Big Banging Casting Bureau – Recording 1

Title: Big Banging Casting Bureau – Recording 1

Author: Black Rose

Celebs: Millie Bobby Brown

Codes: Mf, cons, anal, oral, first, mast

Disclaimer: The following content is fiction and DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN. You know the rules: not 18+, turn around, but hey you’ve come this far right?

(P.S. I’m rather new at this, so if you like this story, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at


I make sure that all of the cameras are set up before I step back and return to my desk. Being the director of a casting bureau is tough, especially if your bureau has a good reputation amongst some of Hollywood’s greatest assets. Not a single day passes by without the need to interview another wannabe star and possibly help them towards a great future career. And not all of them are that good, unfortunately.

It does has it benefits, though. Today’s client is a 13 year-old girl, from Great Britain. I don’t have many experience with child actors, but I certainly don’t dislike them. As I organize the papers and lean back to put them away, I hear a soft knocking on the door. I open it and outside stands a slim girl with short, brown hair and dark brown eyes. Jeez, I guess almost everything about this girl is brown, isn’t it?

“Hello, you must be Millie,” I smile, as I extend my hand.

“Yes sir, that’s right.” she replies, rather enthusiastically. “I’m on time, right?”

“Absolutely, don’t worry. Please, come in, we have a lot of things to discuss.”

I lead her to the couch. Millie puts her jacket away, revealing some more of her slender figure and small curves. I can’t help but be impressed by her young buds; the sight arouses me, but I manage to keep things cool and take place behind my desk.

“So, Millie, are you from England?”

“Yes, Dorset County, originally. That was before my family decided to move to Orlando.”

“Ah, and how do you like the States so far?”

“Well, it was a bit difficult at first but fortunately I learned to adapt. I started attending a weekend stage school, got a lot of friends there. And the online tutor did certainly help as well,” she smiles. I just started to notice how incredibly cute this girl looks, sitting on the couch, her legs crossed. My cock stirs in my pants again, but luckily she doesn’t notice.

“Alright, Millie, let’s talk some more about the job. What kind of projects would you be interested in?”

“Well,” she says, thinking for a second, “I guess all kinds of projects. I like these kinda “cool” roles, but I wouldn’t mind a less spectacular one.”

“I see. And what about romances?”

“Romances?” she asks, a bit surprised. “Well, I don’t know. I mean, I think I can handle it but I don’t think there’s much demand for a thirteen year-old in that genre.”

“You never know, the magical world of Hollywood is very big these days,” I wink. We both laugh and once again I’m surprised with a flood of unusual attractiveness to this girl.

“Okay, Millie, the producers would like to know some more about you. So I want you to stand up, face the camera over there and tell something about yourself.”

“Alrighty,” Millie stands up, flatting her short dress in the process. I don’t know if she’s trying to tease me, but she’s giving me a perfect view of her young, small breasts. I wonder how tight her ass is…

“So, I’m Millie Bobby Brown, thirteen years old, and I’m originally from England.” she says. “I love acting and I can’t wait to work on another amazing project!”

“Very good, Millie. Now could you please turn around a few times?”

She does as she was asked and it turns out that I was actually right – her ass does look tight. I lick my lips.

“Are you alright over there?” she suddenly asks. Was that just an attempt to flirt with me? Damn, this girl must be blunt.

“Alright,” I say, as she sits down again, “you probably know that you have to possess certain… skills to get around in this world. How much are you willing to do in order to get a role?”

“Oh, I’ll do anything.” she says. “I’m very driven. And I’d love to try out new things…”

“That’s good.” I hesitate for a second, then decide to cross the line for the first time. “Millie, why don’t you take your dress off?”

To my surprise, she doesn’t even hesitate; she immediately stands up and starts to pull her dress over her head. But the biggest surprise comes when she has removed it altogether: she doesn’t wear a bra!

“Like what you see?” she giggles, noticing my puzzled expression. Her breasts are certainly impressive – although not full grown, they have amazing, small nipples, already fully hardened from the sexual tension.

“Very nice, Millie, very nice… take a seat.” she does this and crosses her legs again.

“Now, why don’t you relax for a bit? Would you like to play with yourself?”

“If that’s what it takes,” she says, uncrossing her legs, moving one hand back to the top of her panties. She hooks both of her thumbs into her panties and pulls them down in one, quick motion – I’m immediately met with the sight of her glorious, hairless pussy, her slit already glistening from excitement. She takes a more comfortable position, then moves one finger towards her pussy and circles it around her clit.

“Do you like playing with yourself, Millie?”

She just nods, biting her lip as she rubs her clit. She starts to fondle one of her breasts as she slides her finger in her slit, then pulling it out again, revealing it to be shining wet with her juices.

“And what gets Millie off, hm?”

“Oh, all kinds of things,” she smiles, as she starts moving her finger in and out at a steady pace. Her chest is heaving, nipples razor hard from excitement, and she moans softly. “Sometimes I wonder what’s it like to be fucked… to have a big dick in me, filling me up, bouncing me up and down…”

“You don’t want to wait?”

She shakes her head, her finger moving faster. “Not anymore. I’m ready to have my cherry popped.”

This fantasy must arouse her, because she is letting all restraint go, not caring about the cameras anymore. She bucks her hips as she thrusts her finger in and out of her sopping wet cunt, moaning while she massages her tit. I watch, intrigued, as the wet sounds of her lovely fingering fill the room. “Yes, that’s it Millie… imagine that dick in your pussy, fucking you, nice and hard… c’mon, aren’t you gonna cum on it? Cum all over that nice, fat dick?”

The dirty talk is too much for her and with a deep groan, she cums. Her body tenses up, then relaxes again, as her juices are spilling all over the couch. She takes her finger out and licks it clean, then lies back, satisfied. Her chest is heaving with quick motions and her lovely small body is decorated with a pale sheen of sweat.

“Well, that was fun.” she laughs, as she finally manages to catch her breath again.

“It certainly was,” I say, standing up and unbuckling my belt. Millie gets the hint and gets down on her knees on the floor. She waits expectantly as I walk over to her, my rock-hard dick swaying with each step. She reaches out to touch it and can’t suppress a small giggle as it twitches at her touch. “It’s big…”

“Well, I assume you’ve dealt with some more impressive lollipops in your life, haven’t you?”

She giggles again and now dares to grab it, wrapping her full hand around my cock. I let out a soft groan as she starts to move her fingers up and down, massaging my dick, watching the foreskin retract and slide back with each trust.

“Suck it…”

She finally leans forward and opens her mouth, wrapping her lips around it, flicking the top with her tongue. I almost lose my balance as she takes my cock all the way to the base. She takes it out again and slides her tongue along the full length, looking at me with a lascivious look in her eyes, before she wraps her lips around my dick and continues to suck me off. She pulls back, wraps her hand around my shaft and jerks me off while I lean back, trying not to faint at the overwhelming sensation. She even takes one of my balls in her mouth as she jerks off my dick!

But if I was thinking that this was all this young girl could do, I was incredibly wrong. She takes my dick into her mouth again, but she goes much further this time, all the way to the point where her nose hits my belly. She gags and tears are welling up in her eyes, but she manages to hold on. She repeats this a couple of times, surprising me with her incredible stamina.


Millie is doing me like a real pro and I don’t think I can hold my load much longer, but I don’t want to shoot it all in her mouth. I tell her to stop and she looks at me, surprised, but then smiles as I tell her to lie down on the couch again. I strip out of the rest of my clothes and get on my knees before her, pulling her legs and beautiful pussy towards me. She bites her lip as she looks down at me, slowly rubbing her nipples, her body tense with expectation. I first kiss her thighs, then slowly start to move towards her wet slit. I can’t help but tease her for a bit, kissing her little clitty, enough to make her moan but not enough to satisfy her. “Just eat me already!” she eventually grunts, a bit annoyed.

I offer her a small grin before I directly delve into her pussy. I probe her swollen lips with my tongue, sliding it all the way in, flicking it up and down before I lean back again to lick around her clit. The taste is overwhelming: it’s sweet, not to mention the slight flavor of strawberries it has. I hear Millie moan, quite hard, and as I look up I can see she has closed her eyes, her mouth wide open, chest rising irregularly. I grab hold of one of her small breasts as I delve back into her cunt again, licking the pink inside with quick motions. The sensation must be too much for her, as her moans are soon growing incredibly loud, and she is bucking her hips towards me. She manages to last for five more seconds before she cums, her juices flooding my mouth, her groans becoming nothing more than an high, inaudible scream.


I barely give her enough time to recover before I take place on the couch. Millie leans over and straddles me, grabbing hold of my shoulders, her pussy hovering above my upright, pulsing cock. I can see that she’s hesitant as she bites her lip, observing the size of my length. “Just take it nice and easy. It’ll hurt a little, but you’ll have so much fun after that, I promise.”

“O-okay,” she says, still not fully convinced, but I can imagine that she doesn’t want anything more than her virginity being taken after all of the pleasure she’s experienced in the past half hour.

Finally, she starts to lean down, the tip of my dick slowly parting her lips. She whimpers as she takes the first inches, and, upon seeing that it’s taking her much effort, I grab her hips to help her. She winces when my cock pierces her hymen, though I think it’s hardly anything in comparison to the realization that she’s now finally a woman. I don’t waste any time, and after her giving a moment to recover from the pain, I push her down, all the way to the hilt. To my great surprise, she manages to take it all, and we moan in unison as I am fully in her pussy. I kiss her breasts, sucking her small nipples into my mouth as she starts to move up and down. The pain is obviously gone after a few thrusts, as she is now really getting into it, smiling and crying to the skies as she rides me faster and faster. I don’t even have to hold her anymore, although she barely manages to keep herself steady as she rides me more furiously. The experience is incredible. Her walls are hugging me very tightly, almost like a vice. Her pussy is drooling all over my cock, her juices leaking down into my lap below. From the look of her face, I can notice she’s enjoying this as much as I do.

As I expected, her enthusiasm slowly starts to cease, and her riding turns into grinding, massaging my dick with her walls. I grab her hips and start moving her up and down, thrusting into her as I do so. She yelps with each stroke, fondling her breasts, letting out a loud and satisfied cry as she cums. Once more, my dick gets soaked by her juices, and I kiss her roughly.


Millie is now leaning forward on the edge of the couch, moaning in the soft covering as I fuck her from behind. I smack her small, tight butt, grinning in delight as she whimpers with each smack. The grip of her tight pussy on my dick is gradually growing too much and I consider releasing my load in her right now, but she suddenly lifts her head, and asks: “Hey, can you do my ass?”

“Huh?” I ask, slowing down.

“Do my ass. I’ve already lost my virginity, so I can just as well get the full experience, can’t I?”

“Well, of course, but I’d probably need to lube it up first.”

“Oh, that won’t be a problem,” she says, pulling herself off my dick. Crazy fucked up girl.


A couple of seconds later, we’re both on the floor, in a sixty nine position. Millie is on top, once again sucking my dick as I rim her clean asshole, occasionally fingering it. The job isn’t that hard, as her little hole is already  quite wet from her juices leaking all over it. She cranes her head a couple of times, letting out soft cries as I eat her ass. Soon, I’m convinced it’s lubed up enough and I smack her ass to let her know it’s done.


I sit down on the couch again and Millie shuffles back, with her back to me. I grab her hips and guide her on my lap, bringing her asshole to my dick. Her face screws up as the tip of my dick probes her tight hole, laboriously loosening it. I stop for a moment to ask if she’s okay, but she just nods. “Go on, I can take it.”

I take it slow, giving her the time to adjust to the size and get used to the pain. It takes a while before my cock is fully in her ass and we’re both sighing in relief. “Fuck, I feel so full…” Millie says. Then she starts moving up and down again, all by herself. I lean back as she rides me, reverse cowgirl style. It’s good and exciting (as if though this whole hot romp hasn’t been), but I notice she’s still having a hard time bouncing at a proper pace. “Here, let me help you,” I say, as I lean forward and move my hand in front of her. I start diddling her twat and this seems to help, as her cries are becoming louder again, and more of pleasure instead of pain.

I manage to pump in and out of her at a steady speed for a while, but her body is gradually tensing up, and I can feel her pussy becoming wetter again. Her breathing is rapid, the adrenaline and sexual pleasure audibly flowing through her body, and her back is slick with sweat. “Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck Imma… Imma…”

Suddenly, she lets out a shrill, barely audible squeal, as her pussy explodes and her juices are spraying all over my legs and the couch. The sensation is too much for me, and my stamina is collapsing, like a building blown up by dynamite. My load is rising, inevitably, and I quickly pull out of her and tell her to get down on the floor.

Millie wastes no time as she gets down on her knees, sticking her tongue out, looking at me with a luscious look on her face. A few jerks are enough for my load to explode. As my dick starts to twitch, I spurt load after load of thick, white streams all over her, covering her face, her tongue, and even her chest. After I’ve covered her sweaty, young body in my white jism, I finally allow myself to breathe, looking down at the gorgeous creature in front of me. She wipes some of the strings out of her eyes, then looks down at her body, as she watches a thick drop of cum dribbling down between her tits to her leaking twat. She scoops it up with a finger and puts it in her mouth, then swallows it. Finally she looks up again, at me, and we both burst out in laughter.

“Well, you sure did a fine job there, Millie.”

“Thanks,” she says, standing up. “So? Any chance you can get me a project?”

“Oh, I surely will. We may have to arrange a few more sessions, though.”

“That won’t be a problem.” she smiles. “I’m really looking forward to working with you.”

“That’s good to hear. There’s a bathroom just down the hallway you can use.”

“Okay, thank you.” Millie gets her clothes and walks out of the room. As I watch her going, her tight ass wiggling with each step, I sigh vocally and lean back, reflecting on yet another amazing day.

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