Beyonce Vs Sasha – Chapter 2: Sasha Takes Over

This story is total fiction. Leave if you are under the age of 18.


by rawballz


Beyonce Knowles

Kelly Rowland

Roselyn Sanchez

Kelly Rowland stood in Bey’s front doorway. “You ready, girl?”, she

asked a puzzled Bey. She looked at her friend with a blank stare.

“Hello?” Kelly waved her hand in front of her friends face. Bey suddenly

came back to reality. “Come on in, Kel.”, she said as she stepped to the


Kelly slowly walked in, staring at her as she did so. “Are you okay?”

Bey shut
the door. “Of course. We’re going shopping right?” “Yes. Why

aren’t you dressed?”, Kelly asked her friend. “It’ll only take me a

little bit to get ready. I’ll get started.” With that, Bey headed back

up the stairs to her bedroom. “Uh….okay.”, a confused Kelly replied.

She walked in the main living room, picked up a magazine from the coffee

table & sat down on the couch. “That crazy girl.”, she mumbled to


Beyonce stepped out of the shower and began drying her self off. She

wasn’t sure what had happened to her memory this morning. She just

excused it off as a brain-fart. She wrapped a light-blue towel around

her naked body and stepped back into her bedroom.

After another 45 minutes, Bey came walking back down the stairs. “I’m

all ready, Kel!” She looked into the living room and saw Kelly asleep on

her couch. Slowly Bey walked up to her sleeping friend. A blank glare

came over her face. A wicked smile grew over her face. Kelly was dead

asleep with a magazine in her lap.

Sasha picked the magazine up from Kelly’s motionless lap. She tossed it

back on the table. Sasha’s eyes glared at Kelly’s sleeping form. She

wanted her. Such a site was the sleeping Kelly to her, so vulnerable she

thought. Sasha watched the chest of Kelly rise and fall with each deep

breath. It was almost hypnotizing.

Sasha walked to the side of the couch & squatted down. She brought her

lips an inch from Kelly’s ear. “You will be mine today.”, she whispered.

Sasha looked back down at the rythm of Kelly’s chest. She grinned an

evil grin, from ear to ear. Sasha grabbed the top button of Kelly’s pink

blouse and slowly slid it back through the hole with her fingertips. Her

dark skin was exposed a little more as Sasha pulled back her collar.

Sasha licked her lips at the sight. She looked back up at Kelly’s face.

She was still asleep. “Just one more button.”, she whispered to herself.

She reached over again and threaded another button through it’s hole.

Kelly’s blouse opened even more. Sasha pulled the sides of her blouse

again and the top of Kelly’s white bra was visible. Sasha stared at her

ample cleavage. It was quite a beautiful sight. She noticed how lovely

the top of her breasts were squeezed together to fit inside her cups.

She couldn’t resist any longer. She slowly brought her fingers towards

Kelly’s cleavage. Closer and oh so closer she came to touching that

wonderful dark skin. Waiting and wanting to feel the tightness of her

breastflesh on the sides of her fingers. Sasha’s eyes widened.

Suddenly Kelly moved over to her side in her sleep. Sasha jumped up

quickly. “Shit.”, she whispered. She stood there blank for a second.

Beyonce lightly shook Kelly’s shoulder, waking her up from her slumber.

Kelly, still with sleepiness in her eyes, looked over at her friend.

“What the hell took you so long?” “Nothing. You ready to go?”, Bey

replied. Kelly sat up and yawned. “Why is my shirt half undone?”, she

said as buttoning herself back up. “I don’t know. Maybe you decided to

get a little comfy around here?”, Bey replied laughingly. “Ha Ha Ha”,

Kelly remarked. “Come on. Let’s go, girl.”

The two women headed out the door. “You want some Popeye’s?”, Bey asked

her friend as she shut the door.

They spent the next two hours shopping their hearts out. Spending

obscene amounts of money on every clothing item you can think of.

Jewelry, perfume, even candles and knick-knacks. All of those items were

in line to be bought by their vast amounts of credit cards. They stopped

by the local Popeye’s and Bey was able to eat some of the chicken she

loves so much.

They were driving down the main strip when Sasha saw the shop. “Let’s go

in there!”, she shouted to Kelly. “Where?” “Right there!”, Sasha shouted

back pointing out the window. Kelly quickly turned into the shop’s empty

parking lot. Kelly came to a stop and stared at the sign out front. “The

Sexual Beast? What the hell is this?”, Kelly asked. “It’s one of those

stores. You know.”, Sasha replied. She lifted her eyebrows in a

suggestive manner. “Ohh no. I’m not going in there, Bey.” “I’m not Bey

now come on.” Sasha opened the passenger’s door and got out. Kelly

sighed loudly, “Dammit.” She took her keys out of the ignition and got


Sasha was already inside looking through various items when Kelly opened

the front door. Kelly looked around in amazement and embarrassment.

There were thousands upon thousands of different sex toys, clothing,

magazines, books and movies to look at. They all lined the walls of the

store. Kelly’s jaw dropped.

“Can I help you with anything?”, a beautiful Latin woman asked while

walking up to Kelly. She wore a dark red leather vest and black leather

pants with heels on her feet. “Do you own this place?”, Kelly nervously

asked the woman. “No. A friend of mine owns it but she had to leave for

a couple of hours, so I’m just watching the place for her.”, the Latina

replied with a thick Spanish accent. “I’m Kelly.”, she said as she

reached out her hand for a shake. “You’re in that Destiny’s Chid group

right?”, she replied while shaking her hand. “Yeah. That’s me.” Kelly

was smiling cautiously. “I’m a big fan of your work. Are you guys still

together?” “Oh yeah. We’ve just been taking a little break.” “That’s

nice. My name is Roselyn, by the way.” “It’s nice to meet you, Roselyn.

Are you a performer?” “I’ve been in a few movies here and there and I

just put out an album. So I guess I perform a little.”

Sasha meanwhile was going through the sex toys like they were about to

be banned forever. She was like a kid in a candy store.

“Let me know if I can help you with anything. It was nice meeting you,

Kelly.”, Roselyn said while making her way back to the counter. Her long

jet-black hair swaying behind her back.

Sasha ran up to Kelly holding a giant 14″ dildo in her grasp. “Look at

this shit, Kelly!”, sha said while wagging it in front of her face.

Kelly looked over at Roselyn and saw her smile at them. “Put that away,

girl.”, Kelly replied in a loud whisper. “You’re no fun, bitch!”, Sasha

screamed at her. Kelly looked at her while tilting her head to the side.

“What the hell has gotten into you, Bey?” “I told you! I’m not Bey! Fuck

Bey!”, Sasha yelled at the top of her lungs.

Roselyn walked back up to the two women. “Is there a problem, ladies?”

Sasha quickly stuck her hand in her jacket pocket and pointed it at

Roselyn as if she was holding a gun. “Lock the door, bitch!”, Sasha

screamed at her. Roselyn walked quickly to the front door muttering,

“We’ll see who the bitch is.” She locked the door and turned around to

face the two women.

“Bey, what in the hell are you doin’?”, Kelly asked. “I told you! I’m

not Bey! Stop fucking calling me that!” Sasha turned towards Roselyn and

pointed her covered fingers at her. “Strip!”, she ordered. “Excuse me?”,

Roselyn responded. “Take your fucking clothes off or I’ll blow your

goddamn brains out!” “Just take whatever money you want and leave.”,

Roselyn replied with her hands on her hips. “Money? I don’t want money.

What I want is you to be naked in thirty seconds.” Sahsa brought her

left hand up to her face and looked at her watch.

Roselyn, not wanting something violent to happen, bent over and took her

heels off. She then undid the front of her vest and pulled it off. She

wasn’t wearing anything underneath as her breasts were freed for all to

see. She unbuckled her belt and unzipped the front of her pants. She

pulled them down along with her black lace panties to the floor. She

stepped out of the clothing pile and stood there naked covering her

breasts and pubic region with her hands.

Sasha walked up to her and kicked her clothing to the side. “Very nice.

You’ve got one kick-ass body there, Roselyn. Put your arms down to your

sides.” Roselyn paused. Sasha brought her finger-gun up to her. “Now.”

After sighing loudly, Roselyn slowly brought her arms down to her sides.

She gulped loudly. Sasha stared at her naked form. “Very nice indeed.”,

she said as an evil grin swept across her face. Sasha walked up closer

to the nervous Roselyn. “Are you one of those types of women?”, she

asked while lighly touching Roselyn’s hard tummy with her fingers.

Roselyn breathed in at the warm touch on her stomach. “What…what type

of woman are you talking about?”, she asked nervously. Sasha leaned in

close to where her mouth was an inch away from her right ear. “Do you

like pussy?”, she whispered to her. Her tongue stuck out a lighly licked

the edge of her ear. Roselyn jumped back a little from the wet touch.

“No. I don’t like pussy.”, she whispered back. “Never tried it, huh?

Don’t worry my dear, you will.”

“Tell Kelly to get undressed.”, Sasha ordered while pressing her

finger-gun to Roelyn’s stomach. A very interesting look came across

Kelly face.

Roselyn’s hands turned into fists at her sides. She was getting

extremely turned-on by her surroundings and situation. “Take your

clothes off, Kelly.”, she pleaded. “Say it like you mean it, bitch!”,

Sahsa shouted while smaking Roselyn’s right asscheek. “Take your fucking

clothes off now, Kelly!”, she managed to shout at her. “Do it.”, Sahsa

stated while pointing her fingers at her.

“What the fuck has gotten into you, Bey. Okay I will. Just give me a

minute.” “You have twenty seconds.”, Sasha told her.

Kelly quickly removed all her clothing and also stood naked and nervous

like Roselyn while Sasha stood there fully-clothed. “Go stand next to

Roselyn”, she ordered. Kelly slwoly walked up beside her naked partner.

Kelly was covering herself up. “Arms by your sides.” Kelly dropped her

arms letting her nakedness show. “Now this is a Polaroid moment right

here.”, Sasha laughed.

“Kiss Kelly, Roselyn.” She turned her head to face Kelly. Kelly looked

into her eyes and became entrnced by Roselyn’s beauty. Slowly she

brought her face toward hers. Kelly parted her lips as Roselyn did the

same. Their lips touched together in a very light manner. Roselyn, being

the more aggressive-type, opened her mouth and slid her tongue into

Kelly’s mouth. Kelly responded, sliding her tongue over Roselyn’s. They

turned their naked bodies to completely face one another. They were now

in the deep throws of a French kiss. Their naked breasts touched as

Kelly ran her fingers through Roselyn’s long hair. Roselyn brought her

hands down util they found Kelly’s sweet rump. She lightly squeezed her

tight ass, running her fingers down the cheeks to the base of her

buttocks. Roselyn brought her fingernails back up, lightly scatching at

Kelly’s ass. Kelly moaned inside of Roselyn’s mouth.

Sasha now completely discarded of all clothing, walked up behind

Roselyn. She kissed the middle of her naked back. Slowly squatting down,

she ran her tongue down her spine. Roselyn moaned loudly into Kelly’s

mouth. Sasha was face to face with Roselyn’s beautiful ass. She stuck

her tongue out and licked her right buttcheek. She ran her tongue up the

crack of her ass and moved over to the left buttock.

Roselyn slowly brought her hand around to Kelly’s pubic area. She

caressed her pubic hair. Feeling the little hairs between her fingers.

Kelly made a yummy sound. Roselyn’s two fingers found Kelly’s pussylips

and lightly rubbed them. Kelly was getting very wet with her own sexual

liquid. Roselyn brought her hand up to fondle Kelly’s clitoris. Kelly

brought her hands down around Roselyn breasts. Lightly pinching and

pulling at her erect nipples. “Mmmmmmmmm”, Roselyn said inside of

Kelly’s mouth.

Sasha pried Roselyn’s buttcheeks apart and darted her tongue into her

asshole. Roselyn jumped forward into Kelly’s naked body at the

intrusion. Sasha tongue-fucked her butthole faster and faster while

playing with her own pussy. Sweat began appearing all over the three

women’s bodies.

Roselyn’s knees were getting very weak. She slid two fingers inside of

Kelly’s soaking-wet hotbox. “Ohhhhhhhhh.”, she sighed loudly. Kelly’s

knees began to buckle. She squeezed at Roselyn’s breasts harder.

Sasha took her right hand and found Roselyn’s clitoris. She began

rubbing it faster and faster. Roselyn shuttered at the touch as she

spread her legs apart willingly. Kelly broke the long kiss and put her

head on Roselyn’s left shoulder. Her breathing was becoming more rapid

with each shove Roselyn made inside of her. Roselyn brought her head

down on Kelly’s left shoulder and panted loudly. They were breathing

heavily at the same time.

“Ohhhhhh yeah! Oooooohhhh yeah!”, they shouted together. Their bodies

convulsed together as they came fast and hard. Both of them finally fell

to the floor. Sweaty and satisfied they looked up at Sasha with

squinting eyes.

Sasha peered down at the two naked women. “Catch you breath quickly,

ladies. We’re just getting started.”

Suddenly there was a loud noise that came from the back room. Sasha

quickly spun her head around.


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