Big Booty Bitches Ch. 13

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 13

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Salma Hayek, Emily Ratajkowski

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

Nightfall had come just an hour ago as the busy night began to unravel. It was always madness of parties throughout town, but Disco Fever was having something of a special party on this Wednesday night. Everything had been set in motion and pre-planned one week in advance for a special, expesive social gathering. This was a night for the Diaz family and a couple close friends, the true party would be upstairs in the V.I.P. room. Tony was confident that this plan would pay off, as there was a big surprise he was containing for his brother.

The date with Salma Hayek had turned out to be something of a blossoming relationship, almost overnight. Tony could not keep his distance from Salma, who had almost moved in with him back at the yacht. Maybe it was something that could develop over time, or perhaps just friends with a lust for one another. He wasn’t sure yet, but he enjoyed the company she gave him and leisure time they had been spending together. She had taken part with the planning for this party. It was Salma who came up with the idea to surprise Steven with a little someone to meet. At least to her, she wasn’t sure if he had trusted her yet. Their meeting last week didn’t give her much of a reading on Steven. Hopefully with a beautiful date, Salma could shake him into a trusting bond.

Steven figured Tony’s actions recently was just to impress Salma. The blowing of money on a toy such as the Scarab speed boat seemed like nothing more than a move to try and build his image to that woman. Steven didn’t quite understand what the deal was yet with those two having a relationship, but maybe he would after tonight. It remained on his mind as he drove his Cadillac down the dark streets lit up by the street poles. Something about Salma was mysterious and strange to him, it didn’t make sense how she appeared out of nowhere in their lives. Steven felt there was more a catch somewhere with her, but it would take some time to figure it out. Still, he would have a hard time trusting her until he learned whatever secrets she could be holding.

He pulled the Cadillac into the back of the club, parking in the usual spot for him. The wind began to blow, rustling through the palm tress as the sound of thunder crackled through the sky. It was a fine night for a party, just nice enough to make one forget about the storm coming. Steven got out of his car and took the walk to the back door to enter the club. He wore his black suit for a change, only with a bright neon yellow undershirt behind the unbuttoned jacket. His thoughts changed completely by the time he stepped into the club. The loud dance music was a charming welcome, the night life was his true home. Up the stairs, he went. Walking towards the white V.I.P. door where he saw Maria waiting for him.

“Finally, there you are. Just, oh my god…Señor Tony has been waiting for you the past hour, you know how impatient he gets.”

“Yeah, I know Maria. Thanks for looking out.”

“No problem, enjoy yourself in there.”

The young blonde winked at him. That gesture was only a slight hint of what was awaiting the man behind the door. Steven stepped in and then walked down the hall. He moved past the one small hall that led to the lounge area that didn’t have a door. He knew Tony all too well, if he had a private party planned, then it would be behind a closed door. Once he got past the office rooms, he saw the door to the other lounge area. A bodyguard outside simply nodded at Steven and then he opened the door walking in. Steven was greeted to the smiling face of his brother.

“Finally, you’ve made it!”

“Hey Tony, what was the special occasion you wanted me to come for?”

“Oh, you’ll see soon enough…”

Loud heels were heard clicking over the floor as a woman approached Steven to the left, calling out to him in her thick accent.

“You’ve made it just in time.”

He turned around and was greeted to the face of Salma Hayek. She had a smug grin over her face, the grin of a winner. Her long black hair was pinned back in a ponytail, while her dress revealed that signature amazing cleavage. A man could get so distracted looking at Salma’s rack, but Steven avoided the temptation and smiled back to her.

“Hello Salma, nice to see you again.”

“Likewise, Steven…I’m glad you came, I’ve got someone I want to introduce you to.”

Salma turned and looked behind her. She gave a nod and then from the distance, a young woman stepped forward. Steven looked on as he saw a pretty face with puffy lips and big brown eyes. The girl stepped forward in one of the most revealing dresses he had ever seen. It was a V cut design that moved over her breasts, revealing the middle of her chest and giving ample view of a big cleavage. The V cut ended all the way down her belly button. Steven could tell just from this revealing dress, she had a tight fit body. A magnificent beauty standing right before him. Salma spoke again.

“Steven, this is a friend of mine…meet Emily. Emily Ratajkowski.”

“Hello, hello…”

His eyes looked over the girl as he reached his hand up for her. Emily took his hand and watched as he lowered his head and kissed her hand. Steven was quite taken away by her beauty alone. What a surprise that Salma had planned for him. This was all part of her plan to hook Emily up with a nice date outside of Hollywood.

“You must be Steven Diaz.”

“That’s right, I am…I know you’re probably used to getting told this, but wow. You’re one very pretty girl.”

Emily smiled at him before responding.

“Yeah, but thanks! I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Oh have you?”

Salma watched them interacting with words, just as she decided to interrupt them speaking.

“I’ve told her all about you, as well as Tony.”

The older woman winked at Steven and then began to walk off and rejoin Tony at the bar. Drinks were waiting for them, specifically. Steven thought for a second that this surprise date was quite convenient. Why would Salma bring this cute girl to him? Was it to try and buy his trust or was there something else in the making here? Whatever it was, he didn’t want to think about it right now. He smiled back to Emily and began to walk over to the couch. He wanted to learn more about her, already he was taking guesses.

“So, you’ve got one killer body. I take it that you model or something?”

Emily giggled, sitting down on the couch next to him.

“Yes, I do! I model and I’ve been in some movies. That is how I met Salma just last year.”

“Oh yeah, you’re in movies? Anything I would recognize?”

“Maybe, have you watched Gone Girl?”

He nodded his head. Emily smiled big, this was something she enjoyed to bring up. So far, it was the biggest movie of her career.

“Remember where Ben Affleck had a young mistress in the movie?”

Instantly, Steven gasped before speaking.

“Holy shit, that was you!?”

She nodded with a big smile on her face. He leaned back on the couch, grinning as he thought to himself.

“Wow, you were amazing in that film. Had I been in Ben’s shoes for that film, I would have been trying to ride off into the sunset with you.”

Emily laughed as Steven spoke back up. He had a better idea, something that could be of a date to them. It would give them privacy away from Tony and Salma.

“You know, how about we go out and have some fun? You ever been in Miami before, Emily?”

She shook her head.

“I’ve been here before, but never really had the time to enjoy the place.”

“Well come on, we can go cruising. The city is beautiful around this time of night.”

Rising from the couch, Steven offered his hand to her. She looked up into his eyes before she took a hold of his hand. Together, they began to walk to the door. It was then, that Salma watched them from the corner of her eye. She stood at the bar next to Tony who just smiled at her and spoke.

“Steven likes a little more privacy with a date.”

“I see…You think he likes her, Tony?”

Tony looked at Salma and laughed before replying.

“He’s got that look in his eye, that much I can tell you.”

Salma looked back and smiled at her man, leaning over to kiss him on his lips. Emily had asked her a few weeks ago about setting up a date with an older man. She hoped this would give Steven someone to rely on, and maybe he would learn to trust her after this. Emily was a good girl, as far as Salma could tell. Salma had a good feeling about this meeting a week before and now, she felt even better seeing them together. Time would tell where it would go.



The bright lights sped by in a stream through the darkness, all the sights from the windows of the Cadillac. Steven had promised to take Emily out of the club and let her see the town. Sadly, the weather could possibly ruin their night as the forecast was thunderstorms. So far, no rain had come down over the car. Emily sat back in the passenger seat of the car, watching the lights go by. Steven was taking her to a special spot on the outskirts of the whole Downtown area. Somewhere that was always beautiful late at night where she could see the causeway bridge and the pretty lights. Driving along, he spoke up.

“So, how long have you known Salma? Seems like only yesterday she’s become a part of my brother’s life.”

Emily smiled, looking over at him before replying.

“About two years. I met her in Hollywood when I was getting my start with films. She helped me with a little project when no one else would.”

She glanced over at him before looking back out the window. Something about him, she knew that there was other things on his mind. Maybe that was why he got her away from the club. Steven spoke up.

“That’s nice of her, I was just curious.”

“Is there a real reason you seem so…suspicious of Salma?”

Steven laughed, pulling the car up near the docks. They had arrived early to their destination and now he was able to stop the car, parking it in a little space. It was funny to him that she was able to read him so easily. He smiled, turning to her.

“How did you know?”

“It’s painted all over your face. I’m guessing that you might be a little protective over your brother. If not that, I’d assume you were jealous of him getting to bang her.”

With the car stopped, he laughed at the young woman before smiling over at her. It was kinda cute to ask him if he was jealous, but that was not the case.

“Believe me, I’m not jealous of that at all. It’s just kinda odd how she came out of nowhere into his life, if you get what I’m saying.”

“I know what you mean. So, this is the place you wanted to show me?”

“Yes, come on let’s get out. The city is beautiful from here.”

Together, they opened the doors of the car and stepped out. Emily from the passenger’s side while Steven climbed out from the driver’s door. The wind struck across her face, blowing her brunette hair around. Emily stood, looking over sky with the big buildings across the water. The lights were beautiful this time of night, regardless that it appeared a thunderstorm was headed their way. Steven joined her off to the side by the car. They were parked right at a pier, where she could overlook the view of lights and the Venetian Causeway close by. Emily turned and smiled to him before speaking.

“This is pretty…So, this is your idea for a romantic get away, yes?”

Steven shook his head, just smiling to her before he responded.

“Somewhat, I guess. You seem like someone who has seen a lot of clubs, so I didn’t know if you wanted to be stuck back there.”

“Yeah, I go out a lot when I’m in L.A. or London.”

“If you don’t mind me asking Emily, how old are you?”

She turned and grinned at him, just before answering.

“I’m 25.”

“Wow, don’t you think I might be a little too old for you? I’m 40 years old as a man…You’re a couple years older than my son.”

Emily laughed at him while shaking her head. At the moment, she simply did not believe him.

“Oh my god, you’re kidding right? You’re only 40, so how could you have a son in their 20’s?”

“Well, it’s explainable babe…Let’s consider it this way; you’re a dumb teenager and knock up your high school sweetheart before graduation. So, what else are you gonna do after that? You drop out, take up some jobs to become a responsible adult. It was your mistake, you pay the price for it.”

She laughed at him while shaking her head.

“Wow, that’s…remarkable. I don’t know what to say. Both my parents were much older than that when they had me.”

“Yeah, that’s smarter than me. But, what else are you supposed to do? You fuck up like that in life, you have to work through it.”

“Yes, I see what you mean.”

Looking up into his eyes, Emily spoke again while she went to grab his hand.

“That is why I rather date an older man. You seem to know what you are doing in life.”

Steven looked at her rather surprised as she spoke.

“Are you sure about that?”

She smiled.

“Yes, I’m sure. That’s why Salma hooked us up tonight, I’ve been looking for a new date for some time.”

“Do you kiss on the first date?”

Shaking her head, Emily laughed.

“No! On the second, maybe!”

He laughed at her, nodding his head. The thunder crackled in the sky, giving the warning that the rain was coming real soon. A bolt of lightning was seen in their eyes flashing down over the water.

“Alright, I like that in a girl. We better get out of here since it looks like some bad weather is coming.”

“I like it, actually. Rain washes away the old and delivers change.”

“That’s an interesting way to look at, I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

Emily smirked, nodding her head.

“Yes, keep it in mind. If you want, you can go ahead and take me home. How about we hook up tomorrow, Steven? If you’re not busy, I’ll be back at my hotel.”

“Yeah, sure…”

Before he could finish responding to her, the dark skies had finally opened up and the rain began to pour down on them. Steven raced across the other end of the car to climb back into the driver’s side, while Emily opened the door and moved into the passenger’s door like before. When the doors shut, he went for the key in the ignition to start the car up. He had to drive her home as the rain began to pound a rhythm of beating over the car. Emily spoke again.

“I have a hot tub back at the hotel, you’re welcome to join me tomorrow for another date…”

“I would love that, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a hot tub.”

“Really!? You’re rich and you’ve got money! Why don’t you treat yourself?”

He shook his head, laughing at her suggestion. While he did have the money, he wasn’t like Tony. Steven preferred to live a more quiet life, not blowing all his money on luxury gifts and for status to impress women.

“I like to life a quiet life, not so much into splurging money left and right on stuff I don’t exactly need. Since you’re invite me over to enjoy some hot tub time with you, that is a date I am not going to pass up on you Emily.”

“Great, we’re gonna have a lot of fun on the second date. I’ll be looking forward to this Steven.”

“So will I, Emily.”



Laughter filled the cabin back at the yacht as Salma tugged Tony’s hand, inviting him in. They had spent the night drinking back at the club for their little private party. While Steven and Emily left early, that just left more drinks on the table for Tony and Salma. They decided to retreat back to the yacht after finishing off a bottle of wine and drinking half of another. Tony’s mind may have been swimming around in alcohol but that wouldn’t prevent him from focusing on Salma at the moment as she had brought him into the master cabin bedroom. Her high heels stomped loudly over the floor. He sat on the bed, looking up at her while she placed her hands on her hips and addressed him.

“I think we’ve had a little too much to drink, Tony.”

He looked up at her, laughing while shaking his head.

“You think? No, I KNOW we’ve had too much to drink!”

Salma grinned big. The look on her face was enough to tell him that she was hungry, like an animal. She reached her hand back to unpin her hair from the ponytail. Allowing her dark hair to flow down her shoulders naturally. Next, she fell down to her knees. Tony knew what was coming next. Her hand went up to the front of his pants, already seeing that he had a bulge.

“Good thing we were in private most of the night. Don’t try and deny it, you had this bulge sticking out of your pants over an hour ago!”

Tony shook his head, laughing at her.

“I can’t deny it, but how can I resist when you keep shoving those big tits in my face!?”

She smirked at him while pulling his belt buckle playfully.

“Oh, I dress to impress, alright. Stand up and take your pants off for me, I want your cock and I want it right now!”

“As you wish, mi amor.”

“I’ll get your shoes off, just to help you out.”

Tony stood up from the bed and unbuckled his belt, only to shove his pants and underwear down at the same time. Salma went for his left foot, shaking off his shoe to toss it to the side. After he pushed his pants down to his ankles, he sat back down on the bed and she pulled his other shoe off. With him sitting on the bed, this allowed Salma to pulled his pants and underwear and slide them right off. Meanwhile, Tony unbuttoned his jacket and shirt and threw them off to the corner of the room. Within minutes, the man sat naked on the bed. Salma remained in her expensive dress, causing Tony to make a joke about it.

“How come I have no clothes on, but you’re still dress?”

Laughing at him, Salma ran her hand up to grab his cock and wrap her fingers around it. She smirked up at him while sitting on her knees, stroking his shaft.

“That’s simple, Tony! I wanted you naked.”

Salma leaned her head down and kissed the head of his cock. She came off the kiss with a loud pop noise and spoke again.

“Besides, I wanted your cock and I have it now.”

Ignoring him, she lowered her neck and took his meat into her mouth completely. Moaning into the shaft, she removed her hand and pushed both of her hands down on his legs while beginning to bob her head up and down. Tony moaned, just the sight of this woman sucking away at his cock was enough to make anyone feel like they were living in a dream. Salma moaned, slobbering all over his shaft as her mouth made loud sucking noises. After a good bit of sucking, she came up with a loud pop noise and then gritted her teeth. She looked up at him and spoke in her heavy Mexican accent.

“Dis cock…is all mine.”

“Yes, it’s all yours baby.”

She flicked her tongue back and spit on the head. Rubbing her saliva in with her hand, Salma moaned. Going back down, she began to bob her head once more on his cock. Taking it all the way down to the back of her throat. Tony groaned feeling the head of his cock slamming to the back of her throat. Over and over, she sucked him furiously to devour his meat. Tony closed his eyes before reopening it to the feeling of Salma sliding her mouth at the head. She popped her lips off his rod and then wrapped her fingers around. She brought her mouth down and began to slurp on his balls. Tony moaned out to her.

“Maldito! Yeah, suck those balls baby! I love it when you get them all wet.”

Salma’s eyes shot back up at him while her hand stroked his cock. She looked up at him with eye contact while her mouth sucked on his left nut before moving over to the right. Strings of saliva dripped down from his nuts to the floor. After applying just enough saliva equally on his balls, she moved her lips back to his rod. Opening her mouth, Salma used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock while moaning into it. ‘Mmmmmmm’. While she could have easily brought his rod back into her mouth, she had a better idea in mind. Looking back up at him, she smirked.

“How about you fuck my tits, Tony?”

He laughed, nodding his head to her.

“Oh si, have you ever had a man turn down that kind of offer?”

Shaking her head, she giggled at him.

“Absolutely not! I like to ask anyway though, just to tease!”

Still laughing at her, Tony nodded.

“You’re very good at that, babe.”

Moving her hands away from his cock, Salma had to get herself out of the dress. She rose from her knees, and then unzipped the back of it. Thankfully, this was an easier dress to get out of. She kept her high heels on and what was under was only a little thong. After she pulled the zipper down, she loosened the straps on her shoulders so she could allow the dress to fall down and then step out of it. Tony decided to get up from the bed, setting his feet onto the floor. Since she asked for him to fuck her tits, he wanted to be standing so he could properly give them the pumping they deserved. After Salma disposed of her dress, letting it fall to the floor in a pile, she placed on her tits and fell back down to her knees. Her eyes looked up at Tony who was standing up with his long shaft in his hand. Looking up into his eyes, she pushed apart her tits for him.

“Go on, get that big cock between them…I want to feel it.”

Tony moved his fingers down at the base of his cock and then, guided it between Salma’s perfect breasts. She squeezed her tits around it before looking down, spitting on the head of his cock. Now in perfect position, Tony began to thrust his hips forward to begin fucking her tits. Salma moaned.

“Mmmmmm, yeah! That’s it, mi amor! Fuck my tits! Fuck ’em hard!!”

Salma looked at him in the eyes as she felt his hard cock driving back and forth between her boobs. He placed his hand down on her shoulder as he began to pump harder and faster, fucking her tits.

“Mmmmmm, yeah! That’s it! Keep fucking my tits! HARDER TONY!!!”


Finally, she had awakened the animal inside of him. It didn’t matter how many drinks they had tonight, Salma was bound and determined that they would wake up tomorrow naked between the sheets. Over and over, Tony pounded his rod between her huge breasts. Her body jerked a bit due to the aggressive thrusts, but she wasn’t complaining. This was the side of him she wanted to come out after the drinks they shared. Leaning her head down, she opened her mouth and tried to lick the head each time it pumped up between her tits. Tony groaned, loving every second of this pleasure.

“God, I love these tits!!

“Yes jou do!! Fuck ’em, Tony!!”

Her thick Mexican accent came out with her words slurring while she responded to him. Salma wanted him to cum, and she wanted that hot load and was ready to beg for it. Tony groaned, breathing heavily as he continued to pump away between her breasts. She screamed at him in her heavy accent.


“What Salma!? You want me to fucking cum all over you!?”


Gritting his teeth, Tony just couldn’t hold back. She knew with the intensity of how fast he pumped his dick between her breasts that he was close to blowing his load. Finally, he came to a stop. Salma let go of her breasts to allow him the chance to grab a hold of his cock once it was free. He went to stroking his dick, aiming right at her tits. She placed her hands under her breasts to hold them up and with a big smile on her face, she teased him with her nasty words in her thick accent.

“Yes!!! Go right on ahead, Tony! Cum all over mah huge tits!”

Had he not been caught up in the moment trying to jack himself off as fast as possible to cum for her, he might have laughed over her accent. Tony loved hearing Salma’s voice but right now, all he could do was grunt and yell for her.

“Here it is baby, OHHHHHH!!”

Salma closed her eyes just in time to feel his warm cum splashing over her lovely skin. The first wave of cum was powerful, shooting up her right breast. Salma gasped her breath, just as she felt the next wad of cum splashing over her left breast equally. Tony groaned and shot another load, a sticky one up both her tits and stretching up to her neck.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s it baby! Just cum all over me, mmmmmmm. So hot and sticky!”

Tony groaned, draining his balls all over her gorgeous rack. The final strings of cum he shot over her were weak compared to the first loads. Once it seemed like he was done, he moved closer towards her. Squeezing his cock as hard as he could, he drained the final drops over her right nipple. Salma looked down, satisfied at the mess he made over her. Salma smiled up at him, Tony spoke to her.

“God, I hope you liked that!”

“Ohhhhhhh, I did Tony. You came all over me, look at this mess.”

“Yeah, I sure did!”

He laughed at her, watching her look down before she took one hand and scooped up some of the cum. Salma fed her cum coated hand to her mouth, slurping his seed off her skin.

“Let me lick it up first…I want you to fuck me.”

“Ohhhh, I’m gonna fuck you alright, Salma baby.”

His eyes watched her as she used her hands to wipe up the cum and consume it into her mouth. Salma took her time, licking up his mess. It took her a little bit of time to clean herself up, but once she was done, she smiled up at him. Tony offered her his hand, pulling her up from her knees. She still wore the black thong that was under her dress, but that would be removed soon. Since she had told him that she wanted to be fucked, Tony knew exactly how he was going to take his woman. Salma stood in her heels and smirked to him before speaking.

“I’m ready to be fucked now!”

“Yes you are, come on, bend over the bed for me, baby!”

“Ohhhhh, so you wanna fuck me…doggy style?”

Tony nodded his head to her. It had been a while since Salma had been fucked from this position, she thought to herself. Taking in a deep breath, she placed her hands on the front of the bed and pushed her ass out for him. Tony walked behind her to move and get himself in the right spot to begin. His eyes gazed down at Salma’s thick ass. She had one of the best he had ever seen, he couldn’t help but run his hand down and softly caress her skin under the thong. With a quick tug, he pushed the thong down to fall to her feet. Salma gasped for air as she felt the cool breeze hitting over her naked body. Her pussy was dripping wet, just begging for his cock. Tony brought his hand back and smacked the left cheek of her ass. Salma moaned.

“Ohh!! I always know you like to spank it.”

Another spank was equally placed on her right cheek. Tony laughed as he kept his hand down on her ass while his other hand held his cock, ready to guide it into her loving hole.

“Oh yes, I do!”

With Salma in this position, Tony grinned to himself. He knew how he was going to fuck her now. It gave him the perfect position to take both: her ass and pussy. While she expected him to push into her loving hole, he put both hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Seconds later, Salma felt the head of his cock pushing into her back door hole. She gasped for breath, moaning out to him.


“Yeah baby, I’m gonna fuck this amazing ass!!”

She didn’t expect him to take her ass first but she knew that he wouldn’t pass it up. Salma closed her eyes while her big breasts began to shake and bounce up and down from under her. Tony didn’t hold back at first, pumping his cock into her ass and then fucking her nice and hard. Each time he thrust into her ass, his balls would slap up against her and create a slight smacking sound. Scraping her nails into the bed sheets, Salma moaned out to him.

“Yes, yes, YES!!!! FUCK MY ASS TONY, HARDER!!!!”

To feel his thick rod slamming into her bowels like this, was just enough to get Salma energetic. Over and over, Tony pounded his cock deep within her. He was in full control tonight, fucking her luscious body to the max. They may have been older people, but that didn’t stop them from fucking like they were still young. His hand reared back before smacking her plump rear end. Pumping his cock into her ass, he reached his hand back and smacked her again. It was time for her pussy, but Tony had other ideas for this position. He pulled his cock out of her ass and then slapped her right cheek to get her attention while stepping back.

“Salma baby, turn around! Ahora mismo!”

His words in Spanish were just another command for ‘right now’. Salma moved her hands from the sheets and quickly turned herself around to face him. Tony did the rest of the work while she spread her legs. He moved those strongly built legs and arched them over her shoulders. It didn’t matter that Salma recently had turned 50 years old. She still had a body built for fucking and was incredibly in shape. He rammed his cock into her pussy, while holding both legs up over his shoulders. The high heels pointed upward and Salma looked up at him and moaned before yelling to him.


Her huge tits began to bounce and shake as he thrust into her, bucking his hips wildly. Salma loved it when a man could take control like this. Tony had showed he could do it just minutes earlier when he chose her ass first, but now he was rocking her gorgeous body with each moment of pumping his cock into her tight pussy. She brought her hands up to her breasts, looking him in the eyes as she squeezed them. She decided to call him out in Spanish.

“Joderme como una puta!”

Salma specifically told him to fuck her ‘like a whore’. Tony heard her words and thrust into her harder and faster. Her huge breasts bounced up and down even in the grip of her hands. Salma moaned out louder, while Tony yelled to her.

“Oh yeah, baby!!! I want to make you cum!”


Her thick Mexican accent slurred her words once again. Over and over, Tony pumped his cock deep within her, ready to make her cum and for himself. He wanted to shoot his hot load inside her, to share their love for all time sake. Salma had moved her hands from her tits and now he looked down and watched her beautiful perfection while those big tits bounced around. Salma moaned, almost crying out to him as her time was running out. Soon, she was going to cum.

“TONY!!!!! I’m gonna….I’m gonna…”

“You’re gonna cum for me, mi amor!?”

“YES I AM!!!!”

Screaming out to him, Salma wasn’t expecting it when he moved his hands off her legs and used them to push down on her stomach. She proved just how flexable she was in and perfect shape at the age of 50 when she bent her legs as he leaned down, keeping them locked over his shoulders. Salma closed her eyes and leaned her head back to softly moan, just as her body began to shake and her climax was reached. Tony took one final thrust into her and then screamed out.


“Mmmmmmmm, that’s it! Cum for me Tony, mmmmmm!!”

With her eyes closed, Salma experienced the full satisfaction of feeling him shoot his cum deep inside her. Tony moaned, as he came to a complete stop and just released within her, right at the same time that she had hit her own orgasm. It was an incredible feeling, a perfect way to end the night after the drinking they had done back at the club hours earlier. Salma pulled her legs apart to move them off his shoulders just as he began to lean up and look back down at her. Opening her eyes once more, she looked up at him. He had to catch his breath while she spoke.

“That…is how I like it. You know how to fuck me.”

“Yes, I do baby.”

“We better get some rest or else, we will be sleeping in most of tomorrow.”



The bright day had been lit up in sunshine, right around the afternoon hours. The wind blew, but there was rarely in cool temperature once the sun had been sitting up in the sky for several hours. Steven found himself parked at the hotel in South Beach, just the same place he had dropped Emily off from last night. He spent the previous evening thinking about her before he fell asleep, almost to the point that he nearly rented a movie featuring her. There was something about this girl that he couldn’t shake off his mind. Steven enjoyed her company last night, even if it was just a short date. Steven dressed down for this day, since she had spoken of enjoying some time in the hot tub. All he wore was a button up pink shirt and some dress pants.

At the hotel, he decided to climb the staircase rather than taking the elevator. This brought back a wave of nostalgic memories. Back in the 80’s when he was young, he used to hide out at these same Art Deco designed hotels when skipping school. Back in those days, the hotels were old and obsolete. They wouldn’t be remodeled and turned into luxury hotels until the 90’s came in. It was refreshing to see a sight of the city still there from his childhood. Slowly climbing the stairs, he made his way to the 4th floor. Emily had given him instructions last night before he dropped her off. Her room was on this floor and within a few steps of walking and looking over, he found it. Steven approached the door and knocked on it with the knuckles of his fingers.

“Just one minute!”

The voice spoken was of Emily, he could recognize it instantly. Behind the door, she had prepared herself for the afternoon. He was a little bit earlier than she had expected, the clock hand had just barely passed 2 PM at this point. Opening the door, she was greeted to Steven smiling before her. All she wore was a button up shirt, revealing her glorious cleavage with the first few buttons undone and a pair of jean shorts. Emily smiled.

“You’re earlier than I was expecting.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No! Come right on in.”

Stepping back from the door, she invited him. Steven walked right into the room and gazed around while she shut the door behind him. The room looked nothing like it was when he was young. All those memories of sneaking into the hotel building were fresh on his mind. Emily smiled at him, noticing his curious eye was wandering around the place.

“So, you like my place?”

“Yeah…It’s different from when I seen it. They really have fixed this hotel up over the years.”

“I wouldn’t know, I have never lived in this place.”

“When I was younger, all these hotels were falling apart. I used to sneak in here with some friends of mine. We were dumb teenagers, doing stupid juvenile stuff…”

Emily laughed at him.

“That’s funny, we all do dumb things when we are young..”

“Yeah, you kinda remind me of my older days.”

“But how?”

She spoke was standing up close to him, looking in his eyes. Steven just smiled while shaking his head.

“I don’t know…something about you. Like you said last night, rain washes away the old and delivers a change in the day.”

Reaching down, Emily grabbed his hand and then looked back up into his eyes.

“Have you been thinking of me like this all last night, Steven?”

Tugging his hand, she walked him from the living room and began to take him to the bedroom. She had a plan in mind for today and wasn’t about to waste any time with small talk. She wanted him right where she had him, with his lustful desire of her. In the bedroom, she took him to the bathroom where the hot tub awaited them. Behind the tub was a large window, giving view an outside with the sun shining through. Steven looked around and nodded.

“This is a nice place, Emily…”

“Yes, i thought so too. Wait here for me, Steven.”

While he looked out the window, Emily had disappeared off to the side. Over to the right side of the room, was a four piece panel screen for clothes changing. When Steven turned his eyes to look away from the window, he could see the shadow of Emily behind the panels undressing. Her body moved to shake off her little shorts and take them off. Steven just stood there, enjoying the view. She was teasing him in so many different ways. When she stepped away from the panel screen, Emily stood before him in nothing more than a little blue bikini. The strings dangled as she stepped forward to him. It was time for him to undress now.

She was absolutely stunning in her bikini. Steven thought she looked gorgeous last night in the V cut dress that showed off her stomach, but this was the ultimate view. He could see that Emily’s body was a tight fit and she was in great shape. He put his hand up on his shirt to begin unbuttoning it, but she quickly took control by placing her hand on his shirt. Emily wanted to undress him. Looking in his eyes with a smirk, she pulled at the buttons.

“I am going to assume that you have swim trunks under your pants, knowing we were going for the hot tub tonight.”

Steven nodded at her, just as she had finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it apart. Emily stood there and ran both of her hands up his chest, feeling every inch of his skin between the hair on his stomach. Her eyes looked up at him and he smiled. As much as he wanted to say something, he couldn’t think of what. Words would ruin this lovely moment of watching the angel undress him. She moved her hands down to his pants and again, her eyes met his as she unbuttoned them and pushed them down. Emily looked down and became satisfied to see a pair of pink swim trunks under his pants. She stopped after this, turning to the hot tub and walking up the steps to turn and face the controls to get things started.

“How do you like your water?”

“Oh, just warm is fine babe…”

Emily smirked at him, climbing up the steps into the tub and then reaching over to prepare the controls. Steven stood there, to take off his shoes and get his pants off. The hot tub was big enough to fit three people. Off to the side, was a control panel that controlled the temperature and water. Emily had used this hot tub previously the first night she was staying at the hotel, so she had experience on how to work it. It filled up from within the bottom and then the jets blew underwater to create a relaxing experience. Once Steven was finished getting his shoes and pants off, he moved to the little ladder and steps and began to climb in. Emily looked up at him and just watched, while the water was quickly filling up at her feet and ankles.

“Wow, this thing fills up faster than i thought.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice…”

He had not been in a hot tub in years, Steven thought to himself that the last one he spent time in was much slower. Once inside, he sat down next to her in the hot tub. The water moved up to their knees and Emily just smiled at him while speaking up.

“Don’t worry hun, the water will stop real soon. It gets up to about our chests and then it shuts off and the jets turn on to blow it under us.”

“Very nice, I’m kinda used to vintage hot tubs. That tells you how often I get in one.”

“Or maybe it tells me how old you are…”

The little grin on her face when she spoke was enough to tell Steven how attracted she was to him at his age. The big number of 40 was something he didn’t think about often but she clearly did. The water came to a stop as it raised right at level of their chests, just as she had said it would. He clearly could see this with her breasts getting wet between the little bikini top she wore. The jets began to blow underwater and soon, the water was bubbling. Steven rested his back and closed his eyes, this was a wonderful feeling.

“This feels lovely…I’m glad I came out here with you today, Emily.”

“Ohhhhhh, yes it does feel great.”

Emily leaned back in the hot tub, just as Steven had done. She wanted to play this slow. It was no use to become impatient with her seduction, but she felt right now was probably the best time to turn things up. Waiting until he opened his eyes, Emily grinned at him before speaking.

“You know what can feel even better than this?”

“What Emily?”

Without giving him a warning, she placed her hand on his stomach and leaned in to kiss his lips. The water splashed them as Steven opened his mouth and danced his tongue against hers. Emily cupped his face, kissing him passionately. When they broke the kiss, he playfully sucked on her lower puffy lip. She looked up into his eyes before pulling away.

“You know, you could’ve kissed me last night.”

Steven laughed at her.

“You said that you don’t kiss on the first date.”

“I don’t, but I could’ve made an exception to a handsome man like you.”

Running her hand back across his cheek, Emily leaned in to kiss him again. There was something about Steven that ultimately attracted her to him. Most the men that desperately wanted her in her life were in the age generation as her, lacking the experience at life. Breaking the kiss, Emily moaned. She faced him in the hot tub while Steven looked up at this beautiful girl. She began to untie the strings holding her bikini top together. With one tight pull, she removed it to free her large wet breasts to his view. Emily smirked, inviting him to touch her. Steven’s wet hands came out of the water, dripping as he pushed them on her large breasts. She took a deep breath before calling out to him.

“Ohhhhhh, you know how to touch. Squeeze them for me.”

Steven squeezed her tits hard between his fingers, smirking at her.

“Oh yeah, like that?”

Emily nodded to him.

“Yeah, just like that!”

Now it was time for her to make the move over his body. Emily placed her hand on his shoulder and quickly moved within the water to sit on his lap. It was somewhat difficult with the positioning in the hot tub, but she maintained to plant her ass over his lap. Amidst the warm bubbling water, she knew that his hard cock was growing under her. Steven moved up to allow her large tits to push into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her luscious lips once more. Emily laced her fingers around his neck, pushing her body into him further as they kissed. Upon breaking the kiss, Steven smirked.

“You’re good, babe…”

Emily shook her head to him.

“No, I’m not good. I just know what I want…”

Sitting on his lap, she could undoubtedly feel his cock hardening from under her. She felt it sticking up from his pants, ready for the real fun to commence. Emily sunk her hands into the water to pull on his swim shorts. Steven watched her, though it was difficult to see through the bubbling water. He reached down to help her, pushing them down within the water. Emily finally moved off his lap and stood up once again. Looking back at him, she reached under the water and untied the string holding her bikini thong together. She pulled it out of the water, at the same time Steven was pushing his swim shorts down and stepping out of them. Emily smirked while dangling the thong between her fingers before tossing it off to the side outside the hot tub. Looking back at him, she nodded and spoke.

“I think it’s time for some real fun, Steven.”

“I believe so too, Emily.”

This is where she wanted him, at least for the beginning. Reaching her hand down into the water, Emily grabbed his cock and began to stroke him. Their eyes met, Steven just sat there watching her. He was confused at first as to what she really wanted to do, deciding to play along and allow her to take the lead. Emily climbed back on top of him, nestling her ass back on his lap. Using her hand to guide his cock, she was ready to feel him inside her. Her eyes looked back into his as she guided his cock under the water, right into her sweet pussy. There wasn’t any words for either of them to speak within this moment. Only actions were doing the talking. Within seconds, Steven gasped his breath as he felt his cock entering her. Emily placed both her hands down on his shoulders and forced her body down, allowing his cock to slowly drive into her.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah…that’s it.”

Emily spoke in almost a whisper to him. Steven ran his hands up to softly grab her boobs, feeling her hardened nipples smashing against his palms. The water splashed around them as she tried to pump herself up and down on his cock from sitting in his lap. Emily’s body moved slow only because of the water but she could clearly feel Steven’s cock driving into her. He moaned, calling out to her.

“Yeah, just like that Emily!”

“Ohhhhh, Steven! I need a real man in my life, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me like a real man would!”

“That’s what I’m about to do!”

Inspired by her words, he moved his hands to her sides and then raised himself from the water. Emily spread her legs out to wrap around him, he was taking control now to satisfy her lustful desires. Steven stood in the water and moved her body up against the side of the hot tub. From this new standing position, he could easily buck his hips and pump his cock within her pussy. She wrapped her arms around his back, digging her nails into his flesh before screaming out.

“Yeah, that’s it! FUCK ME! HARDER!! OHHHHHHHHH, YEAH!!!”

Emily gritted her teeth. Her ass pushed up against the side of the hot tub, as Steven was pounding into her pussy harder and faster. From raising her voice to yelling at him, she had brought out the beast in this man. Her nails raked over his skin again, digging in to cause little cuts. Steven just screamed out, while continuing to pump his cock in her.

“Oh, fuck!”


Her demands called out to him and he answered her back with each thrust inside of her. Emily’s wet breasts bounced and pushed up against his chest. Steven moved his hands to clutch onto the sides of the hot tub while he remained pumping away into her pussy. She moved her hand up to his shoulder, still scraping her nails into him as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Emily wanted him. She wanted him to make her cum right here in the hot tub.

“Make me cum, Steven! Fuck me!!”

He looked down into her eyes, only to use one hand and grab her hair and force her to look up at him. Steven pressed his lips to hers and kissed her passionately, while still thrusting his cock deep within her. He bit her lower lip, sucking on it as Emily moaned over his lips and then kissed him again. The warmness within the body of water wasn’t the only thing that was hot today. A fire had been set within their bodies. As he continued to push into her, Emily knew that she was going to cum soon. She closed her eyes and screamed out to him.

“YES!!!!…..OH MY GOD, THAT’S IT!!! YES!!! I’M GONNA…..”

“Cum for me, Emily!!!”


Opening her eyes, Emily screamed out to him before gritting her teeth. Her legs shook around him before she lowered them. She hit her climax just as he had stopped. Steven couldn’t hold back either. He reached up to grab her hair and pull her head down and kiss her lips while he felt his cock explode and shoot his cum inside her. Their lips smashed up against one another as their tongues danced to the feeling of their orgasm both simultaneously. It was a wonderful feeling, to Emily she knew that Steven had balls as he did brains. Breaking the kiss, he stepped back and allowed his cock to slip out of her pussy. Emily was out of breath, trying to catch herself.

“That…that was…”

“Fucking amazing, huh?”

Having caught her breath, Emily smiled big before her voice crackled in laughter.

“Yeah, it was! That was really, fucking amazing!”

He laughed at her now, as Emily stood there and reached out for him. His cock was still hard, sitting in the water of the hot tub. Finally, she was able to see it in person. She grabbed a hold of it and looked up at him with a playful smirk.

“Come on, this way.”

Holding him by his cock, she moved into the water and led him to the steps. She wanted him standing up at the top so she could sink down to her knees and play with his shaft.

“Stand up on the steps for me, Steven!”

Speaking to him with a commanding voice, Emily waited for him to move back to the ladder and take a few steps backwards. It didn’t matter to her that the water to the hot tub was still bubbling. Once Steven was standing on the steps with only his feet beneath the water, she climbed down on her knees and looked up into his eyes while stroking his cock. She struggled with words, just as before. Figuring that it was best to let her mouth do the talking on his shaft. Emily looked up into his eyes as she moved the head of his dick to her lips and kissed it. Steven took a breath as she slid his rod between her jaws and began to suck on it. Steven moaned as he watched her.

Emily didn’t waste any time playing around. Her hands moved to his thighs, as she began to bob her head up and down on his shaft. She moaned into it softly, ‘mmmmm’ and looked her eyes up into his. Steven responded by taking his hand and placing it to the back of her head. She got the hint and began to move her mouth up and down on him faster, taking his entire rod down her mouth until the head of his cock slammed to the back of her throat. Steven took a deep breath as her nose was buried at the bush of his ball hair. Emily closed her eyes and remained in position for a good minute, showing him that she could take the entire length of his cock on her own.

“God, fuck!!”

Steven shouted as he moaned out to her. Emily opened her eyes and looked up at him, just as she moved to slide up to the head of his shaft and release it from her mouth with a loud pop. Long strings of saliva swayed back from his rod to her mouth. She looked at it and spit on it before wrapping her fingers around it and stroking his slobbered coated cock. Emily looked up into his eyes and spoke in a low, sensual voice.

“You like that, baby?”

He nodded, taking his hand to run it into her hair and smile at her.

“I love it, Emily. You’re fantastic.”

Without answering him, she brought her mouth back down on his cock and began to quickly bob her head up and down on it. Just like in the hot tub, Emily wanted some fast paced, aggressive fucking and this was just the way to get back into rhythm. Over and over, she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Steven responded by placing his hand into her hair and holding her there as he began to buck his hips and take control. He fucked her mouth while she did her best to keep up with him. He was amazed at her skills thus far, she could handle him. Knowing he was going to end up blowing another load by the way she sucked his cock, Steven pulled her hair to release his rod from her mouth. It came out with another loud pop noise. Emily looked up at him before spitting on his dick again.

“Get up, babe.”

“You want me to get up, Steven?”

He yanked her hair, pulling her up. Emily moaned, she loved it when her hair was pulled. Steven had something else in mind however. As much as he had loved her sucking him, he still didn’t want to waste the opportunity for something else.

“Yeah, up!”

Before she could answer him, she came up from her knees and stood. Steven offered her his hand, pulling her up and then stepping back of the ladder. He led Emily in front of him as they stepped out of the hot tub together, water dripping from their wet bodies. Emily finally spoke.

“What do you want me to do now?”

“Just turn around, I want to see your ass.”

Finally, she knew exactly what he was going to do. Emily laughed to him as she placed her hands on the outer edges of the hot tub and stuck her ass out for him.

“What are you gonna do, Steven? I bet you wanna fuck me in the ass!”

He reached his hand back and slapped the left cheek of her ass to answer her.

“Mmmmhhhhmmmm, that’s exactly what I’m about to do.”

Emily laughed again. Her hands gripped the outer sides of the hot tub while drops of water fell to the floor from their wet bodies. Steven softly caressed her ass with his hands, feeling the texture of her soft skin. After a moment, he pushed apart her cheeks with his hands and then moved his cock to enter her back door hole. Moving his hand back to his rod, he slowly slid inside of her. Emily raised her head and moaned.

“Ohhhhhh, ohhhhh! Get in there!! Yeah!”

She bit her lower lip just as she felt his cock sliding into her tight hole. A few seconds later, Steven was slowly pumping into her ass. Emily moaned, letting him get used to her at first. While she may have been skinny with a tight built body, she was still built to take a man like him. She wanted him to fuck her hard today, he already proved he could do that in the hot tub. Looking over her shoulder, she called out to him.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck my ass Steven! Fuck it HARD!!!”

He reached his hand back and slapped her ass, picking up the pace to sliding his rod in and out of her tight ass.

“What’s that Emily!? Do you want it harder?”

“Yes! What the fuck are you waiting for!? POUND MY ASS!!!”

The aggression in her voice could be heard. Steven used his right hand to reach up and grab her hair while he slapped her ass with his left hand. While pulling her hair, he began to buck his hips wildly. His cock slid in and out of her ass faster, fucking her tight round bottom. Emily groaned, gritting her teeth as she yelled.


Steven pulled her hair as hard as he could while still rearing his free hand back to slap her ass. Over and over, his cock pounded into her ass, fucking it nice and hard. This was the kind of aggressive fucking that Emily wanted and she got it. He was bound and determined to fuck her ass until he finally shot another load. She did a great job working him over with her mouth earlier. Steven grunted, spanking her ass again before speaking.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass!!”


With one final thrust, he yanked her hair hard to pull her head up. Emily closed her eyes and gasped her breath as she felt his cock explode within her, shooting his hot load deep within her ass. Steven’s hand let go of her hair as he closed his eyes and embraced the feeling of his second orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhh, man…fuck…”

“Mmmmmmm, yeah that’s it! Fill my ass up!”

It was amazing to her. She managed to get him to shoot a load in both her pussy and ass. There was only one thing left and Emily was well aware that he would not neglect the attention from her tits. Last night, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from her cleavage. She waited until he stepped back and once she felt his cock slide out of her ass, the time was right. Emily turned around and smiled at him, seeing the exhaustion on his face while his cum dripped out of her ass and down her leg.

“You…you’re not tired out yet, are you?”

“Fuck no! Are you?”

“Fuck no, again!”

He smirked. There was nothing that could top the tone of voice in which she answered him back and that smug grin that remained over her face. Emily spoke once more.

“I figured after last night, you were probably dreaming of shoving your cock between my tits and fucking them.”

“Yeah…I was thinking about that.”

Emily laughed, she could read his dirty mind so easily.

“Mmmmhhhhmmmm, at least you’re honest.”

Steven laughed at her as he watched her fall down to her knees before him. For now, she ignored his cum that was dripping from her back hole. Emily placed her hands up on her large breasts, playing with them for a bit before she pulled them apart. Steven stepped forward, moving his cock towards her mouth first. She looked at his rod and spit on it and then finally, he moved it towards her breasts. Emily smashed his dick right between her tits and then pushed them together. Her eyes looked back up to his as she began to move up and down, fucking his cock with her enormous breasts.

“Ohhhhhh yeah…You like that, Steven?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“You like my tits fucking this nice meaty dick?”

From her eyes, he could see the fire within her. Emily smirked at him as she continued to move her tits up and down on him, fucking his long shaft. She wanted to let him take over, just as he had done all through the day. Within a few seconds, Steven placed his hand down on her shoulder to lock her in place. She knew what was coming soon, as he began to buck his hips and thrust his cock between her tits. He was on control now.

“That’s it, yeah! Fuck my titties, Steven! FUCK ‘EM!!!”

His cock glided easily between her wet boobs. Over and over, sliding between her impressive breasts. Emily looked up into his eyes gritting her teeth, she spoke dirty words to crawl into his ears.

“Yeah…that’s what I like! A man that knows how to fuck me…”

Steven’s eyes locked down to watching his cock push up and down between her tits. Emily continued speaking.

“A man that knows to bend me over and ram my ass…”

He ignored her, still focused on thrusting his hips and feeling his dick moving between her breasts. Emily refused to stop speaking, still holding her tits together for him.

“And a man that can fuck my tits!”

Finally, Steven moved his hand to grab her hair and pull her head looking up to him. While he still pumped his rod between her breasts, he leaned down and kissed her lips. Their lips pushed together softly, just before he broke the kiss. Already, he knew he was going to blow another load. Steven took a deep breath and called out to her.

“What about a man that cums on you, Emily?”

“Ohhhhhh, yes! I want you to cum for me, Steven!”

He thought to himself. Knowing the specific big budget Hollywood film she had appeared in: Gone Girl. A specific line from that movie had remained on his mind from last night. After all, Emily was the girl with the giant ‘cum on me’ tits. Steven called out to her while taking one final thrust between her breasts.

“Tell me to cum for you, Emily! Tell me to cum on your big fucking tits!!”

Looking up into his eyes, she let go of her breasts. Steven grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, while holding her hair in his hand.

“Cum on me, Steven! Cum on my tits!!!”

She licked her lips, looking up at him and taking a deep breath while she held her breasts up for him. Within seconds, he grunted and then he finally had released. Steven moaned loudly as his cock exploded and shot a thick string of cum up her breasts.

“Fuck!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, man!!!”

He yelled out as he stroked his rod, shooting line after line of cum over her breasts. Emily moaned, feeling the warm sticky substance striking over her skin. For his third orgasm of the day, he still had some power in his shots to make a mess of her beautiful skin. He gasped for breath, moaning as he shot the final bits of cum from his cock over her breasts. Emily looked up at him with a big smile on her face. It was the smug grin of a winner, she felt that she had this man under her spell.

“Yeah Steven….I do like a man that can cum all over me.”

While her eyes looked up at him, Steven couldn’t help himself. He reached his fingers out to gently cup her chin and then leaned down to place a kiss over her lips. There was something about her, something that made him attracted to her beyond the beauty. She kissed him back, forcing a passionate kiss with their tongues dancing together. Upon breaking the kiss, Emily looked back up at him with a smirk on her face as Steven spoke to her.

“You’re amazing, Emily…”

With a smile on her face, she shook her head to tell him no. She did not so easily forget his words from earlier.

“No, honey…we’re fucking amazing.”

He laughed at her, leaning back down to kiss her again. Emily didn’t mind another kiss, not even with all the cum on her breasts. After breaking his soft kiss, she looked down and used her hand to scoop up some of his seed. Her eyes looked back up at him as she began to suck it off her fingers. Loudly pulling her fingers from her mouth to make pop noises, she grinned at him.

“You’re just the kind of man I’ve been looking for in my life.”

“Yeah, you’re a fun girl…We’ll see each other again, I promise.”

“You mean it?”

“Fuck yeah, I do…Come to the club tomorrow and we’ll hang out again.”

Still sucking his cum from her fingers, she nodded at him and smiled.

“Great, I won’t be late!”



Time moved on through the week. With a usual weekend passing and then the hard days of the work week. Salma and Tony had went out to the club one night to see Emily and Steven together, once more. The older woman was happy, seeing that she could help out her friend in a way. Soon, she would have to leave Miami and go back to Hollywood to work out the details on a film. Salma’s departure in a week from now would leave Tony on his own for a bit. While their relationship was starting to go slow, the same could be said for Steven and Emily. Over the weekend, he had taken her out to a golf course and to Miami Beach for some time out in the sun.

It had been a long time in his life since he had a stable relationship. Steven never had the desire to settle down after the divorce from his ex. Emily was a lot of fun, strangely she brought back memories of himself. In some ways, she reminded him of another woman back in his youth. He had spent years reminiscing on those old days, all coming back through Emily. She wasn’t going to be in Miami by the end of the month, but she hoped that Steven could be a man for her to return to some day. If all went well, Emily thought to herself how nice it would before him to travel to England with her. Soon, she would have a major photo shoot and TV appearance over there.

From the yacht, Tony looked over a schedule sheet for the club. His assistant Maria had been shifted once again. This time, the young blonde was working within the club and handling the telephones and offices. Tony felt that now, was perhaps the perfect time to begin introducing his son into the business. Tony Jr had turned 21 just a few months ago, right at the age to be thrown into the business. Tony had planned from the beginning to raise his son into the club management, just as his father had done for him in the past. It would be passing the torch and continuing the legacy of the Diaz family within the night life of Miami. While he sat thinking about it, loud high heels could be heard coming in through the door. Salma stood near Tony as she looked down at him from the desk. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt.

“You look like you’ve got something on your mind, dear…”

He smirked up at her before nodding his head. Tony had grown to trust Salma in this short amount of time. She was one that listened to him and offered a helping hand when he was stressed.

“Yeah, I was sitting here going some things for the club…I keep thinking, if it’s about time to introduce my boy into the business.”

“Oh, you’re son. I haven’t met him yet…but I listen when you tell me about him.”

Tony chuckled at her words.

“Yes, I know you do babe and I appreciate it…He just turned 21 a few months back, been slowly working him for this job. I know he will get along with Steven, as that’s his uncle. Steven is going to show him the ropes and mentor him..but I keep thinking, something is missing.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know Salma, I really don’t…Like, maybe if I set him up with a good date or something like that. Perhaps then, I could make him more enthusiastic about stepping into job and learning how to be a club manager himself in the future.”

Salma placed her hand on her hip and smirked at him.

“A date? You say he’s only 21, yes? I think he needs a woman older, more experienced to show him the ways.”

Tony looked up at her with a shocked expression over his face.

“Are you asking to fuck my son?”

She rolled her eyes and blew her breath, answering him in her thick accent.

“You men all think the same. If I wanted to fuck your son, I wouldn’t even ask you. I would’ve already done it by now, so no! I’ve got you, I don’t want some young man in my life.”

Looking down at his desk and back at her, Tony laughed.

“Alright, alright…I got you Salma baby. But what did you mean about an older date for him?”

Salma shook her head before laughing.

“You mean, you don’t know? Did you check your phone this morning?


“Since you left your phone by the bed and someone kept texting, I had to look.”

Stepping her heels around the desk, Salma moved to the middle of the desk to answer him. She placed her hands over his desk, allowing the low cut of her shirt to distract his eye with her amazing cleavage. Salma reached into her pocket and handed him the cell phone so he could see for himself.

“There, you read her texts! Now don’t lie, I know that woman loves to sink her claws into young men as fresh meat.”

Taking the phone into his hands, Tony looked down as he flipped through the text messages. All it took was to read the name of who was texting him. The big initials of ‘J-Lo’ said it all. Tony looked back up at Salma and grinned. It was all set, this would be the perfect woman to show his son the way with experience. The text itself spoke of her returning to Miami, looking to shake her ass at Disco Fever. The second text specifically noted that she would be arriving in town by tomorrow, thus making a perfect timing to set things up.

“Salma, I have only you to thank…I think I’m gonna call my son right now and tell him to get his ass prepared for the first day of work.”

She just laughed at him, shaking her head.

“You don’t have to thank me, hun. I am sure that she of all women out there, will surely make your boy enjoy his job.”


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