Big Booty Bitches Ch. 16

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 16

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Salma Hayek, Shakira

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, anal, 69, facial, slut

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

Rain washed over the town, blowing through the streets with hard rain to make the surface of the road slick. It was on a Saturday night like this that Tony didn’t have a care in the world. He had retreated back to his yacht, his home far away from the business. The past several weeks, he had been spending more and more time alone in his isolated little world, while he allowed his younger brother to run the business. He could trust Steven, just as he knew deep down that many trusted Steven more than himself. Tony had been jealous most of his life, the usual sibling rivalry but it was beginning to wear off as he was approaching the age of 50. His hair was quickly fading to a silver gray, but he was finding the time to cover it up through hair gel.

Just two weeks ago, Salma had to leave Tony by himself before returning back to Hollywood and to a set of a movie. It was kinda funny to him, he was beginning to grow close to the woman. He who had not been married in so long and lived the life of a playboy, was beginning to wonder about settling down. During the time she was gone, he kept in contact with her through the phone. Weather it be talking or texting through messages, Tony managed to keep himself contained with no other women while Salma was gone. He was proud of himself, arrogantly feeling an accomplishment to stay with the same woman for a change. If all could well in the next year, he was wondering about possible retirement plans. He had his money at this point, and it was evident to him that Steven was running the club business. By now, all Tony wanted to handle was the money and the financial side of their family’s business.

The other night, Salma had called him over the phone about arriving back in Miami. She was due tomorrow, he couldn’t wait to see her again. He spent the last week at the golf course, meanwhile Steven was running the course with his boy: Tony Jr, or ‘Antonio’ as the young man went by in person. There was nothing he could complain about whatsoever. He knew his son seen eye to eye closer with his uncle, that was something Steven always had an edge on compared to him. He thought about them for a minute while he sat in the bed smoking a cigar. Leaning over to thump the tip into the ash tray before laying back and taking another puff. One day, his son would have the entire business all under his wraps. The lasting dynasty of nepotism through the family, just like Tony’s own father had handed the keys to the kingdom over to him once he became old enough to understand life.

While laying in bed, he decided it was better off not to worry about them. Steven had things under control, even when it came to dirty deals to generate a good profit. He flipped through his  smart phone, making sure he didn’t have any unread text messages or emails that he may have missed earlier when he had dinner and some drinks with one of his bodyguards. After shoving the cigar down in the ash tray to rub out the lit end, he reached to turn off his lamp, ready to lay in bed. He placed the phone up on the night stand as usual, not a care in the world as he fell to sleep with the sound of thunder and rain from outside his yacht.



The rain did not slow down going into Sunday. Black skies remained over, filled with clouds and blocking all the sunlight. Tony had woke up in the afternoon and went on to doing his usual schedule around the home of his yacht. After having a late lunch, his phone went to ringing beside him at his desk. He seen that it was Salma and smiled as he went to answer it.

“Hey baby!”

“Hello Tony, guess who’s back in town?”

“You, of course!”

She giggled through the phone before answering him.

“Yes, I am back. Just got off the plane about 30 minutes ago.”

“Why didn’t you call? I would have sent the limo for you.”

“Cause I like to have a little bit of privacy! I’ve got something for you, so I have to tell you to drop whatever you’re doing. No business, no phone calls or nothing. Today is Sunday, so get yourself prepared.”

“What is it, you’ve got for me, Salma baby?”

“I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise! Just, get everything ready back at the yacht. All privacy, we don’t need anyone to disturb us.”

“You got it, babe.”

“Good, now I’m on my way in the next hour, be looking out for me!”

He hung up the phone. Salma’s arrival was rather abrupt and had caught him off guard for the day. Luckily it was Sunday and he wasn’t doing anything, nothing serious for him to drop and call off. Salma would have his complete devoted attention no matter what, he would never say no to this woman so far. Their relationship was a healthy one and with her coming back in town, there was more room to grow for them. He left his office and went on to alert the bodyguards outside to watch for her arrival.



The sky above still remained a texture of grey and with stormy clouds above, though the rain had slacked off at this point. Tony walked outside on the upper deck of the yacht, he wanted to watch out to the bridge connecting from the docks back to the boat. All he wore was a white button up shirt and some black pants. He remained barefoot, careless of the wet surface outside from the rain. He looked over his golden Rolex watch to see that it was approaching 3 PM on the clock. From the distance of the, the bright lights of a white car came pulling up. That had to be Salma, at least he thought to himself. The car came to a stop and then both doors opened.

Tony watched as a woman in dark hair stepped out of the car. There was no way he could mistake this woman as anyone besides Salma. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt. The other woman who stepped out of the car had on a white pair of pants and a matching white shirt. Her long hair was blonde and she looked vaguely familiar to him, but he could not tell from the distance. The blonde haired woman followed behind Salma as they approached the small bridge extended out connecting to the yacht. The bodyguards only glanced at Salma. After a couple weeks she spent with Tony before leaving, they had become used to her presence around them. She waved at him as her heels stomped and clacked up the bridge.

“Hey Tony, mi amor! I am back!”

“Salma darling, you’ve returned! I see you’ve brought someone with you!”

Indeed, yes!”

A grin formed over her face as she reached the top deck of the yacht. Standing close to him, she pushed her arms around him to give him a hug and a big kiss on the cheek. Tony smiled back at Salma before returning the kiss on the cheek. At the same time, her guest had stopped in her tracks and looked over him. Salma stepped back, allowing him to see her friend.

“Tony, this is a friend of mine in town who wanted to see you. I’m sure you’re familiar with Shakira, yes?”

His eyes looked up at the beautiful face while he thought to himself: Shakira, the singer? Before he could say anything, the blonde haired woman giggled and spoke in her Latin accent.

“Hello Tony, I’ve heard a lot about you. I once partied with your brother Steven some years back, it was a long time ago at this point.”

“Oh, you partied with Steven? When was that?”

“Back in 2004, I think. I had a party for an album release down here, your brother helped set up security and was nothing but a gentleman about the gig. It’s a shame I haven’t got the chance to speak to him in years, but I wanted to meet you for a change. You’re quite famous in Miami.”

Salma moved over, taking Shakira by her hand as the two looked back at each other. Salma couldn’t help but smile at Tony. This was the ‘surprise’ she was speaking of over the phone. Tony grinned. He loved it when a woman stroked his ego, especially when he was reminded how famous he was in town. Salma spoke next.

“I figured you would be in the mood for some entertainment tonight, Tony. I know you’ve been lonely without me.”

Shakira laughed, running her hand over his arm as she glanced back over at Salma and spoke to her friend.

“I’ve heard quite the stories over the years about this man! He loves entertainment and parties, even according to his own brother!”

“It’s true too, most of what you heard.”

He couldn’t help but reply back to her. Salma laughed now in her thick accent.

“So, I have to ask you Tony, would you mind preparing some dinner for us in the cabins? I told Shakira about how you love to cook.”

“Did you, darling?”

Salma nodded her head, once again he loved to hear compliments of himself. It was a sure way to strike a good mood, just to hear positive things about himself.

“Alright ladies, I will cook for the three of us…”

“And then after dinner, you’ll get a little something for entertainment!”

Shakira looked over at Salma as the words were spoken. Tony just nodded his head.

“Yes indeed, I will be ready for some fun after that. Well, come on ladies! It’s supposed to rain all day and all night, so we better head inside!”

The sound of their heels clacking over the deck were loudly heard as Tony led them into the cabin. Thunder crackled over the sky a few seconds later while light rain began to fall once again.



Bass beats were booming loudly from downstairs in Disco Fever. The club was having a casual night, some movers on the dance floor but nothing like Saturday night or Friday where the house was full and active. Steven was in his office, after going through paper work to check the managing of money on schedule and pay outs. He had sent Antonio home after Saturday night, not wanting to stress the young man out with an additional day of work. With a glass in his hand, he stood at the window of his office, observing the action from below through the glass while he took a sip from the drink. He moved away from the window, walking back over to his desk.

Steven was used to a night like this, all by himself. It was only right to spend an evening at work, after he had all the time to play around a couple nights before with pleasure. A true bonding moment had been made with nephew Antonio, one that he wouldn’t forget in the near future. It didn’t bother him that Emily had not texted him in the past 24 hours, he had to concentrate on going over the management of the club. When he moved to his desk, his cell phone began to ring in the pocket of his jacket. He reached for it, seeing on the screen that it was Ramón with the incoming call. He answered his phone, placing it up to his ear.


“Steven, I’m glad you picked up! I…I need your help with something.”

“What’s going on, Ramón?”

“I can’t talk about it now, I need you to meet me by the pier at the edge of Coconut Grove.”

“Which pier?”

“The one facing the bridge! I don’t have much time, please hurry!”

The rain could be heard over the other end of the phone. Ramón hung up, while sighing. Outside, the rain was hammering as looked back at the car that had wrecked alongside a ditch in the road. Carlos looked back at his brother and shook his head.

“Seriously? Did you have to fucking call him of all people to help us? Fucking Christ…”

Ramón exploded in rage at his brother.

“FUCK YES, I DID! You know why I called Steven!? He can actually fucking help! I don’t care about him calling you a dumbass, in fact, you are! This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t have a couple keys in the back of MY fucking car!”

Carlos rolled his eyes again.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. You know, I wouldn’t have any problems right now if you and him would actually cut me in on some action with the club. How the fuck am I gonna get rich just playing security for him and Tony, eh? That’s a dead end, and you know it!”

“Shut your fucking mouth! I’m not in the mood to hear your bullshit right now! We’re gonna wait on Steven to get here, or else I’m gonna end up choking you to death and we can both go to prison on drug charges and I can get an extra charge for attempted murder!”

Busting out laughing, Carlos shook his head while the rain continued to pour.

“Oh, listen to that! You talk like you’re Mr. Big!”


At the dinner table, Salma shared a laugh alongside Shakira. They sat side by side at the table while Tony was on the other side. He had prepared them a dinner of Italian food, something special that he knew Salma had enjoyed from their time together before she left. He baked garlic bread and his homemade spaghetti. Candles were lit at the dinner table, giving it the feeling of a special occasion. To top it all off, they had opened an old bottle of wine dated from 1966. The wine bottle was special to him, he had saved it specifically for the reason it was Salma’s birth year. While the sat together, Salma pointed her fork at Tony before speaking in a laugh.

“You should’ve been there back in L.A. at my movie shoot, just oh my god…”

“Tell me about it, darling…I’m listening.”

“Dis guy, he is about 25 I think? He’s half my age, I’m old enough to be his mother.”

While she spoke, Salma’s accent began to come out strong. Shakira laughed before shaking her head and replying.

“Don’t remind me that I turn 40 in a month!”

Tony held up his wine class to Shakira.

“Hacer un saludo! Life begins when you turn 40, embrace it…”

Salma laughed hearing his words, almost to the point she forgot what she was about to say.

“Anyways, like I was saying over here; he’s 25 and flirting with me like he thinks he’s Tony, you know?”

He laughed, nodding to her. Shakira looked over, while chewing on a piece of the bread. Salma continued her story.

“I told him that he’s too young, and I like a man. A man with big cojones, a man with some hair on his chest…”

Tony smirked, winking over at Shakira while Salma was still going on with her story.

“You know what he does the next day? He forgets to shave, and then tells me how he’s going to the gym to build his body up to become strong.”

Shakira laughed, but Salma couldn’t stop.

“I mean, seriously!? That’s how you’re gonna impress an older lady like me!?”

Tony laughed at her, watching Salma shake her head before she sipped on her glass of wine.

“You don’t need some young hot shot, do you Salma baby?””

Her eyes met his while she swallowed down the remainder of wine in her glass. Salma placed the glass down on the table and grinned at Tony.

“Nope, I have you, mi amor.”


The windshield wipers over Steven’s Cadillac was the only thing keeping a clear view in his vision from the pouring rain. Once he made it to the side of the road, he could see a car that had swerved off and crashed into a ditch. The front of the car was beat pretty badly and a crack in the windshield. Beside the car, he could see two men standing. Ramón was easy to make out in his black suit and matching black pants. Next to him was Carlos, who Steven immediately figured was the culprit to this problem. Carlos stood tall in a yellow decorated Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants. Steven stopped his Cadillac next to the accident, lucky that no one else in the pouring rain had stopped to help them out of generosity. He stopped the car so he could quickly exit and meet with the two of them.

“Hey, Ramón! What the fuck happened here?”

Carlos turned his head from Steven while Ramón walked towards him.

“My car hit a bump in the road while it was raining hard and I ended up swerving off and crashing into the ditch, but that’s not the real problem here.”

He tapped on the back window, nodding at his cousin to show him.

“See that? This is the real problem here!”

Steven stepped closer to the car, looking through the back window. It appeared there was two kilo bricks of cocaine, one had busted and painted the entire back seat in a mess of powder on the seats and floor. There was a duffel bag on the floor, which gave him the impression the coke was originally in the bag but it was obviously left unzipped. While Steven looked from the window, Ramón spoke again.

“Mr. Genius over here decided to use my car last night and score him some yeyo, but left it back there. I’m guessing the spill is from him cutting one of the bricks to test the coke.”

Unimpressed as usual, Steven simply contained his rage at Carlos. He knew that Carlos was useful, only for fucking things up and getting them into trouble. Still, it was Ramón’s brother, so he understood the reason that he always gave him a chance. It wasn’t worth blowing up in rage here and giving the punk a beating that he deserved. Steven had to keep his cool and help them, or else it would be a possible prison sentence. Turning to look at Carlos, he spoke.

“What’s wrong with you? You don’t know how to properly cut the bag with a knife? You barely cut it on the edge, I guess you just stabbed it or cut too much. Just look at this mess, this is a sure way to end up back in prison.”

“I didn’t mean to do it, Ramón is the one that put the car in the ditch.”

Steven pointed his finger at Carlos, answering back in rage.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!! You are a fuck up! If it was you in that ditch, I wouldn’t be here at all! I’m only here to help Ramón, shame you don’t take after your brother here. He has a fucking brain, you obviously don’t.”

Turning to look back at Ramón, Steven gave him a nod. He had an idea to clean the car out, it was the only way possible to get them out of this mess before a police officer would arrive at the scene of the accident.

“Go reach into the driver’s side of my car and pop the trunk. I have some cleaning stuff back there…”

He then looked over at Carlos, giving him orders now.

“You, you’re gonna clean the back of the car with the paper towels and spray cleaner.”

Carlos dropped his lip, ready to protest the decision right away.

“But why ain’t I getting any-”

“Don’t you say a fucking word to me! You want to go back to fucking jail? It don’t make any difference to me, pal. Just think about going back i you don’t clean that up. Let that be your motivation to move your sorry ass and do a good job.”

For a minute, Steven was glad that he kept the usual cleaning supply in the trunk of his car. It came in handy, just as it did years ago when something out of the blue happened. Ramón came away from the trunk of his Cadillac with the paper towels and spray bottle. He quickly moved to open the back seat of the car, looking over the mess. He called out to Steven after looking over the bags of cocaine, noticing that one wasn’t busted at all and was rather clean.

“Hey, Steven! This one key back here isn’t busted at all. What do you want to do with it?”

“Bring it over here, put it in the trunk of my car!”

Ramón quickly moved with the brick of cocaine in his hand, bringing it to the trunk of Steven’s car before shutting it. Steven looked over him and nodded, running his hand through his hair as the rain continued to pour down. Carlos didn’t waste a second moving to the back seat of the car with all the cleaning supply as he had a job to do now with cleaning the back of the car as fast as he possibly could.

“Alright, here’s what we’re gonna do. You and Carlos clean out the back seat and when you’re done, you take my car and both of you are gonna get the fuck outta here. I’ll hang back and when the cops arrive, I’ll file the accident report and tell them that it was me who got into an accident and all.”

“Alright, understood.”

“Oh yeah, one last thing! Don’t get rid of the key in the back of my car. If Carlos asks for it, tell him no. He ain’t getting it back, I’ll figure out what to do with it this week.”

Ramón nodded and moved to the back of the car to help his brother clean it out. Steven stood there in the rain, shoving his hands into his pockets as he looked up at the sky. A gloomy sky on a bad day like this was a perfect coincidence. Since he didn’t have a criminal record, unlike Ramón and Carlos, he knew it was best for him to take the accident report with the police when they arrived. The mess in the back seat wouldn’t take them long if they cracked down and cleaned fast enough, which he believed they would if they were truly motivated enough to avoid jail time.



After a nice dinner and a couple glasses of wine, it was time to unwind for that ‘entertainment’ that Salma had spoken to Tony about. In the inner cabin of the yacht, they sat around what was an entertainment lounge with a large screen television and a big couch. There was no one else allowed in besides the three of them, Salma figured this spot was perfect to begin the dance routine she had practiced with Shakira. She looked over at her friend who nodded to her, just as they both smiled back at Tony. Salma spoke up.

“Shakira and I have a little surprise for you. We need some music though, I know you have a surround sound system in this room.”

“Yeah, I do. The stereo is over there, by the shelf.”

He pointed over to the right side of the room. Near one of the windows to peak outside the yacht and view the docks, there was a shelf with some books and a stereo embedded in the wall. On the shelf was a handful of CD’s stacked in cases. Both, Shakira and Salma moved to check the shelf. The CD’s were burned and all were of instrumental music with labels on them such as ‘dance beats’ and ‘hip hop beats’. Shakira flipped through the CD’s until she found one that said ‘Spanish Jazz’. She smirked, this would be a fun way to start the night.

“Put this one in, I have a good feeling about this disc.”

“Yeah, tell him to go dress down and that we need to undress outside the room.”

Shakira walked away as Salma tended to the stereo. She folded her hands as she approached Tony with a huge grin over her face.

“I think you need to go dress down, Tony dear…”

“Why is that?”

“Cause it’s only fair, since us ladies are about to undress too in more appropriate clothes.”

He nodded his head and laughed.

“Very well then, you’ve got me there.”

Rising up, Tony simply smirked to himself as he moved to walk out of the room. The music began to play through the speakers. An array of bongo drums, piano and trumpets played through what was evidently salsa music. Shakira listened to the beat, it seemed very up tempo on the first track. Salma walked away to approach her.

“How is this music?”

“It’s fine, I can dance to that rather easily.”

“Yeah, maybe there is a slow track on there next. Well, come on…Let’s go get dressed up!”

The two women walked back from the room, heading out to the inner cabins. Salma had her own room by now, a place where she kept clothes and outfits as well as jewelry. She led Shakira there for both of them to find something to wear for their dance routine.



The sound of a trunk slamming could be heard over the thunder while the rain had begun to slack off. Ramón and Carlos were done cleaning up, just as Ramón had shut the trunk of Steven’s Cadillac after disposing of the paper towels and water bottle they used to spray out the back seat. Steven moved to the back seats, climbing in to examine in. Luckily, it was spotless in the time they spend scrubbing and cleaning it out. He checked the cracks in the seat, as well as in the doors to make sure that not a speck of the white dust could be found anywhere. Once he was done examining, he leaned his head out of the car and nodded to him.

“Alright, good work. It’s cleaned out perfectly. Ramón, take my car and get outta here. I’ll handle the rest of this.”

Since the rain had slacked off, Steven had thought up the perfect story to tell the officers when they arrived to file in the accident report. He could easily just blame the rain and say that it was the reason he didn’t call right away. Within the ditch that the car was stuck in, water had built up enough to cover his shoes. He shut the back door on the driver’s side, and then he moved to the front. Once he seen his Cadillac speeding off from the road, he took out his cell phone and dialed in the emergency numbers to call and report the accident.


When Tony had returned to the room, the lights had been set to dim and the music could be heard from the speakers above in the surround sound system. A slow tempo song was played through bongo drums and a light trumpet. He moved to the couch, having a seat. He had dressed down only in his black night robes and no pants. Salma had told him a few weeks ago that the pants or shorts simply moved in the way for her access. She liked him only in a little robe to take off. While sitting on the couch, he turned to look forward. Within seconds, both Salma and Shakira had returned. Their high heels could be heard clicking and clanking over the floor.

“Welcome back, ladies…”

They ignored his words only to listen to the slow tempo of the music. They had to concentrate for their dance routine, something that Salma and Shakira had practiced together off and on over the past few months. Salma loved to dance. She met Shakira a while back and the two began to dance together in off time around Hollywood, whenever the Colombian singer was around looking for a dance partner to get herself into gear for an upcoming tour.

Salma wore a dark red matching thong and bra. Shakira on the other hand, dressed in a tight pair of latex black  pants and a little black bra. Salma had originally wanted to use the pants on herself to give Tony a lap dance, but Shakira made great use of them on her own. His eyes wandered over both of them before grinning. They looked absolutely stunning, though he didn’t want to disturb them as they had moved in their concentration to begin dancing to the beat of the music. Side by side: Salma remained on the left, Shakira took the right side as their hips began to shake and move to the rhythm of the bongo beat drums.

They moved together, slowly approaching him with each step. The beat of the music continued to play on, the trumpet was the lead instrument clearly in the song. Salma rolled her hips forward, running her hands up her long sleder legs while Shakira began to turn around and pump her ass back and forth. The blonde Colombian singer threw her arms up and continued to move her hips. Tony’s eyes were clearly stuck on Shakira, watching her ass move back and forth. Salma began to slowly turn to her side and then, both of them pushed their bottoms together up against one another. Tony watched as Salma’s bare ass touched over the latex pants covering Shakira’s.

“Unbelieveable, just wow…”

He had a hard time finding words to describe this event playing out in front of him. Salma had closed her eyes, pumping her ass back up against Shakira’s. With both of their round bottoms pushing up against one another, they swayed back and forth, rubbing them together before they took a few steps forward and broke apart the touching. The song had shifted into a faster tempo, just the hint that it was time to take this dance to the next level and not play around with a game of teasing. Salma reached for Tony’s hand, looking at him with a seductive face as she dropped her lower lip. Shakira watched her, just as she went for his right hand to pull up from the couch. With him standing up, both girls began to rub their bodies up against him. Tony turned to face Salma, rubbing his hands over her body to feel her lovely skin as he pressed his lips to hers for a kiss.

While he kissed his love, Shakira turned around and pushed her ass out. She used her epic booty to push up against his leg and slowly lower herself down. The feeling of her ass in the latex pants sliding up and down his leg. Tony moaned into Salma’s mouth, breaking the kiss only to look over to his right and see Shakira’s ass dry-humping over his leg. Salma smirked, as she began to pull the bra and allow her busty breasts to bounce free.

“She has quite the ass, doesn’t she? I can’t wait to watch you slide your fat cock in it.”

Shakira giggled hearing Salma’s words before she came to a stop and stood straight up. The little red bra fell to the floor out of Salma’s hands, her huge breasts exposed to his eyes. Salma reached into Tony’s robes, grabbing his hard cock as she began to stroke it between her fingers. His cock was hers and she missed it so much. Moaning to him as he placed his hands up on her huge breasts and squeezed at them.

“Mmmmm, you missed these big boobs? Well, I missed your fat cock!”

While it appeared Salma was busy with her man, Shakira took a few steps back and moved her feet out of the high heels. She didn’t need them anymore. The only use for them was that she could match Salma’s height in pumps, something they needed for their little dance show for him. Salma gripped Tony’s cock in her right hand, while she used her left hand to snatch his robe and hint to him to let it fall to the floor. The man stood there naked, Salma wasted no time dropping down to her knees while she stroked his hard meat between her fingers. Tony looked over to see Shakira had stripped naked too and followed behind Salma, going down to her knees as well.

“I am one very lucky man tonight!”

Shakira smirked up at him, winking.

“Yes you are, Tony!”

Salma lowered her mouth down and took the head of his cock past her lips. Shakira just watched as her friend began to quickly bob her heand up and down on his meat. She moved both of her hands over Tony’s hips while her long black hair rustled from devouring his cock. Tony was amazed how fast Salma had worked with his rod in her mouth. She truly did miss it, making a show to go ahead and slobber all over his meat. She pushed his dick all the way down until her lips were met at the bush of his ball hair and the head of his cock slammed to the back of her throat. Tony grunted, standing there and enjoying it.

“Maldito, I missed this! Fuck, baby!”

Slowly, she came up from his cock. Salma released it from her lips with a loud pop noise while her drool began to drip from his rod. She moved aside and then looked over at Shakira, grabbing her wrist to move it towards his cock.

“Go ahead, jour turn now.”

Looking back at Tony’s cock, Salma spit on it. Shakira could’ve laughed over the fact that Salma’s thick accent was beginning to come out now, but it was more funny to her that the woman had grabbed her wrist and placed her hand over his cock. Shakira smirked up at Tony as she began to stroke his thick cock. Salma gritted her teeth and looked up at Tony, just at the same time as Shakira lowered her mouth and began to suck on his meat. The Colombian singer began to slowly suck his dick, moving her head up and down. Salma grinned at Tony, speaking to him in a low seductive tone of her voice.

“How’s dat feel, mi amor?”

“It feels nice and lovely.”

“She know how to suck it, huh?”

All he did was nod back at Salma. Her eyes shifted to watch Shakira, while the blonde singer’s mouth created a chorus of sucking and slobbering noises. Shakira kept her hand at the base of his cock while she bobbed her head up and down on it. She was slow with her sucking, so Salma decided to help her out a bit. The older woman placed her hand on the back of Shakira’s head, grabbing her long blonde hair as she began to force her mouth up and down on his cock hard. Tony just stood there and watched his love take over the session with authority.

“Dat’s it! Suck his dick like you mean it! Chupar como una puta!!”

Salma’s words in Spanish were clear to both Shakira and Tony. She commanded the younger woman to ‘suck his dick like a whore’. Over and over, Salma pushed the blonde woman’s head down back and forth to the point that her mouth was being fucked by his large cock. Tony took control, placing his hand down on her shoulder as he began to buck his hips forward. Shakira’s mouth continued with her slobbering and sucking noises.


Pushing the girl’s head all the way to take his cock, Salma held Shakira there as his entire length was in her mouth. The head pushed against the back of her throat and her lips were met at the base of his cock. Salma held her there and looked up into Tony’s eyes.

“I know you wanna cum, Tony. Do you want to unload in her mouth or over her face?”

He took a deep breath, only to nod down at Salma.

“FUCK! You know I would love to blow my load all over her beautiful face!”

Salma looked back at Shakira, pulling her head before letting go of her hair. The girl’s eyes had watered up a bit, her heavy dark eye liner had smeared a bit, trailing a steam almost like tears. As she came up for air, she released his cock from her mouth with a pop noise and long strings of saliva attached from her lips back to his meat. She swallowed her breath and then spit on his cock. Salma’s eyes narrowed down at Tony’s dick, absolutely covered in sticky strings of saliva that dripped down to the floor. Salma moved over, wrapping her hand back around Tony’s wet cock. She looked over at Shakira and smirked.

“My turn, let me suck it. You can suck on those big cojones he’s got down below.”

Looking up into Tony’s eyes, Salma gave him a wink. She knew how much he enjoyed to be flattered in compliments. Shakira lowered her head and took his left nut between her jaws while Salma sucked on the head of his cock and moved to begin bobbing her head up and down in sync of her hand moving back and forth over his saliva coated rod. Over and over, Salma sucked and jerked his cock simultaneously. At the same time, Tony could hear the slurping and sucking sounds from Shakira’s mouth as she shoved both of his nuts in her mouth, inflating her jaws before popping them back out. Shakira spit on his nuts, moving back and running her hands through her hair while Salma continued to suck on his thick cock.

“Ohhhhhh, baby! FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM NOW!!”

His screams were just the warning that was needed. Salma popped her lips off the head and then moved back. She allowed Shakira to wrap her hand around his shaft and get into position. She began to stroke his hard meat, jerking it as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Salma moved beside her and looked up at Tony. He couldn’t look at her, for his eyes were locked on Shakira’s face while she stroked his cock begging for him to shoot that hot load over her cute face. Salma couldn’t help herself, she just had to further encourage him with her dirty words.

“Go ahead, Tony! Do it! Cum all over her slutty fuckin’ face! Shoot dat hot load, cover her down in jour thick cum!”

Salma’s thick accent slurred her words. Shakira just giggled as he was taking in a deep breath.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Cum on my face! I want it!”


In that instance, his cock could not take it anymore from the stroke of her hand. A thick string shot from his dick, landing right over Shakira’s forehead. She had closed her eyes just in time, another wad went flying over her left cheek to glaze it in a hot mess. Tony grunted, just as another thick string of cum went over her nose and down her right cheek. Salma gasped her breath, it was amazing how thick and messy his cum was.

“Holy shit! Yes, cover her down!”

His cum was beginning to weaken, just as the final wad had splashed over her upper lip and dripped into her waiting mouth. Shakira laughed at the feeling his hot cum over her face. It seemed like he was spent at this point, so she pushed the head of his cock over her tongue and then closed her lips to milk out the final remaining drops. Tony took a deep breath, watching as Salma moved to pat Shakira on the shoulder. A soft gesture telling her ‘good job’. Salma looked up in his eyes, speaking in her thick accent again.

“Jou managed to make her into a fuckin’ mess, love…”

Tony laughed. He watched as Shakira released his cock from her mouth, making a loud pop noise as she opened her eyes. Salma looked at the woman’s cum coated face and then back at Tony before speaking again.

“I only hope you can blow a load that powerful on my face later too.”

“Oh, believe me, I’m gonna try…”

“I know you will.”

“It’s so hot and sticky on my face!”

Shakira moaned to the feeling over her face. Salma shook her head and reached for her hand to grab her wrist just when she was about to wipe it.

“No, keep the cum on your face. I want to lick it off myself, but not until I get to watch him fuck dat tight ass of yours!”

A laugh was heard from the man’s voice.

“Salma baby, you know how to read my mind.”

She winked up at him, slowly rising up from her knees. She reached her hand down to snatch Shakira’s hair up as she pulled her up to her feet. Salma looked over at the couch and pointed towards it, motioning for the blonde woman to get there. She let go of her hair, and then Shakira moved to the couch and leaned over, bending herself over to plant her hands into the cushion. Salma stood next to Tony, watching him get into position. Tony turned to look at her.

“You know, I want to fuck your ass too, Salma.”

“Oh I know, but I just have to watch dis!”

He smirked, nodding at her, as he leaned over and kissed her. Salma couldn’t resist, she cupped his face in her hands and began to kiss him passionately. Shakira looked over her shoulder and decided to tease them both. She used her hand to spank her own ass and then called out to them.

“Aqui! I know you wanna fuck my ass, Tony! Go ahead, do it!”

Tony broke the kiss with Salma when he heard Shakira’s words. They both looked at her cum covered face, Salma couldn’t help but laugh. While she stood there next to Tony, she slid down her little red thong and stepped out of it. Tony moved into position, placing both his hands over the cheeks of Shakira’s ass and pushing it apart. The blonde Colombian singer had her hands pushed down into the couch, holding herself up with her legs spread apart. She gasped her breath just as she felt the head of his rod sliding into her thick ass. Tony pushed back and then slammed his cock hard into her ass. He came to a sudden stop, feeling the tightness of her dark hole.

“Ohhhhh yeah, this is one tight ass for sure!”

Shakira moaned. Within seconds she could feel his cock thrusting in and out of her tight dark hole as Tony began to drive into fucking her ass. Salma stood right next to him, amazed as she watched his dick push in and out of her. Tony placed one of his hands on the small of her back and then used his left hand to playfully slap her ass. Shakira moaned.

“Mmmmm, yeah! I like to be spanked too!”

Salma stepped forward, rearing her arm out before slapping Shakira’s ass with the palm of her hand.


Another smack on her ass was felt, but Shakira wasn’t sure who was doing the spanking. She didn’t care, as Tony rammed his cock in and out of her as hard as he could now. Salma had told her the stories how he truly could ram an ass and knew just how to fuck a woman back there. She was beginning to realize, it was a fact as she could feel his cock pumping in and out of her as fast as he could.


Standing next to him, Salma couldn’t help but watch in amazment. She loved it when he fucked her in the ass, but now she was able to witness how it was done. Tony moved his hands to grip the cheeks and continued to pound into it. He slowed himself down as Shakira moaned in her loving, Latin voice. Tony looked over at Salma, pointing his finger over to the spot on the couch next to her friend.

“Allí mismo, you’re next baby. You’re about to get fucked next.”

Shakira had to slowly catch her breath, she could feel his cock pulling out from her ass. She turned her head to look at Salma as she pushed her hands down into the couch and then looked over her shoulder. Shakira realized now that he would be taking turns between the two of them. Tony moved towards Salma, running his hand over her ass before playfully spanking her left cheek.

“I missed this fucking ass! It’s my favorite in the world!”

Salma moaned.

“Oh yeah? My ass is your favorite?”

He slapped the right cheek of her ass, causing her to moan.

“Yeah! What better woman for me to fuck than the one I love?”

A laugh could be heard from Shakira. Salma didn’t reply as she hung her head low. She expected to feel his cock sliding into her ass but instead, she felt him push towards her wet pussy. She moaned, feeling his hard cock begin to pump into her.

“Oh yes, dat’s it! Go on, fuck me Tony!! FUCK ME!!”

Salma’s voice slurred in her amazing accent, just as she began to scream. When her voice raised, Tony brought his hand up and slapped the left cheek of her ass. He bucked his hips forward as his cock began to pump in and out of her lovely pussy. Shakira truly could say that she felt envy for her friend just now. Her own pussy was dripping wet, just begging for some attention. She couldn’t help herself. Shakira just had to reach her hand down and begin to poke her fingers past her pussy lips. All the while, Salma dug her nails into the cushion of the couch while Tony fucked her.


Over and over, his cock pumped into her tight pussy. Tony had missed Salma so much, he had to make sure he fucked her good before his cock entered her thick ass. Shakira began to move herself off the couch, when he reached his hand over and slapped her ass.

“Don’t fucking move! I ain’t done with you yet!!”


Salma’s voice echoed across the room, drowning out Shakira moaning and giggling as she continued to push her finger into her pussy. Shakira yelled out to him.

“I’m wet too! I need to feel it in my pussy!”

Tony reached his hand up to slap Salma’s ass as he began to slow down. Taking a few more pumps into her pussy before he stepped back and allowed his cock to leave her loving cup. Shakira’s words had given him an idea. Salma turned her head, brushing her long dark hair to the side as she looked up into his eyes.

“Tony, love…”

“Yes, baby?”

“I’ve got an idea for us, a new position for all three of us!”

She waited till Tony had stepped back a bit and then raised herself off the couch. Salma looked down at Shakira’s cum covered face and offered her a hand to pull her up from the couch. What was on Salma’s mind was a sexy 69 position set in a way where Tony could easily fuck her ass. She looked around the room, seeing a coffee table off to the side and then Salma tugged on Shakira’s hand.

“Come on! Over here! Lay down on dis coffee table for me!”

The heels on Salma’s feet stomped loudly into the floor as she moved Shakira over a large luxurious coffee table. The fance brown wood had a gold plated lining around the edges. Shakira lay herself flat on the table, her cum covered face hanging off the end. Tony moved over to the coffee table, unsure at first of what Salma was about to do. When the voluptuous busty goddess moved to climb over Shakira’s body, he began to get it. Salma moved her face to the younger woman’s pussy, kissing over the lips. They moved around a bit over the large table until Shakira was able to bury her mouth over Salma’s pussy that lay on top of her. Now, Tony understand the position. He stepped forward behind Salma.

“Alright, time to bust your ass now, my love!”

Salma ignored his words until she felt his hands pulling apart her ass. cheeks. Shakira ran her hands up to grip Salma’s ass cheeks while Tony began to push his cock into that tight dark hole. From the feeling, Salma responded by pushing her tongue deeper into Shakira’s clit. Tony gripped the edges of the table as he began to buck his hips and fuck Salma’s ass. With both women having their mouths glued around one another’s clits, it left him to do all the bragging with his voice.

“God, this is amazing! I never dreamed I would get to see both of you do this to each other, while fucking you in the ass, Salma!!”

A muffled moan was heard from Salma’s voice as she groaned into Shakira’s clit. All the while, Shakira continued to slither her tongue in and out of Salma’s clit. Tony moaned, feeling the tightness of Salma’s ass while bucking his hips and slowly fucking her rear. It was difficult for him to get into a frenzy fucking her ass, since the coffee table contained both women. Still, he pumped into her ass, while running his hands over the small of Salma’s back.

“Damn, I missed this ass. It’s so fucking tight!!”

His words were like any other man that would brag about themselves. Salma didn’t care that Tony’s ego remained unchecked most of the time. She circled her tongue into Shakira’s clit over and over, trying so hard to make the woman cum and fill her jaws with those sweet juices. Shakira worked at the same speed, twirling her tongue around in Salma’s pussy. All the while, Tony felt like he was a true king while his cock pumped in and out of Salma’s ass. He watched his rod disappear and then reappear again with each forward thrust.

The struggle of trying to hold back had been made for Salma. Her pussy was near the edge of blowing, and Shakira refused to slow down her tongue thrusting into her pussy. To Salma, this was a heavenly pleasure to feel Shakira’s tongue licking her at the same time that Tony was pumping his big cock into her thick ass. She moaned, muffling her voice while her body tensed up and began to shake. Salma raised her head and closed her eyes, trying to hold back the climax but it was impossible. She roared loudly in her voice.


Tony watched as her legs began to shake and he could feel the rumbling, but it was Shakira that got the taste. Her jaws were coated in the older woman’s juices. She tried to swallowed it all as quickly as she possibly could. Salma had to catch her breath, quickly. She brought her mouth back down and was determined to make Shakira cum now. Tony continued to slowly thrust his cock in her ass, all while Salma’s tongue worked viciously. Shakira was close at this point. She moved her mouth away from the older man’s clit and then hung her face low off the coffee table. The cum that had painted over her face from earlier began to drip down into her long golden hair as she closed her eyes and yelled out.


The Colombian singer’s body began to shake and then her orgasm faded over her body into a pleasurable feeling. Salma could taste her sweet juices in her mouth, she moaned into Shakira’s pussy, ‘Mmmmmm’, before swallowing it down. Tony had stopped pumping his rod into Salma’s thick ass. Shakira could see his balls hanging from above her. She reached her mouth up and began to lick and suck on his nuts once again. The man smiled when he felt her mouth, taking one step back to allow his cock to exit Salma’s ass while Shakira sucked on his balls for a moment before releasing them. He spoke to both of them.

“Wow, that was fucking hot! I think I’m ready to cum again now that both of you did!”

“Salma! I wanna watch you do something!”

Raising herself up, Salma sighed as she heard Shakira’s voice. She began to climb off the woman, leaving her there lying flat on her back among the coffee table. She answered her.

“What is it?”

Shakira grinned big, her face still a lovely mess in cum.

“Mmmm, I want to see you fuck him with those big tits!”

Tony laughed hearing her words. He looked down at Shakira and nodded before his eyes looked over at Salma. He spoke.

“Oh baby, you know I was gonna ask to fuck them.”

Salma laughed.

“Of course! I’m never going to say no to that!”

The Colombian singer moved off the table while Salma sunk down to her knees. She little hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it. She waited until Shakira was standing up and close to Tony. After stroking his cock for a bit, she let go and grabbed her large breasts. Salma held them up, allowing Tony to push his rod between them before she squeezed them together. Shakira watched as Tony’s cock completely disappeared between those amazing huge tits when Salma pushed down. She pushed back up as the head poked up, and she looked down at it and spit on it. Shakira’s jaw dropped before she spoke.

“Oh my god, that is so fucking hot…”

“Oh yeah? It feels fucking amazing too, oh yeah! Fuck me with those big titties, Salma!”

Salma giggled when she heard the compliments from her friend. Her fingers were folded around her breasts as she pumped them up and down, fucking his cock to a pulp. Each time she pumped down, she could feel his cock pushing over her her fingers and between her breasts. Tony moaned, he absolutely loved to titty fuck Salma. Here she was doing all the work, proving that she could fuck him with her tits hard and fast.

“Órale! Yeah! I’m gonna cum so soon, baby…”

“Cum on my face! I want you to cover me like you did her!”

“I fucking will!”

Salma closed her eyes, moaning as she continued to fuck his cock with her breasts. Shakira moved away from Tony to go down on her knees. She stood next to Salma, watching her long dark hair bounce from her shoulders before her eyes connected to his cock pumping between her huge boobs. He was so close to blowing his load but he didn’t want this pleasure to come to a stop. After Salma pumped her breasts up and down a few more times, he took a deep breath and called out to her.


“On my face! CUM ON MY FUCKIN’ FACE!!”

Her accent slurred her words as it usually did when she yelled. Salma let go of her breasts and closed her eyes. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out while she held his dick up and stroked it as fast as she could. All it took was a few strokes and then a wad of cum shot out of his cock and splattered over her forehead. Salma gasped her breath just as she felt another thick spurt paint over her left cheek. Tony moaned as his rod shot another gob of cum, striking over her left eye brow and running down over her cheek. He groaned as Salma moved his cock over her tongue. She began to slap it up against her tongue, creating slapping sounds. Shakira giggled and spoke up.

“Mmmmmmm, she looks so hot with your cum over her face!”

Smack. Smack. Smack. That was the sound heard as the head of his dick slapped over her tongue while Salma squeezed it hard and milked a final spurt of his cum into her waiting mouth. She closed her lips over the head while sucking it, the final drops of his cum emptying into her mouth. She released his cock with a loud pop noise after she was done. Tony took a deep breath before speaking in an exhausted voice.

“Asombroso…I…I’m at a loss of words right now, fucking god. That was amazing.”

With a laugh, Salma ignored her lover man. She looked over at Shakira and now, they both were even with cum covered faces. They smiled at Tony while giggling and laughing. Shakira spoke up.

“I bet you feel proud with this magnificent work of art you’ve painted over our faces!”

Tony laughed hard, Salma couldn’t help but giggle.

“Well, it’s kinda hard to disagree with that. If I was a man that wrote a journal, this would go down as one of my finest achievements.”

Salma ignored him for now, looking over at Shakira as she smirked and spoke in her thick accent.

“And now, I shall finally clean jou up!”

Her hands cupped the beautiful Colombian woman’s face and then Shakira felt Salma’s tongue lick over her cheek. She closed her eyes, simply sitting there on her knees as she let Salma clean herself up. Some of the cum had already begun to dry from earlier, but Salma ate it up with her mouth just as good as ever. Salma didn’t stop until she had fully cleaned the girl’s face with her tongue. After she was finished, she sat back on her knees. Shakira knew what to do without even saying a word. She leaned over and began to run her tongue over Salma’s face and lick up the mess. Tony stood there and began to clap his hands.

“Wonderful, absolutely sexy to watch the two of you clean each other up like that.”

Shakira stopped and smiled up at him. Her hands cupped Salma’s face and she licked her upper lip before replying.

“Better than wasting all this cum by taking a shower!”

With a wink, she moved her tongue back over Salma’s face while Tony laughed. He took a deep breath, slowly catching his thoughts as to the pleasure filled evening they had all spent together. What a present Salma had brought to him. Not only had she returned, her friend Shakira had proven to be quite an experience for their private life. She would spend the night on the yacht, just as she had told him back during dinner since the bad weather outside was going to continue into the night.



Back at the club, Ramón sighed while sitting at the bar. After he and Carlos had left in Steven’s car, they went back to Disco Fever to try and unwind. Steven had texted Ramón that he would rendezvous with them back at the club once he was done filing the accident report with the police. Ramón had brought Carlos into the club to try and calm him down after a heated argument in the car nearly led to a violence between the brothers. Carlos didn’t want to leave without the one kilo of cocaine that was in the trunk. Ramón didn’t tell him Steven’s words, figuring it was best to let his brother try to cuss and scream at the man himself over it.

They had been waiting for over an hour at this point, sitting there and sharing a few drinks. It was the best way he figured to calm their nerves and try to relax. Ramón knew that without calling Steven, nothing would have been accomplished with the mess in the back of the car. He and Carlos simply would have argued and fought until the cops arrived. Ramón felt his cellphone begin to vibrate in his pocket. He reached down to grab it, quickly seeing as a new text message had arrived. It was from Steven, just with the words ‘meet me outside’. He looked over at Carlos and nodded to him.

“Come on, he’s waiting for us outside.”

The rain was still coming down from outside the club when Steven stepped out of his taxi. His white jacket to his suit had been taken off, and throw over his shoulder as he stepped out. He had texted Ramón when it became clear that he was close to the club. He had spent the last hour with the police, filing down the report on the accident. He gave them a story, saying that he had borrowed his cousin’s car and swerved into a ditch from the slick road and decided to wait for the rain to slack off before calling emergency services. The story went easy with the cops, of course it helped that he dressed to show his wealth and status. The back of the club remained empty outside of two bouncers standing by the back door. Steven found his Cadillac, right in the place he always parked every day for work. He waited beside it until he seen the two brothers come walking out. Ramón sighed when he looked at Steven, speaking up in concern.

“So, how did it go?”

“Everything is fine. I spoke to the police and my name is on the accident report. I told them a bullshit story about how i had to borrow my cousins car and was coming and took the back road on my way to work. They believed every word of it.”

Carlos nodded and looked over at Steven. He spoke before Ramón had a chance to.

“Look, I need that candy in the back of your car.”

Steven immediately crossed his arms and frowned when he heard Carlos’ words.

“You ain’t getting it back. If you can’t zip up a duffel bag, I sure as hell wouldn’t trust you to find a way to sell a key of yeyo without finding a way to fuck up.”

Carlos rolled his eyes. He shook his head while putting his hands on his hips.

“It’s my coke, I want it.”

“No fucking way.”

Ramón watched both of them. It was very clear that Steven wasn’t going to put up with Carlos’ nonsense. Ramón wanted to at least avoid a violent altercation. He could see the rage all over his cousin’s face, knowing that Steven absolutely could not tolerate Carlos’ screwing around. It was best to change the subject. He reached into his pocket to grab the keys to Steven’s Cadillac and then looked at him.

“Here’s your keys, man.”

When Steven looked over at Ramón, he tossed the keys his way. He opened his hand and grabbed them as they jingled in his grasp. Ramón spoke again.

“Steven, thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, Ramón. I’m happy to help you, shame that Carlos hasn’t learned from spending time in prison.”

He walked to the driver’s side door of his car, quickly unlocking it. Carlos crossed his arms while Ramón could only cross fingers in his mind that Carlos didn’t shoot his mouth off and get himself into a worse situation. Luckily, he didn’t. They just watched as Steven cranked the car and turned on the headlights before pulling out. This was a situation now that Steven had to fix, beyond today. He had a kilo of cocaine in the back of his car. As he pulled out of the club and back into the streets, he activated the windshield wipers. Many thoughts were running in the back of his mind, but it was best to go home now and have a few drinks before going to sleep.

Years had passed since the last time he made moves in the drug game. That was a part of his life and his family’s name that he tried to erase over time. Steven thought about it while he took the drive back to Coconut Grove where he would retreat to his house. While he held furious rage towards Carlos, it wasn’t worth lashing out at right now. He had a kilo of cocaine in the trunk of his car and would have to find a way to get rid of it. Carlos had been arrested over a year ago after messing around with drug dealing. Steven realized back then, he was a total moron and not someone he would ever trust again. The deal that Carlos went to jail on was something that he begged him not to do, but his young cousin was too stupid to think about the risks on the table. Carlos had an obsession for grandeur. He always was looking for an easy way to rise to the top, desperately wanting to be a big time player.

Upon reaching the gates to his house, Steven pulled the Cadillac into the garage and then sighed as he slid the key out of the ignition. It was time to go inside and get a good night’s rest after today’s work. One piece of the mess had only been cleaned up, now he had Carlos’ drugs on his hands. Tomorrow he would have to get in contact with Ramón and try to find out just where Carlos bought the key. Getting rid of it was going to be a whole other job, but Steven still had his contacts from the old days of his former life. At the very least, he could make some money off this problem that Carlos had burdened him with. He left his car and popped the trunk, grabbing the brick of coke. Taking one look at it, he nodded his head and then headed inside with the prized possession from the car accident.


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