Biel’s Balls

Biel’s Balls


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. The idea
just hit me a bit
suddenly, situation is made up of course but we can always dream. Enjoy.

The end of summer was a down time for most, with the realization that the
best vacation
season of all was coming to an end much sooner than people wanted it to.
Amusement parks
throughout the Midwest got a sudden rush of guests wanting to enjoy the rides
before the park
was shut down for the fall and winter. There was a last burst of cookouts before
the season went
out, a final attempt to get gardens to be perfect
and one last try at getting
some vacation time.
And, of course, there were always the attempts to get a few more baseball games
in while it was
still in season.

Another interesting aspect of the summer wind-down was the movie industry.
It had
usually been that August was the time studios released the bad pictures, dumping
the last gasps of
films in while people were still seeing the big blockbusters. In recent years,
with the success of
films like “The Sixth Sense” released in August, studios had targeted it as a
time to get away from
the glut of “event” films and maybe make a nice profit.

Already, August had seen big hits like “Rush Hour 2,” “American Pie 2,” and
Princess Diaries.” And it had seen flops like “Original Sin” and “American
Outlaws.” Still, Jessica
Biel had some hopes for her film, “Summer Catch.” Sure, teen flicks hadn’t been
too hot lately
but the cast with her, Freddie Prinze Jr and Brittany Murphy, might be able to
bring audiences in
to see a movie about a wanna-be ballplayer falling for a hot teen in a small

Biel could use a hit right now. To say things on “7th Heaven” were rough
was an
understatement. Jessica had learned the hard way that you don’t cross Aaron
Spelling and get
with it unscathed. Her now-infamous “Gear” magazine article had caused a huge
furor when it
came out the year before. Aside from swearing and trashing her good-girl image
on the show with
remarks as to how she was practically a slave under her contract, Jessica had
made the bold
decision to go almost nude in the photos with the article, her nipples actually
visible in a couple of

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for her stock to drop fast. Her
character on the show
was turned into a troublemaker and shipped off to relatives, Jessica only
getting recurring status
now. Film offers had been hard to come by and even though she couldn’t prove it,
Jessica was
almost positive Spelling was putting pressure on any studios who wanted to hire
her and telling
them she was hands-off.

Having been practically in exile for a season, Jessica was set to come back
to the show
full-time this year but she knew she had to plan ahead and needed a hit for it.
She was hoping this
would be it and was willing to go the whole nine yards for it. And that included
her current place
and position.

Sometimes, Jessica really had to wonder about studio advertisers. As if
waiting until it was
actually August to start promoting the film wasn’t enough, they had decided to
put together what
had to be one of the cheesiest promotions she’d ever heard of: A softball game
between the film’s
stars and some guys from MTV. Given how half the actors barely knew softball and
that was
about as many on the MTV side who knew, it was lacking something in actual
talent. However,
the proceeds of the spectators would go to charity and it would boost the film
so Jessica was

Needless to say, the cameras and spectators were there for the stars, not
the actual
playing, which was good, seeing as how it pretty much stunk. Jessica herself had
proved to be not
a good ballplayer, preferring soccer instead so it was little surprise she was
stuck on the bench a
lot. She would do the usual stuff, clapping and howling when her team got a hit
and watching
them field as well, with an occasional appearance marked by a dropped ball or

The game decided to take the concept of the seventh-inning stretch a bit by
having nearly
a half-hour break, during which the stars would sign some autographs and do some
quick spots
for MTV. Jessica did it first, glad to stretch her legs a bit before heading
back to the dugout for a
little sit-down. She took off her cap and brushed at her long brown hair, wiping
a little spot of
sweat off her face. It was a bit of a warm day and she was aware that the sweat
on the front of her
shirt was making her bra a bit visible, a thrill to her male fans and her short
skirt was showing off
ample leg.

“Now, that’s a sight that would make the majors more interesting,” a
friendly male voice
spoke up. Jessica looked up to see a man walking into the otherwise deserted
dugout. She
recognized him as Barry, a coach brought on to help the team out, which they
desperately needed,
given their horrid performance on the field. Jessica held her arms before her
chest as she looked at

“If the majors are so desperate, how come you’re not there?” she said in a
mocking tone. At 40, Barry had always talked about his experience in the minor
leagues but never
got the breaks with the big time. After a few days, everyone was going nuts
hearing his tales,
especially Jessica. Thank God she’d never have to see him again after this was

“Well, I did my best,” Barry shrugged as he sat next to her. “It just got a
little tough is all.
You can’t imagine the pressures put on you trying to make it in the big

“You throw and catch a ball for six months out of a year,” Jessica pointed
out. “That’s not
exactly blasting with stress.”

“Hey, you’d be surprised how much stress a guy can get out there,” Barry
said, his hand
holding a baseball, lightly tossing it up and down in his palm. “You wonder why
so many guys
turn to drugs or drink, they really need something to get their mind off the
stress. One guy I knew
went to a hypnotist to figure it out.”

“Maybe he should stuck with the drugs and drinks,” Jessica muttered,
staring at the ball in
his hands without much attention. “Those are a bit more predictable.”

“Well, it can work,” Barry said, tossing the ball in his hand over and
over. “You just need
something to focus on first, you just need to look at something and focus on it,
anything at all,
just to use as a focus. That’s the important thing, you know, to be able to
focus on something is
the important thing, is to focus on something, just to focus on it, it’s really
important just to focus
on something, like the ball in my hands, Jessica. Just focus on the ball in my
hand as it goes up
and down, up and down, just focus on the ball, Jessica, you’re focusing on the
ball, right?”

Indeed, Jessica’s eyes were following the ball in Barry’s hand, tracking
its up and down
movements. Barry had sort of thought that Jessica had an attentive attitude that
he could work
with and it seemed to be a good instinct as Jessica appeared really relaxed
right now. All those
sports psychology courses seemed to be paying off right now. Barry had naturally
had an eye on
Jessica for a while because of her beauty but her stand-offish attitude towards
him also added to
the desire, which he might soon have the chance to act on as he kept tossing the
ball up and
down, up and down, Jessica’s eyes following it as he spoke.

“Just focus on the ball, Jessica, focus on the ball, let your eyes track
its every movement,
Jessica, just let your eyes take in every movement it makes, every single
movement it makes,
Jessica, every move it makes, up and down, up and down, just keep watching the
ball, Jessica, just
keep watching the ball, up and down, up and down, just watch the ball, Jessica,
watch the ball.
You’re noticing how tired your eyes are right now, Jessica, you’re noticing how
tired your eyes
are, very tired, Jessica, very, very tired, so very tired, Jessica, so very
tired. As you watch the ball
drop up and down, up and down, as your eyes follow its movements, up and down,
up and down,
you just feel very tired, your eyes are so tired as you watch the ball, so tired
as you watch the ball,
Jessica, so very, very tired watching the ball.”

Jessica’s eyes were looking heavy all right, blinks coming longer as her
eyes followed the
up and down movements of the ball, letting Barry know he was on the right track.
“All right,
Jessica,” he said softly. “All right, just relax, Jessica, just relax. Your eyes
are so heavy now, so
heavy and tired, Jessica, so heavy and tired right now, you want to let them
close. Just keep your
eyes on the ball and let it follow the next arc down, just let it watch the next
arc down and when it
comes down again, when the ball comes down again, just let your eyes close, just
let them close
the next time the ball comes down, Jessica, just let them close the next time it
comes down…..”

Jessica’s eyes followed as the ball lifted up from Barry’s hand, then
dropped back into the
palm. As soon as it hit, Jessica’s eyes shut and her head slumped forward as she
fell into a trance.
Barry let his eyes drag over her and smiled as he brought her in close. “Listen
to me carefully,
Jessica,” he whispered into her ear. “Just listen to me very, very carefully

Jessica’s coach was a bit surprised when she insisted on playing third base
again for the
final inning but let her be. The game was tight, the movie stars ahead by a run
but the MTV guys
were closing in, with one out left and a man at bat. After a few swings, the
man, one of the techs
for the network, hit the toss given out to center field and took off. The crowd
hooted and roared
as the man tore around the bases while Matthew Lillard fumbled with the ball a
bit, then tossed it
towards Jessica, the ball falling far short. Freddie Prinze Jr. caught it and
started to run after the
man who was coming right to Jessica.

Jessica knew she didn’t have a chance to catch any throw and needed to slow
the guy
down. The impulse came over her suddenly and before she could fight it, she
reached to her shirt
and pulled it up. The runner’s gait slowed as he took in Jessica’s naked firm
breasts fully exposed,
both to him and the crowd. The quicker-minded fans swiftly grabbed cameras and
took some
quick photos as Freddie ran up and tagged the runner out, giving the win to the
“Summer Catch”

Jessica lowered her shirt and grinned at the runner as she moved off to
celebrate. “Wow,”
Freddie said as he came up. “If you’d done that in the movie, we’d have a
sure-fire hit.”

“Ah, just giving him a thrill,” Jessica shrugged.

“Him and them,” Freddie pointed out, motioning towards the fans who were
hooting and
howling at the starlet, who waved back and blew a couple of kisses.

“Nothing major,” Jessica smiled as she moved off, missing the wide grin on
Barry’s face as
she passed by. To her, it truly was nothing major and she couldn’t understand
why guys were so
ecstatic. After all, she’d been wearing a bra.

The night brought a great coolness to the area that hadn’t been felt
before, the perfect
night for a moonlight dip. Jessica had waited a while for this, seized by an
impulse to go back to
her hotel, eat in, wait a bit reading scripts, then go and take a swim. She’d
decided to use her star
clout a bit to forgo the big pool at the hotel and head to a health club near
the ballfield and use
that instead.

Jessica gasped as she came back to the surface following that great dive
into the cool
water. It felt so good after the long day she’d had, a great way to get all the
sweat and grit out
after that game and getting through the mob scene with guys calling for her to
flash it again. Well,
she was out of all that right now, just swimming through the nice water.

She stepped out of the pool, water flowing off her body as she took in the
night air. She
paused, looking about to make sure no one was looking, then realizing she had a
chance to do
something she normally wouldn’t do. Reaching behind her, she undid the top of
her bikini and slid
it off, exposing her breasts again, then dropped her bottom. Now naked, she
leaped back into the
water, loving how it felt flowing over her naked skin, her hair waving behind

Jessica came up to the surface, smiling at the good feeling. She let out a
yelp as she
suddenly saw Barry there, looking at her with an appraising eye, evidentially
enjoying the show
was putting on. “Hey!” she yelled. “What the hell do you think you’re——-”

“Eye on the ball, Jessica,” Barry intoned. Jessica immediately cut off, her
eyes shutting
and she slumped slightly in the water, not going under but leaning back a bit so
her pointed
breasts hung out of the surface. Barry was glad to see the trigger working just
as well as the post-
hypnotic suggestion he’d given for Jessica to flash someone sometime during the
game and not
even realize she had given him her bra earlier. And now, she had followed the
command he’d
given her when he called her hotel room, to come here and go skinny-dipping and
forget any call.

Barry kept himself in good shape over the years, enough to get his share of
tail. And those
ladies who didn’t jump right for him soon found their way to him another way,
which left far
fewer relationship hassles. Barry swiftly undressed himself and moved into the
water, hissing a bit
as the cold water hit his balls but soon used to it as he waded to where the
hypnotized Jessica
knelt. “Game time, Jessica.”

Jessica’s eyes fluttered open and fixed on Barry, a wicked smile coming
onto her face as
she moved to him. “Hey there,” she said, oozing sexuality, made all the better
given her usually
innocent-looking face. “So, we gonna fuck or what?”

“Oh, definitely,” Barry grinned as he brought her to him, their naked and
wet bodies
embracing as he kissed her on the lips. Again, the commands were taking hold,
Jessica’s inner sexuality and arousal and directing them right at Barry in a
great way. His hands
moved down and squeezed her ass under the water as she pressed against him,
squealing a bit as
they continued to kiss.

Barry moved them around the shallow end of the pool, feeling Jessica shift
her body to
slide onto his hard cock, letting out a tiny squeal at feeling it enter her. She
began to work against
him, slowed a bit underwater but still strong and steady thrusts onto Barry’s
hard member. Barry
held her up a bit so her could moved his face to those great tits, so nicely
pointed and even better
when soaking wet, the nipples nice and erect right now.

Barry kept his hands tight on Jessica’s ass, holding her in, feeling the
buttocks shift as she
worked right on his rod, legs clenching around his waist as he kept at her, feet
flat on the pool
floor as he held her, suckling one breast and playing with the nipple with his
tongue, Jessica
moaning louder as he did. Her long wet mane of dark hair flopped against her
naked back with
every move forward on Barry’s cock, the older man feeling himself start to
erupt. He buried his
face in Jessica’s cleavage and held on to her ass tighter than ever as he came,
causing Jessica to
throw her head back and moan in absolute delight as she felt him come inside

Holding the limp Jessica, Barry moved them over to the steps leading to the
pool, sitting
himself down on the top step, his cock sliding out of Jessica and lying in the
water. “So, what do
you say you want to play with some bigger balls?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jessica grinned, her eyes on Barry’s erect cock. “I can play
that.” She moved
in, her mouth sliding under Barry’s cock and taking in his balls, licking and
suckling on them,
making him hard almost instantly. He groaned as Jessica let her tongue drag
along his shaft while
taking on his balls quite nicely.

Barry let his eyes drift to the video camera he had set up before and was
recording every
move they were making. He hadn’t planned on that aspect but Jessica’s bitchy
attitude towards
him was just asking for some payback and she was going to get it. Handling the
whole “Gear”
magazine was one thing. After video of her and a man whose face was blurred
fucking like crazy
hit the media, Jessica was probably going to strike out in more ways than one.
While Barry hit a
financial home run.

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