Big Booty Bitches Ch. 15

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 15

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kate Upton

Codes:  MMF, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The sunset moved over the sky, painting the horizon in bright colors of orange fading into pink. The sun was beginning to sink down into the ocean waters, just as it did any other night. The traffic lights blinked from red to green, cars moved as the city began to fade into the night life of Miami. Steven Diaz found himself slowly driving along in his Cadillac, headed right for the club as usual. It was a Friday night, the traffic was bad as expected. The club, Disco Fever would be packed as anyone who worked would expect. This was no ordinary night, at least. He was on duty with his nephew for a change, a promise he made to the young man to introduce him into the wild life of club management.

So far, the plan was rocking smooth. Steven had full control of the club, leaving Tony out of the spotlight and back to his own personal life. That was just the way Steven liked it, he could manage and accomplish far more when he had his older brother out of the picture. Ramón was always around for help, and now his younger brother Carlos was coming back into the fold. Steven still refuse to deal with Carlos, he would remain on his shit list until there was a chance at true redemption. Right now, Steven’s main focus was mentoring Tony’s son into the business while managing a growing relationship with Emily Ratajkowski in his off time.

Last week, Emily had left Steven to go back to L.A. with production for a movie. He texted with her daily, little messages to remind one another that they remained in each other’s thoughts. Without her in town at the moment, he had been feeling a bit lonely. He was far from done with the swinger lifestyle that he had been living in now for so long. Perhaps this weekend, he would get lucky again. He didn’t think too much on it while parking his Cadillac into the back parking spot behind the club. Opening the door, he sighed while standing up. Over his body, he wore purple undershirt with a black blazer jacket with the sleeves rolled up and matching black pants. He entered the club, just as he did every other night from the back door.

As soon as Steven had walked in, the sound of the music hit his ears with intensity. Friday night was always the best night that a high paid DJ would be in control of the music. The bright lights shined and faded in a ray of neon colors. He ignored all of this and climbed up the staircase, just as he did any other night. He approached the white V.I.P. door and standing in front of it was none other than Maria. The young blonde assistant sighed in relief when she seen Steven stepping towards her.

“Steven, thank god you’re here.”

“Maria, what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing, just glad to see you again.”

She giggled, leaning back against the door to tease him. Steven was somewhat confused with Maria’s behavior. She wasn’t one to ever flirt with him, so he immediately wondered if she had a few drinks so far tonight. It wasn’t worth arguing with her, he just nodded and changed the subject with his next words.

“Is Antonio back in the offices?”

“Yeah, he’s been working at the computer.”

“Alright, I’m going to go in and talk to him.”

Maria stepped aside, before gripping the gold knob to the white door and opening it. She and Steven both walked into the inner halls of the V.I.P. area to the club. Steven had to fetch Antonio, knowing that he promised to show him a good time in the club to pay off from the hard work. While they walked down the halls, Maria spoke up.

“He works himself too much at the computers. Works a lot harder than Carlos.”

Steven chuckled, still walking to the offices.

“That’s not a bad thing, Carlos is next to useless.”

“Yeah, I know! I learned that the hard way!”

Stopping at the back offices, Steven reached for the door knob and slowly opened it. He entered the room to find Antonio across from the desks, sitting at the computer typing away at something. Antonio still was wearing his black pinstriped suit, not one to take it off when he was working. He smiled at his nephew before speaking up.

“Hey! You look busy over there!”

The young man looked up to see his uncle, a dumbfounded look on his face told him that he wasn’t expecting a visitor. Antonio replied.

“Oh! Yeah, not really. I’m just sitting here going through emails at the moment.”

Steven smiled, patting the door with his hand.

“Well, it’s Friday night…Come on, let’s have some fun downstairs. You’re young and I know you’ve got energy in you. Come on.”

Maria had retreated out the halls and back to the door outside the V.I.P. entrance. She wasn’t particularly waiting for anyone now that Steven had arrived on schedule, but she liked to stand there near the bodyguards and observe the upstairs of the club with her watchful eye. Over the stairs, was a woman stepping her way up in a pair of large platform heels. Her blonde hair waved, as she made her way up the stairs. Maria looked forward to see this girl, who was much taller than her. Strong legs stomped forward as the curves in her white dress moved. She had a low cut dress, revealing massive cleavage. This was a voluptuous built woman, absolutely gorgeous to Maria’s eyes. She was much taller than herself, walking close to the door. Maria smiled and greeted the girl.

“Can I help you?”

The woman ignored Maria, smirking at one of the bodyguards standing by the door. She then spoke to the tall black man standing close by.

“Can you help me? I’m looking for Steven Diaz.”

In that instance, Maria couldn’t believe herself. Was this girl seriously ignoring her for a bodyguard? She replied to her in an aggravated tone.

“Steven Diaz is currently busy!”

The girl smirked, her smug attitude revealing as she replied to the assistant.

“Yeah, okay. Tell him that Kate Upton would like to have a drink with him downstairs.”

She turned around and walked off. Only in that in second did Maria notice this was truly the buxom supermodel herself. The bodyguard standing near her didn’t respond at all. A couple seconds later, the door opened behind her, Steven and Antonio both stepping out. Maria turned and spoke.

“Oh, there you are…Someone wants to meet you downstairs, Steven.”

“Oh yeah, anyone important.”

The blonde assistant sighed.

“Yeah, Kate Upton.”

Antonio’s jaw dropped.

“Kate Upton? Fucking seriously?”

Maria laughed at the younger man.

“Yeah, fucking seriously! She wants to meet Steven.”

Steven looked over at Antonio, it was easy for him to read the young man’s face. He could tell that he obviously wanted to meet Kate too. He patted him on the shoulder.

“Come on, let’s go see if this is a joke or a prank.”

The two walked off, approaching the staircase to head down to the lower level of the club. Antonio couldn’t believe it. Just last week he had met a famous woman who blew his mind, not to mention that on his birthday he had the greatest surprise ever with his dream crush. Now he had the chance to meet Kate Upton, a real dream come true. He almost wanted to beginning drooling over himself by the time they made it down the stairs. Sure enough, near the bar was a tall blonde haired girl. The resemblance to Kate Upton was very striking. She turned to look at both Steven and Antonio walking towards her. At that moment, Antonio knew this was no joke at all. Steven smirked at her and nodded.

“Are you Kate Upton?”

The blonde girl smirked before replying.

“Are you Steven Diaz?”

Steven nodded, Antonio looked back at his uncle and then at Kate. She could see the dumbfounded look over the younger man’s face, something Kate always got a chuckle out of.

“So Kate, you are about the last person I expected to come seek me out. I don’t believe I am a lucky man to win a date with the sexiest super model in the country, so what is the occasion you came to this club?”

“Your friend Jennifer…Remember?”

“Is her middle name is Love?”

Kate nodded her head. It finally hit Steven in his mind, the dirty things he had done with Jennifer Love Hewitt some months back.

“So it was you on the other end of that phone…”

She giggled, smirking with a mischievous grin as she approached Steven. Her huge cleavage hung merely inches away from his chest, forcing his eyes to glance down and then back up at her as she replied.

“Yes, it was! I knew something was going on.”

While Kate stood tall up to Steven, all Antonio could do was watch. The buxom blonde spoke again.

“I would like to have some drinks with you, I’ve heard a lot about you from Jennifer.”

She turned, facing the bar and then Steven figured it was best to introduce her to Antonio. He didn’t want his nephew to feel left out.

“Kate, I’d like you to also meet Antonio.”

The younger man took a deep breath as she turned to look at him. Kate smirked, seeing how easy she made the young man blush was pretty funny.

“Hi Antonio, you look pretty excited.”

“Excited? Well, yeah! I never thought I’d be meeting Kate Upton!”

She laughed before turning back to Steven and raising her eyebrow up at him.

“I’m not here to waste time. I want to have some fun, so how about we all dance?”

Kate looked over at Antonio, offering her left hand out to him while Steven took a hold of her right hand. She found herself led by both of the men now, as they walked her out to the dance floor. The sound of heavy dance music always pumped from the speakers in Disco Fever, right now a slow beat was playing with a lot of bass. The DJ that had been assigned for Friday nights was none other than Trevor, his music specialized in instrumentals with lots of bass and synth keyboards. Right now, Kate was where she wanted to be: the center of attention. it was always fun to have men competing over her, this made her glad that Steven had his nephew there to dance too. While the music played, she let go of their hands and began to sway from them on the dance floor.

Suddenly the song changed, the intro played to a beat of old school Disco. Kate turned to look at Antonio and gave him a smirk. She grabbed his hand and pulled the young man close to her, allowing her heavy cleavage to push up against his chest. She was teasing him, watching his eyes grow as he looked down at her big tits, all before she turned around and took Steven’s hand. Kate twisted, turning herself around and bumping her ass up against Steven’s crotch. He grinned, pulling her close to him as they continued dancing. At the same time, Antonio couldn’t help but move towards Kate. Their dancing was less in skill and more in touching one another on the floor. Kate didn’t care whatsoever of anyone watching them, there was so many people on the dance floor, it didn’t matter.

The dancing was far from skilled between the three of them. Kate didn’t care, she just wanted to tease both of them. Jennifer had admitted to her the truth about the phone conversation just a few weeks ago. She couldn’t stop talking about Steven or his cousin to the point, Kate had become somewhat jealous. She and Jennifer had been friends after meeting in L.A. a few years ago. Kate enjoyed keeping a wild private life all to herself, something Steven would soon find out once she had lured him away from the dance floor. Once the song began to stop and fade into a new number, she stomped off the floor, watching as the two men followed behind her. Antonio smiled big, showing his pearly white teeth as they began to walk away.

“One up to you, Kate! This was a lucky night!”

She held up her hand, allowing Antonio to give her a high-five. Kate then turned her attention to Steven, it was time to take on a private discussion away from here.

“How about that drink, Steven? I’d like to be alone with you for a chat, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, Kate…wanna go up to my office?”

The blonde smirked and nodded. Steven looked back at Antonio and gave him a nod.

“Wait here, this won’t be long.”

Sadly for the younger man, he had to watch one famous woman he thought about often as she followed up the stairs with his uncle. Antonio was just now discovering the truth among his family, how they did business and had connections into the high life of Hollywood women. His experience with J-Lo had taught him to expect the unexpected, now it was Kate Upton. Steven took Kate through the halls of where the inner V.I.P. section of the club was. She looked over her shoulder, seeing that there were people around in the hall as she tugged on his arm. She wanted to go some place private and Steven didn’t disappoint, walking her through the hall that led to the lounge room. Kate immediately could see there was no door, a shame that someone could easily walk in on them.

“So, Kate….”

Steven looked at her as she let of his arm and he walked over to the white couch, overlooking the coffee table while he spoke.

“You’re friends with Jennifer Love and that was you over that phone…I’m certainly impressed, what a coincidence.”

She smirked when his eyes gazed back up at her. Kate’s eyes were beautiful blue eyes were so enticing. Her body may have been a fortress of seduction, but her eyes were another thing. Kate crossed her arms over her little white dress, pushing her heavy cleavage up to tease him further before she answered him back.

“Yeah, that was me. We’ve been friends for a few years now.”

“That’s funny. I just figured I’d ask you something, when did you know that Jennifer was lying about what was really going on with the phone? I mean…I thought she handled herself pretty well giving you a bullshit story.”

Kate giggled before smirking again.

“How about a better question; who did you think you were fooling, exactly? I knew she was doing something kinky with a man, just based on what I’ve done with her before. Why would you think Jennifer handled that situation so well? Simple, experience.”

Steven looked back down at the coffee table and then back at Kate. Now he understood. it was almost funny how Kate was revealing this to him, he knew there was something truly naughty about Jennifer Love. From his experience with her, that was enough to tell him what kind of woman she was.

“I guess you’re right, no way I could argue with you on that.”

She laughed at him before rolling her eyes and taking in a sigh.

“Oh please…a man like you? Of course, you’re not arguing with me.”

Still smirking at him, Steven was quite amused by her smugness. He moved to sit on the couch. Kate’s heels clacked over the floor as she moved to stand by him. She placed her hand on her hip and remained starring down at him with that arrogant grin on her face. Steven could clearly see that she was used to being the center of attention. He figured it was better to play into her game here, to stroke her already inflated ego some more.

“So Kate, tell me about what Jennifer had spoken to you about. What did she tell you about me?”

The buxom blonde laughed at him before replying.

“Oh my god, what did she tell me!? Well, first of all…”

She moved to sit down next to him on the couch, tracing her eyes to him.

“She told me about the phone incident. What was really going on while she told me a made up story, and you were pumping your cock between those big tits of hers…”

Kate moved close to him, placing her hand on his leg to tease him further while she continued speaking.

“Then, she told me about how you’ve got a really big dick…Just the kind that she likes from a Latin stallion, that was her exact words.”

Steven’s eyes narrowed down, seeing Kate’s hand on his right leg before he looked back at her with a smile over his face.

“Latin Stallion, huh? Jennifer really called me that?”

The blonde girl nodded her head, no need to tell him ‘yes’ in words. Steven just nodded with a smile over his face. He would have to take her word for it.

“Did she explain to you what we did the next day after the club?”

“Of course she did, you fucked her. Only, you brought your cousin to help you out.”

Kate giggled while Steven listened to her continue.

“I guess I should tell you, she likes to have more than one man take her from time to time.”

“And what about you, Kate?”

She began to move her hand over his leg, allowing the texture of his pants to be felt over her fingertips. She looked back up at him and finally responded after a few seconds.

“I can always handle two together, but you’re the Diaz man that I wanted to see. What did you think? That I came to Miami just to shoot for a magazine and maybe catch a Heat game?”

Moving closer to him, her hand ran up over his chest as Kate had moved inches close to his face. She wanted to force the temptation on him, as if her dazzling beauty wasn’t enough to do it. She spoke in a low seductive tone of voice.

“I want to get fucked while I’m in town. I trust my friend when it comes to judgement of men to associate myself with. I need someone low key, someone I can maybe come back to again.”

Without giving him a chance to kiss her, she moved back and then quickly got off the couch. Kate turned her back to him, as her heels clicked over the floor. She wasn’t about fast moving type men. It was better to let the burn of seduction sink in, to drive a man insane with the dirty thoughts he could be thinking of. When she turned to look back at Steven, he had crossed his legs while looking up at her and simply gave her a nod.

“Go on Kate, you’ve got my attention.”

A typical answer to her ears. Like yeah duh, I’ve got your attention, she thought to herself.

“I’ve got a luxury apartment not far from here. Get out your phone, I’m going to get you to put this address down.”

Just outside of the V.I.P. entrance, it was all business as usual back at the club. Antonio couldn’t just sit back and relax no matter how enticing the up beat dance music could be. Of all the women in the world, he had just danced with Kate Upton. It was a dream come true, and now he found himself upstairs standing outside the white door that led to the V.I.P. rooms. He didn’t have the balls to walk in, afraid to see this woman of his dreams with his uncle. It was kinda like Maria had hinted to him last week, the hint about what ‘really goes on’ with his father and uncle. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to sit outside and wonder if Kate was blowing his uncle, or something more kinky than that. He wished it was him, but he didn’t want to walk in and witness such a thing. It would only keep him up at night wishing that it was him experiencing her.

Suddenly the door opened and Antonio watched as Kate walked out. She had a smirk over her face. He moved to try and talk to her, following her as she walked towards the stairs leading down. It wasn’t obvious to him yet that she was ignoring him.

“Hey Kate!”

It eventually had hit him that she was indeed ignoring him. She didn’t even turn to look at him, just walking down the stairs. He stopped himself and simply watched her figure move down each step. Antonio sighed, here was one of the women of his dreams walking away. From behind him, Steven began to approach his nephew. He placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder to get his attention, forcing him to turn around.

“Hey Antonio, you want that girl don’t you?”

“Yeah…It’s Kate Upton, of course I do.”

Steven nodded, a huge smile was crossed over his lips.

“Alright, listen up: I’m gonna pick you up tomorrow. You want your shot with here, I ain’t gonna leave you out on this. I’ve been invited to her place, and you’re coming with me.”

“That…that sounds good.”

“Good, now go home and get yourself some rest Antonio…”

He laughed at the young man while patting him on the shoulder.

“You’re gonna need it. Just make sure you have some swim trunks ready for tomorrow, I’ll be picking you up in the afternoon.”



The sun reflected down on the large pool of water, illuminating the view around the bright blue coloring of the walls under the surface. The sound of water splashing could barely be heard, along with the wind blowing past the palm tress just outside. Kate stepped her foot into the water, feeling the coldness around her skin before she ventured deeper into the water until it consumed over her knees. This was her sanctuary, a perfect spot upstairs of her apartment with a private pool from the balcony.

If Steven had the balls to show up after her temptation the previous night, she couldn’t find a better place to reveal herself rather than the swimming pool. It wasn’t even worth questioning him, she knew that as a man he would show up. Kate had given him the instructions to arrive at her apartment, reminding him to wear a pair of swim shorts and be prepared for a pool day. Her dear friend, Jennifer Love had talked quite often about her experience with him. Kate figured it was best to take advantage of a friendship when she was in Miami, someone to lean on for some fun. She dove underwater, thinking about it as she enjoyed the moment soaking in the sun in the pool.

From the opposite end of the pool, she could look forward to where the back doors were that led to the outside balcony. Kate pushed her arms out and began to swim forward, just when she seen what appeared to be the figure of a man in the reflection behind the glass doors. She figured that this must be Steven arriving, so she dove underwater. Kate had hoped that she could create a scene for him to witness in her reveal. While underwater, she could not hear the sound of the door moving but she trusted her gut extincts that he had arrived by this point. She continued to swim forward to the entrance steps at the front of the pool. Her head surfaced and then, she raised her hands up through her hair to look at the figures of two men. Her epic breasts bounced as she surfaced her upper body out of the water.

Antonio stood next to his uncle, as the figure of a goddess was down in the pool. Kate smiled at both of them as she ran her hands over the sides of her forehead. She stepped forward, her huge tits bouncing in a little white bikini top. It was obvious that the top was tied, for it was too small to contain her large breasts. Kate’s body created splashes through the water as she reached for the hand rail and began to climb out of the pool. Streams of water dripped from her smooth skin, every inch of her voluptuous body was amazing through the ray of sunlight from above.

“Hello Steven…”

Her feet stomped over the steps outside the pool. Both, Antonio and Steven wore matching black jackets. She could tell from underneath, they were both shirtless as well and their feet were slipped into pairs of flip-flops. Kate looked back over at Antonio and smirked, deciding to toy with this boy’s emotions.

“I don’t remember your name.”

“I’m Antonio.”

The younger man smiled at her, but Kate ignored him. She looked over at Steven while he began to unbutton his jacket, revealing his stomach before he dropped it on the marble stone walkway under them. Her eyes just watched as he threw the jacket to the ground, standing tall in a pair of pastel pink swim trunks. Kate smirked.

“Mmmmm, you’re looking good, papi…”

It had been a long time since Steven had heard a girl call him ‘papi’, not in some years, did he hear that word in reference to him. Antonio pulled apart his jacket, following his uncle as he let it drop to the ground as well. Kate glanced over at him but simply nodded her head. Already, the blonde goddess was beginning to drive him crazy. He felt as if she was ignoring him in favor of his uncle. Kate turned around and looked over her shoulder. She gave Steven a wink before she began to retreat back into the water. His eyes narrowed down and watched her wet ass, tucked between the bikini thong she wore. Steven and Antonio both kicked off their flip flops and now, it was time to venture into the water with her. Steven sighed once he felt the water drowning over his ankles and down his legs while he stepped in.

“Damn, this water is fucking cold…”

Kate laughed at Steven’s words. By now, she had ventured to the center of the water and turned around to watch them.

“Nice and cold it is, just perfect when it’s hot outside.”

Once both of the men had moved into the water until it reached over their chests, Kate offered her right hand out for Steven. Her goal was to toy with the younger man’s emotions, playing with the older man to easily make him jealous. When she had two men together, she liked to see how far she could drive one into competition. Antonio couldn’t see her hand holding Steven’s from under the water, so Kate smirked towards the young man as she pulled herself towards Steven. Her huge tits pushed up against his chest as Steven wrapped his around her back. Kate turned and looked to Antonio as he began to swim towards them. She glanced up at Steven before speaking.

“You know, he looks a lot like you. Is that your son?”

Steven glanced at Kate and then back at Antonio. He winked at his nephew, letting him know of the game he was about to play with her. He was going to lie to her, just to play into the fantasy.

“Yeah babe, that’s my son.”

Kate looked over at the younger man, seeing the nervous look over his face before she smirked. They did have a strong resemblance, both of them with slicked back short brown hair. Only, Antonio had a light mustache under his nose.

“Oh wow, papi. I can see the resemblance. He looks just like you.”

Making the first move, Kate placed her hands up on his chest and looked into Steven’s eyes. All Antonio could do was watch as the most famous super model in the country pushed her lips against the older man and kissed him softly. After the soft little kiss, she looked over at Antonio and gave him a smug grin before she began to swim away from Steven. So far, Steven had noticed that she focused all her attention onto him and nothing towards Antonio. That would be something he worked to change real soon. Kate had turned her back to them before she moved to the steps and quickly rose out of the pool. Her feet stomped a splash through the steps while both of them looked at her tight ass.

Water dripped down from her beautiful body, just like before. She turned around and looked at both of them while she reached her hands back and played with the strings holding her top together. She pulled it, causing her big tits to bounce.

“Papi, come help me take this off.”

Once again, she ignored Antonio in favor of Steven. The older man looked back at his nephew and gave him a reassuring nod. He knew that Antonio had to feel some disappointment that she wasn’t giving any focus on him. Steven wasn’t greedy towards him whatsoever. He knew that the future remained in the young man, and that he would be the one holding the torch down the road. Slowly, Steven stepped up the rail to meet Kate. She stood in front of them like a young goddess, a shadow falling over the waters of the pool. As he stood up to her tall body, Kate looked him in the eyes while he reached behind her to undo the strings holding her top together. Her wet hair was slicked back behind her, right where it needed to be and not a distraction.

After Steven had untied her top, Kate pulled it from him and reveal her amazing breasts to him. His eyes wandered down, amazed at the size of those wet tits from his sight. Kate dropped the bikini top to the ground and then placed her hands over her breasts, holding them up for him. She pushed them up against his chest before pressing her lips to him and kissing him passionately, allowing him to feel her hardened nipples up against his chest. All the while, Antonio watched from the pool as he began to move closer to the steps. Upon breaking the kiss, Steven stepped back a bit and turned to look at the pool. As he seen Antonio coming up the steps, he motioned to Kate by pointing to him.

“Give my son a turn.”

Kate turned to Antonio and then Steven winked down at him. He couldn’t resist calling him ‘son’, since at the end of the day, Antonio was the closest thing he had to a son he never had. His own son Jacob didn’t have much to do with him outside of his football career at college, but Steven could see himself within Antonio’s young mind. Kate approached Antonio standing on the steps. She presented her breasts to him, before leaning in and kissing him. Antonio wrapped his arms around her, pushing those big boobs up against his chest before he moaned into her mouth. She broke the kiss, only to look back over at Steven. In Kate’s mind, she was still going to favor the father over the supposed son.

“I’ve never had a father and son together like this, not at the same time.”

Steven reached for Kate’s hand, she looked down to see his cock sticking straight up in his swim shorts. She knew what to do now. Moving away from the steps of the pool, Kate fell down to her knees and then the two men came around her. Steven moved to the right side, while Antonio stepped to the left. Out of the pool, their bodies dripped puddles of water over the marble stone floor underneath. Antonio was the first to remove his pants, sliding them down as his cock came out. Kate looked up at his meat and licked her lips, but ignored him for now. Using her left hand, she gripped the front of Steven’s pink swim trunks and pulled them down until his cock sprung out.

By now, Antonio had stepped out of his swim trunks and kicked them to the side. The wind blew, causing their wet skin to become cold momentarily. Steven moved his feet out of the swim trunks and then Kate smiled up at him as she wrapped her right hand around his cock. She turned to look at Antonio and grabbed a hold of his dick with her left hand. She stroked their rods together at the same time, simultaneously. Her big blue eyes looked over at Steven before she turned to give Antonio equal eye contact. While stroking their cocks in her hands, she giggled.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah, you’re definitely father and son. Look at how big these fucking cocks are…”

Kate turned to Steven and decided to give him attention first. She looked in his eyes while lowering her mouth and running her tongue over the head in a circular motion. Her left hand continued to stroke Antonio’s rod as she lowered her mouth down and began to suck on Steven’s cock. ‘Mmmmmm’, her voice purred as she moaned over his cock and began to bob her head up and down on it. While she sucked on his uncle, Antonio reached down and playfully squeezed one of her tits in his hands. He had always dreamed of touching Kate Upton’s boobs and here they were in plain sight. Steven moved his hand down on the back of her head, controlling her to push her mouth down while she moved her lips up and down on his cock. Steven eventually pulled her wet hair, to force her mouth and make a loud pop noise as she came off his cock. Still holding her by the hair, he moved her head towards Antonio and spoke an order to her.

“Suck on his dick now, babe.”

She looked down at Antonio’s meat pole and licked her lips before spitting on it.

“Mmmmm, gladly.”

Kate looked up into Antonio’s eyes as she lowered her mouth over the head of his cock. Steven let go of her hair and Antonio had moved his hand off her breast to watch her mouth go down on his cock. While she began to bob her head up and down on his cock, her right hand slid over Steven’s dick and stroked his slobber coated shaft before letting go. She came up from Antonio’s rod, forcing her mouth to pop off it loudly, and then she looked back over to her right side at Steven’s rod. He grabbed his cock and began to beat it up against one of her big tits while his other hand ran down into her wet hair and gripped the back of her head. Kate moaned, gritting her teeth as she stroked Antonio’s dick and watched Steven beat his rod up against her nipple.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah! Come on, both of you! Beat those big dicks up against my tits!”

Before Antonio could grip his cock, Kate squeezed her fingers tightly around it. She moved it up against her other breast and then, she began to smack it up against her nipple. The slapping sounds of her wet breasts created a rhythm louder than the ambiance of the pool’s water. Steven pulled her hair to force her look up at him before he leaned down and softly kissed her lips. Kate moaned, she loved the feeling of their cocks spanking up against both her huge breasts. Wrapping her hand back around Steven’s rod, she held it up and brought her lips back down on it. She had come to a stop from spanking their cocks on her tits and now, she had to taste them once again. Steven took a deep breath before bragging loudly.

“Oh yes, that’s fucking nice. Suck it baby!”

Her lips slurped and created a number of sucking sounds while she worked Steven’s rod back in her mouth. Just like before, Kate stroked Antonio’s cock in her hand while she sucked on the older man’s dick. She moved off Steven’s rod with a string of spit dangling down her chin before she wrapped her lips back around Antonio’s rod. Her right hand stroked over Steven’s cock while her mouth bobbed up and down on Antonio’s dick. The younger man moaned, all before Kate moved off his rod and alternated back to Steven’s. She sucked on one for a little bit of time, before alternating to the next. After she had made the move twice, a couple strings of spit dangled from her chin and dripped down over her big boobs. When Kate took Antonio’s cock back into her mouth, he reached down and grabbed her breasts in both hands. Steven instantly realized that his nephew wanted something else.

“Kate, fuck him with your tits.”

Hearing Steven’s words, she moaned over Antonio’s dick and then released it from her mouth with an audible pop noise and a couple saliva strings dangling back to his slobber coated rod.

“Mmmmm, yes papi.”

She let go of both their cocks, freeing them from her grasp. Next, Kate turned to her left and brought her hands down to grip her huge breasts. Antonio was in for a ride, and was about to live a dream. When she held her breasts up for him, he moaned as she smashed them together. His cock resting between them, he took a deep breath as he embraced the experience.

“Holy shit…Those titties…”

“Mmmm, yeah. I know, no one can resist them.”

She smirked at the young man seeing as he was hypnotized by her breasts. Antonio had achieved something beyond his wildest dreams. Though he had the birthday of a lifetime with his ultimate dream crush and a weekend with J-Lo, this was something else. Never before had he fucked a pair of tits, and here he was with the most famous breasts in the country wrapped around his cock. Antonio spoke to her in a crying voice.

“Oh god, yes! Fuck me with your tits, Kate!”

“And suck on me while you fuck him.”

Kate turned her head to see Steven’s words to see him holding his cock towards her mouth. She turned her head and enveloped her lips around the head of his cock while her tits began to pump up and down over Antonio’s dick. His cock had completely vanished between her epic breasts, only the head popped up with each pump. Kate closed her eyes while she slobbered and sucked on Steven’s dick. He placed his hand on the back of her head to push his cock further into her mouth. His rod inflated her left jaw momentarily. Kate moved her head, forcing Steven’s rod to pop out of her mouth hard. She moaned, before coming to a sudden stop with her breasts.

“Come on, papi! I want you to fuck my tits too!”

It wouldn’t be fair if only one man could slide his cock between her big beautiful breasts. Kate let go of her breasts, freeing Antonio from her epic cleavage before she turned around to Steven. This time, she got herself in position with her head turned. All she had to do was look in Antonio’s eyes, giving him the signal that she wanted to suck on him while she titty fucked Steven. Antonio slid his cock right between her lips just as Kate felt Steven’s meat packed between her breasts. She moaned over Antonio’s cock, just as she squeezed her breasts together and began to rock them up and down on Steven’s fat dick. Steven couldn’t help but moan as Kate’s tits pumped up and down over his cock. He placed his hand down on her shoulder, locking her in place as he began to buck his hips. He grinned and couldn’t but joke to the younger man about it.

“She’s quite the beauty, eh son?”

“Fuck yeah! She has like, the best tits ever!”

Steven couldn’t help but laugh. Antonio didn’t seen bothered at all with the reference as ‘son’. In a way, Antonio was like the son he never had anyway. He had grown more close to his nephew than he currently was with his own son. For Antonio, he always was on better terms with his uncle to work alongside. He was often isolated socially from his father Tony, but none of that mattered now. This was a true bonding moment for him with his uncle as Kate slobbered all over his cock, while Steven’s rod was pumping between her beautiful breasts. Kate moaned while she slurped and sucked on Antonio’s cock before moving her lips off it with a loud pop noise. She looked down to see Steven’s cock driving between her tits and then she giggled before speaking.

“Ohhhh, yeah papi! You know how to fuck those big tits! I’m ready to feel both of these hard cocks inside me!”

He came to a stop, moving his hand from her shoulder as Kate let go of her breasts. Both, Steven and Antonio stepped back to allow Kate to rise from her knees. Antonio had stepped in front of her and then Kate wrapped her fingers around his cock. She turned to look over her shoulder to see Steven coming behind her, before she dropped her lip to tease him.

“Oh, papi! You gonna take me from behind?”

With a big grin, Steven nodded his head.

“Yeah, you know what you need baby girl? You need to take it up the ass from your papi first.”

“Mmmmmm, yeah. And your son can fuck my pussy, that would be so hot. Mind taking off my bottoms, papi?”

“Not a problem, baby girl.”

Using his hand, Steven reached for the little strings that were tied around her thong-shaped bikini bottoms. He pulled it, just as it came apart and into his hands. Kate’s bare ass was revealed to him, while Antonio’s eyes looked at her wet pussy. It was shaved, absolutely beautiful. After disrobing her thong, Steven tossed it off to the side where her bra had been disposed. She was enjoying him call her ‘baby girl’, just another excuse for her to constantly refer to him as ‘papi’, making it even sexier to her. Kate looked forward at Antonio who stepped back. His feet splashed into the water while she kept her hand gripped on his cock and stepped forward, forcing him to walk back in pool.

Steven was behind her and raised his hand back to slap the right cheek of her ass playfully. She giggled, while leading Antonio forward. Once they were all in the water, Kate let go of Antonio’s cock and faced him. Steven was behind her as he moved his hands to wrap around her stomach, only in the water, Kate floated herself up. She wrapped her legs around Antonio’s body and now, the two men had to position their cocks underwater into her waiting holes. The water moved up through Kate’s breasts, while she pushed herself up against Antonio and smirked at him. Steven brought his hand down to guide his cock into her ass, just as Antonio tried to move his rod under the water with his hand, looking for her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, you’re close! Let me help you!”

Kate moved her hands underwater until Antonio felt her fingers wrapping around his cock. She looked in his eyes and smirked as she guided his cock into her pussy. She could feel Steven’s cock pushing into her dark back door hole and now, Antonio’s rod pushed into her pussy. At last, both of their cocks were inside her. Steven wrapped his arm around her stomach as he slowly thrust his rod into her ass. Kate moaned, pushing her breasts up against Antonio’s chest before moaning out.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! That’s it! Fuck me! Come on!”

They remained in the middle of the pool, floating above the water. Steven was taller than his nephew, so the water only reached half way up to his chest. He thrust his hips underwater, slamming his cock into Kate’s ass, while she had wrapped her legs around Antonio and forced him to balance back into the water. His cock drove into her pussy, causing her to moan out louder.

“Oh yeah, I like that! Come on, fuck me with those fucking cocks!”

Just as Steven pounded her from behind, Kate pushed her body weight over Antonio and caused him to go underwater. She giggled as they turned a bit, though Steven was instantly alerted that this position in the body of water was not helping them. He pulled his cock from her ass, and leaned back in the water.

“Kate! Antonio! Over here!”

Underwater, Antonio pushed his mouth over her left nipple and sucked on her tits. Kate had turned until they both had went under water until she unwrapped her legs around his body and allowed herself to swim up and free from him after surfaces She looked up at Steven and began to swim forward to him as he was standing near the steps. Antonio’s head rose from the water and he took in a deep breath before he followed Kate. Steven motioned his hand to Kate.

“Come on baby girl, I gotta better idea. Let me sit down here.”

Looking over the steps, Steven lowered himself down and sat on the middle, stretching his feet into the water. He motioned his hand for Kate to come closer and then spoke again.

“Turn around Kate, then lower yourself down on me…Antonio can take you from in front.”

She giggled.

“Alright papi, that’ll work.”

While sitting down, Steven moved his hand to hold his dick up. Kate turned around and faced Antonio as she moved to lower her ass down onto Steven’s rod. She took a deep breath feeling his cock slide into her. Looking at Antonio, she spread her legs out and offered her pussy to him. The younger man moved forward and then used his hand to push his cock back into her. Like before, Kate now had both of their dicks inside her. Steven moved his hands over her chest, while Kate pushed her hands down into one of the steps under her so both men could thrust themselves into her. The wind began to blow, while she yelled out to them.

“Yes, go on! Fuck me! I want to feel those big fucking dicks pounding into me!!! OHHHH, YEAH!!!”

Antonio grunted in between moaning. As he pumped his cock into her pussy, those huge breasts began to bounce up and down. Steven pushed her down before pumping up, thrusting his hips as his cock began to pound into her tight ass. Outside of the body of water, it was easier for both of them to buck their hips and pound into Kate’s holes.


With her huge breasts flopping up and down, Kate closed her eyes and screamed out. Her voice echoed into the air while both of them pounded their huge cocks into her. Antonio reached his hand out to grip the railing on the left side of the steps. He was afraid that he would he would end up slipping, so he took his feet a few steps down into the water as he continued to pound his cock into her. Steven didn’t move one bit, still holding her up and bucking his hips to allow his cock to explore into her ass. Antonio couldn’t help but yell out.

“Oh my god, you’re so tight Kate!”


Kate’s eyes remained closed while she gritted her teeth and screamed out. She wanted one of them to force her over the edge, knowing that they also would fill her holes with cum. Over and over, Antonio quickly pumped his cock into her pussy while Steven worked at a slower pass under her. As badly as Kate wanted to cum, there was one man that she wanted to force her climax. The one man she hoped would cum in her pussy was the one that she called papi. The moment was close, but she had to scream out once again.


Steven came to a stop, his cock resting in her ass while he replied to her.

“What’s that baby girl? You want me to fuck you in front now?”


Antonio took a deep breath before glancing down at his uncle’s face. Steven gave him the nod that it was time to switch positions, or better yet, move to a new position. Antonio took a few steps back after letting his hand slip from the hand rail, his feet stomping and splashing in the water of the pool. Once his cock had left her pussy , Kate reached up for the rail and raised herself up off Steven. When his cock slid out of her ass and she stood towering over him, she turned around to offer a hand to help her papi up. Steven’s back was in a bit of pain from the steps, but he couldn’t complain. Upon rising up, he thanked Kate by kissing her cheek. She moaned while still holding his hand. Steven tugged on her hand as he stepped away from the steps and back outside the pool.

“Come on baby girl, this will be easier outside the pool.”

From watching them, Antonio knew he had to climb out of the pool now and join them on the side. Drops of water dripped from all three of their bodies back on the marble surface where their feet remained. Kate stood facing Steven, she threw her arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him passionately. While they stood there kissing, Antonio moved behind her. He figured the new position would be both of them holding her up together. After the kiss was broken between Steven and Kate, she turned to look at Antonio and gave him the nod. She placed her hands up on Steven’s shoulders and then both of them reached to hold her up off her feet. Steven placed his hands under her legs just as she spread them out, while Antonio placed his hands around her sides.

“Ohhh, yeah! That’s it, mmmmm. Get those cocks in me again.”

Kate bit her lower lip as she watched Steven’s eyes look down at her wet tits. He had reached his right hand down to guide his cock into her pussy. She turned her head, flipping her wet hair to see the look on Antonio’s face while she felt the head of his dick sliding into her ass. As she felt both of their rods pushing into her, she took a deep breath before looking in Steven’s eyes and yelling.

“Oh yeah, go on! FUCK ME PAPI! FUCK ME HARD!!”

She moved her legs, wrapping them around Steven’s waist as he began to buck his hips and pump his cock into her pussy. From behind, Antonio kept his feet firmly over the marble stone surface while he pumped his hips forward and felt his cock sliding in and out of her ass. Kate closed her eyes and moved her hands down Steven’s shoulders. She embraced the feeling as they both fucked her, forcing her huge breasts to bounce up and down. Eventually, she was going to be forced to her climax. That was why she wanted Steven to feel her pussy to begin with.

“Ohhhhhhhh, baby girl you feel so amazing!”

“Mmmmmm, you like that pussy papi?”

“Yes I do!”

Steven’s words made her want to kiss him one last time but it was difficult with Antonio pounding his cock into her ass from behind. When one would push out, the other would push in. They moved in a perfect sync, rocking the motion. Kate wrapped her arms around Steven’s neck, leaning forward so her big tits would push up against his chest. Over and over, their hard cocks pounded into her pussy and ass. Kate closed her eyes, moaning out loudly.


“You like me fucking this ass, Kate?”

Antonio groaned his words out to her.


Kate had only figured that they both had to be close to busting their nuts within her, since they had moved positions had yet to fill her up. Her eyes remained closed while she moaned loudly in a soothing voice. Steven took a deep breath, trying to hold back as he felt her pussy tighten up around his swollen rod. As soon as Steven had come to a stop, so did Antonio. Kate’s voice screamed out.


“Fuck, fuck, OH MY GOD!!”

It was Antonio’s voice that screamed out, all while Steven groaned.


She could not believe it. While her body had tensed up and her pussy exploded, it came right on time with Steven’s rod exploding deep within her. Antonio shot his load deep within her ass just a few seconds later. All three of them experienced their orgasm together simultaneously. Kate could not have been happier, she managed to force them both to fill her up right on time with her pussy exploding around Steven’s dick. Steven tried to catch his breath as he watched Kate’s face. She opened her eyes and looked at him like an angel. From behind her, Antonio’s face was curled up as he could feel his orgasm. Steven let go of her legs, hinting to Kate that it was time to set her down. He took a few steps back, allowing her feet to touch the surface of the marble stone. Antonio moved his hands from her body and then both of them stepped back as their cocks left her holes and she stood on her feet once more.

“Oh my god…just, wow. That was fucking amazing, mmmmmmm.”

Streams of cum began to drip from Kate’s ass and pussy. Antonio watched a stream run down her thigh and past her legs. Steven’s eyes watched as cum flowed like a small creek from her pussy, dripping down over the marble stone. Kate bit her bottom lip before moaning.

“Mmmmmm, look at that. You both filled me up.”

“Yes we fucking did.”

Her eyes looked up at Steven when she heard his voice. He grinned to her before speaking again.

“You know where the cum is going to be next, don’t you?”

“All over my face and my tits?”

Steven nodded, his lips had formed a huge grin.

“You know what to do, baby girl.”

“Yes, papi.”

She smiled at him, looking in his eyes before she lowered herself down to her knees. This time, Steven was on her left side and Antonio was on her right. They stepped forward to her while she brought her hands up and wrapped her fingers around both cocks. Kate looked up into Antonio’s eyes before she glanced back at Steven. Quickly, she moved her hands to stroke their hard cocks. This time, she brought Antonio’s cock into her mouth first while her hand continued to pump on Steven’s hard meet.

“Ohhhhh yeah, suck it again Kate!”

The younger man moaned as she began to bob her head up and down on his rod. All the while, her left hand stroked Steven’s cock at the same time. Kate came off Antonio’s dick, making a loud pop sound as her lips came free of it. She turned to her left side and then pushed her lips down on Steven’s cock while her right hand began to stroke Antonio’s slobber coated shaft. Steven brought his hand down and patted her wet head while she sucked on him.

“That’s it, baby girl, yeah! Suck it just like that!”

She loved that he called her ‘baby girl’. It was so funny, since she had begun by referring to him as papi. She truly believed that she was having a father and son today, begging to have them blow their loads all over her. Kate moaned into his cock loudly, ‘mmmmmm’, while she began to bob her head up and down on it. Meanwhile, her right hand was stroking Antonio’s meat as fast as she could. Her mouth slurped and slobbered all over Steven’s cock before she came off, popping her lips off loudly. She turned back to Antonio’s cock and plugged her lips back over it. Like before, her left hand began to stroke Steven’s cock while she bobbed her head up and down on Antonio’s meat. Kate knew how to handle herself just fine when it came to pleasing two cocks in chorus.

Between the sound of both men moaning, was the leading sound of Kate’s mouth slobbering all over a thick rod. Once she was done with Antonio’s for a bit, she popped her lips off and alternated back to Steven’s rod. She spit on his hard meat before pushing her lips back around, all while her right hand began to stroke Antonio’s meat just like before. Steven reached his hand down, tugging on her wet hair to get her attention. Kate looked up in his eyes as she slowly moved her mouth off his cock, coming up with a loud pop sound and saliva strings dangling from her lips back to his hard meat. Kate flicked her tongue before speaking to Steven.

“You want something, papi?”

“Yeah, I want to feel those big titties around my dick again.”

“Mmmmmm, papi wants to fuck my tits?”

“Yes, baby girl.”

Immediately, she removed her hands from their dicks. Kate pushed her huge breasts up and looked at Steven as she watched him slip his rod between them. A string of her spit dripped off his cock, just as he pushed it between those amazing famous breasts. She looked in his eyes while she squeezed them together, trapping his hard meat between her tits. Kate moaned as she felt his cock push between her tits. Steven began to buck his hips.

“Mmmmmm, fuck my titties papi! Fuck them with your big cock!”

Just as he had done earlier in the day when she had her tits wrapped around his meat pole, Steven brought his hand down to hold her shoulder in place. He pumped his hips forward, forcing his cock to drive between her breasts. Antonio didn’t want to feel left out, he stepped a bit closer and called out to Kate.

“Kate, can you suck on me, please?”

“You didn’t have to say please, but sure!”

She giggled to the young man as she turned her head and licked his cock with her tongue. Steven continued to pump his dick between her huge tits, just as Kate wrapped her lips around Antonio’s cock and began to suck on the head. She moved her mouth down further on his meat, all while Steven began to move faster and harder. Each time he pumped between her tits, it rocked her body forward. Eventually Kate popped her lips off Antonio’s cock, only to look down and spit on the head of Steven’s cock as it pushed up between her tits. Kate yelled at him in excitement.

“Yes, papi! Yeah, fuck those big titties! Mmmmmm!!!”

Antonio realized it wasn’t worth competing with his uncle over her attention. Kate didn’t push her lips back down over his cock, instead she leaned her head down and licked the head of Steven’s rod each time it poked up. Steven was close to blowing his load, so he came to a stop just as she squeezed her breasts between her hands as hard as she could.

“Ohhhhhhh, man…Baby girl, I’m almost ready to load you down. Go on, let my son have another turn.”

Kate licked her lips while moaning. She let go of her breasts to free Steven’s rod from her big mounds of flesh before turning to look up at Antonio.

“You ready to fuck my tits too?”

The younger man just grinned while nodding his head. Kate giggled.

“Like father, like son! Mmmmmmm!”

Antonio held his rod up between his fingers, just as Kate held her breasts up allowing him the entrance to shove his dick right in the middle. Holding her tits together, she looked down and spit on the head before she began to pump them up and down. She turned to look to her side, only to see Steven stroking his cock with his own hand. Kate wasn’t sure if he wanted her to suck on him but she knew that he had to be close to blowing his load again. She wanted them both to drain their balls all over her, the best way to end this wild wet day. Over and over, Kate pumped her breasts up and down over Antonio’s shaft.

“God, those tits feel so fucking good!!”

“Mmmmm, I bet you’re one of those guys who always dreamed of fucking them.”

“I’d be a liar if I didn’t say yes!”

Up and down, her tits moved to fuck Antonio’s hard dick. Kate looked in his eyes before glancing back over at Steven and smiling at him. She truly believed this was his son that she was pleasuring. After a good bit of time, Antonio looked down and nodded before calling out to her.

“Kate, I’m ready! Let me cum all over you!”

“Mmmmmm, you ready too papi?”

Steven nodded to her while she let go of her breasts.

“Yeah, I’m ready too baby girl.”

She stood there on her knees and watch them both grab hold of their dicks, stroking them as she remained sitting and waiting for the big explosion. To her right, Steven jerked his cock, aiming it right at her beautiful face. She looked back over at Antonio and decided that she wanted to finish him off herself. She moved her hand over his, motioning for him to let go of his cock and then she wrapped her fingers over it.

“Cum for me! Cum all over my face, papi! I want you both to load me down!”

“Ohhhhh, I’m going to do just that, baby girl.”

Kate couldn’t but giggle at the sound of Steven’s voice. Her left hand worked frantically over Antonio’s cock, holding it close to her face while Steven worked his shaft in his own hand. She closed her eyes, knowing what was about to happen before her. After a few seconds, Steven took a deep breath before speaking to her.

“Here, HERE YOU GO! FUCK!!!”

“Yeah, yeah! Me too, ohhhhhh man!!”

Steven’s cock exploded sending a wave of thick cum slapped over her forehead and dripped down her right eye brow. From the left side, Antonio’s dick went off and sent a thick wad of cum over her right cheek. Kate moaned, feeling their sticky seed coating her face.

“Mmmm, yeah! Cum all over me, that’s it!”

A string of cum went into her left eyelid, dripping down almost like a streak of tears. Antonio aimed his cock down, striking a thick wad over her cheek again and dripping down to her breasts. Steven’s cock sent a wave of cum flying over forehead and streaking into her hair. A thick string of cum shot up over her right eye lid, drenching over her eyebrow as the rest dripped down over her little beauty mole above her lip. Kate ran her hands down and held her breasts up for them, just as she felt the excess cum dripping down.

“Oh my god, yeah! That’s it! Fucking drown me in that hot cum!”

Kate couldn’t help but laugh as she still felt more cum splashing over her face. Steven shot the last weak spurts from his cock onto her breasts, creating little drops of his cum. Antonio continued to jerk his cock aiming at her beautiful face. He reached his hand for the back of her head to tilt her face upward just as he pressed his rod up against her nose and finished off the last remaining drops over her left cheek. As they were finally finished, Kate slowly opened her eyes while blinking. She could feel the cum in one of her eye brows. She looked up at both of the men while wrapping her fingers around both cocks, holding them close to her face.

“Mmmmm, like father and son! You both drenched me down, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, we did!”

It was Antonio who spoke, Kate just laughed as she brought his rod bad between her lips and sucked on the head to milk out the final drops of cum. She loudly kissed the head before moving over to Steven’s rod. She looked him in the eyes and then fed the head of his dick between her lips. Kate moaned over his cock, ‘mmmmm’. After she had sucked the last drops of his seed out, she released it from her lips.

“Thanks for the good time today, papi.”

“You’re welcome baby girl.”

“Mind if I call you again in the future?”

“Not at all, you can call anytime Kate.”

“Mmmmm, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Kate wasn’t bothered to wipe up any of the cum on her face. She simply raised herself off her knees and looked over the palm trees before smirking at both men. The wind began to blow slightly again while she stepped away from them and began to walk towards the back door that led into the apartment. After Kate went inside, Antonio turned to look at his uncle before nodding.

“Thanks for inviting me out here, this was a dream come true to have fun with that girl.”

“Not a problem, Antonio. I may not truly be your father, but you’re definitely my son. Never forget that, I’ll always have your back.”

With a soft chuckle, he smiled to his uncle and nodded.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.”

All Steven could do was smile while they both moved to collect their swim trunks and get dressed. Soon, they would join Kate back at her apartment and maybe have some late dinner together. In his mind, Steven was well aware that Antonio would be the future for the Diaz family and business. This was only the beginning for the young man, but he had already made him quite proud. This would go down as a moment between them that would last forever. A moment that Steven never could’ve shared alongside his own son, who was more interested in sports and the jock lifestyle while chasing the dream of a football star. It may have been a shame that Tony wasn’t there to see his son following in their foot steps, but Steven couldn’t be happier to stand next to the young man.


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