Beyonce’s Oral Exam

Beyonce’s oral exam by:

This story is totally fictional, so don’t arrest me or whatever.

So I was working this job as an ice deliveryman. Not exactly the satisfying

career I had gone to college for but it provided me with the chance to check

out women as I drove through the streets of London. The customers we

delivered to were usually bars or restaurants or whatever so nothing really

to write home about. The day I remember most was a Tuesday. I checked the

roster and saw I had a delivery to the Palladium. This was a big venue where

most bands
play a gig or two if they visit my side of London. I left it as

my last delivery so I could check out what band were playing, and if they

were any good I would stick around to see the show. This particular night it

was Destiny’s Child. I thought to myself I would try to sneak a peek into

their dressing room after I dropped off the ice. Maybe I could get some of

their underwear and sell to one of those geeks on the internet.

I finished all my deliveries and headed off to the Palladium. The security

guard waved me through as he saw the van I was driving. I hauled the heavy

bags to the freezer and got them all signed for. I asked the promoter if he

minded me sticking around and he said go ahead so I chilled out backstage

for a while eating Destiny’s Child’s free buffet type thing. Eventually the

girls left their dressing room. I had parked myself in a seat facing the

long hall which housed their rooms so I saw Kelly Rowland and Michelle

Williams leave accompanied by their three burly security men. They hadn’t

left the doorway of the room in the hour I had been there so I knew this was

my chance to check out their stuff. I quickly slipped down the hall and into

their dressing room and closed the door behind me.

The dressing room was sparcely furnished – a couple of nice leather couches

and mirrors and a door leading to the bathroom. Not much else but it was

pretty nice, well nicer than my apartment anyway. I saw the girls’ bags

under the blacked out windows so I went to check out what they had. I opened

the first bag and saw that it was Michelle’s. I went through her clothes and

finally found her underwear. That girl had a lot of clothes. Most of her

knickers were white – I laughed to myself, thinking there is no way she was

a virgin. She had a few thongs which were lacy and very tightly cut. She was

definitely shaved down below cos they wouldnt have left very much to the

imagination. Her bras were quite sexy and I knew she had the biggest tits in

the band so I took a few of them and a tight little white pair of panties

which took my fancy.

The next bags I went through were Kelly’s. I was very surprised when I found

a pair of crotchless knickers in her bag. In fact, most of her knickers were

very sexy – she had a few lace thongs and a pair of black see through

panties. I imagined how her tight little hole would have looked in those and

felt my cock get hard. I took her black panties and the crotchless ones. She

must be one sexy little bitch I thought to myself.

By process of elimination I figured the next bags must be Beyonce’s. She was

the sexiest of the three and I always wondered if she even wore panties

underneath those tight little hot pants and short skirts she wore on stage.

I rifled through her clothes until I found her knickers. She had loads of

thongs and panties. I pulled out a tight little baby blue g-string and

looked at it up to the window. It was almost completely see through.

Especially around her pussy area. I was amazed to see that almost all of her

panties were see through or lace and very, very sexy. “I can model them for

you if you like”. I spun aroun to see Beyonce standing in the doorway to the

bathroom. “I’m sorry, I was just looking for my… I mean…” I stuttered.

“Shush hon, It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have our little

fetishes. Would I be right in saying that you could get into trouble if you

were found in here?” I barely managed to mumble out my reply. “Well then it

will have to be our little secret. I’ll tell you what, if you do me a little

service then you can leave with those little unmentionables and I won’t say

a word. How about it there, hon?” What choice did I have?

Beyonce walked across the room towards me and her sexy Texan accent had

given me a hard on the size of Texas. “We wont be using this today – maybe

after the show” she purred as she ran her hand over my erect cock through my

pants. “Today we will be learning all about the female reproductive system

paying particular attention to my wet little pussy. OK?” She sat down on one

of the couches. She was wearing a tight pair of blue denim jeans which

barely covered her sizeable behind and a tight white tank top which showed

her nicely toned stomach. She montioned for me to come over and I began to

kiss her. She thrust her tongue into my throat and I returned the favour. “A

nice strong tongue – that’s what I’m gonna need for todays lesson”. I felt

her breasts through her top. They were perfectly formed, not huge but more

than enough for me. I felt her nipples harden as I rubbed her tits and soon

they were clearly visible through her top. “Well dont be shy baby, take it

off. Those nipples ain’t gonna bite.” I slipped her top off over her head,

revealing her white lacy bra. It unhooked from the front so I opened it up

to reveal her beautifully formed breasts. Her nipples stood straight out

from her tits and I took them each in turn into my mouth and sucked on them.

She made a few noises of pleasure and soon her nipples were so hard they

could have cut glass. I kissed between her breasts and moved down to her

bellybutton. She took over massaging her nipples.

I kissed Beyonce’s toned abs and began to unbutton her fly. I slid her tight

jeans down her milky brown thighs. She was wearing a red lacy g string. The

lace was sheer enough to see her little pussy mound. I took the string

either side just below her hips and prepared to yank them off. “No, no baby

– what about my best feature?” She turned around on the couch and arched her

back to show her beautiful ass to me. It was perfect. The string of her

knickers disappeared into her ass crack between two shapely butt cheeks. She

bent over all the way and my cock almost bust my pants open. “Now, I’m gonna

spread my legs and you’re gonna lick me out till I cum”. She spread her

legs, still bending right down, her perfect face in the couch. I moved her

panties to one side with my tongue. They were sopping wet and her pussy was

practically dripping. Her pubic mound was nicely trimmed and I could see her

pink flaps contrasting against her dark skin. I kissed her hole gently and

ran my tongue along it’s entrance. She whimpered in anticipation knowing

what was to happen. I pushed my tongue in to her wet little cunt. An inch at

first and then the whole length. I rotated one way then the other. I could

taste her precum in my mouth and could hear her muffled scream into the

couch. I moved to her clit and began to gently suck the hood of it. It got

hard the minute I moved near it. I continued to suck on it for what must

have been twenty minutes. By this time, Beyonce had totally lost herself in

the forthcoming orgasm, she was now screaming loudly and shuddering to keep

her sweet juices at bay.I felt her strong thighs shake and flex. I rammed

three fingers into her tight little asshole and she screeched in pain. I

fingered her asshole as I sucked on her clit. She bucked and writhed on the

couch wanting my fingers deeper inside her. I knew she was about to cum. I

plunged my tongue deep into her wet pussy for the last time and she erupted

into a scream of pain and pleasure. My mouth filled with her cum and it

dripped down my face. Then she was still, only for the heaving of her chest

struggling to regain her breath. She put her mouth to mine and swallowed

some of her own cum, kissing me as she did. To be continued..? (If I get

any feedback)

Possible future stories: Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova, Gwen Stefani,

Samantha Mumba, Christina Milian, Kylie Minogue.

Please E-mail me at if you have any suggestions for

people or stories. If i don’t get any feedback, I probably won’t bother

writing them so please feel free..

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