Beyonce Vs Sasha – Chapter 3: The Table

This story is complete fiction. Leave if you are under the age of 18.

BEYONCE VS. SASHA Chapter 3: The Table”

by rawballz


Beyonce Knowles

Eva Longoria

Kelly Rowland

Roselyn Sanchez

Sasha spun around and quickly began walking towards the counter in the

back of the store. She made her way around the counter and flung open

the curtain that led into the hallway.

Her eyes focused on a woman coming out of the bathroom. She had black

hair & was beautiful from head to toe. An evil smirk ran across Sasha’s

face. She grabbed the heaviest dildo
she could find & snuck up behind

the unexpectant woman.

As soon as Eva turned around all she saw was a naked Beyonce knocking

her upside the head and then she slipped into


Eva crashed to the floor. Sasha got behind her & grabbed her by the

arms. She dragged the slumping body of Eva into the back room of the

store. “Now we’re gonna have some fuckin’ fun.”, Sasha said gleefully.

Sasha made it to the back door & propped Eva up against the back wall

beside the door. She grabbed the doorknob & shook it. It was locked.

“Dammit!” She searched the top of the doorframe for a spare key but came

up empty. “Fuck it.” Sasha turned around with her back facing the door.

She grabbed each side of the doorframe with both hands. She threw her

ass back and it smashed on the wooden door. She did in again and heard a

loud crack. A third time and the door flung open. “Never underestimate

the power of my ass.”, she laughed to herself.

Sasha stood in amazement as she entered the back room. It was a large

warehouse filled with boxes of sex toys and anything else you can

imagine. “Now this is the place to have a good party.” She spotted a

table with chains and cuffs on each corner of it. “There it is.”

Sasha went back outside the door and grabbed the still-knocked out Eva.

She dragged her to the table and picked her up in her arms. She placed

the sleeping Eva onto the old wooden table. She admired how beautiful

she was. Watching her silent motionless face & body lying there. Sasha

stroked her hair in the most gentle of ways. She leaned forward planted

a kiss upon her forehead. “You are mine, my sweet.”

“Now time to get down to business.” Sasha moved down to the foot of the

table. She untied Eva’s black shoes and slipped them off her feet. She

grabbed the underside of her pink socks and in one motion stripped them

off her. She was loving every second of stripping off the clothes of the

sleeping woman. She reached up and unbuttoned Eva’s pants. She slowly

brought her zipper down. Enjoying the sound as each tooth fell apart

from one another. After reaching the bottom, Sasha grabbed the top of

her britches and pulled them slowly down her bare legs. She got them

down off around her feet & tossed them across the warehouse floor.

“Mmmmmmmmm”, Sasha moaned while slowly eyeballing her way up the soft

and tight legs of the sleeping woman.

She walked back up to the side of the table while gliding her fingertips

up Eva’s nude legs. Sasha began unbuttoning her blouse. Button by button

fell apart as Sasha made her way down to the last one. She pulled the

blouse apart and exposed Eva’s white lace bra. Slowly she pulled Eva’s

motionless arms out of the sleeves and tossed her blouse aside. Clad

only in her underwear now, Sasha became overwhelmed. She quickly

unsnapped her bra in the front and the cups fell down to each side. Her

breasts were amazing. Sasha pulled the straps off her shoulders while

starring at her chest the whole time.

Roselyn and Kelly walked through the warehouse door and saw Sasha

standing over Eva at the table. Kelly quickly ran up to her friend.

“Bey, uh Sasha, what are you doin’?” “We have a new participant.”, Sasha

quickly responded. Sasha walked back to the foot of the table and

grabbed the top of the elastic of Eva’s pink panties. “We’re gonna have

some fun with her.”, Sasha announced as she pulled Eva’s panties down to

her feet. “My God, she’s gorgeous!”, Kelly spoke aloud. Sasha slipped

her panties off her feet & dropped them to the floor.

Roselyn, with still-weak legs, made her way to the table. “I never

thought I’d see her like this.”, she said with a hungry look on her

face. “You never got her in the sack?”, Sasha asked. “No, I told you I’m

not a lesbian.” “What did you call what happened at the front of the

store then?”, Sasha asked. “That was an experiment.” “Then what do you

call this?” “Well let’s just say that the experiment isn’t over just

yet.”, Roselyn flashed a greedy smile. “That’s my girl.”, Sasha smiled

back at her. “Help me strap her in.”

Sasha placed the cuffs around the sleeping Eva’s ankles. Roselyn

strapped the cuff around her right wrist while Kelly did the same to her

left wrist. Roselyn bent over a placed a kiss onto Eva’s tight tummy.

Eva began to come out of her daze and slowly opened her eyes. She first

saw the giant warehouse light above her. She knew she was on her back

and didn’t feel any clothing upon her. She widened her eyes and lifted

her head up. She saw Beyonce standing at the foot of the table between

her spread legs. She saw this look in her eyes that she would never be

able to explain. She looked quickly to her left and saw Kelly looking

down at her. She turned her head to the right and saw Roselyn licking

her lips. “What the hell is going on?”, Eva asked nervously. “You’re

Beyonce, Beyonce Knowles from that girl group!” “That’s Sasha.”, Kelly

quickly corrected her. “You are ours.”, Roselyn spoke softly.

Sasha left the table and walked into the other room. She returned

holding a cup of warm water, a can of shaving cream & a shaving razor.

“What are you doing with that?”, Eva asked. Sasha made her way to the

Eva’s left side and did not speak a word to her. “Whatever you’re

thinking of doing, please don’t.”, Eva pleaded. Sasha poured the warm

water over her pubic region. Eva jumped at the sudden splash of water on

the private area. She jerked at her restraints. Eva could feel the warm

water pouring down her asscrack and buttcheeks as it cascaded her

regions. Sasha & Roselyn fondled with her pubic hair to make sure the

water touched every square inch. They parted every dark hair on her

pussy. Eva closed her eyes in disbelief.

Sasha sprayed some shaving cream into Roselyn’s palm. Slowly she touched

the cream pile to Eva’s wet pussy. She rubbed her hand all over her

pubic hair. Not missing one area. “God, please don’t shave me.”, Eva

pleaded. Sasha grabbed the inside of her legs and pulled them further

apart. Roselyn grabbed her right leg and pulled it apart. Sasha brought

the razor down to the creamy pile and touched the head of the razor to

her pubic area. With one swipe a long patch of hair disappeared.

“Fuck.”, Eva spoke quietly.

Kelly’s hands found their way over Eva’s chest. She cupped her breasts

with both hands and ran her fingers across her nude body. Kelly flicked

and rubbed at her nipples. They instantly became erect. Eva stared up at

her. Kelly circled her index fingers around Eva’s hardened nipples.

Making faster motions by the second. She then brought her fingers up to

her mouth and sucked on them. She placed her wet fingers back onto her

awaiting nipples and began circleing them again. Eva bit her bottom lip.

With the last stroke swiped and the last pubic hair gone, Roselyn wiped

Eva’s newly-shaved pussy clean. Sasha found a tube of Astro-Glide and

squirted it onto Eva’s pussy. The cold feel of the gel sent shivers up

her spine. Sasha & Roselyn each began smearing it all over her pussy.

“Fuck.”, she whispered again. The twenty fingers massaged and glided

over every inch of her private. Eva closed her eyes and decided to enjoy

it. She couldn’t do anything else, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Kelly took the tube of the lubricant and squirted a trail from her belly

button up to her chest. She squirted some on the tops of her erect

nipples and placed the tube on the table. Kelly spread her hands and

moved them all over Eva’s nude body. Her hands slipped easily from her

tummy to her breasts. Caressing and grabbing at her chest, Eva was

extremely turned-on.

Roselyn began lovingly rubbing at Eva’s swollen clit. She let out a loud

moan of pure ecstacy. Sasha spread her pussylips apart and easily

entered two fingers inside her awaiting pussy. Eva clenched her teeth

together at the intrusion. Sasha reached inside her as far as she could

and wiggled her fingers around. Eva almost jumped completely off the

table. If not for her restraints she would be on the floor by now.

Roselyn fondled feverishly at her clit. Sasha began finger-fucking her

pussy faster and faster. “Oh Goooooodddddd!” Eva arched her back up off

the table. Kelly pulled hard at her nipples before they slipped from her


Sasha slid her fingers out of Eva’s honeypot and pointed behind Roselyn.

Roselyn turned around and saw what she was pointing at. She grabbed it

and turned around with a 10″ long and 3″ wide black dildo. Eva looked

down at the them & stared at the dildo in disbelief. Sasha spread some

lube on the monster and placed it into position. Roselyn spread her

pussylips apart as Sasha placed the dildo at her entrance.

“God help me.”, Eva whispered right before seven inches was shoved into

her. The top of her head fell hard onto the table. Sasha pulled the

dildo back until just an inch was still in her, then she shoved it back

in until 9″ was buried into her. “Goddammit!” Roselyn began rubbing at

her clitoris again. Sasha picked up the pace and began fucking the

daylights out of her at warp speed. Each shove opened Eva up wider and

wider. “God, yes!” She arched her back off the table again, feeling the

tide rushing within her. “Oh my God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” With an

unexplainable sound, Eva went through the most intense orgasm of her

life. Her entire body trembled and shook. Her toes curled under her

feet. Her release was magnificant. She kept her back arched off the

table for another 30 seconds while just panting the whole time. Finally

her ass slammed back down on the wet & slippery table.

The three standing women unshackled Eva from the table. She still just

laid there in a half-coma. Roselyn rolled her on her side and spanked

her right buttcheek hard. “Let someone else have some fun!” Eva slid off

the table and stood on her weak legs. She had to hold onto Kelly’s

shoulder before she could summon up the strength to stand herself.

Sasha quickly threw herself on the table. She was wearing a strap-on.

“Come on, Roselyn.” Roselyn smiled and climbed onto the table. She

staddled Sasha with her back facing her. She put her hands back behind

her onto the table to support herself. Kelly lubed up the strap-on and

patted some on Roselyn’s privates. Roselyn lowered herself toching the

head of the dildo with her pussylips. “No! Not there!”, Sasha screamed

and pointed the dildo at her butthole. Roselyn left foot slipped on the

table and the dildo was buried into her rectum. She screeched at the

sudden impact into her anus. She got her balance back as Sasha began

pushing and pulling the dildo in & out her asshole. Roselyn wore a

puzzled look on her face but that soon turned into a fulfilled look.

Sasha grabbed her plantiful asscheecks and spread them apart while

shoving the dildo inside her.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh…..mmmmmmmm”, Roselyn moaned with immense pleasure.

“Esto se siente tan bueno.”, Roselyn whispered as she got into the

motion of things. She lifted her ass up and slammed it back down onto

the eight inch dildo. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

Kelly put on another strap-on and climbed onto the table inbetween

Roselyn’s legs. Kelly stared at the writhing Roselyn while she spread

some lube onto her dildo. “You want me to fuck you?”, Kelly asked her

playfully. “La marca que el cono ruega la misericordia.”, Roselyn

replied. Kelly made her way up to her waiting pussy. She slid the dildo

up and down her pussylips and then slowly entered her. “Oooooohhhhh,

joda mi hoyo jugoso”. Kelly began plowing into her wet pussy. Roselyn’s

body rocked back and forth between the pummeling the two women were

giving her. Kelly was ramming into her for everything it was worth.

Sasha picked up the pace inside Roselyn’s anus.

Eva, standing at the head of the table, grabbed a handfull of Roselyn’s

beautiful long hair and pulled her head back. She leaned forward and

stuck her tongue down Roselyn’s throat. Roselyn returned the favor and

was interlocked with Eva’s mouth. With her head brought further back

than it had ever been, she couldn’t move the rest of her body. Her body

continued shaking from the fucking her holes were recieving. Kelly

grabbed Roselyn’s bouncing breasts and tugged at her nipples.

Roselyn moaned ever so loudly into Eva’s mouth. As her legs trambled

agin, she came fast and hard. She collapsed onto Sasha’s body. “Oh my

fucking God.”, Roselyn whimpered as Sasha wrapped her arms around her &

planted a kiss upon her cheek.

Roselyn scooted off the table. She unstrapped Sasha’s dildo and took it

off her. Kelly got off the table and walked over to some boxes across

the floor. She came back with a lasergun-looking device. Roselyn

squirted some lube onto Sasha’s pussy. Kelly turned the device on. The

end of the device began turning in a fast motion. The harder she

squeezed the trigger the faster the end of the device spun. It had tiny

plastic spikes on the swirling end of it. Roselyn smeared the lude all

over and into Sasha’s impatient pussy. She grabbed the right side of her

pussylips as Eva grabbed the other side. They both pulled until her cunt

was wide open.

Kelly shoved the six inch end of the device into her friend’s pussy. She

squeezed the trigger and the ends spun around inside of her. Roselyn &

Eva had to hold Sasha down before she bucked off the table completely.

The swarming of the device inside and the stroking of each dull spike

spinning around inside of her was too much for her to handle already.

Kelly steadily began fucking Sasha with the device. Roselyn leaned

forward and slid her tongue all over Sasha’s clit. Pressing hard with

her tongue, Sasha screamed with pleasure. Eva stuck three fingers into

Sasha’a open mouth. She began sucking on them like a baby.

Kelly pushed the spinning device as far as it would go. Sasha grabbed

the hair of Roselyn & Eva as she was about to go insane from the feeling

inside of her. The constant rythym & spinning inside of her walls, she

could take no more. With a strong grasp of the two women’s hair, who

were both now sucking on her breasts, Sasha screamed a scream that shook

the walls of the entire establishment.

Panting & gasping for breath, Kelly removed the device from her friend &

licked off the end of it.

Sasha remained immobile for a few minutes. Her body suddenly shook and

she opened her eyes again. Beyonce suddenly had a frightful look on her

face. “What the heck is going on?” She quickly got off the table and

stormed out of the room. She found her clothes up at the front of the

store. She got dressed faster than she ever has. She pushed at the front

door but discovered that it was locked. She turned back around and ran

back to the warehouse.

“Where are you going, Sasha?”, Kelly asked Bey as she ran by her. “I’m

not Sasha!’, Bey yelled back at her as she ran out the back door.

With tears in her eyes, she ran all the way back home. Sasha had gone

too far this time. Beyonce had to confront her inner-sexual



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