Big Booty Bitches Ch. 12

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 12

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kelly Brook

Codes: MMF, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The bar was black with the usual glares of lights from above forcing bright colors over the marble stone top. It was just another Friday night at Disco Fever, the club was full and the dance floor was energized by a DJ that knew what he was doing. At that bar sat a lonely man looking down at the table while his glass remained half empty. Carlos took a deep sigh before puffing on his cigarette while looking down. Life was great when you were having fun, something he had not experienced in the past several months. Just coming out of prison two months ago, he found himself already seeking the thrill that his family indulged in with the club business. One could say he was lucky to still have a job, as his uncle Tony still had some faith in the young man.

Upstairs, Ramón had walked out of the white door to the inner V.I.P. hallways and was going down the stairs to join his brother. Ever since Carlos had come out of prison, he had seen to it to keep him out of trouble while he had the time. Ramón pretty much knew that Carlos was on Steven’s shit list, so he didn’t bother trying to work together any big time jobs with his cousin that would involve Carlos. All he knew is that his brother was put on security duty of the club, a gig that involved low attention that Ramón figured wasn’t bad enough for a few extra paychecks. Going back down the stairs, he rejoined Carlos at the bar by having a seat next to him. Carlos sighed before speaking up.

“You know…I’m kinda bored tonight. Full house here and no action for us.”

Ramón laughed.

“Well yeah, that’s the life when you have to play security. You just have to watch everyone have fun, wishing it was you in their shoes.”

The lights from above reflected back over their faces. Ramón could clearly witness the look of disappointment over Carlos’ face. The blue neon light brushed past to lighten up his face, all the way down to his mustache. Carlos was wearing a black suit with a pink undershirt, below black pants matching the jacket. Ramón wore his white blazer over a blue shirt with matching white pants. Carlos spoke again after sighing.

“You know, I think I’m due for a good night of fun. Besides, you can’t deny all the stuff that you and Steven get to do.”

Laughing, Ramón responded.

“Oh yeah, like what? What do I do besides business with Steven?”

“Don’t play me for a fool! Everyone knows that you and him seem to have some great track record with hot looking ladies…and here I am, I gotta call escorts to get laid.”

“You really do call escorts!?”

Ramón busted out laughing, something that just annoyed Carlos even further to yell at him.

“Man, fuck you!”

Still laughing, Ramón got up from his seat and moved his arm to point out at the dance floor before him. He couldn’t help but make fun of his brother for that little comment.

“Estás escuchando? Look out there…you want pussy, there’s a whole dance floor of girls in this club every fucking night. Work on your charm with the ladies, and you won’t have to pay for no fucking escorts fee just to get laid.”

Carlos didn’t respond. He just grabbed his small glass and drank down the last bit of his watered down alcohol. Ramón thought for a second about the whole situation. Even though Carlos typically could be a headache with family business, he was still his brother. Maybe he had a point that it truly was not fair that he didn’t get to have the same kind of fun with him, as he did with Steven. Ramón himself had bragging rights with famous names of women he had shared a bed with. Looking back over at Carlos, he made his mind up. They both were about to take a magnifying glass to the club and seek out a hot woman to take their chances with. If anything, he was going to teach Carlos how to use his charm and win over a woman for the night.

“Hey man, come on…let’s go on the dance floor.”

“What for?”

“Come on, since you don’t feel like you can have luck with the ladies…I’m gonna show you how it’s done.”

Shaking his head, Carlos wasn’t amused at this at all.

“Stop man, you’re embarrassing. I ain’t letting you do it this time.”

Losing his patience, Ramón was only going to try one last time. If he didn’t want to go with him, then he was the one missing out on fun.

“Oh come on, you want to get laid this weekend? Get your ass up and let’s find a hot girl to party with. We’re brothers after all, let’s fucking do this!”

“Fine, fine…you win. Let’s just hope we can find some chick with a nice ass.”

Carlos slowly rose from his seat at the bar and now he and Ramón walked off to survey their eyes at the dance floor. For once, Ramón realized how easy it was getting a lay with his cousin. Steven liked to invite him when he had a girl that needed two men to fully satisfy her. Here he was, hoping that Carlos wouldn’t be stupid and make it into a competition. First, they had to find a decent woman that was up for a good time. Together they walked around the dance floor letting their eyes look around. Carlos didn’t look so impressed within a span of 10 minutes. One quick to complain, he already was sighing and speaking out.

“I don’t see no women on that dance floor that can give us a good time.”

“Easy, easy…patience. You need to relax and just keep an eye out.”

If he was going to complain the entire time, perhaps it wasn’t worth it. At least that is what Ramón was thinking right now. He wasn’t going to give up so early though, surely over time on a Friday night they would come across something that met the liking of their eye. Ramón walked off from the dance floor, leaving Carlos behind for a bit. His brother walked behind him and then finally, something caught his eye. A woman with brown hair walked by in a pink dress, revealing long thick legs. Her feet were in matching pink high heels with sparkling glitter. The real catch was up her chest as his eyes looked on to a heavy cleavage. Her face was beautiful, big brown eyes that matched her hair. Carlos stood in shock as the woman just walked past both of them and with a smirk over her face. It was a shame with the loud music in the club they could not hear her high heels beating on the floor. Ramón looked over to his brother and nodded. He could tell that this woman had stolen the attention. He spoke to Carlos now.

“See something you like?”

“Ohhhh yes, look at her. Look at that ass.”

Looking back at the woman, Carlos’ eyes followed her thick legs up to an amazing ass fit in her tight dress. Her body had amazing curves, one of a kind to his mind. She turned around and looked at both of the men standing there and gave them a wave. Ramón smirked at her and waved back, speaking to his brother.

“You see that? She notices us. You wanna take a shot with her?”

“Fuck yeah! Let’s see if we can dance with her!”

Ramón looked back at Carlos and gave him a nod. He could have told him how patience truly did pay off when one was not whining the entire time, but what was it worth? This was the first chance he had in the past few years to do some bonding with his younger brother. Together they approached the woman, her pink dress shining with the radiance of the neon lights moving from up above. She turned around and greeted both men with a big smile. Her pearly white teeth made her smile among the best that Ramón ever seen. Carlos spoke up, excited before his brother could get a chance.

“Hi there, beautiful!”

She smiled big before laughing and then replying in a thick British accent.

“Oh, hi! You’ve got quite the eyes for a looker, don’t ya think?”

Watching Carlos bust out laughing, Ramón took his chance to play it smart. He figured he could impress the woman with a good charm. He extended his hand out to her and introduced both of them.

“Good evening, Miss. I’m Ramón Diaz, and this here is my brother Carlos. You come here often?”

She shook his hand and looked back up at him before responding.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kelly. Actually no, this is my first time here. I’ve heard a lot about this place from back home.”

“You don’t sound like you’re from here, Kelly.”

It was Carlos’ voice that spoke up. She shook her head and answered him.

“No, I’m from England to be honest with you. But I spend a lot of time back and forth across the pond.”

Both men nodded and then, Ramón spoke up.

“That’s wonderful darling, it’s always nice to meet a lovely Brit like yourself.”

Kelly laughed hard at both of them. It was funny to her that she had only been in the club for 10 minutes and already had two Latin hunks hitting on her.

“Well, this club is quite the attraction as what I’ve heard from friends and associates. I’m here to party…so if the both of you want to party with me, then come along.”

She turned her back to them and began to walk off, but not before looking over her shoulder to give them an inviting wink. Ramón couldn’t help but consider that this woman seemed familiar to him. Her voice and her appearance made her certainly feel like he had witnessed her presence somewhere, maybe in television. The name Kelly also rang a bell in his mind. Carlos stood still like a statue watching her figure fade off into the distance. Ramón looked back over at his cousin and gave him a nod. It was time to party and not allow this opportunity to slip out of their grasp.

The two men followed her, Kelly moved to the dance floor and began to shuffle into the rhythm of a song playing. On Friday’s, the club usually had employed a big name DJ in the local area. For the past few weeks straight, the same DJ had been burning it up on Friday nights. A string of synth flavored dance music was playing over loud bass beats. Kelly dancing, shaking her hips and grooving her body. Within the distance she watched as one of the two men had approached her, also dancing. Carlos gave her a smug grin and she responded by reaching her hand out and pulling him towards her.

“Nice of you to join me, Carlos!”

By the tug of her hand, Carlos stepped forward and began to dance next to her. From behind Kelly, Ramón had approached her back. Kelly turned her head and was greeted to his face She gave him a seductive smile as she offered out her other hand now.

“You can tag along too!”

With a brother in each hand, Kelly pulled her arms and swung them both face to face before letting go. She was loving the fact that both of them were here to play, two was always double the fun. Ramón stood beside her, dancing while Carlos struggled to keep up. Kelly could see that Ramón truly was the more talented one here, but she had to show equal attention to them both. Carlos eventually shifted behind her, leaving Kelly face to face with Ramón. She jumped for a bit, allowing her massive breasts to jiggle around in his face. While Carlos was behind her, he ran his hands up her hips. Kelly responded by roughly pushing her hands over Ramón to pull him closer towards her. For a few minutes, she was stacked in the middle of the two men.

“Ohhhh, this is the party alright!”

Her thick English accent caught their ears over the music. Kelly began to grind her ass over Carlos while throwing her neck up and giving Ramón a better view of her beautiful face and massive cleavage contained in the dress. The song was coming to a stop and she knew that they had to move soon. All this touching on the dance floor would get Kelly thrown out of a club back home in England. She waited for the song to stop and then moved, holding her hands out for both of them.

“This is a lots of fun, boys! But we better take this elsewhere!”

Carlos grabbed a hold of her left hand while Ramón took her right arm. With both of the men at her side, she walked off the dance floor with them. Kelly was quite enjoying the fact that it was two men, brothers nonetheless who were obsessing over her. They walked away from the dance floor and over to the bar. There, Carlos let go of her hand to move towards the bar and turn around looking back at her.

“How about I buy you a drink, babe?”

“Oh thanks, love! That would be great! I would like some Scotch, just straight up…”

Tapping the bar, Carlos whistled to the bartender.

“You heard the beautiful lady, she wants some Scotch!”

Kelly laughed at Carlos making demands to the bartender. Turning her head, she looked at Ramón who had moved to hold her hand. Her eyes wandered down to his hand and then back to his own eyes. He spoke up.

“You know, I am a manager of this place…If you’d like to go back to the V.I.P. room and get a real private party going on with us.”

Biting her lower lip to give him a hint, Kelly nodded her head before replying.

“I would love that…Total privacy?”

Ramón nodded. At the same time, the drink had been made and sitting on the bar for her. Carlos whistled to get her attention. She turned and smiled at him.

“Thanks for the drink, love.”

Grabbing hold of the glass, Kelly looked over at Carlos before she began to drink it down. All in one go, she finished off the small glass. The ice rattled around as she sat it back down on the counter and then she glanced back over at Ramón, giving him a nod.

“Show me to the V.I.P. room, please.”

Carlos smiled big, why did this seem so easy to him? They had just met this woman maybe 30 minutes ago. After some dancing and a drink, now she wanted to go back to have a real private party? It almost seemed funny. Neither of the men had any idea that Kelly had come out here to Miami with partying in mind. She had come here specifically to live up that fun lifestyle. Ramón offered her a hand and then they began to walk away from the bar. Carlos followed, all of them going up the long staircase and shuffling past some people. They approached the white door with the golden knob on it and then the security guard gave them the nod. All three of them stepped in, now the loud clacking of Kelly’s heels could be heard.

Leading down the hallway, Ramón made the turn to go down the one lonely hall. It was the place where the private lounge room was that rarely was ever used. The only thing it needed was a door for a privacy. Kelly led the way, stomping her heels up and down the hall and then stopped when she walked into the white room. She observed the couch sitting in the middle and a coffee table. The large wide screen television set remained turned off. She looked back at both of them and then placed her hands on her hips before speaking.

“Well, let’s get some drinks and start a real dirty party, gentleman…”

“Fine by me!”


Ramón spoke after his brother, turning to look back out the hall. He figured it would be him to go get the drinks and get this private party started. Kelly ran her hand through her hair, teasing them with her beauty. As Ramón stepped out of the hall, loud stomping could be heard before a voice screamed out.

“HELP!!!! Ramón!! Carlos!! Come, quick!!!”

The voice was none other than Maria; the young assistant who had been spending quite a lot of time at Disco Fever working in the offices. Ramón quickly ran to the hall where he seen Maria running towards him. Carlos came from behind, the young blonde assistant spoke.

“There’s some drunk idiot chasing me!”

“How did he get in the V.I.P. area?”

“Who the fuck cares!? Oh shit, there he is! Get him!”

From across the hall came a man in a black suit running towards them. The old detail besides the black close that they could make out was a bald head. Ramón stood in front of Maria to block the path. As the man came closer, he lunged forward as if he was trying to tackle them. Ramón raised his leg and kicked the man right in the face as hard as he could. The man fell face down to the floor grunting while a few bodyguards came rushing from behind. Suddenly, he yelled out.

“Damn you, bitch!!! I’m gonna get you!!”

“Shut the fuck up, pendejo!”

Ramón yelled back at the man. Blood began to pour out of the drunken bastard’s mouth and over the floor. The security guards grabbed the man from behind and pulled him up while holding both of his hands. As the man looked forward at Maria and the two brothers, Ramón spoke up again.

“Don’t you say a goddamn thing to this woman! You get your sorry ass out of this club! If we catch you in here again, you’re gonna be leaving with broken bones! Now, go get this worthless trash out of here!”

From the distance, Kelly had come out from the private lounge area and watched. Maria looked back over at Ramón and gave a sigh of relief. The man had been hitting on her downstairs after having a few drinks and chased her up the stairs. Luckily, she could always depend on Ramón or Carlos for help when they were on security duty.

“Thank you for taking care of this, Ramón! I greatly appreciate it!”

“Hey no problem, just glad you knew I was upstairs.”

Maria’s eyes glanced over and seen Kelly standing to the side. Immediately the young lady frowned when she seen Carlos. The thoughts ran through her mind that both of them were about to get naked with this woman upstairs. She was thankful that Ramón and Carlos weren’t running out naked to stop the drunk man. Looking over at Carlos, Maria addressed him.

“I’m sure your uncle Tony would not be too happy knowing about this…let’s keep this quiet without him knowing.”

She winked at Carlos, giving him the sign that they had a secret. Carlos knew the truth in her words, as much as he was scolded by the old man for slacking on the job. Kelly just watched as Maria walked off and then Ramón turned and let out a sigh. It was somewhat embarrassing that a little party was ruined for security reasons.

“Sorry about this, Kelly baby.”

“Oh, it’s OK! I understand, you have a job to do…Maybe we can party tomorrow at my place, no disturbances.”

“I think we would like that.”

Ramón spoke for his brother as well in agreement. Carlos just nodded. With a small seductive little laugh, Kelly spoke back up.

“Get me a pen and some paper and I’ll write you down my hotel…I’ve got some wine and whiskey there that I bought yesterday.”

Looking over at his brother, Ramón nodded to Carlos with a silent gesture to make him do it. Carlos shoved his hand into his pocket to dig out the little notepad and then grab a pen. He often kept the notepad on him as he never knew when he had to run errands around the club. Handing it to Kelly, she took the notepad and pen. She began to quickly jot down her apartment out in South Beach. Once she was done, she stripped the paper from the notepad and then smiled over at Ramón. Teasing both of the men as she handed it to the older brother.

“You two can come over tomorrow, during the afternoon. I should have the wine and whiskey ready. Don’t come before 2 PM!”

After handing off the note, she stomped her heels and began to walk back towards the white door to make an exit from the V.I.P. hallways. Carlos stood watching her while Ramón eyed the note and began to realize something. She put her initials as ‘K.B.’ and drew a little heart. Suddenly, it all made sense; the thick English accent, her amazing curves and the name Kelly. This was Kelly Brook! He smiled as he recognized the fact now. Carlos turned to look at his brother before speaking.

“I think we’re gonna get lucky tomorrow.”

“Sí de verdad…She knows what she wants from us, and she is gonna get it. Look, meet me tomorrow and we’ll swing by her place.”

“What did she write down for you?”

Carlos spoke, as Ramón held the note in his hands before answering his brother.

“It’s a luxury hotel in Miami Beach..Nothing that a woman of her caliber wouldn’t be able to afford.”



Something remained on Ramón’s mind all through the night. Still, as he drove the DeLorean car with his brother sitting next to him out to South Beach, he just couldn’t stop thinking about one thing. What was Kelly Brook doing in Miami? While it seemed true what she said, he figured that she must have been a wild girl with a private personal life. Ramón was tempted to call up Steven and ask if he had any connections or stories about Kelly but what was it worth? This was the result of trying to get lucky with Carlos, he didn’t want to spoil it. Even though he knew who Kelly was, he didn’t bother telling Carlos anyway. It was better off if he just believed she was some party girl and not a big name celebrity, for Carlos would never shut up bragging about it.

Slowly, he pulled the DeLorean into the back parking lot of the hotel. Kelly had a place just off Ocean Drive, among the many luxury hotels with Art Deco designs. Once the doors swung open, both Ramón and Carlos stepped out to feel the blazing sun beaming down from the sky. It was just 1:43 on the clock, a hot afternoon was nothing out of the ordinary in Miami. Both of them dressed down in casual wear due to the head; Carlos with a pair of shorts and a button up white shirt, Ramón in khaki pants and a neon yellow T-shirt. Together, they walked into the hotel and headed for the elevator. Kelly’s room was on the 4th floor.

Up in her room, Kelly had prepared for this day ahead of time. Wearing a blue robe with her body underneath, she already set the two bottles of champagne over the coffee table in her apartment. She had taken a long hot bath hours earlier and burned a pair of strawberry candles in the apartment to give off a fresh scent in the air. The British beauty had come down to Miami to have some fun with a couple of men, she knew that dream would be coming true soon. Slipping on a pair of red high heels to match her lingerie underneath the robe, she sat back on the couch. Her eyes looked over the large champagne bottles as she awaited that knock on the door. All it took was a few minutes and then she heard the noise, smiling as she got up to answer it. When she swung the door open to a greeting of both Ramón and Carlos, Kelly smiled.

“Greetings gentleman, come on in.”

Stepping aside, Kelly allowed the entrance of both of them. Carlos’ eyes already wandered over her blue robe. Once they had walked in, she shut the door behind them. She watched both of them look over the apartment before she stomped her heels on the floor and moved over to the couch. Ramón could see the big champagne bottles there waiting for them. Kelly sat back down on the couch and looked over both of them before speaking again.

“Hope you both like champagne, boys. Are we gonna party today or what?”

“Damn straight we are, babe.”

It was Carlos’ voice echoing to her ears. Kelly smiled and then stood up. It was better now that she revealed herself, this party was not just for drinks. Once on her feet, she pulled the robe apart and let it drop to the floor. There, she stood revealing herself in a red set of lingerie. A nice thong and a push up bra. Both of the men gazed at the perfection that was of her beauty. All her nice curves in place and that beautiful, amazing cleavage.

“Holy shit, you look amazing!”

“God yes, you have fine beauty Kelly.”

Once more, Carlos spoke before Ramón. Kelly just grinned and then smiled back at them before speaking up.

“I figure the two of you, won’t mind getting a little cheeky. Go ahead and take off your clothes, both of you.”

“As you wish, Kelly.”

Her eyes watched over both of them as they began to strip down. Kelly simply returned to her seat on the couch. Ramón and Carlos both stripped in their clothes to make a pool of their clothes on the floor. Ramón was the faster one to get naked, just before his brother. Kelly looked forward to see both of the naked men, fresh as hunks. They approached her with their naked bodies when she ran her hands out to grab both of their dicks. Holding them in her hands, she brought them forward. Ramón was to her left while Carlos was on the right. She could hear one take a deep breath as she began to stroke their cocks in her hands.

“You’ve got quite a grip, don’t you baby?”

Ramón smirked down at her. Kelly laughed, still stroking their cocks in her hands. This is what she wanted last night, but was cut short when they had work to tend to. She took a deep breath and gave him a slutty look on her face. She turned to Carlos and gave him the same look. Finally, she got up from the couch and dropped down to her knees. Still stroking both of their cocks, she looked over to her right and eyed Carlos. His was the first that she wanted between her lips. Opening her mouth, Kelly brought Carlos dick between her lips and began to suck on it while moving her hand up and down on Ramón’s dick simultaneously.

“Ohhhhh yes, don’t fucking stop! Suck me, baby!”

Carlos had gotten a little too excited from her mouth sucking down his meat stick. Though he had gotten laid a few times since exiting prison, this was something better. No woman was as beautiful as Kelly thus far in his freedom. Coming off from Carlos’ dick, her mouth made a loud pop noise. Kelly brought her attention over to Ramón’s cock and spit on it. Wrapping her hand back around Carlos’ shaft, she took Ramón’s pole into her mouth and began to suck on it. Together, she stroked Carlos’ dick while sucking on Ramón’s meat. Just like before, demonstrating her skills to handle both of them. Carlos spoke up, bragging.

“This babe knows how to suck, huh bro?”

Ignoring his brother’s words, Ramón took a deep breath as Kelly slobbered and sucked all over his cock. Like before, she came up again with a loud pop noise. Turning back over to her right side with Carlos’ dick in her hand, she spit on it. Ramón’s eyes were glued on the massive cleavage he was looking down upon with her breasts in that little bra. While she was only getting started sucking on their dicks, he had something better in mind.

“Take that bra off baby, I want to feel those tits around my cock!”

“Already!? Hot damn, you must be a man who loves big boobs!”

Kelly laughed at him while taking her hands off their cocks and moving to unstrap her bra. Ramón wanted her tits so bad, after he found out that it was Kelly Brook after all. Kelly dropped her bra to the ground and then turned to her left side. She glanced over at Carlos and gave him a wink.

“Come on, I can suck you while he fucks my tits.”

Turning her body forward, Kelly pushed her massive breasts apart for Ramón. He put his hands on her shoulders just as he pushed his cock between those amazing tits. Kelly closed her breasts around his cock with her hands and then leaned her head back. Carlos had moved so his cock was right in her face. Ramón began to thrust his hips, pumping his dick between her breasts while Kelly used her tongue and licked the underside of Carlos’ meat. Within seconds, Ramón was pumping between the prison of her tit-flesh at a fast pace. Carlos used his hands to grip her hair and push her head upside down and shove his cock back between her lips. He moaned while she gagged on his meat while Ramón bragged.

“These breasts feel fucking amazing, wow!”

Kelly couldn’t respond, not with Carlos’ shaft in her mouth. While Ramón was pumping between her breasts, Carlos began to slowly thrust his cock forward down her throat. Together, both of the men took advantage of using her beautiful body. Kelly was showing off her skills and the fact that the English beauty knew how to fuck two guys at the same time. Carlos’ balls slapped over her nose due to the position of her head bent upside down while his pole moved back and forth into her mouth. Ramón grunted, moaning as he began to fuck her tits faster. Kelly began to gag on Carlos’ cock. This alerted him to pull his dick from her mouth with long strings of saliva flowing back from her mouth to cock. Carlos spoke up.

“Spit on that dick, bitch!”

Flicking her tongue back, she obeyed his request by spitting all over his meat. Ramón came to a stop between her breasts, figuring that his brother wanting to switch position. It was only fair if they both fucked her equally. Kelly let go of her breasts and looked up at Ramón who spoke to her.

“I want your mouth, let him fuck your tits next.”

The buxom English model laughed before replying.

“You both are gonna be fucking me, back and forth!”

Slowly, she moved herself back to her right side and looked up at Carlos while holding her breasts apart for him.

“Go ahead stud, get your cock between my big boobs. You can fuck ’em now!”

Carlos guided his dick towards her breasts with his hand while Kelly moved her head to look at Ramón’s fat dick. Once she had Carlos’ pole between her breasts, she closed them and then opened her mouth to take Ramón’s cock between her jaws. A muffled moan could be heard as she pressed her tongue over his meat. Carlos put his hand on her left shoulder and began to pump between her breasts, all while Ramón moved both his hands over her face and began to thrust his hips. While Carlos was fucking her tits, Ramón was fucking her mouth. Kelly gagged and coughed on the cock in her mouth before making a string of slobbering noises.


“Suck it baby, yeah!”

“God fucking damn! Her tits are like, the best thing ever!”

If it weren’t due to the immense pleasure that he was receiving, Ramón probably would have laughed at his brother’s words. Strings of spit leaked out of the corners to Kelly’s mouth before Ramón finally let go of her head and allowed her mouth to come up and pop off his dick. She looked down at Carlos’ cock and then spit down on it while moaning.

“Ohhhhhhh, you boys are a lot of fun! I want you both to fuck me!”

Carlos came to a halt between her tits making one final thrust. Kelly leaned down and kissed the head of his dick sitting between her breasts. She then let go of her breasts, freeing Carlos’ cock from the prison of her boob’s flesh. Still on her knees, she pointed over at the champagne bottles sitting on the coffee table. Kelly had an idea, something she originally had thought of last night back at the club.

“I want both of you to take one of the bottles there…and fucking spray me with it! Pour that champagne all over me, and then fuck me! I want to be slippery and wet while feeling both of your cocks in me!”

Softly laughing, Carlos spoke up.

“You’re one kinky bitch, you know that right?”

Kelly smiled big and nodded to him.

“Yeah, I do know that! Now come on, spray it all over me.”

Both of the men turned to each other and Ramón raised his eyebrow to his brother. They turned around and put their hands on the champagne bottles. Kelly went on and got up from her knees and sat on the couch. She didn’t care about making a mess all over this hotel room. If they sent her a bill after she left town, it would easily be paid. Once both Carlos and Ramón had grabbed the champagne bottles and held them up, Kelly sat on the couch and pushed her thong down to her knees and past her ankles. She kicked it off to reveal her body sitting there naked. Ramón grinned at her as he shook up the bottle and spoke.

“You ready for the splash?”

“Yeah, I’m ready! But I want both of you to spray me at the same time! Just don’t get it on my face, please!”

“You’re gonna get it all over your body, kinky woman!”

Carlos spoke to her as he looked back over to his brother. Once they both had shaken up their bottles and took an aim, it was time. Ramón was the first to snap off the cork from the bottle and spray it all over Kelly’s body. He aimed at her stomach, then Carlos followed behind her popping off the cork and spraying her breasts. The buxom brunette closed her eyes to the warm feeling of the champagne flowing over her body. The alcoholic liquid bubbled up, creating streams of white bubbly water over her gorgeous body. This was only a hint of how things were going to end when she drained both their cocks over her skin much like these bottles.

“Yeah!!! Look at me now! Mmmmmmm, all this champagne on my body. Who wants to suck it off my chest?”

“I do!”

Giving her a smile, Carlos replied. Kelly smirked as she moved from the couch middle of the couch over to the right, wet from the alcoholic substance that dripped from her body. Both men sat the bottles back down on the coffee table from behind them.

“Sit down right there, love! I’m gonna get on top of you and get your big dick in my pussy. And as for you-”

She glanced over at Ramón giving him a wink.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

“You won’t hear me complain about that!”

Kelly didn’t bother with Ramón. She patiently had waited for Carlos to sit down on the couch and then she climbed over him, straddling his body as her knees sank down into the couch. The champagne over her body glistened and shined. Carlos ran his hands up her slipper skin before leaning down and sucking on her left breast. He slobbered over her as he sucked up the champagne. Kelly moaned while using her hand to guide his cock to her waiting pussy. She gasped for her breath as she felt Carlos’ meat slide up in her. Sinking herself down on him as she used her hands to push into the cushion of the couch. Looking over her shoulder, she witnessed Ramón step forth and use both of his hands to pull apart her thick ass cheeks. Within seconds, Kelly closed her eyes to the feeling of both men’s cocks in her holes. Ramón slowly pushed his rod into her dark hole before gasping his breath. The buxom English model yelled out.

“Ohhhh yes, that’s it! We’re all set, fuck me! Together!”

Grunting and moaning, both of them began to thrust their cocks into her. Carlos had moved his hands up to grab her wet, slippery tits while he pumped his shaft into her pussy. From behind, Ramón had it easier. He simply put his hands down on her lower back and began to thrust his cock in and out of her ass. Kelly moaned, closing her eyes to embrace this feeling. She loved to let her wild side come out and it had been so long since she had two to deliver a proper double penetration to her lovely body. Carlos gasped for breath before screaming out.

“Oh fuck, this is so awesome!”


Her voice raised into a high pitch just as both men began to pound their dicks into her holes harder and faster. Each time Ramón thrust into her ass, Carlos would pump back into that pussy. They worked almost in a perfect sync together. Kelly grit her teeth, closing her eyes as she screamed out even louder.


Whatever words that Carlos wanted to say, it didn’t matter. She simply could drown their voices out. Over and over they pounded into her harder and faster. Kelly wanted them to make her cum before she would allow them to alternate for a second double fucking. Ramón took both of his hands back to swat at her ass, slapping it hard each time he thrust into her. The loud slap sounds be heard through out the room, all while Carlos grunted and bucked his hips from under her, as hard as he could. Her huge breasts began to bounce and tremble into Carlos’ face. The sticky champagne wiping all over his face while she screamed out more.


“She’s fucking demanding it, eh!?”

Ramón couldn’t help but chuckle a laugh while he pounded his dick into her thick ass. He brought his hand back and slapped her ass one last time, leaving his hand print over her right cheek. Kelly’s nails dug into the couch, poking holes into it as she clenched and began to cry out.


This was it, she couldn’t take it anymore. Her legs began to shake as her body erupted into a beautiful orgasm. Carlos breathed in heavily as he felt her juices flooding his cock from within her tight pussy. Just like that, Carlos knew he wanted to shoot his load deep within her. He began to buck his hips harder, faster as he fucked her. He screamed out to his brother.

“Fuck!!! She’s already cum! Let’s fill her up!”

Moaning, Kelly immediately called out a response to him.

“Yes, I want both of you to shoot your hot load inside me! Cum in my pussy and my ass! Now!!”

“Oh sí, I’m almost ready baby!”

Ramón thought he had some ways to go before he could cum, but he already felt it coming as he slammed into her ass one last time. Carlos closed his eyes and cried out to the beautiful busty goddess.


“Ohhhh, me too! Here it is!”

Kelly laughed. First Carlos and now Ramón both. She took a deep breath before she felt their hot loads exploding within her. Both men moaned out loudly as they felt the pleasure from within. After releasing his cum into her ass, Ramón stepped back and pulled his cock from her dark hole. He watched as the cum began to leak out and run down her leg. Stepping back from her, he slapped her ass one last time to get her attention to compliment her.

“That ass, baby…It’s fucking incredible.”

Looking over her shoulder, Kelly busted out laughing at him.

“Mmmmmm, yeah! I do love to have a good pounding back there!”

Carlos took a deep breath before looking up at her. She leaned down and pressed a kiss over his lips. It was funny that all this time she had not kissed either of them on the lips. For Kelly, she wanted to be fucked first. More than anything, this was how she planned to spend a weekend out Miami. She kissed Carlos passionately before leaning up. Now, she began to lift herself up and free his cock from her tight pussy. After she stood up, she turned to Ramón and wrapped her arm around his neck. He leaned in, rubbing his body up against her sticky, champagne covered torso and then the two began to kiss. Like before, she kissed him passionately while moaning into his mouth. After breaking the kiss, Kelly clapped her hands.

“Alright, time to switch places I think!”

“You know babe, I got a better idea…Carlos, get up for me.”

Ramón ordered his brother to stand up now. If they were going to switch holes, it would be better to do it standing up. Ramón wanted to look at her huge British tits and feel them pressed up against him while he was in her pussy. After thinking about it, Kelly got the hint of what they were gonna do and then she stood and faced Ramón. Experience paid off for her dirty mind.

“Carlos, you take her from behind…I’m up front. Kelly, we gotta lift you up baby.”

“That’s fine, love!”

Looking back into Ramón’s eyes, she winked at him. Kelly placed her hands up on his shoulders while both of their hands wrapped over her hips and sides to begin lifting her up. After her feet were removed from the ground, Kelly wrapped her legs around Ramón’s waist. Poking the edge of her high heels into his ass cheeks, while both men held onto her and began guide their cocks into her holes. Kelly moaned just as she felt Carlos’ cock entering her ass. Ramón was a little slower, using his hand to guide his dick into her pussy. Once they both got in, she moaned and screamed out for them.

“OHHHHHHHH, YEAH!!!! I’m ready, go ahead! Fuck me again! HARD!!!”

In this position, Kelly found herself smashed between the two Latin hunks again. She closed her eyes as she began to feel their cocks pumping into her. Ramón thrust forward while his eyes looked down at her breasts. Her whole front body was shiny from the sticky champagne that they had sprayed all over her from earlier. Carlos moved both of his hands down to her hips while he began to thrust his cock forward and back into her dark hole. Kelly threw her head back and moaned while yelling out to them yet again.

“Oh my god, YES!!!! This is what I wanted, yes! Oh my god, FUCK ME!!!!”

Carlos couldn’t believe how tight her ass was. He bucked his hips forward to pump his cock, all while his brother Ramón was pounding that pussy up front. The two men took turns with their thrusts inside her tight holes. Kelly scraped her nails into Ramón’s flesh. His shoulders had small cuts but he couldn’t yell out in pain, for the pleasure he was receiving from her pussy was greater than the sharp pain from her nails. Her big wet breasts pushed up against his bare chest and the man moaned out.

“God, Kelly! You’re so fucking beautiful!!”

“Oh yeah!? Fuck me, Ramón! And fuck me too, Carlos! FUCK MY ASS!!!”

It was only fair if she spoke to both of them, Kelly felt. Over and over, they slammed their cocks into her together. Carlos pounded his dick faster and harder into her pussy after she screamed it out to him to fuck her ass. Like the first time she had them both fucking her, Kelly wanted them to eventually make her cum again. It was no excuse, to have two men take her on and not have multiple orgasms. She screamed out, once more.

“Make me cum, Ramón! Again! I want to cum again!”

“Holy shit! This bitch don’t want to stop fucking us, does she!?

Hearing Carlos’ words, Kelly turned over her shoulder and addressed him.

“Nope! Not until all three of us are worn out!”

Ramón pumped his cock into her as fast as he could, while Carlos had to meet with his thrusts. Between the two men pumping into her, Kelly felt her body rock and move back and forth. It was amazing to have herself lodged between both of them like this. Moving her hands from Ramón’s shoulders, she pressed into his chest before throwing her head back. Her breasts bounced, along with her beautiful brown hair. Just as she wanted, she was about to cum again. Kelly squealed, her voice crying out almost in a hoarse tone.

“OHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH!!! Make me cum!!! I’m so close!!!!”

Gritting his teeth, Ramón made one final push into her pussy. Kelly closed her eyes and then screamed out, right on time with the feeling of Carlos pumping into her ass. Her legs shook and her body began to tremble. Just as Kelly began to scream out, Ramón moaned with her. He felt her pussy juices explode around his cock.

“Oh, fuck!”


The two of them had stopped pumping their dicks into her. Carlos knew that if he continued to fuck her ass, he would end up filling her up with his load again. He wanted to fuck her tits once more, before he had his final orgasm. Ramón just moaned at the feeling of her juices flooding over his cock. Carlos yelled out.

“Alright! We made you cum twice! I think it’s time now that you made us cum!”

Glancing to his brother, Ramón nodded before Kelly even had a chance to address them.

“Indeed, let’s set her down.”

“Ohhhhh yeah! I will make you both cum all over me! Let me get back down on my knees!”

Sighing, Carlos began to step back before both of them were lowering her back down while their cocks left her holes. Kelly moved her legs out from Ramón’s waist and sat her heels loudly on the floor. Like before, she went back down on her knees. Only this time, she had Carlos to her right and Ramón to the left. She reached her hands up to grab their dicks and begin stroking them. Kelly glanced her eyes up at Ramón and dropped her lip, giving a hint slutty look on her face. Next, she repeated the action towards Carlos. This time, she was planning on sucking both of their dicks and not being interrupted like before. Leaning to her left side, she took Ramón’s meat into her mouth and began to slowly bob her head up and down on it while her right hand jerked Carlos’ cock. ‘Mmmmmm’ she moaned into Ramón’s shaft before coming up with a loud pop noise. Turning her attention to Carlos, she spoke.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry! I’m gonna let both of you fuck my boobs again, but first, I want to suck these big fucking dicks!”

“There is absolutely nothing stopping you from that, babe!”

Kelly’s eyes looked up at Carlos as he spoke to her. She had a plan for the next titty fucking she was going to do. It was a good thing they didn’t completely empty out the champagne bottles over her torso, they would come in handy soon enough. Taking Carlos’ meat back into her mouth, she used her left hand to stroke Ramón’s cock at the same time she worked her mouth. Over and over, Kelly quickly bobbed her head up and down on Carlos’ fat dick. After a while, she came up again with another pop noise. Turning her attention back to Ramón’s cock, she spit on it and then plunged her lips back down over it. Her right hand stroked Carlos’ meat faster while she bobbed her head up and down like before on Ramón’s dick.

Over and over, the buxom British goddess worked between alternating their cocks in her mouth. After sucking a bit on Ramón’s meat, she would alternate back to Carlos’. Making sure that she got them nice and wet from her warm mouth. Kelly wanted both of the men to explode for her and load her down, just like the champagne from earlier. It was all a hint, hopefully they didn’t need much encouraging. After coming up from Ramón’s cock one last time, she stood there stroking both of them in her hands before calling out.

“Guys, I need you to do something for me!”

“What, Kelly?”

She smirked to Ramón after hearing his voice.

“Get the champagne bottles and dump the rest of it all over my boobs! You wanna fuck my tits again, yes? Get them nice and slippery. I want them soaking wet!”

“Holy fucking shit, you are one kinky bitch!”

Hearing Carlos compliment her, she laughed and looked back at him.

“I heard you the first time that you said that about me! And yes, I am! Don’t lie, you are enjoying this!”

Her thick English accent sounded so sexy to his ears. Both of them didn’t bother arguing with her. Carlos grabbed the bottle from the coffee table before Ramón put his hands around the opposite bottle. Kelly straightened herself up on her knees and moved to put her hair behind her shoulders. It was a wonder the champagne had not gotten into her hair from earlier, but she was going to take advantage of this. Looking around the room, she remembered that she had a pony tail over by a lamp near the couch.

“Oh, yeah! Another thing! Can one of you get me that little pony tail over there, please?”

She pointed to the lamp stand close by. Carlos nodded.

“Sure, babe..but only cause you said please.”

Kelly waited for a bit, letting him walk over and grab the little black ponytail band. Carlos handed it to her and then she curled up her long brown hair into one big pony tail and used the round band to tie it up behind her shoulders. She could concentrate better on titty fucking when her hair was pinned back.

“Since you got it for me, you get to go first.”

Winking at Carlos, she turned to look at Ramón and addressed him.

“I hope you don’t mind waiting.”

He shook his head.

“No, not at all!”

Still holding the champagne bottle, Carlos looked down and watched Kelly grab her massive breasts and hold them up. She looked up at him and nodded.

“Go ahead, empty that bottle on my tits!”

Carlos tilted the bottle, watching the rest of the liquid pour out over her breasts. The alcoholic substance bubbled up before running off the edges of her skin. Kelly pulled her breasts apart so a river of the champagne could flow right where his cock was going to be in a few seconds. More of the champagne flowed down like a river, making a mess into the carpet on the floor under her. After the bottle was empty, he sat it down on the coffee table behind him and then Kelly pulled her dripping wet breasts apart. Carlos pushed his long cock between them and then she closed her tits together and began to rock them back and forth. He put his hand down on her shoulder to begin pumping between her tits.

“Yeah! That’s it! Fuck those big tits!!!”

Due to the champagne all over her breasts, her skin was slick and wet. Carlos’ cock glided easily and fast between her breasts. He moved his other hand to lock onto her shoulder and began to buck his hips hard. His cock made slippery sounds from between the flesh of her breasts. She laughed looking up in his face. It was amazing how fast his cock was moving between her wet tits. Over and over, his cock pumped between her massive breasts. Carlos grunted and screamed out.

“Fuck, woman! You got the best tits I have ever had!”

Laughing at him, Kelly replied while pressing her breasts together harder.

“Oh yeah!? Nothing beats nice big titties, huh? Fuck ’em!!”

Harder, Carlos thrust his cock between her tits. He couldn’t believe how easily his dick was pumping between her tits due to all the champagne that made her skin so slippery. Grunting, he did not want this pleasure to end but he knew that if he continued, he would end up cumming. Already, he was so close to blowing his load. He began to slow down before coming to a stop. Panting in his breath, he spoke to her.

“God…These tits are amazing, but I’m about to blow!”

From those words, Kelly turned her head to look over her left side. It was now Ramón’s turn and he patiently had waited holding the other champagne bottle in his hands. Kelly had let go of her breasts to allow Carlos’ dick the freedom from her grasp. Turning over to Ramón, she held her huge boobs up for him and let him empty the champagne bottle over them. He turned the bottle upside down hard, simply allowing all the liquid to quickly run out from the bottle and splash over her breasts. She pulled her tits apart, making sure to get a stream of the champagne running from the middle and down her chest. At this point, Kelly’s body was completely soaked and sticky from the alcoholic drink. This was two entire bottles dumped over her torso and she loved the feeling. Ramón dropped the bottle down on the floor gently, not giving a fuck at all about it leaking over the floor. Finally, Kelly pulled her slippery tits apart and wrapped them around his meaty dick. Taking a deep breath as she looked up into his eyes.

“Come on, fuck my tits!!!”

Ramón brought both of his hands down on her shoulders and began to pound his hips forward. Much like Carlos, only slightly more aggressive. Kelly held her breasts together as tightly as she could as Ramón’s rod began to pound easily, pumping up and down between her huge boobs. She breathed in, moaning. It was unbelievable how easily these men could pump their cocks between her tits. All due to the sticky wetness from the champagne. Ramón grunted and began to pump faster between her breasts.


Kelly dropped her lower lip and gasped just as her voice had raised to screaming at him. She could see the feeling all over his face, the man was in heaven. She loved to have her tits fucked, they were big and built just for it. Over and over, Ramón pounded between those lovely breasts.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah!!! You having the time of your life between these big boobs, huh!?”

“Fucking yes!!! These tits are amazing!”

“Yeah!!! Fuck ’em! Fuck my tits with your big cock!!”

The slickness over her skin caused his cock to glide so easily between her breasts, just like when his brother was between those tits before him. Ramón had slowed down, knowing that his time to blow was coming so soon. With a few final thrusts between her amazing breasts, he finally stopped and took a deep breath.

“Kelly baby, I’m ready to cum.”

Looking up at him, she nodded.

“Alright, love! Are you both ready to cum all over my face!? My face is the only thing that isn’t sticky right now!”

Fuck…I am gonna load you down, kinky bitch. You deserve some cum!”

She glanced over at Carlos upon hearing his words. She gave him a wink.

“Yeah, that’s what I want! I want your cum all over my face!”

Letting go of her breasts to allow Ramón to slip his dick out from her, Kelly stood there on her knees and got in position. Both men took their champagne-coated rods into their hands and went to stroking them while aiming at her face. This was the true reason she wanted her hair wrapped up in a ponytail. It gave them a better striking point with her face. Looking up at them, she giggled in her thick English accent while watching them stroke their cocks.

“Are you both gonna load me down in that hot spunk?”

“Oh yeah babe, you know it!”

She glanced up at Ramón after he spoke.

“Yeah, give it to me! Give me that cum! CUM ALL OVER ME, YES!!! I WANT IT!”

“Here’s what you’re gonna get, kinky bitch!”

Her eyes looked up at Carlos to answer him.

“Yes, I want it!”


“Yes, yes!! Hot! OHHHH!!!”

It was Carlos who had spoken first but it didn’t matter as both of them had cum at the same time. Kelly kept her eyes open and felt a long string of cum shoot up the left side of her forehead right at the same time another line went over her forehead’s right side and streaking into her hair. She dropped her lip and gasped.

“Oh my god!”

Carlos’ dick shot a thick wad over her left cheek, dripping down from her nose. At the same time, Ramón’s cock shot another line up her forehead that painted over a previous line to create an ‘X’. Kelly blinked her eyes just as she felt a thick wad shoot into her left eyebrow, it dripped down and she spoke again.

“Yes!!! Cum all over me, oh my god!”

Finally, she was forced to close her eyes just before another string of cum shot over her face and went into her left eye lid. More cum shot up her forehead in streaking lines creating a messy pattern in their sticky semen. As their cocks were draining from the stroke of their hands, eventually the spurts of cum became less and less. Ramón aimed his down to finish off the final drops over her huge tits. Carlos put his hand on the back of her head to push her forward and move his cock towards her mouth. He wanted to feel her suck his cum out.

“Drain me of my final drops, baby.”

Kelly moaned over his shaft before pushing her lips together and sucking on it. She milked him of the final drops before releasing him from her mouth and then swallowing it. Slowly, she blinked her eyes before opening them and looking up at both of them. Her face was a complete mess in their cum, even with a bit of it in her hair. She laughed at them in her thick English accent before speaking again.

“Thanks guys, I haven’t been fucked like this in almost a whole year.”



The palm trees remained still in the darkening view outside the window. It was just an hour after 5 and the sunset was coming down, changing the sky into an array of colors. Ramón looked out the window to his apartment, starring into his reflection as he raised a glass to his lips and took a sip. Many wonderful thoughts had ran through his mind over the days. For one thing, he didn’t have to hear his brother complain about anything the past few days. Carlos seemed to be walking on cloud 9 after the day they spent with Kelly Brook. But still, Ramón couldn’t help but keep the secret of who she truly was. There was no need for Carlos to know the fact.

Who knew Kelly Brook was such a kinky woman in the bedroom? That was a question he kept asking himself over and over the past few nights before going to sleep. It may have just been another famous name that he had slept with, but she was something else of an animal. A party was coming up next week at Disco Fever, it was a shame that she wouldn’t be there. Kelly had told him that she was leaving Miami this week to head back to L.A. The party was truly the last thing on Ramón’s mind right now, but next week was going to be loaded with action. Maybe he would get lucky again, he thought to himself.


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