Beyonce’s Embarrassment

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains explicit
descriptions of non-consensual sex. If this offends you, please look
elsewhere. Everything contained in this story is fiction, do not
attempt to recreate any part of this story in real life.

Beyonce’s Embarrassment by MadBomber


Beyonce Knowles was a beautiful, talented singer who had it
all… the fame, the money, the adulation. Beyonce’s star had
been rising year upon year and by early 2004 she was amongst
the most successful artists on the planet, and still only 22.

It was also clear, unlike many of her peers, that Beyonce had
gotten to the top of the tree without sinking to low levels.
By that I mean not sucking record industry bosses cock. For
Beyonce was a very religious good-girl, and this was so
apparent that the said industry bosses didn’t even bother to
ask her to suck it.

However, there seemed to be one or two contradictions in her
image. A goody two shoes that wore skirts that showed the tops
of her gorgeous thick thighs. The way she shook her ass at
the drop of a hat. The general suggestion and attire she wore
seemed to say that something was for sale, and at quite a low

Beyonce seemed to be blissfully unaware of these contradictions
and continued on her merry way. However, these contradictions
were not lost on everyone.

Richard Dale was a multi-millionaire with a genius level IQ.
A social outcast however who suffered from psychiatric issues.
Richard was obsessed by Beyonce Knowles, but not in the typical
way that you or I could be. No, Richard had to have Beyonce
Knowles but primarily for revenge. Beyonce had never met
Richard and had never done anything to him, but this is not
what Richard thought. Everytime Richard saw Beyonce on TV,
shaking her ass and smiling, wiggling her hips and wearing
skimpy outfits, Richard believed she was laughing at him. In
his mind he heard her voice taunting him personally. “I’m
better than you Richard.” she would say in his head, and he
hated it.

Richard believed that everybody thought she was as pure as
freshly fallen snow. He knew better, and was determined to
expose her. So in Richards mind she constantly wronged him
and he was entitled to his revenge.

Richard was a great scientist, bordering on genius and madness
of course, and he had just developed a serum which when
drunk would make impossible things…well, possible. Now he
had to lure Beyonce to his mansion, this would prove quite
easy though as he simply paid her appearance fee and set up a
genuine concert for under-priviliged kids. Due to the cause
it would be obligatory for Beyonce to take the time to meet
Richard at his house for dinner after the show.

Richard didn’t think this plan would work and was enraged
when she accepted. Remember, Richard believed Beyonce knew him
and was laughing at him all the time. For her to feel so
unthreatened by him that she would go to his house was a deep
insult to Richard. He felt he would have to force his serum on
her and was merely pushing his luck with the concert idea.

The day of the concert arrived and Beyonce performed in a tight
yellow number with blue trim, conservative by her standards.
The dress was not short but with a wide slit cut all the way
up to her hip on both sides. Making the profile of her
wonderful legs and ass clearly visible. Beyonce herself is told
what to wear depending on the occasion. She could choose
herself but being so detached from reality means that she would
almost certainly get it wrong. Her management believed this
outfit was toned-down enough to do the job.

The kids loved the concert but Richard couldn’t care less as
he struggled to maintain his composure and hold in his rage.
The time came for them to go to Richards mansion. Richard was
driven alone to the mansion in the head car. He felt it would
be best if he did not display his anger until he was alone
with Beyonce.

As they got out of the car Richard marched alone into the
dining room and sat down. Beyonce, who had been driven with her
bodyguard and two women from her management team, got out of
the car and was shown to the dining room. Her entourage agreed
to stay outside. Unfortunately for them, Richard had taken the
insult of Beyonce coming to his house so personally that he
hired two high quality hitmen to kill whomever she came with.
The hitmen posed as servants and by the time the 3 in the
entourage noticed the silenced pistols, they were gunned down.
The hitmen left having been paid earlier.

Dinner was awkward for Beyonce, she didn’t much like these type
of engagements but she had been well paid for the day so she
put up with it. Like a true professional she continued to smile.
Conversation was not great Richard gave one word answers to her
questions through gritted teeth. Beyonce got the feeling that
he didn’t want to be there either.

Richard knew that Beyonce wouldn’t drink so he put the serum in
the coffee. At the end when he offered her coffee she declined.
Richard then insisted as politely as he could muster so she had
a cup, and that was enough.

After she finished the serum laced coffee, Richard began to
talk more. “Why did you come here?” he asked. “Well, you paid
me to, so I must fulfill the appearance contract.” Beyonce
replied. “I’m amazed you would come here after the way you’ve
treated me!” said Richard, raising his voice. “Treated you? what
are you talking about?” Beyonce said bemused. “You’re always
telling me how stupid I am, shaking your ass making me look like
a fool!” Richard shouted. “This is crazy! I’ve gotta go.”
Beyonce said, but as she stood up to leave she felt very groggy
and had to sit down again. “I feel sick.” she said. Richard
smiled, finally he would have his revenge. “Beyonce, you are a
fool for coming here, you think you are so much better than me,
well now I’m going to humiliate you like you humiliated me all
those times!” Beyonce didn’t answer, her head was spinning,
finally she passed out.

When she awoke she found herself suspended above the floor in a
harness. She was still in her yellow performance dress. As she
looked up she received a hard backhand to the face. It was
Richard and it made her wake up. “I’d like to introduce you to
someone Beyonce, this is Serena and she’ll be your playmate
tonight.” In front of Beyonce was a large black woman of about
6 foot 3 inches in height and an extremely muscular frame. She
was wearing a black velvet bikini and had a smile on her face.
A very wide smile.

Richard handed Beyonce a mouth guard. “I’d put this in if I were
you.” he said. Beyonce looked worried and did as she was told.
The harness had quite a lot of movement and swing on it, which
would prove to be a bonus for Serena. Serena threw her first
punch and it caught Beyonce right on the chin with such force
that she swung back in the harness by about 3 feet! As her face
swung back it was met with another of Serena’s fists. Eventually
Serena built up quite a rhythm, Beyonce was slugged to and fro
for about 20 minutes. Her pretty face was quite bruised. Serena
then moved to the side where she kicked Beyonce in the stomach
for a further 20 minutes. After this she moved behind Beyonce
where she punched her in the vagina in much the same action and
rhythm as she punched her in the face for a further 20 minutes.
It was a full hour of pain for Beyonce. She had stopped
screaming long ago and just greeted every assault with an “Oof!”
or some other sound like that.

After the beating Beyonce hung in the harness whimpering. But it
was going to get worse. Richard faced her and got his cock out.
He was a solid 7 inches in length and would prove a mouthful.
“No..please” Beyonce said pathetically, but she didn’t know the
half of it. Behind her Serena applied a strap-on of horrendous
proportions. If 7 inches in the mouth would be a struggle then
16 in the ass would be a living nightmare! Not only 16 in length
but 4.5 in diameter all the way down. Serena spread Beyonce apart
by the thighs, she cut through her panties with a pen-knife and
spent 10 minutes forcing the rubber rod into her tight asshole.
Tight indeed, Beyonce was a virgin full stop let alone had
anything up her ass. Her screams of pain at Serena’s super-cock
gave Richard just long enough to get his ‘real deal’ in at the
other end. Eventually Beyonce was forced wide enough to get the
16 incher most of the way in with some movement for ‘in-out’
action. At this point Beyonce was swinging from strap-on in ass
to cock in mouth.

This continued for a long time, both Serena and Richard had
tremendous stamina, as did Beyonce, she still hadn’t passed out!
Eventually Richard pulled out and shot his immense load all over
Beyonce’s face. As this happened Serena stopped too.

Richard got a hair-drier and used it on Beyonce’s face to make
sure that his seed was dried onto her soft, if a little bruised,
face. At this point Beyonce was cut-down from her harness, but
her ordeal was still not over. Richard introduced Rover his
Great Dane. “Rover loves fucking, so guess whats going to happen
now Beyonce.” Beyonce screamed but was too weak to get away. The
dog pounced plunging 10 inches of Dog-Cock into her pussy. At
this point Richard chose to film the look on Beyonce’s face while
the dog assaulted her, to him it was a picture worth framing.
Finally he had his revenge.

Beyonce was horrified by this act, even a 2 buck whore would
never fuck a dog, and although it was against her will she still
couldn’t stop herself from cumming. She felt disgusted and
embarrassed beyond belief until she passed out. Rover came and
then dismounted but before leaving he pissed on Ms Knowles prone

When Beyonce awoke she was lying outside the mansion gates unsure
that anything had happened. Her mind was blank. She managed to
hobble to a payphone a mile away and get a car to collect her.
She knew simply from the pain in her nether regions that something
bad had happened sexually, but by this point couldn’t even
remember where she had been.

As months passed she couldn’t work out what had happened that
night. The members of her management team and her bodyguard
had gone missing as had everybody connected with the charity
concert. Beyonce was getting on with things by now but was often
sick in the mornings. After a while she realised she was
pregnant. She didn’t believe in abortion however and by now she
was too far gone anyway. “I’ll have the baby adopted” she told
the newspapers. These papers at first chastised her for being a
hypocrite for having sex out of wedlock until they realised it
was probably rape. Then it was front page news all about ‘Brave
Beyonce’. The pregnancy was covered closely by the tabloid press
all the way up until she went into labour. To the horror of all
concerned and not least Beyonce herself, she gave birth to 4
puppies, 2 bitches and 2 boys. When this news got out it was global
and as you can imagine, extremely embarrassing for Beyonce, the
mother of 4 Great Danes! “It looks like that serum worked after
all!” Richard chuckled.

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