Beyonce’s After Party

This is my first story about Beyonce Knowles and I hope you like it.Oh by the way, this story is a fake so don’t get mad all right HOLLA!

At the night of july 12, Corey had big surprise party at the hotel everyone is having a good time including himself but it was even more fun because Beyonce was at the party, she sang happy birthday to Corey, beyonce smiled at him and Corey smiled back at her, after the performce was over beyonce walked up to Corey and said

Beyonce: Happy Birthday Corey.

Corey:Thank you girl, you did a great job out here.

Beyonce: Thank you that means alot to me.

had that horny look in her eyes but Corey can tell that she was a very nice person. Corey and Beyonce had a long confession about other artists, she album, Destiny’s Child, and even sex.

Corey:Beyonce, may I ask you a question ?

Beyonce: Sure anything honey.

Corey:Is it true that you are go out with Jay-Z ?

Beyonce:No, that just the rumors, where did you got that from anyway ?

Corey:From the internet, I want to Destiny’s Child present and they got a lot of about you including Kelly and Michelle.

Beyonce:They do.

Corey:Yeah buddy.

Beyonce:Ok it’s your turn to ask you a question.

Now it was Beyonce’s turn ask Corey a question

Beyonce:Do you never masurbat when I wearing a short skirt ?

Corey:Ok now that is a hard one right there man, mmmm, yes.

Beyonce:Ok that was honest don’t worry I am not gonna sue you or anything.

Beyonce:Another question I got to ask you, Which girl would you go out with me or ashanti ?

Corey:I would chose both of y’all because the both of y’all are fine on a mug you heard.

Beyonce:Hahaha, you are crazy how about another one.

Corey:All right.

Just right before beyonce could ask the question her solange had walked up to beyonce and said

Solange:It’s time to go back to the hotel suite bee.

Beyonce got up from her and huged Corey bye, while she was huging him she talked to him into his left ear and said

Beyonce:The reason why I came to your birthday party just because I want to have sex with you.

Corey was shocked and smiling at the same time and than he said

Corey:Where is your hotel suite so I can hit that booty.

Beyonce laughed and gave the direction to the suite.

Beyonce:Meet me at the door of the suite at 12:00(am) be here at 11;57(pm) don’t be late birthday boy.

Later on, Corey was on his way to beyonce’s love suite (if you know I mean) anyway Corey knock on door and here was Beyonce standing on front of him and said

Beyonce:Wow you made it just before 12:00 because I was worried about you couldn’t made it and I was gonna do it be myself, and boy, you are first person to try this light -skinned pussy, so are you ready to do this.

Corey:Ready when you are girl.

Beyonce:Ok, all you have to do is wait to I get dressed and baby, you are gonna like this dress because every men dream about me wearing it, so let’s go to my room.

And they went there, when they got the room, Beyonce went to the to get dressed and Corey just sat on the foot of bed looking happy as hell like he just smoked a joint or something. Later he don’t have to wait any longer because Beyonce got out of bathroom with her ligerie along with her high heel sandel shoes on, but there is one thing good on her, she didn’t have no bra or panties on, corey was shocked once again and smiling at the same time(again). Beyonce walked up in front of him and said

Beyonce:So Corey, do you the way I dress ?

In a very sexy voice.

Corey:Oh yeah girl, oh yeah but there is one I gonna tell you, are you wearing a bra or panties on ?

Beyonce:None of them. So let’s get this thing start.

Beyonce started to kiss Corey with her tongue and he put his tongue in her mouth and when they tongue kissing beyonce pushed corey to the foot of the bed when he got up he saw beyonce getting down on knees, and after she did that, she had unzipped his fly and took his masturbated dick and jack it off with her right hand then while she this she said

Beyonce:Oh Corey,how many inches is in your dick ?

Corey:15 inches baby.

Beyonce:mmmm, it looks big but it curved but I don’t care about that ,as long as it long and thick.

Beyonce began to lick the head of his dick and put the whole thang in her mouth. Corey put his hand on Beyonce’s head for a little help, her head was bobbing to pick up speed and after the sucking and licking was over, beyonce had stood up and it off the lingerie dress she wore and revealed her whole naked body beyonce walked up to her closet and she found a condom laying the floor in the closet she pick it up and gave it to Corey so that he could put it on his dick.

Corey:A Perfect fit girl, come on up herre and get on top of me baby.

And beyonce do not hesitation she got on the side of the bed and then she got on top of corey , she got two of her and spread the pussy lips to get to all the way down his shaft and she began to fuck up and down on his 15 inch dick

Beyonce:Oh Corey that feels so good(gasps) oh yes, baby oooh yes! ( and from out of no where she moans loudly) ahhh yes ooooooooh gosh sssssss ooooohhhhhh Corey gots the biggest dick aahhhhhhhh my pussy.

Beyonce got off of Corey’s dick fell out on the bed but the lovers were just getting begin started after the up and down fucking ,now it was Corey’s turns fuck beyonce but first, it was time for the” licking on yo my pussy “. Beyonce was still laying on bed catching some air, Corey gave her time to catch her breath after she got finished catching some air she was still horny and freaky about him.

Beyonce:Ohhh, Corey that shit felt good all over ,oh please Corey can lick my wet pussy please!

Corey:Sure baby anything for you.

Corey began to lick Beyonce’s clit he kept on flicking it and boy, she went crazy for it.

Beyonce:Ooooh Corey don’t stop ahhhhhh yeah ssssss ohhhh yeah oh gosh uhhhhhhhh ssshhhh

kept on licking baby, kept on licking baby.

After the tongue licking, it was time for booty and pussy ramming. Y’all gonna like this. Corey moved up to face beyonce, he told beyonce to open your thick legs so I can pound yo ass out, so she turned and on her front side and bent over with her ass out and said


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