Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A unique approach, I feel.

     Seeing a psychiatrist is nothing new for a Hollywood star, especially the young ones who
have hit it big at an early age. However, having a psychiatrist on both coasts was a pretty odd
thing, especially given just how young Christina Ricci was. Christina didn’t care too much about
what people thought about this practice. As far as she was concerned, having a shrink around in
either city she was working mostly in was a good thing and it definitely helped
her deal with the
pressures of the business, something even bigger now that she was trying to deal with her first
nude scene in an upcoming film.
     "It’s something I guess I knew was always going to happen," Christina explained to Dr.
Marcus Bryce. His New York office was dark, everything in an old oak style that helped set
patients at ease. Christina sat before him in a plush sofa chair, smoothing out her short blue dress,
her black hair flowing behind her shoulders. Bryce was a heavyset man in his forties, his black hair
slicked back, face pensive as he took in Christina, the young actress still talking. "I mean, I am
pretty hot and all so naturally they want me to show my goodies. I’ve avoided it before but now it
seems it really is necessary for the film. But

     "But it still means exposing yourself to the camera," Bryce said. "Something you haven’t
quite wanted to do."
     "Exactly," Christina nodded. "It’s just so overwhelming………"

     "……To have to take off my clothes in front of a film crew and know that they’ll be seeing
it in theaters and on video for years," Christina said, explaining it to Dr. Christina Durning. The
Los Angeles-based psychiatrist had her office in a lighter mood than her New York counterpart.
Not that she knew that, of course. While she had an idea that Christina saw someone else,
Durning had made it a point never to ask Christina about what she and the other doctor talked
about unless it directly pertained to what she should know.
     The doctor was in her early forties, light blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, dressed in a
nice dark suit that did little to hide the nice curves of her body. "And yet you’re going to do it,"
she said to the actress. Christina was lying on the couch before her, shoes off, dressed in a nice
blouse and slacks, her hair in a ponytail.
     "Well, it does work for the film and I’ve never been crazy about the body double thing. I
mean, if my character’s gong to be naked, I might as well be her, right?"
     "But you’re still nervous?" Durning said.
     "Yeah," Christina sighed. "I’m showing my body off to strangers, how can I not be?"

     "I do have a suggestion," Bryce said.

     "Have you ever been hypnotized, Christina?"
     "Um…." Christina didn’t want to bring her therapy with Bryce up with Durning, at least
not now. "Not really."

     "Well, it’s very simple," Bryce said. "It really can help you out, I assure you, it can. Of
course, you’ll really have to let me do it. Will you?"

     "Well, okay. Where do we start?"
     "Just lean back on the couch, Christina," Durning said. "Just lean back and look up, just
look up at a spot on the ceiling, that’s right, just look up. Just look at that spot, Christina, look
carefully at that spot. Just keep your breathing even, Christina, just keep your breathing nice and
even, nice, slow, deep breaths, in and out, in and out, as you look right up at that spot, Christina,
just keep looking right at that spot, just look at that spot……"

     "Watch the watch, Christina, just watch the watch, watch it swing, back and forth, back
and forth, just go ahead and watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth, watch it swing and
you can feel yourself growing sleepy, Christina," Bryce said, pleased to see Christina’s eyes
already following its swinging movements as he spoke to her. "Just watch it swing, back and
forth, back and forth and you can feel yourself growing more and more sleepy……"

     "Your eyes are so heavy, Christina, they’re so very heavy, so very heavy, Christina, your
eyes are so heavy you just want to close them, you want to close them, Christina, your breathing
is very relaxed, in and out, in and out, your eyes are so heavy, the more they stare at that one
spot, the more your breathing is nice and even, the more relaxed you feel, the heavier your eyes
become. So heavy, Christina, so very, very heavy, so very heavy, Christina, so very heavy….."

     "So sleepy, Christina, so very sleepy, you just want to sleep, Christina, you just want to
sleep. You want to close your eyes and sleep, Christina, you just want to close your eyes and
sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep……."

     Durning watched Christina’s eyes flutter closed. She stood up and moved around her
desk, her hands beginning to undo the front of her blouse. "Listen to me, Christina. Listen
carefully. I want you to count backwards from 10 to one. When you get to one, you will be ten
times as relaxed as you are now, ten times as relaxed and you will listen to me and do what I say,
you will listen and do as I say. 10…..9……8……7….."

     "Down the stairs, Christina, you’re going further and further down the stairs," Bryce said,
looking at the hypnotized woman sitting across from him, his hands beginning to undo his tie as
he swept off his jacket. "With each step, you feel yourself going deeper and deeper into this
hypnotic state, Christina, deeper and deeper into this hypnotic state, deeper and deeper, Christina,
deeper and deeper with each step, deeper and deeper….."

     "One… You are now completely hypnotized, Christina. You are hypnotized yet you
can hear every word I say, can’t you?"


     "Yes, Christina, you can hear every word I say and every word sends you deeper and
deeper into hypnosis." Bryce’s hard cock was exposed, his body ready to do to Christina what he
had been wanting to do with her for weeks now. "Now, Christina, listen to me. Listen to me very,
very carefully. As you listen to me in this hypnotized state, Christina, you understand that you no
longer feel uncomfortable with the nude scene. In fact, you are very comfortable being naked,

aren’t you, Christina? You’re very comfortable being naked, aren’t you?"
     "Yes….Dr. Bryce…."

     "Call me Mistress, Christina. As long as you are in this hypnotic state, you’ll call me
Mistress, do you understand?"
     "Good. Now, take off your clothes, Christina. Take them all off as I command you to."

     "Yes….Master." Bryce watched as Christina slowly pulled away all her clothing, revealing
her rather impressive body. Her breasts were nice and round, the nipples tight and ready for
Bryce’s touch and he immediately went for them, squeezing the tits as he gave her a long kiss.

     Christina answered the kiss back, her tongue probing into Durning’s mouth as the older
doctor lay on top of her. Durning’s pert breasts rubbed against Christina’s large ones as she freed
the actress’ long hair from its ponytail and laid it behind her. She moved her face to Christina’s
breasts, licking the nipples as she pushed her breasts together.

     Bryce sat himself back on the sofa chair, pulling Christina to him. He pulled her onto him,
his cock sliding into her pussy from behind, her back to him. His hands snaked around and
squeezed her breasts, pinching the nipples as he began to work his cock into her from behind.
Christina soon got into it, sliding herself up and down on his shaft bouncing back and forth, his
hands running over her as she took in his hard cock.

     Christina withered on the couch, two of Durning’s fingers inside her pussy, working in and
around, driving Christina into ecstasy as he tongue raked along the actresses’ tits, tickling the
nipples as she did her best to drive the other woman to orgasm. Christina moaned as Durning’s
fingers worked deeper and deeper, her tongue lapping all around the pussy until she finally hit just
the right spot to send Christina screaming into orgasm.

     Christina’s groans came louder and louder as she bounced up and down on Bryce’s cock,
her breasts red from his massaging of them. With a cry, she felt Bryce come, shooting his wad
into her ass, and causing her body to shake in orgasm. She fell back on him, his cock still in her,
his hands continuing to move all over her tits as he brought her face around for a nice, long kiss.

     Durning sat herself at the top of her couch, grateful that she had it bolted down to the
floor for just the occasion. She spread her legs and spoke. "Lick me, Christina. Eat me out all the
way." Christina obeyed, pushing her face into Durning’s legs and licking away, her tongue lapping
away at the pubic hair, tasting the sweet juices Durning already had coming. "Yes, yes," Durning
moaned. "Lick me Christina. Yes, that’s right, do it just like that….."

     "Just like that, Christina, just like that, suck it all the way," Bryce commanded, looking
down at Christina who knelt before him, sucking on his cock like mad, her lush lips running up
and down the shaft, tongue tickling the penis, fingers pinching the balls as she took him into her
mouth. Bryce held down on her hair, working her back and forth, holding her in just so she could
take all of his meat into her throat.

     "Yes, Christina, yes," Durning moaned. "Harder, faster, do it, do it." She shrieked as she
came, her juices exploding onto Christina’s face, staining it with cum as the entranced star
continued to lick away at her.

     "Here it comes," Bryce said just as he felt himself let loose, shooting his wad down
Christina’s throat, the hypnotized actress swallowing every drop of semen that she could.

     It took a bit for Durning and Christina to clean up and redress but they did and soon,
Christina was back on the sofa, her hair back in a ponytail. "You’re so relaxed again, Christina, so
very, very relaxed, listen to me very closely, Christina, listen to me very closely……"

     "When you wake up, you won’t remember any of this," Bryce said, readjusting his tie as
he spoke. "Nothing at all. You’ll just remember being hypnotized but not the details. You’ll
remember nothing at all."

     "Remember only your hypnotic trigger, Christina. Only that and nothing more. Awake."
Christina’s eyes blinked open as she woke up, facing her doctor.

     "That was really good," Christina said, shaking Bryce’s hand. "Thanks a lot. I’ll try and
reschedule around my next time in town, all right?"

     "No problem," Durning said, shaking Christina’s hand. "See you soon."

     Christina Ricci did her routine as best as she could, doing her nude scenes, doing her day
to day job. It was ironic that she had no memories of what either psychiatrist did to her so they
could not appreciate the irony of both controlling a beautiful actress into sex and neither knowing
it at all. Thus not one of the three people knew just how far reaching their little coast-to-coast

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