Beyonce’s Big Black Booty Part 4

Title: Beyonce’s Big Black Booty Part 4

Author: MTL (

Celebs: Beyonce Knowles, Anna Kendrick

Codes: anal, FF, interracial, oral, spank, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Anna Kendrick or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


“Wow, this place really is a palace.” Anna beamed as she walked into Beyonce’s bedroom like she owned the place, “Good for you Queen B, living the high life everywhere you go, living up to your reputation. Well, mostly.”

Beyonce froze when she heard that horribly familiar voice, suddenly turning her head in disbelief to see Anna Kendrick walking towards her with a wide smile on her face. The past couple of months she had been desperately trying to avoid Anna, but she had been failing miserably. No matter where she went or what she did Anna seem to be not far behind, the other girl following her around, stalking her and ass fucking her multiple times a week, and sometimes even multiple times a day, depending on Anna’s mood. Beyonce had somehow thought she’d be safe at home, and more importantly in this room which held so many memories of her being dominant, but apparently not. And now she was just scared for her ass hole, and those dominant memories.

“Anna, what… what are you doing here?” Beyonce stammered weakly.

“Why do you think?” Anna chuckled, then answering her own question, “I’m here for a piece of that big black booty. And when I say a piece, I mean the whole damn thing.”

The once mighty Beyonce yelped weakly as Anna emphasised her last words with a hard slap to that big black booty, easily hard enough to make those cheeks jiggle. Instead of having the decency to pull her hand away Anna gave Beyonce’s fat ass a squeeze, before pulling the bigger woman into a passionate kiss, effortlessly conquering her prey’s lips and tongue with her own. It was a move that Beyonce love to use to disorient her bitches in the early stages of their training when they were having second thoughts about their submission, so it was gut-wrenching for it to be happening to her now. Especially in this room of all places. But Beyonce just couldn’t pull away, and had to wait until Anna moved her lips to her neck to protest.

Even then Beyonce’s protesting was very weak, “Please, not here…”

“Awww Queen B, is this room just for you and your hubby?” Anna mocked, before adding, “No, that’s not it, is it? You don’t care about him. He’s just a trophy. A way you can have kids, and hide the fact that you prefer women.”

“I-” Beyonce tried to begin.

“Shhhhh, it’s okay, your secret safe with me sweetie.” Anna promised, before grinning again, “As long as you keep giving up that big black booty, it’s all good.”

“Not. Here!” Beyonce said sharply, stepping back and almost feeling like herself again.

There was a brief pause as Anna carefully assessed the situation, then took a gamble and pressed on with her original assessment, “I get it. This must be like, a sanctuary for you. Right? Maybe the last place in the world you still feel like a top, because you can effortlessly remember all the little white girls you had in here, doing whatever little thing you wanted, including taking it up their asses for the big bad Beyonce. But that’s all it is, a memory. And it’s just a lie. A memory I effortlessly disproved when I popped your anal cherry and made your big fat black ass mine. You still remember that, don’t you, my Little Chocolate Princess. Huh? My big dick sliding through your tight little virgin ass hole, mmmmm, stuffing that fat black ass full of cock, ooooooh, those juicy cheeks jiggling against my thighs as I fucked you, ohhhhhh yessss, and just how hard you came for me. Oh yeah, you remember just how hard you came for me when I shoved my big dick up your fat ass! Or better yet, whenever I shoved my big dick up your fat ass. Yeahhhhhh, you remember that, don’t you bitch?”

If it had been anyone else saying those things to her Beyonce would have been furious. Or she would had found it hilarious. Either way the bitch who said those things would be getting her ass hole brutalised, maybe before she was done talking, or if it was a guy brutalised by her security guards. It was debatable which was worse, but because it was Anna, and because everything that Anna had done to her, Beyonce just stood there dumbly and took it. Then she had a thought, what happened to her security guards? Won’t they supposed to protect her from shit like this? Only no, it was to first protect her from crazy people, and guard her things. She should be able to protect her own ass hole, but presumably with Anna Kendrick around that wasn’t a guarantee.

Despite this Beyonce just had to ask, “How did you even get in here?”

“Seriously?” Anna laughed, “Part of your guard’s job description is to open the door for pretty girls like me, especially famous and/or white ones. They didn’t even give me a second look, just opened the door and told me where to find you without hesitation. I mean, wow, talk about discreet. I mean the things these boys must have seen and heard, am I right? Mmmmm, how many of them will overhear your squeals of pleasure, and mistake them for me eating your pussy, instead of you getting your ass hole slammed by my big dick? Not many I bet, as I plan on making it very clear what’s happening here. Even then I’m not sure they’d believe it. Still stubbornly think that you’d be the one topping me. But that’s okay, because soon everyone who knows you will know your nothing but an anal loving bottom. My anal loving bottom.”

Again Beyonce found herself rooted to the spot unable to offer up any sort of good retort, cursing the fact that she hadn’t told her guards to keep Anna out. It would have been so easy to tell them not to let her in, but Beyonce just couldn’t hide from a tiny white girl like that. It was bad enough that she had been running away and hiding at home, but that one extra thing, ironically which could have saved her ass, was just too much for her. Which of course Anna just had to point out, and twisted to her advantage. Admittedly just like Beyonce would have done if the roles were reversed back to what they should be, and what Beyonce desperately needed to turn them back too.

“Leave. I mean it.” Beyonce mumbled unconvincingly.

“Sure. Just say that again, and actually mean it this time, and I’ll leave.” Anna smirked confidently, before quickly adding, “But we both know that’s not what you want. No, you could have told those big strong men protecting you to keep me away at any time, especially here and now, but you didn’t, because deep down you want to be my little black bitch.”

“That’s not true.” Beyonce protested weakly.

“Oh, you want me to prove it? No problem.” Anna grinned wickedly, boldly walking past the woman and sitting down on the bed before patting her knee, “Come on, get over here and bend over my knee.”

Beyonce blush furiously, “You can’t be serious?”

“Can’t I?” Anna raised an eyebrow, before admitting almost apologetically, “I’m sorry Queen B, but I got so caught up in abusing the inside of your big black booty that I’ve been neglecting the outside of it. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, I can’t believe I’ve been topping you for weeks and haven’t given you a spanking yet. Although, in my defence, you have been a very, very good girl. Oh yeah, bending over whenever I want. Giving up your favourite bitches to me like it was nothing. Tougning my little ass hole just before, and right after, I destroy yours. Oh yeah Beyonce, you’ve been the perfect bitch for me. But now it’s time to take another step in your training. So get over here slut, and don’t make me asked twice.”

There was a few long moments of silence as the two women just stared at each other, and then once again Beyonce lowered her head and whimpered, “Yes my Little White Mistress.”

Anna’s eyes then lit up as Beyonce did as she was told, only then for her to frown, “No, take your clothes off first. God, I shouldn’t have to tell you this shit.”

Beyonce blushed, and then after she received an expected look from Anna she quickly whimpered, “Yes my Little White Mistress, sorry my Little White Mistress.”

Anna then grinned widely as Beyonce slowly and quickly stripped off her clothes. True, she wasn’t putting any effort into teasing Anna, but Anna was confident that would come later, and there was definitely something to be said for the way she was quickly stripping herself. Besides, she never wouldn’t enjoy seeing Beyonce’s curvaceous body being slowly revealed to her. Especially when it was right before Beyonce was about to submit to her. And submit she did, except unlike usual that involved the mighty Beyonce bending over her knee, which was awkward considering Anna was not just smaller but more petite. Luckily this wasn’t her first time doing this to a taller and curvier woman, meaning that after initial awkwardness Anna balanced Beyonce on her knee and took a chance to savour this wonderful moment.

That mostly involved Anna just staring at that big beautiful black ass she loved so much, although of course eventually the smaller of the two brunettes reached down to grab that big booty and start greedily groping it, making Beyonce whimper and humiliation of what was happening to her, and anticipation of what was to come. Anna made sure she kept her whimpering for quite a while as again she savoured the moment, and just enjoyed the groping, which was actually a rare treat for her. Sure, she got to enjoy groping Beyonce’s fat ass during a butt fucking, but it just wasn’t the same. And again, Anna had been so obsessed with ass fucking Beyonce she’d done little else. Although that would changed tonight, Anna promised herself that.

With that thought Anna lifted her hand up and brought it back down as fast and as hard as she could, causing the mighty Beyonce to cry out in pain and humiliation. It was then followed by another, and another, and another, albeit a lot more gentle and with plenty of time in between blows so this could be a nice drawn-out spanking. It also gave Anna time to enjoy just how much that big booty jiggled with every blow, and put her hand on Beyonce’s fat butt afterwards to give it a good squeeze and fondle, which of course got the most wonderful whimpers out of the former top, while the spanking itself resulted in Beyonce crying out again. Oh yes, those sounds were so satisfying, and made Anna so wet, and she wasn’t the only one.

Like the total bottom she had become Beyonce got wet from being spanked. It was pretty subtle at first, but with Beyonce’s naked pussy pressed against her leg Anna could gradually feel it getting wetter as the small girl put the larger girl in her place. Of course Anna knew it would be even more effective when she increased the speed and the force and turn this into a real butt beating, but for now she was happy to savour the moment. Which in turn only reinforced Anna’s earlier thought that this was definitely going to become a regular thing. Oh yes, the mighty Beyonce was going to have to get used to being bent over her knee and spanked like the little sub bitch she now was. And get spanked in any other position Anna wanted her in.

Beyonce still couldn’t believe she was letting Anna do these kind of things to her. Butt fucking her bitches was one thing. Beyonce could almost forgive that given how hot they were. Only no, Beyonce had a reputation to uphold, and she shouldn’t even tolerate the blatant disrespect of someone using what was rightfully hers. Especially given they were just a tiny little white girl, the type of which she had been dominating for at least half her life. But Anna had taken it even farther than that, done the unthinkable and not only stolen those bitches, but had ass fucked Beyonce multiple times and was now spanking her like a naughty child. God, why was Beyonce allowing this to happen to her? Why was she being so weak? Why couldn’t she just take Anna down like all the rest?

Even after all these weeks Beyonce didn’t have any truly satisfying answers to any of those questions, and certainly not any she wanted to dwell on. Besides, even thinking of them only enhanced her humiliation, which made her treacherous body react in a way she really didn’t want it too, and sure enough Beyonce’s pussy became wet again from receiving an unspeakable act. And of course Anna got wet from it, what with that part of her body pressed against her thigh. God, Beyonce could practically taste the smug, satisfied grin on Anna’s face. Oh how she wanted to wipe that grin off her face, but no, instead the mighty Queen B stayed right where she was, whimpering and crying out like the little bitch Anna had made her.

Which was bad enough when Anna came to the spanking reasonably gentle, but then predictably she started to get serious about it. Granted that meant that she was no longer groping Beyonce’s butt like a piece of meat, or leaving it there to wobble like a plate of jelly after the initial blow, but that also meant that the pain wasn’t massaged away after she was given a few long seconds to recover. No, instead those things were gradually phased out in favour of strike after powerful strike, little Anna spanking her ass with a lot more speed and force than Beyonce thought she was capable of. Which of course tragically increased the pain, and with it Beyonce’s humiliating response to it.

Somehow in the middle of all that she was still getting wet, despite receiving the most pain and humiliation that Beyonce could ever imagine receiving. Although there was one silver lining, the fact that she couldn’t really tell Anna that, or anything, as Beyonce was just so lost in overwhelming pain. It was even to the point where she didn’t care how much she was crying out, whimpering and literally crying from the force of the blows. Which cemented that Beyonce was never going to be able to sit down again without thinking about little Anna Kendrick, both because of the abuse that the tiny bitch caused to the inside of her ass, and the outside of it.

Anna certainly wasn’t going to forget about this any time soon, or ever. And not just when she sat down. No, Anna was going to think about this all the time, just as she couldn’t stop thinking about fucking Beyonce’s ass. Which in turn sealed the deal that this was definitely going to have to be something she did more often with her new bitch. Maybe her other bitches too, but this particular sub had an ass made for spanking, a fact which was proven by just how much Beyonce’s big black booty jiggled from every blow that Anna gave it, but especially towards the end. She also loved how that dark skin eventually turned an angry red from those relentless strikes, something which Anna knew from experience took quite a bit of effort with a black woman.

In this case it was definitely worth the effort, as Beyonce’s bootylicious body jiggled and writhed in all the right places as Anna gave her bitch in training everything she had. Of course unfortunately that meant they were at the beginning of the end of the spanking, because while Anna might have way more strength and stamina than anyone would give her credit for she certainly didn’t have an unlimited amount of it. Especially if she was going to do other things with Beyonce, and she definitely did. Besides, she wanted to leave enough to fightback in case Queen B try turning the tables on her. So without warning she abruptly stopped and just admired her handiwork before giving her next order.

“Bring me your biggest butt-plug.” Anna suddenly ordered, and then when Beyonce started moving without replying she fate coughed loudly enough for her bitch to get the message.

Not that it stopped Beyonce from hesitating before replying, “Yes my Little White Mistress.”

Which made Anna grin as Beyonce slowly and awkwardly walked over to her drawers, pulled out a plug and started walking back to her, only for Anna to scold her, “Really? That’s your biggest plug.”

“Yes.” Beyonce lied unconvincingly.

Anna scowled, then shrugged, “Okay, we can use that if you really want too… but I’m going to tear up your ass hole, so I’m just saying, you might want to think about a bigger plug.”

There was a brief pause, then Beyonce blushed and replied, “Yes my Little White Mistress.”

Beyonce then swapped it for a much bigger butt-plug, prompting Anna to clap her hands in glee, “Yesssss, that’s more like it. Good bitch. Now bring it here, mmmmm, and some lube. It’s time to stretch you out so it’s easier for me to stuff a nice big cock up your ass.”

Again Beyonce blushed, but did as she was told, even remembering to add, “Yes my Little White Mistress.”

Then Beyonce went to stand next to where Anna was still sitting on the edge of the bed, gave her Mistress the toys and turned around, presenting that big glorious ass of hers. The ass which made Anna want to drool, and just stare at it for a few long moments, and this time was no different. It also made her want to bury her face in it and give it a nice long rim job, but Anna had done that before, and she had other ideas for tonight. So she restricted herself to covering the butt-plug in lube, spreading those cheeks and spitting on her target before she forced the toy into the butt hole. Which she did as slowly as possible to admire the stretching of Beyonce’s ass hole, and the whimpers, gasps and cries that the other woman let out.

It wasn’t that long though before Beyonce’s anal ring was stretched around the widest part of the butt-plug, and right after that everything except the handle of the toy disappeared deep into that big fat ass. Which of course resulted in the loudest and most satisfying cry and whimper to escape Beyonce’s lips so far, which in turn caused Anna to grin sadistically. That grin stayed on her face as she slapped those meaty cheeks a few times just for fun, making that sore and already well beaten flesh jiggle again for her, just to see if the once mighty Beyonce would do anything about it. Of course she didn’t, and Queen B was going to pay the price for that.

After a few long minutes of giggling with delight at Beyonce’s humiliation Anna asked, “Do you have any nipple clamps with bells on them?”

Beyonce blushed, and then reluctantly whimpered, “Yes my Little White Mistress.”

“Well then go and get them so I can decorate you some more.” Anna ordered, slapping Beyonce’s ass to emphasise her words.

“Yes my Little White Mistress.” Beyonce cried out, scurrying back to her toy draw.

Beyonce then quickly grabbed her smallest pair of nipple clamps with bells and returned to the bed, this time facing Anna. Thankfully this time her ‘Little White Mistress’ didn’t make her go back for a bigger pair, and instead just grinned, took them from her, and then grabbed her ass roughly enough to make Beyonce cry out again as she was pulled forward. That cry was turned into a gasp, and then a moan as Anna immediately wrapped her lips around one nipple and started sucking on it. Which was embarrassingly unnecessary, as her nipples already as hard as rocks, but Beyonce welcomed the gentle treatment, especially as it was something she liked making bitches do for her, and if she could just close her eyes and forget about her sore and plug filled ass it would almost be like things were back to normal.

Unfortunately Anna never allowed her to forget as she felt the need to squeeze, pinch, and even slapped her incredibly sore booty as she went back and forth between her big tits, constantly causing her pleasure and pain. And sometimes just pain whenever Anna would bite down on her nipples, but to her humiliation part of Beyonce even enjoyed that. Which was the same part which enjoyed Anna abruptly switching from playing with those tits to placing the clamps on those nipples, making Beyonce cry out and whimper. Then for good measure her ‘Little White Mistress moved her hands upwards to first squeeze Beyonce’s big boobs, then slap them and making them bounce slowly and the bells jingle. Which in turn made the smaller brunette giggle with delight, and the bigger one blush and whimper.

“Wow, that’s gonna make fucking you even more fun.” Anna chuckled, slapping those tits a few more times, before giving another order and ending it with a hard slap to Beyonce’s fat ass, “Now lay down in the centre of the bed. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, you’ve been such a good bitch I’m going to reward you by riding that pretty little face of yours. Yessssss, congratulations Queen B, you get to taste my cunt for the first time.”

“Yes my Little White Mistress.” Beyonce said and did as she was told, hesitatingly adding when she got a look from Anna, “Thank you my Little White Mistress.”

Thankfully this seemed to appease Anna, leaving Beyonce just to worry about her sore ass again, which made her grimace as she was forced to put her weight down upon it. Then before she could get used to it Anna straddled her head and slowly lowered her pussy down until it was pressed against Beyonce’s mouth. As she had licked pussy before it shouldn’t have been a big deal to stick out her tongue and start licking it, especially as Anna quickly proved to be just as tasty as she looked. However Beyonce had never done it in this position before. She had done the reversed plenty of times, but to be actually the one having her face used as a seat was another little humiliation for her, in a series of them.

If that wasn’t bad enough Anna positioned herself facing towards Beyonce’s body, and instead of transitioning into a 69 like the black singer kind of hoped she would instead the white actress started playing with her clamped tits, which provided one of the most bizarre feeling of pain and pleasure that Beyonce had ever felt. Which again, was becoming a humiliating recurring theme for her. Luckily this time around Beyonce had something yummy to distract her, and Anna didn’t seem to protest when after an initially slow lick the black woman followed it up with faster licks which always lingered on the white girl’s clit. Hopefully this would ensure she wouldn’t be in this position for long, even if it meant she would be ass fucked sooner, Beyonce desperately trying to ignore the part of her which liked that idea.

Anna would have liked to lay back in Beyonce’s marriage bed and have the big bad Queen B eat her pussy for hours. Maybe even in front of her husband. Oh yes, that would be fun. Especially if she then butt fucked Beyonce in front of him, used her ass hole like he never could and leave it a gaping crater while all he could do was jerk off to the sight of it. In fact Anna liked that idea so much she promised it would happen as a final sign of this woman submission to her. But this wasn’t about rewarding Beyonce, and more importantly herself, for a job well done. No, this was about further dominating this former top and making sure she knew her place, and it felt like the best way to do that right now was to make this hard and nasty.

Which was why Anna didn’t object to Beyonce licking her pussy quickly and passionately right from the start, while spending an increasing amount of time lingering on her clit. Anna was more than ready for it, as ever since she had taken the mighty Beyonce’s anal cherry she had been in a constant state of arousal, which only increased every time she was near the world-famous singer. And right now she was in her house, in her bed, making the infamous top submit to her again. Combined with being able to give the big bad Beyonce her first ever spanking and decorate her body with nipple clamps and a butt-plug it was no wonder that Anna was so ready for this, something she was only too happy to let her bitch know.

“Yessssss, lick me just like that, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh! Eat me! Tongue my cunt you fucking bitch! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmm, fuck!” Anna repeated words like that in various different combinations, before demanding, “Now make me cum! Come on my little chocolate Princess, make me cum in your hot little mouth and all over your pretty little face! Oh yes, do it now! Mmmmm, don’t worry Queen B, you’ll get plenty of chances to give me the kind of long, drawn-out pussy licking that your Little White Mistress deserves, ooooooh fuck, but for now I want to cum hard and fast. Yessssssss, that’s it, mmmmm fuckkkkkkk, make me cum, make me ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!”

To her credit Beyonce took Anna’s clit into her mouth and started sucking on it, gradually building the actress up while she was speaking to the point where Anna really was on the edge of orgasm. Anna helped too by beginning to smack Beyonce’s tits, creating the most wonderful jingling sound and making the former top groan and whimper against her clit. Then finally Beyonce moved her tongue down to the entrance of Anna’s pussy and pushed it inside her as deep as it would go, pretty much instantly triggering a wonderfully powerful orgasm. In fact, it was the most powerful she’d received so far while fucking this gorgeous woman, although Anna was determined that would change.

Sadly she couldn’t truly allow Beyonce to make her cum again this way, at least not right away. No, after enjoying that climax for a few long seconds Anna took over completely, starting to grind down against Beyonce’s beautiful face until all the other woman could do was keep sticking out her tongue so Anna could bash her pussy, and more importantly her clit, against it. Which in a way was a shame because she liked making another woman make her cum, and it would be more intimate if was Beyonce eagerly doing it for herself, but it was important for Anna to remain dominant, even at this stage. Which was the same reason this part lasted longer than she initially planned it too.

Beyonce would have probably made Anna cum again without any prompting herself if she had been given the chance, because the other woman’s cum was predictably even more yummy than her regular pussy cream. Oh yes, Beyonce instantly loved the flavour and quickly removed her tongue from Anna’s cunt so she could swallow every precious drop, something with all her experience she was just about able to do. However she didn’t get the chance with the following orgasms because Anna just fucked her face so brutally. Admittedly a good amount of cum was squirted directly down her throat and into her belly thanks to her mouth being open to keep out her tongue, but it just wasn’t the same.

It was also extremely upsetting, because Beyonce knew exactly what this meant. Knew that this was Anna marking her territory. Marking what was now hers. Marking Beyonce as her rug munching slut, and all the once mighty Beyonce could really do was take it like the little bitch Anna had made her. Then just as she thought she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, or better yet Anna was going to pass out with exhaustion and finally give her the chance to turn the tables, her Little White Mistress abruptly rolled off of her, giving them both some much needed time to breathe. Then her top got off of the bed and walked on shaky legs over to the toy draw.

“Wow, I was going to use your biggest toy on you, but if I did it would probably ruin you.” Anna chuckled wickedly, before telling her, “I guess this will have to do.”

The strap-on Anna picked out was still pretty big, easily a couple of extra inches longer than the one she’d been using previously, and looked ridiculous next to her tiny body. Also it was jet black, whereas Anna was as pale as they come, which was normally a contrast which Beyonce loved when ramming a dildo like that up some hot white girl’s ass, but now it was going to be her booty violated, making this a bastardisation of what she loved. Something which Anna gleefully rubbed in her face after strapping on the toy she walked right up to Beyonce, who had automatically sat up, meaning the tiny top positioned herself so that the toy was directly in front of her bitch’s face, silently reminding her what was about to happen to her. Then not so silently.

“You see this, Queen B?” Anna chuckled wickedly, “Mmmmm, every single inch of it is going right up your big fat chocolate booty. Your own cock! Oh yes, I’m going to use one of your own strap-ons to destroy your little ass hole. And you want that, don’t you? Don’t you? Oooooooh yes you do. Well lean back and spread your legs, and I’ll give you what you want.”

For a brief second Beyonce hesitated, then a warning look from Anna had her doing as she was told, which of course had the tiny girl chuckling at her expense and then kneeling between her legs. Beyonce thought, and kind of hoped, that she would just get it over with, but no, Anna just had to grab hold of that butt-plug and start playing with it. Which was yet another thing Beyonce had done to her bitches, making it unbelievably humiliating to receive the same treatment. Especially when Anna pulled the plug almost all the way out, so the widest part was stretching her butt hole, before pushing it back in all the way, which meant she was butt fucking her with one of her toys to prepare her to be anally abused by another.

“So, my Little Chocolate Princess, are you ready to be butt fucked?” Anna gleefully taunted after sodomising Beyonce with that plug for a few long seconds.

“I…” Beyonce hesitatingly moaned in reply, before crying out in pain as Anna punished her for her hesitance by slapping her tits again.

“I can’t hear you!” Anna pushed as she abused those boobs.

“Yes my Little White Mistress.” Beyonce whimpered, “I’m ready to be butt fucked.”

“Good girl.” Anna beamed, moving one hand down to the plug while using the other to guide her strap-on, “Then just relax and give me that bitch hole.”

Anna then chuckled wickedly, finally pulled the butt-plug all the way out of Beyonce’s bitch hole and replaced it with the tip of her cock. Or more accurately, Beyonce’s cock. Oh yes, she was shoving Beyonce’s strap-on cock up Beyonce’s butt, while they were in Beyonce’s marriage bed. That it was in the missionary position, a position favoured by bored married straight couples, made it perfect in Anna’s eyes, and she had no doubt Beyonce had spent many nights laying on her back while performing her wifely duties, even though she’d much rather be with one of her little white girls. Just like Anna was sure that plenty of girls, especially white girls like her, had been fucked by their ‘Black Mistress’ in this bed, probably just like this. And probably with this cock.

It made every moment of this that much more satisfying, especially as there was no need to remind Beyonce of all of this, as Anna could see her thinking it the entire time. It was written all over her pretty face, and in her eyes. Perhaps especially when Anna first started pushing forwards, causing Beyonce’s ass hole to stretch widely in her marriage bed for the first time, and then of course the moment it stretched wide enough for the head of that fake dick to slide through the former top’s anal ring and into her big black butt. Which of course got the most wonderful cry out of Beyonce, followed by a loud whimper, and a wicked chuckle out of Anna which was almost as loud.

There were similar sounds once Anna started pushing more and more of the cock into Beyonce’s booty, but to her credit she stopped every so often, especially after the initial penetration, to give her bitch in training time to adjust. Well, that and admittedly to savour this precious moment. In fact it was probably more the latter than the former, but it was still a win-win situation, considering they both badly wanted Beyonce to be butt fucked. If she really didn’t want that Beyonce would have insisted against it, and Anna would have truly respected those wishes. But thankfully that wasn’t the case, and she got to enjoy every moment of anally penetrating the mighty Beyonce until once again thighs came to rest against butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that dick was buried in the other woman’s ass.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssss! That’s every inch! Mmmmmm, that’s every inch of my big dick up your fat ass!” Anna gleefully taunted, “That’s every inch of my big black dick up your big fat black ass, in your marriage bed. Oh fuck, this is going to be so much fun, isn’t it, my Little Chocolate Princess?”

With those taunting words Anna pulled back a few inches and then pushed forwards, beginning to sodomise Beyonce at a slow and steady pace, making the little anal slut moan and whimper in pleasure and humiliation. As much as Anna wanted Beyonce to just give in, and she had no doubt this would be an important step in breaking in her new bitch she had to admit she loved just how much fight Beyonce had in her. Honestly anything else would have been a huge disappointment. Well, actually Anna was hoping for a little more fight, as in Beyonce’s anal cherry being harder to take, but she certainly couldn’t complain given that she was currently sliding a dick in and out of Beyonce’s butt hole.

Beyonce still couldn’t believe any of this was happening to her, especially not here of all places. It seemed almost funny now, but she had convinced herself if Anna was ever brave enough, or stupid enough, to show up at her home she would finally turn the tables back to what they should be between them. Instead Anna had dominated her as easily as always, and now here she was in her marriage bed, on her back with her legs spread wide open so that little Anna Kendrick could pump a huge cock in and out of her most private hole. Her own strap-on cock at that, Anna literally impaling her with her own weapon to add insult to injury, once again redefining Beyonce’s definition of humiliation.

Just when Beyonce didn’t think it could possibly get any worse Anna ordered, “Wrap your legs around me, my Fat Ass Black Bitch.”

Beyonce whimpered and then tried to open her mouth to plead for mercy, but all she got out was a, “Please-”

“Don’t make me ask you again.” Anna cut her off, before quickly reminding her, “And don’t forget to call me by my proper title.”

There was a brief pause and then Beyonce lowered her head and whimpered, “Yes my Little White Mistress.”

She then slowly wrapped her legs, and her arms, around the body of the tiny white girl effortlessly dominating her as if she was making love to her husband. Initially dating him, and then marrying him, had been strictly strategic. It was easier to hide the fact she was a sexual predator of beautiful women that way. Although she’d truly grown fond of him, and there were moments when she was in this position with him, in this exact place, which prove she might not be 100% gay. Which just made this act even more upsetting, especially with this embrace, and somehow it felt like more of a betrayal of him then all those other women she had shamelessly abused.

Of course it also emphasised how humiliating submission at the hands of this much smaller and inferior woman was, Beyonce feeling just how tiny and weak Anna’s body was compared to her own, or to her man, or even to many of the women she had bedded. And yet here she was, giving up her most private hole to her. And she liked it. It felt good. Even when she was getting her ass stuffed with dildo and the walls of her rectum were forced wide apart once more, or when her ass hole was forced to stretch in the first place, Beyonce had felt a sense of twisted pleasure, and it only got worse now the full length of dildo was deep inside her and the butt fucking was officially started.

Her tormentor was just a ridiculously skilled butt fucker, loosening Beyonce’s back passage to the point where any initial discomfort and pain was quickly forgotten in the face of overwhelming pleasure. Soon it became a struggle not to moan in pleasure, the worst part being that unlike before Beyonce couldn’t simply bury her face in the bed sheets to hide how much she was enjoying this. No, Beyonce was on her back, and Anna slowly began bending forwards until they were face to face, allowing the bitch to savour every expression of humiliation which crossed the black woman’s face, and meant she could capitalise the moment Beyonce first moaned in pleasure. Which sadly didn’t take that long after the initial sodomy began.

“Ooooooh, that’s it my Little Chocolate Princess, moan for me.” Anna chuckled when it happened, “Moan like the anal loving bitch you are as I fuck you up the ass.”

Tears of utter humiliation filled Beyonce’s eyes as she continued gasping, whimpering and moaning in what sounded like pure pleasure. In reality the emotional torment she was receiving now was far worse than any pain which had come before, especially as little Anna Kendrick just laughed in her face at her discomfort, and the fact that it was this tiny white girl doing it to her of all people. God, why was Beyonce allowing this to happen? Why wasn’t she turning the tables back to what they should be? Why couldn’t she get enough of Anna’s dick in her ass? Or more accurately, her own strap-on, which Anna was using against her. Of course Beyonce knew the answers to those questions, and she would distract herself from that fact by just cumming already.

“Please my Little White Mistress, please make me cum!” Beyonce whimpered ahead of schedule, “I need to cum.”

There was a brief pause from Anna, and then she smirked, “You wanna cum? Cum with a dick up your ass, in your marriage bed?”

“Yes.” Beyonce blushed, quickly adding, “Please my Little White Mistress, let me cum with a dick up my ass, in my marriage bed.”

“Then you do it.” Anna ordered, suddenly flipping their positions, “Mmmmm, you bounce up and down my big black dick and make yourself cum. Come on bitch, bounce for me. Bounce and make these big tits jiggle, and jingle. Ohhhhh yesssss, that’s what I like to see, mmmmm, and here. Your big tits jiggling, and jingling, right in my fucking face! Ooooooh, and I can feel those big fat ass cheeks of yours jiggling against my thighs. Yessssss, more, more, more, ride me you whore! Make that slutty little ass of yours cum! Yes, cum for me! I wanna see the big bad Beyonce cum like the submissive little bitch she is, with a dick up her ass, in her marriage bed. Oh fuck! Oh yes! Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss, cum for me!”

It took Beyonce a few long seconds to get her bearings after the positions had been flipped, earning her a few extra spanks to her big ass, those cheeks jiggling obscenely and the sound echoing throughout the room even as Anna continued taunting her. And the bells on her nipple clamps jingling obscenely as her big boobs bounced. Both of which made the mighty Beyonce whimper pathetically and obediently start bouncing up and down on the strap-on, anally riding a cock for the first time in her life. Oh God, little Anna Kendrick actually had Beyonce abusing her own butt hole for their mutual pleasure, and once the dark skinned woman started she just couldn’t stop, increasing the pace until she was hammering herself up and down on the pale girl’s cock. And oh fuck, it felt so good.

For a few long seconds Beyonce felt like she was in Paradise, mostly because she could close her eyes and just get lost in the pleasure she was feeling. Then another hard strike to her ass had her opening her eyes again, and she looked down to see that Anna was staring behind her with a sadistic grin on her face. Against her better judgement Beyonce looked over her shoulder, and then started crying again, beginning with a particularly loud cry of despair as she saw herself in the full length mirror, looking like a total anal loving bitch riding her Mistress’s cock. And her big meaty cheeks which were jiggling so much it looked like jelly in an earthquake, which clearly pleased Anna, just as it would have pleased her if it had been anyone else’s ass.

Seeing herself like that actually pushed Beyonce over the edge of an incredible orgasm, the kind that she had only had when little Anna Kendrick sodomised her. It was then followed by another, and then another, and then another as Beyonce forgot about how obscenely submissive she looked right now and just concentrated on hammering herself up and down as hard as she possibly could. Which was almost hard enough to make her big boobs hit her in the face, which caused her Mistress to giggle, which made Beyonce’s heart flutter. Oh yes, in that moment of total submission Beyonce desperately wanted to please her little white Mistress regardless of how she would have to humiliate herself to do it, although luckily for her that just meant cumming harder.

Anna giggled with delight when Beyonce succeeded in smacking herself in the face with her own clamped tits, even if it meant she had to bent her head down to do it. It was another sign that Beyonce had been pushed further into submission, although it was nothing compared to the mighty ass wrecker Beyonce Knowles actually anally riding her. Especially considering while she might have started out slow and shy Beyonce was now hammering her fat butt up and down with every ounce of her strength while her cum squirted against Anna’s stomach. Oh yes, if Beyonce was willing to do this she might just be completely broken already, and if not she was ready for the final stage. Although Anna hoped Beyonce wasn’t completely broken, because Anna was just having so much fun putting Queen B in her place.

The only downside was that she couldn’t feel, or see, Beyonce’s fat ass jiggling against her thighs like she would when taking her from behind, but she could still feel it a little, and thanks to that mirror she could see it. And she got a great look at those bouncing and jingling tits. Which made her wonder, what would Beyonce’s precious bitches, her friends, and the rest of the world itself think if they could see the mighty Queen B now. How many of them would be horrified to know that she was Anna’s anal loving Chocolate Princess? How many of them would be overjoyed? How many of them would kill to see the pictures she took on her phone of that massive ass jiggling in that mirror, those clamped tits bouncing up and down in front of her, and just the sheer lack of ecstasy on Beyonce’s face as she came like a little bitch with a dick in her ass.

Of course inevitably Beyonce ran out of steam, but before she could collapse from exhaustion Anna flipped their positions, pushed the other woman’s legs onto her shoulders and started pounding her with every ounce of her strength. Even with all the strength and stamina that butt fucking anal addicted sluts like Beyonce Knowles gave her Anna was surprised just how quickly and easily she was able to do this, but it didn’t matter right now. Nor did the fact that she got to enjoy Beyonce’s ass jiggling even more than before. No, what mattered was that she was mounting the mighty Beyonce in this incredibly dominant position, staring down into her eyes as she used every ounce of her speed, strength and stamina to make this a real rectum wrecking.

It may have only been for those few precious seconds, but Anna saw nothing but submission in Beyonce’s eyes, which was enough to make her cum again. Of course she had been cumming when the singer had been wrecking her own rectum, as Beyonce doing that to herself had just been too much for Anna, especially considering the other end of the dildo was bashing against her clit. But as usual she was able to push through that climax, and the ones that followed it, to dish out a truly epic butt pounding. One which drained her all her energy, so she only got to enjoy the look for a little while before being forced to pull out and collapse onto her back besides her bitch to avoid passing out completely and giving Beyonce an easy chance for revenge.

Then after a few long minutes of gasping for breath and regaining their energy Anna ordered, “Show me that gaping big black booty of yours, my Little Chocolate Princess.”

Beyonce groaned softly, and somehow found the energy to do as she was told, even if at first that was just rolling onto her side so the other woman could get a good look at her gape that way. Which was more than enough, as after the damage Anna had done to her rear Beyonce felt as if her ass hole was as wide as the Grand Canyon, something which was obvious without her spreading her cheeks. She still did it though eventually, and managed to lift herself up to her knees and point her butt towards Anna, just because it pleased her Little White Mistress. Although to her horror she realised she hadn’t given her the proper respect a second ago, something she knew she was going to pay for.

Sure enough Anna sat up, pushed Beyonce’s hands away from her cheeks and give them a hard double slap while growling, “What do you say?”

“Yes my Little White Mistress, sorry my Little White Mistress.” Beyonce cried out.

“Damn right, now take that cock in your mouth you dumb bitch.” Anna ordered with another hard double slap.

“Yes my Little White Mistress.” Beyonce whimpered, scurrying to do as she was told.

Luckily the humiliation she had just received gave Beyonce the adrenaline she needed to move, and move reasonably fast, at least until she reached the necessary position, namely with her face in between Anna’s legs again. Then she slowed down, whimpering as she wrapped her lips around one of her own dildos which had just pummelled the deepest part of her own ass. Which again was another humiliating touch, but it was hard to focus on something like that when she was going ass to mouth. Partly because the act itself was unspeakable, but mostly because Beyonce found herself moaning with pleasure at the taste, which of course Anna capitalised on.

“Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, suck that cock! Suck the cock which has just been deep inside your fat ass! Oh fuck!” Anna gleefully encouraged, stroking Beyonce’s hair like the pet she was, “Yesssss, taste the deepest part of your big butt. Mmmmm, you love that, don’t you? Oh yes, the big bad Beyonce has been training girls to love the taste of their own asses, when the entire time she’s the biggest ATM whore of them all. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, just how many girls have sucked this cock, in this bed? Huh? I bet it’s a lot. Mmmmm, I bet more girls who look like me have sucked this cock after it’s been up their asses than you’ve ever sucked your husband’s cock, in this bed or any other. Mmmmm, and now Queen B, you’re the ass to mouth loving cock sucker! My ass to mouth loving cock sucker! Oh yeah, suck my cock bitch! Suck it just like your bitches did, because now you’re my bitch! Ah fuck yeahhhhhh!”

The mention of her husband and her bitches had Beyonce whimpering pathetically again, but she just continued sucking that cock like a completely broken bitch. Which she wasn’t, she had to believe that, even if it was kind of hard right now. Oh yes, she wasn’t sucking that strap-on because she was Anna’s fully trained bitch. No, she was doing this to distract her from the upsetting things Anna was saying. Which was at least kind of true, as if she closed her eyes Beyonce could just become lost in the taste of her own ass, something she had quickly become addicted to thanks to Anna constantly fucking Beyonce in the butt and then making her go ass to mouth.

Soon every drop was gone from the head, inspiring Beyonce to stuff more and more of the dildo into her mouth. When it hit the back of her mouth Beyonce started to concentrate on just the first half of the cock, just as she’d trained her bitches to do, before pushing down even further. The first time she tried this it hadn’t gone so well, but thanks to frequent practice she could now just about get every inch of that toy down her throat and greedily cleaning her own butt juices from the toy that way. Which of course pleased her Little White Mistress, who then gleefully rewarded Beyonce with another butt fucking. And then another, and then another, and then another as Anna Kendrick relentlessly abused Beyonce in her own marriage bed.

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