moans as she clutched her other breast and played with it until she rammed Beyonce’s fingers hard into her pussy and a jet stream of Jessica’s juices came upon them both. Beyonce took her fingers and wiped the juices on Jessica’s breast that she was sucking on and finished Jessica off by cleaning her breast all off. They organized themselves to some extent, even buying the underwear they took in. The sales woman looked a little rattled and her skirt seems to have been hiked up so the women both got the picture of what the sales woman was doing, but they just laughed it up. They again stated 8:30 the next night at Beyonce’s, but that’s a different night, different story.

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