Big Booty Bitches Ch. 14

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 14

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The morning hours were just in time for the sun to rise up in the sky. Whatever cool breeze of low temperature came in the previous night, would quickly fade out into the tradition heat that Miami was known for. Soon, the streets would be filled with busy cars like any other day in the work week. Time was already moving by slow in the day for a young man who had awakened early to prepare himself for the beginning of what he was officially ready for. Getting out of bed at 6 AM from his expensive penthouse apartment, Antonio began to prepare himself for the morning. He began with the usual shower to awaken himself. While the water sprayed from the facet down onto his tanned skin, he thought of how much he had lived a good life thus far. Born in nepotism and enjoying the ride of luxury from his family.

Known as ‘Tony Jr’ by the older members in the family, Antonio felt he was ready for this moment in his life. His birthday was just a few months ago, turning 21 to move on up in life. Prior to that moment, he had spent the past couple years keeping a low profile while enjoying himself. All of his friends from high school and his teen years may have turned drugs or petty criminal activities, but he was above them and refused to go along with the crowd. His life had changed somewhat at the age of 18, when he realized that he was not a straight man. Antonio had spent the last three years keeping secret a relationship with his gay lover, Luis. That was something on edge of falling apart ever since his birthday. Luis left Miami for L.A. and from then on, Antonio had barely heard back from him. The long distance was beginning to form cracks in the foundations of their once strong hidden relationship.

Today was a special day for preparing himself. After he got out of the shower and dressed, he prepared his breakfast. Finally of all the days of waiting, today was the magical moment where his foot would get a step in the door of the business that his family was known for. Back in his teen years, Antonio barely cared at all about the night clubs. He knew the stories of his grandfather who he had passed when he was still a child. Growing up in school, Antonio was tormented with rumors that his family were drug dealers back in the 80’s. There was a lot of mystery and rumors surrounding the Diaz family that went back in the years before his birth. At the end of the day, he truly didn’t know weather to believe part of the rumors or not. Maybe some day in his adult life, the truth would be known.

After arranging himself for the day, he dressed up in a dark blue pinstripe suit with a pink shirt underneath. it was time to go out and meet his uncle Steven. Outside the hotel, he took Mercedes Benz and then drove to the club. By himself, all alone behind the wheel as the morning hours were underway. It never exactly dawned on him that the club had only been closed a few hours from now. He was told by his father to arrive early and he didn’t want to screw this up. This was his hour to begin stepping into the door to begin his journey as a future club manager. Once he got to the club, he parked his car out back in the private parking spaces and went in through the back door. The club was empty, only the janitors and usual cleaning floor were up and moving downstairs. Antonio ignored the sight, climbing up the staircase and heading to the white V.I.P. door as he was instructed from yesterday. Within the door, he was met to Maria’s smiling face.

“Hey Maria, where’s my uncle Steven at? I was told to get here early so he could see me.”

The blonde girl laughed at him while shaking her head.

“Steven left here in the early AM hours, he’s probably asleep right now…if he sleeps! Silly boy, he never comes in to the place until afternoon has passed in the PM hours.”

Antonio sighed, he felt dumbfounded for a moment before responding.

“I was told to come early, so it had to be for some reason.”

Maria smiled.

“Yes, you have someone waiting to meet you real soon.”

“Oh yeah, who?”

The young blonde just smirked. On one hand, she couldn’t be happier that the time had come that this hot stud would be working with her, only not today.

“Someone who wanted to meet you…they should be arriving shortly. In the mean time, I guess I should show you to where the offices are.”

“Yeah I would like that, Maria.

“Come on then, just this way.”

While Antonio was led through the halls of the inner V.I.P. rooms to the halls, someone else was just now arriving at the club. The plane had docked in the airport just two hours ago as of now. Jennifer sent her bodyguard off to unpack her stuff at her mansion on Star Island. For now, she had to head out to the club and see what ‘surprise’ that Tony had in store for her. He wasn’t exactly specific on the details when they spoke over the phone. Being a long time friend of the Diaz family, her mind went all over the place guessing. Once she had arrived at the club, she stomped her high heels forward heading to the back door. A pair of tight blue jeans hugged up her legs and her mighty large shaped ass. From her torso, she wore a long sleeved black and white striped shirt. It was chilly back in New York where she originally was before this long flight.

Once in the club, Jennifer’s heels stomped loudly as she headed up the staircase. A bodyguard outside went on and texted to Maria. It had only been around half an hour since Antonio had arrived. At the moment, he was seeing the offices upstairs where he would be working. The room was situated with two desks from both sides of the room; one for him, the other for Maria. The phones appeared to be the busy part with computers situated on the desk. Antonio was happier seeing that he would have some kind of work to do with the computer, that was his specialty. After receiving the text, Maria instantly alerted him as she rose from the office chair.

“She’s here, come on…You have someone to see you.”

‘A date?’ Antonio’s first thoughts came to him. Knowing what his father had done for him on his birthday with a famous name, it wasn’t out of this world to instantly think this was another case. He was well aware of all the famous names that his family was attached to. After all, Tony Diaz was a celebrity within the city and had been for a long time. With Maria, he stepped out of the office door and moved down the hallway. From the distance, he could see a figure moving towards him. The sound of high heels were loudly booming, echoing down the hall. Each step that came closer, he could see the figure more clearly. It was a woman, one who was very familiar to him at one time or another.

“Hello there, Tony…oh, you’re Tony Jr. What a surprise, you look just like your father when he was younger!”

The voice of the woman gave it away, this was Jennifer Lopez standing in front of him. Antonio blushed a bit, he didn’t always enjoy hearing people tell him that he looked like his father from his youthful days. Jennifer spoke again.

“So, you are the one I was supposed to meet.”

A big grin formed over her face. Antonio just stood there and looked at her, not sure what to say at first. He was shy, this was only his first day in the back office of the club preparing for his job. Jennifer eyed him like a hungry vulture. He was young, just the kind of boy toy that she liked to play with. She would have to thank Tony later for passing his son over to her. This boy was all hers for tonight.

“Don’t be shy with me, Jr…”

“Please, call me Antonio.”

Jennifer smiled, seeing as he could speak up like this. She liked it when a man established himself.

“Oh, Antonio…Well, I have heard all about you over the years. I believe I was at one of your birthday parties too.”

“You were at a couple, actually.”

“Oh, that’s right! I was! Well, you and I are gonna have some fun tonight handsome. Your first day at work, I know your father is proud.”

“I can’t wait to get to know you, Jennifer.”

“Neither can I, but I gotta go for now…I’ll be back in a few hours once I am settled down. See you soon, handsome.”

She turned to walk off from him. By now, Maria had disappeared from Antonio’s side to go back into the office. He just stood there by himself as he watched Jennifer turn and begin to walk off. His eyes narrowed down to her amazing, famous ass that moved with each step she took. The high heels stomped and pounded into the floor with authority of each loud boom. Jennifer turned one last time and looked at him over her shoulder to give him a wink. Weather he knew it or not, she was the ‘present’ that Tony had planned for her. The beginning of a career within club management was coming with a boom. Antonio turned back and finally noticed that Maria was gone, he went back into the office to find her. The young blonde just sighed before looking up at him.

“You have your work cut out for you from here on out, I will be busy the rest of the day.”

Antonio looked at her shocked and confused, replying to her.

“Do what? What do you mean?”

The young blonde looked back up at him with a little smirk.

“J-Lo is here to party, that is your job for the day. I won’t be helping you at all, you’ve got an easy task on your hand.”

“I’m kinda confused…”

Maria rolled her eyes.

“Oh come on, don’t act like that! You know as well as I do that your brother and uncle spend a lot of time fucking women like her. The way I figure, you’re just being molded for what they do. Lucky for you too, you look a lot better than your father. I wish it was me getting to party it up with you tonight.”

Antonio sighed, trying not to grin as he knew the blonde girl was flirting with him.

“Oh, please…”

She laughed at him.

“Just enjoy yourself today, she’ll be back…I’ll be busy right here handling the phones. Before Steven gets here, I might as well show you how to work the computer and get schedules and events down.”

“Thanks Maria, I would like that.”



From the office, Antonio spent the next several hours alongside Maria who showed him a number of things for the job. First, he had to learn how to keep track of things on the computer. Second, she showed to him security personnel and how to call bodyguards if needed. The last thing to keep in mind was the big events for the club, keeping track of the parties. While his mind was occupied learning from her, he couldn’t help but think of other things. After all, it was Jennifer Lopez of all women on earth who had her eyes on him for a date. He wasn’t aware that she had a place in Miami where she liked to stay when she wasn’t busy, hence why she would be returning soon. The wait seemed like forever though it was only a couple hours ago.

From outside the club, Steven pulled the metallic blue Cadillac into his reserved parking spot. It was 12 in the afternoon, and though he had not gotten much sleep the night before, he felt good to go. He lived for this job with the club and doing what he did. The weekends were a better time when he could sleep off stress. After exiting his vehicle, he didn’t waste any time entering the club. Today was a special day when his nephew had come to work for him. Steven took to Antonio, like his own son. Always there to watch out for him, he refused to allow anything bad to happen to him. His own son Jacob was the big football jock in college, but Steven found himself relating more to his nephew. He was the only one in the family that properly referred to him as ‘Antonio’ and not calling him by Jr.

His suit for the day was white, the jacket matching the pants. Steven wore a pastel blue shirt underneath, slipping his sunglasses into his pocket as he walked the halls of the V.I.P. room. He was alone today, as Emily was out of town for the next week and leaving him by himself. Once he made it down the path to where the back offices were, he opened the door to see Antonio across the room sitting at his desk. It was a great sight to see, the boy’s first day at work and already looking ready for the job. Steven smiled to greet his nephew.

“There he is, how are you doing today Antonio?”

“Oh, uncle Steven! I’m happy to see you!”

Maria watched on from Steven’s back side, across the room at her own desk. Looking back out the hallway, Steven pointed to Antonio.

“Come on, I gotta talk to you.”

Antonio didn’t waste a moment, rising from his chair to follow his uncle. He was beginning to sweat from the office. The only thing he had done was unbutton the jacket to his suit. Once he stepped out of the door, Steven took his nephew aside to wrap his arm around him and walk away as the door closed. It was time for some confidential talk about the job. Steven spoke up as they walked the hallway together.

“Listen up, I’m going to be watching over you as you work. Any problems with anyone, any incidents, you’ll come straight to me. No one is going to fuck with you, Is that clear?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“Since you’re new here, things are gonna be easy for you. You’re gonna work the office, but from time to time I want you to join me downstairs.”

“Sure, I can do that. Why downstairs?”

Steven stopped walking and turned to look at his nephew with a big grin on his face.

“For the action! You’re young and I know how young men are when it comes to ladies. If you don’t have any charm with them, we’re gonna have to teach you how to be charming.”

Loud booming could be heard down the hall but Antonio ignored it as he bushed, his cheeks turning red. He laughed it off, but to a sudden surprise from the sound of the heels beating on the floor, a voice called out to him with laughter.

“My, my….look at this! Steven and Antonio together.”

Steven turned to look at Jennifer, smiling as he reached his arm over to hug her.

“Jennifer, it’s good to see you again!”

“How are you, Steven? Tony told me you’ve been seeing someone…”

Stepping back from the hug, Steven nodded at her as Antonio just watched. Steven responded to her.

“Yeah, I’ve been seeing Emily a bit…”

“Emily Ratajkowski?”

He nodded at her, Jennifer’s jaw dropped.

“Wow…I’ve seen her, she’s cute. Shame that she’s not here, I would have loved to have met her.”

Steven stepped aside, so Jennifer could see Antonio. He was well aware of the plan for today and wasn’t about to take up all the free time. He looked at Jennifer and nodded and then back at Antonio.

“Here he is, Jennifer…He’s all yours for today.”

Jennifer’s eyes wandered over Antonio and a big smile formed on her face. The look over the young man’s face was enough to tell her that he was thrilled. Antonio didn’t exactly know what to expect from this woman, but she would take advantage of his naive mind. She turned to look back at Steven one last time.

“Yes, he’s quite handsome…It’s good to see you again, you should call me sometime. I’d love to meet Emily.”

“I’ll remember that, take care of him tonight Jennifer.”

Steven looked back at Antonio and grinned a bit before his eyes went back to Jennifer.

“Don’t worry, I will!”

The older man walked off, leaving both Jennifer and Antonio alone in the hallway. She was still wearing the same shirt and jeans from hours earlier. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at him with a wicked smile.

“Well…We’ve got hours to wait till night time, hun. How about we spend a little time together about now?”

“Yeah sure, that sounds good.”

Looking at him again, she could tell he was sweating.

“Why don’t you take that jacket off? You’re starting to sweat, come on…”

He moved to take his jacket off, sliding it out from the arms while Jennifer turned around and began to walk off. She knew that he would follow her and since the club was empty outside of the security guards. Jennifer stomped her heels off to a hallway leading to where one of the lounge areas were. She figured it would be empty, giving them a bit of privacy to know each other. All the while, Antonio just followed her. Once they moved into the lounge area with the couches, Jennifer patted the couch before turning around to look at him.

“Sit down right there for me, please.”

Following her command, Antonio sat down on the couch while he threw his jacket off to the side. Right where Jennifer wanted him, in a position where she could tease him. She stood in front of him while her back faced him. She slowly bent over, pushing her giant ass out to him as she grabbed a notepad from the little coffee table in front of her. His eyes gazed away into her enormous ass. Here he was, with one of the most beautiful asses starring him right in the face. Jennifer spoke as she bent back up.

“So…I am coming back tonight to the club, you are going to be my date.”

Antonio swallowed his breath, nodding to her. A little shocked even though he had hours to adjust to this.

“Yeah, I can’t wait. This is going to be awesome.”

Jennifer nodded to him with a smirk.

“Yes it is, so do you like to dance?”

“Yeah, but I have barely danced before.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you the way…”

Facing him, she ran her hand through the blonde streaks of her brunette hair. Jennifer leaned down as he sat over the couch, moving only inches away from his face as she smiled and spoke to him in a low seductive voice.

“If you are a good boy, there will be a special ride back to my mansion…I’ll show you a real dance routine back there.”

Leaning in, she placed a kiss over his right cheek. She wanted to see him blush before she moved up and stomped her heels over the carpet in front of the couch. Jennifer began to walk off now, leaving him there. She turned around one last time to look at him.

“I’ll be back at 8 o’clock sharp, be here for me.”

He nodded his head.

“Don’t worry, I will be!”

She stormed off, leaving him in the lounge room by himself to let the thoughts sink into his mind. Antonio was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of this. Even though he had some experience back on his birthday when he had the woman of his dreams, this was something different. He really was stepping into the deep water that his family was known for. This was J-Lo of all women, and she clearly had him on her radar. He would have some hours to gather his mind while working alongside Maria back at the office.



Back at her mansion, Jennifer prepared for this night at the club. After she had left, she couldn’t help but call Tony herself and thank him for this wonderful gift. Jennifer loved a good boy toy, some nice young fresh meat for her to dominate. She already could tell from reading Antonio’s facial expressions earlier that he would be an easy task for her. She dressed to kill tonight: a small black mini skirt with a sleeveless suit jacket hugging over it. One button with the jacket pushed against her waist, to reveal good view to her cleavage. A large black matching leather belt went over the jacket, locking it in a gold metal piece. Next, she wore a pair of gold high heels and then applied her jewelry. With big gold hoop ear rings; a pair of gold rings over her fingers of both hands, gold wrist bands and finally, the blonde streaks in her hair. Jennifer knew her black and gold look would impress.

At the club, Antonio had his work cut out most of the day. Working alongside Maria back in the office was an assured way to relieve him of stressful tension. He originally did not feel all that confident taking on Jennifer for this date night. Being young and thrust into this lifestyle on his first day at work, it was a hard trial. Now he felt he was ready, with the clock moving into the night hours and the club packing up with people. It was show time, as he seen the clock hit 8 PM. Jennifer would be back soon, he couldn’t wait to see her. He stood upstairs of the club, looking down at the dance floor and all the bright flashing lights. The club had something of a usual DJ during the week by the name of Trevor. From up above, Antonio watched the man with his work station and keyboard while he played the music.

Jennifer had arrived to the club only minutes earlier, driving herself. When she stepped into the club, the loud music pierced through her ears. She originally thought that Antonio would probably be waiting behind the white door to the V.I.P. room, but she wanted him out in the open. This was a date night after all, and she planned to grind her hips on the dance floor with him. Stepping up the large staircase leading upstairs, she seen him from across the rail. He stood just watching the action down below, a perfect place where she could surprise him with her presence. She stepped behind him, running her hand over the railing before she came inches close to him.

“Good evening, young Antonio…”

The young man turned to look at Jennifer standing to his right. His eyes gazed over her beautiful dress. The gold jewelry glimmered and shined from the lights moving from up above. She offered him her hand, while he was taken back at her beauty.

“You look beautiful tonight, Jennifer.”

Holding his hand, she smiled at him.

“So do you handsome, come on…I wanna move my body on that dance floor!”

Without giving him any chance to resent, Jennifer pulled his hand and turned around to lead him down the staircase. Together they stepped down the stairs, shuffling through people walking up. Jennifer led him around the club, moving towards the dance floor. Antonio pulled at her hand just so she would turn around and face him. The older woman had a grin on her face, all while the young man looked like he was about to have the time of his life. The song from the DJ stopped and then, Jennifer spoke to him.

“Come on, a song is about to play. I’m going to show you how I like to dance!”

“Alright! I can’t wait, yes Jennifer!”

Still holding his hand, Jennifer stepped him out on the dance floor as a slow beat began to play. This specific song seemed to have a drawn out intro with synth beats and bass. Jennifer pulled Antonio out on the dance floor and slowly moved up to him. So far in the first few seconds, he didn’t have to move much. This was right on plan for her, to take control of this young man. Once the tempo kicked up and the song broke in, Jennifer pulled his hand and then let go. Standing close to him, she began to sway her hips and dance face to face with him. The lights from above flickered, casting neon colors of yellow and blue over her cheeks. Antonio just watched her, mesmerized by her enchanting beauty and moves.

As the song changed, Jennifer quickly turned around and began to move her body more. Lowering herself, she went on to grind her hips in front of him. She wasn’t quite ready to show him the ‘twerk’ moves up against him, teasing would come first. Some people on the dance floor watched, as Jennifer began to shake her booty with thunder. Antonio just stood there, watching her breathtaking beauty as she worked it. Grinding her hips right on time to the bass of the song playing, Jennifer came to a stop as the song changed key. She quickly turned around and grabbed at Antonio’s jacket, pulling him towards her. Their faces just inches away as she smirked looking him in the face. He called out to her.

“Hot damn, you’ve got the moves!”

Letting go of his jacket and with a smirk on her face, Jennifer responded.

“We’re only beginning, my dear!”

It was time for her to unleash the ‘boom’ for him and make her booty really jiggle. The song moved on, allowing her the time to take advantage of a tempo changed. Jennifer turned from him again and this time, slowly bent over and pumped her ass into his crotch. Antonio took a deep breath, gasping as he watched her ass and felt it moving up against him. Jennifer pumped back softly, before she made a hard thrust over his crotch and forcing her ass to grind up against him. By now, his cock was twitching and standing up in his pants.

“Holy shit!”

She couldn’t hear his words over the loud music. Some bystanders on the dance floor were watching, one man who’s eyes couldn’t believe how big her ass truly was. Jennifer slowly turned around again, pumping her ass out as she leaned over and took Antonio’s hand with an inviting grin over her face. She felt his dick sticking up in his pants, without a care that they were on the dance floor. Holding his hand, she walked him backwards, stepping off the dance floor. Turning around, as they walked off the dance floor, she called out to him.

“We better get off this dance floor before we are touching too much in public!”

“Like that’s a bad thing?”

He replied smirking at her, Jennifer laughed as she faced him and placed her right hand on her hip.

“Oh yeah, I know what you’re waiting for…Let’s go back to my place. Me first, you got a car don’t you?”

“Yeah, who doesn’t have one?”

Jennifer laughed again.

“Alright, I like that in you! Young men with attitudes can get me running! I’m gonna go back to my mansion on Star Island…you better come too.”

“Are we going to be together in the car?”

“Nope, I’m not spoiling surprises my dear, Antonio. You’re going to come after me, let me give you the address.”

Stepping over to the bar, Jennifer looked around. The club was always so packed with people, that it wasn’t all the time that anyone would stop and notice a famous face such as hers. Antonio reached into his pocket for his phone before speaking up.

“I got my phone, just let me put the address on my GPS app…”

Jennifer turned to him and took the phone from his hands, showing that she was in control here.

“Let me do that, hun!”

Pushing her nails into the screen, Jennifer put the address into his GPS app for him, while he just stood there and watched. She handed the phone back over to him now as she smiled.

“I’ll be expecting you in the next hour.”

Before she walked off, she leaned over and placed a kiss over his cheek. This time, he didn’t blush. He was confident about the events that would unfold for him back at her mansion. Seconds later, Jennifer walked off leaving him by himself.



The drive during the night was nothing that Antonio couldn’t handle. Originally he may have felt nervous about this entire day with Jennifer, but those feelings were all gone at this point. There was nothing but confidence driving him now while his car raced through the MacArthur Causeway, heading right to Star Island. All he could think about was that amazing work she gave him on the dance floor, watching her ass grind over his crotch. Soon, he took the turn and made the stop at the toll booth to pass on through the little island neighborhood of big mansions.

The instructions over the GPS led Antonio to pulling his car up to a driveway, one with the gate already opened ahead of time. A shiny silver Cadillac Escalade sat in the driveway, that must have been Jennifer’s car. He parked his vehicle and got out, slamming the door behind him. He clearly was at the right address, the front door was open inviting him on. It seemed odd for Jennifer to leave the door open, but he figured she wanted to make it obvious. Antonio stepped into the front door, closing it behind him as he walked into her mansion. He called out to her while stepping apart.

“Jennifer!? I’m here!”

A laugh was heard echoing from downstairs and then, she called out to him.

“Antonio…get your ass up the stairs, now!!”

She yelled to him with authority in her voice, setting the tone that this was her house. Antonio slowly walked up the stairs, looking around until he seen the ray of light to a bedroom over to his left. He stepped in to see Jennifer standing in front of a bed, still wearing her black outfit from tonight. She smiled at him, all before giving him orders.

“Shut the door behind you, young man…”

He turned around and grabbed the door knob, all before shutting in front of him. When he turned to look at Jennifer again, she had begun to unfasten the large leather belt around her jacket. Pulling it apart, her jacket moved to show off skin while the belt fell to the floor. She then reached out and grabbed him by the jacket of his suit, pulling him towards the bed with force. Antonio sat down swiftly, taking the hint that she was in control right now. Jennifer stomped her high heels in front of him, her big golden hoop ear rings shined from the light above. All her gold jewelry sparkled brightly as she smirked and spoke to him in a low seductive voice.

“We’re about to get some real, dirty dancing going on in here…”

“Oh yeah, Jennifer?”

Without replying to him, she pulled her jacket off her arms and over her body, revealing her torso to be completely naked from under. His eyes starred at her breasts, while Jennifer turned around and moved to the stereo off to the side. She had a CD inside, one of nothing but instrumental Hip Hop tracks. She turned it on, setting the disc to play on the first track. As the beats began to play, she looked back over at Antonio. Now, she pushed her skirt down past her ankles, stomping her heels out of it. When she turned to her side, his eyes enlarged at seeing her mighty ass. A little black thong was tucked in the middle, barely visible when it came to the crack of her titanic-built ass. This was the real deal, right in front of his face and not from a music video or film. Turning her back to him, she shook her ass for a second. His eyes watched every inch of it, move around. Finally, she lowered herself down onto his lap, nestling her massive booty right on top of him. Antonio gasped his breath.

“Oh my…god!”

He could barely speak. The feeling of Jennifer’s ass over his lap had taken words right out of his mouth. For so many years, she had given a lap dance to his father. Now the tradition was being passed over to him. Jennifer began to grind her hips, pumping her ass into him at the beat of the music playing from the stereo. He placed his hands over her hips, pushing down as he breathed over her neck. She just closed her eyes, begging for him to make the move. To feel his breath rushing down her neck, was just turning her on even more. She continued to grind her hips into him, finally feeling his lips kiss up and down her neck. Antonio softly whispered into her ear.

“I know what I want to do to you, Jennifer.”

“Oh yeah?”

Kissing her neck, he moaned into her ear softly before speaking again.

“I want to pound your thick fucking ass…”

She giggled softly, still grinding that ass into him.

“Oh yeah? Like father, like son huh?”

Before giving him the opportunity to respond, she raised herself from his lap and turned around. Quickly, she sat back down on him, this time face to face. Jennifer cupped his face and leaned in to kiss him hard on the lips. She knew how insecure some young men could be and she did not want to set him off on an attitude with the comparison to his father. Though, it was all true. She knew how Tony liked to pound her ass over the years and now, his son would share that same pleasure. Kissing him passionately, she made one final move to grind her hips into him. Jennifer couldn’t help herself, she had to feel his young cock pushing into her one last time. She broke the kiss and then fell from his lap, going down to her knees.

“Damn, you know how to kiss…”

“Yep, I’ve had experience with young men like you.”

She laughed, looking up at him from her knees. She placed her hand over his crotch before tugging on his belt.

“Let’s get you undressed, Antonio! Time for some real fun!”

To help her out, he stood from the bed and began to pull his jacket and shirt off. He was in a rush to get naked and so was Jennifer. Looking down, her gold jewelry sparkled to his view from the light above. It didn’t phase his mind at all that music was still playing. Jennifer pulled his pants down after she got his bent undone. Next, she pulled his shoes and socks off, tossing them to the floor. After she pushed his pants down, he threw his undershirt off. Only his underwear remained and then she pulled them down, allowing his hard cock to spring up and nearly slap across her face. Jennifer wrapped her fingers around his young, fresh meat as she looked up into his eyes. The smile over her lips was the hint of everything to come as she began to stroke him in her little hand.

“You’ve got a nice, big hard fucking cock.”

Looking down at his hardening dick, Jennifer pushed her lips to the head and kissed it. Her eyes gazed back up at him as she breathed in.

“Just like your father!”

Antonio ignored the comment. How could he complain with this goddess of a woman on her knees for him? She opened her mouth and took his meat into her warm maw. Jennifer began to bob her head up and down slowly, sucking on his dick. Her right hand pushed into his leg while she used her left hand to cup his balls and play with them. Slowly, the singer sucked on him. Antonio just stood there and moaned. She came off his cock with a loud pop noise. Some saliva strings dripped from his dick down to the floor. Jennifer looked in his eyes as she held his cock and began to spank it against her tongue, creating loud slapping noises. He moaned out to her.

“Damn, this is amazing baby!”

She ignored his words, leaning down to use her mouth and suck on his balls. He took a deep breath, listening to her mouth slurping and sucking on his nuts. She started with the left nut before moving to his right. Using her hands, she looked up at him and shoved both of his balls between into her mouth. Her jaws puffed up while his long dick remained stretched over over her face. Jennifer released his balls from her mouth before looking up at him, saliva dripped her mouth down her chin. She had other ideas in plan for oral pleasure, not to waste this young man’s energy early on.

“Come on, I need you to lay down on the bed for me.”

He didn’t bother to object to her, sitting back down on the bed as he faced Jennifer. She was ready to take control pushing him down until his back laid on the bed. She fell on top of him and kissed his lips, sinking a passionate kiss between their lips. His hands began to travel all over her body, running down to her hips until both palms were feeling her epic ass cheeks. Antonio squeezed her ass, all while his tongue explored her mouth. Jennifer broke the kiss and leaned up while he was down on his back.

“Stay right there for me, baby.”

“Ohhhh, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good, you don’t need to move!”

Her voice was just enough to reassure him that she was in control. Jennifer turned around from him, pushing her mighty ass over his face as she reached her hand to grab his cock. This was just what she wanted, to be in a ’69’ position with this young man. While holding his cock, she sank her knees down into the bed and then called out to him.

“Pull my thong down, baby! Pull it off, with your teeth!”

Antonio’s eyes gazed up to see her thong-covered pussy hanging just over his face. He leaned his head up and used his teeth, just as she commanded. With a hard pull, he reared his head back and her thong came out from the crack of her ass and was pulled down. His eyes looked up at her pussy, dripping wet and begging for attention. Jennifer reached her hand back and grabbed the thong, pulling it hard until the stitches broke and it was torn to pieces. She threw it off to the side and then placed both her hands around his cock. Taking a deep breath, she spoke to him.

“I think you know what to do…with that tongue of yours.”

There was no chance for him to respond. Antonio closed his eyes, just as she lowered her soft mound over his mouth. Jennifer leaned up and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Just as she pushed her lips down and took his rod into her mouth, Antonio’s tongue ventured into her pussy. They began to pleasure each other, at the same time. Each time her mouth went down on his cock, his tongue was piercing into her loving cup. Jennifer moaned into his shaft, loving the pleasure he sent into her. His young tongue slithered inside her, like a snake. Jennifer came off his cock with a loud pop noise, only to brag.

“Ohhhhh, that’s it! Eat my pussy, Antonio! Eat it!!”

His hands moved up to sink his fingers down into her glorious, massive ass cheeks. Antonio just did as she was told, licking away and thrusting his tongue deep into her pussy. Jennifer brought her mouth down on his cock. She was bound and determined that they both would have orgasms in each other’s mouths to start this night off. Going back down on his cock, she furiously began to bob her head up and down on him. She picked the aggressive pace, devouring his meat stick. By now, Antonio’s fingers had sank into her ass cheeks and his tongue was moving faster and deeper into her wet pussy. Moaning into his rod, she came up again. Once more with a loud pop noise as she breathed in and closed her eyes, moaning out to him.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah!! Work that tongue, make me cum baby!!!”

Jennifer was sure that he could make her cum, just as she planned to do to him. Putting her mouth back down on his cock, she used her hand and began to bob her head furiously over his rod. She used her hand at the base, moving up in sync with her lips to stroke him at the same time she sucked it. Over and over, she didn’t stop herself. The pleasure she felt from below with him licking her pussy had sent her body into an overdrive. Over and over, she continued to suck on his cock. Antonio couldn’t speak with her laying over top of him, he gripped her ass cheeks harder with his fingers. Still, he thrust his tongue into her, just begging to make her explode into his mouth. Almost in unison, Jennifer could taste his pre-cum already. They were so close.

With her body tensing up, the moment was coming. Antonio thrust his tongue into her one final time while he knew his cock was bound to explode into her mouth, simultaneously. Jennifer buried her lips down at the base of his dick, pushing his entire length down her throat. She moaned into his shaft, sending vibrations into her body at the same time that her legs began to shake. Her orgasm had hit, filling his mouth with her juices. Right on time as his cock exploded within her mouth and filled her jaws up with his cum. Muffled moans could be heard from below each of their bodies as they cried out in pleasure. Jennifer swallowed his load, coming up from his cock to release it from her mouth with sticky strings of saliva. She was out of breath, slow to catch herself.

“Oh my god, yeah…Yes! That’s how I like it! You know how to eat it, and I love your cock!”

Slowly, she began to raise her body up and allow him to see the light in the room again as her pussy was removed from his face. Jennifer wasn’t quite done yet taking control of this young man. She wanted to remind him of the fact that she was old enough to be his mother and that he was her young fresh stud here to fuck her silly. Jennifer turned around on top of him, hovering her pussy right over his cock as she looked down at his face. Antonio had swallowed her juices down his throat minutes earlier, he gazed up at her as she spoke.

“Are you ready for more, young man?”

“Fuck yes!!! I want it, baby!”

“Mmmmm, good! I’m gonna fuck you now!”

She didn’t give him a chance to respond as her knees sank back down into the bed and his cock pierced into her pussy. Jennifer loved to be on top and give a man a ride. Thrusting herself down on his cock, she yelled out to him.

“Oh yeah, this is it! How old are you again, Antonio?”

“Ohhhhh, fuck! I’m 21!”

Jennifer laughed at him.

“Oh god, I’m old enough to be your mother! I’M GONNA FUCK YOU LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HAD BEFORE!!!”

Her words screaming at him were just a small hint of the domination that was to come. Jennifer pushed her hands down into his chest and began to pound herself up and down on him, fucking this young stud with all her strength. The bed began to shake and bounce, Antonio just starred up at her. Her breasts were bouncing up and down and with each moment of her pumping her pussy down on his cock, his balls slapped up against her powerful ass. Jennifer held nothing back, taking complete control and riding him as hard as she could. She could see see the look of pleasure over his face, including the shock that she could dominate him like this.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! You like that Antonio!?”

“Fucking yes, YES I DO!!!”

“Say my name!”

He only looked up at her, unable to respond at first. Jennifer continued bouncing on him, riding his young cock. She yelled at him again.



“Yes I am!!!”

She was satisfied that he acknowledged the fact in his words, she was the one fucking him. No young sluts, no women his own age for a hot young stud like him. Jennifer embraced her role of the older woman tonight, always loving the time she spent with a young hot stud like him. She wasn’t getting up off of him until he had made her pussy explode a second time. Over and over, she continued to push down on him. Riding him, still. His hands reached up and grabbed at her hips. Her hair shook all around wildly, just as her big golden hoop ear rings were bouncing. Her jewelry rattled a noise through all their moans. Antonio cried out to her.

“Fuck me, Jennifer!!”

Closing his eyes, he wasn’t sure if he could take it anymore. Jennifer was relentlessly, pounding down onto him as his cock thrust up into her pussy. Finally, she had begun to slow herself down. The singer looked down at him, running her hands up his chest as she looked into his eyes and began to cry out. The moment had come.


“Yes!!! Jennifer, I’m gonna-”


Her voice had quickly cut him off, drowning it out in a loud pitch. Jennifer closed her eyes as she felt her body tense up and release. Right at the same time, Antonio’s cock exploded and shot deep within her. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, embracing the pleasure of her body. Both of them remained in the same position, slowly catching their breaths. Jennifer cracked out laughing as she caught herself. Antonio smiled as he opened his eyes and looked up at the goddess.

“That…that was, fucking amazing. I’ve never had a woman ride me like that and fuck the living hell out of me.”

Still laughing, Jennifer leaned down and cupped his face between her fingers and looked him into the eyes.

“You’re well work it, hot stud.”

Pushing her lips onto his, she kissed him and moaned into his mouth. Pulling away from the kiss, she leaned up and began to climb off him. There was one last thing to do and Jennifer refused to deprive him of this pleasure. She wanted it just as much as she was aware he desired the most powerful asset of her body.

“You know hun, there’s one last hole you haven’t had your cock in yet…”

“That ass…”

Laughing to his reply, she nodded while raising her knees and releasing his cock from her pussy.

“Yes, my ass! My huge fucking ass!! Come on and get up, I want you to enjoy this…”

Offering her hand, Jennifer pulled him up off the bed as she stood her heels back into the floor. Antonio made his way up, standing before her on the bed and finally, stepping out of his underwear she had pulled down to his ankles earlier. She responded by climbing back up on the bed, falling down to her knees and raising her ass up just as he began to make his way back up on the bed and stand behind her. It was amazing, a breathtaking sight to stand there and look at Jennifer’s mighty ass pushed up for him. Seeing it in photos or in music videos was one thing, but this was the real deal in front of him. He placed his hand up on her right cheek, softly caressing her skin. She had arched herself up on all fours, her knees and the palms of her hands sunk into the bed sheets.

“Go ahead, hun…Do it, fuck my ass. I know you want to!”

He needed little encouragement beyond her words. Within seconds, he pulled apart her massive ass cheeks and moved to push his rod into her tight dark hole. Jennifer moaned feeling his cock slide into her the hole of her ass. She always loved taking it back there, she needed it at times. Closing her eyes, she moaned out to him.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah…Go on, fuck my ass.”

For Antonio, his life was getting better since he turned 21. Not only did he get to fuck his dream woman back on the night of his birthday, now he was experiencing the mighty ass of Jennifer Lopez. He looked down and at first, he couldn’t believe that he was watching his cock slowly pump into her ass. This was a moment that would live in the back of his mind forever, a lovely memory. He began to pick up the pace, pumping his dick into her ass faster. Jennifer groaned, calling out to him.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! That’s what I like! Harder! Fuck my ass hard!”

He groaned and began to thrust into her harder. Each time he pumped into her ass, his balls slapped under her massive cheeks. Jennifer’s ass was built for fucking, that was undeniable at any point of experiencing this goddess in the bedroom. Antonio moaned, enjoying every second of it while she continued to call out to him in her dirty words.

“Yeah, I just love it! Love it when my ass is filled with a nice hard, young cock! HARDER!!!”

Rearing his right hand back, he spanked her ass while still pumping into her. Jennifer moaned.

“Oh, spank it too! Just like your father would, mmmmm!!”

Needing little encouragement beyond words, Antonio reared both hands back and clapped them over her ass cheeks. Jennifer gasped, she loved it when a man didn’t hold back to spank her while plowing his cock into her back door hole. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, enjoying every second of this pleasure. While he didn’t ram her ass at the speed or intensity that his father would have, she couldn’t complain about this young man at all. He was a boy toy, just the kind that she loved.

“God, this is the best ass in the world!”

“Damn right, keep fucking it!”

His hand reared back one last time to spank the left cheek of her ass. Jennifer groaned, knowing that he would soon be blowing his last load. She had done her job to drain him of cum so far tonight, but there had to be more left. Still, he pumped his cock into her ass until finally slowing himself down. With one final thrust into her, Antonio took a deep breath and spoke.

“You know….you know Jennifer, you aren’t the first famous woman I’ve fucked.”

“Oh? But I am the oldest, right?”

Breathing in, he replied to her in a soft voice.

“Yeah, you are.”

“Tell me then, tell me who else?”

“Britney Spears. I fucked her on my birthday, just a few months ago.”

She laughed hard, all while he was moaning from behind her. She felt him slowly make one final thrust into her ass while she replied.

“Oh my god, that’s funny! So, tell me what was your favorite part about fucking her.”

He took a deep breath, watching his cock push into her ass one last time while responding.

“Oh, the best thing about it? I got to bust my nut all over her face. God, that was amazing.”

Jennifer giggled to his words.

“How about you do that for me? Let me turn around and you can blow your load all over my face too.”

“Yeah, I wanna do that.”

Swallowing his breath, Antonio stepped back and watched his cock slowly come out of Jennifer’s tight ass. Once it was free, she wasted no time turning around on the bed and facing him. He took his cock into his hand, stroking it. She smiled up at him, unable to hold back another laugh. It was funny that he would tell her this story, literally bragging about fucking another famous woman. He reminded her so much of his father. Tony did the same thing for years. Even he had bragged about fucking Britney years ago. Jennifer looked up into Antonio’s eyes, begging for him to blow his hot load.

“Cum for me! Cum all over my face, Antonio!”

The young man remembered the instructions Britney had given him on his birthday. He used his free hand to reach down to the back of Jennifer’s head and grip her hair. He held her up, facing his cock. Jennifer closed her eyes as she heard the groans in his voice. With the final stroke of his dick, he screamed out.

“Ohhhh, FUCK!!!! Ohhhhhh, GOD!!!”

His cock exploded, shooting a thick string of semen right up Jennifer’s forehead and dripping over her nose. Another wad of cum flew over her left cheek and then another string over her left eyebrow. She laughed, calling out to him.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it! Yes, cum all over my-OHH, DAMN!”

She gasped, cutting off her words as she felt a wad of his cum strike over her lips and down her chin. Bits of it got into her mouth. Jennifer laughed, smiling big as he shot the final string oh his cum up her forehead, decorating the older woman into a mess. She loved it when a young man like him did not hold back and make a mess, knowing that he had plenty of juice in those balls. Antonio breathed in, catching himself as he looked down at her face. Jennifer opened her eyes, right as the cum over her left eyebrow dripped down.

“Well! Now you can go to bed tonight knowing that you’ve gotten to blow a hot load on the face of two famous sexy women!”

Shaking his head, Antonio couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh yeah, I did!”

‘Yes you fucking did, you made a mess out of me! Let me see this cock again…”

Jennifer moaned, taking his cock into her hand one last time. She squeezed it, placing the head into her mouth to milk him of the final drops. After she was done, she kissed the head and smiled at him while using her fingers to wipe up the cum from her face and feed it to her mouth. Sucking her fingers dry.

“Mmmmm, delicious…Let’s get cleaned up and you can sleep here tonight with me, if that’s no problem.”

“Oh hell no, I ain’t about to complain about waking up next to you, Jennifer!”

Giggling at him, she crawled away from him on the bed.

“That’s my boy, just what I wanted to hear! Let me clean up this mess you made and then I will join you for a slumber, sweet Antonio.”



The afternoon came, just like any other day in town. Antonio found himself behind the wheel of his car, taking the drive out to the club. Under his shades, were the eyes of a young man reborn. He had all the confidence in the world now for the job, something he wasn’t so sure of in the weeks leading up to now. All that had changed for him at this point, he couldn’t feel any better for his work. It was quite something how one night with Jennifer Lopez could change how someone felt about work.

He had spent just one more day in her company, all after waking up in her bed. Last night Jennifer came to the club again, nothing could stop her on the dance floor. She gave a smile and wink to Antonio as he had been seen upstairs with Steven. Adjusting himself to a new sleep schedule, all so he could be on time to do his job within the club. All he could think about was her last night. Even now, driving his way out to the club he still couldn’t help but smile. It was funny that he even bragged to her about his time with Britney, careless that he left out the details of another man experiencing that night alongside him with her.

Parking at the back of the club, Antonio stepped out of his car and shut the door. He put up his sunglasses in the pocket of his jacket as he walked into the back door’s of the club. He was already becoming useless to the emptiness of the place in the early hours. No one there except the routine janitors and security guards that were always present. None of that mattered at the moment to him, as he swung the door open and lurked into the V.I.P. halls. Taking that long walk to reach his office, where he was greeted to Maria behind her desk with a phone up to her ear.

“Yeah, yeah…Call back later on. We’re busy at the moment.”

Seeing Antonio walk into the door, she quickly put the phone down and greeted him with a smile.

“Good to see you again, I am going to have to get used to having you around here to help me out.”

He grinned at her, stepping through the door.

“That’s fine by me, I’m here to help.”

The phone began to ring again, irritating the young blonde assistant. She looked back up up at Antonio one last time.

“Oh yeah, Steven wants you to be here over the weekend…says he’s got something planned for you.”

She answered the phone, leaving him there to think over his uncle while he walked over to his desk. Whatever it was, he couldn’t deny that he was looking forward to working at the club now.


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