Beyonce Vs Sasha – Chapter 1: it’s A Beautiful Morning

If you are under the age of 18 don’t read any further. This story is

complete fiction.

This story contains: F, solo, mast.

“BEYONCE VS. SASHA Chapter One: It’s A Beautiful Morning”

by rawballz

For Kojain and the rest of The Beyonce Bunch. Of course to everyone else

that finds Bey sexy.


Beyonce (duh)

Her eyes slowly opened, hurting from the morning light that was peering

into her bedroom. Beyonce couldn’t recall what happened last night. ‘I

musta had a little too much champagne’, she thought to herself. It was

cold in her bedroom, chillbumps
appeared all over her body. Bey pulled

the twisted covers back over her. She looked down and saw her nakedness.

‘Damn, must’ve been hot last night.”, she whispered.

She sat up in bed and pulled her comforter back up from the floor. She

laid back on the bed and sighed in relief. Bey pulled the sheets &

comforter up to her chin as the cold air circled her well-lit room.

She shivered all over as she tried to maneuver herself to a warm spot on

the bed. She ran her hands down to her thighs and began rubbing them in

order to keep warm. Her hands drifted towards her hips, still rubbing to

keep the skin warm.

Her mind began to drift off again, as she found a good comfort zone. Her

head turned to left and she went back to sleep.

For five minutes, Beyonce laid there motionless. Deep in slumber, a

slight smirk came across her face. Her hands began moving again. From

her sides she briskly moved the tips of her fingers over her tight

stomach. Moving them in circular patterns around her sweet bellybutton.

Her stomach was rising and falling as her fingers pressed harder against

her own skin. Slowly her hands made their way up, caressing every inch

of her staomach until she reached the underside of her breasts.

Bey’s mouth slightly opened as her fingers found their way across her

naked breasts. They traveled from the unside up to around the top. They

brought themselves back down between her tits. Circling her entire

breasts, Bey’s nipples began hardening. The finger-movements became

faster, running around and around her perky breasts. Her breathing

became more rapid and deep. She was teasing herself. Her nipples ached

to be touched and to be fondled, yet she ignored them. Beyonce began

biting her lower lip and her eyebrows arched.

Beyonce finally grabbed her nipples and began rubbing and lightly pulled

at them. A giant sigh filled the bedroom. She turned her head back

straight and began moving her lips, as if she was talking in her sleep.

Her hands couldn’t get enough of her breasts. They were groping at them,

squeezing them hard. She would grab them by the sides and push her

breasts hard together. Her nipples were never more erect. She stopped

squeezing her breasts and began flicking her hard nipples.

Sweat began to appear all over Bey’s body. “You like that don’t you?”,

she said aloud to herself. “You like me feeling your tits up, don’t

you?” Beyonce rubbed her nipples rapidly, as if she was a DJ. Feeling

her fingers rubbing against her sweaty breasts. She felt a definite

quivering between her legs. Under the sheets & comforter, it was getting

mighty hot under there. Bedes of sweat fell from her chest and stomach

down to her sides. Her hands began to creep south.

“You want me to fondle that clit of yours, don’t you? You love when I

play with your clit.” Bey brought her knees up with her feet flat on the

bed. She slowly parted her tight legs as her hands reached the top of

her pubic hair. “You dirty little girl. You want me to massage your

pussy don’t you?”

She lifted her hands up and rested them on her knees. She pushed her

feet out further to spread her legs out more. Her hands slowly decended

off her knees and down her thighs. She could feel the drops of sweat

between her fingers. Her hands found their way to the inside of her

thighs. She rubbed at the tender flesh. Her pussy now quivering and

wetter than ever.

“Look at you. You can’t wait for me to fondle your privates, can you?”

Her fingers lightly brushed across her bush. She could feel every hair

move, tingling her crotch. “Ooooohhhh”. She violently kicked all the

sheets off the bed. She was so hot now that she needed nothing else to

warm her. A naked Beyonce raised her ass off the bed about six inches.

Her hands rubbed their way to her gorgeous and tightly-wrapped ass. She

squeezed at her own buttocks, feeling hand-fulls of her own sweet ass.

She quickly brought her butt back down to the bed.

Her hands instantly went straight for her clitoris. “Ahhhhhhhh, yessss.”

She spread her legs apart as far as they could possibly go. Her right

hand fondled and rubbed at her clit. Her left hand was rubbing itself up

and down her sweet pussylips. “Who’s pussy is this, bitch!”, she yelled

at herself. Bey lifted her head from the pillow, with her eyes still

closed she opened her mouth feeling an intense orgasm brewing inside of


Her hands quickly fell on the bed by her sides. “You’re not cumming that

quickly, my darling!” Bey’s head fell back to the pillow. Her left hand

reached over and opened the top drawer of her nightstand. It fumbled

briefly through different items until finally it found what it was

looking for. The left hand came back holding an eight-inch vibrator.

“Now we’ll have some fun.”, she said as she clicked it on.

She touched the vibrator to her chest, rubbing it lightly across her

nipples. Feeling every shake and vibration on her breasts, Bey felt like

she was going to cum again. The left hand tossed the vibrator to the

right and slowly eased it down to her stomach. The right hand slowly

pushed the vibrator into her bellybutton. A smile crept across her face.

Slowly but surely the vibrator made it’s way to her still-hot pubic

region. It came in contact with her clitoris and Bey jumped & lifted her

ass off the bed. Harder she pressed the vibrator against her clit. The

waves of vibrations jack-hammering hard against her. She kept the dildo

right there, feeling the constant beating of it on her happy button.

Bey grinded her teeth together as she felt an extreme wave of pleasure

surge through her entire body. She was on fire from head to toe. Her

left hand reached under and began squeezing her left buttcheek. Her toes

curled up under her feet. She needed the vibrator inside of her, badly.

She brought her left hand up from her buttocks and the fingers slowly

spread apart her pussylips. She could feel the vibrations as the dildo

got closer and closer. The vibrator touched her entrance. “Holy shit.”,

she mumbled. With a very light shove she entered the vibrator inside her

pussy palace. “Ooooooohhhh.” She slowly intruded four inches of it

inside of her. “God.” Her left had went straight to her clitoris and

began rubbing it feverishly. She pulled the vibrator back a couple

inches then inserted it back until six inches went deep inside of her.

The menacing vibrations she felt inside the walls of her candyland were

intense. Everything was on fire. She briskly slapped at her clit and

rubbed it hard. She picked the pace up with the vibrator. Shoving it in

and out of her smokin’ pussy. Cramming all eight inches inside her and

pulling it almost completely out, she was taking it deep. Giving herself

the Big Daddy Long Stroke.

“You like getting fucked hard don’t you, you little slut?” Bey lifted

her legs up until her knees were practically touching her breasts. She

rammed the vibrator in and out of her hole. Grabbing it with both hands

now, she wasn’t letting up. Deeper and deeper the vibrating wand went.

“Ooooohhhhhhh……yeeeeeaaaahhhh!” The vibrator became slippery. She

brought the dildo out completely on one retraction and started to bring

it back in. Only this time, for some reason it found it’s way into her

tight butthole. Bey jumped hard at the unexpected intrusion. She had

buried five inched into her rectum. Not wanting to stop cold-turkey, she

continued fucking herself. Shoving the dildo in and out of her own


It was a different type of feeling. Her butthole was being violated but

she enjoyed every second of it. She could only manage getting about six

inches inside her anus. She grabbed the vibrator with her right hand and

began stabbing it hard inside her bootyhole. She took three fingers from

her left hand and quickly darted them inside her still soaking-wet

pussy. Bey could feel her entire world tremble with each and every shove

that was entering her two inputs. Her thumb on her left hand found her

clitoris and began pressing and rubbing down on it hard.

The entire world could’ve ended right then and Bey wouldn’t have one

single care about it. “You ready to cum now?” Her feet circled in the

air to the beat of every thrust she was giving herself. Just then the

biggest orgasm she ever had ran all through her sweaty naked body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddddd!!!!!!!!”, she screamed so loudly it shook

the windows. She immediately pulled the vibrator out of her rectum and

flung it across the bedroom. Her hands came up and ran her fingers

through her hair. “Mmmmmmm.”, she hummed as a smile ran across her face.

She turned over and laid on her stomach, still fast asleep.

Bey woke up two hours later. She focused her eyes on the alarm clock.

“Damn, eleven-thirty?” She felt an uncomfortable feeling in her ass but

she felt damn satisfied. Her legs were weak as she turned on her right

side. She noticed a piece of yellow paper folded up right next to the

alarm clock. She reached over and opened it up. Her eyes were having

trouble focusing on the note.

“I had a wonderful time last night and this morning. I hope we can do it

again sometime. I’ll see you tonight.


“What in the hell?”, she said aloud. Just then the doorbell rang. Bey

quickly jumped out of bed and threw her robe on. She headed downstairs,

grabbing her ass from the sweet pain that was inflicted on it.

Bey reached for the doorknob and flung the door open.


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