Big Booty Bitches Ch. 18

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 18

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Holly Willoughby, Emily Ratajkowski

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial, 69, rom, cheating, drugs


: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


London, England

The private jet had left Miami around 11 PM to begin a long flight into the night. The next stop was over the pond and into an airport for London. Steven wasn’t used to flying alone on a plane, this was in fact the first time he ever had taken a flight solo. The nervous twitches had come due to the quietness among the plane. Inside was the usual interior of a luxury private jet. There were fancy leather seats, a large television set for entertainment, and a small bedroom that had all been rarely used in the past several months. Tony always traveled with the private jet, but he had been keeping himself at home in Miami most of the past year. Usually when Steven left town, he would fly commercial, but that was impossible with the package he had to sneak by security.

Eight and a half hours was how long the flight had lasted, just like the pilot had predicted. It would have probably been better off for Steven to get a nap, but he had never fallen asleep on a plane before. While the jet made it’s flight through the passing night, he sat back and texted on his phone. He had received a text from Sebastian Taylor regarding their meet. Steven quickly replied back letting him know that he was on the flight right now and would be checking in. Next up, he had to text the girl who he was arriving to surprise: Emily Ratajkowski. Steven texted her a question about her location, which she had replied back to notify him that she was already in London and was scheduled for a television interview the next day. After a few texts, Steven sat back in his seat and listened to some music from his smart phone: he had a compilation of Blues songs on his smart phone ranging from the greats of Albert King, John Lee Hooker, and Howlin’ Wolf.

Listening to the blues was rather fitting for the mood that Steven had felt the past two days. It wasn’t every day that he traveled with a kilo of cocaine in a suitcase. Those years had long past over him and for good riddance. In his youth, this was something that would make it’s way into his life in search for fast money. It wasn’t easy to support a wife and a child at 18 years old, but he made breaks to do it even if it was the wrong thing to do. Steven felt lucky he escaped the old criminal world with his life, and was able to establish himself as a legitimate club manager. This deal would be a one time only thing, just to get rid of the mistake that Carlos had made in the first place. The old Blues songs had crept into his mind during the flight. Songs about love, women and the hard life.

By the time the flight had docked in to a London airport, Steven had sorta snapped from a coma induced by the music. He could hear his pilot doing the radio check and setting up a landing for a private jet. Steven had just realized that he probably should’ve done some transactions to have pounds instead of U.S. cash to spend, but just two days in Britain wouldn’t be that bad. The sun was shining out the windows when the jet made it’s way on land and docked at a private hangar. After the engines and everything had come to a stop, the pilot came out from the cockpit after taking off his headset. The man with the big black mustache walked over by Steven when it had finally crossed his mind that the pilot’s name was Manuel.

“You’re Manuel, right?”

The man laughed at him.

“Of course I am! Did your brother ever have any other pilot besides me?”

“I’m sorry, pal. My mind is a little all tangled up from the flight.”

“Yeah and now you’re on UK time! It’s 12:30 PM in the afternoon here when it would be around 5 AM in the morning back in Florida, you should’ve got some sleep while you had the chance.”

Steven just sighed. It was impossible for him to become annoyed at Manuel’s words, it was only the truth. He nodded at him before the pilot spoke again.

“How long are you staying here? I need to know cause I gotta book a hotel and stay too while we’re over here.”

“I’m gonna say two days, or three at the max. You need money for a hotel room?”

Manuel shook his head.

“Oh no, I’m fine. I’ve got my credit cards and can easily do a conversion to pounds over here. You don’t have to pay for nothing my friend, but I appreciate it.”

With a nod, Steven looked away to grab his suitcase and was now prepared to exit the plane. Manuel had to unseal the doorway and pull out the walkway, in which they were greeted by the airport workers outside in London ready to check the flight. Steven stepped out, clutching the suitcase as he inhaled the air around him. This was his first visit to England, never before had he seen the country. It was only a shame that he couldn’t stay for a full vacation, Steven wouldn’t have minded to go sight seeing and have a tour around the country. Manuel handled the paperwork and security for the airport and paid the fee for the private transportation. After thirty minutes of checking through, he and Steven were escorted through to the entrance where it was time to call a cab. Not once was the suitcase looked through by security, not a soul except himself was aware of the prized possession that lay inside.


Manuel brought both pinkies to his mouth and whistled until one stopped. It was a black car that came to a stop inviting them to get into the back. Steven was surprised to see that the cabs in London were black, rather than the yellow cars back home in the U.S. Sitting down, Steven looked over at Manuel and spoke.

“Ask the driver if he accepts American dollars, cause it’s the only cash I have on me.”

“Yeah, I do! Where do you want to go?”

A strong English accent roared from the driver’s seat. Steven looked back and decided to take his chance with a question.

“You know any hotels around here?”

“I know some, yeah.”

From that answer, a new question was raised.

“Can you take us to the best one for the money?”

“The best hotel for the right price? You’re in Central London mate, so that would be Maxwell’s Silver Inn.”

“Is it luxury?”

“Oh yeah, I hope you can afford it!”

The cab began to drive off. Manuel looked back at Steven as they sat together during the ride. Steven glanced at him, knowing that he had to tell him something now while the thought was racing through his mind.

“I hope you don’t mind, I’m gonna have to make you get a separate room. I can’t have you with me, since I’m here to meet with a lady.”

Manuel nodded.

“That’s fine, I understand completely.”

Seeing Emily was only half of the truth. Steven refused to let Manuel in on the secret of what was contained from within his luggage. The more people that knew about a deal, always wanted a slice of the action. Steven had learned this a long time ago, just the reason he stayed quiet about things and kept a low profile. The money would be for him and Ramón only.



After arriving at the hotel, the two men left the cab after Steven had paid the driver a nice tip with two folds of hundred dollar bills. It was the least he could do out of generosity. The hotel had proven to be luxurious with a fancy suite. Manuel had worked with Steven to help him out through transactions of the fees from U.S. money to pounds. Steven marked it down that they would only be staying two nights. That gave him enough time to get everything done on the short list. After making it back to his room, he felt exhausted. Opening the briefcase, he checked the kilo of cocaine that had made it safely with him every step of the trip. Across the hall on the same floor, Manuel had been set up with a room close by to Steven so they would check out together and not get lost around the tall building.

From this point, he truly was exhausted. Without no sleep on the plane, he had pulled an ‘all nighter’ but unlike any other night without sleep, he was in another place far from home. With the cellphone in his hand, Steven sat back in the bed and began to text Sebastian. He had to let him know right away that he had checked into a hotel after a successful flight. The clock near the bed had said that it was 2:42 PM. The different hours and time zones for the UK would surely throw Steven’s sleeping schedule off if he was staying longer. After sending the text, he took his shirt off and pulled back the sheets preparing for a nap. After laying down, his phone vibrated with a notification noise. The bright light shined through the darkness of the room while he read the short text only with the words ‘Nice. We’ll meet up tomorrow, I’ll call you’. Steven smiled at the phone and then sat it down on the night stand next to him before he began to fall asleep in exhaustion.



Despite presently being in a different part of the world far away from home, it didn’t hinder with Steven for his nap. He slept for four hours for a real ‘power nap’ after going with no sleep at all, only to wake up hungry around 6 PM. He checked his phone, seeing no new text messages so he ordered some food from the hotel room service before going back to sleep within an hour. He wanted to make sure that he truly was rested up well enough for the deal with Sebastian, knowing that it had been years since he handled negotiations over a trade. Like before, he didn’t have trouble falling back asleep and dreaming through the night. Short dreams involving flashing lights of the clubs along with bits and pieces of music.

Through the dreams, he felt like he could hear a familiar sound ringing off in the distance. Dreams rarely made any sense to anyone but as Steven was slowly waking up, he recognized the sound was his phone ringing. His eyes opened as he leaned up in the bed and noticed the light shining out of the windows. Grabbing the phone, he yawned before pressing the button on the screen to answer it without looking at the caller. He closed his eyes and laid back on the pillow before speaking out in a half-asleep voice.


“Honey! Where are you!!”

Instantly recognizing the voice, Steven opened his eyes and replied back.

“Emily, is that you babe?”

“Yes!! Where are you!? I texted you like six times last night, you said you were going to let me know when you made it!”

“Ohhhh, fuck! I’m sorry babe! I forgot, I didn’t get no sleep on the plane so I ended up passing out when I got back to the hotel room.”

“That’s okay! I just wanted to make sure everything was fine. I’m coming up for an interview real soon, I have to let you go.”

“Emily, wait! What interview? I’m in Central London, where are you at?”

“I’m at a studio here, not exactly sure where. I’ll meet you when I’m done, I gotta go now!”

The phone clicked hanging up. Steven looked back at it before pulling the covers away and climbing out of bed. He had forgotten to get in contact with Emily upon his arrival, but that was fine. He would make sure he met with her soon enough. Looking over at the clock, he seen that it was just 7 AM on the clock. The time zones made it feel as if it were around midnight back home. When he looked back at his phone, sure enough there were six unread text messages that had come all during his time asleep. No new messages from Sebastian told him that he would have to wait for the call. Climbing out of bed, he went to the bathroom to take a shower and get himself ready to see Emily.



“That was a lot of fun, thank you for having me here!”

Emily smiled speaking back to Holly Willoughby. The blonde interviewer smiled before answering her back in a thick English accent.

“It was all my pleasure, dear. It’s wonderful to finally meet you, we’ve heard a lot about you from here.”

They stood backstage from the set piece of the morning interview. Emily had come to promote a new fashion line, alongside her manager. She was billed the top model for the promotion piece, involving an interview and the photo shoot that was used in a commercial. Holly Willoughby had been the presenter who did the interview with Emily on the air live on television. Emily had worn a simple small black top revealing her busty cleavage, topped with a pair of tight blue jeans. Holly had worn a red dress for the televised interview. After it was all done, the two girls made small talk backstage. Emily’s cellphone began to ring and she smiled when she seen it was Steven calling.

“Oh, hold on please! That’s my boyfriend calling me.”

Clacking her nails over the screen, she answered the phone while raising it to her ear.

“Hey baby, you just missed me on TV. I did an interview live on the set with Holly Willoughby.”

From the other end of the phone, Steven was outside the hotel standing tall while waiting for a cab to come by and offer him a ride. He answered Emily back with a question.

“Holly what? Who’s that, babe?”

Emily cupped her hand over the phone and dropped her jaw while looking back at the blonde television presenter. Holly smirked and then leaned over in which Emily whispered her reply.

“He doesn’t know who you are!”

With a laugh from Emily’s voice, Holly couldn’t help but bust out laughing in her thick accent. Emily brought the phone back up to her ear to hear Steven’s voice.

“Emily, you there babe? Did the phone cut out or something?”

“No, Steven I’m still here! Sorry about that!”

She looked over at Holly and gave her a smirk while Steven replied back to her through the phone.

“I’m heading out, I want to catch you for lunch or something. Where are you at now?”

“I’m back at London Studios, it should be close by since you are in Central London.”

“Alright, babe. I’m gonna call a taxi and have them drive me to you, see you soon.”

“See you soon, Steven.”

Moving the phone from her ear, Emily pressed the button to hang it up. She looked at Holly who was gleaming with a big smile on her face. The British woman spoke up.

“Sounds like you’re about to have a meeting with your lover man, huh?”

Emily giggled before answering back.

“He wants to go out for lunch.”

Holly nodded, an idea had come to her mind just now.

“And you said he doesn’t know who I am? How about I take you both out for lunch? I would love to meet him, he’s a lucky man to have a woman like you as a girlfriend.”

Her lips curled in a smile before nodding, Emily replied.

“That’s nice of you, Holly. I’ll do it for you.”

“Great! I know just the place to have a lunch for three! Come on, let’s go wait for your man to meet us outside.”


While sitting in the back of the taxi, Steven looked through his phone just waiting on a text to arrive from Sebastian. He had locked the coke up back in his briefcase in the hotel, all thinking about the phone call when Sebastian was to call him back. It was a short ride to the London studios parking lot. Like before, Steven had to pay the cab driver in American dollars, giving him a nice tip with a fifty dollar bill just to make up for the fact he didn’t have any pounds money on him. After he stepped out of the cab, the cool breeze of weather hit him while he looked around. Over his body, he wore a black shirt with a matching jacket and pair of pants in a patterned grey color. Below his pants, he wore a matching pair of black loafer shoes without socks. Steven looked around before taking a short walk from the parking lot, walking through some strings of pedestrians while he shoved his hands in his pockets.

“There he is, right there!”

From the distance, Emily used her hand to move her long brown hair as the wind had blown it over her face. She could instantly recognize Steven in his grey suit and due to his tall height. Together with Holly, they both walked towards him. He was looking over his left shoulder until he turned his face and was greeted to both of them. Looking forward, Steven was greeted to Emily sprinting towards him in her heels. She wrapped her hands over his neck and leaned up only for him to wrap his arms around her back, catching her as she pushed her lips to his and they kissed. Holly stood back and smiled while watching the girl reunite with her man. After the kiss was broken, Emily took a step back, clutching his hand as she spoke.

“It feels like forever since I’ve last seen you.”

“Well, it kinda has been. Both of us have been busy.”

“My, my…aren’t you two adorable.”

Steven looked to his right to see Holly standing tall in her red dress. His eyes looked over her, noticing how attractive of a blonde she truly was. Emily looked back to Holly and then spoke.

“Oh Steven, this is my friend who interviewed me. Her name is Holly Willoughby.”

The blonde smiled and nodded before offering her hand out to shake his. Steven nodded to her and spoke.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here, dear. Emily told me that you didn’t know who I was, so I figured I would introduce myself.”

Emily looked back at Steven before speaking again.

“Holly wants to take us out for lunch, what do you say baby?”

He nodded.

“I’d like that, that’s nice of you Holly. So, where are we headed?”

Holly smiled before she spoke.

“A restaurant not far from here. Come along! I’ve got a car, it shouldn’t take us about half an hour to get there.”

Together once again, Steven couldn’t help but smile back at Emily. While it may not have seemed it, he truly did miss the young lady. She had grown a connection to him from the attraction, only a shame that they would not be staying in London together. Following Holly to the car and riding in the back seat with Emily, it was something that kept crossing his mind. London would have been fine place to experience if the circumstances were different and they truly were on a vacation.



Together, Steven sat across from Emily and Holly as they had lunch at a small diner. True to Holly’s word, she had escorted them to a nice place that was fancy with a small meal. Steven and Emily traded conversation back and forth. Emily had to tell him all the little details about the commercial she shot back in Los Angeles and the photo shoot. Holly offered small talk, the funny stories about the television broadcasting office. Steven couldn’t help it, he found Holly to be quite funny. She and Emily laughed together and it was rather refreshing. This small date surely beat the time he spent in the back of the jet plane the previous night.

“Shame that I couldn’t get both of you together on camera, that would’ve made nice headlines.”

Holly spoke while sipping on her cup of tea. After she had moved the cup from her lips, she continued speaking.

“I can see it online now: ‘Em Rata and her hunk of a man’.”

Steven just smiled and shook his head while Emily laughed. It was Emily who answered Holly back.

“Oh my god! I would be trending on social media if we did sexy photos like some do on there.”

Finally, Steven looked at Holly and answered her back in a joking matter.

“Holly, please…Don’t give her any ideas.”

Emily looked back at Steven somewhat confused and then answered back in a sassy tone.

“Oh please! We don’t have the first photo together, honey! It would look great online!”

Listening to the words, Holly thought to herself but didn’t speak. She just continued drinking, finishing off her tea. Steven sat at the table, looking back at Emily when a phone began to ring. It was clearly coming from the pocket of Emily’s pants. The brunette girl rolled her eyes.

“Oh great, hope that is not my manager calling.”

Pulling the phone from her pocket, Emily sighed and spoke again.

“Yep, it is. Hello?”

She answered her phone while Holly’s eyes wandered back at Steven. She studied the man’s facial features and hair while Emily talked into the phone.

“Seriously? You didn’t mention nothing about doing an autograph event! Why can’t you let one of the other girls do it without me?Oh….That’s great, just terrific. I guess I’ll meet you soon to get ready, I was hoping for a break today to enjoy some time out.”

When she hung up the phone, Steven spoke.

“What’s wrong?”

“One of the other models on our team is sick and can’t go out and sign autographs, so I have to go out and do it.”

Steven looked back at her before nodding his head.

“It’s fine, babe. I understand. You go out and do what you gotta do, but I want to take you home with me on the private plane after tomorrow. How is that?”

The girl smiled back at him before nodding. Emily’s mood changed after Steven’s words.

“I would like the sound of that. Shame I won’t be able to go back to your hotel, I am staying with the other models.”

“That’s not a problem at all. We’re going to have eight hours in the air all to ourselves once we’re gone, we’re gonna make up for all our missed time.”

“Yes we are! I’m gonna go out now and catch a cab to see my manager. Thanks for taking us out, Holly.”

The blonde woman licked her lips before smiling back up at Emily and responding.

“It’s no problem, dear! You’re very welcome! Would you mind if I dropped this gentleman back off to his hotel?”

Her big blue eyes glanced at Steven before looking back at Emily. The other woman just laughed before nodding.

“No, I don’t mind at all! Take him out, show him around town if you want! Shame I can’t do this for him, London is a wonderful place.”

Emily began to walk off, only looking over her shoulder one last time to wave at Steven. He returned the favor, waving to her with his right hand as he watched her figure shuffling away out of the small diner. Holly had spent her time quietly studying Steven. She was no fool, clearly he was the kind of man who was in town for more than just meeting with a hot model girlfriend. The suit was a clear giveaway, even if he didn’t have the gold jewelry to match the typical ‘player’ look. The other thought that crossed her mind was the lack of photos on social media. There was a reason a man wouldn’t want to be photographed with such a hot famous model like Emily. Holly took a deep breath before looking back into Steven’s eyes and then she began to speak in her cute British accent.

“So…You look interesting.”

Steven sat back and looked at the beautiful blonde. Holly had leaned over a bit on the table, as if to tease him with her epic cleavage begging to spill out of her dress.

“What makes you say that?”

She smirked, almost giggling before she answered him back.

“It’s the way you’re dressed. I could also say the fact you don’t have a single photo with your girlfriend. She’s quite lovely, Steven. I think you chose a winner, or did she choose you?”

Looking back at her, he could see that this woman was playing a game with him from her words. Steven only had one word in reply to her.


Holly nodded her head and then Steven looked away for a second before looking back up at her. The blonde spoke again.

“I figure you’re gonna ask me the same question again, are you?”

Laughing at her, he shook his head.

“No, I don’t think I will.”

From the jacket of his suit, his cellphone began to vibrate and ring in the notification of a text message. Steven leaned back and reached for his phone, seeing the time on his phone was still set for eastern time in the U.S. He saw that the text was from Sebastian Taylor, quickly opening it to read while speaking to Holly.

“Hey, what time is it? My phone is set on Florida time back home.”

“Oh, let me check on my watch dear.”

Reading the text, Steven could see that the deal was set in place. Sebastian’s message back made it visible that a meeting was about to go down. ‘Call me when you get the time soon.’

“It’s 10:17, dear.”

He held the phone in his hand and nodded back at Holly before he began to get up from his seat across from her.

“Thanks, I have to make a phone call real quick. Mind waiting on me?”

She nodded with a smirk on her face.

“I have no problem, take your time Mr. Steven!”

Her words were enough to make him laugh. It was funny to him, to hear ‘Mr. Steven’ in her cute English accent. Looking around the diner, he noticed the restroom signs across from him. Holly’s eyes never left him, clearly seeing the cellphone clutched in his hands. He looked back at her and spoke.

“Go on and wait for me outside, we should get going soon.”

“Not a problem, dear.”

He began to walk towards the bathroom while Holly got up from the table. Before they had sat down, Emily had paid for the lunch in some English pounds that she had from a transaction. The thought didn’t cross Steven’s mind to leave a tip, only because he was preoccupied with another task on hand. Stepping into the bathroom, he looked around to check if the place was empty. With him being the only man in the men’s room, he went on and used his cellphone to dial up the number for Sebastian. He walked across the floor, listening to his loafers shoes create an echoing sound over the white floor. With a few rings, the phone was answered to the sound of a British accent speaking in Spanish language.

“Hola viejo amigo! Long time no see, yeah?”

Steven laughed at Sebastian’s Spanish before answering.

“What’s up Sebastian? Have you been practicing Spanish all morning while waiting on this phone call?”

A laugh was heard muffled through the phone before the other man replied.

“Nope, I learned some words of your fine language from a couple of fine ladies back in the States. Are you ready to do some business again?”

“As long as the money’s green.”

“I know you all too well, I wouldn’t pay you in anything but American dollars. So what’s the starting big you going for?”

Steven looked back at the mirror before he replied back to him.

“Twenty five grand is the bare minimum. For what this is, I think I’m being too kind to go that low, but I gotta get rid of it now.”

Breathing could be heard back through the phone before Sebastian replied.

“Alright, twenty five grand is what you want? This better be good stuff.”

“It’s finer than snow on Christmas day, that I can promise you.”

“I’ll have the cash soon. You’re staying in a hotel, yeah? We’ll meet there.”

From his reflection in the mirror, Steven watched himself nod back before replying.

“That’s great, I’m staying at Maxwell’s Silver Inn through Central London.”

“Alright, give me two hours. I’ll text you when I’m on my way and then you can tell me the hotel room. I’m coming alone, by myself. Just you and me like old times, how’s that?”

“I like that, I’ll be waiting for you.”

The phone clicked, hanging up. Steven shoved it back into his pocket and then left the bathroom. Two hours to wait for the deal gave him plenty of time to spent with the blonde woman who ad distracted him in the diner. He left the building, walking near the parking lot where he seen Holly in her little orange car. Steven walked to the driver’s side which was the passenger’s side to a car back in the U.S. She bust out laughing at him when she seen the dumbfounded expression on his face before he walked to the opposite side of the car and got in. Steven shook his head, trying not to laugh at himself. Holly spoke up.

“Oh, you are so used to American cars, huh? I can tell!”

“Yeah, our cars are just a little different.”

Sitting in the seat, he reached for his seat belt while Holly just grinned back at him. He could tell from her smile that she had much practice with it for her television appearances on a daily program.

“So, where to? I figure that was for business, you seem like a busy man.”

“You guessed right! I’ve got to get back to my hotel.”

“Oh? You don’t have to go anywhere else?”

Steven laughed while shaking his head at her and then answering.

“You seem pretty interested in what I have to do for business.”

“Kinda hard not to be. I know a man with plans when I see one.”

She started the car, slowly pulling out from the parking lot of the diner. Silence fell as Holly began to drive them out into the streets. She spoke up once more.

“What hotel are you staying at?”

“Maxwell’s, you know the one?”

“Yes, I’ll get you there no problem.”

While she drove the car, silence had fallen back while his eyes looked out the window and he gazed into the busy London traffic. Holly had studied him the entire time they sat in the diner, her small questions were only a hint of what was really on her mind. She knew that he had to be a dangerous man, one who seemed like a lot of fun for Emily. She had spoken quite a lot about him during the morning, telling Holly how Steven worked at a night club in Miami. Holly wanted to tease him to the point that perhaps he would invite her up to join him in his suite. While she made a turn, she spoke up again.

“Your girlfriend told me that you manage a nightclub back home in Miami, that’s pretty neat.”

“Yeah, it’s called Disco Fever. It’s an old club from the 80’s but was shut down and we just re-opened it back during the summer of ’16.”

Holly nodded while moving the car and then responding to him.

“Oh, that’s nice. I imagine you see a lot of fine women back at your club, is that where you met her?”

“Sorta, Emily was an arranged date.”

He looked back at her and then remembered the question she asked him. Did he choose her, or did she choose him? Steven had to answer her back on that.

“And to answer you from earlier, I think she chose me. At least if I’m being honest to you about it.”

With a slight giggle, Holly answered him back with her eyes locked on the road in front of her.

“I could’ve guessed. You seem like a man who leads the life of a swinger with multiple women on the side. I’m unable to prevent myself from asking you a question: have you seen any blondes like me in the time you’ve had to wait for Emily?”

Hearing her words, Steven laughed and shook his head before answering her.

“Seriously, Holly?”

“Yes, seriously Mr. Steven! Tell me the truth, if you want.”

Only because she had called him that goofy nickname again of ‘Mr. Steven’ did he nod his head and answer her back. Of course there was a woman similar to her in build who he had a fun time with while he was away from Emily. This was a game he could tell the woman was playing with him.

“Alright, you win. I’ll tell you, yeah. I fucked a blonde girl about a week ago while Emily was gone. Are you gonna run and tell her that I cheated on her?”

Shaking her head, Holly giggled while she continued driving.

“Nope, not at all! Why would I tell her and blow the opportunity I have for a thrill ride?”

Those words were enough to tell Steven that this woman had taken an interest in him for some strange reason. He had to know at this point.

“Why do you see me as a ‘thrill ride’ as you say?”

“Oh, no! You’re gonna tell me the details on the blonde girl that you fucked while Emily was away, first! Then, I’ll tell you why I call you that!”

“Fine, you win.”

Steven sighed while thinking of how he was going to describe it. He certainly couldn’t use the name Kate Upton in the conversation. If Holly were to truly run back and tell Emily, he didn’t want to break her heart with the knowledge that he fucked the most famous super model in the U.S. He didn’t want to mention Antonio’s name with the incident either, shielding his nephew from it.

“Alright, this happened about a week ago. A tall blonde girl, she was about twenty five in age I think? Really tall, she made the guys at the club look short. Beautiful face, blue eyes and big titties. She invited me over to her condo, we went for a swim and then fucked each other like crazy.”

The car had come to a stop in the back parking lot of the hotel. Steven had not noticed that they had arrived. Holly was more interested in his story.

“I take it you like big boobs, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, I do!”

She giggled while leaning over to speak to him in a low voice, hanging her cleavage clearly to his voice.

“I’m sure you’ll like mine, if you give me the chance. Do they remind you of that blonde you’re talking about?”

His lips moved into a grin before nodding his head.

“Yep, sure do. The girl I was telling you about, she had huge tits.”

With a giggle, Holly teased him with more dirty language.

“Oh yeah? Did you fuck ’em?”

He grinned, holding up two fingers to her and then speaking.

“Twice! They were too good, I couldn’t go with just once.”

Holly licked her lips before replying.

“That’s pretty hot, just the kind of fun that I like. Well, we’re here! Are you going to invite me up to your room maybe for a little fun?”

She gave him an innocent smirk in which Steven replied with a nod.

“Yeah sure, how can I refuse? I’m expecting a visit though within the next two hours.”

“That’s fine, I can wait. So you have business, huh?”

“Yep, business with an old friend.”

Undoing her seat belt, Holly pulled the door of the car and then Steven followed behind her actions. They stepped out together and then began to walk over the sidewalk. His eyes looked up her long legs, trailing his sight to the big bump from the back. She had a beautiful thick ass, all visible from the back view. Her heels stomped loudly over the concrete before they entered the hotel. Steven and Holly walked straight towards the elevator, stepping in with an old couple as they waited for the doors to close. While side by side for one another, Holly reached her hand out to clutch his and softly hold his hand. Steven clicked the button for the 4th floor, looking back at her with a grin as the elevator began to move up.

Through the silence in the elevator, all Steven could do was hold onto her warm hand. Holly had reminded him so much of Kate from a week ago. The goofy blonde with big tits was like a call back to that tall blonde who he entered the swimming pool with alongside his nephew. He couldn’t wait to be behind closed doors with her, even though he had to wait for Sebastian to arrive and the negotiation deal. Once the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened, he and Holly walked out hand in hand. Steven’s door was on the right with Manuel’s room across from it. He let go of her hand to reach into his jacket and pull the hotel key before sliding into the door knob and giving them access. Holly stepped in with him and then he shut the door before she pushed her hands up to his chest and leaned in to kiss his lips. Steven’s hands roamed over her body while they kissed passionately together.

“You’re a good kisser, Mr. Steven.”

After breaking the kiss, her words had caused him to laugh. Her hands cupped the back of his neck, brushing her fingernails through his short hair.

“It’s funny when you call me that, I kinda like it.”

“Oh, do you?”

“Yeah, cause that blonde girl I was telling you about-”

Before he could finish speaking, Holly kissed his lips softly again. Steven continued speaking after she leaned back.

“She called me papi, so I quite like you giving me a nickname too.”

Holly’s hands roamed over his chest, reaching to his pants where she could see his hard cock outlined and sticking straight up. She licked her lips, knowing that they had two hours to wait for his business deal but perhaps they could have some fun now.

“Mr. Steven, I know we have to wait…but maybe-”

“Yeah, let’s do something!”

He quickly had answered her, cutting her off in which she giggled.

“I want to suck your big fat Latin cock! Emily is a lucky girl, to get such a handsome Latin hunk like you who can take her on a thrill ride!”

The blonde woman quickly fell to her knees as her hands gripped the sides of his pants. Steven began to take his jacket off, slowly throwing it towards the bed so nothing fell out of the pockets. Holly had undid the buttons holding his pants together, quickly pushing them down before she spoke.

“Just let me, make you cum one time…Just one time and then we can wait for your business stuff.”

Steven nodded to her.

“And after my old friend leaves we can-”

“Pick back up where we left off! How is that?”

She had cut him off speaking, only to reach her hand through his underwear and wrap her little fingers around his hard shaft. Steven just nodded at her, pushing his underwear down to help her out.

“That’s perfect, Holly!”

With his hard cock in her hand, Holly quickly stroked it up and down to get him at full size between her fingers. She looked back up at him with her eyes, locking her view as she parted her lips and moved the head into her mouth. Holly broke eye contact to close her eyes and began to bob her head up and down on his swollen rod. Steven didn’t bother taking any of his clothes of, knowing that this had to be short. For Holly, she was satisfied just getting a piece of his thick Latin meet that she had craved. Emily had described Steven to her as a man who could be lots of fun. He moaned while the British blonde was moaning over his cock, sending vibrations through his skin.

“You’ve got great skills with your mouth, Holly…”

The words he spoke were enough to get her attention. She opened her eyes, looking up at him as she came off his dick. Her lips made a loud pop noise and then she replied to him.

“Oh yeah? I can do more than just use my mouth, but you’re gonna have to wait for that…”

She teased, not even telling him what she had on mind. Steven could easily guess that it was her tits, since she had made enough hints already towards titty fucking. Holly wrapped her hand back around the shaft and moved down to lick his balls. Her tongue slapped over his sack before she quickly stuffed the left nut into her mouth. Her jaw swelled up to Steven’s eye while she sucked over his balls. Holly wanted to truly impress him to the point she stuffed both of his nuts into her mouth, proving that she truly could work past a limit. Steven moaned while listening to her mouth slobber and suck over his balls. Holly released them from her mouth with saliva dripping down her chin and neck, wrapping her fingers around the base of his dick.

There was no need to ruin the time by speaking. Even though they clearly had 2 hours to wait, Holly wanted to make him cum as fast as she could. She looked back at his cock and spit on it, coating his thick meat in her saliva. Holly opened her mouth once more and fed his cock past her lips. She began to quickly bob her head up and down on the shaft, creating sucking sounds while she moaned into it. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm’ was the sound that came into Steven’s ears. He took a deep breath while resting his hand on her shoulder. Holly moved her hand away from his rod and then decided to demonstrate her deep throat skills. She pushed her mouth all the way down, taking his entire dick down her throat until the crown slammed to the back of her throat. Steven moaned before calling out.

“Ohhhhhhh, shit! That’s it baby, yeah! You know how to suck it!”

Her eyes shot back up at him as she slowly released his dick from her mouth. Long saliva strings flowed back from his thick rod to her lips. Holly licked her lips, spitting on his dick again before she spoke in a low slutty voice.

“I want you to fucking cum for me, Mr. Steven. Allow me to taste you, dear. I want to swallow your cum.”

“Yeah, you’ve been working hard for it.”

She spit on his cock again before looking up into his eyes and smiling.

“Yeah, I have!”

Without giving him a warning, she went back down on his cock. Holly began to furiously bob her head up and down on his hard meat, nearly choking herself as she tried to make him cum. Steven groaned, raising both of his hands up while moaning out.

“Oh, fuck!! You are persistent, go ahead! Make me cum, Holly! YES!!”

The only sound that was heard apart from his moaning voice was her mouth, slobbering all over his rod. Steven’s face curled off, he wished he could hold back the moment. Within seconds, she closed her eyes and moaned into his shaft yet again. ‘Mmmmmm’ Holly could taste his seed shooting into her mouth. Steven was out of breath, moaning out to her.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! That’s it baby, damn!!”

She drained his cock with her mouth, sucking every last drop of his seed while milking him. After she had absorbed wads of his cum over her tongue, Holly released his rod from her lips and leaned up to show him the puddle of his semen and her saliva mixed together. Closing her mouth, she loudly swallowed it down. Holly took a deep breath and then laughed before smiling at him.

“Your cum tasted lovely, Mr. Steven!”

He smiled, patting her on the head as a way to say ‘good girl’. Holly pulled his pants back up and then worked to zip him back up and button the pants back up as if nothing happened. Again, Steven patted her head before running his hand down and cupping her chin to look up at him.

“Thanks Holly, you didn’t have to do that.”

“But you have a meeting soon, I know what to do!”

With her words, she gave him a little wink while rising up from the floor. She caught the drool that had dripped down her chin and neck, wiping it up with her hand. Steven looked at his watch that said 10:58.

“We’ve got an hour to wait, so let’s make some drinks and wait the time out. After my friend leaves, the clothes are gonna come off again.”

Holly smiled at him, leaning in to kiss his lips and then answering Steven back.

“And after that, we’re going to do some serious fucking!”



Footsteps could be heard through the floor in the hotel hall while a man with wavy brown hair was walking with a briefcase in his hand. Sebastian Taylor wore a black suit, just the basic look for his luxurious life in fortune and high class. Just minutes ago, he had texted Steven asking for the room number and here he was, alone with the briefcase of money. Getting the American cash wasn’t a problem for Sebastian. He had spent the morning setting up a party with some girls, already thinking about having a wild weekend with the blow. Once he reached the room number, he stood up and took a deep breath before knocking. It was three taps, the way he always knocked.

From beyond the door, Steven sat on the bed with the briefcase and Holly got up to nod at him. While they were waiting, Holly begged Steven to at least role-play in a way to give his friend a story. They would pretend to be a couple. Holly just wanted to shock a local man with the fact that she was with a man like Steven. She walked over to the door and unlocked it, opening it up to see the face of a man she recognized. Her jaw dropped.

“Oh my god, Sebastian Taylor!?”

“Holy shit, Holly Willoughby! The fuck are you doing here!?”

She giggled while stepping away from the door and answering him back.

“I was just about to ask you that!”

Steven stood in the distance with his hands on his hips. His jacket was folded on the bed and he looked over at Sebastian to greet him.

“Good to see you again, so you know Holly too?”

She turned around and winked at Steven. Happy that the man would play along into this game, but now Holly was fooling a man that she had spent some time with. Sebastian looked back at her and then nodded at Steven while he shut the door behind him.

“Of course, I party with her all the time. Pretty shocked to open the door and see her.”

“Mr. Steven knows how to show me a good time too!”

Holly walked over to Steven after speaking and pushed her lips to his cheek, kissing him. She knew how men could be with competition games. Perhaps this would be enough to make Sebastian jealous and remember to call her again, at least she thought in her mind. They had a history together, making this coincidence more funny that Steven also knew the man. Sebastian sighed before looking over at Steven. Holly sat on the bed so she could observe the men while Steven spoke, initiating the deal.

“So, you got the money?”

Sebastian smirked, nodding as he set his briefcase down on the bed. it was brown and made of leather. He looked back and answered Steven with a new question.

“You got the white?”

Steven looked over at the bed where his briefcase had been sat. All the while, Holly leaned back on the bed, crossing her legs as she remained a witness to the business transaction. Steven moved towards the briefcase and hit the buttons, clicking the locks off before raising it slowly. Sebastian had moved in front of the suitcase to watch it open and reveal the precious kilo of cocaine. It was wrapped up in translucent wrapping paper with duct tape over both sides creating a cross in the middle. Sebastian reached into the inner pocket of his jacket, pulling out the cocaine test tube and his pocket knife.

“I’m gonna have to test it first before we make a deal.”

“Yeah, as always. Just wait till you test it, you’ll know then that it’s the real shit.”

Holly’s eyes glanced at Steven and he just smiled back at her. He would never know, but she had a history with Sebastian Taylor. She knew his brother too, as well as the father in the family. Their names were wildly known all through the UK. She heard the sound of the pocket knife poking into the brick. Sebastian collected some of the coke on his blade while sliding into the little vial of the test kid. Once he had put enough in it, he screwed the cap on tight and then went to shaking it in his hand. He counted to twenty seconds and then stopped shaking the test tube.

The way it worked was that the stronger the sample in purity, the darker the color would grow with the liquid in the vial. Sebastian held the test tube up and then he and Steven both watched it from up close.It started at a pink color when he had first slid the white powder in, but had quickly morphed into a dark red color. Sebastian’s eyes watched it while he slowly smiled and took a deep breath. It became even darker, almost to a reddish-brown color that looked similar to blood. This was indeed, a very high product, pure cocaine to it’s best. He couldn’t believe it at first, dropping his jaw a little and then speaking out in a shocked voice.

“Holy shit, this is more pure than a fucking Catholic nun! Look at this!”

Steven smiled as Holly watched them. Sebastian still had an amazed expression painted over his face. The other man looked back at his trade partner and then Steven’s voice called out.

“Do we have a deal?”

Sebastian looked back at him while tucking the test vial back into the inside pocket of his jacket and nodding his head.

“Oh yes, my friend! We have a deal, I couldn’t get finer coke like that anywhere locally. Looks like you’re back in business, Steven.”

“No, this was just a one time only thing. I had to get rid of this stuff. Let me see the greens now.”

Stepping aside, Sebastian moved to the brown leather briefcase and pulled the locks to make a loud clack. He then pulled it apart, showing the entire briefcase patted down in folds of money in rubber-bands. Steven could see that it was used hundred dollar bills between the rubber bands. This is just what he would have expected from someone like Sebastian. He gave him the nod, confirming the deal. Sebastian spoke again.

“Twenty five grand, it’s all there. You can count it yourself.”

“No need, I can see it’s all there.”

Steven trusted Sebastian’s word. They had done business before in the past, he was never one to shorten him on the amount of money. Through their trust, they both had come to agreements and Sebastian even arrived alone like planned. The business man grabbed the black suitcase, closing it now with his valued possession. He looked back at Steven and smiled.

“Thanks, I better get this back to my place.”

Glancing over at Holly, Sebastian gave her a smirk.

“Mind giving me a ring sometime, Holly?”

The blonde woman rested her cheek over the palm of her hand while teasing the man.

“I might, it kinda depends…”

Sebastian sighed.

“I see, that’s how it is with you. Oh well, bye! Thanks for the deal Steven, see you some time later Holly!”

With the exchanged briefcase in his hand, Sebastian went for the door and opened it. Holly just looked at Steven, waiting until she heard the door shut behind them and then she giggled before speaking.

“He’s jealous of you, I can totally see it over his face!”

She moved over the bed, rising up on her knees as she crawled her way towards Steven. Holly glanced over at the brown briefcase and shut it for him. She quickly locked the briefcase and handed it to Steven. He smiled back at her while moving his new exchanged prize of cash to the floor and then finally, he answered her back.

“I think he has good reason to be jealous of me right, wouldn’t you say baby?”

Holly nodded.

“Yeah, cause you get to fuck me and that toser don’t!”

He placed his hands on her shoulders, running them up to cup her face before he leaned in and kissed her lips. Holly moaned into his mouth, ready to finally get on with the true fucking. The last hour may have went by fast, but it was time to do it and leave. She had stuff to tend to back at home and couldn’t spend all afternoon with this man she used for a thrill. Pulling away from the kiss, Holly leaned back on the bed and began to quickly unzip her dress. Steven leaned down to help her but she yelled to him.

“I got this! You get your own clothes off! I want you to fuck the shit outta me!!”

Steven couldn’t argue with her words, she had a point. He stepped back from the bed and unbuttoned his shirt as fast as he possibly could. Turning his head to look away from her, he unbuttoned his pants and then kicked off his shoes. It felt like a struggle to get naked so fast, but within a minute or two, he was finished. He looked back at the bed to see Holly kicking her high heels off as she threw the little red dress to the floor. Steven leaned down over the bed, sinking the palms of his hands over the blankets while crawling towards her. Holly responded by reaching her hand up, cupping the back of his neck as she pulled him on top her to give him a lustful kiss. Her huge breasts pushed up against his chest, allowing the man to feel the hardness of her nipples while their bodies began to crush up against one another.

Holly raked her nails over his back, lightly scratching him while she moaned into his mouth. She made the move to take control momentarily, rolling him on his back so she lay on top of him. She broke the kiss, breathing heavily as she looked in his eyes and began to kiss her way down his hairy chest. It was no need to break the moment by speaking meaningless words, she knew they were working on a short time here. While she kissed her way down his body, Steven leaned up to watch her. Holly made her way down to his hard cock, wrapping her little hand back around it. She looked up into his eyes only for a second before she put her mouth back down on his swollen meat. Though she had already forced him to cum once with her oral skills, it wouldn’t hurt to suck him some more. Steven made his move to take control by running his hand through her golden hair and gripping it. He pushed her mouth down over his dick, taking control of her oral skills.


Her mouth made a number of sucking and slobbering sounds as he controlled her lips pushing up and down on his rod. Steven pulled her hair to bring her up from his cock as she spit on it and looked in his eyes.

“You ready for some fun, Mr. Steven?”

“Yeah! Stay right there, get your hands on those big fucking tits!”

“Ohhhhh yeah!? You wanna fuck ’em, Mr. Steven?”

“Fuck yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do!”

Still holding onto the back of her hair, Steven raised himself up while Holly laid down on the bed. Usually he would sit on a girl’s stomach and titty fuck with their chest straddled, but he wanted to seriously pump those tits. Pushing his foot down into the bed, Steven lowered his knee and then used his left hand to guide his cock between the tunnel that she creating with the mounds of flesh to her breasts. Holly looked up into his eyes, witnessing the animal awaken in him as he began to buck his hips forward and drive his cock between her huge breasts while she pushed the together. Swallowing her breath, she moaned out while feeling his cock thrust between her amazing boobs. She gasped for breath before moaning out to him.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! That’s it, Mr. Steven!! FUCK MY BOOBS!!!”

Holly reminded Steven so much of Kate from a week ago. She had a similar personality, just a bit goofier. She called him by a silly nickname, one that he wasn’t going to forget after today while the younger woman had referred to him simply as ‘papi’. Over and over, he pounded his cock between those huge breasts. She moaned loudly while he breathed hard, watching his rod completely disappear only for the crown to poke up between her tits each time. Holly leaned her head down and began to swipe her tongue over the head with each chance she received. Her eyes looked up into his while he began to slow down, Holly teased him with her dirty talk.

“You like those big famous boobs, don’t you? Don’t you, Mr. Steven?”

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Keep calling me that baby, I’m going to make you scream real soon.”

“Are you? Are you gonna fuck me like a dirty little whore?”

“Yeah, get up babe!”

His hand never once let go of her hair. Steven was holding her in place, assuming control of this beautiful blonde’s body. Holly let go of her breasts, allowing his hard meat to spring right up. She wanted to lick it and suck on him some more but from the tug of her hair, she knew it was time to get up on all fours. Steven moved behind her on the bed, refusing to let go of her golden locks of hair as he came behind her and looked at her beautiful ass. He raised his left hand, softly caressing her beautiful rear before he reached his hand back and smacked it. Holly moaned before yelling out to him.

“Oh, you want to spank that fucking ass? Do it!”

A loud smack echoed beyond her moaning voice as he spanked her again. Steven’s eyes were focused on her wet entrance. Her pussy was just begging for his cock. He raised his left hand, only to alternate the hands in which gripped her hair. Tugging his fingers down into her hair to get a better grip, Steven used his right hand to guide this thick meat into her sweet soft entrance. Holly pushed both her hands down into the pillows of the bed, closing her eyes and moaning as she felt him enter her. Holly felt her neck raising as Steven tugged on her hair at the same time he began to pump his cock into her as fast as he could.


Just like he had said he would do, he forced her voice to raise to the point it echoed through out the room. Steven moved his left hand to grip onto one of her hips while pulling her hair. He bucked his hips at the same time, thrusting his hard cock into her pussy over and over. Holly’s huge breasts began to bounce up and down as she was leaned over. She raised up one of her hands and slipped it below, rubbing her clit to tease him even further. She wanted this man to make her cum no what the circumstances were.


Her finger nail rubbed over her pussy, struggling to keep up with each thrust he made into her. Steven gritted his teeth, pumping his cock into her harder and faster. He wanted to make her cum before he took her ass, all in time before he could blow his load all over her beautiful English face. Holly bit her lower lip, closing her eyes and trying to hold off while her right hand remained sunk into the pillow. She curled her nails up, digging into the soft fabric while she felt him pull her hair yet again. The walls of her clit began to tense up and she knew it was coming, still with each thrust he made into her. Holly lost her grip on the pillow and crashed her head down. Steven let go of her hair, still holding her hip while he continued to pump his cock into the beautiful television presenter while she hit her orgasm.


Holly’s voice loudly screamed out while she felt her climax come. At the same time her body shook and her toes curled up while Steven slowed down just a little bit, still pumping his thick shaft into that lovely pussy. He took a deep breath, feeling her juices coat his rod while streams began to trail from her clit and down her thighs. Her knees pushed into the bed, arching her ass up since she had lost her balance at this point. When he finally came to a stop from pounding into her loving cup, Steven’s view was stuck on her huge ass. It was simply begging for attention as he moved both his hands to softly caress it. Holly on the other hand had noticed that he did not cum with her, thus she knew that he still had energy left.

“Ohhhhhh, god. That felt so fucking good, you fucked me good Mr. Steven.”

“Better stop calling me that, baby! You’re gonna get me so used to it, I’ll wish Emily would call me by that nickname.”

Any other time, she would have giggled at his comment. Holly was still catching her breath apart from the hard release of her orgasm she had just felt. Steven slipped his rod from her pussy, shoving the thick meat between the crack of her ass cheeks while teasing her. Holly moaned, knowing exactly what he was about to do.

“Mmmmmm I bet you wanna fuck my ass now, don’t you?”

He didn’t say a word. All she could hear was a deep breath from his voice while he moved both hands to her cheeks and began to push his hard cock into her tight dark hole. Holly gasped her breath, feeling him inch in slowly. She was still recovering herself from the climax she had experienced just a minute earlier and he already was pushing his hard meat into her ass. She arched her ass up further, remaining in this position with her face on the pillow. Steven groaned.

“I just knew you had a beautiful ass tucked in that dress.”

A smirk ran over her lips. He couldn’t see it, but Holly didn’t care. She loved it when a man could fuck her like this and still want more from her voluptuous body. Steven reared his hand back and slapped her ass while he began to thrust his hips forward and slide his cock in and out of her ass at a fast pace. Holly moaned, her voice raising once more.


From hearing her voice raised, Steven slapped her ass again like he always did. His eyes narrowed in, focusing on watching his thick rod push in and out of her tight ass. Holly leaned her head up, her hair a complete mess thanks to the grip of his hand from earlier. He was so close to blowing his load but he didn’t want this pleasure to end. Holly made him feel as if he were young again, still able to fuck like an animal that he did once upon a time. She moaned with each thrust of his cock in her ass until the man finally groaned. The time was coming and he knew he had to stop. Sliding his cock out of her ass, Steven spanked her left cheek to get her attention.

“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum baby! Turn around, I want to see your face!”

After he took a few steps back on the bed, Holly leaned up and began to turn around. She knew what he was going to do, it was so easy to guess that he wanted to bust that nut all over her face. As she moved, he reached down and grabbed her hair, snatching it up as he pulled her forward. Holding her hair in his left hand, he forced her face to look up at him while he stroked his cock with his right hand. Holly was out of breath, breathing heavily as she looked at him and smiled.

“Do you wanna cum for me, Mr. Steven? Do you wanna blow that hot juicy load all over my pretty fucking face!?”

“Oh, yeah! You’re gonna get it!”

“Get what? Cum all over my face!?”

He pulled her hair as she made the smart remark to him. Holly just smirked while she watched him stroking his hard cock. She closed her eyes, knowing that soon she would feel his sticky white substance all over her. Steven took a deep breath and finally, it happened.


A thick string of cum splashed over her forehead in the shape of a slanted line shooting into her hair and down her left eyebrow. Steven groaned, tightening his grip on her hair as a wad went flying over her closed right eye lid. Holly gasped when she felt the warm juice over her. Another wad shot up her forehead and then a thick string drenched her left cheek. She dropped her mouth, gasping again before speaking.

“Oh my god, keep covering me!”

Steven grunted, gritting his teeth as his balls were nearly drained in thick spunk. He shot one last string of cum over her left cheek again until he moved his cock down to her lips. Resting the head of his dick over her tongue, Holly wrapped her lips around it and sucked the remaining bits of cum out of his rod. Finally, he let go of her hair and just watched as she sucked on his drained cock.

“Damn, I fucking needed a woman like you since I came off the plane.”

Holly moved her lips off his cock, coming off with a loud pop noise when she heard his worse. The blonde smirked, softly giggling while she ran her hands up to wipe the cum from her eye lids so she could see when opening them. Holly giggled while looking at him with all the cum on her face.

“That was great, mmmmmm. I enjoyed that Mr. Steven! Shame I have to get going soon.”

His eyes watched as she crawled off the bed naked, looking to the bathroom door. Holly had to get herself cleaned up and dressed before leaving. This was all for fun but she had stuff to do around the later afternoon hours. She thought about Sebastian and then giggled while looking back at the man who had just blew his hot load all over her face.

“Hey Steven!”

It was the first time in a while she didn’t call him by that goofy nickname, he looked back at her and replied.

“Yeah, Holly?”

“You know, Sebastian wouldn’t have fucked me like that!”

“Oh, why not?”

She rolled her eyes.

“He gets tired too easily! He would have just wasted his load inside me when I came. He wouldn’t have had the energy to really fuck me like that and make a big mess out of me. Christ, I’m fucking soaked! I gotta clean myself up before I get dressed so I can get going.”

Steven laughed at her words while he sat down on the bed, reaching to the floor to grab his clothes. The sink could be heard running in the bathroom while Holly washed herself up. After he put his underwear and pants back home, he picked up her dress and neatly folded it back up to sit on the bed. He didn’t notice before how quickly she had taken her clothes off. A black thong and a bra lay on the floor, which he collected to put back on the bed. A couple minutes later, Holly came walking out naked, her huge tits bouncing with each step. Looking at the bed, she smirked.

“Oh, thank you! You didn’t have to fetch my clothes, but thanks.”

“It’s the least I could do after everything you’ve done for me today.”

Giggling at him, she grabbed her thong first and began to dress back up. Steven looked away from her while she continued to get dressed. His eyes wandered down to the briefcase that he had exchanged with Sebastian earlier. All that money safe inside, he couldn’t wait to leave this country and go back home to southern Florida. Once he was back in Miami, he could sleep good at night knowing things were taken care of. Soon he could hear her feet stepping back in those loud heels that were muted a bit over the carpet floor in the room. Steven turned to look back at Holly who was all dressed up and with her face cleaned.

“I’ve got to get going, it’s almost 2 in the afternoon. I did have fun with you, Mr. Steven.”

Leaning down, she kissed his lips again. Steven smirked at her.

“You remembered to call me that one last time, huh?”

“I wouldn’t forget…Mr. Steven!”

He laughed at her teasing him again with the nickname. Holly began to walk to the door before turning around and speaking again.

“No telling Emily about this, alright?”

“Nope, I think you’ve got something to tell Sebastian about if you party with him again.”

“Oh honey, I’d tease him about you so much but he’s already jealous! That pampered rich boy will always have a crush on me!”

Holly opened the door, bringing her hand up to her lips to blow him a goodbye kiss.

“Muah! Bye Mr. Steven!”

The door closed behind her, once again locking him in seclusion. Steven sighed, shaking his head with a big grin. Apart from his mind obviously staying on Holly, it was time to leave Britain and go back home. The exchanged suitcase was sitting on the floor and he didn’t want to waste any time longer staying. Reaching over the nightstand, he grabbed his phone and went scrolling through the contact list for Emily’s number. He had just cheated on her, obviously. He couldn’t waste any time feeling any self guilt over it, nothing to cloud his judgement over what needed to be done. He dialed her number and sat on the bed waiting for her to answer. After a few seconds, her voice was heard on the other end of the line.

“Hey baby, what’s up?”

“Sitting back at the hotel room, thinking about you. What are you doing right now?”

“I’m at the signing event, so Holly took you back?”

“Yeah she did, now listen: I wanna get back home tonight. You wanna come with me?”

“Yes! You know I do, but I can’t right now.”

“Why not?”

“I’m at the signing event and I might be here another few days.”

Steven looked over at the clock on the nightstand that said 2:52 PM and then he answered Emily back.

“Okay, tell you what baby: I can have us out of here by midnight around 1 or 2 AM on the plane and out. How about that?”

Emily sighed through the phone.

“But Steven, I can’t! My manager isn’t going to let me.”

“Tell him to kiss your ass! Baby, I can have us on a private jet plane by midnight! Forget your manager, he can get over it.”

Silence was heard over the other end of the phone while Emily was thinking to herself. Steven was worried he may have offended her so he spoke again.

“Emily, you still there darling?”

“Yeah, you’re right. You know what? Fuck my manager! I want to go home with you, Steven I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you too, Emily. Pack up your stuff and call me around midnight and I’ll be ready. I’m going to be waiting on that phone call.”

“I’ll call you, don’t worry! See you tonight, honey!”

She hung up the phone and then Steven sighed in relief. Despite Holly leaving the room just minutes ago, he still felt no guilt at all. Everything was business on his mind and it was time to leave. He sat the phone back down on the nightstand and now moved to grab his shirt to put it back on over his torso. He would have to leave the room and go knock on Manuel’s door from inside the same hall soon. Steven figured that once he had his pilot on the right schedule to leave soon, he could lay down and take a nap before waking up at midnight to await Emily’s call.



The midnight hours of London still looked like a busy city, even with the late hours. The city was lit up at night through the streets and lights in buildings, looking quite similar to another big city that Steven was familiar. The only difference was that there wasn’t bridges over large bodies of water that changed the town. The current time was 1:12 AM. Steven and Manuel had packed their things up hours earlier before Emily had called. Her phone call came just as the midnight AM hours hit on the clock. Steven had set his alarm for a nap at 11 PM, but woke up a few minutes before it could ring aloud in his hotel room.

Right now, Manuel was inside the private jet going over the preparations and following protocol with the airport to prep the trip back to Miami. Steven was waiting outside the hangar, knowing that Emily would arrive at any moment. The last time she had texted him, she was in the back of a cab driving to the airport with her stuff. He didn’t know what went over with her manager but was sure that she would tell him the story on the plane. While he looked through the open hangar, an airport security car was seen driven through with the lights blinking. The car came to a stop and the driver came out with Emily. Steven walked over to help her as the driver grabbed her luggage bag.

“Hey baby, I made it!”

Emily kissed his cheek after speaking. She wore a black silk shirt with a V neck and a tight pair of blue jeans. On her feet was a pair of tall, matching high heels that elevated her height up to his level. Steven took her luggage, offering to bring it up on the private jet himself. Her eyes glanced up at the jet, smiling at him.

“This will be my first time I’m on a private jet, thanks honey!”

“Just wait till you get inside, the place is gorgeous.”

“I bet!”

“COME ON!! Let’s go home!!”

Manuel stood in the doorway of the plane atop the steps wearing his pilot headset while yelling at both of them. Emily reached to grab Steven’s arm while he carried her luggage as they made their way up the steps and into the plane. With the passengers on board, Manuel had to do final preparations and seal the jet before they left the hangar and were out on the runway.

“You both better get buckled in, we’ve got a long night ahead of us to go back home!”



After takeoff in the plane, Emily sat next to Steven as they experienced the plane elevating into the air and leaving the London airport. The two spent the time in the plane together talking, catching up on times. He had taken his jacket and shoes off, relaxing in the plane with her at his side. Steven told her about his nephew who he was currently mentoring for a manager position back at the club. In return, Emily told Steven stories about her modelling gigs back in Los Angeles and what led to the flight in London. Subjects that she thought would be boring to a man, but Steven listened to every word she had to say. At this point, he had long forgotten about Holly. Even when Emily had mentioned her name, Steven just said that she drove him back to the hotel and that was the end.

By now they had taken their seat belts off and walked around the jet. Steven showed Emily to the little bedroom, revealing the private bed in the back. She opened a bottle of wine, sharing a glass with him to celebrate their reunion together. Never once did they bother Manuel in the cockpit, leaving the pilot to do his job. At the moment, Steven was just sitting in his seat, watching Emily walk back and forth in her heels while she modeled off her new shoes. As lovely as she looked in appearance, something else was on his mind that he had just remembered.

“Hey baby, what did you tell your manager before you left?”

She stopped walking and put her hands on her hips, looking back at him with a smirk on her face.

“I didn’t even waste my time with him. You told me to tell him to kiss my ass, right? Well, after we left the autograph signing event, I packed my bags and got ready to leave. I didn’t tell anyone but I left a note saying that I found a better way back home.”

Steven giggled while nodding his head.

“That’s smarter than telling him off like that. I guess you didn’t want to piss him off, huh?”

Emily shook her head.

“No, it’s not that. He means well, I didn’t want him to think I was giving him a hard time over something that he can’t control, you know?”

With a nod, Steven understood. Emily wanted to change the subject, something that was more appropriate since they were all alone and spending time together for the first time in several weeks.

“Tell me Steven, are you thinking about what I have in mind?”

“What do you have on your mind, baby?”

She smirked, looking at him serious while she walked over to his seat and leaned down. Emily spoke in a low seductive voice.

“Are you thinking about fucking me on this plane? Or am I just dreaming of you to do that to me, huh baby?”

Without giving him a chance to respond, she pushed her lips to his and embraced a passionate kiss. While their lips remained locked together, Steven began to rise from his chair and then Emily decided to take control. She wanted to lure him to the bedroom and knew just the way to get him to the back of the plane where the private bedroom awaited them both. She quickly broke the kiss and then reached down to grab the front of his pants. All he could do was stand there while she unbuttoned his pants and reached her hand down to grab his hard cock. Emily gave him a serious look before speaking.

“I’m taking you to the bedroom, you’re mine now!”

Her fingers wrapped tightly around his cock while she pulled him towards the bedroom. Steven just giggled while stumbling forward.

“That’s not a leash, you know?”

“Well, it’s something to get you moving!”

He laughed at her words. It was funny how serious sh was to him. Once they reached the little private bedroom, she swung open the door and pulled him inside yet again from the grip on his cock. With them both inside the private room, Emily slammed the door shut. She didn’t care at all about the pilot in the plane. She wanted to fuck her man tonight, regardless if the pilot heard any moans or screams. She looked up at Steven and pushed her lips up against him hard. The force of her kiss knocked him back a few steps before he wrapped his arms around her, attempting to turn her but Emily refused. She pushed him down on the bed and looked up at him.

“You’re mine tonight, finally! I’ve been waiting so long to have your cock again!”

Reaching the bottom of her silk black shirt, Emily tore it right off, revealing her heavy breasts without a bra to hold them in place. Steven leaned up on the bed, watching her strip. She kicked her heels off, allowing herself to push her jeans down her legs and reveal her body in nothing more but a little black g-string. He responded by matching her stripping movements, unbuttoning his black shirt and throwing it off to the floor. Emily dropped the thong and stepped out of it, revealing herself completely naked while she rubbed her wet clit with her finger. Steven licked his lips and nodded to her.

“God, I have missed looking at your beautiful body.”

“Mmmmhhhhhhmmmm, I know you have baby. Let me take your pants off. Finally, your cock is all mine again!”

Her hand gripped his pants once more as he tugged them down. Emily pulled his underwear and pants down past his knees and to his ankles at the same time before pulling them completely off his body and to the floor. Her right hand reached out and grabbed his cock. She began to stroke him hard and fast. She leaned over, allowing her long brunette hair to fall down as she looked in his eyes. Steven was impressed so far with how aggressive Emily was playing with him. It was as if she learned from the first time they had fun together back in that South Beach hotel, just what kind of man he was in the bedroom.

“This fucking cock is mine!”

All he could do was smile at her. The look on her face as she starred into his eyes was enough to tell him how serious she truly was. Emily went down to her knees, still stroking his rod until she stopped and brought her puffy lips to the head. Again, she looked into his eyes while moving her mouth down and sucking his rod slowly. Steven knew at that moment, just how hungry she was that she had not been with another man since him. This was the calling moment that told him he was going to feel guilty for cheating on her not once, but twice in that time. Slowly, she bobbed her head up and down on his swollen cock. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and rolling them to the back of his head.

“God, you’re the fucking best! Suck me baby!”

Upon hearing him call her the best, Emily stopped and came up. Her mouth made a loud pop noise as she released his cock. Steven opened his eyes and looked down at her as she replied to him.

“You mean that, Steven?”

“Yeah, I mean it! No one woman can suck better than you, baby!”

She spit on his cock and wrapped her hand back around it, quickly pumping it between her fingers. His compliment to her had made the girl feel accomplished with something. Emily leaned up and kissed his lips while stroking his hard meat. Steven cupped her face in his hand. Already, he was beginning to feel the blues from cheating on her with Holly. He didn’t have to listen to no old Blues songs tonight to feel the shame. As they broke the kiss, he leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“Get up on top of me and turn around baby, I want to lick you.”

Emily’s eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head while she continued to stroke him.

“Mmmmmmm you wanna lick my pussy, Steven?”

“Yeah, I wanna make you feel like you’re on top of the world, all while we’re flying in this plane.”

Again he whispered his words into her ear. She leaned over and kissed his lips again before finally letting go of his cock. With another kiss, she pushed him down on the bed, sinking her tongue past his lips to kiss the man passionately. After she broke the kiss, she looked down at him one last time, her huge breasts swinging near his face before the girl turned around. She moved herself to get into the sixty-nine position for him. Laying that wet sweet mound over his face while she placed her hands over his legs to focus on his hard meat. Emily dropped her lower lip, gasping when she felt his tongue slip inside of her pussy. She reacted to wrap her hand back around his cock and push the head past her lips. ‘Mmmmmm’, she began to bob her head up and down while Steven’s tongue slithered into her clit over and over.

His hands reached for her body, stretching his left fingers over her shoulder and his right hand to the back of her head. Emily slobbered all over the head of his shaft before going down. Steven helped push her head down after lightly gripping her hair. Since Emily used no hands, she was able to demonstrate to him her deep throat skills. She took his entire cock down her throat. The brunette super model moaned, feeling his tongue thrusting into her and then she came up to loudly release his cock from her mouth making a pop noise. A string of saliva dangled from her lips down to his meat. Emily ignored it and quickly lapped her tongue over the underside of his shaft and moved down to his balls. Pushing her lips over his ball sack, she began to loudly slobber over his nuts while licking and spitting on them.

If it weren’t for her laying on top of him and having his tongue sliding into her loving hole, Steven would’ve groaned and spoke loudly over the pleasure that Emily was giving him at the moment. She truly was motivated to show him her oral skills after he called her ‘the best’. After the plane right, he knew deep down he was going to feel guilty as hell now over the incident with the British blonde. He didn’t care right now, only focused on forcing her to cum for him while she moved her lips back down over his rod. What he didn’t know was how close Emily truly was. He forgot the fact that she was the one who truly was in control. Still bobbing her head up and down on his cock, she came up once again with a loud pop noise. The girl screamed.


Emily quickly raised herself off his body, freeing his mouth from her pussy. She didn’t want their orgasms to be shared through a sixty-nine position. She wanted his cock inside of her so they could experience it together. It had been so long since she had Steven, she wasn’t wasting any precious time like before. After climbing off him, she quickly turned around looked at him while grabbing his cock and pointing it towards her pussy. Their eyes met, just in time as she lowered herself down to take his cock into her pussy. Steven groaned looking up at him before speaking.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Ride me baby, ride it!”


Those giant breasts that had attracted him the first time they met were swinging, bouncing in front of his ideas. Emily placed her hands down on his chest, running them through them over the skin under his hair. Her hair waved around while her tits shook due to the movements while she quickly pumped herself down, grinding on him. Steven reached his hands up, grabbing at her breasts. He latched onto them as he leaned up and bucked his hips up, driving his cock into her pussy. Emily closed her eyes before screaming out.


Beyond the closed door and down the hall into the cockpit of the plane, Manuel could hear the screams and he knew what was going on. Steven had told him before they made it to the airport that he was in town to pick up a girlfriend. He could’ve guessed that the two would be getting it on in the plane. Back in the room, Steven groaned as his cock continued to thrust into her pussy until Emily came to a stop and they both were screaming loudly in their voices. Steven came first before she spoke.



Together their climax had come at the same time. He closed his eyes, leaning back on the bed as he felt his cock exploding. Her body tensed up before her juices had burst and coated his rod at the same time. This was the kind of orgasm that Emily had been dreaming to experience with him during the time they were apart. Slowly, she tried to catch her breath while looking down at him and licking her lips. Steven opened his eyes, only to feel Emily’s hands running up his chest before she lowered her head down to kiss his lips. Steven’s hands reached up to cup her face while they moaned into each other’s mouths. After breaking the kiss, Emily looked back into his eyes and smirked before speaking in a low voice.

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot the past couple nights. Ever since you told me you would come to London to meet me.”

“Yeah, you’ve been missed back home. You did a better job trying to wear me out than a flight would do.”

Emily looked at him while leaning and her jaw dropped.

“Oh my god, do you ever sleep!?”

He smiled while nodding his head.

“I get asked that a lot, but yeah! I managed to get in a good nap before the plane right, all for you.”

“Mmmmmmm, so you’re saying that you slept so you would have the energy to fuck me on the plane. Is that right?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

She rolled her eyes while climbing off his body. Emily stood up from the bed and then reached his hand to pull him up.

“Come on, get up! I know we’re not finished, not after the first impression you gave me when we had the time in the hot tub.”

“Oh yeah? What’s on that dirty mind of yours, Emily?”

He spoke while she pulled him up from the bed. Turning around to look at him, she gave him the answer he wanted.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass. That’s what is on my dirty mind! Fuck me in the ass then I want that thick cock between my tits, got a problem with that?”

“Hell no, I don’t have a problem with doing that!”

Her face turned to a smirk before she replied in a simple word.

“Good! Now bend me over, oh my god I’ve been waiting to do this again.”

Steven should’ve guessed from the first time that Emily was a kinky young woman. Here she was begging to do more stuff, completely careless of the fact that they were putting on an audio show for the pilot on the other end of the plane. He watched her bend over the bed. spreading her legs out on the floor. He came behind her, positioning himself before his hands reached up to softly caress the skin of her lovely ass. He had a flashback in his mind of earlier in the day when he had Holly bent over and slid his cock into her ass. He had pulled that blonde woman’s hair all through natural reaction, but he didn’t want to fuck Emily in the same way he did Holly. Luckily for him, Emily had started off as the aggressive one and showed him her true feelings. His hands pulled her ass cheeks apart and then within seconds, he slipped his head into her dark hole before sliding it in.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah! There you go, get it in there!! Fuck my ass, mmmmmm….”

Licking her lips, Emily closed her eyes and moaned as she began to feel his cock slowly sliding in and out of her back door hole. Steven couldn’t help but wonder if Emily was friends with any of his other famous contacts back in Hollywood. Perhaps that could explain why their dirty minds in parallel lines. Her eyes remained closed while she felt his rod continue to slide in and out of her ass. Steven moved his hands up to press on her back while he began to push into her harder and faster. Emily’s voice immediately raised, making sure even the pilot could hear her.


Her loud voice screaming out was not the first time it rang into Manuel’s ears back in the cockpit. Steven raised his hand back before spanking her left ass cheek. It didn’t catch him at all that he spanked Holly the same way when he was behind her. Still ramming his cock in and out of Emily’s lovely ass, he groaned while taking in a deep breath and moaning.

“God, I love fucking this ass!”


Yet again, he spanked her ass when she spoke. At the rate he was going of pumping his cock back and forth into her ass, he realized he would end up blowing his load again. Steven slowed down, taking one final thrust into her ass before he came to a complete stop.

“Emily baby, I wanna finish with your tits. Make me cum with those giant fucking breasts!”

“Mmmmmmm, just what I wanted you to do too!”

She waited for him to slide his cock from her ass and take a few steps, then she turned around and dropped down to her knees. Emily didn’t waste any time sitting on her knees and holding her breasts up for him. Steven pushed his cock towards the entrance she created in the middle of the folds. She pushed her tits together, looking down at his swollen rod and then spitting on it. Steven responded by putting his hand on her shoulder and then rocking forward as he thrust his hips. Emily licked her lips and looked up at him while his cock began to pump in and out of her huge breasts.

“Ohhhhh, you just loved my tits the first time you fucked them.”

“Yeah, they’re so fucking big and soft!”

Emily laughed loudly, feeling his shaft thrusting forward between her mounds of flesh. Her hair had moved a bit in her eyes, but she refused to let go of her breasts to deny him this pleasure. Steven’s grip on her shoulder tightened while he pumped faster and harder between her tits. Emily looked down to watch his cock push up before disappearing back between the fold. The buxom model moaned, loving the feeling of friction his cock created through her tits. When she looked back up at his face, it became clear to her that he was pushing the limit.

“You’re gonna cum, aren’t you Steven? Just fucking do it! Cum all over these tits, just like you did last time!”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready to cum baby!”

“Then fucking do it! Cum all over these tits for me, mmmmm!!”

Letting go of her breasts, Emily allowed his cock to bounce free from her big breasts. Steven took a hold of his rod again, for the second time he was jacking himself off to cum all over a woman within a 24 hour span. She pushed her breasts up, closing her eyes and licking her lips before she felt the first splash hit her. Steven took deep breaths, moaning as his cock exploded. The first wad of cum splashed over her left tit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, FUCK!! You know how to bring it out of me, baby!!”

“Mmmmmmm, yeah! Go for it, cum on those tits!”

The second spurt of cum landed over her left nipple before a string flew over her tits and upwards to her neck. His cock drenched her again with a thick layer of cum painting over her right breast. Emily opened her eyes, looking down as more drops of cum fell to her large breasts. All she could do was moan to the feeling of his warm seed striking her skin. Once it seemed he had drained his cock, Steven took a deep breath and looked down at her before speaking.

“You happy with that mess on your big titties, baby?”

Emily giggled before looking back up ant him with a smirk on her face and nodding.

“Yeah, I’m happy honey. Just wait till we get back in Miami. You and me are about to have a long week with one another.”


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