Beyonce’s Big Black Booty

Title: Beyonce’s Big Black Booty

Author: MTL

Celebs: Beyonce Knowles, Anna Kendrick

Codes: anal, FF, interracial, rim, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Anna Kendrick or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author’s note: This story is a spinoff of Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches. However Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches will continue as it is, this story just shares it’s history.


Beyonce Knowles had seduced and broken so many white girls she could practically smell them when they were trying to work up the courage to speak to her. Benevolent Queen that she was she always beckoned them over to see whether they were worthy of becoming one of her bitches. Normally the answer was yes, but there were just so many white girls who needed to be fucked that sometimes some girls just fell through the cracks. Girls like Anna Kendrick, who’s path she’d crossed a number of times without taking her, and who was now standing in front of her trying to work up the courage to say something, which really was adorable. So much so Beyonce decided she would be definitely stretching Anna’s pale little booty tonight.

“Hi.” Anna finally squeaked, “I don’t know if you remember me, but we’ve met before-”

“I remember you.” Beyonce smiled, causing the little white girl to blush adorably.

“Oh good, well… I really am a big fan of your work and, and I… and I want to tell you a secret.” Anna stammered out.

Looking around to make sure no one was paying attention Beyonce leaned in and whispered, “What is it?”

Anna seemed to hesitate, then leaned in, cupped her hand over Beyonce’s ear and whispered, “I’ve got your book.”

Beyonce froze with fear, but tried to hide it as she replied with false confusion in her voice, “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you know.” Anna replied confidently as she pulled back, her demeanour suddenly changed as she slipped a card into Beyonce’s hand, “And if you want it back you’ll come see me at that address tonight. If you don’t, there will be consequences.”

Fuming with rage Beyonce growled softly, “Listen you little bitch-”

“You really want to do this here?” Anna whispered, and then when Beyonce didn’t immediately reply smiled and added with a smirk, “I didn’t think so.”

Beyonce glared, “You’ll regret this.”

“No, I won’t.” Anna said confidently leaning in again so she could whisper, “Cause tonight, I’m going to make your big black booty mine.”


Those last few words echoed in Beyonce’s mind for the rest of the night as she struggled to keep her mask on as she made her way through the latest after party of an award show, only half listening to her fellow celebrities as she thought about nothing but Anna. Really she shouldn’t be too mad, as this changed nothing. She would simply break Anna like she planned and add a picture of the tiny white girl’s gaping ass hole to her book. The only slight difference was she would force Anna to tell her where her book was mid-fuck. Still, she couldn’t help being angry and scared given this was her biggest fear come to life. Because sure, she had always known it was possible to be exposed because of the book, but she never thought it would actually happen as she had security measures in place when it was out of her sight. How had Anna got it? And more importantly where had she got the nerve?

During their previous meetings Anna had been all shy and nervous, but the Anna Kendrick she met this time was different and awoke something inside Beyonce which was possibly even more scary than losing her precious book and being exposed. But Beyonce refused to concentrate on that, so instead she focused on all the ways she could break the insulin little bitch until she could finally slip away and go to the address on the card Anna had given her. Of course Beyonce was rich enough that she didn’t have to handle this personally, and maybe it would have been smarter to send somebody else or get some lawyers involved, but her pride wouldn’t let her. Besides, this was little Anna Kendrick, what damage could she really do?

Once she reached the correct door Beyonce checked to see if it was unlocked, and upon discovering it was barged in while announcing, “You have something of mine.”

“Funny, I was about to say the same thing. How about a trade?” Anna offered brightly as Beyonce slammed the door to the hotel suite closed and locked it behind her. Then as the bigger woman advanced on her Anna quickly added, “If you hurt me you’ll never see your book again.”

“Hurt you? Oh baby, who said anything about hurting you?” Beyonce asked flirtatiously while advancing.

For a second Anna looked uneasy, then she turned around and simply said, “Follow me.”

As Anna made her way through the luxury suite Beyonce did in fact follow her. Because really, what choice did she have? Not that it was necessarily a bad thing as she liked to fuck in a bed, although Beyonce was a bit surprised to find herself walking through a sea of gaping butt holes. One she got further in to the suite she could see pictures of them everywhere, and they were completely covering the walls once she reached the bedroom. Most of them Beyonce recognised from her own collection, Anna obviously having photocopied and printed them out of her book, but especially in the bedroom there were a few she didn’t recognise. And most of those were of black women.

“Like I said, I’m a big fan of your work. And by that, I don’t just mean you’re singing. I mean your love for fucking hot girl butt.” Anna revealed with a grin as she looked around the room before indicating to the pictures behind her, “As you can see you’re not the only one. And while we’ve both have enjoyed all types of ass, we clearly have a preference. You love white ass, and I love black booty. Isn’t that exciting? It’s like we’re twins.”

“Please.” Beyonce scoffed, “From the looks of it, we’re not even in the same league.”

“Maybe.” Anna conceded, before confidently adding, “But tonight I’m going to fuck that big black ass of yours.”

There was a moment’s pause, then a blushing Beyonce asked, “What makes you think that?”

“You wnat your book back, right?” Anna questioned.

There was another pause and then Beyonce close the distance between them and growled, “I should kick your ass.”

“You probably could.” Anna said softly, “Or maybe a girl my size was pushed around for years before she learned to stand up for herself. Maybe I got mad skills when it comes to self defence. Maybe you haven’t actually kicked anyone’s ass, or at least not for a very long time, because you’re larger-than-life and intimidation works just fine, especially on girls like me. Maybe if you try I kick your ass, get mad, and put your pictures up on the Internet for everyone to see. Maybe even a few of your freshly gaped ass hole. Or maybe not. Maybe I’m bluffing. The question is, do you really want to find out?”

There was yet another pause, much longer than before and then Beyonce mumbled, “I ain’t no one’s bitch.”

“You could be. Tonight, you could be my little black bitch and learn what it’s like to get your big black booty fucked good and hard.” Anna whispered, sliding her hands to the back of Beyonce’s eyes and slowly making her way up to that fat butt, which she squeezed as she added, “Have you ever thought about it Beyonce? Have you ever thought about getting this big fat ass of yours fucked?”

“No.” Beyonce squeaked, blushing with embarrassment.

Anna smiled, “Ever imagined it was by a tiny little white girl?”

Beyonce gulped, “No.”

“Ever imagined it was me?” Anna pushed, grinning widely when Beyonce didn’t immediately respond and adding, “Oh my God, you have!”

“I didn’t say that.” Beyonce grumbled.

“You didn’t need too.” Anna said confidently, “It’s written all over of your face. It was after I told you your big black booty was mine, wasn’t it? Yeahhhhh, you’d be surprised how many women that works on. And it looks like thanks to that I’ll be taking another anal cherry tonight.”

“You can’t! We can’t.” Beyonce stammered, “I’m a top.”

“I know.” Anna said softly, pulling the taller woman closer to her, “That’s why I want you so bad. Well, that and this big black booty, because oh my God it’s amazing, but the only thing I love more than fucking big black butts is taking a strong confident top and fucking her up the ass. It’s just soooooo hot to see them bend over for the first time, blush with embarrassment as I squeeze moan after moan from them as I slowly stretch their asses with my big cock, make them beg for more and then finally turn them into a total bottom as I pound them into submission. And with this big black bottom of yours, you’re perfect for me. Can you imagine how amazing it will be to feel my little white thighs smacking against this fat black ass and making these huge cheeks jiggle and bounce? Can you? Because I can, mmmmmm, and it’s so fucking hot. Please Beyonce, we can pretend like you have no choice if we have too, but please give me your anal virginity. I promise, no one has to know. It can be our little secret. Our sexy little anal secret.”

Anna then leaned in and pressed her lips firmly to Beyonce’s. She liked to think she wouldn’t have if Beyonce’s eyes hadn’t been flickering to her lips, but she wanted this woman so much she honestly wasn’t sure. Luckily she got a very clear green light from Beyonce after that in the form of the black woman kissing her back passionately, and she didn’t even try and take control either. No, Beyonce allowed Anna to take total control, even welcoming this woman’s tongue into her mouth after initially pushing her own into Anna’s mouth without even half the force that the stronger woman was capable of. Which told Anna one thing, Beyonce wanted to be butt fucked.

This was exactly what Anna had been banking on. If she had been wrong she would have been in big trouble, although at least she would have still fulfilled her fantasy of having sex with Beyonce, but this was so much better than that consolation prize. See, in Anna’s experience all tops were curious about being topped, herself included, so if things didn’t go her way at least she could satisfy her curiosity. But more than any other time she wanted to conquer this top, which was why she put her all into it, kissing Beyonce long and hard while slowly and carefully pulling down the long dress and unhooking her big bra.

As they were in a very, very delicate stage of the seduction Anna really should be focusing on making Beyonce feel submissive. However she just couldn’t resist burying her face in those big titties and embarrassing herself by shamelessly rubbing her face in them for what had to be a full minute. Then after that little motor boating session Anna moved her mouth to one nipple and began greedily licking and sucking it before doing the same to the other. She then went back and forth for a few minutes, completely forgetting herself and unfortunately giving Beyonce ideas and eventually forcing Anna to end this prematurely.

“Mmmmm yeah, that’s it, suck those big black titties white girl.” Beyonce moaned as she wrapped her hand around Anna’s head, only for the smaller girl to push her away and then smack her on the ass, causing her to exclaim, “Hey, what-”

“You’re not in charge here!” Anna said loudly and firmly, before grabbing her pray and turning her around before pushing her forward onto the bed when she tried to protest, “Now shut the fuck up and give me that fat ass!”

Instead of following up right away when she should have Anna again lost control when she saw Beyonce’s big fat ass in a tiny pair of panties. Luckily she just stood there drooling, but even that allowed Beyonce to complain while trying to move, “Look, I’m not a bottom, so…”

Acting quickly before Beyonce could get very far Anna jumped on the bed behind her pray and used both hands to give Beyonce’s big booty a brutally hard double smack before beginning to grope that giant ass while murmuring in disbelief, “Not a bottom. Not a bottom! Just look at this big ass! What else could you be?”

“I, I…” Beyonce blushed as Anna continued groping her big butt, “I’m really not sure about this.”

“I know, first times are hard.” Anna said sympathetically, “But don’t worry, Queen B… I’ll make it real good for you. Stretch out this big beautiful black butt nice and slow and make you cum so fucking hard.”

With that Anna gave Beyonce’s butt one last hard squeeze and then grabbed onto the waistband of her panties and then started slowly pulling them down to reveal her prize. She made sure to grab onto the sides of the underwear so there was absolutely nothing obstructing her view, Anna again feeling like she was literally drooling as the best ass she’d ever seen was slowly revealed to her. She then paused to savour the moment when Beyonce’s panties were around her knees, then she quickly tore them off so she could go back to groping that big ass. Then she finally pulled those cheeks apart to get a look at the real prize, the virgin ass hole of Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce whimpered as somehow she allowed herself to be manhandled, disrobed and exposed by a tiny little white girl. It was like she had become detached from her own body and was watching in horror as she did nothing as she was topped, although thankfully Beyonce was given a little break from that feeling when Anna shoved her face in between her cheeks and began frantically licking her ass hole. This of course had her moaning happily as she opened her mouth to give her normal verbal encouragement, but at the last possible moment she thought better of it. After all, the last time she had spoken up during something which could be called dominant for her Anna had stopped immediately, and that was the last thing Beyonce wanted.

So Beyonce desperately fought her natural urges and kept her mouth shut, except of course the constant moans that escaped her lips, Anna quickly rewarding her for her lack of words with the best rim job she’d had in quite some time. Which considering the amazing butt lickers that she had personally trained was really saying something. But it was true, Anna really was in a league of her own, Beyonce even loving it when the tiny girl pulled back and spat on her butt hole before rubbing it in, which was the only slight top thing about this. Other than that Anna acted like a total slut for her ass, even letting go of her cheeks and smothering herself in them.

Wanting to help out the process Beyonce reached back to grab Anna’s tiny little head and shove it as deep as it would go in between her cheeks like she had done to so many women over the years, but again at the last second she thought better of it. Again, she didn’t want Anna to stop. Then again, shouldn’t she make her not stop? Because she was Beyonce God dammit, Queen B, who had countless bitches who would make all their fuck holes available to her at a moments notice if she so much as texted them. Why was she so hesitant to put this tiny girl in her place? Did she really want to be topped that badly?

To Beyonce’s horror she realised it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. After all she knew how much harder her bitches came when she bossed them around and fucked them in the ass, so it made sense that on some unconscious level that she had been wondering what it would be like to be in their place. And everything Anna had done so far had been amazing, especially this, as it felt like Anna was using one of Beyonce’s own weapons against her. Her biggest weapon. Her big beautiful ass which she had used to entice, smother and enslave countless women was now being prepared to be fucked, and the most terrifying part of that was that Beyonce actually wanted it.

Anna loved big butts. Which was something she felt she had already made very clear to Beyonce before she buried her face in the black woman’s booty, but perhaps what became clear was just how much she loved them. Because really, love wasn’t a strong enough word. It was more like an addiction. Little Anna Kendrick was addicted to big beautiful bottoms, and this may be the most beautiful and biggest butt she had ever seen. So as much as she wanted to bury her strap-on inside it she physically needed to spend like an hour worshipping it with her mouth and tongue. It certainly felt like it, but the mighty Beyonce offered up no real complaints, other than a few whimpers every so often. Which just made this even better.

Smiling wickedly into that fat ass Anna wrapped her lips around the puckered hole and began sucking it every so often between the rapid licks she had been giving it for who knows how long. She also pulled back a couple of times so she could spit on Beyonce’s butt hole, but she didn’t like pulling her face out of those meaty cheeks, so it wasn’t long before she cut that out in favour of more frantic licking and sucking. Finally she tried to literally shove her tongue up Beyonce’s ass, confirming that the black superstar was indeed an anal virgin because Anna could barely get the tip of her tongue into that tight little hole.

Further confirming that she was about to pop another anal cherry Anna finally stopped the rimming in favour of pulling back, briefly taking a couple of fingers into her mouth and sucking on them, before then slowly pressing her index finger against that forbidden hole and pushing forwards, causing both women to moan and whimper, the only difference being that Anna actually said something, “Oh God, your fat ass is sooooooooo tight! Mmmmmmm, this is going to be so great. I love poppping anal cherries. Ohhhhhhhh, and from what I hear, so do you. Well tonight Beyonce it’s your anal cherry getting popped. Get ready to become my bitch Queen B.”

When she finished speaking Anna had buried her finger in Beyonce’s butt and had even thrusted it in and out a few times. Then when she was done talking she reluctantly pulled it out, and stood up to retrieve her strap-on. She hated to stop playing with Beyonce’s big booty, but on the bright side she got to pop the finger into her mouth and taste the inside of Beyonce’s yummy butt, and it wasn’t long before she was tooled up and back behind her pray again while stroking lubricant into the dildo now around her waist. Even better Beyonce hadn’t moved a muscle, with the infamously dominant black woman submitting her big ass to the fucking that Anna wanted to give her so badly.

It was such a promising sign Anna considered ordering Beyonce to spread her cheeks, but she didn’t want to break whatever spell had fallen over the other woman just before the ass fucking, so instead she stayed silent and pushed one and then eventually two fingers into the tight virgin hole in front of her. This time it was a much easier fit with her fingers covered in the lube, but it was still insanely tight, Anna genuinely surprised she didn’t cum from a combination of that tightness and the anticipation of giving Beyonce her first ever butt fucking. Or the moment she removed her fingers, took a firm hold of the strap-on and pressed it against Beyonce’s virgin butt hole.

Beyonce whimpered at that gentle touch, closed her eyes and leaned her head down to accept her fate. Unfortunately Anna then spent a few long seconds cruelly sliding the dildo up and down her ass crack, and then when Beyonce got frustrated enough to open her mouth that was when Anna finally began pushing forwards, meaning that the only thing that came out of Beyonce’s mouth was an extremely pathetic cry as she felt her ass hole slowly beginning to stretch. Then when it didn’t feel like she could stretch any more Beyonce let out a loud cry as Anna slammed forwards, taking Beyonce’s anal virginity with one hard thrust.

Beyonce had joyfully popped the anal cherries of countless white girls. Sometimes she had slowly inched forward, savouring every moment of the white girl’s ass hole stretching for her big black cock, other times Beyonce just couldn’t wait to take those pale asses. And so she hadn’t, Beyonce even getting off on the whimpers and cries of the white girls as they were anally invaded for the first time. Now it was Beyonce’s turn to cry out loudly and then whimper as she was robbed of her anal cherry.

The initial pain wasn’t pleasant but it was nowhere near as bad as she had dreamt and didn’t compare with the complete and utter humiliation Beyonce was feeling. This was her worst nightmare come true, being ass fucked, her virgin ass hole being taken not by another dominant black woman or some muscular Latina or white girl who’d towered over her but some skinny little white girl the likes of which Beyonce had been sodomising on a daily basis for over 15 years. She wished she could explain why she didn’t just put an end to this madness right there and then, or much sooner, but Beyonce just couldn’t. She just couldn’t.

Her rebellious body continue keeping her in place, that new thrill consuming her entire existence as her anal walls were slowly pushed aside, the little white girl beginning to slowly push inch after inch of strap-on dildo deep into Beyonce’s bowels. The additional inches of strap-on slowly making their way through her rectum made Beyonce feel a mixture of pain and pleasure likes of which she had never known before, the dominant black woman once again reaching new lows as she moaned. She actually fucking moan from getting her ass stretched and filled with big fake dick. Even most of her white bitches had managed to avoid such shame. Not Beyonce though. No, her body had to rebel against her at the very worst time, the world-famous singer burying her face in the bed sheets in an attempt to hide her shame.

This didn’t go entirely unnoticed by Anna and the tiny girl smiled a little. She had thought this would be the hardest thing she would ever do. That she would most likely fail, and become just another notch on Beyonce’s bedpost. Instead it had been easy, Beyonce bending over and giving up her big fat ass with just a little push. Perhaps proving that secretly Beyonce had been craving some cock up her ass, a secret craving which would cost her dearly as it resulted in her being faced down and taking it up the ass as Anna admired the body of her voluptuous prize.

Of course Anna’s main focus was Beyonce’s ass, the smaller girl spreading those big fat cheeks as wide as she could so she could watch that virgin back hole slowly take her cock inside it. For what seemed like forever Anna had dreamt about this. Sometimes while fingering herself, sometimes while fucking other women up the ass. In her opinion Beyonce had the greatest ass in all the world and now she was achieving what felt like a lifelong goal of being able to push a strap-on in between those big fat cheeks Anna thought she was going to faint with joy. Luckily she didn’t and instead quickly fulfilled her other lifelong goals, namely pushing a strap-on all the way up Beyonce’s butt and then fuck it.

Fucking Beyonce’s butt. She was fucking Beyonce’s butt. She, little Anna Kendrick, was fucking Beyonce Knowles up the butt. Butt fucking her. Butt fucking Beyonce Knowles. That was what she was doing. She was deep inside the big black butt of Beyonce Knowles, ass fucking her nice and deep, her dildo plundering the deepest depths of Beyonce’s rectum, those meaty black cheeks already jiggling gelatinously against Anna’s little white thighs and she wasn’t even sodomising the other woman that roughly yet.

Just feeling those big fat cheeks jiggling against her was enough to make Anna’s eyelids flutter in pure bliss. Combined with the beautiful contrast of her pale body crashing against that voluptuous chocolate body and the incredible tightness of Beyonce’s virgin ass it was a miracle she went as long as she could without saying something to embarrass herself. Although Anna later thought that she recovered nicely from her sudden outburst, and from what she’d heard it was just the kind of thing Beyonce like to say when she was in this position, making it so very appropriate. Maybe it would even push Beyonce further into submission.

“Oh God, what an ass! What a big fat fucking ass! Mmmmmm, this ass was made for fucking, and now it’s mine! All mine!” Anna moaned dreamily, “Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I’m gonna make you my anal whore, Queen B. Yeahhhhhh, you’re going to be my little anal whore who takes it up her big black booty every single day. Yessssssss, Queen B, your ass hole is now my fuck hole. And Queen B? Oh, I liked that nickname for you, because you were a Queen, but not any more. Mmmmmm, now you’re my little chocolate princess, whose purpose in life is to sing like an angel and to take my big fucking dick up her fat black ass! You hear me? FUCK, I’m going to fucking wreck this fucking big black booty every single day so the mighty Beyonce will always have to walk around with a gaping wide open bitch hole!”

Beyonce blushed furiously at Anna’s words and continue to hide her shame as she was butt fucked by the other girl. Ironically she was almost grateful for the distraction from her own moans and cries of pleasure, Beyonce desperately trying to keep them under control but they were becoming increasingly obvious. She just couldn’t help it. It just felt so good. It felt so embarrassingly good. Beyonce thought she would have hated getting ass fucked, but instead she was loving it. And not just for the increasing amount of pleasure, but for the humiliation itself that inevitably came with a big dick up her fat ass.

Thanks to Anna continuing to spread her big black ass cheeks she continuously got a great view, the same type of view that Beyonce had gotten many times before while ass fucking a white girl. Which of course unnecessarily reminded Beyonce of the humiliating others she was going through, but at that moment as much she wanted to stop it a much bigger part of her wanted to continue taking it up the ass like a little bitch. And this wasn’t just her treacherous body talking anymore, it was her unconscious mind.

Just like all the white girls she had sodomised Beyonce found that her ass adjusted very quickly to being fucked, what pain and discomfort there was at the beginning becoming a distant memory as pleasure flooded her body. Overwhelming pleasure which made her want to give up being a top and become Anna’s little chocolate princess. Her anal whore. Her lesbian slut. Her black bitch. Oh yes, that pleasure became increasingly intense until Beyonce had to bite her lip to stop herself from begging for all of that and more. And just for more.

Eventually Beyonce just couldn’t take it anymore, “Fuck me! Fuck my big fat ass! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, pound me hard! Oooooooh God, I can’t believe this is happening, mmmmmmm, I can’t believe it, ohhhhhhh, I can’t believe I’m letting you do this to me, Goooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, but it feels soooooooo gooooooodddddddd, yes more, harder you skinny little bitch, fucking wreck that big black booty and make me your little chocolate princess. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, make me your fucking anal whore! Oh yeahhhhhhhhh, make me your bitch. Gape me and make me your bitch! Fuckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddd!”

Anna seemed only too happy to give Beyonce what she wanted, the perhaps formerly dominant black woman who had ass fucked countless white girls screaming in ecstasy as that big dick began slamming in and out of her widely stretched back door. It seemed like in no time at all Beyonce was experiencing an orgasm which was easily as hard, if not harder, than the amazing ones she had received every time she had butt fucked a white girl, Beyonce’s mind slowly melting away as she was given a serious dose of her own medicine.

Beyonce’s nearly deafening screams threaten to wipe out the sound of Anna’s thighs smacking into Beyonce’s butt cheeks. Originally that sound had been barely audible, but as the pace of the sodomy slowly increased so did the sound of flesh smacking off flesh. By the time Anna was pounding Beyonce’s big fat ass with every ounce of strength not only did every shot sound like a gun was going off but the force of the thrusts were causing those dark meaty globes to ever so slightly turn red as Anna essentially smacked Beyonce with her hips. Also the previous jiggling had nothing on how wildly Beyonce’s butt cheeks were bouncing around now, that ass constantly moving from the second Anna stopped slowly sodomising Beyonce and only jiggled more with every increasingly hard thrust.

Of course when Anna really started pounding Beyonce’s black ass as hard and as deep as she could not cumming herself became increasingly difficult. Luckily Anna had ass fucked a lot of women herself, most of them black women with big asses. Her favourite. So she was able to restrain herself somewhat, however none of those big black asses could compare with Beyonce’s fat booty. The cheeks were just so big and luscious, the hole between them so tiny and tight, and Beyonce was even slamming herself backwards, impaling her own ass on Anna’s cock like a total anal whore.


At first Anna found all that encouraging, but unfortunately the additional mental stimulation had her rushing towards climax. She tried to ignore both the intense feelings of pleasure and the dirty talk but it was no use as soon an orgasm was rushing through her. After that the floodgates were open, Anna cumming multiple times as she continued pounding Beyonce’s big booty, the intense orgasms pushing her to almost literally wreck the black girl’s rectum. Eventually, and perhaps inevitably, Anna devolved into a mindless beast obsessed with destroying the big fat ass in front of her. Luckily Beyonce seemed to be just as mindless and determined to destroy her own ass, the two women working together to make sure their passionate round of anal sex went on for as long as possible while maintaining the same brutal speed which had become the norm for them.

Of course inevitably that hard butt pounding, and the multiple orgasms, took its toll on both of them. The only reason Anna didn’t sodomised Beyonce until she collapsed from exhaustion was because luckily Beyonce collapsed face down first, the mighty Beyonce becoming nothing but a big jiggly butt for Anna to fuck. Seeing Beyonce face down reinvigorated Anna somewhat, at least allowing her to butt fuck her new bitch for a few more minutes, but she couldn’t risk knocking herself unconscious when it was likely that Beyonce was still under the impression she was a top. So Anna reluctantly stopped while she had a little energy left, although that did mean she had to yank the dildo out of Beyonce’s fat ass, spread those meaty cheeks wide apart and admire her handiwork, namely Beyonce’s now widely gaping butt hole.

“Wow, that’s so hot.” Anna grinned sadistically at the ruined hole, before quickly grabbing her phone from the nightstand and taking a couple of pictures.

It took a couple seconds for Beyonce to realise what was happening, then she groaned, “Hey!”

“What? It’s nothing you haven’t done to hundreds, maybe even thousands of women.” Anna pointed out, “Now spread your cheeks and do your best to look back at me.”

“Please-” Beyonce whimpered pathetically.

“Do it or I’ll anonymously post these pics on the Internet.” Anna softly but firmly threatened, then watched with delight as the mighty Beyonce reached back to spread her cheeks to enhance the gape and turned her face towards her. Anna then took half a dozen more photos, then parked her tiny butt down on the bed in front of her new bitch and ordered, “Now clean your fat ass off my cock.”

Beyonce had let go of her cheeks the second Anna had moved away. A real top, like herself, would have punished a bottom for doing something like that, so the fact that Anna wasn’t in Beyonce’s mind proved Anna wasn’t a real top. Although the thought didn’t really comfort her after what just happened, especially as she then found herself lifting her head and looking at the ass cream coated cock with disgust and apprehension. She did of course love the taste of ass, having rimmed her bitches countless times, but going ass to mouth like this was definitely submissive and not something she was looking forward to doing. But really what choice did she have? And after losing her anal cherry what was one more debasement?

So Beyonce started slowly crawling forward, only to be stopped by Anna scolding her, “Now what do you say?”

Beyonce blushed, then after a long pause mumbled, “Yes Mistress.”

“What was that?” Anna pushed.

“Yes Mistress.” Beyonce said a little louder.

“Your what?” Anna pushed even more, “Come on, I know what you make your bitches call you.”

Blush even more than before Beyonce hesitantly offered, “Yes… my White Mistress?”

“Good girl.” Anna beamed, gesturing to her strap-on, “Now suck my big white dick you little slut.”

With a whimper of shame Beyonce dragged herself further forwards, and then closed her eyes, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the big white dildo Anna had just used to rob her of her anal virginity. Instantly she moaned in pleasure, which again was not surprising given how she loved to kiss her bitches after they rimmed her, or even when they went ass to mouth, but tasting the deepest part of her own ass like this on a tiny girl’s strap-on cock was easily one of the greatest humiliations of her life. And the fact that she loved it made it even worse. And better. Fuck, she could practically see Anna grinning without even opening her eyes.

Then Beyonce started bobbing her head up and down, taking the dildo deep into her mouth and eventually down her throat to get more of that yummy anal cream. Luckily she was used to sucking her husband’s big black cock, so Beyonce was able to get every drop of that delicious liquid by deep throating the strap-on dick, Beyonce switching to autopilot so she wasn’t even really aware of what she was doing until her lips were around the base and her windpipe was stuffed with fake cock. Then she suddenly became aware of Anna talking again, making her blush, and started bobbing her head up and down to distract her from Anna’s words. It didn’t work, because now she was aware of it Beyonce just couldn’t stop listening.

“Yesssssss, every inch. Every inch of my big white dick right down your throat! Mmmmmm, your husband is such a lucky man. Ha, and you must be a lucky woman, given how easily you took that dick. Or have you been practising? Is that it? Have you been practising the day some scrappy little nobody like me would make you their bitch? You must have, because I know no one took that ass before me. Ohhhhhhh yeah, you were too tight for that. So you must have been practising for the day you’d be sucking your own ass off a dick. Well don’t worry baby, you’re going to be going ass to mouth a lot from now on. Ooooooooh yes, that’s it, bob up and down at again. Make sure you got every drop. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, good girl.” Anna ordered, before pulling Beyonce up by the hair and demanded, “Now get up here and ride my dick! I want some more of that fat ass!”

“Please…” Beyonce whimper pathetically, “Don’t make me. My ass is so sore.”

“Did you show mercy when other girls asked you for it?” Anna asked.

“No, but they were just bitches.” Beyonce argued softly, avoiding Anna’s gaze.

“Well, that’s exactly what you are now, a bitch. My big bottomed black bitch. Now get up here!” Anna ordered, and then when Beyonce started moving with a whimper added, “Hey! What do you say?”

“Yes my White Mistress.” Beyonce mumbled softly.

“Louder!” Anna demanded, “Oh, and call me your Little White Mistress. I like the sound of that.”

“Yes my Little White Mistress.” Beyonce loudly whimpered as she got onto Anna’s lap and lined her gaping ass hole up with the dildo.

She then let out a loud cry as she pushed herself downwards, her stretched open back hole easily accepting the strap-on back inside it and deep into her battered back passage. Of course while there was discomfort and pain at the assault there was also a weird sense of pleasure, and it wasn’t long before all Beyonce was feeling was pure pleasure as she began the second sodomy of the night. It was the second of many, Anna butt fucking Beyonce over and over again in just about every position possible until a completely humiliated and very well fucked Beyonce passed out while cumming like a bitch with a dick in her ass.

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