Big Booty Bitches Ch. 17

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 17

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kylie Jenner

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial, drugs


Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

Cold chills ran in the early morning, facing off the cold freeze that came over in the night time of winter. Once the sun had been up for a few hours, it would burn away the remains of what was previously a cold night. It was currently 5 AM with the sun slowly rising. Steven Diaz stepped out of his storage unit after locking up a precious prize. The lockers were dead empty, almost like a ghost town. He closed the door and then put the locks back in place through the two keys. He occasionally used the storage unit to keep things, a little spot outside the Downtown area that no one knew of but himself. Inside the locked door, he had hid the kilo of cocaine that he had been burdened with disposing thanks to Carlos and Ramón.

Back in his car, Steven drove off from the place. All night long he had thought of Carlos, all the hate in his mind he had for his cousin. It didn’t bother him at all that it was family that he held such hard feelings of venom against. Carlos was nothing short of a complete fuck up. The car accident that occurred last night could’ve happened to anybody. That one chance of coincidence swerving into a pot hole in the road during stormy wealthy. Anybody else however, may or may not have had two kilos of pure cocaine in the back of the car unwrapped and in a position where it could cause a mess. Drugs were nothing new to Steven’s line of sight, just an old ghost from the past coming back to haunt him.

Before the club business, Steven had made his fair share dealing through out town. It was no secret, all the rumors of the Diaz family’s fortunes having connection in the old 1980’s of Miami when the cocaine cowboys were all over the place. While Tony was raised by their father to be the son who stepped in to control the clubs, Steven was the more dirty one with a rougher life. The big change came when he knocked up his girlfriend in high-school and was forced to find a way to make quick and easy cash to support a child. That was a long time ago, and now his son was an adult and living the spoiled lifestyle of a jock athlete playing on the football team of the local university. Steven had got out of the drug games just before 2010 rolling over, knowing that it wasn’t worth the connections anymore to shady individuals.

Disposing of the key of cocaine now was not something that Steven truly wanted to do, but what else was there to do? He didn’t trust Carlos one bit. When Carlos wound up in jail a few years ago, it was on an act that Steven warned him not to do. It was no secret that Carlos was an easy target for undercover detectives of they wanted a loose cannon to shake down. Over the night, Steven wondered just where Carlos had obtained the two keys. He had tested it with a kit, surprised to find the purity of the cocaine. It was the real deal, something that would easily turn a good profit. That was Carlos for everyone, the young cousin who was looking for the quick and easy path to a life of luxury and status.

Right now, it was shake down time. Steven drove the Cadillac on the roads, heading out to Ramón’s apartment. It would be useless just to question Carlos who would easily lie about the deal. Steven figured he could get the answer out of his brother, and perhaps share the profits of the coke. Pulling the car into the driveway, Steven stopped and pushed his hand over the horn twice. He knew Ramón had to awake since he had texted him and received a reply earlier. While sitting there waiting in the car, just a few minutes later the man came running out the door in a black suit. Ramón walked to the driver’s side and pulled the door. Steven looked at him and spoke.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

“Fuck no! I got maybe 2 hours before waking back up from a nightmare.”

Steven nodded at him before responding.

“Welcome to a day in my life.”

The door shut after Ramón slid into the passenger’s seat. Steven pulled the car out of the driveway and then moved back on the road. Ramón sighed while looking out the window. Last night had been restless. Apart from listening to Carlos scream his head off and thinking about the entire situation, he didn’t know where to begin a conversation with Steven about the problem on their hands with the drugs. While driving through the empty roads slowly, Ramón finally spoke up.

“You know, Carlos is going fucking crazy over that key you took from him. I’m worried he might come after you to try and get it back.”

“Let him go for it. He wants to break into my house, I have a security system in check and a bodyguard waiting for him. Besides, I’m not stupid enough to leave a key if yeyo under the bed. I’ve got it locked up some place safe.”

The car continued moving down the streets. Ramón sighed before speaking again.

“What are you gonna do?”

“I’m going to go through my old contacts list, see if I can find someone that might be able to use the coke. It’s pure, I tested it last night. Whoever sold the keys to that stupid ass obviously is dealing the real stuff.”

“Carlos didn’t tell me where he got it from.”

“That’s what I want you to find out for me. Push him until he spills his guts out to you, you’re his brother so he should confess to you.”

“He can be a bit difficult with that at times.”

“Yeah I know, I’ll never trust the mother fucker again.”

Taking a turn before stopping at a red light, Steven looked back over at his cousin and gave him a smile.

“Here’s the deal. I’m going to sell the key. It’s pure, grade A shit. I can easily get around 20 grand for it. Since you were involved with this, I’ll split the deal between us 50% on both sides.”

Ramón looked back as his jaw dropped and a shocked expression rushed over his face.

“You mean that? I’ll get a cut?”

Steven nodded.

“Yeah, it’s only fair if I split with you.”

“What about Carlos?”

“Fuck him. He’s the one that got us in this mess in the first place, he can starve. Now look, don’t tell Tony about this. I don’t want anyone else to know. The more people know, they’re gonna want in on it.”

“Alright, that’s all fine for me.”

The car moved again after red light had turned green. Steven had nothing more to say. He didn’t want to be getting back involved in this dirty business, but he had no other choice. Later in the day he would have to dig out his old contacts list and start going through the connections he had. It had been a long time since he retired from the underworld businesses, but it wasn’t worth thinking about the past at this time. It was better to simply move forward and get on with it.



Antonio quietly walked through the halls to the inner V.I.P. areas of the club Disco Fever. He had made it a routine to arrive at the club around 12 or 1 PM, everyday. It was best to get in the office and do his computer work and go through schedules before the club opened in the evening hours and became packed. He always had Maria there to help him, a friend in the work place he had grown to admire. He unbuttoned the black jacket to his suit while walking. The day had already warmed up. By the time he reached the door for their offices, he was ready to take it off. Stepping in, he could hear the keyboard keys pressing down from finger tips. Antonio looked over to see Maria concentrating at the computer. Her eyes looked at him and he greeted her.

“Good afternoon Maria, you look busy.”

“Yes, I kinda am. Steven got here early, he wants to see you about something.”

A chuckle was heard from Antonio’s voice.

“I didn’t expect to see him until later.”

“Yeah, I know right? Does he ever sleep?”

Laughing at her comment, he took his jacket off and threw it down on his chair across the room at his own desk. After he was done, Antonio walked out of the office and back down the hall where he made his way towards the doorway to Steven’s office. With a light knock, he was greeted to a muffled voice yelling ‘come in!’. Antonio stepped into the office, seeing his uncle standing near the window in a pink shirt and white pants. His white blazer jacket was sat over the chair. Steven smiled at his nephew before speaking.

“Hey, there you are. How are you today, Antonio?”

“I’m good, Maria said you wanted to see me.”

“Yeah, I did. I need to let you know that I am going to be busy this week doing stuff. I think you can handle the club, can’t you?”

The young man looked back and nodded at him.

“Yes, I think so.”

“If you have any trouble, you know to call security, I can trust you on that right?”

He nodded again. Steven walked over and smiled at him, patting Antonio on the shoulder. He knew he could always trust his nephew above anyone else.

“Alright, I think you’re set. I’ll be back next week for sure.”

“I appreciate it, I promise I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t, you’ll do just fine.”



After leaving the club in the afternoon hours, Steven took a drive out to get some lunch for himself while thinking of the situation at hand. Back at the club he had fetched his little black notebook containing all his personal contacts for business. Surely, someone in that notebook would be willing to trade for him and get the kilo of coke off his hands. He went through the drive thru for a fast food joint, just something simple to eat and nothing fancy. After he had ate during the drive, he made his way through South Beach and decided to take a little walk out by the beach and the park. The cold feeling of the morning had washed over to a warm day, typical Miami weather. A rush of the wind blew through his suit. Over his pink shirt, was the white blazer he had chosen for the day. Steven heard his phone beginning to ring, vibrating in the pocket of his jacket. He sat down on a bench near some palm trees, looking over the beach as he answered the call without looking at the screen.


“Hey baby, it’s me!”

The voice on the other end of the phone was none other than Emily Ratajkowski. Steven immediately smiled, cheerful to hear her voice again.


“Yes, it’s me! Miss me, darling?”

“Yeah, I miss you sweet heart. I haven’t received any texts from you lately, was wondering what was going on.”

“I’m heading out to the airport right now.”

“You coming back to Miami?”

She sighed audibly through the phone.

“No, I have to head out over the pond to London. I did a shoot for a magazine and I’m about to go over there for an interview on TV. I thought I’d call you first, just wanted to hear your voice.”

Steven thought for a minute, knowing he had contacts in England that could be great use to him at the moment. He watched people from the distance walking over the beach before he answered her.

“How about I meet you there? My brother has a private plane, I could use it to take the flight. Meet you and we both head back to Miami together on a plane all to ourselves.”

“Oh my god, really!? I-I would love that!”

Her voice stuttered in excitement. He simply laughed upon his reply.

“Yeah, for sure. I can be out of here by tomorrow if all goes well.”

“I can’t wait! I’ll text you in the morning after the plane lands to let you know what’s up.”

“That’s fine baby, I miss you.”

“Miss you too, Steven! Bye bye darling!”

The phone clicked as she hung up. He got up from the bench, shoving his phone into his pocket as he retreated back to where his car was parked off to the side. Taking a trip to England wouldn’t be just to meet Emily. There was special people that Steven was connected to who hailed from England, a certain someone he was sure would give him a call back regarding a kilo of pure white snow. Once he got back to the car, Steven shut the door and dug out the little black notebook from his jacket pocket. He flipped through the old notes and names, looking for a specific contact by the name of Sebastian Taylor. He went over the phone number listed and quickly punched in the numbers to dial.

Sebastian Taylor was a product of nepotism, spoiled rotten from a rich father and a powerful family. The Taylor name was known in Britain, as Sebastian had a brother who recently opened a modelling agency and their father was a billionaire tycoon who owned various fashion magazines and was a key figure in the industry. Steven had first met Sebastian over a decade ago. He was known as a party animal, one always looking to score with drugs and women. From rumors he had heard, the lifestyle had not changed since the last time they met back in 2013. The phone rang, coming up empty until he was led to an answering machine. It was one of those business style answering services, one with a computerized female voice asking to leave a message. Steven waited for the beep and then spoke.

“Hello, I’m looking to get in contact with Sebastian Taylor. We’re old friends, tell him that Steven Diaz needs a call ASAP. I’ve got something urgent for him. I will be in London in the next few days, call me back from this number. Thanks.”

He hung up the phone, smiling to himself while he thought. Sebastian would be someone easy to make some money with. Putting the little black notebook back into the pocket of his jacket, he started the car and it was time to head off and get work done while waiting on the call back. Soon he would have to call Tony and talk him into using the private jet. That wouldn’t be a problem since he had used it before. Steven couldn’t wait to see Emily again, they were long over due to spend time together again.



The night life was awakened when the sun began to dip into the sea, igniting the darkness in the sky and when the party was to begin. Antonio knew what to do in the club, having spent weeks learning under his uncle. When the number of customers began to flow through the doors and the dance floor filled up, it was just another club night in Miami. Antonio remained upstairs, watching the floor from the higher level. This was something he often did alongside his uncle Steven, the best place to watch the bar and other areas. While standing there with his hand on the rail and listening to the music coming booming loudly, Maria approached him from behind and spoke.

“Antonio, we’ve got a problem downstairs.”

He turned around, quickly responding to the blonde assistant.

“What’s going on?”

Maria rolled her eyes.

“Some rich young girl who is only 19 years old thinking she can use her famous name to get into the club despite the 21 age restriction.”

He laughed while nodding his head.

“Alright, I’ll go down and take care of it.”

Walking past Maria, he headed down the staircase while the neon lights flickered a ray of colors over his black suit. Antonio couldn’t lie to himself, he was confident about tonight. Handling problems such as this was only the beginning of when he would become a club manager. He took the walk near the entrance where security had it’s own room. He could see a blonde haired girl in the room, making a fit as she screamed at the security. Antonio stepped in, tapping on the door to get the security guards attention.

“I’m here, what do you need?”

The black security guard stood tall and intimidating as he looked over Antonio, he spoke in a strong voice.

“Little Miss. Attitude right here is under the age of 21. She came in with a fake ID and probably could’ve gotten away with it if she didn’t shoot her mouth off about being a famous celebrity.”

Antonio looked his eyes over at the girl. She stood tall in a pair of high heels, a black little dress and revealing a nice set of cleavage. Other than her obvious dyed blonde hair, he could tell that her face seemed familiar. He nodded to her with a question.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Kylie Jenner, you know who I am?”

He nodded with a grin over his face. Antonio looked back at the security guard who spoke.

“She’s 19 years old. We can’t have her around the bar, that’s why I threw her out.”

“Yeah, I get that.”

After replying to the security, he looked back at Kylie and spoke again.

“I’m gonna let you into the club, but you can’t go near the bar. How’s that?”

A smile formed over her puffy lips and then she replied.

“That would be fine. I was trying to explain to security here that I just came to the club to shake my ass.”

He laughed.

“Well, I’m an assistant manager. How about you come shake that ass around me?”

Kylie smirked.

“I’d be more than happy to! What’s your name?”

“Antonio, come on babe.”

He offered his hand out to her, which she gladly accepted before they walked out of the security booth near the entrance. Antonio knew exactly who she was, anyone that followed the Kardashian empire in social media was well aware to the name of Kylie Jenner. He couldn’t believe she really was 19 years old, just two years younger than him but surely had the body to pass as an age older than that. Once Antonio had walked her back into the club and shuffling through people walking about, she tugged his hand and came to a stop to get his attention.

“You said you’re an assistant manager right, Antonio?”

Nodding his head, he replied.

“Yeah, that’s right. My dad owns this place.”

Instantly, she smiled before replying. Surely, he could see that she had something on her mind with the questions at hand.

“Oh, wow! You think you could get us into the V.I.P. rooms? I’d like to dance in there away from all these people.”

Antonio smirked, nodding in approval to her.

“That won’t be a problem at all, right this way.”

Still holding her hand, he walked her to the stairs to slowly go up. The neon lights flashed while the music continued to boom from downstairs. It was only a week day for the club, the Fridays and weekends following were always the most packed and hard nights for the club. Antonio walked her towards that white door leading into the V.I.P. rooms. No way was he letting this lovely girl out of his sight, this was the meeting of a dream that he just had to hold on to.


The black of the night was clearly visible with the lights of the city sparkling to offer the view. Steven looked out the window at the sparkling lights of the buildings in a distance while sat in a late night cafe waiting on that phone call to arrive. Outside the cafe was one of the few payphone booths left in the city. A reserved one, still maintained and with the ‘Telephone’ light up sign on the booth. He kept his cellphone next to him while waiting, knowing that the call should be coming. While having a cup of coffee, sure enough the phone began to ring on the table. He sat down the cup to answer the phone.


“Yes, am I speaking to Mr. Diaz? This is Malcolm Green calling on behalf of Mr. Taylor.”

From hearing the words, Steven sighed. He should’ve realized that Sebastian had handlers and assistants to take phone calls for him.

“Yeah, I need to speak directly to Sebastian Taylor. Does he know about the message I left him?”

“No, he hasn’t been notified yet. I handle all his phone calls upon receiving, I can tell him you called.”

“I want to talk to him, not you. Tell him that it’s Steven Diaz and it’s urgent business. I’m near a payphone and I need him to call it back.”

“I can inform Mr. Taylor about that, good sir. Let me get a pen out real quick to write down the payphone number. I’ll inform him after I hang up and he will call you back shortly.”

“Thanks, appreciate that.”


Antonio had taken Kylie back to the lounge area in the V.I.P. halls. He sat down on the white couch, watching her dance around while she swayed her hips and moved in the tight little black dress. The skirt was past her knees, revealing those strong built legs of hers. He wasn’t sure yet what exactly her game was. If she was flirting, it wasn’t taking much, but it seemed like she had her own agenda at mind. Maybe she was just a girl looking to have some fun using her status of fame to get her way, or at least that was another thought. Standing in front of him, Kylie slowly bent over to place her phone down on the glass coffee table. She teased him, knowing that his eyes would be looking directly into her thick ass.

“Are you starring at my ass?”

Her words caused him to laugh while sitting back on the couch.


Kylie quickly turned around, giggling to him. She could hear the bass booming from music downstairs, just the music she needed for a little dance. Antonio’s eyes looked at her smiling face before glancing down at the view of her big tits. She spoke again once she caught his eyes looking down.

“See something you like?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do.”

Stepping forward to him, Kylie smirked while running her hand through her dyed blonde hair. She looked down at his lap, figuring that she would go ahead and take the time to place her huge ass down on him as she bent her knees and sat over his lap. Antonio smirked while looking in her eyes. It was quite an experience to have Kylie Jenner’s ass sitting over him. He took a deep breath while looking back at her, but before Kylie could give a chance to say anything, she pushed her lips to his and kissed him. Their tongues pushed up against one another while she closed her eyes, embracing the feeling of kissing a man that she had only met so soon. Breaking the kiss, they looked back into each other’s eyes before Antonio spoke.

“I wasn’t expecting you to kiss me like that. Are you falling in love?”

She laughed in his face.

“I would never fall in love with a boy I met half an hour ago!”

They both laughed while she began to move her hips, slowly grinding that big ass into his lap. Antonio just sat back on the couch, feeling her pushing down on him. Kylie licked her lips, gazing back into his soft brown eyes as she continued to grind. It wasn’t a lap dance, but it was something to tease him into a frenzy. After a few seconds, he couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her lips again. This time, Kylie pushed him back and thrust her tongue farther into his mouth before she moaned her muffled voice up against his lips. She could feel his cock growing under her. Kylie reached for his hands, roughly moving them to touch her body as she teased him.

“You want to feel me in your hands? Go ahead…”

Antonio bit his lower lip, moving his hands over her big breasts, softly squeezing them in the silk fabric of her black dress. Kylie continued to move, grinding her thick ass over his lap. She could feel his cock, springing to life in his pants. He knew that the way things were moving now with her voice softly purring moans, it was best to ditch the club and go some place else. His mind was still curious what her game was.

“You know, I don’t get you really…Didn’t take long to get you on my lap, so what is it?”

Kylie smirked, leaning in to kiss his lips softly before she answered in a low voice.

“I’m just a girl that needs some fun every once in a while. I can read your mind, you know?”

“Oh yeah, what am I thinking about?”

She laughed and replied to him like a classic smart ass.

“You’re easy! You’re thinking about taking me back to your place. Maybe ripping this little dress off and then fucking me. Am I right?”

“Close! I’ve got a penthouse not far from here, wanna go there now?”

Without saying a word, she just nodded her head with a soft smile. Antonio knew what she wanted, soon they would have much more privacy than within the lounge area of the V.I.P. room. It was time to retire for the night and indulge in the privileges that his life came with.


Outside in the dark, Steven stood in the lit up old booth for the payphone. Above the booth was a big sign in neon lights that said ‘Bernay’s Cafe’. The first word was lit up in blue while the second word was in pink. So far, he had been waiting in the booth for the call after giving the number of the payphone to Sebastian’s assistant earlier inside the cafe. It was wonder that payphones still remained in town after they had been rendered useless in the modern era. In Miami, there was still some scattered near gas stations and little diners. Steven thought about it while he waited, looking back at his reflection in the glass of the booth. The phone finally began to ring after what felt like forever in the waiting. He reached for it and answered it without saying a word.

“Steven Diaz?”

The voice coming from the phone was in a thick British accent. Steven smiled, moving in the booth while he held the phone up to his mouth and replied.

“Sebastian Taylor…long time, old friend.”

A chuckle was heard over the line before a reply.

“This better be good. I know you didn’t just have me dial the number to an old payphone just to waste my time.”

“I’ve got something better than good for you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I’ve got one key of the purest white snow you’re ever gonna see. I need to get rid of it fast, you were the first person I thought of.”

Silence was heard over the phone for a few seconds before Sebastian replied.

“I’m always in business for a little bit of snow and the holidays are right around the corner. Where are you at now?”

“I’m in Miami, but I can be on a private plane flying into London with this baby by midnight. I just need your word, do you wanna talk about it face to face?”

“I would like that. You say you can be on a plane soon, was that your cellphone number you called me from earlier?”

“Yeah, I figure you can text me back from your number. We can set up a meeting once I’m in the country, so are we on?”

“You got it Steven, we’re on. I’ll text you tomorrow for sure.”

“Alright man, I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Hanging up the phone, Steven smiled to himself. Sebastian would be an easy one to get rid of the coke to. Now all he had to do was call Tony and give the story that he wanted to use his private plane by tonight to fly into England and meet with Emily. He had no plans of telling Tony the real reason he needed to fly out by midnight. If he knew about the deal, he would surely want a slice of the profit. Steven had planned to stay true to his promise to Ramón that this money would be split between only the two of them.


A muffled voice could be heard between moaning in the quiet room as Kylie pushed her body up against Antonio while they kissed. True to his word, he had taken her out of the club and they went straight to his luxurious penthouse suite in town. With a long elevator ride up, they had just stepped into the dark room only a few minutes earlier with the door slamming shut behind them and flicking on the lights. Kylie pushed him off her as he went flying backwards into the couch. Antonio locked his eyes on her beautiful body as she stood before him, prepared to go with a little strip show. Kylie began with undoing the little black strap of her dress over her right shoulder and looking in his eyes. Antonio couldn’t help but speak to her.

“You wanna take that off, baby? Or do you want me to do it?”

Placing her hands on her hips, she gave him a little smirk and nodded her head.

“Yeah, I think I’d like that. Get over here and take my clothes off, mister!”

He raised himself from the couch, standing before her as he pulled on her dress. Kylie had planned to tease him, just to toy with his emotions a bit. She had been trained in the art of seduction, all lessons from her older half-sister, Kim Kardashian herself. As he turned around to unzip the back of her dress, Kylie made the motion to push it down and reveal her glorious, thick young body to him in nothing more than a lace black bra and thong matching her black high heels. Antonio’s eyes traveled down, looking at every curve of her wonderful body. He seen the red tattoo on her right hip as his eyes trailed her thong and looking at her amazing ass. Kylie glanced at him and sighed.

“What are you waiting for? Touch me!”

Her words had demanded it and he responded by turning around and spanking her beautiful ass with the palms of both hands. Kylie moaned and bent over, giving him a perfect view of her huge ass. It was clear that she had the Kardashian in her, a booty that could match and compete with Kim. Antonio lowered himself down to her knees under her ass and then raised his mouth up to bite her thong and began to tug it down between his teeth. Kylie giggled, aware of what he was doing to tease her as the lace fabric slid off her smooth skin and fell down to the floor. Antonio had something he just wanted to do that he had not been able to ever do to a girl. His hands spread her ass cheeks, revealing her dark little hole. Kylie’s voice gasped when she felt his tongue slip into her ass.

“Ohhhhhh god!!”

Antonio’s tongue swirled, twisting in her dark hole as he proceeded to rim her. This was the last thing Kylie was expecting, as most men refused to give her this little pleasure. Kylie reached her hands back, pulling her ass cheeks apart while she spread her legs and remained bent over.

“Yes, yes! Get it!!”

A moan gasped through her voice, crying out while he continued to twirl his tongue in her ass. Antonio enjoyed to give a nice rimming to a girl, though h had not had seized an opportunity at it recently. After he had licked her ass, he raised his head from between her thick cheeks and now he climbed further under her and turned around. It was time to give her pussy the equal treatment with his tongue. Kylie looked down to see him under her and then moved to push her clit towards his mouth.

“Lick me too! I’m fucking wet for you already!!”

Reaching her hands down, Kylie grabbed his head and shoved him towards her wet, shaved pussy. Antonio opened his mouth and slithered his tongue past the pink lips of her pussy. She leaned up a bit, moving her right hand to the back of his head as her nails dug into his hair and she leaned herself against the couch. His tongue pushed in and began to lick, swirling around while thrusting into her loving cup. She gasped, closing her eyes before moaning out.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!! That’s it, lick it, lick it, LICK ME!!!!”

It didn’t seem to take long for him to make this girl scream loudly at him. Antonio didn’t stop, thrusting his tongue into her deeper and as hard as he could. He wanted to taste her sweet juices from this pleasure, all the best to begin a lustful night. Kylie’s voice cried out, gritting her teeth as she began to growl while his tongue didn’t stop for a second while licking her out in a routine.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s just what I like! Ohhhhhhhh yeah!! You’re gonna make me cum! Do it! DO IT!!”

She demanded for him to force her into a climax, not that Antonio had any other plans in mind to do anything other than taste her juices. Raising up her left foot, Kylie stomped her heel loudly on the floor while taking in deep breathes and closing her eyes. Over and over, his tongue pushed into her pussy. She was so close already, it didn’t seem possible so soon. Antonio brought up his right hand, reached for her ass when he shoved it between the crack of her cheeks and found her tight dark hole. He stuck his index finger into her ass while he continued to lick her, rotating his tongue from within as it slithered in and out like a snake. Her nails dug into his brown hair as she dropped her lower lip and cried out, right on time as her body began to tense up and shake.


Her voice screamed out as Antonio suddenly felt the bolt of her pussy exploding over his mouth, sending her juices into his jaws. Her grip in his hair had pulled his mouth away from pussy, causing the excess remains of her cum to drip out. Kylie looked down at his face, looking at her own juices that dripped down his chin when she laughed while catching her breath.

“You…you know how to use that mouth of yours pretty well!”

“Thanks, I just had to eat you out to begin this night!”

Before he got up from his knees, he leaned back down and lapped his tongue over her thighs to lick up the excessive dripping cum from her loving hole. Once he had cleaned her up, he stood up and Kyle took a few steps back. She went down to her knees, knowing that she had to repay the favor of giving him oral pleasure now. Kylie looked up at him as he began to sit down on the couch. She instantly went for his shoes, pulling them off while keeping eye contact.

“We’ve gotta get you naked now, I want your cock.”

“That’s fine by me babe, I ain’t gonna complain at all.”

Of course he wasn’t going to complain, she thought to herself. A typical response any girl would expect. After she had pulled his shoes off, she leaned up to grab at his pants. Thankfully, he wasn’t wearing a belt that would get in the way. She quickly undid the button to his black pants and unzipped them. Antonio helped her by pushing them down along with his underwear, his hard cock finally free from its clothed prison. Kylie brought her hand up and wrapped it around his throbbing member. Her eyes looked back into his while she pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles, all while stroking his hard cock in her hand.

“Mmmmmmm, look at that. You’ve got a big fucking cock…”

Looking up into his eyes, she held his cock right under her puffy lips. With a smirk, she continued speaking.

“And it’s mine tonight.”

She opened her mouth and moved the crown of his rod past her pink puffy lips. Kylie closed her eyes and then slowly took it in, sucking on the first few inches of his rod. Antonio took a deep breath while watching her. She began to move her hand at the base of his cock, stroking it up in sync as her lips pushed down to jerk his cock off while sucking it at the same time. While she proceeded to give him oral pleasure, he unbuttoned his jacket and moved to throw it off his shoulders and take off his shirt to join her in nudity. Kylie’s eyes looked up at him, seeing as his attention was averted to stripping, she moved to release his cock from her mouth with a loud pop noise. When Antonio looked back down at her, she spit on the head and began to stroke his spit-covered shaft.

“You like how I suck your dick?”

“Fuck yeah! I love how you suck it, baby!”

With a smirk on her face, Kylie moved her mouth down to his balls and didn’t say a word. She proceeded to lick his nuts before slobbering all over them loudly with her mouth. He moaned loudly, yelling to her while she sucked on his balls.

“Yeah, get those nuts all wet, Kylie! Damn, you know how to use your mouth!”

Her eyes looked up into his while she had stuffed his right ball past her lips. Her jaw swelled up from containing one of his nuts, all while she was stroking his slobber coated shaft in her hand. After she released her mouth from his nuts, she moved to take his cock back into her mouth. Kylie finally moved her hand away, pushing down on his legs as she began to aggressively bob her head up and down on his shaft. She had to prove to him that she could take his entire long length down her throat. Antonio’s eyes never left the scene down below, moaning as she had pushed her lips all the way down to the base of his rod, jamming the head to the back of her throat as she took the entire thing.


He yelled out to her. Kylie kept her mouth down on his cock until she finally gagged on his thick meat. She came up to release it from her mouth, making another pop sound as she came off his cock with saliva strings flowing down. She gritted her teeth and looked in his eyes before spitting on his shaft. While it wouldn’t have been too hard for her to suck him off until he busted his nut in her mouth, Kylie had over ideas. She leaned back and then quickly unclasped the straps to her bra, finally freeing her large breasts out to play. After snatching her bra off, she grabbed her tits in her hands while her spit dripped from his dick. Kylie looked up at him and spoke in a demanding voice.

“Come on, I know you ain’t gonna pass up an opportunity to fuck my titties.”

The smart ass comment was aided by the smirk on her face. Antonio simply nodded at her and stood off the couch. She wrapped her little hand back around his slobber covered shaft and then began to rub the head of his cock up against her left nipple. His cock created a slapping sound as it spanked up against her hard nipple. Her eyes looked back up into his while she moved his cock to her right breast and then spanked it equally up against her other nipple. After she was finally done teasing him, she let go of his cock to grab her breasts and part them down the middle. Antonio guided his cock towards the entrance, watching as she squeezed her breasts around his dick and trapped it. Kylie looked up into his eyes as she began to thrust her tits up and down over his cock.

There was no words to be spoken for this moment. The quiet sound of their moans through the room was enough to know of the pleasure. Kylie looked down to watch the head of his cock poking up each time she thrust down, fucking his cock with her huge breasts. All he could do was stand there and watch the action of his cock disappearing between the folds of those amazing tits and then popping back up. Antonio placed his hand on her shoulder, holding her there as he watched her move up and down over his thick rod. It was clear to him that she wanted to make him cum, to pay back the favor of the orgasm he forced on her minutes earlier. Slowly, she continued to pump her breasts up and down over his hard rod. Kylie finally looked in his eyes again.

“You like that? You like how I fuck your cock with my boobs?”

Antonio didn’t reply at first. He simply moved his hand to playfully run through her dyed blonde hair. Kylie smirked and continued to pump her breasts up and down on him. He took a deep breath and began to breath heavily, this was all she needed as a confirmation to know that he was about to blow his load.

“Are you gonna cum for me, Antonio?”

He nodded his head and moved his hand to the back of her head to snatch her hair up.

“Fuck yeah! I’m ready to cum for you Kylie! Right fucking now!”

From the grip on the back of her head, Kylie guessed that he was about to blast her face in cum. She let go of her breasts to free his cock and then he quickly grabbed it with his right hand while holding her in place. She stuck her tongue out, teasing him before she closed her eyes and yelled at him one last time.

“Cum for me! Cum all over my fucking face, Antonio! CUM FOR ME!!”

“Here it comes, baby! OHHHHHHHH, THERE IT IS!!!”

He roared his voice just as his cock had finally reached the breaking point. A thick gob of cum shot up the left side of her face, drenching her cheek and right below her eye. He tilted her head up just in time for his cock to shoot a long string of his seed over her left eye and drenching over her forehead and into her blonde hair. Antonio moaned as another wad of cum flew out of his cock, painting over her forehead  and down her left eye brow. Kylie laughed from the warm feeling over her face.

“Oh my god! You fucking nasty boy, you’re making me all messy!”

“You asked me to do it!”

She giggled in her voice, finally feeling him let go of her hair as the power of his cum was beginning to fade out. Antonio finished himself off, aiming at her breasts as the final thick drops of cum dripped down to those big tits. He took a deep breath once he was finished as Kylie ran her finger up to collect the cum out of her left eye and feed it to her mouth. She reopening her eyes at last, smirking up at him.

“Proud of yourself, nasty boy?”

“Yeah, I think so. Are you proud of yourself too?”

“You should know I’m not going to say no to that, but we aren’t finished for the night.”

“Fuck no, we’re not! You still haven’t fucked me! And I want you to fuck my ass too!”

All he could do was smile and nod his head. It was as if Kylie had read his mind.

“You just knew I wanted to fuck your ass too, right?”

“Well, duh! You weren’t starring at it for nothing back at the club, or were you?”

Antonio laughed, no need to answer her back. He quite liked Kylie’s smart ass attitude and the remarks she made at him in a sassy tone. She climbed up from her knees, careless over the cum on her face. It didn’t matter, she could easily wash herself off in the morning, knowing that she planned to wake up in his bed come morning time. Looking back at him, she glanced down at the couch and then spoke.

“So, how do you wanna fuck me? Do you want me on top or do you-”

“Bend over the couch, I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Oh, doggy style! Mmmmmm, I’d like that!”

She giggled before she began to bend herself over. Antonio watched her, placing her hands over the couch as she bent over and proceeded to move into a position. Her legs spread out, revealing the entrance right to her pussy as well as her big mighty ass. He stepped behind her, running his hands up her curvy hips and looked over her. He could see the little red tattoo on her right hip, some writing in the red ink but he didn’t care what he said. While standing there, he grabbed his cock and began to push the head towards the entrance of her warm pussy. Kylie gasped her breath, feeling him begin to enter her.

“Ohhhhhhh, mmmmmm….Yeah, go for it Antonio. I want you to fuck me.”

He raised his hand back and loudly slapped the right cheek of her ass in respond. He wanted to watch the firmness of her thick skin over her ass, just as he thrust his cock into her. He moved his left hand over the small of her back while rearing his right hand back to spank her again. Kylie moaned, feeling his rod thrust into her pussy. She took a deep breath, hanging her head down while her blonde hair began to sway back and forth. Closing her eyes, she moaned out to him.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Antonio! Fuck me hard!!”

Like before, he raised his hand up to smack her ass again while he began to pump his cock into that pussy harder and faster. The cum all over her face had began to drip down, moving slowly. Kylie’s huge tits began to bounce under her as she moaned, swallowing her breath and yelling out louder than before.


This time, his hand slapped her ass hard enough to make his palm sting and leave a red mark. The sound echoed through out the room louder than her moans. Antonio gritted his teeth, concentrating on the pleasure of his rod sliding in and out of her tight juicy hole. Over and over, his cock thrust into her pussy while he breathed between his teeth. Kyle closed her eyes before screaming out once again.


Her voice seemed to raise, screaming louder than before with each time. He had planned to spank her each time she spoke but Antonio lost the focus of using his hands while he was too busy thrusting his cock into her ass. Her words told him what she wanted, he wanted them both to reach a second climax before the night was over. Kylie’s huge breasts bounced and jiggled from under her while her long dyed blonde hair continued to sway around with each time he thrust into her. Kylie raised her head, knowing that the time was coming where she could not hold back much longer.


Growling to him between her gritted teeth, Kylie could not hold back anymore as her body trembled and the walls of her pussy tensed up before releasing again. Her moaning voice was beginning to grow hoarse from all the yelling and screaming she had done so far. He slowed down, making one final thrust into her as he felt her orgasm. Antonio’s own moans were muffled by the sound of her soothing voice. He slowly began to move his cock out of her pussy, he didn’t want to blow his final load from there, he had saved her ass for last and it was time to get on with it. Kylie spoke to him after slowly catching her breath.

“Wow…that…that was intense!”

A loud spank was heard from Antonio slapping her ass, she laughed before looking over her shoulder at him. He grinned, after pulling his cock from her pussy and rubbing it into her thick ass cheeks. The cum on her face was dripping down, creating little streams running down her neck.

“You know where I want to cum, baby?”

“In my ass?”

“Yeah, after I give it a nice hard fucking!”

“Mmmmm, yeah! I want you to fuck my ass, I just didn’t know if you’d be too tired after making me cum a second time.”

Pulling apart her ass cheeks with his hands, Antonio looked forward as he began to slide his dick into her dark hole. He didn’t want to look down and spoil the moment when he felt her tight walls around his rod. Kylie took a deep breath while she could feel his length sliding into her. After a moment, she closed her eyes and swallowed a bit before speaking in a low voice.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah…I can feel it in my ass, go ahead. Go ahead and fuck me in the ass, I know you’ve been wanting to all night!”

Slowly, he thrust his rod into her eyes. His eyes finally glanced down, watching as his cock would disappear upon pushing in and then coming back out. Kylie hung her head low, embracing the feeling. She did enjoy the moment when a cock was ramming into her ass, but Antonio was going a little too slow for her tastes. His hands moved to grip her ass cheeks, sinking his fingers into the thickness of her skin. With a sigh between moaning, she finally spoke up.

“Can’t you go any faster? I want to be fucked in the ass! I mean, I want you to really FUCK MY ASS HARD!!!”

Her words were met with the action of him moving forward and beginning to pump his cock in and out of her ass as fast as he could. His balls began to slap against the underside of her booty’s thick cheeks. Antonio gritted his teeth while he had began to ram Kylie in the ass, fucking her hard like she had demanded. With her hair moving back and forth, her huge tits swayed and bounced from under her. Finally, she was satisfied with his actions, yelling out in approval.


“Just like that babe!?”


With each thrust into her tight ass, Antonio could feel his cock to the point of where he was about to explode yet again. His balls slapping up against her had cause a light smacking sound that was heard over her hoarse voice. Kylie had screamed so much, she felt as if her voice was going out.

“Kylie! I’m going to fucking cum!”


The demand to cum in her ass was met with the final thrust. Antonio raised both his hands up and brought them down at the same time to smack both her ass cheeks in a ‘clap’ style as he raised his neck and roared out to the feeling of his rod exploding deep within her dark hole.


Kylie didn’t bother screaming in her hoarse voice again. She just closed her eyes, feeling the warmness of his cum shooting in her ass. She softly purred in her voice, a low ‘mmmmmm’ that escaped her lips while she could hear him panting and out of breath. Antonio pulled his cock from her ass, only to pull her cheeks back and watch the cum drip out of her tight hole. Kylie giggled before speaking to him in a soft seductive voice.

“You nasty fucking boy…Blew that hot load all over my face and in my ass.”

He took a deep breath before moaning and replying to her.

“Yeah, I’m pretty nasty baby. So, did you have fun?”

Looking over her shoulder, she smirked at him with her cum covered face and replied like a smart ass.

“Fuck yeah, I did! You know how to use your big dick, mmmmmm. Not a lot of men out there like you.”


A laugh was heard in the car while driving. Steven looked over at his brother Tony sitting behind the wheel in the driver’s seat as they made the little drive out to the airport where the private hanger was stationed in Tony’s name. After the conversation over the payphone with Sebastian, Steven didn’t waste any time going back to his storage lockup to retrieve the key of cocaine and then heading out to his house to pack up some luggage in briefcases. After he was finished with those steps, the next thing to do was call Tony and give him the story that he needed the private jet to fly to London and surprise Emily. Tony bought the story, completely. It never crossed his mind that there was some other business at hand that Steven had to take care of. They had been having a casual conversation back and forth during the ride in the car. Steven spoke up again.

“You know, your boy is coming along pretty well back at the club. Give him a few years, Antonio is going to running that place like one of us.”

Tony chuckled while he turned the wheel of the Mercedes car to pull into the airport. He replied back to his brother.

“I think I need to pay him a visit since you’re gonna be gone for the rest of the week. Maybe I’ll surprise him and have a day together with him.”

“I think he would like that, I’m proud of him. You should be proud of him too, he’s your son after all.”

“Oh, knock it off! You sound like our old man now. Of course, I’m proud of him! Like you said, he’s my son!”

Steven laughed at the fact he could still annoy Tony after all these years. Even though they were men that had aged into their 40’s, there was still moments together between them that called back to their youthful days. Tony stopped the car once he came to the booth to show off his identity to go through the private hangar areas. The best part about having a private plane and your own hangar, was not having to go through the checks and deal with airport security. Once the identity was checked, they were clear to drive forward and where their private hangar was marked. Before the ride was made, Tony went on and called his pilot who was in town to go ahead and prepare a flight. As the car reached the hangar, Tony came to a stop and then Steven spoke.

“Thanks for the ride, I appreciate you doing all this for me.”

“Not a problem. I figured, what the hell? We rarely ever use the private jet anyway, I’m happy someone is using it for a change.”

Opening the door, Steven clutched the suitcase in his hand that he had kept in his lap the entire ride through. Inside was some clothes that was needed; a few credit cards, cash, and of course, the valued possession that would become a big profit. He looked back at his brother, smiling and waving his hand before he shut the door. Tony smiled back and returned the favor with a wave goodbye. He turned his head to the left to look at the private plane. The door was opened and ready to be boarded. A man in a suit with a big black mustache stood in the doorway waiting for him before calling out.

“Come on board! It should only take me 30 minutes to get ready and then we’re out of here, next stop London, right?”

Steven nodded at him while he began to walk up the steps to the plane, clutching the suitcase in his hand.

“That’s right, London is where I’ve got to go.”

“It will take 8 and a half hours, so make yourself comfortable on board. You might as well take a nap, if you plan to get any sleep at all.”


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