Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches – Part 2

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Ali Larter or Hayden Panettiere or Kristen Bell. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story.

Starring: Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell

Codes: Anal, Ff, Interracial, Language, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys

Beyonce’s Book Of Bitches Part 2
by MTL (

Hey Hayden, come to my hotel room tonight at 7 and bring Kristen with you. I have a surprise for you both.

For what felt like the millionth time Hayden Panettiere read those words. It wasn’t the first time she had received a text message like this, which was why she was so excited.

Feeling a pair of eyes on her Hayden looked up from her phone into the eyes of her ‘friend’ Kristen Bell.

“What?” Hayden huffed.

“Nothing.” Kristen sighed.

It was pointless to argue. Hayden was going to stare at the text message all the way to the hotel as if staring at it long enough she would decode it, the surprise being revealed to her as if by magic. It was somehow just as cute as it was annoying.

Speaking of which Hayden asked Kristen yet again, “So, who do you think the surprise is?”

Kristen smiled, “Like I said, might be a what instead of a who this time but either way I have no idea.”

“I hope it’s a who.” Hayden said softly after a moment’s pause.

“Of course you do.” Kristen grumbled.

“Awwww baby, don’t be jealous. You’re more than enough for me.” Hayden assured Kirsten softly.

“You mean me and Ali?” Kristen teased before quickly cutting off Hayden before she could overreact, “Relax, I’m not jealous. Just remember, whatever happens, you’re mine.”

Hayden smiled in a mixture of happiness and relief, “Right back at you.”

With that the two girls kiss softly, both grateful for the private limousine shielding their display of affection for each other.

As they kissed Kristen smiled, remembering how she used to dream of doing this as her younger friend slowly blossomed before her eyes from cute little kid into the definition of the word jailbait. Hayden’s ever-increasing hotness had been bad enough but the fact that the two girls just seemed to click made not seducing her so unbearable Kristen had promised herself she would make a move on Hayden after the younger blonde’s 18th birthday. Kristen had been determined to control herself until then but when Hayden had made a move on her Kristen couldn’t resist. Luckily they were now past the point Kristen could get thrown in jail for corrupting a minor but sadly their relationship becoming public knowledge could still damage their careers so they had no intention of revealing that their status as BFFs was just a cover any time soon.

The only reason Ali knew was that she came on to Hayden, and from there one thing had led to another until threesomes with Ali had become a regular occurrence for Hayden and Kristen, as well as semi regular foursomes, fivesomes or whateversomes.

Hayden and Kristen had agreed to a ‘as long as the other person knows about it then it doesn’t count as cheating’ rule, agreeing they were both young and wanted to have some fun before settling down but understanding at the end of the day the only person they wanted to go home with was each other.

A playful bite to her bottom lip tells Kristen she should quit daydreaming and concentrate more on kissing her secret girlfriend, the older actress more than happy to do so. After all she had wanted Hayden’s full attention before and now she had it.

Unfortunately just as the kiss really got good they reach their destination and as much as the two blondes would have loved to have told the driver to circle a few blocks just so they could have some kinky limo sex fun what was waiting for them in the hotel would be no doubt even kinkier.

It seemed to take forever just to get up to Ali’s room, and it seemed to take even longer to answer the door, but it was worth it just to see their friend and co-worker greeting them.

“Hey girls, come in.” Ali says softly, stepping aside to let the other two past her before shutting the door and then turning, “Follow me.”

Hayden and Kristen frown at each other. The older woman didn’t quite seem to be herself but they simply shrug and follow her into the bedroom where a familiar looking black woman was sitting.

“Oh my God, Beyonce!” Hayden exclaimed, before adding somewhat embarrassingly, “I mean… hey, I’m… I’m a big fan.”

“Me too.” Kristen said.

Both of the younger blondes felt embarrassed. They had both been in Hollywood for years and they had even met Beyonce in passing before so they really shouldn’t have reacted like such dorks, but in their defence it wasn’t just seeing Beyonce, it was seeing her here and now which was the real cause of their excitement as it could mean only one thing. As it turned out they were wrong, as things weren’t exactly as they were expecting.

“Hey,” Beyonce smiled at them before turning to Ali, “You’ve done well bitch.”

“Thank you my Black Mistress.” Ali said, stunning the two other Heroes stars.

“Black Mistress?” Hayden mumbled questioningly.

“That’s what I have my bitches call me, which is exactly what your little friend is to me now.” Beyonce explained, “Isn’t that right Ali?”

“Yes my Black Mistress, I’m your bitch. Your white bitch.” Ali said submissively, stunning her two Heroes co-stars.

Beyonce smiled, “Apparently my new bitch here was under the impression she was some kind of top just because you two let her boss you around which led her to try and seduce and dominate me. What happened then slut?”

“I got put in my place by my Black Mistress.” Ali said.

“That’s right bitch.” Beyonce praised her obedient whore before turning back to the other two girls, “Ali tells me that the three of you have fun together all the time and that you’re constantly inviting other girls to join you, so as Ali’s new Mistress I thought I would join in on the fun tonight, if that’s ok with you?”

“Sure.” Kristen mumbled.

“No problem.” Hayden muttered.

There was a brief silence and then both of the young blondes asked almost in unison, “Is Ali really your bitch?”

Beyonce smiled and said, “Ali, turn around and pull down your pants.”

Ali blushed but did as she was told, pulling her panties down as well without needing to be asked, revealing her gaping ass hole to her co-stars, both of whom gasp in surprise as they were shown what the inside of Ali’s rectum looks like.

“As you can see I only just got done enjoying that sweet piece of white ass when you arrived. In fact the reason it took my bitch so long to answer the door is because she was cleaning the last of her ass juices off my strap on.” Beyonce boasted, “I hear you two love taking it up the ass almost as much as Ali has learned to love it, so I think we are all going to have a lot of fun tonight. First though I want to make sure there’s no doubt in either of your minds that I own Ali. Bitch, get over my knee right now. You’re about to get your ass spanked.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali said, eagerly getting into position across her owner’s knee.

“From what I hear Ali just loves to spank you.” Beyonce said, raising her hand, “So watching this should be very enjoyable for you.”

The sound of Beyonce’s hand connecting with Ali’s right ass cheek echoes throughout the room, even the already broken woman was surprise just how hard Beyonce smacked her ass. The following spanks don’t get softer, in fact if anything there even harder, Beyonce bringing her hand down again and again on Ali’s backside with every ounce of her strength.

From the shocked and almost worried looks on the two standing girls faces Beyonce briefly wonders if she’s made an error in judgment, but she quickly changes her mind as both Hayden and Kristen slowly start looking less worried and more turned on from the beating she is giving their friend’s butt.

The change in their reactions made Beyonce smile. Perhaps Hayden and Kristen really are the sluts Ali had told her they were.

Putting that theory to the test Beyonce began concentrating fully on spanking Ali, constantly switching between covering that sweet ass with hits and concentrating on the tender flesh surrounding Ali’s gaping ass hole and of course the poor abused hole itself, the sound of her bitch’s squeals music to her ears.

Ali wasn’t sure if her mistress wanted her to stifle her cries of pain or not so taking a risk she doesn’t worry about it, deciding if she’s displeasing her owner Beyonce will say something.

With her cries falling freely from her mouth Ali turns her head to look at her two co-stars and began blushing furiously. Over the past couple of weeks Beyonce had redefined Ali’s understanding of words like shame and humiliation, but Ali had never felt more ashamed or humiliated as she did right now. Well, maybe during the taking of her anal cherry, but other than that this has to be the worst. Here she was bent over the knee of another woman, forced to endure a spanking, her already incredibly sore butt feeling like it’s in agony from each blow, all the while two other girls are watching her debasement. These were not just two other girls either, these were young and impressionable girls, girls who were part of the ensemble cast she worked with at random on a day to day basis, girls who she had delighted in dominating for over a year, and they were now bearing witness to her submission, and from the looks of it enjoying every second of it, which only made the whole situation more humiliating, which in turn made Ali love it all the more.

She didn’t understand why but Ali just couldn’t get enough of this, she just couldn’t get enough of Beyonce humiliating her like this, and so she not only stays where she was, she loved every second of her spanking and wishes Beyonce would hit her even harder.

Hayden kind of wishes is the same thing while Kristen still can’t believe how hard Beyonce is spanking Ali, at the same time both standing blondes struggling to believe their eyes as one of the most dominating women they had ever met submitted to a spanking so brutal that they doubted even Hayden would enjoy it.

Kristen and Hayden had a very loving relationship. When it was just the two of them they mostly made soft, tender love. Sure, they had their moments were one totally dominated the other, and even the occasional rough, battling for dominance fuck, but for the most part they saved the really kinky sex for when they were with Ali and/or others. It was just easier to get kinky when others were around, and Ali knew how to get kinky. When it was the three of them Ali almost always took the lead, dominating the two younger women like the well practice girl fucker she was. Neither Hayden or Kristen had even come close to doing something like spanking Ali, and yet there she was, taking her spanking like a good little sub.

The sight was intoxicating for the two girls to watch, both wanting to touch themselves but both being so transfixed they just stood around like idiots while Beyonce beats their friend’s ass red, not that it took that long considering how pink and swollen Ali’s backside had been when the spanking began.

Once Ali’s ass cheeks were nice and red and Beyonce decides she has made her point the black pop singer stops the spanking and starts to gently massage the soft flesh she has just beaten red, her white bitch cooing happily as the pain was slowly caressed away.

“Did you enjoy watching that?” Beyonce asked the two standing blondes.

It takes a few moments for Hayden and Kristen to wake from the daze watching the spanking had put them in, but when they did they blush and nod, a cute little half smile crossing Hayden’s face.

“I thought you might, from what Ali has told me about you two. She also told me you love getting your pretty little asses spanked, is that true?” Beyonce asked.

“I kind of like it.” Kristen admited quickly, blushing a little before grinning, “But Hayden loves it. She can’t get enough.”

“Hey.” Hayden protested, pushing Kristen’s arm almost but not quite roughly.

“You don’t like it?” Beyonce questioned.

“No. Yes. I mean…” Hayden said firmly before a blush spreads across her face, “It’s just… you know… I like it, I just don’t love it that much. What? I don’t!”

Hayden’s protesting only makes the look on Kristen’s face seem more appropriate.

“So, you wouldn’t mind getting spanked, but you wouldn’t love it?” Beyonce said.

“Exactly.” Hayden said, sounding unsure.

“Well in that case I think I’ll spank Kristen first.” Beyonce said.

“Hey wait, no fair.” Hayden protested, “I said I like it, Kristen said she kind of liked it.”

“Yes but Kristen sounded sure.” Beyonce pointed out.

“Yes but… but…” Hayden says, searching for something to say but finding nothing, “Fine, whatever… I don’t care anyway.”

Beyonce smirks at the obvious lie and the fact that without needing to be asked Ali gets up and Kristen takes her place, the previously fully dressed blonde pulling down her pants and panties before bending over the singer’s knee. Obviously Kristen really did have experienced being spanked, something which would definitely help her deal with what was to come.

As always when presented with her first look at a bare white ass Beyonce licks her lips before she slides her hand across the soft, pale skin, her fingertips itching with anticipation of beating this white butt red.

Before allowing herself to indulge in that Beyonce decides to offer Kristen and option she doesn’t always offer.

“So Kristen, how would you like your spanking? Soft? Medium? Hard?” Beyonce asks, demonstrating each of the three appropriate spanks.

“Oh, owww, owwwwwww! Medium… medium please.” Kristen says.

Beyonce smiles before doing as requested, quickly settling into what she considers to be a medium strength spanking which isn’t as brutal as the one she had just given Ali but is still nice and firm.

It’s probably for the best. Ali was Beyonce’s housebroken little white bitch who would happily let Beyonce do whatever she wants to her without question while Kristen was in such an early stage of her breaking in she doesn’t even know it’s happening yet. Neither Kristen or Hayden were likely to be much of a challenge considering they both clearly had a thing for Beyonce’s type of fun anyway, but breaking in more than one bitch at a time was always risky so there was no need to complicate matters.

Besides, Beyonce doesn’t need to beat a butt black and blue for her to enjoy spanking it, in fact the medium pace meant it took longer for the spanking to really take effect, Beyonce getting to spend plenty of time gently groping Kristen’s ass cheeks in between every other firm strike, that sweet white flesh slowly turning pink under her loving attention but never quite managing the angry red of Ali’s butt cheeks.

Part of Kristen feels like the spanking is more than forceful enough, although if she’s honest with herself there is another part of her which wonders what the hard option would have been like. After all, Ali had seemed to enjoy it, and while Kristen didn’t love spanking as much as her secret girlfriend, or as much as Ali apparently did now, Kristen did come here expecting a spanking, and even looking forward to it a little. A bit of a spanking could be highly enjoyable for Kristen if she was in the right mood and if the fact that she had been trying to put herself in that mood to prepare herself for tonight hadn’t worked watching Ali gets spanked had definitely done it.

Kristen could feel her arousal coursing through her as Beyonce’s hand came crashing down on the soft flesh of her butt again and again and again, her sexual excitement only heightened by the humiliation of her position and the fact that two of her co-stars were watching her, both with obvious jealousy on their faces.

Although she was not sure whether Hayden wishes it was her getting spanked or her spanking Kristen or a combination of both it doesn’t matter, as regardless that look of jealousy on Hayden’s face is actually more arousing to Kristen then the spanking itself.

Just as she thinks this a particularly hard smack to Kristen’s ass has her rethinking what’s more arousing fear and whether or not she should have chosen the harder spanking as an option. Kristen even considers changing her request, almost doing so but always chickening out.

As Kristen debates on whether to ask for a hard spanking or not her two Heroes co-stars watched with jealousy while thinking what is to come, Hayden wondering with excitement while Ali thinking about it with a combination of trepidation and pure lust.

“Would you like your turn now?” Beyonce asked Hayden while caressing Kristen’s now fairly pink looking ass.

Hayden nodded, trying and failing not to look enthusiastic which makes Beyonce smile.

“Ok then, get up bitch. It’s your little girlfriend’s turn.” Beyonce said, smacking Kristen’s butt on the word bitch.

A little awkwardly Kristen slowly got up and off Beyonce’s knee, Hayden quickly taking her place after pulling down her pants and panties so that her bare ass was perfectly on display.

While Beyonce always licked her lips when being presented with a new piece of naked girl butt it becomes difficult for the black singer to stop herself from flat-out drooling when she was presented with Hayden’s perfect little derriere.

In all Beyonce’s years of butt busting she honestly thinks she has never seen a ass more deserving of the term of perfection and it’s all Beyonce can do not to shove Hayden face down on the bed, quickly strap on the biggest dildo in her collection and spend the rest of the night anally raping that sexy little white ass. Beyonce remains strong though. She will be deep inside Hayden’s beautiful butt soon enough, and if all goes well pictures of this perfect posterior will be added into her little book and she’ll have another white bitch for her collection. In fact, she’ll have two.

Beyonce tries to push thoughts of future ass ramming out of her head but it becomes increasingly difficult as she touches Hayden’s backside for the first time, her right hand softly sliding all over it before she begins to greedily pinch and squeeze it.

“What would you prefer?” Beyonce asks finally after what seems like an hour of shameless butt groping, “Soft? Medium? Hard?”

As with Kristen before her Hayden received three smacks to her ass of the appropriate force, “Oh, owww, owwwwwww… hard please.”

Hayden blushes slightly but can’t stop herself from asking for what she really wants. She had to soak up the embarrassment for a little while as Beyonce just seems to let her stew in her humiliation before finally beginning to spank her, at which point Hayden was immediately no longer embarrassed about her choice. Well, it was still embarrassing, but Hayden no longer cares nearly as much.

Truth be told the embarrassment that came from enjoying being spanked hard kind of adds to Hayden’s arousal in the same way that the humiliation of being put over another woman’s knee and spanked in front of an audience of two other women really just made Hayden love it all the more. And if Hayden was really, really honest with herself, part of her even enjoyed the pain itself, and that twisted part of her really, really enjoyed the spanking Beyonce gave her.

Ali had spanked Hayden a lot, Hayden often deliberately giving Ali reason to, but not even the hardest spanking she had ever received from Ali compared to this one. Beyonce’s hand smacked roughly against her flesh over and over and over, covering her butt cheeks in so many stinging blows over such a short period of time Hayden considers begging for mercy, or at least begging for a little break, but just as it becomes too much Beyonce lightens up or even stops altogether for a little more butt groping.

It’s a little hard for Beyonce to tell whether the butt groping breaks were for Hayden’s benefit or her own pleasure. Most likely it was 50/50, but then again it’s hard for Beyonce to imagine that Hayden was getting as much pleasure from the little break in the spanking as she was.

Beyonce has had the pleasure of spanking a lot of white girls but none had been more spank-able than Hayden, those firm little ass cheeks becoming even more beautiful as they turned first a nice shade of pink, then a darker shade of pink before finally nice and red. The whole time this was happening Hayden let’s out these wonderful little noises of pain and pleasure which only makes it sweeter until Beyonce isn’t sure whether she prefers spanking Hayden’s butt or groping it. Both were extremely arousing, but the whole time she was doing either of them Beyonce’s mind constantly wanders back to the wonderful moment she will slide her big black strap on in between those little butt cheeks and deep into the white girl’s tight little ass. She almost becomes lost in that thought, but manages to concentrate long enough to give her soon to be new little bitch a nice firm spanking.

Constantly fighting back the urge to ass rape the gorgeous butt she was spanking Beyonce takes her sweet time, enjoying the looks of jealousy on the other two white girls faces as she enjoys Hayden’s ass.

While Kristen definitely had the look of pure jealousy on her face Ali was also clearly looking forward to what was coming next, while feeling a little guilty that she didn’t worn Hayden and/or Kristen about what was to come.

Once finished with the spanking Beyonce spends a few moments caressing Hayden’s ass for telling her, “Ok, get up and strip for me. That goes for you two bitches as well.”

Caught up in the moment Hayden and Kristen did what they were told without thinking twice, while Ali wouldn’t even dare hesitating obeying such a request. When their clothes had been removed Beyonce pulled off her top and grab two handfuls of her own tits.

“Ali tells me you two just love sucking on titties. Is that right? You love sucking on titties?” Beyonce asked, caressing herself.

Hayden and Kristen both nod eagerly.

“Well then get to it sluts. Suck on these big black titties of mine.” Beyonce said, letting go of her boobs and sticking out her chest.

Neither Hayden or Kristen hesitated to sit down either side of Beyonce on the bed, lean in and take a nipple each into their mouths, sucking on them greedily.

They were no strangers to calling each other ‘sluts’, ‘bitches’, and all manner of other things during sex, especially in kinky situations like this, so Beyonce’s language towards Kristen and Hayden really didn’t bother them. In fact it only made them hornyer, the two white actresses happily worshipping Beyonce’s black tits with all the knowledge they had picked up over their short but very active time as secret bisexuals.

Kristen had been doing this type of thing a lot longer than Hayden but the younger blonde had been a very quick study so it wasn’t a case of Kristen taking the lead and Hayden following but a case of both girls showing off what they could do with a nipple. Their tongues swirl around soft flesh, their teeth gently dig in and their lips suckle with varying degrees of force, their eyes occasionally looking up at Beyonce for approval as they did each of these things at random.

Beyonce smiles down at them as they were, gripping the back of their heads to push them deeper into her tits as she moans in approval.

When she wasn’t watching the two white girls suckling on her titties Beyonce was watching Ali obediently stand where she is just waiting for instructions, Beyonce delighting in the obedience of her white bitch. Ali clearly wants to join a fun and the fact that this previously dominant woman is doing waiting for her command is almost as much of a turn on as the mouths working on her tits.

As good as those mouths feel where they are Beyonce was eager to feel them somewhere else and it isn’t long before she says, “Ali tells me you two are total sluts for pussy, that you’re both a pair of little rug munching dykes who just can’t get enough. Is that right? Are you a couple of cunt lickers?”

“Oh yeah.” Kristen said, “We love pussy.”

“Can’t get enough.” Hayden eagerly added.

“Well you two muff divers are in luck, cause I’ve got a nice hot, wet black pussy for both you little carpet cleaners to enjoy to your little queer hearts content.” Beyonce said, getting up and pulling off her pants and panties, Hayden and Kristen eagerly helping her to remove them along with her shoes so she was just as naked as the rest of them, “You like that? You bitches like the smell of my black pussy?”

“Uh-huh.” Hayden and Kristen both moaned together, their faces inches away from Beyonce’s cunt as a result of them kneeling before her to help remove her clothing.

“That’s what I thought, a pair of pussy lovers, just like your little friend said so. Well tuck in lesbos. Get those hot little white mouths on my cunt. I want you sharing my pussy like you do with Ali’s. Come on white sluts, eat me. Get those tongues inside my black pussy.” Beyonce moaned as she spread her legs, gently grabbed some blonde hair and pushed them towards her wet and waiting love hole.

Knowing what was expected of them neither Kristen or Hayden hesitate in pushing their heads in between Beyonce’s legs, their faces pressing against each other as they simultaneously stuck out their tongues for a double lick of sweet black girl cream.

The loud moan brought on by this double lick causes the two young blondes to grin mischievously before getting down to some serious cunt lapping, Hayden sliding her tongue around the edge of one of Beyonce’s pussy lips while Kristen did the same to the other, sometimes both up, sometimes both down, or sometimes one up and one down.

Before Beyonce got a chance to complain Hayden gives the sweet black pussy in front of her one long lick from bottom to top, stopping briefly to tease her eager to be penetrated love hole and her eager for contact of any kind clit. Kristen does the same, the two girls repeating the process like clockwork for a little while, eventually adding sucking on Beyonce’s clit into the mix, Kristen going first with Hayden barely giving her enough time to remove her lips before the younger girl eagerly clamps down and sucks on the sensitive little ball of flesh.

Having pleasured Ali and other girls this way many, many times before most of this was routine, but at the same time it was not entirely predictable. Their tongues often met during the licking, gently brushing against the other, those two soft pink objects even briefly caressing each other before continuing their task. When they began gently kissing around Beyonce’s pussy lips their lips brush against each other even more than their tongues to the point where they are ‘forced’ to take a break just to kiss each other. The kissing was predictable as it happens every time, what was unpredictable was when the pausing takes place and how long it goes on for.

All this pausing just added to the teasing which was of course their intention, Hayden and Kristen carefully working together to drive Beyonce wild in the same way they had done to all the others, making Beyonce soaking wet and ready for them, so much so they might just have the gorgeous black woman begging for them before they even push one of their tongues inside her.

Beyonce was certainly juicing up quite nicely, her cunt practically running like a river without being penetrated yet, however if the girls honestly thought she was going to beg for them they have another think coming.

Girls beg for Beyonce, not the other way around… unless they were really, really good fucks, which only happened occasionally so it didn’t count.

Beyonce knew what Kristen and Hayden were up to, Ali had told her all about how they like to eat pussy together and the while they like to try and make the other woman beg after enough time they’ll just lose patience and fuck her anyway so it is just a matter of outlasting them, something Beyonce is very confident she can do as she’s had plenty of practice.

She is so confident she even calls over Ali to suck on her tits while the other two blondes work on her honey pot just so she can lay back and enjoy the sensation of three white girls worshipping her beautiful black body. The only way it could have been better would be if she had another girl to suck on her titties and another to lick out her ass hole.

This idea excites Beyonce so much she almost orders one of the girls to take their tongue out of her pussy and stick it in her ass or get Ali to rim her shit pipe but she decides against it. There would be a tongue in her ass soon enough and when it was there it would be a symbol of another girl’s submission to her, as it should be. Until then two girls worshipping her pussy while another worships her titties is enough to satisfy her, at least for now.

While Beyonce is satisfied, and the other two blondes are more than satisfied, Ali was feeling rather jealous of Hayden and Kristen for getting to taste her black mistress instead of her. She was also regretful that her face wasn’t buried in between Beyonce’s butt cheeks, and that Beyonce’s strap on wasn’t buried between her butt cheeks, but at the same time she was incredibly grateful to her mistress for allowing her to have the privilege of sucking her titties.

Despite there being other things Ali would have liked to be doing to please her mistress suckling her tits was quite the consolation prize, Ali using every trick she knew to please her better.

She twirled her tongue around the nipple in between sucks, kissing a trail in between the two nipples and all around the soft flesh of Beyonce’s breasts in a testament to her devotion to her mistress.

All this earned Ali a few extra moans which she could tell are for her only as they are simultaneous with a few of her actions, and best of all a hand on the back of her head gently patting her, her mistress showing her she appreciated her efforts which only makes Ali work harder.

The three white women work tirelessly on the black woman for nearly 20 minutes and yet Beyonce continues to only moan and groan in pure pleasure without any sign of frustration. Given more time they might be able to make Beyonce beg but Hayden didn’t have the patience to wait any longer.

Hayden wasn’t sure if her girlfriend read her mind and decides to deliberately annoy her or whether she’s feeling just as impatient as she was but Kristen suddenly pushd her tongue as deep into Beyonce’s pussy as it would go about a second before Hayden was going to do it herself.

Kristen couldn’t help but grin as she could practically hear her girlfriend scowling at her. As cute as Hayden was when she scowled Kristen loved her too much to deprive her of delicious pussy juice so after only a few seconds of gentle tongue thrusting Kristen pulled away and smiled at her girlfriend.

Her award was a beaming smile in return before Hayden thrusted her tongue into Beyonce’s cunt and immediately began to fuck it hard.

Expecting Hayden to also pull out a few seconds later Kristen continued to smile but her smile slowly fades as Hayden seemed to become lost in tongue fucking Beyonce’s pussy.

Just as Kristen was about to cough impatiently Hayden pulled back and smiles at her, Kristen returning the smile with a glare before she quickly pushed her tongue into Beyonce before her girlfriend changes her mind.

This goes on for a while, both blondes taking it in turns to give Beyonce’s sweet honey hole a few tongue thrusts, each almost using a completely different speed every time. First Kristen would slowly slid her tongue in and out, then Hayden would pump it in and out hard and fast, then Kristen would tongue fuck her even faster and harder, then Hayden would slide in and out at a snail’s pace, then Kristen would fuck her kind of quickly, then Hayden would go slow, then they would both go fast, and again, and again, then both slow, then they were going at different speeds again.

Soon after the tongue fucking started Kristen and Hayden started sealing their mouths tightly around Beyonce’s pussy as they thrust their tongues in and out of her, making sure her cunt cream slid directly into their mouths and down their throats.

Both blondes adored pussy juice, something they have both known from a very early age although in Hayden’s case that discovery wasn’t that long ago, and as they taste Beyonce’s honey directly from the source it becomes harder and harder not to just use every trick they had in their book to fuck as much of this delicious flavour out of the other woman as possible.

Their restraint lasts surprisingly long, nearly another full 10 minutes passing before Hayden began twirling her tongue inside Beyonce’s cunt and Kristen began licking around the outside and attacking her clit whenever she could get to it, both blondes picking up steam as they got down to some serious rug munching.

With the other two blondes clearly picking up the pace Ali does her best to do the same, twirling her tongue faster around each of Beyonce’s nipples while sucking hard on those sensitive little balls of flesh, her black mistress gripping harder on to her hair to show Ali she is doing a good job.

The small gesture warmed Ali’s heart, the broken woman happy she was pleasing her mistress. Nothing in the world mattered to her more than that.

Looking up at her black mistress Ali sees that Beyonce’s eyes are closed and her mouth was open, her face awash with pleasure. Beyonce has never looked more beautiful and knowing that part of the pleasure that her mistress is feeling is because of her makes Ali very pleased with herself.

Ali might not have been so pleased with herself if she had known that the fact that a lot of Beyonce’s moans coincided with her worshipping of her nipples was merely coincidental. The truth was they also coincided with the work Hayden and Kristen were doing to Beyonce’s pussy which was increasingly impressive.

Beyonce had the pleasure of many a fine tongue in her twat, but the work of these two blondes was truly phenomenal.

In addition to one of them twirling her tongue inside Beyonce’s pussy while the other sucks her clit Hayden and Kristen had now started doing the same thing together, their tongues gently sliding into the black woman’s cunt at the same time and then after a few thrusts gliding over her clit, swiping at it with their tongues at first before closing both their mouths around it so they are sharing a kiss with Beyonce’s clit in the middle of it.

The sensations of this technique was enough to bring even someone like Beyonce to the edge of orgasm, the experienced black woman knowing she was only one more good tongue thrust away from orgasm.

Before she cums Beyonce reaches down past Ali to grab two handfuls of blonde hair and gives Kristen and Hayden one final bit of encouragement, similar to the encouragements she has been giving them the entire time only with slightly heightened volume.

“Yeeeesssssssss that’s it you beautiful white bitches! Lick me! Suck me! Fuck me! Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk! Oh yes, that’s it, just like that, mmmmmmmmm, good girls! Good little pussy eating girls! You two bitches know how to eat pussy don’t you? Yes, you’re both total little muff diving sluts who just can’t get enough sweet pussy juice! You must be because only total cunt lapping whores know how to eat pussy this good! And you work so well together, mmmmmmmmm, you little lesbian sluts must have gone down on thousands of girls to be this good at rug munching. I’m surprised you even have time to do your silly little show with all the pussy eating you obviously do! Mmmmmmmmm, that’s so good, mmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhhh, you, you’re going too, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuucccccckkk yoooouuuuuuu liiiitttttllleeeee whhhhhiiiiiiiittttttteeeee biiiiiittttccccchhhheeesss!”

Beyonce’s rant ended in a long moan when she climaxes hard, her eyes rolling in the back of her head and her fingernails digging deep into blonde hair as wonderful sensations flow through her.

Gluing their mouths even tighter to Beyonce’s pussy Hayden and Kristen eagerly swallow down the sweet cum given to them as their reward for making the beautiful black singer climax, the two blondes twirling their tongues to make sure Beyonce’s orgasm was as hard as possible, and that they get as much girl cum as they could.

As her climax begins to wind down Beyonce feels her body already gearing up to another one, the two white girls showing no signs of stopping, a fact made clear when as soon as they were done swallowing Beyonce’s cum Hayden and Kristen seem to go into tongue fucking overdrive again. It was very difficult for Beyonce to bring herself to stop them but she planned on tearing each of their ass holes open and for that she’s going to need to save her strength.

So Beyonce reluctantly pushed Ali away, sits up and pulled firmly on some blonde hair, Kristen and Hayden quickly getting the message and lifting their heads up so Beyonce can reward both of them with a kiss.

“You really do love pussy don’t you.” Beyonce said smiling.

“Uh-huh.” Hayden and Kristen both nodded together before Hayden adds hopefully, “Can’t get enough.”

Beyonce grins, and then frowned slightly. She is aching to get her strap on deep inside some white girl ass, but tasting the sweet flavour of her own pussy has got her equally aching to taste some sweet white girl cum.

After thinking about it for a few moments Beyonce makes a decision, “Well, if you two lay down on the bed for me I promise you can get a little more pussy, while I’m enjoying yours.”

Eagerly Kristen and Hayden jumped up and got down on the bed, spreading their legs widely and presenting their wet love holes.

Rather than dive right in Beyonce slowly crawls up the bed until she can kiss one, then the other, before slowly sliding her lips all over their bodies. She licks and sucks on their necks before doing the same to their nipples, using one hand to work on the nipple she was working on at any given time while the other hand switches in between the three other breasts.

“Hey Ali, come help me out here.” Beyonce ordered her housebroken bitch.

Ali was quickly by her mistress’s side, worshipping whichever nipple Beyonce wasn’t working on, getting off the bed and moving round every time the pop singer switches between Hayden and Kristen, the two blonde girls just lying back and enjoying this treatment.

“Keep working bitch.” Beyonce tells Ali as she begins working her way down the two flat stomachs before her, kissing nearly every ounce of flesh before reaching their destination.

Like a wine expert sampling a couple of glasses Beyonce takes one long sniff and then one quick lick of first Hayden’s and then Kristen’s pussy, pausing for a moment after each lick so she can appreciate the sweet flavour she has just tasted, before diving in between Hayden’s legs again.

It was a close contest but Hayden was just a little bit sweeter than her girlfriend, and so she was rewarded with the first long lick of Beyonce’s tongue, and the second, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and so on.

Beyonce couldn’t help but smile at the little whine of disappointment that came from Kirsten when Hayden was rewarded with the first few licks, and another when it became clear Beyonce was going to be in between Hayden’s legs for a little while.

Kirsten certainly doesn’t blame Beyonce, after all her girlfriend has the sweetest little pussy she had ever had the pleasure of licking, but she still couldn’t help wishing for some attention herself. Luckily she didn’t have to wish for long.

“Ali, get your lazy white ass up and sit on Kristen’s face.” Beyonce ordered her white bitch.

Eager to obey Ali gets up and crawls over Kristen’s body until her pussy was hovering over the younger blonde’s face, at which point she slowly lowers herself down until her pussy was touching Kristen’s lips.

Severely turned on from going down on Beyonce, the promise of the rug munching she was still hoping to receive, and most of all the sight and the sounds of her girlfriend being eaten out, Kristen wasted no time in giving Ali’s twat one long lick after another, her tongue soon making the older woman moan.

The moaning only served to make Kristen more horny, which in turn only made her work faster on Ali’s pussy, sucking on the lips, flicking the clit with her tongue and even sliding her tongue inside for a few random thrusts. Normally Kristen would have waited a little while to do these things, but unlike when she had gone down on Beyonce she was now in no mood for soft teasing.

Luckily Ali’s pussy is already running like a river, probably as a result of sucking on several tits and receiving a spanking, all without being allowed some form of relief.

Kristen was partly right, those things certainly contributed to Ali’s horniness, but truth be told she had been horny for days thinking about having sex with her two beautiful co-stars and the goddess who she is privileged enough to call her black mistress.

Of course as much as her thoughts had been a turn on they could do no justice to the sensations of being bent over her mistress’s knee while her two younger co-stars watched her get spanked or having so many wonderful tits to suck or now as she has Kristen’s talented tongue in her cunt while Beyonce was going down on Hayden right next to her.

The sights and sounds of what was going on beside her would be enough to make her pussy run like a river on its own but with Kristen’s lips sucking on her pussy in between the licks, flicks and thrusts of her tongue it was a struggle for Ali not to cum without her mistress’s permission on the spot.

Unfortunately before Ali could asked permission Beyonce lifts her face from between Hayden’s legs and said, “Ok bitch, swap over. I want you sitting on ‘the cheerleader’s’ pretty little white face while I taste Kristen’s pretty little pink pussy, then when I switch back I want you to go back to where you are now. We’re going to do this until I’ve had my fill of these delicious little white pussies, and if you can’t keep up your bitch ass is going to get beaten until it bleeds!”

Ali hated having to get off Kristen’s face when she was so close to an orgasm but she knows better than to disobey her mistress, so she slowly lifted herself up, moved over and lowered herself down onto Hayden’s face, silently praying that the 19 year old would waste no time in bringing her to the edge again.

Her prayers went unanswered as although Hayden was almost as horny the younger girl was nowhere near climax, in fact she was very much in the mood to keep this little fucking session going for a long time.

Hayden loved cumming as much as anyone, maybe more than most given her very active sex life, but she enjoyed the build up just as much. The build up often made the eventual climax all the sweeter, and from the way things were going Hayden is sure when her climax arrives it would be seriously sweet. So will Ali’s if she can tongue her right, and left with nothing else to worry about that’s exactly what Hayden set out to do.

The older blonde actually lets out a whimper for Hayden as she begins gently lapping at her pussy lips, spending a few minutes just teasing Ali’s hole and ignoring her clit altogether which completely brings Ali down from her high, much to the dismay of the older woman and the joy of the younger woman.

With Ali nice and relaxed Hayden slides her tongue into her co-star’s cunt in one long slow thrust and then starts gently fucking the older blonde with her tongue, her mouth closing around the sweet hole in front of her so her juices end up flowing pretty much directly down Hayden’s throat.

As the delicious girl cream begins flowing into her mouth Hayden picks up the pace a little and even begin swirling her tongue around inside Ali’s twat, but having gone down on her many, many times before Hayden knows just how to avoid the older woman’s sweet spots, saving them for later when she really wants to make Ali feel good.

All this leaved Ali feeling incredibly frustrated of course but she does not complain, instead trying her best to just enjoy Hayden’s sweet little mouth on her cunt as she watches her black mistress go down on Kristen intently, waiting for the order to switch partners again in the hopes that Kristen will be more willing to bring her off, while the same time wishing she was in Kristen’s place.

Even though she loved her girlfriend’s mouth and tongue Kristen doesn’t particularly want to swap places with Ali as she was very much enjoying feeling a new mouth and tongue working on her womanhood.

Being with someone new was always a treat, especially when that person knows what they’re doing as Beyonce clearly did. It’s clear from the very first lick, and the second confirmed it, as did the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and so on.

Although unnecessarily given how wet Kristen was the teasing to begin with is phenomenal work, Beyonce’s tongue sliding up, down and around Kristen’s pussy lips so skilfully, showing the same skill when it came to teasing her hole and the occasional flick of her clit.

Just as the teasing was about to become too much Beyonce slid her tongue inside Kristen’s cunt in one hard thrust, almost making the actress cum, but the singer carefully kept her on the edge so that they could continue the fucking.

While being denied climax frustrates Kristen the skill tongue fucking she begins to receive after the denial convinces her that her orgasm is worth putting off as long as she can continue to get fucked like this.

Almost immediately after she thought that Kristen groaned in frustration as Beyonce’s mouth and tongue was removed from her pussy, the black woman returning to Hayden’s cunt, leaving Kristen feeling cheated and unsatisfied. Luckily Ali’s pussy was lowered onto her face shortly afterwards, a consolation prize Kristen could more than happily live with, and as she got into the groove of carpet munching the older blonde Kristen became fine with it, all the while hoping Beyonce would return to her needy hole very soon.

In some ways it felt like an eternity until Beyonce returned to Kristen’s cunt, in others it only felt like seconds. More accurately to Kristen it felt like an eternity, although a rather happy eternity filled with delicious pussy, while for Hayden and Ali it seemed to be over too soon, Hayden wishing Beyonce’s mouth and tongue weren’t removed just as she was about to cum while Ali had also been close, although at least she got to go from one mouth and tongue to another while Hayden is left with none. That left Beyonce as the only one who was never truly left frustrated. And why would she be?

Beyonce was very happy in her current position and had no intention of letting either white girl cum any time soon. She was having too much fun to let that happen.

It has been far too long since Beyonce had two new little white pussies presented for her mouth and tongue to enjoy at her leisure, in fact it has been far too long since she had one new little white pussy presented for her mouth and tongue to enjoy at her leisure, so now she has two pretty little white love holes at her mercy Beyonce intends taking her time on them.

As usual when she is sampling two bitches at once she tries to tell which had the yummiest fuck hole. It was another close call but Beyonce has to give it to Hayden who’s pussy was easily one of the sweetest she has ever tasted, however Kristen’s honey just seemed to melt in Beyonce’s mouth meaning there was no way the dominant pop singer was going to neglect either hole. Besides, even if she had wanted to this was a crucial time in Hayden’s and Kristen’s breaking in and Beyonce couldn’t afford to play favourites. They would be time for that later, but for now Beyonce fucked both girls equally and would continue to do so for the rest of the night.

Spending an equal amount of time on both girls made it easier for Beyonce to keep them both as close to the edge as possible as she switched between them. This was of course to make sure Hayden’s and Kristen’s orgasms would be as strong as possible which would go a long way to securing their submission to Beyonce. Of course Kristen and Hayden weren’t the only ones Beyonce was forced to stay close to the edge but never achieving a climax they were becoming increasing desperate to have, only in Ali’s case Beyonce isn’t doing it to ensure her submission, or even reinforce it. Really, she was just doing it for fun.

Beyonce loves to deny her broken bitches climax, make them beg and plead for it, something Ali does constantly as Beyonce switches back and forth, back and forth, back in force in between the two sweet white pussies in front of her, Ali’s begging and pleading becoming more and more desperate and amusing as the tongue fucking continued.

Finally, when she sensed that Hayden and Kristen were becoming just us frustrated as Ali, Beyonce took pity on the three blondes.

“Beg for me Ali.” Beyonce said, lifting her face from Kristen’s cunt, “Beg for the privilege of being allowed to cum.”

“Pl… please my black mistress, let me.” Ali begged, her voice saw from all the previous begging, “I beg of you, let me cum. Please let your white whore cum. I’m a little white slut who desperately needs to cum all over another white slut’s face. Please my black mistress, let my slut cream cover Hayden’s pretty little face.”

“Ok, I give you permission to cum bitch.” Beyonce said before she quickly dived back in between Kristen’s legs.

Knowing this was a queue Hayden curls her tongue upwards to rub against Ali’s G-spot and then twirls it over that spot, pushing Ali to the edge of orgasm once again only this time the older blonde allows herself to go crashing over that edge and into the blissful relief she had been craving. The cry that left Ali’s mouth sounded like more of a cry of relief than one of pleasure, but Kristen’s scream was unmistakably one of pleasure, as are all the other screams that follow.

After gently lubricating a couple of fingers in pussy juice Beyonce shoved them slowly into Kristen’s ass hole and began to slide them in and out, the added stimulation causing Kristen to cum again, and then one more time as Beyonce relentlessly pounds her pussy with her twisting tongue before the dominating singer switches to Hayden’s cunt.

Immediately using the same frantic tongue fucking she had been using on Kristen’s orgasming love hole Beyonce was able to bring Hayden’s horny honey hole to climax in what seemed like seconds, Hayden’s cries as deafening and as obviously pleasurable as her girlfriend’s as she cums in the black woman’s mouth. As she had done mere moments ago Beyonce swallowed most of the juicy girl cum flowing into her mouth and almost directly down her throat but allows a lot of it to also join Kristen’s cum on her face, the cream from both these two new little white bitches mixing on her beautiful face.

When Beyonce switched from Kristen’s pussy to Hayden’s for the final time Ali didn’t need to be told to crawl over and sat on Kristen’s face. She was winded from the climaxes Hayden’s talented mouth and tongue had brought her too and if she had stayed where she was it was almost guaranteed Hayden continued to work on her pussy and bring at least one more orgasm, if not several more, but Ali knew her place. So she obediently crawled over and sat down on Kristen’s face, crying out in pleasure as the younger woman immediately plunged her tongue into her twat and began fucking it like crazy.

Rather than relax her Kristen’s orgasms had only left her horny for more so when Ali lowered her pussy onto her face the blonde actress eagerly went to work on her older cast member’s already cum filled hole, scooping out every drop her girlfriend missed before forcing Ali to come again so she could swallow more yummy girl cream.

Beyonce switched back and forth a few more times, ensuring all three white girls go through several multiple climaxes before she moves on to the next stage so they would be mentally weakened and susceptible to doing whatever she wanted.

“MMMMMMmmmmmm, you’re all really something. I could probably eat these yummy pussies all day, but you know what pussy licking always puts me in the mood for? Fucking. And not just with fingers and tongues.” Beyonce said lustfully as she gently fingered Hayden and Kristen, before turning to her bitch, “Ali, go get my strap on and some lube.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali nodded submissively, quickly getting up and dashing over to a chest of drawers, pulled out the desired items and then went straight to her mistress’s side.

Kneeling before her mistress Ali held out the strap on, making it easy for Beyonce to step into it. After that Ali pulled the harness up the other woman’s legs and tightened it securely around her waist before remaining on her knees in anticipation of the next instruction.

“Suck it.” Beyonce ordered, smirking as Ali immediately grabbed onto the base of the dildo and took the head into her mouth, Beyonce’s bitch quickly beginning to suck noisily as she bobbed up and down on the shaft, “That’s it, take it all you little cock sucking ho. Take it all down your cock sucker throat. Make sure my big black dick is nice and wet, because you know where it’s going don’t you… don’t you?”

“Where’s it going?” Hayden asked eagerly, drawing Beyonce’s attention away from the blonde sucking her cock, “Up her ass? Are you going to fuck her up the ass again?”

Beyonce smiled, “It’s my favourite way to fuck bitches. Pounding pussy’s fun, but there ain’t nothing like stretching out a white girl’s ass and pounding it nice, hard and deep. From what I hear you two sluts just love bending over and getting your asses filled with cock. Is that right?”

“Uh-huh.” Hayden nodded eagerly, Kristen nodding shortly afterwards as Hayden added, “We both love it up the butt, especially me.”

“Well, aren’t you sweet. I’ve been thinking about stretching both of your asses out for a long time, good to know it won’t be hard to talk you into bending over for me. First though, I want to show you two that you’re not the only ones that love it up the butt.” Beyonce said, turning her attention to Ali, “Ok bitch, that’s wet enough, lube up your slutty white ass and then get on the bed on your hands and knees for me. I’m in the mood to destroy your fucking ass.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali whimpered softly, squirting a decent amount of lube on her fingers before reaching round and shoving them deep up her own ass.

Having already taken a serious butt pounding Ali’s rectum excepted the fingers easily, the broken bitch spreading the liquid all through her bowels before jumping up onto the bed and presenting her ass to her mistress.

Moving slowly and confidently Beyonce got onto the bed behind Ali, gripped onto her dildo and pressed the head firmly against her white bitch’s back door. Beyonce momentarily paused so she could turn and enjoy the looks on Kristen’s and Hayden’s faces, before she turned her attention back to Ali’s ass hole.

Ali moaned happily as her ass hole was violated, that still slightly gaping ring of flesh opening easily for Beyonce’s strap on, allowing it to slide inside Ali’s rectum, causing her to moan again.

Beyonce smiled happily down at the tip of her black dick being buried inside a nice tight piece of white ass. It’s a sight she could never imagine herself getting tired of, and a sight which captivates Kristen and Hayden. Loving the looks on their faces, and of course what they were looking at, Beyonce remains as still as a statue for several moments before finally pushing forward, Ali’s ass happily accepting inch after inch of dildo.

No doubt because of the earlier rough butt fuckings Beyonce was balls deep inside Ali’s rectum in no time at all, the black singer loving the sight of her dark hips pressed against the pale flesh of Ali’s ass cheeks because she always likes the contrast and because it means every inch of her black cock was buried deep within her white bitch’s bowels.

“You like that bitch?” Beyonce asked.

“Yes my Black Mistress, I love your beautiful black cock in my worthless white ass.” Ali moaned.

“You want me to fuck that white ass?” Beyonce asked.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my white ass, pound my white ass my beautiful Black Mistress! Please fuck it. My white ass is yours, you own it, please use it for your pleasure. Use my white ass for your pleasure my Black Mistress, please use me for your pleasure.” Ali begged shamelessly.

Grinning wickedly Beyonce turned to Kristen and Hayden and asked them, “What do you think girls, should I fuck this bitch’s ass?”

“Oh yeah.” Kristen quickly answered, Hayden following up with, “Yes, fuck her ass.”

Beyonce’s grin became even wider for a few brief moments, before she tightened her grip on Ali’s hips and began slowly pulling out.

Ali gasps softly as she feels the massive dildo slowly being removed from her butt until it was almost halfway out before Beyonce began reinserting at the same slow pace until the full length was buried inside the blonde’s shit hole again. This process was repeated over and over, Ali grimacing slightly at first as she felt inch after inch of strap on slide in and out of her rectum, but as it always did the pain faded as her anal passage relaxed and once again accepted it’s role as Beyonce’s cock depository.

Soon Ali was moaning like a whore, the butt fucking beginning to give her nothing but pleasure as her ass hole began to not just accept Beyonce’s dick, but welcome it and invite it as deep inside as it could go, an invitation which it felt like Beyonce took full advantage of.

As she continued moaning while taking it up the butt for her mistress like a good little bitch Ali couldn’t help thinking it was surprising how long it had taken her back entrance to relax to the point where a dildo moving through it was pleasurable. After all with a few minutes of Beyonce entering her hotel suite Ali had been bent over with her mistress’s strap on in her ass, Beyonce using her butt hole for her pleasure for hours before Kristen and Hayden finally arrived. True, there had been a bit of a break since the last time Ali’s shit shooter had been stretched, but considering the hard and brutal thrusts Beyonce had been giving her backside during the last rectum ramming it seemed a miracle that her ass hole had healed at all.

Ali swore her butt hole should be so loose and gaping she shouldn’t be able to feel anything anymore back there, not just from the marathon ass fucking session she had taken earlier, but the countless pooper poundings she had taken since becoming Beyonce’s bitch.

Quickly Ali’s face turned red as she thought back to her first day of filming ‘Obsessed’ with Beyonce, how at the end of the day she had gone to the other woman’s hotel room fully intending to seduce the sexy singer. She had wanted to gently but firmly take her, introduce her to lesbian fun, if she didn’t already know the joy of another woman’s touch, and start the process of turning Beyonce into her bitch. Most of all Ali had wanted to pound that big round booty, to slide a strap on deep into Beyonce’s ass and butt fuck her co-star to screaming orgasm. However it had been Ali’s ass which had taken a strap on deep inside it, Beyonce easily turning the tables on her and making Ali beg to be her bitch.

Over the next few months the only time Ali’s butt wasn’t being fucked was when she was worshipping Beyonce’s body with her mouth and tongue, or getting spanked, or occasionally even filming, although even when filming Ali found herself being dominated during every break, often having to eat her meals with a dildo in her ass. Ali even had to come in on days she wasn’t filming so she could wait in Beyonce’s trailer like a good little bitch so she could relax her mistress with a nice long pussy licking or ass rimming, more often than not also bending over so Beyonce could use her hand, a paddle or a strap on to take out any frustrations she had on Ali’s ass.

Now filming was done and while that meant her abuse had significantly decreased Ali was still at Beyonce’s beck and call, and God help her Ali found herself waiting by her phone and constantly checking her messages in hopes that her black mistress would call because the truth was she couldn’t get enough of her or the things she did to her.

Ali wasn’t the only one taking a trip down memory lane as Beyonce was also thinking back to how much fun she had filming ‘Obsessed’, the only difference being Beyonce had nothing to be embarrassed about.

While Beyonce had honestly thought the script had great potential to finally get her recognition as an actress the idea of closely filming with a beautiful white woman had been almost just as enticing. She had personally gone through the list of potential applicants and made sure all the actresses she had already conquered were eliminated from the running, leaving her with only the fresh meat. Ali Larter might not have been her first choice but Beyonce certainly hadn’t tried to stop her landing the role, and it all worked out as Ali was a nice little addition to Beyonce’s collection of sexy sluts.

Beyonce grinned widely as she thought back to Ali trying to seduce her during the first night. She had been a little disappointed that the actress wasn’t going to be more of a challenge, but had then been absolutely thrilled when Ali had tried to take charge. It was so unbelievably thrilling to turn a wannabe dominant woman into a submissive whore and every single moment of breaking Ali had been an absolute joy.

Licking her lips Beyonce thought about each of the stand out moments from breaking Ali in. The satisfaction of putting Ali over her knee for her first spanking, and the first time she shoved Ali’s face in between her legs, and when she forced the wannabe top to kiss her big black ass, and of course the heavenly moment she had slid her strap on cock deep into Ali’s virgin ass hole, popping the other woman’s anal cherry and pounding her butt until Ali was begging her for the privilege of being her bitch, a privilege Beyonce happily granted her.

Ali had been a part of Beyonce’s collection ever since, and as her mind shifted from the past to the future Beyonce looked over at her audience and started to think about how soon she would have two new additions to her collection, additions she planned on enjoying very, very soon.

As Hayden had been watching Beyonce settling in to fuck Ali’s ass at a slow but steady pace she had been completely unaware of Kristen sneaking up on her until a couple of hand slid round her waist and she was gently pulled into a soft embrace.

Momentarily Hayden flinched with surprise, but it only lasted for a second and honestly she felt kind of stupid afterwards. After all, there was only one other person in the room, and that was the person she loved, adored and trusted over all others. There was no need for her to be so jumpy, and as she relaxed into Kristen’s arms she felt herself become completely at ease.

That feeling of peace however didn’t last for long, as the fingers of one of the arms wrapped around her traced over her stomach for a little while before gently sliding down to her pussy, rubbing the soft lips they found there and causing Hayden to moan in the process.

Kristen grinned widely as rather than complain about her actions Hayden pressed her butt back against Kristen’s pussy, gently rubbing herself back and forth against her in a motion a lot slower than Kristen’s fingers but they had the same effect, the two girlfriends shamelessly masturbating each other as they watched two women butt fuck in front of them.

Her last thought which described exactly what she was doing had Kristen blushing a little bit. She never used to be like this. She had been pretty ordinary, a boyfriend here and there, a couple of meaningless casual fling or one night stands with a couple of boys and maybe even a girl or two just for fun, but all that had been stretched over a respectable amount of time so Kristen hadn’t really considered herself a slut or anything like that. Now things were different.

It was all Hayden’s fault really. The girl had a sexual appetite the likes of which Kristen had never experienced before. She needed to pull out all the stops just to keep up half the time, although admittedly this seemed to be a time she was keeping up pretty well, both herself and her girlfriend watching lustfully as two women had anal sex in front of them, becoming so engrossed in it that it seemed they completely forgot they had an audience.

Just as Kristen thought that was true Beyonce looked directly at them both and gave them a wolfish smile, “Enjoying the show?”

“Mmmmmm, definitely.” Kristen moaned softly, that moan drowned out by the cry Kristen deliberately squeezed out of Hayden’s mouth thanks to her thumb teasing her girlfriend’s clit. Kristen figured that cry of pleasure from Hayden would have been a more than satisfactory answer. She figured wrong.

“What about you Hayden? You seem to like Kristen’s fingers rubbing your cute looking pussy, do you like watching me butt fucking Ali too?” Beyonce asked the youngest blonde in the room as she continued gently pumping into the pooper of the oldest blonde in the room.

“I ooooohhhhhh, I love it. Mmmmmm, you both look so hot. Fuck her good. Pound her ass hard and deep. Really give it to her.” Hayden groaned as she pushed her butt up at a certain angle, aiming for Kristen’s clit and from the moan the other blonde made it sounded like she hit her target.

“Really, is that what you both think? Do you both think I should fuck this hot piece of ass harder? Give her a real butt wrecking?” Beyonce questioned, grinning widely at the snuggling blondes who were both nodding eagerly before the singer turned her attention back to the woman she was fucking in the ass, “How about it Ali? I know a anal whore like you just has to be dying to beg for more, but are you ready for it? Are you ready to beg your mistress to pound your ass hard and deep, to drill your little shit hole until it’s a gaping stretched out mess? Are you?”

“Yes my Black Mistress, I’m ready to beg you for more like the anal whore I am!” Ali moaned, “My ass is nice and lose and ready for fucking, so please don’t make me wait my Black Mistress. Pound my ass hard and deep. Slam the hell out of my shit hole. Leave it a gaping mess like you always do Mistress. Completely wreck my ass, bang it loose and open. Please my Black Mistress, open my ass up and fuck it hard.”

Grinning widely Beyonce turned her attention to the watching blondes, “What do you think girls, do you think this anal ho has begged enough?”

Kristen opened her mouth but before she got the chance to speak Hayden beat her to the punch, “No! Make her beg more. Make Ali beg for it more, and louder. Make her prove she’s now your anal ho.”

Taking the initiative Ali quickly began to beg louder than before, “Please fuck me hard my Black Mistress! Pound my ass hole hard! I’m a total anal ho now Mistress. Your anal ho. I’m your anal whore, your butt slut, an ass on legs who is honoured that you let her be your bitch. I thought I was a top and I dominated my two little blonde friends over there, but you put me in my place my Black Mistress. You made me your bitch and I love you for it. Please my Black Mistress, butt fuck your bitch hard. Fuck me hard up my stupid ass and show my friends that now I’m nothing but your anal loving white bitch.”

“Ok that’s good enough, it’s time for some serious butt pounding.” Beyonce said, and then when she saw the looks of disappointment on Kristen’s and Hayden’s faces added, “But keep begging me for more. Keep begging me to give your ass a nice hard fucking.”

Obediently Ali continued begging as Beyonce picked up the pace, verbally humiliating herself, and not for the first time, as Beyonce got down to some serious rectum wrecking. Ali’s mistress loved dirty talk, especially when her bitches verbally degraded themselves for her amusement so Ali was very much use to doing this, however it became pretty clear very quickly that this was going to be one of the more difficult times.

Ever since she had been broken by her black mistress Ali had been sodomised in a variety of different ways. Beyonce’s favourite seemed to be when she could take her time, spend hours stretching out her bitch’s shit hole until she was a whimpering mess and then pick up the pace just hard enough to send her to the edge but not allow her to cum. Ali had spent many nights begging at the top of her lungs to be allowed to cum, begging her mistress to pound her ass just a little harder so she could cum for her like the bitch she was. However there were variants to this. Sometimes Beyonce would quickly get her to that edge and keep her there or stretch her butt hole out for hours and then suddenly make her cum. And then there were times like this, when Beyonce would spend roughly just as much time as she had to stretching out Ali’s ass before pounding it to climax.

Just as Ali was really beginning to believe this was going to be like one of the times she had been in Beyonce’s trailer during the filming of “Obsessed’ when the rest of the cast had been on a coffee break and she had been on a butt pounding break with her mistress suddenly Beyonce slowed down ever so slightly, not to the point where brought Ali down from a high but just enough so it would stop her from orgasming. The thrusts really were a thing of beauty, Beyonce expertly bringing Ali to the edge of climax and keeping her there, the far more dominant woman obviously taking a moment to savour the fact that she had Ali right were she wanted her, and no matter how much Ali begged like a whore Beyonce continued those expert thrusts, completely putting the formerly dominant woman to shame.

Ali blushed as she remembered how these were the thrusts that destroyed any chance of dignity she had left, along with any delusions that she was any kind of a top. Throughout her first butt fucking Ali had been fighting the feelings of submission the anal invasion had awoken inside her but after only a few minutes of the skilled thrusts she had been begging Ali to let her cum, that she would be her bitch forever if she just let her cum, and finally that there was nothing she wanted more in her life than to be Beyonce’s bitch so she could know the joy of a ass fucking like this every day. Now these thrusts were making her beg again, and Ali barely had it in her to feel embarrassed.

Although Ali was unaware of it there was a slight look of shame and humiliation on her face mixed in with pure bliss as her ass was hammered hard from behind, something Beyonce was in no position to notice but Hayden and Kristen couldn’t not. In fact despite the huge black dildo pounding in and out of Ali’s stretched out shit pipe it was their co-star’s face which got most of Hayden’s and Kristen’s attention.

The look on Ali’s face was intoxicating to Hayden and Kristen. The whole time they had known Ali she had always seemed so confident and in control, something which was even more true when she had discovered they were doing it like bunnies and convince them to let her join in on the fun. Ali had been so dominating in the bedroom, and yet here she was being completely controlled by another woman, and while there was a little bit of shame and humiliation on her face it was nearly overwhelmed by a joyous expression of blissful submission. It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ali had been broken, even more so than the fact Ali was now taking a big dildo up the butt for her new mistress.

While the two girlfriends mostly were concentrating on that look of submission Kristen slipped her fingers into Hayden’s pussy and began roughly finger fucking her, her girl’s love hole soaking wet and eagerly welcoming two fingers inside it, squeezing down on them as they began to drill in and out of that tight little hole. At the same time Kristen began pumping her hips in time with Hayden so she was dry humping herself against her girlfriend’s butt, providing more friction on her clit so they both could get off faster.

This became even easier as Beyonce decided to draw attention to herself, Hayden looking up at her and grinning as she heard a loud slapping sound, the dominant black woman being spanking her bitch’s ass as she fucked it.

Hayden opened her mouth to encourage this but was caught off guard when Kristen, not knowing her girlfriend wanted to speak, began hammering her thumb against Hayden’s clit, driving the other blonde closer to climax. After all Kristen had no reason to deny the girl she loved an orgasm, and hoped to give her several over the course of the night either by this finger fucking or one of the many other ways she knew to fuck her girl.

While Hayden appreciated the added stimulation she wanted to speak before Beyonce stopped, so she first pressed herself back against Kristen so she could be rubbing her back directly against her girlfriend’s tits before thrusting her butt back, again aiming for Kristen’s clit and hitting her target perfectly. With Kristen momentarily distracted Hayden, after waiting for her girlfriend to be done moaning, called out, “That’s it, spank her again! Spank her ass while you’re fucking it!”

In response Beyonce grinned widely before delivering an extra hard stinging slap to Ali’s behind which had the thirty-something actress briefly pause in her begging to cry out in pain before quickly returning to begging for more spanks as well as hard thrusts. Beyonce rewarded her bitch with a few extra hard thrusts, but mostly she was becoming lost in spanking her slut again.

Beyonce loved spanking bitches, and to do so during a butt fucking was even more enjoyable than when she bent a whore over her knee because every time she brought her hand down for a strike and connected the bitch would tents up, her ass clamping down on that big dildo moving in and out of it and as a result there was more pressure pressing back against Beyonce’s clit thanks to the stimulator which came as standard with all of her strap ons. Even if she only pretended like she was about to spank them a bitch would normally tents up, giving Beyonce that extra bit of pleasure. Not that she didn’t follow through on the blow that often of course, as there was something to be said for the feeling and the sound of soft flesh being attacked by harder flesh and the sweet sight of an ass slowly changing colour from a nice firm spanking.

As well as all of that Beyonce loved the fact that she was humiliating her lover and further establishing her dominance, and to do so now while Kristen and Hayden watched made it even sweeter.

Before Beyonce had got her claws into Ali the two younger blondes had looked up to the older woman. That had certainly been what Ali had claimed and from the looks on their faces Beyonce was pretty sure she was telling the truth. Beyonce was also pretty sure Ali had been telling the truth about her dominating Kristen and Hayden. The two younger actresses had pretty much confirmed it themselves, and now they were watching their former top getting dominated and abused, and because of it they would never look up to Ali again. They would never see her as a top, not really. They might be nice and still let her dominate them, if Ali was even still capable of it, but she would never really be a dom to them again. So, if they wanted to be used and abused by a truly dominant woman, and not by some pretender they couldn’t truly respect as a top anymore, they would need to go somewhere else, and Beyonce intended to make it very clear to both of them that they definitely had somewhere to go for that.

Eager to prove just that Beyonce decided she’d had enough fun torturing Ali with near orgasm after near orgasm. It was time to give her bitch the real thing, and in the process drive home the fact that Ali was in no way, shape or form a top any more, but her own personal little fuck slut.

Ali cried out joyously as Beyonce increased the pace ever so slightly, giving Ali that little extra amount of pleasure so she could cum, and cum she did, her eyes rolling and her body shaking, her wonderful mistress holding her firmly in place and continuing to power into her pooper the entire time. The non-stop rough rectum ramming soon had Ali crashing over the edge time and time again, the thirty-something actress not even caring that she was going to be incredibly sore back there whenever Beyonce pulled out, all that mattered to her at that moment was her own pleasure.

Beyonce was thinking the same thing, the horny singer working tirelessly to use Ali’s ass to bring herself off. The savage shitter slamming she was now giving her bitch, who was cumming hysterically from the anal abuse, was more than making the earlier point she had wanted to make and now her main goal was to cum, something which proved an easy achievement. Much like many times before the stimulator on her clit and the emotional high she always got from butt fucking another woman brought Beyonce off in the kind of hard toe curling climax she could only get from fucking a bitch’s ass.

Rather than power through her climax to bring herself some multiple orgasms, and consequently give the same thing to the peace of ass she was using, Beyonce wisely decided to save her strength and pulled out of Ali’s ass at the moment she came, grinning with satisfaction as she watched her big strap on coming out of the hole she had just used for her pleasure, her grin only getting wider as instead of closing Ali’s butt hole remained widely open. It was exactly how an ass should look once Beyonce was done with it, red ringed and gaping, Beyonce able to see deep into her bitch’s bowels.

“Show your little friends your ass.” Beyonce ordered, slapping Ali firmly on the butt, “Show them what I like to do to my bitches.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Ali shuffled herself around so that her ass was facing Hayden and Kristen before she bent her head down, reached back and spread her butt cheeks, widening her stretched out shit hole even further, if such a thing was possible.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, that’s one damn good piece of white ass.” Beyonce said, picking up a camera and snapping a few shots.

“Should you really be doing that? Taking pictures I mean?” Kristen asked cautiously.

“Relax sugar, I’ve been taking pictures of naked famous women for years and none of it has ever got out.” Beyonce said, pulling out her favourite book and passing it to Kristen, “Here, why don’t you take a look for yourself?”

Opening up the book Kristen’s mouth fell open, Hayden’s mouth doing the same, although the younger blonde smiled a lot faster than her girlfriend as they looked through page after page of naked female celebrities, most of which were either spreading their butt cheeks, taking a strap on up the ass, or sucking on a dildo. Considering all the pictures in which women were sucking the dildos were after the butt fucking pictures it didn’t take a genius to figure out they were almost certainly watching girls go ass to mouth.

“Over the years I’ve managed to obtain quite a collection of bitches, and I like to keep a record of my conquests, that way on lonely nights I have a few visual aids to help remind me of all the good times.” Beyonce explained, and then when she saw the worried look on Kristen’s face added, “But like I said, no one outside of me or my bitches knows about the book, and since I’m in it there’s no way I’d let it get out. It would ruin my career as well as yours.”

“So… you want to take pictures of us too?” Kristen questioned, feeling really stupid for asking as the answer was obvious.

It seemed to become even more obvious when Beyonce smiled, “Like I said, I like to keep a record of my conquests, cause I just love visual reminders of the fun times I have with my bitches.”

Kristen bit her lip but Hayden beat her to the next obvious question, “You want us to be your bitches?”

Beyonce smiled again, “Yeah, but trust me, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing for either of you. In fact once you hot sluts have felt this big black dick of mine in your asses you’re going to be begging to be my bitches. And once you’ve felt what it’s like getting butt fucked by me, and not by some wannabe dom like Ali, you’re going to be fucking craving me. I’m going to fuck those hot asses of yours so hard no one is going to be able to satisfy you but me. Now, which one of my new bitches wants to taste some of Ali’s ass before I fuck her?”

For a few moments Hayden and Kristen just stared blankly, both looking a little nervous but mostly just horny, and then suddenly Hayden fell to her knees and swallowed the head of the strap on.

Wasting no time Hayden began greedily sucking on the dildo, moaning loudly as she tasted the deepest part of Ali’s ass. Hayden had rimmed Ali before so she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the taste of her friend’s ass. She had also spent plenty of time licking out Kristen’s butt, and the asses of a few other pretty girls who had guest starred on Heroes, and she’d also tasted most of those girls’ butts on dildos but she’d never tasted Ali’s ass on a dildo before. Little slut she was Hayden immediately loved the taste, slurping on the toy noisily as she began bobbing her head up and down, making sure not to deep throat so some could be left for her girlfriend.

Kristen was more hesitant to fall to her knees, not because she had a problem with ass to mouth as she had enjoyed her previous experiences almost as much as Hayden, but she was still adjusting to the idea of becoming Beyonce’s bitch. Of course Kristen was aware she was pretty much worrying over nothing. Ali dominating her had been fun and if things stopped being fun with Beyonce then Kristen could simply put a stop to things and that would be that.

Feeling more secure Kristen joined her girlfriend in kneeling before Beyonce, leaning her head downwards so she could lick up and down the bottom of the shaft before wrapping her lips around the bottom to suck on it a little bit.

There wasn’t much ass juice left but Hayden still decided to switch places on the off chance her girlfriend could still get some off the top, removing her mouth from the head and sliding her tongue down the shaft. Copying Hayden’s actions in reverse Kristen slid her tongue up the shaft and took the head into her mouth, mostly just tasting Hayden’s saliva, not that she was really complaining.

The two blondes repeated this process for a little while, eventually switching things up a little bit by taking it in turns to deep throat the fake cock, letting it slide deep down their gullets until their eyes watered and they began choking and gagging on the dildo, at which point it became a competition to see who could last longer.

As much as Beyonce loved watching two girls sucking her dick she was eager to pound some booty, so shortly after the girls got down to some serious deep throating the singer decided to put an end to things, “Mmmmmm, that was nice, but those hot asses aren’t going to fuck themselves… Hayden, Kristen… go get on all fours on the bed. Show me those pretty white asses.”

Eager to get fucked Hayden jumped up and got into position while Kristen, who had been put at ease and turned on by the blow job to the point she was also pretty much just looking forward to getting fucked, followed closely behind her girlfriend.

Picking up her camera Beyonce smirked at the beautiful sight before her and then took a picture of it, her first for the new Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell section of her little book. Beyonce then turned to Ali who had been standing around awkwardly waiting for further instruction, “Go lube up their ass holes for me… with your tongue.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali said submissively, quickly getting onto the bed, kneeling behind Hayden and spreading her ass cheeks.

“Wait.” Beyonce called out, an idea suddenly forming in her head.

Ali stopped and looked to her mistress for further instructions. Instead of giving her some Beyonce slowly walked over, leaned in and spat directly onto Hayden’s ass hole.

“Ok bitch, start licking.” Beyonce ordered.

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali said again, this time not being stopped when she leant forward, stuck out her tongue and quickly pressed it to were Beyonce’s saliva was dripping off Hayden’s back door.

Her mistress had made her do this before and Ali honestly wasn’t sure whether she was licking up Beyonce’s saliva or rubbing it into Hayden’s butt hole, but either way Ali slid her tongue all over that puckered rosebud, her hands continuing to spread Hayden’s ass cheeks apart so she could bury her face as deep as she could in between those soft little orbs of flesh.

Soon Ali was switching between twirling her tongue over Hayden’s heiney hole and giving it and the rest of the younger blonde’s crack long drawn out licks, all of which had Hayden cooing with pleasure.

Hayden was into all types of butt fun and ass licking was definitely one of them. She just loved the feeling of a tongue, preferably a female one, licking her back there. It just felt so naughty, and normally it was part of preparation for something she loved even more.

As if to prove this point Ali put pressure on Hayden’s butt hole, slowly pushing past that tight little ring and, much to Hayden’s delight, deep into the younger girl’s ass. At the soft anal penetration Hayden moaned loudly, and then continue to do so at a more softer tone as her butt was gently tongue fucked for a few wonderful moments, but then just as it was getting good it was sadly over.

Not needing to be told Ali held Kristen’s ass cheeks open so Beyonce could spit in between them before she repeated the process she had just done on Hayden, moving back and forth between the two younger blondes, making sure both their ass holes were well coated in saliva.

This wasn’t the first time Ali had prepared another bitch’s ass for her mistress’s use, but to do so for two girls she had known so intimately and had spent so much time dominating was a tiny bit deflating, but no more so than having those girls watch her being roughly butt fucked by the dominant black woman who had made Ali her bitch.

Kristen wasn’t as into ass licking as her girlfriend, but she certainly didn’t mind it. It felt good. Still seemed a little weird to enjoy such a thing, but the pleasure was hard to argue with. Kristen thought the same thing about what was coming next, however while ass licking was oddly pleasurable butt fucking was weirdly orgasmic, so there was a big difference, at least in Kristen’s mind.

As such Kristen often found long, drawn out rim jobs infuriating. Still oddly pleasurable, but infuriating. Luckily Kristen didn’t have to worry as while Beyonce enjoyed watching girls licking each other’s asses she preferred pounding white girl butt, and with two beautiful examples of white girl butt before her Beyonce wasn’t able to take watching the rectum rimming fun for long.

The moment Beyonce spotted Ali pressing her fingers to Kirsten’s rear hole the dominant black woman called out, “Stop. That was good, but that’s enough of the ass licking. Ali go get my camera and wait for me to tell you when to take a picture.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali softly said, quickly moving away to do as she was told which allowed Beyonce to kneel behind the two soon to be new additions to her collection of sexy bitches.

“Hayden, Kristen… do a little something for me… reach back and spread your ass cheeks. Show me those little butt holes I’m going to fuck.”

Unsurprisingly given her earlier eagerness Hayden was the first one to do as she was told, almost immediately reaching back and spreading her cheeks as wide as they would go, Kristen hesitating but also doing as she was told shortly after so that both blondes were presenting their back doors for the woman who intended to give those tight little holes a good stretching out.

Licking her lips at the sight Beyonce lubed up a couple of fingers and slowly pushed them into the blondes’ butt holes, licking her lips again at the exquisite feeling of tightness she felt as those rear passages clamped down firmly on her digits.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, nice and tight… just the way I like them.” Beyonce said lustfully, mostly to herself.

“I’m glad we please you, my Black Mistress.” Hayden grinned.

“Oh, I’ve been waiting a long time to hear you say that. Feel free to call me that from now on, as you might want to try and get used to it.” Beyonce said, pulling her fingers out of Hayden and Kristen before gripping onto her strap on and pressing the head against Hayden’s ass hole, “And speaking of things I’ve been waiting for a long time for, I think you’re both about ready to be ass fucked. But the question is, who gets the privilege of taking my big black cock up her butt first?”

After asking this question Beyonce went back and forth in between Hayden’s and Kristen’s cheeks, pressing her dildo against both girls’ back holes, murmuring over and over, “Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.”

Finally Beyonce said, “Hm, this is too hard to choose… let’s see who wants it more. Kristen, beg me for the privilege of taking my big black cock up your ass.”

Kristen gasped as she felt more pressure on her ass hole than usual from that big dildo, before she began softly begging, “Please Beyonce, butt fuck me. Fuck my ass with your big cock. Stick every inch of that big cock up my ass and butt fuck me hard.”

“Not bad, now Hayden. I want to hear the cheerleader begging for my cock up her cute little bubble butt.” Beyonce said lustfully as she pressed her strap on against Hayden’s rear.

Without hesitation Hayden immediately began to shamelessly beg, “Please fuck my ass Beyonce, fuck it as hard as you can! Pound me hard and deep! I love it up the ass so much, please give it to me! Make me take that big black dick up my white ass! Make me feel every inch of it stretching out my butt, opening me up nice and wide so you can pound my white ass with your big beautiful black dick!”

“Mmmm, still tough, but I think the cheerleader wants it just a little bit more.” Beyonce said, increasing the pressure on Hayden’s heiney hole after she turned to Ali and said, “Make sure you get plenty of shots of me violating this hot piece of white ass.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali submissively said, quickly sitting on the bed in perfect position to capture the anal penetration on film.

Having done this a few times before, her mistress no doubt making sure she was ready for this moment, Ali began taking pictures, the first capturing Hayden’s back hole beginning to stretch open, the second getting the sight of that tight little ring of flesh stretching nearly all the way around the bulbous head of the dildo, and then finally the third showed that the strap on’s head had disappeared and was obviously now buried inside Hayden’s butt.

When her ass hole had started to stretch Hayden let out a little cry of pain and pleasure, little sounds of pain and pleasure continuing to come out of her mouth as her tight back passage was first penetrated and then slowly filled by that monster of a dildo, Hayden loving the sensations and the fact that Ali was taking pictures of her butt hole being filled.

As for Beyonce, she was happily doing one of her very favourite things in the world, filling up a grade A piece of white ass with her black cock, watching as the white girl’s back door struggle to accept her massive tool but ultimately submitted to her and allowed the pop singer to stuff inch after inch of strap on deep into her latest conquest’s bowels. The fact that moment was being captured on film only made the moment sweeter, Beyonce taking her time to enjoy it, sliding every inch in slowly and giving her new bitch plenty of time in between each new inch so that she could adjust and Beyonce could enjoy the incredible mental stimulation she was receiving.

Eventually Beyonce’s hips came to rest against Hayden’s soft but firm little ass cheeks, Ali capturing the moment on film that Beyonce Knowles fully penetrated Hayden Panettiere’s pooper with her big black strap on dick.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, ain’t nothing quite as nice as filling a white ass up with black dick. Well, almost nothing. Fucking a tight little white ass comes more than pretty damn close. Maybe even better, especially considering the quality of this piece of ass.” Beyonce murmured to herself lustfully before turning to Ali, “Make sure you get some nice close-ups of my dick sliding in and out of this bitch for the first time. And some good shots of her face. I want to be able to look back at the look of pleasure on her face as I butt fuck her for the first time.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Ali said softly, zooming in so she was ready to take pictures of the first thrust.

Much like the previous times Ali had taken photographs for her mistress the first thrust was deliberately slow, allowing Ali to take a few pictures of the dildo moving slowly out of Hayden’s ass, Ali making sure to get at least one close-up of Hayden’s butt hole stretched widely around the strap on sliding out of it before Beyonce reinserted the fake dick at the same slow speed, again letting Ali taking plenty of shots of Hayden’s back door taking every inch of the toy again.

This extremely slow thrust was repeated a few times, Beyonce obviously making sure she had the desired footage before speeding up, Ali continuing to take photos of the strap on cock pumping in and out of Hayden’s posterior before moving the lens up to capture the look of lustful concentration on Beyonce’s face. Like the other times before Ali was unable to stop herself from taking a few shots of Beyonce’s well rounded tits as they softly bounced up and down in time with the thrusts, Ali wishing she could drop the camera to suck on those extremely hard and inviting nipples. Again like the times before Ali was eventually bought out of her fixation when she spotted her mistress smiling down at her, Ali taking one more shot of that beautiful face before moving on.

Ali’s next set of photos came from studying Hayden’s face, the first few completely candid photos which were truly beautiful as they showed Hayden lost in the sensations of the butt fucking she was taking. The ones after that were posed as Hayden looked up at the camera and had some fun with it, playfully pulling a variety of different faces, some of which couldn’t help make Ali smile. All the other photos she had taken were of completely broken bitches who wouldn’t dare to make a mockery out of this situation, but either Beyonce didn’t care, didn’t notice, or was ok with it. Regardless Hayden eventually gave up on posing as she either lost interest in the camera or simply became lost in the feelings of pleasure that was being caused by that large dildo moving in and out of her by now probably very stimulated rectum.

With her film already ran out Ali quickly replaced it with a fresh batch and return to the bed, this time taking a few far away shots of her mistress’s beautiful black body gently but firmly pumping into the white ass before her. Ali didn’t quite get Beyonce’s preference for white girls, but she had to admit the sight before her was extremely hot, especially as Hayden continued to obediently remain face down and ass up while spreading her butt cheeks, offering up her forbidden hole to the woman who had so recently confessed her desire to turn her into her bitch.

While Ali was enjoying the sight Hayden was hoping she could get a copy of the photos the older woman was taking so she could see how she looked. Hayden bet it was hot. She wasn’t super vein or anything but Hayden knew many guys and girls lusted after her and certain parts of the media made quite a little fuss over her barely legal body, so she didn’t see it as vain to think of herself as hot, and the idea of herself being in such a vulnerable position, of pressing her head downwards and butt upwards while spreading her own ass cheeks open while a large dildo was slowly sliding in and out of it seemed an incredibly hot idea to the young blonde.

It was so hard to feel that dildo moving in and out of her butt, causing the most wonderful sensations. Sure, at first there had been pain, but it was nothing Hayden couldn’t handle. Her ass had been taking regular poundings ever since Hayden had talked Kristen into taking her butt cherry, an experience which had only increased Hayden’s anal desires. Compared to her first time taking it up the ass this pain was nothing and Hayden knew just like the first time any discomfort she felt would quickly go away and be replaced by pure pleasure.

Much sooner than her first time Hayden’s butt adjusted to the huge cock thrusting in and out of it, Hayden quietly grateful to Kristen and Ali for the great job they had done stretching her back passage for this shitter stretching, stretching being the key word as even though the pain was nothing compared to previous times Hayden felt her bowels being stretched out wider and deeper than ever before. It felt like she was getting a baseball bat shoved in and out of her ass, not that Hayden was complaining. In fact she had been begging Kristen for some new toys which would stretch her out more back there, so this seemed like fate.

Even though she seemed eager there was a little part of Hayden which couldn’t help feel that idea of becoming Beyonce’s bitch was a little worrying. Hot, but worrying. After all Hayden didn’t really know Beyonce all that well. What if she tied her up and hurt her… in a way Hayden wouldn’t like. And more to the point, should she really be allowing her to take naked pictures of her? Of course Hayden’s brain was having problems coherently thinking about anything, let alone these fears, as her ass hole was stretched so wonderfully, Hayden completely forgetting about her worries altogether for a few moments as Beyonce suddenly increased the speed of her pooper pumping.

Beyonce grinned to herself as she sped up her thrusting ever so slightly and squeezed some extra loud moans out of Hayden in the process. Beyonce just love to hear a bitch moaning for her and she was very happy that Hayden seemed to have no problem with it. Some girls Beyonce had fucked got all embarrassed and tried to soften the sounds they made. That was sexy and all when they were in a public place and trying not to get caught, but in the privacy of a bedroom Beyonce like to hear a bitch moan for her. Not force it though, just let it come naturally, which was exactly what was happening here. When Beyonce had started the butt fucking Hayden was moaning softly, now those moans were getting louder by the minute.

If she continued fucking Hayden’s ass Beyonce was pretty sure she could have the youngest Heroes star screaming for her in no time. It was almost enough to make Beyonce want to go through with it, to pound fuck Hayden’s tight little tushy until the little blonde was begging to be allowed to cum, that she would do anything, be Beyonce’s obedient little white bitch forever if Beyonce just made her cum. However while Beyonce fully intended to give Hayden the rough butt pounding that would have her begging to be her little slut, Beyonce had something else in mind.

Turning to the other blonde girl still obediently spreading her butt cheeks Beyonce called out, “Hey Kristen, you still want the privilege of taking my big black cock up your ass?”

“Oh yes, please, butt fuck me.” Kristen said softly.

“Then make me believe it.” Beyonce demanded, “Beg for my big black cock up your ass. Proved to me you want it.”

“I want it. I want it so bad. Please Beyonce, butt fuck me with your big black cock. Shove your big black cock up my ass and butt fuck me as hard as you can. Please, stretch my ass out. Leave it a gaping mess. Make me leave here with a gaping butt hole because you rammed my ass so hard with your big black cock, just the way I want it.” Kristen begged.

As Kristen continued to beg Beyonce slowly pulled out of Hayden’s ass hole, enjoying the sight of inch after inch slowly exiting that stretched out back entrance, the grin that had been slowly crossing her face becoming even wider once it came out with a pop and she stood back to allow Ali to take a picture of Hayden’s butt hole remaining ever so slightly open. Beyonce intended to make sure each of the three Heroes stars left with brutally stretched open back holes which looked like they would never close, but this was a good start.

“Please Beyonce, fuck… fuck my ass… I… oh, please fuck my white ass with your big black cock. I want your big black cock up my white ass. I aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

First Kristen paused in her begging when Beyonce firmly pressed her big strap on against her next conquest’s little puckered entrance. Beyonce opened her mouth to tell Kristen to keep begging for her, but before she got the chance the blonde actress did exactly what she wanted her to do which made Beyonce smile. That smile turned into a smirk as Beyonce pressed forward forcefully, giving Kristen’s ass hole no choice but to open up for her dildo and let it go deep up her butt, Ali getting some great shots of the initial penetration and the slow process of filling up Kristen’s white ass with fake black cock.

Once she was fake balls deep into Kristen’s butt Beyonce took a little while to savour the moment and then with a firm grip on Kristen’s hips the singer began slowly pumping the nice piece of white girl booty she had in front of her, stretching it out and getting it ready for the serious butt pounding Beyonce was inevitably going to give it. Well, that and it was just fun stretching ass out. Plus it was something Beyonce was very good at given all the pieces of ass she had fucked over the years.

With all her experience it was unsurprising that in no time Beyonce had Kristen moaning like a total anal whore for her, any slight sounds of pain a distant memory not that long after the butt fucking had began. However just as Kristen really started getting into it Beyonce suddenly pulled out, shifted over on the bed and thrust her strap on up Hayden’s only just recovered butt, forcing it to stretch open for her cock again.

Beyonce repeated this process over and over again, going back and forth between Hayden’s and Kristen’s butt holes, giving them each a little ass stretching session before moving on to the other until the point those misused butt holes didn’t fully recover in between fucks. While this was a lot of fun Beyonce had a plan which would all become very clear very soon, and it wasn’t just so Ali could continue taking pictures of her butt fucking two of the most beautiful TV stars/wannabe movie stars that Beyonce had ever had the pleasure of anally violating, although that made a very nice plus.

While Beyonce knew exactly what she was doing, and Ali had been let in on her plans, Kristen and Hayden had no idea what was going on. The difference was Hayden was still mostly enjoying herself and happy to wait and see what happened, while Kristen was becoming more frustrated by the minute.

Sure, the feeling of that strap on sliding in and out of her ass was becoming increasingly wonderful as her back passage became increasingly stimulated and ready for a fucking, the moans she was hearing from her girlfriend, her current position and the fact that she was being photographed also adding to Kristen’s enjoyment however she was getting tired of constantly having her pleasure being denied her just as it was getting good.

Couldn’t Beyonce simply just butt fuck them one at a time? If it would break the cycle Kristen would be happy to let Hayden get her ass ploughed first, and if Beyonce needed a rest after that maybe Ali could help her out with a little pussy licking or something as the older blonde seemed to have some energy left, or maybe even Hayden as Kristen knew her girlfriend was quite the little ball of sexual energy, so much so that more than once Kristen had wondered if Hayden shared her Heroes character Claire Bennet’s regenerative powers.

However despite her frustration and her rather reasonable ideas how to put an end to it Kristen remained silent and in position. If it had been just her and Hayden she would have definitely said something, and maybe if it was Ali dominating them, but for some reason Kristen couldn’t bring herself to question Beyonce and… and it felt thrilling not too. Ali had always seemed softer when she dominated them, but now Kristen felt truly at another woman’s mercy, and although that wasn’t entirely true it was still a thrilling thought. So Kristen kept her mouth shut, suffering in silence while waiting for something to break the cycle she found herself in.

In a way Kristen’s prayers were answered when Beyonce ordered her, “Kristen, spread your girlfriend’s cheeks open for me.”

After a slight pause Kristen did as she was told, lifting herself up and turning herself around so she could reach Hayden’s cheeks, Hayden wordlessly removing her own hands from her ass but keeping it high in the air while her head remained pressed to the bed, ‘the cheerleader’ grinning as she felt her girlfriend parting her butt cheeks as instructed.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, doesn’t that look good Kristen? My big black dick going in and out, in and out, in and out of your girlfriend’s hot little white ass. You holding her cheeks open so I can go… as… deep… as… I… can… into… that… sweet… little… shit… hole.” Beyonce said, with her last few words giving Hayden’s ass a series of hard, rectum ramming thrusts in which she pulled her dildo out almost all the way before pushing it back in as deep as it could possibly go before smiling at Kristen and adding, “It looks good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it looks very good.” Kristen said softly.

“You know what else looks good Kristen? A nice gaping ass hole.” Beyonce said, suddenly pulling out of Hayden’s rectum, “That’s it, spread those cheeks as wide as you can Kristen. Mmmmmm, that’s nice. Your girlfriend’s ass hole looks so nice stretched out and gaping. Don’t you think so?”

“Uh-huh, very nice.” Kristen agreed.

“Ohhhhh, you know what I would like to see Kristen? You giving your girlfriend’s gaping ass hole a little French kiss for me. Come on, don’t be shy, Ali tells me all about how you two sluts love rimming each other’s asses. Well here’s your chance to get deep into that butt hole. Come on bitch, shove your tongue deep into your girlfriend’s butt.” Beyonce said, becoming more demanding at the end.

This command caused Kristen to bite her lip. She had done a lot of kinky shit lately, especially with Hayden and Ali, but Kristen had never stuck her tongue into a gaping butt hole before.

After going back and forth on it for a little while Kristen cautiously bent her head down, stuck her tongue out and slid it around the bright red ring of Hayden’s ass hole before slipping her tongue inside it. Finding the act surprisingly not that bad, and actually something of a turn on, Kristen started to give Hayden the most thorough rim job of her life, much to the delight of Hayden and Beyonce.

“That’s it bitch, stick your tongue in that ass. Clean that shit hole up you dirty fucking whore. Fuck, you’re so nasty. You Heroes girls are so fucking nasty!” Beyonce said lustfully, watching with glee for several minutes as Kristen licked out Hayden’s ass before putting a stop to it, “Ok, back up bitch and spread those ass cheeks for me wide. It’s time for some more butt fucking.”

Kristen hadn’t stopped spreading Hayden’s ass cheeks, but she didn’t bother to point this out, instead she just lifted her head up and watched lustfully as Beyonce reinserted her strap on back up Hayden’s butt, stretching out that little hole so it was nice and loose again.

For a little while this process was repeated, Beyonce making Kristen French kiss Hayden’s gaping ass hole in between long drawn out butt stretchings, the whole time making Kristen hold Hayden’s cheeks open and tell Beyonce how hot her dick looked fucking that ass, before she eventually switched over so that it was Hayden spreading Kristen’s ass cheeks and rimming out her gaping hole at Beyonce’s command, surprisingly with a little more eagerness from the beginning. Beyonce decided to see if that eagerness would continue for what she planned to do next.

“Hayden.” Beyonce said softly, causing Hayden to pull her tongue out of Kristen’s butt and look at her, “You like the taste of Kristen’s ass so much… here, be a good little ATM whore for me and suck that taste right off my cock.”

Hesitating only for a second to grin mischievously Hayden swallowed the head of Beyonce’s strap on which was pressed to her lips and began frantically bobbing her head up and down on it, deliberately turning the volume up on her sucking and slurping in an attempt to turn Beyonce on. It worked, as did the fact that when Beyonce started pushing the dildo deeper into her mouth Hayden simply relaxed her throat and allowed the large toy to slide down her gullet.

“That’s it bitch, swallow that cock. Taste the deepest part of your little girlfriend’s rectum on my fucking cock. You feel that bitch? You feel that fucker in your fucking windpipe? That’s just been balls deep in your girlfriend’s pooper you kinky little slut. Have you no shame? Of course not because you’re a hot fucking slut. Ass to mouth is nothing for a whore like you is it? How about I get a little nastier? How about I fuck your throat with the cock I just used to fuck your girlfriend’s ass?” Beyonce groaned rhetorically as she began pumping her hips back and forth, her dildo thrusting in and out of Hayden’s wide-open mouth, “You like that slut? You like me using your mouth like a cunt… or your girlfriend’s ass hole? Don’t forget this has been up your ass too, as well as Ali’s, so you’re sucking on a cock which has been up three slutty asses today, and up the slutty asses of countless whores just like you since I first strapped it on? You feel good about that? You feel good about the fact you’re probably tasting dozens of slutty asses and not just your girlfriend’s dyke ass? Of course you do you fucking slut. You do because you’re a nasty fucking anal whore who just can’t get enough!”

Beyonce’s verbal out burst was a little worrying to Kristen, but what was even more worrying was the fact that towards the end of it Beyonce was holding Hayden down on her dildo, every inch of that monster down the poor girl’s throat to the point where she was noticeably choking and gagging. Just as Kristen was about to object Beyonce pulled the entire fake dick out of Hayden’s mouth in one quick thrust, leaving Kristen’s girlfriend a gasping mess.

This understandably pissed Kristen off a little bit, but before she got the chance to say anything Hayden weakly moaned, “Yes… fuck yes… I’m a slut. I’m a nasty fucking anal whore who just can’t get enough. Use my mouth like a cunt, or an ass hole. Fucking fuck my face. Make me taste the slutty asses of whores. Just fucking use me anyway you want. Just please, make me cum. Make me and Kristen cum and you can do whatever you want to us.”

Grinning widely Beyonce turned to the blonde who was awkwardly looking behind herself at the action, “Is that right Kristen? Can I do what ever I want to you as long as I make you and your little girlfriend cum?”

There was a slight pause, and then Kristen answered, “Yes.”

“Mmmmmm, so convincing. But that can wait, for now it’s time to see if you can match your girlfriend’s cock sucking skills.” Beyonce said.

Taking the hint Kristen and Hayden switched positions, Hayden sticking her ass in the air and Kristen spreading her girlfriend’s cheeks, Beyonce not taking long to get in position to shove her big strap on cock up Hayden’s ass again. After making sure it was in as deep as it could go Beyonce spent a few long minutes butt fucking Hayden, her eyes locked with Kristen’s the whole time before eventually pulling out and wordlessly pressing the dildo to Kristen’s lips.

Not as lost in the pleasure as Hayden had been Kristen noticed the flash of a camera, Ali still obviously doing her job somewhere off to the side, not that Kristen spent any time looking for her as she was preoccupied with the cock pushing its way past her lips. When she opened up to accept the ass flavoured toy Kristen honestly wondered if it was her choosing to do so or simply a result of Beyonce’s forceful pushes getting her way… or possibly even a result of Kristen’s horny body taking over.

It wasn’t like Kristen was at all opposed to ass to mouth fun. She had very much enjoyed that perverted act of sex many times in the past, however throat fucking was a completely new concept, one which was both frightening and intriguing.

Before she could over think things too much Kristen found Beyonce’s dildo pressing into the back of her mouth leaving her with the option to spit it out immediately or take it down her throat. In that split second deciding to just go with this and at least try it Kristen allowed the strap on to slide down her throat, the former Veronica Mars star concentrating on sucking Hayden’s ass juices off the cock in an attempt to take her mind off what was about to happen, the continuous flashes of Ali’s camera making it difficult for her to take her mind off things.

Luckily and to her tremendous surprise Kristen found herself not hating it that much. In fact she barely hated it at all.

Not wanting to push the cautious girl too much too quickly Beyonce slowly began fucking Kristen’s throat, keeping her words simple and mostly complementary, which included such things as, “That’s it, take it girl, and suck that cock.”

As the throat fucking continued Beyonce’s words became more complex and taunting, but not to the point where she would truly insult Kristen. That was almost never her goal in this situation as that would only be counter-productive. No, Beyonce merely wanted to spice things up a bit, enhance the nastiness of the situation. Hayden seemed to get that no problem, and although she seemed more hesitant Beyonce was pretty sure Kristen got that too. Of course so far Kristen had been more hesitant of most things, but Beyonce already had a plan for dealing with that. But that would have to wait, for now Beyonce wanted to test out just how good a fuck hole Kristen’s mouth would make.

It turned out Kristen’s mouth made an excellent fuck hole as it was wet, tight and most importantly took every inch of Beyonce’s strap on. Sure, it was a struggle to get the last few inches in, but with a little gurgling from Kristen and an extra hard push from Beyonce the fake balls of the toy were resting against Kristen’s chin, announcing Beyonce had managed to stuff the other woman’s throat with every inch of her big cock.

Considering Kristen’s nervous and somewhat reluctant attitude Beyonce was a little surprised Kristen was not only able to take every inch down her throat but last for a few minutes of face fucking before she began to gargle and complain, at which point Beyonce immediately pulled out and had the girls switch so she didn’t push things too far.

Much to Hayden’s and Kristen’s frustration this process continued over and over again, Beyonce continuing to give them just enough of a ass fucking to the point where they were getting into it only to then pull out. The only difference to what was happening before was that now they were having to lick out each other’s stretched out ass holes and/or suck Beyonce’s strap on dick and taste the deepest part of the other’s ass. These additions to the previous cycle were not unwelcome, and both Kristen and Hayden greatly preferred being able to watch Beyonce’s dildo sliding in and out of the other’s butt hole as opposed to having to remain face down and ass up when they weren’t the ones getting sodomised, however they were both still longing for a hard butt pounding.

After what felt like an eternity the girls were both given a chance to get what they truly wanted.

Reaching down to touch Hayden’s and Kristen’s pussies Beyonce grinned and said, “Seems like both of you want to cum real bad, but… who should get to cum first? I know, how about you both spread your cheeks for me again and try and prove to me why you should get to cum first.”

In a flash Hayden and Kristen were in position and noisily talking over each other, Beyonce struggling a little to hear what they were saying, but still capturing the gist of it.

“Fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, oh please Beyonce fuck me and make me cum!” Hayden shamelessly begged, “I loved that ass stretching you gave me, but now I need a hard ass fucking to make me cum! I’ll do or say anything you want if you just make me cum! I loved rimming Kristen’s ass for you, and tasting her sweet ass on your cock, and I’ll totally do those things again for you whenever you want! I’ll be your butt rimming ATM whore if you just let me cum!”

Knowing she needed to castaway her inhibitions if she was to stand a chance of winning this little competition, and to horny not to try her best, Kristen shamelessly begged at the exact same time, “Please Beyonce… please, please, please, make me cum! I’ll do anything if you make me cum! I need it so bad! I’m desperate, please don’t make me wait any more. I’ll… I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll… I’ll be your bitch! I’ll be like Ali or one of those girls in your book, just please make me cum!”

“Hm, it’s too close to call… BUT.” Beyonce yelled out the last word to make sure she had both girls attention before continuing, “Since Hayden was the first out of you two to know the joy of my dick in her ass… I’ll let Kristen cum first, as long as she promises to be my good little bitch from now on.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I swear I’ll be your good little bitch from now on, I’ll do whatever you want, just please let me cum.” Kristen swore, willing to say anything if it meant she would be able to finally cum.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Beyonce chuckled as she slid into Kristen’s welcoming rectum, easily going balls deep in the first slow thrust before then quickly establishing a steady butt stretching pace.

The problem was Kristen didn’t want a butt stretching, she wanted a butt wrecking. She wanted her butt hole destroyed, wanted Beyonce to pound it so hard and deep that it would be gaping for hours and it would still be aching when she woke up tomorrow. Most of all she wanted to cum. She wanted to cum from getting her ass fucked hard.

In the past Ali had done all sorts of wicked and wonderful things to Kristen and Hayden, most of which Kristen had enjoyed, but even at her worst Ali had never tortured either of her younger co-stars like this before and Kristen resented all this relentless teasing. It had been one thing before when Beyonce had been obviously having fun with them, but now she had made Kristen beg so shamelessly for a hard butt fucking she should deliver, not continue torturing her with a slow ass stretching.

Just when Kristen thought Beyonce was going to pull out again the pop singer suddenly sped up, Kristen’s loosened ass hole eagerly taking it without any problems whatsoever. In fact thanks to all the seemingly endless butt stretching Kristen’s ass had never felt so loose before and as a result Kristen didn’t feel an ounce of pain even when Beyonce began to redefine her understanding of the term rectum wrecking.

Crying out in joyous ecstasy Kristen began pushing herself back against the increasingly brutal thrusts, making the large dildo slam in and out of her shit hole even faster and harder, that large poll stimulating places inside her ass like never before. Sure, this wasn’t Kristen’s first-time taking it up the butt. She had bent over for Ali lots of times, as well as a few lucky ex-boyfriend and of course her current girlfriend, but none of her previous experience even compared to this wonderful shitter slamming.

Suddenly Kristen’s hair was yanked back and her ass was roughly smacked before she heard Beyonce yelling out, “So what, you gonna be a good little white bitch for me? You gonna come running whenever I call? You gonna bend over whenever the fuck I want? You gonna spread your pretty little butt cheeks for me white girl? You gonna be my bitch?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I swear, I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll come running when you call, bend over and spread my ass cheeks for you whenever you want! I swear, I’ll be your bitch, your good little white bitch!” Kristen swore.

“You going to be my good little white bitch, what?” Beyonce growled, pulling back on Kristen’s hair.

Kristen thought for a moment, and then quickly replied, “I’m going to be your good little white bitch my Black Mistress.”

“Damn right, that’s what you call me from now on!” Beyonce yelled happily, smacking Kristen’s ass a few times before plowing into it at an even harder pace, waiting for a few moments before asking, “What do you call me?”

“My Black Mistress.” Kristen quickly replied, and then when there was silence added, “That’s what I call you, because now you’re my Mistress and I’m your bitch.”

“Good bitch.” Beyonce beamed, delivering another hard slap to Kristen’s ass, “Now since you know your place I’m going to reward you by letting you cum for me like the little slut you are!”

“Thank you my Black Mistress, thank you so fucking much.” Kristen moaned loudly, completely lost in her current role of submissive little slut.

Beyonce wondered if after tonight was done Kristen was going to regret submitting to her. Other bitches had done so in the past, some even convincing themselves Beyonce wasn’t serious about wanting to own them, but Beyonce had always set them straight and eventually they always came to love being her little sex toys. It wasn’t like Beyonce was going to keep Kristen from being with Hayden or anyone else she wanted, she was just going to have to make sure that this latest addition to her collection got it through her head that from now on whenever Beyonce wanted a piece of her she would take her. Of course soon Kristen was going to learn that wasn’t a bad thing, a point Beyonce was going to make very clear right now.

When she first got down to some hard butt banging Beyonce had been giving Kristen quite a few spanks, mostly playful but a few hard stinging strikes to show she still meant business. After their little conversation Beyonce spent a short time giving Kristen a serious spanking, reddening those soft yet pretty firm cheeks back to the shade they had been after the last bottom beating she had given her, always holding the other girl’s hair in one hand while she delivered her strikes, making a real show of it for Ali who had to be on her third or fourth roll of film by now. It was going to be tough going through all those shots and deciding which ones ended up in her book and which ones ended up in her seldom revisited leftover draw, but Beyonce was very much looking forward to it.

Still making sure to put on a show for the camera Beyonce let go of Kristen’s hair and took a firm grasp of her bruised cheeks before spreading them apart, watching lustfully as she drilled that little hole in between them as hard as she could. Beyonce loved watching her dildo pounding in and out of some bitch’s butt hole, especially a white bitch’s butt hole, so before her right now was perfection, something which totally catered to her most perverted desires. Beyonce studied that heiney hole long and hard, committing it to memory for those times she was caught somewhere without her favourite book, before switching her hands to Kristen’s hips and fully concentrating on ruining her latest bitch’s rectum.

While Beyonce had been having her fun Kristen had been begging shamelessly for more, but at this point she could have been begging for mercy and Beyonce wouldn’t have given a fuck. She was in the zone, completely lost to her own pleasure and the only real reason Beyonce knew Kristen was still loving it was the fact that the bitch’s cries and the few words Beyonce did catch sounded like nothing but pure enjoyment. Eventually Kristen’s words dissolved into guttural cries, making it sound as if Beyonce was pounding her so hard she was literally ruining her butt, drilling straight through it and her body until that big dildo came out of her mouth.

The sounds were somewhat worrying to Hayden but the look of ecstasy on Kristen’s face told her everything was going to be alright. Perhaps better than alright even as while it was difficult to crane her head upwards in her current position still spreading her ass cheeks Hayden was able to still watch the incredibly arousing sight of Beyonce’s dark body pounding into Kristen’s pale body in a sign of total dominance.

It was quite a turn on for Ali too, both she and Hayden hoping they were next, but content in their current tasks, Ali especially making herself useful and she got some great shots of the pure blissful submission on Kristen’s face and the look of powerful dominance on Beyonce’s.

After feeling like she had been slowly approaching the biggest orgasm of her life for what felt like forever Kristen finally experienced it and it was more mind blowing then she could possibly imagine. It almost felt as if it was literally mind blowing, her poor brain unable to cope with the sensations crashing through her body, every cell of her being feeling completely numb and yet alive in a way they had never been before all at once. It wasn’t long before her hands gave way and she landed face first on the bed, the only thing keeping the lower half of her body up in the air being Beyonce’s vise like grip, the singer clearly unwilling to allow the butt fucking to end and Kristen in no position to stop it, so continue it did, Kristen lying face down and ass up, helpless to do anything but continue to be an orifice for her new mistress’s pleasure.

Beyonce was aware Kristen was still continuously cumming over and over again, and while she normally didn’t give a fuck, this time she was very pleased with this result. After this type of butt fucking bitches tended to become putty in her hands, the sluts literally going weak in the knees whenever they saw her because they knew what kind of pleasure she could give them. She was pretty sure that was how it was going to be with Kristen, but even if it wasn’t Beyonce would happily repeat this little performance as many times as it would take to make Kristen Bell her willing little fuck puppet.

However Beyonce was left in quite a predicament. Beyonce had gone easy on Ali because she was already broken. Because of her earlier reluctance Kristen clearly needed the full Beyonce Knowles ass destroying treatment, but that threatened to take away every ounce of strength the black singer had. Luckily this wasn’t Beyonce’s first time breaking in two pieces of ass so she knew she was reaching the point where she had to stop if she wanted to be able to give Hayden the full Beyonce Knowles ass destroying treatment, however the problem was Beyonce was just having so much fun pounding Kristen’s pooper it was hard to convince herself to pull out of ‘Veronica Mars’s ass’.

Luckily the orgasm which Beyonce had been holding back crept up on her while she was debating and was so powerful the award-winning singer was knocked off her game, and as she found herself going at a slower pace Beyonce decided it was a sign. So she relaxed and let her climax wash over her as she gently slowed down to a complete stop, her dildo still completely buried in Kristen’s ass.

After her climax had come and gone Beyonce took a few moments to drool over the sight before her, and then she firmly slapped Kristen’s butt and growled, “Spread your cheeks for me bitch!”

An obviously tired Kristen was slow to respond, but after taking the hardest rectum ramming Beyonce had to give without any complaint the pop singer decided she could afford to let it slide. Besides, Kristen slowly spreading her ass cheeks for her after what she had just done to her was quite a sight to behold.

Looking over her shoulder to check Ali was in place Beyonce smiled and then suddenly pulled out in one quick thrust, stepping aside to allow Ali to snap a shot of Kristen’s brutalised butt hole, the poor thing looking literally ruined it was gaping so widely. Of course Beyonce just grinned as to her it was a sign of Kristen’s submission, the girl’s body, and most importantly her ass, accepting that Beyonce now owned Kristen and would do whatever she wanted to her. The fact Kristen continued spreading her cheeks to allow Ali to take pictures of her gaping ass hole was further testament to this, as would be what happened next.

“Hayden, get yourself a good look at your little girlfriend’s ass.” Beyonce ordered, grinning as Hayden got up and moved round to look at Kristen’s butt, gasping when she saw just how wide her girlfriend’s back hole was stretched, “Good, now watch this… Kristen, take your hands off your cheeks and look at me.”

Doing as she was told Kristen looked up at her new mistress.

“What are you?” Beyonce demanded.

“I’m your bitch, my Black Mistress. I’m your white bitch.” Kristen quickly answered.

Beyonce smiled. She had been expecting some hesitation and the fact that there was none was a nice surprise, “Good, now I’m about to do what I just did to you to your little girlfriend, namely destroy her little ass and make her my bitch. You don’t have a problem with that, do you Kristen?”

“N… no, my Black Mistress.” Kristen said after a tiny pause.

This caused Beyonce to frown. There was that hesitation she had been expecting. No matter, she already knew how she was going to deal with that, for now Beyonce had one more thing for Kristen to do before she moved on to Hayden, “I didn’t think so, but first, I want you to clean my dick of your nasty ass juices. You were already a little ATM whore for me in tasting Hayden’s ass, now it’s time for you to taste your own fucking ass!”

Again there was a slight hesitation, although as far as Beyonce knew it could have been easily result of exhaustion rather than reluctance. Either way Kristen still did as she was told, crawling along the bed to were Beyonce was standing at the foot of it, and then after another slight pause reached up and took the head of the cock into her mouth.

Closing her eyes Kristen began gently sucking on the dildo, not all that bothered by having to taste her own ass as she had done many times before, however it was far from her favourite kinky sex act. Still, the bitter taste awoke her tired body from its exhausted state a little, Kristen getting into the blow job with every bob of her head.

Beyonce watched lustfully as Kristen’s mouth went lower and lower on her dildo, the actress relaxing her throat so the toy could slide down it to get a thorough cleaning. If Kristen was the only slut Beyonce was breaking in tonight she would have spent a long time making sure her new bitch got every drop of her anal juices off that dick, but as it was Beyonce was very mindful there was an ass just waiting to be fucked.

So after Kristen had spent about a minute taking every inch down her throat Beyonce pulled back and said, “Ok, that’s enough of that. You’re quite a little cock sucker Kristen but it’s time for you to watch your girlfriend get a serious butt pounding. Hayden, get back on your hands and knees. You’re about to get this cock up your ass!”

Hayden quickly obeyed and got into position, silently wondering to herself whether she should spread her ass cheeks or not. After all she hadn’t been asked to but that seemed to be a particular fetish of Beyonce’s so maybe she should do so anyway.

Before she got much of a chance to debate this Hayden felt her ass hole being entered again, much quicker than any time before while still being slow enough not to cause her any pain, Beyonce wasting no time once she was balls deep to settle into a steady butt fucking which soon had Hayden moaning in pleasure.

It had been a little while since Beyonce’s cock had been pounding her ass so Hayden was extremely grateful Beyonce spent some time making sure her shit shoot was nice and stretched out before any serious butt pounding began. Hayden was even more grateful though that when her back passage was nice and loose again rather than spend any time continuing to torture her with a slow sodomising Beyonce immediately began picking up the pace until Hayden was receiving the kind of wonderfully hard ass fucking she had gotten used to receiving from Ali and, when she talked her into it, her girlfriend Kristen. However it wasn’t as rough as the rectum wrecking Beyonce had just given Kristen and Ali, and while others may have been relieved about that fact Hayden was just disappointed.

Sure, Kristen’s and Ali’s butt holes were gaping wider than any Hayden had ever seen before but they had also cum harder than Hayden could ever remember them cumming and she wanted to experience that kind of climax herself. She also just wanted to feel that huge dildo battering away at her bowels with the same speed and roughness she had seen Beyonce use before, Hayden’s horny body practically quivering at the idea of taking that hard of an ass pounding.

As something of a consolation prize Hayden was getting her butt firmly walloped, Beyonce pulling back on her hair as she spanked her, making a real show of it for Ali who was continuing to take pictures. Given what would happen if these pictures ever got out there was no way Hayden should have been loving this so much, but she couldn’t help it. It appealed to the part of her which wanted attention, a selfish part of herself she normally didn’t like to acknowledge but couldn’t help do so here. At least she was being punished for her enjoyment with a nice hard spanking… or at least she would be if she wasn’t the type of slut who got off on having her ass spanked while she was being butt fucked.

“So how about it Hayden, you gonna be my good little white bitch too?” Beyonce asked in a much more playful tone to the one she had used on Kristen before, her words and a hard smack to Hayden’s ass awaking ‘the cheerleader’ from her thoughts, “You going to be like your little girlfriend Kristen and promise to bend over and spread your cheeks for me whenever I want? To be at my beck and call? Are you?”

“Yes, oooooohhhhhhh, fuuuucccckkkk yeeeeessssss! I’ll be your bitch Beyonce. Just like Kristen, mmmmmmm, and Ali. We’ll all be your white bitches, bending over and spreading our asses for you whenever you fucking want!” Hayden promised, talking become increasingly difficult for her as she became lost to her anal lust.

Her mood suddenly shifting Beyonce smacked Hayden’s butt as hard as she could, yanked back on her hair and growled, “Your what…”

“My Black Mistress.” Hayden finished quickly, just as quickly adding, “We’ll oooooooohhhhhhhh, we’ll all bend over and spread our asses when ever you want my Black Mistress. Mmmmmmm, when ever you want!”

“So, YOU’LL be my bitch and YOU, will do whatever I want?” Beyonce questioned, wondering if Hayden would take the hint.

She did, “Yeeeeesssssss, I’ll be your bitch and do whatever you want. Ahhhhhhh fuck, I’ll be a total slut for you. Your own personal little fuck toy.”

“Mmmmmmm, I like the sound of that, and since you’ve been such a good little whore for me tonight, I’m going to let you cum like your little friends did.” Beyonce said happily, smacking Hayden’s rear affectionately one more time before picking up the pace again.

“Ohhhhhhh, thank you my Black Mistress, thank yooooouuuu oooooohhhhhh!” Hayden’s moan of thanks turned into a long cry of pleasure as she slipped into total bowel bliss, her whole world now revolving around her ass hole and the big strap on cock pounding in and out of it.

While Beyonce’s main focus was Hayden’s butt hole the award-winning pop artist was also aware of several things. One, or two depending how you looked at it, of which was Ali and Kristen, Beyonce making sure to continue to put on a good show for them, albeit for different reasons. Actually there was a shared reason for both of them and one reason which stood alone, the one reason being the obvious one with the camera, the other being Beyonce wanting to send a message to Hayden’s other lovers that while they were free to do whatever they wanted to her nobody could fuck her harder or better than Beyonce. Whether that message was sinking in or not was hard to tell, especially with Kristen, but at least one thing was clear, Beyonce had the watching women’s full attention.

Of course while Beyonce was mindful of those things she was far more concerned with her own pleasure at this point, not just from the wonderful vibrations on her clit via the stimulator, but the joy she got from watching her dark thighs smacking repeatedly against supple pale skin, causing those white little butt cheeks to jiggle and bounce ever so slightly as she continued drilling the once tiny hole between them which was now obscenely stretched out.

The contrast of her own caramel chocolate skin against the pale vanilla of a white girl’s was always an incredible turn on for Beyonce, and never more so than in this situation as she performed what she had always believed to be the ultimate act of dominance over another woman. And to have little Hayden Panettiere, a girl who had up until recently been such a delicious little piece of jailbait and was now only barely legal, on all fours before her with her ass presented for her enjoyment, oh, it was all so intoxicating.

However as much enjoyment as she was getting out of this the thing Beyonce was most concentrated on was doing what she had promised to do and make Hayden cum in the same way she had made Kristen and Ali cum. Especially Kristen. After the butt fucking she had given the former star of Veronica Mars and now Heroes star Beyonce was confident Kristen would be crawling back for more in no time, and even if she didn’t getting her into bed again should be easy as pie. Beyonce wanted to make sure Hayden was on that level too so that before she left she would have made her cum so hard Hayden would be counting the days until she was Beyonce’s ‘own personal little fuck toy’ again.

Beyonce was awoken from her thoughts by a loud scream as Hayden came, the pop singer taken off guard for a moment but she didn’t stop the brutal butt pounding and somehow even found a way to increase it as she tried to keep Hayden on her high.

She succeeded and then some, Hayden screaming at the top of her lungs as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life only to be hit by one even more powerful, and then one even more powerful after that. Hayden had always cum in powerful multiples when she was fucked in the ass, hence her love for anal sex, but this was stronger than anything she’d ever experienced before and it completely destroyed her mind, leaving her a happy vegetable, her upper half eventually falling down onto the bed in exhaustion as Beyonce’s grip kept her lower half up in the air, the black singer continuously pounding her ass through climax after climax even though Hayden’s poor shattered mind couldn’t even begin to comprehend what was happening to her anymore.

Even though Hayden seemed barely conscious Kristen and Ali didn’t try to stop the ass fucking as they knew first hand they wouldn’t want it to stop if they were in Hayden’s position.

As for Beyonce, she was lost in making sure she completed her Heroes collection tonight, the dominant black woman continuing to ram her latest conquest’s ass as hard as she could, and considering she no longer had a reason to hold back that was really something to see. Eventually though Beyonce’s stamina and ability to hold off her own climax ran out, Beyonce powering through her first couple of orgasms but eventually she succumbed, her thrusts gradually slowing down to a more lazy pace before eventually coming to a full stop.

Both women involved in the hard butt fuck remained where they were for a long time, desperately gasping for breath and fighting the urge to collapse in a completely exhausted heap. After what felt like an eternity Beyonce finally panted, “Spread your cheeks.”

For a moment the other three women all wondered if Hayden hadn’t heard or whether she was just too exhausted to comply, but then slowly the youngest among them reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

Smiling to herself Beyonce pulled out and stepped back, the smile on her face remaining as her loyal bitch Ali made sure the beautiful sight before her would be added to her book, the beautiful sight in question being Hayden Panettiere’s gaping butt hole. It was a picture which was going to look so good right next to the little puckered rosebud it had once been, allowing Beyonce many nights of pleasure comparing Hayden’s ass hole at the start of the night and the gaping crater that it now was.

Walking around so that she was standing in front of her new bitch Beyonce pointed down and simply said, “Suck.”

Lifting her head up Hayden slowly crawled to were the strap on fresh from her ass was an opened her mouth.

“Stop.” Beyonce quickly commanded, before smiling, “What are you?”

“I’m your bitch, my Black Mistress. I’m your ass to mouth loving white bitch.” Hayden replied obediently.

“Good girl.” Beyonce said, pressing the ass flavoured toy against Hayden’s lips while shooting a glance to Ali to make sure she captured this on film.

Blocking out whatever was going on around her Hayden concentrated on sucking all her yummy ass juices off the cock which was being helpfully slid into her mouth and down her throat, the anally satisfied blonde relaxing so she could take every inch down her gullet, noisily sucking on it the whole time, partly for the enjoyment of her new mistress but mostly so she could be a good little ATM slut and clean every bit of her butt juice from that strap on.

Grinning down at the blonde sucking her cock Beyonce brushed some hair out of Hayden’s face so she could be able to watch her do her job, watching the beautiful sight of a white girl willingly deep throating every inch of her big black dick after it had been so recently embedded so deeply with in her butt. Beyonce’s grin only got bigger when she looked up at her audience, the pop diva looking Kristen directly in the eye for a few moments before calling out to her, “What are you?”

“Your bitch. I’m your white bitch my Black Mistress.” Kristen replied submissively.

“Just like your little girlfriend?” Beyonce questioned, grinning again.

“Yes my Black Mistress, just like my little girlfriend.” Kristen said obediently.

“Good, but there’s one more little initiation process I like to give my bitches after I fuck them up their tight little asses, and that’s to make them kiss my big black ass.” Beyonce explained, “There ain’t nothing after a nice hard butt fucking session like making a bitch kiss my big sweaty butt, and since you two are so lovey-dovey with each other I’m sure you won’t mind sharing, will you?”

“No, my Black Mistress.” Kristen confirmed, and then when Beyonce continued staring at her added, “I can’t wait to kiss your big black ass.”

Grinning happily Beyonce gripped firmly to Hayden’s hair and pulled the girl off her cock, “How about you Hayden? You willing to kiss my big, sweaty black ass so you can be my bitch?”

“Oh yes my Black Mistress.” Hayden gasped, “I’ll kiss your ass so good my Black Mistress, I swear.”

“Good girls.” Beyonce said, unstrapping her dildo, pushing it down her legs and quickly stepping out of it before kneeling down on the bed, “Now get round behind me and kiss my big black ass!”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Kristen and Hayden both said submissively as they slowly crawled around so they were behind their new mistress before leaning forward so they could pressed their lips to her ass.

“MMMMMMMM, that’s it, kiss my ass you sexy bitches.” Beyonce moaned as she felt a pair of lips caressing each of her very well rounded butt cheeks, “Make sure you cover my ass in kisses.”

Wanting to please their new mistress Hayden and Kristen did as they were told, gently sliding their lips all over the ass cheek which was in front of them, mostly cautious pecks at first but they soon found themselves getting into it and pressing their lips more firmly and wetly against those big butt cheeks.

This was something new for both of them as while they had both given and received plenty of rim jobs and kissed each other’s butt cheeks, and the butt cheeks of other girls, in teasing preparation for a rim job they had never simply devoted themselves to the ass cheeks of another girl before. It was odd, partly because it wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as it seemed it should be, Hayden especially liking the chance to taste Beyonce’s sweat, but mostly because they weren’t sure for a while what Beyonce got out of it. Then it hit them.

They were literally kissing their new mistress’s ass. Was there any way this could make them seem more submissive?

As if to answer that question Beyonce suddenly demanded, “Start telling me how much you’re looking forward to being my bitches. Tell me how you’re going to bend over for me whenever I want a piece of your ass, that you’ll lick my pussy and ass hole whenever I fucking want, that you’ll do anything for me. And make sure you keep kissing my ass while you’re doing it.”

“Oh my Black Mistress… I’m going to be such a good little bitch for you.” Kristen quickly replied, pausing only to kiss Beyonce’s ass, “I’ll be a total whore for you… whenever you want… from now on. I swear… I’m going to bend over whenever you want.”

“Me too.” Hayden quickly chimed in, also kissing Beyonce’s ass everytime she paused, “We’re both… going to… bend over… for you… whenever… you want… be your… good… little… bitches…”

“We’ll… do… anything… for… you.” Kristen agreed, delivering a particularly long kiss to the large cheeks in front of her before continuing, “We’ll… take… it… up… the… ass… and… we’ll… lick… your… pussy… and… ass… whenever… you… want…”

“Prove it. Tongue my ass hole.” Beyonce demanded, “I want to feel your slut tongues sliding over the hole I shit from. Proved to me that you’ll do anything for meeeeee ooooohhhh fuuucccckkkk, that’s it, lick that shit. Tongue my butt hole you sluts, don’t forget to keep kissing my ass and talking dirty to me while you’re doing it! Ooooohhhh fuck yes! Worship my big black ass you worthless little white sluts!”

To Beyonce’s delight her new whores did as they were told, sliding their tongues first one at a time then together over her shit hole, constantly switching between that and continuing to kiss her ass cheeks and tell her how much they wanted to be her bitches, what they would do for her, etc. Of course the entire time Beyonce’s completely housebroken bitch Ali continue to take photographs, getting plenty of shots of Kristen’s and Hayden’s lips pressed against Beyonce’s cheeks and almost just as many of them tonguing Beyonce’s butt hole.

This was all very intoxicating and all Beyonce had to do was shove her fingers into her pussy for a few long hard thrusts and she would be cumming in no time. Hell, she had several rolls of film filled up by now so she could probably get Ali to give her cunt a good licking. A tongue in her twat and at least one tongue worshipping her ass never failed to get Beyonce off real good, and the idea of doing so was incredibly enticing. Of course considering how horny she suddenly felt Beyonce could probably cum just from Kristen and Hayden kissing her ass if she gave them long enough. However oddly enough Beyonce wasn’t in the mood for cumming, at least not that way.

All this ass kissing had actually put her back in the mood for ass fucking, and since there were three delicious pieces of white ass available why on earth should Beyonce deny herself?

“Mmmmmmm, you bitches kiss my ass soooooo good, but now I feel like some ass again so it looks like you get to prove whether what you were just saying was true or not by bending over for me again right now.” Beyonce said, and then after her bitches hesitated yelled, “Are you sluts fucking deaf? Bend over for me right the fuck now!”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” Kristen and Hayden quickly said, quickly leaping up onto the bed as Beyonce got off of it.

The pop singer smiled and then turned to her third bitch and yelled, “You too Ali. I want all you bitches face down and ass up spreading your cheeks for your Black Mistress.”

“Yes my Black Mistress.” All three white women said submissively, Hayden and Kristen immediately spreading their cheeks with Ali doing the same when she was in position.

After reattaching her strap on dildo Beyonce picked up the camera Ali had just placed down on the table and smiled. One picture left of the current roll of film… and she knew just how to use it.


Moaning loudly Beyonce came all over her fingers as her eyes darted from what had turned out to be the second to last picture of the night which featured all three Heroes stars spreading their cheeks for her to reveal their misused ass holes to the very last picture of the night, which she had broken out a new roll of film especially for, which featured all three Heroes stars lying across some pillows which were keeping their asses nice and high in the air, and in the perfect position for butt fucking, their ass holes somehow even more gaping than the pictures before.

Damn, that had been a wild night. After finally putting the camera away Beyonce had used those bitches’ butt holes relentlessly, slamming each and every one of them for her own pleasure, not even caring they were barely conscious as they truly became nothing but orifices to her.

It had worked out though, Ali was still her loyal bitch and Kristen and Hayden had turned out to be wonderful additions to her collection. Kristen now did the most depraved things for her without a moment’s hesitation and her ass hole had become one of Beyonce’s favourite places to spend time inside of. As for Hayden, she had quickly become one of Beyonce’s all-time favourites. She may have looked innocent, but no one was more of a total whore for Beyonce than Hayden, and there was no whore Beyonce used more regularly.

Putting her book away Beyonce smiled to herself. Heroes was over now, but maybe it was time she arranged her own private little reunion party with a strictly all-female guest list.

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