Big Booty Bitches Ch. 10

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 10

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Codes:  MF, MMF, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

Blocks of ice rattled in a glass before slamming down on the table. Drops of condensation had bubbled up and dripped from the empty glass, a sign that someone had been drinking consistently from it. Steven sighed as he looked back at his notebook. This had been a long hour going through checks and balances to make sure all spending on the club’s budget was not going overboard. Sometimes, he had to worry with how Tony would throw around money like it was nothing. Right now, Steven had been sitting in his office going on two hours with his feet propped up on the other end of the desk and checking through the notebook. Tonight was Thursday and he didn’t want to spend his Friday going through all this before the weekend.

With his muscles stiff from sitting in his chair, he moved his feet off the desk and got up. Stretching his arms out and letting out a sigh of relief. The clock across the room was striking 12:30 AM and the dance floor was full of people. It was a typical week night at Disco Fever, tomorrow would start the usual weekend madness of a packed club. He finally had it with spending all his night in the office, Steven wanted to have some fun. His white blazer coat was hung over the chair of his desk while his bright blue shirt remained tucked into the white matching pants he had on. Looking back at the empty glass, he decided to leave without it. Exiting his office and walking down the halls of the private areas of the club all blocked by that white V.I.P. door upstairs.

Steven’s life had been a lonely road over the years, despite an indulgent swinger life. Normally, he didn’t give it much thought but lately, it had remained present on his mind. It didn’t help him a few weeks ago, when a woman returned in his life only to say goodbye again after the absence of 9 years. Walking the beach alone after kissing her goodbye kept replaying in his mind every night he closed his eyes. She was the one who got away, there was no denying that fact. Tonight, maybe he would get lucky on the dance floor with a girl who likes to party. As he began to walk down the stairs, Ramón was going up those same steps and stopped to speak to him. The neon lights above shined down on Ramón’s black pinstripe suit, highlighting the yellow shirt underneath the jacket.

“You coming down to have some drinks, Steven?”

He shook his head at his cousin before responding.

“No drinks for me, man.”

“What’s wrong? Larga noche?”

Steven nodded.

“I guess you can put it that way. After all the number crunching I’ve been doing in the notebook, I needed to come out for some fresh air.”

Ramón began walking back up the steps and simply nodded to him.

“Alright, if you ever need company to relieve some stress, you know where to find me.”

He had no plans of spending the evening shooting small talk over with Ramón. Going down the stairs, his eyes looked up to see a woman who appeared to have been watching him for the past few minutes. She stood tall in a pair of big black high heels, in a black dress that hugged her curvy body. A gold zipper followed up the front of the dress, revealing ample view of a busty cleavage. The face of the woman looked so familiar, as she just smirked at him. Long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Once she realized that she caught his attention, she raised her eye brow and then strutted off. The stomp of her heels could not be heard over the loud music playing, but Steven received a wonderful view of her amazing body. His eyes looking down to see her thick ass over the black dress.

Whatever was on his mind now, was gone. Steven’s eyes followed her to the dance floor. The look she gave him was something he couldn’t shake and now tonight was going to be a good one it appeared. He couldn’t shake the feeling that her smile and face were something he had seen before, but a name escaped his thoughts. He followed her foot steps to the dance floor and as his shoes went down the steps, the mystery woman awaited him. She offered her hand to him, in which he gladly accepted.

“You wanna dance?”

Her voice was in a cute southern accent. Steven smiled and nodded.

“Yeah. What’s your name, pretty thing?”

Pulling his arm to bring him towards her on the dance floor, she smirked before responding. She watched his eyes move from her beautiful face down to her cleavage for a second.

“Call me Jennifer, what do you call yourself?”

“Steven, Steven Diaz.”

She smirked at him. The last song that was playing had ended and now the bass beats began to pump through the loud speakers.

“Dance with me, Steven Diaz.”

Jennifer took his hand and let go. Moving away from him a bit as she began to move her hips over the dance floor. She needed a man tonight, one that could satisfy her sense of fun better than what she would expect back home. Getting into her groove, she began to move to the song’s beat. Heavy keyboards played through the speaker as the DJ was putting on a nostalgia driven dance track. Steven moved his body, keeping up with Jennifer’s pace. Once the instrumental song began to kick into a faster tempo, she made her move on him. She placed her hands up on his chest and looked into his eyes. Quickly, she turned around and began to bump her thick ass up against his crotch. After two bumps, she spread her legs and began to do the ‘twerk’ dance.

Steven was a little surprised how fast it took for this dance to get into some hard ball action. Usually, heavy touching like this was forbidden on the dance floor but a blind eye was turned to the dance floor on occasion. How could he complain when he was a manager? Jennifer turned around and he reached for her hand but she refused to accept it. Giving him a playful smirk, she pushed into him face to face this time. Her huge breasts pushed into his chest and she watched his eyes look down before she backed away and swung her beautiful brunette hair around. Some of the other people on the dance floor were beginning to take notice of her wild skills. At this point, there was no way he could follow her actions. He went for her hand in which she responded by pushing her body up against him again, her ass began to grind over his crotch. Steven moaned and spoke up.

“You’ve got some pretty hard moves, I can tell you that.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I like a woman like you, who isn’t afraid to get dirty.”

She laughed, before turning around to face him. Finally, she took a hold of his hand and pulled him towards her hard before she responded to him in her thick southern accent.

“Ya know, it’s a shame this club don’t have a stripper pole.”

Stepping back from him, Jennifer finished speaking after letting go of his hand once more.

“Cause if it did, I could really show you some dirty stuff.”

Spreading her legs again for some more space, she leaned down and began to move her head in a fast circular motion to swing her hair. Steven couldn’t decide weather to stare at her heavy cleavage or the moves she was putting up. Rising back up, she pushed one foot out to the left and began to grind her hips down as she moved her body. She looked her eyes directly at him, eyeing him as her main target of focus. Steven grinned big, as she stomped forward to him again. With each step, she swayed her hips back and forth. This woman had lit a fire under him and she had become his main focus. At the same time, the instrumental synth based song was coming to a close with a slow tempo as the outro. Steven extended his arm out and then she got the idea to use his hand as if it were a stripper pole.

Placing both of her hands onto his stretched out hand, she pushed her heels together and twirled around as she dropped her body down to the floor. People around observed her motions and began cheering and clapping at her elaborate dancing skills. Her body stopped just as the final beat was played to the song. Jennifer rose up from her feet and smiled, waving at all the people that were clapping their hands. Steven himself had the biggest grin over his face, she was his chosen one for tonight. He wrapped his arm around her to pull her close to him and then she returned the grin to look him in the eyes. Steven spoke in excitement.

“Very impressive, you know how to move your body.”

“Thanks, I told you I know how to work it.”

Jennifer winked at him. Steven moved his arm away and then she grabbed his hand. She was done on the dance floor after putting up a show in public. None of these people were of her attention to please, he was the only man in the house she wanted right now. Biting her lower lip, she spoke back up.

“How about we get some drinks?”


With her hand in his, Steven walked her from the dance floor and over to the bar. Ramón was sitting on one of the stools with a cell phone up to his ear chatting away. Once Steven came to the bar, Ramón’s eyes became focused solely on the woman that was holding his hand. They stood by the bar and ordered drinks together, while Ramón was forced to look away and continuing speaking over his cell phone. Steven turned to Jennifer and smiled before speaking.

“What’s your poison, baby?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“You sure about that?”

Jennifer nodded to him. Steven turned to the bartender now and gave him a nod.

“Get us two glasses of Black Jack, straight up.”

While the bartender turned to grab the glasses and fix the drinks of whiskey, Ramón had finished his phone call and turned around from his stool seat to look at Steven and this beautiful woman. He couldn’t help but think that he had seen her before from somewhere. Jennifer noticed his eyes and smirked at him. Ramón spoke up.

“Looks like you’re having a quite night now, Steven.”

The man turned around to grin at his cousin and nodded. Jennifer herself was already eyeing Ramón before she spoke up in her cute southern accent.

“You two know each other?”

“Yeah, this is my cousin Ramón and this pretty lady here calls herself Jennifer.”

Steven’s voice answered the question and now Ramón looked over Jennifer before speaking up.

“Jennifer who?”

“Jennifer Love…how is that?”

The name sounded so familiar to Ramón’s ears, though something was escaping his thoughts. She was quite the beauty. Like Steven before, she caught this man also looking down at the amazing cleavage she teased with her dress. Before Ramón could answer, the bartender slammed the two glasses on the table of the whiskey drinks for her and Steven. He stood back as he watched Steven take a sip from the glass, meanwhile Jennifer downed the entire glass in one big gulp. After she was finished, she grabbed a hold of Steven’s glass and looked him in the eye, just before downing every ounce of the glass. She swallowed both drinks, and then slammed the glass on as she felt the whiskey quench her thirst down her throat. Both of the men were quite impressed with her at that moment. She looked over at both of them before speaking again.

“Alright, which one of you men is a manager of this place?”

A strange question to Steven’s ears, but he simply nodded to her and replied.

“That would be me, Jennifer baby. Wanna go back to the V.I.P. rooms and see my office?”

“Yeah, that’s where I want to be right now.”

Her words left no choice for small talk with Ramón. He looked over at Steven and simply nodded, with an excuse for leaving.

“See you later man, I gotta go do something tonight.”

“Take care, Ramón.”

Jennifer gripped Steven’s hand now as they walked off from the bar and began to walk over to the stairs. It wasn’t until they began to walk up the steps, did something finally click in Ramón’s mind. She called herself Jennifer Love. Could it be that her last name was Hewitt? He looked back over his shoulder and watched her curves stepping up the stairs with his cousin. With that ass and those legs, it had to be her. He didn’t bother to try and steal the show from Steven, it was better off with him finding out on his own, or maybe he already knew? Ramón simply sighed and decided to head out the club and go home for some rest.

Minutes later, Jennifer and Steven had retreated beyond the white door and the halls of the inner V.I.P. area. He opened the door to his office and invited her by the ‘ladies first’ rule, just before he walked in with her. Now, the sound of her heels stomping loudly over the floor could be heard over whatever music was playing downstairs. Steven closed the door behind them and turned around to see her standing before him with a grin over her face. Jennifer seemed frisky coming off the dance floor, but something else was lingering on his mind. It seemed convenient of her to be watching him when he came down the stairs earlier, let alone to know he was a manager at the club.

“You know, I didn’t get to ask you, but how did you know I was a manager?”

Jennifer laughed before crossing her arms over her chest, under her huge breasts.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Steven Diaz.”

Stepping closer to him, her heels clacked loudly on the floor of his office room. She quirked an eyebrow up before giving him a soft smile. Face to face with him, she spoke once more in a low seductive tone of voice.

“We share some interesting friends back in L.A., who have told me what kind of man you are.”

Hearing her words, he soon began to realize that she may have been someone a bit more important in the world. He knew from first seeing her, she looked familiar. Steven didn’t respond at first, Jennifer simply cupped his cheek in the palm of her hand and then spoke again.

“Didn’t you get it, when I hinted it to you? Jennifer Love?”

He nodded at her, he knew exactly who she was now. Unlike his cousin, Steven could contain himself when he was face to face with a big name celebrity.

“Yes, you’re Jennifer Love Hewitt.”

She bit her lower lip and nodded her head.

“Mmmmmhhhmmmm, and you are the Steven Diaz whom my friend has told me all about. I have heard nothing but good things about you.”

Leaning into him, Steve’s eyes looked at her amazing cleavage that rubbed up against his blue shirt. Steven became a bit curious and spoke back up.

“Just who was it that told you about me?”

“Does it really matter, honey? I’m here, our friends are not.”

Jennifer pushed her body up against his once more, her lips close to his. She spoke back up in a seductive tone once again.

“Besides, I came here to party and I think I got just what I want.”

Finally, she was finished toying with his heart strings. She leaned in and pushed her lips to his and embraced a deep kiss. Steven wrapped his arms around her, easing his hands down her back to grip her juicy ass cheeks. He could feel the fabric of her dress, while she moaned into his mouth. Once the kiss broke, Jennifer stepped back from him and could see the bulge sticking up in his pants. Steven walked over to his desk and went to grab his infamous ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to hang over the door. Jennifer simply watched him, she clearly could read the sign before he opened the door and slid it on the outer knob. She smirked when he shut the door, it was play time. Steven looked back over at her and spoke.

“So, what was that you were saying a while back when we were on the dance floor…something about how you wish this club had a stripper pole.”

“I could really work that pole better than any other girl on that dance floor, that is what I was saying.”

Steven smirked as he walked over from the door and to where the coffee table was, across the office. He stood across from her, nodding before he responded to her words.

“I know you could, baby.”

“Yeah, but there’s a better pole I want to play with right now.”

He knew exactly what pole she was talking about. Jennifer stomped her heels forward while gazing down to see his hard cock sticking up in his pants. There was a reason the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign was hanging from the outer door. No one was going to bother their fun time. This is exactly why Jennifer came to Disco Fever tonight. She wanted to be fucked and to see if the stories were true about these hot Latin hunks that she had heard about from her friend in L.A. That friend was unimportant now, as she dropped to her knees and looked up in his eyes while her hands went for the buttons to his pants. Steven wasn’t wearing a belt, so that made it easier for her to pull apart the button and then unzip his pants. He breathed in while looking into her eyes, she never broke eye contact as she used both hands to push his pants and underwear down. With his hard dick free from it’s clothed prison, she looked down and licked her lips while stroking it in her right hand and then feeling his balls in her left palm.

“You’ve got a quite a grip there, babe.”

Jennifer laughed at his words. She stroked his cock nice and slow. Her left hand squeezed his balls before she moved to wrap both hands around his shaft and stroke it together. Leaning her head down, she kissed the head. His shaft was long and thick, just the way she wanted it. Looking in his eyes, she moved her right hand to the base of his cock and brought her left to push into his leg.

“I want this cock.”

“Take it, it’s yours.”

Looking into his eyes, she opened her mouth and circled her tongue around the head of his cock. Breaking eye contact, she opened her mouth wider and took it in. Jennifer began to slowly bob her head up and down as she took more of his shaft into her mouth. Slowly, she sucked it at first making soft slobbering sounds from below. Pressing her tongue around his cock, she moaned into it. ‘Mmmmmm’, the moaning sent vibrations into his body. Steven couldn’t complain at all as she slowly sucked his cock. Coming up to the head, she made a loud pop sound as she came off of it. A little string of saliva dangled from her mouth back to the head of his shaft. She stroked it up and down with her right hand while looking back up at him and speaking.

“You like me sucking your big cock?”

“Oh yeah babe, that fucking cock is all yours. Suck it as long as you like.”

Ignoring him, Jennifer brought her mouth back down on his dick and began to suck it once again. This time, she moved her hand away from the shaft and began to show off her impressive deep throat skills. Steven moaned as he watched her push her lips all the way down to the base of his long shaft. The head hit the back of her throat and she didn’t gag once before coming back up and beginning to bob her head up and down. His dick was covered in her saliva, as she began to suck on it faster and harder. Steven gasped for his breath, they were only minutes into this steaming hot play and she already was pushing him to an edge. Jennifer clearly had amazing skills at sucking cock. She came up again with another loud pop noise as her mouth released his rod from her mouth. Looking at the head, she spit on it and then wrapped her fingers back around the shaft to begin stroking it hard and fast.

“God, I’m fucking impressed with you right now.”

She laughed at him, still stroking his cock as she responded.

“I knew you would be!”

Jennifer leaned down under and began to lick his balls while slowly stroking his cock. She moved to let his dick sit over her face, giving him the view of his long meat stretched out over her nose and to her forehead. Loudly, she slobbered all over his right nut before shoving his left ball into her mouth and sucking it equally. Moving her hand off his cock, she squeezed both of his balls before opening her mouth widely to take it in. Steven was shocked to see her manage to fit both of his balls into that loving mouth and suck on them. Releasing them from her mouth, strings of saliva dangled down. She moved her mouth back over the head of his cock and went to sucking again until suddenly, the sound of a cellphone ringing grabbed their attention. Jennifer released her mouth from the head of his cock making yet another pop noise. She held his cock in her left hand, while using her right hand to dig into the pocket of her dress and grab her cellphone.

“Just one minute, hun.”

Steven could not believe this. She actually was going to answer her phone with his cock in her hand? Priceless! He thought to himself, just how kinky she must really be of a girl. Looking down, he witnessed Jennifer hold the phone up to her right ear and answer it.


Her face lit up in a smile before she spoke into the phone again.

“Oh hey, Kate! How the hell are you, girl?”

Steven let out a sigh as he just watched her stroking his cock in her left hand while speaking into the phone. She looked back up at him and winked. She had a plan but right now, he couldn’t help himself but get a little impatient. He wanted to enjoy some naughty fun with her, not have to wait for a phone call. Still, she chatted away with her friend.

“Yeah, I’m just at the club right now. Been shaking my ass on the dance floor with some hot guys, what you are you up to?”

Jennifer looked to her left, still stroking his cock before her face lit up in a big smile and she responded again over the phone.

“Oh my god! That is gonna be so cute! I can’t wait to see it!”

Sighing again, Steven looked down at her a little annoyed. Jennifer simply smirked at him, before speaking back into the phone.

“Yeah, I would like that. Save the blue dress for me to try out, I could use something blue to wear next month.”

Finally, he had it with the phone call and simply snapped his fingers to get Jennifer’s attention. She giggled into the phone before speaking.

“Kate, hold on one minute.”

Letting go of his cock, she moved her hand over the bottom receiver of the phone to shield her friend from hearing what was about to be spoken. Steven let out a sigh before speaking up.

“Can’t you tell your friend to call you back tonight?”

Jennifer shook her head.

“I’ve been waiting for Kate to call me back, all day!”

“Oh, come on!”

Witnessing the frustration on his face, Jennifer smiled and figured she would reveal the kinky plan that she had up her sleeve. She used her hand and unzipped the front of her dress to let her epic breasts begin to spill out. Then, she looked back at him and gave him some encouraging words.

“Help me get this down and then, I want your cock between my tits.”

That was the right thing to say to make him smile. Steven helped her push the zipper down and with her huge breasts hanging out from her dress, gripped his cock with his right hand and pushed it between her tits. He used his left hand to hold her right breast where Jennifer grabbed the phone again with her right hand. Her left hand held her other breast as he began to slowly pump between her tits. Answering the phone back to her friend, she spoke back up.

“Sorry about that, Kate! I was just at the bar getting another drink ordered.”

Steven tried to contain himself by moaning as quietly as he could. The fact that she was trying to have a serious conversation on the phone while having this kinky fun, made it even better for his experience. Jennifer looked down to watch his cock slowly pump between her tits and then, she bust out laughing over the phone.

“Of course, not! You don’t hear music cause I’m upstairs in the club, silly!”

Moving the palm of her left hand over her nipple, Jennifer kept her tits pushed together with the help of Steven’s hand pushing her other breast. She looked up at him and grinned. She looked as if she was almost about to bust out laughing from the fact they were actually doing this, while her friend was talking over the phone. Jennifer spoke again.

“No, I haven’t talked to Matt in a few weeks.”

Who was Matt? What did it matter? Steven couldn’t help but ask these questions in his head. Despite the pleasure he was receiving from her amazing breasts, he found himself sinking into the thought of context with this conversation on the phone. Jennifer spoke again.

“Yeah, his brother is real nice if you ever get to meet him. He likes to party too, fun guy.”

Once again, Steven was forced to ignore her words. He pushed his cock faster between her tits, the head poking up over her neck. Jennifer was alerted to this and dropped her lower lip. She looked at him with a shocked expression before smiling big. It was taking everything in her not to erupt in laughter. Steven slowed down but continued to pump his cock between her tits, he knew that he was close to blowing his load real soon. Again, she spoke on the phone.

“Oh, I would love to go to that party when I return to L.A. You gotta call me up for that one!”

Taking a deep breath, he knew his time was short. With one final pump between her breasts, Steven had to tell her what was coming. She looked up at him, smirking as she seen the muscles in his face twisting up. She knew it was coming. He spoke to her in a low voice, almost like a whisper.

“Jennifer…I’m about to….cum.”

Looking down at his cock, she spoke into the phone.

“Kate, hold on one second again please.”

Jennifer put the phone on the floor next to her, hanging the face of the phone to the floor hoping that would make things silent for what was to come next. As soon as her eyes looked back down at Steven’s cock, she seen it tense up and then a thick string of cum shot up her the left side of her face. She dropped her lower lip, almost to the point of laughing. All that could be heard was his heavy breathing as more spurts of cum shot from his cock, going over her neck and creating a river of cum between her tits. With both hands, she held her tits together and juggled them as she watched his cock continue to shoot cum into the fold of her breasts. Looking up at him, she finally laughed and spoke in a low voice.

“God, you’re good!”

Steven laughed softly, looking down as she grabbed his cock in her hand and squeezed it for the final spurts of cum to milk over her left breast.

“It’s not my fault your friend called and had to interrupt us.”

“Yeah, I know!”

Catching herself from raising her voice, Jennifer lowered her voice. Looking back down at her tits and the thick river of cum flowing between those beautiful breasts, she moaned.

“Look at this mess you made all over-.”

“I know babe, but it was fun.”

His words had cut her off and now he laughed softly. Jennifer finally bust out laughing, she had been holding it back all this time. She had to quiet her voice down to pick the phone back up and speak to her confused friend.

“Kate, are you there?”

Shifting her eyes over to Steven, Jennifer nodded her head as her friend replied.

“Yeah, sorry! I just am kinda sidetracked here at this club, a guy was talking to me.”

A little surprised expression blossomed over her face.

“OK, that’s cool. We can talk again tomorrow morning. Bye Kate!”

Hanging up the phone, Jennifer bust out laughing. Steven followed behind her as the two’s laughter filled the room. Steven clapped his hands and bragged out loud.

“I can’t believe you!”

“Like oh my god, she didn’t even know either! I had your big dick between my tits, and she didn’t ever catch onto it!”

While he was laughing up a storm, she looked down at the sticky mess between her tits. Some of it had dripped down to the lower part of her dress. Jennifer ignored the cum stains as she ran her fingers underneath and began to scoop up the thick cum and feed it to her mouth. Once he stopped laughing, she took her fingers and scooped up the line that was on her left cheek, feeding it to her mouth.

“Mmmmmm, tastes so sweet too. You know what, how about we plan something tomorrow? I can make sure no one is going to call me or anything.”

“We could do that, I’m off tomorrow anyway as my weekend starts on Friday.”

“Great! Your place or my place?”

Steven nodded.

“My place.”

She shook her head.

“No, mine!”

“Fine, how about a coin flip?”

Jennifer laughed and nodded her head.

“Okay, that works! I’m calling heads!”

He moved to pick up his pants from the floor. Thankfully, she had not taken his shoes off or really undressed him thoroughly. Pulling them back up and buttoning himself up, he seen that she was busy licking up the cum off her hands and cleaning herself up before she pushed her breasts back into her dress and began to pull the zipper back up. Steven dug in his pocket for a quarter and then tossed it in the air off his thumb. He held his hand out to catch the coin and then called out the result.

“It’s heads.”

Jennifer smirked as she got up from her knees.

“Nice! That means you get to come over to my place…”

“I had no idea you had a place here in Miami.”

“Yeah, my little vacation home. Get me a pen and paper, I’ll write it down for you.”

Steven walked over to his desk where he could hear her loud heels following him. He dug for his notepad off to the end of the desk and then grabbed a black pen. Looking over at her, Jennifer took the pen from him and the notepad. She began scribbling the address of her little condo home out in Miami Beach. After she was done writing it done, Jennifer looked over at him one last time.

“Oh yeah, one more thing…Bring your cousin with you.”

Looking at her rather surprised, Steven spoke up.

“What? Why?”

Jennifer giggled at him.

“Two is better than one, right? The way I am in the bedroom, I’ll end up wearing you out. It’s only fair if I have two hot men to play with. Besides, I won the coin toss.”

“Fair enough, you’ll get your wish tomorrow.”

“2 PM, don’t be late! I’m gonna be looking forward to seeing both of y’all.”

Before she walked out, Jennifer leaned over and placed a kiss on his right cheek. Steven gave her a smile as she went for the door.

“Goodnight Jennifer.”

“Goodnight Steven, I’m expecting some company tomorrow.”

She gave him one last little smile before she turned the knob and walked out of his office. Steven sighed as she left him alone in the room. He had to get the phone now and call Ramón. If it was a threesome she wanted to be worn out between, he wasn’t about to deny the woman of what she wanted. Approaching his desk, he grabbed his cellphone and punched in the number for Ramón’s phone. Standing there and listening to it ring, he spoke up once his cousin answered.

“Hey man, you ain’t gonna believe this but you gotta listen to me…”



From the condo home across town, Jennifer found herself alone as she looked out the window upstairs. The bright light shined through the bedroom to create just enough illumination to not require the light switch to be turned on. It was 1:50 on the clock and she was expecting company at any moment. If Steven a man true to his word like the reputation she heard of him from her friend, soon she would see a car pulling up. She wore only a black thong and bra with a matching black night robe over her body. Her feet had a pair of high heel pumps, the only thing that would remain on her body once the clothes began coming off.

Jennifer’s love life had not been the same the past year. Out of work following her second pregnancy, she was forced to take a hiatus from the silver screen to tend to her personal life. She had no plans to reveal to Steven just who was their mutual friend that told her all about his family down in Miami. It didn’t matter, she had a vacation home in town and wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity after what she had heard. He probably would figure it out anyway, but she didn’t care. This is what she came for and she was about to get it. Looking out the window again, she seen a shiny blue Cadillac pull into her driveway. A minute later, both doors swung open before two men exited the vehicle. She giggled to herself while biting her lower lip. Steven was in a grey suit with a black shirt underneath and Ramón wore a button up white shirt with brown pants.

Walking out of the bedroom, she clacked her big heels loudly as she walked down the stairs making a boom with each step. They were here and she couldn’t be more excited for the fun that awaited all three of them. Outside, both men were blinded by the sunlight as they walked up the stone steps to the doorway. Ramón was a little bit nervous, but not Steven. After the fun they had in the club yesterday, he believed the cellphone would be turned off so no disturbances could interfere with them this afternoon. After reaching the door, it swung open before they could knock. Both men were greeted to Jennifer in her black robe, already showing off a good view of that epic cleavage.

“Hello there, boys! You’re a couple minutes early, you know that?”

Steven grinned at her.

“Well, what can I say? When you get invited to this sorta thing, isn’t it nice to be early?”

Jennifer laughed.

“Come on in, both of you.”

With Ramón and Steven walking in together, the door shut behind them. Steven’s eyes drifted over the condo home, it was quite nice. Jennifer’s heels clicked and clacked towards the stairs. Ramón’s sight was focused only on her. She turned around and noticed Steven looking around the place.

“Shall I show you around the house, or we get right to it upstairs?”

Ramón laughed at her.

“I came here for one thing and one thing only, I want you!”

“Well, then let’s get upstairs and get to it!”

Her southern accent was strong in his ears yet so adorable. Their eyes watched her as she moved up the stairs with her heels creating a loud boom with each step. They followed her up, step by step. Coming to a stop, Jennifer took a right turn to enter her bedroom where the sun was glowing through the big windows. Inside, was a king sized bed. She stood at the bed and then let her robe fall to the floor, giving them both a full view of her amazing ass with only a thong tucked in between. She turned around and walked towards both men. First, she approached Steven and cupped the back of his head in her hand. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. Moving over to Ramón now, she cupped the back of his head and gave him an equal passionate kiss. The tables were set now, she stepped back and turned around to the bed before speaking out.

“Y’all should go ahead and take your clothes off.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Steven looked over at his cousin as Ramón simply nodded to him. Jennifer went down to her knees, giving them a view of her ass from behind as she sat there. Her eyes looked at the yellow sheets of her bed as she listened to them undress. She patiently gave them enough time, only to be alerted by one of them clapping their hands and then Steven’s voice speaking up.

“Alright baby, we’re ready!”

Turning around, Jennifer looked forward to see both of them standing before her. Once her eyes looked up, Steven was to the right and Ramón was on her left. She crawled forward before they both stepped forward, swinging their hard dicks towards her. She quickly wrapped both of her hands around each shaft and began to stroke them nice and slowly. Moans were heard from both of the Latin hunks, as Jennifer simply looked up at both of them and laughed.

“I’ve been looking forward to this, all day!”

“So have I.”

“Yeah, and me too!”

It was Ramón who spoke after Steven. Jennifer stroked their cocks faster between her fingers before taking the pick of which one she would put between her lips first. She moved to her right side and brought Steven’s cock into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down on it, while her left hand was jerking Ramón’s shaft simultaneously. Steven breathed in while Ramón moaned to her touch. After she had slobbered all over Steven’s shaft, she alternated to her left side and took Ramón’s meat pole into her mouth. Her right hand stroked Steven’s cock up and down, at the same time her mouth bobbed down and up over Ramón’s cock. Both men were already moaning to her.

“Maldito! You weren’t kidding about this woman!”

Steven just laughed at Ramón’s words. Softly, he moaned in his voice while watching Jennifer on the floor. She came off Ramón’s rod with a loud pop noise and then brought her attention back over to Steven’s dick by spitting on it and then putting her lips back around it. Over and over she would suck on his cock while pumping Ramón’s dick in her hand. After a while, she came up and then alternated back to Ramón’s meat stick, spitting on it before shoving it between her lips. Meanwhile, long strings of saliva dripped from Steven’s cock down to the floor. While she was sucking on his cousin’s dick, he couldn’t help but get some ideas seeing those big tits down below. Jennifer had left quite the impression in Steven’s mind last night with multi-tasking, he leaned down and began to unhook her little black bra from her shoulders. She realized what he was doing and let go of his cock and helped him pull the straps of her bra until it broke and fell down to her knees. With her epic breasts free, Steven called out.

“I want to fuck your tits again, just like last night.”

Hearing his words, Jennifer popped her lips off Ramón’s dick. She looked up at Steven and nodded.

“Then, get ’em! Fuck ’em, real good!”

She put her hands down on her tits and spit in the middle to run a river of saliva between her cleavage. Holding them apart, Steven pushed his dick between them and then she turned her head to the side to put her lips back around Ramón’s cock. Pushing her breasts together with Steven’s dick between them, she moaned over Ramón’s shaft in her mouth. Steven thrust his hips forward to watch his cock driving between her lovely breasts. All while Ramón simply put his hand down to the back of her head to help her move up and down sucking his rod. Steven took a deep breath, while Ramón moaned out and bragged.

“Just wow, this babe is loaded. Who could’ve guessed Jennifer Love can suck dick better than most women?”

“You just don’t know! These titties are amazing too!”

Steven couldn’t but to respond to him. Jennifer moaned into Ramón’s shaft while she felt Steven’s dick driving between her glorious boobs. Eventually, Ramón used his hand to force her head to move up and down on his cock, while Steven began to pump between her breasts faster. The day had only begun and they already were on a drive to working her beautiful body over. While moaning out to her, Steven was afraid that if he continued to pump between her breasts, he would end up cumming before he entered her pussy. He came to a sudden stop and then Ramón pushed her mouth all the way down on his cock. Her lips hit the base and the head of his dick slammed to the back of her throat. He held her there in position for a good while until she finally gagged and choked on his cock. Ramón then let go of the back of her head, watching her come up with long strings of saliva dangling from her mouth back to his rod. She broke the saliva strings and spit on his dick, just before Steven spoke up.

“Jennifer baby, how wet are you down below? I want some of that pussy.”

“Oh, you do? I’m pretty fuckin’ wet, as you probably guessed!”

Ramón spoke up after Jennifer had responded.

“Well, go on and get up on the bed. I want to fuck your titties, he can play with your pussy down below.”

“Mmmmm, I would love that!”

Wasting no time, she got up from her knees and moved to the bed. Jennifer turned around to them and dropped her thong to reveal her huge ass in all of it’s glory. Stepping out of the thong, she joined them in the nudity. Only the high heels, were the last piece of clothing that remained on her body. She climbed up on the bed and moved to the far end where the headboard remained. There, a stack of pillows easily arched her back up to make things easier for titty fucking. Ramón climbed up on top of her, sitting on her stomach and slapping his dick over her left tit. Meanwhile, Steven crawled on the other end of the large bed and set his eyes to her pussy. It was shiny from the wetness, nice and shaved. Ramón’s eyes watched her pull apart her breasts and then he slid his cock between them. At the same time, Jennifer gasped for breath as she felt Steven’s tongue slithering into her opening.

“Oh my god, yeah!”

Jennifer moaned just as she pushed her tits together for Ramón. He brought his hand to the back of her head to grip her hair and force her to look in his eyes while he began to buck his hips and thrust his cock between those lovely breasts. Together, his cock rocked her breasts while Steven darted his tongue into her pussy and began to lick her out. Jennifer gritted her teeth and moaned, looking into Ramón’s eyes. The feeling of pleasure was overwhelming her. He called out to her while looking into her face.

“You like that Jennifer?”

“Oh my god, fuck yes! Fuck my titties! EAT IT, STEVEN!!!”

Ramón pulled her hair harder, still bucking his hips forcing his cock to fuck those tits faster.

“What!? I can’t fucking hear you! Scream for me!”


That thick southern accent to her voice came out suddenly. Jennifer grit her teeth and looked up at Steven while growling her moans. Each time she moaned, Steven thrust his tongue faster into her pussy, in unison with Ramón pounding those big tits with his dick. Heavy breathing could be heard from her voice, she gasped for air. Jennifer knew her time was only getting shorter from the way Steven was licking her out. At the same time, Ramón wasn’t going to stop pumping his cock between those tits until he exploded. He gripped her hair harder, groaning while he still thrust his meat between her huge breasts.

“You want my cum? I’m gonna load you down!”


Her voice squealed in a higher pitch while she screamed at both of them. The only question remained weather Ramón’s cock was going to explode first, or Jennifer’s pussy into Steven’s mouth. She closed her eyes and cried out again.



Ramón snatched his cock up from between her tits and stroked it at once before blowing a huge load up her left tit. Jennifer’s body shook as she released her orgasm into Steven’s mouth. With her eyes closed, she felt the warm substance striking over her skin. Ramón shot another wad over her breasts, coating them equally in his thick cum. At the same time, Steven received an award in his own mouth with her juices. He leaned up and swallowed it down his throat. Jennifer had to catch her breath, while Ramón was busy shooting his hot load all over her breasts. He laughed seeing how out of breath she was and looking down at the mess he made. Almost finished, he squeeze his cock one last time to empty the final drops over her left nipple.

“Those tits are fantastic, and this is what they were meant for.”

Jennifer looked up at him and bust out laughing.

“Yeah, you sure made a mess out of them, didn’t you?”

“Fuck yeah, I did!”

Steven moved off the bed and clapped his hands just as he had done before. Alerting her attention to him, Jennifer looked at him standing at the bed.

“You ready to get fucked, baby?”

“I want to be in her pussy, since you got to lick it.”

Ramón made sure to get his demands in first, without giving Steven a chance to claim the hole he had just tasted. Jennifer nodded to both of them, while swiping her hand over her cum glazed breasts. She brought the hand up to her mouth and sucked some of the stickiness off and then she replied to them.

“Alright, I like that. Ramón can fuck my pussy, and Steven….”

Looking over at him, she winked.

“You can fuck my ass.”

Steven smirked at those words before grinning big. He went to bed the previous night dreaming about her juicy ass and now, he was getting the first feel of it. Ramón climbed off her stomach and moved over the bed. Despite having the mess of cum over her tits, Jennifer ignored it for now. She looked over at Ramón who had sat on the bed with both of his feet planted onto the floor. This was the proper position to begin, she figured. Climbing onto him, she straddled her legs over him and sunk her knees into the mattress. She used her hand to guide his cock to her pussy, moaning as she felt the head slide in. Steven got in position behind her, seeing that mighty ass right before him. Ramón leaned back on the bed, so her cum coated breasts didn’t touch his face. Jennifer looked over her shoulder at Steven, while ran his hand up her right cheek and spanked her ass. He spoke up.

“One of the best asses I’m ever gonna be able to fuck in my life.”

“Well, what are you waitin’ for!? Do it, fuck my thick ass!”

Rearing his hand back, he spanked her ass again before nodding. He didn’t have to respond to her. It was adorable listening to that southern accent of hers begging to have her ass fucked. Even better, she called it ‘thick’. Jennifer knew her body was built to have her rear pounded. Steven used his hands and pulled back her luscious cheeks and then eased the head of his dick into her dark hole. Feeling both of their cocks edging into her opening holes, Jennifer gasped for breath and then called out.

“I want both of you to pound the fuck out of me, at the same time and do it hard! Fuck the hell outta me!”

“If that’s what you want, you’re in for it!”

Ramón answered her and then in unison, both of them rammed their cocks into her at the same time. Jennifer gasped for breath before moaning loudly as she felt the double pump. Ramón bucked his hips as hard as he could before pulling out. Again, they did it and then Steven’s eyes became obsessed watching both of their long dicks ram into her holes. The thickness of her ass began to shake with each thrust, both of them ramming her into a world of pleasure. Jennifer gritted her teeth before screaming out.

“FUCK!!!! YESSSS!!!! MORE!!!!”

Together, both of them rammed her pussy and ass at the same time. Jennifer’s voice screamed and cried out to them as they became faster with their double pumps together. Steven placed both of his hands on her upper back, gritting his teeth and he rammed her ass in time with Ramón’s pumps. Over time, both of them began to lose a little pace together. Steven thrust his cock into her ass slightly faster than Ramón was doing, but nevertheless, Jennifer was in a world of pleasure.

“THAT’S IT!!! FUCK ME!!!!”

Her voice screamed out to them once more, drowning out the groans and moans from both of them. Ramón closed his eyes, embracing the feeling as he thrust into her pussy. For Steven, he wanted to cum and drain his cock deep within this magnificent ass. Over and over, he pounded into her as Jennifer closed her eyes and opened them again before screaming. Steven couldn’t help but moan and speak up.

“God, this fucking ass is-“


Jennifer cut him off before he could even finish speaking. Meanwhile, Ramón was groaning before slowing down his pace. For Steven, he was ramming that ass like it was meant to be fucked. So close to busting a nut within her, he had no plans of stopping as he could feel it building up in his cock. Finally, he reared back one of his hands and slapped her right ass cheek before yelling.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna fucking cum!”


With one final thrust into her, Steven came to a stop as his cock exploded and shot his thick seed deep within her. Ramón also came to a stop, just as Jennifer put her hands on his chest and raised her head. She closed her eyes and moaned out to the feeling of the man behind her, filling up that juicy ass with his cum. She moaned out to him.

“Mmmmmm, that feels so good! Yeah, your hot cum in my thick fuckin’ ass.”

Steven moaned before he eased his cock from her tight ass and let it drop. He watched a small line of cum drip from her hole down her leg. Jennifer took a deep breath and then looked down at Ramón before giving him a playful wink.

“I think it’s your turn to have some fun from behind.”

“Damn right, I’m gonna fuck that ass next!”

Lifting her knees out of the bed, Jennifer slowly moved off of Ramón, freeing his cock from her lovely pussy. She planted both of her heels into the floor, standing back up. Steven moved in front of her as Ramón slowly got up from the bed. She looked back over at him one last time before speaking.

“I’m ready, you just gotta get behind me.”

Steven grinned at her before speaking up.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Jennifer giggled at him.

“Oh yeah, and you have experience too with it! Don’t lie!”

“I ain’t denying it.”

From behind, Ramón commented.

“I just hope you can walk straight after we’re done with you today.”

Jennifer laughed at him.

“Oh my god! Both of you just pounded the living hell outta me, and I can still stand up! Don’t worry yourself!”

With both men standing together with her in the middle, Jennifer placed her hands up on Steven’s shoulders. She then turned around to Ramón to give him the nod for both of them to pick her up off her feet. Steven brought his hands to her sides and began to lift her up, while Ramón helped her back. She spread her legs and wrapped them around Steven’s body, pushing the end of her heels into his ass cheeks. Both men held their cocks and began to guide them into her holes. Softly, she cried out as they entered her.

“Yesssss, that’s it! Keep fuckin’ me!”

In perfect chorus, both of them pumped their cocks into her holes. Jennifer scraped her nails onto Steven’s back and then dug her heels into his ass cheeks. He groaned, slightly irritated at the small pains inflicted on him, but that didn’t stop him from pumping his cock into her. Ramón wrapped his arms around her stomach and was pounding into her ass, just as his cousin did minutes before. Her body rocked back and forth as she was smashed between both of them. Ramón called out to her in his exhausting voice.

“This ass is supreme!”

“Yeah, god she’s so fucking hot!”

Steven responded all before Jennifer’s loud moaning drowned out both of their voices.


From the start, this was just what she wanted upon invitation. It was the reason she told Steven to bring his cousin along. She knew that two men could wear her out equally, just as she wanted. Her breasts shook around, covered in Ramón’s cum from earlier. She dug her heels deeper into Steven’s ass, nearly breaking the skin as he pumped his cock into her pussy. Jennifer couldn’t help herself, she closed her eyes, embracing each pump from both of them.


“Yes!! This ass, I love it!”

“I think I’m gonna end up blowing another load!”

Hearing Steven’s words after Ramón had spoke, Jennifer threw her head back and called out to both of them.

“If y’all are gonna cum again, set me down! I want you both to cum all over my face!”

Taking in a deep breath, Ramón looked across to Steven and gave him the nod.

“Yeah, let’s set her down and really make a mess out of her!”

Jennifer moved her legs back, releasing the edge of her heels from Steven’s ass cheeks. Both of them moved to set her down, listening to her heels stomp over the wooden floor under them. She lowered herself down to her knees once again, like how it all began. Her right hand grabbed a hold of Steven’s dick and then she wrapped her left fingers around Ramón’s cock. Looking up at both of them, she gave both of them a playful smile while stroking their cocks. She moved over to Ramón’s first and brought it back between her lips to give it one last sucking.

“Ohhhhh yeah, suck it again. I’m gonna paint you down in cum like a fucking whore.”

Ignoring Ramón’s naughty words, she sucked on his cock while her right hand stroked Steven’s up and down. She came off Ramón’s cock after a minute making a loud pop noise. She moved over to Steven’s cock and then spit on it, before bringing it back into her mouth for one final suck. Meanwhile, Ramón grabbed a hold of his cock and began stroking it. Jennifer sucked on Steven, while using her right hand to stroke and suck him at the same time. Steven moaned out.

“You’re gonna get glazed in cum, real soon.”

Hearing those words, Jennifer looked up into his eyes and then came off his cock. She smiled big as both of them took a hold of their cocks and went to stroking them.

“Are you both gonna cum for me?”

Ramón took a deep breath, Steven answered her.

“Oh yeah, you’re about to be drowned in fucking cum.”

“Mmmmm, give it to me! Cum for me! Cum all over my face!”

She closed her eyes, tilting her head up as she waited for it. With a gasp for his breath, Steven screamed out.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Here’s your cum, Jennifer!”

Ramón spoke after his cousin, as both of their cocks exploded sending thick strings of cum up her forehead. Steven’s cock exploded for the second wad to go flying over her left eye and dripping down her cheek. From Ramón’s dick, he shot a thick string that slapped over her nose and right cheek. Again, more cum went flying into her left eye and eye brow, while another thick layer panted over her forehead. The edges of cum dripped into her hair and down her face. More cum went flying over her right cheek and again on her nose. Jennifer dropped her lower lip and moaned.

“Oh my god, fuck!”

She could feel the warm stickiness coating her face in a messy surprise. A thick wad went flying into her right eye, drenching over her eyebrow and running down her eye as a trailing tear. With both men growing exhausted and their cocks growing lesser with each load, Steven squeezed his shaft and milked the final drops over her forehead. Ramón brought his cock to her mouth and let her milk the final drops between her lips. Out of breath, both of them looked down at the mess they made over her face as Jennifer began to open her eyes slowly.

“Oh my god, you both…yeah, that’s how it’s done!”

Steven laughed as she seemed to struggle making up her mind on what words. Her face was a complete mess in their cum, dripping down to her breasts that already were covered in Ramón’s cum from earlier. She caught her breath and spoke again.

“Well….how do I look?”

Busting out laughing, Ramón responded to her.

“You look fucking beautiful with all that cum on your face and your tits! Too bad that I can’t take you home, I’d cover that face every other night!”

Jennifer laughed at him, while looking her eyes up at both of them. The drops of cum in her eye brows, glimmered a small sparkle as she laughed.

“Mmmmm, I enjoyed that! Thanks for the cum!”

She brought her fingers up to her face to begin scooping up their thick warm seed and feeding it to her mouth. Steven simply nodded at her.

“No, thank you baby! Thank you for inviting us for some fun!”

“Mmmm, it was my pleasure.”

Jennifer replied while sucking up the cum from her fingertips and looking up at both of them. While she needed a shower to get cleaned up, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the two of them to stay for dinner. She almost felt bad that she would have to leave town in a few days after all the fun she had just now.



On a rainy Friday afternoon, Ramón found himself stuck waiting for his brother to come out of his apartment home. He sat behind the wheel of his DeLorean car, watching the windshield wipers move every few seconds. The sky had a faded blue color, while the palm trees rustled with the wind outside. Carlos was just inside getting ready to come out, the two of them were on security duty tonight at Disco Fever. While waiting for him, Ramón decided to pull his cellphone from his jacket and waste some time with the internet.

After the wild day he had with Jennifer and his cousin, he couldn’t help but become a little obsessive over her. She was not the first big name star he had shared a bed with, but it was quite something to know it was someone who had seen in many TV shows over the years. Ramón had been checking her social media profiles to see if she had been active after leaving Miami last week. He figured she probably gave her number to Steven and the two were chatting back and forth, but he didn’t ask. While loading up the pages on his phone, it appeared he had found just what he was looking for. A tweet post dated just 16 hours ago that read:

‘Just got home from a HOT weekend in Miami. No place better to have a steamy time to finish off a long summer. XoXo’

Ramón smiled big when he read the tweet. The caps lock on the ‘HOT’ comment, he knew that she was referencing them. Seconds later, Carlos came dashing from the steps of his apartment and running to the car. He pulled the big door up and joined his brother in the passenger’s side.

“Hey man, this weather is going to be a pain tonight-“

Carlos noticed the big grin over Ramón’s face as he looked down at his phone.

“Hey, what’s so funny!?”

Leaning back up, Ramón simply shook his head while shoving his phone back into his pocket.

“Nothing! Just reading a text a friend sent me a while back.”

“Well, whatever! How about we go out for some late lunch about now?”

“Yeah, we can do that.”

Starting the car, Ramón just focused on backing out of the apartment driveway and heading down the road. He didn’t have the nerve to explain the whole deal to his brother. Some things were better off kept a secret, especially memories that would last forever.


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