Beyonce’ and the Best Boy

This story has sex in it. Don’t read this if you are under 18 or are prohibited by law. Don’t post it anywhere without my pseudonym and this disclaimer.

Jeff enjoyed working in Hollywood. Although he was fairly young, 25, he had developed a reputation as someone that gets things done. He did carpentry and electrical work and whatever else needed to be done and he loved everything about his job except the title; “Best Boy”.

Jeff landed a job on a movie being made for MTV, a Hip Hop remake of Carmen starring Beyonce’ Knowles from Destiny’s Child in the title role. Although Jeff was white he thought Beyonce’ was an amazingly beautiful woman. He’d never liked the extra-skinny girls and she had curves in all the places women are supposed to. With some luck he might get to talk to her, anything else would fall under the category of a pipe dream. Jeff was perfectly ordinary; 5’10” and 170 pounds with brown hair and not especially handsome, not at all the kind of guy that super hot R&B singers go for.

The shoot was scheduled to last 21 days and it was moving along quite well. There were only a couple of days left and he hadn’t gotten to speak to Beyonce’ at all. Today they were shooting a scene in which she was to sing to her co-star while handcuffed, her character had been arrested and she was trying to talk him out of taking her in. Jeff’s job for this scene was to put the handcuffs on Beyonce’ before shooting then take them off afterwards.

He got the cuffs from the tool shed and brought them to the set. Beyonce’ was already there wearing the killer red dress that was her wardrobe for this scene. The rest of the cast and crew were there as well. He went to the director to make sure it was time for him to handcuff her. It was, so Jeff approached Beyonce’ with the cuffs. She was talking to her assistant, a mousy little girl named Micki, but turned her attention to Jeff when he arrived.

“Hello, Ms. Knowles, my name is Jeff. I’m supposed to put these handcuffs on you for this scene.” Jeff knew better than to address stars by their first names without knowing them.

She smiled at him; “OK, Jeff. I’ve never been handcuffed before. Is there anything I should know?”

Jeff returned her smile; “Not really. I won’t make them as tight as they would be on a real criminal. Just put your hands behind your back and hold still.”

She complied and he put the cuffs on her. “You have the right to remain silent.”; he joked after making sure they were secure. Beyonce’ chuckled at that. “I’ll be right over there with the key when the scene is over.”, he said and pointed to the spot where he would get to observe the filming.

She thanked him and smiled at him again as he went off set. She went back to talking to Micki until the director cleared the set.

The scene went fairly smoothly. They did five takes and Jeff watched very intently. The dress she was wearing really showed off her curves and it was impossible not to watch her as she sang and danced around the police car. She probably looks better in that dress than she does naked, Jeff thought to himself.

After the last take the director motioned for Jeff to uncuff Beyonce’. He approached her with a wide smile. “That was wonderful, Ms. Knowles. I know this is going to be a big hit.”

She smiled appreciatively. “Thanks, Jeff. Please call me Beyonce’, though. I hate being called Ms. Knowles, especially by people older than I am.”

“All right, Beyonce’ “, Jeff replied, “Turn around so I can get those cuffs off.”

She did, but just as he got the key into the locking mechanism Micki came up and started talking. Beyonce’ turned face her and there was a metallic snick sound. Jeff ran around to get behind her again only to see what he had feared.

“I’m sorry, Beyonce’, but the key broke off in the lock.”

She got a worried look on her face, but Jeff did his best to calm her. “I can cut them off, no problem. I’ll have to get some tools from the shed.”, and he pointed towards the small aluminum building that housed the hardware.

“Let me come down there with you. I don’t want to stand around out here all cuffed up. Micki, go tell the director what happened and where I’ll be.”

It was a short walk to the shed but it seemed to take forever as Jeff’s mind was filled with the possibilities arising from being alone in the shed with a handcuffed Beyonce’. He wondered if she had considered that before deciding to go down there with him but dismissed the thought. Surely she would have either waited on the set or found someone to come with them if she had thought about that kind of thing.

He found out how wrong he was once they arrived inside the shed. “Does the door have a lock?”, she asked as he began searching for the snips.

“Only on the outside. It’s there to keep people from breaking in and stealing the tools.”

She seemed oddly disappointed by the answer. “So someone could come in here while we’re here?”

“Possible, but not likely. All the carpenters have gone home for the day and none of the technical crew have a reason to come down here. Why do you ask?”

Beyonce’ smiled broadly. “A lot of men might try to take advantage of a situation like this. With all the people and commotion up on the set there’s a pretty good chance no one would hear anything.”

He turned and walked over to her. “I would never do anything like that. You’re right that there are some men who would take advantage of you but not me. ” The earnestness with which Jeff had spoken surprised even him.

“You mean I went to all the trouble to break off that key for nothing?”, Beyonce’ said and before he realized what she meant she leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.

Jeff was shocked by this turn of events but he recovered quickly. He returned her kiss and moved his hands down her hips and backside while their tongues danced in their embrace. He loved the feel of her breasts rubbing against his chest even through her dress and his shirt and he knew she could feel how excited he was as she swayed her hips slightly.

After the kiss Beyonce’ quickly turned her back to Jeff. “Unzip me.” He didn’t need to be told twice. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, it wasn’t possible in that dress, so he wasn’t surprised to see nothing but ebony skin behind the zipper. He was slightly startled that she wasn’t wearing any panties but he was glad to see her shapely rear uncovered. He’d always liked women with curved bottoms.

While Jeff was working Beyonce’s dress off she was using her still handcuffed hands on his fly. She fumbled with it, apparently never having undone one from this angle before, but she got it before he was finished peeling the dress from her body. He kicked off his shoes and shucked his pants and underwear as fast as he could. He pulled his shirt off over his head and when he could see again she had gotten rid of her shoes and somehow removed the thigh-high stockings she’d been wearing.

When Beyonce’ turned around Jeff realized he’d been wrong about something else. She looked much better naked than she did in the dress that lay crumpled on the floor. She had the most amazingly large, round breasts he’d ever seen and had a figure that would shame an hourglass. With her hands cuffed there was nothing hiding her well sculpted physique. He started towards her, but she got a disapproving look on her face and glanced at his wallet, which had come out of his pants in the shuffle. He knew that look. He retrieved one of the condoms he had within the billfold and quickly put it on.

This time when Jeff approached her, Beyonce’ smiled in anticipation. He grabbed her shoulders and moved her against an empty wall in the shed. They kissed again and this time his hands explored her entire body; perfect breasts, well toned rear, hips that curved in a way Euclid never would have imagined. The feel of her rock hard nipples against his chest was almost more than he could bear and he moved himself between her legs. Her eyes widened as he penetrated her and she began to breathe more heavily. She was able to match his rhythm in just a few thrusts and they worked together in beautiful harmony.

Jeff was trying to make it last as long as he could but he knew it wouldn’t take long for him to reach climax. Beyonce’ appeared to be near orgasm as well so he tried to keep going until she was ready. In the end they both reached the point of bliss simultaneously. She had been right, no one on the set heard the ecstatic moaning coming from the shed.

Jeff and Beyonce’ both knew they couldn’t stay in the shed for long. Someone would come looking for her soon. He found the snips and cut the cuffs off of her slender wrists.

After they redressed, she kissed him again. “I want you to know that I don’t do this with every guy I meet. I noticed you at the beginning of the shoot and thought you were cute, but it was the way you acted around me, so professional even though you were obviously attracted, that made me want to do this with you.” She found a scrap of paper and a pencil and began writing. “This is my private cell phone number and my private email address. I know I can trust you to keep them to yourself. If you’re not busy tonight, I also put my room number there. I’m at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. I’d like to find out more about you.”

Jeff took the paper and put it in his pocket. He returned her kiss. “I think I will come by tonight.”

They were both smiling happily as they left the shed. It would be a while before he could see her. There were more scenes to shoot tonight.

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