Big Booty Bitches Ch. 11

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 11

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Salma Hayek

Codes:  MF, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

A usual hot day down in south Florida had unfolded following the morning hours. The sun was up, shining in the typical way as the heat was slowly fading on in the afternoon. Rain had washed away from the previous week and looking at Tuesday afternoon, this was going to be a hot week. Across town, a BMW car remained park outside by the docks. Tony had things to tend to for the morning with an associate of his and the dealing of a Scarab powerboat. A luxury speed boat seemed like a nice toy to blow some money on and have for himself. Since the recent success of his major night club, his pockets were burning to spend cash left and right. Despite his older body, his mind still had old habits with the use of money.

Slipping on his Aviator sunglasses, the wind rustled across his yellow button up shirt. It was too hot right now to go out in dark colors, so he chose white pants and went for a casual look today. His feet stomped over the wooden walkway of the pier, while his eyes looked over the dozens of boats on both sides. The dock was always full, some even lived on the boats out here. He walked down to the end of the pier where he seen his old friend Alberto waiting for him. The old man was quickly losing his hair as he reached his 60’s in age, but a big grey mustache over his face always made him look the same. Tony smiled, as he went to hug his old friend.

“Buenos días, Alberto…It’s always good to see you, old one.”

“Yeah, likewise Tony. I hope you’re finally buying this thing for real, I’ve had a couple offers so far but nothing has pleased me.”

The old man nodded to Tony and pointed over to the right for him to take a look at the boat himself. In bright pastel blue with purple fading pink stripes over the sides, it was a thing of beauty from another decade. Alberto spoke up once more.

“What you’re looking at is a Wellcraft Scarab 38′ KV, 1987…”

“She’s quite the beauty…”

“I’ve had the the engine repaired as of a few months ago, new paint, new vinyl interior. She’s all yours if you can give me around 34 grand for it.”

“Just 34 grand, seriously?”

Alberto looked over at him and sighed.

“I’m pretty sure that ain’t asking for too much, considering that yacht you live on across this place. Now, I’ve known you since you were a little kid and I knew your father before you were born, so no trying to cheap talk me.”

Tony just laughed at the old man. It was true, he had remembered Alberto long ago when he was a child. It was funny how long ago that was, back in those days he had a head full of hair. He smiled back at his old friend.

“I would never try to cheap talk you, I hope you believe that. I might do that to someone else, but not you.”

“Yeah, yeah, right…So 34 grand, eh? You’re lucky I am going easy on you, a collector from Spain is offering me 50 thousand. Says this boat is identical to one used on a TV show back in the 80’s. There’s no telling how much I could get for it, if I really wanted the money.”

Sighing, Tony simply nodded.

“That’s fine, that’s fine. We got a deal. We can meet tomorrow, I’ll swing by and sign the deed and give you a check.”

Alberto quickly pointed his finger at him.

“No check! Cash, I want to see green!”

“Fine, you got it. Cash tomorrow, I’ll get it for you.”

“Yes, thank you. I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

“Adios, old timer!”

The wind blew, as Tony began to walk off from the old man. Something seemed strange with his demand for having cash for the transaction. Alberto had been an old friend of his father’s time, a former drug smuggler back in the 70’s and 80’s during the era of the cocaine cowboys. His specialty had been speed boats, after retiring from the business, he moved into doing shows and auctions for luxury boats. Still, Tony had to wonder why he was so desperate for cash. Albert had two sons, who were known to be fuck ups in and out of jail for various crimes. He hoped that this wasn’t a bad situation to deal with his sons, but Tony didn’t feel it was right to stick his nose in family business that didn’t concern him.

Walking down the pier, a short woman was approaching his way in a grey T-shirt with a tiger over it. The shirt was tucked into a pair of stonewashed blue jeans, with a leather belt around the loops. Her face was covered in a large pair of dark sunglasses and a white hat. At first, Tony didn’t pay her no attention until she smiled and waved her hand. She called out to him in a thick accent.

“Excuse me, Señor Diaz?”

“Yes? Who are you?”

The woman reached her hand to remove her sunglasses and look into his face with her own brown eyes. She gave a smirk before introducing herself.


Tony looked at her with a shocked expression over his face. Her strong accent was very telling but now the face and to see her in casual clothes. There was no mistaking it, Salma was her first name and Hayek had to be the second. He looked behind himself to gaze back at the pier before he looked back at her and responded.

“Salma Hayek, ay, dios mio! How…how did you come all this way to find me?”

She giggled at him.

“When one puts their mind to something, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”

“So…I take it you wanted to meet me for something?”


She smiled at him before reaching into her pocket to hand him a card. The card was a party invitation, just the excuse that Salma needed to seek him out. Tony took the card and looked at it before his eyes looked back at her face. She spoke again, her thick Mexican accent coming out in her words.

“You have been invited to a yacht party across here, in Miami Beach. The party is just 5 hours away on schedule, can you promise to be there?”

Smiling up at her, Tony couldn’t figure if she was serious or not. This woman would seek him out all this way for a party? He had to flirt with her for the time being.

“Maybe, can you promise to be there?”

Salma laughed again.

“Only if you are coming alone…I need a date, and I hear you are the new Mr. Big in town, I want to be there with you.”

With a big grin over his smug face, Tony nodded to her.

“You’ll get your wish, Salma. It’s my pleasure.”

“No, the pleasure is all mine. See you later, señor Tony.”

She turned around and began to walk off, giving him a view of her strong legs in the pair of jeans. Salma had an ass to die for and Tony’s eyes watched it, just as she stomped off the pier and faded away in his vision. Suddenly, he forgot all about the deal with Alberto and she was the only thing on his mind. Tony had heard stories about Salma over the years, but never had met her in person. It seemed so surreal to him that she would search him out like this, but he already figured in his mind that she probably had traced his steps here from talking to Maria. Whatever the case, he wasn’t about to blow the opportunity to go to a party with this woman as his date.



Going back to his home of the yacht, Tony took a shower and decided to dress sharp for the day. This was an unexpected invitation that forced him to make some last minute phone calls to his assistant to put things on hold with business for the day. He didn’t want to blow the perfect opportunity for this date. He dug out his black pinstriped suit, one that he had barely worn over the years and put on a white undershirt. It was a basic look, but it worked. The address on the invitation card was out in South Beach, a short distance drive over the Venetian Causeway and down the east side.

Once he had arrived, he pulled the BMW up into the parking spaces, seeing as some cars were already there. Tony figured if he showed up an hour early, maybe he could catch Salma before boarding the yacht. From the distance to his left, he could clearly see the boat and a number of security guards that would be checking invitations. He got out of his car and walked around the pier, looking over the water. The worst part about waiting was the fact that Tony did not have any idea what Salma’s plan was. Did she want to meet him on the boat at the party or before? Nevertheless, he hoped that she would be here before the show. While standing there overlooking the water, it didn’t phase Tony to hear the loud sound of what he thought was heels. A voice alerted him to her presence.

“You’ve arrived early, señor Tony.”

He turned around and was greeted to Salma standing before him in a black dress. Diamond ear rings and an expensive necklace glimmered in his eyes. Her signature heavy cleavage was enough to distract his eyes from her beautiful aged face. No matter how much older she got, she aged like fine wine and was so beautiful. He smiled at her, nodding.

“Salma, I came here early so we could board the yacht together. I wasn’t sure what you wanted.”

She laughed softly, before smiling.

“Very good, I wanted to see how serious you were at first.”

“Oh, that’s kinda silly to wonder. You think a man like me is going to pass up having you as a date?”

“I like to see dedication before I make a move, now shall we board the boat before the party, señor Tony? I am friends with the owner, so we can beat all the other guests here.”

He nodded to her.

“I would like that, and you don’t have to call me that. Just call me Tony.”

“And you just call me Salma!”

Offering her hand out to him, she smiled big. Everything had went so fast in the past few hours, Tony felt like he was in a dream or in a film. He took her hand and together, they marched towards the bridge to board the massive yacht. Once they came close, the sound of Salsa music could be heard playing through speakers. They approached the bodyguards and security at the entrance, only for them to nod and allow them to walk up the steps to board the boat. Together, hand in hand and step after step, the two of them made it up behind Salma’s loud heels stomping. Taking their first steps onto the boat, they were greeted with louder music and a man in a white suit approaching them. He smiled towards Salma as he offered his hand to Tony.

“It’s so nice to see you again Salma, and what a pleasure it is to meet you, Tony Diaz.”

Tony shook his hand, while nodding. Who was this guy? He had never seen him before and Tony knew every major player with a wallet in Miami. Salma turned to look over at Tony and spoke up.

“This is my good friend Frank, I don’t believe you two have met.”

“No, we haven’t.”

Looking over the man, Tony replied curiously. The man spoke up.

“Frank Cavaletti, it’s wonderful to finally meet you. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you.”

“Well yeah, I wish I could say the same. I usually know everyone important in this town but I haven’t heard of you.”

“That would be because, I am not from here. I come from New York, maybe looking to set up some newer business associates. You would be a prime candidate, Mr. Diaz.”

Tony thought for a few seconds before nodding to him.

“We can talk about that some other time, I like that.”

Beyond the aged face of Frank, he smiled showing his teeth in a somewhat sinister smile.

“Very well, I hope you enjoy the party.”

Salma pulled at Tony’s arm to distract him. She spoke up to alert his attention.

“Come on, let’s have a good time.”

Together they walked away from Frank and down the side of the main deck of the yacht. He took a deep sigh, missing the home of his own yacht at the moment. It had just crossed his mind that Salma’s intentions from hours ago may have been to force him into this meeting with Frank. He had never heard of the man but he clearly knew that there was something under the rug about him. Looking over the railing of the yacht down at the water, the orange sun in the sky looked beautiful among the clouds. Tony spoke up to Salma.

“So let me get this straight, you were sent by him to bring me to this party. Am I correct?”

Salma watched his fingers grab a hold of the gold metal railing under them. She gazed back up into his eyes before responding.

“You’re correct on half of it.”

Tony shook his head while looking at the sunset before him, watching the bright light shine between buildings from across the water.

“I knew it was too good to be true. I mean, you…Salma Hayek of all women in this world asking me for a date?”

Placing her hand down onto his, Salma looked into his eyes while the wind slightly blew through her black hair.

“I said half! You were correct in half, I had my own reasons for seeking you out.”

He looked back into her face and smirked.

“Oh yeah, like what?”

Salma laughed and shook her head.

“I’m not telling you yet! Now let’s enjoy this party!”

She walked off leaving him alone at the railing of the boat. Taking a minute to get his mind together, Tony figured he might as well have some fun. It was probably the only chance he would get at having a date with Salma Hayek. He couldn’t help but feel that something was mysterious about her, already he wanted to know what this second reason was that she hinted to. Walking away from the rail, he joined her out by the deck. The salsa music was playing loudly through the speakers. Tony thought for a minute how cheap Frank must have been just to use stereo surround sound to pump out music. If this was a party under Tony’s name, he would have paid a live band. Salma offered him a hand to dance with her.

“Come on, let’s see if you can dance!”

This wasn’t the kind of dancing that Tony witnessed every night back at his club. She offered her hand to him and moved to take him into her grasp. A slow dance to some salsa music was far from what he was used to. Salma pushed her body up to him, watching his eyes look down into that amazing cleavage of her dress. He looked back into her eyes while their feet moved along the spot of the deck. Behind them, more people were beginning to join the party around them. Tony looked at her and smirked.

“This is far from the kind of dancing that I see nightly.”

Salma smirked.

“Oh, I believe you. I’m not the kind of woman that gets a kick out of grinding on some dirty dance floor around lots of people.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

Throwing her hand out, she let him break from dancing with her. Salma then put up both her hands and slowly rocked to the beat without a care of the people around them watching. Tony got the impression that she was a woman who acted her age, unlike him. Only two years apart and she quickly established that she wasn’t a club girl trying to live out their youth past 40. Stepping his feet back towards her, Salma offered her hand again and pulled him close. This time, she pressed her body into him and let him feel her glorious breasts pushing up to his chest in her dress. She liked watching his eyes look down and then back up into her eyes. Thankfully for him, the song came to an end in the next seconds forcing them to stop dancing.

“Thank you for that!”

Salma smiled big, showing her perfect white teeth. She may have been an older woman now, but her beauty had aged better than any fine wine he had ever seen. She took his hand, walking him away from the main deck and back to where they previously were standing. The glare of the sunset moved to illuminate her face as she smiled back at him. Something else however, was lingering on the man’s mind. He just had to know.

“You know, you never told me what was the point of finding me. Seriously baby, why did you want to meet me?”

Looking over at him, she smirked before speaking.

“It’s simple. I like men around my age. I recently turned 50, I know you’re 48, so we’re close in age…”

Tony nodded.

“And? I know it can’t just be because of that.”

Smirking at him, Salma didn’t want to reveal the true reason how she knew of him. There was something better that she knew would be easier to gain his attention for the rest of the evening.

“So far, I know you have a big wallet. Everyone in town knows that. There’s just one more thing to find out if it’s big…”

Her eyes gazed down, giving him an obvious hint if he didn’t realize it from her words. Salma knew exactly what she wanted and now, Tony grinned big while nodding his head.

“There’s only one way to find out.”

Salma couldn’t help but giggle a bit. Glad, she was that he managed to take her hint. Tony spoke up again.

“Wanna go back to my yacht with me? Ya know, this boat may be nice but I got something better.”

Shaking her head, she couldn’t deny the ego stroking that was going on. She knew men like him had massive egos about their wealth and their toys. Salma simply smirked. It was a good thing they did not drink out here at the party, she wanted Tony to be completely sober for when he took her on in the bedroom. A man needed stamina to fully satisfy her once the clothes came off.

“Yeah, let’s go there right now. Forget this party and just, take me to your yacht!”



Wasting no time, Tony drove Salma back to his yacht where he returned. The wait made it feel like an eternity, but that simply was due to the desire he had to embrace a passionate night with this woman. Salma had it in her mind to make him feel like a king, if that was truly possible. It would be difficult since he already had enough wealth and the ego to feel like a supreme man, but she was still confident that her smoldering seduction could not be topped by other women. Within the walls of his yacht, she wasn’t up for a tour of how nice the place was. Tony brought her right down into his master cabin where the bed awaited and now, she looked into his eyes while kissing his lips. Slow and steady, their tongues danced along one another. He moaned into her mouth before she pulled away to break the kiss.

Salma stepped back from him. The low lights above was just enough to make the diamonds in her ear rings dazzle and shine to his eyes. She gave him a smile, as she went to undo the back of her dress. His eyes were already starring down at that lovely, magnificent cleavage. It was the stuff of legends, Salma’s rack was something many men all around the world had dreamed of for years. She looked up at him and spoke in her thick accent, questioning him.

“You know what the most expensive dresses in the world are made for?”

Tony smirked while unbuttoning his jacket, he answered her with a nod.

“Yes, to be taken off.”


She placed her hand up on his jacket to stop him from stripping it off. Shaking her head, she quickly responded.

“No, you let me take that off! You finish this dress first, el grande!”

He laughed at her. The Spanish words for ‘big boy’ in her accent was enough to make him chuckle.

“El grande? I like that one, baby!”

“I knew you would!”

Both of them laughed as Salma turned around, allowing him the ease to unzip the back of her dress and let it peel off. As Tony’s eyes could see her olive colored skin on her back, he let the dress fall. Watching her take her hands and push it down as she revealed herself in nothing but a black thong. She didn’t need a bra thanks to the dress that already offered support that pushed up her breasts. Turning around, Salma looked at him while stomping her high heels out of the dress, leaving it there on the floor. Tony’s eyes looked at her amazing beauty up front, hypnotized by the Mexican goddess that stood before him. She grabbed a hold of his jacket and spoke.

“Now, it’s my turn to undress you!”

Her hands snatched at his jacket hard. Tony threw his arms out so he could allow it to slide off once she got it unbuttoned. Next, Salma ripped his white shirt without a care in the world. Was he really going to complain? Absolutely not, it didn’t matter how expensive that shirt was at all. This was one of the most beautiful women in the world and he allowed her to rip the buttons out of their stitches. Once his shirt was pulled apart, she ran both her hands up his hairy chest. Tony moaned, looking down into her eyes as he felt her fingers trailing all over his skin. Salma moved down, resting on her knees as she undid his belt now. Sliding it off, she watched his pants drop to the floor before shoving his underwear down. His large cock sprang to life and slapped across her face.

“Ohhhh, such a meaty cock…”

Salma was alerted to his pole when it slapped over her right cheek. She wrapped her little hand around it and began to stroke him. Using her left hand, she went on and pushed his underwear down below to his ankles. All Tony had to do was step out of his clothes, he had already taken his shoes and socks off earlier when they first boarded the yacht’s inner cabins. Slowly stroking his meat, she looked up into his eyes she opened her mouth and pushed the head between her lips. Tony gasped for his breath as he just had the thought run through his mind: his cock was in Salma Hayek’s mouth. She pushed down and began to bob her head up and down on it slowly. He threw his head back and moaned, just as Salma came up and released his dick from her jaws with a loud pop.

“God, you know how to get me going baby.”

Looking into his eyes, Salma held his rod right along her lips. She swiped it across her lips as if it were a lipstick tube and then she opened her mouth to take it back in. This time, she moved both her hands to his balls to play with them while she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Slobbering all over it and sucking him deeper between her jaws. This was only the beginning but she figured that if she turned up the heat early on, this was going to be a long night of rough fucking. Faster, she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, sucking it hungrily. He had proved that he had the big dick she desired. Small strings of saliva began to leak out from the corners of her mouth. Tony threw his head back and moaned like a champion.

“More! Yeah, take my cock baby!”

She didn’t have to respond to him. Actions spoke louder than words when it came to Salma. She simply bobbed her head down faster and harder, devouring his long fat dick. Sucking and slobbering sounds could be heard from down below. After a while, Salma finally came up for a break in air. She forced a pop noise coming off his dick with long strings of saliva dangling from her lips back to his slimy rod. Flicking her tongue she spit on it, looking into his eyes as she wrapped her little hand back around his cock.

“Oh yeah, you like when I suck your big meaty, fuckin’ cock?”

“You’ve got me by the balls, literally!”

“Damn fucking right, I do!”

Those words were enough to influence her to do one thing. Salma leaned down and then used her tongue to lick over her balls. She let his long meat stick hang over her face, right over her nose as the head stretched out into her black hair. From this position, she licked over his nuts before stuffing the left one in her mouth first. Tony moaned, listening to her slurp all over his balls. Salma moved to the right ball and then let go of his cock so she could push both of his nuts in her mouth. Her jaws inflated containing both of his balls and then he moaned out.

“Mierda, you are a woman of many wonderful talents!”

Still slurping and slobbering all over his balls, Salma quit after a bit. Her saliva dripped from his balls down to the floor. She returned her attention to his cock, bringing her mouth down over the head before kissing it loudly. Salma placed her hands down on her glorious breasts, rubbing them as she felt her nipples were hard and ready for a big surprise. She pushed her tits apart and then grabbed his cock. Leaning up, she held her breasts apart from him and then looked in his eyes before speaking in Spanish.

“Espero que te guste…”

Looking into his eyes, she pushed her breasts over his thick cock trapping it between her impressive asset. Tony took a deep breath as he felt her flesh wrapped around his cock. He then nodded, her words were ‘I hope you enjoy this’. He replied back in Spanish.”

“Sí lo haré!”

She smirked, slowly pushing herself up as she began to titty fuck his cock. His cock was covered in so much saliva, it would be easy to glide between amazing breasts. Salma knew that her tits were made to be fucking and she enjoyed having a big dick between them. Slowly, she pumped her tits up and down on his cock, letting him enjoy the feeling first. Tony breathed in heavily before whispering out in a moan.

“Those titties feel so amazing.”

“Oh yeah? You couldn’t keep your eyes off these tits back at the party.”

He laughed at her words. Salma held her tits in place, but now she was ready for him to take control. Looking in his eyes she moaned before making the demand in her words.

“I want you to fuck these big titties, Tony! Fuck ’em!!”

Upon her request, Tony now had to do some work. He began to thrust his hips forward and watched his fat dick poking up between her tits. This was only the start, he began to buck his hips wildly to allow his cock to push up and down between those amazing breasts. Salma moaned, watching the head of his long cock push up. She moaned each time her eyes looked down at the head before she looked back into his eyes, giving him eye contact. Tony’s eyes were forced only on the sight that many man dreamed of having, his cock thrusting between those massive breasts. He moaned as Salma called out to him.

“Yeah, dat’s it! FUCK THOSE BIG TITS!!”

Her accent caused her words to slur a bit in excitement. She opened her mouth and let her tongue graze over his cock each time the head pushed up. Tony gritted his teeth, as he bucked his hips and was fucking those breasts as hard as he could. Her large diamond necklace bounced, as well as her ear rings from each thrust. Salma was happy to see that she could push him over the edge early. She wanted his cum and it was going down her throat under her demand.

“Harder, faster, yes!!! FUCK MAH TITS!”

Again, that thick accent of hers slurred in her words but Tony couldn’t respond. He just panted and grunted. With his teeth gritted, he began to growl. Over and over his cock pounded between those beautiful breasts. He was living the dream to have his cock smashed between her wonderful tits. Soon, he was going to cum as he could already feel it. Salma had did a number on him minutes earlier with her sucking skills. The Mexican goddess looked at him moaning before he spoke up.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum! These big fucking tits have done me in!”

“Oh yeah, I want you to cum Tony! Cum in my mouth!”

Grunting, he finally slowed down before coming to a stop. This allowed Salma to take control. She grabbed his cock back into her hand put her mouth down on it. Quickly, she bobbed her head up and down. she wanted to taste his seed so bad and soon, the time was closing in. Tony breathed in heavily, moaning as he curled his face up and finally screamed out.

“Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!! YES!! YES!!!”

Salma moaned into his shaft but her muffled voice was immediately drowned out from his own screaming. His cock had erupted and sent wave after wave of cum into her jaws. She sucked on him, milking every wad of cum from his cock into her mouth. Tony’s mind had been blown and this was far from the end of their night. As Salma released his rod from her mouth, she leaned up and opened her jaws wide. Giving him the glorious sight of his semen puddled with her saliva over her tongue, she closed her lips and swallowed it down. After she breathed in from the warm taste, he took his cock and squeezed it to milk the final drops over her tongue. She had to make sure she swallowed every last drop. Tony smirked down at her.

“God, that was fucking amazing. I know you probably hear this a lot, but your tits are amazing.”

“Yeah, I do but thanks! I know how to use them!”

Giving him a wink after replying, Tony laughed at her. Salma grabbed at his hand as she began to raise herself up from her knees. She spoke again.

“Are you ready to really fuck me now?”

“Sí de hecho…”

She smirked at him, seeing as he replied in Spanish; ‘yes indeed’. Off her knees, Salma stood with the bed behind her. She dropped her black thong below to expose her wet pussy, watching his eyes as she took her hand and stroked it.Tony put his hand down on the bed and finally stepped out of his pants and underwear that were down his ankles. Salma climbed back on the bed, using her hands to scout her body back to where her head could rest among the pillows. She had a surprise up her sleeve and wasn’t about to blow this opportunity. As Tony moved over her body, Salma placed her hands up on his shoulders. She leaned in and kissed his lips and then made the hard push to knock him over on his side, rolling his body until his back was flat on the bed.

“Tables are turned, mi amor! I am going to fuck you, instead!”

“Mi amor, really?”

Tony’s mind was somewhat blown that she would refer to him as ‘mi amor’. It didn’t seem to phase him that Salma had taken control and used her strength to roll him over. She let her knees sink down into the bed as her body had straddled him and now, she guided his cock to her pussy using her right hand. Her left hand pushed down into his hairy stomach. She threw her hair back as she felt the head of his dick enter her wet pussy. Tony moaned and ran his hands up her stomach, feeling her breasts as she slid down and took his cock inside her. Salma gritted her teeth and looked down at him before yelling.

“I hope you’re ready for this!”

“Oh yeah, you caught me by surprise!”

His reply was meaningless. She didn’t care what he had to say, she just pushed down and began to thrust herself up and down over his cock. He squeezed at her breasts while Salma used both hands to push down into his chest. Salma was in complete control now, riding him as if he were her wild stallion. The woman began to moan out loudly, cursing in Spanish.

“Oh, mierda! Me montarlo!!!”

Pound after pound, she slammed down onto his cock. Tony just moaned, moving his hands away so he could watch those amazing titties bouncing up and down. She was an animal in bed, aggressively fucking him like this. The began to squeak out the usual noises. It didn’t matter how expensive a bed was, Salma knew how to make it cause racket with her strength. Tony gasped for his breath as he looked up at this goddess, fucking him in complete command.

“Damn, baby! Fuck me!”


Tony grinned big, he loved hearing her words slur from her accent as she screamed at him. Salma didn’t bother to give him a chance to respond as she closed her eyes and moaned out. She had forced him to cum minutes earlier and by now, she felt it was only fair if she received an orgasm. Over and over, she slammed down on that cock. Her thick ass cheeks slapped into his balls causing a light smacking sound to be heard among their loud moans. Little did she know, her work had already forced the cum to build up again in his cock.

“Fuck yes!! More baby, more!!! I love it!”

She didn’t respond to his comment, simply moaning loudly. She opened her eyes to the feeling him bringing his hands down to her hips. Tony began to thrust into her, making it easier as she pushed down into him. Together, they were so closed to their orgasm. Salma came to a stop only to feel Tony bucking his his to thrust his rod deeper into her pussy. She ran her hands up his hair chest until she cupped his neck and then leaned down and screamed out loudly.


Her scream was so loud next to his ear, Tony almost felt as if she could deafen him in that sexy voice. Her body shook as she hit her climax. He made one final thrust into her pussy and then he came at the same time with her. Taking his hands, he ran them up to grip both of her ass cheeks and squeezing them. Salma moved to push her lips to his and kiss him passionately while his fingers remained pressing into her thick ass. She moaned into his mouth before breaking the kiss and biting her lower lip. She couldn’t help but giggle softly.

“Damn, you are amazing.”

Looking up into Tony’s face, he brought his hands up to cup her cheeks. Softly, he caressed her left cheek and wiped the sweat from her forehead. He smiled before kissing her again on the lips and then replying.

“Nothing is greater than you right now, baby.”

Giggling, Salma enjoyed this moment with him face to face. They were far from finished she hoped, if he truly was a man with big balls like his wallet, sure he had more stamina to him?

“We’re not finished yet, are we, Tony?”

He shook his head grinning at her. Of course, he still wanted more of her.

“I’m gonna fuck you until I pass out tonight, Salma!”

“Good, that’s what I want!”

She moved to lean up on him, giving him one last view of her amazing stomach and beautiful body before she eased his cock out of her pussy to free him from her loving cup. Salma moved on the edge of the bed and then Tony brought his hand down to run across her hip and grip her left ass cheek. He nodded to her, he knew just the one thing he wanted now.

“That ass, baby…When is the last time you had it fucked real good?”

Her eyes wandered over to him and then her jaw dropped. Salma decided to tease him a little bit.

“Oh, my ass? You wanna fuck it, don’t you?”

Tony nodded, grinning big. No woman ever left his yacht without getting their ass properly fucked.

“Yeah get down on all fours for me.”

Salma dropped her lip, teasing him.

“Are you ordering me, Tony?”

“For a matter of fact, yes I am! Now get down on your knees and on all fours!”

“Señor, sí señor!”

He laughed at her words before watching her move off the bed and back down to the floor. It seemed odd to him that she didn’t take advantage of the bed like some other women would, but he wasn’t complaining. Salma positioned herself on all fours, just as he had commanded. Tony moved off the bed to stand up and then his eyes became fixated on that glorious huge ass. Salma’s booty was a mighty one, built to perfection. She turned over her shoulder to catch him starring at her large rump. Giving him a wink, she teased him once more with her words.

“See something that you like?”

A sinister laugh filled her ears as she watched Tony simply grin and nod his head slowly. He placed his hands up on both of her ass cheeks to pull them apart and then, he finally replied to her.

“This ass is mine.”

“Oh yes, Tony! Dat ass is yours!”

Salma let her accent come out to complete her sentence. Tony loved listening to the woman talk. He would have paid money to sit and listen to her speak for hours. Stepping forward over her, he planted his feet down into the floor. He used his hand to guide his cock right into her dark hole. Moaning as the head pushed in. Salma still looked at him over her shoulder as he slowly bent his knees and began to slide his cock deeper into her ass. She was so short and in a position like this, his body towered over her. His shadow could be seen on the floor when she looked down. Salma closed her eyes and moaned while Tony bragged.

“Ohhhhhh, damn! I knew I wanted this ass the minute I seen it on T.V. years ago!”

His words caused her to giggle in excitement. It wasn’t unlike Salma to meet compliments that went back decades. For all those years, she had been the Mexican sex symbol in Hollywood. Something that she was very proud of today. Opening her eyes, she looked over her shoulder again and then cried out to Tony. He was fucking her nice and slow but she wanted more and Salma simply did not have the patience to wait it out.

“Do you…do you always go this slow when you fuck a woman up the ass?”

Tony laughed hard at her comment, shaking his head.

“No, my dear. If you want to be rammed, you’re gonna get it soon.”

“Mmmmmm, that’s what I want, now! Fuckin’ ram dat huge ass of mine!”

Once more, her accent caused her words to slur. Tony laughed again and then reared his hand back and smacked her right cheek.

“As you wish, Salma baby!”

True to his words and upon her request, Tony began to slam his cock into her ass over and over. He used his left hand to hold her in place while his rod explored her deep dark hole. Each time he thrust his cock forward into her, he took his hand back and smacked her right cheek. Salma moaned, this was just the aggressive ass-pounding that she desired from him. Closing her eyes, she called out to him.


Her voice was cut off from a loud slap to her ass. Tony finished the sentence for her.

“Fuck you up the ass!?”


Another loud smack was heard striking over her right cheek as Tony’s cock rammed into her ass. Her diamond ear rings jiggled, as her breasts below were shaking back and forth. He didn’t hold back, letting his cock slam into her ass, time and time again. Salma loved it when a man didn’t hold anything back and gave her ass all it could handle. She was tough and built for this kind of raw fucking. Tony gritted his teeth as he continued to pump his cock into that thick ass. Salma moaned out louder as he spoke to her.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah!? You like that!?”

Without giving her a chance to reply, he reared his hand back and smacked her ass.

“I can’t fucking hear you Salma, do you like that!?”

Again, rearing his hand back, he smacked her right cheek and she finally screamed out.


Just as he had been doing, he slapped her ass again while still pounding his cock into it. Salma gritted her teeth and moaned, roaring like an animal. He had brought out the best pleasure of her, just as she had expected him to. Tony proved to have better skills in the bedroom than the previous Diaz man she had an affair with a long time ago.

“God, I’m gonna fucking cum! I’m gonna fill this ass with my hot load! You want that Salma!? You want my cum!?”

Hearing his words, Salma screamed out to him before he could have a chance to cum.


Tony slowed down, making one final thrust into her ass upon hearing her words in that trademark thick accent. Salma looked at him with eyes just begging for it. He was starting to become exhausted, as the fatigue could be witnessed over his face. He looked down at her and breathed in before speaking.

“You…you want me to cum on your face?”

Salma nodded.

“Yeah!!! You already got to cum in my mouth and my pussy, I want you to give it to me on my face!”

“Alright then, as you wish baby.”

Sighing, Tony was somewhat disappointed. He liked to cum in a woman’s holes, rarely did he give them a splash to the face unless it was requested. Salma wanted it more than anything. She didn’t wear one of her best necklaces and diamond ear rings to go without receiving cum to her face tonight. She moaned as she looked down into his shadow while Tony slowly let his cock ease out of her ass. Salma waited until she seen his shadow disappear, knowing he had moved back now. She quickly crawled to turn around and sit down on her knees. Tony held his cock for her which she gladly took into her hand and smiled up at him before speaking in her thick accent.

“I want dat fuckin’ cum!”

“Ohhhhh, you’re gonna get it baby! Suck me one last time, Salma baby!”

“Como desées!”

It was funny listening to her say ‘as you wish’ in Spanish. Tony watched her bring her mouth down over his cock and begin to suck it once again. She bobbed her head up and down before pushing his cock to the back of throat, proving that she could fit his entire length down her mouth. Tony cried out from the pleasure she gave him.

“Oh, fuck!”

Salma looked in his eyes and winked before she slowly raised her head, moving her lips to the head of his cock before coming off with a loud pop sound. She had a better idea in mind, but she had to spit on his cock first and get it nice and wet from her saliva. Salma brought her hands down to cup her breasts and then looked at him while licking the head of his cock. She finally spoke to him once she leaned up, a small saliva string dangled from her lips to his cock.

“How about you fuck these titties one last time?”

A big smile covered his face before he nodded.

“Oh Salma…you know me all too well, already!”

To her, it didn’t matter if he wanted to fuck her tits again. She knew no man would say no to her, but this is how she wanted to finish him. Pulling her huge breasts apart, she looked down at his cock while a string of saliva moved from her lips back to the head. She smashed her epic breasts together and breathed in heavily. Tony moaned as he watched Salma do the work now. Up and down, she moved her breasts.

“Yeah…just like that baby, ohhhhh man!”

Salma looked up into his eyes while she held her breasts together and pumped them up and down. The first time she indulged in a titty fuck, she let him do the work. This time, she slowly was moving those amazing breasts up and down to plow his cock. Looking up into his eyes, she laughed before yelling to him.

“Ah! Yeah! I want jou to load me down, LOAD ME DOWN! CUM ALL OVER DIS FACE OF MINE!!!”

“Baby, you’re so sexy when you begin to scream at me!”

He always found her voice to be amazing to listen to. When Salma began to yell at him, that thick accent made her words sound scorching hot. Tony loved hearing her accent slur out the words. He groaned in pleasure knowing that soon he was going to blast her face as she had requested. Breathing in heavily, he nodded to her.

“Salma, I’m ready to cum for you.”

“Mmmmmmm, yeah!”

Leaning down, Salma used her tongue and licked in a circle over the head before she let go of her breasts. Tony gripped his rod and began to stroking. She moved her face right under his cock, making sure to get in a good position for him to load her down the way she wanted. Within seconds of stroking his dick, he groaned out to here.

“You want this fucking cum!?”

“Yeah, all over my face! GIVE IT TO ME!!!”

Salma yelled to him and then he groaned before calling out.

“Here it is, OHHHHH, FUCK!!!!”

With one final stroke of his hand, his meat had erupted and sent a thick line up Salma’s forehead. She closed her eyes just in time for it. The straight line of thick cum managed to get the ends into her hair and leave a thick wad over her forehead. Moving his cock right next to it, he shot another wad that trailed into her black hair while the thick drips ran into the middle of her forehead. Again, he shot a thick string this time up her nose and lining into the thick wads over her forehead. Shooting another wad, Salma smiled a little as she felt another line go up her forehead but drop off into her left eyelid.

“Ohhhh god, this is what you wanted babe.”

She didn’t respond as the final weak spurt of cum went over her forehead again with another layer. Salma was quite impressed. He didn’t quite give her a messy facial as she may have expected. He avoided both of her cheeks and just drenched a straight line from her nose up to her forehead and into her hair. She opened her eyes and looked at him, as the cum drops in her left lid began to trail down almost like a tear. Salma took his cock back into her mouth one last time and sucked on him to milk the final drops into her jaws. Tony moaned, taking a deep breath as he was exhausted. Once Salma was done, she moved her mouth from his dick making a pop noise.

“Nice work, that’s how you load me down.”

Tony laughed, clapping his hands at her.

“You asked for it!”

“Yeah and you didn’t get it anywhere but one big straight line up!”

They both laughed as Salma leaned back on her knees and took her hand to wipe some of the cum from her nose and feed it to her mouth. Tony brought his hand down on her shoulder as she looked up at him. He spoke.

“I greatly enjoyed that, you’re a fucking animal.”

“You’re great too, Tony! How about I get cleaned up and join you in the bed for a good night’s rest?”

“Sounds like a plan, baby! I’m gonna enjoy waking up next to you in the morning!”



After a wild night of lustful fun, it only seemed fitting to sleep in the next morning. While a clear sky was outside and the usual hot day moving over Miami, nothing was waking Tony out of bed. 12 PM had already moved over the click but he was sound asleep with Salma next to him. She was satisfied with the man, having managed to seduce him to attend a party and give her a wild night of pleasure. Still, she had other plans in mind. She didn’t seek Tony Diaz out for nothing, but there would be a time when she would reveal the truth to him. For now, she simply was enjoying the seed of trust that could spring forth a relationship. Right now, she slept with her arm wrapped around him between the sheets.

Suddenly, a cell phone ring would awaken both of them from their slumber. The loud ringing caused Tony to slowly open his eyes. He moved to the nightstand on the right where the phone was ringing loud. It wasn’t until he moved did he notice Salma’s arm wrapped around him. Tony grabbed his phone and then rested back in the bed as he answered.


“Thank god you finally picked up! Señor Diaz, there’s a man out here to see you!”

Still half asleep, Tony didn’t realize at first that it was his assistant Maria calling him from the deck of the yacht.

“Do what? I just woke up…”

Sighing into the phone, Maria was already impatient due to the situation she had been dealing with for the past hour.

“Señor Diaz, I am so sorry to awaken you! I’m calling you because, well….there’s this old man out here and he is giving me a hard time. He keeps bitching at me to get a hold of you, something about a speed boat you were planning to buy from him.”

Tony quickly gathered his senses and replied to Maria over the phone.

“Oh, shit! That must be Alberto down here with the deed to the boat! Do you have him on board this yacht or outside?”

“He’s on the boat, señor. I’m sorry, I had to let him on board cause he was giving me such a hard time. He’s been out here over an hour raising hell at your bodyguards to see you.”

Tony sighed. Meanwhile, Salma had woke up and turned her attention to look at him on the phone. Tony responded.

“Tell him I’m sorry to keep him waiting, I’ll be right there in 30 minutes!”

Hanging up the phone, Tony put it back in the nightstand to the side of the bed. Salma looked at him somewhat confused, she spoke up.

“What’s wrong, Tony?”

“Ahhh, nothing! I just promised a friend of mine to buy a boat and he’s out here with the deed. I gotta go see him and get this over with real quick, so he can leave.”

Tony had already risen out of bed and moved to slip on his robes. Salma pulled the covers back to reveal herself still naked, only with her black thong tucked underneath. Before he moved to the bathroom, she stood between the doorway. Smiling as she prevented him from walking in.

“Wait! Before you get dressed…”

Salma leaned in to kiss him before he stopped her.

“No, not yet! I just woke up, I need to brush my teeth first.”

“Fine! A kiss on the cheek?”

He laughed at her, before leaning in and kissing her left cheek and then the right one. Salma responded by kissing his left cheek and cupping the back of his head with her hands to look in his eyes and smile. She finally let go and moved away from the doorway to let him into the bathroom. Tony had to quickly wash his face and get dressed to see Alberto. Salma looked across the bedroom before calling out to him. It wouldn’t hurt her to offer help, she figured.

“Tony!? Would you like me to help you out with clothes, maybe?”

The faucet to the sink was running with water as he washed his face and fixed his hair up. Turning it off, he finally answered her.

“Salma baby, look in the right closet and grab that shirt and pants hanging from the hangar on the door.”

She glanced over to the right side of the room and opened the closet door as he requested. Sitting on the door knob was a fresh clean white shirt and a pair of khaki pants. She took the clothes and removed the hangars for him. As Tony came out of the bathroom, he looked at her and smiled.

“Thank you darling, I appreciate it.”

“No problem, I offered for a reason.”

Taking the clothes, Tony slipped out of his robe. While standing in his underwear, he began to get dressed up in the casual clothes while Salma just stood and watched. She had a lot on her mind that she wanted to speak about, but she knew he had to be fast. After he had his shirt on and buttoned up the pants, she finally asked the question that was lingering on her mind.

“Tony, do you mind if I stay with you today?”

Looking at her, he smiled big before nodding.

“I would love for you to stay with me today! Give me a minute to meet my old friend, I’m gonna have something for us to enjoy the day with!”

Her request to spend an afternoon with him would make his day. Tony didn’t want to leave Salma like this anyway. She was a woman of class and deserved better, but now he was already thinking about the Scarab boat and spending the day with her out playing with his new expensive toy. It was all he thought about while walking out of the cabin and going through to meet Alberto on the back deck. As he opened the door and seen the bright sun shining down, the old man was standing before him with the papers in his file folder. The old man looked at Tony and just sighed in relief.

“Finally! There you are! I told you yesterday, I will come by tomorrow and to expect me.”

“Sorry, I had a long night last night…”

“That’s no excuse! Don’t give me excuses like your father would!”

Tony just laughed. There was no use in arguing with an old man. Alberto stepped forward and handed him the folder that had the deeds inside for it. Reaching into his pocket, he handed him a pen.

“There, go ahead! Go ahead and sign these papers so I can get off this boat. I got stuff to do today!”

“Alright, alright…just hold on.”

Opening the folder, Tony moved to the papers that had the deeds. Albert stood before him as he just pointed where he needed to write the signature for the ownership. Off to the side, the young assistant Maria stood with her arms crossed over a denim jean jacket she wore to match her short skirt. Her long blonde hair was blinding in the sun light as she just watched her boss sign the deeds behind her dark sunglasses. Once he was done, Tony looked over at Maria.

“Maria, you got the briefcase of cash for our good friend Alberto here?”

She looked at him somewhat confused.

“What briefcase of money?”

Tony rolled his eyes and became irritated.

“Fucking seriously!? What briefcase!? I told you last night to get it ready!”

Maria looked at him confused. It was unusual for her to talk back to her boss like this, but she knew he must have still been half asleep or something.

“Huh!? You didn’t want me on the yacht last night, remember!? You had company.”

He laughed, looking her over and then smiling. Tony looked back at Alberto and made a compliment about her.

“This girl, eh? She’s hard to break.”

Tony waved his hand over at Maria again.

“I was just picking on you Maria, you’re all good!”

Thankfully, Maria was wearing her big sunglasses where he couldn’t see her rolling her eyes. She was used to these little jokes and pranks he pulled on her. Whatever the case, at least she didn’t have to worry about being invited to join him down in his yacht for some naked fun. Tony retreated back into the door of the inner cabin. He had kept the briefcase stashed off to the side, a little something he had taken care of last night. He returned a few minutes later offering the briefcase to Alberto, opening it to show him the money in stacks.

“You said you wanted to see green, old friend…”

The old man gazed into the money for a whole minute before he smiled. He looked back up at Tony and nodded.

“We have a deal here, enjoy that boat!”

“I know, I will!”



The blue water moved through the day, as usual. Fishing boats sat out from the docks and under the bridges while boat owners enjoyed their day. Meanwhile, Tony sat behind the wheel of his newly acquired Scarab speed boat and let the wind rip into his face while powering the engine through the water. Next to him, sat Salma in a white bikini with her dark hair pinned back in a pony tail. Both of them wore matching sunglasses while they enjoyed experiencing the old boat’s power. The Scarab tore through the water as Tony piloted it around the bridge to the Venetian Causeway. Salma looked over him and smiled as they went under the bridge and back within seconds. From the right view, she watched the blur of boats and a skyline of buildings.

This was amazing for Tony. To be able to have this kind of fun with Salma. For some reason, he found himself not wanting to part with this woman. Little did he know, she had the same feeling inside. There was a reason she stayed. Just as there was a reason she had come to him in the first place. This was only the beginning of a relationship she hoped. There was more at stakes besides introducing him to Frank Cavaletti, that was just a favor for a friend. Looking down, she watched him shift gears over the boat before coming to a stop and allowing it to slow down. Tony looked over at her and nodded.

“You want to drive now, baby?”

Salma smiled in excitement, leaning over him.

“Yes! I would love to drive this thing!”

“Go for it, baby! She’s all yours.”

Tony got up from the driver’s seat of the boat and shifted to the side where he allowed Salma to move into the seat. His eyes watched her bikini clothed body take a seat and then she looked at him as she grabbed the gear and wheel. Tony gave her the nod as he went to sit in his seat and then she pushed the boat back into overdrive. The loud motor drowned out any sound with the crashing waves, but there was no need to speak in a time like this. He simply sat back and enjoyed the ride, allowing this wonderful woman to blow his mind away.


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