Beyonce Vs Sasha – Chapter 4: The Final Climax

This story is complete fiction. If you are under the age of 18, get the

fuck out of here.

BEYONCE VS. SASHA – Chapter 4: The Final Climax

by rawballz


Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce ran up her driveway through the raindrops that were crashing

down upon & all around her. She fumbled for her keys when she approached

the front door.

She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. Most everything was

blank & even the moments where she thought she remembered something, it

was very fuzzy.

She kept thinking of the three other women standing there
naked &

staring back at her. The violation she felt & the extreme dirtiness she

could feel all over her body. Her best friend Kelly, my God, Kelly! She

was acting in such a fashion with Kelly. Beyonce felt sick at the


She finally unlocked the door & walked into the house. Her hands were

violently shaking as she closed & locked the door back.

It was unusually colder in the house than normal. Beyonce rushed over to

the thermostat. It read 72 degrees. “That can’t be right.”, she said

aloud to herself. She brushed the wet hair from her eyes and pushed for

the heat to come on. Nothing happened. If anything it felt like the

temperature was dropping even more. She turned the heat all the way up

and still nothing. “Darn it.”

Beyonce stepped back and rubbed her hands on her arms trying to keep

warm. She immediately turned around and headed up the stairs. As she

walked down her hallway, she began removing her clothes. She dropped the

clothing down wherever she was at that moment.

She got into her bathroom & closed the door. She quickly walked up to

the shower & turned the hot water knob on. Extreme heated water came

flowing out. Beyonce adjusted the coolness to where it was just right.

She slowly stepped into the shower.

Feeling the warmth of the water drops on her naked form made her relax a

little. Flashes of what happened to her today kept running through her

mind. She felt guilty, she felt ashamed. She did the one thing that made

her feel better in troubled times like this.

Beyonce bowed her head & closed her eyes. “Dear Lord, please give me the

strength & power to get beyond this. Please forgive me for the

wickedness that I’ve been involved in. Give me the desire, dear Lord,


Suddenly the glass door to the shower began violently shaking on it’s

own. Bey jumped back to the far end wall of the shower room. The glass

door shook faster than the eye could see. Rattling around inside it’s

hinges. “Dear God, help me.”, she whispered to herself. The door blew

out the glass away from the shower, the broken glass came crashing into

the far wall & into the bathroom mirror.

Bey felt a cold breeze coming from the opening. Clouds of fog came

rolling into the shower. She couldn’t see anything. Everything turned

white. She squinted her eyes to try and see anything moving. The clouds

of fog suddenly vanished into thin air. Confused, Bey slowly walked

towards the opening. She quickly poked her head out of the shower & saw

that the bathroom door was slightly open.

Suddenly, Beyonce felt an invisible grip on her shoulders & the force

slammed her into the shower room wall opposite the shower head. She

struggled but the force would not let her budge. The shower head

adjusted by itself, poiting directly at her head. The water turned into

honey. It was shooting out at her just as hard as the water was. The

sweet honey smell filled the bathroom. The ooze dripped down her face &

into her mouth which was forced open.

The honey dripped down from her neck down all over her naked breasts.

She felt it slithering down her tight stomach, down inbetween her legs.

It oozed down her legs to her feet. She felt the stickiness inbetween

her toes.

The force holding her, quickly spun her around & held her with her face

to the tiled wall. The honey coated her back & smeared all down over her

wet ass. The honey crawled down the back of her legs. She was paralyzed

in fear.

The shower head shut itself off. Bey felt the grip vanish around her.

She pushed herself slowly off the wall of the shower and looked around.

She stepped out of the shower, carefully avoiding the broken glass all

over the carpeted floor. She looked up into the mirror and saw herself.

Covered in honey, she moved her sticky hair out from her face. “This is

ironic.”, she thought to herself & began laughing to herself. She was

feeling very strange & almost insane about what just happened.

Everything was so absurd. She didn’t exactly know why she was laughing

at this & not on the phone talking to the cops right now. “What would I

tell the cops? That I was attacked by a honey-spurting shower?”, she

thought. She laughed harder. She bent over laughing so hard, she grabbed

her stomach. She stood back up straight & looked into the mirror again.

Her reflection wasn’t laughing along with her. She saw herself staring

back at her with an evil look in her eyes. Beyonce felt a shiver

climbing up her spine. She immediately stopped laughing & couldn’t look

away from herself.

“I WANT OUT NOW!!!!!”, her reflection screamed. The mirror exploaded on

the wall. Beyonce immediately flung the door open & ran into her


She tripped over herself and fell to the bedroom floor. She turned

herself around and looked back at the bathroom doorway. The dust settled

and it went quiet. Deafening quiet.

She suddenly heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the bathroom.

She could hear the crunching of broken shards of glass. Beyonce’s blood

ran cold when she saw what appeared in the doorway.

Sasha stood in the doorway. Naked and honey-coated. With her hands on

her hips she stared down at the frightened Beyonce. “It’s about time we

met face to face.” “Who….who are you?”, Bey could barely get out of

her mouth.

“You fucking idiot! You know who I am!”, Sasha screamed back at her.

“You even joke about me to the press & in interviews.” “But…but,

you’re not r…real. You’re just a…..” “What, just one of your

personalities? I’ve worked my fucking ass off making you into a star! A

fucking diva! Those people cheering for me when I’m onstage. That is me,

don’t fucking forget that. All of your video shoots, do you remember a

lot of the shooting itself. No you don’t, because that was me. I am more

than just a part of you. All you have done is absolutely nothing for

your career. It’s me they want! Not you & your God-fearing ways. You’re

fucking pathetic. Turning down a terrific photo-shoot like that. Going

out with that bum, Gay-Z! You are a sad case indeed. Did you know people

even have a group called ‘The Beyonce Bunch’ on the web? Dedicated to

you, when it’s really me they’re praising. Visit sometime,

you’ll see what I mean. All that praise for you, when I’m the one who

makes you you’re money & the one who men & some women lust after. It’s

me they want, not you!”

Sasha lunged at Bey. Bey quickly rolled out of the way, stood up & ran

out the bedroom door. Sahsa quickly got to her feet & sprung after her.

Bey got to the top of the stairs when Sasha grabbed her from behind. The

force sent both women down the stairs. They came crashing to the bottom,

where Beyonce laid there dazed. Sasha quickly got back up as if the

impact didn’t faze her at all.

Sasha grabbed Bey by her sticky hair & dragged her naked butt into the

kitchen. Sasha picked Bey up like a rag doll & sat her up on the counter

top. Bey immediately fell back but Sasha caught her head before it came

crashing onto the marble counter top. “Easy there. I don’t want you dead

just yet.”, Sasha smiled.

Beyonce still half-dazed, felt Sasha tying some nylon rope around her

wrists & pinning them together behind her back. She wanted to struggle

but any strength she had wasn’t enough to fight against her foe. Bey

felt her legs being spread apart & rope tied around her ankles. Her ass

was just on the edge of the counter.

Sasha stood between Bey’s wide-open legs & smiled down at her. She

brought her head down slowly to Bey’s open pussy. She flicked her tongue

across her pussylips. “Mmmmmmmm, very sweet indeed.”

Beyonce came to & saw her surroundings. “What the hell are you doing?”,

she yelled at Sasha. “I’m going to show you how good a good fuck can be.

I am going to throw you into the bowels of pure lustfull pleasure.

Against your will, of course.” “No please, I’ll do anything you want me

to do if you let me go.”, Bey pleaded. “Bitch, this is what I want you

to do.”

Sasha reached over and grabbed a ten inch cucumber. She stuck one end

into her mouth & spread her saliva all over it. She brought the cucumber

down between Bey’s legs. “Please don’t do this.”, Bey made one final

plea. Sasha spread her pussylips apart & pushed the cucumber inside of

her. Bey’s body tensed up & her legs kicked but moved very little.

“Now doesn’t that feel nice?” Sasha stuffed the entire cucumber inside

of her. “God, please tke it out!” Sasha retracted the object & then

shoved it back in. “Oh crap!” Sasha bend over & licked hard at Bey’s

clitoris. She began shoving the cucumber in & out of her with a

quickness. “See how it just glides right in and out of there? Look!”

Sasha took her free hand & lifted Bey’s head up so she could see herself

getting fucked. “No!”

Sasha twisted the cucumber around inside of her with each thrust. She

picked the pace up with a vengence. The cucumber slammed in & out of

her, making slapping noises that could be heared throughout the entire

house. “Oh God, noooooo……” Bey could now feel her body accepting the

pleasure her pussy was recieving. Her body was betraying her, she didn’t

want this to happen.

Sasha pulled the cucumber out of her & brought it up to Bey’s face.

“Stick it in your mouth, bitch!” Bey kept her mouth tightly shut. Sasha

dropped Bey’s head back down & placed her hand on her cheeks. She pushed

against the sides of her mouth until Bey caved in & her mouth opened

wide. Sasha shoved the veggie into her mouth & Bey could taste the sweet

pussy juice that engulfed her tastebuds.

Sasha face-fucked her with the cucumber. Slamming it in & out of her

mouth. Sasha removed the object & threw it into the trash can.

She walked back around & opened one of the kitchen drawers. She came

back inbetween Bey’s legs and showed her the eggbeater. “No

p…please.”, Bey pleaded again. Sasha spread her pussylips apart again

& slowly inserted the eggbeater. Bey felt herself being stretched as the

ehnd of the eggbeater pried it’s way inside of her. “Mmmmrmrmpphphp”

Sasha got beyond the head of the eggbeater & quickly began to fuck her

hard with it. Bey couldn’t even begin to explain how the strange object

felt inside of her.

Sasha twisted the eggbeater around inside Bey’s pussyhole. She felt her

insides being beaten themselves. Her entire body almost lunged off the

countertop as she felt a wave a powerful pleasure course through her

honey-soaked body.

Sasha put both hands around the handle of the eggbeater & spun it around

like when you try and start a fire with two sticks. This sent Bey into

convulsions. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her toes curled & her

hands became fists.

“Come on! Come on!”, Sasha said cheering her on. She spun the eggbeater


Bey’s entire body felt like concrete. The tightness & strength of the

orgasm she was about to have allowed her to rip the rope that was tied

around her wrists. She quickly sat up and began rubbing at her own clit.

“Fuck…..fuck….oh shit!”

“That’s it, baby! Come for Sasha!”

BEy sat straight up as her release was magical & more powerful than she

had ever felt. The first Christmas morning she could remember didn’t

feel as good as this.

The pure lustful power of her orgasm shot though her legs. Her feet

raised up, shredding the nylon rope that was tied around them.

She leaned back with her hands propped up on the counter.


Beyonce came all over Sasha’s hand & wrist. Sasha quickly pulled the

eggbeater out of her.

Bey’s face squinted a couple of times at releasing the few remaining

drops of pleasure. She laid back down on the countertop.

Sasha walked up beside Bey’s tired body. She bent over a planted a

tender kiss upon Bey’s lips. Bey could barely respond.

“I will always be with you, my love. Remember our moment here and accept

me into your life so we will always be as one. Don’t repress me anymore

& accept the more lustful side of your inner-self. I will always love

you & be inside of you when you need me but accept your wild side.

Everyone has them but I am yours. Until next time, my sweet, dream of me

& get to know youself better. I love you.”

Beyonce suddenly sat up in her bed. That was the strangest dream she

ever had. She put her hands on her face & rubbed her eyes. “That was so

real-feeling.”, she said to herself.

She laid back down on the bed and looked over at her nightstand. She

qickly shot back up & grabbed the eggbeater that was sitting on the

nightstand. There was a note taped to the object.

Bey ripped it off & opened it.

“Whenever you’re feeling stressed-out or frustrated, use this and I will

be there with you.



A smile came over Bey’s face. She slipped the eggbeater down under the

covers & felt at peace.


I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading. Now go smoke a cigarette.

I’m out!

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